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WalMart Corporate Office Address

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
702 SW 8th St
Bentonville, AR 72716

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Phone Number: (479) 273-4000
Fax Number: (479) 277-1830
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CEO: Michael Terry Duke
CFO: Charles M. Holley Jr.
COO: C. Douglas McMillon

WalMart History

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., usually just called WalMart, was founded by Sam Walton in 1962.  Walton opened a WalMart Discount City store in Rogers, Arkansas.

By 1967, the chain had 24 locations across Arkansas.  In 1968, stores were opened in Missouri and Oklahoma.

In 1970, the Walmart corporate office and distribution center was opened in Bentonville, AR.  The company also went public the same year.

There were 1200 Walmart stores by the companies 25th anniversary in 1987.

In 1988, Sam Walton stepped down as CEO and was replaced by David Glass.  In 2000, H. Lee Scott took over as President and CEO.

By 2005, there were 6200 stores worldwide.

Walmart currently operates nearly 9000 stores under 55 different names in 15 countries and is the largest retailer in the world.



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PJ April 16, 2015 at 11:59 am

What I don’t understand about this company is how some Managers mistreat their associates if they don’t like them. I lost my job because of this reason leaving me to raise my two daughters by myself. I worked over seven years never missed work nor was I ever late. I didn’t have any write ups or anything and they fired me because my co-worker and Ops Manager didn’t like me. I was aware of all the things that was going on and went to my Ops Manager about them. I loved working for this company but hopefully one day they realize how they mistreat their associates. They had my co-workers watching me told them to copy & paste things I do on the computer. I was so nervous everyday at work be cause of this and finally because I deleted an entry out of the door log they fired me. Didn’t try to work with me or anything but I had some other associates to call me and tell me so much that was going on with them watching me for over six months to find something on me. I pray for these so called Managers and my General Manager because they need it.


Sara McCarthy April 15, 2015 at 11:49 am

As a Christian I will no longer contribute any support to a corporation that is attempting to undermine my religious freedoms. I urge Christians to boycott all Walmart Stores and show our opposition to attacks on Christianity by spending our money at businesses that support our Christian values.


Anonymous April 13, 2015 at 9:26 am

Why would Walmart employ stalkers, drunks and lying thieves and even allowing jail time as an excuse to call in an entire week only after his house arrest ..
Walmart not only praises this type of man in the workplace but they fire young ladies for coming to work late as they tend to a young child, sometimes having her arrive late only to find she’s jobless as result but ernie charles metzner of rogers Arkansas can be absent as he sits in a jail cell only to return to his job and even get paid for being jailed.
Who isn’t getting these messages to the Wilton’s??


Carol Aityassine April 10, 2015 at 10:32 pm

Almost 2 weeks ago my husband was eating some chicken wing sections (Great Value brand) and ended up with a small nail stuck in his tooth. Thank God it ended there and he did not swallow it. But I have complained twice by email, and even sending one of the emails with a picture of the nail compared with a penny so the size of it can be seen. As of present, we have not gotten a reply from anyone. One of the complaints was sent to the local Walmart supercenter where the chicken wing sections were bought. I am very disappointed in this. I will probably never buy them again due to this and even consider shopping elsewhere for groceries due to the lack of response by Walmart in this regards.You can be sure though that I will not quit complaining about this, but at this point an apology isn’t worth it. The delay in responding to me shows a lack of concern for their customers.


Linda April 8, 2015 at 8:01 am

I am a current Associate at Store 4288. I have been trying to call the Open Door line for some important issues I am experiencing with retaliation and harassment. I have been trying during their hours of 7:30am to 5:30pm across all time zones and they are always closed. What is my next recourse? Thanks!


Dylan April 9, 2015 at 7:58 am

Hi Linda, When I was working with Walmart I worked at 2273, I experienced a similar issue, not being able to find the open line I used the online form for the walmart global ethics system. Here is a link for you!


J.Stitt April 17, 2015 at 5:54 pm

First I would like to speak of a very nasty electrician working in our deli on 04/15/15 he was harassing us about leaving the cooler door open when we were in and out getting our customers what they wanted. But he refused to wear a hair net and said he didn’t have to listen. After my shift I went to tell the store managers Jessica and Glenn who were on that day,, and all I got was yelled at that they didn’t blame the electrician for being nasty to us and we were all to blame for the problem. Jessica talked to me like I was her worst enemy and Glenn just agreed. I’m sick of their disrespect and rudeness. I’m supposed to be able to go to them and express my concerns without fear of being treated in that manner. I’m 59 yrs.old and I never seen such close minded, nasty personalities to have positions like that!! They do not ever talk to each other like that,, so that proves that they know the difference. We would all like an apology for the electrician( why was he so mad for making a days pay anyway?) and I want respect from the managers.


J Stitt April 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm

I just wrote my grievance without naming my store which is 2195. My story is above this. J. Stitt


LeSure Cary April 7, 2015 at 1:39 pm

I would like to talk to someone A.S.A.P.,very important. (909-994-****)About a job.


Carmen April 6, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Call the phone number and don’t press any buttons wait for the operator to come on and make your complaint.

I am calling now and I will decide whether I will shop at Wal-Mart again based on what I find out. When I worked for Wal-Mart from 1998 to 2008, we were allowed to be Bible Believing Christians. Now, if you were in management, you pretty much had to tow their line. If the store has been compromised by those in the homosexual movement and has decided to go along with their discrimination campaign against Christians, then that would get passed along to the employees and they would be educated about what views they are supposed to express.

It would be a real shame. I don’t think that Sam Walton would have agreed with the homosexuals. He was a real man. His wife would have had none of it, I am sure.


Dg April 6, 2015 at 6:05 pm

I was an employee at Walmart store 1027 until yesterday when I had to deal with very disrespectful employees that take about their other co workers. I also had to deal with being told to do things even though they was not management. I think because I’m a new employee and they been there a long time they can tell you what to do and when to do it. That’s not how I work when we work it’s as a team not individually. I will not want to work at the garden center even again not with people like that and someone needs to address it.


Jimmie April 6, 2015 at 4:04 pm

He Stopped A Punk From Stealing $1,200 From Walmart. How They Repaid Him? We Need To Boycott Them!

Why would this manager get fired. People stealing from Wal Mart just makes prices go up on what the public buys. maybe he should have been given a raise.


Will April 3, 2015 at 9:06 pm

I am a 46 year old college graduate and a Christian who is now offended that wal mart does not like me thinking that marriage is between a man and a woman only and the best way to raise a family. I will now not ever shop at wal mart again and I encourage other Christians and lovers of freedom to do the same. NOT one person ever said that gays would never be served in any restaurant in America some as do I could not participate in a gay wedding with there products. As a result a simple referral to a gay marriage affirming business owner would solve the problem. BAN WALMART. MORE CHRISTIANS SHOP THERE THAN DO NOT!


Anonymous April 2, 2015 at 2:44 pm

I can’t find an email address for your CEO Doug McMillan or any of your executive staff so I hope you can pass this along to all of them. Please remind him that it’s the customers that made Walmart what it is today. Without us customers, Walmart would be nothing. If Mr. McMillan has personal views about the Arkansas religious freedom law then he should voice them as a private citizen. Not as the voice of Walmart. I do not agree with Mr. McMillan’s decision to make this the companies view. I will no longer shop at Walmart and I will also discourage others from shopping at Walmart. My decision is based solely on the fact that Mr. McMillan has turned this into a company view instead of a personal view. I believe he is trying to use the massive Walmart machine to influence public policy. That’s not right. Whether you agree with this proposed law or not, this should be left up to the public, not large companies trying to dictate public policy.
I don’t believe any individual should be discriminated against. I also believe that the LGBT community is working very hard to get the freedom and rights they deserve not unlike the religious community looking for the freedom and rights they deserve. Just because the religious community may hold a different view than the LGBT community, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same rights and freedoms. It is interesting how the LGBT community wants to squash the religious community’s freedom and rights in order to get the rights and freedom they think they deserve. It doesn’t make sense both religious community and LGBT community are both fighting for freedom and rights for themselves. Why should one be more important than the other, just because one community thinks the other has an unpopular view? This is not something a company should get involved with this is something that the public needs to deal with.


B Anderson April 2, 2015 at 2:39 pm

I have been a loyal customer to your stores over the past 15+ years. Your recent involvement in denying Religious Liberties has ended that relationship. You have a false façade that has been increasingly apparent. You have now lost my family as a customer and I will be sure to let everyone I know to take your stores off the shopping list. I wonder how your founder, Sam Walton would think about how your are running the ship?


Kain Kuglin April 1, 2015 at 7:58 pm

I am a very loyal customer of Walmart. I am extremely disappointed that you stepped into the Arkansas Legislature’s attempt to protect the number one Bill of Right the Freedom to practice your own religion. The assault coming from the left biased media is a very sad political attempt to attack this right of all Americans and make it look like gays are discriminated against. Perhaps a Gay person will be taken to court some day and fined because he decided that he consciously deeply believed he couldn’t bake a cake for a homaphobe. I know several Gay people that are staunch supporters of religious freedom and are insulted by this attack also. You look as foolish as Tom Cook of Apple.

Karin Kuglin


JR April 1, 2015 at 4:21 pm

Why is Walmart turned against religious freedom. Why do you not support the basic freedom of people to practice their faiths?


Rocky Parsons April 1, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I really don’t care what COO Doug McMillion thinks about the Arkansas religious freedom law. He is entitled to “his” opinion like everybody else, but he has chosen to insert himself into the public arena. Mr. McMillion should tend to business and leave the politics at home. Sadly I will not be going to WalMart again.


Shane March 31, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Arkansas “anti-gay law”
I believe Wal-Mart who serves all people of all differences should be more vocal in the fight against the HATE that will be allowed in their home state of Arkansas. If this bill is signed by your governor and Wal-Mart sits idly on the “mostly silent” side, unlike Apple and other major corporations, this will be a blemish on your home state and the people who shop at your stores.
You must know you employee LGBTQ individuals and you must know that we shop at your stores. Will you sit back and allow a Christian conservative to not check my husband and me out in his/her checkout line? Will you condone your mechanic to refuse services of changing our oil or rotating the tires on our cars? What about the young gay or lesbian couple who can’t afford to buy their wedding rings at Tiffany’s, will they be able to buy the most symbolic sign of a marriage from your stores or will their happy day be turned into another nightmare of hate and when your employee turns them away?
I am only one voice in our fight for equality; you my friend, Wal-Mart is thousands of voices, voices that stand next to you at one of your stores, in the office next to you, vendors, people who want you to sell their products. As you can see, Wal-Mart, reaches many voices and many of those voices belong to the LGBTQ community. We all may not be “out” but we are all a part of one diverse group that thinks wisely about where we spend our hard earned money.
I implore you to not be on the wrong side of history in this civil rights matter. Don’t fall under the cloaked version hate and bigotry that your home state has on their agenda.
Thank you for reading,
Shane Robertson


brian bennett April 1, 2015 at 11:14 pm

i am so so fed with gay people dictating their rights.if own a business, i decide my products or services.if i do not want to have special products for you,go shop at a place that not force your atheist views on me.bill clinton and obama already passed this are the bigot and hater of living as close to what GOD are not being want to disrespect people like me.why do you want to spend $$$$$ that a business does not want you as a customer?you are the hater


Anonymous April 2, 2015 at 2:57 pm

This is not a Walmart issue. You should continue your quest for equal opportunity in a public forum.


Annomus March 29, 2015 at 1:05 am

To whom it may concern I am an associate at store 2712 in myrtle beach sc and I am a little upset about another associate she works on the ims team and her name is Amy she works third shift I just found out she paid my cousin to key her car so the lawsuit she is filing against the company will look better the lawsuit is for an accident she had a couple months back but she figured she could blame another associate she doesn’t like and get him fired and help her lawsuit at the same time I have gone to management with this and they told me to keep my mouth shut or they will coach me they let her do what she want and now they are offering her a dept manager position from what I have heard her husband took her supervisor test for her so she can move up a couple of us have called the ethics hotline and still nothing has happened I have personally heard her say racist things in the back room to another associate things like you can’t do that cause your black i told one of the support managers about her paying my cousin to key her car during the investigation into it and they told me if I say anything to the store manager I will get terminated so she we all got call into the store managers office one by one we all were afraid to say anything there is a lot of favoritism going on in that store and we are all fed up with it I don’t know why I’m posting this here it seems like you people don’t take us seriously all you guys do is look the other way so I hope people will read this before applying for a job at store 2712 myrtle beach sc so they know the type of people they are gonna work with


debby March 28, 2015 at 4:14 pm

Walmart at emily drive in clarksburg wv.has the rudes csm’s they have no respect for the cashiers ,they treated them very poorly .and then tell customers we can’t keep cashiers wonder why?I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it.and shift managers do nothing about it some cashiers don’t report it because they are afraid of losing their job,so they stay there and take it.what happen to sam waltons have respect for your fellow workers.another thing instead of putting up a sign saying no alocholic beverages sold at this reg.(because they have an underage employee) they make other customers like myself stand there 10 to 15 min.waiting on a csm to come ring that person up.its not fair to the cashier or to the customers.this is one store who needs a mystery shopper and someone from corporated to come and talk with their employees one on one and see what’s happen in these stores I’m not even an employee and I see it.thanks,and GOD Bless!


Krysty goodwin March 26, 2015 at 5:53 pm

to whom it may concern.

I really dont think it will concern anybody..but here it goes for what it’s worth.

I went to a beautiful ..big WalMart at city base San antonio..tx… To buy some paint..went to the paint department..nobody there so asked a clerk to please send somebody over..I waited 20mins and nobody showed up..not just me but others were waiting too..
Same thing at Rigsby and 410.San Antonio.tx..this time waited 30mins with 3 others who also needed assistance..not only did we not get any help ..we could not even get a manager to talk to..I guess they all were on a coffee break..
You are loosing a lot of business .. I am going to buy my paint somewhere else and I assure you it will not be Walmart

Krystyn goodwin.


Matthew Miller March 24, 2015 at 1:10 pm

I had three job interviews at your cobleskill ny 12043 wal mart i was honest when it came to my background check before it went to your third party and i couldnt recieve the letter in the mail because your third party said they cant send it to a post office box so when i asked the guy who i couldnt understand at all it sounded like they said i wasnt able to work at wal mart due to my background check for the produce section i have asked for your co. manager who offered me a job by leaving a note for him to call me back because he was in a meeting and i havent recieved a phone call from him since then as a person who is on probation we are required to be working but nobody gives a second chance i am able to be bonded and so fourth but since i cant get an answer out of sue or rich not giving me a phone call im a bit outraged because it seems like im not getting anywhere and feel like your company is discriminating me because of my background check and im finding the discrimination that your company is dueing really wrong i am not happy and living on unemployment which is almost running out and im trying to get back to work and your company in my area was the only place thats giving me a chance for work but hen take it away because of my background check which is discriminating


Anita LaForte March 23, 2015 at 10:14 pm

I live in Trumann , Ar. my son has autism , MR , ADHD & other disabilities & has the mind of a 2-3 year old . My son took an apple & started eating it when his aide looked away as soon as she seen what he did , she was going to pay for it when she got done getting what she needed at the store. An employee stopped them & told him he couldn’t do that & his aide told her that she was going to pay for it . My son’s aide explain my son’s problems & that she was going to pay for the apple .
My complaint is that I see kids & other adults eating grapes , bananas & other fruits , I’ve seen them eat chips , I seen parents give them chips & other snacks while they shop to keep their kids quite , I’ve seen kids & adults eating candy bars & when the kids eat the candy the parent throws the wrapper away & no one says anything to them & there isn’t a scene made about it but yet when my child with disabilities gets an apple that will be paid for by my son’s aide the employee has to make a big deal out of it . I don’t know who the employee is because my son’s aide was pissed off at the way the employee talked to her all the aide remembers is she was middle aged .
When my son is the only one who gets singled out for the same thing other people do that is discrimination against a person with disabilities & special needs , half of the people knows my son & his aunt works there at the same store. If I were there wouldn’t have been such a big deal . I & my son’s aide pays for what we get & what my son gets I’m not like other people I’m an honest person who doesn’t like my child being singled out like he was.


Yvonne March 23, 2015 at 3:39 pm

There is a new Walmart super center being built in Florissant Missouri. We have heard that it is due to open about May 2015 but have been unable to confirm that. Looking forward to shopping in the new store. Please tell us what the estimated opening is.


The customer that fired Walmart March 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm

To whom it may concern,
I am a very dissatisfied customer…rather, a former customer. I will not only share my reason for no longer being your customer with you, but with everyone I come in contact with. I will use every outlet I have to let others know of the customer mis-treatment Walmart now condones.
It is clear that Walmart has lost the principles it was founded on. Sam Walton once said “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” So, here is the reason you have been fired….
I have recently completed a baby registration on I was a bit frustrated at first because this process has been removed from the stores and now can only be completed on line. This leaves your customers at a bit of a disadvantage of not actually being able to see the product they are registering for. However, I understand that a large percentage of shopping is done on line so this was something I could overlook. I had 2 baby showers….registering at Walmart meant that I exclusively drove hundreds of dollars into your company. If I would have known then what I know now, there is no way I would make the same choice and I will do my best to make sure that others do not make the same mistake.
I was very specific when registering, choosing items according to the features I needed. One of the items I was very specific about was the Pack N Play. I was having my son via C-Section and picked out the Pack N Play that had a changing station, diaper storage and a canopy. I picked this item because the features would help me best in caring for my son while recovering from surgery. I received the item I registered for at one of my showers and when returning from the hospital, put it together, only to find that the pack N Play that was in the box was the wrong item.
I went to my local Walmart (on 82nd and Milwaukee in Lubbock, Texas) where I have now found out the item was purchased. When attempting to exchange it for the actual item I registered for that should have matched the box, I was treated as if I was the one that had placed the wrong item in the box. I asked for a manager and I was presented with Joe, an assistant manager that told me and my husband that he would not exchange it, even if we were able to track down the original receipt from the person that gave me the gift. Joe point blank told us that he could not exchange it because he has no idea what WE did to the actual item. I was shocked that this man basically just called us criminals. There was nothing in his demeanor or actions that even attempted to remedy the situation at hand. According to him this was our problem and Walmart had no part in it. Since when is this the way Walmart treats their customers?? I understand that there are people out there that do shady things…obviously…as it seems that someone switched the item that we ended up with. However…..applying just a bit of logic to the situation….if I were the one trying to do something underhanded why would we alert your staff to the issue?? Your staff doesn’t take the exchange out of the box, assemble it and match it up with the original packaging. We could have just packaged it back up and not mentioned it at all….and then it could have been the next person’s problem when the same thing happened to them. However, we wanted to spare the next person the frustration and disappointment that we went thru….and this made us criminals. There is no situation that EVER makes it right to treat a customer the way we were treated. My husband told them we would go to a different location for a resolution….we then found Kathleen at the 4th and Frankford location who quickly provided a resolution by allowing the exchange….only to find out that the item we needed was not carried at her location. My husband then wet to the Quaker location (the one we had told Joe we would go to for the resolution). When explaining the situation to the assistant manager there, he was told the exchange would not be a problem and this issue happens occasionally. However, when the assistant manager called for the manager (Carlos) to override the exchange (he had received a call from the previous assistant manager, Joe) and now this manager too denied the exchange. Carlos told my husband the same thing and used the exact same verbiage that Joe used, once again it was insinuated that we were the dishonest party…and even if we had the receipt/gift receipt we were told we still could not get the correct item. It is appalling that this is what Walmart has come to and that your staff feels that it is acceptable to insult their customers in this manner. We are basically at the mercy of these employees of yours such as Joe and Carlos…and we have no recourse. We are the criminals, instead of the ones that registered solely with your company that brought you revenue that should have gone to another business that values their customers more than this. You, Walmart, have lost sight of your original vision. You have turned against the principles you were founded on. You have turned on your customers that have passed up local merchants to give you their business. No longer will this be the case for me and my family…nor my extended family. I will do my best to make sure you will not have the opportunity to do this to others. I will contact as many news, social media outlets and personal contacts it takes to get the word out. Your prices aren’t as low as they used to be and you will find that customers would be willing to pay a few dollars more to be treated as they should be.
I am sending this email to the store locations that I dealt with yesterday as well as the district managers/any corporate contacts I can manage. I am including the 4th and Frankford location, not as a complaint, but a compliment to Kathleen, who was the one part of your management that actually tried to resolve the situation and provide true customer service. If I were in any influential part of Walmart, I would look for management more like Kathleen and move the employees like Joe and Carlos to a position where they did not have to interact with and ultimately lose your customers. This email will also be forwarded to as many local news outlets that I can find. This treatment is not right and it should not be allowed…if I can prevent one other customer form being treated this way, I will.
Rest well knowing that you have employees like Joe and Carlos who have cost you customers that have been loyal to you for over 25 years…. and as Sam Walton predicted…you are now fired.


Catriona April 1, 2015 at 1:16 pm

You should write a letter to the president. The employees will know that they have been complained about, and hopefully their management will deal with them.


Grace Bell, Esq. April 9, 2015 at 10:24 pm

Write a written/typed (hard copy, U.S. Mail) letter to CEO Micheal Duke at corporate address shown above. Even though he will never see it, the fact that his name is there will help your resolution of the problem down the chain of command. With all due respect, may I make three small suggestions. In Journalism class, one is taught to “always limit paragraphs to 6 lines at most” & to avoid long, rambling, run-on sentences. Leave out the ramifications about Sam Walton & how you are firing them.

In business writing, one is taught to politely state what resolution you would like to take place in the matter, usually in the last sentence. One is also trained not to make threats of any nature. I would suggest you start your first sentence with politely stating how many years your family has been a loyal Walmart customer. Then cut out all the unnecessary details such as you were having a c-section & why you choose that particular item in detail.

Stick with the basic facts. You registered for shower, opened item received & found another item in the box which had been opened & retaped. Returned to store in “Richmond”, store mgr. Joe refused to correct problem. Went to store in “Baytown, Asst. Mgr. Kathleen was polite & more then helpful, but didnt carry the item. Went to store in “Wakefield”, store mgr. Carlos, was very nice, but actually took a phone call from “Joe” telling Carlos you were some kind of criminals. Carlos then refused to exhange item. Then politely ask him to arrange for an exchange approval at “named” store. Good luck!


Norm Rourke March 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm

FYI: I’ve tried to submit the following through your “contact us” form but, like some of your “Associates”, it doesn’t want to communicate. Perhaps you’d best tweak this “contact us” site to make it more user friendly…and operational.

We live in Brownsville, TX and recently visited your new store in Los Fresnos (12 miles distance). My wife wanted to see if the store had a particular bicycle she was interested in buying. Going to the toy department, she encountered two Wal Mart employees attempting to put a battery powered child’s car in a rack above the bicycles. She asked them if they had the bicycle she was interested in seeing.
They could not (would not!) speak English!
They had no clue what she was talking about and after several frustrating minutes of sign language, a few Spanish words she knew, she gave up.
This is ridiculous! You are an American iconic business, and yet employees in your stores cannot (will not…as our Hispanic friends say…speak English!)
This is not the first time this has been encountered. At the Sam’s store on Alton Gloor in Brownsville, she had the same experience when asking for a particular product…the female “Associate” did not (would not!) speak English!
We (Anglos) may be in the minority here, but this IS America and English is our language. So why don’t your “Associates” speak it? Just because the Hispanic population is larger and many Mexicans come across the border to shop, should not preclude your (or any merchandiser) employees for not speaking English especially when it’s clear many shoppers are NOT Hispanic.
You (and most other people) would be surprised to learn that most Hispanics who are proud American (legal) citizens object to this laziness (as they call it) of not speaking English. They also object to the attitude many have that they should be given a free ride while their ethnic kinsmen/women work hard and pay taxes. Unfortunately, most politicians and PCers don’t understand this situation because they don’t talk to those who work hard, pay their way AND SPEAK ENGLISH.
It is very disappointing to learn that Wal Mart/Sam’s continues to add to the struggle to convince some Hispanic people to use English when dealing with customers…especially Anglos. FYI: The thousands of Winter Texans as they are called who come to the Rio Grande Valley every year pump in an estimated $700 million EVERY season (this can be confirmed by the local chambers of commerce). These people come from many northern tier states and Canada. And the major complaint they have is that many Hispanics will not speak English.
Our experience at your Los Fresnos store turned us off and we will not return. There are other options both here and in nearby Harlingen where businesses understand the importance of communicating in English.


Melinda Parada March 19, 2015 at 7:39 pm

I’m from Glendale az my name is Melinda Parada I’m retired disable I been treated like trash by one of the managers I got people who witness my tragedy I went thru I’m a retired manager and never never I been or seen any one so heartless and cold I’m going thru a lot since that nite I want to scream out and want the whole world to see my visit that note I been having note mares I been crying for the pain I got in my heart and soul I’m scared to go by Walmart I yryed to go in I can’t I sat in my car for a hour and cryed tryn to push my self to go in but I couldn’t so if any body sees this PLEASE HELP I’m begging you like I begged that manager to help me I need closure I need that manager to know what he did he killed me inside and I’m scared and feel so little I yryed to get thru with manager he is on vacation I been calling leaving messages next day no one knows what I’m talking about I been on hold for 4 hr just to explain and again go thru that pain again and again I’m screaming out for help I been thinking to call channel 3 I think his name is Joe he helps solve problem if you see this Joe anyone help I want everyone to know how it can destroy a person being so cold and mesm I don’t know why but I’m asking is it becus I’m disable and was on a Walmart scooter why I need to know WHY I got so much pain I know when that video is shown I will feel my pain a man did he helped me bless him hePAYED FOR MY STUFF CLOSE TO $60 DOLLORS IMAGINR YHAT BY ALL HE ASKED FOR IS IF I RUN IN TO SOME ONE LIKE ME TO FO THE SAME ANOTHER LADY WALKED UPTO ME AND SAID FONT DO THAY DONT BEGG TO THAT MANAGER LOOK AT HIM HE DOSENT CARE GODS WATCHING AND HE SEES YOU SO INSTEAD LET ME PRAY I KNEW SHE WAS RIGHT SO I PRAYED WITH HER I DONT KNOWVWHAT WOULD OF HAPPEN IF THOSE 2 NICE PEOPLE WEREN’T THERE I HAD A HEARTATTACK 2 YEARS AGO THAT NITE I THOUGHT I WAS GOIN TO HABE ONE I FEEL THAT PRAYER FROM THT NICR LADY HELPED ME THNK YOU SO IM SAING AGAIN please help me get someone to hear and help me that kid manager pays for what I’m going thru please my name is Melinda Parada


Felicia walker March 16, 2015 at 9:21 pm

I purchased a 12 in one multi game table from Walmart in Summerville SC. A lots of the parts were missing. I spoke to an associate at Goose Creek Walmart about it. The lady was nice and pleasant and told me to call back to the store with my receipts information. I called walmart in Summerville SC tonight. An associate pick up the phone from electronics department. I explained my situation. She puts me on hold for along time. The phone start making noise and I hanged up and called back. The phone ranged many times, finally an associate from lawn and garden picked up. I explained my situation again. He put me on hold. He finally came back on the phone with no way of helping me. He asked witch dept. I need to speak to. I told him I will rather speak to a manager or someone at the customer service desk. He tolde no one is available because they were bussy with an accident in the store. I asked if the incidents takes all of the management and customer service to take care of one accident in the store. I was told no one is available. This is unacceptable. Walmart has gotten large/big to serve their customer. The quality of your service is ridiculous. I went to buy one of the big tire bike for my son again yesterday. It took forever to get someone to finally help us. I mentioned to one of the CMS. She acted as if “so what”
This is the same store in Summerville SC.
I am very displeased with Walmart not to talk about other incidents. Those CMS sometimes takes forever. Sometimes they wil be standing right their doing nothing and customer and cashier waiting for respond from them. I have to call the service desk one day standing at the cash register because they took too long. Am aware you have a faster system in place, but if the CMS don’t respond the system is useless. The game table is for my special need son. He cannot even play with it. I called theanufacturer, because the instruction in the manual say to call them, it was a waste of my time. I know am just one person making a complaint. But I am ur customer and am not satisfied. U may choose to ignore my complaint or u can do something about it. Thanks


e.w March 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm

How come we are not getting the $13 for department manager?. We watched a video stating that we will get raises, and none of the department managers at my store got 13. And none of the managers seem to know what is going on it would be nice to know!!


priscilla polite-jackson March 16, 2015 at 11:07 am

To DM Marilyn, This is Priscilla Polite-Jackson, I am deeply sorry about the incident at store #0588. I wasn’t being mean or rude, i thought i was doing customer service with a smile. I really didn’t mean no harm. Customer’s joke with us all the time and we do the same. I had 2 coachings already and i was on my best behavior, smiling and talking more with the customer’s. I would like to get another chance to show u and everyone else i have great customer service skills. The camera can be viewed and it will show i was not being rude. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You


Old employee March 9, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Someone really needs to investigate the Owosso Michigan walmart store. The turn over rate for employees getting fired and quitting is about ridiculous! I know for every new hire walmart spends money on training and drug test , well Owosso walmart has to be loosing big time . Also the manager celest does not listen to her hard working loyal workers nor when a problem has been brought to her attention she doesn’t adderss the problem . A few of the coaches are totally racist and very rude to customers and employees. You really need to look into this Walmart and while doing it keep in mind it’s not all the employees fault they quit or get fired for ridiculous reasons it’s the managements fault . I beg u to investigate store 1733… They are loosing a tone of sales because of the work of people knowing someone wrongly accused or fired for stupidity. I myself and family love Walmart and the items sold there but with unhappy employees it’s not a very pleasant place to shop . I hope someone in corporate takes this letter serious and takes control of the sad situation .


Marcos A.Lebron Morales March 7, 2015 at 10:07 pm

I need help for get my business e-mail


fred March 4, 2015 at 9:18 pm

why in the hell dont you do some thing about marion sc wal mart store
i spent at least 30 mins in line at there pharmacy today while the workers talked on their cell phone. i had to stop getting my med there a year ago because all the screw ups and the time spent in line and i see today it aint changed one bit.


Debrah Snider March 6, 2015 at 1:21 pm

Too bad you didn’t graduate grammar school where you might have learned to use upper and lower case letters appropriately. Of course with all the young teachers we have now, who probably went to the same kinds of schools you did, there’s no guarantee that you would learn that in school now anyway.


kenny dickhute February 25, 2015 at 11:28 pm

i was terminated in late march early april from store 1803 for safety violation and upon termination was told i was rehire-able … but when i went to apply in november,,, said i was not rehire-able… after months of the run around i come to find out they mislabeled my rehire status.. from safety violation to gross misconduct,,, and this is not only preventing me from getting hired at walmart but other jobs as well,,, i have contacted the store manager after months of this and still having to look into the matter,,,, something needs to be done immediately to fix this issue,,, or further actions will be taken on my part. Deformation of my character is not taken lightly,,, i now know why i was given the run around all this time…


tom March 1, 2015 at 1:13 pm



Audrey B February 25, 2015 at 10:26 pm

I have money on a walmart money card of $400 and I could not take it off because my card expired January 2015. I’ve called numerous of times to have a new card sent to me so I can pull my $400 off the card and each time the cart was not sent to me. I also had applied for the car to be sent to me Federal Express and paid $15 for this fee and was told later the card still have not been since out. I have no idea what I can do at this point. My rent is going to be due again coming this March and I need to pull that for $400 off the account in order to pay my rent and I can’t do so because somehow this card is not being sent to me.


Lepski55 February 24, 2015 at 12:35 pm

My daughter got fired for misconduct, we tried to call the human resource dept. in manville New Jersey and the corporate office for the reason she got fired . And they kept hanging up on me. Terrible store the people just don’t care they are inexperienced at all there jobs right to the top of the chain. Half of them cannot speak English and customer service never picks up the phone and when they do, it is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Very nasty and inappropriate! They really need to give there people training ,it seems the customer is wrong and Walmart is always right. I wish everyone in the world would boycott there stores.


maria del socorro (martinez durham) February 19, 2015 at 7:43 pm

WALMART CORPORATE OFFICE::: READS LIEK THIS FOR MARIA DEL SOCORRO MARTINEZ DURHAM:::NEVER TO PAY AGIAN FOR ANYTHING SELF ONLY NAME ABOVE FOR DOCUMENTATION AND LEGALL AND LEGALIZED FOR HER ONLY HELPE WHEN NOTABLE TO OTHERS OWN AGE IF AVAILABLE PERSONAL PRODUCTS, NEVER CASH BE GIVEN TO THEM BY HERSELF OR NO FEDRAL AGENT:: OBTIAN ANY DATA OR I NFORMATION TO BE REALEASED TO HER ANY GIVEN TME OR DAY TO USE FOR SPECAIL REASONS AT GIVEN TIMES OR YEARS NEVER TO BE HELD AGAIN AT ANY JAIL OT HOSPITAL FOR ANY REASONS OR BACKERACTED BY NO ONE UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL RIGHTS:: THEY ARE MEMBER OF THE F.D.I.C AND PART OF THE LENIAL LENSED OF ANY LOCATION THEY WERE USED TO OBTAIN INFORMAION FROM ANYONE TO LOOK AND THINGS OR TO KNOW ABOUT IF NEEDED:; PERSON ABOV IS NOT PAY FOR NOTHING SHE HAS BEEN IN A AREA WHERE THEY HAVE CHARGING HER FOR EVERYTHING THEY WHICH IS THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AREAS MENTIONED DID NOT MAKE PAYMENTS TO HER:::STATE OF BIRTH THE Val Verde, Del Rio , Texas:: control number is 61430 deputy alma batcher register number of 216 date recorded was April 28,977 it is nlimited thier is no time frame on it witness of a Jo Coolie::; jamacian area of a person who authorized anything in the world from a back time she is no longer with us or her son but has it was done for her lenses to assit them in thier areas of:::: it was for her family only and it was to keep warm in cetian times of the years we still do advertising of products and certian things of the climates and nothing of the regions they cannot monatour them like we used to :: please:; special lynail lenses have not been used them for what she needs to of them over the years now they hav eben used tremendously over the stortes in the area nd over the areas of her stay but no payments towards he have been made to her nothng to her:: for observarional purposes for things and knowledge of others but with all power to obtia information of any passenger of any kind to support herself or others if asked buy full payment and no one else but th name above:::: go ahead and authorize this for her now all over in the walmart stores with a code of allownace to shop for her needs::: today can you ok it now and ok it with a protective entrance not to be touched or grabbed inside of the store or hurt while in thier anywhere:::: specail intelligence of the c.i.a who passed away from no one helping him he gav me his unit of all of any of the any c.i.a’s if needed one day can oyu ok it now i can move on and say i got in for me to save anyone in my age group but to help with others of his unit if thie were if they came to me:::;


Tracy Dibenedetto February 17, 2015 at 7:07 pm

Don’t shop at the Walmart on Old Hammond Hwy in Baton Rouge LA the customer service and cashiers are the rudest people I have ever seen. They treat any customer price matching very badly they don’t want to price match and they try to make it to where the customer won’t price match, they act like its a problem. I have been price matching for years at all the other walmarts and I have never had any problems at any other store. Today I was behind a young lady whom I’ve seen several times shopping and she always has a buggy full of groceries, she was price matching and the cashier a young colored woman with long orange hair went get an older colored woman from customer service to check the prices the customer service woman was on her personal phone checking every item the young lady price matched and was being very rude about it. The young lady kept her cool even though they were giving her a hard time about every item, then the young lady put a can of pasta and told them the price from another store, the price was more than Walmart and the cashier said sarcasticly its a lower price here, the customer rep said no she wants to price match then price match, the young lady grabbed her purse and told them I don’t have to put up with this crap i spend to much money to be treated that way and left two buggy’s full of groceries at least three hundred dollars worth. I also walked out and I told the young lady she needs to report them that she isn’t the only one they treat like that. I can only imagine how many people walk out of that store because of the people who work there.


Vivianna perez February 17, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Hello I placed an order with your company on nov 14 2014 and I have yet to receive it Walmart is stating I signed for the package and I did not ups has proof and I also have proof that I did not receive the package ups has sent an email to your company stating I never received it and won’t send me my credit back to my account I keep getting the run around and nothing has been fixed this is my last time trying to resolve this issue before I file suit I have been a Walmart customer for 15 years and have never been treated like this can someone from your office contact me
Thank you Vivianna perez


Michael R. Sersen February 14, 2015 at 11:00 am

Attn. human resources,

Requesting a copy of my W-2 forms. How? I’ve worked in Sarasota, FL. at a new WalMart Neighborhood Market. It was on Beneva and BeeRidge. Said to contact you since they didn’t handle this at this partic store.

Michael S.


Sharon February 14, 2015 at 1:26 am

We have been in Apache Jct, Ariz. since Dec. 2014. Usually shop at the Walmart in Apache Jct, Az before we go anywhere else, but we are strongly rethinking the reason we should shop at this store. This store seems to be out of everything and if we ask why, all we get is an excuse or don’t why we are out of this and that Yesterday I went looking for a 3″ roller cover and they were out. They had 4″ but no frames. Today we went in for something they were out of. Asked the Supervisor on duty why they were out and she said I don’t know and turned and walked away. No one cares. First they said they were remodeling, then another one said they were holding off for an audit. Snow birds triple their customers and they don’t have inventory. I’m sure this isn’t the first complaint you have received. We don’t want to drive another 10 miles to go to Signal Butte. I heard there was even a piece in the local paper about this problem. Can’t you change managers or do something, or don’t you care either.


lee evans February 13, 2015 at 2:11 pm

my wife worked at your company for 8 years she was in charge of meat department she was fired because coworkers would not do there jobs she worked faithfully for your company worked extra hard to make sure stuff was done right spent her holidays working when other employes complained now she is being denied unemployment by your company im disabled so we are at risk of loseing our house over other employes not doing there jobs and lack of teem work from management please look in to this


Terri Chriss February 12, 2015 at 10:19 pm

I redeemed $49.07 from my SavingsCatcher to my BlueBird (walmart/American Express) card only to find my Savings Catcher zeroed out and no money moved to BlueBird (supposed to double to $98.14).

I spent 185 minutes on the phone with Walmart Savings Catcher and BlueBird, going back and forth between them for two days. Now they are blaming it on a “Safari issue”, yet no one can guarantee I can get credit for my $49.07. Absolutely TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sat on hold for over 30 minutes several times. I guess I’ll be writing Doug McMillon AND CEO Ken Chenault next. Maybe they will have better customer service skills?


Frank Brock Sr February 11, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Bad experience today at walmarts vision center “yet again” 173 Antioch Il. You people really need to get your priorities straight. I’m freaking done,done, done With your store and not only that but I think I’ll also see an attorney . regarding my experience today….


Robin Williams February 10, 2015 at 8:44 am

I have a walmart charge card and I pay my bill every month. Now they say i have 2 payments I missed and shut down my card. My bank has were the payments went through so now they have to investigate were the money went to. While all this is going on they are trashing my credit what kinda crap is that.


Angel March 21, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Sadly to say that credit card is not Walmart just has their name on it. I had same thing happen what happen was it was credited to different account with one number different.
Good Luck.


Lina February 7, 2015 at 9:18 am

I lost my car keys at the parking lot on 1/31/15 around 1:00 pm. I looked in the parking went inside looked around for like an hour. Finally I went to Costumer Services and asked if someone had returned some car keys. The answer was no one. I left the store and I came back after two hours. Went inside to Costumer Services thinking that maybe someone found my keys. By that time the manager was at the desk of Costumer Services and 3 of the same employees that were earlier,once again I asked, same response, no one had returned car keys, the manager not even went to look in the office. So I left. When I was at the parking lot looking for the key, a guy and his wife approach me and asked me if I was looking for some car keys that he had return two hours ago and he described my keys. I told the guy if he could go with me to Costumer Services because the employees were saying no car keys had been returned. We went inside, the guy recognized the employee who he returned the keys to and she was one that was saying no car keys had been returned. At that time she, herself, went to the office and gave me the keys. I was very disappointed with the way I was treated. Even the guy who found my keys could not believe the way I was treated. Two days ago a manager contacted me by phone but I went personally to see her, she was not there that day but I wanted to see the manager.

Very disappointed with my meeting with two of your managers on Thursday 2/5 between 4:15-5:00 pm.The costumer is NEVER right at Walmart.Giving me such a BS excuses for your employees behavior. I had been shopping in that store for years because its convenient for me and always with bad experiences , really I do not know why I keep coming back.

WALMART at 2300 W Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Bch Fl 33069 Store # 2962


Paul Hawn III February 6, 2015 at 8:58 pm

I see walmart wont care but i do i ordered something of and it got damaged before it got here . Well i got a refund on my gift card but it aint my fault they need to send it back and make it right cause i aint planning on reordering it. Lately been having more problems when i order things of i suggest take business else where


Catriona April 1, 2015 at 1:28 pm

All they can do at Walmart is actually refund your money back. They have no connection with the actual dotcom part. Now technically you were suppose to get your money back the way you paid for it. You should call and tell them about how many problems you have been having.


shaquadae crenshaw February 3, 2015 at 5:11 pm



Jean Bergquist January 31, 2015 at 10:23 pm


My daughter 28 and my two boys 8 and 9 went shopping in walmart my daughter just got paid on Friday. She bought over a 100 dollars worth of stuff like pillows clothes ETC. She had a confuter and some car light bulbs she thought she had rung up the blanket but she couldn’t fine the bulbs she figured they had fallen out of the buggy. When she started to walk out the greeter ask to see her receipt no problem then she had realized she didn’t ring the blanket she told the man that she needed to go back and pay for it he then took her my minor sons into a room where they questioned her searched her purse told she couldn’t call me. Look those are minors and I needed notified to be up there. Then police came the lady then tells my daughter to ask the cop if she can call me right there the AP was in the wrong you were holding minors. I am going to talk to a attorney I thank Walmart can be held liable for not allowing my boys to call me they were so upset. Walmart I have always shopped at your stores spent big bucks there but now Kmart and others stores will get my business I voycot your stores I shell spread the word no one holds my boys as if you were kidnapping them. Walmart in Lawton ok on Sheridan road is where this happened lady that did this we will meet in court you should be a shamed of your self. Signed a MAD MOM


Kari Tingley January 31, 2015 at 7:57 pm

It appears that everyone that has written on this site has had major problems with Walmart. The sad thing is, that no upper management will ever even see this site and read all the problems that all the Walmart customers are having and rectify them. I, myself have had major problems with Walmart. My son who is 13 and two of his friends who are also 13, went into Walmart and one of the children purchased spray paint. Well, it’s illegal for Walmart to sell spray paint to underage children. Well, you can guess what happened after that. Yes one of the children ( not my son) went behind Walmart and spray painted a crate. And yes, you guessed it, Walmart called the police and had them arrested. It’s funny, Walmart holds no accountable has to how the spray paint got sold to underage children. And yes, it’s all on video who purchased the spray paint. I am so sick and tired of Walmart not being held accountable for anything they do to their customers. It is sickening. It’s too bad upper management will not see any of these post. If they did they would be shocked about what all is happening at all their Walmart stores and to the customers, who are the backbone of the company. Without us, there would be no Walmart. That’s why I do not and will not shop there anymore. I have spread the word and I’m going to keep on spreading the word. So if you end up reading this post and you also have a beef with Walmart, I’m 100% with you!!!! I wish there was a way that we could all ban together and take down Walmart once and for all.


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