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West Elm Corporate Office Address

West Elm, Inc.
75 Front Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Contact West Elm

Phone Number: (718) 875-7757
Fax Number:
Website: http://www.westelm.com/
Email: Email West Elm

West Elm Facts

Founder: Williams-Sonoma Company
Date Founded: 2002
Founding Location: Brooklyn, New York
Number of Employees: 10001

West Elm Executives

CEO: Alex Bellos
CFO: Vicki McWilliams
COO: James Brett

West Elm History

West Elm was founded in 2002 by the Williams-Sonoma company. The company sells furniture, rugs, bedding, wall decor, and other household items. A catalog was released in 2003, followed by an actual retail location in Brooklyn, New York, later that year. The company acts as a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma.

While some items can be purchased in store, larger items, such as sofas or mattress sets, are for visual purposes only and must be purchased online. The company has a large variety of items for sale on their eCommerce site. In addition to the US and Puerto Rico, the company has retail locations in Mexico, Canada, the Middle East, Australia, and England.

The company recently teamed up with Casper, a start up mattress company, in 2016. Their latest retail location opened in Providence, Rhode Island, in August of 2016. West Elm offers products which are “Fair Trade Certified”, which means items were made under good working conditions, with sustainable practices, by persons who were paid a living wage.

West Elm FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for West Elm?
Answer 1: The phone number for West Elm is (718) 875-7757.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of West Elm?
Answer 2: The CEO of West Elm is Alex Bellos.

Question 3: Who founded West Elm?
Answer 3: West Elm was founded by Williams-Sonoma Company in 2002.

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lydia September 5, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Dear customer service
we shop at the santa Monica branch on Sunday labor weekend.
Due to the long wait in the bedroom dept the saleswoman recommended to pay for the bedroom set in he main level
here is the items i was purchasing
Mid Century Bed full size $899 wood finish
and mid century nightstand $299 wood finish
there was 20% discount and free delivery.
when they did the total we noticed that they charged us for delivery and the promotion email that I received for that weekend also mentioned 20% off and free delivery and that was the original plan that the sales associate in the bedroom dept was suppose to charge me. they refused to give me the free delivery and denied the fact that it was written on the add in my email received from west elm and on the poster board in the store. i asked to speak with a manager and she said that she doesn’t have time to talk to me ,What king of customer service your employees are giving? I spent over 2 hours in the sore and left without my order .
I really need an explanation for this service and confusing add.


Kimberly Varner June 28, 2018 at 7:27 pm

I am so angry and disappointed with West Elm. THey advertised a sale yesterday on a furniture piece I really liked. I purchased the item and a day later my order is canceled, i’m sent a pathetic 30% off coupon and sent on my merry way.
You cannot advertise an item for sale and then when a loyal customer purchases it, cancel their order and say it was a mistake. The RIGHT thing to do is own up to your mistake, fire your employee if you have to, and move on. It’s morally and ethically WRONG to falsely advertise something and then screw over someone who purchased it. and then think a 30% off coupon makes it better. No, it doesn’t, you send those out regularly and I’m offending at your lack of professionalism or care for your customers. I will probably never shop there again and will warn everyone else not to either, especially online.
Yes i read your shady small print about being able to change an order which just further implies that you are all scammers.


JRuiz February 22, 2018 at 3:37 pm

Worst customer service ever! I ordered a comforter set in November and had no communication from them since 1/1/18. I had to reach out to them several times, even waiting 25 minutes to reach someone. Supervisors promising to contact me with updates that didn’t, it’s been a nightmare. The only resolutions they give “you can cancel your order”. That would be nice, if I could get the money back for the items I purchased to go with the comforter set that I am not able to return now. They consider themselves an upscale retail store. REALLY! First and last time I ever order from them.


Simona Staley January 24, 2018 at 11:25 am

This is my first online order AND THE LAST. I never experienced such a bad service on update for delivery of one bed ordered 3 weeks ago. As today, I do not have a clue the status of my order. The customer service -furniture delivery ( for Texas) does not know where is your order or EVEN help to estimate arrival . When you call West Elm they are passing you to furniture delivery team, so you are passed around like a ball.


Barbara Fogler December 19, 2017 at 8:38 am

Impossible to get my order delivered that was due to arrive Dec 12.

Impossible to track my order because the tracking number does not work.

Impossible to get a reply from customer service, despite numerous emails to them.

Impossible to get through to customer service via telephone. Why? Because the number listed to call in my country has one too many digits!

Impossible to speak to someone on the main customer service line. Why? Because when I called and told them about all these issues they HUNG UP on me!

The only people who have at least responded to me are the social media team here on Facebook. And they can do nothing about my order.

West Elm, where is your customer service??? Where is your training for the people who are supposed to reply to emails and the people who answer your phones? Where is someone in your company who can count the number of digits in phone numbers?

Where is my order???


Jennifer Foy November 29, 2017 at 12:01 am

Wow I thought it was just me! I see from all of the previous reviews that I am not the only one who has experienced HORRENDOUS customer service from West Elm. I’ve ordered several pieces via the website over the past few years, big and small, shelves, chairs, pillows etc.. I’ve put up with the aggravation on missed deliveries etc.. because honestly I really love the style. Guess that is their saving grace.
Now, I’ve had it! Last night I ordered a couch. Even though they offered a code for “free delivery” , I guess it did not apply to my furniture purchase. Regardless I accepted the $129 delivery fee and confirmed. Today I saw that their sale was still going on and so decided that I should check and see if I could add to my order, rethinking another piece of furniture and it would be nice if i could request delivery on the same order and not have to pay twice.
First call – I was told “we can’t add to orders” . Ok. But let me transfer you to furniture and maybe they can help you. I was transferred and then the call ended because furniture was “closed”
Second call – I told my next associate about furniture being closed and explained my situation and how i wanted to arrange delivery for a second item with my first order and therefore not pay double for the delivery of 2 purchases placed less than 24 hours apart. Nothing, couldn’t help me, no suggestions, no offer to try and adjust my order, cancel the first one and start a new one etc…Ok so I said, well I guess i won’t order the second piece then. Thanks anyway. When she thought, I guess, that i’d hung up she said “You can’t afford it”. OMG!!! I then said “hello” multiple times to no response. Call still going. DISGUSTING, CHILDISH and INEXCUSABLE. Because I am conscientious and intelligent enough to make the inquiry, I completely annoyed these people enough to earn a gross insult.
Third Call – Waited 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor never got on the line and instead I had to relay my story to an associate, this time nice, apologetic and sincere. However my story wasn’t enough to even earn a supervisor’s time. I was offered a nominal merchandise credit if I placed my new order. No thanks and NEVER AGAIN.


Susan Gianelli November 27, 2017 at 1:02 pm

I am appalled at the customer service issues when ordering a floor mirror. I called twice on 11/26/17 was disconnected from first representative after dealing with her for 45 minutes. I returned call and the second CS representative couldn’t apply my rewards to the order. I then asked for a supervisor and was told she wasn’t sure who that was. That call was over 35 minutes. today, 11/27/17 I called again to order the same floor mirror, was on with him for 45 minutes after he transferred my call to CS, he was unsuccessful in telling me the total to include my rewards. At this point I tried getting a corporate number and a California representative told me they don’t like calls and I would have to reach out to CS. I called again and was put on hold because the representative locked my rewards so therefore she had to try to get it unlocked. they stated it was used. NO IT WASN’T…. Mr. Alex Bellows, I will try to reach out to you as the CEO but you need to work on people that can satisfy customers not frustrate them!!. As I am typing this email on am on hold with another representative trying to get my rewards unlocked. I will pursue this matter until I get satisfaction!!!!!


Angela Evans November 13, 2017 at 4:06 pm

I have never ordered anything from West Elm. I have always been a Crate and Barrel shopper and have had zero problems. However, a chair I had seen at CB2 was suddenly not available and there was a similar one at West Elm, so I purchased the chair at the end of September. I was told I could pick it up at the store in Austin so I could avoid the $150 shipping charge for one chair. I was told the chair would be ready sometime in October. That was a bit vague but I went with it. I called the Austin store at the end of October and was told that the chair would be available for pickup on November 8 because it was on backorder. It’s funny no one mentioned that before, but again, I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Well, today I call to check on the status since I have still not heard a thing from anyone and was told my order was cancelled. How do you guys get away with this stuff? No phone call, no communication and was basically told, “sorry ma’am”. The stuff at West Elm is cute but I hope you sell your inventory to a company that can deliver. What a disappointment. I would never recommend West Elm to anyone.


Susan F. November 4, 2017 at 10:34 am

Here’s a shout out for Joyce Thompson, sales associate at your UWS Broadway store. Her superb sales and customer service skills were so appreciated last night when I needed to exchange chairs I had ordered for others I had just seen. Not only did she help me through the process, help me look for additional chairs — I was exhausted! — but walked me to CPW/61st with the chairs I finally bought and where I was meeting my Uber (since my arm hurt, I couldn’t carry the dining chairs). She left me with a sample for additional chairs as well. So helpful! So pleasant! A model of superb customer service for your store! Thanks, Joyce!


customer September 19, 2017 at 11:07 pm

Don’t waste your time. Ordered furniture, paid for furniture, company could not or would not deliver. Look around, this is their pattern. It’s a scam, take your money, deliver zero furniture.


Carman Souther August 3, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Please help me! I ordered a bed order # 071905494192, Acorn king bed and frame. I confirmed 3 times that BOTH pieces would be delivered to this vacation home as I would be out of town and needed to have someone there for delivery. The MDX delivery service is sub par. They could not get the order correct and finally after I confirmed, in writing, they confirmed in writing and West Elm confirmed in writing the frame and headboard would be delivered on August 2, only a headboard showed up. After numerous phone calls I still have not heard from anyone where this frame is. MDX Doesn’t know and West Elm says they have it? No one will co ordinate or help me. I am loosing rental income now and expect reimbursement for lost dates. I will supply the confirmed reservations. Please refund my full payment for the bed and matching acorn bedside tables since I must order from a reputable company and get the room furnished. 071938065792 Is the order number for the bedside tables. Thank You


Barbara Turner May 16, 2017 at 1:06 pm

Order #063537372102. Henry 86″ sofa, Heathered. Tweed, Marine. I ordered this couch in December 18, 2016 as a belated Xmas gift for my daughter. She moved from FL back to Nashville, TN in early February & I’ve been trying to locate ever since.
I have placed 3 calls beginning mid-Feb, then March 20, then May 1 to customer service asking to change the delivery address to TN.
Each person I’ve spoken with has been most polite, they’ve made notes, they’ve told me requests were made to transfer my couch “to the TN hub”.
Yet, no one has located the couch or followed up with me. When I called on May 1, I had to be put on hold 3 times, & the last person I spoke with was Brooke in the Furniture Dept. (?). She said she would call me once she located my couch- I am still waiting.
That said, I have received NUMEROUS emails to scheudule delivery; the last 2 being sent May 12 and then another TODAY May 16–The Issue is that they are coming from homedeliveryFLL at WSGC.com, & in the body of the email is lists issues delivering to KEY WEST, Port St. Lucie & Venice ?!?!
There is no phone number associated with the email.
This leads me to believe my couch is sitting in a warehouse in Florida after all and no one has had it transferrred…
PLEASE….PLEASE…. Help me locate this couch for my daughter.
Barbara Turner 615-347-XXXXX
this leads


Tracy McPherson September 16, 2017 at 12:10 pm

I custom ordered a sectional in July for latest delivery Sept 8th. It is now Sept 16th, I have no sectional, everytime I call for update I’m on hold 45 plus min with furniture never to be connected. When I call other dept. I get answers like; 1. It’s on the truck 2. It’s at the warehouse waiting to be shipped or my favorite is 3. I don’t think anything was done with after the initial order. The cutest thing is they charged my AMEX last month. How does a business in this day in age continue to operate with such horrible non exsistant customer service? No couch, no word about 5 hours of my time trying to track it down…
My friends have the same stories about this company.


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