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UPS Corporate Office Address

United Parcel Service, Inc.
55 Glenlake Pkwy NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

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Phone Number: (404) 828-6000
Fax Number: (404) 828-7666
Email: Email UPS

UPS Facts

Founder: James Casey & Claude Ryan
Date Founded: 1907
Founding Location: Seattle, Washington
Number of Employees: 238803

UPS Executives

CEO: David P. Abney
CFO: Richard N. Peretz
COO: Myron A. Gray

UPS History



The United Parcel Service, more commonly known as UPS, was founded in 1907 by James Casey and Claude Ryan in Seattle, Washington.  The company was originally known as the American Messenger Company.

In 1913, the company purchased their first delivery car, a Ford Model-T.  The company merges with another delivery company and becomes Merchants Parcel Delivery.  UPS 5  This was unique in its day when most deliveries were done on foot or by bicycle.

In 1919, the name United Parcel Service is adopted when the company opens an office in Oakland, California.

In 1930, service begins in New York City.  The company headquarters has moved to NYC soon after.

In 1975 the company began servicing all continental 48 states and Puerto Rico.

In 1988, UPS Airlines is launched.  In 1991, the UPS corporate office has moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

The large volume of packages in the 1990s made the company develop new technology for better efficiency. A handheld device called Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) was created to record and upload delivery information to the UPS network immediately upon pickup by every UPS driver. In 1992, UPS began tracking all ground shipments electronically. UPS 3

In 1999, the company goes public on the NYSE under symbol UPS.  In 2001, the company acquired Mail Boxes Etc and the UPS Stores is introduced 2 years later.

UPS maintains its own airline consisting of 236 aircraft which serve over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Based out of  Louisville, Kentucky, the airline also operates out of several major hubs throughout the United States. UPS 2

In 2013, the company had more than  104,900 vehicles in operation worldwide, including nearly 7,000 alternative-fuel vehicles. In May of 2008, the company placed an order for an additional 200 hybrid electric vehicles, along with an order for  300 compressed natural gas vehicles from Daimler Trucks North America.

UPS is now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for common customer service questions, as well as mapping routes for drivers, which can save the company millions every year.

UPS currently delivers over 15 million packages per day in 220 countries worldwide. The company had annual revenue in 2017 of $65.872 billion.  Headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

ups 6


Question 1: What is the phone number for UPS?
Answer 1: The phone number for UPS is (404) 828-6000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of UPS?
Answer 2: The CEO of UPS is David P. Abney.

Question 3: Who founded UPS?
Answer 3: UPS was founded by James Casey & Claude Ryan in 1907.

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Gary Winkelman August 14, 2019 at 1:34 pm

I received a bill from UPS $55,000.00


Dusty August 9, 2019 at 2:50 pm

I received a very unprofessional email from UPS right after I called to track a package earlier today. I would like to forward this email to you so you can review and identify the UPS ISP address this came from in order to deal with the individual that sent this accordingly. It started with “Dear idiot” and ended with “F___ you.”

Please call me to discuss – 8033970878 or 8036821435

I initiated a chat online, but the tech would not give me an email address to forward the email to. Instead, he asked for me to upload a screen shot of the email. I did so, and he said he would have a supervisor contact me. Please insure that they call.


Danette G August 8, 2019 at 2:25 pm

On August 8, 2019 at 10:20am, I was crossing in a parking lot at 1290 Hamner Ave. Norco, CA, when a UPS driver started coming down the lane. Instead of stopping for me, as I was halfway across already, he made me stop in the middle of the street because he kept driving. I confronted him, and he called me a b*tch. I said he is supposed to stop for pedestrians and he replied, “only if they’re in a crosswalk”. Apparently he thinks he can run people over if they’re not in a crosswalk, even though I was in a parking lot and already halfway across the street. His truck number is 142892 and his license plate number is CA 84980A2. This is a terrible reflection on the company. I used to think UPS was a good company, but over the past few years I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them, most notably, rude drivers.


Eddie Comer August 7, 2019 at 8:27 am

On 8/6/2019 I was meeting a friend for cocktails and as I have a handicap placard I noticed a UPS truck parked in the handicap parking. As if that was not bad enough the driver was parked in such a way as to have taken two spots. I attempted to speak to the driver and was ignored. This is a terribly selfish thing and does not promote your company as a good citizen. The driver should be given better training. 800 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro, NC tag #ZK-8090


Willie Adams July 30, 2019 at 3:13 pm

I’m s retiree. Just relocated out to Las Vegas from West Palm Beach, Fla. In the process of trying to buy a house so I need to get a ltr of income for my retirement from UPS. Started on UPSer’s .com. It has become so difficult just to navigate around in it, and was absolutely no help. Then tried calling several numbers (8), everyone kept referring me to another number. I’m Retired Military, collecting Social Security, and a pension from the Union, that was easy because I got all the info I need from them but nothing UPS. What a horrible way to treat your retirees. By the way still have not gotten the info I need. The military is much bigger that UPS, and so is Social Security and had no problem, in fact it was so simple it took all of five(5) mins.


M Liz July 23, 2019 at 1:38 pm

I am in Dolgeville, NY. My apt overlooks the back of the US Post Office. A UPS truck and driver were parked against the loading dock and I watched the UPS driver “deliver” packages to the PO. The driver was throwing the packages onto a gurney, not placing them on it. He threw one that must have not been the PO responsibility so he threw it back into his truck. This is probably the reason many of our packages are delivered dented! This is just laziness and irresponsibility on the part of some drivers and should be addressed. Try and reach UPS to file a complaint. It’s nearly impossible!


Manish P July 17, 2019 at 8:44 pm

Hello, I am attempting to get this issue addressed and taken seriously by UPS, it has been unsuccessful and it appears that no one really cares that there were death threats and racism. (So long as it is not against blacks apparently.)

There is a double standard for sure, you can clearly see that by the fact that an employee was let go before within a week due to calling someone a “thug” but yet, when someone goes on a tirade and makes death threats and racist and homophobic remarks toward an Indian, no one apparently cares. I am attempting to have you resolve this before I go to media outlets with news.

SEE BELOW: ( I have previously been in contact with Clayton Marshall, but he appears unwilling to take action on the matter and doesn’t take it seriously. Understand, this is a serious matter within the Indian community that includes doctors and many business people who live and work in the area and have been insulted)

Hello, I am part of a concerned party that has been a victim of racism from UPS store located at 11703 Huebner Rd Suite 106 in San Antonio, Texas. (#4817).

Louie Salinas who works at the store and who’s mother Maria Salinas Baker is owner of store has been caught making DEATH threats toward Middle Eastern/ Indian people based on their religious beliefs. He has also called them “faggots” “terrorists” and says “Was wishing I had a grenade to toss at em” then his friend replies “give me an automatic and away I’ll blow”. Simply copy links to browser or click them and the proof is there.

Louie Salinas in KKK hat

Louie is one with arm around Jasper Spergers (guy in baseball hat) giving thumbs up

Here he is making Death Threats

Here he is in UPS uniform

He was also caught wearing a KluKluxKlan mask and his associate throwing up Heil Hitler salute. According to one of your spokesperson “UPS has no tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice. The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. The comments Ms. Carder shared in response to WSB-TV’s story do not reflect UPS’s values or culture.”

This being said, I would expect UPS as a company to stand up and do the right thing and fire Louie Salinas and ban his equally hateful mother Maria Salinas Baker who supports his behavior from owning the store. Otherwise it is basically a double standard because according to UPS spokesperson “UPS has no tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice. The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values.”

This person was fired for calling African Americans “thugs”, but Louie Salinas can call Middle Eastern/ Indian people “terrorists” “faggots” and make death threats along with wearing KKK attire? This is beyond calling people “thugs”. I would appreciate swift action just as you took with the other person. Thank you for reading this and I hope the right thing is done. Keep me updated and let me know if you are even going to take any meaningful action or not.


Richard Leiber July 14, 2019 at 4:18 pm

I am very disappointed with your service. I paid $8.50 for delayed delivery on July 15 since I was going to be out of town, and I didn’t want the item stolen. It was delivered on July 13 sitting out there for anybody to see and steal. In all fairness, the fee should be refunded to me. Sincerely, Richard Leiber

The tracking # is 1Z 671 91Y YN 0822 8753


Kim July 11, 2019 at 6:56 pm

On 7/8/19 I paid for a 2 day expedited shipping fee, my package was suppose to arrive 7/10/19. So imagine my surprise when the package did not arrive. I went online to see that the package will not arrive until 7/12/19(can UPS count? in basic math the way I figure it the package will arrive in 4days)… So guess what I call customer service, no apology, no solutions offered. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got connected in phone tree hell. I then called the store that shipped the package(the franchise owner was more helpful than UPS customer service). I think my package should be intercepted and returned via overnight service, but they wanted me to pay for that service. Maybe UPS can call Fed Ex and see if they can expedite my package,, I might suggest that in my letter to the Board of Directors.


Anthony Parsons July 3, 2019 at 3:53 pm

You drivers can’t are joke it is that you pay for there f***** and get to fix there problem that they have cause


Craig Davenport June 28, 2019 at 2:59 pm

UPS delivered another persons package to my house. The driver tried to get his truck around a cable I had attached to my front porch and a tree that I planted 15years back. The driver hit the cable and pulled down part of my porch and 1/3 of the maple tree. The driver hit it so fast that it jerked a column off my front porch completely off my deck and pulled down a huge part of my tree. I didn’t hear from UPS for several days after and not until I made several calls did I finally hear back. They said I would hear from their insurance company in three days, but after more than a week nothing. I made another call to UPS customer service today. Still waiting….


Laurie June 27, 2019 at 12:42 am

Received weekly bill today with a Late Fee! Previous bill was paid on time, in fact UPS deposited our payment (check was cleared) a day before the stated due date on the bill.
Unhappy Customer


Justine Newman June 26, 2019 at 4:00 pm

It is absolutely ridiculious that UPS would allow me to generate a label for a UPS NDA 10:30AM delivery and then when they deliver it day late, they deny reimbursement of the $108.29 they charged with the excuse that : Since this package required additional handling when it was audited it does not qualify for a refund per our policy. There is no way for us to override this decision/policy. Shame on you UPS


David NELSON June 11, 2019 at 10:08 pm

Just got a package that doesn’t belong to me, the street number isn’t even right nor the street name. This crap goes On with you people all the damn time. Do you even have people working for you that can read???


Robert Billa June 6, 2019 at 5:29 pm

It’s ridiculous. Two out of three deliveries in one week was messed up. The first was my injectable medication.which had to be delivered after I missed the driver.which I understand. The next day the driver never attempted to deliver it. When I called ups after tracking it on my choice app. I saw the driver a couple blocks away,only to have it delivered. Then the Philadelphia local office told they could see in the system who initially attempted to deliver my med,but there was no driver listed for the second delivery attempt ,that was never made a attempt to deliver my med. Thus the next day it was held for me to pick it up. Which by then it was no good because it wasn’t kept cool,even though it had sticker saying refrigerate on the package. So I had to call and have the med sent back out to me. That was last week. Today I track my package up until 4:06pm est only to be given a msg the package was damaged in transport. Yet it was loaded at4:37am and started out to be delivered at about 8something this morning. Yet somehow it was damaged.this being my heart diet meals from my medical insurance.


David May 5, 2019 at 3:29 pm

Overnighted a package from Palos Verdes California to providence ri in order to make a court date several days out. Guess what ? Never arrived. Got scanned and picked up in Palos Verdes but at its first hop in Gardena California, lost ! Ups placed a trace and it showed up in Gardena five days later ! Go amazon ! Zero stars.


JAMES BARRIER May 1, 2019 at 9:59 am



Evelyn Klapholtz April 7, 2019 at 12:13 pm

For almost a year now, UPS deliveries have not been made directly to the tenants as ordered. Instead, packages are left in the main lobby of our building where anyone can steal them. I made a complaint in January 2019 about a package I had ordered that was left in the lobby on January 3, 2019. The item ordered cost over $350, and I was fearful that it might have been taken as it was easily accessible. On January 8, 2019, I received a response from Elias A. from Customer Support – C-0014528404. He asked for the tracking number, but I had already discarded the packaging. I responded telling him so; he never followed up.

On behalf of all the tenants in the building, I am requesting that packages be delivered to the apartments and not be left in the lobby. We are waiting for the delivery we ordered, and we have to go down to the lobby every day and go through all the packages to see if ours arrived.

UPS always delivered directly to the party who ordered. If not at home, a note would be left by the intercom bell box. Your service has gone downhill and your delivery people must be told that deliveries are to be made directly to the person who ordered it as shown on the address label. At this point, I will direct the companies I am ordering from NOT to use UPS.


jennifer tipton March 22, 2019 at 10:04 pm

I was physically attacked 2x in the parking lot by a UPS shift supervisor who broke my phone as well. I filed a police report and UPS called police as well to cover their butts. I own an Inc 500 company in Montana and was contacted by the police department for dropping off a load of boxes for Amazon.

The officer called me to say that there will be issued a warrant for MY arrest for trespassing. This is AFTER the main manager called an apologized and said that I was welcomed to drop off loads of cases if I need, when I need, and would discipline this employee.

I cannot reach the local hub. The internal “investigator” is the one that is enforcing a no trespass. I did NOT do anything to warrant this. Rather than discipline a low life employee, they choose to target the owner of one of the fastest growing ecommerce business in this state.

I cannot WAIT for Amazon to start their OWN shipping company. Until then, I am demanding all stores and Amazon to send to me FEDEX labels. I shall NEVER use UPS until corporate learns to treat its paying customers politely and professionally.

UPS screwed up MAJORLY two or three years ago, but refuse to do anything about that either and tried to stick me with a $1200 bill. They admitted their err but chose to harass me over this bill which I will NOT pay. They cost me thousands more $$$ by this very same err.

I do believe UPS is directly involved with drug trafficker or some other precarious business here in Billings, MT. So, come Montana it’s time to get our legal counsel involved for interference in free trade.

Do not like UPS at all. FedEx has been superb!!


Thomas Longhi March 11, 2019 at 4:22 pm

My car was involved in an accident with a UPS truck on 1/21/19 and have been trying to get restitution on an insurance claim # 136770312 for several weeks now with no response. Please contact me as this no one is making an effort on the part of UPS to resolve this claim


Christine January 15, 2019 at 5:36 am

I saw something rather interesting yesterday in front of my home. A ups truck parked and a black car with blacked out windows drove up. The ups driver began putting packages into the black car. I know you do home delivery but not car delivery. When he noticed me watching he went to the drivers side to make it appear as though someone was signing for the packages. I wish there was some way that UPS could follow up with this.


Bonnie February 25, 2019 at 9:27 pm

My Grandson just got fired from the Jacksonville office because he want to leave a little early to meet with his recruiter. He was sworn in on Friday. His supervisor ask him who was more important UPS or the military. Of course he said the military and was promptly was fired. I cannot believe that this company is against the military. He has never been fired from a job before because of his beliefs. It makes me wonder if this company is not pro-military. This is a big military town and my family has served in the military since WWI. This was very shocking.


Maryrose December 26, 2018 at 3:16 pm

Horrible customer service!!! Called to complain about a delivery of Christmas presents for my children ( the only ones they were getting) and all the customer service representative was able to say was “I’m sorry “…sorry doesn’t cut it when you have children not having the few gifts to open on Christmas morning. then when I said I was going to contact the BBB because both sender and UPS was giving me the run around, the customer service representative hung upon me. Hope UPS can start better training their people on how todeal with upset customers.


Maureen December 23, 2018 at 7:25 am

I have been waiting 3 days for a driver to come WITH A LABEL and pick up a package.
Each of the 3 days a driver came WITHOUT A LABEL.. You charged me for the pick up BUT NOTHING, When I called each day to ask what is going on your so called help staff was NASTY and I was told if I wanted to re schedule a pick up I would have to pay again..
REALLY !!!!! what is wrong with this..
As of now my package is still already to go as of Thurs,
I have never had a problem with UPS this is so up setting..


Mark December 21, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Constant issues with delivery to my office for better part of this year. Several attempts to get a hold of someone to get this fixed has gone unanswered. Not one reply. Very disappointed with UPS. I can not allow a company”s poor service to effect the service level of my customers, vendors or my company. I will be eliminating UPS deliveries to our office


Melissa December 18, 2018 at 12:20 pm

My local UPS location has decided to block my address. This is due to a missing item 2-3 years ago. People at the local service center are rude and not professional at all. I will be contacting a lawyer as they are discriminating against my address and not doing what they are paid to do.


Myra Clark December 15, 2018 at 6:48 am

The UPS store here in Okeechobee, Fl. Is having problems. The owner/manager is Eric Pope and he has not been in the store in months. He has two or three young people running it and maybe one of them really know what they are doing. The store is not open at the posted hours. Sometimes they don’t open at all. During the holiday season, numerous people are trying to send packages and the store is closed. Please look into this!


Ashly December 10, 2018 at 11:11 am

WHAT A SCAM UPS HAS COME UP WITH THESE DAYS !!! I live in Uniondale New York, where ups is offering $15 an hour to get you in the door but as soon as your hired it’s considered part time even though you’re working full time hours and they give you $11 an hour on top of promising a $150 bonus every week for coming to work all 5 days. Well let’s just say my first check was a COMPLETE mess that I can’t even speak to anyone about In HR because they are all a-holes and don’t call back. Now an even bigger frustration is drivers not reporting driver helper hours. Which means I won’t get paid for another 2 weeks because of PURE LAZINESS ! I hope none of this gets filed in a civil matter. Someone needs to get back to me as soon as possible !!!!!


Tony Mangan December 9, 2018 at 12:54 pm

In this litigious world where people sue everyone for anything and with so many of the same kind of complaints, how about trying to find an attorney to create a class action suit so that even if you can’t get the full reconciliation of losses, and the attorneys get the lions share of any recovery, we would still make UPS feel the same financial pain that we have felt.


Tony Mangan December 9, 2018 at 12:36 pm

UPS COO received a full packet and outline of the total destruction of a piece of furniture I shipped and any conversation I’ve had with anyone at UPS has been with low level clerical people, who have no authority to resolve any issue and to add insult to injury I was told straight up that they misquoted the cost of the shipment and simply added $198 to my Credit card, without my authorization or opportunity to cancel the shipment.


ralph ferrigno November 19, 2018 at 8:17 pm

it would be terrific to receive a phone all at 347 633 0647 from a UPS REP, assuring me that UPS will take full responsibility for the damages, I will be following up ( continually ) since a neighbor of mine had a similar experience and gave up and just paid for the work on her own. I will not be doing that.


ralph ferrigno November 19, 2018 at 7:47 pm

Dont ever allow your automobile to be hit by one of Big Browns trucks, So far they have made it very difficult to talk to a live human being to offer a simple “apology” and a promise to pay for the damage they caused. My vehicle was side swiped when IT WAS NOT MOVING. i attempted to move out of the way but before I could start my car the truck was half way through. I finally got to speak to a person after pretending to be ordering supplies.



Luis Mendez November 16, 2018 at 5:03 pm

UPS lost a family heirloom of ours due to their incompetency and lack of attention to detail. The owner of the UPS store packed the painting however mislabelled the box thus sending my personal painting to a Direct TV warehouse in Memphis while I received a box of used sat equipment meant for that warehouse. There was no attempt to apologize, no attempt to seek a solution by searching for the lost piece, no attempt to keep us informed on the status of the search but had the energy to call and say that the package is lost and to claim, I had to prove its value…. a family heirloom that meant something to our family now just discarded by this conglomerate. One can wish them bankruptcy but it would only be the small people of UPS that would suffer while their big execs get recruited somewhere to continue their incompetency to oversee a multinational company.


Rick November 14, 2018 at 6:16 am

One of your drivers is still flagging ALL of my packages as rejected. I have spoke with hub supervisors, managers and nothing has been done.This is costing my vendors thousands in shipping costs which needs to be taken out of the paycheck of your radical out of control employee. It is not a question of if I am going to sue you, but when…


Mariam October 23, 2018 at 11:24 am

To sum up my frustrations, and to add my rant to the other 265 commentors who have been sorely victimized by UPS as a FAILING COMPANY IN AMERICA, a SHAME and DISGRACE to their founds, read my tweet about ~1/25 of my deliveries that they WILL NOT REFUSE TO PICKUP SINCE THEY WILL NOT DELIVER TO A PO OFFICE/GENERAL MAIL DELIVERY: tracking number (1/25) 1ZF95R140304622669 in the last two months:
@realDonaldTrump UPS CEO David Abney, CFO Richard Peretz and COO Mary Gray cannot figure out how to refuse to pick up PO BOX/USPS Deliveries but instead inconvenience millions of customers while they HOLD their packages and mP UPS SUCKS– rating of 1.8/5 … (So, I was angry and typed too fast. Excuse the clerical error, but at least I am intelligent enough to be able to solve a problem that victimizes millions of shippers and customers at each process of the delivery policy. USE A BAR CODE THAT SAYS ERROR WHEN YOU CAN A UNITED STATES POST OFFICE DESTINATION, UPS AND LEAVE OUR PACKAGES ALONE!!!!!


Pete October 22, 2018 at 2:54 pm

UPS driver just delivered tracking number 1z1319xw0375355939. It was signed with my name AND I WASN’T EVEN IN THE OFFICE WHEN IT WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR!

This is getting to be completely unacceptable. You are assigning me responsibility of something that I was never in receipt of, however should the client look up the tracking, they are going to bring questions to me for an item I have never handled.

I have attempted to contact UPS on several fronts with no resolution!

Aggravated and annoyed is a polite way to describe me right now.


Lee Williams October 17, 2018 at 12:23 pm

My name is Lee Williams and I am the Chief of Research and Product Development at Plum Laboratories. We manufacture the Plum Case – a high end portable mobile communications network. Normally, our units are used for fail-over when an organization loses power or its network connectivity (fiber) has been damaged via earth moving equipment. Thus, when one of our units is required, it is imperative they be delivered promptly.

We certainly understand conditions such as storms, disaster areas, etc. and why packages cannot be delivered in those situations. However, on many occasions, in NORMAL conditions we have found UPS to be highly unreliable in delivering our packages as agreed to. Not that it’s a big deal, but it does say a lot about the company in that not once have they offered to refund us our shipping charges even though the delivery was made late.

My larger problem is that it is obvious that UPS executives do not make themselves available to their customer base. Just try calling corporate and one will find that they are immediately sent back to the customer service number with its multiple choices – none of which are to speak to a person. This is NOT customer service. We have a motto here at our firm that UPS could take lessons from – Run TOWARD the problem – not AWAY from it. We believe that customer service sets the bar for reputation. One’s marketing can’t mask it, one’s advertising can’t cover it up, and one can’t talk it – they have to walk it. I guess I simply can fathom how executives can allow such poor customer service. And yes, I lay this at their doorstep. Good thing I’m not the CEO, some folks would be looking for jobs elsewhere.

And by the way, the lack of delivery isn’t a “once in a while event”. It happens often.

Our firm ships quite a few packages annually. While I do not make the decision, I do heavily influence it. I will be recommending that we move our business to another carrier.

Why UPS runs its business this way is beyond me but I know that what comes around, goes around. I hope they lose so many customers they are forced to take corrective action.

Lee Williams, MBA, MSCIS,
Chief of Research & Product Development
Plum Laboratories, LLC


Bob Noyes October 15, 2018 at 6:58 pm

My wife was in the hospital with cancer, the hospital lost her teeth, a bridge that was important for her eating ability. So she went to the dentist and ordered another set. We ordered her another set and waited 3 weeks. We called the dentist to see if they had arrived. They called back and said that UPS had lost her teeth. This has set my wife back as far as her heath goes. She is very disappointed. I would recommend everybody to use FedEx.


Sarah October 13, 2018 at 7:04 pm

UPS lost a 3 THOUSAND dollar piece of medical equipment my husband needs to even be able to leave the house! Its been 4 days and all they will tell me is they dont know where it is and they are looking for it. REALLY????? Where is my package!?! I WILL b contacting the BBB, local new outlts, AND my attorney if need be because someone either stole that package off your truck or you lost it and aren’t admitting it!


James September 20, 2018 at 4:40 pm

On July 18, 2018 I schedule a pickup for a package that I needed to return for a refund. The package contained a piece of medical equipment called an Eva Walker. The Eva Walker enable or assist disabled people in standing up for rehabilitation purposes. This Eva Walker cost me $1100.00 out of pocket.

I printed out the shipping receipt and waited on a UPS driver to pickup the package. When the driver showed up, I presented him with a copy of the shipping receipt and asked him to sign & date it, his reply was, an this is a direct quote…”Oh, I don’t need to sign that, all I need is this copy to ship this and you keep a copy as your receipt”…I trusted the driver knew his job and responsibilities

This package is now lost and an investigation was started back around the July 24, 2018 time frame. On August 22, 2018 I filled out and mailed in a form for lost or damage packages claims form and mailed it in. On September 13, 2018 I was contacted by someone from the claims department, he was requesting a signed copy of the shipping receipt, of which I didn’t have because of what the UPS driver had told me. I explained that to the claims processor that not getting my shipping receipt signed wasn’t an oversight on my part I was told by a UPS employee that it wasn’t necessary. This person then said to me, without the signed copy of the shipping receipt my claim would be voided. I said ok and then he hung up.

I called UPS back and asked to speak with a Supervisor, and was put in touch with a Mr. Rupert Hadrian S. I explained my situation making sure he understood why my shipping receipt wasn’t signed at the date and time of pick up.

The UPS driver that picked my package up back on July 18, 2018 frequently services this Assisted Living Facility where I live. On September 14, 2018, The UPS driver serviced this facility and I told him about my situation that the package is lost in the system and UPS is refusing to honor my claim because he didn’t sign my shipping receipt, he again reiterated that it wasn’t necessary and how he’s never done that before but acknowledging that he did in fact pickup my package…he signed my receipt, which I forwarded on to Mr. Hadrain. Mr. Hadrian said he would forward the signed receipt on a Claims Processor and somebody should be contacting me in the next day or two.

On September 19, 2018 Mr. Hadrian called to inform me that The Claims Department still isn’t going to honor my claim even though the driver signing the receipt acknowledging he did take the package, because it wasn’t signed on the day he first picked it up.

I feel that’s truly wrong and entirely unfair to do to a customer. I can’t believe that as big a company as UPS is, that they will refuse to honor a customer’s claim for a package that’s lost because the customer listened to their driver, even though it may have been bad information giving then, the driver made it right and signed the receipt.

What’s really bad about the issue is, not only am I out of $1100.00 but I still don’t have the merchandise back that I initially was trying to return……smh.


Terrance Plumb September 13, 2018 at 5:55 pm

I am sitting waiting for a delivery, it’s the third day in a row that I have been promised a delivery, and still no delivery. I was told that a delivery would be made on Tuesday, September 11, between 1:00 – 6:00, I was called at 7:00 and told the delivery couldn’t be made until 8:00 PM, everyone on-site had gone home before that time. The person that call me assured me that the delivery would be made between 2-5:00 the next day. Again no delivery, I called the office and spoke to the dispatcher, who told the delivery could not be made as I was told, The dispatcher assured me that the delivery would be made today 9-13-2018 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Again no delivery. I have called the office and spoke to the dispatcher who said that the packages had not been loaded, and the delivery could not be made. I asked to speak to the supervisor, who reiterated that the packages had not been loaded. He told me that he would have them loaded on a truck this evening but couldn’t guarantee the time. As of this writing I have waited over (18) hours for the packages, and have lost in excess of $850 for my time and others. I believe I am owed a refund of whatever the cost to shipping was. I realized that this is probably the limit of my claim, but I believe a small claims court will require you to make restitution,

Terrance Plumb


JUlie Maynard September 13, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Yesterday a UPS driver delivered 5/6 boxes to our small family owned business. I inquired about my missing box. He was rude and agitated that I even asked and drove off before answering me. Half hour later the update on my phone said I declined the package. I called the Omaha office. Was told by the supervisor my package had the wrong address on it. I was told my package was damaged. I had to wait an additional day. Package is not damaged and to top it off the “corrected” address label was stuck on top of the original label which big shock had the correct address all along. I don’t appreciate being lied to by a supervisor nor do I like being treated disrespectfully by a driver. To top it off I have an email from a supervisor in customs who stated my packages originally were detained in part because a customs agent was out of the office and the other officers won’t take on additional packages that aren’t assigned to them. This shipment cost $1000 to ship expedited. It took three weeks to get to me. Never again. DHL from now on.


Kelli Caudil September 11, 2018 at 12:39 pm

I have had issued with UPS for the past 4 years since my employers have been in this home. Their house is gated and many don’t seem to understand how to hit a call button to gain access to the property. We have had packages left on top of a 5’3 foot pillar at the gate which, when heavy, is hard for me to get as I myself am 5’0 tall. They will throw things over the fence which lands behind the gate so no one would see it when coming in or out as was the case on 9/6/18 when a very large check was thrown over the fence where it sat until today, 9/11/18 and only after the sender inquired as to if we had received it. We work from the home but there are times we have to go out, on occasions like this the driver will leave a package in a spot which is acceptable and I am sure to look there whenever I leave or come back but this particular driver, which I don’t believe is our normal driver as our normal driver has common sense, decided to throw an envelope over a fence and then state he delivered it to the front door (LIE). I have complained about issues like this for 4 years and NEVER gotten a resolution. This is irresponsible of the driver(s) who do this. This company and it’s employees are entrusted with our business and while they deliver things for a living the item they are delivering is important to the recipient. Very frustrating.


Jeff woods August 28, 2018 at 3:36 pm

I have tried over and over to correct the problem that your drivers continually make in my home. They are either driving on the grass or placing my packages in the back of my home where they are open to the elements instead of where I’ve requested packages be put at my front door Where they can be out of the elements. I have contacted the lake city Florida distribution office to no avail. I have contacted your customer service office to no avail. I have indicated that I’m disabled and it is difficult for me to move around and appears to me they continue to do the things On purpose. No one can be that brain-dead or maybe I’m wrong. It is my opinion the only reason I drive is going in my backyard after numerousRequest to stay out is they must be up to something no good. I have tried to contact the CEOs however it appears they don’t have time for their customers. Make no mistake when I order something I make sure UPS isn’t The delivery company. I can’t control other organizations Who send me packages using UPS however the next time UPS drivers drive on my grass leaving ruts in my yard or leave my packages in my backyard for the elements to destroy UPS will be held financially liable. Doubt very seriously anybody of Importance with the UPS corporation will ever read this but if you do have your CEO called me I would be happy to tell him how he can fix this company since obviously he or no one else can because this problem continually exist.


Steve Brosnac August 27, 2018 at 9:14 pm

I’m an ex ups driver of 26 years, and by my managers account, one of the highest producing drivers in California until my first lost time injury resulted in me becoming permanently disabled.

UPS has been AWFUL in regards to investigators they hire to watch a disabled worker. My internet box on the side of my house was broken into 3 times! I knew they were in my phone too. Police reports don’t do a single thing. I move to another city, and the investigators here are just as bad. They don’t know how to trail someone professionally, and they make it so obvious that I think either they are incompetent or simply bullying me.

They have forced my phone onto 2G networks with a Stingray device, which everyone knows private investigators use illegally. They are probably ex cops with connections, so nobody will prosecute these guys that commit invasion of privacy, wiretap and numerous other FCC violations, all to try to prove a guy who has a proven nerve injury, multiple hand surgeries and huge loss of quality of life, a back surgery with an implant that electrocutes my leg so I don’t feel the even worse nerve pain…but it doesn’t even work.

I really loved the hard work, and was proud of my work ethic, and this is what I get? I forgot the fact that nearly every time I get a delivery now, it has been opened and re-taped! Someone playing big brother? I really liked when my wife got a set of sheets in this huge box that had been repackaged, with lots of air space and inside was a box of 4 Iphones, and a few other high dollar phones, all unopened. First thing I did was call to let them know of the mistake…then I left it outside the back door for 2 weeks to be picked up with a call-tag, but they never showed to pick it up.. I even let the shipper know so they were aware of the delivery incompetence, but they never got back in touch with me after the first conversation. We eventually brought the box of phones back to a shipping store for it to be returned. That’s when it dawned on me…they were trying to bait me! I’m not a thief!

The worst part was when I was naked in my own home, and I got a random pop-up message on my cellphone that says “we see you!!”

How do you think that would make a person feel? Yeah, it landed me in the mental facility on a 5150, but thankfully my psychotherapist wife helped me pull through.

I used to love UPS, and I used to thank my bosses for all the extra work they gave me, as the overtime helped me to enjoy a good life. Now, I am forced to use crutches to get around most of the time and life is full of pain that I have learned to hide from my family the best I can. Shame on you, UPS. For spying on me illegally, baiting me, and not trusting me after I gave you so much dedicated hard work. You think I wanted a life like this? I had 6 years to go until I retired with a full pension. Are you kidding me?

Shame SHAME on you UPS!


don hughes October 26, 2018 at 3:07 am

Your situation sounds horrible. Sounds like UPS is trying to get out of covering your disability. Certainly there are frauds out there, but 26 years of dedicated service is nothing to sneeze at. I just started working for UPS here in Dallas, Red River Region. I have already discovered HR has lied to me about policies and procedures. I am a older gentleman like you, who signed up to be a package handler. I noted that most supervisors are young people, is this a trend? Managers are in their 40 or so.?? I do see some couriers closer to my age, but what concerns me is what my prospects are for advancement at age 68. I’m in good health, but this packaging handler is not what I see myself doing a year from now. I am college educated, did work for Fedex for 8.5 years as a courier. I simply want to advance from this back breaking work to a drivers position, since I suspect supervisor is our of the question due to age. How do you advance within this UPS culture of half truths and somewhat empty promises? They tell new hires for package handling, the sky is the limit in terms of future advancement.??


don hughes October 26, 2018 at 3:31 am

Saying HR lied might be a bit strong, perhaps another way to say it, there seemed to be some discrepancies as to what was said in the beginning and what was said two weeks later. Maybe I misunderstood the facts regarding my ability to change locations after six months, but it is my desire to move to what will be a new location or hub in the general area, where there may be a chance of new positions to be filled.


Shannon February 4, 2019 at 2:12 pm

I hope you got a ton of money from them. You were probably a threat to them since they invested so much time into chasing you. Sue them and get a shotgun. If they come on your property defend yourself. Dont let them scare you. Their just the brown post office.


Lacey August 17, 2018 at 5:21 pm

I never received my package they delivered it to the wrong address and was told there would be an investigation what a joke no one contacts me with any information just go back to the last address where you dropped off my package and pick it up bring it to me but no one really cares you can’t even speak to anyone in the states. I call a local office they don’t help you at all and are very very rude so I pay for a package I don’t ever get worst service ever !! I just got a package today from fed ex at least someone knows how to do their job !


Christina Calbone August 15, 2018 at 10:00 am

UPS consistently delivers horrible service. From perishable items being left in mud, even though I was home, to being given grief for having such a large item delivered: “This shouldn’t even be on my truck!”. For the 4th time in as many months, a package has been dropped to the USPS in Norwood, PA, and AGAIN, it has disappeared.
Neither the USPS, nor UPS will take responsibility.
I am currently preparing a complaint against UPS, via the BBB website, as this deplorable service needs to be addressed. I am, also, prepared to contact the local news outlets to bring this ridiculous mess to light.


Wayne Warrick Advanced Fuel Services August 8, 2018 at 9:56 am

I am trying to contact accounts payable. My company complete a project for UPS in January 2018.
We have not been paid.
My contact information:
Wayne Warrick
(770) 974-3914 Office
(770) 900-5307 Mobile


M Kay June 8, 2018 at 1:47 am

Center Managers/Supervisors should know better but try to report to HR. Local center manager(who is retiring) fired as many as 3 drivers a day and sometimes 5 + a week. Some fired drivers were told to get back to work before leaving premises, some were called back within a couple days but other drivers were harassed by the center manager. If the center manager had differences with particular drivers, the center manager made it personal telling drivers either 1) resign or 2) didn’t resign doXXXXentation of employee dishonesty will be placed in employee’s file. The information would be given to prospective employers when verifying employment. HARASSMENT and VIOLATION OF LABOR LAWS. When center manager’s actions are in violation as stated, HR should immediately investigate the center manager, HR should reinstate the 20+ drivers fired in the past 12 months. Full benefits, compensation for hardships and immediate job reinstatement for those fired by the center manager assistant. When involved Union steward does not suppose employee but caters to center manager. *** One 18 year driver, fired by center manager for supposedly “employee dishonesty,” ( center manager made it personal) received his UPS safe driving award for continuous safe driving. Award was delivered by UPS to driver six months after being terminated. WOW – something smells fishy!!!!!!! Hopefully management will immediately contact me for further detail and start an immediate investigation of center manager and terminate the real problem.


Steve Brosnac August 27, 2018 at 9:21 pm

Ex driver here…never had manager that bad. One sucked really bad, Steve G. Awful creepy man, but my last manager, Tom was a great, honest guy. I really didn’t understand how he maintained the center manager position, because those jobs are not for people with ethics. I am now permanently disabled because of UPS, and what a fun ride that is.. Good luck to you, brother!


kelly laporte May 10, 2018 at 11:30 am

David Abney, Peter Markham, Christiana Smith Shi,
Anne Livermore, Franck Moison, Rodney Adkins,
Michael Burns, Joe Wilkins
55 Glenlake Parkway NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with deep regret that I feel the need to contact you about the service I have received from your business.
I have experienced the worst customer service experience. Not only from my local service center but with U.P.S in general. I have multiple step children and grandchildren. that live in multiple states around the U.S.A. and I spend a great deal of money shipping parcels to all of them.
I have had few deliveries without a poor experience. There is still a package missing, but that is your new service postal sure with the post office in South Carolina.
I spend money to have a package sent, there is no guarantee what I sent will get there at all. After I send a package I then must spend hours on the phone talking to your customer service center in another country, they are difficult to understand and some of them do not even know the names of the states they service. I have been asked before what state is the city of Rhode Island in? Then I must wait till someone from the local center calls me back and then hope and pray that they will keep their word about getting my package, if they can find it.
Today they promised my package by the end of shift, it still has not showed and it is 10 p.m. 5/10/2018. The tracking says they might deliver it tomorrow. Your delivery centers take it upon themselves to change addresses and guess where it goes instead of calling the contact numbers on the packages. I would rather you call and ask me then someone guess where my package is supposed to go. There are so many easy fixes to your customer service you are neglecting to fix
If I was your only customer complaining but I am one of many. I have signed into your website and it send me emails but that doesn’t help me get my packages. I wish there was a way I could not use your service however it is not my choice, it is the choice of the companies I order from. Unfortunately, my only recourse is to plead with you to fix your poor service.


Martin Hinojosa May 8, 2018 at 4:07 pm

tracking number : 1Z2R27E40312527156 on 05-07-2018 i received a notice with a scheduled delivery on 05-08-2018 estimated delivery time End of day a signature is required for packaged delivery .I took a day off work with out pay to receive my package the morning off delivery date it was still good to be deliver later on that morning it had been rescheduled for the following day according to my tracking number that package hah left fort Worth into San Antonio and into Corpus Christi . Corpus Christi is the distribution Center to my area but that package left to houston unbelievable they said that the package never made it into Corpus Christi it saw a computer error unbelievable so i will have to take a second day off with out pay thanks a lot UPS i will never use UPS to ship any of my packages out i am glad that we live in country with choices if i have any say if i have any say -so when i order i will not use UPS.


Charles Lizanich April 23, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Can’t even tell from your user non-friendly complaint instrument whether or not you even got my complaint, much less whether or not it will be addressed and whether or not I will hear about any resolution.

Continue doing business this way. My whole neighborhood is upset with the way the UPS guy does his job. Can we get a better UPS guy. This guy is reckless.


Charles Lizanich April 23, 2018 at 4:49 pm

We are consistently having trouble with our UPS driver at Sunnycliff Drive, Euclid, OH 44123. He leaves packages on the stoop in a dangerous city where packages are regularly stolen. We have a sign on the window which Fed-Ex, USPS, and all other delivery services read and observe. “Please place ALL parcels inside on the porch.” For some reason, the UPS guy can’t read or doesn’t care. Today an envelope containing to significant checks arrived. Instead of putting the envelope on the porch as instructed, or simply dropping it into the mailbox which leads inside to the porch, he AGAIN put the envelope on the porch. We are livid and are instructing everyone who delivers to us to use another carrier, any other carrier, than the illiterate or careless UPS delivery guy.


Cory Scott March 23, 2018 at 11:17 pm

I recently resigned from Ups-Scs and now they are playing games with my paycheck and HR claims my check was mailed but wouldn’t give me a tracking number I haven’t received my check yet wish I resigned sooner


Constantina T Vlassis June 4, 2018 at 12:42 pm

same is currently happening to me. I found something interesting art 17 says an employee whose check was wrong needs to be fixed and if it is not by the 2nd scheduled day the employee is entitled to a half days pay until it is. I’ve been waiting a week and 3 days. He refuses to help . Nobody Will give me a number for anyone I can get a direct answer.


e March 21, 2018 at 8:37 pm

the phillipines and guatemala peoople answer the phones. you cant understand one word they say. I got 4 diffferent answers from the phillipinos on a tracking package. none of the answers were right. everytime i call the ups home office in laurel maryland ivy says call the toll free number. someone in the phillipines put my old address that is in the ups data base on a package and had it delivered there. the sender did not put my old address on it. i called to get my old address out of the data base and the phillipino had no idea what i was talking about.


Bill Patton February 8, 2018 at 4:36 pm

On Jan 25 we shipped a Birthday Package from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA to our grandson in Frisco, Texas. On Feb 04 we received the package back Feb 04, no damage, but with a note on label “Service Disruption”. A very nice UPS Employee in Texas, Elizabeth at 214-491-4533, called us on Feb 05 and after providing a long story of UPS mistakes prominsed to send us a new label to reship package without charge as we already paid $47. I just want to note we have not received that new label. But we very much want to reship the package. We have already missed the grandson birthday by two weeks so we need HELP. PLEASE
Bill Patton 310 480 XXXXX


shelby February 2, 2018 at 11:00 am

I refuse to use UPS, but in some cases, I have no choice. My disabled son gets SSI, and they require a debit card. The vendor only expiates thru ups. Wonderful.
This means I am at the mercy of not only an incompatant federal system, but the brown trucks as well.
Needless to say I paid for shipping, don’t have the card, and now I have no money for diapers and food for my child. Thanks UPS.
To make matters worse I have to speak to an agent in a foreign country who has no idea what a social security is nor why I can’t just train my autistic child to speak and use a toilet. If that isn’t enough to induce a stroke, she is telling me it is completely acceptable for my package to be shipped from the destination city to a hub 4 hours both, then flown back to the destination city. This happened twice last night, and I am told I just don’t fully understand a map.
When I asked where she studied logistics, I was told English is her second language. And I don’t get how maps work? From now on, I refuse to do business with anyone who uses this horrible service


Karen simchak January 2, 2018 at 5:54 am

I wish I would’ve read these comments before using UPS. My GUARANTEED 2day express package. highly perishable! Is no where to be found. I have been LIED to by many of the UPS employees. Their customer service so far is beyond useless. I’ve even went so far as to call the UPS office in the country where my package is coming from, they won’t even bother to discuss it with me. They told me they’d call me back in an hour with an update on where my package is, no call, so I called them, was told they never said that. On Friday when I noticed my package stuck in a warehouse I called, was told that the website was wrong and that it was on a plane, they lied, still stuck in a warehouse 4 days later! Was told the shipper failed to send it 2 day express, well my receipt says 2 day express, extra charge for residential delivery and extra charge for Saturday delivery. Beyond frustrated! At this point I may have a slight chance of my perishable product still being viable (not much) I just need it delivered to find out.


john stewart January 1, 2018 at 8:31 am

Please—- A beloved family member will die without package —Hypo Trophic Cardiomyopathy its a enlarged heart that causes his lungs to fill up with liquid — if thier is anyone that sees this and knows a field manager and can relay this to them!!!! i dont want to fight just please please send my baby his medicine everything is payed for —i was billed twice its ok! its ok just keep it– but please send package 1zyy1650pg46362017


Darlene M Scott December 27, 2017 at 10:20 am

I paid for 2 day delivery $60 6 days later i still do n9t have my package i have videoed the driver pulling up to my building getting out of the truck empty handed and place the info notice on the door and get back in the truck and pull off not even ringing the bell. Because his lazy ass doesn’t want to walk up the steps..have had several conversations with the call center and corporate office to the point corporate has sent me a bouquet of flowers



Ula April 20, 2018 at 1:40 pm

Do you still have the phone number to corporate???


Tammy Robinson April 20, 2018 at 1:53 pm

It’s in our listing


Martin Hinojosa May 9, 2018 at 7:56 pm

i need the phone number to corporation



Tammy Robinson May 10, 2018 at 1:43 pm

It’s here in our listing, above the comments


reply December 22, 2017 at 3:57 pm

I had ordered a package on 12/17/17. On Tuesday 12/19/17 I checked the UPS site to track my package (see below). It showed that the package was “OUT FOR DELIVERY TODAY” which was Tuesday 12/19. I still don’t have my package and it’s Friday 12/22/17. The UPS tracking system is worthless. I called C/S which is NOT in the United States, but in another country. UPS C/S is just plain worthless as well. Going forward I will NOT do business with any company that ships the items that I order through UPS! So much for UPS being an American company. It’s time for Americans to step up and use our buying power (money) to work/buy from companies that are truly American companies and have C/S here in America, so that we can understand them when they speak!

From the Tracking system:

Atlanta, GA, United States 12/19/2017 10:37 A.M. Out For Delivery Today
12/19/2017 7:04 A.M. Destination Scan
12/19/2017 5:33 A.M. Arrival Scan
12/19/2017 5:22 A.M. Departure Scan
Atlanta, GA, United States 12/18/2017 11:22 P.M. Arrival Scan
Doraville, GA, United States 12/18/2017 10:45 P.M. Departure Scan
12/18/2017 10:04 P.M. Arrival Scan
Charlotte, NC, United States 12/18/2017 5:49 P.M. Departure Scan
12/18/2017 5:07 P.M. Arrival Scan
Baltimore, MD, United States 12/18/2017 1:21 P.M. Departure Scan
12/18/2017 5:46 A.M. Arrival Scan
Secaucus, NJ, United States 12/18/2017 1:55 A.M. Departure Scan
Secaucus, NJ, United States 12/17/2017 5:41 P.M. Arrival Scan
Bound Brook, NJ, United States 12/17/2017 4:49 P.M. Departure Scan
12/17/2017 3:51 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 12/17/2017 1:03 P.M. (ET) Order Processed: Ready for UPS


Lela December 28, 2017 at 3:07 am

Same for me I had 3 day ground was to be delivered last Thursday still no package called my local ups they say possible package lost says out for delivery today 12/27 not true the post office dose a better job


Randy Jenkins December 20, 2017 at 5:09 pm

An important package was mailed to me via UPS for over night delivery on 12/11/17. I have not received the package yet (12/20/17). I tracked the package through the UPS tracking system and it showed that the package was out for delivery every day from 12/13 – 12/17. I called the 1-800 number and spoke with 6 different people. Each time they gave me a time that the package was to be delivered. I waited each time and no attempt was made to deliver my package. Each time I called I was told that the package was at the Forest Park GA station. I was told that I could not contact them directly and was promised a time for delivery, which never happened. I asked to speak to someone in charge and was told I could only speak to the persons at the 1800 number. Finally, on 12/18, after waiting all day, I changed the delivery to pick-up. I went to the Forest Park UPS station on 12/19 and stood outside in a line for 1 hour to pick up my package. I was told that the package had to be scanned for “will call” before I could pick it up. They said I would be notified. It is now 12/20 and I have not heard from UPS.


John Doe December 20, 2017 at 11:08 am

Hello i work for the UPS in STRATFORD ,CT , about 2 weeks ago i got diagnosed with stomach Cancer and the Supervisor his name is JOHN and works at the PINK BELT makes fun of me about it and tells everyone , is pretty f-ed and everyone laugh at me at work and talks about me , i never new a Supervisor from UPS will make fun of someone having stomach Cancer , i have no idea how Cancer is funny well John think it is , i fell bad of myself to tell the higher ups in the UPS were i work at , this s**t needs to stop his to be fired, but or course no one is going to do anything about , i have a kid to feed so i go to work everyday. Call them and demand for JOHN the Supervisor to be fired Call Pratick Elmore/Erika Dandonoli at (203) 385-XXXXX or Sarah Soltis at 203 385 XXXXX.


reply December 22, 2017 at 3:32 pm

This piss me off. That’s against the law. The HIPPA law restricts releasing any medical information, unless you gave them permission to. The supervisor needs to be FIRED and the company needs to be sued for the supervisors actions! Management should know better than to release medical information about anyone.


T. Fretz December 19, 2017 at 11:27 am

I had a package (important medication) that was to be delivered on 12/7. They ran out of time to deliver it even though snow was predicted (in Georgia) for the following day. They were then unable to deliver due to the weather. Then it was the weekend and they don’t want to work. The following week it was out for delivery on the truck every day but they never made it to my house. I have talked to person after person who assure me this is a priority but I still have not received the medication. We are now on day 13 without this important delivery as my life is on the line. So no, they don’t care. I will be filing a police report (hey after holding my item for 2 weeks and not allowing me to have what I have paid for, I consider theft), I will also be contacting the BBB, the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Division, the Insurance Commissioner, the DOT and every news station in the Atlanta area.


Shanna Nunez December 11, 2017 at 1:47 pm

I was hit by a car on UPS property and was told that nothing can be done because it’s not a UPS truck, they further said I have to go through the insurance of the guy who physical hit me walking in to work on Friday morning at 305am


nicole December 8, 2017 at 10:16 am

This is ridiculous, this is the 5th day in a row, UPS saying your package will be delivered today, only to find out at the end of the day it was DELAYED AGAIN! Come on, honest is the best policy. If your not able to perform your job, stop pretending.


Jim December 11, 2017 at 8:58 pm

They showed me a satellite photo of the package being scanned in my front yard. However, I was standing there in the doorway attempting to catch the driver as he pulled away. Something is wrong. There was no time for anyone to steal it from my porch. Thanks to Amazon they credited me immediately. UPS too much confusion going on.


Monica December 8, 2017 at 7:29 am

This is DISGRACEFUL. A perishable package went out for 2 Day Air Delivery. Did not make it the first time around. Package was called back by the Sender After 8 Days of it still sitting in a facility instead of being Delivered. EIGHT DAYS FOR 2-DAY AIR – do the math UPS!!! Then the Sender attempts yet another 2 Day Air Delivery replacement package this past Monday. So, here it is, FRIDAY MORNING, going into day 5 on a 2-DAY Air Delivery and it just got scanned in Montgomery AL to go to Yet Another Facility where I am sure it will again, sit and spoil over the Weekend and need to be called back by the Sender on Monday, one week after the 2day shipment went out. If this was my company, and the best that it could do, I would be lobbing off a lot of heads! Go ahead, collect those big old paychecks of yours while you keep failing the little guys that keep you in business. I guarantee that the USPS and FedEx will be getting more of our hard earned money! I will NEVER EVER USE UPS AGAIN. I also plan on spending a whole lot of time sharing this lousy experience with everyone possible via every means of the Internet. The really sad part of this is that UPS did the Same thing last year…. yet the sender still uses your services. Well, I told them that they will no longer get my money either because they continue to use UPS. You Guys STINK at delivery and your customer service people stink as well. None of them care nor know their butts from a hole in the ground.


Jim December 11, 2017 at 8:59 pm



jamie lutze December 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm

i am very mad and have been on phone all i get is i’m sorry your package was not unloaded from the truck so you wont be getting it until we do and then send it to postal service and then scanned and loaded into a different mail truck then they will deliver it i was promised it would be delivered today by end of business i need that package for a business Christmas ornament exchange i can’t just run to the store and find something that will signify Mary Kay
that is in our price range for the ornaments you owe me 40.00 bucks send a check to me asap cause you just ruined my business christmas party and i will have no need for this package after 3pm tomorrow and i’m not spending more money to send them back Mary kay is a business that runs on the golden rule and now i can’t even do the golden rule because someone didn’t unload a trailer today


Janee Pitts November 27, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Ridiculous!!!! Second time I have been WAITING for a package, tracking it and calling and the incompetent driver LIES and says that they have made an attempt but no answer. Are you freaking kidding me???? Like we are not looking out for our packages. Unacceptable. I will be contacting the corporate office until something is done. And I will NEVER use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisette November 29, 2017 at 4:25 pm

When you get a working number please publish it. All I can find is the 800 number where I apparently no supervisor or manager works. Thank you so much!


Tammy Robinson November 30, 2017 at 6:32 pm

LIsette – use the corporate office number in our listing!


Michael Westfall November 27, 2017 at 9:06 am

paid extra fee to have check delievered on 11/ 21, never delievered, checked web site said delivery next day, both times statas said out for delievery, once again no check, this money was for thanksgiving for me..disabled Veteran and my two granddaughters, single grandparent, 12 years and 14 years old, thus no thanksgiving…….Called Friday after, was told it was out for delivery, then told was lost, they call at 5;45 saying they found it, it had follen into conveyor, can p/u at office, which is 40 miles away and closing in 15 minutes,they verified address on package. Later got phone message saying will delivery saterday11/25….no package, no phone call.Check package status said wrong address may cause delievery delayed, but the day before they verified address when they found package, will reschedule , Here it is a week later, said will deliver today… thanksgiving destroyed, had to tell girls I was sorry, because they counted on me, had bill due on Friday, couldn’t pay… late charges. I wouldn’t be so mad, if told truth, but lie after lie,asked about refund of overnite fee, still no answer……not the way to treat a Veteran and single grandparent trying to raise two little girls. someone please help me……..


Arlene Payne LaBass November 25, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Tracking #ZRV92910389486370 Shipped husbands clubs from UPS Ceres,Ca on 10-12-17.Notified 10-21-17 clubs destroyed due to contaminated material.Verified our package correctly packed.Someone’s package must not have been packed correctly.Please reimburse us fair amount for this loss.$100 not fair compensation.My husband 81,this broke his heart,hearing aids in his golf bag also.Lots of good memories now gone as well as clubs.Please respond.


Michael proud American November 7, 2017 at 7:36 pm

How is one to get in touch with a US based company when you call there 800.PICK UPS number when you get a phone center over seas and they can not connect you with someone here in the US? Its sad that here in the US we have Vet that need jobs, homeless people on the streets, and disabled people that also need jobs that can answer a phone. These veterans that stood up, were not asked to protect us, save our freedom, did their job without hesitation, and now have no support from the country they protected. They need jobs like this, we really need to take a hard look at this in all American based and founded companies here in America. I am not a Vet but do believe that they should not be going through what they are experiencing when they come back home. I am VERY PROUD of OUR VETS and support the word AMERICAN MADE.

I needed to speak with their public safety department about their driver here in San Antonio, TX speeding and driving unsafe. When I asked the driver for his safety officers name and number he told me to call 800.PICK.UPS and walked away. He told me that he has been with UPS for 30 years. I guess he feels that he can not be replaced.

Yesterday I was walking and the speed limit is 25 MPH the UPS driver came around a sharp corner and I was in line of the front and center of his grill of the truck he had to slam on his brakes causing him to skid. I do not speed in anyone’s neighborhood and expect the same in mine. What if he would of hit someone’s Pet, Child, Me or Mom and Dad. Then what would happen? How would UPS deal with this?


Michael proud American November 8, 2017 at 10:39 am

UPDATE- Here we go again, I called the UPS Corporate Office in Atlanta, GA at 404.828.6000 and I get another automated system, nothing regarding custom relations. How is one to get a hold of someone at UPS to help their customers. (Remember without a customer you do not have a job or a business), What happened to the good old days when you actually talked to a living person?

I have read a lot of the comments listed on this page and I am amazed that this company still exists. What is it going to take to get the CEO, CFO, and COO to get there head out of the sand and realize that they really do have an on going problem with their services? I guess it’s way below them and pay grade to pick up the phone and call back some of their customers and address these issues. They can all expect their bonuses and go home without loosing any sleep over the real issues in there company, they need to realize that they work for the American customer.

I run a construction company and if one of my customers needs a light bulb change we do it at no cost, because I make my living on repeat customers. I have been asked WHY several times and my replay is that I live by the golden rule the customer comes first, you can always tell an man by his hand shake, and that your word is everything.

I was taught at a young age by my grandfather that came to the States from Germany that you are born with 2 things a set of testicles and your word without either your not a man. WOW what powerful words from a 5″ tall man that came over from Germany on a boat without any belongs just his wife and 2 daughters who had to sign a piece of paper that states that he will never ask the US Government for anything or help and never did. Now the Government has opened up the doors and anyone cam come in and the first thing they want is a handout, it’s not just the immigrants it has leaked out into some of America’s major companies, but if you or I were to ask the Government for help to save our homes from foreclosure we would be laughed at.

Until next time America and remember Made in America and be PROUD.


Michael proud American November 9, 2017 at 3:53 am

11.9.17 Rant-

Yesterday afternoon I did a search on LinkedIn to try and find someone I could contact with UPS via LinkedIn guess what NO one could be found, but funny thing you could find over 10 pages of people that work for the USPS. I can only imagine the stronghold that UPS has on their employee’s.

Last night I received a phone call at 6:16 PM from the UPS corporate office in GA, I talked to a UPS representative about my issue and asked he if UPS has reviewed my rants (YES). I was told that they will be contacting their regional office in my area and that they will be contacting me tomorrow (11.9.17). I mentioned that that will be fine we talked a little about my concerns. I explained to her that I will continue to post my rants until my issue is resolved and that for the next few weeks I have several packages coming, just like today I received (1) package and I did not open the front door until their driver left (Damn I hate self control). We had also talked about employee hand books and what is excepted from said employee. Why is it that today we are talking about harassment (Not saying this issue needs to be over looked or ignored) but what happened to the rest of the items in the hand book that we are now over looking. If (1) rule is enforced by the company and the others are over looked why do we even take the time to cut down a tree and have someone write up and publish said hand book. (ALL RULES NEED TO BE INFORCED BY SAID COMPANIES).

How many of you has been driving in town, down a highway, or going to grandma’s house has seen a companies dirty vehicle? It baffles me to this day why don’t UPS and other companies understand that their employee’s they put behind the wheels of their vehicles marked with the company’s name or logo is a rolling billboard? When is the last time you seen a nice clean and shiny UPS vehicle? Do you know why UPS’s vehicle’s are brown? (So we can not see the dirt).

I mentioned in yesterdays rant that I run and own a construction company. In my employee’s hand book that they issued, read, and sign in front of a person from HR states that No one is allowed to smoke in a company vehicle, You must keep your assigned vehicle clean at all time’s, and you will be reimbursed for washing and maintenance, If a complaint comes into the office about unsafe driving you will be written up and it will be placed in such employee’s file, If the employee receives a moving violation ticket all vehicle privileges will be taken away along with the companies fuel card or fuel allowance set in place, and that having a company vehicle is a privilege. I look at it this way if the public sees my companies vehicles or job sites is a mess or dirty would I want to do business with them? (NO). In this day and age what is $5.00 to wash the vehicle and been seen like you have pride and your game together. There is a famous hamburger company out in California (I will not mention any names but you were told this many time when you were a child from your parents while standing with the front door open). When their drivers are having their trucks unloaded the driver is polishing up the chrome and his/her truck. I have traveled all over this country and when I am out west I have never seen any of their trucks dirty even at their main yard out side of Los Angeles on I-5. You will never see a dirty store, table or employee. This company needs a big (A) Plus and a (5) Star rating, please take the time and visit one of their stores in CA, AZ, NV, UT, and now in Southern Oregon.

Until next time America and remember Made in America and be PROUD.


Michael proud American November 10, 2017 at 12:10 pm

11.10.17 Rant-

Yesterday afternoon I did receive a call from the regional office for UPS in San Antonio, TX at 3:53. The UPS representative and I discussed the issues I have experienced with their driver. Some of the topics we discussed were Safety, Customer Relations, Call Centers Over Seas, and This Regional’s Office Safety Record Year to Date (Which is actually good).

This UPS office is going to take the proper disciplinary actions needed for this UPS Driver. The representative gave me his direct number and told me to call him if I am still having issues in the future. I will take the time to see what the actions are and how this will effect the handling of my packages shipped with UPS. I do realize that change takes time and that Rome was not built in (1) day, so I will wait. Don’t worry the flame has been lite. So lets sit back, wait, and see what the future has in store for UPS and my route driver. We can only hope for change.

Remember the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, so with a little hope just maybe, maybe, I am that small squeak.

Until next time America and remember Made in America and be PROUD.


Robert Hayes November 16, 2017 at 10:21 am

Same thing here cant get anyone but the local terminal to respond and they are the issue..damaged my property and we saw them do it and they outright called us a liar and said they are not fixing it now theu send every oackage of mine back without notifying me iv call more than forty times now im calling the fbi for mail fraud I cant get anyone in higher management to repsond

Michael proud American November 21, 2017 at 5:06 pm

Mr. Hayes

They do look at this page and I would suggest that you start you own RANT. Try to email them at sustainability@ it got there attention for me. I wish you the best in your battle, as you can see it’s a long road to fight with them…

Good Luck Sir
Remember Made in America and be PROUD.

Jadaryl Antrell Harris October 27, 2017 at 4:02 am

I worked at UPS for over 11 years…I have hurt every bone and joint in my body at one point and time at that job…In the Macon, GA Center Management was blatant with holding black employees back from advancing in the company…They did everything they could do to try to hurt us put us in the most dangerous parts of the building and the worst routes on purpose to try to intentionally hurt us…They talked to us like dogs…The members of management mad it extremely uncomfortable for women…Use to go around bragging about having sex with employees married men…They use to offer to have female employees meet them at hotels…Get all up in their personal spaces making sexual jokes and advances in front of other male employees embarrassing them…We went to several levels of management about these issues they just move the managers around to other centers no discipline the the most sickening part about the whole thing is most of the HR Managers are women even they ignore these issues…I’m going to go as far as I can to make sure these issues are finally addressed…Even if I have to take it to Media outlets News or other organizations to get serious attention on these issues bring them to light…Like I said I have nothing to lose they’ve done everything they could to destroy me and my family put me and my family in financial ruins to not treat injuries I sustained on the job during my employment.


Michael proud American November 8, 2017 at 11:20 am

It looks like it carries over to their employee’s too, it’s not just customer service and quality control. 11 years of your life you will never get back and now look what you are going through. If you had known what you know now I bet you would have never signed on with this outfit. I feel for you Good Luck. I wish you the best.


Marlena Moore October 23, 2017 at 12:07 pm

I am so frustrated I don’t even want to write down my experience I just want to see if all the other people on here that file complaint which is quite a lot of people and the service is getting worser all the time. Would you all consider filing a nationwide lawsuit against ups,. We should all get together and file a lawsuit and maybe just maybe people will get better service. If you all have read my e-mail like I have read several of you all complaints please e-mail me back if interested. I have literally had a panic attack over my situation.


Lavern Wilcox October 26, 2017 at 4:48 pm

Ready when you are ups disgraceful


Michael proud American November 8, 2017 at 11:00 am

I’m IN


Cory Scott March 23, 2018 at 11:36 pm

I’m with you


Charlene October 14, 2017 at 6:24 pm

The UPS San Pablo, CA facility does not deliver on the expected date. Once, the online site said the package was out for delivery, then at 6:34pm, it said there was a security delay, and that it would be delivered the next business day. My husband had stayed up all day waiting for the package that never arrived. Today, an overnight, Saturday delivery, package arrived in the facility that morning, but was never put on a truck to be “out for delivery” the same day. Fortunately, the seller gave me a shipping cost refund, but UPS will be out of business if they don’t deliver on their promise to deliver overnight, second day or third day air and have to refund the seller. UPS should remember, “customers first” and “deliver on your promise”.


Debbie Artzner September 15, 2017 at 6:49 am

I see a lot of people leaving complaint comments about UPS, drivers etc… but I want to say the entire town of Geneva Fl would be up in arms if UPS were to take away our delivery guy Tim. He is the best hands down and UPS needs to know it! He goes above and beyond when delivering to us. Don’t believe me? Whole thread in Geneva Facebook page about our UPS delivery guy and how everyone loves him. Hey UPS, give that man a raise or something! Just don’t take him away from our little town of Geneva


Wendy August 31, 2017 at 4:32 pm

My next day air package was supposed to be delivered on 8/18/17 then delivery date was changed to 8/21/17delivery. I called UPS, I was told my package is lost. Made a claim on 8/22/17. Today is 8/31/11, two weeks later and still no package and no answers from the company. I was told that UPS will only notify the shipper of the outcome of their investigation. I asked since I’m the receiver, shouldn’t I know what’s going on. I believe UPS has someone walk around the warehouse pretending to look for lost packages for 8 days then says package wasn’t located.


sean phetteplace August 18, 2017 at 7:25 pm

I ordered a set of tires on the 14th. Originally the delivery date was 18th. So on the 18th I received one of the tires. I called the 1800pickups line for help. The lady I spoke with was no help what so ever. I even offered to get in my car a drive to the facility that my remaining tire was. She said she couldn’t help me and transfered me to someone else. I offered the same to them. He told me that it wasn’t possible. And that my package would not be available till the 21st. How is that possible? My package is already late, so now I have to wait 3 more days before I can even go get it myself. It states on the UPS website that you can pick up your package yourself if you chose to. But when I asked to do so I was told that it’s not possible. Long story short, UPS lost my package, now it’s late and I’m told by the headquarters that there’s nothing I can do about it. This is completely unexceptable.


Stephen Sanders August 16, 2017 at 4:09 pm

Sent my brother a birthday present, shipping UPS.
Was told I could not have more than 5 lbs of dry ice. Sent $300 of meat on Friday, the lady knew I
Had 72 hrs to get it there. Sent it 3 day residential cost me $98 dollars to get it there in time. She lied to me, saying in her store for 9 hrs. And nothing moves on weekends. When I called her, she said I told you that it would be Wednesday .
If she had I could have sent it on Monday & paid $39 and saved my present. They deliver it to someone & it was surely bad by then. Try to get help, what a joke. File complaints, file a lost item, still have not been contacted, nothing. 16 days have passed, they don’t care. Give me your money and shut up. If we get there ok, if not it’s not our fault.
Other companies out there use them!


Stephen Sanders August 22, 2017 at 12:58 am

Update ; 8-21-17 contacted customers service
Haven’t heard from UPS about my claim filed
Spoke with supervisor Ces, she told me that the case was closed on the 5th August. They talked to the driver and the package was left on front door. They sent this information to the store I shipped from. They was to contact me , it been 16 days & I have heard nothing. UPS supervisor Cra stated that is all they can do.
Someone needs to stop this sorry company from robbing people!


Arlene Berry August 14, 2017 at 4:17 pm


UPS has very stupid driver’s! The employee’s are stupid also!!!

I was apprised my shipment would arrive on 8/11, but the stupid driver said he couldn’t get into my building, when all the other driver’s get into my building for the last five years!!!

Please never use UPS as they do not know what in Hell there doing


Clarissa Coby August 11, 2017 at 7:32 pm

UPS FAILED TO DELIVER MY PACKAGE TO MY HOME on August 5, 2017. I waited all day on Saturday for my expected delivery only to have it delivered to the Leasing Office. They never attempted to deliver to my apartment. This is a 50 lbs. box,there is no way that I can pickup . I am a senior citizen over 60 years old and it would be impossible for me to do the job that your driver,company should have done.The vender Boxed; made arrangements twice to have this merchandise picked up and redeliver to my apartment. It was expected on Tuesday ; no show. On Thursday I spoke to Daisy and she assured me that the box would be pick up on Thursday and re delivered to me .If it was too late for the driver on Thursday, it would definitely be delivered today on Friday. Daisy called at 3:00 pm today to confirm delivery, yet again no show, no delivery. I have a spinal disease in which prevents me from carrying heavy items. That is the reason that I shop on line for my household items, toiletries and my medical supplies. This is the third complaint, I have made in the span of a week. I spoke with Amber this evening and she was trying to track the driver to no avail. I desperately need my items. She insisted that they cannot deliver on tomorrow Saturday. Well , why not? It was delivered last Saturday on August 5 before. This is a tragedy, for an old lady to have her items held hostage. Shame on you UPS.


ANick August 10, 2017 at 9:29 pm

I Absoultely hate to see UPS named as the carrier of anything that I have to have shipped and delivered. THEY BY FAR ARE AND HAVE BECOME THE WORST..THEY ARE WORST THAN THE POSTAL SERVICE..and THAT IS PRETTY BAD!



Bill August 10, 2017 at 12:34 am


For over 20 years I have had no problem receiving my medications through UPS from Veterans Hospital here in KCMO, but for the last 2 months I have had lots of issues about UPS Delivery service, being lied to by UPS, lied to about attempted delivery service, lied to again when told delivery would be out today, ( did not happen ), poor & lied to by through custome service rep @ 800 377-4877 by service rep and when asked for supervisor I was told it would be about 10 min. The customer service rep never came back on line after 20 min I hung up! Called right back talked to different Cust Service was told same story and asked again for a supervisor & she said she would put me on hold but would keep comming back to me while on hold until supervisor could be found, she did as she had said to the point she would keep comming back to check while I was still on phone, and after 21 minutes of waiting I asked the cust. service rep I wanted to know how I could file a complaint and she said just a minute. About 45 seconds a Woman named NICK represented to me on the phone she was a UPS supervisor. I told her that for the past 2 months I have had same prob about delivery service to me when there was no attempt, along with all the lies by UPS to me, and she told me the medication is at a drop off point “NUTS & BOLTS” because the delivery driver said he attempted delivery, ( a lie not even a tag on my door ), and I could pick it up myself. I told her same thing has been told and done by UPS delivery driver for 2 months and I had no intention to pick it up and that I thought this poor delivery service for past 2 months should be investigated and that the UPS new delivery prosedures have been changed so if the delivery drivers could not make delivery the first time “THEY NOW HAVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE THE PACKAGE AT A LOCAL DROP OFF STATION WHERE AS THE CUSTOMER CAN GO TO LOCAL DROP OFF POINT & PICK UP PACKAGE”! I told her I think that is exactly what their delivery driver has done for past 2 months and I knew for a fact that no “FIRST” attempt to deliver package was done because I was home!
Supervisor NICK said “she” had already put into comp for delivery tomorrow & I told her I had 2 VA Dr. appointments so I coulden’t cancell them to accomidate UPS and she said that is all she could do. I advised her I was going to file a complaint to & through UPS end of conversation!!!!
I went on the and I could not find any form to fill out so I am going to write a letter to UPS Coporate Services Office @ 55 Glenlake Pkwy NE Atlanta, GA 30328 to the attention of Customer Service COMPLAINT dept because I relly feel that this page for complaints goes unread & would suggest anyone else with any problems with UPS do the same by writeing “COPORATE OFFICE” if you hope to get the any attention to proper personell or do nothing!


no name August 3, 2017 at 2:32 pm

Worst service ever. Package was supposed to be here yesterday. Never came notified at 9:30 PM it was delayed. Next day sent an email to me said it would be delivered by 12:15 PM. Guess what it was never delivered yet. It is 2:30 PM now. I have been sitting here for 2 days waiting for my package. I do have a life whether you do or not. Today is 8/3/2017 and I am ready to call an attorney. I will send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I am sure they have plenty about your terrible service.


Shellisa July 25, 2017 at 10:13 pm

The worst experience ever….evertime I ISE UNPREDICTABLE PARCEL SERVICE…. I always ship FEDX
but sometime when receiving a package you have no control.

Please fix your customer service department…


Tina Fragala July 24, 2017 at 1:34 pm

The perishable item that I ordered in July 20th 2017 was to be delivered on Sat, July 22, 2017. According to the UPS website it was scanned in at 8:59am in Boston, MA. There after no one can tell me where the package was. I called at 6:30pm and I was assured it was to be delivered by 7Pm-9pm Sat night, Mind you this is going to a hospital. I called 4 more times as 3 times I was hung up on by the Customer Rep. When after holding for 85 minutes to talk to a supervisor, she could not tell me where or when it would be delivered.
I left 2 VM at UPS complaint dept for an ED, and no return call from him either.


Diana Ekizian July 19, 2017 at 10:24 pm

My advice to the corporate executives at UPS, sell your company to FEDEX. Then you will be put out of your misery. Your drivers do not deliver packages to recipients. Packages are left at wrong addresses. Also your delivery drivers never ever ring the doorbell. They just dump the package at the door and leave. Then the package is a target for thieves. Also they speed through neighborhoods in those ugly brown trucks. I shop a great deal on line. And I pray the delivery method is FEDEX.
I received a email yesterday informing me that I have a package coming “tomorrow”. Well it is 9pm and no delivery. I looked at the tracking information. The driver said I, the, receiver had moved. Yeah right. That driver is one incompetent dude. Well, since he said I moved, maybe you can tell me where I moved to. So sell out to FEDEX and everyone will be happy


Robert Vicek July 19, 2017 at 1:51 pm

Your Englewood CO distribution center is a real hot mess right now! Packages repeatedly scanned as Out For Delivery – are never delivered – status changed the next morning to Destination Scan – three days in a row (package underway now for a week on a 2-day priority package) – Today I am told that they have 2-3 containers with undelivered packages – and that my package is now in one of the containers – but they do not know where it really is – but it wont be today – this is a Operations Mess!!!!


Sharon Hollis July 5, 2017 at 1:03 pm

My Cousin shipped a watercolor painting to me back in March and insured it for $2000.00. It was done by a known artist in Springfield Mo and my Aunt purchased this well over 15 years ago. When I received the painting, the glass was cracked diagonally across the painting. A UPS claims rep came to my house and took pictures and opened a claim which was approved by UPS. Thankfully the painting was not damaged, so the only repair needed was to replace the glass. In submitting my repair bill to the UPS store 2459 who shipped it to me, I was told that the claim will not be processed until I can give a proof of value of the painting. I did receive a value on this painting but because it was not from a certified appraiser ,UPS would not accept it. Iam only trying to collect the glass expense of $161.00, NOT the insured amount. Why does UPS take money from their customers for purchasing extra insurance on what is being shipped and not honoring this insurance coverage when the merchandise is damaged during the shipping process? Iam sure the cost of shipping and Insurance was much more than $161.00 as it was a large painting. I now question the integrity and honesty of this company and will most likely never use UPS again.


Douglas Swinamer June 28, 2017 at 7:49 am

I was visiting FL in May and I decided to ship a walking stick that my deceased father hand carved 15 years ago. I went to the UPS store in Yulee FL and the nice people there packaged and shipped the stick to my home address. I received the package 2 days later and the box was dented. I opened the box taking pictures during this process. My priceless stick was in two pieces! I contacted the UPS store and was given an 800 number to file a claim. I was forced to put a value on the stick, I told them between $500-$1000, but to me it’s priceless! They had me take pictures and they contacted me in a couple of days and said the pictures were accepted. The UPS store calls me a couple of days later and tells me I should have gone thru them. I told them I called and was told to call the 800 number and the manager told me there must have been a misunderstanding.(NO KIDDING) The store called about a week later and told me that UPS denied my claim and was blaming the store for packaging the stick wrong. The store showed UPS that they did in fact package the stick correctly and reluctantly UPS agreed. (weeks later) The store then contacts me and says UPS will pay me $100. I told them that wouldn’t even cover the cost to fix it and I countered with $200 and a refund of my shipping costs ($60.41) I was told that UPS doesn’t negotiate. UPS sent a check to the store for $99.99 and the store added in $36.35 (I don’t know where that number came from). The store sent me a check for $136.34 but I have yet to cash it.
I filed a formal complaint with the State of Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office. They will act as a mediator in cases like this. I am not out to squeeze money out of this Corporate Giant, I simply want them to cover the cost of repairing the walking stick ($250) and refund me my shipping costs.Suffice it to say I won’t be using UPS in the future.


juanita cozart June 13, 2017 at 1:16 pm

To who it may concern, on Monday June 12, 2017 I returned home to find that a package from ups had been left outside in the hallway, between two other apartments. I live in a 16 floor multi dwelling apartment house. The package was found by a neighbor who was kind enough to return it to me, I called the 800 number on June 12, and was told someone would call me back. Sorry to say no one did. So I called again this morning about 11:25 am, and again was told someone would get back to me within the hour. again nothing. Is this the way to run a business?, or has it become command place in this neighborhood.I would like to know, so I can take my business else where. Thank you hope to get a reply soon,


Should be able to find June 13, 2017 at 11:54 am

I want to let you know that I was discriminated against by your company for a package handler job in Robertsdale, Al. The female that interviewed us, her name is Tammy Winstead, said to the group, “Do you see any overweight people here? And you won’t ever see any.” ( her exact words). I also didn’t see anyone over the age of 30 or any black people there.
During the interview she must have asked me close to 10 times if I could lift 70 lbs while looking me up and down with a disapproving look. ( I’m only 30 lbs overweight) Each time I told her yes. She also asked “What proof do I have you can lift 70lbs?” with her eyes narrowed at me. Even told me I should wait for an office position to open up. I have never, ever in my life experienced such unprofessionalism, rudeness, and discrimination as I did from her. I studied psychology, so I am well versed on body language and such. It is too late to offer me a job to make amends just to keep yourselves out of trouble.
BTW, a person’s size and age is not indicative of their physical ability. I know personally some thin young people that struggle to lift even 30 lbs. And also people in their 50’s that are 50lbs overweight that can lift 100+ lbs all day. I do crossfit ( a high intensity workout that involves heavy lifting) so 70lbs is nothing to me. And run marathons, so I have the physical stamina to outlast the majority of people half my age. But due to my appearance, Tammy Winstead wrongly assumed I wasn’t qualified.


Ken Roohr June 6, 2017 at 11:04 am

Typical UPS nonsense!!! Took a custom built gas RC boat to the UPS store in Somerdale NJ. I paid extra to declare a $500 dollar value. I had the box opened at the store and asked if they wanted to check. The answer was no. As usual it was taken very lack luster by the employee and they said do not worry it is covered. Not to my knowledge, there is a site on packing specifications? Are you kidding!! Then do not accept anything packed and pack everything yourself. This is total nonsense. So now the package is in Florida damaged. I am getting the feeling from many email sites that I am basically &^$&^. Seems like the UPS out is to point the finger on packing. You have some idiot that throws the package and I am paying for it. SO far the claim is started and photos taken and sent in. No one has gone there to inspect almost a week later. Your company has put me in a terrible situation and trust me will go to another carrier next time and I do ship many packages.


I.Bell June 3, 2017 at 3:23 pm

UPS delivered a package yesterday. I was not home, so they left a note at my door. The note only said the date (June 2), but no box was checked. It was a small package and there was no signature required, I don’t understand why they didn’t leave it at the door, which they do all the time. I called the 800 number, and I spoke to the rudest, most incompetent person I have ever talked to. Clearly, I bothered her with my call. Then I contacted UPS via fb and found out, for some reason there was a supervisor with the driver, and the supervisor stated that they made a “proper attempt” to deliver my package, whatever that means. Then, the supervisor stated that I refused the package! how can I refuse the package when I wasn’t even at home? What I get out of this, that it’s ok with UPS that their supervisors are lying to cover their butts? and basically, my question was “why didn’t you leave the package at my door”………


Shellisa July 25, 2017 at 10:19 pm

Same here with the 800 # refuse to give me any info on Corp and left me on hold waiting for a supervisor for 27 mins….took a screen shot and filed a claim with BBB….


Rick June 2, 2017 at 9:28 pm

I am tired of my wife working such long hours everyday ups is working her to death she never wants to do anything any more she don’t get off work till 8 pm most the time and we have an 11 year old daughter that needs her mom at night before her bed time she don’t ever get a lunch and never gets to do any school programs or any of that stuff she is known as the best worker in her district and them are the bosses words and it seems they take advantage of the way they know she will work extra hard to get all her packages delivered all me and her daughter are asking is for a little more time with her she gave ups 16 years now they can make a couple hours a night to make sure all driverset get a little more time with there family’s


Platinum Millworks May 19, 2017 at 10:20 am

I purchased some IPE wood on 05/08/17 from a vendor in Buffalo , NY to have it delivered straight to the job site in West Nyack. I was told it will take 1 day transit time.The material was picked up by UPS freight on May 11 and drop off to Binghamton on May 12, May 13 to Newburg and on the same day at 1:28 AM arrived at the Nanuet station. Scheduled delivery posted on the UPS website: Monday 05/15/17 by end of day….nobody call to schedule an appointment nor any delivery showed up. I Called on Monday to the UPS 800 number and nobody knew where the shipment was except that I HAVE TO WAIT till someone call to schedule a delivery appointment. Finally a rep called Tuesday 05/16 at 9:24 am to schedule the delivery and I am told they can only deliver on Thursday 05/18 to the West Nyack location I selected. Reluctantly accepted the assigned delivery date. Same day 05/16, another rep called at 2:52 pm to confirm appointment for Thursday 05/18 but could not provide ETA until the truck is loaded. Will need to call Thursday morning to confirm. On Thursday morning 05/18 at 8 am, called and ask dispatcher at Nanuet Station for delivery time and they said it would be delivered around 4 pm. Material is loaded on truck and it will be one of the last stops of the day.
Surprise!… NO UPS, NO TRUCK AND NO SHIPMENT…called again at 5:15 pm…nobody pick up the phone at Nanuet, call UPS 800 number and and all they could say was I will have to wait till morning to call dispatcher at Nanuet to find out what happened to the shipment.
I called today 05/19 at 8 am to find out WHERE IN THE WORLD is my material and WHY UPS is seating on that shipment…answer: no idea…will call you right back! 30 minutes later, called again: WHERE IS THE MATERIAL??? finally admitted material is still sitting on their warehouse and NOT EVEN sure when can it be delivered, they will TRY!!
I had to find a truck and go up to the Nanuet Station and pick up the material myself from their loading dock.
Not only I have a very unhappy client because we didnt receive the material to complete the Deck work, I have also lost 8 hours pay for two guys waiting for the shipment from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.
I paid $189.53 + tax delivery charges to bring these materials from Buffalo to West Nyack. At one point I had asked if the material can be transferred to a different station and UPS wanted to charge me a ridiculously price of $900 to do the transfer!!!
I am wonder, HOW MUCH WILL UPS pay me back for picking up my own material which they happily charged me for.
UPS sucks, totally unacceptable, where is your Quality Control??


Honesty Pays May 16, 2017 at 3:56 pm

I posted a complaint on 5/12/2017 about getting my three packages from the Tucson UPS location. They had said online that the business was closed but we were not. I received a call from the Tucson branch and they said the packages had never left the location here in Tucson. They would be delivered on 5/15/2017. Well today is 5/16/2017 and I received two of the three packages on Monday 5/15/2017 but now no seems to want to talk to me about the third package, 1Z6W7563031393095. This is not a small package to misplace. I called early this morning to the 800 number and was told that the Tucson UPS would call me back in a hour. HA HA!!! Our delivery has arrived and the package is not one of them. I called the 800 number again at 12:15 and they told me to contact the vendor that shipped the package so they could start an investigation. Now why did I not get a call back today and why wasn’t I told this sooner. It took them a couple of hours for them to call me back on Monday and it was just to tell me that they were looking into it. This is like dealing with lost baggage with an airline. Come on, get it together.


MADISON May 13, 2017 at 12:17 pm

I want this message to go to rectally to the CEO Scott Davis my name is Madison cigarette I have a business 5328 North Davis Highway by the people that were sending a package for Saturday delivery has done this for 3 weeks in a row they are I care labs they’re located in Tampa Florida the first Saturday this it was sent was not deliver we got it on Monday is clearly stated Saturday delivery on the box when I called the local people they said it got taken off of the truck and put on Monday delivery it should have been put on Saturday delivery that is what it said to do they screwed up 3 Saturdays I have only receive one Saturday delivery out of three UPS is really screwing up they do not deliver like they say they’re going to they take these peoples money for Saturday delivery and do not deliver its a hit and miss I asked one UPS driver do y’all deliver on Saturday his response was we supposed to dad is not acceptable to have a representative saying we supposed to another word I want the phone number for Mr Davis this is really getting ridiculous if I do not get a response believe me I will find out if I have to go to the president of the company I am leaving this message for anyone out there do not have any side deliveries for UPS because it sometime that deliver some time they don’t even though it says on the tracking yes be there in a


MADISON May 13, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Hi this is Madison again on the previous message that I sent to Mr Davis the CEO my phone number is area code 850-776-XXXXX and this is Pensacola Florida place is a business again is 5328 North Davis Highway Pensacola Florida 32503 now I do expect a response I have put in a complaint 3 weeks ago said someone was going to give me a call no one did I am very very pissed off right now excuse my expression thanks for your time and there again if you do not call me Mr Davis I will getting in contact with a president of the company because something needs to be done about this crap there again excuse my expression but this company is not something along miscommunication people lie to you all the time I can explain father when you call me thank you again


CHRISTINA June 23, 2017 at 7:52 am

I live in chiefland. fl .been at the same address for 7 yrs . I have had no problems until 3 months ago first was a beehive that was to be dropped off at my home where for the past 7 yrs has always been dropped at the front gate never received beehive ..june 21st driveway alarm goes off excited 4 yr old we see it’s the brown truck so we go to get are packages .when we get to the gate all box’s are open not shipping mishaps opened tore open all the way .at this time I see the driver is next door. I start towards my back fence saying excuse me excuse me the driver looks over at me and I say all my boxes are open he state’s its amazon they way they pack them I say no these are all opened and you can tell they were open he yell’s at me with my 4 yr old granddaughter standing beside me I told you it’s there fault I say be nice ill call the ups office he start’s yelling at me i’ll turn you in over and over I start walking off as he is still throwing his hands in the air yelling i’ll turn you in. I did yell back with the finger !! is these because he’s friends with the guy behind us that got caught on deer cam in my yard and gave a trespassing warning !!!!! and sheriff was called and pic’s took of all box’s. they were opened by some one else not shipping mishap’s . next day I have several packages to be dropped my huby get’s a email stating this package can be picked up in another town 40 miles away I paid for to be dropped in 2 day and paid extra for service. calling 3 times with no no no help my hubby drives 40 miles and when he gets there employee gives him a paper with details of package and tell’s my hubby that driver refused to drop it off and sent in that we could pick it up but did not leave it.!!!! still have not received and lied to and never called back and I have 2 more packages for today no body will help . I will contact new’s today if not token care of. a fire7 tablet for my autistic grandson and camcorder are in they other town now but nodody will help to make sure the driver does not take those pissed and refuse to be treated this way and I will take action with new’s team and lawyer I will picket in front of ups with every 20 more pissed people I will post in every public place I can the driver had know right to yell or be rude or keep package and state it was there when it was not I will not be the guilty false facter in these as I did nothing but ask a question . worse think’s for showing my 4 yr old granddaughter how nasty brown truck driver’s are !! I want my shipping cost back and action taken with driver . I have called amazon and local sheriff office .this is on your driver and your company only .


ATB May 4, 2017 at 12:43 pm



ROGER ACUNCIUS April 20, 2017 at 7:28 pm

In July of last year (2016) I returned a NEST camera to the manufacturer but the employee at the store entered the wrong address so NEST did not get my camera. I have been back to the store 4 times with no luck. I have been calling UPS Corporate and Customer Relations
since November without results. I just spent 39 minutes on the phone with someone from corporate and they promised to get something started. This is easily my 20th call with some of them lasting over an hour. UPS is not responsible for the incompetent employee who put the incorrect address on the package. My fault because I should have checked the address written down by the employee. I would not have entered the store if UPS had not been on the front door. What a disappointment. UPS should be ashamed of their operation.


Chantel Riha April 17, 2017 at 7:49 pm

I would like to tell you about my experience today with UPS. I had a scheduled pickup for an Amazon return, 2 large boxes that I could not lift or I would have gone to the UPS in WEstmont IL like I usually do.
I waited all day at home for the pick up.
Shortly before 5pm I used live chat to see why UPS hadn’t come yet and confirm the pick up. Live chat told me the driver reported that he attempted to pick up at 11:29 am. NO! I was waiting, working at my kitchen table, next to the OPEN front door. He did not come at all.
I finally got Melvin at live chat to have someone call me.
Robert Cuezas from the Addison UPS called. By now it is 5:26 pm. I explained everything to him. He said he had already spoken to the driver and the driver told him – He didn’t stop for the pick up, but marked that he had anyway, because he didn’t have the stickers with him! This raises sooooo many questions, first, why keep a driver who is a blatent liar? Second, if he didn’t have the paperwork, how did he know about the pickup? Thirs, how hard would it be to go to UPS in Westmont, three blocks from my house, get paperwork, and make the pickup???
I asked Robert to make sure the pickup happened today. He said that was fine, he would send the driver back as he was still in Downers Grove. I then asked if I would get a receipt, and I’m glad I did, because Robert said there would be no receipt, but they could maybe drop one off tomorrow. Huh.
So I am supposed to give the driver, who has already proved to be dishonest, $1000 worth of goods but not get areceipt.
Also, Robert thought it was funny that I found this to be a problem. He actually laughed. I asked for his supervisor, but he “Wasn’t available.” He did say he would have him call me, and gave me his name, George Oliva, and phone number 630-628-2110. Don’t bother calling it, noone answers.
I tried your customer service 800#. Twice I held for a supervisor for over 10 minutes. The third time I asked where I was cliing – Central America, which explains why I could not understand the rep. I asked to be transferred to the ISA. I went to Asia. I held there for 15 minutes.
I tried live chat again, and was promised a supervisor would call me “As soon as the transcript was written up.” That was 20 minutes ago.
Obviously customer service is not a priority for UPS.
My real fear here is that the driver and supervisor do this to perpetuate fraud. They would have my packages and I would have no proof that they do.
And as I sit here writing this, I assume I am not getting a call back as promised and that I will have to work from home again tomorrow.
What a horrible way to treat customers. Do you ever read Yelp about the Addison facility? I’m not the first person having tremendous issues with them.


patsy swicegood March 29, 2017 at 1:04 pm

UPS never delivers our packages on time . Everytime I order something UPS says they can’t find us and changes our address. Did you know you can tell Amazon to ship only FedEx and they will. Much faster and they can find our house
Right now 2 shipments are suppose to be here was delivered to someone 15 min. Away our address is correct stop changing it. I’ve wasted 2 days on this shipment calling nothing is done. Someone at corporate needs to get in touch with me or look at my record on file to see all the trouble caused. UPS service is awful


Jason J April 6, 2017 at 5:23 pm

Always have problems with UPS they lied today and told the lady in the office that my wife wasn’t home so they left the package in the office. My wife walked next door to the office and passed the guy, got the package and walked to the door and between the time she was in the office to the time she walked back he put a sticker on the door. They are terrible. Surely there is a way to file a lawsuit and put them in their place. Everybody needs to unite and shut them down. I have talked to Scott the last time this happened but apparently they just don’t care. I’m going to see what can be done to inform companies and receivers of their bad practices


Gary M. Lee March 24, 2017 at 5:52 pm

In the South Florida district, There is a serious ethics problem and favoritism in one of your centers. Please call me at 772-332-XXXXX for more information.


William Hinson March 4, 2017 at 12:06 pm

teamsuper73 at

I had tickets to an event that have been showing as on the truck for 2 days. Then the driver says the package was refused…..not true. Call the 800# and was told my package was at local customer service center and I could pick them up on 3/4/17. Well the local customer service center does not have a local #, just the 800#. I wait on hold and give the lady my tracking # and case#, that’s when she tells me that the customer service center is closed today and that the package is in Tennessee! Was told last night that the package was 15 minutes away from me in Atlanta!?!? I asked the lady if there was someone or someway to speak to someone locally at the center and she told me that she was in Central America and was unable to give me local contact information because of security reasons! I was told that someone would contact me on Monday, 3/6/17…….tickets were for Sunday, 3/5/17. Bad moves all the way around UPS! I get to miss an event because your staff can’t do their jobs!


Jones March 3, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Ups need to learn how to treat their customer with respect. The managers need to go back to training class and learn how to help customers better than what they are doing. I am going to call yhe corporate office of ups on Monday morning to tell them about the poor service i got today


kevin January 24, 2017 at 10:24 am

juat walked out of a UPS store in Pompano Beach ! pissed there was a senior citizen trying to ship 4 little toy cars to his grandson . they wanted amost 90.00 to ship with packing ! i suggested that his options were to eithier pay that price or try some place else like the post office – well the sales clerk came out of the side of her neck nasty and rude ! when i was only trying to be help full ! She ( sales clerk ) got mad said i was tring to take buisness away ! from UPS ! ARE YOU KIDDING A world wide company ! and their worried about 90.00 ! im or now was a regular customer ! NEVER AGAIN !


ESP August 10, 2017 at 3:16 pm

The stores are franchised. I wouldnt let UPS wrap cotton to ship – they break everything. Then they dont pay out on insurance, even if it is “inadequate packing”. Since they are franchises, UPS Corporate isnt liable for their packing. Then the store just plays dumb, since they know the adjuster will favor the store. The adjuster is suppose to be a 3rd party but are not. Even before they where “bought out”, the number Crawford (the adjuster) would call from would come up UPS. So you they do their own investigations. Had a foam packed statute come our way and when it arrived was in a lousy 80lb crush weight box, lose packed and flopping around. The piece had damage to the point it was worthless. The label was put back on the box, looked like Oil got on the box and they stuck it on the new box – without any packing but some brown paper. The box ended up 10lbs lighter. The insurance investigator was so upset he wanted to find out who it was so they could pay for it and then fire them. The adjuster ended up telling the seller ( i was the buyer) theyd give him less than full value. Starting to phase out UPS as they do my daily shipping. If they dont settle with this guy in full ( i lost $3000) im done with UPS


Jacky Schultz January 19, 2017 at 6:01 pm



Alexis Robinson January 6, 2017 at 7:16 pm

EVERYBODY SHOULD FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST UPS! IF WE ALL SUE THEM WE WILL CATCH THEIR ATTENTION AND WE WILL RECIEVE WHAT WE DESERVE. I’m not asking ups for millions of dollars I’m simply asking them to reimburse me with the value of my package since they admitted that my package being lost was due to their mistake but they can’t even give me that. Next week I’m going down to the news station and letting the public know what ups has done to me and my family.


Jacky Schultz January 19, 2017 at 5:42 pm



Alexis Robinson January 6, 2017 at 3:34 pm

UPS has lost over $3,500 of me and my family’s person items. On November 17th 2016 my package was wrongfully delivered to an incorrect address. I’ve talked to over 50 of UPS customer service representative, the claims department and the investigation line and they all told me that my address was redirected to the correct address. I definitely provided the correct address, even have a picture of the tag that was on the box. UPS changed the address without my consent. Me and my family moved from California all the way to New York.. our whole life was in that package. My husband collects Jordan sneakers for himself and my daughters, in the. Oz there was 8 pair of sneakers which ran from $250-$400 each. I am a makeup artist and I had tons of brand new high quality makeup. Not to mention BIRTH CERTIFICATES, HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS, 2 YEARS OF TAX REFUND PAPERS, MARRIAGE LICENSE, HOSPITAL RECORDS along with my daughters toys, and irreplaceable pictures that I no longer have access to. I’m devastated because literally our whole life was in this package.. it weighed 108lbs and was big enough for a driver to know not too leave in front of door without signature. UPS is giving me the run around and keeps telling me that there needs to me an investigation. They have done 3 damn investigations and still won’t let me file a claim. Finally today I decided to call again and “Brenda” in the claims department told me that they could only reimburse me with a total of $100 but because the package hasn’t been paid for and it’s about $85 I would only be able to receive $15. Are you kidding me? I would care if it was a small package but my family’s life was was in that box. Me my husband and my kids are all at sake for identity theft but still ups doesn’t care. This is wrong. UPS made a mistake and don’t want to take fault for it. This is not over.. until I receive what I deserve! If anybody is going through something similar please email me abarreto2015 at


Gwendolyn January 5, 2017 at 9:40 pm

I am having a serious problem with my delivery. First of all, on December 24, 2016, driver lied and said that he delivered my package. No package at my home or driver on that day. So, I called the bank that issued my package and the bank sent another one on January 3, 2017 and it was suppose to be delivered on January 4, 2017, when I woke on January 4, 2017, I received an email stating that the delivery date changed to January 5, 2017–Deliver time WOULD BE THE END OF DAY–NO TIME STATED. I waited all day long and was working on the computer and a message popped up stating the My package had be delivered and was at the front door. So I ran to the front door, because my package needed a signature, should not have been left at the front door in the first place. So, I know for sure it is the DRIVER stealing my mail. He is very clever.
Please help, I will notify the Bank.


Galina January 4, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Your idiots drivers refuse to deliver packages in correct manners, they never knocks, nor ring any door bells of the customers, they just place the information sticker on the front door, that they were there with delivery attempt, while no one actually knows that they were there, as they do not ring the door bell, nor knock! Then they quietly chase off, and after 3 attamps they ship package back, so no one can receive any mail! Your phone and fax number inaccurate and faults numbers presented on the website. YOU MUST CHANGE THEM ASAP, AS YOU MUST CHANGE OF WAY TO DELIVER THE PACKAGES!


Josephine Schmitt December 30, 2016 at 10:31 am

Children are waiting for Santa to deliver the gifts….

I was told that the packages is in the facilities at the Edison NJ location. I went there 3 times and i was told that its in the building but they have not put a “sticker” on there yet. I’ve called customer services numerous times and they told me that its on hold for me to pick them up and i can go there at anytime. I got a hold of a number at the Edison location and spoke to a woman named CARLA JOHNSON and she was so RUDE and Obnoxious and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and was not very helpful AT ALL!!! Her response to me that the packages are in a trailer and that they can’t get to it…I told her “how did that become my problem”…I paid for the packages to be delivered and its MY problem that they can’t get to it…UNACCEPTABLE!!

How do i explain to my children that their gifts from “santa” is being held captive at the Edison NJ location??????


RUSSELL Farr December 5, 2016 at 1:54 am

I am a mechanic at slic 4575 I was directed to file a complaint to the corporate office. I have a issue with a bully supervisor a few years ago this supervisor Noah Akins let me go without heat until my regular supervisor got back form medical vacation. Now he is one of the only two supervisors over what they call hillside. My other supervisor just quit or retired now before he retired Noah called asking questions about my pmi forms in which I texted my supervisor about it and ask the other mechanics if Noah called them about their forms all reply no . I am now getting a letter and a day off on my record which is strange I am getting the day off put on my record but have to work it which to me falsely a doXXXXent. Since my supervisor is gone as of the 2nd of December now besides all of that Noah is harnessing about my overtime in which my other supervisor made me work as in his words he got tired of the center supervisors calling him about me red tagging vehicles not having time to repair the pkg cars now going thru my time cards why I did this or that calling me a lair to now harassing me about how I answering the phone so when I call another center they don’t answer the phone the way he told me to I ask if he corrected them they say no. What I see he is retaliating against me because of submitting a open door policy . Then I found out that Noah was a preload supervisor and had trouble with harassing the employees and had to switch to a maintaince supervisor also not only that I found out he is or has harassed mechanics from other centers. I have to deal with no heat cussing over the phone even to his meddling into my job causing service failures of trailers leaving the lot after I had arranged for a wrecker telling me to cancel them. After working for UPS and knowing the history I wonder how the founding fathers would feel that their is a supervisor that would let a employee freeze, cuss and vulgar language over the phone falsely records constantly lying to the employee also one last thing Noah bring past issues up that has been resolved by my last supervisor to the present.


KIM November 29, 2016 at 1:48 pm



KIM November 29, 2016 at 1:57 pm



Solange Gonzalez December 22, 2016 at 8:47 pm

I will start by saying that I have not had issues with UPS in the past. However, in the space of 2 days 4 of my packages have been lost or stolen. Today alone I have spoken to at least 4 different customers service reps like “Dimples” yes that’s her name hopefully, who are all very apologetic and nice on the phone but are no help. The person delivering my packages has faked delivery signatures on 4 packages and since I have a UPS my choice account I received an email instant he maked them as delivered. To make things worse the individual from the delivery center that I was assured would contact me within the hr. to investigat what happened to my packages has yet to contact me leaving this thief to continue ripping people off. Now at 3 days before Christmas I have no chance of having venders reship items to me in time for my items to make it under the Christmas tree.

Thanks UPS for ruining Christmas for my family
Solange G


Lena November 28, 2016 at 9:17 am


After today UPS will no longer receive my service, after spending $400 on a package to be shipped thru UPS it has been a LIVING HELL. NO NUMBER to reach corporate is another problem. AS of today the package still hasn’t reach its destination…Called customer service received the worst services ever. DO NOT USE UPS I would suggest using another carrier to have your package shipped. The number Corporate has listed will forward you to Customer Service. I CAN’T RECEIVE THE HELP I NEED FROM UPS!

I will forward this complaint to the BBB as well!


Amy Duckworth December 9, 2016 at 12:34 pm

I am recovering from heart surgery but I thought I would call corporate this morning and tell them what a wonderful driver we have in our area especially since most people are complaining about drivers right now. After spending almost two hours of energy that I don’t have I got “NO” where ! You cannot get a human being on the phone while you are on hold with your own dime. Someone did finally answer, but they would not say anything. You could hear people in the back ground ,but no one on my line! They say ” this may be recorded and then it dumps you to more recordings. What is there to record? I offered to do a survey in hopes of getting a human to speak to wrong. How can you help people if you won’t even speak to them? Do you think you are doing such a crappie job that you won’t talk to customers? Sad, very sad and to think I was just calling to complement a great driver. Now you have left a very bad taste in my mouth. I feel sorry for those with real problems.
Merry Christmas, Amy Duckworth


Lena November 28, 2016 at 9:05 am



mark November 15, 2016 at 4:29 pm

problem with Middleburgh heights location. Driver left Dell computer at my house outside all night. They throw packages and offer terrible service and the managers lie also


mark November 15, 2016 at 4:30 pm

I tried calling corporate phone number and someone from the Philipines answers the phone and refuses to transfer me to the US. Customer service does not even speak English


Taylor Tornabene November 2, 2016 at 11:30 am


I am located here in Memphis,TN and I run a local vending company out of Memphis. I do not know if you guys know that your employees at the Memphis UPS Hub are getting the worse vending service possible. I know UPS has a corporate contract with Canteen to do all locations, but as we both know it cost nothing for better service. I can provide that outstanding service to your employees. I know UPS cares about their employees as I can for my customers. I would love to have a chance to speak with someone who oversees the vending throughout UPS. This will be a very beneficial move for UPS and it’s hard working employees. Also, Christmas is just around the corner and those packages will be coming faster than ever. Lets get together and make sure your employees have something to eat/drink while working so hard to make UPS the best.


Christina Mason November 1, 2016 at 6:52 pm

In early October 2016. my son took his computer to the UPS store #6068 in Calera Alabama to have them pack it , insure it and ship it to me in Florida. This was a custom built PC specifically for my sons college classes, not one that can be just picked up at the local Walmart. We had them pack it thinking it would be safer that way. When it arrived the box was damaged and that was noted by the driver at the time. When we opened it there was at least 3 inches of space between the top of the box and the computer with no packing materials at all. I took pictures of the computer before we ever took it out of the box. I started the claims process with the store and was instructed to send photos of the damages and specific photos of the box and the inside of the computer which i did on October 5, 2016. The next week they requested receipts from when the computer was purchased and we sent them the next day. On October 19 they said the receipts were too old and they wanted a comparable computer from a website so they could determine value. we sent this October 20, 2016. Now today after being told that no one in claims will return calls to Colleen at store 6068 we hear they now want a detailed letter from a verifiable PC repair store, (Like i have been lying this whole time), about the cost to repair or replace them unit. They also said if it has to be replaced they want the PC shipped to them. I told them the hard drive and ssdi cards had personal info and research info that belonged to my son. They said we will need it all.
We let them pack it, they insured it, shipped it , broke it and still after more than a month, they refuse to finish the claim and pay for the repairs. I am an Army widow on a budget and all I hear is we need more info we need more info. This is crazy. I am not asking for more than we insured it for. Just what we paid for. It is sad when a company this size cannot even be trusted to honor there services, even when they pack it and they screw up and damage it.
So much for caring about the customer and standing behind their services.


Timika B. September 27, 2016 at 8:59 am

Yesterday my packages were delivered to my front door and left on my front step and both of them were stolen. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!!! After going to my local UPS store located at 6501 Quad Ave Baltimore The driver was notified and states he left it there because it was supposed to be delivered UPS air and he seen the note that I left on my mailbox stating please do not leave packages I will come and pick them up. This Driver has been doing these type of things for over 1yr now. He throws my packages into my neighbors yard and leave them with people that I don’t even know. MOST OF THE TIME HE WILL NOT EVEN KNOCK ON THE DOOR JUST LEAVE A UPS NOTE OR SOMETIMES NONE AT ALL. HE SAID HES DOING ME A FAVOR BY LEAVING THE PACKAGES IN THE YARD OR AT A NEIGHBOR HOUSE One day he even attached it to my light fixture at my house. This Driver is out of Control. I spoke to Naomi at the call Center who was very rude to try to get some clarity on the whole situation and she couldn’t tell me anything but to contact the Shipper which I explained to her i already Did.SHE EVENTUALLY HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and spoke to a Guy who told me that UPS was not suppose to deliver the package it should have been taken to THE USPS for Delivery. NOW YOU TELL ME WHO FAULT THIS IS!!! I AM OUT OF MY PACKAGE AND HAVE BEEN INCONVENIENCED FOR THE LAST TIME BY UPS. I WILL NO LONGER USE YOUR SERVICES. UPS NEEDS TO HIRE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DO THEIR JOB INSTEAD OF JUST GETTING A PAYCHECK. THID RIVER NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.


Gary Liebling September 9, 2016 at 4:59 pm

On Sept. 7, 2016 my daughter took my cell phone to the UPS Store no. 1331 in St. Pete., Florida to have it shipped to me overnight in Tavares which is two hours away by car. Not only did I not receive it the next day, Thursday, but today, Friday, I was informed that my phone is in Kentucky and it would be delivered to me Monday September 12., five days after it was to be delivered a distance of two hours away.
I called the Atlanta, Ga., headquarters and spoke with a nonsensical woman who couldn’t be understood beyond “you will have to wait”. After listening to her “supervisor” tell me I would have to wait I demanded to speak to her supervisor. She stated that she didn’t have one. I explained to her in no uncertain terms that everybody has a boss and I want to speak to her boss. My pleadings were being wasted until I threatened a law suit and that UPS would pay for consequential and incidental damages caused by my not having my phone this weekend. After being on hold for 34 minutes the “supervisor” came back to the phone to tell me the phone was being shipped overnight and I would receive it tomorrow. This remains to be seen.
In any event, the lack of service given by UPS is far beyond incompetent.
P.S. When I applied for a refund of shipping charges I was told by the shipping store that they couldn’t process the request until they have evidence that I haven’t received the phone when it was due. Seems ridiculous since they know it hasn’t been delivered.
Fed-ex is looking very attractive.


Lynda P. July 8, 2016 at 10:54 pm

I have this loser on my cameras. He not only faked a delivery, he faked again! On cell phone the entire time! I called customer service they were great and told me what was being delivered. NO WAY HE COULD HAVE KNOWN! I lodged a complaint. Then this losers supervisor calls me and lies on “his” drivers behalf (said he knew who the driver was) and tells me it was not a package but a “call tag”. I asked him then how did the customer service person know who the package was from and what was in it? This supervisor (JC)… Is a bold faced lier. DO NOT USE UPS!!! To busy on cell phones, supervisor lies to defend his “bro”. Going to corporate for sure!!! Here is their number if anyone else wants to call.. (404) 828-6000. Maybe if they get enough calls on the corporate level these drivers will be kept to a honest and ethical standard as we all should be! As far as I’m concerned UPS stands for (unreal pieces of Sh-t).
I agree with the other person GO WITH FED-EX!! That’s who we use at work too, as do others now. Used to use UPS, to many non-deliveries.. Probably stolen and tossed by the loser driver I have on video!!!


fran June 29, 2016 at 5:49 pm

I ordered a 13 foot ladder from home depot and was to be delivered by UPS. Well, UPS claims that the company made up a ticket but UPS never given it. I spoke to ladder company and they stated UPS picked up yesterday (6/28) at 6PM. UPS states the ladder company only made up a ticket. In God’s name, can some tell me how UPS lost a 13 foot ladder


Lynda P. July 8, 2016 at 10:58 pm

They are liars and thieves!!!! Read my email. I provided everyone with corporates number. Good luck!


Rita June 2, 2016 at 5:58 pm

Absolute poor service.Will never use any business or person who uses UPS to deliver packages. I have never had an issue with FedEx or USPS but UPS they do not knock when delivering packages to let me know that it is at my home. This is irritating to me since I waited all day for the package and I had a notice stuck to my door. I did the live chat option on 5/31 and asked them to have it redelivered to my home because I was home and the driver didn’t knock on the door. Now on 6/2 there is an address issue. I am beyond upset this has happened multiple times.I was supposed to get my package on 5/31 now its 6/2 and still no package or phone call from a manager.


Paul Groos June 2, 2016 at 10:37 am



Derrick Ewing June 2, 2016 at 9:46 am

I had the most Horrible time Looking for a package from UPS Poor Delivery Service Ups had me go to an address that the driver left on my door i drove to address the package was not at that store i called UPS the Service rep toald me the package was at another address in a Container .i will never use them VERY POOR SERVICE.


Nathaniel Morciego May 31, 2016 at 11:24 am

Good morning,

I am emailing UPS because from now on i do not want any other type of communication with UPS unless I can register it. I called UPS on May 19 or the 20th i believe for the fist time to get a package picked up from my house and returned to sender. I was told 48 hours to pick up. since i worked I asked for the package to be picked up from my front porch. that did not happened, i called again and profuse apology was extended and pick up rescheduled. that did not happened either. another called was place 2-3 days later and this time the person responding the called promised to own the case until complexion, that did not happened either. by now you would understand my lack of credibility in UPS , by now the package has gotten wet several times waiting to be picked up and the box is ruined. not sure it would be accepted by the seller as it was never opened by me but the box is in poor conditions. the tracking number is 1ZA95V570395964751, the box contains a set of jeep brackets for which I paid $54.95 and for which I expect to be fully refunded. by now you probably noticed that this amount is not worth my time and effort, but I want it out of principle. by the way the address linked to this tracking number (home) and business address linked to my email, will not be dealing with any vendor using UPS as a carrier either, out of principles as well, business address Collin avenue Miami FL, 33139, in case you care to know what i am referring too.

Nathaniel Morciego


Lynda P. July 8, 2016 at 10:56 pm

Good for u!!! It’s not the price it’s the principle!!!


Shenece May 21, 2016 at 10:52 pm

I just moved to Louisville and I’ve had a few deliveries sent back to the senders with 3 days of it getting back to the store and it is suppose to be there for 7 days. The customer service is awful and snotting acting teen boys. They didn’t even look up my tracking number before they told be it already they have new rules as of 30 minutes ago that home delivery will stop according to their manager Josh Sneddon of store 5354 on Dixie Hwy. I’ve sent two different emails to John Sneddon twice with no response with package information attached. If I could use a different company to deliver my packages, I would do it in a heartbeat. This store’s workers are not about the customers, it’s about knowing they are the leading delivery company so your feelings about them doesn’t matter. I will just have my packages go through the actual postal services. It’s like the big banks, too big to fail.


melissa May 3, 2016 at 12:28 pm



Don Richards March 18, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Dear UPS; I have no complaints:lost one compliment and one request.

1) Compliment: I live in Milwaukee WI. Recently I met John Whittig, recently retired long time owner of Good Hope Full Service (Citgo, then Mobil), 4300 West Good Hope Rd. in Milwaukee. He was/is totally reliable. The fact that you hired him speaks well for UPS. I fully believe his presence helps UPS business.

2) I now live in a retirement community of 500 plus persons. Since moving to my present address at Milwaukee WI, 53234. I have had a used “Express Pak” attached to the front of my 4 wheel walker. It is about 14 by 14 inches and holds “stuff” like datebooks, phones. and smart phones, etc.. Unfortunately it has torn and been stapled so many times that I can barely use it.

Could you please send me a new one? Please, no larger than the dimensions above. I’ll be very happy for any good advertising that accrues to you. Thank you!


Bruce Badeau February 29, 2016 at 11:59 am

Good Morning:
I need to contact the office of Alan Gershenhorn — Your Chief of Sales And Marketing — I need to talk with the department developing Drone Package Delivery. We are and we have some Intellectual Property (Patent Applications on Autonomous Command and Control) dealing with TrackPaths, Stacking and Delivery and more, that could be useful and valuable to UPS. Lets Talk!

I studied for an MBA at U of Houston and know Ken Jones. Alan is a graduate of the Bauer School

Bruce Badeau
Houston, Texas


Stephen Nesbitt February 2, 2016 at 5:37 pm

Wow you f-er s**k have to call like 20 tumescent on Feb 2 concerring the $ 20 dollar check that is due to me buy sat Jan 30th never came so I waited to Monday Feb 1 and no check in the mail I was told on the phone 0n Jan 28 it is in the mail and I would have to wait 5 to 7 business days for my check and I did no check and this is ridiculous I had to call you about 20 times to see where my check is and getting the runaround and again getting misstrateated over the phone buy many different people and I called 404-828-4900 and 1-800-742-5877 and quite of the few customer service people and the supervisors like to treat someone with a mental illness rudely and with no consideration of such illness and disrespect towards him. Also I tell you that you are violating an Americans with disabilities act law and seems all people from reps to supervisors don’t care and getting the wrong info and not being informed of such until I call back that check went out on jan28 when I was told 0n the 28th my check was processed and mailed out on the 22.please have someone from only the exutivite team contact me right away


michael horowitz January 15, 2016 at 10:34 am

I want to speak to someone in corporate and someone to explain why customer service feels that if a package disappears in their possession they are not responsible and it is not their job to look into it. ups answer is call the sender. IT IS IN YOUR POSSESION NOW IT IS GONE .and of course there is no supervisor for me to talk to. REDICULOUS


Wanda Shade January 9, 2016 at 4:16 pm

My husband had several packages due that were coming in on three consecutive days and he did not want to have to be at home waiting all three days. I called 800-742-5877 to have the packages held at the hub on Lincoln Ave in Urbana, Il. I was told an ID with the same address and last name was all that was required to pick up the packages. Our daughter was admitted to the hospital the night before and I called ahead to have the packages ready when I got there so that I would have time to go up and see her before I had to be at work. The woman at UPS told me I had to have my husbands ID to pick up the packages. Now he had been called into and was already at work, who goes to work without their drivers license? I explained to her that I had been told that as long as I had the same address and last name I could pick them up. Her attitude was very arrogant and I got upset and asked her how some of the packages could have already been left at the address with no signature at all yet she was requiring an ID that simply does not exist. My husband goes by his middle name and all the packages were ordered in the name of Calvin Shade…my husbands legal name is Paul and all his legal doXXXXents are in Paul. I called the number above and they e-mailed the manager at the facility who called and said I could pick up the packages but she didn’t know why they were telling me only the last name and address had to match because that is not how they are supposed to do it. As I thought this number (above) was for corporate and I even had someone recite to me the proper handling of local pick up, I wondered how a hub could implement their own rules over ruling corporate procedure. When I picked up the packages, I was on the phone with my husband and I told him that I could see his monitor was there behind the desk. I was on the phone with him specifically in case I had any issues. Another man came in behind me (although it was obvious I was on the phone WITH my husband) and she took him first, using phrases such as “may I help you?” When she turned to me because this man did not have his tracking number, there was not a “may I help you?” a “hello” or any other type of greeting. Yes, when I was on the phone, I did refer to the packages already left at my house with a derogatory name, but at no time did I call her a name and her arrogance was exasperating and infuriating!! She placed the packages on the counter with no particular caution and plopped the signature gun down with disgust. I had to carry the monitor out separately as it was rather large and came back for the other two packages. It was then I asked for her name as when I had spoken with someone at the above number to get the packages released, I had explained that she seemed to thoroughly enjoy her position of control, they asked for her name. Her response to me was she did not have to give it to me. I told her I would let corporate know that and again with arrogance and total smugness she replied “you go ahead and do that”. She obviously thinks that she can’t or won’t be reprimanded for however she treats her customers. Then, to make matters worse, I called that number above and two nights in a row, 1/7/16 and 1/8/16, waited for a call to file this complaint. I called again today to be told that they are not corporate but that the hubs/stores themselves are above them at that location and they could not help me with my complaint. This, after many hours on the phone and waiting for a return phone call they tell me they cannot take a complaint? I had told them that complaining to the manager at the Urbana, Il location was futile as she backed up the lady at the desk that my husbands ID was required. I finally, of course, looked up on the internet to find that there actually is a UPS corporate office and a way to file complaints above the hubs/stores managers. This has been an exasperating experience and whenever possible I plan to ask that all my packages be delivered by someone other than UPS. However I might have not been so headstrong about filing the complaint but when I told my husband about my experience at the hub, he described the woman at the desk to me. He knew exactly who I was talking about, as he had dealt with her before too and said she is a real (we’ll say tool). Apparently, she is all too comfortable treating customers so poorly as either she believes we have no other alternative other than UPS or she believes that UPS will not do anything about how rude and arrogant she is. My name is Wanda Shade and the primary tracking number linked to this situation is 1ZX799380388723501 and any further information you may need should be in all the notes in relationship to all the phone calls I have made over the last 3 days. But for me to be told that there is no one that your hubs /stores has to answer to was a complete insult to my intelligence. You have some pretty arrogant/controlling people under you misleading and misdirecting your customers. I hope to hear back some sort of resolution to this situation soon. The female that refused to give me her name is a large built black woman and I believe she had on black framed glasses and what appeared to be hair extensions working around 10 am on Thursday, 1/7/16.


Ralph Stephenson December 24, 2015 at 12:49 pm

I’m being sent two packages as a result of a elaborate scam. I have no real idea of the real identitiy of the scammer, could be a prank, scam for money, or a terrorist. I have no idea what is in the packages, could be trash to a bomb. For two days I have been in contact with UPS tryjng to get them to scan, open, and examine the packages to make sure there is nothing sinister in them. They are totally focused on their rules and have no protocols for handling a potential bomb threat. I am totally shocked that a company that handles only God knows what has no system in place to handle threats to the security of their employees and their clients. I did contact Homeland Security.


lynn hill December 18, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Just have to say I appreciate the prompt investigation of my lost package. I got a tracking # thanks to Carol Jacobs and the company is going to process my refund. Thank you again Carol your a valuable employee!! Lynn


Patricia Tipton December 16, 2015 at 11:23 pm

After reading the comments below, it seems silly to add mine. Apparently drivers not showing up and leaving packages without ringing doorbells is just the way UPS operates. I had doXXXXents sent next day air. UPS notified me that delivery would be before 10:30 am on 12/16. Because I had no idea when the doXXXXents would be ready for shipment I had no advanced notice of shipment. When I got the UPS notice that my package would arrive before 10:30 am I changed my schedule, stayed home until 11 am waiting for the truck. You guessed it, the truck never came. Around 3pm I got a text message saying that a delivery was attempted but the package could not be left as a signature was required. I called the service center and again this comes as no surprise I got profuse apologies and lies. I talked with a supervisor named Irvine who after 2 hours finally got back to me to inform me that my package would be delivered between 7pm and 8:30pm 12/16. I rushed home through evening rush hour traffic arriving around 6pm in plenty of time to meet the delivery. I noticed that the previous attempt at delivery was made to my garage door (the driver had to walk by the front porch to get to the garage door which does not have a bell) so I called the local service center to ask them to notify the driver to come to front door on porch so I would be aware that he was there. The lady with whom I spoke did not say anything about the driver not delivering package tonight or anything other than she would call the driver to let him know. Seems like they were expecting to make the delivery, right???? Well at 8:45 pm when there was no sign of the tightest ship in the shipping business I called the local facility which is open til 9pm and of course no answer (silly me thought businesses stayed open their published hours). Then I called the service center again. More meaningless apologies and handwringing and gee I wished there was something I could do from Mel the supervisor.
Her brilliant solution was to have the local center call me sometime tomorrow (I needed the doXXXXents today). I suggested that she call her boss at home who could then contact the person in charge of the Landover MD facility who was the screw up in this little drama and get the problem solved tonight. Inconvenient for them yes, but my changing my schedule 2 times in one day, having my sick husband run a needed errand for me so I could remain available to sign for the package was very inconvenient for me so I felt they should make it happen. But of course Mel was unable/unwilling to do more than have someone call me tomorrow, sometime. I have learned something from this episode: first USPS is not so bad, second use FedEx when ever possible and thirdly a requirement to be a supervisor at UPS is the ability to lie to customers sincerely and believably. I have been jerked around and lied to all day and if I have a choice in the future I will NEVER use UPS for anything. I have also notified Lexus/Nexus the company sending the doXXXXents of the terrible service UPS provides. But in reading other comments my experience is just the standard of service UPS provides and obviously the company does not care about a good reputation or good customer relations. I have had my share of packages left at wrong addresses, left on porch without ringing bell, late deliveries, and other problems but this is a serious problem for me and I do not know how to solve it or if there is a solution that does not require my taking days off, setting at home and waiting. Changing delivery address is not an option because I do not trust them to get it right. I doubt if anyone from UPS will read this but if there is someone who values the company I would be happy to talk with you about the Landover MD center and the lack of customer relations.
I am royally ticked off. It seems the weakest link in our brave new world of e commerce is the shipping business. Until Amazon and other huge users demand better service for their customers we are doomed to such shoddy service. Being able to go on line and order needed doXXXXents or goods from all over the world and have them shipped to your front door seems like a miracle to some of us “oldies” but not if one has to spend hours just getting the delivery made on schedule and at the correct address.


C Costa December 14, 2015 at 10:24 pm

I am absolutely disgusted and exhausted with the sub par service that UPS has continuously provided. There is simply no trust or confidence inspired in your ability to deliver packages safely. Your carriers have a consistent habit of simply dumping packages in open visible areas without knocking on door to see if anyone is home, even when there are multiple cars in the driveway. Hundreds of dollars of merchandise has been left on my porch dozens of times. This is just the first time it has been stolen. A $700 dollar laptop and Christmas gift was taken off my porch where you carrier left it in open view of the street. He didn’t even attempt to knock on the door and someone was home to receive the package. Your carrier’s lack of responsibility and regard for my property is a shameful but sadly consistent reflection of your service. Limited options online many times prevent me from simply picking up at a service location and I refuse to upgrade and pay 3.50 for a service that would essentially require less work from you and more from myself by having to go and get it from the service location. I have rarely heard of such stupidity. To ensure that your irresponsible and careless drivers don’t dump my packages off for thieves, I have to pay 3.50 for you to leave it at the pick-up center it gets checked into. The supervisor’s tired and unsurprised tone at my misfortune is just another nail in the coffin of my opinion of UPS. This happens frequently all year round and particularly during the holiday season when these types of theft always experience a rise. Your dearth of action to combat this issue is further testament to your poor customer service. Agreeing with me and yessing me to death over the phone did absolutely nothing to alleviate my anger, the cost, the inconvenience and now the problem of replacing an expensive gift, two weeks before Christmas and while I wait for a reimbursement for the stolen one, once the vendor’s investigation is complete. Someone should have been fired or docked the cost of the item. The laziness and carelessness of your employees have cost me considerable time and money addressing this preventable issue. There is no accountability to the customer or restitution for the substantial failure of your service. That is bad business.


rick December 8, 2015 at 4:57 am

try to get a response from customer service. you go on their site to track your package says it should be delivered 12/3 and it is now 12/8. You send an email through their system. They send you an email that says you will here back from them in 4 hours. you then go on facebook and post something. they tell you to send it to an email address. when you do they send an email that has been altered from the first one you received to say that it is only during certain hours M-F. when you write something on the facebook page surprise they delete all your comments including the messages they send you and block your from posting on their page.




Lynn Hill December 7, 2015 at 8:45 pm

I had a 75lb. box picked up at my home on October 27, 2015 in Whitewater, MT to be delivered to McHenry, IL. I paid for the pickup with a CC. The distribution center in Wolf Point, MT created a label for the box but forgot to tear off a copy of the shipping label and therefore had no tracking # to give me. It has been six weeks and the box has just disappeared. They do not know where it is and say they can do nothing to help me because I have no tracking #. The item cost $400.00 and had it been delivered before November 27, 2015 I would have received a refund from the company. UPS obviously accepts no responsibility for any loss, so you use their services at your own risk.


Denise Fernandez October 24, 2015 at 7:09 pm

I want to advise you of the worst experience I have had with UPS this past week in Boulder City, NV, in hopes of improving your service. On Tuesday 10/20/15, I received a notice on my door that an attempt was made to deliver a package from CDW Logistics Inc. Info notice # 938836827098. The driver checked the box he will try again next business day. I called UPS that night to advise them not to have the drive make another attempt until Thursday, 10/22/15, since no one would be home on Wednesday 10/21/15, and I was trying to save your company time and money by making a delivery that would again be missed, since no one would be home to sign for the package. The young lady assured me she doXXXXented this in the system and the next attempt would be Thursday 10/22/15 (She did not doXXXXent one word in our system of this conversation or change in delivery date). Well that apparently did not happen and the driver again made the second attempt to deliver on Wednesday, 10/21/15 Info Notice # 93523036445. This time he checked the boxes that someone had to accept delivery and sign for the package on the next business day. I called on Wednesday night to make sure they doXXXXented the record to let the driver know that there would be someone waiting home on Thursday all day to accept the package (Again, this conversation was not doXXXXented or any notes on file). At 7:00 pm on Thursday 10/22, I called to track the package only to find out it was still on the truck, after waiting all day for delivery. I was told by the first agent, it was still on the truck and delivery would be made that evening, and they can deliver even after 9:00 pm (This conversation was not doXXXXented n your system). I waited until 9:00 pm, and called again, and was advised it was still on the truck, and had to be delivered on Thursday, get this….he said due to 1000’s of deliveries that had to be made on Friday, the driver had to deliver all the packages he had on the truck on Thursday, and they could be delivered even as late as midnight. Now that was creative, and clever, and utterly ridiculous (It does not surprise me that this conversation was not doXXXXented in your system). When midnight rolled around and no delivery, I decided to call Friday morning at 6:30 am. I asked to speak to a supervisor McCoy. He apologized for this unsatisfactory experience, and sent an email to dispatch asking if delivery could be made after 5:00 pm Friday so my husband could get home from work, he said he could not promise that, but that I would receive a call by 10:00 am and dispatch could confirm this (He did doXXXXent the case of this discussion and his email to dispatch is doXXXXented). I did receive a call from a woman I assume in dispatch (Keisha?) I explained my situation and she too apologized, and felt terrible about the lack of service since Tuesday. She confirmed that due to the delivery restrictions, she would make sure the driver did drop the package, after we determined there was no other secure location in Boulder City to deliver my package, even the UPS store on 806 Buchanan in Boulder City was not an option. She mentioned the drivers name and it seemed as though he was standing near her, as she was having a discussion with a man and I heard him tell her he would not be in Boulder City after 5:00 pm, so she told me to go ahead and sign the release on the back of the 2nd missed delivery notice, and she would make sure the driver left the package. I did that, and stuck it to my front door. (She also doXXXXented this discussion and instructions to me) I called 2 neighbors to alert them I was waiting for a delivery and asked them to take the package and hold it for me. I am sorry to tell you, no attempt was made to deliver the package Friday 10/23 as promised. My neighbor told me the UPS truck delivered to a house across the street from me, and did not deliver my package. He said the UPS driver came down our street a 2nd time and delivered to another home a few doors down, and still did not deliver my package. I am sure you can understand why I am sending this notice. This driver in Boulder City, NV, is incompetent and should be written up, monitored closely, or fired. In speaking with several of my neighbors, there is a common complaint concerning UPS deliveries. Drivers that drop packages, without ever ringing the bell when customers are sitting home waiting, drivers that never show up, and damaged items due to the neglectful handling of packages. The reviews I have read today, all seem consistent with my complaint. I called UPS again today, and spoke to another supervisor, who sent another request for a call back to me on Monday morning by 10:00 am. I also see that the package is again scheduled to be delivered on Monday, and again no one will be available to sign and accept the package. I am hoping that someone at your company investigates these drivers in Boulder City, NV. They are not helping UPS reputation, and I for one do not trust UPS because of drivers like this. I also hope that improvements can be made in your call centers to make sure agents are doXXXXenting these calls, and information is being sent to the drivers and dispatchers to avoid mistakes, missed deliveries, and unsatisfactory service.
I would hope that any shipping costs associated to this purchase and delivery, be refunded immediately. I would also expect that someone contact me to set up delivery of this package. I have already alerted CDW Logistics of the delay in delivery of this package. Thank you


Randee October 23, 2015 at 3:32 pm

Had issues with our driver when we moved in 2 years ago, was leaving our packages by the garbage. That issue was taken care of and haven’t had any problems, until now. UPS driver states he left a package at my door last night, 10/22/2015, at 7:36pm. However, we were home all night and the doorbell never rang, nor did my dog bark to let me know the driver had arrived. This particular driver actually backs up into my driveway, which I thought was a no, no anyway, but he does it because I’m guessing he doesn’t want to walk up a 1/2 acre of land to deliver. I’d really like to know where my package is, as the seller paid for 2 day shipping and now it’s missing. I think 8 business days to handle such a claim is ridiculous. Contact the driver and ask him where he put my package. It’s usually always the same guy, so there is no reason why this can’t be done. Is UPS going to reimburse my shipping costs because it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to? Probably not. I always thought UPS cared about the customers and things shipped, this makes me think that they don’t care at all.


Carlisle Evans October 5, 2015 at 7:24 pm

UPS driver deliver my package to the wrong location I had some custom made items coming to my location he sent it to the wrong location he came back the next day I argue with me and told me ups going to be responsible of my finance. will I get my money back he said yes ups going to reimburse me. Not the merchandise but how much I was going to make off of the merchandise this is what your driver said I’ll put in a claim over a month ago nobody ever going to touch with me nobody made investigation nobody came I had to talk to my neighbors nobody came I talk to my girlfriend I got witnesses I got people wrote up statements I’m ready to go to small claims court so can somebody please get back in touch with me ASAP


Thomas E. September 16, 2015 at 11:16 pm

UPS has lost two of my packages, the second package was a replacement
from the first that was missing from the system and also opened with
items all missing. Customer service is horrible and representatives
never call you back when they state they will. Customer service calls
are answered by foreigners working in Pacific Asia or India who have
poor training and do not know company policy. I will do everything in
my power to damage UPS’s reputation and do my best to hurt their
profits. UPS has horrible security and hires employees who are part of
organized crime. Both packages went into Salt Lake City, UT and
disappeared. You are thefts!



Anthony Lake August 24, 2015 at 11:43 pm

I am writing regarding my frustration I waited all day for my much needed package to be delivered tracking# 1Z7640VV0389561455 which no one showed. The package is scheduled to be delivered again tomorrow & I’m being requested to wait all day again which is unfair. I should not have to be inconvenience again by waiting all day. I called customer service as well as chatted online with customer service and no one can authorize the package to be delivered at a pick up center tomorrow which normally happens when a delivery attempt was unsuccessful or waive the fee for a two hour appointment window. This is not the first time this has happened. I order on line constantly and I feel that I should not have to be inconvenienced every time I get a UPS package. Can someone help me resolve this issue? I can be reached on 718 409-**** or 917 526-**** Your immediate respond would be greatly appreciated.


Richard D Cundey August 22, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Bad experience at UPS store #5677 at 2803 Wrightsboro Road
Went there on Friday 08/21/15 to mail a drawing board to Newbern Alabama – where my son is studying architecture at Auburn University. Was assisted by a young man who took various measurements etc – we asked him to give us an idea of what it would cost- he told myself and the 2 other boys with me around $70- I told him to go ahead. But they did not have the appropriate box to pack it in- only box was at Fort Gordon location- we were in route to Fort Gordon when I was able to reach my son in rural Alabama ( spotty cell phone coverage) he indicated he did not need it right away so we went back to the store on Wrightsboro Road to mail it- this time we were told it would be $193.00 approximately- I told them I would cheeck with my son and get back to them on Saturday since it would not go out until Monday anyway. Took the package back to be shipped on Saturday and to my amazement it was now $260.00 plus!! I had asked two boys who were working for me on Saturday to take it up there for me- called the owner or manager
and he basically said not his fault etc, etc . I would like to speak with someone from the corporate office regarding the bait and switch techniques or the incompetence at this store.
Thank you,
RIchard D Cundey


BARAN LULECI August 17, 2015 at 10:05 am

I am the owner of a company in Istanbul – Turkey who had worked with UPS beginning from April 2013 and began to discover around september 2014 that we have been cheated by UPS Turkey. We had been trying to understand and solve issue but they did not even reply us, then we sent warning via our lawyer legally, then they contacted us. After that we have checked all data for 2 years back and we found an incredable amount and demand this amount from them, they accept that they have errors in datas and try to pay less then half of the amount and close the issue but now we are in the edge of sue UPS turkey because of QUALIFIED FRAUD reason. We just trust the name and qualtiy of UPS and see what happens !


Denis Hachquet August 14, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I would like to report racial threats from a part time supervisor from your East Chicago store. I have screen shots of his racial threats on a pubic post on Facebook. I’ve contacted every outlet I can find for UPS regarding this issue. When you go to his page it states publicly where he works.

His name is Devonte McKnight. His statement was made on a public post on 8-13-15. I have reposted his comment and his Facebook page stating his place of employment. You can see both on my public page by looking up my name, Denis Hachquet. I would appreciate an immediate response. Thank you.


Megan Eulett August 6, 2015 at 3:54 pm

Ups took 3 days to lose all my new summer dresses, never wore one of those dresses, before I trusted ups and ups lost them they just dissapear Thank you ups for taking care of your customer


Regina A. August 6, 2015 at 12:49 am

Ups is horrible!!!! I waited for a box for three days at my apartment and the box never arrived, I called the supervisor at the Van Nuys branch in CA and still no help, the driver never came up to the 3rd floor to deliver the package, his lazy behind claim that he made 3 attempts, which in fact he did not,the red flag should of been when I was applying for this apartment unit was all the UPS stickers that were place on the front outside glass of the apt. building. What is so frustrating is the way the supervisor named Kevin stated that the box would be return to the company and I should have them resend the item. If Corporate office and the customer relation department continue to let loser work for them and get away with screwing their customers, UPS will be out of business. Something needs to be done about the way things are handle with this company soon.


N watters July 20, 2015 at 10:31 pm

Highly disgruntled.

I had a package that your company tried to deliver today. I stood on my doorstep and watched your driver drive past. Checked and the package was marked as attempted to be delivered and recipient not home. This is the 5th time I have had your drivers do this to me, I attempted to call about it and was told there was nothing your service reps could do about it…that I needed to come pick the package up at the main werehouse(45 minutes drive each way) or it was going to be returned to the sender. I requested that someone from corporate office contact me and they refused. I requested a phone number that I could contact corporate at and they also refused. I ended up chasing down your driver who would only give me the name last name…and she claimed that she was going to come back later and look for my address. Then she told me tha I didn’t have any business confronting her about all of this. Someone from corporate headquarters needs to contact me about the ongoing problems with this route…I have had your drivers leave up to 5 packages for my neighbors at my door…i am fed up with the lack of customer service


Vic July 7, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Just a tip for everyone: when you go into a UPS store, they give you what they claim is supposed to be the cheapest price. This is not the case, as packages with the post office are almost always cheaper, have trackable packages, and they have greatly increased their reliability compared to years ago. At the UPS stores, they have a surcharge for p.o. packages, whereas if you go to an actual p.o. you’ll get the lower rates. I am an employee of ups for over 20 yrs., and I can honestly say I’m not proud nor happy to work there. Recently a manager decided to leave behind over a dozen wooden pallets full of next day air packages at a customer they have rather than send an additional driver to the airport with them. It is not a good company at all to work for, unless you’re in high school and/or college & it’s a temporary arrangement. Unfortunately this reflects on morale.


mac mcvicker June 24, 2015 at 11:10 am

Package has been at the nearest UPS terminal for almost a week because we have a bridge that is flooded on a state hwy. There are 2 alternative routes that can be used but evidently UPS isn’t smart enough to figure that out. I have been trying for almost 2 hours now to get the phone number of the terminal to inform them of the alternative routes, but NOBODY at UPS is smart enough to find the phone number. All the customer service people keep saying is “we’re sorry for the delay” and “can we have your tracking number”. I’ve given them the tracking # so many times I’ve just about got it memorized. And of course they read to me the exact same tracking activity log that I can read for my self. FRUSTRATING! FRUSTRATING! FRUSTRATING!


keith June 4, 2015 at 8:04 am

UPS has screwed us over many times. of course they are a 55 billion dollar company they take the small guys money and give the big guys all the shipping breaks.
I now get charged a out of area fee of over $3.00 and a residential fee of over $3.00
so when we receive a package it costs $20.00 to us for a small envelope.
WE WILL NEVER USE UPS for any of our shipping.
after much complaining about the residential fee they agreed we are NOT residential, BUT we cannot get a refund. nice going UPS!!
you could deliver our packages for FREE and we would STILL NOT USE UPS. We have honesty and principals here obviously UPS does not.


Glen McLemore May 14, 2015 at 12:56 pm

I own and operate a very small retail sportings goods supply store in a rural area of Montana. I’ve had a business account with United Parcel Service (UPS) for about six years and things have been routinely fine up till recently. For whatever reason they’ve just recently reclassified my account as being in a residential area, so now every package I ship, and/or receive from UPS includes a residential surcharge of $3.10. That’s not a great deal of money, but being as most of my orders are small, that senseless surcharge significantly impacts my profits. I’ve explained to my UPS account representative there probably 15 other legitimate businesses on my roadway besides my own and it’s not reasonable and very unfair of UPS to charge businesses residential fees just because our geographic area is classified as residential by the USPS. I asked my UPS Account Representitive Mr. B. Hill three times to please have his manager contact me in hopes of our getting this resolved and my account status reset back to business. It’s been at least six days and now three requests for his manager to call me and yet ……..I’m still waiting!! What ever happened to good service and te concept of returning customer calls within one business day?


clyde April 30, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Yes I spent over 7 hours trying to get UPS Sierra Vista Az to delivery to me all that I got was LIP SERVICE and sent back and forth to others talked to supervisors managers all I got was Lip Service and no help. To me If Ups goes back to the CORE VALUES they will come out of it I think UPS does not understand THE CUSTOMER is always right


Susan April 20, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Shipped package with UPS, 2 day ground from Atlanta to Florida. 4 days later it arrives, costs about 100.00 as a fine. I call UPS, they have no record of it, lucky I have receipt and tracking number. They are so sorry. spoke w gentleman, they will refund the shipping 9+ dollars. They want me to go to the UPS store and talke w them. They acknowledge they did not follow their own policies not their code of business conduct they have published on line. I am still on hold to speak w a supervisor, 32 minutes, and that was offered when I told them I would go to to the media and tell them about it…along w the BBB. They keep apologizing and making excuses that this cannot have happened. I am on hold again. We will see.


Mary April 10, 2015 at 12:15 pm

First I’d like to say…”Wish I could put a thumbs up on some of these comments.” They are right on the mark. Secondly…DO NOT PAY FOR 2nd day shipping. I had a 2lb small box that I shipped 2nd day on April 7th. My receipt stated it would be delivered on April 9th. The cost for this service was $31.16. The box was delivered on April 10th. I did the online chat and the automated person stated the obligatory “It is left at the discretion of the driver, sorry.” WTF I didn’t request that a signature be required and I didn’t request that it personally be given to a person at the door. I have packages left at the door ALL the time! I can see if I requested a signature or if it was say from Omaha Steaks (which I have sent) but this was just a small package that wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t even put insurance on it. I paid for 2 day…I want 2 day…period! Don’t charge for it it you aren’t going to honor it!!!


Lsa April 3, 2015 at 4:58 pm

UPS does not put the Customer First…Very Dissatisfied with this company.
My pkg. from Houston, Texas shipped to receiver one hour north overnight will not be here for FOUR days. When you call this Georgia based company you get to speak to a lady in the Philippines ! She sweetly states she is So Sorry ….. My sender tells me he will request a refund of over one hundred dollars, UPS will state they cannot predict the weather…
Why do you ship a pkg. from Houston, TX to Kentucky and back to Houston ?
No wonder this company Needs New Management !
I’ll Be Sure Not to use UPS therefore they cannot take advantage of my funds, time or patience.


john david March 14, 2015 at 1:35 pm

On 3/14/2015,in pray lakes location line for over 1 hour 1 employee no lights on and I had to wait because I didn’t have a appointment. CEO Scott Davis have A seat and retire because your customer care is just below a high school degree CEO.


susie March 13, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Delivery guy left medical delivery of small pieces for recovering husband UNDER THE RUG WHERE ANYONE COULD HAVE STEEPED ON THEM, these are essential for his feeding tube and he had been without food already for awhile, so if something had happened it would have been very bad. We live in an apt. near medical care and the walkway is shared by 3 other apartments, so it’s not like the rug is in a private entrance to our home, etd. He was walking away from the door when I got there, I called after him but he wouldn’t return. After calling to complain, his superior called me in the evening and was barely sympathetic, but agreed package should have not been under the rug! Well guess what, the same dude had a delivery to me today, and he harassed me for complaining about him, saying he workede 10 hours a day and doesn’t have time to talk to people when they call after him so I even slammed the door on him. Notice he had plenty of time to talk to me when he wanted to harass me about complaining. I hat UPS, going to aske the all deliveries be mede Fed Ex in the future.


charles bridges February 3, 2015 at 5:32 pm

hi my name is Charles bridges and I had a very expensive package damaged and notified ups claims the package was considered damaged by UPS ups they took fault and turn me over to Crawford and company for payment in that Crawford and company has given me the third degree totally trying to find ways to not pay and I’m very unsatisfied I purchased the insurance and yet they will not pay off the bad thing is the amount of insurance that I purchased was not enough to cover the damage that was done to my package please help Charles 770294 1675 yes i do have pictures to prove all damages and facts before it was shipped and after I received it back I have been shipping from this residence from 27 yearsand never had a single problem out of ups which is my number one only carrier for my small business I am sorry to say but I am starting to have doubt about ups thank you


charles bridges February 3, 2015 at 10:25 pm

shipment id mad9k0v41zuh shipper # 320×07


TJude January 22, 2015 at 9:48 am

On my scheduled delivery day, I stayed home all day. I kept monitering UPS on the status online for any changes. At about 6:30PM, the status was changed to “attempted delivery”. That was not true. There were two people at home, and a video security camera on my front porch. No one from UPS showed up and no notice was left. After two calls to customer service, nothing was done. UPS does not care about their customers on either end. With several shipping companies competing for business, only customer service makes the difference. UPS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT SERVICE, ONLY THE MONEY THAT THEY CAN MAKE. Continued business as usual will eventually cause their stock to be a poor investment, which will cause them to go out of business.


Lena January 30, 2015 at 10:46 pm

I agree totally, this happened to me in December it took a week to get my package. I believe it was only because I called corporate and spoke with someone. Well here we go again received notice this morning that my package was on truck. Delivery by end of day well the time is now 7:11pm and end of day no package, no notice that they were hear and I’ve been home all day so that I would not miss them. I will be calling corporate on Monday.


kathy January 16, 2015 at 6:38 pm

What happened to my comment that was under moderation? Do they disappear from the screen until they are approved. Or, did I hit a nerve?


Kathy January 16, 2015 at 5:54 pm

After using my last nerve today with my local UPS office (Lake City, FL.) in regards to a four years of problems; I find out today through Live Chat and a call to UPS that there is no phone number or e-mail available for Corporate in Atlanta. So, I will have to send certified letters to the COO and CEO. I have never dealt with so many incompetent people who really don’t care about their customers. Seems the not caring starts at the top since numbers and e-mail are not provided. Corporate gets theirs so I guess that is all that matters.


Terry Z January 8, 2015 at 2:25 pm

Dont EVER take a seasonal position with them in Arizona. They lied & said that I would be working 10 hours a day mon-fri & sats if I wanted. LOLOL that was a joke. I had to get off unemployment to take this position so i could pay bills & feed my family. They messed up my first paycheck. After being called a liar from one of the managers I finally got the driver to tell them yes i worked the hours, only to have them then make me wait almost 4 weeks. I had a $100 paycheck, a $33 paycheck & a $280 paycheck. They are finally giving me my last check for the money they shorted me today. BUt that wasnt without it’s issues. First they told me there wasnt a check, then they called me on my way home and told me to come back they found it?! THey are very unprofessional & unorganized at the Arizona branches I dealt with and I’m still fighting trying to get my unemployment back after I was laid off on 12/23/14. I will tell everyone who mentions UPS about the disorganization. I’m thinking that if one area is disorganized, how can the others organize. Watch out for the dishonesty. Then just try to find someone at corporate to talk to about issues like this, its a joke. They cant be reached!!!


Taylor December 26, 2014 at 1:35 pm

I had been waiting home all week to discover that I had 2 delivery attempts which no notice was left on my door or anything I called customer service they said driver tried to deliver 2 times no one was home so I contact the local office to speak with a woman named Alpha who claims to be a supervisor only to tell me there was a gate issue I said if that’s the case when he reported that why didn’t anyone call me and why is it not on your website she specifically told me it was not their obligation to notice me. I complained with customer service about her only to call me back and say I was a liar. I asked for her supervisor still haven’t gotten back to me. If UPS is a company that works with customers they really need to re evaluate their customer service policy no one should be treated in such a manner not once did that supervisor apologize to me basically said its your own fault with all these complaints sounds like some changes need to be made


nykkeicha December 18, 2014 at 11:32 am

when is it ever appropriate to tell a customer that it is their fault for their package being stolen for one of your drop boxes. I drop a package in your drop box on Monday December 15 2014. Four days later, there has been no sign of my package. when i was contacted by your customer service department that my package has been stolen and i must file a police report. what will filing a police report result in?
I was told that there is nothing you can do to help and as a matter of fact i was told that i will receive no help from UPS. Your customer service personnel were rude and unprofessional. UPS is letting me know that its drop boxes are not their property and i must suck up my losses. This is unacceptable!!!


Tina November 18, 2014 at 12:39 am

So frustrated with our UPS driver!! He/She keeps throwing our packages over our 7ft driveway gate. We’re retired and are always home! They don’t even bother ringing our doorbell! I ordered a Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven, this thing easily weighs 35lbs, and our UPS driver thought it a good idea to throw it over our 7ft driveway gate! I opened it hoping it was still ok despite the fall but it was wishful thinking! It was so dented that the door wouldn’t open! Every package delivered by UPS is now thrown over our gate. This is obviously not a highly educated individual but also lacks common sense!!


Tina November 18, 2014 at 12:43 am

Forgot to mention that we lost out on the deal as the oven was sold out. So we’re screwed, HSN, got stiffed with a broken oven, and the idiot driver still remains employed! How is this tolerated by such a prestigious company? At least UPS used to be prestigious when they held the bar high for customer service.


get used to it November 8, 2014 at 5:36 pm

I am a 25 yr. retired driver…..I have seen service steadily decline and CEO salary steadily rise since public takeover…….don’t even want to mention driver abuse


Chri Randolph November 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

I believe UPS is a Great Company. They make mistakes but so does FedEx. UPS handles a lot more packages than FedEx does. I have used FedEx, UPS and USPS and have had a lot more problems with USPS than all the others. I know and understand that there is not a perfect delivery company. I do know that UPS is committed to taking care of their customers.


Disne Curry February 11, 2015 at 7:41 pm

Chri, I assume it’s not Chris as there was no s on your post. I have dealt with both UPS & FedEx as well as the USPS. I have to say not only has my experience with the Post Office been worlds better than either private company, but on those rare occasions that I had a problem, I have never been treated as badly as with UPS. Their complete lack of concern for the problems they have caused their customers is unbelievable. Unbelievable,
that is until you read these comments. My question is are you being paid to post, or are you just worried about your UPS stock price?


lesley May 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Get real!!!


Marjorie DeLuca October 31, 2014 at 10:37 pm

I’ve used UPS, as well as my suppliers, for decades. But, of late UPS has gotten sloppy.
One problem surfaced two weeks ago when a shipment was late due to a trailer breakdown. This was not a critical shipment, and problems do happen.
But we had a critical shipment of a hard drive for a critical job tomorrow afternoon and evening due here today, Friday, Nov. 1. But guess what? UPS “mis-sorted in New Jersey causing at least one business day delay.” It’s Friday night, the day it was scheduled to be delivered, and I see that shipment 1Z6W187E0335690430 arrived at UPS’s Wadsworth Facility just 15 minutes from me this evening. I can use the hard drive no later than tomorrow morning, but “Louis” (agent 98161) from UPS’s call center in Asia tells me I’m out of luck until Monday. So I can’t do the job and what’s worse…. B&H photo will charge me a restocking fee for this critical hard drive I no longer need. Thanks, UPS. Great job, again.


LEON October 16, 2014 at 3:23 pm

This company is the most frustrating to deal with. They lose a package that was insured by them and all you get is a run around. It has been almost 8 weeks now and I have not been able to speak with a responsible individual. I have spoken with 20 different ‘customer service reps’ from different countries as well a in the US. Never the same one twice. I have to relive this event over and over again. I have been told they know the item has been stolen. I have been told the investigation is over. I have been given a claim number. I have called the claims dept. I am told they do not have the claim. I am beside myself with frustration. This has become a nightmare. You can’t even get through at their corporate headquarters in Atlanta. Is there anyone there that cares about a customer?


get used to it November 8, 2014 at 5:37 pm

not any more


clyde April 30, 2015 at 6:18 pm

Yes they are I just spent 7 hours on the phone and chat at UPS I am so frustration and no pack. There customer service is no good at all they pass the buck to someone else and no help at all. To me they seem great for LIP SERVICE and that is all still no help


Mary September 25, 2014 at 3:14 pm

They fire people for going over on their bathroom breaks and 50 and 60 year old women who is on medication are running around scared of losing their job and benefits for infraction over a 5 min break infraction. The Hr. team and management team all go out together and gossip and slanders employees name in the company and plant inferior in the employees. The LEAVE supervisor is a racist bigot and half the department went to HR on her and nothing has been done! She gets pleasure out of seeing employee’s fired and gets promoted for being narcissistic person! Coaches has demoted themselves and go out on Short term disability for stress from the Racist supervisor! That they do nothing about in the Overland Park UPS SITE!! It’s so sad!! Somebody must investigate this site! They need to do a internally investigation on this site!!


Mary September 25, 2014 at 3:06 pm

This IS by far the worst company to work for in the world! This company is known for the worst management team in the world! They are diabolical and GOD will judge this company! Especially the UPS Site in OVERLAND PARK, KS!! THE SITE MANAGER IS A MODERN DAY SLAVE MASTER!


Tamaiiko September 5, 2014 at 10:42 pm

On 09/05 I was waiting on a pkg to arrive, as I was leaving out of my apt to check my mail I notice a UPS sticker on the door with just the date and B1 which is my neighbor downstairs. As I’m approaching my neighbor’s apt, he comes out and advised me that UPS just went outside, he didn’t leave any pkg there with them. I go outside and approach him, he tells me he has it in his truck. Okay, he goes in the truck, scans the pkg and I have my neighbor carry it down the block and up 4 flights to my apt, only to get in & realize this is not my pkg. I call UPS cs as soon as I realize the error @5:39, they advs I will get a cb in an hour. NO CB. I call back again @7:02 I cld again, this time I spk to a csr who advsd they were doing an investigation. I lost it, I said that makes no sense since I gave them all the info for my pkg and the pkg that was misdlvd. I asked for a supv and spk to a woman named Deb who was very apologetic and she seemed helpful, I appreciated that, but I advsd her as I had advsd the previous csr that I cannot wait for rdlvy on 09/08 when it was not my mistake that the driver msdlved the pkg. I originally cld to alert the to the msdlvy and advsd her I just want this resolved and my pkg dlvd to me today. I paid for dlvy 09/05 because I needed this for class Monday morning 09/08. Deb advsd me she spk to a supvr at the station & advsd him/her of the situation and was told the driver would come back around 8pm. I waited until 8:48 and called again, once again I spk to cs and a supvr named Julie who I asked how do we get this resolved? I have been more than patient and I just want my pkg. Supv Julie stated that there was nothing she could do & I would have to deal with Monday dlvy. I must admit, I became very upset and advsd Julie that this is totally unacceptable. It is not fair to me because the driver made a mistake (I don’t believe he did it maliciously) I would have to suffer, or take that option and that’s it! I told her I will not be home on Monday, the pkg that was middlvd will be left outside (oh yeah, she advsd me that not only will I get my dlvy on Monday, but that is when they will pick up this misdlvd pkg as well) Really??? I even asked for Sat dlvy & pick up of this pkg and she said no, it will be Monday and that’s it or I could pick up my pkg myself ( I stated that was never even offered to me at all, I was still waiting for a cb!) I lost it and I did explain to her that I’m really not taking it out on her, but had I had received that option prior to me talking to her, this could have been resolved already. Instead, this has been going on for over 4 hours and it couldn’t be resolved in one day?!?!?! I advsd her that I will be writing a letter to the COO of UPS (Julie then hung up on me), and I will be letting Mr. David P. Abney know exactly how his representatives handle simple problems for small customers. Totally unacceptable and shameful!


Janet Draffin October 27, 2014 at 6:28 pm

OMG this sounds like a very similar experience to what I have been enduring!!!! I have always been a great UPS customer. Lately, they have been failing to deliver my son’s medication because they insist on attempting delivery in the mornings, when we can guarantee no one is home! I joined the My Choice thing, and I called UPS three times last week! Plus, I did a live on line chat with a rep. Each time, they assured me they would “attempt” to deliver my son’s medicine when someone is home (really? attempt? a DELIVERY company can’t DELIVER?) and each time they came back in the morning! They finally let my 17 year old sign for the package when she got home from school, and then returned ALL MY other packages to the senders! Anniversary gift, birthday gift, etc. Then they tell me “whoops- sorry – you have to reorder your gifts. A new guy was on and made a mistake”. A week later, I get a postcard telling me they “attempted” delivery and returned my son’s medicine. What??? I contacted some companies I deal with and told them its FED EX or USPS or no more business from me!


clyde April 30, 2015 at 6:20 pm

YES explains it all we get lip service


Harold addison August 26, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Need work employment historyfor Addison


abby August 20, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I went to ups today to get a notary and was shocked to find out that I had to pay double because may papers had to be stamped twice. One on one an one on the second paper. Got to the counter to find our that I had to pay over 15 dollars for the same doXXXXent. I mean I could understand if I have 2 separate doXXXXents but I didn’t I only had one. Im pretty upset about that and I don’t think that was right.


MICHAEL RICCO August 19, 2014 at 1:02 pm



clyde April 30, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Don’t belive that is is UPS policy that does it


truth January 11, 2018 at 8:43 pm

ups steal money from their workers…and the workers don’t care. Its the example they are taught by their supervisors.


Quinton August 4, 2014 at 12:26 pm

if they are not willing to help go to the Better Business Bureau(BBB) because I know I am


J Marc July 30, 2014 at 4:14 pm

I am looking for phone number for Human Resource
I would like to speak with someone about their job process


strawberri July 18, 2014 at 3:30 pm

i got an info notice from ups yesterday stating that some one will be here between the hours of 2pm and 5pm or after 5pm. I took the day off went out this morning and when i returned home at 12:30 pm there was a notice on my door where ups had came already and said they would be back on monday from the hours of 10:30am -2pm or 2pm -5pm or after 5pm. In order for me to make myself available for the monday delivery I have to take another day off of work. I called the 800 number and was told that the local office would call me back and when they did they said they ask the driver to come back and he said no. So i called the number that was listed for corporate and it took me back to the call center where they once again asking the driver to come back. I feel the driver should come back since it he came before the time that was stated on the info notice and not be given a choice of if he wants to come back. If i dont get my package today then i took a unnecessary day off of work and no one is going to pay me for my lost pay then to take another one off on monday for this package. its unfair that a company can treat their customer like garbage and that we are non factors. I will never order from another company that uses UPS as their shipping company. Will post if i get my package today or it i will allow them to send it back to the sender cause i refuse to lose another day of work.


Janet Draffin October 27, 2014 at 6:29 pm

I agree – recent experiences have been similar. I won’t use them again if I don’t have to.


get used to it November 8, 2014 at 5:33 pm

get used to it November 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

it is the new greed driven publicly owned bank


get used to it November 8, 2014 at 5:41 pm

corporate greed and loss of Jim Casey’s vision


kimberly sandersen July 18, 2014 at 12:31 pm

i paid for 2nd day air ,i didn’t choose ups the company i ordered the product from chose ups,today is the 2nd day when i actually should recieve my package(“2ND DAY AIR)”ups shows monday as delivery date ,yesterday package was sent at 11;30 am ,it didn’t move until 9;43 pm that night (no justifyable reason for it sitting) ,according to customer service yesterday didn’t even count count !yet the package was in ups’s direct care as of 11;30 am ,tell me how yesterday doesn’t count .i truely hope ups goes out of bussiness ,so companies will stop using them to ship,what a croc ,you pay extra for shipping to recieve by a certain day ! not for a package to sit!fed ex and even usps blows ups away both for service customer service!you know what that is ups!,and their(fed ex and usps) ability to move a package quickly responsably for more reasonable fees .ups are crooks and garbage delivery service .no contact #’s for corporate offices according to customer service ,…right .


Ezekiel Markwei July 18, 2014 at 11:20 am

This is the most incompetent company I have ever had to deal with. It has been almost 2 months now since I made a forwarding address for my mails. I got a confirmatory notice and yet not a single forwarded mail. My sister went to Atlanta hence asked to follow up on the issue for me. she was told i got a number of mails. yet till today i have not received it. I called all week this week just to be told a load of BS. No one seems to be able to help. telling me they don’t have access and stuff. Up till now no one is able to tell me what is happening to my mails. they out me on hold for hours the first time. Seriously? Where is the CEO? What is he doing? Do you realize how useless and incompetent your employees are?


Bim July 15, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Have you ever noticed how you can not get a hold of anyone that cares , are can fix the problem, That’s corporate America for ya , and the republicans think that they can run the country better then the government , it’s all the same bull XXXXX….


ken September 5, 2014 at 4:15 pm

UPS is a bunch of lowlife liberals. That’s why you can never get anyone on the line who gives a shot about your problem. That’s the way the federal government is run. They have your money, you’ve got nothing and a bunch of fat ass union liberals don’t give a good dam about you. Get the govt in the hands of Republicana who will clean up their act and run them efficiently. Same needs to happen to UPS and the USPS then these problems will go away. That’s how it really works, for you ignorant fools who hear the empty change you can believe in lies and fall for the XXXXX.


Bob Robella July 7, 2014 at 9:17 am

My package was scanned into a distribution point in Illinois on July 2nd at 1:30 PM. I was told at 3 PM, only 1 1/2 hours later, that because of a late trailer, it was delayed. 12 hours later, at 3:34 AM, it was scanned OUT of Illinois and in transit. It is now 4 days later, and they’ve rescheduled delivery for the following day, which causes me to try to reschedule my work hours to be present. This is a very rural area and the package contains sensitive electronic equipment.
Someone at UPS need to tell me why a 1 1/2 hour delay can’t be made up in a 5 day period, regardless of holidays and weekends, when it admittedly, their fault.


Sherry Martinez June 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm

I Think it’s a shame that UPS thinks they are so large that they can’t provide decent delivery and decent customer service I was yelled at by and agent and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was on hold for 30 min with no supervisor ever picking up.I don’t understand how and business entity like this can exist with the attitude that they have with their customers, from now I will use Fed Ex and the several thousand dollars I spend on shipping will go to them.


Sal Colletti June 9, 2014 at 1:54 pm

A UPS parcel was delivered erroneously to my home 3 TWIN BROOk DRIVE ,it should have been delivered to 35 TWIN BROOK DRIVE. Please take the necessary action
to correct this delivery.
Sal Colletti


Nina Maguire June 2, 2014 at 12:41 pm

UPS is no longer what it used to be- not even close. Problems began during the Christmas holiday- packages left at wrong address or buried in snow because it was left outside- when there is enclosed vestibule. We had a respite for two months and now problem has begun again. When tracking a package from Bloomingdales, I was told it had been delivered to the front door- well I questioned which front door- not mine. Driver said he couldn’t remember which house he delivered it to- excuse from Elmsford UPS center- “well you know how some men are- sometimes can’t remember what they had for breakfast.” I was stunned by this answer- your a delivery service- how can you conduct business this way.
I have lived at this address for 40 years and am appallled as UPS should also be! Disgraceful.
Nina Maguire


Very Unsatified Will Stop using May 29, 2014 at 5:47 pm

I spent days on the phone on hold. One woman bothered to type in the problem named Vanessa who supposedly was a supervisor and gave me an employee number. Name and employee number is useless. A man named Thomas calls says a Charles Williams is head of the Jackson, MS office and he would make sure he calls 5/29/14. This is the end of the day and of course it did not call and cannot be reached if I call. Vanessa cannot be reached even with employee Number. We had 500 checks that were never delivered and are being cashed all over central Mississippi No one at UPS care or gives a flip. We will always use FED EX Ground from now on. I have spent a minimum of 15+ hours holding on the phone on their 800 line and only Vanessa attempted to help. I have been hung up on after waiting an hour with someone who said “what do you want” after another woman did give me a chance to speak and said hold on a moment I will be right back. 15 minutes later this woman comes back, different voice and say what do you want and doesn’t say another word for and other 15 minutes and never placed me on hold, but hung up after 15 minutes. The Jackson, Miss Office never responds to problems. Yes the USPS as bad as they are at least attempts to fix their problems. The company that shipped these checks are going after UPS for all liability incurred, we are just trying address years of throwing packages out on the road in the middle of no where or, employees who are keeping the packages instead of delivering them. But UPS doesn’t care. They figure their insurance will handle it so what if someone if is causes damages to those not receiving the packages because of their poor service in both time and money


Marco P. Debe` May 13, 2014 at 10:35 pm

Today (Tuesday 05/13) I received an email stating that the UPS driver attempted to deliver my package from Radko’s Galaxy Store at my residence at 2:43PM. It stated I was not available to accept the package. This is an outright lie by the driver. I was at home at that time. I was home all day You contact me by intercom system over the telephone. I have call waiting. I had to go to the depot to get it. It would not be there until after 7:00PM. It took me a good 40 minutes to get to the depot from my home at that time of day. Also, NO slip was left at the building entrance where they usually are. Again, the driver lied in saying they tried to contact me. I would like a response from someone in authority I can give my phone number to, so they can call me about this.


Carol Hegener May 1, 2014 at 2:12 pm

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary as a 501C3 company, who continues to feed our community in Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. In 2013 our 3 food programs fed 222,000 meals in our community. I am looking for financial help to continue our mission. I can not find any
information on your “Human Resource Dept”. Can you provide me with that information?


Teresa Blackwell April 29, 2014 at 7:42 pm

MY son, Daniel, was born with Downs Syndrome. He is 17 now, and has been offered the chance to fly to Austria for the Grand Opening of the Downs Syndrome Center in Leoben, Austria. BUT…..UPS lost his passport, and we are unable to get his ticket without it. It has lost since Monday, April 22, when it reached Fort Worth, Texas. I have called every day….UPS says they can do NOTHING but investigate….and will not declare the passport lost until *8 BUSINESS DAYS after the investigation began….WE do not have that much time. WE must get his ticket. The passport agency can do nothing until UPS declares the passport lost. PLEASE HELP US


Kelvin McGowan April 29, 2014 at 9:03 am

We have a large fuel allocation of D2 fuel forsale, I would like to speak to the person or persons that make the fuel buying decisions, we will beat all competitors prices.


X April 25, 2014 at 12:28 pm

I would like to know who is the regional director for Illinois and what is his number.
I have a complaint and I would like to talk to him in person.


Tina November 18, 2014 at 12:31 am

Hello X,
I’m from Chicago and also trying to locate a regional and/or corporate level director to speak with, have you had any luck reaching someone?


James Young April 17, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Customer Service will sustain a corporation during an unstable economy. I worked for UPS while attending college. Integrity 25 years ago, has the same meaning today. Please instill the same core values in your personnel that built the corporation that you hold today.


clyde April 30, 2015 at 6:25 pm

YES if they will but do they have Integrity as they pass all to others , don’t seem ton want to help people


David Martin April 16, 2014 at 10:32 am

It should be obvious that I am writing this because of yet another series of very poor action of UPS in which a delivery was bungled 4 times in a period of 5 days. These included attempted deliveries when UPS was told no one would be there, and failure to deliver at promised times when there was someone there. Further failures include failures to make promised phone calls, and in general, an absolute lack of concern for the customer. I don’t know what has happened to this once fine company, but I will never count on them to deliver a package for me in the future, and will specify that the companies I do business with use either the Post Office, or Federal Express.


Joshua April 2, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I’m not too sure that all the shipping companies aren’t full of crap from the top down. I’m a transportation service, if I lied, even if it was a accidental one, I’d fix it. I ordered phones 3 times since December. The first time they delivered to my old address on a friday, I had to intercept it at the apartment complex office after the new tenants left it for pickup on Monday. The second time it was sent to my actual address and before the delivery attempt I had them bring it back to the shipping warehouse to avoid a 60 mile drive to pick up the package that could be picked up 2 miles from work. No problems.. This time I ordered 3k worth of phones and even made sure my current address was on the paperwork. Sprint screwed up but what happened next was all UPS. I went by the shipping warehouse to ask them to bring it back for a ‘will call’ they told me to pick it up after 7. I get there at 6:45 and was told it was put back on the truck for a return to shipper. I was told to get it I would have to wait another 2 days for them to update and reroute it back to my address, even though it was still ON FRACKING SITE. UPS has the laziest customer service people I have ever encountered.I then asked for a executive complaint department and was referred to the toll free number, that they don’t have a corporate number which is a blatant lie. In the mean time I’m losing business from this whole fracking mess.


Laura March 19, 2014 at 4:56 pm

UPS is a bunch of thieves, unintentionally provide poor training to their counter service agents so they can pack $50 or $60 dollars from their customers. They accepted a package from me knowing what it was inside the box. Now, they are returning the package to me and keeping my money while I am being blamed for not calling customer service before sending the package. Their counter person gave me the wrong information, and that, as per their version, is my fault. Thieves that is what they are …


Lashunda Stubbs March 14, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Im very disgusted with ups rightnow, because I sat home waiting on my package to come and I get a email saying it will be redelivered, because no one was home. When I was home all day. Even took off to get the package, this is the second this has happen and I reay hate getting anything delivered through UPS. If I may say so, UPS is making fedex look real good rightnow. The facility in Unadilla, GA has very unprofessional people working there and disrespectful. The drivers are paid to deliver, so thats what they should do and not lie about delivering, when they did not. Im a very pissed off customer.


S. Alexander March 24, 2014 at 6:37 pm

Ms Stubbs

I just wanted to say I totally agree with you being angry. I’m a 60 year old lady and that just happened to me today. I took the day off to wait for a 45lb package. At around 4p.m. central time I checked the status to find out it had been delivered to the complex office. I called the company I purchased the product from who immediately contacted UPS and made them redeliver within 1 hour.
If anyone reads this reply, I would recommend you not call UPS and they’re a joke. Call the company with whom you purchased the product. UPS is not trying to loose their vendors and respond much more quickly if they call.


Jean Kosch March 6, 2014 at 8:04 pm

In the past month, I was promised (by email) on 2 separate occasions that a delivery would be made on a certain day. Both times, UPS Laurel, MD warehouse failed to deliver my packages on time. The first delivery, they said that the regular driver was out sick and the alternate exceeded his driving hours and had to return to the warehouse. Although I understand the safety aspect, why did the Laurel management not make sure there were sufficient drivers to deliver as promised. I received the package 4 days later than what I was told in the email. I NEVER received an email to tell me that the delivery would be delayed. The second delivery, I was sent an email and was told that the delivery would be a certain day. I did not receive the package. I called and was told that the trailer was not unloaded and therefore did not get on the truck for delivery. This is not my problem that the Laurel warehouse can’t do their jobs. Again no notice of the change in delivery. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. After waiting 33 minutes, I hung up because no supervisor answered the phone. I called back and finally got to talk to a supervisor. She said that they delivery would be a day late! I asked why I wasn’t told of the change since they knew this at 9 AM and it was 6 PM when I was talking to her. She said that I should get something tonight after the system refreshed itself – UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! She told me that Laurel has a high volume of packages and can’t keep up with the load. Again this is not my problem but UPS. I don’t want to hear excuses. If this was an isolated incident, I could understand but this is twice in less than a month. Add Christmas and you have a complete debacle. Corporate needs to take action. We are paying for the service and not getting SERVICE. It’s hard to contact UPS because I don’t have faith that my comments are passed on to someone who can take corrective action. I ask if someone at Corporate will contact me and tell me what actions are being taken to preclude future delayed deliveries???????????????????????????? I won’t hold my breath.


Dirk February 27, 2014 at 10:13 pm

UPS seems to be very insensitive to the concerns of their customers. They have been sending me emails suggesting a delivery window from 1:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m., but I seldom get my packages within that time frame. If you go to their website and track your item, it will say that delivery can be until end of day, which apparently means 7 p.m.. When I finally, after trying several phone numbers, got to speak to someone live, it was a foreign agent. Naturally I got no help from that person. I finally tried another number and got through to an American Agent. That person said that the delivery time could be from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.. My item arrived this evening at 6:14 p.m.. Another day wasted waiting for UPS. I don’t have that problem with USPS or FedEx. I’m going to start asking my shippers to use any service other than UPS. If UPS can’t deliver within a four-hour time frame, then they should hire more drivers. They certainly charge enough for their services, so they surely can’t be suffering from a “lack of funds”.


CJ February 19, 2014 at 12:38 am

I am a very dissatisfied customer. Basically my package is in a hostage situation. I sent my niece a gift basket for Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t have parents and I wanted her to know that she was loved. The package was sent from Carbondale IL on Saturday. It was supposed to arrive in Chicago on Tuesday. On Tues evening I tracked the package online. A message was posted by UPS saying they made 2 attempts to deliver the package when they did not. I called to speak with a supervisor. He told me that the recipients name was not on the apartment directory. The apartment lists the apartment numbers that correspond with the the address on the package, so I didn’t understand how this could be a hinderance, especially since the truck never showed up. Homes on my block don’t have names on them, so why is such a policy being directed towards apartments? The supervisor took the information and put the family name on the ticket to dispatch to the driver. The following day a posting was put on the tracking website saying UPS attempted another delivery when they did not. They claimed the same excuse that the recipients name wasn’t on the directory. I called to speak with another supervisor. He apologized and assured me that the package was to be put on the truck the next morning for delivery. He told me to call back after 10am. I was in a funeral line when I called UPS back to check and make sure this package was on the truck, to my dismay the customer service rep told me the package had been labeled for the recipient to come and pick it up.. This was on Valentine’s Day, when the package was supposed to arrive. She told me that an attempt would be made to deliver my package on Monday, Feb 17th. I was disgusted that the recipient didn’t get their gift when they were supposed to. On Monday, I checked the tracking website and I called the Claims Department of Staples where the package was shipped from. They told me they would help me track the package delivery. The package was not delivered on Monday. UPS posted a message that there was emergency conditions that prevented delivery. The Staples Claims rep told me that UPS would not let her begin a claim for me to recover my insurance on the package since it had not been delivered on time. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I contacted UPS again on Tues to see where my package was and when it would be delivered. After being on hold for 30min when I explained my situation the customer service rep hung up on me. I called back later that evening. The customer service representative told me the same excuse about recipients name not being on the apartment directory, he then combined it with another excuse saying the package has been pulled off the truck for recipient to pick it up (while on the tracking website USP listed the parcel as being out for delivery). I am ready to contact law enforcement at this point to get my property from this company.I asked if FedEx could pick my parcel up for me and they told me no. This is a troubled company, I think a class action lawsuit is in order as well. When service gets this bad it obvious that this company is on its last legs. I’ll be watching the news for the bankruptcy announcement because its obvious this company cares nothing about serving its customers. And it really is galling that supervisors would lie to customers and that they would post false statements on their tracking website. UPS has no integrity and I am very disgusted.


Joe February 18, 2014 at 2:01 pm

I had never had any problems with UPS until this week Here is my bad experience:
I ordered flowers to be delivered Valentines Day to my wife at the public school where she works. I received a message from the shipper that due to inclement weather the package would be delivered early which ended up being Thursday February 13th when the Northeast and particularly Delaware received a foot of snow
I called UPS that day to find out what would happen the next day and was advised 1) the local UPS was closed which the whole state was and 2) couldn’t change the address for delivery due to something called shippers release 3) couldn’t put a hold on the package for pickup as store was closed
So I checked the next morning and found out package was on truck for delivery at 630AM and now couldn’t be held
Although all public schools in the area were CLOSED something known to the whole state of Delaware administrators being essential personnel still had to report. So I figured ok she is at the school the truck has been out at 630 the distribution center is only 20 minutes away and even if the driver has to make up deliveries surely he or she would start at the farthest part of the drive being the school in Northern Delaware
Hours pass Updates online keep saying on truck for delivery Finally my wife comes home at 330 and doesn’t say a word so I ask her and she says nothing delivered I checked online and still “on truck for delivery” and tried to call UPS and over 15 minute wait time, which is understandable due to situation and all I got was on truck for delivery
Finally I received this email notification:

Tracking Number: 1Z6X99X4P295790358
Delivery Date / Time: 14-February-2014 / 4:21 PM
Delivery Location: FRONT DOOR


I understand about the shippers release (not really and went around and around with the shipper about that who flat out told me UPS would not let them change addresses so not sure who is telling me what) BUT:
430 in the afternoon at a closed public school!!!! Closed for the weekend! and closed for the public holiday Monday. That package if it was even there by Tuesday would have been sitting outside for 3 1/2 days. And then what would have happened? Who would take the fault of not receiving the package if it was stolen from the front door of a closed school? The company who shipped them?? UPS who technically did their part and “delivered” the package? Or would I have been out the cost of this order because everyone involved did their part and well you know the weather really impacted everyone etc etc blah blah blah

Again I know there are rules and this weather event confused everything BUT the driver couldn’t and hopefully not didn’t realize that school was closed and would be closed???? He or she couldn’t call the office and ask what to do as he or she didn’t feel right leaving someone’s Valentines Day flowers outside in the dark and cold??? Yes shippers release that’s the reason I kept getting when I finally got through to UPS customer service However again really 430 in the afternoon at a school that was closed????? Any modiXXXX of common sense would have led the driver to question this action or is UPS all about the delivery and not customer service.
Luckily (?) I saw the notification and was able to drive over to the school in the dark on a Friday evening to retrieve the box clearly marked flowers . I am aware that although the whole surprise and valentines day special was ruined through the weather event I can only imagine if it was something valuable (like the previous writes Mac)or urgent needed by the recipient and it was left at a closed building at 430 on a Friday afternoon
I am really confused by UPS actions in all this I would have much preferred a notice saying package was undeliverable rather than it just being left on the front door of a closed school As I said before I know there are rules but there must have been (should have been) discussions about what to do about certain deliveries if the driver believed the package was not able to be delivered And I do not believe dropping off a package at a closed school building at 430 in the afternoon on a Friday as “delivered” although on technicality the driver was able to scan the package and check off done and on his or her way
As I said I did eventually get the package although with much stress anger frustration and annoyance from everyone involved and also that UPS may have bigger priorities but just wanted to make you aware of this incident I have learned my lesson and will not for the sake of a few bucks use an unfamiliar company and buy local but still do not believe the attitude and lack of assistance from UPS
And this was their response when contacted So thanks for nothing but aggravation UPS

Thank you for contacting us. Due to high email volume, we apologize for the delay in this response. Your comments are very important to us. Feedback such as yours allows us to continually improve our services. I completely understand your frustration, and I sincerely apologize for the delay in the delivery of your package.
UPS has a Shipper Release shipping option which directs our drivers to deliver packages without a signature at no additional cost.
The Shipper Release procedure enables UPS to complete the delivery on the first attempt by allowing the driver to leave the package at any address (residential or commercial) without obtaining a signature.
These terms of service apply to Shipper Release:
– UPS will only make one delivery attempt.
– UPS will not obtain a signature upon delivery.
– A UPS delivery record will be conclusive proof of delivery.
– The shipper accepts liability for any loss or damage to the package after delivery.
Please contact us if you need any additional assistance


Tami Stodghill February 1, 2014 at 1:10 pm

They totally “lost” our laptop package and really do not care. WE were the ones that discovered it was out for delivery in Columbus, MS when the ship to address was Littleton, CO. We called when we saw that and they claimed they would put a redirect to the correct address. Nothing after that at all except can’t locate. Well, I’m here to tell you—this is probably what happened to our laptop:


Annette Wilson January 29, 2014 at 9:17 pm

UPS InfoNotice – 935715013591
Good night,
I am writing to detail the treatment I have received or not received regarding the picking up of a package. A pick up was issued to the UPS office located at Foster Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. I was at home all day on 1/28/2014. My bell was not rung but a notice was placed on the outside door of the building, I live on the 7th floor of a Condo, indicating that an attempt was made to pick up the package. I called UPS and advised them that I was at home all day. They advised that a second attempt would be made on 1/29/2014. Because I knew the driver was not ringing my bell I kept watch at the window. At about 1.00 pm I saw the UPS truck. By the time I got downstairs it was gone. No notice was left on the door. On checking the website it indicated that a second attempt had been made. I immediately called UPS and they got in touch with the office at Foster Avenue. The office in turn got in touch with the driver on the truck who advised that he would pick up the package at 8.30 pm on 1/29. At around 8.00 pm I called UPS hoping that they could ascertain if the driver was coming. I was told it was not yet 8.30pm and I should wait. I called UPS at 8.40pm and the agent got in touch with the local office. She was told that all the drivers had gone. I am so frustrated because I do not know what to do to get this package picked up. This will be the third attempt. This is no way to treat a customer. The pick up is for a package weighing about 147 lbs. There is no way I can take it to the office. I am kindly requesting that something be done regarding this kind of treatment that was meted out to me. It is not fair. You can reach me at Thanks for your kind assistance.


Chris Van Dyke January 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I am not in the habit of writing letters, but cirXXXXstances have motivated me to write.

I live in Bend, Oregon 97701.

For several years we have had a driver support our considerable personal shipping needs. His name is Dexter Bryson.
Because of the outstanding job he does, week in and week out, we no longer even consider doing any of our shipping business with Fed Ex or the US Postal Service. Dexter is that good. He is friendly, helpful, courteous, smart, punctual, careful with our shipments. We are disappointed when we place orders for products from companies who use one of your competitors. Because we live in a rural area on some acreage and have a gate entrance to our property, we know that unless Dexter is making the delivery that there will probably be issues. Simply put, we are completely spoiled by the quality of support we get from Dexter.

I was in a local UPS office shipping a package a couple of weeks ago and asked how I give UPS feedback on an employee. I was asked who the employee was and when I mentioned Dexter’s name, the UPS employee said she knew him and that he regularly gets great feedback. Three people in line also interrupted and said they knew Dexter. They, too, had the same to report about Dexter; he is fantastic.

I am a lawyer by training and worked as a senior marketing executive at Nike, Inc for nearly 20 years. At Nike we went out of our way to recognize employees who did exceptional work. It is my hope that Dexter will get similar recognition from UPS. He is nothing short of outstanding. He is UPS’s competitive advantage in our area.

Thanks for your time. And thanks for having employees like Dexter Bryson. Please feel free to use my feedback and comments in whatever way may be helpful.

Chris Van Dyke


kimfa carrington January 14, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Good Day, For the past three days I have been trying to get a resolution to my package that has not been delivered. Tracking 1za469y3p268658187… I was told inaccurate information several times. I was assured that I would receive a call back from local center and that my package would be delivered the next day .. I was told this each day I called 1800-833-9943. I called on 1/10, 1/11, 1/13. Spoke to a supervisor that told me ” basically representatives told you what you wanted to hear”. WTH is that the modes operandi of that customer service center. What is the likelihood that four separate customer service agent would respond that way. Obvious symptom of lack of leadership in that department. Where is the quality customer service ? I want my package and I want a refund for shipping . I want this center supervisor retrained. UPS offers a service easily obtained by another carrier , quality customer service is what keeps people coming back. UPS is unreliable and customer service agent are lacking any customer care.

ps I was also disconnected twice or did they hang up on a customer!!!

Thank You,


Lynn Johnston January 10, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Guess what? This is an update to my earlier post. After all the aggravation with UPS it appears either they lost the package or it was stolen. Seeing that it was a brand new iMac I’m bucking for stolen by a UPS worker. The last scan stated “Late Train” and “no delivery information available at this time” And when you talk to UPS, they can’t answer any questions for you. I even got Apple involved. Needless to say, they have to replace my order since they’ve charged me for it. But I told them if it’s sent ground and sent by UPS just cancel my order. Apple assures me it won’t be ground but still can’t assure me it will go FedEX. I get the feeling I won’t see iMac #2. UPS YOU SUCK!!!! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL IN BUSINESS? With no real way to track packages with vague explanations you’d think with all the technology we have at our finger tips you’d at least be able to keep sight of your packages like FedEx can. Again, YOU SUCK!


Keith Edwards January 10, 2014 at 2:24 pm

When I got up this morning I looked on my computer and seen that “U.P.S.” Was suppose
to have my package today Friday 01/10/14 By end of Day. But the package is in Oklahoma City since 3:32 a.m. But I live in McAlester Oklahoma and it is not hear and they can not say that there was any Holiday back up problems or even weather problems because all it is doing hear is raining. And after I called them the put this up on there tracking page!!!!! So What is there “Excuses” now. For all of us that don’t get are packages on time that they say we will get them and the one’s that they open or destroy are packages. get together and take them to court and Sue them for “BILLIONS” then maybe then that will cause them to have to shut down so “Responsible and Reliable” other “Companies” with there head on there shoulder’s can show them how to do there “Job ” wright. But as far as I’m “Concerned” I will never use them again because they “Stink” when it come to being “RELIABLE OR RESPECTFUL TO US PAYING CUSTOMERS”!!
Change Delivery
Request Status Updates
Scheduled Delivery:
Scheduled delivery information is not available at this time. Please check back later.
Last Location:
Oklahoma City, OK, United States, Friday, 01/10/2014

What time will your package be delivered to your home? Get FREE Delivery Windows on most UPS packages.

I am already a UPS My Choice Member

Additional Information
Shipped/Billed On:01/07/2014Type:PackageWeight:0.50 lb

Shipment Progress
What’s This?
Location Date Local Time Activity
Oklahoma City, OK, United States 01/10/2014 4:30 A.M. Network disruption due to prior weather conditions, check for further updates.
01/10/2014 3:32 A.M. Arrival Scan
Wichita, KS, United States 01/09/2014 11:32 P.M. Departure Scan
01/09/2014 9:42 P.M. Arrival Scan
Oak Creek, WI, United States 01/08/2014 2:04 P.M. Departure Scan
01/08/2014 2:18 A.M. Origin Scan
United States 01/07/2014 7:39 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS


Anonymous January 10, 2014 at 1:16 pm

I wish to extend my many thanks and appreciation to the UPS employee, Brandon Dobmeyer. His immediate willingness to offer help to someone in need serves as a worthy example for others, including myself, to follow.

Anyone currently living in the Midwest knows that our weather conditions as of late have been anything less than ideal. The feeling of being trapped in a snow globe would be a rather accurate way to describe it. Being an elementary teacher in a local school district with four consecutive snow days this week have given me as well as many other families with school-aged children an unrelenting case of cabin fever. This impatient feeling from being inside too long was the reason for my eagerness to venture out into the whiteout this evening.

After completing a few errands, I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot and, believe it or not, began heading to the nearest UPS store to drop off two packages. As I pulled onto the main road, I immediately began to hear the unwelcoming rhythmic thud of a flat tire. Having no clue how to change a tire myself, no family in Indiana, and knowing very well that few people would want to even consider offering their support in changing a tire in these extreme conditions, my immediate thought was a rather sarcastic, “Oh, wonderful!”

I pulled into the closest parking lot, which happened to be at a CVS. I then get out of my car to look at the tire as I simultaneously called my dad in a panic asking him what to do. He suggested I call one of my little brother’s friends who lived in the area. Just as I was looking up his number in my phone, a big, brown UPS van pulled up in the parking lot. Without any hesitation, Brandon walks up to me and says, “Where’s your spare located? I can get it changed for you in no time.”

For the next thirty minutes or so, Brandon very knowledgeably maneuvered around my vehicle to detach my spare, jack up my car, remove my flat, and replace it with my spare all the while being pounded with snow in the 23 F wind-chill. This entire process would be a lot to ask out of anyone let alone a stranger and in these extreme conditions.

As he finished tightening the lug nuts and removed the jack from underneath my car, I asked him where his UPS truck was. He then informed me that he had already completed his deliveries for the day and his driver had dropped him off here to get his own vehicle to head home to his wife.

As I drove home, I came to the realization that this good Samaritan had not only offered his willingness to help someone in need, but also his time. One might have thought Brandon was wearing a brown UPS cape rather than the well-known trademark brown uniform.

Being a UPS employee has to be a tough job especially under extreme weather conditions. I am so thankful that UPS has employees like Brandon who are willing to come to the aid of others in situations like mine. Please extend my thanks to the Dobmeyer family as well as all UPS employees for their outstanding dedication and efforts.


Lynn Johnston January 9, 2014 at 8:37 pm

I ordered a computer on the 28th and found out it was being delivered by UPS and not FedEX. I can’t tell you how mortified I was because if you want something absolutely not to show up on time or in acceptable condition, then go with UPS. Well, the package left on the 30th out of CA and onto OR. Once in OR it stayed at a facility where they misplaced it apparently for 4 days. They never notified me that this was the case. I found out from one of the outsourced help desk employees. Well the next entry for the item to be sent wasn’t set for another 4 days, the 8th where they assured me it would be delivered on that Friday the 10th. So now we’ve got 8 days it sat at a facility in OR. It was originally supposed to be delivered by Tuesday. So Friday didn’t make me very happy especially considering the damn thing was left at a facility they had apparently misplaced it in. Now, it’s sitting in IL where it will most likely be lost again. What I’d like to know, why would something that needs to go South be sent through the north west where there’s snow and possibly more delays. You know what the f-ing tracking information says now, there is no delivery information at this time and it is sitting on a late train. WTF does that mean? I stopped using UPS for these kinds of issues when I have the choice but I can tell you, if I ever order something online again through a company that uses UPS I will cancel the order immediately. I expect if the package is EVER delivered it will be in no condition to actually work. I hate this company and the fact that you can’t even complain to anyone at the corporate office because the employees state they have no corporate office phone numbers, just an address. ARE YOU KIDDING? Snail Mail to complain? This is one of many things that is wrong with the company. The executives need to hear first hand how horrible their customer service is and how incredibly incompetent their delivery personnel are. I am going to cancel my order from Apple because of this fiasco and this will end up costing Apple money. Congratulations UPS. Once again you’ve managed to suck at your job!


Jack Holmstrom January 8, 2014 at 11:42 am

Lazy UPS driver avoids open driveway and sidewalk to pull 200 pound load on a hand truck through rain soaked front yard leaving 2 large “wheel ruts” to the front door. Total lack of respect and shows how company and employees don’t really care about customers. To fully appreciate this, you need to see the picture I took but this site will not let me post it. There are many more options out there in the package delivery business and this kind of disrespectful service will eventually take its toll on UPS. I contacted their website ( sent email ) and their 1 800 number about this two days ago. No response has been received yet. Good job UPS. Keep it up. The USPS is looking better and less expensive everyday.


Kerry Lilly January 4, 2014 at 12:18 am

I ordered boots for Christmas for my daughter and was told that they would be delivered December 20th. I waited all day and no package. I called the shipper and got a tracking number and found out it had been delayed until December 23. I received no notice it would be delayed. I signed up for UPS my choice so it could be delivered at another address and was assured it would be delivered at the second address on December 23rd. Guess what? No package that day either. Was told it would be delivered December 27th. It came and I did not check the package until the following day and that is when I discovered it had been opened and that the packing slip, return slip, and all the packing around the boots had been removed and the box had been left unsealed. I called the shipper to let them know what had happened and they assured me they would find out about the situation. I also called UPS and was told that it was a policy that they could open any package for inspection without notifying the buyer. I do not appreciate their policy and hope everyone else checks carefully when UPS delivers your packages. I am very upset about this practice.


Gina Hamilton January 1, 2014 at 1:04 pm

I visited my sister in Florida early in December. While there I picked up some items for Christmas and shipped them to myself in Michigan from Naples, FL the day I flew home which was December 12, 2013. On December 20th I checked the tracking for my package because it had not arrived yet and noticed that it left Naples, went to Jacksonville, FL then rather than continue North as it should have it took a left turn and was in Ontario, California! I contacted customer service to inquire…what a joke. After over 30 minutes on hold I was able to speak to a man (Brandon) who I could barely understand who kept telling me ‘I don’t know’. Since then I have made multiple calls to UPS and spoke to at least a dozen people. My package has been to Ontario, California 3 times and Honolulu, Hawaii twice! I have even requested an intercept on the package to ‘return to sender’ (which is me by the way, I wrote my own home address for both the deliver to and return to) and still it goes in circles from CA to HA. I am told that they don’t always perform a ‘physical’ scan of packages so they are unsure of the packages location. I have been in contact with a ‘superviser’ named Alex who continues to tell me that it’s either in CA or Hawaii and he is ‘waiting to hear from that location’. The last thing he told me on December 27th is that my package ‘may be lost’. Not only does my package have brand new clothes in it but a very expensive gift that was meant for my husband for Christmas! I am more than disgusted at the level of customer service I have received. Every call I make takes over an hour because after I wait endlessly on hold for a person they put me on hold again and disconnect me, I really think they do it on purpose. Alex keeps telling me there is no ‘manifest’ on my package. I used a prepaid barcode label that came from UPS and wrote my home address for both the deliver to and return to. I have never shipped a package using a manifest with UPS. I want to know at what point the physical delivery address gets entered into their system and why it traveled to California and Hawaii when it should have come to Michigan? I am so furious and frustrated! As of today, January 1, 2014 my package has been somewhere within the USP system for 20 days.


Udo, Ifeanyi uzor December 31, 2013 at 2:13 pm

I went to the Ups office Ikeja,Lagos state Nigeria to confirm how many days it takes a parcel from USA to get to Nigeria but was told 3 working days….UPS, my package was sent on thursday 26 & till date, i haven’t received a dime…pls, how many days for real does it take a parcel get delivered? I traied tracking it but still in philadephia Us…


Carol D. Smith December 30, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Tracking#’s 1ZW470V80334786417, 1ZTT04220391095745 & 1ZX9W6730345325364

After using UPS for our business for 20+ years and deliveries at our home, I’m Extremely Disappointed in the fact that for the past 2+ weeks you guys send me an email telling me that all three of the packages will be delivered that day & then it dies NOT & I’m still waiting. The next day I’ll get an email that 2 packages are out for delivery & 1 was FORGOTTEN, OVERLOOKED, WHATEVER excuse you can think if, you guys have used it.
I’ve made several calls to Customer Service who has contacted the Mesquite Location, they log my complaint & tell me someone from the Mesquite Location will call me back in an hour, but that has not happened until this afternoon when MARY ANN called with an attitude and more or less acted like it was my fault because the area I live in (Cedar Creek Lake are) is the one they’re having the most problems with & TOLD me I probably need to call my Dr. about the package from IWP (Injured Workers drugstore) because she cannot find the package they’ve had since Dec 13, 2013! She then went on to tell me that nothing will be delivered to me until Thursday Jan 2, 2014 because New Years Eve will be dedicated to AIR packages only & the new day in New Years Day!
I’m sick & tired of the BS, treatment I’ve received & I’m DONE with UPS & FedEx for that matter & will be using USPS priority Mail from now. It’s certainly arriving within an acceptable time AND the Mail Man KNOWS where our front door is unlike UPS who I’ve left DETAILED instructions for & they still continue to leave at the back of our property. That makes it difficult for me because I’m recovering from back surgery (Caged Fusion aka: Stainless Steal Cage that surrounds my spine) & major shoulder surgery not to mention that I’m fighting a Ear/Sinus infection AND Bronchitis so this has stressed me out completely. Unfortunately one of the packages was a Christmas Present for my 94 year old Mother (really her dog that is afraid of storms). I’m VERY UNHAPPY!!!

Carol D. Smith


PHC Bookstore December 27, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Our business shipment left the vendor in Missouri for a 3 business day delivery to Virginia. It arrived 12/24/13 at 4am in your Manassas terminal and there it sits……despite multiple unpleasant phone calls with your “customer service ” representatives, and the local terminal supervisor promising it would be delivered by 2pm today (5 business days later). The local terminal supervisor ASSUMED we would not be here working but staff gave up their holiday time off just to be here for that shipment and now day two=fail. UPS will not be my freight carrier any longer


June Fauver December 27, 2013 at 8:56 am

Good Morning!

I know that currently there is a lot of bad publicity for UPS in reference to the delivery of Christmas packages not arriving in time for the holiday.

I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all the effort I see and experience with UPS. I had packages delivered to multiple places around the US this year and those packages all arrived on time!

The UPS driver in my area is always GREAT and the driver here where I work is also GREAT!

I wanted everyone to know I really do appreciate the hard work and dedication of the drivers and I will continue to use UPS!

June Fauver
A satisfied customer


WWATSON December 26, 2013 at 10:19 am

To those saying it is “lazy” people who are complaining, sorry, no it isn’t. I sent my package on Dec 7th with a promise delivery of 5 days. December 13th rolls around and the recipient had not received the package. The person who was to receive the package proceeded to go to a UPS center 3 days in a row after that to pick up the package. They were told many different things. one, the package was delayed due to weather, even though it showed it had been received at that center. They were finally told that it was lost. I called back when I heard this and started a lost package claim. 5 days later I called back to check status, was put on hold for 1/2 hour and then told no new updates and it could take up to 8 days. I asked to speak to supervisor and was put on hold another 30 minutes so i hung up and sent message asking that a reimbursement claim be started and that it be noted if the package found it was to be sent back to me and not delivered. By that time I ordered another product ($600 mind you) to make sure that the boy that was to get it wouldn’t be disappointed on Christmas. The second delivery made it fine. at this point in time I am still waiting an update on where the package is, if a reimbursement claim has been processed and if they have noted NOT to deliver the package if found. I could potentially be out $1100. I sent my package in plenty of time for xmas delivery and have had the WORST customer service experience EVER!


Doug Hibbs December 25, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas UPS because lots of your customers did not and that is because UPS FAILED to meet a commitment that they made when they accepted packages for shipment and most importantly TIMELY DELIVERY.
When I make a commitment I do all in my power to meet my promise. I have worked many Christmases in order to do so and so should you have.
But do not concern yourself with this happening in the future because I personally will help you out. You may never be burdened with extreme high volume again if others do what I am going to do in the future, and that is…
If we all do that maybe UPS will get the message that they failed us all and did NOT go the extra mile to correct their failure, And don’t blow smoke up our butts that it was the ice storm, UPS simply did not plan for what was needed to deliver and they refused to correct their failures.


Frank Haag December 21, 2013 at 12:28 am

I was promised a delivery, today and was told to stay home as my signature was required. I stayed home all day and upon checking my mail box I found a note from UPS saying that a package was attempted to be delivered but that no one was home. I contacted UPS customer service 4 times and at one point was told that the package might be delivered if the driver could be reached. No one called to tell me the package could not be delivered. The service reps were polite; the two supervisors were rude and condescending. Looks like I will have to pick up my own shipment tomorrow after waiting home all day for a promised delivery. Management please see case # 1-353-608-3972 to verify my treatment. I know my interaction with your representatives was recorded. I am an unhappy customer and stock holder.


Frank Haag December 21, 2013 at 12:08 am

I was advised that a package I ordered from Costco would be delivered today; I was told that my order would be delivered in the latter part of the day. I stayed home all day and when I went to the front door to pickup my mail I saw a message from UPS stating that a delivery was attempted buy that no one was home. My wife and I were at home the entire day. I contacted your office at approx. 4 PM and talked to a service rep. and then to a supervisor. I explained my situation and indicated my displeasure of having to stay home all day and asked that the package be delivered later in the day. I was told that someone would contact me later in the day which they did. The person I spoke to was rude, he told me that he would attempt to have the package delivered this evening. When I had not heard from anyone, at approximately 8 PM I called the customer service office and was told that the package could not be deliver this evening. No one called to tell me that. In an earlier conversation, I told the first person I talked to that it looked like I would have to pick up the package myself. I was given some hope that the package might be delivered tonight if the driver could be contacted. No one called to tell me that that was not an option. A note on your activity section at 4:04 shows that I planned to pick up the order. I did not make that promise. A 4:18 entry shows me agreeing to pick up my order in the evening. I did not agree to that. A 7:19 entry shows me changing my request to pick up my order at a UPS facility. Please listen to my tape recorded messages to you call center.
I was told to give the following case number: 1-353-608-3972. I am an unhappy customer and stock owner.


Filis Forman December 19, 2013 at 2:27 pm

I really like the reply, “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, Ma’am. Let me switch you over to claims” and then they disconnect you. That’s why people sell there stock. I was not surprised to see NYC shipping depot on 43rd st and 11th avenue EMPTY last night, usually there are 10 people in line at a time during the Xmas season.
Don’t they get it?


Filis Forman December 19, 2013 at 2:21 pm

How can I “Like” UPS when they don’t value a Customer’s time.
I’ve devoted 4 hours so far with trying to deal with a claim for apackage that was left at the door during the holiday season and client has not received Whatever happened to 3 attempts and leaving a note? Driver too lazy? That’s what you’re charging extra money for residential. Post Office certified return receipt is looking pretty good right now!~


Tessa Barlow-Colvin December 18, 2013 at 4:17 pm

I to am waiting for a package that I shouLd haVe recievedd yesterday My tracking number is 1Z47W6A91340628767. i tracked my package all day yesterday and was told that it was out for delivery. I did not recieve it . i have called the 800 number at least 8 times and have recieved different response everytime. This last time I called and was told that i could pick it up and that i shoudl get a call in an hour. no call So i called the number again and was told that the package was out for delivery. it is now 3:09 so i decided that I would track it. The Next Customer Service Rep told me that it was scanned last night after 7 pm to destination which meant that it woudl be delivered today. but than it looked like it was placed back into the container, than after10 pm it was scanned again to Destiantion. So It should be on its way. But its noted that its back at the Distribution center. So, since i know Customer Service is made up of departments all over the US. and that they are not local. They dont know when or where the packages will be delivered . They go by whats being entered into the system. It seems to me that they have a lot of incompetent individuals working for UPS and they dont give a rats tail about the customers. Why should we pay extra if we are not going to recieve our package overnight. And, why cant a Driver be contacted, when there is a problem that needs to be expedited Technology has come along way so I know thaey coudl have contacted the Driver to see where my letter was. I would have even met him to get it.


Hank Umemoto December 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm

I received an e-mail that the following packages were delivered: 1Z6W20951334750251, 1Z88FY50340206506, and 1Z1Y2A991367754275 were left at my doorstep at 5:26 P.M. tonight. I never received these packages, and I never saw an UPS delivery person in the neighborhood during the late afternoon hours.
This has happened at least six times over the years. With the previous case, I wrote a letter to the Customer Service Department at Atlanta Georgia Headquarters, but apparently it was totally ignored since I never received a response to the situation. I also contacted the local UPS station at Gardena previously but also ignored.
Is UPS too big now that they can ignore us little people who rely on receiving the items on time?


dave December 16, 2013 at 8:17 pm

WOW! Hello UPS. Does ANYONE actually know why you guys use tracking #’s at all? I thought I was the only one you were treating like this. LOL!!! After 5 days of “tracking” my package, 3 phone calls, 2 live chats, all meaningless wastes of my time because NOBODY supposedly knows how to reach a driver(I heard that these days we have these things called cell phones,GPS units,and cell phones with GPS units)which put you in instant contact with what you want to find….OR all the UPS support staff are reading from the same tracking site we are looking at and regurgitating the info we already know! It says “out for delivery” every morning. If you would like to hire me, I can fix this problem for you.In the meantime, could you POSSIBLY get my little package the 13 miles to my home?


Stephanie Brown December 13, 2013 at 2:16 pm

The only reason I “liked” this page is so that I could come on here and tell you what a HORRIBLE company you are. From your processes to the customer service, doing any sort of business with you within the last 5 years has left me nothing but headache and frustration and wasted time. Case and point with the latest incident: ordered a tv last Friday and paid for 2 day shipping; it was supposed to be delivered this past Monday Dec. 9th. We got a notification saying it would be delayed by a day because of the storm. Cool, no problem, I get that. However, it is now Friday Dec. 13th and STILL NO DELIVERY. This is after calling UPS no less than 10 times over the course of the last 3 days, only to be either blatantly lied to or hung up on by customer service reps. Everyone keeps saying oh the storm, the holiday rush, the this, the that. Guess what?? HOLIDAYS HAPPEN EVERY DAMNED YEAR AT THE SAME DAMNED TIME. Telling your customers that you basically were unprepared is not a good business tactic, nor is it our problem. I paid for the item, I paid for the shipping, and UPS won’t even come let me pick up the damned thing when it’s been sitting at a warehouse 5 miles away from my house for the last five days. FIVE FLIPPING DAYS. At this point, I am beyond the point of angry and annoyed. And clearly something is up with your MASPETH, NY location because it has been problem after problem after problem with them. You really need to do a better job with tracking and issue resolution and make your people more accountable.

I will absolutely be using FedEx and USPS whenever possible just to avoid having to deal with UPS again. It’s really too bad that doesn’t offer their customers the choice to select their preferred carriers because I would NEVER EVER choose UPS again.

Oh, and by the way, I was on hold with customer service for an additional 52 minutes because they were STILL trying to find out why my package hadn’t been delivered. Yet, I was not allowed to go and get it. Isn’t that theft by UPS?


Unhappy customer December 13, 2013 at 10:48 am

Your service is horrendous. I have spent the past week being blatantly lied to by both reps, managers & the website. My package has been out for delivery for 2 days now.This is after sitting at the destination sort facility for 2 full days with ZERO movement. Managers have done nothing to help. One of them told me she was calling the sorting center & put me on hold. After 5 minutes I was dropped right back in the queue. What kind of backwards organization are you running. UPS, here’s some sound business advice: Christmas comes EVERY year, December 25. Plan accordingly. Absolutely pathetic service


Ann Newell December 13, 2013 at 8:56 am

An update on my previous comment. My tracking number is 1Z1R297WA893408565

This morning, my tracking info said this:
‘Chantilly, VA, United States 12/12/2013 10:13 P.M. The package was damaged in transit. UPS will attempt to notify the sender with the details / All merchandise discarded. UPS will attempt to notify the sender with details of the damage’

Gosh, I wish someone had just honestly communicated that information to me yesterday and saved me what was literally hours of phone calls (and being on hold). Accidents happen, but I was led over and over to believe that everything was fine, the package was definitely coming, and I was clearly just being a worry wort. There is a serious problem when your customer service and local supervisors are just MAKING STUFF UP to tell your customers. I certainly hope this was an accident and not something someone did out of spite because I was a customer who refused to be blown off.

Assuming someone really does read these comments, please forward this one to your COO and tell him UPS has product handling issues as well as customer care and communications issues. For myself, I will be contacting the Napa Winery who sent the package to encourage them to switch to FedEX as so many other wineries have started to do lately.


Stephanie Brown December 13, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Well said. I can’t tell you how many times some lazy and sloven customer service rep. simply hung up on me when I asked to be escalated to a supervisor. That’s even worse than them just making stuff up, which they were also doing. I have YET to have a good experience with UPS and at this point I am just done, done, DONE. I may have to rethink purchasing from Amazon in the future, since they clearly have a contract with UPS and I can’t select another carrier. THAT’S how much I dislike UPS at this point.


Ann Newell December 12, 2013 at 11:39 pm

The people in your customer service department are unfailingly polite. Clearly they have been very well trained in dealing with frustrated people. Unfortunately, even though they are very polite, they do not seem to be able to actually solve a problem. I don;t think this is their fault. I think your structure makes it impossible. The best they can do is have a local supervisor call you. the supervisor, in turn, can only text a driver who may or may not respond. If the driver responds, the driver may or may not do what he has said he will do in his response. I have been staying home for two days to sign for a package that has been ‘out for delivery’ for three days, but never delivered. Yesterday, after being out for delivery, UPS noted it was not delivered due to non-existent ‘dangerous conditions’, then after 9:00 at night, UPS noted that in fact the package had been over-looked in the warehouse and was never actually out for delivery at all. Today I sat home all day again waiting and finally called customer service in the afternoon to make sure the package really was out for delivery. I was told it was 10 stops away and would be there in 15 minutes. I went outside to wait, and I waited and waited. Called customer service again. Was politely told that they didn’t know where the driver was, but that they ‘promised’ it would be there today. I called at 8:00 and asked them to get in touch with the local supervisor. They told me if it wasn’t there at 9:00 to call back and they would do that. I called at 9:00 and they told me the local supervisor would call me within 15 minutes. I called at 9:30 to say that I had not heard from anyone. They told me sorry, but everyone had gone home in the local office and that they would call me between 8:00 and 10:00 tomorrow to discuss the package that they PROMISED would be delivered today. They did say, however, that packages could be delivered even as late as 11:00 p.m.–in other words, I should continue to keep and ear out and wait! It is now 11:29 p.m. and of course there has been no package. Do you really think anyone has the time to wait at home for THREE DAYS while you dither over delivery of a package and do not honestly tell them what the real status of their delivery is? While I understand that this is a busy season, it seems to me that when people need to stay home to sign for a package, perhaps those deliveries should get some sort of priority. I am not a happy customer right now. In the three days UPS has failed to deliver my package, FedEX has delivered packages to me three times and USPS has delivered two packages. It does not seem so hard for them…


John Moriarty November 16, 2013 at 9:11 am

So today I am tracking and waiting for a UPS package that I desperately need today (well actually yesterday Friday). At 7:57am the status says scanned out for delivery. All day the status is out for delivery. 5:00pm still out for delivery. I do a live chat at 5:30pm and am told, you will get your package today by 7:00pm, we are showing that it is on the truck for delivery today. 6:45pm I go to live chat again and am told “relax” you will get your package tonight.
At 8:22pm status changes, the 7:57am Out for Delivery disappears and Destination scan appears Lauderhill, FL . I call UPS customer support and am told it is at the local hub (Lauderhill) and denied that it had been on the truck for delivery all day. I ask that they hold it at the terminal (Lauderhill) for pick up and they change the status to hold for pick up at 8:56pm. I drive to the terminal at 9:15pm and after an hour and a half they tell me they can’t find the package but it is on the premises (Lauderhill) and I can come back on Saturday and maybe someone can find it but probably it would be until Monday. At 11:21pm it says departure scan. At 11:59pm it says arrival scan in HIALEAH!!!!!! HIALEAH???? What the heck is it doing in HIALEAH????? Will I ever get my package???? I am very unhappy with the quality of service at UPS.
This is completely unacceptable.


CATALINA November 14, 2013 at 12:47 am

I’m was expecting a package to be delivered on 11/13/13 it was going to be a total of 4 packages.The three packages came so I was still waiting for the last one so me and my boyfriend chilled outside on our porch for two hours (6 pm-8-pm) and waited for UPS to arrive. I was checking my phone for any updates at the same time. Then I called their customer service and she told me that he is still out for delivery so I said okay and she assured me that my packaged was still going to get delivered. So we waited until 8 pm and no delivery. I checked the status online once again and it said that the driver has made his first attempt at 7:25 and that no one was there. So I quickly called UPS customer service back and this rude operator was telling me exactly what I have read and I told her that report was a lie and that the driver had made no attempts whatsoever because I was outside the whole entire time and I have cameras in my house so there is no possible way that i would have missed the delivery. She kept cutting me off by telling me that my stuff was going to get delivered I just don’t trust that because the last time they told me that they are going to do a second delivery they sent all my packages back. THE POINT IS THAT THE DRIVER LIED BY PUTTING FIRST ATTEMPT ON THE REPORT KNOWING NO ATTEMPTS WAS MADE AND ALSO FOR THE RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP YEAH SHE JUST MADE ME FEEL ALL COMFORTABLE INSIDE [NOT!]
-MAD Customer! 1Z9777350301159238


vic November 7, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Amazing the consistent messaging that UPS provides. “Go with Brown” Oh in my case it is Go with brown and get s—x on. Trying to get a resolution to a problem for the last six months and keep getting sent back and forth and back and forth. UPS store to corporate, ups corporate to ups store.. I highly recommend that you put ups on the list of never to use again.


enrique garcia November 5, 2013 at 10:33 am

good morning

I have a claim with ups two months ago, for a package you send to chile and so far, I just say wait and wait, the track number is 1z3f84x06754381321, will ship in October and still have no answer ups .
Every time I call 2914 the agency, always wait until 11 am, for any information,

I think that has been a long time for UPS to take charge of the problem, throw the ball to each other, I say it’s problem UPS store, I approached UPS to ship a package and do not care that you have separate sections, I want solutions to my problem, which extends for 2 months now.

Please give me a repsuesta.

Enrique Garcia
phone: 786222XXXXX


Rich Bellante October 30, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Hi, I’m very frustrated w/policy/practise of driver not honking, but just knocking on door to deliver. I missed delivery as I was in garden, 50′ away from front door – honk would have done it. Instead, saw driver leaving – too late. I have wasted a day, and guess I’m expected to waste tomorrow as well. Have had very little support from Cust. Service staff at 800 # – wasted more time w/their efforts. Sent email but came back as non- attended — I live in a rural area, difficult for driver to begin with, poor time management/dedication of resources to come back. When I said to CS staffer, Patricia, that policy of not honking might bear review as a result of customer feedback, she stated that wasn’t how policy affected…


todd benoit October 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm

I recently sold an item on Ebay. It is a water blending tank. I sold it for $600.00 with free shipping. I expected to pay over $100 to ship it but not $215. Especially considering your company uses some kind of mathematical formula that basses shipping costs on what “could” fit within a box and not the actual weight. On the other hand, when I tried to see what your freight division would charge for my item it turns out they do use the actual weight so my package didn’t qualify. I didn’t like any of that but I figured lesson learned. I decided to pay the $215 in shipping. Time passes and my customer in Washington State receives the item. They open the box to find one of the three water tubes on the tank broken off. They contact Ebay which tells them to open a dispute for an item not being as described. It was as described when it left me. (I live in Maine.) That causes Paypal to freeze all the money in my account which caused no end of problems for me. However, to keep this short I will just stick with your end of things.

When my customer e-mails me and sends me photos of the damage I contact UPS. The person I talked to said they would send someone around and make at least three attempts to recover the damaged item. I was also told when the item was retrieved that it would be taken somewhere and evaluated. (Please keep in mind that I have had to do all the calling to UPS. Only once did someone contact me first and that was a lady from claims, and it was because she didn’t know that I had already faxed the required paperwork in a few days before.) I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days so I called back. Once I waded through your endless supply of foreign customer service agents I finally got transferred to a “Paul” at extension 1042160. He informed me that UPS would not be paying anything because the box wasn’t wrapped securely enough. That led to about a 40 minute argument with me doing most of the yelling. The box had made it to me from SEARS without being damaged. It had it’s internal retention cardboard in it and on top of that I used additional cardboard and 1 and 1/2 rolls of wide clear packaging tape. to protect the end of the box that had the water tubes. I also put arrows on the box for “this end up” and SEARS had the word fragile written on the box. “Paul” informed me that your operation is so automated that your machines can’t read the word “fragile” or understand “this end up arrows.” I asked him how that was “my” fault? After some more harsh words from me he put me on hold. “Paul” l returned later with what he was calling a “one time” exception in my case. UPS would allow the claim and I would be refunded. Later in the day I did get an e-mail with the claims procedures attached. I gathered all the required paperwork and fax it back. Then it gets worse.

On Sunday the 20th I check my PayPal account and find out that without my permission UPS has charged me the return shipping costs for the package that your company broke in the first place. Meanwhile that amount is being held in my Paypal account and I have bills coming due. UPS is also charging me $16.91 for an “item larger than described” fee. I believe the dispute in size was 1/2 of an inch. I haven’t seen the box in two weeks at this point so how should I know how it was re-wrapped by the customer or UPS after their “inspection.” I end having to go through some more telephone unpleasantness being told that because I originally shipped with UPS UPS has the right to charge my card as they feel is needed. I told them that charging my account without my permission after my originally shipping the package was fraud and likely actionable. However, your little minions wouldn’t budge so I had no choice but to have PayPal block the charges. That eventually worked out. However, I checked my Paypal account this past Sunday, (The 27th of October 2013) and find that UPS has once again charged my account for the $16.91. On top of all that I was checking the tracking number for the returning package a couple of days before and discovered it had been delivered and left in the garage. The thing is though is that I don’t have a garage and I DON”T LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA!

At some point during this whole mess I decided I couldn’t trust UPS so I better call and see how the claim was coming. The lady I talked to said that everything was fine and a check would be issued within five business days. A couple of more days go by and I get my only call from UPS. It is from another lady in claims that doesn’t know anything about the first lady and tells me she doesn’t know who that would be as no check would be issued until at least 10 business days had gone buy. The new woman also wanted the listing number of my Ebay auction so she could have proof of what the item sold for. I give her that plus informed her that I have already faxed all the required information and paperwork days before. She didn’t seem to know about that either. Then I decide to ask her about the check amount because in my haste to get my customer refunded I had forgotten to add the original cost of the blending tank to me. (Please understand that my customer needed the blending tank to get her house water going again, and is waiting for a refund.) Your claims person informed me that non of that matters because UPS will only pay $100. Not the $600 my client payed me and not the $600 I’ll be out. Not to mention the original $1300 I paid for the blending tank. Apparently, (while using your customer support to help answer some of the more confusing shipping questions) I failed to check the “declared value” box in the process. As far as any of your employees are concerned that is the bottom line. They will not help beyond that which is why I have written to you. I have talked to Julia at UPS legal (who’s phone number now says that she is not available to answer her “Magic Jack” number.) 404-826-6000. Julia sent me to Jean in corporate relations at 404-828-4900. (Who is also holding the company line.) Jean told me that she would have a regional rep call me to see if something could be done but not to hold my breath because the rules are the rules. No one has called me! Today (October 30, 2013) I called back to find why I was being charged the “box larger than described” fee yet again and talked to another lady. (Sorry, I didn’t get her name.) She too held the company line, and told me there was nothing else I could do. I asked about contacting someone in the executive branch of UPS but she told me that there was no one higher to talk to. I’m not one to give up so I did some internet research and found your e-mail address. I would have preferred a phone number but at this point any contact with someone who doesn’t read off a card of pre-printed rules would be nice. The lady I talked to did let me know that a check had been cut today for the $100 plus the shipping in a total amount of $481.31. Check number: 0004778510. Not the amount my client paid and not the money I am loosing because your company messed up so badly. Then it gets worse.

I got my package back from it’s extended travels today. (October 30 2013) Not surprisingly it is even more broken than it was when it was picked from my customer in Washington state. The other two water tubes are broken off and are in pieces. I don’t know what has happened to UPS but your company is not what it was. My experience with your company has been that UPS can not ship from from the East coast to the West coast without breaking items. UPS can not ship items from the West coast back to the East coast without delivering them to the wrong person and to the wrong state. Doing even more damage. After an initial shipment UPS feels it has the right to continue to charge one’s accounts for any amounts and at any time as UPS chooses. UPS’s shipping equipment is to automated to handle specialized items that are marked for extra care. Customer service has been outsourced to foreign lands. Most UPS employees are card reading robots. Finally, and certainly not lastly, I have discovered that UPS has no compassion beyond the bottom line. Believe me I shall remember all of this when selecting a shipper for my future needs, and so will everyone else your company does this to. UPS has issues of detachment that need fixing.


charles danforth October 16, 2013 at 11:37 am

ups store # 5156 in san Antonio sent a check for a damage package, that they receive from ups insurance writer in the amount of over 1100.well guess what ,it just came back as insufficient funds.. Call ups store headquarters and they basic said its my problem…I just want yall to know that you all must be the biggest black hole in the galaxy,cause I can feel the suckin from here. This is just an example of how big corps.crap on the people.. Next call is the Bear county sheriff department,then a lawer,which I hate more then ups


Lamar Hough September 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm

You know I have been ordering stuff from online a few times and for some reason the UPS Driver in my area always lies about coming by my condo. Last time he camd by I was waiting on a box because it was a birthday gift for someone & this driver lied and said he couldn’t get in the building which is kinda crazy when there is a call box rite at the front door in which he can dial any number and say hey its UPS and anyone can look on the camera and let him inside but it’s cool I called customer service and gave them my number so no matter what I could buzz him in the building. Now today I was tracking my package and saw that it was out for delivery every since 4:55 am in which I was home all dam day but no package. I even went down stairs and set in the lobby waiting for this guy to show up every since 6pm no UPS truck but when I go to track it on my phone again this ass put in there not ready for pickup on 1st try at 7:28pm What The Hell… 1st off Ii was down stairs since 6:30pm 2nd he knew how to get in the building because I gave the customer service people my number 3rd now I can’t get my package until monday. Now not only will I be emailing the news channels about this but if my package gets to me after the sun has gone down please let the driver know never to come over here again because I will have my condo area ban him and all UPS drivers from coming over here again if we can’t get out stuff on time. We have cameras every where and trust me your driver was never ever here. I need a high ranking manager to call me ASAP before this driver shows up here on monday period! !!


Juanita Baker August 17, 2013 at 9:18 am

On Tuesday 8/14/2013 I went in the UPS location in Beltsville Maryland and paid 71.72 to have a package shipped to Miami Florida delivery date 8/16/2013. My delivery party waited home all day for the box and I called UPS Customer Service at 8:29pm was promised that the package would be delivered on 8/16/2013. I checked the status an half hour later and saw that the package was returned to be delivered on 8/19/2013. I called UPS back and was told I would be refunded for the delivery. I could care less about the money, I paid for a service I did not receive. My niece who starts school on 8/19/2013 has nothing to wear to school and no school supplies and etc are all in the box. I asked that my sister pick up the box on Saturday 8/17/2013 and was told it’s not possible due to the facility is closed on Saturdays. This is my last time shipping using UPS services. I will use USPS or FEDEX and so will my family. UPS is not reliable and is a rip off. Their customer service representatives and supervisors did not have any sympathy for the matter. I will write UPS corporate on this matter and cc. FEDEX whom I have used in the past and packages was delivered in a timely manner as promised. Fedex customer service representatives are professional and friendly. UPS keep operating at this rate they are sure to be out of business soon.


Jody Raio July 18, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Today a package was delivered, and as I went to answer my door the driver was in his truck and driving away. Where is the customer service? Sadly, I believe that numbers have become the driving force. I do not blame the driver for this way of conducting business.


Ann Casey June 3, 2013 at 4:42 pm

UPS does great the majority of the time but if they make a mistake – forget it! I have spent hours to get a problem – that they created- straightened out. I have spent hours to speak to a manager over the greenville, sc location. After sending emails and talking to people that will have a person over the person that gave me grief low and behold it was that person that called me back. This is not taking care of the problem. You can do a good job but it’s how you deal with the problem that says what kind of a company you are. After hours and hours on this problem – still no call from a manager of the location. Finally another “supervisor” same as the person, I was informed manager on vacation this week, and a truck manager could call me. Does UPS not have a manager over a branch, does UPS not have someone besides other co-workers to cover for each other to handle the situation? APPARENTLY NOT…VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tim Kirchmeier May 29, 2013 at 9:46 pm

My package was sent back to the sender by mistake. It should of been held at the local warehouse for 5 business day so It could of been picked up.
Tracking # as follows 1Z905VF64271592027 your help in getting this problem solved would be appreciated.

Tim Kirchmeier


ken stephan May 25, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Hello Eileen Giles , Do you work for ups ,If you do I would like to talk to you . My name is Ken Stephan and my phone number is 828-206-0212 ,Thank you
Ken Stephan


Eileen Giles March 13, 2013 at 2:46 am

What recourse do I have when one of your franchises refuses to pay a legitament . insurance claim?.


GS wonder December 4, 2017 at 12:21 am

So, what is the answer here after digesting ALL these comments. UPS really does not care. I have ranted for days on non-delivery. No notifications, no updates, no local center help. The San Ramon, Ca. UPS is at fault here. I ended up with “Robert in Guatemala!” on the 800 number. Stupid. lazy, could care less Robert. Made him write up a Case # which probably went in the trash can while he ate his lunch in Guatemala. I am disgusted. I am also done with this company and in light of Amazon and others taking over the industry with orders, I truly hope it is a matter of time that people STOP using UPS. I will be back to the Post Office. Until then, I have a missing package with shipping and items that I have paid for. Unbelieveable that no one from UPS in all my online rants—I will keep them coming–bother to answer. Is the Corporate office worth calling?


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