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Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
702 SW 8th St
Bentonville, AR 72716

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Phone Number: (479) 273-4000
Fax Number: (479) 277-1830
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CEO: C. Douglas McMillon
CFO: Charles M. Holley Jr.
COO: David Cheesewright

WalMart History

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., usually just called WalMart, was founded by Sam Walton in 1962.  Walton opened a WalMart Discount City store in Rogers, Arkansas.

By 1967, the chain had 24 locations across Arkansas.  In 1968, stores were opened in Missouri and Oklahoma.

In 1970, the Walmart corporate office and distribution center was opened in Bentonville, AR.  The company also went public the same year.

There were 1200 Walmart stores by the companies 25th anniversary in 1987.

In 1988, Sam Walton stepped down as CEO and was replaced by David Glass.  In 2000, H. Lee Scott took over as President and CEO.

By 2005, there were 6200 stores worldwide.

Walmart currently operates nearly 9000 stores under 55 different names in 15 countries and is the largest retailer in the world.



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diana October 6, 2015 at 8:46 pm

Me an my wife went into Walmart to return a phone that was bought Oct 2nd here in Springfield, mo on Kearney st the co manager derrick was very rude an refused to return a defaulted phone because we lost the reciept an after another manager told us that she can print off the reciept after trying to explain to Derrick the comanager he then raised his voice to us called me a b**ch an told me to get my fat f****t as out of his store so we left an had to walk home wit me being on oxygen an nt being able to walk very well I want something done he mentally abused me in front of other customers its suppose to be customers sadifaction guarantee an this was nt the case if this is the kinda of employees u guys are gunna hire then u guys will end up losing a lot of business me an my family an friends do most of our shopping there its only right he loses his job


Kenneth Klapel October 5, 2015 at 1:25 pm

I am looking for the contact person or number for HR for past employees to contact.
I was an employee in the past and was asked to quit for the hiring of the company “Wal-Star” in my store at the time.
I am requesting information as to if I am allowed to return to the company and continue my career with the company.
I am currently attending ITT Tech in Tucson, AZ in the Drafting & Design Associates program, and currently looking for employment.


steven LeVine October 2, 2015 at 11:49 am

Mr. C. Douglas Mc Million CEO
WalMart Stores Corporation

Mr. McMillion,

As a shareholder and personally having met Mr. Walton in Memphis in the 1970′s and offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. What a real American Success Story and the most significant of the 20th Century.

The organization has transformed into a Company today Looking for Answers, Not Developing the strategies and implementation pro actively. This is due to not understanding
the surrounding, culture of its customers, economics in general of the World, people, trends and most of all the employees that are not trained, and are Not American for which the Company for so long prided itself on.

Donald Trump said it Correctly, Bring Back America to what it was. This is the same formula that Walmart needs to address today. It doesn’t need layers and layers of executives to figure out where the CEO and Board of Directors have ruined once the best stores and operations.

Our vision and input has been consistent for several years, explaining the facts that Walmart simply ignored, and still has its focus in different directions. Not on its merchandise, declining quality of stores, infrastructure, shopping carts old outdated and dirty in each store.

The Lighting and Floor Fixtures are late 1980′s and are totally not up to the standards of shoppers today, narrow isles, grocery fresh produce empty and display like we have never seen. Wrong approach and fulfillment at any produce area in a grocery never is EMPTY.

Your Uniforms say Proud to be a Walmart Employee. It May be true, but the Uniform looks like a german style uniform Not Happy, Inspiring or the current look in employee shirts or uniform vest. The embroidery is expensive and not compelling enough with your color choice.

The Cashiers and surroundings are not uplifting enough to have a customer in line or shopping to be distracted to buy another product and product. That is the opportunity that you have singularly missed, COSTCO is plain but the intense SKU’s offer the best of the best and it is compelling and your check out is several times over what you originally came in for.

Last of All, Yes the customer in Walmart isn’t the same as Target, Costco & Home Depot, the difference Walmart has’t branded itself to cross over to the population allowing the middle to better income clients to shop in comfort.

The key determining factors are;

Entrance very unattractive and dark
The Shopping Carts are Old and Outdated
Lighting in Stores
Clean Environment to Shop in
Very congested in the main corridor along the front of the store
with outdated fixtures, displays over done and to many hanging
items from the end caps to catch on to clothing and or children
Merchandise looks dated and displayed in dark and not friendly
The difference when shopping in Target or other stores in the same category
the smell of the food is vented correctly, and your SUBWAY smell takes you
over to the point of leaving that area quickly or just leave the store.

Smell and orders are proven to be a distraction and destroy the sales floor area
with penetration of smell and odor.

The HVAC system isn’t able to compensate so in essence the specialty companies
that control this area need to be part of the Walmart changes.

Customer Service area is congested and placement is a turn off when you arrive
in the stores.

Architecture, Company Culture and staff meeting on the floor are never appropriate.

Westbury Long Island Store Old Country Road has a lot of potential, since the 3rd largest volume Costco is next door. The cross over is non existent What does that tell you.

Steven LeVine
Chief Strategist Global Development Architecture & Development
New York, New York


Paula September 27, 2015 at 7:36 pm

There has many instance in your Walmart in Lihue, Hawaii while using your credit card or debit cards. Once you use them at the check out and try to use it somewhere else your card gets denied. When check with the banks there are several charges on your card from in Georgia with purchases of huge items. The bank then have to stop payment and issue another card, which is a terrible inconvenience to the card holder. You need to something and quick or we will take action with the attorneys and the media.


Jo September 25, 2015 at 5:17 pm

I contacted the Mason, Ohio location on 9/24/2015 to inquire about my on line order shipped to store. The male I spoke to in electronic dept was unwilling to look my items unit he computer. I explained I did not receive the email and had checked on line as saw it was in. He said well them it’s here I didn’t have to look up. I asked him numerous times to look to verify. I asked his name, he refused to give to me. Saying I was rude and he did not have to tell me. I told his it’s very easy to find who you are since I have the time and you are in the dept. I hung in and called to speak w manager. I spoke with Mark Hayes. He took my info and said I will follow up and let you know. He seemed to be blowing me off, spoke very quickly and was hurrying me off phone. I did receive call back next day. I was told that the issues was addressed. I felt like he was just saying something to get me off phone. When I told Mr.Hayes I most likely will not give my business to Wal Mart anymore he said ” that is your choice” he hurried me off phone again.


Jacob waselewski September 20, 2015 at 6:38 pm

Tire center closes at 6:30 on sunday (we called and asked and said as long as we get there before 6:30) and they tried to deny us service at 5:45. I was told by a employee the tire center basically stops accepting costumers when they want to. (The employee ALSO thinks that is ridiculous) They also tried to deny us on “we have custom rims”. After a back and forth with the assistant manager for around 5 minutes (who was the one trying to deny us) they finally gave in and only did one tire even though when I called I asked if all four could be done and the employee said yes. They have lost my business.

This happened at 40 Drury Dr, La Plata, MD 2064
Store number unknown
If read I would like some contact from a corporate official before I put in a BBB complaint.
Unknown assistant manager, I will give a description when contacted.


Richard Couch September 17, 2015 at 10:14 am

A few days ago I made a few comments as to the Coshocton County Store . Today I received a call from Connie . She ask what the issues were . I ask her if she had walked the store . If such was the case she would be keenly aware of the issues . I did expect your quality control or others to be assign to audit this store . If your management origination can not perform such advise by e mail and I will walk the store and take photos and forward to your management origination . Being doing your origination task for you . I expect more from Walmart that is if Walmart wants the wife and I for customers . We do not need to shop at your store if we can not find what we want . I think its a I cant see the forest for the trees . I will look to your reply . Thank you . Richard


D.F. Williams September 16, 2015 at 2:10 pm

I have been trying to get in touch with the Corporate Office to see if you can clear this up. In the month of March I was released from Walmart store 2088 for a charge that was handed to me which shouldn’t have never happened. This person turned me in for a harassment charge which is not true. I was told what she said and that they had films of it which I never got to see. I wasn’t allowed to say anything but to just write it on a piece of paper. This was totally wrong. I didn’t do anything to this person or touch her. Sure I get the shaft and booted out the door and she gets to stay. She went around teasing alot of other guys also and nothing was said to them. I was an employee for 3 years and my customers and fellow associates couldn’t believe I got releast. She was put on 3rd shift while I got the red flag of not working for Walmart again. I am asking you to lift this flag so I can come back as a cashier where everyone loved my work. The little kids are really going to be upset this year without Santa Claus who I also did for 3 years. Please let me come back to work at the 2088 store. Thank you


Deb September 21, 2015 at 11:45 am

I am so frustrated at walmart’d credit card company!! My husband lost his job in June. I called synchrony immediately and asked to speak to a manager. I have called everyday asking for a manager and every day some rep tells me a manager will call me in 24-48 hours, but since June 24th, NO manager had ever called me!! It is now September 20th. We bought the job loss credit protection. They closed my credit card! Even with me still making payments, and my daily calls, they closed my acct!!! Sam Walton would never let his customers be treated so poorly!!!!!! I have all my phone records and all the hours I’ve spent trying to get this fixed and I am so upset! I had good credit before this mess! Just devastated!


Doris September 16, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Does Walmart ever answer anyone that leaves a comment on here or just a formal reply?
Didn’t want to leave anything if this is the case.


Jose September 14, 2015 at 8:16 pm

Hello i’m trying to reach the human resource department at wal-mart I’m current employee and there is so many shady things going on at the store that I work after been there 10 years they are treated like crap that’s why I need to speak with human resource to address this issues with them or my last resource will be drag walmart to county court and file a law sued they are violating my right as human and employee so please if you kind get to me at 619-677-**** thanks


Patricia September 13, 2015 at 3:27 pm

I am writing this letter because I have saw an issue that came up while shopping at Wal Mart In Breaux Bridge Louisiana and after what happen I have to question if Wal Mart cares about the community or care about what goes on in their store. We have had two police officers killed in the line of duty by black and while in Wal Mart they had two black girls that work there laughing and talking very loud about how they were glad that these officers had got shoot. A white man walk over to tell them they were wrong that black or white they were talking about humans when in the girls called the manager of the store and the manager ask the costumer to leave the store. As a human I feel this was handled wrong and as a costumer I feel that Wal Mart doesn’t care how their people act towards and to the costumer. The staff in the Breaux store are rude will stand there when you ask for help and carry on texting ,laughing and talking to their friends who have come to visit.
I have had eyes rolled at me are been told to find someone else they didn’t know where something was at. They seem to have a group of people there that are hard worker but a bigger group of people that are being paid for doing nothing are to be rude. Many people need a job now and if Wal Mart would clean house at Breaux Bridge Louisiana the shoppers in Breaux Bridge would be happy to shop their. It is unreal what happens at this store and if Wal Mart can’t see that they have people that are bringing down this store then they really don’t care about the community and the people in it. If it were just two are three people doing this it would be different but we are talking about a large number of people. If I had been a mystery shopper I would give this store in Breaux Bridge Louisiana a big fat zero on costumer service and management .


Wade Angel September 10, 2015 at 4:47 pm

I am looking for information about a fugitive that killed my son. His name is Christopher Ponce. I recently heard that WalMart utilizes the best facial recognition software available for their loss prevention department. I would like to know if it is possible to run his picture through your system. No matter where he is, he may be going to one of your stores. Is there a way that the Marshals service can do it? I would appreciate it if some one could briefly contact me, or call me at (813) 382-***. For more information please see findchrisponce for photos and information verifying my situation. Thank you.


Conrad Faulkner September 7, 2015 at 3:17 am

I along with other contacted the media for allowing the Black Panthers to recruit member in front of your Hy 49 store Hattiesburg Ms for 2 day we have been told they will be allowed there again only media is notified this time there were pics taken of them and we are sharing all over Facebook Hattiesburg had 2 officers gunned down a few months back both leaving family behind. Never would we think walmart would put up with such actions when a war on officers is going on now officers killed every day by ambush. You need to put a stop to this we are burning the phone up at the store the act like it’s not taking place when pics show there in front of the doors Ms is a co sealed to carry state would hate to see problems happen at store we are hoping this info and pics go viral this action should never be allowed we will be phone numbers of Ark and Ms store to call and complain


Sarah September 2, 2015 at 9:45 pm

Upon entering the Danvers Walmart, located in Danvers, MA 01923. I was thrilled to see such great prices & deals. While, I am a frequent shopper to this location, I do regret to say that after my shopping experience today, I will no longer shop at this walmart store and would rather drive to another location. When I was entering checkout I was not greeted or asked if I needed any help, since I had large furniture in my cart. Also, when I informed the cashier, that I had items I did not want in my cart, she rolled her eyes & told me to put them over there (she was pointing to an empty register in front of hers) When I asked her if she really wanted me to place my items over there, since having worked in retail previously I felt strange leaving my unwanted items at a random register. After I asked just to make sure, she sighed loudly and very rudely rolled her eyes, again. At this point I was feeling very uncomfortable, but I just continued loading my items onto the belt. When I asked if I needed to remove my large furniture item, she just looked at me, clearly irritated and grabbed a scanner gun. She then scanned my items and one of the items I grabbed rang up a different price than what the location of the item said. When I told her that where I found the item, (which was a hamper), the price said $9.99. She looked at me and told me well the price is $28.44. I told her that the shelf said $9.99 and she just directed me to someone else. However, when she directed me just told me, “Oh, well that lady over there (pointing to a group of 2 women) can help you..” I was not sure which woman to go to so I asked her which one, which then I received my third eye roll & my second aggravated sigh. She told me the woman with glasses could help me. When I approached the two women, one of them (Hope) was eating & continued to do so while I was talking. Then they told me that the price was definitely not $9.99 and basically thats all they said, they did not try to accompany me for the stores mistake. So, I told them that the shelf they were on said that they were $9.99 and there were others located there if they wanted to check. So they asked me where I got the hamper & I told them I wasn’t sure which number but I could show them. Then the girl with a mouthful of food told the other woman, “I know where they are.” Then the woman with the mouthful of food told me there was no way that the hamper could be $9.99 because it was Better Home. I told them that they should fix the sign to avoid this in the future. So the two women just walked away, and when I said I wouldn’t pay 28.44 for the hamper since it was marked $9.99 they said okay and the girl, still with a mouthful of food, said “I’ll take it from you then..” I left the store feeling ignored & upset about the way the staff treated me and the way the situation was addressed. I could not believe I was talking to someone with their mouthful. Also, I felt i should have been accommodated since it wasn’t my fault .


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