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CarGurus.Com Corporate Office

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Cargurus.Com Corporate Office Address

Cargurus, Inc.
2 Canal Park4th Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

Contact Cargurus.Com

Phone Number: (617) 354-0068
Fax Number:
Email: Email Cargurus.Com

Cargurus.Com Facts

Founder: Langley Steinert
Date Founded: 2006
Founding Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Number of Employees: 1001

Cargurus.Com Executives

CEO: E. Langley Steinert
CFO: Jason M. Trevisan
COO: Samuel Zales

Cargurus.Com History

Cargurus was founded in 2006 by former TripAdvisor co-founder Langley Steinert. The company began as an online community blog where users could post reviews and experiences about dealers, repair shops, as well as the pros and cons of certain cars. After car dealers expressed an interest in advertising, the focus shifted to listing dealer inventories online.

The company operates an online automotive marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new and used cars worldwide. The company uses algorithms to analyze and compare prices and features on cars for sale. Users can input data as to what they are searching for, how far they are willing to travel, the amount they can spend and more. This will provide users with a list of cars from dealers.

Cargurus.Com is traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: CARG. As of 2017, the company says it has more than 40,000 active car dealers with more than 5.4 million car listings.


Cargurus.Com FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Cargurus.Com?
Answer 1: The phone number for Cargurus.Com is (617) 354-0068.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Cargurus.Com?
Answer 2: The CEO of Cargurus.Com is E. Langley Steinert.

Question 3: Who founded Cargurus.Com?
Answer 3: Cargurus.Com was founded by Langley Steinert in 2006.

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