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Office Depot Corporate Office Address

Office Depot, Inc.
6600 N Military Trail
Boca Raton, Florida 33496

Contact Office Depot

Phone Number: (561) 438-4800
Fax Number: (800) 685-5010
Email: Email Office Depot

Office Depot Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Office Depot Executives

CEO: Roland C. Smith
CFO: Stephen E. Hare
COO: Troy Rice

Office Depot History

Office Depot was founded in 1986 by F. Patrick Sher and Jack Kopkin.  The first location was located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

In 1988, the company went public on the NYSE.

There were many acquisitions and mergers in the 90s, the 50th store was opened in 1995.

The website was launched in 1998.

In 2000’s there was a major expansion into Europe.  In 2005, the 1000th location was opened in Countryside, Illinois.

In late 2013, Office Depot and OfficeMax merged.

In February 2015, Staples announced it would purchase Office Depot for $6.3 Billion.  The merger was ultimately blocked by the FTC.

Today, there are over 1600 locations worldwide.  The Office Depot corporate office is located in Boca Raton, FL.

Office Depot FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Office Depot?
Answer 1: The phone number for Office Depot is (561) 438-4800.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Office Depot?
Answer 2: The CEO of Office Depot is Roland C. Smith.

Question 3: Who founded Office Depot?
Answer 3: Office Depot was founded by in .

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Pete January 25, 2019 at 3:54 pm

Total incompetence is all I can say about Office Depot/Office Max. 5 days ago ordered simple biz cards and black white copies – they still have no idea where they are and why but they managed to charge my card. Imbeciles. I’m thinking Staples looked at them during the proposed merger and said “ let’s not do this, these guys are morons”. And they were right. I put the same order into Staples because I needed the product and they turned it around in 24 hours


Pissed off customer October 5, 2018 at 8:08 pm

10 am TODAY
I uploaded a print order
It took 1 hour to upload.
I had $15 credit in my office depot rewards. The total was 12.61.
I had to put in a credit card. I have TWO CARDS. You rejected both. The order was supposed to be free.
I went in chat. 3 hours. No help.
I was promised a call back. I waited 1 bour. Finally a call back. They put me on hold 23 min and hung up.
I called AGAIN and spoke to Ann. Ann was on the phone with me for 45 min. Ann spoke to the manager in the store who verified the site wasn’t working. Ann said her manager would call me. No call.
I waited 1 hour.
No call.
I was sent a promo code the site couldnt even use.
I called multiple times. Each time I identified myself as ADA hard of hearing. My disability was scorned by: Ann, Harry, Sammy, Sheryl (who hung up me twice), and Ben Clark who was incredibly rude, said he didn’t care about any disability and hung up on me. ANN HAD PROMISED 20 GIFT CERTIFICATE. NEVER GOT THIS.


D Burleson July 24, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Do Office Depot flyers not come with Sunday newspaper any more? Florida Today is our local newspaper, and I haven’t had one included in ours in ages. I called our local store, and the person answering phone, told me, I needed to call back on 07-26-18, when Anthony, the District Manager, was in the store?


T. Powell July 19, 2018 at 9:32 am

I placed a large order w/Office Depot and received a confirmation email. Afterwards I got another email telling me my order was on HOLD and to call 866-783-0307. Upon call, Patricia, a woman not happy with her job, answered the phone and as I proceeded to tell her why I was calling interrupted me and asked for my order number. I told her not to interrupt me and she said, all I need is the order number.
I think you need to be aware of the people that you have answering your phones and representing your company. I have been going back and fourth between you and Amazon and I must say, Patricia has made Amazon very appealing. Your customer service needs HELP. That can make or break a business.


PASTOR WILLIE D BROWN June 21, 2018 at 12:47 pm

I am VERY Frustrated with a return made to your Richmond Heights, Missouri store. I made the purchase of a Laptop on June 19, 2018@1:52pm. The payment was made with a split payment, one from our Church Visa and the rest on my Office Depot card. Our Church Visa was charged $150 and OD Credit Card was charged $246.67. The box was never opened because the Church decided they did not want another HP brand since our previous Laptop was HP and there was continual problems. When I returned on June 20@2:41pm, I spoke with store Manager Mike Hayden after the initial salesperson had place my refund all back on 1 card, the OD Card. I told him it should not have been done that way because it was initially a split payment and the amounts should have went back to their original cards. He said there was nothing he could do to reverse it and the total refund amount on my card would show up in the hour. 24 hours later, I call Go Depot and it has me being charged that amount, maxing out my card. I spoke with a Customer Service Rep at Go Depot who could not help and told me to call back to the store. I called back to the store, spoke to the store manager Mark Hayden and he instructed me to call back Go Depot. This is horrific to say the least and I’m extremely frustrated that no one is able to provide remedy to rectify and refund my payments. Email sent to Corporate Complaint Departing asking “PLEASE ELEVATE this for action as soon as possible. THIS IS NOT GOOD.”


Nadia Jones January 8, 2018 at 11:08 pm

I work at location #2225 in Opelika, AL. I wanted to know if I could transfer my job to the Columbus, GA area. It takes me 40 – 45 minutes to get to Tiger Town. I could be on time at the Sidney Simons locations because it is 15 minutes away from my home. I can reached at Najia@ or 706 332 XXXXX. Thank you for your attention.


Betzaida P Jernigan October 26, 2017 at 12:56 pm


I went to Office Depot in Orange City to have them make copies from my originals to submit a copy to a Defendant for a civil court case and to receive a copy from my originals to respond to a court order by 10/23/2014. I spoke today with an Office Depot staff member who identified her self as Linda Rose and who said her title is: “Risk Manager” she said that she is willing to speak to “whoever” at the court and/or to Defendant about the mistakes that were made when Office Depot made copies from my originals that were going to the court and a copy for me and to the Defendant on or about 3:30 pm on 10/23/2014.

Some adds of a car wash copies were combined with the copies I submitted to the Defendant via the U.S. Postal mail and other doXXXXents that needed to be copied were not.

Office Depot said they are willing to reimburse me for the court cost for the court to make copies from the original doXXXXentation that were submitted to the court for me and to the Defendant. However, Office Depot is not willing to put down in writing what they just told me today they are willing to do. Sadly, they also said to me: “You filed it”

I can no longer trust Office Depot quality of business output when they tell the customer “You filed it” meaning we didn’t so basically is not our fault but I believe it is when I informed the person who made the copies I am coming back because you made mistakes on the copies you recently made of the same originals and I need you to be very cautious this time because they are going to the court and I need to go from here to the U.S. Postal service to send the copies you make to the Defendant and immediately after I need to take the originals to the court and I have to turned them in by no later than 4:30 pm today.
Office Deport was made aware of previous mistakes made and the fact that the copies made the customer was trusting they would be correct this time and due to time constraints they needed to be copied correctly. The statement made by Office Deport “You file it!” and the refusal to accept responsibility in writing tells me a lot about the integrity of the quality of work they advertise to customers. I am sadden and I am disappointed about their response! You have a nice day.

Additional facts of the events are written below for your convenience

These are Mrs. Jernigan’s notes of my conversation with Linda from Office Depot yesterday and today and additional statements made by me or the staff at office depo. If you have any questions please feel free to write to me at 471 E Kicklighter Rd Lake Helen, Fl 32744.

On 10/25/2017 @ approximately 2:32pm Plaintiff received a phone call from some identifying themselves as Linda Roses from Office Depot phone # 561-438-3694 asking me to call her back.

On 10/25/2017 @ approximately 2:32 pm Plaintiff calls back Linda hears voice recording Linda Rose is not available. Plaintiff leaves a message “calling you back” and leaves a message with name and phone number. Plaintiff calls again and Linda answers and states “I understand there was an issue”. I am the risk manager. I explained the unintended business error of their department manager on 4/23/2017 and the fact that the same person made the copies for free because she recognized she made mistakes making copies the last time she made copies though I said I was willing to pay. I explained I spoke to Nicole and I asked Nicole if she remembers that Mr. Jones admitted of me being there on 10/23/2014 at approx. 3:30 for the copies to be made and Nicole admitted she heard Mr. Jones that yes I head him say that he knows you were there. Mrs. Linda stated she will get statements, she understands don’t want the court to strike and said to me “I will get back with you tomorrow”. I explained I thought I should call the news if necessary if he does not sign but I figure he has a right to do whatever about it. I explained also to Linda today and Nicole on 10/24/2017 that I explained to the dept manager to be cautious in making the original copies they are going to the court and the Defendant and I needed a copy too and I also explained to the department manager after the copies are done I was going directly to the post office to mail the defendant a copy and then straight to the court because I needed to turn them in by no later than 4:30 pm. I explained to Linda that the dept manager seem to have a problem with one of the printers and often walked to what it appear to be a recycle big trash can. I just hoped that she knew what she was doing and the other guy seemed to be confused at times and she went from doing one thing to another so obviously she was multitasking. I also said that when I came with the copies on 10/23/2017 I advise Mr. Jones that I had to come back because there was mistakes made when I had them do my copies when I came the last time that I was there and he said see the the dept manager and I explained to him (when I looked at who he was referring to) that’s the same lady that made the mistake when I came before.

On 10/26/2017 @ approximately 9:52 am I received a call from 561-438-3694 Mrs. Linda Rose left a message October 26, 2017 for me to call her back (Risk Manger I spoke to yesterday). At approximately 9:56 I call back voice message states: “not available”. I leave a voice message saying this is Mrs. Jernigan calling back and left phone number. I call back again @ approximately @ approx. 10:05 am Mrs. Linda answered the phone and tells me that they “are not going to be able to write a letter and sign it” . She suggested that I explain to the judge what happened. I replied I did and you have a copy of what I explained to the court and the statement I needed you all to sign. Linda said: “I am willing to speak to the court or whoever about what happened” and “I am willing to reimburse you for the charges of getting a copy from the originals filed in court” and Linda also said: “We understand there was a mistake made but we didn’t file it” I replied: “I trusted your business”. I asked Linda if she was willing to put on paper what she just said to me today that she is willing to do but she replied: “no”. I said: you can say whatever today and tomorrow you can change your mind. She said give them my name and phone#. She is willing to reimburse me for the cost to make copies again from the originals I submitted to the court and she is willing to speak to the court to whosoever about what happened. She said I am not going anywhere. She said you filed it! I said I trusted your business to do what’s right. I explained if I am not mistaken it is $3.00 per copy she still agreed to reimburse me the cost. I explained the court doXXXXents I submitted are not showing yet on the docket and I am not sure how the defendant will react.

Notes were typed on10/26/2017 @ approximately 10:41 am on this sheet.


Jim Davenport October 18, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Buy from Staples! Office Depot customer service is lousy. Waited for a filing cabinet and it arrived Oct. 17th. The box was fine on the outside. Opened up the box in front of the two truckers who delivered it and under an undamaged piece of packing foam, the corner was dented. We then pulled the cabinet out and the left side had been broken and the two bottom drawers were sprung and couldn’t be opened. The truckers took it back, I called customer service and they gave me a $30 price adjustment and GUARANTEED it’d be delivered the 18th-TODAY BY 5:00 P.M., I spoke to supervisor Crystal who did what she could, but she provided no satisfaction. This will go up the chain from me to my corporate offices as they have a very large national acct. w/office depot. My ref.#11894680 probably means nothing. They claim there was a truck problem and it’ll be here tomorrow.


Randy Fulton October 17, 2017 at 12:53 pm

I will attempt to be brief, but this has been one of the most frustrating “customer service” experiences ever! Purchased a refurbished Dell laptop. Advertised as having a 1 year warranty. Power cord does not fit snuggly. Battery does not have adequate charge life. I had this exact model through work. The battery easily lasted 4 hours. This laptop was about 1.5 – 2 hours max.

I contacted Office Depot regarding the warranty. I was told to contact Dell. Dell said the laptop did not have a warranty. Contacted Office Depot. They could not directly answer my question about who was responsible for the warranty. Asked if I wanted to return it. I preferred not to since I already purchased & installed Office 2016 (from Office Depot). The laptop seemed fine. I just needed a power cord & battery. I was told they could reimburse me $125. I asked if that would cover the cost. Reply: “I don’t know, but that’s what I’m authorized to offer.” I stated that they needed to get an accurate quote and if it is more, get approval. After all, the laptop came with a 1 year warranty. I only had it a couple weeks. He took my number in case we got disconnected while he checked on prices through Dell. We were disconnected and he never called back.

Meanwhile I called the Office Depot 800 #. I email the complaints division. I repeated received the run around, but each time was told how sorry they were for the inconvenience. And I was repeatedly asked about returning the laptop. Again, I prefer to keep the laptop. I just want a power cord & battery. I spent several weeks going back and forth, leaving my cell number and asking for a supervisor to call me. Never received a call. No one could explain the “warranty.” I finally said I would return the laptop for a refund, but also wanted a refund on Office 2016 which was purchased through Office Depot. Again, I could not get anyone to respond.

I have literally used Office Depot for several years. Our company spends thousands of dollars every year. Our business will be going to a company that understands customer service. I am typically pretty patient and not one to complain, but this is ridiculous.


Barbara Steffens October 10, 2017 at 4:34 pm

On Oct 6th attempted to purchase a printer. The one I wanted was not in stock so I purchased another one, with the help of the employee. Brought it home and found it to be not what I needed. Took it back and ordered the original. Was told it would be in on the 9th.
On the 9th I called and found out it was not going to be the 9th but the 10th and it was not
going to the store, but to my house. I was not going to be home and when I spoke with the
salesperson, he said oh when I asked for your address it meant it was being shipped to your address. I asked him how the heck was I supposed to know that, to which he had no reply.
He insisted I should have know where it would be delivered and just could not understand why the computer read the 9th and the order printed the 10th. I had to reschedule the tech to come out and hook it up. The attitude was one of “oh well” sorry about that.
This will be the last transaction I will make with Office Depot. Personnel need to communicate with customers as I, for one, cannot read minds. There was never a
true apology and that really frosts me.


Mohammad Saleem September 29, 2017 at 11:47 pm

My credit was charged, later OFFICE DEPOT cancelled my order but they charged my credit card.
Now thy are not giving me refund on that charges, saying that they never charged it. But the Banks says they did charge it and that the money has been paid to them.

I talked with two of their officers (names available), and sent appropriate copies of Bank statment and other info along with the Cencellation e-mail from them, but now one seem to care, there is no response to my e-mail.
The matter has been dragging on since July, 2017


Debra C. Wisher September 12, 2017 at 6:12 pm

I tried to communicate with you through your CHAT service.
I was held on line (in mid-convwersation) by Ash Singer for over 35 minutes. It must have been quitting time because she was just GONE.( I’ve mailed you a hardcopy of conversation.)
I never had these issues with Office Max. Also, I’ve been waiting for a catalog for over 2 months. I WILL be looking for another supplier.
From the readings noted above it seems your merger was NOT the best move you could have made.


Suzan Baker August 29, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I walked thru the Key Largo store today and apparently the only employee was the cashier. When I went thru the backdoor found a woman and told her I wanted to purchase a $389 chair and needed help. She telephoned for a man and a crude, rude, obnoxious person showed. I explained I wanted a certain chair but had to know that the arm rests were removable. He kept explaining how they worked and put the box on a dolly and headed for front door. I had 2 $60 pkg of printer, $18 in pens, tried to order business cards but no one there. needed packaging tape. The man had no interest that I needed other items. Parked the dolly and left me standing. I told the cashier I wanted the Manager to get help. He said the man WAS the manager. I left my nearly $500 purchase with the cashier and exited the store. OD you lost a customer. Your 800# gets you the Philippines-in other words no help at all. I’ll have to order from Amazon I guess.


Cristie February 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm

In 5 days it will be a MONTH that I have waited for a box of copy paper and a pack of paper towels. No response, I have been calling/emailing/chatting every day.
WORST customer service ever.


Amy Garcia October 17, 2016 at 12:35 pm

I placed an order on 10/12/16 and this was a three delivery order.
I received order #1 and #3. I talked to your chat room person and they said the order
needed verbal verification. I told them that I had never had to do that. So they suggested
that I call customer service. I called and they told me that the order would be delivered on
10/14/16. It was not delivered and I call your chat room again. Again they told me that I
would have to talk to your customer service because of the verbal authorization. So I called
again and they said someone in customer service would call me back. They never do but
this time they did and asked if I place an order and I said yes. They said thank you and that the order would be delivered on Monday. I finally told them if not delivered by Monday 10/17 that I would cancel the order and go to Staples instead.
Order was not received on 10/17 and I called your chat room once again. They said I
needed verbal authorization and I told them that I gave the authorization on Friday. He
then said that the order can be replaced and it would arrive 10/18/16. I told them just
to cancel the order and that I would do business with Staples. If you check our history you will see that we order lots from Office Depot and this one order has dissatisfied me so much that I finally placed my order with Staples.
Ever since you merged with Office Max, customer service has not been up to par.
I don’t know if I will order again from you but for right now I will order from Staples.
You are losing alot of customers due to poor customer service and deliveries.


Marilyn July 28, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Since I cannot find a real email for you I am responding here but not expecting to hear anything back….you guys have really gone done hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Order 852816712-001

Hello…On July 23rd I placed this order. When I received this confirmation I noticed the color envelopes came up as ivory rather than white. I chatted on line with your customer service and he assured me it was taken care of. I specifically asked him 3 times and he guaranteed me it was off. When I received the next confirmation it showed that the white was ordered and he still left on the ivory. He out right LIED to me. So I called customer service and once again was reassured that it was taken care of. Well I received my clips and pens but never received my business cards. I looked at my credit card and I had been charged for 28.37….16.53 and 16.53 and 44.90. I called Customer service again and a women said I never ordered business cards which you can see I did. She then refunded me for the one envelopes of 16.53 and said I would received my other envelopes yesterday. I still have not received my envelopes and am now waiting to see if I even get my business cards since she reordered them yesterday. I can tell you I have always shopped with you for years but will probably never deal with you again. This has been utterly ridiculous and I am considering contacting the better business bureau especially because of all the discrepancies on my credit card. Only God knows what your people do. They sure do not know what to do and will lie about anything I am assuming to make their job easier or to make you more money. This is not the type of customer service or company I want to deal with. Thought you needed to know.
Order Number: 852816712-001 Status: In Process
Order Date: 07/23/2016 Tracking: N/A
VERONA, PA 15147-2822
Account #: 76442864
Payment info: PayPal

Delivery Method: Standard Shipping
Avery® Inkjet Clean-Edge Business Cards, 2-Sided, 2″ x 3 1/2″, White Matte, Pack Of 200 (422371) 1 1 0 $17.990 pack $17.99
Office Depot® Brand Soft-Grip Medium Binder Clips, 1 1/4″, 5/8″ Capacity, Assorted Colors, Pack Of 12 (615402) 1 1 0 $3.590 pack $3.59
BIC® Round Stic Grip™ Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point, 1.2 mm, Clear Barrel, Black Ink, Pack Of 12 (112220) 1 1 0 $2.590 dozen $2.59
BIC® Round Stic Grip™ Ballpoint Pens, Fine Point, 0.8 mm, White Barrel, Black Ink, Pack Of 12 (360051) 1 1 0 $2.590 dozen $2.59
QTY: Original Quantity Ordered
AVAILABLE: Ordered Quantity – Backorder Quantity
B/O Qty: Backorder Quantity
UNIT PRICE: Price per Individual Unit
UM: Unit of Measure
EXTENDED PRICE: Ordered Quantity x Unit Price

Subtotal: 26.76
Tax: 1.61
Delivery Fee: 0.00
Misc.: 0.00

Total: $28.37

Shipment 2 Expected delivery date: 07/26/2016 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Order Number: 852816958-001 Status: Held Dropship
Order Date: 07/23/2016 Tracking: N/A
VERONA, PA 15147-2822
Account #: 76442864
Payment info: PayPal

Delivery Method: Standard Shipping
Quality Park® Invitation And Greeting Card Envelopes, 4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″, Ivory, Box Of 100 (423211) 1 1 0 $15.590 box $15.59
QTY: Original Quantity Ordered
AVAILABLE: Ordered Quantity – Backorder Quantity
B/O Qty: Backorder Quantity
UNIT PRICE: Price per Individual Unit
UM: Unit of Measure
EXTENDED PRICE: Ordered Quantity x Unit Price

Subtotal: 15.59
Tax: 0.94
Delivery Fee: 0.00
Misc.: 0.00

Total: $16.53


Tammy Robinson July 28, 2016 at 2:24 pm

Marilyn, if you look above the comments, you will find a link you can click to go directly to the email for Office Depot.


Jack Hanoka June 29, 2016 at 4:12 pm

TO: CEO Roland Smith, CFO Stephen E. Hare, COO Mark S Cosby
I previously was as Staples Customer. Unfortunately for me they moved out of my area, and to save time and money from driving to their store in Boynton Beach, being a Senior Citizen on a limited fixed income, I started to go to Office Depot Store #91. I purchased a new Laptop Computer and a new Printer there, and have done many other purchases in addition to ink, paper and other products. I get a request for a survey on my receipts every time I purchase an item. I feel I am wasting my time as I get a $10.00 coupon good on a $50.00 Purchase every time I respond to the Survey, but they don’t seem to want to honor them. I went to the tore today purchased over $50.00 in ink used a $12.00 ink recycling coupon along with a $10.00 coupon on my last register receipt. I gave the Cashier one of those coupons for over $50.00. They refused to take it because I was using other coupons. Why should I waste my time filling out your survey if the coupons wont be honored.
I feel i will have to drive further (to Staples) to get what I need where they take coupons they issue. I am glad now that your merger with Staples did not go through.
It is approximately 345 PM Wednesday June 29, 2016. My phone number is 561-715-6264. If I do not hear from anyone by 1200 Noon June 30, 2016 Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Division and the County Attorney in addition to posting on Facebook, Office Depot does not want to honor any coupons they issue.
Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts.
I anxiously await your reply by phone.
Jack Hanoka
Hopefully to remain an Office Depot Customer if this gets resolved


Tree Gallagher May 13, 2016 at 1:22 am

My employer died suddenly & had several music items to send to a music teacher in NY, due to area I CALLED THE MERRITT ISLAND OFFICE DEPOT (321-459-2588) prior to my bringing all in to insure they (Office Depot) would be able to box, pack, & ship as needed.
I arrived at w items placed in a basket of their provision, as the store was basicly empty? Was a tad surprised by the checkout boys look of horror & disgust as I entered.. I smiled, explained the packing/shipping needed & with another look of “no way” w eyebrow raised he threw I hand in gester behind head & replied “over there”.. I proceeded to where the OFFICE DEPOT SIGN SAID *PACKING, SHIPPING & MAIL THROUGH UPS, OR US POSTAL SERVICE. I was ignored to the best of the rude ability of the “Customer Service” man until he was forced to make eye contact w me, then producing a scowl of displeasure he said, NOT ASKED… “YOU WANT HELP W THAT.????? Then proceeded to grill me on the number I called, was not HIS store as HE was the only one p/u phone & he NEVER would have said that.. I SHOWED HIM THE NUMBER, TIME & CONNECTION TIME ON MY PHONE & he STILL continued his insistence I never called? Embarrassed as he interacted w several other sneery employees, saying rude comments I could her, as other patrons & pointing over n over @ his watch? Finally a somewhat non snarky employee reluctantly aproched & looking so confused you might have thought I asked him to play what I needed to send, he relayed they were not that “store”, said he would be afraid to try & that THEY HAD NO SUPPLYS.. SERIOUSLY??????? Odd as I was right beside the huge sign both behind stating PACKING SUPPLYS & in front under the SERVICES PROVIDED???? We pack/ship??????? So was told to “pack it up & find another place”.. Imagine my surprise when I figured THAT was what your company sign intended.. Not what I was told.. I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my experiences here in FL.. That says SO SO MUCH.. Shame on your training process & your supervision of staff to allow myself, or ANYONE looking to pay for a service all says you DO PROVIDE INCLUDING YOUR STAFF THAT P/U’s the phone after 4 calls & 20 rings.. Disgusting, lazy, rude, inexcusable treatment of customers & harsh visual allowed to other potential customers observing the interaction.
No excuse.. Ever..


robert breaks September 18, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Purchased computer for my son (14yrs) on Aug 29 and left it at the store to load program purchased. Salesman said it would be ready in about two days. I called back in three days to see if it was ready and was told to check the website to follow the progress. They also said they would call when it was ready to pick up. After sixteen days of following the progress and waiting for a call I went to the store to get my purchase price back. They only gave me the price of the computer and made me pay$115 for the “work done”. The store manager Joe Rodriguez said he texted Corporate to see if he could refund the $115 but it would take two days before he would find out and then he would call me. No call and even going to the store and being told he would call me he has not. The absolute poor management of the situation is obvious – there was no contact advising the computer was ready for pick up and the web site showed “in progress” even after I cancelled the order. Mr. Rodriguez even told me he had seen the computer sitting in the work room for quite a while but he never followed up on why it was still there. I feel that they are stealing this “service performed” money from me and no one with this company cares about the customers. Mr. Rodriguez is a poor example of a supervisor and apparently is not going to respond back to me. He is not capable of making a decision and Corporate should contact me to satisfy my complaint one way or another.


Rodney Kirkpatrick August 19, 2015 at 1:23 pm

On august 8,2015 I brought my laptop and external hard drive into store #0860 to have virus removed and to transfer all my information to my external hard drive. In 24 hours they lost my hard drive with all my private information, pictures, music, and social security numbers to me and my kids Today is August 19th and no one has contacted me about this issue. They only e-mail me and say that someone from another department will contact me.. No one ever calls. This has been very difficult for me and do not know what to do. Who to contact. My computer is still at the store with no external and no saved data.. This store does not even have a camera to see who took the hard drive. How can a large company do this to a customer and do not try to put the customer back whole again.. And to top all this off they charge me $189.99 for this service which I have not received a refund for. Now my info is in the hands of a stranger. My social is in the hands of a stranger. My private pictures is in the hands of a stranger. Can SOMEONE HELP PLEASE


C. Walther May 2, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Need to buy a laser printer and I was told by Office Depot customer service that the store located at College Blvd and US 41 in Fort Myers had most of the laser printers. I call then up, the store staff confirms this so I drive 20 miles to get there. What happens I am in the printer section alone. The store is almost empty, and all the sales people are BSing together. I had to go over and pull one of them out to help me. I then start to ask him questions and ask for a demonstration. What I find out is that none of the color laser printers is configured so it will print in color. Exactly why this is is frankly beyond me. When I tell the salesman I will not shell out half a grand to buy a color printer without seeing it print color, he seems to get mad. I get angry at that point and walk out. Exactly what kind of business plan has you trying to sell products you can’t even demonstrate. No wonder you people are losing out to Staples. You can kiss off your useless sales force, your worthless printer displays and your idiotic store policies.


Michelle Shaw December 3, 2014 at 5:06 pm

On Thanksgiving night, Office Depot was to open at 6:00pm for a sale. I need to get my daughter a laptop for school and this will be her one Christmas present this year so this is the only reason I was out on Thanksgiving, in the snow and cold. My husband and I came to our local store and arrived at 5:15pm with approx. 35-40 people in front of us. We got in line and Office Depot employees allowed us to line up inside! The evening was going well. We waited while several employees walked by, stood and talked amongst themselves and offered people the sales flyer that I had gripped in my hand for 45 minutes! “Opening” time began promptly at 6:00pm and we walked in an orderly fashion to the laptops, found the Dell for $179.99 sitting on the end cap with the price in front of it. I immediately asked the Manager standing nearby how to get one and his reply… Ready for it? “We had 75 vouchers for that and they are all gone” What? How, can 75 vouchers be gone and I am 40th in line? He says, that he handed them out at 4:00pm. Now, If I had arrived at 5:15pm and there were 200 people in line at OFFICE DEPOT, then I would not have stood there, assuming the deal would be gone by the time I got there. The ad said 6pm! If I knew line didn’t matter and handouts began prior to the opening, I would have been there earlier. Lastly, do you think a sign could be posted…saying they were all sold… Do you think that one of the 8 associates walking around talking could have made an announcement that everyone was wasting their time in line. I get how lines work and how sales work but this was not right! Also, Manager told me about the vouchers at 4pm and then walked away from me… great service! Please explain!
The location was

AURORA, IL 60504


Mike Baskovich November 5, 2014 at 5:20 pm

I have been with OD for 7 years and have always received a discount when I have used my business VISA card. I went into the Clearwater office today and when the cashier swiped the card there was no discount for menus I had printed. I was told to call customer service. OMG, talked top 6 people, 49 minutes on the phone, could not understand the agent ( horrible English and communication skills ) They told me to enter my credit card info online, which I told them I already did, and they said I had to e mail my agent!!

I have to make a $350 printer purchase this week and will be going to Staples. What a shame…


Jack Gentry October 13, 2014 at 11:18 am

I want the COO to respond to this email. I have a small business that has been doing business with Office Depot for 20+ years. In all of those years we have never ordered anything online, One of your store associates ordered a phone system for us from your online catalog. He did not order the correct system. In short, your return policy and representatives are at best, incompetent, difficult to understand, (very poor English language skills), uncaring. Your return policies are very, very, bureaucratic and XXXXbersome. I suggest the COO get off the golf course and personally place an order and the try to return it to see what his customers are having to put up with. I am not likely to continue to patronize Office Depot again if he does not clean up his act. Can he say “Staples?’


Need to know August 20, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Please; tell me how is it possible to have a backlog of digital emails. Lancaster, California needs help I understands you have one machine. Please explain an 8 hours back log for emails. Thanks. I need to know.


charles jordan November 16, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Please be advised when I called your customer service & then transferred to your technical services dept.It was the second person(unnamed) you said it was nothing that he could do for me,it was a Lenovo problem.This is after I already told him that even with an extended warranty(bought the same day as the computer) they said for all software issues I would have to pay the technician.The computer is owned by me only for only 50 days. How come the first IT technician was helping me & not the second.Also let it be known that at no time did I speak to the store I bought this computer,nor was anybody rude ,or non helping.As a matter of fact they have been always very nice to me.(store #2803) in spring hill florida.Thank you very much


Noel October 30, 2013 at 7:15 pm

tha Damon Langfor store manage stores 396 Stevens Creek Boulevar Santa Clara Californi is my metro store to go t I have had differen I have had different situations regarding my cell phon and it always seem to b that Damon was the one always helping m I believe that his custome I believe that his customer service i is unbelievable and he shows passion for his job. myself a for Home our number one our number one goal is customer service for hi for his customers alway always smiles and always making me feels g and always making me feel appreciated as a customer working for your corpor working for your corporate office because the Drive that he has and ver and very unseen but he to hi to his customers thank you very much Damond Langford at your Metr at your Metro store


Colleen Julius May 7, 2013 at 7:56 pm

I would like to ask why it is that the location @ Oakland & University # 4783 is going out of business yet their print shop is charging premium for jobs. Since there is a reduction across the board, why are they charging for staples, staplers, bla bla bla. I believe if you want customers to move and support your other locations, you should not be ripping them off. SHAME and your Asst Manager is less than can be desired (today at around 5:00 p.m.)


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