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PetSmart Corporate Office Address

PetSmart, Inc.
19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Contact PetSmart

Phone Number: 623-580-6100
Fax Number: 623-395-6517
Website: http://www.petsmart.com
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CEO: David K. Lenhardt
CFO: Carrie W. Teffner
COO: Joseph O’Leary

PetSmart History

PetSmart was founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as PetFood Warehouse.  The first two stores were in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1989, the company name was changed to PetSmart.

In 1992, the 50th store was opened.

In 1993, the company went public.

In 1994, the 100th store is opened.  Stores also begin to offer pet training classes.

In 1996, the chain expands to Canada.

In 1998, the 500th store is opened.

In 2002, the first PetsHotel is opened in Phoenix.  By 2008, there are 100 PetsHotels.

In 2004, the PetPerks loyalty program is launched.

In 2007, the 1000th location is opened.

Today, there are nearly 1300 PetSmart and 200 PetsHotel locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Just me February 2, 2016 at 8:15 pm

I worked in the grooming salon for just over 90 days as a bather, wanted to go to the grooming academy to learn how to groom. Hired in as part time I only worked either 27.50 to 22.50 hours. After Christmas my hours went down to 10 hours a week? Was told because bather that was hired just ahead of me went fulltime, plus they had hired another bather so that’s all the hours the could give out for bathers??? Really nobody ever told me when I was hired my hours would go down to basically nothing, I can’t live on 10 hours a week could they???? Then they were even giving the new girl more hours and when I asked the hiring manager twice why, I never did get a answer! Then I had a unpleasant conversation with the store manager and I decided I didn’t need this crap from these people I don’t know who she thought she was talking to but I don’t appreciate being talked to like a idiot!!! And she can’t count on the fact that I will write corporate and human resources and anybody who will listen about her lact of management skills!! I quit and when I got hired the hiring manager was all worried and didn’t want me to waste her time??? They new I eventually needed fulltime and that I needed insurance!! All I can say was Petsmart wasted my time!!!! I will learn how to groom I do have a friend that owns a grooming school plus my own groomer had offered to train me!!! If your thinking about learning how to groom through petsmart after my experience I wouldn’t bother with them!!!!


Joe Eller January 26, 2016 at 10:09 pm

Dear Sirs,
Recently retired at 58 from a Major Package Delivery Company. Previous to that I was a in Retail Management. Previous to that I was in the Military. Was really excited to get back into retail.Love Animals of all kinds. Have had everything from Treefrogs to Iguana’s to Fish & Dogs. Love them all. Applied for a part time job stocking at your store. Spent at least an hour filling out the extensive application only to be told I didn’t meet the minimum requirements! I would really like to know what the minimum requirements are i?? Just was looking forward to working with animals & staying in shape without having to join a Gym . I have knowledge. I am a Veteran & have a spotless work record with many Awards from my most recent employer! I could do the Job of 4 of anyone with great proficiency ! Just do not understand what your Corporate Minimum is. Please Explain!


Lexa McDermott January 24, 2016 at 11:24 am

Dear Petsmart,
I have known for a long time now the kind of cruelty and abuse your animals are put through before they are sold to unknowing buyers. I will not put up with it. All my friends apart of this boycott and I will not buy any products, animals, or gift cards and we will not drive buy any Petsmart or Petco store. I am the owner of rodents, dogs, snakes, and bugs, thats a lot of animals that I have to supply for. I am willing to drive 750 million miles just to avoid buying any products from a place that kills their feeders in the worst possible way (I just kill mine using a proper carbon dioxide method at home, or go to “Oddball Pet Factory”), gets their animals from a place that force breeds, provides no veterinary care, and claims to love their animals, but really abuses them. You also sell unacceptable pet products such as “CritterTrail” cages, and mesh wheels. I will not put up with your ignoring of constant letters and protests. You do not care about your animals and thats that. I have proof also, the PETA and former employs have spoke up. You are rapidly losing costumers. I have convinced many people not to buy from petstores and I am not stopping until this abuse stops. I happen to know that over 50,000 people agree with me according to the resent petition run by the PETA. I usually am nice about protest letters, I am straight forward and kind, resulting in change. I usually go and talk to the manager at a local store and get them to change, but this has gone on so long that I’m not sure if you can ever change, I’m not sure if you are truly willing to make a change for that matter. Please reply to this letter as soon as possible. My email is: lexamcdermottXXXXX

Lexa, 11 years old, owner of snakes, rodents, bugs, and dogs. (Orono Minnesota)


Addy, 10 years old, owner of geckos, dogs, cats, and fish. (North Oaks Minnesota)


Kristi Richter January 21, 2016 at 6:41 pm

RE: PENNSYLVANIA FARM SUPPLYING ANIMALS TO YOUR STORES (and Petco) has been slaughtering animals by the hundreds — cruelly gassing them with carbon dioxide or leaving them in freezers to die slowly.



MARIA January 21, 2016 at 4:53 am



Julie January 13, 2016 at 6:27 pm

So disappointed with petsmart in Omaha. Have been using the hotel at oak view for many years, then one the new one opened at 168th maple Omaha Nebraska I started to put my 2 dogs there as it is closer to home. The manager Sarah is rude, I’ve complained to the store manager and nothing done. 3Times I’ve seen her upset staff in the hotel watched young girls and men leave because of her. Pet parents to. All I ever see her do is sit in the office. Very unhappy place to take my dogs. Please do something about management!!!!!!!!!!


Julie January 13, 2016 at 7:08 pm

That’s strange had an issue with the manager in the hotel. Very rude. Sara was also the one yelling at a staff member.


Mary Helen Price January 12, 2016 at 8:52 pm

I took my dog Zack In for a haircut bath ears etc . I am very disappoint elwith what I received . I trid sending an email there with no luck got have oder number all that stuff I did not get all that information. They left hair around the rear that should have been cut this feet are an imbarrassment. I think he was a shame of them too. I got an awesome cut when we first started but with each time it gets worst. . I hate to complain but people see him an 1st questionis who cut his hair. Andni tell them. Just wanted you to be aware . I think I will try somewhere else for his hair cut. He always love going there but niw he seems a little out of it like he does not want to go in. He is a standard poodle by over standard. With a hrme art of gold loves every one.

Thank Helen Price


MARIA January 21, 2016 at 4:56 am



Nicholas S January 11, 2016 at 3:22 pm

Acording to NC state statute 168-4.3 I cant not vlb denied entry with my Service dog. I was since corporate and petsmart want to play games see you in court, good job letting employees commit a felony


MARIA January 21, 2016 at 4:57 am



Stacy Bourlier January 8, 2016 at 8:39 am

Disappointed, and dissallusioned with the Midland, MI store. Rude, rude, rude!!! Add in and employee walking around with bronchitis, hacking a lung all over everything and customers as well. Not contagious? Send her Home! Week before Halloween, really?!
The supposed store (punk) manager for the day called me and my mother liars to me in store about a case of wet food. Hacking girl, after 3 attempts finally found what was promised. Then proceeded to be ill mannered at check out..about MY bank, MY money, and emergency numbers to call…after SHE admired to screwing..in a crowded store.


have called, and spoken with corporate, the weekend before Halloween. Have I received a response? And it’s January 8, 2016….course not.


Ed Scruggs January 6, 2016 at 12:23 pm

Very disturbed to learn that PetSmart is allowing open carry of guns in its Texas stores. Why? Why should families with young children and pets be exposed to someone brandishing a weapon? It makes no sense and goes against the family friendly policy PetSmart has tried to build over the years.

I do not understand why PetSmart is not displaying the state approved 30.07 signage to prohibit open carry – a move many of the largest corporate chains in the state are doing. We deserve a statement from PetSmart explaining this policy.


Teshia S. Luker January 5, 2016 at 7:30 pm

I went to the PetSmart in Trussville, AL today only to be treated like a dog!
I drove an hour special to go pick out a goldfish at PetSmart, when I chose the one I wanted to purchase your very unprofessional salesman refused to sell it!!!! Like this is your purpose
is it not??? I asked why I could not purchase the fish and was told, “he didn’t want to sell that particular fish because he was too good of a worker.” I thought at first he was kidding but no he was so rude everyone was looking at me (like whats this mans problem). I asked to speak to the manager but another sales associate along with the one who would not sell me the fish would not get the manager. This is a SORRY excuse for customer service. I am going on every social media to share my very unpleasant experience after going an hour out of the way only to return with NO goldfish for my two year old nephew. I would not buy anything after being treated so poorly! Its sad your corporation does NOT value its customers who pay your salaries .



Julie January 5, 2016 at 5:42 pm

I bought a dog carrier from petsmart and the dog got out of it simply bit the thin mesh and ran away now he is gone. The manager Clarence Taylor told me that I am not supposed to put a dog in the dog carriers they sell at petsmart. I guess the ceo should probably tell people the same since this manager tells people the carriers petsmart sells are not good enough to hold a 4lb Yorkie. What a joke of an employee.


Kelli McGaughey January 4, 2016 at 1:10 pm

Petsmart on 121. I went to pickup my dog from being boarded at 5:30 today. When we went to leave the store at the front door she got spooked and ran out. We could not catch her. She ran on to 121 and was hit and killed. I only am telling you all this because THEY DID NOT PUT HER COLLAR ON RIGHT. IT WAS THREE HOLES LOOSER THAN WERE IT USUALLY IS BUCKLED. NO offer from store to help in anyway and can not get corporate to call me.


TM December 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I was going to this PetSMart for 7 years and today I called the groomers area to make an appointment for my dog who had already been there once before. The woman in grooming answers and says she needs to go into another system and tells me to hold. Well she didn’t put me on Hold, she put me on Speaker by accident and didn’t realize what she did. So I’m holding still waiting for her and they start talking to on another, and the woman who was helping me says to the other groomer if she knows how much a haircut was. The lady who was helping me says oh never mind the b!tch hung up and the other woman groomer tells her Fu$k her then. Well when the woman who was helping me realized I didn’t hang up and that she put me on speaker and I just heard their entire conversation well she put me back on Hold. I hung up called the store and asked to speak with a store manager. Luke got on and I told him what those two groomers were saying. He called me back and Assured me that yes they did talk that way but it wasn’t towards me!?! WTF! Really?? So it’s okay to be so Evil and so un professional as long as it’s not towards a returning customer? Then Luke reminds me over and over NOT to call corporate because it will just get directed back towards him but that I can call but he’s dealing with me and issue now. I told Luke the Manager I will never step foot in that store again and that they just lost a 7year customer. Luke couldn’t care less and offered me a lousy comp at a different store. That doesn’t make it right PetSMart! No groomer should ever talk like that about customers or to one another for that matter!!! I did call corporate and I did put in a complaint so I pray something gets done about this! The way they were talking about me. No I’m not a Bitch PetSMart Groomers! I was a loyal customer and it was wrong what you said and wrong to defend that awful behavior!


Beverly December 23, 2015 at 11:34 am

I am appalled at the rudeness and unprofessionalism of the Management staff at Petsmart in Northborough Massachusetts. In July I brought my dog in to be groomed, unfortunately his regular groomer had left PetSmart and I was assigned the NEW grooming manager. They kept my dog for 5 hours and then called me to tell me they couldn’t finish him because he was being mouthy and wouldn’t let them finish. Very bizarre because they’ve been grooming him once a month (every month) for 3 years! They gave him back to me not fully dried and not groomed at all. We needed him clean because we were going on vacation. Off we went on our vacation with our dog and I notices he had a huge mat on the back of his neck that he wouldn’t let me touch. A few days passed and he started smelling there was a wound/hot spot under the mat. Seems the trained professionals kept trying to pull the mat out while brushing him, which was very painful because of the hot spot. They should have noticed as I did that every time you touch that mat he freaks out. I cut the mat with scissors and noticed the wound – because of the smell we rushed to a vet while on vacation. The vet was appalled that a trained groomer didn’t see it and left him wet enough for the hot spot to spread. They had to shave him and give antibiotics etc. This cleared up in a few days. The issue with Petsmart is they continued to pull the mat without checking to see why he was crying and being mouthy to them. Petsmart told me I can’t bring him back because he was trying to bite, when I asked for the store manager she agreed with the unprofessional inexperienced rude grooming manager. No questions asked just my dog’s not allowed back into the grooming salon. They lost over $500.00 each month between grooming cost and food cost (I’m not exaggerating) I have a huge Alaskan Malamute with a hardy appetite, and 2 parents that spoil him with the best food and best dog treats.


Jay December 7, 2015 at 8:05 am

RUDE!! UNPROFESSIONAL!! I received a notice in the mail that a “brandy snifter” fish bowl had been recalled. It just so happened that we had one. I took the notice and the fishbowl to the West Plano TX Store (Park and Tollway). I went in and spoke to a very nice cashier who employed the assistance of a very courteous floor person to try to find out how much the item cost. It went down hill very quickly. I was approached by Earl (who is the store manager!). He was extremely rude and made me mad instantly. If he had just explained why he couldn’t do the refund in the store rather than asking me questions like “well how am I supposed to know how much it costs? Don’t you have the receipt”. I am a business owner and I can assure you that if I had seen an employee speaking to a customer the way Earl spoke to me, I would have fired him on the spot!! Anyway, I explained that I did not have the receipt from a fishbowl that I bought some 3 or more years ago and asked him if he would keep a receipt on an item like that. Of course he said that he keeps receipts on everything he buys. The man must have a room dedicated to receipt storage. I pointed out to him that THEY sent ME the notice of the recall and it wasn’t on me to figure our how much it costs! Anyway, he told me that I was being rude and he told me that “HE didn’t have to take that from ME!” I have never had such a bizarre encounter in my life. I used to shop at Petsmart. I have 3 dogs and kids that have other small pets. Because of Earl (did I mention he was the store manager!?”) and his shocking treatment of a customer, I will never set foot in another Petsmart for the rest of my life. Petco and Amazon from now on. Good luck in your customer service career Earl!


Amber Cummings December 3, 2015 at 9:10 pm

I’ve been going to the Chandler, AZ Petsmart since I’ve moved here almost 2 years ago for nail trimming for my 2 dogs. Today I went in and the associate named Crystal in grooming had an attitude with the current dog talking garbage to the dog about its owner. Then she started in on me telling me I was NOT in their system and questioning me saying “are you SURE you’ve been to this one because you’re not in my system.” I continued to tell her they’ve been having this problem since they switched systems but I was in there. She was trying to dismiss my husband and I but I told her to check another way. Which she continued to roll her eyes. Finally she found me and I told her multiple times my dog needed a two person assist because he will nip and will try to escape. She then took my dog to do his nails by herself. My husband asked another associate, who was sitting on her butt playing on her phone, why Crystal did not get another person to assist her and she said “Oh Crystal likes to work by herself.” At this time my dog is yelping in pain and trying to escape. I then looked at the associate doing absolutely nothing and said “I asked for a two person assist with my dog, please go help!” She gets up laughing while my dog is clearly in pain and walks back to Crystal making jokes. My dog was trying to escape her (which I can definitely see why, she was extremely rough and clearly was not an animal person) and he kept yelping (which I must add never happens when others do it). I then told her to stop and give me my dog because she was done! She then gave me my dog and said “never come back!” Trust me, you couldn’t pay me to let you touch my dogs. My husband and I talked to the manager Stephanie who was an absolute sweetheart and apologized. She said she would definitely talk to Crystal about what she did and didn’t make me pay for any nail trimming. Crystal in grooming was extremely rude, unprofessional, abusive to my dog, and honestly is just there for a paycheck. After being a loyal 12 year customer I will never be returning.

This happened at: 2860 E Germann Rd, Chandler, AZ in the Crossroads Towne Center .


Sarah November 25, 2015 at 3:37 am

Random drug test the grooming department at the Roseville,CA store 1184. They obviously don’t know you can hear through the windows. Talking about taking Molly and LSD on top of admitting being drunk from the night before. Shame on them for having children taking care of our pets.


Griffin Anthony Glaze November 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Hi petsmart Headquarters this is Griffin Anthony Glaze I want to let you know that petsmart on stringtown rd Grove City Ohio their bathroom is Remodeling with hand dryers and touchless faucets bye bye paper towels hello hand dryers?

4600 Hunting Creek Dr
Grove City OH 43123


Ruth Trout November 7, 2015 at 7:38 pm

I witness abuse to a dog being groomed at the Petsmart at 2135 Route38 Suite B, Cherry Hill NJ 08002. When walking to the store I was looking that the dogs being groomed, I notice that Groomer in front window was hitting the dog on the head and the dog nipped at her, she did it more than once while I was approaching the store. When I walked in I told the cashier that if she didn’t hit the dog on the head it wouldn’t hip at her. The male cashier just laughed. I proceed to get my items and I could hear a dog in distress. I can’t say for sure it was that dog but you could hear it in the store. When I arrived at checkout counter, a different cashier was there and another employee was paying for an item. This time I witnessed the groomer cutting the dogs nail, She was struggling which again caused the dog to nip at her, instead of going around the table to the right side of the dog she bent the dogs back leg to her, again causing distress to the dog. I couldn’t take any more and spoke up again asking both the cashier and the employee to stop her. The employee proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t hurting the dog and that people request her. She said this dog was her friends dog and walked away. I asked the cashier who the manager was and was told it was Jennifer. I left the store in disgust and called the Manager from my car. I told her this story and was thanks for bringing it tot her attention. I do not believe anything will be done to this person and I have reached out to social media for help to prevent this from happening to their pets. Please do not take your pets to Pet smart for grooming. They are not quantify and don’t care for your pets.


Kira October 30, 2015 at 7:20 pm

Dear petsmart,
I have concerns about the quality of care provided to your in store animals. I am a snake breeder have been for 21 years. I am extremely experienced in the care and health of snakes. I sometimes browse your colorado stores to find/purchase snakes for breeding purposes. In your Arvada store I happened to notice you had a beautiful Piebald ball python. I asked an associate to see it. She then of course let me see the snake. Upon closer inspection I couldn’t help but notice that the snake was skinny as well as had some muscle wasting around the tail area. I then proceeded to ask her when the last time the snake had ate. She shrugged and said she wasn’t sure. I had a feeling she was lying or not telling me the full story since she kind of had an upset face. I would like to purchase this snake but feel it is unhealthy, perhaps the next one to be in the store will be in better condition.

Kira K


Brent M October 30, 2015 at 6:06 pm

My wife & I have used PetSmart almost exclusively for 12+ years for our dog/cat/fish needs. But we recently moved out in a country environment away from our closest PetSmart (store 1303) in the Wolfcreek development.
In August your company has apparently changed to a “SMS Grooming” computer system, & since then it has nothing but a hassle to get our pet taken care of in your grooming dept.. Everytime we have been in there (which is every 3 weeks) we have been asked to provide Rabies vaccination proof. This is a bunch of BS, as for the past 12 years we provided this info annually to this same grooming dept in this same store & that sufficed. Finally earlier today, I had had enough & asked to talk to the mgr about this, which I did talk to the Asst Mgr on duty this afternoon. She told me it is related to this new SMS system that is not retaining records on the animals anymore & generates repeatedly the requests for proof of vaccinations…
Again, this is BS, & we don’t feel we should be obligated to prove the animal(s) have current vaccination records EVERY TIME WE WALK INTO YOUR STORE…
I mentioned we have moved to the country, which now means it costs more in gas & time for us to continue to come to this grooming dept than in the past when we literally lived minutes from it.. Well, don’t worry, we will find some pet care facility that is closer (maybe locally owned) that we can develop a better relationship with. & by the way, most of our friends are also pet owners/lovers, & hopefully we can steer them away from PetSmarts also…
Your SMS Grooming system is broke, you need to fix it so it doesn’t piss more exisiting customers off, as the end result on the track you are currently on is the loss of more of your previously satisfied customers.

By the way, the reason I am writing this comment is also because I have been on hold for OVER 52 MINUTES on your corporate phone #800-738-1385: another reason your company is going to Hell in a hand basket… Get some help that can answer a phone..


brenda September 24, 2015 at 11:12 am

As a customer at one of your location in LIBERTY, MO and talking with one of your groomers (KARLA) and giving her detailes on how I would like for my 7 month old Shih-Tzu Kastro to be groomed, I noticed there were no photos of different styles for certain breeds. There are aleast 8 groomers and over each groomer, it would be nice to display several breeds in certain styles for customers. (such as myself). They do such a wonderful job and giving their best grooms it should be displayed. Just a suggestion for the future;



Anonymous September 17, 2015 at 1:33 am

i recently just left PetSmart pet hotel because I was given an action plan for someone else’s hearsay about a situation. The people who work there are garbage. Do not take your dog there for any services! My advice would be to write a letter to corporate human resources telling them if your complaint is not addressed (especially for injuries by another dog), you will be pursuing legal action. Don’t let these assholes make you feel they don’t care about you, even though they don’t. Fight for your fur baby! Best of luck.


Kim Smith September 10, 2015 at 2:52 pm

I Dear Mr. Lenhardt, I have been a loyal customer for over ten years and I love your store on Middlebelt in Livoina Mi. I have a large amount of pets, four German Shepards, seven rescued cats, a duck, five house birds, four turtles,a snake,about ten mice and a very large fish tank full of fish. I have spent thousands in your store I could provide you my credit card info and you can see just how much I have spent there in the last year. Well yesterday I went there to return a recalled Top Fin fish tank heater and I did not have a receipt. I was treated as if I had stolen it because several months ago I had returned a broken canister filter without a receipt. The manager at the store came out of his office looked at me and said I dealt with you from things you returned before MISS, waved his had in disgust turned and returned to his office. The cashier after looking up the recall gave me a store credit. Under the recall info the employee was suppose to help me find a replacement. Well after asking for this help there was none these employees were rude and insulting to the point where I told them that I could go to Pet Supplies Plus and they did not care. Well sir, if your company has such little respect for your weekly customers maybe I should go. I am demanding a letter of apology from this manager and employee or I have no choice but to shop where I am treated as a customer not a problem. If your company can not find the time to respond in a timely manner I am not going to be embarrassed again in front of other patrons and will take my business to your competitor as well as tell my story in greater detail to my one hundred plus face book friends and ask them to share with theirs. I hope to hear from you soon Kim Smith


Penny Miller September 6, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I have a passion, and have turned to PetSmart.com site to fulfill that passion. To become a professional dog groomer. Even though I have applied to multiple openings, not one response from PetSmart regarding the possibility of joining their team, and helping them (read these postings about grooming experiences, PetSmart needs GOOD help). Has anyone taken the 2 year dog grooming course (signed the contract etc) been trained, and if so how would you rate the on-the-job training for those two years? Thanks. Writing to CEO David K. Lenhardt tonight to see if he can direct my resume’ to either a Regional Manager, General Manager for placement. A prayer won’t hurt either. Those of faith, send one up for me! Thanks!!


Steve Bayless August 26, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Store 2389 Bowling Green KY is a dump, and this is coming from an ex employee. I ran the Petcare Dept and keeped it in perfect condition. I quit in July and thus far they have ruined the petcare area.
- The tanks are infested with algae
-The dept now smells horrible
-The so called manager (Gary) that is supposed to oversee the area is a idiot and washed the filters in soap which has poisoned the tanks.
The store has tuned into a complete FAIL and the lazy district manager wont address anything.
Im contacting there corp office one more time and if they dont bring change then Im going to the ASPCA


Pat McGuire August 21, 2015 at 12:17 am

I am thoroughly disgusted with Petsmart …for months I have had to jump through hoops trying to purchase the shelled peanuts for the birds and small creatures I have in my yard. TODAY dug my hand into a newly opened bag of shelled peanuts to throw outside and I feel something strange in my fistful and it was a chunk of glass. I was very upset at this find and called customer service immediately. Although a nice kid his lack of care was so nonchalant not even asking me for any identifying numbers off the bag so it could be tracked. I asked to speak to his supervisor he placed me on hold for a few minutes and came back as said that the supervisor couldn’t speak with me. The peanuts have been of terrible quality for the past 5-6 months now I plan to look for a new place to purchase probably Walmart. In case I ran out of the peanuts I had as a backup an unopened bag of Petsmart Squirrel food. So today when I opened that bag there were dead insects stuck to inside and on the food. Have noticed for the past week all these small moths flying around my kitchen it was from that bag. The quality control sucks and no one seems to give a crap about it. I am really stepping away from them because of the poor quality of the food they are carrying. Noticed even the Fancy Feast isn’t really fresh. This became noticeable when I ran out and purchased some from Hannaford. Although more expensive the food looks so much fresher. Think Petsmart must buy in such large quantities and do not store it properly for their Fancy Feast to look so inferior…I have been a customer for both product and salon for 15 or more years and truthfully I would have been long gone if it were not for the manager and assistant managers always being in the top of their class. I have no idea what is going on with Petsmart but it is not good unless there is a positive change in whatever they are doing they will go down the tubes for sure.
Pat McGuire


vicki August 20, 2015 at 10:01 am

signed up for puppy training in uniontown ,pa…what a joke!!! the girls there are so unprofessional and not good at their job…there were several others also that complained and this was just the first day of training!!! we asked for a refund because we all new this training wasn’t going anywhere..i have since written a email to the corporation and am waiting for a reply regarding the refund…I have found a very reliable, very professional training school and will be starting soon….


Marie McGrogan August 4, 2015 at 8:31 pm

I was at the petsmart in Langhorne Bucks County Pa where I shop every week and spend at least 70.00 per week on blue dog food. This Sunday I decided to pick up treats for both my Beagle and My sons Siberian Husky that I am watching. I bought a bag of Authority Chicken Jerky brought it home and gave over the last 3 days at least 5 to each of the animals. My Beagle came down with diarrhea and the Husky is acting lethargic. The only thing that changed in their diet was the treats. I usually give Greenies but wanted something I could reward them with for good behavior. I called the store after reading the label which says wash your hands after handling can you believe it and then find out the FDA put out a warning about these treats in May of this year. They kill dogs. How can you put something like this on the shelves when you know how dangerous it is? I called the store and the only response was we know about it and you can certainly return the treats and get your money back. Are you kidding me? I will have the dogs checked out at PetSmarts expense and if anything happened to my dogs Pet Smart will be in Court you can bet on it. I am going to the Store to speak with the manager tomorrow. Newsflash Petsmart You are responsible for the products on your shelf as a distributor. I trusted you for years and now not so much as a ” We are concerned from your staff” Take a look at facebook because this is going viral. If you dont care about my family I dont care about your bottom dollar.


Debra Littner July 30, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Well my littler Shi Tzu had a very serious incident at Pet Smart in Brea Ca. on July 23rd 2015, he was in dogie daycare that he has been going to for almost four years, I get a call from the daycare saying another dog bit him and they took him to the vet at Ban-field, Cynthia Chan, when I got there my dog was in quite a bit of pain, she said that the daycare noted blood from his mouth after the other dog bit him and she gave him an antibiotic injection and pain medication, he was in to much pain to open his little mouth, she suspected a laceration under the tongue, I took him home with antibiotic pills, the manager informed me that they reviewed the video and my dog showed an aggressive posture toward the other dog, when I asked how much the other dog weighted I was told 60 lbs.my dog weights 14lbs. I questioned why would you put a large dog in with my small dog, the manager told me they do it by temperament not size , which is totally ridiculous, the manager also informed me no way was Pet Smart paying my dog’s vet bill. First thing in the morning I took my dog to my regular vet, he was very swollen, my vet examined him and with in 2 minutes was pretty sure his jaw was broken, so after sedation and X-rays, my dog now has his jaw wired and a button for tightening the wires under his chin. I have filed a customer complaint and spoken to several Pet Smart employees on the phone. I requested the e-mail or phone # to the C.E.O., they all told me we don’t have that, we can’t reach him by phone, this C.E.O. must have a total closed and bolted door policy, I asked for a copy of their organizational chart, and the video of the incident I was told I was not allowed to see it, that’s against company policy, I asked for a copy of their organizational chart they did not seem to know what that was, I asked who sets the policies for mixing large and small dogs, was it a veterinarian with experience in animal behavior, they didn’t know that. Later in the week they called from the store where this happened saying they would split the vet bill with me because after reviewing the video again they said it looks like my dog fell, mind you my dog is a Shi Tzu and stands barely 2 foot off the ground, this whole scenario is ludicrous. I am still waiting for a resolution to my veterinary bill, but more than that please think before you take your animal to a Pet Smart, obliviously my dog was not cared for or observed properly, the vet that saw him at Banfield was young and inexperienced, she never mentioned that his jaw could broken even though she knew he had a facial bite, and she prescribed oral medication instead of a liquid antibiotic knowing he had a mouth injury and charged me 70.00$ to boot. So again be very careful about using any service at Pet Smart if you love you pet and value their health


Patrice Scott July 26, 2015 at 5:06 pm

I have been taking care of dogs since I was 5 years old. I now have a Lhasa Apso. She’s 8 years old. Her 1st groom was done my PetSmart but when I move I had to find someone else. I’ve had her groomed ever month of her life. She also gets a bath and tooth brush on a regular basic. The past 2 months I’ve started to take her back to Petsmart, now all of the groomers and veterinarian’s that has taken care of my dog has never complaint or saw fleas on her. I have my yard and my inside of my home treat on the regular, she is also sprayed with an organic spray because I have a bad immune system to chemicals. Now for the past 2 times my dog has been to Petsmart they claim to have found fleas on my dog. And to play with my intelligence the groomer said the only way you can tell if your dog have fleas is if they are wet. I left my dog there at 7am and they didn’t call me until 12:40pm, my dogs face wasn’t even clean. Her feet still has hair in the paws, so much that she is trying to get it out herself. Her tail looks like they put oil on it. It really looks like something I could have done myself. To make it worst some of the groomers not all of them were rude.


Danielle July 25, 2015 at 6:44 pm

Your Grooming system should coincide with Banfield’s system or there should be some sort of process in place to have the information transferred over to Grooming. I scheduled an appt for my dog to get a bath in which I do every month and even though my dog is current on all his shots I was turned away after I already got there because “their system wasn’t up to date on his vaccinations.” If the Grooming staff see that the vaccines need to be current I don’t see why they cannot be proactive and get the records from Banfield that is 2 feet away to avoid situations like this. I was not happy that I drove all the way there for my dogs appt to be turned away when I go there once a month for grooming and had his tags on his which are current. I was told they cannot go by the tags and since Banfield had closed for the day I was sent on my way and told to reschedule. Needless to say I was not very happy about this especially with the amount of money I spend in the Mooresville NC store each month. In my opinion it would be a better service to your customers to make the systems connect or have shot records transferred automatically if the customer uses both Banfield and the Grooming Salon.


Debra Littner July 24, 2015 at 2:29 pm

We have been taking our two dogs to dogie daycare for over 3 year to the PetSmart in Brea, Ca. every Tuesday, this time we took them on a Thursday, I got a call from the daycare saying my 10 year old Shi Tzu had been in a fight with another dog, they took him to the Banfield Pet hospital, where they give him pain medication and antibiotics, my husband and I went to pick him up and get our other dog from daycare. On the phone the person I spoke with Ashley said that my dog had postured aggressively and the other dog who she said weighted about 60 lbs. had bit him in the face, my dog weights 14 lbs., they said the video showed my dog being aggressive, my problem is why was my dog in with a large dog, their answer was the larger dog was very sweet and they place them together by temperament not by size, well obviously a larger dog can do more damage. The other dog of course had no injury and my dog is at my vet with a possible broken jaw. I spoke with the manger who stated we would need to pay our own vet bills since my dog was aggressive. We have gone there over 3 years without incident, my dog was placed in with a much larger animal and apparently not being watched that closely for signs of behavior change and his answer was well we took him right over to the vet after we noticed he was bleeding from the mouth. I had absolutely no confidence in the vet, my dog’s face was all swollen in the morning and my vet said its a jaw problem, he is being sedated now and will be treated by a proper veterinarian. I am writing this to warn anyone about taking there dog there, if anything happens you will be presented with a hefty bill and if they determine your dog injuries another dog you will get to pay that vet bill too! The C.E.O. of Petsmart needs to review their mission statement and update it to say we may or may not supervise your dog and for sure we will not pay your vet bill or worry to much if you pet is severely injured as mine appears to be


erika July 21, 2015 at 10:39 am

Just want to inform you that i think your company is a disgrace and it disgusts me the type of workers that you have taking care of and grooming dogs. i took my dog there and within 20 minutes we got a call telling us we had to pick her up because she was “too hyper.” we have NEVER had a problem with her being groomed. When i got home i realized that she had a cut on her nose and part of her skin was hanging off. I did not think it could have been your workers because i would have though that they would have the decency to tell the OWNER what THEY have done to MY DOG!!!! Man, was i wrong. The more stories i hear about what your unhuman workers are doing to more dogs disgusts me. Cutting them and hurting them and not even telling the owners what they have done. What kind of pet business is that? A very bad one that’s what it is. What’s even worse is that you don’t even take responsibility for what you do to these dogs and these workers just sent the dogs home as if they have done nothing to them. You are lucky that my dog is okay otherwise i would be suing your company. I do not know what type of company you are trying to run, but let me tell you it’s disgusting and i can’t believe i used to take my dog there. I guarantee you will i never step a foot into another of your stores and i will tell everyone i know that has a pet or that is currently one of your customers the way you treat these animals. no one should want to be a customer to a business that doesn’t even care of other people’s animals. SHAME ON YOU.


Lindsey Weeks July 17, 2015 at 10:57 am

I thought this should be known….Today we brought “LauraBelle” our 5 month old golden retriever puppy to PetSmart for her to get a good bath, ear cleaning, and nails “grinded.” Mind you, I bathe & clip her nails at home very often and have never had a problem with her but then they have sharp/jagged edges on them, so I was told I should take her to have them grinded. I didn’t know this could be done but I guess it’s a popular service. We dropped her off and wanted to wait but they told us it would be a little while, so we opted to go eat next-door. When we got back she was still not finished so we shopped around the store. After a while I finally walked back there again to ask if she was ready when the girl at the desk quickly rolled her eyes and said, “I just finished her, so it’ll be a minute.” I asked her how she did, being that this was her first trip to a “grooming facility.” She immediately started telling me how “she had to be held down to clip her nails, and how it took two people to do it & the grinding, and then how she was freaking out and acted soooo scared the whole time.” She went on about how she “couldn’t even blow dry her because she was snatching away, and yelping.” This did not sound right to me at ALL! Our dog is not like this, so I chocked it up to the fact that it was her first grooming experience and that she’s only 5 months old. We get home, and I just had an uneasy/funny feeling. I start looking at her coat, then her nails and I find them jagged, sawed-off, bleeding. I’m beside myself. I can NOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH THIS HURT!!!! I feel so bad for my dog. She didn’t want me to touch them at all. She’s scared to death I’m going to mess with them I guess, and she’s acted funny all evening. She’s in pain!!!


Galina Slavova July 13, 2015 at 5:28 pm

To whom it may concern,

Due All my respect as your valued customers for over 7 years below is teh response I received from Petsmart when I posted social review regarding grooming services and employee injuring my dog.
Please read it and let me know if this is teh way you train your staff to respond to their customers. I already contacted local TV channel and I am taking this matter to a different level.
Re: PetsmartMonday, July 13, 2015 11:27 AM Mark as Unread

From: “Brian” Full Headers Printable View

First of coming from a bather point of view knowing how the process is the nails were always trimmed correctly if they were good we just tip them

Second we have grates in the kennels where the dogs are held while they dry in between the dryers and the hand drys . If your dog does like kennels they can get antsy and claw at the grates .

So no your dog did not get his f*** nail cut off all the way . Your dog needs to be kennel trained before you bring them to a bather or you can grow the f*** up and was your own dog like a f***ing good owner would. And yes shit does happen your so cough up in your own drama and just wanted to blame a person and loose there career cause your f***ing lazy to wash your f***ing dog

Just saying

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Galina Slavova July 13, 2015 at 6:27 pm

Just FYI,

Chris the Manager 330 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 laughed at me when I told him about this email. He was so rude. Unbelievable. So unprofessional.


Debra Littner July 30, 2015 at 6:51 pm

What TV station are you taking this issue I would like the issue of my dog getting a broken jaw at daycare, addressed on TV


Alex June 29, 2015 at 3:47 pm

I just need to express my complete DISGUST and OUTRAGE with your company…I have given it some thought and wanted to process my emotions before reacting but what just happened was the straw that broke the camel’s back…My dog, Puffin, passed away on May 7th. I went into my local PETSMART location, where she had been seen MANY times for the Banfield Pet Hospital and to be groomed, the day after to get a refund on her medication that I had just got refilled the day before and to let everyone know that she had passed away. The young girl at the counter didn’t even hesitate when I explained to her that my dog had just passed away while I still had tears in my eyes. She didn’t even look up and make eye contact at me or apologize for my loss or offer any condolences. I then waited for her to follow up on the refund, while waiting a woman walked in carrying a larger pit bull who clearly could not walk on its own and the woman was struggling to hold it. The girl took her time, checked her cell phone, and then greeted the woman and checked her in. She then asked if there was any water close by for her dog and the girl stood in her same spot and told her that there were bowls around the corner that she could fill up. After watching the woman STRUGGLE carrying the dog in, she then left it up to herself to walk all the way over to the end of the building to fill up the water herself. With a 40 pound dog. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! The people that work the front at Banfield are AWFUL and have no compassion or care for anyone but themselves or their cell phones. The only good thing that I can say that came from Banfield was Dr Lipparulo, he was great to us and my dog Puffin and made us feel at ease and taken care of.
After stopping at the Banfield Desk I stopped by the groomers to notify them of Puffin’s passing and left. When I got to the car I called the 800 number to cancel my pet insurance and notify them as well. So my question is, why were THREE different departments notified of My dog’s passing and I still get a phone call from someone from the pet grooming center to schedule an appointment??? Your employees have TERRIBLE customer service and have no clues about their patients. They will constantly leave follow up voicemails messing up my dog’s name and sex and even my name for that matter.
SOMETHING needs to be done!!! People pay a lot of money to ensure that their pets are well taken care of…we should feel safe and welcomed when coming to your locations and paying money for YOUR services.
As a pet owner, I will NEVER bring my animal to be groomed or cared for at a Petsmart location ever again and you can guarantee that I will spread my story and experiences with everyone I know who are also pet owners.
I am not looking for compensation or any sort of freebie, I just want recognition that my message was clear and I want to be promised that something will be done going forward. It is absolutely disgusting to be treated the way we have been treated by your employees lack of interest/ compassion.


Nancy June 21, 2015 at 7:26 pm

After explaining my dog to Lindsey in the grooming dept at the wentzville mo store and telling her what i need, i was set for an appt. today. when i got there, they argued the breed of my dog. he is a border collie shepherd mix which they argued he was a bearded collie. that should have been my 1st red flag to run. 1 hour after dropping him off, i was told they could not groom him, he was too stressed, keep in mind…i have been a ring side and a professional groomer for 50 years, i have seen and worked with it ALL! i told them to simply chat with him as they worked with him and destress him, it’s not difficult to do. they refused and told me to come get my dog.
Great Customer Service…..NOT. Be warned, if you do not have a simpleton dog, do NOT go to petsmart grooming centers, they do not have professionals, let alone know the breeds of dogs. SCAREY!!


lita kimble June 19, 2015 at 9:07 am

Hi i have been goin to petsmart with my freind to get koi an goldfish ,I have had my pond for over 10 years an wanted more koi .my freind just started her so we got 2 koi a week for a month .she has lost most of hers .i also lost my new ones an now my ones i had for years, called corp. said to treat them .went to store in spotsylvania va where we got the fish to get meds but had to go somewhere else cause they argued about what corp said to use.my freind went to store an told them about her fish .they told her that no one has been losing fish . shes told them that i had lost fish an why is all your meds gone .makes me wonder.there fish was sick now out the money for the fish an losing my big koi ive had for years.they could careless.


Nancy June 16, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Abq is hot in the summer, 90+ today, walking dogs on hot asphalt hurts their paws. I witnessed a woman leaving dragging her puppy across the hot parking lot and it was obviously burning it paws.I stepped in to ask the manager to please put up some sort of awareness notice for customers to understand the fact of the hot asphalt and the manager explained it was not his problem.
That puppy was not in the area to go to Smiths, Walmart, or GameStop, it was their for your store. A small note for public awareness will not harm anyone and could save a set of paws. Animal kindness is what you are all about right?


adriana June 2, 2015 at 10:59 pm

i need your help in how to handle this matter, i got turtle from petsmart in orange ct, hes name was earl, he had eye infection, i called petstmart, because he was under warranty, they told me i had no worry since i bring him back by the last day of the warranty, which i did in the next day, i asked them if i could bring him to petsmart close to my house and they told me no, because that was the store policy, so i drove all way to orange ct, so he could being seeing by exotic animal vet, that was in saturday monring, they told me to call back by wednesday, because since was weekend, they had to wait until monday morning to contact them, monday came and i called and i was told that earl was going to have a appointment on the coming friday, when friday came i called on the end of the day to find out how he was and i was told the he saw the exotic vet on the monday before, every person i spoke on that store gave dif store everytime, has being 1 1/2 moth now and dif stories everytime i call, hes getting better, but he needs to stay here longer, because of the meds for his eye, finally i called today again, and i was on hold on the phone for 25 min, when the girl told me she was trying to get hold of the pet care manager by name levear, which he wasnt at the store for the past two days because he was off, so she put me on hold again, and when she came back to the phone she asked me what i knew so far about the turtle (earl), so i told her, that i call all the time and im never able to speak with the pet care manager, and everytime i talk to someone, its dif story, so i was going to wait and hear from her, her story, thats when i was told that earl the turtle, died on sunday, and the pet care manager was goind to call me tomorrow, to let me know.
my next question was, so since the pet care manager its not around why the store manager didnt call me?
or someone from that department.
the answer was, that the store manager its not responsable for that department, and only the pet care manager does that.
dont u think that when u leave your love one, your pet at places like that, they should, be taking care the right way, and they should keep the owner knowing everything thats going on?
well i guess they dont see that way, and its sad to hear over the phone that :
oh, im sorry but your pet died two days ago


Judy June 2, 2015 at 12:46 am

June 1, 2015
Dear Mr. Lenhardt:
I just have a few questions regarding PetSmart stores.
We recently rescued, through our local animal shelter, a dog. He had come to the shelter via another shelter in another state on a cruelty case…he had been left to starve to death. He was put up for adoption after going to a foster home, gaining the appropriate weight for his age. He’s three years old. He’s part retriever, part something else. He has been vet checked, appropriate shots, etc. He’s basically a good dog, knows some commands, and gets along with people. We have had him since March of this year. His only problem is his socialization skills with other dogs. When another dog is around and he can’t get to them he pulls on his leash and starts barking.
In early May, my husband and I were in PetSmart in Chambersburg, PA to purchase some things and an employee of the store asked if she could be of any help and we asked her about the obedience classes. We told her our dog’s story of what we know about him and told her what he was like around other dogs. She thought he would be a good candidate for the class that would start the following Saturday. So we enrolled him.
My question is this. Do the employees get a bonus for how many dogs they enroll in their classes? I think they must get a gold star or something if they enroll so many dogs in classes each week.
The reason I’m asking is the first week we are there we are given a pamphlet of how to teach your puppy. My dog is not a puppy. He’s 3 years old with a background of what nobody knows about. Why would you put a 50 pound, three year old dog in with three other puppies? They were scared to death of him as he would bark and try to get to them. I believe he wanted to play with them as he plays with our daughter’s lab when we visit and at his foster home we were told had 13 other dogs, but the instructor told us to keep a short leash on him cause they didn’t want any dog to get hurt.
So this brings me to my next question. How are the instructors trained? Do you have a standard procedure? We had an older gentleman the first two sessions who used a clicker to teach the dog commands. The third session we arrive to find the older gentleman is no longer there and the lady that signed us up for the classes is going to be the instructor, I think she’s the manager as well. She informed us she doesn’t use the clicker. Okay, let’s confuse all the dogs since we’ve been practicing with our dogs using the clicker. I personally don’t like the clicker but that seemed strange that the training wasn’t consistent. She had brought in a quiet young male employee and told us he was going to be helping out and would probably be the one to do our training after he got his two weeks training, which would mean our 6th and final session. Are your instructors certified to be trainers? Are you a certified instructor after two weeks of training and what does that two week training include? She informed us that our new instructor loves dogs (well, I love dogs too…doesn’t mean I’ll ever qualify to be a trainer)….to be quite frankly, he looked like he was pulled off the floor and put in the small cubicle training area with us and told “today is your lucky day….you’re going to be a trainer”. She didn’t say that but he acted like he wasn’t sure what was going on.
So this brings me up to our fourth and final session (even though we paid for six sessions). She was getting started with the session and asked the other owners if they were interested in further classes after they graduated from this class. She didn’t ask us or recommend anything (ahh, poor Louie, I guess this means you flunked out) and then she excused herself as she had to go talk to somebody as they were losing another employee or whatever. So that’s 10 minutes lost. Meanwhile, we’re trying our best to keep our dog from barking. She comes back and starts again and looks at me and said “why don’t you take your dog and walk around the store”. So my husband leaves the area and takes our dog to get more excited as there are more dogs in the store than in our class. In other words, get your dog out of here. She tells the other owners that our dog has had a different life and needs to be treated differently. So why did you have us sign up for this puppy class? If you don’t have the experience of handling a barking dog who wants to sniff and act like an idiot then why don’t you recommend something else. I guess I paid money to walk my dog around the store. Gee, I thought that was for free!!
I stayed in class to see if I could pick up any pointers and I hear our dog barking so I go in search for my husband and dog as I knew by the redness on my husband’s neck when he left the class that he was not a happy camper. I find them in an aisle, our dog going crazy with all the smells, and my husband and I look at each other and I said let’s just walk our dog out the door and never come back. So that’s what we did. I will NEVER set another foot in a PetSmart. You are a scam!! You just want the money and numbers to look good. You put a three year old dog that nobody knows for sure what kind of life he’s had, in a puppy class and expect him to act like a puppy. For shame!! I got more hints on facebook as to my dilemma than I did in the four sessions we attended at PetSmart. Sure, it might have been a good class if he would have been a puppy.
And, would you please tell someone in the Chambersburg store to clean where the dogs have their training sessions. The same pile of black dog fur has been in the same corner the four weeks we were there.
A former customer,

P.S. Our dog just came to me and laid his head on my lap and I leaned down and he kissed me. He knows he’s loved now and that’s all that matters. We will conquer his behavior without PetSmart.


patsy bailey May 18, 2015 at 12:17 pm

hello to everyone, my name is patsy and my baby’s (dog’s)name is zulu, I would like everyone to no about my experience with pet Smart in jackson Tennessee on Sunday May the 17th, apt. Time 8:30am.groomers name brooke, her comment’s on zulu were, I got as much hair out of his ears that I could, might need to take him to the vet!!! First of all I made myself VERY CLEAR about what I wanted done to zulu, I told her my main priority was zulu ears, he is a poodle and has to have the hair pulled from ear conal’s, this is with all poodles. I am sooo very upset with this girl and pet Smart for miss leading me and telling me that they would do the job. Well they did not! Instead they shaved him and the ears and left the ear Conal still impacted with hair, absolutely none of the hair has been removed from the ear conal. Now it’s time to pay the bill, I got charged a total of $83.41, and didn’t even get what I took him there for. I feel like I have been played for a fool!!! I’ve been robbed. I’m sooo angry and they could care less. I am a good person and honest, I only want to be treated like I treat people. Well just wanted to let everyone no about our treatment and beware. Please let everyone you no to beware of this place and they have lost 6 customers from my friends and family. Good day to all, patsy bailey


cat July 13, 2015 at 10:12 pm

Just for info on ear hair some dogs do not do well with ear hair being pulled and they try and bite or scream or jerk and wiggle around thats a safety hazard for your dog especially if it wiggles safety is important to a groomer groomers love dogs or they would not do what they do just imagine trying to.pull the hair of a small or big dogs ears while its snapping at you or jumping around just cause you are professional doesnt mean it can always happen. Ive watched this and have tried it on my own dog its hard. Havent you ever had a hard difficult day same as anyone else and dogs.


Tracy August 7, 2015 at 5:11 pm

So if Doctor’s are having a bad day it is okay to mess up a patients orders or medication? Professionals should act as such and no, you are not allowed to have a bad day when you are caring for the family, or pet of another person, Period!


Rosemary May 13, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I recently applied at one of your stores.I had 1 interview with a mananger .During that time I was told about the job description and asked about the pay. I then asked if there was any chance for a raise. She said not really. She asked if I could come back in for another interview with some one else.So I had it scheduled for the next day. After thinking about the pay i was not sure if I took the job if I could make my budget. So I called the next day the day of my interview and just spoke to whoever answered the phone and said I needed to cancel the interview because of the pay. I was never told that this call would disqualify me from ever working at a petsmart for 6 months. One week later I called to say that I changed my mind about the job. I was told my application was already put in the no hire group and i would need to reapply. I feel that this policy is ridiculous. You mean to tell me I can not change my mind? It had only been 1 week! I am very upset by this policy. I really wanted to work there. Now I am banned. Ridiculous.


Nadine Berry May 21, 2015 at 5:24 pm

I was visiting my daughter in San Diego and took her to PetSmart because she wanted to inquire about a job in the grooming dept. I have been grooming for about 40 years and she has pretty much grown up in a grooming shop.. although she isn’t a full fledged groomer she knows quite a lot and really just needs to learn some finishing…anyway we spoke with a man who is the assistant manager and sat with him in an interview and said he was VERY impressed with her, told her to submit her application on line then call him so he could lock her into his store…she did…she went in for her 2nd interview and he told her she just needed to come in for a drug test…she would start as a bather and they would send her to their grooming academy etc…she called on the day she was going in for her drug test and a woman manager answered and told her she didn’t pass the online application …that it was marked as unhierable … WTF!! That she could reapply in 6 months. What really gets me is that she is a very intelligent, well spoken, articulate and well groomed young lady. I don’t know how she failed an online application,but doesn’t make sense that she would pass the physical interview with flying colors…the face to face interview where her true self showed through…maybe this is why PetsMart has so many customer complaints regarding their grooming..as a grooming shop owner maybe I should say thank you for sending so many clients my way..as a matter of fact just last week a woman brought her dog to our shop DIRECTLY after picking it up from PetsMart to have us fix it…and it was a bath and brush, not even a haircut. PetsMart needs to clean house and rethink their hiring system and apparently their groomer training.


Tony Uczciwek April 30, 2015 at 11:46 am

On the 27th of April 2015 we had 2dogs groomed it petsmart at 2221 oakton ave in Evanston illinois we have had our dogs groomed there the last 7to 8 years never had a problem this time we do 1 dog was OK. The. Other is not someone in grooming hurt my dog as soon as he was put in the car he made a cry out. and he would not move till we got home he could hardly. walk WE told him to the vet. the next morning she gave him a shot and some pills tranulol ? And said to come back in a week, now on the 29th we see he is not barking like normal his voice is very horse and his neck hurts we call petsmart on the 29th to talk to the manager we got the a extent manager she said bring her a copy of what the vets bill we did she said she would send it to corporate. some one at your store hurt my dog and if you ask of course they say they didn’t ,eather. someone had his collar to give or he fell some knows. we have a call to the vet about his not barking.


kim June 7, 2015 at 7:32 pm

Today at Pet Smart in Yorkville Il I witnesses a groomer grab a 10 lb dog by the neck while trying to groom her. when she saw me watching her she stopped. The little girl looked scared to death. I was so mad I was shaking. I complained to 2 employees one being a manager. I doubt anything will be done. My advice to EVERYONE is DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG TO PET SMART FOR GROOMING OR TO SPEND TIME. if this is how they treat a dog when people can see them what the hell is going on behind the scene ?


Tony Wilk April 7, 2015 at 8:31 am

Walking through the mall I recently passed by a Build-a-Bear Workshop. Thinking to myself, “if people can create their own plush toys for their kids, why is there nothing available to create plush toys for their furr babies”. I think it would be a great idea to create a station within pet smart that would allow you to create a one of a kind/personalized stuffed toy for animal lovers best friends.
1. Select a skin
2. Stuffing station (stuff your toy)
3. Select a squeaker or noise actuated device
4. Close up/sew your new toy

And of course dogs would be welcome to join in the creation of their new favorite toy



Lucinda Montoya April 1, 2015 at 6:12 am

yes, I a major complaint on the grooming at the petsmart at the san diego rosecrans location on March 27th, 2015 & today March 30, 2015. Last Friday I had an appt. for my cat Harley May, to be groomed as I have always done for the past two years. Iv never ever had a problem. If fact the the groomer named Jen, told me my cat was the best well behaved kitty she has ever groomed. Unknowingly, Jen had left the rosecrans location very recently. There for, someone else groomed Harley. As I’m shopping in the store, I get a call from the groomer, telling me that my cat is really, really stressed out & pooping everywhere. I told the the groomer this is a first time ever that harley has acted like that. I didn’t know wtf was going on that my cat was so stressed out. So I bought some calming spray which was over $15.00! Id never had to buy a product like this until now. It was the only thing i could think of to maybe help. Dropped it off to the groomer & left. About 40 minutes later, the groomer called to say Harley was ready for pick up. When I arrived, the grooming manager said she didn’t know why i was told Harley was ready, because, Harley is really wet still & got my cat anyway to return to me. the grooming manager then said if i came back early next week, she personally would bath, groom, & dry her properly & it would be at no cost to me. I made an appointment, in which was today. The groomer calls me 25 minutes later, saying Harley again is really stressed out and hissing & also scratched the grooming manager so bad, that she had to be treated at the Banfield hospital next door! They said they have to stop & can no longer continue & finish Harleys grooming. I was really concerned of why this was happening with Harley. this is when i found out that the girl Jen, that had always groomed Harley no longer worked there anymore. Jen was always able to bath, clip her nails, & blowdry Harley with no problems in two years. so wtf is really going on?! My Poor little Harley went home for a second time almost soaked again! harley look like she had seen a ghost & was so stressed out & scared. I called the corporate office as soon as i got home and reported my complaint. Never going back to that location ever again!!


Richard March 26, 2015 at 10:50 am



Me April 21, 2015 at 4:18 pm

LOL Richard you’re an asshole. If only closed minds came with closed mouths…


JG April 27, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Richard, you are an idiot.


Tracy August 7, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Yes, Richard, you are an Idiot.


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