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Willimantic Waste Paper Company Corporate Office

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Willimantic Waste Corporate Office Address

Willimantic Waste Paper Company, Inc.
185 Recycling Way
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226

Contact Willimantic Waste

Phone Number: (860) 423-4527
Fax Number: (860) 456-3155
Website: http://www.williwaste.com/
Email: Email Willimantic Waste

Willimantic Waste Facts

Founder: Patrick DeVivo
Date Founded: 1950
Founding Location: Willimantic, Connecticut
Number of Employees: 100

Willimantic Waste Executives

CEO: Timothy DeVivo
CFO: Thomas DeVivo
COO: John DeVivo

Willimantic Waste History

Willimantic Waste Logo

Willimantic Waste Paper Company, often called WillieWaste, was founded in Willimantic, Connecticut, by Patrick DeVivo in 1950. The company began with a single truck collecting refuse. Patrick’s son, James, joined the business in 1960 and by 1970 had taken over the majority of the workload from his father.

The company operates a waste management and recycling plant for several counties in Connecticut.  It offers containers for waste and recyclables, roll-off dumpsters, front and rear load containers, compactors for schools and business, trailers, and hook-lift containers; recycling education programs, rubbish & trash removal, recycling services, bulky waste service and disposal, as well as scrap metal recycling, shredding, and document and material destruction; and curbside collection of recyclables, trash, and oversized items.

Willimantic trash truck In late January 2018, a fire destroyed most of the main building and recycling plant, causing the company to temporarily stop operations. Work has resumed from another site, however, and the company said it has plans to rebuild. Recycling materials

Today, Willimantic Waste is owned and operated by the 4th generation of the DeVivo family, with the 5th generation, Ben DeVivo, soon to become a part of the business. Headquarters remain in Willimantic, Connecticut.

Willimantic Trash Truck

Willimantic Waste FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Willimantic Waste?
Answer 1: The phone number for Willimantic Waste is (860) 423-4527.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Willimantic Waste?
Answer 2: The CEO of Willimantic Waste is Timothy DeVivo.

Question 3: Who founded Willimantic Waste?
Answer 3: Willimantic Waste was founded by Patrick DeVivo in 1950.

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