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Pottery Barn Corporate Office Address

Pottery Barn, Inc.
3250 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94109

Contact Pottery Barn

Phone Number: (702) 360-7002
Fax Number: (702) 363-2541
Website: http://www.potterybarn.com/
Email: Email Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Facts

Founder: Paul and Moris Secon
Date Founded: 1949
Founding Location: Manhattan, New York
Number of Employees: 10001

Pottery Barn Executives

CEO: Laura Alber
CFO: Douglas A. Diemoz
COO: Dean Miller

Pottery Barn History

pottery 1


Pottery Barn was founded in 1949 by brothers, Morris and Paul Secon in Manhattan, New York. After Paul discovered three barns full of pottery “extras” and seconds from designer Glidden Parker, Secon purchased all three barns, including their contents. The name of the company comes from this humble beginning. pottery 2

The company is an upscale home furnishing and housewares store that has headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., who purchased the company in 1996.

Today, Pottery Barn no longer sells pottery and they have branched out to sell to more than just adults. Subsidiaries for the company include Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, Pottery Barn Bed & Bath, as well as their traditional catalog.

pottery 4

The company has locations throughout the US and 6 countries, including Mexico, Canada, and Australia. While the company has brick and mortar stores, they also offer online and catalog sales. The company catalog was first produced in 1987 and has remained extremely popular.

Pottery Barn differs from many other home furnishing stores as they offer free in-store decorator advice as well as in-home service. The company also offers delivery and assembly service of their items, which is referred to as “white glove service”.

In early 2017, the company introduced an augmented reality app for iOS mobile phones which allows users to virtually place Pottery Barn products into a room and save room design idea(s). pottery 7

Pottery Barn FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Pottery Barn?
Answer 1: The phone number for Pottery Barn is (702) 360-7002.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Pottery Barn?
Answer 2: The CEO of Pottery Barn is Laura Alber.

Question 3: Who founded Pottery Barn?
Answer 3: Pottery Barn was founded by Paul and Moris Secon in 1949.

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kim Erickson October 19, 2019 at 1:31 pm

Well now i’m told that I yelled at one of there employees. Well who wouldn’t after they cost me hundreds of dollars of damage to my property when attempting to deliver one item. Broken tree branches and driveway was damaged do to the weight of the huge truck.
Try out Sundance on line . Much better customer service! and great items!


Vicki October 18, 2019 at 2:26 pm

Wow! I will join the list of complaining customers! I just got off the phone with a customer service agent who told me that neither she nor her supervisor could help me with shipping cost to return an item I purchased online. The shipping cost to return this item is 20% of the cost of the item! When I told her I have a heart condition and other chronic health conditions, which make it difficult for me to return it to the store, she seemed to not care. The hallmark of a good company is knowing when to make an exception to customer service policy. I will never purchase from Pottery Barn again, and will make sure my family and friends hear about the poor treatment I received!! It sounds like the chances of a response from PB are nil to none!!!


kim Erickson October 18, 2019 at 12:19 pm

I ordered the same item to go with my TV console five times and every time my order was canceled. I have an excellent credit rating and my bank has no Idea why that would keep happening.
A previous order I placed for white glove treatment a huge truck came down my driveway and broke off many branches on the trees broke up the edges on one side of my driveway and when they came to my door could not speak english .
So much for the white glove delivery!


Lillian Eferstein October 1, 2019 at 7:03 pm

I have had the same experience as all of the above. I want to scream and yell but I can see it does no good. At least I’m not alone! Pottery barn is the worst!!!!
Do not buy from this company. Their service sucks and once they have your money it’s so long schmuck!


Michelle Lebron September 28, 2019 at 11:35 am

The absolute worse experience with Pottery Barn. I placed my order of over $4K came home found on the website 25% discount code “goforit”. PB refused to apply it to my purchase then I requested to cancel a few items do to my daughter changing her mind on a bedroom set. They refused to cancel an order that doesn’t deliver until October! We are in September. I told them I need the funds back on my PB credit card to order a different bedroom set they said, I can ONLY cancel once I receive message of delivery date!!! Why would PB allow their customer to not change their order, make them WAIT a month to cancel and reorder their child’s bedroom set! I will cancel my credit card and never shop PB again. Horrible customer service!!! And corporate doesn’t care at all about customer relations.


tanya jacobson September 23, 2019 at 1:06 pm

well can you give less than 1 star for customer service. i bought over $3000 worth of merchandise only to have everything go on sale the next day and then a week later the price dropped even further. I tried to cancel and repurchase, that wasn’t happening .. tried to get a merchandise credit for the difference that wasn’t happening. told i’d be charged shipping even if it didn’t ship. Salesperson the worst at Lenox Atlanta. Sadly I do like the look of their merchandise and a lot of it fits my aesthetic but i will always look online first for other alternatives and will be careful before i make another purchase. Just be a stand up company and treat your customers well before we all decide to shop at Amazon! Which by the way has fantastic customer service..


Lynn D August 27, 2019 at 10:12 am

Worst customer service EVER!!! I called the store in Hyde Park, Florida with a simple question. I wanted to know if they sold the dorm items in the store. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. So, I called back when no one ever came back to the phone. The person picked up the phone and put back on hold. I called back and when she picked the phone up I said “I have one simple question….can I get the dorm items in the store”. I believe the sales associates’ name was Selena screamed at me and told me she was busy and that I had to order the items ONLINE….the she slammed the phone down. She was beyond rude. I sent two messages to corporate and no response. I don’t expect a response from reading the rest of these reviews. I have always purchased items from Pottery Barn. Never again!!


RENEE girardi August 21, 2019 at 10:24 am

‪@potterybarn worse customer service. I will never order from this company again. They wrote the wrong delivery address and unable to correct, however, they were very quick to take $107 from my credit card and I have no order, buyer beware.‬ I keep waking up customer reps when I call from New York at 9:30am. They are yawning in my ear. I am now on the phone for the third time 58 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor.. this company is next to go out of business.


Ron Breiter August 2, 2019 at 11:01 pm

WHAT A Disappointment!!!!!!
I bought a Upholstery bed $1800 had it delivered. It was unfinished!!
Unbelievable. Can’t get it replaced or fix
What is the worst customer service ever!!
I am not paying my account until I get it fix or replaced. Debi & Ron Breiter Indio Ca .


Brian Eaton July 29, 2019 at 9:11 pm

The WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Ordered a couch, it came in a timely manner, but was the wrong color. That was May, 2019. It is now July 29, still waiting for the replacement, and no one at Potterybarn can tell me when I will receive it. Weekly phone calls to get the status are useless, supervisors promise to call the vendor and call back with an answer as to when I will receive the replacement slip cover. They never call back, and the cycle starts all over again- often being put on hold for over an hour with out anyone coming back. Usually takes several attempts to reach some who says they understand and will help, and they never ultimately call back either. Last transaction I will ever have with them.


Lisa brown September 19, 2019 at 6:17 pm

I am having a similar issue. We had a house fire in March and lived in a hotel and when we were able to return needed new furniture
I ordered 2 couches July 8 that were to be delivered at the end of August early sept. When I called after the delivery days passed they told me the couches wouldn’t be there until october28-nov.11!! Talked to many different people who said they would tell the supervisor and call back. Never happened. Called again today and still no one knows what is going on. So I still have no furniture no idea if and when it is coming and 8 kids wondering why we are still sitting on blankets. So disappointed and had I known I certainly would have ordered from Wayfair instead


Chris K July 22, 2019 at 11:20 am

I echo the comments about customer service and the horrible delivery system they use. And to top it off they charge $279 for the privilege of getting this service. The third party delivery company is fine. But getting anyone at Pottery Barn customer service to figure out what’s going on is totally exasperating. PBs tracking no says the furniture is at the delivery warehouse. The delivery warehouse says they don’t have it. One PB customer service person told me it was ready to be scheduled for deliveries very. Then she came back five minutes later and told me I would hear in 5-7 days. Which is it? They don’t really know. Spent over an hour on the phone with various CS agents with no satisfaction. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they took my number and said one would call me back. Never happened. Pottery Barn needs to seriously look at their customer fulfillment process because it’s a disaster.


Mark Hilliard June 21, 2019 at 10:32 am

As the theme seems to be here, their customer service his HORRIBLE (actually not Horrible, it simply does not exist).

I won’t bore everyone with the details of my complaint, but suffice to say I had a poor experience at the Atlanta (Lenox Square) Location.

The “Manager” (or that is what she call herself), Leslie, should be fired or demoted and Brandon the “Associate Manager” is not much better.

While I was at the store, I sat down and called PB Corporate office (415-421-7900) and was quickly transferred to their corporate resolution dept (all agents busy) and was required to leave a voicemail as holding was not an option.

48 hours later – no response.

Bottom line, don’t shop with these people. They sell overpriced cheap Chinese goods and have not clue whatsoever about customer service!


Mary Franceschi June 20, 2019 at 12:54 pm

I will never buy another piece of their furniture. Dreadful customer service.

I bought two slipcovered couches and the slipcover fit is AWFUL. Replacement covers were issued and those looked just as bad. Furniture medic came out and was totally useless as no results even came from that visit. They need to train their employees to tell customers that if they order the slipcovered style there is no guarantee their slipcovers will nicely fit the furniture as they are NOT a custom fit. Or they need to dump Sutter Home as their manufacturer. Now, I have to find someone to make custom covers for $800 for large couch and close to the same for the loveseat.

IKEA slipcovers fit their couches like a glove and their furniture is a third the price. HOW do they do it Pottery Barn?? BUYER BEWARE!!!


Sherry Armentor June 17, 2019 at 6:38 pm

sherryarmentor@ verizon.net
I ordered a sectional, coffee table and end table on May 27, 2019. Within 2 days, I got a delivery date of June 3-June 17. I called the week of June 10 to make sure my furniture was on schedule. Told it would be arriving in Plano by June 14. At that time, I confirmed with Habitat for Humanity to have all my furniture donated. When furniture did not arrive by June 17, I called again and was told that they would check with manufacturer and get back to me today. Did not happen. Called again today and was told furniture would not arrive until August -August 19. Told a request had been filed to provide me furniture until my order arrived but that it had not yet been approved. Asked to speak to a supervisor but was told after 30 minutes that no one was available to take my call. Asked that they call me today. Told me they would call within 24-48 hours. Not expecting any call. I am so disappointed in Pottery Barn. I have spent many thousands of dollars there. This
is the worse customer service I have received anywhere. I was in the business of customer service for years and this attitude would never have been allowed. I hope someone at corporate reads these emails but after reading the ones before me I doubt that happens. This was my favorite store. Would never have ordered furniture if I had read the letters above mine.


Karen Durante June 3, 2019 at 8:37 am

Does anyone at PB care? I have been waiting for a replacement box spring since the early April. It is now June. Every time I call or write they tell me next week. EVERY TIME I ask – same thing. Here is my “replacement #2” order number should anyone care to get me an answer. 091214511945

STILL WAITING to hear from anyone.


Migdia Skarsgård Chinea April 19, 2019 at 12:11 am

Wrote this about Pottery Barn on Yelp.

The one check mark is for the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn corporate culture of putting profits above employee safety or common sense civility. I was a loyal customer so I thought it would be fun to be a part time member of the Pasadena store team. It was very stressful. There are some super hard-working store managers there who cannot be faulted. But one of the managers was a male tyrant who terrified and berated me publicly and put me to process boxes endlessly in their dank basement. I got really super sick, couldn’t breathe, had to go to emergency and thought I would die.

And did you know that PB sales personnel are supposed to clean the store with a broom? Think about it. Pottery barn corporate made me feel of no value for who I am as a woman, nor for my hard-earned accomplishments — my three-language fluency, my long established experience as an accredited professional screenwriter, my UCLA MFA in film and digital media studies 2012, my dedication to a brand I have had on display all over my historic Glendale home. No more.

Pottery Barn is a kind of Dickensian cargo ship. My family and I will forever stay away. Caveat emptor.


Lorna March 28, 2019 at 6:49 pm

POTTERY BARN HAS THESE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! No one in their customer service has a clue on how to resolve any of their screw ups and I have since emailed and left voicemails for the CEO and President and they will not reply to my emails or call me back!! They don’t give a sh*t about their customers!!!!


hollis mighdoll March 25, 2019 at 10:10 am

The worst customer service ever…..I ordered a bed from them last year everything was fine. Ordered a sofa. It came with a small damage. The delivery person said they would have someone here the following week to fix. Total lie. 20 phone calls later no idea what is going on.


Linda March 16, 2019 at 9:39 am

As brick & mortal stores are trying to compete with Amazon and on-line retailers, Pottery Barn’s corporate officers had better rethink their policies regarding on-line shipping charges and not offering free ship to store options. I was going to purchase the Tanner end table but after I saw what the shipping charges would be and also finding out I could not pick it up at the store, I ordered from Amazon. Free shipping to my front door. Pottery Barn needs to keep us with the times………..


Elaine Arthur February 2, 2019 at 11:47 am

We purchased a set of sheets and when we put them on the bed noticed that the fitted sheet was torn on the corner seem. I called the store and the manager said they don’t take bedding back. I told her that the sheet was defective. She said she had to open the store and would call me back. It has been 45 minutes.


Jo-Ann December 8, 2018 at 9:12 am

I thought it was me u til I read the reviews. Tried to purchase an item yesterday that was advertised as a Premier Sale item. When put in shopping cart, it came up as a full price item. I called & woman said I would have to pay full price & then call for a credit. Our connection was poor. It sounded like she was on a cell phone & half asleep. I called back & got a most unhelpful woman who wanted to bicker. She told me there was nothing she could do to help. I then emailed & got a dumb response back that thanked me for bringing the problem to PB’s attention. I was waiting for the “punch line” – a resolution. There was none.

I have recently bought numerous items from PB, all unopened as of yet. I am returning everything to thenlocal store & will never buy anything again from Pottery Barn. Perhaps Corporate Management should pay attention to these reviews. They could be next in the long line of large retailers who close their doors.


Donna November 23, 2018 at 2:50 pm

Interested in item online today and BLACK FRIDAY deal made same more appealing. Attempted to put item in my cart but unable as same not available online only in store. Ok, so why is it being shown online. Called my closest store which is 45 minutes away and asked if same could be shipped. Of course was answer. Then she preceded to tell me policy is they can take any card # over phone but not their own. Along with this tidbit of info, I was informed I cannot use my rewards unless I use my PB CARD.. Same card they can’t take over phone. Also I am not entitled to free shipping because I’m not ordering online. As I said earlier, item not available online. Asked if could be held for me until tomorrow. Answer was sure but cannot guarantee sale price. By now my blood pressure is 210/120. I bit the bullet, ordered the item. By the time they taxed me and charged me $17.00 in shipping there was not any BLACK FRIDAY deal. PB didn’t lose that one sale but did lose me as a customer for over a decade. I immediately got off phone and cancelled PB credit card. I also called corporate headquarters and left two messages. Haven’t heard back from them. So long Pottery Barn


Melanie King November 20, 2018 at 12:54 pm

I could go on and on about how horrible and UNhelpful many people were that “helped” me place an order, from Jennifer Gallegos to Tisha Ware to Akia Davis to the supervisors/managers that never came on the line once I asked for one to the several times I was disconnected, but the worse part was not being able to CHANGE my order DURING the order process because of an error THEY made. I -ordered something for a baby shower from a registry and it was messed up from the get-go. After an hour and a half and speaking with two people, it still was not resolved. They said “because the item had already been invoiced, they could not change the address that had been entered incorrectly … that the registered parents to be would have to figure it out and complain or return the item once they got it.” The issue was that the item was being delivered TO ME, the gift giver.They actually told me they could not change the delivery address since it had been invoiced already. I am calling back next day (today) and after 30 minutes, I am still holding for a manager to speak with me. I will next call Corporate Office at 415-421-7900 and see if they care about the customer service lack of care and efficiency that I experienced. I will send another review if I do not get satisfactory help from the top. I have read the previous reviews and it appears to be more of the same. Now, I’ve been holding 45 minutes with no help coming on the phone … just the constant noise of the music they make you listen to while holding for this long. This is my 3rd attempt to get this corrected … 45 minutes first try at placing order, 1 hour 20 minutes 2nd try at getting order entered correctly, and still now holding 45 minutes the next day for a manager. This has to hurt their business, right? I am also cc-ing the better business bureau.


M. Goedde September 29, 2018 at 7:18 am

Please remove my e-mail address from key rewards,Thankyou,asap!


Stephanie noble August 7, 2018 at 1:50 pm

To whom it may (or may not) Concern,

If I were to recount the last three months of contact with Pottery Barn, my story would surely be viewed as an exaggeration so I will cut to the chase:

Please contact me ar the above email and schedule a pick up for two chairs, order # 081467147372 or refund me and save yourselves the pick up but please do SOMETHING I wish to get on with my life without these chairs or better still with free chairs. I have cancelled the order I placed for two chairs to replace these and as the song goes “will never ever get back together “ with Pottery Barn. If I do not hear from you I will borrow a truck and drive the chairs to the nearest store. Sincerely, Stephanie Noble


Lisa Brockman July 26, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Here is the letter I emailed to customer service. I’m so disappointed that I regret spending thousands of dollars at this company.

I’m writing to you with a complaint that I would like to have escalated. I have phoned Pottery Barn Kids three times in an attempt to order finials for my daughter’s bed. Each time I have been unsuccessful. In particular, my complaint involves a supervisor named Lorraine during a call made on 07/26/18. Here are the details of my attempts to order replacement finials:

On 7/10/18 at 4:15pm, I spoke with a representative who found the part number (2482404), gave me an order number (081916393272), and said I would either be receiving the 4 finials in the mail in the next couple of weeks, or that I would hear from Pottery Barn with a price so they could collect payment before shipping. After waiting for the finials to arrive, and with no phone call, I phoned PBK again.

On 7/22/18 at 5:45pm, I spoke with Terry (extension 7042241) who explained that she would need to contact the parts department before the finials could be shipped. She explained the order number I had been given previously was obsolete. She emailed the parts department, including the detail that 2 sharp screws are sticking up where the finials belong, and they can cause bodily harm. She gave the parts department my contact information. After not hearing back within the next couple of days, I phoned PBK once more.

On 7/26/18 at 11:40am and ending at 1:09pm, lasting one hour and 28 minutes, I spoke with a representative named Marie. Marie attempted to resolve the issue for me, and had me on hold for inordinately long periods of time as she worked on this issue. In the end, I was told that her supervisor, Lorraine, declined to authorize the shipment of the finials, stating the bed was purchased too long ago and that it was against policy. I asked if Lorraine could override that policy, explaining my predicament of the sharp screws, and Lorraine declined to do so.

One issue I have is that neither of the two previous representatives told me about this policy regarding length of time. They were both told I purchased the bed a number of years ago, yet the policy issue did not come up.

The other issue I have is that I’m a long time loyal Pottery Barn Kids customer. Since my daughter was born fifteen years ago, here are the items I’ve purchased from PBK:

Changing table
Baskets & liners for under changing table
Crib bedding
Puppy mobile
Rocking chair
White curtains
Double curtain rod
Flower sheer curtains
Front facing bookcase
Wooden playhouse slide
Wall unit with baskets and liners
Wood toddler table
4 wood chairs in different colors
Wooden wall letters
Twin bed with trundle
Puppy bedding set with sheets
Snowman holiday quilt with sheets
Second twin bed, no trundle (for 2nd home)
Bright striped quilt and shams
Annie’s Cats quilt, sheets, and accessories
Gingham curtains
Single curtain rod
Double canopy bed
Paper doll quilt with sheets, shams, dust ruffle
Canopy curtains
Desk chair
Bean bag chair
Mirror unit
Map comforter, shams, decorative pillows

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that Pottery Barn Kids can’t send me the four finials that I need. It really doesn’t seem like too much to ask, especially given that I offered to pay and given that I don’t know what I can do about these sharp screws that seem to be attached. Attached is a photo of the end of the bed without the finials; if all else fails, I will have to put the canopy back on the bed to prevent danger to my daughter. She is at summer camp and she has asked me a number of times to remove the canopy. When I did so, I discovered I no longer had the larger sized finials that I need. At this point, I’ve spent about two hours on the phone and I don’t have hope that this issue will get resolved unless it is somehow escalated through this email.

Thank you for looking into this.


Karen Williams July 22, 2018 at 5:35 pm

Advise, do not buy anything at Potter Barn. Smoke and mirrors, no real accountability. I will never do business with them again.


Karen Williams July 22, 2018 at 5:31 pm

Sadly my experience mirrors the customer complaints I read on this site. I was to host a baby shower for my daughter in July, so early April ordered a metal couch with Sunbrella cushions for additional seating. Waited almost 8 weeks for item that was in stock. Arranged for delivery, and the white glove assemblers only removed one piece from the shipping crate and declared that it had no welds holding it together. So back to warehouse went the couch and cushions. It’s a warehouse, right? So the cushions should have been stored waiting to pair up,with the reordered sofa. But no, I find out three months later that when the original defective sofa was returned, someone had cancelled the cushions also. So arranged for another delivery day, staying I can only be available in PM,. So what does my email confirm say, you got it, AM. Called to reschedule the truck from Mass. To Ct. They scheduled it again for a morning I could be here, but the email said PM. I give up. I can’t keep taking time off to get nothing.
I cancelled the delivery. I was put back in the customer service cue several times when the operator was unable to locate my order. Really, PB. You just put the customer back in line so she has to say her unfortunate story all over again? Profuse apologies all the time. But it doesn’t cut the mustard. Finally the truck and I, can be at house at same time. The couch comes, but no cushions to be found. Each and every time I called to question why only the couch was listed as the one item to be delivered, only to be reassured, stonewalled that it means couch and cushions. No it doesn’t! So I ask for a full refund after refusing the delivery because the shower is way past, and I am done talking and getting run around. So the service rep calls trying to convince me to yet again consider accepting the order. No way, I want my refund. So she promises to refund to PayPal. It’s two weeks later, and no refund. I call again today, and the rep tells me no, the service rep did not issue the refund. What is the matter over there at PB? Needs big shake up, and the persons who work there to be accountable, honest, and get your warehouse, shipping and order folks all on same page. I will tell anyone who will listen, that PB is a disorganized cluster situation that needs to be totally reorganized. Get with it PB.


Gary Blake July 21, 2018 at 5:01 pm

Sorry this is so long, but this is my SIXTH Request. This is NOT what I think Customer Service should be. In fact, my six emails should be tracked backwards and the people that didn’t respond should be fired, or relocated to another department.

From: Gary Blake
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 6:12 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please – 6th REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, this is the SIXTH REQUEST.


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 6:12 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please – 5th REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really? No response.
If I don’t hear from someone tomorrow, I’m hitting Facebook, yelp and the BBB.


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 10:10 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please – 4th request for help??

HELP??? 5th request. Is anyone at the “customer service” department?


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 11:46 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please – 4th request for help??

And a 4th request??

Help please?


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 8:27 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please – 3rd request for help??

3rd request. I’m spending more time on the phone (three calls so far), and emails, just trying to get the KEY REWARD your company offers. Below is a summary of our purchases with Pottery Barn. It doesn’t show the $500 or so we spent on a chair two weeks ago, so the total is really closer to $7,500. I’m asking if someone can get me a list of what purchases showed up on your records so I can work to get the ones that didn’t applied. Is there somewhere on your website that I can look? I can only find a place that shows the amount of reward we’ve accrued, which is incorrect. Help please.


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Monday, July 9, 2018 8:26 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please

We have receipts for over $7,500 spent since March; 3% of $7,500 is around $225, so there is $100 missing. Can someone give me a listing of the purchases so I can see which purchases have been missed? Is there somewhere on our ‘Key Rewards’ site?



From: Customer Service
Sent: Sunday, July 8, 2018 9:23 PM
To: ‘Gary Blake’ ; Customer Service
Subject: RE: Key Rewards program – help please


We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding in a timely manner to your email inquiry.

Thank you for contacting the Key Rewards Customer Service.

Your account has been linked to your online shopping account. Please log into your account to view your rewards. We show that your account has been updated with all your purchases. We apologize for the delay.

The system issued Account# 12063004828 (Email moniblake@ aol.com) Reward Certificate # 651274086858985 $120.00 Expiration date 09/25/2018

(Certificate also available on your Key Rewards Account Dashboard )

Thanks for your understanding,

Key Rewards Customer Service

*You must provide your registered Key registered phone number at point of sale or use the registered Key registered phone number for online orders to earn Key Rewards. Key Rewards are earned once an item is purchased in store or is shipped and billed. Purchases made with a Private Label Credit Card (such as your West Elm, Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma cards)are not eligible for Key Rewards. Williams Sonoma Wine Club purchases are not eligible for Key Rewards. Key Holders do not earn rewards on purchases made with a private label credit card, gift card, merchandise card or Loyalty Rewards certificate issued by a private label credit card. The purchaser of the gift card earns the rewards. Other exclusions and limitations apply. See thekeyrewards.com/termsandconditions/ for complete Terms & Conditions

From: Gary Blake [mailto:gary@ garyblake.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2018 4:36 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: Key Rewards program – help please

Third request. Would someone please contact us? Gary and Monica Blake 206-300-XXXXX
Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 2, 2018, at 9:43 AM, Gary Blake wrote:
Checking back on this. We now have an account, but not all of our purchases show up. How can we get this fixed so we get the rewards we deserve?
Thank you


From: Gary Blake
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 9:22 AM
To: customerservice@ thekeyrewards.com
Subject: Key Rewards program – help please

We have a problem with our account.

We signed up for the “Key Rewards” program sometime in March (I believe). The information for our account is:
Monica Blake
moniblake@ aol.com
Below is a screenshot of our account online

A few days ago, I called your customer service number, explained what I am going to explain now and was told, yes they can see our account, but they can’t see ‘any’ of our activity on our account’; it ‘might’ be because our purchases are at the outlet and they have their own system. She basically said she couldn’t help me, call the outlet.
I then called the outlet in Goodyear AZ and spoke to Robin. She looked up our account, again seeing our account. She also said she doesn’t see any of our activity. Telling me that there was nothing she could do because it’s a ‘company program’.
So basically, the Company says is an Outlet problem, the Outlet says it’s a Company program, nothing they can do.
So after about 90 minutes, I’m nowhere with our problem.

Here’s our problem.
We started shopping at Pottery Barn in March. When we made our first purchase, we were told to open a Key Rewards program, which we did.
Since then we have made ten purchases, totaling $7,054.78. (see list of purchases made – this is from our AMEX, and two different Bank cards)
Also, my wife just purchased a living room chair over the weekend at the outlet for around $7-$800 (I think), and it’s not on the list below
Each time we would check out, we would give them our phone number, and comment that we haven’t received any rewards yet. We were always told that it takes time for the purchases to show up.
It’s been three months with nothing, so I’m trying to find out what is going on with our account. It’s not a little amount as our program should have a 3% credit in excess of $200.
Can someone help?


Joanne Edwards June 27, 2018 at 5:08 pm

edwardsjez@ yahoo.com

I ordered a leather sectional 4/15 with a est. delivery of 6/29. I called to see if my order was still on track to be delivered on time and no one can tell me where my furniture is except that it arrived in the US June 5. Every time I call SHIPPING I am promised that someone will get back to me. Total lie. No one has ever called me back. I have tried every avenue to get a response, but am always stonewalled. Called one of the shipping people two days ago and was put on hold for 60 minutes. Then was told that she had left her office!

I received my credit card statement and found I had been charged for the furniture that no one can locate. Spent over an hour with the Bank convincing them to put the charge in dispute. We are talking close to $7000.

This has been a total and absolute nightmare. I will never order from Pittery Barn again. They are totally incompetent.


Doug S July 19, 2018 at 9:35 am

We are having the same experience. We ordered back in March, received two stock items but the custom furniture, which has been paid in full, is no where to be found. We have been calling for over 6 weeks trying to get information. Every time we wait on hold for 45-60 minutes. Then we get someone new who wants us to tell the entire story over again. Then they tell us someone will get back to us with the delivery date. Never once have we ever received a follow up phone call from Pottery Barn. If we don’t get an answer today we will have to take legal action.


Simeon schlossberg June 19, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Never again. I bought four faucets from pottery barn 8 years ago. The diverter which is in all faucets wore out as they commonly do. These parts are for sale at depot Lowe’s and plumbing supply stores. However pottery barn uses distributors from China that periodically disappear off the face of the earth. I was first told that pottery barn will not support goods over a year. I put a formal complaint. In with Mitchell Herne who told me I would hear from in 3 days . It has been over a week and I have called 3 times without any response. A bathroom faucet should last more than 8 years and have parts that major brands such as mown delta etc support. Either way I am disappointed with the customer service and the product that was sold to me. I bought 4 faucets worth over 1000 dollars that are useless because a 20 dollar part is not available as it would be for any name brand faucet.


Linda Rogers April 12, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Order # 072817205662. This order is more than 2 months overdue. Our contacts with Pottery Barn customer service has been very polite but fustrating. Orginal order Oct 8 2017 with delivery no later than Jan 24 – Feb 7 2018. Today is April 12 2018. The loveseat part of our order cannot be found by anone at Pottery Barn and we do not want a partial delivery. Numerous contacts have not yielded any results. Pottery Barn has over $4000.00 of our money and we have nothing. Can you please help?


Kathleen Torretta March 23, 2018 at 8:39 am

Original order 080617930542
New order 080814851775

I had a major problem with a recent delivery that I feel can be resolved in a better manner.

I received two chairs via UPS a few days ago. My original order email from
Pottery Barn read “White Glove Delivery.” UPS left the 2 chairs outside my garage door at night in a rain storm. No email, no telephone call, no doorbell to advise that chairs were here. The boxes were soaked and destroyed. The chairs were covered with plastic but water seeped through where plastic did not cover.

Customer service contact was fine. I returned chairs to PB since UPS would not pick
up chairs in the destroyed boxes. Manager at store was fine.

Pottery Barn customer service rep that store manager spoke to said that there was no way to speed up my new order. I believe that I should not have to wait any longer for the new chairs that were originally ordered “quick ship,” which is 2-4 weeks. Pottery Barn contracted with UPS, so I feel Pottery Barn should rectify my problem I also feel that PB should report the problem to UPS.Now, I am told I have to wait 7 more weeks.

Could you please see what you can do to EXPEDITE my replacement order? My original order was placed well before any newer orders. Thank you for your attention to my concerns and request.


K. Walker March 19, 2018 at 11:47 am

I ordered a ‘deluxe’ sleeper sofa back in October 2017. I was told by the sales associates that I would be able to leave the bedding on and it was worth the extra money to upgrade. Long store short the sofa specifications were in correct (PB has since updated the specification and provided photos). The deluxe sleeper was a glorified futon. When I showed the sales associates how the sofa worked they were surprised. (Really – they are on the floor selling merchandise and do not understand how it works)
Fortunately PB allowed me to order the ‘standard’ sofa. I ordered the ottoman at the original time of purchased and expressed concerns that the dye lot for the new sofa would not match and was told by PB to ‘lets see how it comes out and we will deal with it then if needed’.
Well on February 14th I received the new sofa, DAMAGED and the fabric is much darker than the original order.
I have dealt with 9+ different people in 6+ different departments and as of today, the replacement and new ottoman which PB has acknowledged to be replaced has yet to be ordered, however I am still making payments and being charged interest for a purchase that took advantage of the 1 year free finance.
I was promised compensation and was also told last week that credits would be applied to my account and have yet to see them or hear back in writing as I requested for verification.
I have provided everything in writing including conversations on the phone to protect myself and have even spoken to the manger (all names I have in my records along with dates, time of call and what was discussed) NO one at PB has disputed this emails.
I am tired of the continued apologies and am waiting resolution this week.
I doubt there is much good to this complaint, however if I can help prevent one person from going thru what I am going thru then it is well worth it.

(oh and the best part is I offered PB to come and get it all / take it back and simply refund my money in full and they declined. So now that I am 6 months vested in a sofa PB will have to fix this as I am not going away and I am NOT paying or keeping a damaged velvet sofa ottoman that do not match.

Order No. 072817025832 (The order that started it all. PB seems to think per my last email from them that when this sofa was returned and the money credited back to me it was some kind of gift. Their comment.. “We already refunded you $XXXXx.00.” Sorry this is not compensation for incorrect merchandise specifications or there lack of.

Order No. 080101020121 (The replacement sofa that arrived damaged and PB was notified within minutes of the delivery and I am still waiting for a new order to be placed)

I challenge PB to have me stand corrected and fix all of this as promised and put the customer first again.

K. Walker

Departments that have my contact information
(Walnut Creek sales, Quality Team, Escalation Department, Customer Care, Distribution, Delivery Team (for damages done to exterior property) and the Regional Manager)


Laurie December 28, 2017 at 7:26 pm

I have been experiencing numerous problemswith a purchase from Pottery Barn. I have exhausted all efforts with their customer service dept.
On June 8, 2017 I ordered your SoMa Harrison Sectional. I called for information prior regarding the leg height,as the corner was listed on your website as 2″ higher than the rest of the pieces. My doorway is a bit narrow and needed to know if it would fit. I was assured this was correct and was told “the corner sits a bit higher than the rest of the sectional”. I thought this was ludicrous and set out to see for myself in your Manchester Ct store. The woman there told me that was a typo (since corrected). I explained my doorway to her and was told the cushions are removable, so fitting thru a door would not a be problem. She also told me I could get ANY ottoman in matching fabric. This was the first in a string of misinformation and misleading advertising I experienced.
I ordered a corner, an end and two armless units. The end unit arrived badly damaged, as if it had been dropped. The seam on the corner unit was very stressed. There was a pink stain on one armless unit and a flaw in the fabric of the other armless unit. Moreover, the cushions were NOT removable, as stated, by the woman in the store and in your advertisement reading “Rotate cushions and vacuum beneath them regularly”. Of course, this typo has since been corrected too. I had to remove my door and finagle the corner unit to fit.
I was sent a new corner unit which was ripped and full of loose silicone beads. I sent this one back and kept the one with the stressed seam.
The end unit was replaced and I was compensated with gift cards for the remainder of the flaws.
I then ordered a matching ottoman, only to find out, in fact, I could not get “any” ottoman in matching fabric. My choices were limited and I was very disappointed.
I settled on the PB Comfort ottoman as I already had the sectional and repainted my room. After weeks of waiting, I rec’d the ottoman , only to discover it was not sewn properly as shown on your website. The seams were right in the middle of each end. Such an eyesore beside my sectional. I immediately sent it back and decided to try one of your storage ottomans. Weeks went by, and this ottoman arrived with black staining around the rim as it was sewn with a cheap black papery edging (?why) and it did not come hinged! The cover was way too heavy for an old woman to lift. I would not have ordered this if it was in your description, but of course, it was not and the staining was terrible. I sent this back and again, ordered another PB Comfort ottoman, all along communicating with your customer service rep. Gale, in Las Vegas. She was well aware of the issue, yet the next ottoman came with the same cheap seaming issue! Once again, my frustrations were relayed to her. Incredulously, this is what I was told “The vendor says the seam that the customer received is correct. They said the seam on the website is photo shopped.” !!! You are kidding, right??!

Then I was sent ” you are welcome to keep the ottoman as complimentary merchandise”.
What this tells me is I cannot purchase the ottoman as you have depicted. Especially after I already purchased the sectional!
This is Pottery Barn? This seems like “bait and switch” business practices to me. Clearly false advertising.
I would like a resolution to this issue. I simply want an ottoman sewn as shown in your catalog . This is an expensive , custom made piece. What is the problem?


Patricia Isom October 12, 2017 at 4:56 pm

RE: ORDER #072446465412 ITEM #4241076 ORDER DATE: SEPT 1, 2017
Purchasing furniture through Pottery Barn with flat rate delivery service is a NIGHTMARE. Frankly, I’m appalled that a company such as pottery barn has such a feeble system in place. I purchase this headboard waited for this headboard to travel from Georgia to your local facility for delivery to NYC from SEPT 9th TO OCT 6th. Delivery on Oct 6th, headboard was damaged by your delivery men while loading it on the truck. Replacement in “process” since Oct 7th but my Pottery Barn account shows it was delivered! I am told my replacement order is coming from Georgia, possible arrival to local warehouse on Oct 16th with possible delivery within 5-6 days. Experience tells me not to hold my breath.
It is hard to believe that in this digital age, you have no tracking on merchandise. I am told “in transit”. Hard to believe that you do not have the ability to transport merchandise in a more efficient and timely manner. We live in an age where shipments can be received in 2-3 days, but it takes you nearly a month to truck one headboard from the warehouse in Georgia to NYC area for delivery.
My frustration has been increasing steadily whilst trying to get some help from your Customer Service department. Which leads me to the fact you need to train them and give them the tools to actually provide customer service. I just got off the phone with one of your supervisors in the furniture customer service department (888-779-5172), her name is Jessica. She had no interest or desire to be proactive or attempt to find a way to solve this.
She was content to repeat apologies and “nothing I can do” and “that is not how our system works”. And, she had no concern that my pottery barn account showed the item was delivered on Oct 10th, that I was never sent an updated order number nor is there any notation in the account. All she said was, ” sorry you can’t see it but I can in my system”! End of her response!
Pottery Barn should be embarrassed to call this customer service, and from a supervisor! To build good customer relations, POTTERY BARN SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROBLEM AND FIND A WAY TO RECTIFY THEIR MISTAKE. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE TO PUT ME BACK IN CUE TO WAIT FOR A REPLACEMENT WHEN IT WAS AN ERROR ON YOUR END. I wasted countless hours on hold to speak with representatives with no satisfaction. I could have had a custom headboard made and in place before now. It is not worth the aggravation. It is shocking.
This will be the last time I order any furniture from Pottery Barn and I will be sure to share my
horrendous experience on social media and with my many friends in the design industry.
If nothing else, I hope you take measures to overhaul your system because there are simple changes to make that would improve your customer service and result in customer loyalty.
Patricia Isom


Edward DeSano July 15, 2017 at 12:36 pm

We have had a terrible experience. We ordered our bed over a month early to guarantee it would be to our new home. They brought it with the wrong box springs on 7/1. We still have not received our box springs and have had to sleep on the floor. To make matters worse. My wife is pregnant and I had shoulder surgery, sleeping on the floor, mostly for her has become down right dangerous for her health. We keep getting the run around when we call to ask delivery date. First it was the 11th, now they say they will know more the 17th but can not guarantee a delivery date. To make matters worse, one of the support beams on the frame has broken from the mattress not being on a support like the box springs. Now we have to wait even longer for a piece of wood.


Catherine Parker June 26, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Had a return credit. ( spent over1500) of 220. Manager at the Bethesda Md Store Brendon. stated he would mail me the credit. Called him several times and he said it was mailed –this went on for 4 months no credit. He told me to come into the store and pick up the credit. I did on three occasions each time waiting for over one hour for this so called manager. I was told he is busy on conference calls. Today was for the fourth time I waited for over a hour and was told by the cashier. Kate Kane “he is on conference calls today and yes he is in the store ” Brendon. is dishonest and told KateI had dealt with other mangers at the Bethesda store . A bold lie.
I was going to purchase two rugs today. I was a big fan of Pottery Barn and a good customer. If Pottery Barn cares about customer service terminate this man.


Carol Currie June 15, 2017 at 5:10 pm

The ad in the Pottery Barn Online yesterday in BOLD LETTERS splashed across the top says FREE SHIPPING LAST DAY TO USE !! So I decide to order my $ 299.00 item and go thru the prices and get to checkout and it states in a red message the shipping is now EXCLUDED from my purchase to ship will cost me $199.00 to ship!!!! I called in to find out why this happened and was told furniture isn’t included unfree shipping. I asked where that was printed and she said on first page AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE IN VERY VERY SMALL PRINT …, I said I feel DUPED and as far as I’m concerned this is “BAIT AND SWITCH ” and very inexcusable in a company which conveys ” UPSCALE” in their stores! I’m a 65 year old women who has always used NORDSTROM as quality customer service store and have been a loyal customer with them for 45 years so I’m able to say that Pottery Barn needs to be called out on their way of conducting business! I left over 4 messages with the new CEO ( Laura Alber) and haven’t received a call back even though she has her phone number in Pottery Barn directory…. So frustrating for my self and so unprofessional of Pottrry Barn!


Maria Schmidt June 14, 2017 at 12:56 pm

I have made several phone calls to customer service re this issue. Most recently, I spoke with a supervisor. Last week, I began to email in hopes of receiving a better response or credible communication. What has happened to the coffee table I ordered over two months ago? Below is a chain of email communications from/to Pottery Barn, none of which offer a status on my order.

Pottery Barn
11:41 AM (56 minutes ago)

to me

Thank you for contacting Pottery Barn about your order 071057058762.

We, at catalog/email customer service, are unable to take action on delivery appointments, whether to confirm, cancel, reschedule or provide driver instruction.

However, please know you may contact your local delivery hub’s scheduling department at the toll-free number listed in the email: (877) 298-3583

Thank you again, and please feel free to contact us with any other questions.

Warm regards,
Kathryn T.
Customer Service
Pottery Barn

————— Original Message —————
From: NapaValley Schmidt [incovert11 at gmail.com]
Sent: 6/13/2017 1:43 PM
To: customerservice at potterybarn.com
Subject: Fwd: MIH / Pottery Barn / Order# 071057058762 / Maria Schmidt

Will someone please give me status of my order?

After several phone calls, I sent an email last week, and still have no answer. See below:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: NapaValley Schmidt
Date: Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Re: MIH / Pottery Barn / Order# 071057058762 / Maria Schmidt
To: LS Customer Care

Mr. Hearne,

I thank you for your reply, and I apologize in advance for my lengthy email.

My husband and I are long time customers of Pottery Barn, and have practically filled our entire home with your products; whether it be with online orders or in-store. We have never had a problem with the delivery of our orders. What has really put a dent in our satisfaction is the lack of communication – not from you specifically, but from Pottery Barn as a company. Between my husband and I, we have spent a lot of time making phone calls to the customer service line. regarding the following two items:

End Table issue: When one of the end tables did not arrive with the other, my husband tracked the shipment only to find out the table had been damaged in transit. After a week of no communication, my husband called Pottery Barn’s customer service line and asked for a delivery status. He was told a new end table would ship immediately.

Coffee Table issue: In this case, I believe there is a disconnect between us as customers – who have a certain delivery expectation, and the warehouse – perhaps having to do with available slots and the capacity to fill requests. I’m not sure what the problem is and why it has been over two months and we still do not have shipment confirmation. This coffee table is the only piece missing in my living room.

My point here is, we should not have to spend so much time tracking our orders, but rather Pottery Barn should communicate with its customers to advise ahead of time if a delivery will not be made as promised.

I just placed an order on Wednesday for a wall unit (order no. 071586162932). I can only hope not to have the same problem with this order.

Thank you for your time.

Maria Schmidt

On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:34 PM, LS Customer Care wrote:
Hello Ms. Schmidt,

I hope my email finds you well. I’m reaching out to you concerning you order, and I wanted to share the latest information provided concerning your order for our Pottery Barn Coffee Table. When I arrived in the office today I was informed that our inquiry of the table is still under review. The order shipment has not arrived to our delivery center location nearest you, I have requested an estimated time of delivery due to your event being this weekend, and as of now I’m still waiting on shipment confirmation.

I sincerely apologize for the delays, and I’m working hard to provide more sound shipment details.

Thank You,
Make it a Great year!

Mitchell Hearne
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Customer Care Leadership
PH# 1-844-279-4674 EXT. 7085102
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday / 12pm – 9pm
Day: Saturday / Hours:10am – 7pm
Day: Sunday / Hours: 8am – 5pm

This email (and all attachments) is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain privileged and/or proprietary information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message



Leslie Nelson March 16, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Gee I wish I had checked here before I placed my order for a twin bed for my Grandson a MONTH ago!! Right now I can go on the PB website and it shows the same bed is available and can be delivered to me in 3-5 days!! When I track my order it has consistently changed the shipping/arrival date every time I go in to check it. I have called Customer Service numerous times to followup and have been told all kinds of stories. Stories range from they are very sorry for my trouble they will check with the vendor which will take 5-7 days (does PB not have email??) then let me know, to they have “25” IN STOCK and they will call back to let me know when my order will be filled (then they never do), to they have no idea when the item will be in stock but I am in line if/when it does come back in stock!!! How does PB stay in business with such business practices?? If the online site had said here’s a picture of an item we may have someday I would have never bothered placing an oder!!


lydia miraldi February 15, 2017 at 12:50 pm

I ordered a childs chair with faux fir for $212.00 in January they said it was on back order, I called 2 weeks ago and the gal said it would be delivered at the end of feb., I decided to call today 2/15/17 to see exactly when this chair will be delivered and they told me not till June. My granddaughters birthday is in March. The gal said they are waiting for the material. Why do they sell a chair when they cant get material. Pottery barn is going down hill. Or are some available and since I received a discount I have to wait longer.


Jeremy Hammond January 16, 2017 at 10:01 pm

It’s disappointing to see at the moment the the rocking chair I ordered for my wife has another new delivery date at the end of the month. I have now waited 13 weeks with very little information or help from you al concerning this issue. Baby will be here anytime and there is no rocker in the nursery and little hope of having one in a timely fashion. Yet, it’s still on the website for sale and delivery in a timely manner 6-8 weeks. Just wondering how long it may be not just for me to get the product I ordered but for the many people who have ordered since.

Jeremy Hammond


marcela garza December 13, 2016 at 12:15 pm

I was one of hundreds of customers who was “accidentally” charged for merchandise I did not purchase at Pottery Barn on Black Friday. I have contacted the Spokane, Wa. store and the charge has not dropped. I have called customer service and a rude lady hang up on me when I demanded I needed to speak with her supervisor. I will not ever buy anything from you all again!! And yes, I’m ready to go all over social media with this!!


Serena Chen November 6, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Hi there,

I’m writing to share my experience at your Warehouse Sale location in Alameda. My husband and I are new to the Alameda area and have been looking for furniture to fill our new home. We were so excited to hear you have a warehouse sale for your brands and think it’s great you offer the chance to have these high quality pieces at discounted rates. We’ve visited several times over the past year and have found the staff very helpful and friendly each time, though we haven’t been able to find anything we loved enough to buy until recently.

We’ve become very lucky and have had a string of good luck, finding the perfect pieces to bring home, spending $2900 in just under two weeks. (Not to mention the $1200 we spent at a West Elm store for our dining room). I know this isn’t a lot in the grander scheme of your business, but would still like for you to know our experience.

In the last three days, we’ve had to return to the warehouse to resolve a mistake in charges. On Friday, 11/4, we bought a dresser for $700, which should’ve had a 20% discount for bedroom furniture that had started that day. We didn’t receive the discount that day and returned the next day, Saturday, 11/5, and spoke to the manager, Ian, about the charge. He took a look at the receipt, listened to our explanation of the situation, and said, “You definitely should’ve gotten the 20% off!” and happily adjusted the charge for us, saying that he’d refund the entire purchase and recharge it with the 20% discount applied.

Upon checking my account that night, I saw that there were two charges, one for the original price of the dresser and one for the adjusted price. The refund was missing and not even showing as pending. We returned to the warehouse for the third time on Sunday, 11/6, to ask for clarification since there was no information provided on the back of the receipt given for the purchase and no refund receipt given. We spoke to Stephanie, who promptly responded that it takes a few days to process the refund. I explained to her that I didn’t receive a refund receipt and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being charged an extra $700. She said, “You did, I see the receipt in your hands. That’s why it’s stapled.” I told her that they were the original receipt and the charge for the discounted price, no refund. She replied with, “Then what’s that?” pointing to another reciept in my hand. I told her that we’d bought another dresser the same day and was charged separately for it. She took the stapled receipts from me and said the refund was there, so I explained to her again that they were both charges, no refunds. She then looked up the transactions and showed me that the refund was issued. I asked her for a printed copy for my records and she said she’s not able to do that for me and reprinted copies of the receipts I already had.

At that point, having figured out a little more of the return process, I asked for Stephanie’s name and Ian’s just in case the refund didn’t show, so I could come back and speak with one of the directly instead of having to explain it to someone else for the fourth time. Stephanie smirked and gave us her name and Ian’s, stating that he’s the manager, which he’d told us the day before.

My husband let her know that this was the third day in a row that we came back for the same issue, to which she offered no response. We left pretty upset and honestly, not wanting to come back for a while.

I would’ve been perfectly satisfied if she’d looked up the transaction and showed me the refund and politely explained that it takes a couple days, rather than arguing with me and getting defensive right off the bat.

We understand there is no exchange, refund or adjustment policy and wasn’t asking for any one of those. But rather, we’re just making sure we weren’t charged an extra $700 on our account.

Having 17 years of customer service and retail management experience between my husband and me, we completely understand and sympathize with having to deal with difficult and disrespectful customers that come in and don’t treat employees with respect or civility. We make it a point to be polite and patient as we’ve experienced our fair share of difficult and belligerent customers. We were coming in and asking for an explanation of the process and clarification of what we can expect to make sure we’re charged correctly. We were met with the defensiveness and hostility that we trained our employees and managers to refrain from. Most customers want to be heard out and spoken to politely and not like they’re trying to “pull a fast one” on anyone. A little politeness can go such a long way. We were looking for such a response, but didn’t get one that was helpful.

I am hopeful that the refund shows on my statement in the coming days and I won’t have to return a fourth time to the warehouse.

I thought you should be made aware of the experience that’s being created in your store…a warehouse, nonetheless one of your stores where I assume customer experience is just as important.

Thank you for your time.

Serena Chen


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