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National Floors Direct, Inc.
40 Robbie RoadSuite 9
Avon, Massachusetts 02332

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Phone Number: (508) 521-1888
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National Floors Direct Facts

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National Floors Direct Executives

CEO: Aaron Rosenberg
CFO: Daniel Rosenberg
COO: Anthony Lewis

National Floors Direct History

National Floors Direct was founded in Avon, Massachusetts, in 2005 by the Rosenberg family. The company operates a chain of discount flooring stores.

The company sells and installs a variety of flooring for both commercial and residential clients, including laminate flooring, carpet, hardwood, and vinyl. National Floors Direct is best known for offering a 15% discount off any competitors flooring price. Currently, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Empire Today, a competitor, sued National Floors Direct in 2011 for unfair sales and marketing practices, claiming that the company was hiring ex-employees of Empire and using their cost price sheets to undercut sales. The jury ruled in favor of National Floors Direct and found the charges all to be untrue.

National Floors Direct FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for National Floors Direct?
Answer 1: The phone number for National Floors Direct is (508) 521-1888.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of National Floors Direct?
Answer 2: The CEO of National Floors Direct is Aaron Rosenberg.

Question 3: Who founded National Floors Direct?
Answer 3: National Floors Direct was founded by in .

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Kathleen Hannon February 9, 2019 at 12:19 pm

This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. When the installers arrived today and told me how much the balance was I thought it was a little high and couldn’t find my contract so asked to have someone call me which they did and we worked it out. I then left the remaining $50 on the counter for the installers as they continued to work. Then I receive a call from someone else threatening to pull the installers off the job if I didn’t walk downstairs and put the $50 in their hands immediately. I was shocked that a company this size would treat a paying customer this way. The installers were extremely professional so perhaps they should give some lessons to the people back at the office. I will NEVER recommend National Floors Direct to anyone.
Please make sure that Aaron Rosenberg receives this message as I will be sending a letter as well.
Kathleen Hannon


Evelyn Decker January 25, 2019 at 6:00 pm

On 1/15/2019 a representative name Jim Maiato from National Floors Direct came to my home and I ordered hardwood flooring and carpeting – on 1/25/2019 the
installers came to install the new floors so I inspected what the installer had on their truck and the hardwood and the carpeting was not what I order. The installer call the
company and explained to them what the problem was and then I spoke to the company and they proceeded to try to tell me that the order was correct. I took a
picture of the sample the representative had of the exact wood that I ordered and the installer and myself texted the pictures to National Floors Direct in New York and you can
clearly see a difference between the two different colors of the wood. So after several phone calls and them threatening me saying that it will cost me dearly in court and
I will not get my deposit of $700 back and that I now owe them $5257.00 if I do not let them install the wood and carpet. I cancelled the order because I do not want to
have something installed in my home that I did not order. What I ordered was a light color cherry wood and the color the installer had on their truck was a dark color
wood, and the carpet was very thin and not the color I ordered and I clearly explained to the representative that I wanted thick carpet and what I chose is not what the
installers had on their truck.. I have pictures of the hardwood I ordered and I also took a picture of what the installer had on their truck and texted it to the New York office and you can clearly see there was a difference in the 2 photos if the hardwood. They did not try to solve the problem they just tried to make accept what was on the truck and I also have text messages threatening me with how they can crush me in court and that I now owe them $5257.00 and I do not take kindly to threats. The only thing I want from your company is my deposit of $700.00 back. I am very unhappy in the way your company has handled this problem with threats and trying to make me accept something I did not order. My home is some what dark and because of that I would never ordered dark hardwood of any kind and I do not care for dark wood. I can email the photos I have so you can see the difference in the 2 different hardwood and I cannot afford to lose $700.00 and now I have a trust issue.


John November 13, 2018 at 10:27 am

This is no joke coming out to my house at 8pm had app for 9 to 12 then I call up company running late be there at 6 pm no show let them in so my daughter could get rug put in so she could move in they leave at close to midnight my kids were hear girl calls next day didn’t even no they were hear looking to set up app to install no joke very rude on phone spoke to a man told me to send them pictures I did they got them said not good these two brothers did a rush job late at night speak no English came back to do a restrech did nothing said can’t fix told them to leave so job still not fix they say no heat if any one from company wants to come by that owns the company feel free it’s plenty warm in basement even with out rug I will not stop rush job gone bad thoes two brothers will not be aloud back in my house I work for rug company many years ago so I no what a good job is and s bad job is this was a rush job shame on your company John 11/13/2018 quincy mass


Elisa Cassino August 16, 2018 at 2:49 pm

Here is just a warning DO NOT do business with National Floors Direct, I wish I would have
researched this company. I had my kitchen floor installed on July 6th, 41 days later the tiles are separating after paying $1,800.00. I have been given the run around for days, I really tried to be patient but now these people are super ridiculous. This company and the people that work need a lot of prayers, I have never dealt with such a nasty, unprofessional company!


Margaret Bianculli August 7, 2018 at 6:08 am

National Floors Direct, all the complaints against you have the same thread of issues. Please return my deposit of $1000, without expecting me to trust you FIRST. Cliff or Tom whoever he/they say they are and Liz know of my request and how best for me to give you what you want so that I get what I want which is for me to get my deposit back. I don’t know how you can continue to be in business. All complaints including mine have to due with the lack of respect for your customers that your customer service department demonstrate; the way you get out of your warrantee by pushing blame elsewhere, the poor craftmanship of your SUB-contractors. exercising our right to cancel and change installation dates while you deny your customers that same right and then charging them re-stocking fees, keeping deposits when product is not acceptable. I have been a home owner for over 40 years and although I have run up against problems with contractors and such,after all things happen…I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER run up against a company that has demonstrated absolutely zero regard for their relationship with their customers. For me there have been easy solutions at every step of the process which your customer service department has bucked and tried to manuever me into accepting you keeping my deposit or charging me extra and they have done so with threats, calling me names, telling me “GET USED TO IT” calling me SO MANY TIMES within minutes of each call and NOT to offer solution but to harass, bully me, call me names, ask if I am understanding, and other things. Then when they call to offer a solution, it is always on their terms leaving me to either TRUST where absolutely no trust was established though I complied even when I had to work around a family emergency and even when complying was contrary to what I had noted on the contract. I can go on but I won’t. Please refund my deposit then I will withdraw my various notifications not the other way around. As usual, I offered a solution that should be mutually acceptable but your customer service department refused to accept it. Cliff and Liz and…a…Tom have all my contact information.


Jessica August 12, 2018 at 6:29 pm

I would like to file a class action against this company.


Laura Ann September 11, 2018 at 6:45 pm

Me too!


Myrlande October 22, 2018 at 12:23 pm

Count me in. These people are the worst.


Melissa November 2, 2018 at 2:33 pm

Me too! Their terrible


Alison November 18, 2018 at 9:19 pm


Sandy October 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm

All of what you mentioned, we are dealing at this time.. They have our money, they don’t need to be nice.. won’t let us talk to senior management, wont refund money, even went so far as to laugh..


Alison November 18, 2018 at 9:16 pm

File a complaint with the AG in Boston. We have spoken to them and they will investigate.


Susan Buchaan July 30, 2018 at 3:01 pm

To whomever will listen at National Floors Direct,

I am writing in regard to our current disastrous experience with National Floors Direct at my parents’ home at 133 Breakwater Shores Dr, Hyannis, MA. On July 6, 2018, my sister and I met with and placed an order with your sales representative, Brian Simone, for carpet and vinyl. We were given an installation date of July 23, 2018 and were told that the installation would be done in three to four consecutive days. On the day of the installation, I was called and told the carpet installation had been moved to Weds, July 25th. We are renovating the house and I don’t live there, so our contractor let the installers in when they arrived late in the day. He then left them to work and close up the house. The next day when I went to the house, I found that the carpet HAD been installed in the bedrooms but not the stairs and the vinyl work had been partially completed. I also found the house in complete and utter disarray…furnuture had been stacked and thrown anywhere and everywhere. The old backing to the existing carpet spread dust and residue through the entire house including the walls. The installers even used to toilet and failed to flush their excrement! It was DISGUSTING! I have attached pictures that don’t come close to showing the extent of mess that was left. To add insult to injury, I found a copy of your Customer Satisfaction Checklist that had been filled out and SIGNED with a glowing report! No one was there to sign it yet your installers took it upon themselves to do so???? I’ve included a photo of that as well. I was also told by customer service that someone told the installers that we didn’t like how the carpeting on the floating stairs looked because the backing showed through so they didn’t do the installation. There was NO ONE at the house during the installation so this was a total fabrication.


The problems then continued. Today, July 28th, 2018, we were supposed to have the vinyl installation completed. I spoke to Liz Madigan yesterday several times, including just before the end of the business day, at 5:45pm. She confirmed that the installers would be there to complete the vinyl installation sometime close to 9:00AM. At 8:30 this morning, I received a call from your installation department confirming the appointment, and that I would receive a call one half hour before they arrived so I could meet them at the house. By 11:45AM, I still had not heard from anyone so decided to call the installation department. I was then told by Mr. Dubois that there would be no installation today because the nose molding for the living room stairs was unavailable until August 9th. NO ONE called to tell me this! Again, to add more insult to injury, my husband and I decided to go the the house to check on other progress, only to find the house open and a delivery of vinyl molding on the floor. Someone took it upon themselves to use the spare key we had left for contractors, your installers included, to open the house, deliver materials and then leave the door unlocked. NO ONE called me to ask if this was acceptable! IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

This house was built by my father 48 years ago. It is a cherished part of our family. My father, now 91, is dying and in hospice care. These renovations are being done so my 86 year old mother can rent the house as a means of support. It is a very stressful time for my family, aggravated ten fold by the experience of doing business with your company. Your company has treated this house like its an outhouse and then patted themselves on the back for doing so!

 The behavior of our installers is shameful! I have been assured by Ms Madigan that this unconscionable situation is being reviewed my Senior Management. I have also been assured of call backs…none of which occurred. All Mr. Dubois could offer was a weak apology and very little empathy for the way this whole nightmare has been handled. 

At the very least, National Floors Direct should refund the installation costs. As the job is still yet to be competed and you have our money, we hope that the job can be completed as quickly and professionally as possible. 

Sincerely, Susan Buchanan


Jessica August 12, 2018 at 6:30 pm

I would like to file a class action against this company.


Dan L July 24, 2018 at 9:42 am

Placed an order. My deposit was cashed within 3 days so I couldn’t cancel the check. I sent a certified mail to cancel the order on the date specified on my cancellation form. It says it has to be received within 3 business days. My salesman populated the “date” line in the form and I made sure it was received by midnight that date.

Customer service is telling me that the date in the form is wrong and that they consider Saturday a business which makes my letter to them one day passed the 3 days.

I am told there is no manager around today and that “Cliff” will be in tomorrow. The customer service reps are rude and I am not happy at all.

I did everyday thing i was told to do to cancel the order.


Richard November 18, 2018 at 1:39 pm

What address did you use to cancel. My salesperson claimed he made an honest mistake not giving us the document. I got him on the phone which was a surprise to him. He said he will email it to me but then disappeared and failed to respond. Obviously trying to wait it out. I am going to send it to 40 Robbie Road, Avon MA. Do you have a different address in their right to cancellation form.


Susan P Johnson July 6, 2018 at 12:25 pm

Yesterday the came and did my stairs the bottom step first board is loose and going to come off they will not look at it they told me I would have to go to home depot and buy it and they would fix it it was done yesterday when someone falls and gets hurt they won’t have just a complaint I have kids on this constantly ALSO THE SALES MAN PUT TRIM IN MY ORDER it’s not what’s in the entire house it looks like crap I called yesterday and so did the flooring guys no one called me back they kept it when I didn’t want it I have had this company here before they have done over 7,000.00 worth of work in my house . The guy who called me this morning was a bully I did not pay or want this in my house this is unsafe and terrible all I want is this board fixed and upstairs hallway fixed I don’t know why it has to get to this point I don’t want another sales person calling me I want management calling me if someone gets hurt I will be suing you


John McCarthy June 14, 2018 at 12:14 pm

I placed an order on 5/29, and scheduled for install on 7/7/18. I had a death in the family and need to cancel my order. I was told best they can do is push out the install date due to my using a finance option. I am going to be taking on a massive amount of expenses from the funeral and home renovations need to be put on hold. Aside from the ridiculous policy that you have 3 days to cancel by mail (which is next to impossible, what happens if post office lost it???), there has to be a way to cancel this! They just choose not to. I am 100% sure if they even ordered the supplies already someone else will be able to use them. it was a common floor type and it is more than 3 weeks from install. They were able to put a 6 month hold on the order, but honestly, I am not going to be able to pay of the finances along with the debt I will be paying for due to the expensive cost of a funeral. I just want the peace of mind that either my credit is not going to be destroyed because they will charge me for something I now can’t do anytime soon, or the peace of mind it is cancelled and I can revisit flooring at a later date. I only gave them a 200 dollar deposit, and was supposed to pay 1200 cash and finance rest on delivery. I am trying every resource possible to get their attention, since the service line is just a buffer that will not be able to do anything.


Margaret Bianculli August 7, 2018 at 6:36 am

John I am so sorry to hear this. But it doesn’t surprise me because although my mother didn’t die, I did have a family emergency that National Floors had no respect for. I am wondering how this company can be in business all this time, unless they can afford to stay in business because of all the money they bully customers out of while not providing the service promised. All their complaints have the same thread of various issues which are not only the usual complaints customers have against companies but some unusual ones. Maybe it is time we all start looking to joining forces to get them to pay us back and to stop them from continuing to hurt customers. Im noticing too, that these complaints are all from this year and especially the last two months.


Jeannie April 30, 2018 at 10:17 am

Dear National Floors Direct,

I normally deal with the President of a family owned business when information delivered to the customer is the fault of the company. I was scheduled for an installation on Wednesday, April 25. Wednesday morning I received a call from Charles stating that the installer called out and that they would reschedule me for the first appointment. It rained that day so I was okay with rescheduling as long as they could compensate me with being first on the list for installation. He said no problem. Today, Monday April 30, I get a call from Liz who tells me my installation will be from 12-4pm. I was upset because I changed appointments around to accommodate NRD. That is unacceptable when communication from National Floors Direct did communicate in the records that I would be the first install. Liz was not helpful and when I asked to speak to the manager, she said she was the manager. I asked to speak to her boss and she said No. That is unacceptable and she is not her own boss. I was very upset when she hung up on me and did not allow me to speak to someone else who could handle the situation better. I called Installation and spoke to Linda who kindly repeated what was written. I was still not pleased, because what was said to me was not communicated to the installers, however she let me know that I could express my issues through We Listen.

My word of advice to NFD is when you cancel an appointment, you “FIX IT” by making sure the customer you disappointed gets first preference on the schedule no matter where they live. This is the first time using your company because Sawaged got it right with his presentation. I should not be upset first thing in the morning from calls like this from Liz.

Please make sure this is read and discussed at your staff meeting because I will make sure it gets to the President, Aaron Rosenberg.


Jason baker May 2, 2018 at 2:25 pm

It’s Aaron’s and Daniel who run the company, there father Sam was a scam man also when he owned., the company Giant carpet, ripping off hard working people, now there up north of newyork New Jersey Connecticut, doing the same up there ,shame on you Rosenberg family,


Jennifer Duffin December 11, 2017 at 12:54 pm

Order #114569
I made the biggest mistake using National Floors Direct for carpeting. First, the salesman using bait and switch tactics. Cash only sales, which was an immediate red flag, and my deposit was cashed in the 3 day cancel window. Empire offered a much better quality, better padding carpet than NFD offered. The salesperson at NFD, Pierre, told me the “I would love the carpet” I was offered and convinced me to stay with them. Big mistake. Empire came back with a better deal, but I felt railroaded by NFD, despite texting the salesperson again with the better deal from Empire I was not granted the “Price Guarantee” despite reaching out to NFD. When the carpet arrived it was the worst quality carpet I’ve ever seen. When I immediately called NFD I was told I would have to pay them a $250 restock fee if I didn’t accept the carpet. I spoke with Tom Madison, who basically told me I bought the “entree level” carpet. I told him that is not what we purchased and I can feel the tacks sticking out under the carpet. He told me he would have Larry call me, install manager?, which to this day has not happened. I have been told last names are not given out. Another red flag. I would like NFD to do the right thing and replace the carpet, at their expense, or refund me the money I paid for this horrible carpet, so I may use a more qualified company to install a better carpet.


Jackie Avery January 8, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Jennifer – I’ve had several issues with the order and Tom Madison. My job from November is incomplete. Could you email me?


Very upset purchant October 23, 2017 at 5:41 pm

The salesman, extremely pushy and unprepared. When I said I thought I could buy the product only – He insisted I buy and I had 3 days to cancel – salesman said, he would NOT deposit my check unil 3 days. The check was deposited that NIGHT!!!! I called the next day to cancel and they REFUSe to give me my money, saying the installation department ordered product. REALLY, in minutes, they unstocked flooring (heavy flooring). I dougbth that VERY much! – They are all LIARS and this is how they keep in business – keeping all of our deposits, cause it’s the only way they can make $ by lying.


WOW some people are that STUPID!!!!


Jim Griffin October 13, 2017 at 3:18 pm

Carpet install today was butchered. After 1/2 hour on hold I get a “Manager” named “Tom” and he said there’s nothing he can do about the fact they didn’t bring enough carpet to the job.

the Rosenberg family should be embarrassed.


Jim Griffin October 13, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Update: (no better)So Tom Madison from NFD promised to call back before 5PM with an update. Now 5:30PM no call, no surprise. From the sales person, to the woman who answered the phone (Samantha) to the “manager” “Tom” what mess. The installers were nice but they did understand a word of English, hence the butchered job. Low cost help I presume.

I don’t know why I would think anyone but pissed off customers would read these notes anyway, the company obviously could care less about the customer satisfaction or what kind of reputation the Rosenberg family has in this business.

Order No. 114469


JARED RICCI December 8, 2017 at 2:59 pm

HI jim

same thing happened to us “TOM” what a joke.


Glen Campbell September 26, 2017 at 5:20 pm

Aaron Rosenberg Daniel Rosenberg
Anthony Lewis

Order # 107042

I hope someone will call in regards to the issues I’m having with the installation of my floor.



David Geisser September 22, 2017 at 8:07 pm

We are trying to cancel our order within 3 business days today. Friday is the 2nd dadayhowever noone will help us. The salesman walked out of my house whenoI said i wanted to cancel. Very rude!

Over the phone i was told Saturday is a business day but I cant give my request request to cancel to anyone. Help! I want my deposit money back please!
My cell 781 603 XXXXX. address
Halifax MA 02338
David Geisser


Alison November 18, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Did you get a Notice of Cancellation document. My salesman didn’t give it to us and then said it was a honest mistake. He said he would send it but has not done so. I am looking for any instructions or address for cancellation.


Robert k sturges September 4, 2017 at 3:49 pm

Good morning.My name is Robert K Sturges and I am a US Merchant Mariner.On 9/17/2016 I purchased 42 boxes of preferred cabin gunstock 3 1/4.The store address is 114 Powell ave Nashville tn 37204.
Due to my travel and work schedule the flooring was installed on 4/26/2017 and it looks great.
Upon completion of the job there was an excess of 9 boxes.The responsibility for this oversight is mine..I made the mistake which resulted in the excess number.My recent work tour began in May and ended in August and it was in late August when I entered the store from which the flooring was purchased.I had the paper work for the purchase of flooring and enquired if the excess of flooring could be returned. The answer was no,the flooring could not be returned. The boxes are unopened and it has been stored in a condominium since date of purchase. The reason for rejection of the flooring was that it could not be mixed with other lots of the same product. While this may be so, the product in question always has some variation in its appearance.
This flooring should not go to waste. Would you have another outlet which might accept the flooring?
Your time and effort in this matter is appreciated.

Robert K Sturges
615 298-XXXXX


Margaret Burke July 25, 2017 at 4:21 pm

CEO: Aaron Rosenberg
CFO: Daniel Rosenberg
COO: Anthony Lewis


I recently purchased a rug for installation. Not only did the installers not show up when scheduled the rug is actually falling apart now. The rug has been in for 6 weeks and it is falling apart. You cannot even walk across it without it pulling. In addition, it was installed incorrectly. It was glued to the floor and the quote states it was to be bound with a tack strip and padding. I paid for all of this also.
I also spoke with Samantha Rodriquez, your front line person answering the phone. She is rude, argumentative, and obviously has not been educated within the customer service industry. She actually hung up on me.
I just want to know how a 6 week old rug which the policy states I have 120 days to bring forward any issues falls apart. I was informed by the sales man that this rug would last 30 years.

Can someone please get back to me about this matter.



Tracy Bachert July 14, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Even though I expressed to the salesman, Gary St Laurent, how important it was that the install happen by Friday the 14th, and even though I called the 13th and confirmed the install, they never showed up. When I called, I was told that they came and no one was here. That was an absolute lie. I was here, my daughter was here, my friend was here and my landscaper and 2 of her employees were here. We were having coffee in my office facing the driveway and the front door was wide open. No one EVER came. The customer service supervisor, Tom Madison, called me a liar and insisted that they had been there. I asked him why they didn’t come to the door and he said because they called and no one answered. If they were in my driveway, they would have been able to see us in the front room, that’s how close it is. There is no way that they came and the company is making excuses for it. I have not been able to locate any contact numbers for anyone besides this Tom Madison and I cannot speak to him again as he is rude, disrespectful and nothing more than an outright liar.


Michelle/Christophe Marquant September 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm

On Friday, April 21, 2017 we had carpet installed by NFD – after the installation we noticed a defect in the laid carpet and pointed this out to the installer and asked what to do and he said we should take pictures (which we did) and send to NFD and the manufacturer would come look at it and replace. The installer also took pictures at the time. We sent pictures on April 24 and again on April 26, 2017 – since that time I have called every 2-3 days for an update with no success, I was told a claim was put in with the manufacturer on May 4th, when I asked for a copy of the claim I was told that was internal paperwork and it could not be shared with me. After continuing to call every 2-3 days on June 21, 2017 I was told by “Samantha” in customer service that the manufacturer said that the hole in the carpet was not a defect and they were refusing to even come and look. I asked for a copy of their determination in writing and was told that she would “work on it” – NFD Order # 109010 – PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SPACES TO PUT ALL THE DATES I CONTACTED NFD – PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR FULL LIST 4/21/17 – 2 calls to sales rep Larry Probst and 2 emails sent 4/24/17 – call and then email sent with pictures of damage 4/26/17 – call and then email with pictures of damage 4/30/17 – call to customer service (will take 5-7 business days) 5/7/17 – call the customer service (will probably know in a few days) 5/12/17 – call to customer service (speak with Tom who identifies himself as a customer service manager and says he will look into it) 5/17/17 – call to customer service (speak to Tom again, no update the back office dealing with it, he will call me with an update) 5/25/17 – call to customer services (Tom again, he tells me that a claim was put in with the manufacturer on 5/4/17 and it will take a couple of weeks I asked for a copy of the claim sent to the manufacturer and Tom said he’s ask the back office for it 6/5/17 – call to customer service tom told me it could take 6 weeks for a review, I again asked for a copy of the claim and was told I cannot have it 6/12/17 – call to customer service, no update and told I could not have a copy of the claim 6/14/17 – call to customer service, Samantha – she says she’s going to help me, she calls me back and says she called the local inspector to call me to come out to look at the carpet 6/15/17 – call back to Samantha, she has no update 6/19/17 – call back to Samantha, she has no update but says she working on it and has called someone very high up at the manufacturer and will definitely call me back 6/21/17 – call to Samantha, she tells me that the manufacturer says the carpet is not damaged it is the seam, although the defect we had is not on a seam or near a seam in the carpet, she seems confused and says they have denied our claim, I asked how to escalate it and she said I couldn’t, I asked for a written copy of the determination and she said she would work on it.

Message from Business:
Mr. Marquant contacted National Floors Direct regarding a 0.25 square inch pull in his carpet five days after the installation was received, completed, and signed off as free of damage or defect. We responded immediately to Mr. Marquant’s concerns by opening a claim with the manufacturer on his behalf with the photos he submitted to our customer service team. When the manufacturer’s claim was denied, National Floors Direct offered, in good faith, a one-time no-cost repair of the issue. Mr. Marquant agreed to accept that resolution and, moments later, complained to BBB. We are confused by this course of action but renew this offer. The issue was deemed by the manufacturer to be the result of local damage to the carpet. Mr. Marquant can contact our customer service team to move forward with the repair work at any time.
Please respond to this message within 10 days.
Thank you.
Better Business Bureau

This message originally read on 9/1/2017
Good morning –

Regarding previous filed complaint against National Floors Direct (#12222025), we agreed to a resolution with the business for an inspection and repair of the damaged carpet that was installed (see email below) – After repeated phone calls to NFD we were finally able to schedule a time for an installer to come out and inspect the carpet. The damage to the carpet was deemed irreparable by the installer (see signed doXXXXents attached) and I was told it would need to be replaced. The installer actually had some of the carpet in his truck, however said it wasn’t enough for the space needed. I contacted Tom Madison at NFD Customer Service Manager immediately and prior to the installer leaving my home and he told me he would contact the installation department and get back to me. I have repeatedly called Tom to schedule a replacement date with no luck and most recently on Monday August 28, 2017 he told me that NFD is NOT going to replace our damaged carpet and that they were going to again file a claim with the manufacturer (who apparently originally denied the claim) – he told me that scheduling the manufacturer to inspect the carpet could take several days or weeks – I have not heard from NFD since –
I asked for this in writing (email) and he told me that Senior Management no longer wanted him communicating in email, only to confirm appointments. During a conversation with Tom on 8/11 – a day that my husband stayed home only to call Tom at 2:30 to find out he didn’t confirm the appointment, he told me that if I contacted the BBB again “did I really think they’d come out and fix my carpet” – I have repeatedly been told by Tom, when asked to speak to someone else “my boss doesn’t want to speak to you” “there is no one else here to speak with I am the customer service manager”

We paid $5,000 for carpet and in that in one area it was installed damaged – we would like it replaced and without any further delays and hassles of having to deal with

We also feel that through this whole process we have been retaliated against for going to the BBB in the first place, with the lack of response to us and the repeated phone calls I’ve had to make.
Our carpet was installed on Friday April 21, 2017 – It is September 1st.

Please re-open our claim as we are not even close to satisfied with NFD’s response to holding up what they agreed to with our initial resolution in July.

Thank you,
Michelle Porreca

Message from Business:

National Floors Direct is not able to replace any carpet for Mr. Marquant. The issue he’s experiencing with this carpet is a pulled loop. This is DAMAGE to the carpet that was locally caused. We offered a one time good faith repair of the issue. If the carpet needs to be replaced, it will be at Mr. Marquant’s expense. Pulled loops in berber carpets are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or our installation service warranty.

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # 12222025. Please add your rejection comments below.

We would like to be provided with copies of all warranties, as we were never provided this information.


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