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Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

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Phone Number: (425) 882-8080
Fax Number: (425) 936-7329
Email: Email Microsoft


CEO: Steven A. Ballmer
CFO: Amy Hood
COO: Brian Kevin Turner

Microsoft History

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

In 1980, the company launched Xenix, their operating system based off Unix.

In 1984, Microsoft Windows launched.

In 1986, the company headquarters were moved to Redmond, Washington where they remain today.  The company also went public this same year.

In 1990, Microsoft Office was launched.

In 2000, Bill Gates was replaced as CEO by Steve Ballmer.

In 2001, the Xbox and Windows XP are both unveiled.

In 2007, Windows Vista is launched.

In 2011, the company acquired Skype.

In 2012, the Microsoft Surface tablet is launched.

Today, Microsoft is a multinational software manufacturer.  Microsoft Windows is the most used desktop operating system in the world.  The company also produces other consumer electronics like the Xbox and Zune.



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Mohammadreza Sadeghi July 16, 2017 at 9:29 pm

Dear Microsoft team;

My name is Mohammadreza Sadeghi, agricultural graduated with good grade degree in master entrance exam. I have worked for some companies and municipality. I have learned worked with some software too.

I have an incredible design collection to create your new universal services and environmental protection. I sell it $ 10 B or $ 1 B in addition of 1% of projects income.
I have also some simple suggestions for new search algorithm.

I want to sell a marketable design collection for new toothbrushes just $ 10000, you will see the value of this collection is more than that but I have to sell by auction some of my inventions to make and to sell others. It proves my ingenuity and abilities too.

My first inventions collection refers to 1999; it was entitled of ‘computer and blind’. I sent it via Email to scientific centers and etc many months later. I also tried to show them in my country and make them

I sent some other suggestions for layer use in computer but they haven’t come to reality yet!

I prepared a designs collection for toothbrush, dental floss, tooth mask and more in 2001, and I sent it to universities and scientific centers via Email.

President of IFIA (International Federation of Inventors’ Associations) helped me for a part of that presentation (2002); it was in relation of tooth cleaning by water pressure.
I made woody models collection for mouth cleaning, health and care, during incubator step of Khoorasgan University in 2006. I had provided a schematic designs collection and three samples before that in 2005.

The most of my designs have been made since first publication, we can find them in market like: pin matrix monitor, text voice reader, some kind of keyboard cover, some kind of stickers and labels, tongue cleaner, some kind of dental flosses, water flossing, some kind of dual head toothbrushes, electrical dual head toothbrush, some kind of full face toothbrushes, drink home mixer and etc.

I have some unfinished patents too. Because their defense meeting and entrance defense meeting to Khorasgoon University incubator was simultaneous and I had to choose just one of them, unfortunately my choice was wrong!

Children hand protector in meat grinder:

Inverse Siphon:

Drink and paste mixer:

Disposable and rechargeable gas, juice, flavor and sugar stores for drink:

Mould for hallow bread:

Resistance Valve, Tube and Connector to breaking in consequence of freezing:

I suggest; please visit my Facebook page or one of my bloges and see some other works and inventions of mine:
Email: moresa_45 at

Best regards; Mohammadreza Sadeghi


Jean Keen July 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

I have gotten scam numbers in the past. I recently got a call claiming to be Microsoft from 425-822-8085 and was wondering if this is one of your numbers.


rob beauregard April 28, 2017 at 12:30 am

I recently saw a youtube video of your program ( 12 04 xbox b roll hq ) in which damaged consoles are given away to the public.
I think that’s great, and commendable, thank you.
If it’s still in effect? My Kids and I would love to receive one also.
Once again thank you, and keep up the good work,
Sincerely, Rob


Terry March 11, 2017 at 9:15 pm

Good point. I hadn’t thghout about it quite that way. 🙂


Vinny Barone November 20, 2016 at 2:11 pm

To begin I was very reluctant to upgrade to Microsoft 10. I was advised by friends it was instructional, and they opted out of Microsoft and switched to Apple, all say it was the best investment they ever made, no problems, faster than Microsoft and much easier.

Needless to say I did not take their good advice and went with the upgrade, hence the problems…
1st time Microsoft automatically shut me down, advised me to contact them immediately or they would continue to interrupt my internet access…they said my computer had obtained a virus and the Rep, who’s English was barely comprehendible, advised he could clear it up for roughly $199. I asked him if the fix was guaranteed? The Microsoft Rep no. I advised him I would have to consult my Son who is much more familiar with computers and software Than I. The Microsoft Rep abruptly hung up.

I tried communicating with anyone from Microsoft Corporate to complain…unless I missed it, there is no email communications what-so-every, yet all the networks that sell their products.

Well there’s a good side to this nightmare and the nonsense Microsoft was trying to sell me… I called a Computer Teck in my area, explained the problem, said he knows the problem, could fix it in about an hour, his rate was $ 50. an hour, it cost me $25. That was roughly 6 months ago.

Today will be the 2nd time in less than a year I have been closed down by Microsoft Explorer for the same problem. You know who I’ve called for the fix.

If I did not have their problem with my old Microsoft software and I have a continuous problem, with Microsoft 10 why should I and millions of others pay for this seemingly design defect and Apple has no such problem? Is this problem another avenue to make profits from consumers at the rate of $200 a pop? This should be reported to our government officials, as a possible scam.

We have a new President, we will have news heads of the DOJ and FBI who work for Citizens, not big business. Some food for thought!

The 1st time I had this problem the Rep, who could hardly speak English, claimed to be an employee of Microsoft said he could fix the problem, however, it would cost me roughly $200.


Jerry & Marilyn Jensen September 20, 2016 at 8:56 pm

We just finished watching Good Morning America whom your company sponsors.

We are so disappointed in their extreme bias reporting of Donald Trump that I’m sickened to think that your

company supports this kind of trash reporting. We are so disappointed in your company’s extreme lack of values in this.

Donald Trump is a “good person”! But “YOUR” news media reports and twists every detail into lies about

him and reports “NOTHING” truthful about Hillary’s ongoing corruption!!!

We are so fed up that we no longer will purchase your product and we are NOT the only ones who feel this

way. We are determined to never buy or support your company again!

We feel your company is despicable in every way to support the news media that lies about good people. (Trump) We hope you go out of business because you support these corrupt news stations!

No longer your customer

Marilyn and Jerry


Melinda Fultz June 1, 2016 at 6:06 pm

While I was sleeping and then at work, you went in and upgraded my computer to Windows 10, which I did not say I wanted and did not want. Now I have problems with how slow my computer is running. When can I expect you to send a service tech while I am home and awake or are you going to just buy me a new computer?


James April 4, 2016 at 11:47 pm

Would like to see Microsoft company move to Pahrump NV people here need jobs


Email Email February 12, 2016 at 4:17 pm

For those people who kept complaining about Microsoft products, I suggest you to discontinue using them anymore. You can keep nagging about your bad experiences about the products but in the end, they don’t care about you. You are just like a piece of dust in the cornfield.


ljn March 17, 2016 at 1:57 am

fu….windows 10 is a hack…….sharing and keystroking your pc for homeland,fbi and cia including local law enforcement agencies


Richard Patton March 27, 2016 at 2:43 pm

Dear Microsoft,
I must report that as a reseller and VAR (MCSP) I am very upset and so are my customers at the lack of planning and concern expressed by Microsoft from the onset with respect to Small Business Server (SBS) Users. Windows 10 was released with great hoopla and promotion as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone was offered FREE upgrades, wonderful!!

GREAT! now here’s what happened to the millions of users of SBS 2XXX, they cannot get to their server in the traditional way, the server is NOT available to map drives, create shortcuts, etc. YES, I know Microsoft is phasing out SBS BUT what about a little loyalty for those millions users who wish to remain with this stable SBS product, a really great product (Which we as VARS pushed for many years) and one which has worked very well for many years.

1. Speak to support, “Oh, that’s a known issue!” well when are they going to fix it? “We don’t know, that’s not our responsibility”. Great what should I tell my clients??
2. Oh by the way the support cost $499.00, to fix YOUR problem!!
3. We could downgrade to Windows 7 (the only really functional OS), ops that does not support the large > 2TB drives, so much for 8 TB RAID drives, very clever Microsoft, very clever!! Great marketing for the Cloud, and that is not FREE, Hmm…
4. We could wait for Microsoft to wake up and realize that that market share is very upset and that there are other alternatives.
5. As to the Cloud “the big thing today”, it’s a great idea, however, some clients do not want their proprietary data in the cloud, they have no confidence that it is secure. “Oh it’s protected with 256-bit encryption, Hmm… The hackers broke into the NSA and CIA databases. What make you think that the Microsoft Cloud is any more secure??

Please feel free to contact me, my customers and I would be very interested in your reply!
Compu Pro Systems, Inc.


Deborah Triitt June 7, 2016 at 8:51 am

I could just cry. And I am. Windows 10 was downloaded on my laptop and I was unaware. It totally screwed up my laptop and left it vulnerable to attacks. Maybe they meant to. But the bottom line is my laptop crashed. I lost everything. Their answer to my problem was to pay 99.00 for them to fix it. I live on a very small income. I told the tech Ibsid not have the money. He hung up on me and when I got up this morning my laptop was dead. Who do you go to to hold responsible for my loss. Please. Someone tell me how I can take legal action. I guess I will never be compensated. So My days of having a home computer are over.


Kate Merchant February 2, 2016 at 3:43 am

I called the Microsoft tech center and spoke to Anup Kumar Patil this afternoon. Long story short, he said he would not help me install my $139 Microsoft Office software unless I buy his $500 2 year service contract. No wonder Bill Gates is so rich. I am between a rock and a hard place because only Microsoft has Office.
Can you help me get my Microsoft Office working ?? I don’t get up till 2 pm CST.
Kate Merchant


renee chevalier November 21, 2015 at 5:58 pm

Corporations that are going out of business every day because they do not listen to the customers they have instead they decide to RAM a SHITTY OS down their throats. I have purchased 2 computers one with system 8 and one with system 8.1. And returned them both. Being a retired Senior I have taught computer operation to many people and my generation used words not pictures. The pictures you willy nilly decided to put or use instead of words are confusing to people who have been using Windows since 1980 and you seem to feel that someone who has been using a computer for over 35 years and is 68 years old can change at the drop of a hat. And you try to impose your way of doing things on us. Plus you want us to buy new programs just to use your lousy OS.
So with that said I am going to purchase a Mac or go to an other company like Ubuto or something that does not use pictures but uses WORDS. I am not a 3 year old that needs pictures to make my computer work. I am an adult that can read and write and understand the written word. Why is it you let the insane children run the company children who can not even speak english and need pictures to run a computer. Put back the written menu. Put back the OS or at least put in a way to use it like Windows 7 or XP. But this system you have now is confusing most all the seniors I know and they are moving away from Microsoft to other OS. and computers. And who looses YOUR Corporation. We are fed up with children telling us what to do. We dont need you, you need us because we buy your products for our children grand children and great grand children. So I say this I will never ever recommend an other Microsoft product to my customers. Oh and while I am at it look into how many company’s ever stayed in business who made products that people couldnt use. or companies that insulated themselves against the customer base complaints. I have complained about your OS since you came out with it. We are seniors and we are united and will defeat the corporate mentality.


Ruth Goodwin October 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm



Ruth Goodwin October 4, 2015 at 3:16 pm

I have been trying to get onto Internet Explorer to get into my home page—MSN so I can retrieve my e-mails to NO AVAIL. WOULD YOU PLEASE RESTORE MY CAPACITY TO GET ONTO THE INTERNET THROUGH iNTERNET eXPLORER????


Robert Williams August 17, 2015 at 5:30 pm

I would like to get some immediate attention from anyone who can help me have this situation name is Robert Williams I tried to download windows 10 it was not successful.I called text support they only switch me to another one ever answers the line.this has happened twice today.needs my ccomputer fixed please help.


Bernadette Carter October 7, 2015 at 6:10 am

I downloaded windows 10 and it crashed my laptop everything gone!! had to take it to be repaired. I have contacted Microsoft for a refund as it has cost me £35.00 to repair. If I was you I wouldn’t bother downloading it.


Mike Fuller August 5, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Hi! My wife came up with a great idea for a video game that I think would go viral. I just haven’t been able to reach anyone through your switchboard to talk to anyone about it. I think it would sell as well as ‘Halo”. All I was told was to go to your OMC (Opportunity Management Center), which gets you to a policy information location. It doesn’t tell you anything other than not to submit unsolicited ideas. Is there anyone in your video games location that I could talk to? Thanks, Mike


John Pierrel June 8, 2015 at 9:35 pm

I own outlook 2010 under separate license key for to machines. over the years I have to uninstall and reinstall both copies over 37 times according to the answer desk. now the key is lock because of the high number of reloads I have had to do over the years. the only help the answer desk was to buy an up grade. I find that this is outrages. when I purchase software I expect to be able to use it as lone as it will run on the os that I am currently running. that means being able to reload it time and again as long as I comply with the license which I comply completely. this software has gone through approx. 6 computers an twice as many different OS upgrades. I am a retired disable Vet and find that having to replace good software because Microsoft does not want to comply with their own license agreements is un acceptable. I simply can not afford the continual outlay at the outrages prices that you want. There must be another way to solve this problem.


Agnes Mc carthy January 6, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Please stop sending emails to this email address.
I have made previous attempts for this request with no success.
I hope this attempt is successful.
Thank you.


Denise Sigelkow December 18, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Customer Service Team Member,

This will be my fifth time contacting you about the order listed above in the subject line. I originally contacted Microsoft store live chat regarding this order and there being NOTHING in the box when my husband and I opened the box upon receiving it. We ordered Ear Force XO four headphones priced at $99.95 plus tax as a Christmas present for my son. I have a transcript of my original conversation with Hilda. In this conversation Hilda told me it would take 24-48 hours to receive a response from the “escalation department” about getting my (because you took my money out of my bank account) headphones shipped as soon as possible. In this same conversation I told her that we needed the headphones before Christmas and she said she would note my account.
We waited until Tuesday, December 16 to call your Customer Service department about not yet hearing from the Escalation team. The girl was very nice who I spoke with, explaining that there was no way for me to actually speak to someone in the department that was now taking care of my case. I asked to speak to her manager and still had no answer. He would get this taken care of, or work on escalating it himself. I should hear back from someone today (Tuesday) being that it has been (or will be 48 hrs.)
TODAY (Wednesday), I spoke to yet another representative, and then to his manager, because there was still no response and it was still under review. Eric, the manager, once again stated that there was no way for me to talk to anyone in “upper management” until they email me. (Have yet to receive the email.) Eric (how convenient that the story changes quite a bit here,) said, I don’t know why the rep prior MISINFORMED me. It does not take 24-48 hrs…it take 48-72 HOURS for “upper management” to contact me. He ALSO stated that it could be TWO WEEKS before I receive the $107.00 pair of headphones that I purchased as a CHRISTMAS present (now approaching in ONE week.) TWO WEEKS. BIG difference from “getting them to me at the soonest possible time.” I’m absolutely positive that you have ALL three conversations recorded, or saved on file…so I shouldn’t have to go into much more detail.
All of this being said, I would like an answer as to WHEN you will be shipping the headphones? (Preferably so we get them before Christmas) Or refunding my money (also preferably before Christmas so we can replace these if we need to.) These were to go along with the XBOX ONE that we ALSO purchased from Best Buy (I can attach the receipt if you would like.) as CHRISTMAS presents. As I have mentioned to all of your representatives, we are loyal customers of yours (when you still had family memberships…and still purchase Live for my son.) Having Xbox 360 and being Xbox Live customers for about 7 years, I would expect from you that we be treated like loyal customers. Human error, or whether someone in your warehouse in Grove City Ohio stole them…I STILL PAID for something that I did not receive. I have all the information from the box. I will contact my bank and dispute the charge.


Rita Papineau December 2, 2014 at 12:28 pm

I ordered an xbox 360 for Christmas last night on line. I received an email this morning saying there was a problem with my order, and to please call this certain phone number. I called it. First of all I was told there was a high volume of calls and to leave a phone number and they would call me back when someone was available. They shortly called me back and transfered me where I was told there would be a wait ” all techs were busy”. Great way to save time! When I finally reached someone, she had no idea why I was supposed to call them or what was wrong with my order. I was on hold a total of 50 minutes all together. Never did find out what was wrong. Next I asked for a supervisor which was another wait. When he finally came on the line he knew no more than her. I asked for the corporate phone number. While I was waiting for him to get it I googled the number and got it right away. I humg up.
Now I call the dorporate office, not knowing who to talk to. I got the operator, who by the way was rude and not helpful} She put me back in touch with the same people In the Phillipines who I had in the first place.
Where are all the american people who might be able to help me? Do Microsoft corporate people think they are untouchable? It is a sad day when you can not get any customer service, even at the top! I still don’t know if I will get my order, I will have one dissapointed Granddaughter come Christmas Day!
I will never reccommend Microsoft products to anyone!


I.Chatterton October 30, 2014 at 7:10 am

I to have had unsolicited phone calls from people with asian accents stating they are from microsoft and that I have problems with my computer and they are there to help me solve these problems. They tell me to go to my computer,turn it on and they will help me. I tell them I do not take instructions over the phone unless I have made the phone call as I have no proof who they are,are they fraudsters. They get very annoyed when I refuse to do what they want. After I have hung up on them they immediately ring back again. I have tried to check their telephone number by ringing last number made to my phone and find that the number is witheld.very suspicious. They also threaten that after 1 hour my computer will definitely not work again unless I do what they tell me. This has not happened.


E T October 16, 2014 at 7:12 pm

I too have been plagued by phone calls claiming to be representatives of Microsoft Windows informing me that my computer has a virus and I need to go turn it on and they will help me correct it. I’ve just hung up on them because they speak with a strong Indian dialect and the noise in the background sounds like a party. Now I’ve gotten a message on my computer basically saying the same thing about the adware/spyware virus. It was not directed to my email and hard to get off the screen. Then tonight I received yet another call from said representative. I asked for his name and he replied “Paul Smith”. Funny, the accent was so strong he sure didn’t sound like his name would be Paul Smith. I asked for his phone number and said I would call back. The number he gave me was 877-238-5947. The number that appeared on my computer screen was 855-972-4589. I didn’t call either. Who ARE these people and how they can be stopped if they are not truly Microsoft representatives? The screen message said it was a Windows Firewall Warning. What is the best way to handle this? Thank you.


Freddy M. Trompiz August 13, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Dear all,
For some obscure reason Microsoft decided that the contents of my mail were likely to be seen by outer space dark forces, or perhaps the KGB ! So, they decided to block my e-mail address and I haven’t been able to see my mail for over a month now. For what it’s worth, let me tell you that I am a university English lecturer and the contents of my mail consist of lessons in English plus personal correspondence: all harmless and of no interest to anyone, least of all to any security service on earth. I followed the instructions for such cases to no avail. I opened a new e-mail address (something I did not want) and nothing, zilch! So please, re-open my hotmail address and please let me see my “secret” corespondence.
NB: I have been a hotmail user since 1998.


Pat & Bill Holtwick October 23, 2014 at 10:06 am

Wow Freddy, your comments sound just like MINE! How interesting. Glad to know that we are NOT the ONLY ones being violated/discriminated against! MSN has blocked my MSN account on Friday, October 17, 2014. It submitted to me that it was ‘TIME’ to change my password, for SECURITY reasons… 72 days. So, I calmly/immediately went onto the ‘sign in’ page… placing my user ID; and then the password for which I had been using ALL ALONG, and I had written it down on my notes area, for MSN and also for Facebook. Had NO problems at all, up until then/now! (Just as you, we’ve been a member of MSN since 1999, from the days of ‘dial up’ and have paid for this internet service[???] with the same credit card, since the initial/original signing up for MSN). I then ‘tried’ to reset my password, as I was then placed on the screen showing “We need to verify your identity” On that location it has two (2) options: o Email wh………. (shows an OLD alternate email address, from 2 years ago; as I had it changed when we cancelled that internet provider and went with ATT.

o I don’t have either

Then I was placed onto the page of the FORM! Wanting to know my PERSONAL INFORMATION… what were the emails I had sent; whom I had received emails from (all having to be the actual email addresses…. for which all of my email addresses are on my Contact list, on My MSN account… not written down somewhere within my desk, so that they may get lost and/or that someone else could get ahold of them… that is a ‘security’ concern for me!); what the subject/titles were; what folders were created by me, etc. Wanting to have approximately (if NOT more) 4 of each area to be placed on this ASININE form! Plus, they are WANTING/DEMANDING to know the financial location/card # etc., as to how the monthly bill is paid, for MSN.

On Saturday, October 18, 2014 I tried to call the Support Team group for help (THE ENTIRE DAY NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONES… WAS ON THERE FOR 40 MINS; 30 MINS, ETC… EACH SEGMENT… NO ONE ANSWERED ANY OF THE PHONE CALLS). I then ended up trying again approximately midnight on Sunday, and waited another 40 mins before someone actually answered. Geez. This guy was OBVIOUSLY from India, and didn’t know what the Hell he was doing! I had mentioned to him about the password situation, and also ‘REPEATEDLY’ mentioned about the WRONG alternate email address/internet provider that they had listed. This kid actually took over my computer as I was LIVING IN PURE HORROR because I have been hacked by others who had done that before (costing me a great deal of money to have had the viruses, etc. removed from my computer) and watched on the screen as to what he was doing. I could tell he didn’t know what he was doing! Plus, I had the phone on ‘speaker phone’ whereas I, along with my husband could hear the FROLICKING of those reps within this guy’s area… ALL LAUGHING AND ‘CUTTING’ UP WITH EACH OTHER….. NO ONE WAS ANSWERING PHONE CALLS. I COULD TELL THAT THEY WEREN’T SPEAKING TO ANYONE AS A CUSTOMER… FOR THEY WERE ALL HAVING A PARTY, AMONG THEMSELVES!

He told me that he had played with this and that I had been blocked, and would have to wait for 24 hrs to call back; giving me a Ref/Case #. I had to call at 1:00 am Pacific Time (that is the time I am supposed to be in bed, sleeping/resting). So, thinking that it was all going to be resolved… I called back the next night (Monday) approximately 12:30 am or so; got some CENSOR rep that finally answered the phone.. telling me to fill out the form again. I tried to tell her, and she was belligerent and SCREAMING at me to fill out the form. I told her that I wanted to speak to her supervisor, and kept SCREAMING THIS OVER HER ASININE INDIGNANT language… that I wanted to speak to her supervisor. She hung up. Hmmmm, does this tell me how MSN Technical Support people give their ‘customer service’?

Had to call again, and waited for another 40 mins and got ahold of a female rep. She was very pleasant and helpful… saying that she could correct this problem. I kept telling her about the alternate email.. that it was INCORRECT. She told me that she was filling out this ‘form’ for me, and a Ref/Case number again. To call in 24 hrs…(of course, that was a 1:00 am again) and that a Technical Support Rep would be giving me the Code I needed for the getting of the password… that should have had the alternate email address CORRECTED. Well… of course, NO CORRECTION WAS DONE! I then wrote to the MSN Technical Support group, via email explaining what transpired, etc. Of course, no response. Then the Microsoft Escalation Customer Service sends me an email…saying that I have to fill out the CENSOR form again. I wrote back and told them all the pertinent information… card #, etc. I received another notice tonight (really Wednesday night) saying that because of security reasons, I was declined again. What does it take to change the blasted alternate email address????????? Is there that much of a LANGUAGE BARRIER that these people CANNOT COMPREHEND the most simple request? I am a US CITIZEN, and have lived in the United States my entire 64 years. These people are from another Country, and have VIOLATED me, and also have shown total DISCRIMINATION toward me. It is all their way, and that is it. No recourse…. they have taken my MSN account as HOSTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been paying for this account all along, and this is their screw up, NOT mine! But, I am being BLAMED for their UNSKILLED training, etc. and lack of KNOWING how to do anything which is such a very SIMPLE thing to make sure that was corrected, in the first place.


Tammy July 3, 2014 at 8:27 pm

I purchased a surface tablet from an office equipment chain, after 6 months of use I could no longer connect to the internet. Took it back where purchased they ran a diagnostic test and told me exactly what was wrong, but that it was manufacture problem, to contact them. Contacted Microsoft and after burning up 4 1/2 hours of my cell minutes, dead cell phone battery they finally told me what I had told them at the start of the conversation. I was told to ship it to Microsoft and they would ship out a new one, but if I wanted the new one shipped right away I had to give a credit card number. They sent me to a fed ex office that was a hour away (that’s one way) They received the surface tried to contact someone at the shipping address or in customer support and for a solid hour got sent around the world to people who could not help. Called to try again, another 30 minutes, still no answer. Evidently Microsoft does not care about their customers only their profit line. They connect people on the U.S. to all over the world, to people who can not speak plain English. If Microsoft can’t employee people who live in the U.S. to help people who live here, why should we buy their product and support them. Due to the total run around by this company and their lack of concern or respect of their customers it will probably be my last Microsoft purchase. The company heads need to get their head out of whatever cloud it is stuck in and realize bad customer service can be a huge down fall for a company. If this company is more interested in profit than giving their customers good customer service and quit was their customers time so they can make more money they do not deserve our business!!!!!!!!


Lynn June 18, 2014 at 10:02 am



debby May 19, 2014 at 2:13 pm

and who the heck is Hoover’s Inc., a D&B Company … thought this was a Microsoft interested in helping their consumers.


debby May 19, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Multiple call’s from out the country claiming they are microsoft from private numbers…voice the same each time with latin or middle eastern accents. Claim to be from Microsoft with access the household computers … if so, stop them from harassing people. If not, you should be concerned they give a bad experience in your name. Feel bad for those that believe.


Harriet July 10, 2014 at 11:34 pm

I just received the identical call tonight @11:pm. Last night they called three times starting @11:pm until 12:30. The lady stated that she was calling from Windows Service Dept. and that my computer is being hacked that I should go to my computer and turn it on so that she can show me what the hackers are doing and she would explain how she can protect my computer. I asked her to stop calling, hung up and she called back immediately. I am so annoyed. These people are damaging the company reputation and should be stopped.


geraldine lowry May 16, 2014 at 2:31 pm

Hello, I am requesting that my name and home phone number be removed from the computer call listing used by someone calling representing Microsoft, asking me to go to my computer, turn it on, so he can update microsoft software. This person is calling from British Virgin; 284.563.6568. If he is not your legal representative, go after him. I have repeatedly asked him stop calling, remove my contact info from the list. I NO LONGER OWN NOR DO I HAVE A LAPTOP PC. PLEASE look into this, I am suspicious that this call is a fraud. Thank you for checking out this person.


Kimberly Simmons May 8, 2014 at 1:03 am

What’s the policy on submitting unsolicited ideas or ideas to your company


E. Sadanandan February 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm

My Prayer may please be viewed sympathetically by Microsoft.


E. Sadanandan February 13, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Yes Sir.
I am in such a precarious stage of life due to failure of my self employment venture due to reason beyond my control mainly due to an unwarranted suspension of my ISI licence in 1983 and since then I was trying to revive it but due to noncooperation of financiers like State Bank of India and Kerala Financial Corporation, instead both the above financial Institutions sold my properties pledged to then illegally by exploiting my deep faith in Gandhism in life and business. Now I am residing in a shop room with family of six and no source of income for medicine, food, etc.
All my efforts and prayers before State Government and Central Government for redressal of grievances in vain and now in a position to beg before any individual or Organisation for any urgent financial help to save from further ruining of life of six in my family. And hence seek help from Microsoft Company.


c sherrill January 1, 2017 at 9:31 pm

299.000 said couldnt fix it sent 1700.00 obama and bill gates statement saying i had to pay 10000.00 in order to get my money back what a mistake said they put 9000.00in my account and they didnt get that guess you live and learn DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU His name was ERIC and the calls came from his home


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