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VRBO Corporate Office Address

VRBO.Com, Inc.
1011 West Fifth Street Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703

Contact VRBO

Phone Number: (512) 684-1100
Fax Number:
Website: https://www.vrbo.com/
Email: Email VRBO

VRBO Facts

Founder: David and Lynn Clouse
Date Founded: 1995
Founding Location: Breckenridge, Colorado
Number of Employees: 1900

VRBO Executives

CEO: Brian H. Sharples
CFO: Trent York
COO: Jeff Hurst

VRBO History

vrbo 1

VRBO, which is an acronym for Vacation Rental By Owners, was founded by David and Lynn Crouse in 1995. The couple had a condo that they decided to rent out, rather than sell. What began with a single condo offering, has turned into one of the largest vacation rental sites in history. After Lynn was injured in a car accident and David lost his job, the couple decided to move to California for improved job prospects. They purchased a house in northern California and decided to rent their condo.

The internet was in its infancy, so the couple began with an 800 number and a picture of their condo on the back of skiing magazines. Later, Dave built a website and the company was actually run from the couple’s basement.

VRBO 2    Today, in combination with their parent company, VRBO operates a vacation rental marketplace with more than 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries. VRBO was acquired by HomeAway in 2006 for $160 million. The company operates as a subsidiary.

VRBO has headquarters in Austin, Texas. Along with its parent company, VRBO had annual revenue in 2014 of $448.6 million

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Question 1: What is the phone number for VRBO?
Answer 1: The phone number for VRBO is (512) 684-1100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of VRBO?
Answer 2: The CEO of VRBO is Brian H. Sharples.

Question 3: Who founded VRBO?
Answer 3: VRBO was founded by David and Lynn Clouse in 1995.

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REBECCA JOHNSON October 23, 2018 at 5:28 pm

I rented Property #4038813 the end of August. The property owners name is Felix. My reservation ID number is HA-334YCG. I paid online with a credit card and my card was charged In August.
We looked forward to our trip to San Francisco and 5 adults booked airline tickets to San Francisco. I emailed Felix the middle of September to see if we could possibly put our bags in the house earlier than the 3:00 pm check in time I received to reply. I waited for a couple of weeks, so now it is the first of October. I emailed again. Felix replied this time saying that we would be able to put our bags in the house at 11:00 am and that should not be a problem.
I called him the week before we were supposed to arrive at the house and he said he usually did not give out that information until the week of the visit. I said that is fine and that I would hear from him the following week.
He did not call or email on Monday so I emailed him asking for the information. His father called me Tuesday, this is now a day and a half before we arrive in San Francisco. His father informed me that the property that I reserved and paid for was not available because they over booked. He said that the other person booked for the entire week and that their reservation was booked before mine was and that the previous booking was not reflecting in the calendar. He indicated that they had another unit in which they would host us and sent pictures but the carpets were stained there was a refrigerator in the living room it was run down. I could see from the pictures that the beds sagged. It was basically a unit built in the 1940s and hadn’t been touched since then. I declined that unit.
I contacted VRBO reference #18361927. They said they would find us a place to stay. Upon inquiries about where that might be and would the facility be comparable to what I had paid for they said at this point probably the only place they could find would be a hotel room. I told them we had 5 people and asked how many rooms would they get for us. He informed me that they usually booked a room with 2 queen sized beds and expected 4 adults to stay in that room. That is NOT comparable to the 3 bedroom 2 bath home we had rented. We had to book a place last minute that cost $4,000 for the 3 nights compared to the $1,272 I had paid 2 months previous to our stay.
Felix refunded my $1272 (6 days after we were to stay at the house) but I would expect that VRBO would make good on their promise and refund the extra $2,728 that it cost us to get a room on such short notice!
At this point I would say I do not trust VRBO and would not use them again.
Becky Johnson


Joseph Carraro September 11, 2018 at 10:15 am

I haven’t been able to get in touch with VRBO corporate offices by phone to to Try to find someone okay help me in my efforts to rent out my home. I have called numerous times and spoken to people at the VRBO’s customer service only to have Lost bookings continuously with the same problems. I’m now about to lose two more one who has requested to split the payment in half and the other one who requested that she pay less then was advertised on VRBO. I agreed to both and now they are leaving because of the incompetence of staff who could not accomplish what was requested. I should just do business with Airbnb which I never have a problem with. the advice I received for you staff was for me to answer requests quicker since they believe that is what’s causing these people to leave which does not have anything to do with their problems.


Kelly Burnell August 7, 2018 at 5:32 pm

I have been going back and forth via support tickets trying to get a cancellation deposit refunded. The ongoing additional requests for information is ridiculous. They certainly didn’t need my drivers license or passport to take my money and now they need it to refund my monies? I find this business to be very questionable and have found plenty of complaints against them on the internet. I am also filing a complaint with my Secretary of State. In addition I now see they have ammended the cancellation policy, like I wouldn’t notice? Very poor business behavior.


Joseph Truhon August 6, 2018 at 5:32 pm

This should be addresses to the officer in charge of customer service
Dear sir or madam:
I want to bring to your attention several incidents that occurred over the weekend of August 4, 2018.
I searched VRBO for a specific listing in Dana Point, CA and tried to book it and received the error several times that we could not complete the transaction please try in a minute or so.
I finally called customer service to assist me and they received the same thing. The agent then went to try it on another system and after 2 minutes I was disconnected. I called back and reached another agent and the transaction could not be processed. I was then advised I was to contact the owner and explain my issue. I advised the customer agent why that was not their job, and did not receive a good explanation.
I contacted the owner and discovered that the owner was not accepting AMEX cards which after submitting the transaction with a Visa card was successful.
Would like to know 3 things:
1, Why I was disconnected after spec
ding almost 30 minutes with the agent
2, Why it is not clear the message received from the VRBO site to be misleading/

Please advise


linsey Alba July 28, 2018 at 1:44 am

We have multiple properties and one of our properties in North Carolina has been renting through Airbrb and VRBO. We have had major issues. VRBO called me to talk to me about the service and to make sure we were using it correctly. Spoke to them over 10 minutes. They never once told me they needes my ID and also a deed with my name on it. We are currently owed over $2600 and have not recieved one payment from VRBO. I called VRBO 2 weeks ago regarding the money owed and they put in a ticket and i automatically sebt the doXXXXents needed. Which I have no clue why the previous person wouldnt tell me. They told me it is approved and sent to the underwritting department and the money would be in my account 5-7 days. When it hit the 8 days it was still not there. I then called back. I was told it is still in the underwritting department and there is nothing they could do. I explained that I keep having to pay cleaning fees and negative in thay account due to not revieving any of my money. I asked to soeak to a manager. The manager told me it would be in my account the following week. He also did another ticket. Another week passed and again the money is not in our account. We called again yesterday and the representative apoligized and said its out of there control and it is in the underwritting department. They did another ticket number. VRBO is making interest on our money and it is ridiculous. In the past 3 weeks i’ve spemt over 4 hours on the phonw regarding this. I can provide phone recorda and proof. We really are not happy and we are contacting our attorney regarding this. We have a lot of renters coming up and we dont even want to rent the property now to them since we have yet to receive one penny. Airbrb has not asked for one doXXXXent from me and has paid us after each renter they are great. I’ve been searching everywhere online for the CEO or COO email to contact them directly. Someone pleSe contact me. If I don’t get a response tomorrow I will be posting something on BBB and yelp. Then will be moving forward with the attorney and certified letter. Someone please just help us and stop getting us the run around.


Marc Starrett July 16, 2018 at 11:59 am

We are not sure what to do. We manage 7 properties, two we advertise on VRBO. We went to add another property and it is still pending approval for over a month. We had closed a bank account and added a new one, filled out the docusign, was assigned to a Emmet Fey of Yapstone. Still waiting on approval. Our other two properties are fine and are going to the new bank account. What is Yapstones problem? First, nobody can help you, nor can you talk to anyone directly that can do anything. FYI, we put same property on AirBNB, changed bank information on that as well, took less than 24 hours and we have rented 5 times already. Any assistance would be helpful,. Thank you.


Marc and Annette Starrett


Joseph Giorgio July 3, 2018 at 2:57 pm

Subject: Property #914928
This property is operating in violation of the Town of Exeter Zoning Laws. The owner has repeatedly attempted to secure approval of a “special use permit” and has been denied on all three attempts; Independent B&B, AirB&B and Duplex, over the course of ten years. Our town ordinance is specific; Section C.1.3.3.F.C and denials on all three efforts were opposed unanimously by the Exeter Zoning Board. By allowing this property to be advertised on VRBO, VRBO is complicit as a willing and active particiipant In the violation. The neighborhood has vehemently opposed the petitions and has provided both oral and written testimony, including a petition, to the Zoning Board. As such should any situation occur, including but not limited to, crime, police action, damage, fire and/or trespassing, VRBO and its parent company, Homeaway may be involved in legal action for monetary damages and/or media inquiries. A letter is being sent to Melissa Fruge, Chief Legal Office, Robert Lindsey, Corporate Counsel, John Kim, President and Trent York, CFO
Please advise within 7 days of this email regarding actions taken.
Thank you for reading this message


Pat Kelley June 28, 2018 at 10:29 am

No reply from my email??


Cathy Fonk May 5, 2018 at 10:57 am

I have used vrbo for years and like the convenience and have never had any problems.’\

I have one now. I signed up with 998045 and paid at one price listed on the sight and now the owners came back and decided to raise the price. Can they do this?
Thay are “blaming VRBO” and some internal problem.
If you bought something in a store and the price tag said one amount and you go to pay and the cashier decides to charge more? Not good business.
Thank you


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