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Motel 6 Corporate Office Address

Motel 6 Operating, L.P.
4001 International Pkwy
Carrollton, Texas 75007

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Phone Number: (972) 360-9000
Fax Number: (972) 716-6639
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Motel 6 Facts

Founder: William Becker and Paul Greene
Date Founded: 1962
Founding Location: Santa Barbara, California
Number of Employees: 10000

Motel 6 Executives

CEO: Jim Amorosia
CFO: Julie Arrowsmith
COO: Mike Brower

Motel 6 History

Motel 6 5


Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in 1962.

The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of $6 per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies. This $6 rate is the reason for the name “Motel 6.”

To cut costs the brand offered coin-operated black and white television sets instead of the free color televisions offered at more upscale hotels. Motel 6 also had no on-site dining, a model that continues today.

Throughout the 1960’s the Motel 6 model became more popular and the company began to take a small market share away from bigger chains.

By 1980 Motel 6 had 300 locations.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Motel 6 in 1985 and began to move it away from the no-frills approach. motel 6 2

French-based Accor bought the company in 1990 and began franchising in 1994 in order to expand more quickly

In 2000, Motel 6 expanded internationally for the first time with a location in Ontario, Canada.

In 2008, the company began a nationwide overhaul and remodeling of all locations. The newly designed rooms won the Travel and Leisure Design Award in 2010.

The Blackstone Group bought the motel chain in 2012 for $1.9 billion.  motel 6 1

In September 2017, immigration attorneys accused Motel 6 desk clerks at two locations in Phoenix, Arizona, of notifying US Immigration when guests checked in only with identification from Mexico. The attorneys said that court records showed that federal immigration agents arrested at least 20 people the Phoenix Motel 6 locations over the course of seven months in 2017. Motel 6 stated that this was an isolated incident at the Phoenix locations and that they did not endorse this practice. motel 6 4

In June 2019 the company settled a class action lawsuit over this practice. Settlement terms included a 3-year agreement to not violate customer privacy and pay $12 million.

Today Motel 6 has more than 1,100 locations in the United States and Canada. Motel 6 also operates extended-stay hotel chain Studio 6, which has about 60 locations.  Company headquarters are located in Carrollton, Texas.

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Motel 6 FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Motel 6?
Answer 1: The phone number for Motel 6 is (972) 360-9000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Motel 6?
Answer 2: The CEO of Motel 6 is Jim Amorosia.

Question 3: Who founded Motel 6?
Answer 3: Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in 1962.

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Niccol August 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm

2109 E 16th Ave
Cordele, GA 31015
United States

I don’t even know what to say. I have more questions then anything. Like, why is there blood splatter on the walls? Why was there tub rings from past guests? Why was the side of the shower dirty with black handprints? Why did I find a black widow on the bed? Why does this place look abandoned? Why are there no lights outside making this a dangerous environment? Why are there burned holes in the sheets and blanket? Why isn’t the floor cleaned? Why did I find a used condom under the telephone? I mean cmon. I’m appalled. You need to send a representative out here to really look at this hotel. It is disgusting! The towels and washcloths look like they were not washed at all. Do not stay here if you’re reading this. The conditions are poor and with the failed lighting it can become dangerous for you or your family.


S Hogan July 29, 2019 at 5:40 am

I rented a room at the Turlock Motel 6 (Saturday 7/28/19). Total cost was $98.00.
When I was ready to lay down, I pulled the blanket back, to find several bed bugs right there on the top sheet. not one or two, I’m talking several! Both of the beds had them, and this was just at the head of the bed, I didn’t bother inspecting any further.
I want to know how an experienced motel staff member would not n
know that there is bed bugs in a room if they change the linens daily? I’m thinking they just turn a blind eye until a customer makes an issue.
There was no way in hell I could rest my head in that room, and sleep. We packed up and left without speaking to a manager. Why bother, they wont take responsibility for this, or they would of handled it prior to renting a room infested with freaking bed bugs! We slept in our car that night, with our 2 dogs! Thanks Motel 6 for wasting my $98.00. I will never stay in a motel 6 ever again.
The Motel 6 saying “we will leave a light on for you” better be true for future customers, because they may never see what they are sharing the bed with if not!
Horrible experience


Dr. Valarie Skinner-Martin May 13, 2019 at 9:48 pm

We stayed in the Motel 6 Ruidoso, May 6, 2019. This place is Totally nasty and should be condemned. There was old vomit on the floor behind the toilet. The toilet seat was broken & the toilet had not been cleaned-there was feces and old urine around the toilet seat screws & toilet bowl and the bathroom face bowl was cracked. The shower head and faucet had calcium build-up which inhibited water flow. Bedsheets were soiled & stained; the bed was rickety & ragged. The bedspread had cigarette burns and stains. The walls were dusty & grimy with fingerprints on the doors, holes in the walls, nasty floors, rusted heater, and a night stand was missing. The room smelled of old urine as did the hotel. The carpet in the hallway and common areas were stained, smelly, gritty and unraveling. I was traumatized from the filth and unhealthy environment of this establishment-Motel 6 Ruidoso. The Motel 6 Ruidoso, 412 US-70, Ruidoso, NM 88345 should be condemned.


Mary Castillo May 6, 2019 at 5:20 pm

Last year I went to my grandson’s graduation and stayed at a Motel 6 in Oklahoma City. I cannot remember the name of the street. Anyway, it was a pleasant stay, the desk clerk was very friendly.

When we left, I took a little soap and put it in my purse as a souvenir.
Well, a few weeks later I am at my granddaughters softball game and this little girl was wearing a ring and somehow her finger was swollen and they could not remove the ring. I ran to my purse and grabbed that little bar of soap, got some water and formed a lather worked it around her finger and was able to remove the ring. I still have that little bar of soap. The kids were so excited as they watched me help their little team mate.

Just wanted to share that with you. And thanks for thinking of us when you started the Motel 6 chain. We are senior citizens and on a fixed income.

Mary Castillo
Houston, Texas


Carla Mebane November 30, 2018 at 3:28 pm

I made a reservation for two rooms on the same night with Motel 6 and received a confirmation from Motel 6. When I got to the Motel and paid I was never told it was no longer Motel 6. I did not receive any notifications that it was not Motel 6 from anyone. I called a few days before my stay because I could not confirm my reservations online and the reservations were confirmed on the phone. When my bank card was charged it says that it was Motel 6 that charged me. I was very upset by my stay and I feel I was deceived. The sheets were dirty and I had to request new room and there were roaches. The rooms were empty of any decor. There were beds and mini fridge and microwave only, I felt very awkward to be on the empty rooms. One towel in each room for four people each. When I requested sheets, pillows, and towels I was treated like it was an inconvenience and had to go to the office to get them myself because he would not bring them to the room. The rooms did not even have phones. When I requested new rooms I was asked to walk with my daughter around back of the Motel by myself to knock on a door to get someone to help with the issues in the room. No a/c and the door battery was low and would not lock. I felt like it was very unsafe for him to ask me to knock on a door of someone I didn’t know and they didn’t even answer. It was very unprofessional. It was very difficult to have a conversation with him, the gentleman at the desk told one of our party that he didn’t even work there that he was just a friend of management. When he was finally able to get someone to come help us we were informed that apparently the Motel had just changed over a few days before and that it was no longer Motel 6. They had just painted over the sign a few hours before. Even if I had found out before I paid when I went to check in it was too late to cancel the reservations without being charged. I am very disappointed with my stay and with Motel 6 for not handling this better. We were miserable.
I have emailed guest relations and was told that there is nothing that they could due because it was no longer Motel 6.
I understand that the location is no longer Motel 6, but I was not notified before I checked in by Motel 6 of the change so that I could change my plans/reservations if I wanted to. Per the email confirmation I would be charged by Motel 6 for my rooms because I had not canceled the reservations. Motel 6 handed me (my reservations) off to a knock off motel that I felt unsafe in when I was not notified of the changes. I also feel as this is of your concern because on by bank account it says that the charge was for Motel 6 whether Motel 6 ended up with the money or not. I would also contact the current owners of the motel, but unfortunately I don’t know who that is because you and the current owner led me to believe that it was Motel 6. I do expect you to do something about it. I do not think that it is professional to allow this to happen and then tell me there is nothing you can do about it.


Gary Miller November 11, 2018 at 3:13 pm

My wife and I checked into the Chambersburg, PA motel on Nov.9. The registration area was fine. As we proceeded to our room on the 2nd floor the environment got worst. The stairway was filthy. Looked like it had been days since it had been cleaned. Thru the door at the end of the hallway you could see numerous bags of trash stacked up outside. Non of them were in containers. Down the lengthy hallway were bags of waste outside the rooms doors they were there the following morning when we checked out . We had bugs in our room. Left one at the desk in a napkin when we checked out. Sheet had a burn hole in it. Our room was non smoking? When we went to checkout in the morning there was no attendant at the desk. I hollered for assistance and opened the office door. Nothing. 15 minutes later the attendant came in they the entrance door. Stated he had to go see someone? To be perfectly blunt this motel is a SLUM, and the service is terrible!!! I am seriously thinking of contacting the Chambersburg PA department of health regarding this motel.


KAREN WILLIAMS October 21, 2018 at 6:36 pm

The reservations I made at the Motel 6 in Augusta, KS was one of the most unpleasant and frustrating travel arrangements I have made. Going to a family event with rooms blocked for our family, I made reservations for 2 rooms, close together because of small children. Both rooms to have 2 queen beds. When we arrived they originally could not find our second room. The confirmation number I was given over the phone turned out to be a number they claimed they don’t even use. The rooms were on separate floors and one of the rooms only had one bed. The clerk simply smiled and said “Well one room has 2 beds”. We stayed in a different hotel.


Chanelle Santiago August 18, 2018 at 6:51 pm

Disgruntled Guest!

Chanelle Santiago
8:54 PM (21 hours ago)
to guestrelations
Today is not such an easy day, so, therefore, please excuse the tone in this letter. It is very unfortunate that I have to reach out to you under these pretenses, but there are some major concerns I have with the leadership within this company and this brand. Yes! ‘Motel 6’ slogan is; “we’ll keep the lights on,” however there are some very imperative and vital cirXXXXstances that are in need of urgent attention.

My name is, Chanelle Santiago and I am a customer here at your 2360 Delk Rd, Marietta GA location. I have been staying here at your establishment for ninety days now and not ever once have I complained about your motel, well not since before today. Quite Frankly I am appalled at the current state of your place of business. To be quite honest and fair, for the majority you have a wonderful staff. Sonya is a delight and thorough, she really knows how to run a great team. Hash at the front desk is always cheerful and one of the most skilled customer service professional I have ever had the pleasure to exchange business with. Your pm staff members, not all names are known, but who can forget Jaylene? She is a sharp and knowledgeable professional who problem solves in such a diplomatic way. Overall, you have an incredible group of staff members who are very passionate and charismatic. So I know from dealing with these people on the everyday basis, that they know their work, so the issues I have, have to be a corporate issue.

Now that I have pointed out the positives, I am more than ready to discuss the negatives.

Sunday evening at about 11 pm give or take eastern time, my children and I take our dirty clothes down to the laundry room to do laundry. One of the other outstanding positives about this location is the beautiful laundry and fold facility setup you have provided for your guest. I normally do laundry around this hour on a Sunday because it is less traffic especially and to have clean clothes for my kids and me for the week. As I load the final loads into the dryer, I notice that I do not have enough quarters to dry one of the loads, which were my white clothes, so I quickly rush out to grab 6 more quarters. When I return, could not be more than 5 mins, one of your fellow occupants was in the laundry room doing laundry as well, informed me that someone removed my laundry out of the dryer that I was just loading up without recognition of my vanished laundry. After dispensing the quarters in the machine I noticed that my whites were in fact missing and instructed my daughter, age 19, to go ask someone behind the counter at the front desk if they were aware of my missing load. My daughter returns and informs me that the lady at the front desk admits that she was the one who removed my things out of the dryer and that she was confrontational and that she needed to come back to get me because of the young lady’s attitude and demeanor. At this point, I put what I had in my hands down and walked up to the front desk to find out what is the issue and why is it that she has first, took it upon herself to not only grab and remove my personal items but to also steal them and refuses to give them back. When I reach the lobby there is a couple of customers in line ahead of me and I believe behind me. I waited patiently for her to get finish with the customer before I addressed my issue. I knew from the observation of her attitude with the customer in front of me that I was going to have a confrontation. As I stepped up to the counter she already had a cynical attitude.

I informed her that it was brought to my attention that she had some of my laundries and was inquiring about her validity to not only touch my personal items but to remove them all together and refuse to give them back. At this point, she did not explain but decided to turn her back to me and grabbed one article of clothing and said to me in a disgusting and confrontational fashion, that the item she had in her hand was motel 6 towels. Now at this moment, I am at a lost of words. I just could not believe that I am sitting here in this lobby being confronted by an employee at the front desk in front of other customers. I politely told the young lady, that those items in my white clothes load are not the property of motel 6 but in fact the property of mines that I purchase on a monthly basis due to the fact these are tools of my trade that are needed in order for me to provide proper service to my clients as a make-up artist. Every Sunday I prepare by washing all of my clothes including my towels and rags for the week. This young woman decided to continue to argue with me while rolling her neck, placing her hands on her hips and raising her voice at me in front of not only other potential customers and customers but my daughter as well. I informed your employee that she was out of order and very unprofessional and that she was stealing my property and refusing to give me my items. I told her my name and let her know that I have never once had an issue with staff and have been residing temporarily on the property for ninety days and never once have I ever seen her, so she must be new. I further explained to your employee that in all ninety days I have not ever once had an issue with staff until now. After informing her that I purchase my own towels for work from Walmart and that I need my things right away because it is not only my work items but my white wardrobe and underclothes are in there as well and she is interrupting my routine preparing my family for our week. She refused. I am still trying at this point to not get upset due to my daughter standing right next to me and observing everything that is transpiring I asked the young lady her name and implicated that I would not call the police on her for stealing but that I will report her disrespect, uncouth, violating, and unprofessional behavior to corporate. She then proceeds to show me her name tag with a nasty and aggressive tone instead of just giving me her name like I asked. When I could not read clearly her name from her name tag she still refused to tell me her name but snatched her name tag up at me and said Viviana , if I am even pronouncing it properly, with a condescending and patronizing tone. Now at this point, I am very upset and violated. I stressed to her that she was extremely unprofessional and that you do not ever dispute with a customer in this sort of manner. Not only did she violate me by going through and removing my laundry but she also embarrassed me in front of my daughter and fellow neighbors and guests. This woman slowed down my progress and caused me to be unprepared for a client I was due to meet at 7 am the following morning. Since she took an entire load of whites, my children and I had no white clothes nor towels for the following day let alone the week. It perturbed me so much that I did not get sleep that night and was extremely anxious to speak with someone about this disgusting experience I encountered with a member of your staff.

In the am, as usual, my daughter and I go downstairs, except we go down earlier than our normal time to see if by any chance the items were still behind the counter and if so I could get them in enough time to rewash them because they were sitting wet clothes. I explained my issue with Jaylene and without one second of hesitation she grabbed the bag that my items were stored in by your employee, Viviana, and gave them to me. She told me that she was informed by Viviana of the issue and had no idea that she was talking about me. I thanked her for her help and quickly tried to rewash the load. Realized I had no more quarters left to wash and dry them. I asked Jaylene to hold them for me while I go to the gas station next door to get quarters, I return in 6 mins and when I go through my things I noticed that several clothing items were missing from my laundry. I stressed to Jaylene that I was going to report and did not want any issues with Motel 6 but this incident has caused me distress. I already have had major issues with your XXXXroach infestation. I have been moved to several different rooms due to the catastrophic cirXXXXstance. I did not complain not ever about the disgusting bug dilemma, and how baby XXXXroaches ran out of my son’s backpack in front of his fellow students at school the first week he returned. If that was not enough and overly extreme , thousands of baby roaches hatching from an egg crawling by the thousands all across the dresser, refrigerator and inside the clock of the microwave, while I am preparing a meal for my children and I. Baby roaches inside of my luggage as well as roach eggs hidden in the creases and liners of my designer handbags. I still have remained patient up to this point, although the staff is fully aware of the bug infestation not once in the ninety-day period of my visit were any pest controls distributed or serviced to any of the rooms we occupied, so I made the decision to purchase my own pest control products for my room. It is so terrible that I not only purchased A boric acid and traps but two tall cans of Raid, one for the front of the room and one for the back of the room and bathroom. We have now reached a point that I may have to throw away bags, purses, luggage and possibly shoes in fear of us bringing roaches and or roach eggs to anyone else’s home or our new residence. I can not afford to throw away my personal items that I worked very hard for, however, I cannot afford to have an infestation of roaches tagging along with me and dropping eggs in my new home nor anyone else’s. This is an outrage and a complete embarrassment. It is very unfortunate and embarrassing to pay an establishment every single day and feeling as if you are living in a condemned building or 3rd world country. I buy groceries and my children and are cautious to eat anything after finding XXXXroaches inside our box of cereal and dog’s food, discovering roaches crawling on your bed while you are asleep at night. I can’t take it anymore!

To top it all off, my refrigerator and microwave were removed from my room today after I just spent $200 dollars at the grocery store on groceries. Everything will now perish and now I have reached my breaking point. Please help me with a solution to this. I am disturbed, bothered, and furious. I have paid an extra $10 on top your daily and also weekend rates for the microwave and refrigerator. I am a single mother with children with food that is going to waste. That is wasting right now as I type out this email. I need a response immediately about a solution for every single thing addressed here in this letter. I am open to discussion on any of these issues and would like to deal with them privately and not publicly. I have been advised to report this to the health department and the news. I rather not. As I mentioned earlier in this letter I truly have a sincere and genuine love for your staff. All except Ms. ViViana, who I prefer to not ever see again. I would like compensation for missing items out of my laundry and the cost of the load for washing twice.

I look forward to hearing from you soon with a solution,

Chanelle Santiago room# 510


Brenda August 17, 2018 at 12:53 pm

On Aug. 14, 2018 my husband and I stayed at the Motel 6 Memphis – Graceland at 1581 E. Brooks Rd. I cannot begin to tell you what a horrible experience it was. It was so bad that we left and booked at a hotel that cost us $179.00. As soon as we opened the door, the bleach smell practically knocked us over. There was human feces stains in the stool, the bath tub was so dirty that there was no way I was going to step foot in it. The room in the ad online looked absolutely nothing like the actual room. There was no carpeting, just laminate flooring with no rugs at all. The mattresses were more like sitting on just box springs. No way were we ever going to crawl into bed. We left and will never stay at a Motel 6 again.


Jolanda Smith August 15, 2018 at 12:01 pm

This past weekend August 11th-12th with my mom and son was nothing short of disgusting. Once we arrived to Motel 6 on N. Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Fl., the room we were assigned to; the door was so hard to open and my mom and I tried to. After being unsuccessful in opening the door to room 111, I went to the office and spoke to Princeton at the front desk; he then placed us in room 110. Upon also having a hard time opening the door, the room was entered had this stinch; and did not seem clean at all. The room’s floor seemed as though it had not been mopped in ages, and the bathtub was equally as nasty. The most disgusting thing is the fleas we saw flying around the room. This in turn means to me the last few people who occupied the room left a lot of fleas behind. This was not acceptable to me or my mom, and surely not sanitary for my son to crawl around in. I am highly upset about the recent visit. I will never stay in another Motel 6 no matter where I travel to.


Rob Smith August 8, 2018 at 9:41 pm

I was planning a trip from my home in Illinois down to see my father in Florida. I made a reservation at the Motel 6 in Monteagle TN to stay at for a night on my way home. About a month prior to the trip, I decided to fly down to Sanford FL instead so I cancelled my reservation via the Motel 6 website. A few days after I returned from my trip, I noticed I was charged as a no-show. I sent two emails to guest relations and never got a response, so I called. I was told in the initial conversation that they were going to send the manager of the Motel in Tennessee an email requesting he reverse the charges and that he would been touch with me. He never called. So I called him and he explained to me that he had not received an email and that he “did what he had to” when he charged me as a no show because he hadn’t been informed that I had cancelled my reservation. I called guest relations again who assured me that they did, in fact send him an email. The next day I called the Motel in Tennessee again, same story, he hadn’t received an email and he did what he had to do when he charged me. Now I’m mad. I looked up the CEO’s email and sent him a polite email explaining the situation. Never heard back from him, never got the money back in my account and now this has been going on for two weeks. I call guest relations again, get some lady on the phone who says they have no control over what the individual motels do because they are independently owned and operated. I said, well it seems that he is lying to me and I’m very displeased with how I’m being treated. Know what she said? She said its at the property manager’s discretion how they treat the guests and it seemed to be perfectly fine with her that I was being treated this way and “Motel 6 has no control over any money that I would be owed”. I asked to speak with her boss and I really just got sent to an employee with more seniority, anyhow, I explained to her that it was Motel 6’s website that didn’t communicate the cancellation to the motel so why would that fall on the property manager’s shoulders to reimburse me? She didn’t care, evidently Motel 6 as a corporation has no money because there is no way they can send me $54.65.. anyhow, I hope someone that actually has a useful job in the corporation reads this because I’m not done. I won’t be pushed around and treated like garbage just because you guys can’t get it together. You’ll be hearing from me again… and again… and again until I get my money back.


Bernice August 16, 2018 at 6:52 pm

Wow I had sort if the same experience at the Kingman AZ east motel6 I had the same experience with the customer relations complaint department. Mine was due to what was there impression of me being disrespectfull to there employee that I caused a commotion and they decided that I hurt her feelings because i had the audacity to be tired the clerk was snide not very professional didnt greet any one acted as if she really didn’t want to be there.
non the less I was checked in she took my money I stayed the night I was greeted in the morning was told to have a good day and I left.( not by the same clerk a nice lady who apparently likes her job)
So I apparently must have hurt her the clerk from the night before feelings so she felt the need to complain to whom ever possible she her self might have done it. I was place on the despicable list and can no longer stay at there property.
Just like you I called and called emailed complained and was told we have no control over the propertys and there managment or what they decide. That they have the final say and, was further told that no matter what nothing I said or do whould change the decision. I said well I could drive to the corporate office and she again said It would not change a thing.
It all boiles down to poor training and sales that the corporate office is only interested in incressing the bank account at all or any cost.
I have one question for you Mr Smith what is the email for the The CEO I would also like to send him a email.
To some it might seem petty to complain about being banned from a motel property and that I may have deserved it. I say to those if we have pride in what we do weather its our/your job or something as minor as washing our car(s) we would and will be able to interac better with everyone and your car(s) would look great.


Sandi Gray July 3, 2018 at 12:18 pm

On June 9, I was in the Madison, Wisconsin area for an event, there was a weather alert about a possible tornado and bad weather entering the area. Due to inclement weather I thought it would be safer to stay over night instead of attempting a two hour drive in the unpredictable situation. I went to 3 different hotels inquiring about a room for overnight stay but found out most area hotels were booked due to a triathlon event going on in the city. A patron of the event we were attending, informed my husband and I about a Motel 6 with possible availabilities. We called and then went to closest location to get a room. We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room. When we entered there was a couple in the nude currently occupying the room that we were just given, they had electrical cooking devices connected in the room and were having a fish fry right inside. We then went back to the customer service to inform them the room was being occupied, he began a debate about the room being empty and I ended the conversation instructing him to go look for him self and also mentioned that a few rooms we walked past with their room door’s open contained electrical cooking devices that could be a possible be a FIRE HAZZARD!! He then provided us another room, we then went to that room only to find out that we were unable to get inside because the lock was not working properly. I complained but nothing was ever done. I reached out to corporate on 6/11/18 Guest Relations, and the agent called the location, where we stayed, spoke with General Manager Latoya requesting that my funds be returned, after waiting 5/7 business days for the return to reflect in my checking account and nothing happened, I called Guest Relations again spoke with another agent and he informed me that General Manager never processed the return of the funds. He then explained that he could request funds be returned via check from corporate and request that it be expedited out to me. Now here I am on 7/3/18 speaking with a Supervisor in Accounts Payable only to find out that no paper work had even been processed for the return of my funds and he needs to speak with other individuals to locate paperwork to BEGIN the process of the return of my funds. I informed him that I have been told the exact same thing by numerous people and still nothing has been done and I am at a point where I feel like I should be receiving more than I spent on the room due to all of the follow up and research that I have been doing simple trying to get my funds returned, I obviously have been putting in more work hours to rectify the situation than any of the 6 employees that I have spoken with over the last few weeks. I would NOT advise anyone to support this business in any fashion, it is easy to see that complaints are certainly out weighing the compliments.


Daniella Perez June 12, 2018 at 11:24 pm

Worse motel ever. I left my important binder with important doXXXXents, money and check book in there and they claimed that they did not find it. The binder has my check books, my birth certificate, my husband’s birth certificate, my kids’ birth certificates, homework and other important doXXXXents. I checked in on Saturday June 9th and checked out Sunday June 10th from room 117.
If anyone can help us get our belongings back, please help us.

The managers were extremely unhelpful, rude and had no respect for our time. We drove from Albany to Columbus today on June 12th after waiting for 2 1/2 hours for a call back that we never received. We believe that the housekeeper who cleaned our room on Sunday has our belongings. There’s no way that our binder would walk away without someone picking it up. It was very Disappointing that they ladies were so rude to me and my husband but were so nice and flirtatious to the young man that they were flocking on.

I’m very disappointed in Motel 6!

Victory Dr Columbus, GA


Melissa Sikes June 5, 2018 at 3:53 pm

This chain should be shut down. They care less about customers or complaints. My child was burned and they pretty much said my problem. I’ll show them whos problem it is. 318 502 XXXXX.
Andy Patel shouldn’t be allowed to run a singke dog house. What a rude pathetic man


Crystal E June 3, 2018 at 10:19 am

Good morning. We are extremely upset about our stay. A friend called and reserved our room along with 2 other rooms under her name. They arrived before us and told the front desk clerk that we would be a late arrival. They go to their room #112. The floor was flooded, ac was broken. They returned to the front desk and requested a refund for their room only. We arrive 15 minutes later and was told by the front desk clerk that our room was #112. I said no it is not because I know about that room. The front desk clerk then proceeds to tell us that is the room assigned to us. I said no it is not we have a different room. She then tells us she can cancel the reservation and start over but we could only have a room for one night. I said NO I have a reservation for 2 nights. She said well she would just cancel someone else’s reservation. She then puts us in a king size bed instead of two beds. Room #122. The bathroom smelt of urine. NO towels. The floor was nasty. There is mold growing in the ceiling in bathroom. The only electrical outlet at the sink was being used for microwave and refrigerator. When I unplugged to use for my blow dryer there was roaches all around it and dead roaches in the outlet. I bought Lysol to spray the entire room down. The lock on the door did not work properly. A person outside our door approached us to sell us drugs twice when we were coming and going. The pool was so nasty. There is an old couch sitting on the sidewalk. Trash and urine smell EVERYWHERE. We paid for 2 nights of pure hell. I also requested a receipt since I paid cash Friday night. The front desk clerk said she would drop it off in the room when she brought towels. We had to go back and get the receipt that night and still no towels. Thank goodness we had brought ours since we were going to be on our friends boat. We finally got towels Saturday about 11:00 pm after my husband went to the front desk and got them. They were so old and nasty and had someone else’s hair all in them. P
Our stay 6/1/18-6/3/18 motel 6 Lake Charles On the Bayou


Dumb Ass May 25, 2018 at 7:26 pm

Clerk at Motel 6 in Rancho Cordova, CA, refused to honor a couple’s reservation because she claimed a Puerto Rican driver’s license wasn’t a valid US identification. All I can say is, what the hell do you expect from a clerk working at Motel 6?


Holly Cordova April 27, 2018 at 4:40 am

I have video of a operation manager who ask and told us displaced from hurricane Harvey to leave after a month of stay there we have had room charges that weren’t our placed on our account and took ten days to be reimbursed then a toilet overflowing which maintenance put soiled paper on our children’s stroller and spilled contents of waste all over our shoes and placed in a room for two days with ac unit not working properly we only stay here because we had no where we could afford and they promised after thirty days we didn’t have to pay tax on the room after that now they won’t move us to another studio 6 we have been told to leave by staff and the general manager of the west chase location in Houston we have a two year old and 3 year old daughter also my son has eczema and is autistic this is no way a business like this should be able to treat people we have been belittled defeated and treated horribly by staff and management alike with no calls back from corporate we need help Please


Katie April 11, 2018 at 5:17 pm

My first stay at a Motel 6 was in Starke, FL. while visiting a sister who has been very ill. They didn’t mention when I made the reservation that the motel was under renovation. While renovations are a good thing, one would think they would place you in a room that would not be affected by the renovations. We woke up our first morning to drilling and workman noises at 7:30 am. When we opened the curtain, there was a worker outside our window putting up plastic with tape in preparation to paint. Every window and door on the entire side of our building with the exception of our door had been covered in plastic and taped. We went to the office and they were not apologetic but did move us to another room but offered us no help with the move. We learned that the new Motel 6 room policy does not include box of tissue, no coffee pots/coffee in the rooms, had to ask for a hair dryer, iron/iron board and hope there were still some available. They only offer coffee in the morning (no breakfast foods) at the office. One of the workers or staff used our bathroom and didn’t flush the mess they left on the 2nd day while we were out for the day. Reported this to the office and they said they would look into it. Never got a response back from the office Manager. When we came back to our room on the 3rd night, there were no outside lights on around the entire building. The Manager and staff didn’t demonstrate any level of customer service or concern for our inconveniences or safety. I really hope the Corporate office reads these comments because good Customer Service is what brings people back. During our trip we also stayed at a couple of Quality Inns and they provided so much more for the same money and included all of the amenities (refrigerator, microwave, Coffee pot and condiments, hair dryer and iron/and iron board).


V. Stilson April 11, 2018 at 1:18 pm

Second comment! Sheets and towels – the towels are rolled up in cubbies – the top cubbie was full of wood chips from installation so I cleaned it out. We had a set of towels – used them and went to the office in the morning and told them we needed towels. No such luck so we went later at night when we got back and someone had to go somewhere to get them and brought them to the room. The beds were not touched, not even made, towels not taken out nothing touched. So no housekeeping on day 2. Came in to the room night 2 and the towels brought in and this time the beds were made. Nothing else. We also heard that they drywalled over mold – black mold – and after seeing the shoddy work done it isn’t hard to believe. At least it should be looked into. This doesn’t seem to be the renovated rooms that were shown by the corporate headquarters and the individuals who “own” the complexes are doing what they want and not projecting the right image. Since Motel 6 is trying to recover from the bad image this isn’t going to do it!!


V. Stilson April 11, 2018 at 1:03 pm

We stayed for 3 nights at Motel 6 Hamburg NY. Minimalistic would be the only description for the rooms. Newly renovated would be a stretch – it did have new floors, beds, sink etc. but the old tub was “fixed up” and the pictures of the rooms on line were not as they were. The trim on the doors was a mess, and there was no table or place to sit and nowhere to put clothes, dresser etc. two beds . a desk . with cubbies . TV – and no way to call the front desk. The only office people who could speak English was two women. The nephew of the “owner” was impossible to understand and he charged us too much. We had a guaranteed price…we were given a “credit” but days later it hasn’t shown up on our credit card. Next, we had a worker who came to help us Saturday morning. and Sunday. We went to get her room – 5 rooms later she had one with hot water and no floods. The renovated rooms were NOT renovated. One the handle on the hot water spun – no hot water – the next two were flooded – one had a XXXXroach running up the bathroom door and the 5th room was ok – in that it had hot water and wasn’t flooded and no visible bugs. We won’t be returning in the fall when we would have. We were happy that they were advertising renovated rooms – but they did it on the cheap – to the detriment of the customers coming and expecting more than they got. The price is good but there are at least several with the same or even better with none of these problems.


Lydell Faulk March 31, 2018 at 12:42 pm

My wife and I stayed at a motel 6. In Morgan City La. 3/11/18 I went inside and told the the lady that the room had finger prints all over and they had dark brown stains on the back of the toilet and I showed the manager the pictures of it all then we come in off the road 3/31/18 and go to get a room and she tells me they can’t give me a room because they put a red flag so they can’t rent me a room I think that is sad and poor management you just telling them about how they get the rooms are and they want to try and say that you are rude and all kind of stuff making up a bunch of lies


Danielle March 25, 2018 at 5:09 pm

Dear CEO of Motel 6
My name is Danielle and I am not a happy customer! I looked up your room prices and according to your website the rooms are priced at $61.99 but i’ve been charged $75. When we arrived friday night, $72. for saturday and another $72. for today. I feel like i’ve been ripped off, why is the price different on the website than in person? i was also yelled at by the front counter lady to “Hurry up and pay or get out!” i had to explain to her that i was getting financial help from my sister who lives in California and that i had to wait for her to send the money in order to pay for the room. she gave me a half hour then hung up on me. i also inquired about a room with a microwave and found that i’d be charged extra for the microwave, but if that’s a standard feature why would i have to be charged extra? the toilet always has to be plunged before using it, and i guess if your a non smoker you get a stand up shower instead of a bathtub, my heart was broken when we got to the room expecting to take baths and finding a stand in shower. my 82 year old mother who is in recovery from a stroke and retired senior chief petty officer Naval widow, can only stand for so long so imagine her disappoinment as well upon discovering a shower instead of a bath tub.we’re only here because we’re waiting for our apartment to be ready but once it is we are outta here! we stayed here before and the rates matched what was posted on the website and the staff was way better at the front counter during the day than this lady who is presently here! thank you for your time sincerely disappointed and not returning Danielle


Stephanie Perez February 18, 2018 at 11:24 pm

On Feb 17 2018 my husband my self and our son were evicted from Motel 6 in Winter Park Florida all because my husband asked the lady Dolores Princeton for some towels. Any time housekeeping comes by they never bring you back anything you ask for and you’re left either with nothing or having to go to the front office to get what housekeeping was suppose to bring to you. She accused my husband of being rude to her every time he went to the office which is a line of crap. She ca!led the Sheriffs to have us removed and we were trespassed. Mind you were have been at motel 6 for almost 5 months now due to losing our home during Hurricane Irma and never had any problem until this lady decided she didn’t want to do her job. Also she would always get rude and disrespectful my husband because he would ask her to rinse off the glass dish that was inside the microwave saying it’s not their job to do dishes for the customers and that it would c!og their sink. Also she would never get up from her chair and address any patron that walked in unless absolutely 100% a necessity. Rude as all hell. She tried to say that we had problems with everyone at that motel, which is a flat out lie. We’ve never had a problem with anyone but her. She even went as far as to say to another girl named Ivory that works with her that ” she can freaking stand him ” as my husband walked out of the office after yet again housekeeping forgot to bring us our things. The microwave that they have in the laundry room for the guests to use is never c!eaned by housekeeping nor do they have any rags a sink or anything there to use to clean the microwave and she’s the only one that says the microwave is a courtesy and they don’t have to clean it when corporate says it’s motel 6 property and yes they do have to clean it. So now she tells corporate what to do i guess. She told my husband that if he doesn’t like what she has to say to go knock on her managers door and then when he does she comes out of the back door screaming ” I know you’re not knocking on my managers door” he said “yes i am you told me to” and she said no she didnt. The manager that lives on site is a freaking joke and while I am standing in the office trying to get my 6 day refund calls the front desk and says that he is still knocking on her door when I’m looking at my room on the surveillance camera where the one female cop is standing as my husband is emptying our room i pointed it out to her she looks at it and says nothing. I know for a fact that she’s not happy with my husband because he saw her taking a bribe from a pimp that was trying to rent a room there for his whore and didn’t want to show any form of id. He hands her money and she smiles and gives him a room key. They knew our cirXXXXstance of being homeless until March 1, 2018 they still just threw us out onto the street because my husband asked for towels. Thank you also to the Orlando Sheriffs office for allowing such a blatant act to happen and he!ping it to happen. Because of Dorothy Princeton having no freaking clue to what customer service is the poor housekeeping at this motel and the very poor excuse for a manager that didn’t even come out of her room to address the problem the correct way my husband a disabled Iraq war veteran injured in the line of duty i.e broken back plus severe ptsd myself a survivor of 2 heart attacks the last one happening March 3 2017 plus battling many other serious medical issues and a minor son we have been sleeping in our car in the parking lot of Wal-Mart for the past 2 night no place to shower or heat up food and no money to buy any food.
The only shining star at the Motel 6 is the on!y housekeeper that knows about customer service and does her job better than all the other housekeepers combined is a beautiful woman named F!ora. I will tell everyone I know family and friends about the treatment we received especially having spent approximately 8 to 10 thousand dollars at these Motel 6 establishments. What a disgrace for a motel to treat a veteran and his family this way.


Michelle Escobedo February 9, 2018 at 1:31 pm

It’s bad business that Motel 6 doesn’t have recourse for independent owners renting their logo “Motel 6”.
I recently had a horrific experience with one of their independently owned Motel 6 in Tulsa OK 8181 E Shelly Dr. 74129 Owner Name: Amar Patel
We arrived late to the Motel after driving 13 and were just looking to have a good nights rest no time for leisure.
When we arrived I booked a double bed room for myself and 2 other adults including my father. The check-in seemed pretty normal since we usually stay with Motel 6 during our travels. I booked a non smoking room since non of us are smokers. As we were headed towards our room which was on the 2nd floor, we took the elevator which reeked of Alcohol. Then we got to our room and it smelled of a wet basement and the walls had deep holes in them ( didn’t feel like we had privacy). There were cigarette ashes on the bed, floors, carpet and bed. The pillows were flat and appeared yellow in color. The blankets on the beds had hole and tears in them and were badly stained and smelled of cigarette smoke. We also heard lots of raucous in the hallways.
We decided this was not the place for us to get a good nights rest so we went back down to the service desk and stated our complaints and politely asked for a refund. I was told NO! I could not get a refund because we had entered in the room and “made it dirty” . I asked to speak to the owner and I was told “ I am the owner” so I continued pleading my case asking for a refund. He then became furious and got completely out of line. He started to call me names and proceeded to tell me if “ I want better, I need to spend money”. He stated “ this is Motel 6 and this is what you get”. I now started to get scared, myself and my daughter in law who was with me at the counter. My father was out parking his truck and getting our night bag.
I told him he was “being unfair and I deserve my money back”. His assistant saw his aggression and tried to calm him down. His assistant told him we hadn’t even put our bags in the room and that he’d check the room for cleanliness. As we were waiting for the assistant to return, the owner continued to verbally abuse me with name calling and his over bearing aggression. I started to fear for my life as he also tried approaching me over the desk. At that point I didn’t care about the refund I just wanted to get out safely!!! All of us!! We could not just leave because my father was unaware of what was happening and I didn’t want him to enter in the room again. So we just kept shut and stood there waiting. After a minute or so the Assistant arrived and informed the owner that the room hadn’t been touched. (They we’re in the open office where we can hear them). The assistant asked for my credit card for the refund and he refunded my money. As we were leaving, We must of had a look of despair and fright on our faces because my father quickly asked , “ what’s wrong, what happened” I told my father, “ I’ll explain outside” to “let’s just get out of here!” As we were leaving, the owner responded to my father’s question to me and proceeded to use profanity about me and threatened to hit him. He walked around the desk out the doors of the entry way, following us out and approached my father in his personal space. He was screaming profanities and looking as though he was going to hit him. My father did not say a word. My father feared he had a gun and also feared for his life. I started to call 911 and the owner suddenly stopped because his assistant grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him inside the Motel. We got out of there as soon as we could have!!!
I called the Motel 6 corporate consumer affairs department first thing the next morning and was told “ Each Motel 6 is independently owned and the Motel 6 sign is solely rented, the owners can manage however they see fit” !! Wow! !!!!!!!!!!! It was a waste of my time calling if there isn’t any recourse!! This experience has been one of the worst experiences of my life! In life!!
What a shame! My family, friends, myself, and I’m hoping everyone I tell, will not book a room from any Motel 6 EVER!!!!


CF February 8, 2018 at 2:47 pm


I have stayed at this facility over 20 years which has encompassed many different owners including Newberry Inn , Holiday Inn , Americas Best Value Inn , and now Motel 6.

Although I thought the new National Franchise tag on it would bring up the standards it has done just the opposite . . .

Room was dirty , very suspicious appearing individuals loitered about during the evening hours – with cars coming and going to different rooms.. * this is a dangerous place ! *

Then in the morning , the day staff actually cussed me in the lobby because i made the terribly inexcusable mistake of actually coming in to the concessions area through the door off the pool area courtyard for coffee – which I done at least 50 times before over 20 years – because there was a Ladies Cleaning Crew Meeting for 4 employees ongoing ! I I have posted 2 pictures of this public door which is immediately adjacent to the parking lot , the pool , and the courtyard .

A large and loud member of the ladies cleaning crew actually jumped up and told me LOUDLY that I would have to go back out that door , walk all the way around to the front door and enter the concessions area that route — this while I was standing only 15 feet away from the coffee pot – which I learned had already been turned off at 945 AM … When I refused to leave and be treated in this ridiculously abusive manner by a Motel 6 employee , she hollered at me louder and said (much of this I have recorded on my phone) ” you’ll never stay here again , what room are you in you S.O.B” . I then went to the lobby called Motel 6 Corporate Customer Complaints who validated that could hear her continuing to yell in the background . When I hung up and told her who I called she said “you cant hurt me Baby – we just a franchise” , *then she actually shook her butt at me* – I also video recorded this on my phone 🙂 ..

When I got back to my room the door card had been disabled – although the front desk clerk denied that the lady cleaning crew member had done it , I had to go all the way back down to the lobby to have it re-coded for use.

When checking out and loading my vehicle the County Police showed up and said they had been called out by this belligerent woman to show me off the property . I called to speak with the Owner / Mr Neil Patel who was not on the property at the time and still has not phoned me back . .he is not in control of the situation obviously as the Officer involved said he had seen MANY similar situations in the past with this same woman who even would have someone removed from the property and then actually flip them off with middle finger in front of the officer . .

I am passing this identical info along to several other hotel review web sites so to prevent others from having to experience the same absolute out of control rude belligerent abusive treatment as a customer from a person who has been enabled by a franchisee and possibly Corporate Owner who has decided over time to look the other way . I have already stopped the charge on credit card as well .

It would be interesting to know what Motel 6 does about this situation but again given the words from the Police Officer that he had seen this activity many times before it appears they Just Dont Care – but they WILL still take your $$$$ if you decide to look the other way also ……..I have been a business traveler for close to 30 years and have never seen or even heard such a bizarre experience – which again appears to be the norm at this Motel Location…EVERYTHING starts or is tolerated at The Top of a business chain including in this case, local management.. There are no excuses .



Danelle Busch January 23, 2018 at 5:35 pm

My husband stayed at the Motel 6 in Casper Wyoming for two weeks before he finally got clean sheets. My 1 year old and I were with him for a couple days and I know for a fact the sheets needed changed because my 1 year old had gotten chocolate on them. They made the beds the day we left but didn’t change the sheets and I know the saw the chocolate. My husband even left a note a week in a half after checking in and his sheets still were not changed. I have worked housekeeping in motels and find it odd the sheets weren’t changed every 3 days. There were ants in the bathroom. I guess you get what you pay for. Not sure we will be staying at a Motel 6 anytime soon after this.


Russell Bell January 21, 2018 at 2:34 pm

I have stayed at Studio 6. On two separate occasions an issue with management has affected by stay. I do not recommend staying for an extended period at all. I don’t recommend staying at all.
it is my hope that I can reach out to someone at corporate office and voice my opinion, complaints, and perhaps get back monies I feel I am due.


Debbie Self January 9, 2018 at 3:54 pm

It is good to have affordability in lodging, but that should not mean that you settle for filth and rudeness from employees. We stayed at Motel 6 in Gatlinburg, TN recently. We arrived after the office closed so my key was taped on the door with instructions to go to the office the next day and pay. When I went in, I said the room was not the best. She said I could go ahead and check out. She said I was already complaining and I would be complaining the whole time. We had booked three nights. I told her she couldn’t make me leave and she said yes she could. We had driven all the way from Ohio and this made it pretty frightening to think she would make us leave because of voicing opinions. The floors were so dirty I bought my own mop, bucket and pine sol to clean them. The water was black. The room was just not clean. There were no amenities, only two small bars of soap. She said they don’t keep coffee makers in the rooms because people steal them. The desk clerk also told me this is not Holiday Inn. You should be able to expect clean rooms no matter who it is and to be treated with respect. The grounds outside are trashy with the old televisions and refrigerators they removed from the rooms some time ago still in the breezeways. I do not ever intend to stay at a Motel 6 again. This was truly the worst experience I have ever had while getting lodging away from home.


Steve Watson January 1, 2018 at 12:06 pm

To whom it may concern; I had the displeasure of staying the night recently at the Houston-Hobby airport location. When I walked in, the Front desk agent was On the phone ordering pizza and madre me wait to check in. Also the parking is inconvienent and I did not feel safe. The hallways were dark and the walls needed paint. Again I did not feel safe On the way to My room. The room was clean except for the bed bugs, and the walls need paint, the shower curtain rod was broken and the sink drained slowly. My experience was fair -poor, although location was excellent.


Diane Patty January 1, 2018 at 10:26 am

What are your policies renting to an active service military member? My son was on his way to first active duty station driving from St Louis, MO to Fort Drum, NY in November, 2017. He drove for 9 hours stopping at one of your hotels in Columbus, OH. He asked for a room and your clerk turned him down because he was 18. My son showed military ID, his reporting orders, and explained he had just driven 9 hours and would be leaving in the next morning. He had plenty of money, cash or debit to cover the room. Your clerk said “no man, you’re 18”. The whole time your clerk had his face buried in his phone texting. He never had the courtesy to look even my son in the eye. That was what my son found so disrespectful. My son spent 3 hours sleeping in his car at a rest stop! Perhaps you need to rethink your policy renting to military personnel! Apparently this happens often because I saw a huge thing about this on FB and this compelled me to share this info. I hope you will update your policies regarding for those who serve our country. #armymomproudandstrong


Diane Patty January 2, 2018 at 1:44 pm

What are your policies renting to an active service military member? My son was on his way to first active duty station driving from St Louis, MO to Fort Drum, NY in November, 2017. He drove for 9 hours stopping at one of your hotels in Columbus, OH. He asked for a room and your clerk turned him down because he was 18. My son showed military ID, his reporting orders, and explained he had just driven 9 hours and would be leaving in the next morning. He had plenty of money, cash or debit to cover the room. Your clerk said “no man, you’re 18”. The whole time your clerk had his face buried in his phone texting. He never had the courtesy to look even my son in the eye. That was what my son found so disrespectful. My son spent 3 hours sleeping in his car at a rest stop! Perhaps you need to rethink your policy renting to military personnel! Apparently this happens often because I saw a huge thing about this on FB and this compelled me to share this info. I hope you will update your policies regarding for those who serve our country. #armymomproudandstrong


Rudy cancanon December 29, 2017 at 12:06 am

Very unprofessional…theres so many different things that were done to my wife an I its ridiculous the staff that work at the motel 6 off of kipling and i70 in Colorado are so rude an disrespectful an there was a lady working the front desk who also does house keeping was selling rooms an pocketing the money for herself an wen we to the manager Kristi she simply moved her back to only working as a housekeeper instead of the front desk..i mean are u serious so people don’t get fired anymire.for stealing from there job wow then after that happened the girl who didn’t get fired from her job she was stealing from wasnt to happy I guess with us since she was caught so then she started making kies up an saying I was being rude to her an an other housekeeper which was bullXXXXX but obvious that she was just mad an wanted someone to blame for her own actions so then after that she an another lady who works front desk made up the lamest lie saying they had a complaint that I was cursing in the lobby so they can no longer rent me rooms haha yea which again total bullXXXXX cause the o my time i had.been in the lobby was to pay for the room an I can guarantee I wasn’t cursing or anything plus they wouldn’t have let me pay for another night’s stay if I was that so this place is ran very unprfessionally an very disrespectful to the customers an doin illegal activity such as selling rooms an keeping the money for themselves crazy how people allow there employees to act at there place of work an the managers aren’t any better then the rest of there employees ridiculous this place.needs to be shut down or get all new employees


Sophia Thelisma December 22, 2017 at 11:42 pm

Worst service ever while going through a crisis in Vero beach florida it is unsafe at that motel the employees are rude as well as the manager the maintenance man is rude too and barely anyone speaks english. The doors have paper stuffed in them missing and missing pieces. Very disrespectful… faulty keys and doors and are claiming if anything happens to you or your belongings they are not responsible. If someone does not call me from corporate office asap an attorney will be contacting next….


edward barber December 20, 2017 at 11:10 pm

i wanted to highly reccomend carpinteria north motel six location number 346 very super customer relations alwys so very nice all the employees are sooo very nice and very accomdating everthing is so very clean i would like motel six give a very big thank you to shelia who works the front desk she is a fine example of an emploee for motel six shes so nice she takes very good care of me i stay alot and i can count on her to accomidate me after flying into lax please send her a letter of gratiude your lucky to have her thumbs up motel 6 sincerley edward j barber


Valeria Larrick December 17, 2017 at 2:41 am

Just checked in at Motel 6, about 1:00 am 12/16/17. Much to my surprise, sheets had not been changed and had dried sperm on them. Totally grossed out. Don’t think I will ever stay at another Motel 6.


marcela Sanchez November 14, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Stay away from this motel. Read on to know why. I don’t usually write reviews of our stays and just give a star rating. There’s a simple reason for that: even in the worst places my husband and I have stayed in, we’ve never had such a bad experience as in this Motel 6 in Santa Rosa. My Macbook Air disappeared from our room. That is to say, that my laptop was stolen. But, that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part how it happened and the treatment we got from both the owner of this particular Motel 6 and from Motel 6 headquarters when we reported the item stolen. On the morning of the day that it was to be stolen, before leaving to go wine tasting, I stopped by the front office to ask them not to have housekeeping done. We had decided to leave the laptop in the room rather than take it with us and risk it being stolen if we left it in the car (little did we know that the car would have been a safer place than the motel room). When we came back at night, we found that our instructions were not respected and that our room had been cleaned by the cleaning lady. The request to not have our room cleaned went in one ear and out of the other of the person in the front office and they did not notify their cleaning staff. The next morning, as we were packing things up to leave, we realized that the laptop was not in the room. We looked everywhere for it, incredulous at the possibility that it could’ve been stolen. But indeed, it had. Yet, as bad as that was, the worst part was that when we went to the front office to report it and ask if we could see the video surveillance to know who had taken it, we were met by an indifferent staff that said that nothing could be done and that the motel’s owner had not installed video surveillance because of the cost. We were literally helpless. Nothing could be done. They took no responsibility of their actions (or rather inactions) of not respecting our request to not have the room cleaned and not having proper security measures to prevent this kind of criminal activity. They didn’t even offer to refund our stay. When we reported the stolen item to the police, the officer who I spoke to told me that, because of the lack of security cameras, the motel is a hotbed for all kinds of shady activity and that there had been many reports against the motel. Learn from our mistake and stay away from this place.


L.Ryan Mccadney November 12, 2017 at 9:32 am

On Friday Oct 6 2017 my estranged husband checked into your Roseville Mn location rm #303 . On Sunday nite he ( Kenny Mccadney ) became violent causing me to leave hotel urgently with your manager ( blonde hair caucasian ) lady and your security guy assisting me with loading things into my vehicle . I explained to them he had become violent and suffered from PTSD , Bipolar disorder , multiple personality and had ” SERIOUS ” drug problem although even after explaining this they did not call authorities nor was Kenny asked to leave . A week after incident occured I recieved anonymous phone call from a hotel staff member ( housekeeper) stating Deidra ( your front desk ) agent had been seen leaving my husbands room frequently and was having sex with him .I visited your motel 6 location to speak with manager about this matter only to find out Deidra ( African american female drives cream colored escalade ) front desk agent had put me on a Do Not Rent list I asked manager why was I on list she said it was from my previous rental in June .I explained to her that was put into system by Deidra and this lady had become involved with my husband then Diedra pulled manager to the back and spoke with her they returned your manager became very rude then stated my husband and I both would be put onto list .I mentioned to her why was my husband allowed to remain there the manager
Stated she did not know he ( Kenny) was still living there .I told her they handled situation very unprofessional , police weren’t called when he assaulted me. I also explained that Deidra put herself into danger by visiting his room alone not knowing his mental state and also not knowing of his criminal history I also told them I am his PCA and payee and would only visit hotel to check on him periodically when I was attacked .I also explained to them my husband was only in military 3 years before being discharged for his drug use and mental state …again I feel your staff was ( is) very unprofessional and shouldn’t be sleeping with guest and in retaliation adding the wives to do not rent list .I myself work in professional environment I’m employed with CNBC news ( New york ) division(18 yrs) I’m also the sister to the President of NAACP , my brother Dexter is a state rep for Ga .Please look into this matter I’ve attached photo’s of my husband showing his criminal history and the dangers your staff faced while having an affair with him .

Thank you ,
L.Ryan ( McCadney)

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Larry Richards November 10, 2017 at 1:51 am

me and my family made reservations at motel 6 in pigeon forge tn a few weeks ago and i told the office person there that i need to have a room on the first floor because my dad was in a wheel chair and walker when i got there they told me there was nothing left on the first floor and i had to go to second floor when we opend the door there was water on the floor and my dad slipped in it trying to get to bathroom and i had to hold him to keep from falling the room was so small that he could not even get his wheel chair or his walker between the bed and dresser to get to the bathroom i went back down to the office and told them about my dad slipping and he could not move around in the room safely and i was going to have to find another place to stay and they were very rude they said right away that i could not get any of my money back and i said i was going to have to go anyway so i went and found another place to stay and had to pay for it plus the 2 night at motel 6 and i didn’t even stay there it cost more than just the money i lost cause it ruined our trip my dad didn’t feel good after slipping in the water and felt bad the rest of the trip so i just want to say if your ever in the pigeon forge area don’t stay at motel 6 on the parkway they are very unkind to others and don’t know how to run a hotel


James Mouzon III October 31, 2017 at 1:18 am

Hello my name is James Mouzon III.I would like to make a complaint about your Fargo North Dakota location. I have been staying at this location for the last month and it has been the worse experience. First the key to my room was giving to an unauthorized person by your manager. The person then went in my room and stole $200 worth of my personal belongings. Second my room was not properly clean many times. Also the key to my room would deactivate everyday making me go get a new one from the office everyday. Because of these problems I ask management to not give my key or information to anyone without my authorization. On yesterday I was at work and gave a friend the key to my room to get in and get somethings. When she went to enter the room the key did not work. So she went to office to get the key reactivated. They would not reactivate the key even though your front desk worker call me on the phone at work and I authorize him to give her the key by giving him my ID number over the phone. I had did this the day before and had no problem with getting the key reactivate. I then had to leave my job to get the key reactivate. Your customers service representative then told my friend that I would have to leave my room even though I had paid for a week. I would be leaving your motel on Friday and would like to be reimbursed for my losses. Thank you and have a blessed day


Thoroughly Disqusted in Laramie October 29, 2017 at 1:15 am

We came to Laramie Wyoming to watch our Wyoming Cowboys play their Homecoming. With all the hotels booked, we were only able to find a room at the Laramie Wyoming Motel 6, room rate on the bill boards says $69.99 per night, due to the football game being in town, you raised your rates to $102 a night, I get it gouge your customers! We check in, room keys don’t work, have to go back and get them re-keyed. Beds are circa 1960 double beds, closer to California TWINS, the shower design has got to the stupidest damn thing I have ever seen! You take a shower and there is more water on the floor than in the shower, the door has a one inch gap in the bottom, heater/AC has on or off. Bath towels, or should I say hand towels you leave in the rooms for an adult to shower with are a DAMN JOKE! This place will NEVER BE A PLACE I WILL STAY AT AGAIN!! I’ll sleep on my pickup before I stay in this XXXXX hole again! Sad that you would keep a place like this open and charge someone $102 dollars a night, when it isn’t worth the ORIGINAL $6 a night


Paula Morley October 27, 2017 at 10:09 am

Back on October 23 2017 I stayed at your motel 6 on moorland drive in Statesville n c . I asked for a nonsmoking room. On the way to the room the carpets were disgusting and the hallway smelled like smoke. I got to my room and it smelled a little bit and the sheets and blankets were filled with cigarette burns. throughout the night the smoke smell got worse and at one time I found somebody smoking in the hall. when I complained the guy at the counter told me I should of left if I didn’t like it and he couldn’t do anything about it. when I told him I was going to report his hotel he said go for it.


Guest emailMe November 3, 2017 at 4:40 am

Senior taken advantage of. Living combined with horrendous loss oparents have to stay at a place thus far costing senior over 22, 000.00. Feces won’t pass down toilet.Senior for 2 months + has to put bag in toilet and poop in bag. Disgusting everyday & night. Filthy, smells & I spend $$$on Lysol & chlorox. Months suffering.Toilet won’t flush paper or FECES. Maitenance ordered new toilet. Said roto rooter did not find blockage. He said toilet broken & water barely goes down (2 yr). Senior humiliated as manager fired maintenance man within two days over month ago would have a new toilet in 2 days. He was fired as manager refused to buy a new toilet.Toilets have been pulled out and new ones in units. Same with new mattresses piled in pool that does not work 15 years. Did not give Senior a new mattress. Many pillows piled on bed so Senior can sleep without pain & old pee smelling mattress. Paid anywhere from 1500 a moth, 1600 &3000.00 a month. Senior extremely clean. Now forcing Senior OUT FEB 6TH NOTICE FEBRUARY 2ND ON DOOR. To show it’s not toilet manager& Owner cleverly posted a few notices show no discrimination but false.This manager &owner know they violating laws,fear Senior been diplomatic & carefully asks for new Toilet. Senior sends her clothing to cleaners. Rarely any washer in building works. Infamous outside for one of the dirtiest properties. Senior wasn’t given enough notice time. Senior surprised that Manager who wanted 200.00 cash and over 20,000 in cash Senior rarely complains out of fear that they will throw her out next morning. Police phrase-squeezing Orchard before Orchard thinks to call health department in time AS WEEKEND. I pass fecal 4 times a day & once at night. Double padded bags, no leaks, (filthy thing to have to do as I have been deep into legal matters for mom. Instead of replacing they find good excuse to back you off. Maintenace lifted TOILET OUT SAID BROKEN DOWN DEEP-OLD.Put faulty toilet back whole- left to get new one. Manager told owner to save her job & fired last two toilet handy men and roto rooter ignored. men. Senior ask 2 mths about toilet. Staffer told to lie to senior & say there is no new toilet handyman to put in toilet. AS SOON AS I AM PUT OUT THEY WILL HAVE NEW TOILET IN-IN THE POOL AREA. Tonight they threaten to call to police & have me out if I call the police First. Letter out Nov 6,2017 on my door Nov 2. I work temp for attorneys. Manager knows this. The room full of doXXXXents. I need more time like 2 weeks unless I’m done.I also have appointments with FBI concerning our firms case. They his the two toilets that has been a big part of the plumbing problems here. Mine is just the toilet. Roto rooting showed know blockage. Feces will clog. Only urin no tissue in there either. It’s a filthy disgusting position the manager put me in by her stubbornness and likely the owner. I’ve been too nice and diplomatic. The prefer to take a ruff tough stance to possibly obtain a raise but this is way beyond hospitality. They turned me into the toilet feces maintenance keeping Feces out of the toilette. I need another week or two to remove valuables properly, find a place, rent cars etc. I rented the room as my office while working cases. Not pleasure. Strictly business and camera’s are outside my door where I like them. Nothing on this lady. I’m also a journalist. It’s also many aspects of senior abuse, etc., retaliation for wanting a new toilettee. Why go any further. I’m diplomatic but manager thought up a scenario and said I was running around motel throwing feces on the building and in outside ashtrays. That was exageration and it was a man who was stealing bags -c=grocery outside doors back and forth carrying and he also went in trash and got a surprise. Opened a bag with doggie and got mad and threw it around. I don’t (as they say) blank where I need to live and get caught on a zillion cameras. Manager I was very nice to lost it. I basically have to wear a suit and take my shoes off before I enter my room. I am not the outrageous comments she spread around the staff and housekeeping. I cleared that up. And I also said…show me. This woman went overboard slandering a decent woman. I did not want to argue with her but she realized her so-called witness was a man. The man that got his hands messy. He must have went wild. Thought he’d find a beer or something-a guest not homeless. This is not what corporate wanted for Motel 6 that they are nicely renovating. But there are a lot of them and this man that owns it…fires all maintenance that tells him what he needs. Especially theses CO’s from Santa Babara. I liv n Beverly Hills and my parents are in Oregon. I rented out a home to a clean couple in Vancouver. And I doon’t deserve this sudden extreme ly guilty notice by the manager knowing what I go through and stopped reminding her…giving her a chance to follow through. This is why I went to corporate who will make it right. The manager will tell a great story but truth be known no one sees me until I have to make payment.


Maria Tye October 27, 2017 at 8:26 am

Stayed at motel 6 in Brooklyn center on 2761 freeway Blvd in Minneapolis Minnesota 55430.
We came in from Oregon to visit family. The hotel was very bad. I’d read the reviews but I thought people were exaggerating since I’ve stayed at motel 6 throughout the US. But it was horrifying. The service was totally unreliable I had to ask cleaning people down the hall for clean sheets and towels. I thought they were very unhappy people with their jobs. So I decided to make do. When I was making my bed I pulled the bedspread and blanket and top sheet. Much to my disgust I saw the inside of the bedspread covered with dried blood clots and very bloody. I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I inadvertently
Touched the crusty blood clots. I removed the bedspread and took pictures of it. It had lipstick amongst the blood.
The blankets had cigarette burned holes and was dirty
If I hadn’t taken the initiative to make the bed I would never have seen all this.
So disgusted and shocked. I thought that all motel 6 had to follow some type of guidelines. Please respond and I feel we should be refunded and your corporate office send someone to inspect this place. It is giving motel 6 a very bad reputation. We are military veterans and have traveled to many 3rd world countries and this was worse than most

Respectfully yours


Dwayne Mileham October 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm

First off when you call to make a reservation via you are quoted a completely difference price than actually walking into the Motel. Quite the price descrepency. At least $50 more to walk into the motel VS making a reservation via their 800 number.
I stayed at the Motel 6 on Harbor Blvd. in Ventura CA for Three weeks. The room was infested and full of XXXXROACHES!
I went up to the office to complain at 1:00 AM and said I wanted to change rooms.
They made me clear out all of my belongings back into my car then come back to the office to get a new set of keys.
Then I had to unload all of my stuff into the new room. I lost a complete nights sleep and I had a very important meeting the next day. The next morning I go back to the office to complain saying I want a refund just for the One night, before I moved rooms. Remember I paid A LOT of $ to stay for three weeks.
I am told that they don’t give refunds and that what they do is call out an exterminator to verify that the room was indeed infested with XXXXroaches. I said the proof is in the room, you will see a XXXXroach smashed against the wall where I smacked it with a magazine. So then I call Motel 6 corporate offices to complain. They call the manager at the location where I stayed and he tells corporate offices that he will NOT give me a refund and a 10% discount for ONE NIGHT is All he can do and that will be credited back to my credit card. What’s that $10 tops?!?!
10% off ONE NIGHT when I stayed Three Weeks?!?! What a complete load of crap.
After the incident I had already paid for my Third week. A week after the fact NO exterminator ever showed up and I saw NEW CUSTOMERS check into the SAME XXXXROACH INFESTED ROOM!
What a complete crock of s**t!!!


Susan October 23, 2017 at 5:59 pm

October 23, 2017

Dear Motel 6,

I have just stayed at your South Nashua, NH property (Room 216) for 5 days and feel you have a BIG problem.

I am originally from this NH area and when it came time to book a place for my 5 night stay, I did not hesitate to book here. I was very disappointed.

The room was filthy (Feet were black just from walking around the room). The linens and room itself STUNK of cigar/cigarette smoke (It was supposed to be a non-smoking room). Bathroom was very dirty (urine stains all over the floor). I asked for a 1st floor room and ended up on the 2nd floor (poor planning on their part). I have walking issues and don’t like to do stairs. The Internet was $4.99 per day but then discovered you needed a “code” from the office every day to get online and then there was NO fee. I have never heard of a hotel charging separately for the internet. It should just be included in the price of the room. It also took 15-20 minutes to get online once you had the code. Internet service was not very reliable. I also have also never stayed in a hotel where there were not small bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. I am glad I had some for the first night I was there as I had to go out and purchase a small bottle the next day after I got settled. The toilet ran all the time and water pressure was not very good. The room was NOT cleaned daily like it should have been. I ended up at the Front Desk one night as there was NO toilet paper in the room when I arrived back after a day out. I ran the Air Conditioner the whole time I was there not because it was too warm but because the room was so smelly. There were lots of drunken people hanging around all night and talking loudly. The smell of cigarettes (and Marijuana) was very evident. The cleaning staff stood around most of the day smoking and talking. The elevator was slow and pretty scary. It smelled of vomit and urine. This room and hotel were rated acceptable on the website but was not. I used to live in the area and was the reason I chose this hotel. It was a Red Roof Inn and BAE used to house some of their traveling business people there. It is certainly not that way anymore. I also have friends that had stayed there and they are more the Marriott/Hilton-types and I felt it was safe to book there.

I spoke with the front desk clerk (Jonathan) several times in the 1st few days and he suggested that I contact the Corporate Office if I was dissatisfied. He also suggested I talk to the Hotel Manager (Ortwin Krueger) but was never able to find him. Jonathan was SO helpful I feel bad that he has to put up with the problems there. I wanted to send a note to Corporate Motel 6 to commend him for his great Customer Service and attempt to make things better for me.

I obviously will not stay there again when I travel up North, which I do several times a year. My family has stayed at Motel 6 hotels for all our travel needs for years and I recently recommended a Motel 6 to my Family and Friends who stayed here in Florida for a family funeral. The rooms are clean and you know what to expect.

I was asked by for a rating of this hotel and I gave it a POOR rating. I have included in this letter what I wrote in the review.

I felt that you needed to hear what I had to say and what you do with the information is up to you but if more people are feeling the way I do, that Motel 6 will not be in business to travelers for much longer.

Thank you for your time,


Latoya Moorehouse October 23, 2017 at 3:58 am

I attempted to stay in a motel 6 at 1915 Apache Boulevard in Phoenix Arizona to where I was moved from room 110 to 126 because the room I was given was not clean and had a bad odorso moving me to this different room seem to be no problems until shortly after midnight but me and my one-year-old was woken up by bed bug bite we went to the office and Anthony at the front desk tell me there was no more rooms available that I would have to leave or stay in the room he gave me till 1:05 a.m. to leave me and my friend packed up two toddlers and drove around Phoenix looking for another hotel room which we were able to find that early in the morning however we had to go our things away and we want to be reimbursed for this this is ridiculous yes you gave me my money back for the room but now I have bed bug bites all over me on swollen up my one year old is looking the same and this all happened on Saturday October 21st into Sunday October 22nd at 2017 I would not recommend Motel 6 I only stayed there because of the name brand Hotel I went to a generic hotel that was a whole lot cleaner and nicer staff even though was not in the best of neighborhood they did not have bed bugs so if I bring these bed bugs home with me which I hope I did not put them in my car in my house when I got home then what happens are they going to reimburse me for all of my belongings that I have to throw away


David Green October 22, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Below is the pathetic response I got from the “Customer relationship coder”.
Read from below to see my initial email, the response, and my response to them.
Apparently they like to charge military/fire/emt people more than the average person.
I thought it was worth showing to all!

Just based on your “canned” response, that shows me how –
A. You didn’t read my email in the first place.
B. You really don’t care about your customers experience.
C. You clearly don’t have the ability/caring enough to do anything about any issue.

For your reference –
I believe that supporting the military, police, fire and EMS is very important, and I am honestly offended that you haven’t even taken the time to read my email and just sent me a cut and paste response.
I am confident that the EMS/FIRE/POLICE sites that I am a member of will be interested in your response, or lack thereof.

I will also be forwarding to your executive office, as I am confident they would be interested in your lack of response.

Proud Texas Firefighter/EMT

From: Guest Relations – G6 Hospitality []
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2017 4:39 PM
Subject: RE: Stay October 22, 2017 in Greenville TX

Dear David,

I appreciate you contacting us regarding your experience at our Motel 6 property in Greensville.

First and foremost, I would like to personally apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay. I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will review your concerns along with our expectations to you as a customer with our location, and the appropriate measures will be taken.

Apologies, the price online is 10% cheaper than the prices directly at the Motel.

Motel 6 is committed to guest satisfaction and appreciates you taking the time to notify us of your concerns, and look forward to providing your future lodging needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-557-3435, if calling from outside the United States the number is 001-614-601-4089. The office is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time 7 days a week.


Daniel Jaeger
Guest Relations Coder

G6 Hospitality LLC
PO Box 326
Worthington, OH 43085
T 800 557 3435 | F 614 601 4095

Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2017 4:57 PM
To: Guest Relations – G6 Hospitality
Subject: Stay October 22, 2017 in Greenville TX

Good morning!
I wanted to share some feedback regarding a stay that is currently ongoing at your Greenville, TX location.

I am a landlord, and had an emergency at 4am, requiring me to send my tenants to a motel/hotel. All I kept thinking at 4am was “We’ll keep the light on for you”.
So, I called the Motel 6, and asked if I could have my tenants check in and pay for it over the phone, essentially so I didn’t have to go up there at 4am. Of course, he said no. (I have done this at other hotels, and never had an issue)
So, I asked the tenant to pay for it, and I would reimburse them.
At about 7:45am, I went up to reimburse them, and was told it was $65.27 for each room (I rented 2), and they would be there from 6-11am. Kind of crazy if you ask me, especially since in retrospect, I could have reserved it online for $42 a night.

Then, due to the possibility of the rental house repairs taking a few days, I went back to the hotel around 10am, and asked to extend their stay and put them in adjoining rooms. The owner/manager said he couldn’t do that because one of the people in the party was a smoker. (There is one man in the party that is a smoker, but NEVER smokes inside.) I advised him of that, and he said that he had to be in a smoking room because he may smell like smoke when he comes in from smoking. Really? He can’t stay in adjoining rooms because he may smell like smoke when he comes back in the room?
I am a firefighter, and I don’t smoke. If I came to a Motel 6 to check in after a fire, would I be required to stay away from my kids in a smoking room because I smelled like smoke? That is crazy!

After that conversation, we got to booking two rooms for 6 days, just in case it took a while to get the rental house fixed.
Being that I am a firefighter/EMT, I asked if there were any discounts. The owner said yes, he would give me the military discount.
Upon printing my “folio”, I did the math on what he was charging me for a night. He charged me $49.47, AFTER the discount. That is $7.47 MORE than I could book it for online.
When asked about it, he advised that it was a “system” thing.

In summary, I am normally a Hampton Inn person, and I have become accustomed to not being taken advantage of, and not being leery of how I am being approached/sold when I check in.
I am disappointed that the owner/manager of this motel decided to try to take advantage of me, especially since I am a firefighter/EMT and was told that I was getting a “special discount” because of it, only to find out that he actually charged me more than a normal stay.




Paul October 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm

Problem with an extremely rude manager or perhaps owner. The only way to complain is to file a complaint either through a survey or through the “corporate office”, which is pretty much s call service, and the complaint gets forwarded to the property manager…….the person I have the problem with. I am not looking for anything outside of this person being held accountable which cannot happen if I complain to him. I have a student away at college in Burlington VT and will be spending a lot of time there for the next 4 years and because of my issue, Motel 6 lost a customer.


Marion Ordonez October 19, 2017 at 4:18 pm

To whom may concern
Motel 6 has been around since 1965 Its been a landmark,There are 2 motels in our city Westminster California.They need the right management Leader and team , Any hotel manager should have solid skills in leadership and motivational skills, as well as hospitality experience. But it should not end there. The role of the general manager goes much further.Build organizational and team management skills that will bring this motel back. When someone needs a room that is passing thru,to relax for the evening or weekend without seeing drugs and bad behaviors .We cannot control society but you should be able to improve and clean these 2 motels which are so disgusting the corridors are dirty, the blanket have holes, from smokers, the staff well I would given D+ for the effort service worker is shabby. It should be an asset to community after all both Motels are close to 405 freeway and 22 freeway
thank you Marion Ordonez
714 766-XXXXX


Mrs Leach November 8, 2017 at 1:36 pm

You are so right we are experiencing the same incompetence her at the “E” street, Chula Vista, CA location. Its really sad that customer service has become a thing of the past and rude, disrespectful and out right ignorance is what their General Managers model.


Jaime Popowski October 18, 2017 at 10:50 am

My family was displaced by hurricane Irma. Because motel 6 allows pets, we decided to stay at the Orlando-Winter park. There was mold in the shower, sticky floors, roaches and staff is mostly gay black men that have major attitude problems. At night there is a security guard that is the creepiest, he stared at me for no apparent reason and was constantly harassing me and other guests for being outside of our room past 10pm ( smoking cigarettes outside of our non smoking rooms, not partying or causing any disturbance ). I had planned to stay 7 days but on my 4th night was forced to leave, the events are as follows: around 11pm my boyfriend and I walked over to play cards with another couple we met. We had just gone to the store to purchase beer and were outside smoking before we started our game. The security guard stood at one end the the parking lot staring like a creep and we all dismissed his weirdness and went inside. We were in the room playing cards for about 40 seconds when the security guard knocked on the door and said we were being to loud and that we needed to go back to our own room, we obliged and left but made a stop at the front office to complain about this security guard harassing us. My boyfriend made it in before me and explained that he was tired of this guy, when I came in the front desk agent was on the phone with police and refused to talk to me. ( why would they call the cops for a simple complaint about security??) next thing I know the security officer is pointing me out to the police and I’m being trespassed and forced to check out. I was told to contact for my refund. Upon contacting them they were told by the hotel that my room was damaged due to partying and that there would be no refund. There was NO partying and NO damage to my room. After three days of phone calls to the property, and motel 6 corporate office, I finally got the head of housekeeping on the phone because apparently the manager has been out due to surgery, and told very aggressively that there was damage to the room due to partying and there would be no refund. When I asked what was damaged he had no idea but I was previously told there was a report filled out by head of housekeeping. I’m being ripped off by this property for some reason and if some sort of doXXXXentation, proof or anything to justify it was shown to me I would feel like they are justified in keeping the money but these false accusations and so called damage no one knows is ridiculous.


Garry Williams October 9, 2017 at 7:58 pm

1. Sink stopper stuck in the down position, had to use the shower to wash hands and brush teeth. 2. No Wi-Fi service. 3. Broken security latch. 4. 100’s of bugs, complained twice with no resolution. 5. Soundproofing is abominable. 6. TV signal so weak no stations could be watched. 7. Used soap bars in the shower. 8. Mold in shower and bathroom corners.


Angie L Manderscheid October 7, 2017 at 9:56 pm

I made a reservation on 5 weeks ago for a 1 night stay at the Motel 6 Des Moines South-Airport, 4817 Fleur Dr in Des Moines, IA. When we got there, a girl with a motel 6 shirt on was standing outside and said they have no rooms as they are over booked. I told her I had a reservation and she said to go ahead and go in side. I talked to the desk worker, Jason Thomas, and he said that they are overbooked. I told him I booked my room 5 weeks ago and my credit card was already charged. He just shrugged his shoulders and said they have no rooms available except 4 dirty rooms and there was nobody there to clean them. I told him I wanted to speak to a manager and he said there isn’t anything he can do. I told him I was already charged and he got a very smart allek and condescending tone and told me that they do not charge the cards until the customer gets there and then they will run the card. I showed him the reservation showing it was already paid. He became more rude and aggressive. I told him we had a flight in 10 hours and now we have to look for another hotel. As my husband and I were walking out the door to go find a different hotel, he became more belligerent. He shouted to “F” off you F’ing B**** in front of a customer. I went back in and was VERY MAD! He said it again to my and I asked his name and he said Jason Thomas. I have NEVER been more repulsed by a person and their lack of, many things, but appalling customer service or common decency!! He must be fired! There is NO WAY we will ever attempt at staying at any of motel 6’s properties! My husband said he will sleep in the car first. It’s a blessing in disguise as we went to a Days Inn down the road and they were AMAZING! Please hire quality workers, teach them excellent customer service and fix up your run down properties.


J Foster October 1, 2017 at 9:33 am

My husband and I recently stayed at the Motel 6 in Oakland Airport CA. on Sept 13 and 14. The room was dirty. My husband went to the office to ask for another room. The front desk told him that there wasn’t any. We tried to walk up the steps to get to the room, but 3 people were sitting on the steps drinking beer and were not incline to move. The room air conditioner did not work – air came out but it was not cool. The room did not have a coffee maker and some of the electrical outlets did not work. WIFI was not FREE – We had to pay for it and if we wanted to use it for 2 different computers – the payment was more. During our stay in CA. we stayed at many different hotels that were in the same price range yet not only did we feel safer, but were treated much better then we were at Motel 6. This will be our FIRST AND LAST time that we will ever spend time at a Motel 6. Your commerical :”leave the lights on” – does not give a true picture of how run down your Motel’s are and how cooperate does not care either.


Amreta Comar September 25, 2017 at 12:49 pm

This past weekend I stayed in the motel 6 in Gainsville, FL on Newberry Rd. I was first placed in a room with a 5 inch gap under the door and when I closed to door and tried to use the security lock the part attached to the door looked like it was ripped off. The bed spring in the room was dirty, old and had holes in the material. I went back to the front desk to change rooms due to me not feeling safe there. They changed me to a first floor room that was a smoking room. The bathroom was dirty with something pink staining the entire tub. I discovered a bed bug on Sunday morning. I immediately went and showed the front desk clerk after requesting a manager and not having one available. He didn’t seem surprised at all which tells me this isn’t the first they have heard about this. He just offered to refund me a nights stay and have someone look at it. It’s not about the money for me and I understand it’s not the epitome of luxury but standards have to be higher than that. We do as customers, pay at the end of the day and don’t want to worry about things like bed bugs and anything else disgusting being in our rooms where we sleep, eat and stay. I hope they clean it up!


Clifton long September 23, 2017 at 2:35 pm

I would like to inform you of some of the poor business practices, unethical “policy’s” and how they illegally rob guests on a daily basis with deception at the Studio 6 San Antonio airport location located at 11221 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216. I would like to start by saying I have been a frequent customer at this location during the past 5 years, I’ve stayed for months at a time on many different occasions and in total I have lived there for more than a full calendar year. In this time I’ve seen some very poor business practices and no professionalism within their staff and management team over the years, and this is just one example . So today, Saturday September 23rd around 8:45am this morning our party (Albert Delgado, Candice Desrosiers, Damien Perez, and myself Clifton Long)was robbed by the morning manager (female, heavy set, with glasses). The room was initially booked for a two bed room for 5 nights from Monday September 18 – Saturday September 23rd in Albert’s name, since Damien and I would not be arriving until later on in the week. So, Monday Albert and Candice check into the room, and everything is going as planned, Damien and I arrive Thursday night, Albert is called in to work Friday night around 4am, and Damien goes to extend the room for two more days on Saturday morning at 845am. The manager accepts the money and charges Damien’s for two more days then ask for the room keys. He goes to get the room keys and when he comes back into the office the lady asks him who he is and for the birthdate on the reservation, Albert’s. Damien is shocked and unsure what the problem is and he try’s to call Albert at work but cannot reach him. They lady then proceeds to tell Damien that if Albert cannot come up to the office and bring the rest of the party and party’s identification the police would be called and we would all be escorted off of the property. Damien said that Albert could not be reached while he was at work, so to give back the money that was paid and our party would go and get another room, he was trying to be civil while the manager told him no, Albert has to be the one to pick up the money and everyone else hahae to leave immediately. So he went back to the room to tell Candice so she could Los start packing. Our party just got robbed, the management deceived us to keep the money, how unethical is that, why would the staff do this to their loyal customers. What if we had needed the money to secure a new place to stay? Albert is still at work unreachable. This upsets us very much so and many would consoder this untethical business practices, through fraud and deception. I will be going by the office sometime today and I will call the police if they will not return our money. Who thinks they do that to paying guests. No matter what the situation is there is no need to hold someone else’s money for any reason. If they wanted us to leave all they had to do was say they cannot renew the room and that we would have to check out today. That’s simple and to the point, being strAight forward rather than deceptive, I will not be satisfied until they change the way they conduct business.
Whoever addresses this issue, my number is (210)202-XXXXX.
Thank you for your time, Clifton Long


Marie September 23, 2017 at 1:29 pm

I dont know about all motel 6 but the one in Staunton va.not only are the new rooms falling apart housekeepers don’t clean floors they are nasty sticky and the bathroom tubs already have ring around them and mold .this one also pays employees o.t in cash and when one covers for another they won’t pay ot so the employee sick has to pay the one who covered I kno because I stayed there worked for room and never got a ck just cash they have worked employees 14+days in a row and had a minor pull 24 hrs straight. Labor board investigating them.this is one motel that gives motel6 a bad name they need to do something ASAP


Brandi M September 20, 2017 at 7:42 pm

When we got to the room it smelled like smoke. There was an ashtray in the room with a no smoking sticker on it. (odd). I get everything put in the room hoping to get to do some work before crashing but that didn’t really happen because of what then ensued….First, the bathtub had pubs all over in it. I call down stairs and am told the cleaning staff has already left and there isn’t another room to put me in. I go to the store and get comet to clean out the tub then realize there is no stopper for the tub. I go down to the front desk and ask for a stopper for the tub and am told they don’t have one and to stick a towel in the drain. Seriously? So we looked around the room and tried several things to stop up the tub and finally got it mostly stopped up. Next morning we get up and hit walmart to replace a shirt my son was supposed to wear for doing the re filming of one of his scenes, grab some lunch and watch a little TV. I noticed the maid going by and asked if she had access to a stopper for the tub but she spoke only Spanish. Since she had already been by we just left the room as it was (who needs a made bed anyway, I’m just going to pull all the sheets out again) and went to the shoot.
We get done with the filming and interview part of the film and head back to the hotel. We get there to find that the maid apparently did come into the room. My bed was not made (it had junk all over it so I didn’t blame her!) but Keagan’s bed was made and….his bear was gone. Now some background…for those who don’t know Keagan was mostly deaf until age 5. He’d had 6 surgeries. His first surgery was when he was 11 months old and they gave him a little panda bear which then went with him to every other surgery. It may seem infantile that he still sleeps with this bear but I guess everyone has a “thing”. So now Keagan is loosing his mind. I go down to the office and ask the desk if they had seen the bear. The guy looks in the lost and found drawer and says no. I advised him of the depth of the situation and his response is “I don’t think she would have taken your bear ma’am.” I told him obviously I didn’t think she stole the bear but I believe it probably was in the sheets and she didn’t see it and asked if he could check the laundry room. He states he doesn’t have a key to the laundry room and to come back at 9am. I tell him we need to leave by 6am and states there’s nothing he can do. I ask him to call his manager to see about getting a key to the room. He states the manager is new and he doesn’t have her phone number and doesn’t know when she’ll be in because she’s not on the schedule yet. Really? I didn’t get Keagan to sleep until almost 2 am he was so upset.
Next day: 9am. Go down stairs. Charming lady at the front desk with TP stuffed in her nose. (I hope that’s an allergy thing and not a gross new fad) I ask if she’s aware of the issue from the previous night and she says no. I then explain it again. She calls for the cleaning staff…if I was not so angry the situation would have been comical. The maids don’t speak any English and the counter clerk doesn’t speak any Spanish and they’re trying desperately to communicate to each other about a missing bear. Somewhere in translation apparently the one that cleaned the room seemed to believe I was accusing her of outright theft and started saying “No, no, I no have. I no take”. I asked if they could go in the laundry room and look for the bear to which I’m advised they don’t have time for. I ask if I could go look and am told that’s a security issue. I ask again about the manager and am told again that they don’t have her number and they don’t know if she’s coming in. The girl at the counter puts a note on the managers door with my number asking her to call me.
It took all but an act of God to get Keagan to leave without that bear. He cried for almost an hour and a half….I call customer serviceless again advise them of everything that transpired and am told I’ll need to contact the manager or call when customer service is open and give 5 days for resolution. (it was late evening when we got home and I called again).
So here we are, Wednesday and no call back. I call the hotel and a guy answers. I ask for the manager and he states the manager is busy but he’ll take my number. I tell him that I left my number Sunday and have not received a call back regarding out stay. She almost immediately gets on the phone and asks what the bear looks like. I tell her it’s a panda bear and she asks what color…I’m like “Umm black and white?” To which she says “You don’t know?” I again state “Black and white, it’s a panda about the size of your hand.” She puts me on hold for about 3 minutes then states she doesn’t see it but will look in the laundry room and call me back. 15 minutes later she calls back and says “No bear, sorry”. Phone disconnected.
So I’m frustrated about the bear and furious about the whole experience. I call customer serviceless back and advise them of everything and ask for compensation. I’m told that only the hotel manager can authorize that and we’ll call them. I wait on hold while he calls the manager. He gets back on and says “The manager stated she will not compensate because you had unauthorized visitors in your room”. Say what? I said “No I didn’t, we were hardly in the room ourselves. Who and how many did we supposedly have in there and when?” He says “I don’t know that’s just what she said and that’s all the info I have. She will not compensate.” I ask to speak to a supervisor and am told that if the manager will not compensate there’s nothing customer service can do. I ask if she owns Motel 6 and they say “She’s the manager.” I said “Okay but she doesn’t own it. It’s your name she’s smearing through her actions, it’s your name on her sign, it’s your company as a whole that has to justify her actions”. They state again it’s up to the manager.
So I call the Hotel 6 back to ask the manager who was supposedly in my room, when, how many. I sure would like to see video of that. Maybe they took the bear, right?
So I get the guy on the phone again and tell him I need to speak to the manager. He asks who I am and when I say my name he immediately hangs up. I call back 6 times, all 6 times they pick up the phone and hang it back up.
Thank you for teaching me to NEVER use Motel 6 again. Thank you for confirming we should have just suffered the heat and stayed at the campground. Thank you for breaking my little boys heart. I WILL make sure to spread the word.


denise hammack September 20, 2017 at 2:29 pm

motel 6 3196 point south dr yemassee s.c. Irma evacuees arrived at 1:30 am tired. Was told yes had a room with broken t.v. but had to be cash and no room key since it was a broken room it could not be rented. (t.v) they took 80.00. friends took 2 more rooms 160.00 cash. we jumped in bed. All night I could not breath. Woke up opened door and saw MOLD all over ceiling, furniture and bed sheets. Ran to office the clerk said “I do you a favor you were tired!” My husband on transplant list at Mayo Clinic would have been better off in the car. No shower curtain, no soap, towels. Mold so thick it was choking us all. That section of hotel was condemned. I have pictures. at 80.00 a night that was no favor!!


denise hammack September 20, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Irma evacuees stayed at motel 6 3196Point South Dr. Yemassee S.C 29945. exit 33. Arrived 9/8 at 1:30 a.m.. was told T.v. was broken so cash only 80.00. husband on transplant list at Mayo Clinic. We took the room went straight to bed (both seniors) Could not sleep because of musty smell. At 6 AM opened the door and saw black MOLD covering the ceiling, the furniture, and bed sheets we were sleeping on. Two other rooms were rented from friends who were stranded (160.00) cash. They were in molded rooms also. No shower curtains, towels or soap in any room. The clerk screamed at me when I complained and said she did us a favor. That hotel should or is condemned. I have pictures


Renata Sulkowski September 19, 2017 at 2:50 pm

My wife and I stayed at Motel 6 Monterey Downtown from 9/2 to 3. There were water damage and mold on bathroom ceiling and bathroom sink(we have pictures of it). When we entered the room, we immoderately smell the strong scent of bug spray and my wife got bed bug bite while she was sleeping.


Mike Walton September 18, 2017 at 5:26 pm

Rather than a congratulations to those people in Phoenix who were calling ICE to report
illegal aliens, you chose to vilify them.
Those illegals had already committed a crime by sneaking into the US and you are telling your people NOT to turn in criminals?
What kind of morality do you people have that run Motel 6?
How many of the 20 arrested were going to commit further crimes against American citizens?
You should be ashamed by your actions.
I have stayed in your motels for years, however, from now on, my stays will be in a different motel, one that does no harbor criminals.


Peter September 18, 2017 at 3:41 pm

We will stay at other chains that do not give sanctuary to lawbreakers.


Law Abiding Taxpayer September 16, 2017 at 10:16 pm

So Corporate, when did wrong become right and right become wrong? Don’t want to cooperate with ICE removing illegal alien criminals? Enjoy what you create. I am sure you can convince your guests they sleep in good company. Never again will I stay at your establishment as I happen to be a law abiding tax paying citizen, something your corporation has neither the moral backbone or courage to engage in. Shame on you for caving into the illegal alien propaganda.


Ray Ramos September 16, 2017 at 5:17 pm

In Salt Lake City, Utah, they give the local police their customer’s information. So if you have a warrant or are illegal, please don’t stay at Motel 6. I have personal experience with several different Motel 6’s in the area.


Mad mutha XXXXXa September 16, 2017 at 1:00 pm want our business and yet you treat people like that?. Well you do you and I will do me. Cause what you are doing is just disgusting and wrong. Everyone I know will now know what Motel6 really stands for. Thx for letting me see you. Love from Mexican American…Hate will fall!.


Don Porter September 16, 2017 at 9:52 am

I’ve been a regular Motel 6 customer for years. Now that we discover that Motel 6 gives ICE the names of guests, I will no longer patronize Motel 6.


Don September 15, 2017 at 8:53 pm

All of my family and friends will no long be staying at any of your Motel 6’s. I am voicing my concern and displeasure with what your employees were doing in Phoenix. We have stayed at Motel 6 all over the west coast, NEVER AGAIN!
Instead of your Front Desk employees calling and turning over the sign in information to ICE. You as Corporate should have been spending more time on Customer Service.
The front desk employees should have been calling the local police and turning the hooker and drug pushers. I witnessed a lot of illegal activities at many of your Motel 6’s.
Shame on you as a corporation and shame on your employees.


Bill September 15, 2017 at 8:06 pm

You can be sure I’ll never use Motel 6 again. You had knowledge of, yet did nothing to stop, the notifying of ICE agents by your employees, following their profiling of customers as being Mexicans. If this were just a 1-location incident that you had not been given any indication might be happening, it would be different. But, representatives of the press in AZ did notify you . . . and you did not respond — that is, not until they published a story about it. You snooze, you lose.


Harvey Coleman September 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

With all the concerns listed here, your chain has a problem 617 listed here and I sure there’s more. Your admin may look at this as just the cost of doing business, but at today’s prices that’s a lot of money your not going to get for some time. Your overhead accountants my see this as 0.1% of the dollars lost, but remember that’s a percentage that
that won’t be used to pay Gas and Electric, Employee, Repairs and Company Heads.

You can add me in the group of people that once used your service for over fifty years, but will never use them again. Your Phoenix, AZ. Motel did the right thing, there’s no law that says they couldn’t, in fact just the opposite. In fact the Federal code say they can do just what they did. You caved to the PC culture and Social Media Platforms. I hope these children have enough money form their parents to continue to patronize your buildings.

Because there are enough of us to go some where else. Illegal means Illegal, NOT Illegal mean Legal (see Webster’s Dictionary)


Jeff Knipp September 15, 2017 at 12:45 pm

You’ve lost me and my family for your actions regarding ICE. Hope the drugs, prostitution and illegals can keep everything going your way!


Sandy September 14, 2017 at 6:35 pm

Do not stay at motel6 Redding on Bechelli. Unless you want to get robbed of your valuables


L. O'Reilly September 14, 2017 at 3:14 pm

Regarding this recent revelation that Motel 6 sites are sharing guest information with immigration services: to me this represents prejudice, ethnic profiling and a disregard for human dignity. We criticize and shame our police for such behavior. Shame on you!

I suspect there are drug dealing, human trafficing and prostitution incidents at Motel 6 that are simply ignored. Now these would be causes to call in law enforcement!


Katie Smith September 14, 2017 at 10:32 am

Motel 6 Corporate HQ and their spokesman Tom Bodett have CONDEMED employees at a n Arizona motel in this chain for report illegals and their activities to ICE, resulting in arrest.
GOOD for those employees!!
These people were being GOOD CITIZENS! I commend what they did and hope they will continue reporting law breakers, drug mules and pushers, human traffickers and God knows what ever else!! We are told “If you see something, say something”. then those who are brave enough to do so are trashed.

I, for one, will NOT being staying at a Motel 6. If they condemn the employees and franchisees for doing what is right, I would not EVEN FEEL SAFE! staying at one of their motels.

They had better re-think their PC statements and become a good citizen of this country if you want it to survive, and they want the motel chain to survive. Or maybe you don’t care, they are more interested in business from illegals and illegal activities going on their premises and being “politically correct.”


Mad mutha XXXXXa September 16, 2017 at 1:07 pm

Really?. Ok . so your saying that every last person who stays at a motel 6 is either a drug dealer or has something nifaireehus in mind. GOOD say that like them employees had a choice. Please open your mind and eyes and see that this move was nothing more then pure hate started by an motel owner who probably hate him self even more then he hates everyone else. This HATE will end!.


Leonard Brown September 12, 2017 at 5:14 am

On September 6th 2017, I Leonard Brown reserved and paid for a 4 night stay at the Motel 6 located on Port Washington Ave in Glendale, Wisconsin. My first night I was given room 322 which was absolutely horrible. The sink was leaking and what look like mold surrounded the pipes. The television was a huge early nineties version and after calling the front desk they asked if I could stick it out until tomorrow and they would not only change my room but add a complimentary night, I stuck it out! The next day they moved me to room 327 which was significantly better which included a little more room and a flat screen 😍! After settling in, watching Thursday night football (which is now the 7th) and dozing off for the night, I was awaking around 1:30/2:00am to knocks at my door. I open the door to 3 policemen who entered, asked me to have a seat on the bed as they approached and searched all of my belongings. Still have sleep and confused at the situation I asked the police what was going on in which they stated that they had been having issues with drug dealing, prostitution, loitering and other issues with the hotel. I then asked what did that have to do with me, in which they responded I had a $100 warrant for a paternity issue and proceeded to hand cuff me. I then asked what made them single me out or how did they know I was even in the motel in which they replied “we ran checks on everybody in the motel”. This is totally against the law especially when it comes to the freedom of information act. 1. I did not break any rules or laws pertaining to Motel 6. 2. I was not soliciting, drug dealing, loitering or breaking any law in or around Motel 6 property. 3. I paid for and signed in agreement for 4 nights at Motel 6. 4. I was not informed verbally nor did it state in the agreement, that my personal information can and would be given or shared with solicitors, private companies, police and/or any other entities WITHOUT my consent.
After being taken to the police station I was unable to post bail because the paternity warrant required I see a judge before bail could be posted. So I sat in jail from 2am Thursday the 7th till Monday the 11th when I was granted a PR bond. This complaint is not about my warrant but the rights that where violated as a US citizen. Motels and hotels are meant to be a safe and comfortable place to relax, get away, or any occasion private or social. The minute we feel that at any moment we can be profiled and privacy invaded,we immediately loose trust for that particular business or entity. The truth is I had a warrant, but what warranted a warrant to be served at 2am, my room being invaded, illegally searched and me eventually being treated leniently like a criminal? I was only allowed to take my wallet, cell phone, jeans, shoes and t shirt. My belongings where left in the room and I was told by the Glendale police that they would inform the front desk of my arrest. I was unable to contact any family or friends until I was released Monday. Straight from the police station I arrived at Motel 6 to retrieve my belongings. After the front desk attendant retrieved my items I looked through my bags and storage containers to discover multiple items missing. My MacBook Air, my set of Diamond stud earrings and my black leather billfold that contained my social security card, birth certificate, both state certification for asbestos and lead removal, my CDL certification and award, and a little over $1300 in cash. I immediately called the Glendale police department and filed my report and was told I can pick it up in a week. I was not only charged for the nights I spent in jail but received a call that I owed the hotel money for leaving my belongings there!!!! How insulting! I plan on seeking counsel regarding my stay, mistreatment and lost belongings at Motel six as well as the miss conduct of the officers in this case. I plan on sharing this information as well as the videos (which I have provided two with this email, the other I will hold until my attorney has viewed) with my over 3000 friends on social media and with all local news outlets here in Milwaukee! In one video the officer clearly states that they enter the hotel and asked for a list (without a warrant or probable cause that would pose a danger to the employees and guest) which the hotel provided! Motel 6 needs to explain what this list is, what it’s for, why does a list exist without the customers consent, and how it pertains to its residing customers! I’ve never felt so humiliated and afraid in all my life! I TY for taking the time out to read this and I’m sorry to inform you that you have lost not only a customer but you’ve gained a form of distrust that can never be regained! I vow to never let another human being experience what I experience during my stay at Motel 6!


Sad sad sad October 26, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I am so sorry you went through that. That is horrible. I won’t be staying at any Motel 6 motels in the future. This could happen to any one of us. What if there were children with you? My God.


A.a September 9, 2017 at 2:21 am

I will be contacting Komo 4 news. I’m a Muslim American, I am not a criminal or a piece of trash. Your manager was racist towards me. I was trying to stay for three months, and wanted to pay a month at a time. They wouldn’t let me and said to me go back to your country sand n****r. First of all this is my country as I was born here, second of all how dare you treat a customer like this. I could go on and on about the horrible experience but I will save that for when I go on the news in Seattle.


Leonard Brown September 12, 2017 at 5:22 am

I’ve been racially profiled also and also look to expose the motel on local news outlets here in Milwaukee! I salute my brother and may you receive justice!!!!


Lisa Heiner September 6, 2017 at 8:11 am

I was staying at motel 6 in york Pennsylvania u til my apartment was ready I discovered I had bites on my back and my side, I took the sheets off of the bed there were several stains what look like bed bug feces also what appeared to be vomit. I went to the front office she gave me another room when I entered that room there were at least 10 visible dead XXXXroaches on the floor with one crawling up the wall. There were at least 10 visible dead XXXXroaches on the floor with one crawling up the wall I then went back to the front desk where she offered me another room when I went in that room I saw one dead XXXXroach on the floor and it smelled like cigarettes being that I don’t smoke I did not want that room so I decided to stay in the room I had until the next day when I can talk to the manager. I went to med express that evening where they did confirm I had I went to med express that evening where they did confirm I had lights bites. I also had to call off of work due to the stress of the situation I want to Walmart I purchased a bedbug protective pillowcase a new pillow bed bug spray and I also had to call off of work due to the stress of the situation I went to Walmart I purchased a bedbug protective pillowcase a new pillow bed bug spray I also had to wash was and dry all of my things. The next day I went to the desk there a a general manager there, i explained the situations she offered me a refund of 176$ mind you I have been there for two weeks, de also told be they are aware of problems that’s why she is there to help fix it amd that was only her second day there. I ask the front desk girl to call the other motel 6 located at 323 arsenal road york pa to see if I couldn’t get a reservation for three days on the first floor, I heard her talking to a gentleman she said was Reginald, she said they have second floor I was on with that so she assured me the room would be ready at 3. I ask could I stay in the room until then she said fine. I was in the room and approximately 215 pm the house keeper knowcked on the door and said the exterminator was there so I picked up the phone and call the front desk she told me that my room was ready at the other hotel. I took my dogs and left we did not go straight to the other room I took them to the park. I arrived at the other room at approximately 5 PM where they stated they did not have a second-floor reservation for me that I could go on the third floor. I was upset about that and told them I was going to the car to make a call I would be back in. When I went back in the hotel the girl working the front desk immediately said to me that they spoke to the first Motel 6 located at 125 aresenal Road York PA and that they can no longer rent to me. I spoke to the manager at that location he said that the previous Motel 6 put me on the no rent list after the exterminator was in the room. He also said the no rent policy follows me. I am a consumer if I have a complaint it is legitimate and you cannot refuse services because I am not happy and complain I have a video and pictures I am filing a civil suit. I did nothing wrong but demand a clean room to sleep in I a man a paying customer. I will not allow the money to get away with this and discriminate me and treat me this way.


Ralph C Liberatore September 5, 2017 at 8:14 pm

Date of Incident: 09-01-09-03-17. Two rooms. Williamsburg, Va. Both floors were filthy, sand in one of the beds under the sheets. Mold on towels. Made complaint. Unaddressed. Filed complaint. Owner called on 09-05. Stated since we stayed, we accepted the conditions. Offered one night refund. Not acceptable. Requesting FULL refund. Owner said bring it on. Called Motel 6 guest relations. Dan Yaeger/Cust. Svc Rep stated since it is an independently owned property, they cant help. Asked to speak with a supervisor. Offered the name Anthony Scofield, however no number. Is this what Motel 6 standards are? I think not. Looking to speak with Jim Amorosia, Julue Arrowsmith or Mike Brower


Lewis Woodward September 3, 2017 at 10:27 pm

Showed up at Motel 6 North in Santa Rosa, with reservation confirmation through Travelocity… woman at front desk told me they did not have a reservation for me, and they dont even bother pulling third-party reservations.

So I spent the night in the car with my 11-year old daughter. Great bonding experience.

I will never, ever stay at a Motel 6 again. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Jenny September 2, 2017 at 7:32 pm

Walked into your motel 6 and hear the manager talking to one of the front desk people like they were a child. I grabbed business card before I walked out. I will never stay there and I will make sure that everyone that I know will never ever stay there! The managers name is Nicholas Lowe. No Thank you! Elko,Nv


mary maypole September 1, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Just found out they terminated the manager in Beeville Tx. They have been the most helpful caring people I have ever dealt with. They have been life savers for us who had to evacuate. A lot of us lost everything in Rockport Texas. This is a big mistake your company will be losing out


April August 25, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Location: Windsor Locks CT
MOD (Manager on Duty) Natasha
Re: Natasha changing Motel 6 Corporate Rules

Natasha refused to refund money back into our account due to overcharges.

Natasha stated we can no longer receive packages at Motel 6. She stated if another package come she would refuse it and send it back. She also, stated we are not allowed to have packages from overseas shipped to an address we pay to temporarily stay ( Motel 6).

Natasha illustrated a form of retaliation and discriminating against me and my family.

Natasha is falsifying Company Policy.

We filed a complaint with Motel 6 Corporate Office Guest Relations Department. We are currently waiting for a follow-up call and requested the area District Manager reach out to us as well.

Employees should never discriminate against a guest.
Employees should never change Company policies.
Employees should never overcharge guest.


Diane Heller August 23, 2017 at 8:05 pm

I have been having a very difficult time straightening out our bill with motel 6 in Redmond Oregon. I called a number of times before our arrival to verify our reservation and was told we did not have one, then they found it on a subsequent call to the motel. When we checked in on the first night they told us we only had a two night reservation when we had reserved for three nights. They said we would have to pay separately for the third night at a higher rate. (over $50 more!!) We agreed to do that as we needed to stay three nights. Upon returning home we discovered we we charged for four nights. I called the motel and was told by the person on the desk (Carol) that we would have to call back two nights later AFTER 11 PM! (as that was when that employee was next working) Totally unreasonable to expect a customer to resolve it with the motel late at night. Since then I have called the motel and the phone rings and rings till it beeps and hangs up. Please help!!


Catherine Luci-Benitez August 23, 2017 at 7:48 pm

I booked a room for a night on for your Palm Bay Florida motel 6. I arrived the woman was very nice, got the key for the room, as soon as we got in the room I saw the roaches so I want to the office and she gave us another room and apologized and said the best to should not have any roaches. Well it had roaches and fleas. So needless to say I went back to get reimbursed for the room and did not stay. Waiting to see if minutes go back into account. Someone should really fix the problems in the motel and I spoke with a police officer and her even said that it is where allot of people stay there that do drugs. I am going to tell everyone I know and tell them to pass it on to their friends. Fix your motel


Stephanie August 21, 2017 at 6:08 pm

I stayed at the Motel 6 in Claremont, CA 840 South Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont, CA 91711. On July 28th 2017. The manager Steven was completely rude and unsympathetic or helpful he actually blamed me and stated it was my fault, when I called to discuss with him the fact that I contacted Scabbies after staying at the facility. It is a horrible beyond painful itchy thing that you get you get from bedding and or towels by someone who stayed there and was infected and the linen had not been properly cleaned. When I called him to discuss and bring to his attention of this issue, in which I several doctors notes explaining how and where I would of contacted this. He was the most rude and mean person. I have ever spoke to and myself or anyone else I know will never stay at a Motel 6 Chain again. Due to his attitude and action. I will be contacting the Health Board the Better Business Bureau and every other organization as well as social media.


Oscar Diaz August 21, 2017 at 1:14 pm

When arrive they change my room 3 times due to cleanings bad smell cold coffe every morning and never heard back from the manager after i was told manager was going to contact me after she was the first one too give the first room and the motel room did not open after i went the 2nd time she was gone and i was their for 7 days thumbs 👇i would like Jim Ambrosia Ceo of motel 6 to contact me so i can telll him how bad bad this motel 6 is and its management staff dont give a s**t i try reaching out to guest relations their is a bunch of lazy f**ks that dont want to help i call corporate and as well the same deal this f-ing rooms had spiders pubic hairs reek of dirtiness etc.


Brittany August 20, 2017 at 3:05 am

I checked into a room at Motel 6 on Roscoe Blvd in North Hills CA. The motel room had roaches, dried blood in the bathtub, room was dirty and I have a rash from the pillow cases and sheets and i am certain were not properly washed.

The fact the establishment would even rent out a room in this condition is disheartening. I have filed a complaint with the city of Los Angeles Public Health Department and submitted the photos I took as well.

In addition I have submitted the complaint to health code enforcement, and the news. The staff gave me a refund of $20.00 “hospitality adjustment”.. proper hospitality would be to offer a room that is clean, that does not have dried blood in a bathtub and that is CLEAN!!


Stephanie August 21, 2017 at 6:11 pm

Brittany the exact same thing just happened to me. I live in the Valley too but mine happened in Claremont, CA. We contracted Scabbies from their hotel you can read my complaint in this post.


Kimberly Givens August 17, 2017 at 7:33 pm

hello stayed in your hotel last Friday Aug.11 and checked out Sat. Morning . it was a great stay for my daughter and myself and her friend . it was so nice i booked it again for the next week Wed. Aug.16 and checking out Aug 17 . as she was Auditioning for American Idol and didn’t want to drive early in the morning . so we checked in to the Motel 6 at 5900 American Way Orlando Florida . when i git up and turned on the lights in the morning and all you seen was roaches trying to hide for cover ..that was so gross to see that , now im hoping i didn’t carry any home . but our other room last week had no sighns of bugs that is why i booked again …but i wont be back and im going to get a hold of someone i want my money back..cause that was just plan nasty.. i have my conformation Number but got no receipt . when i told the lady when i checked out at 3 A.M she just looked at me …no going back .


George W Marschall August 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm

I just stayed at your property located at 9225 SE Stark St Portalnd Oregon for a huge family reunion where 12 other family members stayed at this propertyon August 12 2017. Having stayed at motel 6 many times before I has never so disappointed with the property. In the bathroom theres a build up of mold on the bath tub where the shower inclouser meets the top of the tub. Tile in the bathroom is so dirty there bugs crawling out of it. I just returned from a six week vacation road trip staying at other motel six properties I saw nothing so discussing as this place. other family members were unhappy with theri rooms. Also having toilet plungers sitting in pails out between the rooms isn’t very incourageing.I will never stay at this propertu again and we have a family reunion every August we’ll all be staying at another hotel sure wont be staying at motel 6 never again.


candy batterton August 16, 2017 at 7:14 am

Wausau WI (17th st)called in reservation 2 days prior to arrival for 1 night stay..the front desk gentleman was very the room -we are seniors went to the event we were at Wausau for returning at 11 pm they placed us right across from the ice and vending entrance…it was a constant parade of loud people..filling ice buckets…and standing in front of our room and yelling at each other..husband called twice to complain..did nothing. next morning the manager Amber M. asked how our stay was to my husband he relayed that complaint and also only one towel..2 flat pillows. Amber then copped an attitude of not caring..not even a sorry…a gentleman overhearing this said to Amber “Always an a–hole in a husband heard it as well as other patrons and he did tell the man to never call him or anyone….it got heated but Amber did husband walked away. I was in the car checking my call number to the master card i used found out they overcharged me went back in with the receipt and asked for an explanantion..she continued to repeat…we have this amount..we have this amount and she didn’t even know how to reimburse to anyone so i asked can i talk to someone who can help me…she said im the i called the master card office and asked Amber to listen to what they told me that the amount charged from this Motel 6 had overcharged…she wouldnt even talk to the women and handed my phone back…i had enough took 2-3 steps away and Amber yelled besides it’s a gift card not a regular card..I called the master card office again and they had a record that Motel 6 charges a gratuity fee and if i were to sign for this it would be charged…i did not sign it or was ever told of this…i called your customer service number and was informed that the Motel 6 had us now on a NO RENT status..Im sure you want your motel to continue with a good report and as seniors AARP will be notified…Your employee Amber Martinez owes me and my husband as well as at least an apology and i would look into past reports against this employee because she is not qualified at her job..very rude..disrespectful…i am going further with this as i and other seniors need to know that this is how Motel 6 runs..its sad…


marion hudson August 5, 2017 at 1:47 pm

What a nightmare !!! Never will I stay at Motel 6 again. All we can say we had was a bed. No iron, no coffee pot, no wash clothes ( 1 ) and non available. We had 6 arrests of guest by local police. A hooker working the parking lot to pay for her stay. A guest was in a drug daze sitting by the back door, the shift worker went to see if she was alive. they had 2 deaths from over doses. It was all normal for this Motel 6. My sister and I smoke and were told not to go out after dark because it was not safe.When I booked I was told there was a pool…..Not, would NOT have gone in it for sanitary reasons !!
We found out from other guest it is called the best of the worst. This place was in Gastonia, NC.
I was so angery I was giver 2 % military discount….2 % !!!!!!!!!!!!!


?? August 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm

I have been living here at this location in roswell ga, I can go on for days about the quality of services here. I was told that the reason for the prices going up was that they don’t want people living here anymore. My rent went up 3 times in 3 months or so. Once it was 20. The next was like 15 then now it is 40 dollars more for what??? No one at the location can explain to me why clearly it is the same story because we have now coffee in the morning, a blow dryer and knew towels. Mind you we don’t even get the proper cleaning in the rooms and have been recommended to wash our on towels cause you give them towels and then they don’t come back with clean ones at all then they will fight with you if you try to go get towels go yourself at the front desks. We’ve given towels we already last week and Still never receive it. They make it seem like your not telling the truth then get on to you about the rules. I follow the rules however the staff doesn’t follow up. I pay for quality, service,respect,and safety. I HAVE NOT gotten the respect as a paying customer. Quality??? Where? Safety well…. how about this having cops stop you every day that you wanna walk to the store to check your key card and id only makes me feel unsafe. I am going to be late to work cause I have to be checked before I can live or enter the property for any given reason.if I walk to the store I have to walk by 3 cop cars 2 cops on foot and be question where I am going what?? What happen to my privacy. You make people here pay more money for invasion of privacy and coffee. I am here at this location because of my company has me here for my job I was trying to move by now I AM STUCK because of price changes and I have to pay out of pocket first then explain to my company the increase. Which they keep hearing the same excuses. Which makes me look like I am trying to be more money from them.smh but as you are a company that has proven that you customers really doesn’t matter. Soon this location won’t matter no one is going to pay for that price and deal with so much just to live. What makes it even worse. At the end of the day you really don’t care I am just a complaint to the company not . In actuality I am a paying customer faithfully spent already 8,000 here. But if I am late or can’t make it to the office to pay before I get off there will be 3 things that may happen even if I call ahead of time to inform you. As follows; 1. You will come in my room when you have already been told that I am at work. I had my mother visting and she was told that she had to get out. Why?????? Rudly??? I was so mad cause I had already called first thing that morning and made arrangements. She was told to leave the property. 2 . call the cops. I have seen more people living on the streets now around here every since they had 3 cops cars and was here to put people’s stuff out their rooms. they are still on the streets. Some have reason because of no payment some was because spouse was at work and couldn’t make it in time to pay. No understanding for that now they have no where to go with kids that hurts my heart. 3. If you have no one in the room they will put it out for you. Mind you this is when you have communicated your situation. You are better off paying for 20 dollars less location around here with better hospitality. Services ,respect and actual breakfast. I had stayed at a hotel right down the street from here which was to much for my company’s budget for me so I went to this location do to the price . But now they if not more then laquinta . With no breakfast and no clean sheets towels etc. This is just a sum of it. I don’t even want talk about the tanks . I don’t want to be bothered if anything I feel uncomfortable by the company not by the area. Knew people that work here at very rude and they will say even the knew manager will say they don’t care. Litlery really??? That is your standard? And you can do whatever to your customers….. I feel like if i give my name and information that i will be treated with more disrespect.


Linda Barkley August 3, 2017 at 7:07 pm

August 3, 2017
Todd Inman
Director of Operations
Denver Metro Area
Motel 6

Re: COMPLAINT: Motel 6 – Denver-Lakewood #0032
480 Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Phone: (303) 232-4924 Fax: (303) 274-4621
Dates Stayed: 8/6/2016 to 8/10/2016

As memories come flooding back from a year ago, I find myself even more angered of how certain people treat other people.

I am a Mom of four ‘Kids’ ranging in age from 16 to 27. We are pretty much your typical Americans ‘Living the Dream’….that is barely having two nickels to rub together and dealing with all the demands, stresses and injustice in the world. My husband and I live in Connecticut with our two younger children, our oldest daughter moved to Las Vegas and our eldest son moved to Colorado.

On August 1, 2016, while at work, I received an emergency message that my eldest son had been rushed to the Hospital where they had to immediately perform emergency surgery. Not an easy message for a Mom to get! I spoke with the surgeon, my son had a “ruptured brain aneurysm” and was in critical condition.

Through the Grace of God, family members, friends, co-workers all pulled together to send us out to Colorado to be with our son. The trip in itself was full of obstacles, first and foremost, I am in very poor health and I myself have only been given 5+ years to live, not to mention I’m going blind. My Doctor’s advised me NOT to go, since it would be detrimental to my health. I refused to stay home, this was my son, and I was going. We had to drive straight through from Connecticut to Colorado – a 30 hour drive, my health won’t allow me to fly, and we couldn’t afford hotels along the way or the extra time. For meals, we had a bunch of sandwich crackers, as we couldn’t afford eating out.

As we were driving out, I researched the area of Colorado near the Hospital and found Motel 6. It was somewhat in our price range and I booked four nights. We arrived at the hotel after seeing my son in the hospital…we were disheveled and exhausted to say the least. We stopped at the hotel long enough to clean up, settle in, eat and back to the hospital. The four days of our stay at Motel 6 consisted of sleeping from 9-10 pm to 5 am, leave for the hospital and return that night, only to repeat. We were barely in the room.

On our second day in Colorado the surgeons had to perform another emergency surgery on my son….I was there for this one. It was a complete miracle that he pulled through not once but twice. Thanks Be To GOD! With my son having two surgeries, we felt that we needed to stay in Colorado longer. On the last morning, my intention was to extend our stay at Motel 6 instead of checking out. I went to the office and inquired as such.

Alex, a beautiful, friendly sweetheart was working the desk, I explained my dilemma and she pulled up my account. During which time a beastly woman slammed into the office yelling and screaming at Alex about her shoes, and not having swept, etc. In retrospect, it reminded me of Cinderella and the Evil, wicked, ugly step-mother! The woman gave no consideration to me the customer or to Alex her employee, she was too consumed in ALL HER. She disappeared in the back room.

Alex and I just looked at each other, what do you say? Alex then stated that she could not extend our stay, because we had been black listed! I was completely dumbfounded, what does that mean? Was the room not available? I knew we had the money, we had hardly been in the room – so there was no noise complaints or damage, and I was totally confused. Alex then explained that the previous night different guests had trouble with their room keys, my family was included. There were about 3-4 guests in the office needing their keys re-keyed. During this time, my youngest son and husband were directly behind a guest that grew angrier by the minute, that guest ended up bending his key card and throwing it at the employee behind the desk. My son and husband, witnessed it, they looked at each other and said guess he wasn’t happy. We got our new key and went to our room.

It was doXXXXented on OUR account that WE were the ones that threw the key card at the employee, and therefore, we were not allowed to stay at the Motel 6. I was flabbergasted!!!! How dare you accuse us of doing something so blatant, especially when you have no proof and don’t even bother ask us about the incident! How dare you to NOT allow us a moment to share what happened! How dare you judge me and my family with such a heinous act! And how dare you kick us out of the hotel room. None of the employees even bothered to check the key that had been thrown, it was not our key! No one would listen to us, just get out!

I asked to speak to the manager, Alex looked at me, and said that was her that just walked in. Alex tried several times to get the manager to come out to speak with me, the manager flat refused…I could hear her yelling in the back room. The manager’s name is Karen Lugo. Never in my entire life have I ever been so humiliated, degraded, disgraced and mortified! AND WE DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING!!!! Karen Lugo, the manager refused to come out after several attempts to speak with her. I requested names and contact information to send in this complaint. However, I never got the chance to send the complaint due to my son’s health being questionable and my health failing rapidly from the trip and the undo stress at Motel 6. I have not been in any condition to right such a complaint…until now…..

This complaint is actually twofold:
1. A manager and employees in your establishment have open range to demoralize a decent paying customer
2. A manager in your establishment is allowed to treat her employees with such contempt and disgrace!!! KAREN LUGO IS NOT MANAGEMENT MATERIAL NOR WOULD I HAVE HER ON MY STAFF TO CLEAN TOILETS!!!!

By profession, I am a Human Resources Manager, and I am very aware of the rights and legalities of employees and guests. Karen Lugo, in her short appearance had destroyed several rights and laws….and I can’t sit back and allow her to manipulate her poison over other non-suspecting victims. HARRASMENT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE! This gives me a very warped and demented opinion of Motel 6, and personally, I don’t think I would ever stay at another one again. Not to mention, I’ve made sure to tell all my friends, and family the story and plan on sharing on the internet if something is done to right the wrong that had taken place a year ago.

In my professional opinion, Karen Lugo needs to be fired immediately. Alex should be given the position of manager….she was very helpful, pleasant, and went out of her way for all the guests. She’s a local to Colorado and loves it – THAT’S THE KIND OF MANAGER YOU WANT AT YOUR HOTEL! Also, there needs to be accountability for the actions of guests and employees alike. If everyone is treated as a human being, it’s amazing the wonderful results you’ll get.

I also feel that I am due some kind of compensation for the demoralizing way I was treated. To this day, a year later I feel as though my family and I were RAPED at Motel 6…..Raped of our values and thrown to the wolves! All of this while we were going through a very terrifying life or death situation with not only my son, but also with my health. Treatment, or lack thereof, at Motel 6 was completely uncalled for and inhumane. And to think: All of this Harassment and stress and I still got to pay the $300.53 to my abusers…..American Dream – I think NOT, more like Freddie Kruger!!


Linda Barkley
Bristol, Connecticut 06010


Lorraine Morrison August 2, 2017 at 11:42 am

My husband and I stay exclusively at Motel 6’s across the country. We appreciate your pet friendly policy and the modernization of your units.
On July 21 we had the misfortune of staying at a Motel 6 in Colonie, New York, near Albany.
This place is a pig with lipstick on it. Where to begin? I’ll make a list.
1. The manager lost our reservation. We had a copy of it but to no avail. Despite this mix-up we got a room, only because we called ahead.
2. Our room had a leaky toilet and sink. To remedy this bath towels were put down around the toilet and at the back of the sink to soak up the leaks.
3. The lock on the door was broken.
4. The manager would not honor our AARP card . He said we were paying little enough,
90.00 for this room, and as such were not entitled to anymore in the way of a discount.
5. He was not open in the morning for return of keys or for coffee.

This place looks good from the outside but do not venture in. We stayed only because after 12 hours on the road and being north of 70 years of age we were tired. I also had my handicapped sister with me. This shouldn’t be allowed.

Lorraine Morrison
Oberlin, Ohio 44074


Rosalind August 2, 2017 at 12:50 am

My dispatcher booked me a room at the Motel 6 in Hayward California the room was booked for a non-smoking the cost was $126.00.

We went out to eat and then we came back and I found my room I walked into my room the light was on the room it had dirty the curtains with the screen coming of on the out side, someone smoked a cigar and use the freaking air conditioner as a ashtray the floors haven’t been cleaned looks like in a week. I called downstairs to have someone clean the room they told me they were too busy to come and clean, and cleaners have left for the day and they will take care of it in the morning I explain to them that I am allergic to cigarette smoke they don’t give a damn sorry we’ll have someone to take care of it in the morning. I explained I won’t be here in the morning. Bedspreads are filthy and they have cigarette holes in them in a non-smoking room.
I asked them they said they couldn’t do anything I asked to speak to a manager after threatening to call the 1-800 number they called the manager and he told me the same freaking thing I may be black but I’m intelligent I know the difference between bad customer service and good customer service I work for the County Sheriff Department for 14 years so I do know somethings.

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Jason Serock July 30, 2017 at 8:58 pm


In Erie pa

Troy the general manager

Here is our experience ..
If I could leave ZERO stars for this hotel, I would. I called and made a reservation last week for 4 rooms. I gave my CC information to the GM, Troy over the phone and in return was given a confirmation number. We arrived in Erie, which is a 3 1/2 hour drive from home and try to check into the hotel at 11 am, which it says on the website you can do. We were turned away and told to come back later because the rooms were not ready. We decided to head straight to the beach and come back later in the day Around 3PM, I called to let the hotel know that we would be coming in late because we were enjoying the beach and going to have dinner before heading to the hotel. I spoke with TROY, the GM. He told me that is was no problem, there was a credit card in file and in his words “They would leave the light on for us.” We arrived at the hotel after dinner around 9PM only to he informed by TROY, that our rooms had been given away because there was no CC on file and we did not show up before 6. TROY, made no effort to correct this mistake and instead left 4 families with crying children out in the cold with no where else to go. TROY, single handily ruined vacation for 4 families who should be sitting on the beach right now having fun with their children. Instead I am writing a horrible review of this establishment from my couch because I had to drive home in the middle of the night with a screaming baby because TROY apparently forgot to “Leave the light on” I have never in my life been treated so poorly. TROY had no compassion or empathy for our situation. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to my worst enemy and it is because of the GM TROY!

Not fair to treat people this way ..

I wish the owner would contact me please ..


Debbie Fortner July 30, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I had the pleasure of booking room 238 at the Motel 6 Ft Lauderdale on Sr 84. I was there for about 11 weeks and never had an issue with the staff or my room. Everyone one was curtious, pleasant and very helpful.

I met GM Takesha Jones last Sunday, July 23, 2017. She advised that they were closing the hotel the following Sunday (today) to spray for roaches and it would take 3 days to complete. There was no option to change rooms. I wasn’t very pleased. Takesha proceeded to advise me that it was long term guests with pets (such as myself) that was causing the roach issue. I was truly insulted.

I went in to pay on Tuesday last week, July 25th. My car was broke down and I wasn’t able to pay until 12:35 that day. Takesha made me move from a 2 bed with mic and frig to a one bed stating my room had been booked by someone else. Madeline always kept a reservation for me so this wouldn’t happen. Tajeaha insisted it was not my reservation. I wasn’t happy, but I moved.

The next morning around 9 am or so I inquired why I had to move as no one took my original room and Takesha said I lost the room because I paid late (5 min) and she “had to put her foot down” and I had “inconvenienced her staff”. She then asked if I was going to pay to extend in the new room. I told her I wasn’t too happy and I went back to my room to rethink the situation.

I called and spoke to Madeline to inquire what I needed to pay. Madeline was very curtious yet confused as she advised I was blocked from extending in the computer.

I called customer relations who advised I was blocked due to a damaged room.

What? Why wasn’t this and issue an hour ago? There was no damage to room 238 and I had two hours to vacate now without transportation.

Customer relations advised I would need to speak to the Site GM to resolve these issues. Well, that wasn’t going to work.

Takesha Jones is very unprofessional and doesn’t keep the guests best interest in mind. I feel Takesha abuses her authority and that she does not represent Motel 6 in a positive manner.

I reported this complaint July 26 and the report number is 1330633.

It is my inderstanding that I am not the only one this has happened to recently. I would appreciate some kind of response from your department.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



Penny Jarvis July 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I made a reservation three days prior to trip. I reserved a room with two beds a microwave and fridge with early check in at 12:00pm. I arrive at 12:00 pm and room not ready and was told they don’t honor early check in and would be at 3:00pm. I requested monies removed as I stated I needed early check in. I was refused. I did call for another motel but due to peak season none available. I had to cancel my horseback riding trip due to no room(had pets). Was told they’d hurry with a room and call in an hour but no call. I call and phone off the hook. I arrive again and when I state the phone off the hook and at that point the manager throws his chair back and rushed to my face and was nasty and said again you can stay elsewhere and I told him not ready by 3:00 there would be a big issue. I arrive At 3:00 was told I owed 520.00 but cost quoted was 459.74 and told not their problem. I was given a room key and got to the room and had one bed no fridge or microwave so I call to the front desk and told all they had. At this point my boyfriend is pissed as he let’s me handle things until it gets out of control. He goes to the office and the manager of course says to come back he will have a room but told me none available. I had to wait an hour for a room.. Wait time total 5.5 hours. Upon stay bed bugs biting us and told I must be making this up.. Haha back home and no biting in my bed. There were homeless people walking about and drugs in a few units with call girls coming in and out. I did call front desk but nothing done. Upon my last wait for correct room, one lady didn’t get the room reserved got another and a night stay removed(but not me) plus over paid by $60.00. Another lady came in with a reservation and did not get a room. Upon going to correct room a lady and yes a motel guest showed up with the cops. I called guest relations five times and only told nothing can be done by them but motel itself and was told sorry nothing I can do. I reached out via Facebook and was sent a private message and asked what the issue was and a contact number. I did so and heard nothing and when I messaged three times seeing that the message was received but with no reply. I lived in that area since birth and have come home many many times and this was the worst motel experience in my life. Oh and to beat all I was able to reschedule my horseback riding trip and told lady that day of departure that I would not be checking out until after 3pm due to my late entry and was told not a problem. At 2:15pm received message from that rude manager that he was having animal control remove my pets and police would remove personal items and pick up at a later time. This place needs to be reviewed because if I was the owner of motel 6 I certainly would not allow this to ever happen. I will push this until this is resolved. A letter has been written and form from BBB has been requested and will go beyond that if necessary. I have appointment with my Dr now that I’ve returned and if confirmed bed bugs there will be mush bigger issues!! Get with it and know how your motels are being ran and managed. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!


Robert Friedman July 27, 2017 at 6:32 pm

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 I was flying from Phoenix, AZ to Bangor, ME, which required three different flights. I left Phoenix at 8:45am (Pacific Time
and arrived in Bangor shortly after Midnight (Eastern time).
Anticipating my late arrival, I put in the “message section” that my friend
Jo-Ann Keyes would arrive at check-in time (3 pm), secure the room and stay in it until my arrival. I secured the room with a credit card.

She showed up around 3pm, and was told I was the only one who could check-in,
even though her name was listed in the message section (which I confirmed when I arrived) and was more than willing to use her own credit card to pay for the room.

As a result, she waited for 9 hours sitting in the front seat of a Chevy pick-up truck at the airport until I landed.

My confirmation number was: 1028760785

Not only will I never stay at that Motel 6 again, but it will take me a long time before I stay at any Motel 6.

Bob Friedman


Krystle Ramcald July 27, 2017 at 2:04 pm

The Motel 6 in Palm Bay was extremely rude & inappropriate. The manager Tamika and employee Lacy was very rude. They didn’t even apologize for the way my mother, a disabled woman in a wheelchair was treated. My mother & I made a reservation, the night manager who claimed her name was Misty, (later on found out from the manager Tamika that was a lie) she stated they were sold out, didn’t have my reservation, and also yelled at us. My mother cried. People that work for a company are supposed to accept ownership for the problem. They did NOT. They didn’t apologize for what happened. Then when I called & complained I was yelled at by an employee named Lacy and they refused to allow me to speak with Ms. Fuller who is the general manager of the branch of Motel 6. I was also told that the manager Tamika didn’t want to speak to me anymore & that that’s why she hung up on me. I need a resolution to this or there needs to be better training done at that branch or new management. I normally don’t even stay at Motel 6. I usually stay at Ritz Carlton. However, there wasn’t one in the area. I don’t mind staying at another Motel 6 as long as this gets resolved.


George Nieto July 26, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Motel 6 in Palm Springs S Palm Dr is the Most Rudest unprofessional staff I Ever Experienced that When I asked the manager her name and last Kim was all I got and it’s inappropriate for me to know her last, then I was so broken being that I was caring for my Wife who was recovering from Zika Virus and I was paying 50 for my wife and now I have to pay 78 because double occupancy……I work next door and I was 4 dollars short I ASK KIM CAN I PAY FOUR WHEN I GET OFF WORK? I am next dooor and I will get it she said no. and I am asking for to many favors….I decided Okay I will go and I felt embarrassed my wife was ill and her service dog Chico was accidentally Left due to my Negligence….I called and was assured they had him I CALLED 3times and again was told he’s here, when I got there five minutes later they informed me they called animal shelter for Chico to be pick up its. It in the policy to take animals!…..REALLY?…..I am having a police report along with a Lawyer…..Because They couldn’t even tell me who Where and how to get Chico Back!…..My wife suffers from Seizers and Chico can warn her 5 before she gets one……She had 7 last night!!!!!…….And now my Wife can’t stop crying because they can’t locate Chico……WOW…SEE YOU IN COURT MOTEL 6


George Nieto July 26, 2017 at 12:19 pm

And if anyone want to see what Happens When my Wife has an Attack I will show it but must be private message because of how personal this really is……some of you will tear up…….and some of you will bebShocked…….


Chris houle July 18, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Me and my wife have been going to the motel6 in Nashua NH for the last 11 years and the last 3 years it’s been nothing but a head ack they loss our room reservation one year they changed our reservation this year to 2 night instead or 3 night then charge us for 3 nights the call on Sunday to say why haven’t you checked out then refund the money back to our Checking ac6 then over draw our Checking account because they screwed up on there end I can say I will never ever stay at another motel 6 again and that you will be getting a bill from us when we get all the over draft fees because of there screw up and I’ll never recommend anyone to stay at any off your motels ever again


YGonzalezq July 18, 2017 at 3:34 pm

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I are writing this email in reference to the horrifying experience we had while staying at one of your franchise Motel 6 in Tewksbury, MA. We have sent a previous email with all the photos taken while we were at the motel.

We arrived on 6/1/2017 at around 2:00- 2:30pm for our family vacation which we had our children Boy 16 and daughter 11. Because we had traveled from Orlando Florida to visit family in Lowell Ma we picked your motel as it was convinent for our trvel to and from Lowell. When we arrived at the facility we were a bit concerned about the area as the parking lot presented with garbage and the building looked a bit run down. As we entered the run we noticed that it had a humidity smell, but assumed that it was because it was the AC was off. We dropped out luggage off and decided to go meet our family. while visit our family we told them where we were staying and the look on their faces was scary. They informed us that motel 6 was raided several months ago for drugs/human trafficking. They reported that it has been a hot spot for drug addicts and prostitutes. As a Case Manager who has worked with Human trafficking victims and substance abuse clients I was beyond myself to know that no where in the comments or your website was this addressed. Our family reported that this has been an ongoing issue and that the police are constantly at the motel. So we began to do our investigation and came across a newspaper article about a drug raid at Motel 6 and the communities concern about the issues with drugs and prostitution. When we retuned that night we noticed that the beds had what looked like cigarettes or crack pipe on all the blankets and decorative comforters. The Humidity smells was still present, but was ok to sleep. We began to look closely and noticed that the toilet seat didn’t have a cover and the bathroom was not as clean as it should have been. We decided that we would stay the night as it was very late, but unfortunately had to explained to our children about the burn marks on the blankets which by the way we DIDN’T USED. We then woke up the next morning to find the AC unit was leaking and water was all over the rug. My husband went to the main desk and reported it. We left and attempted to get another hotel in the area, but they were all sold out. Our family wanted us to stay with them, but we didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. We decided to go back an hoped that everything was taken care off. When we arrived to our surprise we found the police walking around and garbage everywhere in the hallways. As we walked closer to our room we can smells the strong odor of marijuana. We rushed the kids in the room and noticed a stronger smell of mildew and humidity. Nothing had been fixed and the AC was now leaking more and broken. I immediately walked to the front desk and requested to speak to a manager on call. I was told by the front desk rep that no one was available until the morning. I demanded something be done and she stated all she can do was switch us rooms. She then stated ” Your ok nothing bad will happen because the police are here Thursday to Sunday”. I was in shock and felt horrible that we had our children in that dump. It was late at night and we refused to drive around with our children. We accepted the new room, but again it was no better than the one before. The second room had pubic hair all over the bathroom, floors were upswept, towels were yellow/old and again the sheets/blankets were all burned with cigarettes/ crack pipes. By this time we were so frustrated and decided to rough it out one last night as we were rerunning back to Orlando the next day.

The next morning I walked to the front desk and asked for the manager Amy Gomes who’s card I got from the previous night. I was told she was not available as she was walking around the facility, but they would call her. When the manager arrived I began to show her my videos and pictures of the Motel. She replied that housekeeping doesn’t work at night and that she cant control the guest. I told her that for the two day I was there the housekeeping room door was opened and showed her pictures of the pillows and blankets on the floor.She stated those were trash. I asked her about the burned holes on the blankets and she responded I” I cant comment”. I questioned her and told her she was lying because my husband asked for towels to dry the floor the day before and the housekeeper got some from that same room. I told her there’s no excuse for the way the facility looks. She stated that she has been trying to clean up the place, but it hard because people quit all the time. By this time I had enough of the excuses and told her that I called the 1-800 number and filed a complaint and will be following up. She became extremely angry and stated I’m giving you your money back why do you still want to call. I told her that I was pretty sure that Motel 6 wouldn’t want to have their name attached to this facility. Please be aware that we didn’t care about getting our money back it was the principle of how she didn’t care about her guest. I guess we can’t ask for much from her when she didn’t present professional at all with her exposed tattoos which by the way she has a machine gun tattooed on her right forearm. This should have been a sign for us and we should have left the same day we got there.

This was a complete nightmare for or kids and I can honestly tell you that our vacation was complete ruined by this situation. We sit and talk and the first thing the kids say is ” Mom that hotel was scary and dirty”. How do I repair this. The damage is already done. This is not the first time we have stayed at motel 6. We have been guest before in Florida and never have we had this experience and because of it we wanted to inform you of our experience at the worst Motel 6 in your franchise. I feel horrible for other families who have been through what we have and we will make sure that we let everyone know about our experience. we have tried several times to get a hold of an emaiI address to write about our concerns but all the email are being sent back because they are undeliverable.
I’m requesting a call back to discuss this matter further because I refused to allow another family top be traumatized about their stay at Motel 6 Tewkesbury, MA.


mel hughes July 18, 2017 at 9:04 am

I checked into the Tucson S Freeway Motel 6 in May 2017. To Date I have Paid over $3000 Room fees . I did NOT receive Room Service (by choice) I did my own vacuuming & etc. Most of the staff was courteous & helpful. HOWEVER on July 15 I slipped & fell due to a recent Knee Replacement. On July 16 the Police was sent to my room at 2 am saying I didn’t pay for room. Well I showed Police Officer I was Paid to 7/17 noon checkout. at which time I was told by the Mag. I was to move out because I’m too OLD & they don’t want responsibility of cops around motel…. well they’re the ones who called me on me. I believe to build a case for eviction…..Today 7/17 I had occasion to meet with My Attorney on Co. Business & when I told him what happened… He wanted to IMMEDIATLY Start a process to SUE… He said & I quote “this is the most obvious case of ELDER ABUSE” HE’S SEEN & SAID IT PROBABLY WOULDN’T EVEN GO TO court. I said ‘NO’ I’m not THAT WAY…. BUT HE SO LIVID HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO MAKE REPORTS to ALL FEDERAL, STATE & LOCAL Agencies who deal with ‘ELDER ABUSE’ as well as call his friends with the MEDIA as well. He has made a good case of trying to convince me to SUE. of which I have yet to make a decision. Also during my stay I responsible for Several Out of State Guests for staying there as we had Business to Conduct. It’s now about 6am on the 18th of July & I will b out of here ASAP as with Managements Attitude I wouldn’t stay another day even if it was offered for FREE. I’m ONLY telling you so you know what’s going on in your good name. ALTHOUGH I will NEVER recommend another person nor stay at another Motel 6 due to this unfortunate incident. Also I’ve been doing an AUDIT of my stay & discovered I’ve cheated out of several dollars in that for EXAMPLE I’d pay for say three days & my check out would be for 2 days….. over almost 3 months that adds up. Had this incident NOT occurred I’m Never even checked. I can best be reached at my Cell # 520-302-XXXXX, Satt # 520-289-XXXXX or by Email hughesdevco at (Hughes Development Co., Inc.) Thank You for your attention. Mel Hughes


mel hughes July 18, 2017 at 8:31 am

I checked into the Motel 6 in Tucson – (s freeway) in May 2017 – and to date have Paid over $3000 Dollars in Room Fees . I NEVER ASKED FOR NOR GOT ROOM SERVICE


Katrina July 17, 2017 at 12:06 pm

The worst motel experience ever!!! I stayed at the Motel 6 Dayton Englewood, OH. I was in Dayton for an unexpected tragic death in the family. I stayed there for 4 days at $75.00 per night. The 1st room that they gave me had roaches running for cover when I turned the lights on! The other room was no better but it didn’t have little critters running around. On two of those nights the toilet was back-up and then overflowed. I called the front desk and was told to come get a plunger!!! I had to clean up the mess, two nights in a row, water was everywhere. I could not put tissue in the toilet. The tub/shower looked like it has not been cleaned in weeks, the bed had a sink hole in it, I slept at the foot of the bed on the edge, very uncomfortable. The rug smelled sour and was worn down with raggedy edges. The only good thing about this experience was that the place was pet friendly!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMED ANYONE TO STAY AT THIS DUMP!!!


Viola July 15, 2017 at 12:29 am

Crawfordsville, Indiana for the night. Thie room is just unacceptable. Upon entering the room, the floors were dirty. I borrowed the office vacuume cleaner and I always carry my household cleaners. I cleaned the wood floors on my hands and knees. The room was filthy. The bathroom fixtures and toilet were broken. The bedding is dirty. The bathroom door knob has some dried caked up nasty stuff on it. Just gross!


Wayne July 14, 2017 at 11:39 pm

This is about the Motel 6 in Burlington Ontario Canada I’m a truck driver I stay in lots of hotels Motel 6 in Burlington is one of the worst i’ve ever stayed in the front desk very unprofessional rude and just don’t care you make a complaint and they ban you from the hotel I stay there on and off for about three years don’t know why call corporate office they don’t give a rats a** either I’ve been nothing but good to the staff giving them coffee and donuts will you put a complaint in an excuse to start coming they say it’s clean safe place it’s dirty toilets don’t flush sinks don’t empty your reserve a room ahead with the fridge and they forget your reservation or when they do there’s never a fridge or anything that you ask for and the excuse is o we are busy but you book it ahead of time by week talk to headquarters office there are useless so my best advice do not stay in Burlington Ontario Motel 6 Front desk very ignorant rude and unprofessional thank you for your time


Caryn Amaro July 11, 2017 at 6:56 pm

This is probably the 30th Motel 6 I have stayed at and must say it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have ever had. The door jam was broken at the bottom, the bathroom ceiling and wall were damaged, there was food in the fridge from a past guest, the carpet was filthy, the comforter had cigarette holes in it, the a/c couldn’t be adjusted and it was terribly uncomfortable walking the dirty hallways to the unkept ice machine. I have supported Motel 6 since 2009 and this experience has made me question ever staying in one again. I was actually glad my dog wasn’t traveling with me to this location. Nadja at the front desk was kind, and that is the only positive attribute this location has going for it. Stayed overnight in SUFFOLK, VA on July 9th.


alisha kattara July 10, 2017 at 12:48 pm

By far the worst hotel experience ever. We booked our room over a week ago. we got there early in the a.m. and had to pay a full night because they wouldnt let us check in a couple of hrs early even though we had a reservation for that day. We paid $92 for the morning hrs and then we went back down at 11 and paid another $92 for the night we were actually staying on top of that. we left for breakfast and came back to our room with all of the blankets stripped off the bed and sitting on the table. I went to go get gas and when i came back i was told that they had told the police we hadnt paid for our room. (we had our children in our room and it scared them.) The lights went out and by 4pm our room still had not been cleaned or the beds remade, no fresh towels or wash clothes or anything. On top of that as we were going downstairs to get the issues resolved the door would not close. We went downstairs and found the manager or owner and showed him everything and told him what had happened so he moved us one room over. When we got back to that room we found that there was no phone or mini fridge. the tv did not work and there was only the mattress cover and that thin top blanket thing which isn’t a blanket at all on each bed. The heat also did not work so we froze in our room with our kids all night. We were there to go to D.C. it seems like there should have been a higher standard of service to be provided that close to the capital for that price. we will never go back there. We should be refunded our additional $92 for the full night we paid for even though we had reservations for the day we showed up at least!


Denice July 3, 2017 at 1:50 pm

My family stayed at the Studio 6 in Arlington, TX on Highway 360 and Brown Trail. Our experience was beyond HORRIBLE!! … with the worst being the fact we had spiders and roaches in our room. Nothing happened when we complained about this so we took it upon ourselves to go the Home Depot to get bug killer and roach killer powder in order to stay. We had to ask over and over just to get fresh towels in our room and in one instance we asked three times for fresh towels and when it didn’t happen my son was SCREAMED at by the maintenance man when he went down to housekeeping and only got a face towel and bath towel so my husband could complete his shower!! This man “could not be found” or was “unavailable” when my husband wanted to talk to him about the way he hollered at my son….and we couldn’t believe that after this we still did not get fresh towels for our room. We were there for one full week (June 24 thru July 1) with only ONE room service and upon checkout we were charges $62 dollars for a couple of blood spots on a bottom sheet, blood on some of the towels and regular common dirt on one towel upon wiping up water from the ALREADY filthy floor…UNBELIEVABLE!! This was not expressed upon booking the reservation nor upon check in. My husband is diabetic and has two ulcerated toes that sometimes bleed without him knowing. This is beyond his control. When telling the front office desk this they said we had to pay for them because the towels and sheet had to be thrown away. We have stayed in hotels/motels/extended stays all over the country and this is the first time this has ever happened to us. Since checking out we are at another extended stay until our new house is ready for move in and this extended stay says they would NEVER charge a guest for blood on towels or sheets! I have called other extended stays and all of them DO NOT charge guests for such a thing. The fact that one towel had to be paid for because of regular common dirt being on the towel which came from their ALREADY DIRTY FLOOR is most maddening! I would not recommend Studio 6 nor Motel 6 to my worst enemy. That’s how disgustingly terrible this experience was. I will be following up with Corporate Office for some type of resolution/restitution for this stay!


Sue Baldini July 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

If you do not do something about the Motel 6 in Horseheads, NY you will eventually have not business. The sheets and pillowcases were stained. The walls were in bad need of painting or at least washing(power washing). The bathtub was filthy. The floors need vacuuming and the room smelled. This motel really needs to be closed and completely cleaned and updated. The towels were a dingy gray and looked like they had been washed in dirty water. I have never stayed in such a bad motel. We paid $60.00 a night and the girl at the desk did not know how to give us a refund and said we would just have to stay. You are loosing all credibility as people will not stay at Motel 6 after staying at this one.


Donna caswell July 8, 2017 at 9:37 am

I checked into the motel 6 in Arizona checked in at 530 am and out 3 hrs later after trying to sleep and itching the whole time get up find bites all over me. When to front desk lady said sorry hope you have a good day. Wouldn’t refund me my money or anything. I will never stay at motel 6 again


Angela Russell June 24, 2017 at 10:31 am

I am in shock as I sweat sitting here in paducah today. I didn’t get a bit of sleep, I have complained to three different people in the last 24 hours and they still haven’t fixed our air . One worker said to shut it off for a few, didnt work, then another front desk employee came to check it out, SHE WALKED IN OUR ROOM WITH A LIT CIGARETTE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY TWIN BABIES! I CANT EVEN BELIEVE THISS. we asked for another room and they said they we’re booked but I seen many empty rooms at midnight when I walked out for air since it’s cooler outside. I paid 76$ to stay here. And this is how they run this place? Not even an apology! 270-252-XXXXX this needs to be rectified


Lynne merriam June 23, 2017 at 1:33 am

I am so disgusted with Claudette Carroll at g6 hospitality loss prevention. She is allowing their employees at Motel 6 Temecula steal from customers rooms and refuses to reimburse me for my iPad that the maid stole out of room. I provided proof with a proper timeframe in which the XXXXXX stole from me and then returned 2 hours later and was shocked to see my husband on the bed and quickly shut the door. Probably came back to steal my jewelry. Mrs Carroll acted helpful at first and had me provide a receipt for my iPad which I did. A few days later she sent a letter in mail stating she denied my claim with no explanation. I asked for her supervisors name so I can escalate my complaint and not to my surprise she has ignored all 15 requests. Do yourself a favor DO NOT STAY AT ANY MOTEL 6, the maids steal and they get away with it. I will handle it my own way now since Claudette Carroll doesn’t give a s**t to do what is right. All she did was waste my time so their is never a chance to get my iPad back. Gus the manager at Motel 6 in Temecula is worthless and so is their help at corporate.


Barbara M Popil June 20, 2017 at 8:17 pm

MOTHER`S Day…Motel 6 Tumwater, WA (OLYMPIA) on Lee Street.
My son wanted to purchase for me a 1-night stay (cash) at this Motel 6. We had a Mother`s Day brunch, and this is what followed… at 4 pm. our Son went in into the Motel 6 at Tumwater, with my ID. First the young male check-in person tried to accuse my son of staying with me, and second would not honor a discount.
I was not able to drive back several hundred miles that night. I decided to phone customer relations (Motel 6), to lodge a complaint regarding the lack of courtesy, professionalism, rudeness my son & I received at this location. The lady informed me that yes I qualified for a $ discount. I returned to this Motel 6, and checked-in to a room and this time received my discount.
The toilet was filthy and it was not working correctly. I reported this upon checking in and again at check-out at 8 am. The rest of the stay was without incident.
Recently it was Father`s Day and once again my son`s father tried to check-in at this location. He was told I was not welcomed. This is the way this Motel 6 deals with customers that lodges a complaint to Customer Relations.


Robert Ash June 20, 2017 at 7:00 am

My wife, myself and my 2 year old daughter had checked into motel six in Jacksonville NC 203 north marine Blvd on Tuesday. Paid for a week for our vacation. Rooms stunk severely bad, we had to buy our own cleani g supplies to get it clean enough for us to stay in. The next day we came back to no room service at all. Beds a mess and no towels for bathing. I went to the front desk and the woman said since we booked more than one night that housekeeping will only come clean the day we leave. I told them I wanted my money back if we wasn’t going to get houskeeping and fresh towels every day I would stay at a hotel that does offer that. ( Which I have never seen a hotel that doesn’t offer that daily) when I asked for the $ back the day after I got here the lady called the general manager to inform her I want my money back because they don’t offer no housekeeping daily. She spoke with her a few minutes on the phone then instead of handing me my money, she hung up the phone and said sir we will make sure they bring fresh linen to your room each day. Please stay. Against my better judgement I agreed if those were the terms then we would stay. This was 5 days ago. Still not one day of clean towels brought to our room or beds made. Each of these five days after returning with my family I have went to the front desk demanding my money back, every day they have repeatedly begged us to stay and assured us the issue will be fixed the next day. Yesterday I came back to the same thing. No housekeeping. I went to the front desk with no intentions of being drug into staying another day based off their lies and demanded my money back. They tell me they will only reimburse me for the one day we have remaining despite the fact I told them to return it five days ago and only stayed with the promise of them doing their jobs our entire stay. They lied for five days to keep us here and now only trying to pay us back for the one day. Even the general manager keeps saying since we booked more than one night we do not get housekeeping. I think this is unacceptable to keep assuring someone that you will fix the issue to get them to stay then refuse money returned for the services not given, at all.. not to mention their housekeeping seems to be non existent in this place. I’m not stopping here. The better business bureau has been contacted among many other places.


Angela June 14, 2017 at 2:59 pm

Roaches were in my room and I have pictures! WHen going to the office to make a complaint they were unprofessional and embarrassing… when going to the office this morning to speak with the manager Tony… instead of being concerned with how unprofessional his employee was and how embarrassing his employees “joke” was while other guests were in the lobby. He wanted to talk about my “unauthorized guest”…. my son came by to pick money up for his own room… considering half these rooms have a bunch of unauthorized guests all day and all night… 1 that should’ve been brought up to my attention by calling me up to the office if it was so much of a problem… 2 what the heck does having someone stop by to get money have anything to do with your employee being rude and unprofessional and me having to deal with roaches in my room?!!?! I also called corporate and they are allowing Tony, to do an investigation to make sure there are roaches, I have pictures, and to speak with Brandon the rude employee… I have spent a lot of money at many motel 6 but I have never in my life been so mistreated, embarrassed, and just out right disgusted with the way Motel 6 ( katella and western) has handled this situation..Great customer service!! Embarrass them and bring attention to something else instead of accommodating your guests… I wish I could upload the picture to this complaint!


Dan Williams June 12, 2017 at 3:05 pm

I recently stayed at your Motel 6 – Merced North 1410 V Street Merced CA. 95340. I was shocked at how filthy the room was, after looking at the bedding, stains, just no words to describe the feeling I had. This Motel needs to be shut down, what a rundown place. Black dirt on the bathroom door, floors dirty, room stunk. The cold water was turned off at the sink, after reading so many bad reviews I should have done my homework. I will NEVER stay at your Sh**hole Motel again. I had no idea such a place even existed, You will not do anything, otherwise you wouldn’t let this kind of place exist. Shame on you corporate, I guarantee you don’t stay in your own Motels.


catherine brown June 12, 2017 at 1:53 pm

Terrible Weed hot water..handicapped hot water in the sink or the morning a housekeeper got hot water in the sink without any cold but still none in the shower..offered another room to shower in down the hall!!!’s 38 degrees out and i needed a shower last night and this morning..done w motel 6 unless my room is refunded..i was going to stay longer but forget it


ANNA CANALES June 9, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I have stayed at motel 6 many times, but not anymore. I guess motel 6 doesn’t care how their motel guest get treated. I stayed a total of 13.5 weeks this past year. They had me sleeping on a disgusting bloody mattress. The way they handled the situation is they put me on a DNR (do not rent) list and claimed that I caused some kind of disturbance (which was a lie). That’s insane! Then they claimed that there was no bloody mattress. After, I sent them the pictures to prove it, they said it was probably my dog that did that. That was a huge blood stain, like someone got stabbed on that mattress. I don’t know, what could they be thinking? Maybe, my dog came across a giant army of rats and that’s how the bloody mess got there. I guess everyone gets the same kind of training cause, they all said the same thing. They basically didn’t care. The manager, Keisha, that was there literally said to me “You don’t understand, I just don’t care”. I spoke to hospitality (now, that’s a joke}. I spoke with a woman named Shar Banks and she didn’t much care either. I spoke another woman in “risk” named Alicia Rodriguez and she’s the one that blamed my dog. She offered a 17% refund, take it or leave it. Here’s the kicker, “The check could get lost in the mail”. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!


Carol Jordan June 9, 2017 at 4:37 pm

I recently booked a room for my friend, Trent Collins, to stay at Motel 6 in Redmond, OR. When he checked in, the front desk attendant took both of our IDs and issued us one room key. All was good for the first 2 nights. However, yesterday, 6/8/2017, Trent helped another guest with her room keys that she had dropped. His room key got mixed in with hers. The front desk attendant confiscated his key and he couldn’t get back into his room to get his things. Morever, she told him he had to call me as I was the person who reserved the room. How was he supposed to call me if his phone was locked in his room? Also, she accused him of being intoxicated. This was at about 11 am. He had only had a couple of glasses of wine the night before. When she refused to give him back his room key, I arrived on the scene. She called the police on us. This was so wrong! She kept insisting that I was the only name on the reservation, even though we had both presented our IDs at check in. We cut Trent’s stay short by a day and went to another hotel. This cost us more money, of course. When I called to complain about the awful service and incident, I also demanded a full refund. This woman refused my request. I filed a complaint with your corporate office, Report #1319899, and am filing a dispute with my credit card company. We will NEVER stay at this motel again!


Troy Nickelson June 9, 2017 at 3:03 am

I am sleeping in my truck tonight when i have a perfectly paid for room that the (obviously on drugs) night clerk won’t give me a key to. I arrived from work after midnight to find my key won’t work, 2nd time this week. A note on the office window says “back in 10 minutes”, i park my truck pulling a small utility trailer in front of the office and wait. She showed up in her car and faced my truck with her brigjt lights (mnd you at this point i have no idea who this is) for what seemed like 3 to 5 minutes. I begin to feel threatened now because the vehicle is still facing me with its brigjt lights on so i take out my iPad and take pictures of the vehicle. At this point the driver rolls the window down (revealing for the first time that its actually the clerk obviously out and about on company time late at night) and proceeds to yell and scream obscenities for taking pictures of her and demanding i move my truck or it will be towed. Next thing i know, the police arrive and say that she identified herself as the manager and has asked me to vacate my room. (the one i cant get in to because this clerk hasn’t taken the time to find out why i might be parked i front of the office, which was to get a workingnkeynto my room). I AM DEMANDING MY MONEY BACK, I AM OFFERING PICTURES OF HER RUNNING AROUND ON COMPANY TIME IN HE CAR. THERE IS A FULL POLICE REPORT DOXXXXENTING THE INCIDENT. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL GO TO SMALL CLAIMS IF NECESSARY AND BELIEVE THAT IF NOTHING IS DONE TO REMEDY THIS SITUATION YOU HAVE NOT ONLY LOST MY PERSONAL BUSINESS BUT MY COMPANY’S 90 ROOM NIGHTS A MONTH AS WELL. 281-543-XXXXX


Karen June 5, 2017 at 10:28 pm

…. “Motel 6 forces Handicapped Retiree to wait in hot Alabama parking lot until 4:30 PM for pre-reserved room.”… Nice headline??? I have complained several times to no avail. I believe it’s time to make a viral video to get results. For the last three times we stayed at the Motel 6 in Oxford Al. (which we once gave stellar reviews) we have been treated so poorly by the new management that it is time to share our experience with the world; as you seem disinterested. First time we found the room filthy and woke up to a roach-fest and an unworking shower. Excusing this as a Fluke, even though the manager was the rudest man alive, we decided to stay a few months later. Second time we found we had to wait for our reserved room (maid had yet to clean at 4PM) and were treated as an annoyance by interrupting the manager’s text messaging, finally I insisted he speak with the maid and he slammed, cussed and stomped off like a child having a tantrum. Surprise, no more roaches but found the room filthy and woke up to a Lizard-fest. one looking at me with his face 6 inches from mine.. Apparently they had found the roach buffet. This third and final time was yesterday. We arrived after a long drive from Nashville only to find the same rude man behind the counter and no clean room. We were told we MUST wait outside until our room would become available My handicapped husband was forced to wait in our van until 4:30 PM when I finally lost my temper and was given a key card. WOW, no roaches, no lizards, but a bathtub faucet that did not drip but poured all night…Check your water bill to verify… Had I not reserved the room with a credit card and expected this manager to charge a fee for failing to fulfill our reservation, we would have found other accommodations elsewhere. I am aware that the loss of one customer is nothing to you but after 10 years as a Head-News-Writer for Clear Channel’s Radio (second largest broadcaster in the nation) I assure you, I can do better than one customer… Go ahead and have a Bot reply for you, see how that works out for ya…PS. we stayed at the Motel 6 in B’ham near Green Springs Hwy. an Emaciated Black girl only wearing her underpants approached my husband and offered him a “Date” while the Hispanics spent most of the night having a beer blast in the parking lot, complete with music. The woman at the desk ignored our reservations completely and demanded more money and then suggested if we paid in cash we could receive a “Better” deal… Hmmm??? What did Clint Eastwood say? “Go ahead, Make my day.” …Karen 931-652-XXXXX


Dayna June 5, 2017 at 7:49 pm

To whom it may concern 285841941
I was in Dayton NV Friday night the 2nd of June 17. We were up for an family emergency! We called a phone # for Motel 6 or should I say supposed to be motel 6!! I told the women on the phone I needed a room right now! 4AM that we traveled 6 hours and have been with my dad that was on his death bed and need to get a couple hours of sleep so I wanted to be sure when I drove another 45 mins I would have a room! She assured me I would. So Off I went we arrive and the kid behind the counter is a total a-hole tells me I have no reservation and he has no rooms and we couldn’t check in before 1PM. Told him no I made a reservation he said no I didn’t showed him the email he said sorry it was thru a 3rd party and he has nothing and he can’t do anything about it! So I told him I needed my money back that they charged to my card he said good luck not refundable! I was so tired I said screw it sat in my car out in from and tried to gather my thoughts. I decided I needed to use a restroom and I walked back in asked if I could please use the rest room he said don’t have one! I said are you kidding me he said no get out and don’t come back!! I was in disbelief at this point. I parked my car out in front tried to contact the people that made my reservation and they yelled at me and said your reservation is at 1pm told them I didn’t need it then needed now we had to drive home that evening said well if you cancel it’s nonrefundable! I asked what do you mean it’s not refundable I’m not going to be here later my dad is dying! He just dismissed me as a piece of crap on his shoe. Same as the tall long blond haired young kid with a mouth full of teeth and sweaty! I can just describe him didn’t get his name. So needless to say I loosed $100.00 for a room I didn’t get that know one will refund me. slept in your parking lot for 3 hours then lost my dad at 1:15pm that afternoon ! I sure hope you are proud of the we you keep the light on for folks and how they get screwed out of money that we don’t have and the pride you have for your rude staff you have in place. I have never been so embarrassed in front of my family that was with me told them had a room and everything would be ok. Not even close


Mark Bishop June 5, 2017 at 5:29 pm

We stayed for a month at the south medford , oregon. We were told if we were there for a month, we would be entitled to get our taxes back. We were never told we had to fill out a paper of intent. We were placed in a handicapped room (174) with black mold around the window frame. Had it in the vents and shower stall. We were in that room for two weeks, my wife and I became very ill, so did our service cat. My wife took pictures and video. We have swabs of the areas. All I wanted was my tax money. Now I want refund for two weeks in moldy room along with my taxes. Will be sending formal complaint to Oregon state attorney general’s office and better business bureau. Will be contacting OSHA as having the moldy rooms are a health hazard to the housekeepers. Recorded safety violations and hazards. Will be contacting other agencies including Oregon tax.


Lashaynah Jones-Ramsuer May 31, 2017 at 5:42 pm

After we checked in and went to the room there was several things from the start that made the hotel a bad choice. First I booked a non smoking room and it seemed as though all rooms were smoking all the time. As soon as I walked in my room the amount of smoke that hit me in my face was disgusting. I don’t smoke so hint the reason I booked a non-smoking room. The bed spreads had burn marks all over them. Why would you even put those sheets back on the bed. As I pulled he sheets back there was hair up by the pillows. Honestly I don’t think the sheets were even washed and if so they definitely were not washed good. The sink had a slow drain so it took me longer to brush my teeth and wash my hands. I booked this hotel for four nights and only stayed there two. I didn’t want to stay at all. I stayed the original first night and the last night so I could check out on time. I would not recommend this hotel and I’m contacting the owner or somebody about getting a full refund. My stay was absolutely the worst ever in a hotel. It was unclean and unsanitary. Another issue is we went to the pool and the hours stated 10am-10pm. We got in the water around 1pm and about 15 mins afterwards a lady comes by and tells us to get out the pool b/c they didn’t even have the permit to have the pool opened. Well how convenient was it that wasn’t mentioned. When we booked there was no mention the pool was under construction. Part of the amenities that was offered was a working pool, and according to the lady who worked there the pool was not operable. The problems just were back to back. Last but not least there is definitely drug activity at the hotel. People asking did I want to get high? Random people hanging out as if we are at a club and not a hotel. We stayed b/c we were on vacation visiting friends and I will never stay here again. It was horrible no one should have to experience what I did.
I am extremely upset about this stay and I would appreciate a credit for my stay which was $254.
Motel 6 Suffolk VA
Thank you!


Patty Renoll May 28, 2017 at 11:36 am

On 3/27/17 we booked a room at a Motel6:
1805 W Broadway
Van Horn, TX. 79855
Confirmation # 4024117427. I have stayed at hundreds of Motel6′ s over the years and have never been dissapointed, but this place was disgusting . We filed a complaint in the office but were unable to change rooms and it was late so we stayed. If these independently owned businesses are going to represent your franchise I might suggest you check this one out.
Very disappointed


Kerry Denis May 27, 2017 at 10:29 am

Well I came to motel 6 last night was trying to check in front desk person was really rud judgemental I have been of the under standing thAt a credit card was not a require ment to rent a room been renting from motel six for years now and never ever had a problem but all of a sudden last night I had to give a credit card telling me this place is privetly owned and a credit card is required


Marla Remmen May 21, 2017 at 1:40 pm

I stayed at Motel 6 on May 8 and 9th the first night I listen to a child small child running back-and-forth upstairs I was so tired from travel I just let it be. The next night however it started again for a 10:30 PM I went down to the front desk and file a complaint it stop for a little while and then started all over again, this was at 1 AM in the morning so I called the front desk remember I had already filed a complaint there the phone rang and rang and rang and rang with no one answering the phone. The next morning I checked out and told the desk I was very dissatisfied and I was up at 1 o’clock in the morning and tried calling the front desk to no avail I was very disappointed I paid $132 for two nights which I thought was very steep . This Motel 6 was up in Rosenberg Texas right along Highway 59 if you want to good night sleep make sure you ask to go upstairs there is an elevator in a hotel he put me on the bottom floor because he knew I had a dog and it would be close to the outside but I was also located right next to the staircase that people running up and down well it seems like they really didn’t care and I checked out and came back home .


Todd mohr May 19, 2017 at 2:22 pm

I am a delivery driver in Roswell New Mexico I’ve been delivering to Your Motel 6 since the day they open their doors. recently the management has had some problem with delivery drivers and specially Domino’s. We have been stopped at the counter asking questions making us wait while they call the rooms asked her to people if we can come up blah blah blah and I’ve tried talking with the management about a few times, and try to talk to her. now they have a vendetta against me so every time I walk into this establishment they call in make false accusations and faults claims so I started recording the interactions and now I am totally bannned and they’ve almost got me fired and my manager fired from our jobs. it’d be nice to get a little resolution about this. For some reason me and this lady cannot get along she is very confrontational she is yelled and screamed in my face she’s climbed over the counter yelling at me


Rubalcaba perla May 19, 2017 at 3:48 am

I am staying at motel 6 in Ventura on harbor st. My stay is for two nights I tried connecting my ipad to the TV and it didn’t work so then I called front desk who transferred my call to internet support at 18882360449 when I spoke to your rep. She immediately from the first word had a certain tone of voice with me that sounded BELITTLING, ANGRY, AND ARROGANT towards my question. Then when I kindly asked her to not speak to me that way she continued with the same tone of voice !! Then I asked her to please explain what she meant by her answer, because I did not understand, and she still continued to speak to me that way!!!!! I asked to speak to her manager or someone above her pay grade. Your representative said no one was there she was the only one there. I then was appalled at the fact that your representative refused to transfer me to a manager or voicemail and argued then hung up on me !!!! Your representative said that she would be writing up a report on me !! I would like for u to please listen to the recording of the phone call that was placed at 11:22 p.m. From Ventura cal. Motel 6 at Ventura beach 218 room 146 Rubalcaba. That was the worst customer service I have ever had in my life!!! I am appalled that u would have such a person representing your good name. I don’t care if I have to pay 100 dollars more and stay in another hotel as long as I am not ever spoken to like that again. I refuse for my money to be part of her paycheck or anyone else that would allow a person to represent motel 6.

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Kris May 18, 2017 at 7:06 pm

I was recently sent to Utah for a work conference. I was staying at Motel 6 in Woods Cross Utah. For 2 days and 3 nights. I arrived on a thursday afternoon. Went to the office to check in.The young Lady name Cassie that was helping me checking me in was either new or never checked in a person with a reservation like mine. Because she apolygized for the delay. And informed me she would have to call her manager name Tami for help. I told her no problem I understand. Cassie was very friendly and you could tell she was at least 8-9 months pregnant. Tami the manager came to the front desk to help Cassie. And as Cassie explained the situation to Tami the General Manager. Tami looked very frustrated and when she spoke she was yelling at Cassie. Tami told Cassie in front of me a customer. “I’ve already showed you how to do this before. What are you stupid.” Cassie looked shocked at Tami. And before Cassie could even say anything. Tami said “Cassie here just move over I will do it.” I was in shock myself. I couldn’t believe a general manager of a big corporation. Would speak to an employee in that manner. Especially in front of a customer. Also I seen and heard the Head Housekeeper yelling at another housekeeper while she was cleaning the room next to mine. She was yelling telling her “HURRY UP!!” Come on 20 mins per room.”
I wasn’t surprised after I had heard the way the general manager speaks.


KIM May 16, 2017 at 3:18 am



Mele May 12, 2017 at 5:51 pm

I’m currently staying Motel 6 Euless TX and it is so disappointing I had the worse stay I checked in for a 5 night stay had to move 4 rooms due to brokesn doors -1st room, No Ac – 2nd room, 3rd Toilet over flow I paid for a Non smoking And got stuck with a smoking room that was not upgraded and it was terrible for the bathroom the front desk lady said that I can plunge it myself would not give me another room this the worse experience ever


Tim A Schaub May 11, 2017 at 11:20 am

I have had the most wonderful experience at the Motel 6 on West Saginaw Highway here in Lansing Michigan, managed by Brendan Donahue. The staff at that particular Motel 6 treated me like I was family the three weeks that I had the pleasure to get to know them. The experience that lead me to that particular Motel 6, was the least to say strenuous and hopeless, but I knew they had the light on for me. I am a disabled veteran, I was treated with utmost respect, and, they thanked me for mt service. It’s good to know there are people as good as Brendan and his staff out there to not only have the cleanest, most comfortable rooms, the handicapped accessibility was top knotch, and very helpful. I give a salute to Brendan and his crew, and to Motel 6.


Karen Reid May 10, 2017 at 11:42 pm

I cannot possibly be more disappointed with my experience at Motel 6 in Escondido. Marisol Mujica , the General Manager at Motel 6 Escondido, and is personally to blame for my and my sister’s experience. My sister and I had to admit my Mother into assisted living in Escondido a little over a year ago. My relatives live in and about San Diego, thus our decision to move Mom to Escondido , however, I live in Santa Rosa California and work at KGO Radio in San Francisco, and have EVERY intent of discussing this exasperating experience on-the-air AND sharing it with our affiliate TV Station, KGO TV, San Francisco. I have been driving from Santa Rosa to Escondido in the past, a Ten Hour Drive and staying at Motel 6 Escondido. I make reservations well in advance and have written GLOWING reviews about Motel 6 Escondido. Over the course of a year, we have spent Thousands of Dollars and been Very complimentary of the Motel, Despite it being a Veritable hotbed of crime. Most Recently, I made reservations Again on line with Motel Several Weeks before arriving (May 6th through the 9th)…. But, having flown from the Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa to San Diego International, picking up a Rent a Car and driving to see Mom for Hours, I headed to Motel 6 Escondido , only to be informed at 10:30PM that my reservations would not be honored. Berenice Garcia, The Manager on Duty could Not have been more rude, and informed us that Marisol Mujica, the General Manager (760) 745-9252, denied our reservation due to a stay in April when our dogs apparently got some sheets dirty. Being informed that we were not allowed to stay LATE on May 6, 2017, despite the reservations having been made WEEKS in Advance on the Motel 6 site, was Completely unacceptable. Please contact Marisol Mujica, General Manager and Berenice Garcia, Manager on Duty on the date in question, May 6th 2017, and ask that they provide us with records (discovery) of All our visits to Motel 6 Escondido, Amount of Money spent at said Motel, and follow up written survey results which were nothing less than glowing.
Despite the fact that I’ve attended law school and may consider legal action, I believe my efforts will be more effective in the media. I intend to withdraw all positive reviews and expose both Marisol Mujica and Berenice Garcia in the press, because, unlike libel and slander and defamation of character, The Truth IS the ultimate defense. Thank you for your and my extreme concern with regard to Motel 6 Escondido.
Karen Reid
750 Battery Street
San Francisco, California 94111
(510) 508-0991
MIchael Finney
KGO Radio and TV Consumer Affairs
900 Front Street
San Francisco, California 94111


Tammy May 10, 2017 at 9:46 am

To Whom it may concern:
This complaint is in regards to the Motel 6 in Jacksonville, NC. My fiancé and I arrived at the hotel on May 7, 2017 and checked in with no issues. Our reservations were are they should have been. We travel with our dog therefore lodging can be a bit expensive and your Hotels are very reasonably priced. When getting settled in our room and putting things away, we found a used syringe (needle for injections) that fell out of the refrigerator door. We placed the syringe in a plastic baggy then took it to the front desk and presented it to the young man working. He completely made lite of the situation and scoffed in our face at the idea of it being more than a needle for medical purposes but then asked me to throw it in the trash. I am in the healthcare profession and have seen a lot of things.
The only thing this tells me is the rooms were not cleaned properly and the staff need to be educated on life in the real world. There was sticky residue on the nightstand, also proving a lack of cleaning and the bathtub did not have a functioning stopper. Please be aware of this situation. If my dog would have found the needle and chewed like a toy one of us had gotten stuck, this could have been a very serious situation. My fiancé is a veteran and we have to travel back to Jacksonville once per month for his Dr. appointments. Needless to say our stay at your hotel was not a pleasant one. Thank you.


Vicki Breen May 10, 2017 at 8:08 am

My son made a room reservation on line in May 2017 for an event in Vermont. At check in they turned him away because he was not 21 even though their web site states 18!!
He had to drive 4 hours home after the event !!!! I thank God he made it home safely and
after reading all the reviews about this hotel it seems to have been a blessing in disguise!


Jacqueline Benson May 8, 2017 at 9:10 am

My husband and I rented a room in Texarkana, Texas. The blanket had burn holes in it, the curtains have “peepholes” in them, the bedspread was dirty, the floor tiles are coming up, towels are hand towels ( we bought a bath towel) and the night clerk has no customer service skills. Also, why have laundry facilities if one cannot get quarters to use it? The day staff is friendly and the place is cheaper than some, but we expected a little better. And, who takes out the trash?


Tabitha Middleton May 7, 2017 at 4:11 pm

Stayed at a motel 6 in Opelika, Alabama. Room was super noisy. First of all, the shower constantly was running, and it could never be completely shut off. Secondly, the bed had mold on the side of it, and we had no blankets! Just this plastic tarp-like bed topper. There was even a splash of wall paint on our sheets. Last, we had to put the heater on during the night, and it made a rattling noise all night. We paid $90 for this room and it was not worth it at all. I was disgusted by the conditions and this needs to be looked into ASAP.


bob May 7, 2017 at 2:02 pm

we have stayed many nights at various motel 6 locations. recently, we stayed at kingman east. what a rat hole. roaches, flees, dirty, no maintenance, looks like it has never been power washed or painted in years. last time for motel 6. I will be contacting the local health department and the state of Arizona to also complain about this location. people should not be allowed to stay. we had to go home and wash all of our clothes to prevent any infestations at our home.


D BLAIR May 5, 2017 at 11:30 am

I will never use or refer anyone to stay in the Rapid City SD or Casper WY Motel 6.
The past 3 years I’ve had to travel from UT to SD. 2014 when my mom got cancer, 2015 twice once for brother dying in front lawn of massive heart attack but they brought him back, that was May 2015, then in Sept 2015 my dad when he got cancer and died & then in Sept 2016 my sister lost her battle to cancer & now May 2016 my mom’s cancer is back and has only so long to live. On these “LOVELY” trips I’ve stayed at both of these and each time I’ve shown employees the problems. I see. I took a shower on 1 of these trips and forgot my shoes so I shuffled to bed area using the shower mat they supply and OH MY GOD.. the floors were absolutely “FILTHY” 1 time I showed a house keeping person & she said that they are only alotted so much time to clean a room.. and now today as I write this. I checked in last night & I told the desk girl about the last time I stayed but in different room. So I checked in went in room and grabbed a bath towel got it wet and stepped on it & shuffled around the room with the wet bath towel & guess what the floor were “YOU” GUESSED IT” FILTHY.. I took the towel to the night desk girl and she kept saying sorry and asked if there was anything else wrong in room or she could move me to different room & I told her why should I do that when I’ve already cleaned the floor in room 104..and I gave her the towel, I should have took pictures and posted on FB and she again said sorry.. she was doing her job. But then today I spoke with the manager about the room & asked if the night desk girl kept the towel to show management and yes she did. And all the manager could do was say sorry & that it not acceptable.. WELL here is my point they when to vinyl flooring there is “NO” reason the floors should be “FILTHY”…and manager didn’t even offer to give a discount NOR offer a refund.. That to me is bad customer service…And it also makes me wonder if the floors are that “BAD” what else in the rooms that you don’t see with your eyes is “ALL” over the room..Pee on the walls next to the toilets?? and they also need to get a cleaner that will keep the glass of the shower stalls clean and then they should also use bleach in shower floor, so what you step on doesn’t look filthy also.. So who ever wants to stay at Motel 6 just do what I’ve done, take a towel get it wet and clean the floors 1st before walking around in the room, or think twice before staying..


Thomas and Kerry Trout May 5, 2017 at 10:43 am

We recently stayed at the Motel 6 in Marietta, GA. Never again. And seeing all these other complaints, I realize it wasn’t an isolated issue. Our room had laminated flooring that was coming up, one plastic chair, dresser had dog-chewed corners, mattress box spring was shredding, bathtub was mildewed, light switch was cruddy with dirt. There was no ice machine that worked, nor directional signs to rooms once you step off elevator. How does this company stay in business. Corporate, if you care about this customer you will refund us for this disgusting experience, and let me know where I can send you the pictures of the nasty room.


Tina Hamilton May 2, 2017 at 9:17 pm

The room was booked under my son in law name. We went to Phoenix Arizona to see my son and stayed at the hotel in Tempe. I found 2 black hairs on my bed. Mind you I don’t have black hair and neither does my granddaughter. The rooms are dirty. The vent in the bathroom had so much gunk in and on it I’m surprised it even worked. And having to pay for Wi-Fi for 3 different phones at $2.99 a day just isn’t right. All motels and hotels have free Wi-Fi being as that is the thing now days. They have no kind of breakfast let alone coffee. I didn’t even see a pop and/or candy machines outside. Again all motels/hotels have pop and candy machines. The staff apparently can’t understand English. The evening/night front desk person sucks. She looked ate like I was dumb when I complained about the hair and was only going to send someone to change the bedding. Another thing I don’t like is different people cleaning a room in one day. One makes the bed the other cleans the rooms. In our room only one bed had clean sheets and was made. STUPID. Anyways I had asked the front desk if my son in law was going to be given a discount for the room and I got told I don’t know I have to ask.
What a good way to lose customers. I will make damn good and sure that anyone I know or ask about motel 6 DOES NOT go there. And this means ANY motel 6 in ANY state. Motel 6 SUCKS.


Patty Griffin May 2, 2017 at 2:46 pm

Just got home from San Antonio /Lackland for our sons graduation from boot camp. stayed at studio 6 rooms 2024/3007 that place needs to be taken down and start over. Our floors in both rooms were nasty never washed our feet were black walking across them, 3007 toilet did not flush half the time room 2024 no clock, no chairs at table not coffee maker mold all over bath room dirty bathrooms blood on the door, room 2024 took a shower water would not drain stood in 4 inches of water. When making reservation was told there was an elevator or I needed ground floor unit was told there was one and there was not my 85 year old mother-in-law has very difficult time with step so she did not want to do much. complained to office and was told there was not anything they could do for us. we tried to find different hotel but all were booked do to graduation for Air Base and it was Fiesta week there. WILL NEVER STAY WITH MOTEL/STUDIO 6 AGAIN YOU SUCK CEO NEEDS TO GET THERE A** IN THERE AND STAY A NIGHT PLEASE TAKE YOU SHOES AND SOCKS OFF WALK AROUND THEN LOOK AT YOU FEET. A couple that was living there were fighting all the time she through and ash tray glass at him went over the balcony and almost hit a little girl in the pool I went to the office right then complained they sent someone to the room but nothing was done continued to fight all weekend complained nothing was done, I could keep going on but I feel nothing will be done. will tell everyone I know and will post it on facebook you people hotel sucks and not to stay at them. Really feel some type of re-imbursement is do our stay was March 26th thru March 30


D BLAIR May 5, 2017 at 11:38 am

YES I AGREE!!!! These CEO’s DON’T stay in their own motel’s they stay in very expensive ones that keep the rooms perfect.. I THINK THE CEO OF MOTEL 6 SHOULD GO ON “UNDERCOVER BOSS” & see what’s being done…


angel salboro May 1, 2017 at 11:15 pm

We stayed at Motel 6 in Jackson, Tn for 2 nights.
This was not very nice. The TV would not work well, it was a new TV however the cable was not good the stations were all snowy… No phone in the room, so I had to walk down to the front desk. The maintenance man came and said that they would have it fixed with in an hour. 2 hours went by and no one came. So I had to walk down to the front desk again and the same maintenance man came back, and could not fix it. This issue never got fixed.
None of the electrical outlets worked. Only the ones that were with the main lamps.( then only one side worked) The hair dryer in the bathroom did not work either.
In the bathroom the toilet was broken, and chipped, it look like they tried to remolded but did not do a good job. They used old tubs, and put in a shower stall, that was not fitted good.
I paid way to much money for 2 nights to be in a place like this. They had put that all rooms were remolded and they were not, just a bad paint job, old toilets and tubs, with bad flooring no working electrical outlets.
The hallways, were never cleaned, trash that was on the floor when I checked in was still there 2 days later.
We stay at many different hotels, and this was the first time that I seen a Motel 6 not take care of there hotel.
The outside, looked real bad, building falling down, the pool was not in good condition, it was like they didn’t care. The grass was over grown, and trash all around the hotel.
I believe that the CEO should go there and stay, and see how bad this establishment is doing. I do not know how they got MOTEL 6 to be behind them.


D BLAIR May 5, 2017 at 11:42 am

YES CEO’S.. GO STAY IN YOUR MOTELS.. But the sad part of it, is the “CEO’S” won’t look or even see these posts.. but we can sure put posts elsewhere, where people can read how FILTHY the rooms are..


bob fluetsch April 30, 2017 at 9:26 pm

Stayed Motel 6 Coos Bay, OR, 28 & 29 April 2017.
l. They ‘lost’ my reservations
2. They serve no breakfast. (Didn’t mention this at reservation time)
3. Made four trips to the office for them to sort out WI-FI logistics
a. they failed to tell us caps are needed to sign in
b. they’re so cheap that only one device at a time per room is allowed to use WI-FI
4. Back to office in the rain again, to find out that the door ‘key’ (card) combination
is changed daily. (Never told us that when booking 2nd day)
5. No clock in the room.
Definite absence of staff being proactive in customer service. We’ll use Motel 8 next time
we’re in Coos Bay.


Melinda April 27, 2017 at 2:32 am

Because I have animals it is always difficult to find a motel/hotel who will accept them without charging a ridiculous rate on a nightly basis. I have been staying at motel six’s throughout Calif, Nevada and now in Ct. I know going in the accomondations will be very basic, a bed, a T.V and a towels. No frills, which is fine. What I do expect though, is for the room to be clean. I am currently staying at the Motel 6 Hartford 625 Queen St, Southington, CT. I arrived with my grown daughter, three grandchildren, 6, 4 and 3, two dogs and a cat. We are moving to the area The initial appearence of the room was fine, until I took my shoes and socks off. The floor was filty. When I went to walk across the floor my feet stuck. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to go out and purchase a scrub brush, cleanser and pinesol. The floors are the fake wood vinyl which are nice looking, but what happens is cleaning ladies come, sweep the floors, use a mop which only slightly removes some of the dirt and as they mop the dirt and residue collects along the base boards. I got down on my hands and knee with the scrub brush and cleaned a 3 x 3 foot section. When I went to empty the water it was dark brown, but the floor looked and felt a lot better. They really need to have someone use a scrubbing machine at least monthly or every two months. We have two beds in the room and from looking under neath them they have not been cleaned for a very long time I found a half eaten cupcake with the wrapping which is probably why we have ants. The bathroom is another story. The tub does not have a stopper so you cannot take a bath. I noticed the toilet tank was a darker color along the edges. It appears there is black mold covering the back of the toilet tank and the wall behind the tank and inside the tank as well. The mattresses are badly stained. I went to speak to a couple of the cleaning ladies and of course they did not speak any English. There are quite a few other things wrong with the room,but these are the highlights.
The first night we were there, upon arrival there were two police cars. The second night, the room above us was having a very loud and rough situation well until three a.m.
We called the night shift crew who said they really could not do anything except a walk through. We called the police just to be sure it wasn’t sex trafficing or domestic violence. The police showed up and a little while later we heard the female
It is my understanding that corporate is planning a visit very soon. The staff is in the process of planting, repainting the lines for the curbs and parking and making an attempt to put their best foot forward. Those items are far less important to me than having clean accomondations. I


MRS AND MR AHRENS April 18, 2017 at 3:33 pm



Tom Smith April 17, 2017 at 3:17 pm

I have been staying at the Motel 6 North in Albuquerque New Mexico when ever I had business or an appointments at the VA Hospital there and have recommended to other Vets that it was a nice motel.
I will no longer be doing that or staying at that Motel 6 as it has gone down hill very fast. The place was dingy and had a bad smell to it. I felt very uncomfortable about the stay and my wife asked if the had coffee for quest in the mornings and was told no. The attitude of the workers was very different than any motel 6 that I have ever stayed at before.
We had a very early flight to catch in the morning and so left early. The person at the counter was on the phone talking very loud and forceful when I walked by and would not answer to a good morning as I walked past nor when my wife cam out. Plus we heard yelling from one of the other rooms and we left around 6:30 am
When I got back to my home in Colorado I received a very belligerent phone tell me to bring back the TV that I stole and that they had GPS trackers and could tell where it was. I had a few choice words to say to who ever she was. Because I did not steel any tv from that motel and how dare they accuse me of such a thing with out any proof
At this time I have not heard back from them but I am going to call the Police Dept and make a complaint to them as well and the Corporate Complaint Dept.


Gerald Barnhart April 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm

I recently stayed at the Pendleton Motel, 620 Southwest Tutuilla Rd. Pendleton Oregon, which I was told is now a member of your chain. Firstly, I made a reservation on Saturday morning, 04/08/17, for two nights the following Tuesday and Wednesday, 04/11/17 & 04/12/17. I had to give a credit card number to hold the room. When I arrived on 04/11, the desk clerk had NO reservation listing at all. I inquired about who had taken my credit card information-she said that she didn’t know, but would find out. I was never given an answer to that question. I had reserved a room opposite of the side facing the freeway noise, but was given a room there anyway, which I made due with. On the next day, I was out of the room from 9 am. until some time after 4 pm. To my surprise, the room had not been cleaned and made up, nor even the towels replaced. I went to the office to ask why, and was not given a satisfactory answer–although from the conversation the clerk was having with a staff member around the corner, it would seem that they thought I was just an overnight stay, not someone staying longer. Mind you, I had paid cash, in advance, for two nights the day I arrived. While In the office, I asked for a couple of clothes hangers, as the one in the room was not enough for my needs. When the girl arrived with clean towels, no hangers were forthcoming, so I said the hell with it and made due with just the one. I was told that when leaving, I could leave the card key in the room. I decided to drop it at the office. When I left Thursday morning, I stopped at the office. There was a sign saying that they were out and to drop keys into a box next to the note. The room itself was alright for the price, I have no problem with that, but if Motel Six wants to be associated with this establishment, It should take a serious look at training the staff to do a much better job at reservations and providing for the needs of guests. Also, the entire building is badly in need of a new paint job, it looks somewhat shabby, Perhaps something in corporate colors?


Andrea April 8, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I stayed at a motel 6 in Kissimmee, FL, I left my apple watch & had already checked out, I remembered & went back a few hours later & it was not turned in & no one seemed to find it! Right before we left the house keeper was down about 2 rooms before going to ours so she was the last in the room. I was told they will look into it, corporate will be in contact & this was 2 weeks ago & no one has followed up with me, I even went back to that motel 6 & they are just telling me the same thing! It is absolutely outrageous that no one is taking this manner seriously. I am highly disappointed & will keep on top of this! I evej have to involv the police myself.


Pat Simmons April 3, 2017 at 1:41 pm

Very shady business dealings here. This Motel 6 in Rancho Mirage, CA refused to accept the corporate discount I was given in spite of the fact that I had stayed at this particular Motel 6 repeatedly for 17 years!! Motel 6 corporate emailed me a promotion for 10% off. I booked 1 night at 10% off 2 weeks prior to my arrival. 3 days before my arrival, I called the Motel 6 in Rancho Mirage asking if I could extend my stay by adding 2 nights at the full non-discounted rate since the early bird discount was only in effect for the 1 night. They said they would take care of it and confirmed that the 2 nights were added. When I arrived to check in, they refused to honor the 1 night discount, saying that when I called to add 2 nights, I had “modified my reservation” and that the promotional night would therefore not be discounted. They were unbending on this, told me they would talk to the manager Connie the next day and Connie never showed up. I then called guest relations to try to get the 10% discount I was promised for the 1 night. An individual named Kayna with guest relations just recited “Motel 6 policy” and actually hung up on me when I refused to accept her explanation. I immediately cancelled my reservation and booked at a place down the road for half the price.

This is a classic “bait and switch” scheme. It is ludicrous to punish a customer for ADDING nights to a reservation. For the record, I believe that they wanted to get rid of me because they could then try to charge someone else higher rates during the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament, as hotel demand in the valley shot up over the weekend. They now charge big hotel chain prices at a budget motel. $130/night for a Motel 6??? And charging $5 for Wi-Fi in this day & age when all the other budget motels give it free is just nickel & diming their guests. Motel 6, I don’t know what’s happened to you but have lost me as a customer forever.

What bothers me the most is that they almost got away with this. When you pay at check in, they just give you a receipt showing a total dollar amount for all 3 nights, not an itemized receipt showing the charge for each night, so most people probably wouldn’t even notice that this Motel 6 is ripping them off.


Kim Eberhardt March 30, 2017 at 12:34 pm

On 2/18/17 I checked into Motel 6 where my room had a ceiling leak, molded ceiling, broken bed. The ceiling fell to the floor in my room. I complained but mgmt did nothing. That mgr quit so no GM for over a week. After 30 days and $1200 I had to demand the tax refund that front office NEVER shared at the time of check in. I was finally moved after calling corporate but I was told that was stay was discontinued and no longer allowed at Motel 6 without legitimate reasons, leaving myself and son homeless. No refund. No compensation. Corporate just refers me back to a nonexistent GM at Jersey Village location


Melissa Robinson March 25, 2017 at 11:53 am

I stayed at motel 6 in Kansas City Missouri on Randolph Rd. I came late on Thursday March 23, 2017. J overslept on Friday due to my late arrival so I had to pay for another night. I am so unsatisfied with my room. I have no dead bolt on my door as well as no security latch, my bathroom floor is sisgusting, there are someone’s cut toenails under and on top of one of the bedside tables, the door has black greasy handprints on it the free WiFi only worked sometimes and after leaving to get some food since there was no microwave or fridge in my room my key didn’t work. I’m very upset after the toenail incident that I will never stay at motel 6 again.


Amber March 20, 2017 at 2:19 am

What a f-ing nightmare! My 13 year old son and i had made reservations for a last minute trip to six flags the night before. We enjoyed our day out and then arrived to this mess. I knew as soon as I turned onto this street I’d made a mistake! Not being familiar with the area, I didn’t realize how rough this neighborhood was! Upon entering the non smoking room it reeked of stale smoke, body odor, old beer. The bathroom and floors dirty. I inspected the beds. Mine had blood and pubic hair on the sheets. My sons looked like bodily fluids were shot all over it…cigarette burns…long black curly hair. I told my son to gather our stuff while I go to the office and demand a refund. The clerk was an a-hole to put it lightly. “At the end of the day lady, it’s a motel 6, what did you expect?” There were groups of men propositioning women outside, drugs being used in clear view in parking lot, I was being eyeballed and having men licking their lips saying disgusting things. “It’s not my motel, I just work here. I have no control over what they do to you.” Really? How about call the cops you piece of sh*t!? This place is unsafe for women and children. And anyone who’s not a wh*re or tweeker!!! I will be contacting authorities, better business bureau and corporate. You f-ed with the wrong woman/mother. Needless to say, I left and drove 4 hours back home! I better get the refund promised in my account!


Janet Lever March 16, 2017 at 5:26 am

I stayed at motel 6 on Richard Blvd on the 11th in room 130 with my boyfriend the floor was coming up and I fell down in hurt myself no call yet from no one was told they will contact me it’s a week already guess I need a lawyer


No Name March 14, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Motel 6 in Dothan al needs to be looked into. The manager is making the workers work without brakes, and some are having tubule getting payed. The manager is un profeshnel, and the employees aren’t being treated right.


Susan hall March 3, 2017 at 4:58 pm

March 3, 2017

Susan Hall
Clovis, CA 93611
(559) 575-XXXXX

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter because my sister, Pamula Alsup, was terrorized, mistreated, and disrespected by Motel 6 employees last night, March 1, 2017.

My sister has been staying at the Motel 6 in Fresno, CA, N. Blackstone site, in room No. 142, since February 22, 2017.

She was visiting me, and when she returned to her room at 9:30 p.m., the key would not open the door. She went to the office and was told by the manager that her room is locked, and would remain locked, until she paid for it. He also said he had tried to contact her all day. My sis was in her room until 5:30 p.m., no one knocked on the door that day. Jeff her roommate went to the office that morning of March 1, 2017, and paid Sandra, the assistant manager cash for the room . When he gave her the cash for that day, she took it and immediately put it in the OPEN cash register. The office does not give receipts to anyone. My sister told the manager that they paid, but when he called Sandra she said she couldn’t remember anyone paying for that room.

Well after a couple of hours, of not having the benefit of a room she paid for, she called me crying and I had to pay with my credit card in order for her to get in her room. They said in the morning they would look at the video. Well it was indeed discovered that Jeff did pay that morning. So now they get to stay one more day.

What I’m trying to get at is my sister has stomach cancer, lungs full of fluids, and congestive heart failure. She has a hard time breathing and can’t walk very far. Her dog and all her Meds were locked up in the room. When she told the manager she needed to take her medicine, he didn’t care at all. They were not budging.

I am so angry with how this situation was handled. My sister could of had a stroke with all the stress she was put under. I really think someone should talk with the employees who are running this motel. There wasn’t even any apology given. They were downright rude.

I am sure there was a better way they could of handled this situation. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to call me, Susan Hall.


Nancy Akin March 2, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I’ve read through these comments, and I’m flabbergasted at so many negative comments! I travel quite a bit with my dogs and stay in Motel 6 whenever possible. Your pet policy is 2nd to none! I almost always have good experiences at each Motel 6 I’ve stayed at. You can’t expect Marriott luxury for the economy of Motel 6. But most of them have been renovated and are clean and nice. Not fancy, but clean and nice. And any problem I’ve ever encountered has always been taken care of in a timely manner and with courtesy and respect by the front desk. That’s why when I’m planning a trip, the first thing I do is google Motel 6 to see if there is one nearby. On “bang for the buck” I definitely give Motel 6 four stars.


Jacqueline Benson May 8, 2017 at 9:20 am

Stay at one in Texarkana


Cindy February 25, 2017 at 1:50 am

February 06, 2017

Motel 6 Cindy
1516 Newbury Rd. Savin Circle
Newbury Park, Ca. 91320 Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Attn: AL ?
Re: Claim Made on October 27th 2016/Jewelry Loss

Dear AL,

This letter is a follow up to my six (6) calls I have made to Motel 6 regarding the above loss.
Upon reporting the above loss I waited over a week to get any response, finally you spent the time to call me. In this conversation AL you did not and would not provide me with:
1) A full name
2) A direct phone line to you, I was told to just call reception desk?
3) Not given any email to send you any information.
It would seem you were keeping me from any direct information or contact regarding what I feel was a very important matter and I was extremely upset. After this I only got you to call me back once after your initial call and with each conversation the exact same thing was said! “I will need to investigate” this is of course a given but must at some point produce a solution. **At No point did you ever make another effort to answer any of my messages or calls? You left me know way to contact you except to leave a message with your receptionists/front desk?
I made the following attempts to contact you to no avail:
1) Oct. 31st ( left Message)
2) Nov. 8th (left Message
3) Nov. 23rd (Left Message)
4) Dec. 14th (Left Message)
5) Dec. 30th**(Had a lengthy conversation with your Manager Marsel, stating I needed to hear back from you, and her response after all this time was “ AL is doing some investigating!!! I stated I needed to hear back from you shortly before I move forward doing something?
6) Jan. 11th (left Message, Final and last call!

With complete professional honesty, this is so embarrassing for your company and the way in which you run that location. Im sure you hope I will go away, as maybe people do because you wear them down. But my theft was such a personal loss of a ring with memories, and valuable? The other two rings and broach were something I liked but do not carry the importance of the diamond ring. It is shocking that someone had to literally spend time digging thru my luggage to find these things because I had them well hidden!!
As I mentioned to you initially that morning before leaving for work I asked the front desk to have someone check the bed as it was cracking and squeaking all night? Just one more person with access?
So, after waiting four months for some form of interest on your part, ignoring all my messages, I felt I have no recourse but to move forward with reminders to you this will not go away and you must address this issue!

I have gone on Yelp twice and left detailed information as to what happen to me and how you have chosen to ignore me. To my surprise I have people seeking me out with some equal complaints as to how your Motel location is handling their customer complaints. Of course I will have these individuals send me signed doXXXXentation of their losses and issues in the event I need to take this forward to the next step.

If this step is above your area, I urge you to hand this file to someone who can move forward with me?
I’m disappointed we have reached this juncture, and there is no one that is responding or handling this professionally but it’s now in your hands to follow up or pass to someone else.

I need to know where is my Ring? Do you have it? I want it back. If not it must be replaced?
1) Diamond Ring-3 stone 3-carat ring. This was a gift doXXXXenting three years together? 14K gold.
2) Broach/Pin hand carved design, cant be replaced, have three others of different carved design.
3) 2 small band rings that were worn on either side of larger diamond ring/I can replace myself.

Please be aware this is a demand letter for a response! Immediately. Its been four (4)
Months since your Motel lost/TOOK my things and three (3) months since you have even acknowledged me?

I’m requesting an answer so I know which direction we will be going with this to settle the issue. I hope we can negotiate something that works for both parties, but if not I need to move forward.
I will be sending this certified mail, but the concern is I need to send it to AL? no other name. Very Unprofessional!!
Not even close to what you would anticipate a large Motel/company would follow up and handle this.


If I do not hear back in a reasonable time I will go after a Motel 6 Corporate Office or investigate further regarding Owner.


Lynne merriam June 23, 2017 at 1:46 am

There is theft by the mAids at all locations and they do nothing about it. They know the mAids steal and no price they pay. I would call INS, BBB, YELP, GOOGLE AND MORE. IF YOU Want a contact at corporate loss prevention she is useless but her info is Claudette Carroll, ccarroll at


Miki Osep February 18, 2017 at 3:51 pm

Motel 6 needs to put a microwave and refrigerator in each room, as Red Roof Inn does, and not charge for them. Motel 6 charges an extra $12.99 per night for those items, and only a few upstairs units have them. I am disabled, and cannot use the stairs. Motel 6 properties have no elevators. WiFi is offered free of charge at Red Roof Inn. I am an AARP member so I get that for free, but other guests should not have to pay extra for amenities that Red Roof Inn offers for free. The rates for both motels are about the same. Red Roof Inn also has an elevator for disabled guests.


Oskar Alexander Kontorsky February 17, 2017 at 2:32 pm

To: Customer Service
Headquarters Motel 6,
4001 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

From : Oskar Alexander Kontorsky
Bradford., Ontario
L3Z 0V6

Dear Sir / Madame

I turn to you with the request to investigate my complaint.
My name is Oskar Kontorsky. I am Veteran of Armed Forces. During my military services I was injured and as a result of this injury I have a problem to walk.

On 04 of February., 2017, I along with my friends left to Florida. At 21: 30 we have decided to take a rest. I have insisted to go to Motel “ 6 “.

For a very long time I am your client, and always preferred and trusted your service knowing the service and

This time we have decided to stay in Motel 6 in Statesville.,
1137 Moreland Dr., N.C. 28625

What have happened after was complete nightmare:
1. The rooms ( 218 and 220 ) that we have received was on the second floor. When we have came up to the second floor, strong smell of marijuana was there. The smell was so strong that we and our friends had to put towels at the bottom of the door, in order to prevent the smell to get in to the room. At the same time we have opened the window to let the smell out.
2. I have tried to call to the reception in order to inform them what is going on on the second floor. Nobody picked up the phone.
3. All the time the heater was turned on ( very noisy ). I could not go downstairs , because of my disability. We could not sleep all night. The same story was with our friends.
4. The culmination of this “ story “ was, when I saw a fairly large XXXXroach running in the middle of the room. I did not wanted to say that to my wife, because she started to “ fall a sleep ( it was around 04:30 a.m. ).

In the morning we wanted only one thing : to leave this place as fast as possible!
The reason that I have related the story to you is very simple: what have happened to us is a horror story, and it is a very bad publicity for your name.
My friend had blamed me for a sleepless night, but I knew that this particular Motel 6 does not represent the level of service of chain of Motel 6.
Please, investigate my complain and inform me regarding your findings.
Waiting for your results.
With the great respect.
Oskar Alexander Kontorsky.


EchoAlpha May 16, 2017 at 12:58 am

Now which military would this be exactly Oskar, because you NEVER served a day with the Canadian Airborne Regiment so its rather inconceivable that you broke your back jumping with them, your officer claims are a load of garbage because your English is too poor to have been an officer, and you certainly weren’t an officer when you were kicked out of the Black Watch in 1992! And you have about a 2% chance of having served in the Russian military and have transferred to the Israeli army. Be advised Oskar, we know who you are and we know who you aren’t…in short be warned, we know you are a military poser who is running around dressed in an absurd assortment of replica Canadian military kit, trying you best to fool civilians into thinking you are some kind of war hero when you aren’t, trying to scam businesses into giving you discounts you don’t deserve, and you days of dressing up and trying to con people on the coat tails of Fallen Canadian Soldiers are rapidly drawing to a close. Motel 6 executives, disregard this fraud’s complaint, chances are, like everything he’s written here, its a complete LIE! Stolen Valour Canada has been following this Conman’s actions for years, you aren’t the first he’s tried this tactic on, but hopefully soon, the local Ontario authorities at the South Simcoe Police detachment will wise up and catch this farce in action and levy charges under 419 of the Canadian Crimal Code!
Custodibus Ad Bella Fortisimi!


Bonnie Jean February 15, 2017 at 5:51 pm

last night was my 1st stay here at motel 6 lomita locale and i must say that it was one of THE most restful sleep i’ve ever experienced at any motel/hotel chains! from the quality of the mattresses being superb to the cleanliness of the room. the manager even took the extra effort to assist with getting my luggage inside- now that’s what i call CLASS.

one sad… very sad thing i must note in all honesty: i had spinal surgery awhile back and not too long ago i had that cirXXXXstance compounded with back reinjury from a not-at-fault accident with a mactruck… to make a long story short, i requested at quite a few extra pillows, as i always do when staying at a hotel, for neck & spine support- i waited close to an hour after the request and heard nothing. i ended up having to go to the front desk to explain to “sandy” exactly WHY* i needed the pillows (meanwhile making myself late in preparing for work). she said she still didn’t understand why the need for the extra pillows and she argumentatively stated that she’d be happy to refund my almost half a thousand dollars i paid for the week. utterly non professional! but i’m thinking, hoping, that ‘one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch’. maybe she’s just new at the job although i have serious thoughts of reporting this experience to corporate. anyway,
… the pillows arrived by a somewhat reluctant staff of housekeeping
… i feel drained although the day is just getting started
… i really hope the next person who might need a little extra whatever, doesn’t have to go through this kinda mess. the motel is overall a really nice place. :))


Angry Customer February 14, 2017 at 1:38 am

I don’t know where to began. As i am laying here now in a Motel 6 i cannot sleep. I have been moved to 3 different rooms. 1st room had roaches shower got water everywhere, 2nd room a lil better on to see that the toilet was leaking and the cord to the cable was broke and maintenance left after not fixing the tv. 3rd room omg… ROACH ROOM. SHEETS NASTY SMELLED LIKE A** CITY.. BUT THESE ARE REMODELED ROOMS THO!!!! Awful Awful Awful! Room is terrible thats why i cant sleep. Like seriously fr and i have to work in the am. Im so pissed cause who runs a business like this? Who does not care about there customes. Motel 6 try Hoe’tel 6!!!!! Plus i have my children in this sh*t whole. Money wasted and no one gives a damn at all. This is sad. So sad. I wouldnt want to stay here if i was homeless.


Tyler Patterson February 13, 2017 at 7:50 am

I went in 2/10/17 and at the font desk they had this employee named Olga she was very rude. I mean she looks like a grumpy old lady sorry for the descriptions but I personally think that she looked like she didn’t want to be there I was asking her questions she was giving me attitude I honestly did not know that the wife was not for you I contact her she said well as $2.99 with the worst attitude I would never ever come to this place again I would not recommend this place to no one. They need better customers service representative in the front desk there


Elaine lovelady February 11, 2017 at 10:43 pm

I would like to speak with someone higher than who is working the front desk. We have a big problem and its only going to get bigger….. If i cant get ahold of someone soon. Im not hear to announce anything before motel 6 has a chance to fix it.
Elaine lovelady,
Motel 6 marysville ca room #200


Tee February 10, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Motel 6 in Decatur Ga at 2572 Candler road is terrible, Drugs is being sold on 2th and up floors and Motel 6 will be investigated if I report this. Everytime I stay the motel smells like smoke. The security officer is always on his phone and donot walk floors the men at the desk is giving girls there numbers. There is no professionalism at this motel. Motel 6 I am surprise these people represent your name, imam contact fbi for the drugs that’s going on in this place


Tia February 8, 2017 at 3:00 pm

I have been robbed. Please email me


OTHNEIL February 2, 2017 at 7:56 pm

It is completely disgusting how your motels cater to drugs being sold, done in front of children, and prostitution out in the open 24/hours a day. To all concerned there are videos available on line to verify these facts.


OTHNEIL February 2, 2017 at 8:53 pm

There were drugs being done by Hotel staff out in the open away from the cameras at the front desk. Many of us staying there had to resort to
calling law enforcement multiple times so that all the druggies, drug dealers, and the prostitutes that come along with this territory can go somewhere else.

Staff was rude and from the looks of it, staff may be fueling this drug and prostitution den.

Motel 6
1310 W Lantana Road
Lantana, FL. 33462


Kandy Elliott February 2, 2017 at 6:13 pm

Oceanside CA. 1/31-2/3/17. Came down from Oregon for a boot camp graduation and to see my son (a US Marine) First checked into oceanside inn…., due to them trying to put us in a room with busted out window, then a room with no water for shower, we were recommended to motel 6. Although the room was better, there were some issues….first of all the internet was down…paid cash for first night expecting to use card next day…no internet still…..clerk wanted me to go draw cash off my card at ATM at gas station, which would incurr both ATM and bank fees….I, being disabled and no vehicle, asked if she could wait until my son got off work at the base Camp Pendleton at 4. She insisted I had to get the money now. I hurt so bad doing this walk, I barely made it back. So, I went to spa to try to recover…it was a no go as it was not hot, and no jets were working. The TV in the room had no signal for most of the first night and into the morning. Ants took over the sink area in my room. There were police the first night AND they were called on the next day. Customers were in the office complaining about blood on their sheets as I went to get ice. I told you about the first hotel, because I came to find out the same people who run that motel (The Oceanside Inn) also run this particular motel 6…I also told you about my son the Marine, because we asked about the military discount, but did not recieve it, despite they tried to tell us we did….it is nowhere shown on our reciept. I wish i were computer savvy enough to send you a picture of what these people consider a rentable room….but for now I at least felt it necessary to let you know how the Motel 6 reputation and name is being run into the ground….I at this point would not look for or recommend, especially this particular one, but any Motel 6 at this point…I hope one day that your corporation will be able to prove itself to be a decent, friendly, and fully functioning, clean motel again.


Theo January 27, 2017 at 6:54 pm

Motel 6 Chattanooga TN do not stay here employees are rude they strel your stuff.selld dope in the parking lot they are racist against whites .Calls my kid a stupid cracker .They never once came to clean and adware they did .Calls us us slobs they said they had pics of our our room I demanded to see them they never did .I will file discrimination charges


Alana January 22, 2017 at 8:58 pm

We are currently staying at your horrible “hotel” – if you want to call it that – Studio 6 located in San Antonio, TX. located at 3617 N Panam Expy San Antonio, TX 78219. What an absolute dump. We just moved here and we are in the middle of looking for apartments, so we were in a bind and decided to stay here for the time being. We are currently roasting in this room! The weather has been warm and the air conditioner doesn’t work! 82 degrees out and almost 100 inside! I cannot cook because it makes it so hot in my room and my family is being tortured in this. This is unacceptable! When my husband went to see if we can move to another room with a working unit the lady just dismissed him and said we would have to wait until the morning, she’s not the manager so she can’t authorize that, also there are other reservations and they basically come first. Really?! Yeah, I’m sure you have so many reservations with every room basically unoccupied. Unacceptable! We paid for a week and this is the treatment we get? Well, I have pictures of your dump! I have photos of your broke down air conditioner. Also, what a nifty smoke alarm I have in my room. Yeah, there isn’t one, just a hole with wires hanging out. I have pictures of that too. Thanks for the heads up if there’s a fire. What a handy job on that plumbing in the bathroom. Great use of trash bags plugging the hole up. I have so many pictures of this broke down dump I am personally posting them everywhere that way no one will ever stay at your roach hotel ever again. I’m sure the health department will love the state of these rooms as well.


Donna January 10, 2017 at 6:19 am

Travelling t Tombstone to bury my father, we had to travel thorough Snowstorm Iras, NOT a pleasant trip. The 2 Motel 6 that we stayed at were as you have advertised. HOWEVER when we got to St.Georges Motel 6,later in an evening tired and still coming off the horrible trip we were given this horrible room. The stink would knock your socks off the room smelled of dog kennel, uncleaned. The bathroom fan was uncovered and filthy, coffee stains all over the bathroom door, at least I hope it was coffee. We stayed as we were very tired. BIg mistake. With no sleep and maybe just a little rest we are out of here. Not sure I will attempt another m6. Boy you fellows in corporate are not keeping an eye on your name. This was horrible.


Kim Audia January 9, 2017 at 9:54 am

I stayed at the motel 6 in North Richland Hills 5151 Thaxton. This place is horrible in every way possible!!! The rooms are disgusting.. the bedding is filled with stains and cigarette holes, the sheets are stained with makeup, there’s long black hair all over the entire room! There was some crazy white trash girl screaming at her boyfriend over the phone in the hallway for at least 45 minutes. There’s dog sh*t all over the side walks and grass near the entrances. It smells like stale smoke and a** throughout the entire hotel. The beds are not stable, felt like I was sleeping on a teeter totter all night. Cut my leg open on the frame sticking out, probably need a tetanus shot now. The curtains are full of holes and hanging off the windows. The heat and a/c do not work. The lights do not work and are hanging off the walls. There’s blood splattered all over the ceiling, I’m assuming from some junkie with a clogged needle. Should I continue?? This place should be condemned, not charging their guest nearly $70 a night for a std I didn’t even XXXX for!


Sue Lopac January 8, 2017 at 12:17 am

Des Moines North. About $70 and what a horrible place – worst I have ever stayed in. ICK!
When you are tired, you don’t exactly want to get back on the road. La Quinta (which included breakfast) the next night and it was about a Hilton compared to Des Moines Motel 6 – AT THE SAME PRICE!


Monique Trevino January 7, 2017 at 6:01 pm

I stayed in the motel 6 off of NASA rd 1 in Webster Texas on 01/06/17 and suppose to stay also tonight 01/07/17 because of my military duty being at Ellington Field this weekend. My room is infested with rats. I heard them last night trying to get into a unopened bag of chips I had inside of a grocery bag and thought I was maybe dreaming being I was very tired. Today they were seen! Not one but two! They were again attempting to get into the same bag making it rustle. They scurried into the bathroom and under the bed and I went to the front office to talk to management. I told her about the problem and that housekeeping had also been notified and I wanted a full refund. She then said housekeeping wasn’t anyone to notify and that she wasn’t going to give me a full refund that she could move me rooms or give me a refund for tonight and a free room here. Why the hell would I want to stay here or a free room being there’s rats. No I want my full refund because if I were to go to a restaurant and find something in my half way eaten food, I’d get a full refund. I want my full refund because this is just very unprofessional and the attitude she had wasn’t making it any better. I had my clothes in the room number 1 and number 2 it’s just plain damn disgusting to be sleeping in a room you had no idea had rats. So I deserve my full refund. I’ve contacted corporate and I will even go as far as contacting a news crew because this is unacceptable BEYOND unacceptable. She tried blaming it on the Waffle House next door and on there being renovations but I couldn’t care less of the reasoning I JUST WANT MY FREAKIN REFUND


Monique Trevino January 7, 2017 at 6:24 pm

She also would NOT give me corporates number, told me that wasn’t necessary all the while not wanting to give me my refund so I googled it and found the number myself!!


Ida James and Timothy cobbs January 7, 2017 at 6:14 am

On 1-6-17 my girl rented a room at the Motel 6 in Pittsburgh California off of loveridge and the front desk
Gave our room key to someone that wasn’t on the receipt or the guest list we asked if we be change to a different room or a refund and was denied. And had the Pittsburgh police call on use.


Kevin January 5, 2017 at 12:55 pm

I like to share my experience from a professional person looking from the outside in, Motel 6 Lake wood, CO 480 Wadsworth is the worst place to stay as far as customer service is concern. The manager on duty name Ivan has not customer service skills do not know how to talk to people and do not know how to respect females. he’s rude and out of control in the way he handle hotel or motel business. From my understanding his customer service rating is below standard and he needs to be fired. Also Ivan is supported by the manager Karen who also has the worst customer service skills she do not know how to talk to or respect customer or her employee. She speaks Spanish 90% of the time yelling and being very rude in front of customers. I think that her Boss friend who protects her from being fired for the type of performance that she gives needs also to be fired for dating his manager and being married the type of people that runs Motel 6 in Lakewood are not you professional type of people that give good service.


Jpg January 4, 2017 at 9:17 am

I stayed at Motel 6 in St George Utah on December 31st 2016 when I arrived there I paid $68 out the door in full the staff was extremely rude and did not let me speak to their management about the little predicament I had about Room 222 that I stayed in when I arrived I told the lady that I would come back to my room later after I paid for it in full then when I got back there the room never worked the toilet you couldn’t even use it nothing worked in room 222 then they put me in the room 253 nothing worked in that room either then when I checked out early they told me that I wasn’t allowed to get my deposit back which was what I paid for the room which was $68 well when they go to refund me they turned around and he charged me twice on my debit card they committed theft on my card twice when I ask for the refund they refunded me the $68 and then they charged me again and then they told me that they made mistakes and that they wouldn’t refund me and won’t let me talk to their manager and then a guy named Jared at Motel 6 in St George Utah at this address 205 N 1000 E, St George, UT 84770 and so I decided to file a federal claim for them double dipping and it showed on my card statement that they took out 2 payments of $68 because my payment or my account balance went down twice they do nothing but commit fraud at this branch


William Henry White December 30, 2016 at 7:24 pm

We stayed in the Kingston , TN Motel 6 room 120 last night. This morning we left and went to the gas station in front of the motel. When my daughter went inside to pay we were told the clerk had called and said she was calling the police unless we returned. I drove back up. She yelled I was driving too fast in the parking lot, then told me that I had stolen all the linens. I asked her to open the room . She refused. I still had my room key card so I opened it. All the linens were still there. She persisted on saying she was calling the police and cussed at me. Poor customer service. Management should issue a full refund.


Quinshonna Benton December 30, 2016 at 12:08 am

I’m currently renting a room at 9955 old dogwood rd location in Roswell ga and I’m being targeted and accused of making transactions from my unit witch is totally failed and can’t be proven I feel as tho I’m being targeted because I’ve been here almost a month I’m new to this area and did not know that this is a high traffic area with a lot of police presence I’m here because it’s convenient to a lot of job opportunities and the price is affordable I only come out to work and to get food and go to the store I’ve been harassed by one of their general mangers he’s has a very nasty attitude and upon his first encounter wit me he was very rude and aggressive because I overslept once he acted as tho I was always late and that he had to speak wit me several time about being late when that the only time it’s was our first encounter and he treated me wit totally disrespect that was uncalled for in thinking about seeking legal action and speaking wit the BBB about this matter I’m not a criminal or a drug addict I’m just trying to live in peace til I’m able to do better and the way I’m being treated as a customer is totally uncalled for it cruel and it’s wrong and I will not be targeted or mistreated


mike December 27, 2016 at 4:27 am

this lukewarm shower crap is bullchitt!
all the 6 motels seem to have this problem,other motels too
but avg 100 a nite for bacteria bath? 104 or so isnt going to scald anybody.

turn the temps up! the hot tubs too! 80 degrees or so just dont cut it! again …. tired of the cheap a** save a penny mentality.


Meagan mcrae December 25, 2016 at 8:30 pm

I want a full refund for my 3 day stay. The microwave don’t work, the room smells old and I paid taxes again even though the website had taxes on it. I’m pissed and the BBB will here about this should I not get my refund.


Scott Baker December 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Obviously they don’t care one little bit about the people that stay at their hotels…

We have been calling the front desk for over a week (along with about a dozen others in the same building) to let them know “There is NO HOT WATER”!!! You get the same answer “They’re working on it” … REALLY??? I’ve worked Residential, Commercial and Industrial construction … and I know for a FACT that it doesn’t take over a week to fix or replace a water heater.

3 days ago my wife set the garbage cans out to be cleaned out because we don’t have trash bags, why you might ask? … because we haven’t seen a housekeeper in our room for almost 3 months, they took the garbage cans and when my wife called the front desk, they said “yes the housekeepers took them and we will bring them right back…that was 3 days ago and still no garbage cans… we’ve been buying our own cleaning supplies and doing it ourselves, it’s like pulling teeth to get a towel and if you want a comforter (that is supposed to come on the bed) … forget it … you’ll get more stories than you can shake a stick at about how they’re going to bring you one … they never do … they took ours a month ago and we’ve asked almost every day for new ones and we still don’t have any comforters…

I spoke sent an email and spoke to people at their Corporate offices … and they don’t seem to have done a thing about it … or we’d have hot water, housekeepers, towels, sheets, comforters and of course…garbage cans (and bags)…

it’s bad enough that the Roswell, GA location allows in those they know are dealing drugs, using the rooms for prostitution and you have tweekers and dealers running around the property 24/7 …

It was a nice place when I first came out on contract back in May 2016 … they had a good manager (Jason) … now they have a manager who could care less about anything more than who he can bark orders too ….

Either way, even if we have to pay $200 a week more for the two rooms we have here … we’re going to move and make sure everyone in person, over social media, travel sites, blogs, City and County Law Enforcement and the Georgia Department of Health and Welfare know what’s going on there…

Personally I believe they need to shut this location down or just go ahead and turn it over to the dealers, hookers, pimps and druggies and get it over with … they treat those breaking the law better than someone who is working for a living


mike December 27, 2016 at 4:34 am

they aint workin on it! their just cheap ! doesnt cost that much to turn the heat up.the corporate mentality? we dont care…. whos gonna sue cause the water toos hot? probably nobody . next time this happens to me though im suing for a refund!
not much reason to even get a room if ya get a cold shower is there ? really irks me .


Scott Baker December 20, 2016 at 10:33 am

I am hoping this gets to someone who can help us …

We have been staying at the Studio 6 Roswell since May 31, 2016, Initially I came out here for a work contract and found this close enough to Atlanta and along a major freeway and somewhat close to public transportation, but far enough away from the city to where you’d feel safe.

Initially, for the first few months, everything was great, the office staff was friendly and accommodating, the housekeeping staff was in like clockwork, we were a full cleaning and bedding change on Mondays and a towel refresh and garbage emptied on Thursdays. The people staying at the hotel seemed to be working class and professionals for the most part, a lot of friendly people whom you felt safe around … That has changed!!!

About late August, maybe mid-September, the housekeeping started to become an issue and now since late September, early October we have had NO Housekeeping!!! They might knock on your door and say “I have you on the schedule as a priority for tomorrow” … but never show up.

So for the last 3 months, we have been having to do everything that the housekeeping staff is supposed to do, which is something that you pay for:
• Clean our own room (i.e. Sweep and mop floors, clean the bathroom, empty the garbage, make the beds with fresh linens etc.) …
• Go to the office and exchange our sheets and blankets (which they don’t have half the time so we take them to the laundromat)
• Either wash or go to the office to exchange our towels, (which they don’t have half the time so we had to buy our own towels or take theirs to the laundromat)
• Buy our own toilet paper and garbage bags
• Buy and utilize our own cleaning supplies
• We even had to buy a steamer to be able to properly clean the floors

In the building we’re in, we have two rooms we’re paying for (well over $650.00 per week or $2800.00 per month), we and the room our Son, Daughter-in-law and grandchildren are in. We, along with others in the building and our children have complained that there is NO HOT WATER for the last several days, the front office keeps telling us “Maintenance isn’t here today but will get it taken care of first thing tomorrow” … well a half a dozen tomorrows have come and gone and still if you’re lucky the water is luke warm.

The other day, my wife set out the garbage cans asking if the housekeeping staff (if they truly exist anymore) could clean them out and return them as we have no garbage bags and although I’ve been to the office daily asking for them, they always have the same answer “We don’t have any here, but I will bring you some shortly” … this was the same answer for the Towels, Sheets, blankets and comforters, which we haven’t had in 3 months…

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, this extended stay seemed to be a safe, clean place to stay with a professional staff all around … That is Far from the Truth now!!! … here are some of the things we’ve dealt with and informed staff about and is still happening but when we see it we confront it or call the Roswell Police who are starting to know us on a first name basis…
 Obvious drug dealing rooms with people coming and going all hours of the day and night
 People hiding out and sleeping under the stairwells and in the bushes around the grounds
 Obvious prostitution (we all know when you have drug houses, you’re going to have tweekers, hookers, junkies and so on)
 We have found used condoms and needles around the grounds
 People scoping cars trying to break into them
 People (mostly druggies and hookers) passing by our window by way of the back side of the building all hours of the day and night.

There are still some really good people staying there that have been there as long as we have or longer, however … the staff not caring about the goings on around the hotel property is dissuading hard working people of all types from staying there as they know who most of these people who are the druggies, dealers and prostitutes are, know what they’re going to do and they continue to rent rooms out to them knowing that they are bringing the element that is the underbelly of society and losing workers as well as quality tenants.

Most of the office staff are really good quality people, especially Jerry, Keyana, Richard and there is a new lady who’s name I don’t know … Derek is good with me, but rude and disrespectful where the kids and my wife are concerned. Alfonzo, I think he’s the General Manager is a total Jerk … not only to his employees, but to the residents who stay there…he is definitely lacking in management interpersonal communication skills, we even witnessed him wrongfully scolding an employee who is a very professional and dedicated employee who finally got to the point that he told Alfonzo “If you speak to me in that manner again, you’re going to be awful busy around here because I will leave”.

Bottom line is, we have been taking care of everything in our room over the last 3 months at least, and our kids taking care of everything in their room since they checked in almost 2 months ago that is what is supposed to be part of what you pay so much for to be taken care of by the hotel.

We are getting the kids in to their own house very soon and we will be moving shortly thereafter to a safer, cleaner and more professionally managed hotel, but in the meantime, we feel that given we have been taking care of everything the Hotel is being paid to take care of, we deserve some sort of compensation for both our room and our kids room!!! If nothing else, a few weeks without having to pay for the room as we are doing the job of
 Housekeeping (because they seem to be non-existent most of the time)
 Security (because there is none and we make sure that the dealers, druggies and prostitutes know we’re watching and make them uncomfortable enough to leave)

It has begun to get to the point of infuriating and if not for such a close time before Christmas and our children moving into their own place … we would have moved out long ago.

This hotel seems to be doing some renovations insofar as replacing the AC/Heating units and replacing the toilets (I liked the old one better) … but you can only do so much to make it nicer, but it will never get nicer if you allow the same dealers, druggies and prostitutes in as you’re only going to drive the working class and professionals away.

There is an old saying “You can polish a turd as much as you like, but at the end of the day…it’s still a turd” … This place needs a lot of work, to start with new management and some housekeepers that will stay more than a week.

I am going to call as well, because these issues need to be addressed, not just have someone say “we’re going to take care of it” and nothing ever happens, or it changes for a week or two and goes right back to the same old thing…

I imagine that there is some agency that governs Hotels/Motels that I can contact to have come and make sure that this place is cleaned up if management of Motel 6 won’t … I’ll bet if that Tom Bode guy who does the commercials about “We’ll leave the lights on for you” would be utterly pissed if he knew an establishment he was representing was being run like a 2 bit roach motel.

I am hoping someone gets back to me A.S.A.P.


cjane December 16, 2016 at 11:29 am

I made reservations directly with the Motel 6 at 4345 Southport Crossing Indianpolis, IN – I was given a quote of $54.99 and $59.99 for rooms My brother in law got there first and paid for the rooms with his debit card – found out they charged us $129.99 and $159.99 not including taxes. When I made the reservations I asked for an email confirmation and was told that he was not able to do it. I also made reservations for the Motel 6 via Expedia and that rate was around $70 – thinking this was a better deal I cancelled those. Nick Schafeth at the Southport Crossing location refused to do anything – because it was paid with a debit card we had no recourse. The rooms were not worth it -dirty holes in the bathroom ceiling and outlet holes were bigger than the cover plate. In the morning there was a very small coffee container and no one seemed to be concerned to make more. We felt that they were pulling a swift one – how can you quote one price and them more than double it when charged. Area manager Jim Adams and Regional manager John Valletta could not be contacted – they won’t give out numbers for them or even email addresses. Motel 6 does not stand up for their motels – they are just faceless corporation that only cares to make money and not stand up for what is right.


Saul Aguilera December 10, 2016 at 9:04 pm

Me and family stand a week in Davis,ca. Motel 6 . My son was taking a shower and the shower door did not close so he took his shower still. I told front desk and they did nothing. My other son took a shower after him. He yelled and I ran in to find a syringe full of drugs that fell from the shower door. I complaint and was post. They did nothing. I want my refund for that week and I have pictures and reciets of that week.


Cara December 10, 2016 at 7:18 pm

So my first night I check in and the room and price I was promised was tAken and i had to pay 70$ instead of 58$ then I check in and my towels and sheets are dirty they have someone hair all over them. I ask for at early new ones and they didn’t have any so I was stuck in a dirty room with no towels or sheets the next day I asked for some type of accommodation but no the girl pretty much told me I was lying and had to pay full price for another night same room. If I did not just lose my car I would of stayed somewhere else. I will never stay at another motel 6 again and I’ll make sure my friends and family who travel regularly do not either. They wouldn’t even make the coffee they offer for morning either this place is a mess


Mrs CW Cecil December 3, 2016 at 11:51 am

Motel 6 Texarkana, 1300 North State Line Ave. had to stay here because the Best Western had no room. At first the room seemed pleasant enough. As I went to check the bed I found black hairs on the pillows the longest was about 11/2″, I checked further and discovered them on the sheets as well. Called the office to ask for clean sheets and pillow cases. He night person brought one sheet and case and handed them to me. I said come see this to which he replied that is from your dog, No the hairs are too long and straight my minature Poodle has short curly hair and he is not allowed on the bed nor could he at almost nine and small, jump that high. He and another man helped me make the bed. I will never stay at a Motel 6 again and will advise anyone else to do the same.


Daun Renney December 1, 2016 at 1:01 pm

I made a reservation for the Lumberton, NC for November 26 th, Sunday evening. The Sunday after Thanksgiving.. I was traveling from NH to FL with 2 children and a dog. I called around 3 to let them know we were in traffic and would not be checking in until after 9 pm. Unsure of traffic I could give them a certain time for check in. I confirmed my reservation and that they knew I had two children and a dog with me. With a late check in. The women at the front desk insured me they had my reservation and the notes on it, stated the children and dog. She also said it will be fine to check in late and she would make a note for others to see. We arrived at the hotel just after midnight. They had cancelled my reservation and told me they had no vacancies.the woman at the front window was rude and told me she cancelled my reservation at 9 pm. I tried explaining to her that I called and need to check in late. She didn’t care and informed me that all reservations are cancelled at 9 pm.


Pamela Senter November 29, 2016 at 9:49 pm

Can anyone tell if motel 6 309 owensby st Gatlinburg tn was burned in.the wildfires


Ajwaters November 26, 2016 at 6:07 am

On 11/25/2016, my family stayed at Motel 6 in Flagstaff West-Woodland Village #1000 and woke up to itching. I got up and found a bed bug on my bed!!! I hope my mom and son, it’s 3 AM. AS we checked the beds, we found several more. I went to the office, told them about it and they said there was nothing they could do as they were sold out of rooms. I asked them to find us another room in town, they said all rooms were booked. I talked to the manager and Peter C and he wasn’t helpful at all, started raising his voice at me and said “it happens” and told ME to call around to find another place to stay. We have no where to go, VERY bad customer service. Be aware and think twice before staying at this place.


Kimberly Pendleton November 21, 2016 at 8:05 pm

I booked a room at the plano Texas motel 6 and they informed me that it did no good that they had rooms but they were not cleaned and the lady behind the desk was not very nice about it , and looking at some of the empty rooms that I could see that they were clean ,there were about 5or 6 I could see in . Please do something about this matter .

Thankyou and hope to hear from you.
Kimberly Pendleton


Margarita December 20, 2016 at 6:44 pm

Booked a room at motel 6 for 2 nights. They took my card info over the phone for the reservation. I was told I could cancel befor 6 the day of the reservation. When we got there we had to change rooms 3 times for one reason or another. We decided to leave because we did not feel safe and the rooms were not satisfactory. We went to the font desk and told them we were leaving. Since they charged us for that night when we got there they gave us a refund. But they went ahead and charged us for the 2 nights on my card instead of canceling. We left before the deadline they gave us to cancel. We were assured we wouldn’t be charged. That was a lie. This was 9-3-16 it is now 12-20-16 and we still haven’t gotten our money back. I’ve talked to the manager several times and he has assured me he was doing the refund as we were speaking. I still haven’t seen the refund. I will never deal with motel 6 again they are liers and cheats. By the way this motel is locate in Bellmead Texas.


Jasmine Cary November 15, 2016 at 5:40 pm

I payed for a weeks stay, when I booked the room I strictly requested a smoke room. First room 249 was infested with roaches all over the walls I never even stepped foot inside of it I requested a new room and changes to be made about that infestation. Second room 259 the television that I was charged an additional fee for, was broken as well as the wifi I got an extra additional charge for also. Stayed two days in a row with no tv and wifi and called to complain and have the issue addressed three times both days. I called one more time for toilet paper and towels at about 3 am and was answered by reception desk but was told there was nothing to be done! Yet they are supposed to be a 24 hour service??? Today i went inside the office to have the issue addressed face to face since my phone calls were being ignored and was given the only option to switch to another room for the third time. Room #255 no remote, stained sheets and pillow cases and no comforters on the beds and when I attempted to call front desk, the perfect cherry on top the phone was disconnected and not working and still no wifi. I proceeded to the front office to address my additional complaints once again and was only offered another room, when I requested a refund they said they will give me the money for the next two days I was supposed to stay but i was told I needed to leave immediately. When I refused the offer and decide to stay because I could not let myself leave and not be compensated for my money and time lost on a terrible stay. When I mentioned the roach problem and the fact that I also checked their smoke alarms and found them empty with no batteries they told me I needed to leave immediately or they were calling the police. Again I asked why I had to leave for just requesting what I’m paying for and for people to do their job correctly I was told “you didn’t do anything it was me” and then he had the smuck audacity to laugh in my face then tried to accuse me of prostitution & was told I was having company that wasn’t allowed and breaking the rules when I clearly walked in with my sister and he handed her a key as well as myself without asking for any identification. I’ve spoken to the man who was sent up to check on the phone and he was never addressed about any of these issues. I want something fixed this is ridiculous. This is the motel 6 in down town San Antonio Texas , address is 900 N Main


Thomas November 14, 2016 at 9:17 am

Jackson, TN Where does one start about this property? How about the false advertising on the billboard leaving Nashville West bound. Then only to find all the nice new signs leading us to the back of a broke down old property. Tired after driving 850 miles on a motorcycle all we wanted to do was get a shower and some sleep. Hoping that maybe just maybe they put some time and effort into the rooms we decided to give it a shot. Getting to the room it didn’t seem to bad until we tried to turn on the heater. This room was not renovated it had an old heater/air conditioning unit that was so worn out the bearings were grinding so loud we had to heat the room then turn it off to be able to sleep. TV signal via the cable was worse than a 1960’s black and white TV with a bunny ear antenna. The mattress was at least 15 years old and did not have the luxury of a mattress pad. The floor in the Bathroom was disgusting nothing a scrub brush and a little effort could repair in 15 minutes. The following morning find a treasure of bugs that an entomologist could study running around the bathroom. The part that is sad is the motel industry has been allowed to deteriorate to the point my tent and sleeping bag are starting to sound better than wasting my money on these crap hole properties. Motel 6 corporate should take a little more time and make sure that the people that represent your name are a little more honest in their business ethics. But then, what the heck, most customers love paying good money to live like were in a third world country. WTF


Dorothy Roberts November 8, 2016 at 7:23 am

We stayed at Motel 6 November 4, 2016 at Calera, Alabama. There was an inoperable deadbolt. The card was useless. Anyone could walk in to the room. We killed 3 XXXXroaches! We left the dead XXXXroaches on the toilet tank. As we moved furniture around to look for more XXXXroaches the dust was unreal! The room was filthy. The sink had no stopper. The knob off the shower was missing. This was room 30. We left at 5:00 a.m. with no rest as next door television was left on.


Tonya November 2, 2016 at 11:44 am

I just want to let you know i worked for this company for right around a month and a half til i couldnt take anymore. The dream st florence branch. The GM there Zac is very unprofessinal and treats the the employees and guests like they are trash beneith him. Also a traveling GM Todd which is even worst. In the establishments ive worked i know first hand customers always come first. Not here at anytime when those two were involved. They are mean heartless people and why you would have these terrible people on your team to continue to treat people the way they do is beyond me. It does not look good on Motel 6s buisness. When i started i wanted nothing more than to be a manager or higher for Motel 6 but i refuse to be if it means being cruel and rude to everyone. Its not me. Its no wonder why so manys having to sale these peoole are running your cistomers off.


Angie F October 30, 2016 at 11:29 am

My family and I stayed at the Motel 6 in Ashland, VA for a week, while waiting for our home inspection to be complete. Upon arriving the gentleman who checked us in was pleasant. He let us see the room before we put our luggage inside. The next morning I went up to the front to ask for another towel, the motel’s manager was in. This guy is a A**HOLE! He first complained to me that the rate I paid was to low (I booked the room through a company discount agency). I explained to him that he is the one who chooses to put the rates online. He then began to yell at me said that I have a 3rd person, which I did my 15 year old daughter. Kids are free??? He said she was 18, I asked if he wanted to see her ID? He walked away with saying nothing. Housekeeping gave me towel, and I walked back to my room. The manager came to our door and told us we needed to change rooms, because the room we have is for a single person (there were 2 beds inside). Without question, we moved into a different room. This room was musky, smelled like smoke, the bedding was stained, and had roaches! I went to the front and complained, he laughed and said “If you pay regular rate you get good room” at that moment I called the employee website and they contacted the main office in Texas. The head quarters called this jerk and he flat out lied. Told them I was rude, and my child was an adult, and he said to me that he runs a hotel not a apartment building (funny because there were about 10 rooms being used by the staff who lived there and other welfare people. The following night, the manger again moves our room said, someone requested that one we were in. We moved again (funny when I left for work the next day the room was empty). When I got back to the room after working all day I just wanted to relax, the room smelled as if someone was smoking inside. I asked to be moved again, the manager said we could move to the back side rooms. We packed our stuff and went to another room (also had to go wash all of our clothes at the laundry mat, because the smoke on our clean clothes was so bad!!) **WE DO NOT SMOKE** Walking into that room, we though it may be ok, until after 8pm when the local welfare families came in. It was load and sounded like parties outside our room. No one got any sleep that night, the local police dept drove by all night long. The next afternoon, I went to the office again, and the pleasant worker was there, and yes NO manager! He changed our room and this time it was some what cleaner. Still had holes in walls, and mold in the tub, I went to the local store and got bleach cleaner. Sad that I have to clean and disinfect a room that should have already been cleaned. We spent 2 nights in this room, then here comes the manger and made sure our last couple days were hell! I have never felt so disrespected, and have NEVER seen such a horrible and disgusting hotel in all my life. I have filed 2 BBB complaints trying to get my money back! I have also opened an investigation with the local health dept. and immigration dept. local authorities have been contacted as well. I will not stop until I get a FULL REFUND!! I have uploaded all my pictures to EVERY site I can!!! I hope the shut this crap hole down…..


Kimberly Rapacky October 29, 2016 at 1:32 pm

I have a complaint on studio 6 in orlando-kissimmee Florida I was a paying customer i stayed with you guys for over a month and a half just moved down here deom Connecticut.. Motel # 6050 at 5733 irlo bronson hwy kissimmee.. The housekeeping they only came once a week never cleaned the floors just left towels… They made my stay horrible at the end i have health problems and they knew we needed bottom floor they kick us out of our bottom floor because they said they had water leaks but detecting from their phones from an app… Then when we went to reserve again but said they were booked.. We never saw anyone work in the room we stayed in, then when i went to check in last night and used my card to pay for it. We get keys to room and then 5 minutes later Kevin L Barden came bangin on the door he was rude and obnoxious and told us we couldnt stay there we had to leave immediatley when we asked why he came up with stories and excuses, so my fiance and i left but we had to sleep in our car and cause we paid for the room we now have nothing in acct and no place to sleep i am currently 5 weeks pregnant, he said the money will be in today but still hasnt been in. I have never been so disrespected in my life and coming from a middle class family with respect.. I am never going back to any studio 6 after the experience.. In the outcome and to settle this i should be compensated from last night and the month and a half ive stayed there at 292.96 each week my bank card should be in the system… Worst experience of my life.. Feel free to email me for any additonal complaints or concerns




Rodney Schwegman October 27, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Stayed at the Motel 6 in Decatur, AL.
If I were Motel 6, I would withdraw my name from this motel. It is run by people from India. The room are filthy and some are even full of mold. There is so.etching running down the walls, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. The rooms are in no way sanitary. We watch them clean, and they have no idea how to clean. This place us pathetic and dangerous, due to the unsanitary conditions.


joyce clarke October 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm

New my motel 6 website required to change password. I tried according to what the requirement was, but was unable to do and I am very experienced with the web . Called Motel 6 to make reservations, girl was so rude, she treated me like crap. Last time I checked in they did not give the AARP discount rate. I guess it is election time. This will make me vote exactly the opposite way.


Melanie Norris October 24, 2016 at 5:26 pm

What has happened to Motel 6? We left and went to another hotel. The room was filthy, there were dogs left unattended in several rooms. I have asked for a refund, they said I would have to contact where I made the reservation.
The most horrific thing was the room had huge bed bugs!!! Lesson learned! Stay away from Motel 6!!


Terry ford October 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm

I was told when i booked room i could get in early. Manager let gentelman in early before me then when i asked im told ill need to wait 1hr and a half im stll waiting another guest was givin wifi access code so she could use it while she waits. When i tried to pay for access code while i wait manager refused me. She gave it to another woman but not a man.? Thats discimination and im going to post it everywhere. We have a corp account also this is the worst manager ive ever dealt with you company. Maybe the last time ray mac ptg. Uses you chain


Cathy Bell October 21, 2016 at 12:49 pm

Reserved Motel 6 in Carlsbad this past weekend through Expedia. I was charged for the night yet we stayed the night @ my brothers house. Hotel said to call Expedia for refund but Expedia says it’s hotel who needs to do refund. I never even gave the hotel rep my drivers license to verify it was me.I’ve been on the phone with Expedia an hour already & nothing resolved.
Somebody needs to process my refund.


Cherelle finley October 16, 2016 at 4:29 pm

I need someone to contact me about the absolutely horrible experience I had with my local motel 6!!!!! I will never stay at this motel chain again and I will make sure to spread the word


Valorie Ruka September 24, 2016 at 6:56 am

Please contact me regarding my recent visit to Motel 6 in Chula Vista, Ca.
I was refused accommodations by “manager” Myra Sanchez and I am extremely unhappy about this.


Robyn Wilson Anderson September 23, 2016 at 6:34 pm

When I got to the hotel, they tried to charge me a completely different price from what I was quoted on the Motel 6 site that I made the reservations on the website. I had to explain numerous times that the amount that the the associates at the motel were trying to charge me was not accurate. I showed them my reservation numerous times with my confirmation information and still was told that they were going to charge me a different amount. I was even told that this type of thing happens when you book at a partner site like Priceline, or Expedia. But when I explained to them that I booked the room directly through their site there still was an issue. It took about 40 minutes until I was finally granted my room that I reserved that included a dirty bathroom as well as people above me at all hours day and night sounding like they were remodeling the room. Now I have stayed at this location numerous times and have never had this issue. My worry was that even though I was quoted a certain price where they trying to charge me a different price because they were trying to pocket the difference of my money? I’m just not sure if I will ever stay there again. I feel very uneasy about their business practices.


Tony Miller September 23, 2016 at 1:58 pm

We stayed at a Motel 6 in Bismark ND address is 2433 State St Hotel #0173. What a hole in the wall, In fact it should be bulldozed. It stinks to hi heaven because it is filthy, plaster falling of the wall in the bathroom. This is the worst experience we have ever had at a Motel 6 for sure. When we checked in, they scanned my License and a different address city and /state printed out on the receipt. We where told that that is OK because it was only for there records anyway. (WOW) We hope someone addresses this situation because this was almost unbearable at best and a bunch of crap for all the other people that might stay there. Thanks Tony


Sheila stagg September 16, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Getting kicked out as a single mother have had Frederick county helping me so motel 6 claims late pays which actually happened twice had someone hear to pay and was told no one can pay because manager wants me out – I guess because I’m not a drug dealer or someone that has the police walking me out or causing fights I’m not good enough just a single mother with three children trying to survive and given two hours to move – thank you motel 6 – with all my heart and soul I will make sure the whole United States knows what they do to there customers!!!!


Donna Hockett September 9, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I am not a complainer but while i was traveling i booked a room with expedia for Redding Motel 6 North. I was not looking for fancy but i got a substandard room. This hotel needs serious checking on. The door lock wasnt working properly and thank goodness the child lock worked because we couldnt keep the door closed during the night. When we checked in there were dirty towels in the shower and mud on floor. My feet got so dirty i had to wash them before getting into bed. There was trash under the beds, what looked like blood on the night stand and holes in the bedding. The employees were nice and pool area was wonderful and we didnt really mind the extra security upon checking in but i will never stay in anpther Motel 6 again and i booked a Motel 6 in Gold Beach Oregon that was wonderful but i wont risk another stay being so uncomfortable again.


Helen Robinson September 6, 2016 at 2:15 pm

This incident happened to my daughter when she stayed at the Motel 6 in Streetsboro, Ohio on September 3, 2016. Please, please do not stay at this location or any other Motel 6 locations. We are currently waiting to see what customer relations will do, they said the manager has up to 5 days to respond. My daughter was promised a refund the next day and of course that never happened. Please pass the word on about this hotel, this motel chain and this incident. Please don’t let this happen to you.

Signed by a concerned Mother.

Date of Incident – 09/03/16 ~8:40pm to 10:00pm
AM Agent – White male, ~5’10, ~240 with ear length dirty blonde hair; early to mid 30’s
PM Agent – Indidian make, ~5’6, ~140 with short black hair and accented dialect; late 20s to early 30s

If I could have given this experience all zeros I would have. The caliber of service was deplorable, I was told I would receive a call on 09/04/2016 from the manager and a refund – both of which have not yet happened. The sheets were filthy (stained yellow and brown), the agent never gave me his information and would not give me new/clean linen. He served others more expediently (ie: a couple asked for a new room and got one in under five minutes after he told me he could not put me in a new room). I first left ~11am and explained to the front desk staff that the water was brown and the sheets were stained. I told him I slept on a towel but I took all the bedding off and asked that they not put it back on. I explicitly asked fr the beds to be stripped and the bedding replaced with clean linen. He confirmed my name and (when asked) told me there was a pipe that had burst on the 3rd floor which is why my water had been brown.

When I was insistent he find me an option after being there for about 40 min, he got the janitor. I explained this did not involve him BUT did inquire if the issue with the brown water was fixed. I explained to him that In the morning when I went to shower the water had the brown, and that the morning agent told me “oh yeah – pipe burst on a third floor”. This individual explained that I was “one out of a hundred people to complain” and that I should “just let the water run for a few minutes”. When I explained that this is unhygienic, he said “well that’s f-g childish” and walked away. He continued to speak on my complaint in a pejorative fashion about how “dumb and stupid” my issue was. When I went back two of the front desk, I again requested the agent call the manager or somebody else that I can speak to as soon as possible in order to collect to rebut to leave the establishment. This individual continuously said he was new and that he could not do anything. I attempted to call guest relations a second time when he said he would try to call a manager, and went to a rout a corner where it was quieter than the lobby. What I was able to get someone on the phone and moved to walk outside of a conversation, there were two police officers waiting for me. As I explained the situation to the customer service agent, they took their notes added to my information after words stating that the individual had called them in at that I was “acting crazy”. Never did I curse at this individual, threaten this individual, or do anything that could have been construed in that fashion. I was on the trip for business and continuously iterated fact that the main thing that I asked for was clean sheets in my room.

After realizing the severity of his actions – and the potential harm that he could have caused by calling police when no crime was committed; I was insistent that I leave the property and go to the Comfort Inn next door. When I was coming off the elevator, both officers would they are and told me that they spoke to the manager and that he would call me and 9:00 the next day, (neither of which have happened as of September 6, 2016) and that he would give me a full refund ” no questions asked”. I can not articulate about how humiliating, frustrating and demeaning this experience was for me. To be the only person of color and to have this individual service others in a fashion that was more expedient and appropriate really made me look at this individual and the establishment and question if they employ discriminatory practices. The guest relations agent that I spoke with told me that they would file a complaint or my behalf, and I do intend to follow-up on this action to see what further steps I will need to take in regards to this issue.


kevin r quaide September 26, 2016 at 9:48 pm



Susan Huth September 5, 2016 at 9:05 pm

My husband & I have stayed at this Motel 6 #1427 N. High St. in Columbus, Ohio (formerly a Red Roof Inn)during Ohio State Football season. We stayed at the Red Roof for a number of years with little issues. There were elderly couples and families that stayed at this location – even HS sport teams. The front desk staff were friendly and knew us because we came year after year. WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING! On the weekend of September 2-4, upon check in – we could not enter the side door leading to our room- the latch was broken and we had to get the manager and thought he was going to fix it… NOPE. This is just the beginning. Our room was a handicap accessible- newly renovated. It had NO Phone and NO clock/radio , limited towels, and 2 bars of soap. We went to bed ~ 11:30pm with loud partying going on in the rooms on the floor and the odor of marijuana in the hall. At 2:45am, we were rudely awaken by someone pounding on our door demanding to let him in! We talked through the door and told him he had the wrong room! Looking through the peep hole – there were 2 males and a female that we did not know. My mind was racing… were they going to harm us? rob us? He continued to pound on the door telling us to open the door! We yelled back NO – YOU HAVE THE WRONG ROOM AND WE ARE CALLING THE POLICE! There was no phone in the room- fortunately, I had my cell phone and called the front desk. The phone rang and rang and rang. Finally ,the front desk answered and we explained the situation and asked him to call the police. We thought he was going to come and address the situation – He DID NOT. We waited for almost a half hour. No one came to our room. I was afraid for our lives. My husband and I decided to grab our belongings and run to our vehicle. The intruders were not in sight. We got to our vehicle and drove to the front desk. The desk clerk was on the phone and I was outraged! I demanded to know why he didn’t come to the room and questioned if he called the police. He responded that he is the only one working and can’t leave the desk and that he called the police on a non-emergency number! NON-EMERGENCY- OMG! Shame on me- I should have called 911 myself! A few minutes passed and 3 Columbus Police officers arrived. We learned that there were other complaints that evening AND overall at this location. We explained what happened and were advised to find other locations to stay and to file a complaint with corporate. The Officers were unable to get into the door to the hallway where our room was located because the latch was not fixed. This was a safety violation and he wanted to speak to the manager and was going to have the Fire Marshall conduct an inspection. I demanded a refund and was refunded. Fortunately, I was able to book another hotel and at 3:45am – we left this unsafe Motel 6. Honestly, we have never experienced anything like this at any hotel we have stayed at. This Motel 6 needs to prioritize SAFETY, Re-think the staffing especially at night and consider hiring security and step up and deal with complaints appropriately. We will not be returning and sad to say, this experience left us with an undesirable reputation of Motel 6.


Shannon Bode August 30, 2016 at 2:16 am

This past weekend August 25-August 28 I was moving my son into his college dorm and due to budget I chose Motel 6. The area as well as surrounding areas were booked due to the 2 colleges in close proximity beginning school at the same time. I stayed alone at the Beasverto Oregon location on SW Canyon and as soon as I stepped into the room I cried. It was awful, first of all I got a smoking room& I requested non-smoking, the bathroom faucet did not work but a trickle, the tub was peeling, putty was caked on to the walls, when you flush the toilet water rises on the floor around the toilet & to my dismay when I went to shower and took down the stained white towels there was a hole in the wall which 3 baby coachroaches crawled out and I had to kill. I stuffed toilet tissue inthe hole fir the remainder of my visit. The phone jack was off the wall and a hole was exposed so I stuffed the only wash cloth I had in the hole. The adjoining room was missing half of the extra security lock so I mived the fridge in front of the door. When I went to get into bed I realized all of the cigarette burn holes in the blanket and the comforter was stained with some sort of grease and the nightstand had cigarette burns as well. I put all of the added locks onthe door as well as a chair in front of it due to the uncertainty of my safety with a few other guests staying there. When I checked in I waited at least 15 minutes because the office was empty, so I even called the hotel, but the phone rang in front of me unattended. Then who I thought was a guest due to her wardrobe, ended up being the front desk employee. I was taken back by the spaghetti strap tank top with her bra strap wider than the tank top on display with a pair of jeans. It felt very unprofessional and I honestly was quite worried to give her my credit card. I am a pretty patient person and this by far was the worst experience I have ever had at a Motel 6. I was already comitted to my reservation and hotels were sold out in the area so I was left with no choice but to complete my stay here. The apprehension I felt inthe evening for my safety due to certain other guests, and the room next to kinehad a dog barking at 3am, it was hard to get any rest. Taking my son to college was a challenge emotionally & I didnt feel I had a safe, clean place to rest & take in all the changes cause I was too apprehensive with my accomodations. I expected more from Motel 6, and this was a financial hardship for us and it was not worth the money I had to pay. I hope to hear back from someone because I do have all the pictures I took of my room. Thank you


Sara August 29, 2016 at 11:01 pm

General Manager property #657 Jessica Jelly was seen at current employees home with child purchasing drugs (marijuana). There is pictures and video of the said inncedent. Very unprofessional.!!!!


Sara August 29, 2016 at 10:57 pm

I find it disturbing the General Manager of property in Grafton.#657 hangs out with employees at employees home and in apartment on property to get high. Very bad for business. There are videos and pictures for proof.


ashor nona August 28, 2016 at 6:19 pm

WARNING. If you read this and still reserve a room at this DUMP, then you deserve everything coming to you. I am 62 years of age. The last time I stayed at Motel 6 was when I was 21. I WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER AGAIN, EVER. Before reserving a room, I looked at Reviews, WHICH ARE A LIE, and noticed a 3.4 review summary. Looked at the hotel photos, WHICH ARE COMPLETE LIE, and it looked nice. So, I made reservations for Friday and Saturday August 26,27 and leaving on August 28, 2016. My son and I arrived at 11:30 PM.

I instantly knew we had been had. Walked in the office and spoke to a heavy set Hispanic woman about late 20’s early 30’s, who was coughing and wiping her knows with tissues, while handling our driver license. For some reason, she made two copies of our ID and then crumbled one copy and threw it in the garbage can. My son who is in the Military, asked her to give him the extra paper with our ID’s or shred it. We paid $222.00 for two night to stay at a DUMP. I mean PURE DUMP.

Drove to our room, which was on the first floor. Right in front of our room was a large garbage can, which was FULL and smelling like hell. The top portion was full of cigarette butts. And for extra, there was urine smell all around the area. Honest to God, the garbage can was 3 feet from the door. We walked in and thought someone had been dead in there. It smelled worse than the garbage can. Turned the window style AC on, which sounded like an 18 wheel truck engine.

Then came the worse part. I wanted to take a shower, as we had been driving for 6 hours. OMG, how do I describe the bathtub. I knew if I stepped in it, I would catch AIDS. Simply put, it was FILTHY. The towels looked like they had been used to wash a car with. So, needless to say, no shower, no nothing. Slept in our clothes. Went to the beach the next day in Oceanside. Stayed there ALL day and took a shower at the beach, as I did not want to get sick from touch ANYTHING in the room. The beach shower was 100% cleaner that the one at our room. At 6:00 AM Sunday morning, we got up, and got the hell out of the DUMP. Folks, so help me God, I have visited the world for 15 years and I have stayed as some XXXXX HOLES. But this, beats them all. Stay the HELL away. You have been warned.

If there was anything worse than ONE star, I would put it.


kevin r quaide September 26, 2016 at 10:03 pm



Jon York August 27, 2016 at 1:06 am

I have been staying in hotels since the beginning of June due to my lease ending and being unable to find accommodations that are satisfactory to my wife’s and my needs. During this time we have stayed at the Motel 6 located at 1508 S Rustle Rd Spokane, WA 99224 on several occasions for up to 3 weeks at a time. Almost all of the employees have been great. They all exhibit great customer service and have gone above and beyond to accommodate us as guests, and to help make us feel at home durin our stays. However, one employee has gone even further to ensure that our stays have not only been comfortable, but he has taken steps to guarantee our personal safety. During our time living in one hotel after another we have encountered a wide range of people with an even wider range of personalities. Unfortunately not all of those people and personalities turn out to be good ones. One such person had become obsessed with my wife and would follow her, make inappropriate remarks and gestures towards her, and would also make promises/threats of the things he would do to her. One night while stayi at the Motel 6 located on Rustle Rd, I discovered that this man had followed us, was parked in the parking lot very late at night, and appeared to be waiting for my wife to exit the building. It was at this time that I notified an employee of the situation and that employee’s name is Davon Hargrove. While has always shown exemplary customer service, in this situation Davon immediately showed his concern by first ensuring that my wife was not only OK, but that her safety was guaranteed while he handled the situation. He then proceeded to ask me for a description of the man and his vehicle so that he could verify the exact location of the individual. Davon then went outside to explain to the man that if he was not renting a room that he wouldn’t be able to remain on the property. At his time, the man became agitated, stating that it was a free country and he could park his vehicle wherever he pleased(in not such nice language of course). He also began using racial slurs directed at Davon as he is an African-American individual. Davon, with more patience thank would’ve n able to muster, again explained that the gentleman would need to leave the property if he was not a tenant, or a guest of a tenant, also adding, in no uncertain terms, that if he remained on the premises that he would contact the authorities and have him trespassed from the property. The man then decided that it was in his best interest to leave, and, fortunately for my wife, never returned. This situation, although seemingly mundane, was a huge concern for my wife and myself. Sensing that this was a very important matter for my wife and myself, Davon took ownership of the matter and immediately addressed the situation. Davon acted with the utmost respect for us as tenants and for the gentleman as well as an individual. Davon never lost his composure and never once was baited into an argument. Davon not only exemplified what an employee should do in this given situation, but he also acted in a manner that showed he genuinely cared about our safety and well-being, not just as an employee but as a human being. If all employees at all the Motel 6’s across the country acted as Davon did in this situation, there is no doubt in my mind that there not only would never be a dissatisfied customer, but all of your customers would be extremely grateful, as well as loyal and very likely to refer their friends and families to stay at Motel 6 whenever they travelled. Davon went above and beyond the call of duty and made already loyal and satisfied customers into customers who will: always stay at a Motel 6 when the option is available, urge everyone they know that is likely to travel to stay at Motel 6, never hesitate to ask for assistance from an employee for fear of bad customer service, and be eternally grateful to Davon fofor taking ownership of the situation and having pride in duties as a guest representative with your company. Thank you and hopefully your company is able to find and hire many more employees like Davon.


Harlan Butler August 25, 2016 at 10:47 pm

I rented a room for two days and on the first day there my father in law had a stroke, my girlfriend came to mind the kids so I could deal with family members as they came to coordinate with me on what was to be done with him and the kids so I could tend to caring for my father in law . I am his caregiver. My girlfriend locked herself out of room and asked office to open door .as I returned from hospital I was told to report to office about unregistered guest. I explained situation but was rudely dismissed by manager. He tolde I was to remove belongings from room and leave. I inquired about refund and was informed that it was forfeit do to violation of contract stating guests must be registered. I again explained situation but was told that it didn’t matter. I called police and they told manager that my situation was legit and if I was evicted then a refund was in order. At this time manager had me sign receipt , just to tell me my signature didn’t match and refund was void. He said that it would be sent to me by mail from corporate. I still have not received refund. This was over month ago. I wonder if this is just a way to scam customers and the manager is pocketing money. He had signed receipt saying I received refund and I asked for the receipt telling him to destroy it or make it void only to have him walk away into back office. I made complaint but have not heard back from corporate many times has this happened at the Petaluma motel 6.


Bob August 25, 2016 at 4:45 pm

To whom it may concern,
Just wanted to say that I had a pleasant (lengthy) stay at the Motel 6 in Bismarck, ND. This was made possible by Jane Richmond, the GM of said motel. I’ve stayed at many motels throughout the years and a friendly face along with excellent service goes a long way. With the usual negative comments these type of sites engender, I’d like to add appreciation for a job well done.


ROBERT August 24, 2016 at 9:30 pm

24 August 2016

Re: Dissatisfaction

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Robert A. Merrigan, I grew up Santa Ana – California. My son and I planned a golf outing for two days playing courses my late father and I used to play and were planning on visiting their gravesites at Fairhaven Memorial Park.

I booked a reservation at your facility located at 1623 East 1st Street very close to both courses we were playing and very close to the cemetery. After the completion of our first round today at Riverview Golf Course, we proceeded to your facility on 1st Street arriving approximately at 2:45pm. We initiated the check-in process when we were informed that both myself, and my son were to show government issued identification – my son didn’t have his. When the reservation attendant became aware of this she insisted, stating it was a policy and an agreement between Motel 6 and the Santa Ana Police Department. I am not disputing the policy but the lack of foreknowledge to the effect. Nowhere on my printed itinerary is there any mention of both parties having to present “ID”. I am 55 years old and have stayed at hundreds of hotels and motels all over the United States and I have never known this to be a policy – ANYWHERE! I presented my CADL, a Visa credit card and offered $200 cash but she refused. I explained we were from San Diego and had no other options at this point – SHE DIDN’T CARE just kept stating policy. If your are going to strictly adhere to these types of business policies then it would be a great idea to insure that this was clearly spelled out on your reservation itineraries.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the treatment we received – we were forced to cancel are 2nd tee time on Thursday, not able to visit my parents gravesite and left a horrible taste in our mouths regarding Motel 6. I am the franchisee of many Subway Restaurants in the San Diego area and I assure you anyone asking me for suggestions on places to stay will be moved well away from Motel 6. I am going to tell every single person I know how crappy my son and I were treated and the fact we had to give up our golf outing early – DISGRACEFUL.

You are free to respond and attempt retention.

Sincerely Mad,

Robert A. Merrigan


Becky August 22, 2016 at 11:08 am

I don’t know if the motel we stayed at is a franchise or not, but corporate should do something about it because it gives all Motel 6’s a bad name. We stayed at 5501 Tinker Diagonal, Midwest City, OK. I never saw such a filthy place. There was human excrement on the sidewalk outside the rooms. The trash receptacles outside the room doors were overflowing. We got dozens of flies in our room because of that. When the trash cans were emptied, no one bothered to clean up what had fallen to the ground and blown around the parking lot. There were trash bags overflowing in the elevator. The bedspread was torn. There was hardly any furniture in the room: only a bed, a tiny table, 2 rickety chairs, and a couple of things screwed into the wall to pass for endtables. No dresser or anything, because the dressers are all busted and piled in the hallways. There was no free coffee in the mornings: “The coffee machine is broken, sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it.” There are numerous fire hazards: the broken furniture piled in walkways, the lock on our door which wouldn’t unlock to let us out until we banged it around for a couple of minutes, and the extension cord that the people who live upstairs drape over the railing to run into their van to power their large deep freeze. It was the nastiest place I have ever seen, and the people who run it don’t care at all. And they charged $59 per night for 2 adults. I filed a complaint with the Oklahoma City Health Department, and they accepted the motel people’s explanation that they were “renovating.” No, they didn’t do any renovating at all while we were there, but the Health inspector said they were “preparing” to paint when he got there. The Health Department has received complaints for the past 5 months straight, I was told. But I guess the motel people keep a can of paint under the desk for whenever the inspector shows up, because the Health Department hasn’t closed them down yet. I think everyone who has seen a filthy motel should file a complaint, anyway, because maybe someday they will close these places down.


Tiffiny August 21, 2016 at 4:49 pm

My family and I rented a room (#236) August 17,2016- August 20,2016 In King of Prussia. When we went into the room first thing we noticed that the room wasn’t very clean then the wooden floor had gaps in it! That night cause there were 4 of us staying in the room we asked for 4 more pillows cause there were only 4 pillows in the room we kept being told they didn’t have any extras and we asked 5 times for them the air conditioning hardly worked in our room the room didn’t get cool at all! Then the next morning when we got up too take showers there’s a huge gap in the ceiling of the shower. So we showered left for the day came back asked the front desk again for pillows and the great guy that was on actually brought us pillows with no problems no excuses at all. He was a great employee before we left the next morning I went down and personnelly thanked him and was telling him what the girls on shift the day before did too us and he was apologetic and the manager then waked over too ask me what happened and said something would be done about it! I worked in hotels plenty in my life as housekeeping and I know nothing ever gets done but this is the last time we will ever stay in a Motel 6 ever highly disappointed paying the amount of money we pay for a crappy room and service and too pay extra for internet everyday it’s not worth it too me thanks for ruining our time there with how awful our room was no comfort at all was had by my family at all!!!!!!!!


Patricia Higginbotham August 20, 2016 at 11:23 pm

I reserved a room on 8/19/16 at Motel 6-Gainesville, FL #8724, 7413 West Newberry Rd.
I was assigned room #206; I was told they had just taken over the hotel and renovated it!!! I assumed that this would mean an improvement. Not so, there were no hotel signs outside, and very few lit light fixtures on the grounds and in the hallway and inside my room. Being a single women it made me extremely nervous walking from the dark parking lot down the hallway to my dark room.

Inside the room was even worse! 1) the lamps in room weren’t plugged in 2) the blankets had burn marks and tears 3) night stand had a cigarette burn and water stains 4) the carpet and walls were covered with black dirt or stains 5) bathroom was filthy! shower curtain was covered with mildew, tub floor was black and grungy, faucet wouldn’t shut off. Grout in shower stall was full of mildew too. Along with black hand prints on all walls in bathroom.

The desk clerk, Quinn, was very accommodating and tried to put me in the last available room, however that room reeked of old smoke and the light would turn on by the wall.

Needless to say, I’m am extremely disappointed in the quality of rooms. I would like to have a credit on my charge for this night.


Stevie Lewis September 13, 2016 at 1:10 am

To whom it may concern my name is Stevie I’m in Las Vegas NV at one of your fine establishments motel 6 in other words I gave been relocated from one room to another and five minutes into my stay im killing roaches theirs no need for a long paragraph but it’s real clear that your place of business has a real big roach infestation problem i came into my new room and recorded a roach climbing the wall and was just offered a refund After being harassed by a dope addict who looked like he needed a step program and I mean 12 step for drug use.


Jenny S August 18, 2016 at 5:51 pm

Stayed at the motel 6 in Altoona Iowa. Room was disgusting, musty, had at least 3 types of mold growing in it (no joke), wrappers in bed, bugs, stains on sheets, mold starting on mattress, sodas in vending machine were expired, etc, etc, etc. It would be better to put a blanket in the grass outside and take your chances. I spent most of the night in my car. Staff doesn’t care, you can’t ever seem to find a manager to talk to, and corporate couldn’t care less. When I complained about the filth to corporate, I was told that they resolved the issue by cutting the housekeepers pay, which made me very angry. The filth is the managents fault. It was obvious that management at this hotel is one BIG failure. I don’t always put a lot of stock in reviews, but please believe me and please do not stay here!! I can’t even put into words how awful this place was. The health depth should truly step in.


Clay Johnson August 16, 2016 at 11:20 am

August 12th 2016. Our stay at Motel 6 Altoona Iowa. A WARNING for ALL readers. Sleep in your car, pick-up or if necessary buy a tent and sleep any where you can find flat ground to lie on. If you still choose to ignore my warning and stay at this location then keep your clothes on when going to bed, don’t walk in bare feet, and cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before sitting down. And don’t expect the staff to be friendly or attentive to any of your needs. Again I suggest you stay at any other hotel/motel you can find.


Kaitlyn August 16, 2016 at 3:56 am

So I’m very easy going about budget hotels, and I’m able to forgive a lot. Having no parking close to my room when I arrive at 0130? No worries, I carry pepper spray. Unknown stains on curtain and back of chair and on top of one of the comforters? No worries, just won’t touch those things. No shampoo in the shower, just a bar of soap? Ehh, I’m going camping tomorrow, no need to wash my hair. Dirty carpet? No problem, I have a pair of flip flops I can wear. I’m not picky about a lot of things in a hotel. However, dried urine all over the toilet seat that is there before I even use the toilet? DISGUSTING. I know cheap hotels are just that, cheap. I know that they’re not cleaned as nicely as a Marriott, and that’s okay. But for them to not clean the toilet? Seriously??? That’s the epitome of just downright disrespectful and disgusting.
I’m able to forgive a lot, but I will not forgive this. I travel cross country every 3 months or so for work, and you have lost out on all this potential business. I’d rather sleep in my car than another Motel 6.


brian waale August 15, 2016 at 10:34 am

My name is Brian Waale, I live in Minnesota.
I work for an adjusting firm from Richardson ,Tx Handling insurance property claims
for wind and hail losses. I have stayed at the motel 6 here in Bismark, North Dakota
for the last 8 weeks. I have just finished my last claim today. I will be going back home to Minnesota. I generally work for five months of the year and stay in motels. Red Roof, extended stay America, country Inn and suites, Holiday Inn express, ect. I usually don’t stay at the Motel 6. I am very easy going, and the other insurance adjusters that work for my company usually stay whatever motel that I go to. I will never stay at another motel again in any state that I work in except for the Motel 6. You have turned me into a loyal customer, now I understand why you leave the lights on! If the other managers at the Motel 6 are just half as kind, courteous, and considerate of other people like the manager here ( Jane Richmond ) then I will always stay at the Motel 6. Reason being- I go to work at 7:30 a.m. every morning to look at the property hail losses. I usually see Jane in the mornings with a smile on her face and she always says
I hope you have a wonderful day, It is hard to understand if I’m having a bad week of work how good that makes me feel when I go to work every day. I feel like I’m home and actually I’m away from home. Then I usually see her in the evenings and she checks to see if the room has been cleaned properly and is there anything that I need. I would like to know where in America at any motel that I ever stayed at that you get this friendly consideration except for Motel 6.
Even all the staff members are kind. Way to go Motel 6, you are 10 Star Motel in my opinion. Believe me I will let all my co-workers,friends, and family know what a wonderful experience I had staying here. I would like to say thanks again to Jane Richmond for making my stay here so pleasant.
Life long Customer from this day forward,
Thank You,
Brian Waale


CT Patrick August 10, 2016 at 9:39 pm

Unfortunately when booking online, you have no idea whether you are booking at a “franchise” location or a “corporate” location. If you happen to have a bad experience at a franchise location, ……. well you have no recourse. The Motel 6 customer service reps tell you that it is at the managers discretion of that location to resolve the issue. What a joke! You might as well book at a no name motel. You’ll have the same results if there’s a problem.
In the future , I will avoid Motel 6’s at all costs.
Not worth the aggravation. Especially dealing with customer service trying to resolve the issue!


Dimiteic August 16, 2016 at 1:26 am

I too had the same experience with them and to go a step further by stating that the whole company is going to pits behind giving the guys from India franchise”s to operate under what was a solid American biz for a few bucks more your opinion of the customer no longer is important to them they alwow these guys to treat you like sh*t and have no witch to deal with such rouge behavior from. These guys who treat loyal respectful hard working American people who are expecting to get the same respect as you may get from the corporate stores they operate shame on them I can say this I’m done with the scrum lords. The last straw was when there was sh*t all over the walls and floors. Of the room I rented. In Redlands location when the American employee quit her job after being wrote up a warring for doing the right thing by giving me the last room available. And they would have sold out this weekend but instead gave me a cleaner room. So that me and, won’t risk getting sick from something in the room and the owner had the balls. To tell me I should have just cleaned it my self and then charged me for the second room I tell you what America if ever in Redlands stay away especially if you. Get there and you run in to Aj the guy who runs the place a total a-hole you will get the worst customer service I’m sure you would have ever got at a motel 6 in your life. The rates are so all over place when at most important the rates should be posted so you know your getting the same experience as you may from corp the motel 6 just don’t seem to care about you stay at home


norma morales August 10, 2016 at 10:53 am

I stayed at motel 6 Newark Delaware in room 158 got bed bugs I went to the front counter to file my complaint. she act like she didn’t care and treated me with ignorance. I ask to speak to a manager and she refuse. that is when she got rude and ignorant and with a loud voice told me she did not care, and for me to call who ever I needed to call she can care less. This issue needs to be address. Sucks that one has to go through this and nothing is done about it. Bed bugs are a big issue and beware for those that are looking to stay.


Tonya Morrison August 6, 2016 at 9:07 pm

I’m reading to contact a regional manager or districtManager 4 Salem office Motel 6 about 2 days ago and accident happened a friend of mine accidentally overdosed I called an ambulance to go where my friend was he was not on the property it wasn’t even near the property but I am being kicked out because I called an ambulance to save somebody’s life literally saved their life how’s that fair or just to say since I tried saving somebody that I was causing a scene but thank God I found him and they found him because if not he would have been dead because nobody cared enough all this happened on 8/4/2016


Kevin Wagner August 4, 2016 at 11:43 am

I stayed at a franchised Motel 6 in Mount Pleasant, TX (2502 W Ferguson Rd). I have pursued remedy to my complaint to Gen Mgr Vinny Patel to no avail. 6 phone calls, 3 emails. No return correspondence. My visit 7/18 I had no offered Wi-fi (connection problems?), BUT even more of a problem, the Motel had NO electricity from 1A-4A.
I stay at Motel 6 in Irving (Airport Frwy) and the one in Belmead, TX several nights each month. No problems; in fact excellent staff and accommodations.
Please advise me what to do? I would like a refund to my charge of $51.97.


Jessica hambly August 5, 2016 at 2:55 pm

All my belongings were stole from atascadero California motel 6 I have tried numerous times to make contact and all I get is customer relations. These people are a bunch of theifs as the manager from this location named FRANCINE was involved and now everyone is saying oh well. I WILL ADVISE EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM ATASCADERO CALIFORNIA MOTEL 6 THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CRIOKS.


Lisa G Carner August 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm

July 19th-Aug 2, 2016 1027 Apalachee Parkway Tallahassee, Florida 32301
I have to say I have never stayed at a Motel 6 before and I will never stay at one again. It was the worst experience ever. The floors were so filthy that if you were barefoot your feet would turn black. Had to move from room 107 to 109 because the ceiling began to leak. One night, a man came pounding on the door in the evening. He was threatening and it was extremely frightening. We asked that the police be called but the young girl at the desk did not call them. She did not even notify us that they were not called and we were waiting for them to show up. When I asked her why, she was very rude and said that she would call them if it happened again. By the way, there was a murder at this motel in 2013. We have seen the cops there nightly. A few days later we had to move from 109 to another room for repairs to the room. But before that could happen, the same young girl at the desk decided to get rude with us again. “Did you ask my permission to see the room.” When we asked to speak to her manager, the manager told us to leave and he then called the cops on us. We had paid a week in advance that morning and we could not get our money back until the next day. The cops who stood by and watched us move said that its a problem here and they are here every night for one thing or another. They said it is a very bad place. The nice staff member, who we had a good rapport with, apologized for their manager. The maintenance staff member apologized for their manager. They said they felt so bad for us, that we didn’t deserve this treatment. The manager’s name is Ephraem Seedansingh. This Motel 6 has so many problems that I am unable to list them all. But the worst, by far, is the management who needs some serious training in good customer service. Good news is- there is a great motel down the road called the Baymont and they charge about the same considering you needed to pay $4.99 a day for WiFi at the Motel 6 which never worked. It is clean, the staff is professional and friendly and it is very, very quiet.


Jessica hambly August 5, 2016 at 3:02 pm



Berenice August 3, 2016 at 5:28 pm

I went to Motel 6 120 Independence Blvd, Hardeeville, SC 29927 when I went to SC and I had the absolute worst experience ever. Ravin was the employee at the front and he was very RUDE and disrespectful. I always consider Motel 6 when I travel but this experience has made me reconsider. We went there and as I was showering I seen a roach right then and there I knew I did not want to stay there. I got out and as I was getting dressed I see 3 more roaches I could not believe it. Every motel 6 I have visited has been clean. Until this one. I knew the receptionist wouldn’t believe me so I killed one and picked it up with a tissue. I go down and try to get a refund and he refused to give me a refund saying they don’t give refunds with cash purchases which I knew was a lie. He also stated they didn’t have roaches which I also knew was coming so I went to go get it and give it to him. When my bf left the lobby he started yelling at me. I just feel like they need to do a lot better. Don’t think I will ever visit a motel 6 again. Nothing but lost money came out of that. We just ended up leaving.All this happened July 22 is there anything that can be done?


Linda August 3, 2016 at 10:38 am

I checked into the Motel 6 in Melrose Park IL. I paid cash and was told that if paying with cash a $30.00 deposit would be required. I have stayed at any Motel 6 and have always paid cash. This is the first time I have ever been asked to pay a deposit. I go to my room and thought I entered a time worp. It looked like something out of the 1960’s. Furniture old and worn. Carpeting dirty. Hookers up and dowm the hallways. Outside security doors didn’t work , no one in housekeeping spoke english. My advice is stay far, far away from this dump.


Norma August 2, 2016 at 8:07 pm

This is now about the principal. My mom booked 2 nights July 29th and July 30th. After checking in and walking the room noticed that the room was disgusting and unstayable. This is poor maintenance, customer service, poor health conditions, poor business. I understand a motto of offordable pricing but when the care and that vision gets to an unsatisfactory level for consumers that is unacceptable. Motel 6 across the country should not be in business. My mom was asking for the refund as her head let alone any ounce of her body was in that room. Her and my dad immediately went to find a different room in a different hotel. She has proof and its unfortunate that this has happened however the principal is this needs not continue.


anonymous August 1, 2016 at 7:53 pm

I stayed at the Motel 6 in Albany on Watervliet Avenue. It was disgusting. The bed spread was stained with god knows what. The blanket underneath had cigarette holes in it. The room stunk of cigarettes even though it was supposed to be non-smoking. The floor was sticky. The stairwell smelled like urine and marijuana. I did not feel safe there. Was supposed to stay 2 nights but only stayed one. Would have rather slept in my car.


kevin r quaide September 26, 2016 at 10:23 pm

the smell of weed would have welcomed compared to the stench of this rathole


Joy July 27, 2016 at 8:49 pm

The hotel room was filthy! There was something on the walls, the bedding was stained and burned with cigarettes, the shower tub filled faster than I could wash the soap off and the floor was grimy. The A/C was propped up by a 2×4 and barely cooled the room. I can see why they have signs at the front desk that says no refund after check-in. Oxford, AL


susie July 27, 2016 at 6:45 pm

My stay at Motel 6. I checked in at 3:00 PM at Joliet, IL. I attend a family Reunion and I turned the cover back to go to bed and I discovered that my sheets had not been changed from the other people or person. I immediately went to the desk to ask for clean sheets and pillow case, and a blanket. The desk clerk gave the sheets to me. The person who claimed she changed the sheet was Pricilla (the housekeeper) and the room was 106.


Sandra July 26, 2016 at 6:56 pm

I stayed at motel 6 in fredricksburgh Va. The place was beyond bad. The wolf place was just bad news. Only thing this place was missing was roaches. The manager over charged me for 3 nights when I only wanted one. When I tried to get my refund I was shown nothing but more hostility by the manager. This motel is covers in mold, burn holes, ando spliced electrical wires. DO NOT STAY AT THE MOTEL SIX ON JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY IN FREDICKSBURGH VIRGINIA!!!!


Tracy July 26, 2016 at 4:52 pm

The most HORRIBLE experience I have EVER had in a Hotel chain EVER. Made advance reservations online in April for a JULY wedding we live 3 hrs away. Stayed in Brampton at the Steelswell ave site was very rudely advised ONLINE reservations are not honoured. Traveled with my Elderly parents again very rudely advised Adjoining rooms requested in said reservations are NOT honored and were going to separate us to different floors. Called Guest Services advised that same and when I explained my situation was rudely advised NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Hookers and Drug dealers all over the place POLICE presence every day before 8am and after 10pm. The worst Hotel Chain ever and the staff were horribly rude. I do not recommend this chain to anyone. The Guest Services division is worse then the front line at the hotel.


Susan Coston July 26, 2016 at 11:02 am

I really enjoy staying a Hotel 6, I enjoy the facts that you are able to bring your pets, The only thing I do not like is when the pet owner does not cleanup after there dog.It is our duty as a pet owner to clean it up. This is how we loose being able to bring your pets to hotels.The floors in our room were dirty,how did I know they were dirty. Something got split and I wiped it up and the towel was black when I cleaned it up. The T.V. kept cutting in and out. Other then that the service is okay..


Karen Wright July 25, 2016 at 11:36 am

We had reservations to stay at Cypruswood CT, Spring Texas.. They were told we had 3 small dogs all under 10lbs. We called on the road to confirm. We got an email confirming reservations. We arrived at 4:10 pm. Upon arrival the Front Desk Clerk was extremely rude and refused to give us a room. We were left scrambling for a place to stay. Not to mention we are in Spring Texas because my sister passed away. We went to 3 different motels getting more stressed out. Finally we found a very nice motel.


Rick canzano July 25, 2016 at 10:49 am

I work for Wholesale Investments they get us rooms at the Motel 6 when we do our sales events, Motel 6 we stayed at was 111 W. Redlands in San Bernardino it is a total sh*t hole filthy dirty old dilapidated furniture filthy floors beds filthy showers torn curtains bedspreads that have never been changed stained with human body fluids semen burn holes in the blankets after reading all the complaints I don’t think doing anything with corporate headquarters will do anything good , Motel 6 is just falling apart better turn the lights out rather than leave them on because if you go in there with the lights on you’ll find out how big of a sh*t hole you’re really in corporate has no self respect for themselves with all these complaints I have been reading because it seems like all they care about is the money and no operational manual’s or people checking on their franchises it is a total disgrace I have pictures and I’m going to send them maybe that will open your freaking eyes as to what’s really going on ,there’s not this many complaints because people are saying you got a great organization , you need people out in the field to go around and teach these people h to go around and teach these owners how to run a business that represents your cooperation we called the front desk to send security stop only yelling and screaming that was going on I got to the point something was said about a gun call the dustproof and see what their procedures were loose let a call 911 it’s so bad about it are you and are cops don’t show up it’s a filthy rat hole I’m telling you you should get some inspectors out there I hope Motel 6 can clean up their image because I know I stayed in a couple of them that were far better than a good expected that’s because they’re good management and apparently they care I’m not saying they were five star but they were well above this particular hotel . This place needs to be inspected and cleaned up , hope your company will start getting in the position of getting these owners to Follow the procedures if any are in place so far motel six is zero stars .


Patricia Evans July 23, 2016 at 11:01 am

We stayed at a Motel 6 in Seaford Delaware. Check in was easy and the front desk clerk was very nice. It all went down hill after that!! The room was filthy and reeked of cigarette smoke, even though it was a NON-SMOKING room! The sink and tub had soap sXXXX and hair all over them. The counter top around the sink was covered with soap sXXXX. There was still wet, sXXXXmy soap on the shelf of the tub!! The carpet had obviously not been vacuumed in some time. The mirror was filthy, not sure when they were last cleaned. The small sofa was dirty and stained. We should have walked out then and requested our money back. I went back down to the front desk and told him our room was filthy. He was nice and took our room number. We thought someone from housekeeping would be right up to clean…nope. At 7pm WE went to Walmart and bought cleaning supplies and went back and cleaned the room. We couldn’t vacuum and we did check the sheets and mattress, they appeared to have been changed, probably the only thing done on that room that day. We never took anything out of our suitcases and only took out what we needed and put it right away when finished.We were from out of state in Delaware to attend a funeral and couldn’t find any other room or believe me we would have and disputed the fee through our credit card. It is a beach area so hard to get rooms. Maybe Motel 6 is no frills or no extra amenities but is CLEAN an amenity…I don’t think so!!! Motel 6 corporate needs to clean up their motels or close them. Aren’t these places inspected by the Board of Health or something…RUN, DON’t WALK FROM A MOTEL 6!!!. I think I should be reimbursed for my cleaning supplies and time spent cleaning my paid for, rented room!! The ONLY positive was the young man at the front desk!!!


Tatianna July 21, 2016 at 3:46 pm

On 7/20/2016 I stayed @ motel6 property 0416, the front desk clerk by the name of Mrs Tina was exceptional with accommodating me in the most up professionalism, upon arriving there I was checked in to my room and realized the lock on the door wouldn’t let my key work to let me in, I returned to the front desk to see what was wrong, Mrs Tina moved me to another room upon that, same issue, Mrs Tina at that pt moved me once again, this time upon getting into my rm I entered the bathroom to find urine dried on seat, upon other foreign bodies, I went back to front desk to at that pr request cleaning supplies to fix the issue, At that pt Mrs Tina took upon herself and gratuity to come to my rm and clean my bathroom, that is what you call above and beyond the call of duty, and did it with a smile, now this being said to have a desk clerk to make me feel important, and took the time to do that when it wasn’t even her job, nor fault, and me being tired checking in sooo late, it made it well worth all I went through, especially when you find someone as such, so not all stays at motels are horrific, there are some good stories, and this is mine, so thank you Mrs Tina for going out your way to do your job and others and doing it with a smile on your face, and motel6 you have an employee who doesn’t just work but works and enjoys her job and putting a smile on the most frustrated person in a frustrating situation!!!


Tatianna July 21, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Also I called the front desk on 7/19/16 about the new issues I had and spoke to a Carlotta and asked her about how could I inform corporate of 1 the bad experience and then how the desk clerk made it better and I wanted it to be known, she asked me who was the clerk and I explained the situation, at that pt she told me to go on motel6 reviews and post the comment, I told her at that time my phone wasn’t allowing me to but if she could just pass the word or let it be know , she was very unprofessional, rude, told me she would post a sticky for herself to remember, and would do it, upon checking she did nothing, and told me if I couldn’t do it, she couldn’t help me, my question is how come some want to exploit bad reviews, but never want to tell of the good out of a situation, and she rushed me off the phone, and hung up!!But another situation ugly turned good I was eventually able to post my negative but positive comment!!


Jane doe July 21, 2016 at 8:48 am

Also am writing in concerns, the rude and unprofessionalism of a particular worker, name is Carlotte, on morning shift, overheard her speaking to other employees very rudely and using her so called mod authority out of context! She is not MOD material! This is at property on hwy 49 Gulfport, ms!!!


Jane doe July 21, 2016 at 8:44 am

Yes I am writing in concerns to policy and procedure of Motel6, they have an mod at property 416 that hired her own cousin, where is the conflict in this, that is not policy!


Lori Harrison July 12, 2016 at 4:25 pm

My name is Lori Harrison. I went to the Motel 6 In Tempe Arizona I filled out an application dida room for them. They told me they would call me back the next day and they didn’t I found out from one Of the gentleman that lived where I live that the only reason they didn’t hire me because they said I was a crackhead No Drug test no nothing just assumed I was a crackhead I’m 58 years old and I don’t touch that stuffI will never go to another Motel 6 with the people that you have working there it’s ridiculous thank you.


Kathy Gipson July 12, 2016 at 1:38 pm

MOTEL 6 AR #8601
BE CAREFUL LEAVING THE LIGHT ON ISN’T THE ONLY THING THEY ARE LEAVING ON FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TRIED TO BE NICE AND CIVAL BUT THEY LEAVE ME NO CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Todd McKnight July 12, 2016 at 11:31 pm

Motel 6 / Pleasanton, CA
7-12-16 ( 7:30pm )
My son and I checked in with no problem, on the Third night my son pulled down his bedding as it was hot and noticed a “USED COMDOM” in the bed, that he has been sleeping in for the past 2 nights. To make matters worse, the “MAID” has has made the bed every day. Someone please tell me how this is possible? We went straight down to the manager and explained to him what we had found. He sent the maid back up to our room with clean sheets. I asked the manager if it was policy to just change sheets after a guest has slept in a bed with a used condom “bed someone else has had SEX in” He replied that it was not his responsibility to clean the room and if we did not like it we could leave the hotel. I could not believe my ears, really if i didn’t like sleeping in a bed with a USED condom i could just leave the hotel. My son and i went back up to our room, the maid had left and the bed was made. We sat for a bit still in shock from what the manager had said. My son walked up to his bed and lifted the mattress and you will never believe what we found under the mattress. A females dirty shorts and underwear!!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding. We went straight down to the manager again, and showed him pictures of what we found, my son took a video of the encounter. The manager told us that he had already sent the maid up once and there was NO-ONE at the hotel that could go clean the room and he had no other rooms available. So our choice was to sleep in a bed with dirty underwear in it or LEAVE. Now I get it, Motel 6 is a cheap hotel but not cheap enough to be disgusting and unsanitary. Now the manager is asking us to leave the hotel because we have complained about the disgusting living conditions in his hotel rooms. This hotel is owned by corporate, so i called them and talked to a very nice lady that basically said there was nothing she could do and my son and i had to leave the hotel. The next closest hotel that has a room available is 30 miles away and almost triple the cost. I have spent $1900 on rooms at this hotel this week alone, for me and my employees and this is the service i get. I am shocked that companies get away with this kind of customer service not just from the desk clerk but the MANAGER. I will be posting Yelp reviews and doing what ever i can in my power to let the world know how SICK it is to stay at a MOTEL 6!!! This has been my worst experience at a hotel in my life. And for corporate to not even care makes it incomprehensible……. i would not recommend Motel 6 to my worst enemy. The manage was Jayson Bhan, someone that should not ever be a manager of anything. DO NOT EVER STAY AT MOTEL 6 IF THIS IS THEIR POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Todd McKnight July 18, 2016 at 3:50 pm

Well i am still waiting for Corporate to contact me with in the 24-48 hours like they said. it has only been 96 hours so far. It is amazing home much Motel 6 does not care about its customers. Not even the managers care. I have and open ticket that was started 7-13-16 at 7:30 pm. This is the worst company & hotel, of which I will be make it my mission to let everyone know how bad they are.


Todd McKnight July 25, 2016 at 8:12 pm

I am still waiting 13 days later for Corporate to call me back regarding my stay at Motel 6 in Pleasanton CA.

Motel 6 as a whole should be shut down or ran by a different entity. If Corporate can not even contact their customers after a complaint then the BBB should shut them down.

I am filing with BBB today, I’m over trying to contact cooperate anymore!!!!!!!!


Robin Cooper July 10, 2016 at 8:53 am

Biloxi/Oceanside Mississippi
First I was told free wifi… there was wifi, you just couldn’t get anywhere on it. My phone couldn’t find the wifi to connect to and my laptop couldn’t load any pages once it did connect.
85$ for a sXXXXbag room on a Saturday night while traveling back from Fla to Texas I didnt have many available, affordable options.
The free breakfast, which has a sign in the dining area for serving hours 6am to 10 am consisted of coffe or tea.
I expected the smoke smell as I was told it was a smoking room. I did not expect the piss and vomit smell.
I will be calling corporate as soon as they open today and I will be raising hell at the front desk when I check out in a few


belinda dolly July 9, 2016 at 11:43 pm

Stay at the motel 6 in mobile,Alabama it is horrible. It a shame my kids are scared to sleep. The bed are hard as rock and it look like a drug hotel, floor are dirty. Tub smells. It sad to be named Motel 6. The hotels were much better in the past when i was a kid this will be my last time to stay at a motel 6 ever. You guys just lost a customer for life.


Alana July 9, 2016 at 6:21 pm

I stayed at motel 6 near Camden Yards in Baltimore on the evening of June 18. My room was broken into and my bag with all my clothing in it was stolen as well as my purse with many personal items, money etc., as well as my toiletries bag with my toothbrush, hair products etc.
My friend had also had her purse stolen from our room as well.
The lady at the front desk, Brenda, was extremely rude and told us we “must have left our door open” which is impossible because it is a hotel and the doors lock themselves.
How can I go about receiving compensation for the theft that occurred in your hotel???
I look forward to your reply. Thank you.


Christopher Burza July 6, 2016 at 8:39 pm

My wife and I checked in with our dog for our HONEYMOON on Sunday 6/26/16 and had an anticipated date of check out on 6/30/16. There was no one at the front desk so my wife waited, then waited some more until the clerk finished her cigarette and decided she could help us. My wife advised at the time of the check in we had our dog was there anything special we needed to do or sign we were advised no. We dropped our stuff off in the room and took our dog out for a hike like we do EVERYDAY we dropped her off in the room with a bone in her crate and went off to dinner. We did the exact same thing the next day with an added walk in the afternoon before going out for dinner again.

We were not impressed at this point due to being put right next to the laundry room so we could hear the upstairs toilets flush all night and the laundry being done throughout the night, the whole place smelled like chlorine (even in our room), and the beds were in poor condition at best, NONE of the key entries worked however, we were happy it was our honeymoon and did not want to bother anyone about any minor details. However, on our third day of performing yet the same ritual walking the dog for over an hour we received a call from “Johnny” the manager who informed us in a very rude and aggressive tone that we left our dog in the room alone and we had to be back IMMEDIATELY. We turned around went in and apologized to “Johnny” and advised we were never informed of any “Policy” he spoke of he raised his voice and said that we booked through a third party so we would not have seen it. I advised him the I had looked on the website as well and there was nothing on there stating a pet could not be left unattended. He became more upset for no reason and advised us that we had to figure it out and walked away in the middle of our conversation.

My wife and I looked at each other just appalled that someone would talk to their customers like that. We do not do business with people and or establishments that support that type of behavior so we packed up in the middle of our HONEYMOON and found a place that was WAY more ACCOMMODATING and FRIENDLY. Upon our departure (Paying for a visit that was not even half way completed IN FULL) I asked “Johnny” if there was anything he could do for us seeing how we were never informed at check in about a “Policy” he began to yell that it does not matter no one told us. I advised I was going to reach out to the corporate office and he continued to use profanity towards me and telling me walk off and many other insults but in nasty, derogatory, and profane terms that I will not even repeat. I tried to explain that even on the website when you click on “policies” the only thing that shows is the check in age and times. “Johnny” did not care and continued to treat me like a piece of trash.

I am requesting that my wife and I are fully reimbursed for our stay in the amount of $383.00 and an apology from “Johnny”. I have attached some pictures of the “Policies” and after doing some digging what I found for a “Pet Policy” that still does not state you cannot leave the pet unattended.

Looking forward to your reply,


Eddy Gass July 5, 2016 at 4:50 pm

I have had many happy stays at many Motel 6 across the country. The week spot here is the WIFI service to the rooms. I would gladly pay more for a good internet service. We are in the year 2016, there should not be a reason for poor internet and slow access speeds. I depend on internet for Banking and communication with my employer. Thank you in advance Motel 6 and Studio 6 for addressing this problem.


John D Grant July 4, 2016 at 12:18 pm

I live behind the Motel 6 at 1850 McDonough St, Joliet, IL 60436 and since the new management has taken over around the first of the year, the Motel 6 has turned into a haven for drug dealers, prostitution, under age parties and a permanent residence for families. Nightly there are many different cars in and out of the west side (back of motel) parking lot with booming music visiting a single room or large groups of people partying in the parking lot. During the day the children of the people living for an extended time there use the parking lot for a playground. The police at night are constantly there to break up fights or having people turn down the loud music or other reasons. I am constantly picking up garbage throw over the fence into my back yard, which at times has contained hypodermic needles. I have called the front desk many times about the disturbances and all that is said is there is nothing we can do, I was once told by one person on the phone “as long as they pay their money and don’t tear up the place we do not care what they do”. I have asked many times to speak to the manager and have even left my phone number but as of yet he has never returned my calls. My neighbors and I (that also live back of this Motel 6) plan on filing a complaint with the City of Joliet since the management of this Motel 6 seems not to care about the home owners next to his hotel.


Ines July 3, 2016 at 12:55 pm

I went in to Motel 6 on 5731 W Irlo Bronson Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746 on 06/30/2016. I went in to ask about a job as a housekeeping. The front guest Ronel stated he was a manager. He gave me an application and told me to fill it out. I told him that I was going to fill it out and bring it back the next day. He said okay, we are in need of housekeeping right away and that he would interview me than. The next day I went in and he was there. Ronel than stated that he was not the one in charge of interviewing, that Andrea Allen was in charge of that. I asked him if I could speak to her and he said that she was going to look at my application and if interested they would contact me. I ask him why did he tell me he was the one that would interview me?? I drove 20 miles for nothing. Anyway, but the worse thing was that while I was waiting for almost one hour to be told that Andrea Allen would not see me, a lady walked in inquiring about a housekeeping job as well. She just spoke Spanish and Ronel said right away that she needed to speak English in order to get hired. He never even offer an application for her to fill out. The point here is, If people spoke well English do you think that they would look for a job at Motel 6?? The other front desk guy told me that Ronel was there just for training because he was going to have a Motel 6 in another country if I am not mistaken. I just feel sorry for the people that will be dealing with this VERY unprofessional person.


Susan Stubbendick June 27, 2016 at 9:15 pm

I recently stayed at a Motel 6 in Oshkosh Wisconsin with my son for his basketball tournament. It was a horrible stay! It started with a cold sticky floor, the TV didn’t work, tge light switch was sticky and dirty, the toilet ran all night, the air conditioner was so loud it scared me, it was dusty, and smelled like mildew. After a restless night my son and I awoke sick. His poor eyes were swelled shut and my nose was so stuffy I could barely breath. When investigating the dirty room Further to figure out why we were so sick, I found a large amount of black mold around the bathroom vent. The inside of the vent was covered In Very thick black and white mold. It was the grossest thing I ever witnesses. I’ve tried to talk to the GM and he just sent me a half assed email with no actual plan of action as to how this situation will be fixed. I think I will have to contact the Heath department at this point, I’m scared someone is going to get seriously sick if not worse. DO NOT VISIT THIS LOCATION!!!!


Nikki June 27, 2016 at 8:37 pm

Motel 6 Sylmar CA

Stayed at several Motel 6 this one became one of the most unsafe/unprofessional motels in the Chain. Although it is not posted to use my hot plate(s) which contained a safety shutoff. I used one my first week there and was told it was unsafe. I discontinued use. Well throughout my next 2 to 3 weeks of residing there the manager kept saying I had been using the cooking tools which infact I hadn’t. There were notes left on my bill that went unnotice becuase I thought it was an end to the request after the cooking tools was put away. Well during the last week of stay, I get a call from the front desk asking to see me in the office and what do you know the manager claims she inspected my room and found I was cooking 4 days prior (a day in which I was there all day) then she stated she slipped on oil on her way out. Now I was uncertain if maybe she was having a bad day and wanted to pick on some customers or hadnt had a break to go chill in the car with friends or family while on the job. I had already paid up for 4 days prior and no word of me yet cooking again. When she came to my room and I met her their she stated she smelled cooking and I’m looking like is the manager drunk that was 3 weeks ago. She initially ask me to leave at which I told her I paid for 4 days in advance. Once she left I contacted corporate whom did nothing but state I may need to leave if she ask and I’m wondering where is the protection for your customers whom are harassed by managers and accused of non-conformances that they have not done. I told the operator to open a claim and ensure upper management get it. She stated first that the onsite manager may be the general as well. I thought how good is that reeeeaaalllleee!!!!! she finally gave the the general manager whom appeared to be working with the onsite manager to pick and chose whom they want to stay that wouldn’t get in their way of their entertainment while on the job. The manager later mentioned I could stay but I’m thinking what will happen next if I’m falsely accused at random on something that initially was corrected and isolated three weeks prior. I felt very unsafe and unprotected at this location. Cops due frequently drive through the parking lot which I can only assume there is a lot of violence here and maybe even false complaints from management and employees which practice lying as one of their daily task. Work Ethnics is diffinately needed at this location and the District Manager without prejudice need to do audits or send Certified Auditors (QE) at these location to include employee/management training, customer collaboration, resource monitoring and the collaboration between Motel 6 Managers and its Upper Manager more frequently to ensure General Managers are ensuring corrective and preventative actions against the hotel fairly. It was unbelievable she even tried to keep up the lie she was telling to the end I had to constantly tell her it’s unprofessional and to please let it go. WOW it makes me think twice about any other Motel 6. Although I previous stayed at the one in North Hills on Roscoe and it was Great the Manager there was excellent and always there to answer or resolve questions which there was none at all. I believe I was at this location for 2 weeks.


Vee June 24, 2016 at 1:21 am

This review is long over due for Motel 6. Pinole, CA

staying at this Motel 6 was the worst decision I ever made.

I called before checking in, I was told they had plenty of rooms, when I arrived the clerk said they had only one room, and that was a handicap room, no TV. The room was a nightmare, mold all over from bottom to the ceiling, smell was terrible, as I was so exhausted from travel, I turned on the air conditioner to eliminate the smell. Next day the floor was flooded due to leaks from the air conditioner.

The fire sprinkler was pouring in the middle of the night, I got up and put towels and their plastic bedcover! to protect myself!

Next day the housekeeper came to clean. Are you ready? she dipped a towel in the toilet to wipe it, then she took that towel soaking wet and dumped it on the bathroom floor! There was another towel on the filthy floor, she used it to wipe the seat!! With the same filthy hands, she handed me 3 towels and made the bed! I was nauseated.

I informed the front office, they laughed! Ever since that day I asked them not to clean my room.

Motel 6 employees said I had to pay separately, weekdays :$80 weekends $100, even though I booked for the whole week and it was Monday! I noticed if they see someone nice, low key, they take advantage of her by overcharging. I seen and heard them giving two separate quotes to different people for the same night!

They changed the rate later to $77 with the condition I stay in the same room! I was told they reduced it from 79.99 to 77.16 because I have AARP, even though they advertise AARP members get 10%off. Each employee said a different thing.

If I seen any crooks, it is this location.

Wait for the icing on the cake, I went to extend for 3 nights, the clerk, Melinda, charged me for 4, logged 3 in the computer, when I asked her why does the receipt say $231.48, with a sly smile, she said the full amount will be posted tomorrow! I believed her!

This was Sunday, when I came Wednesday, the manager was there, he asked me if I want to extend, I said yes, he charged me the correct amount 231.48. When he told me that that was the same amount I paid last time I was shocked, last time I paid 308.48! It was not posed because the clerk stole $80!

I talked to her later, I asked her what happened, the money was not posted and I was not credited, she said she does not remember any conversation with me! she is not a thief, she does not even need the job! I asked her to take an oath that she did not steal from me, she refused!!! I talked to the relief manager, as I was told the other one was on leave, he said he will investigate it, I never saw him again. She at least stole twice from me.

I used to pay cash, I was so busy, never looked at the receipts!

If the establishment was professional, they would have installed a camera focused on the cash register to monitor their employees, especially they had a history of as I was told by their own employees of clerks fired for stealing.

one of their clerks, Sudan, told me they just fired two clerks (he mentioned names) for stealing! This clerk at times was so offensive you would not believe it.

Motel 6 customer service is a joke, they promise to call back, they never do. Even the customer service clerk wondered as to why Melinda refused to take an oath, she said it was questionable!! Well, other clerks at this Motel believed same and they encouraged me to write this.
Stay away from this place. This is a nightmare.


Connie Warnsing June 20, 2016 at 4:20 pm

We stayed at the Motel 6 on June 14th and June 16th, 2016 at 3636 NE Randolph, Kansas City, MO 64161. To say the least, it was a horrible experience. When we arrived the first room they gave us was gross looking — there was all kinds of mold in the corners of the shower and black smudge on the wall behind the bathroom door. We really did not check further and asked for another room. They switched to a different room. Both rooms were supposed to be non-smoking, but when we walked in they both over-whelmed us with the smell of smoke. We left the door open for awhile even thought was just about 100 degrees outside. The second room was in better shape than the first, but it was filthy. Again there was mold in the corners of the bathtub and on the bottom of the tub. There was a dead spider hanging in one of the upper corners of the shower. The floor throughout was filthy. It was some kind of laminate wood and I swear it had never been cleaned (vacuumed yes–but not cleaned). As we walked around in our socks, they became black on the bottom. There were stains on both of the coverlets on both the beds. The sheets looked clean, but we had our doubts. Inside the front door and the bathroom door was so dirty, I am sure from multiple hands and never scrubbed off. I have pictures to show how dirty it was. The air conditioner did work, but the dials were broken, so you could not make any adjustments. We have stayed in many Motel 6 rooms through the years and other motels also and have never experienced such filth. We will never again stay at a Motel 6.


isabel hormel June 13, 2016 at 2:57 pm

Currently staying a few nights at the “South Medford” location in Medford, OR. Chose it only because I had a great experience at the Motel 6 in Anderson, CA. This place is awful. They are charging me more because I supposedly requested a room with a refrigerator and microwave. I did not request that; it was the room that showed was available. In addition, they charge for WiFi – in this day and age, really?

But the kicker – and the thing that is making me write publically, which I have never done before – I found a bedbug crawling on a bathroom towel this morning. (Yes, I have pictures). As if the food left behind by prior guest in the refrigerator, yellow, brown and red stains on various walls, wasn’t bad enough. . .

Needless to say, even though I’ve paid for tonight, I absolutely will not be staying here. Strong suggestions: 1 – a box of Kleenex isn’t too much to ask 2 – LID for the toilet – who wants to get splashed with contaminated water every time they flush? 3- put your office people through customer service courses, and do ‘secret shops’ from time to time to check on how they’re doing.

Lastly – if the advertised corporate email address worked, this would have been sent privately (along with the pictures of the bedbug).


Amanda June 11, 2016 at 2:19 am

I am currently staying at the 1800 Winnetka Circle location in Rolling Meadows, IL. It’s a very nice location, clean rooms, housekeeping is very good at their job, friendly staff, with the exception of one person. Her name is Janelle (could be spelled a little differently). The room is in my husband’s name. One night while he was at work, the keys stopped working. I went to the front desk, and after standing and waiting an absurd amount of time, seeing as I was the only person there at the time, Janelle finally sauntered out. I told her my situation. She refused to issue me a key because the room was in his name. This is after I had paid for the room that morning and received keys with no problem. I told her that was fine, I would wait for him, and explained to her that I would wait for him to get there to handle it. I explained to her that I was locked out, as asked if she could at least give me a key for the vending machine room so I could get something to drink while I waited outside, and she refused. When he showed up, she refused to issue him a key as well, stating that he must pay extra for another person, although I myself had paid for the room that morning, with NO ISSUE. She made all the customers wait while she “called her manager”. A room full of prospective customers, who came in after we had been waiting. She proceeded to wait on EVERYONE that came in after us, and then made us pay extra for a key. Fast forward to today, I went in, asked her for a key, and she issued one right away. I got to my room, the key didn’t work. When I went back down and told her this, she told me she couldn’t issue a key for me, even though she had JUST issued one. So she basically gave me a key she knew wouldn’t work because of her personal vendetta. The managers came out, and were very helpful and friendly, and assisted me with my situation. As I was trying to tell them the treatment I had received from her, Janelle continued to interrupt me and make comments. Every other staff member has been nothing but professional, and I’ve had no problems from anyone else. So obviously there is some reason she has a problem with me. I work in customer service, so I am nothing but nice to others working in the field. I fully intend to personally contact corporate to let them know about this, as I feel that Janelle is an extremely poor person to represent their brand. I hope that some action is taken to make she that she is never able to treat another paying customer this way.


Shyneice June 10, 2016 at 11:00 am

Sh*tty! I checked into a room and wasn’t there an hour before I got a family emergency call & had to leave. Because some of the towels had been used because I was at the pool they refused to give me a refund, another nights stay anything! The manager on duty as well as the General Manager as well as their so called guest relations department did absolutely nothing to fix the situation. Cold hearted!!! My family member died last night and all they care about is the 51.51 that they just got for free! TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! DO NOT STAY HERE EVEN IF IT’S THE LAST LIGHT ON IN THE CITY….


Princess June 9, 2016 at 6:28 pm

I was at the one in St. Joseph Missouri to check the rates. The man behind the counter stated that he would need everyone i.d. , I never heard of this and I believe he was prejudice. Will be calling corporate or the N.A.A.C.P.


Jocelin June 9, 2016 at 11:44 am

I stayed on May 1 they assigned me to the wrong room and then they assured me that I wouldn’t be charged additionally. Check my account a couple of days later I realized I was charged for two rooms. I called that day abd they told me it would take up to 15 days to refund me and that I would be up to my bank. That is complete bs because I worked at a hotel and I know that they can refund and even call the bank them selves and release the funds sooner. I emailed the general manager 15 days later and he had the nerve to ask if I wanted a credit instead of my money that I as wrongfully charged for. I hope that this while help get my money back.
Ms. Aguirre,
My apologies for the delay in refund. Because the room was charged to your credit card, we are not able to issue a cash refund. Unfortunately, the time frame for the refund to reflect in your account may vary depending on your bank’s processing policies. If the wait time for the credit card refund is unreasonable, we can issue you a Guest Certificate which would allow you one free night at any Motel 6 location.
Please let me know which you prefer.
Thank you

Motel 6 #1008
Hiral Patel
General Manager
1440 N State College Blvd


Misty June 6, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Decatur al bed bugs unclean room housekeeping if u don’t answer the door in time will just barg on in the room and yell the first time he barged in i was no dressed the next day they barges in twice yelling dirty sheets dirty towels while we were sleeping no ice bucket no toilet paper no cups and power went out on half our room last night called the office and they just told me to move the fridge to another plug cause maintence was asleep so I was out of luck getting any help we booked a week stay our first room was so dirty I called 1800 number. And 4 hours later they switched rooms


Merl Whan June 5, 2016 at 2:06 pm

I paid a weekly rate to stay a week in Motel 6 at Toledo, OH. when my widow was broken out of my truck .I informed desk clerk to call the police he act like it was no big deal & it happens all the time there. I then ask for him & manager to review tape of camera. NO assistance. I informed desk clerk I was checking out. I called for three days in a row to only get a refund of $45 taken off my credit card which was a very wrong amount it should have been a lot more. I will not stay at another motel 6 & I will refer other people I meet & know NOT to stay at any motel 6’s in the USA.


Karen Cathers June 2, 2016 at 8:28 pm

Dear Jim Amorosia, Lance Miceli, and Alan Rabinowitz,

On May 10 – 17, 2016 I traveled to Missoula Montana to witness my daughters graduation from the University of Montana. I stayed at the Motel 6 at 800 E. Broadway in room number 110. I have to tell you it was the worst of my life that I have ever had in any hotel/motel worldwide.

There was black mold covering the ceiling of the shower, the shower curtain had never been washed, it had visible layers of crud on it, I discovered dried vomit(?) on the floor in between the bed and nightstand, the room was never vacuumed, housekeeping was a joke! Some days they would make up the room, some days they wouldn’t. One day I had no soap to take a shower with her wash my hands, once they never emptied my trash, once I had no toilet paper, and once I had no towels. When I inquired about the towels they said they would send somebody when I went out for dinner and return three hours later they still weren’t there so I called to inquire again and was told that I wasn’t there and I replied don’t they have a key and was told I could come and get them at the front desk if I wanted. Never an apology. The lawyer that I spoke to, his name was Jackson. I ended up getting physically sick from the deplorable conditions of this room on Friday the 13th and had to spend all day in bed thus missing an entire day with my family. Saturday was graduation and I almost didn’t make it because I felt so horrible. I had to spend money on over-the-counter drugs to try to ease my condition along with a box of softened tissues as the ones in your hotel are fine for a once in a while nose blow but for being physically sick they caused my face to break out in fever blisters there for ruining all of our family pictures!

I have filed a complaint with my credit card stating that I really wished to not pay anything for my stay there. Also since it was graduation weekend I could not be moved to another room or hotel as everything was booked. If you would like photographic evidence of my claims , please send me a link so I can forward. This form wouldn’t allow me to attach. I am writing you to let what kind of establishment you have there I might also point out that when I asked Jackson for the owners name he would not give it to me he said that it was a franchise, I guess he just didn’t understand what public information means. I did receive an email from the manager apologizing and saying the matters would be addressed it no follow up.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Karen Cathers


JJ June 2, 2016 at 5:11 pm

I stayed at the MotEl 6 this year so far for about 5 wks total OnRoosevelt Blvd in Phila, Pa. Pa. The employees were rude especially the day manager and day desk staff. They are so stingy with towels. The electric plugs behind the beds are fire hazards. Thehalls and outside allcoves reek of weed. on weekends certain rooms are revolving doors of men going in and out. Me thinks prostitution is being conducted. Managers just turn head and pretend they know nothing. Something needs to be done at thislocation. On a positive note coffee is good


Leann Williams May 31, 2016 at 11:07 pm

I was there that night in one of those rooms that could have caught fire. I have two young kids I never got an apology or anything. No one ever told us what was going on that day or anything. I haven’t wrote anyone cause I was waiting for some form of apology or something. Now I think I am going to see what my options are with a lawyer.


Yahaira Morales May 30, 2016 at 11:58 am

Hello I am filing a complaint first with you and next with the BBB if I can’t get a resolution I made two reservations and both were supposed to be together but came out in two separate dates o tried to fix it with a Hispanic lady which I don’t remember her name and the gentleman that was the was Frank this is the Brandon FL location she told me that there was no availability for the next day I advised them that I need it together if not it made no sense for me to keep it we are traveling to NY and that is set money that I have aside to get there. They ended up charging me full price for a room I did not stay in and when I called them the man that attended me was really rude he said he could not Regina without a confirmation number I advised him that I was never given one I spoke to them in person and he hung up on me new not once but twice, he was bout friendly, cortious or nothing. If there is no resolution I will not be going back there or recommending anyone there ever.


Yahaira Morales May 30, 2016 at 12:00 pm

The call was made today at 10:56 in the morning


Dana May 28, 2016 at 10:15 am

My man & I booked a room last nite and when we got inside I noticed the bed linens look filthy. The floor is sticky & dirty. There are XXXXroaches in the room. This is in Gadsden, Al. Unfortunately it’s a holiday weekend otherwise we would of went elsewhere. I’ll NEVER stay at another one again. Mngmnt don’t care!


Krystal Hall May 24, 2016 at 2:59 pm

I stayed at the motel 6 at 950 Alba St., Medford, OR May21-23, 2016. We had someone walk in on us, and so I guess what happened is they double booked the room, and then key cards wouldn’t work so they blamed us. When I checked out on Monday May 23, I talked with the manager about what happened and that I would like a reimbursement for one night and he was only going to give me $10.00 and that he can’t reimburse me the entire room rate because he has to pay for housekeeping. Then later on in the conversation, I told him he was being rude to me and he told me if I didn’t leave that he would call the police on me. What kind of customer service is this, I can understand if I was being irate and yelling at him and cussing but I wasn’t I just called him rude and he was going to call the police, really. I am definitely not going back.


Keoni May 21, 2016 at 7:18 pm

By far the worst stay ever the motel 6 on old gentily rd in New Orleans La I checked in to get to the room and find towels that had been used thrown over the shower rod and the bed is on a wooden platform and very thin pillows I addressed the front desk clerk and his response to everything was he didn’t know and talk to the manager the next morning not all motel 6 is this way but this one has definatly did it for me and I wouldn’t advise any human being to stay here


Ajali towns May 16, 2016 at 9:20 am

Worst stay ever got no rest noisy building and no management ever came to resolve my problem or try to.


Shawnetaiye DuBoise May 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm

RE:Motel 6 Mesa, Arizona 336 W. Hampton
First night we wete here our vehicle got towed. The receptionist lies to my mom, telling her hes going to look on the camera. Then tells her he isnt helping her. From Friday to Monday the pool has been closed after repeatedly being told its going to open later, then later being told its closed. We had to walk to the neighbouring Motel 6 to swim. Then with no ride, living 8hours away, a family member paid another night. I got tpld repeatedly. It wasnt paid. Even when i tried giving them the confirmation number. He said i dont care if u have the number its not on my computerm i called friday morning asking how much for two adults and 3 children. Upon checking in i gave them the same. Then he tells me im stealimg from Motel 6. I had until 11 to pay even when we had a room paid. We had to go swimming at the other motel 6 and my elderly 65 year old mom came over crying and upset She was told they didnt care of her situatiom and they were suffering and struggling because they had to wait on her. She got told my kids, little sister and i were having fun swimming, not caring about my mom or them, and probably just partying and getting drunk. My son is 4, daughter 12, and my little sister has downs syndrome. They made her walk to get me and get my id. I hate to see my mom cry because of jerks that dont know how to talk to people. I do not recommend this place to anyone, especially if your a minority. We are Navajo. Such an ass to sterotype people and be a jerk about stuff. The manager and receptionist had no right to mistreat my mom and make derogatory statements toward her.


Pastor Dave Deppisch May 5, 2016 at 2:16 pm

We traveled some 700 miles from Tennessee to Nacogdoches, Texas–had a good check in and was given the room we asked for: non-smoking, pet ok, King bed.
That’s where it got interesting: room stunk of cigarettes, sink plugged up, micro-fridge not working, and bathroom not very clean. The front desk couldn’t contact the manager (Pete) but said that the next morning they’d try to get another fridge (for our 3 night stay). Never happened. “Sorry if someone smoked in that room”, was the only thing I heard, and “we’ll check the sink”…Never happened.
Does any budget minded motel ever clean anything? Do they ever respond? I called corporate and they told me they would have 5 days to respond. The manager of the motel emailed me within 3 days and it was a pretty lame apology, although i had asked for an adjustment on the bill. I wrote back asking again for some compensation: That was April 27th– I am writing this on Cinco de Mayo!
I will be returning many more times to Nacogdoches– but as for Motel 6, maybe they should rename it Motel Deep 6!


Rubie Garcia May 4, 2016 at 11:48 am

Unfortunately I can’t download the pictures we took of our rooms. Stayed at the Motel 6 on 311 Cortland in Atlanta Georgia March 5-10 under the name Joseph, Tracking# RA573526167TW, Guest Bill # 47326 room 317. Checked in on the 5th around 11:30pm.
We were too tired to inspect the room. March 6th but we bought some bleach and vinegar to wipe things down as we normally do at all hotels. Had a big day so we put that off. That night we were laying in bed and saw a small brown bug between us on the sheets. We pulled everything off the bed and inspected but could not find any more. We lifted the mattress and found two crack pipes (See picture). I immediately called down stairs to Benny. He became very defensive and told me to take a picture and bring it to him as he hung up on me. My husband and I did just that. As I was trying to explain the picture and where I found it he was again defensive and dismissive of and kept interrupting by saying ma’am over and over. He told us to clear out our stuff and he would move us to a different room, room 311. As we were doing that he took us down the hall and I asked him to wait while we look through it. He said he can’t touch anything. My husband and I did our inspection and we lifted the mattress. Another crack pipe with a scraper was there (See picture). I asked Benny to look at it. We took pictures while Benny ran down stairs. He came up with another room key and was very apologetic. By that time the dismissive and rude behavior Benny showed before had already struck a nerve with me. Benny said that the manager would get a hold of us and anything we need to just let them know. This was a very unfortunate inconvenience and he was sure we would be compensated for it.
The following day in room 305, I bleached the bathroom and changed my socks twice because they kept turning black. I washed the entire floor with vinegar, took pictures of the towel I used (See picture) showing it was black.
The manager apologized to my husband for the crack pipes.
The final night there I called to see if I can get a late check out because our flight didn’t leave till 5pm. They said there is no late check out and we must be out before 11am.
No compensation, no hospitality and no accommodation to our situation.
Understandable, housekeeping does not flip mattress’ but not cleaning the hard wood floors is another thing. My mom worked for a Motel 6 many years ago as a head housekeeper and was always very thorough with the cleaning and inspection of the work. The policy she went be was to do the comforters, bed skirt and flip mattress’ once a month. I use to help her. Now my husband was just diagnosed with Cellulitis caused from a bug bite.


Maria May 3, 2016 at 6:28 pm

The American Way location in Orlando off International drive does not mop their floors, they only use a damp cloth to wipe the floors in the rooms. Rooms where dogs piss and XXXXX. My son has allergies and had to have medication because I asked their dirty maids to mop my floor 3 days in a row and when I wiped up urine from my own dog which is why I know they are peeing in the rooms the white towel was completely black. I am reporting them to the health department as my efforts to get help from corporate have failed.


Mr. T April 26, 2016 at 5:10 pm

I checked at 6 pm at the Fresno Ca. Motel 6 at the N. Crystal Ave address. As soon as I opened the door and with help of the sun’s glare, immediately I looked to the wooden floor and saw dirt and/or gravel on the floor. Following this dirt I also saw a dust-ball mixed in with pubic hairs (Disgusting). I then walked down stairs to the office and advised the clerk. Coincidentally the maid that made up the room was standing there behind the clerk. The clerk told this maid that my room floor was dirty. The maid stood there for a while with an “I really don’t care attitude” responded to the clerk saying, “Just give him another room.” The clerk then told her there were no-more rooms. As pissed off as I was and did not want to create a scene, I decided to walk across the street to eat. After eating, I walked in the office to grab the manager’s business card and the clerk told me the room was clean now. After several attempts, I finally got a hold of the General Manager. After explaining what happened, he too, had that “I really don’t give a XXXXX attitude.” Never again will I stay at this type of “Low Life” motels again. I use to carry one of their Motel 6’s book with me but have thrown that away, too.


Sandi E April 24, 2016 at 2:48 pm

Stayed in the Baker Lane, Staunton, VA on December 27th, 2015. It was late at night and sleeting and snowing when we neared the exit. Figured, it was best to stop for the day and continues the next morning. The weather was bad and had to cell phone reception to check out the hotel. The room looked clean on initial inspection so we booked the room.

Upon retiring for the night, found the sheets were dirty and the bathroom was clean in common areas, but the floor around toilet was dirty. Didn’t shower or sleep on the sheets. Stripped bed and slept on our own blankets and pillows.

Find it amazing that the only reviews online, when I looked today, April 21, 2016, were positive. What happened to all the horrible reviews I found after we returned home.


Wayne Collins April 20, 2016 at 5:36 pm

Checked into the Salt Lake City Airport location. After checking in and after a while I discovered they had no hot water. Nothing was said about this at check-in.

Late in the afternoon they suggested I get a refund and go elsewhere. Since I don’t have a car I have to pack everything up and take public transportation elsewhere.

Motel 6 also charges “demand” rates so they can go up. I paid $4 extra for the room as it went up in 3 hours.

I have had trouble with this location before. Should never have returned.


Lauren Feathers April 12, 2016 at 9:18 pm

I stayed at the motel 6 on Labin court in Rowland heights a couple of days ago and found roaches and killed them and flushed them at 5 in the morning. The next day I went to the front desk and asked for a refund. The women (Veronica) at the front desk told me she could not refund me because I did not call the at 5 in the morning to be moved. I then spoke to the manager and he also told me I did not follow coupons policy by calling them at 5 and moving. I told him I was not aware of the policy due to the fact that I don’t work there and he started to raise his voice and yell. My boyfriend stepped in to talk and the manager held his hand up and told my boyfriend he was not speaking to him and to not talk. Nice huh? After a huge argument and ALOT of rudeness and attitude from both he gave a voucher for another nights stay at any motel 6. I came back three days later and as soon as Veronica saw me she said I could not stay at this hotel. Any motel 6 but this one. So my boyfriend stepped in once again and the manager began to scream angrily and said we couldn’t use it there because he said so. We then asked his name and position and he walked away from us. We did end up calling police to have this taken care of. WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!! I felt as though I was being descriminated against. I manage a center for a corporate company and if I give a coupon to a customer for a bad experience on my behalf they have free will to use it wherever they please even at my center. This place is poorly run and needs to hire all new personnel. Another thing, 10 minutes after we left our room Veronica issued that room to another man and he came back because the room was not clean yet.


Jennifer April 12, 2016 at 11:51 am

Corporate should really think twice about the new manager they have assigned to Pismo Beach. I have been to this location plenty of times throughout the years, and with the exception of one incident a few years back It has been great. I went recently for my anniversary, and I can tell you I will not be returning! We booked a 3 night stay and unfortunately only planned on this motel so we had no extra money to relocate. The room was disgusting, sheets dirty, something that looked like snot smeared on the wall. I went to the front desk where the poor girl was bombarded by tons of customers, she was the only one on duty at the time which I don’t understand as it was only 5pm. I asked to speak to the manager which she called in front of me. I can hear the manager on the phone making every excuse in the book not to come to the office to speak to me! Apparently she was in her pjs and drinking wine! Are you kidding me! Its 5pm and your getting ready for bed! I went down the next morning to speak with her about the incident, wearing a moomoo (yeah real professional) she proceeded to stare at me like I was speaking Chinese. They she went in the back and proceeded to lecture someone where everyone in the office can hear. She even said something along the lines of if you embarrass me you will be fired… Are you kidding me!! If she was going to discipline an employee atleast take them into a secluded area but to really say something like that is over the top. The last day we had to do everything next to bed for towels. We went down to the office yet again where we saw the lady from the first night … again bombarded with a gentleman sitting on his phone in the back not acknowledging anyone. Apparently he is the assistant manager as he had to jump to the rescue when I complained about the no towels and constant calls to the office for them. MOTEL 6 YOU REALLY NEED TO REVIEW THE NEW MANAGEMENT OF THIS PROPERTY. I don’t know if you guys do some kind of secret shopper thing or something but this is definitely a property you should start that at!!! Pismo Beach was one of the better properties and your new management has turned it into trash!!! VERY UNHAPPY


Mariam Morales April 11, 2016 at 8:42 am

Motel 6 in Del Rio,Tx it was so bad,the matress was old as hell,Uncover to see the mattress and see that it needs to be replace,they remolded the place but if you stay do not stay in the upper level that is where they put alllllll the old used mattress,last time staying at that place.This is one unhappy customer,what a bad night I had.???☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️???


Cortez April 10, 2016 at 6:31 am

I AM a current employee that wonders, just WHY a corporate company do not allow employees to live* in. The facility. Isn’t that. 100% absurd? ,???????? They could deduct. NO more than. $150.00 weekly, outta my payroll for room & board. I AM not able to get in contact with any higher administration because the. G.M. & D.M. refuses TO let any situation past them. Unfortunately, it is some things neither of them can handle. I wanna talk to the TOP. Administration people. Coming with a proposal TO actually save hundreds $$$$$ for their corporation. Howabout a franchise motel 6 allows it. SAD.COM.


Britiny McCoy April 6, 2016 at 8:04 pm

My experience was unpleasant from the beginning but I tried to make the best of it. The end made me regret even choosing to stay there.

1. I was told check in time was at 3:00 pm, upon arrival I was informed that no rooms were ready and that I’d have to wait. I went ahead and paid and decided to wait patiently. The manager Barbara finally decided to give me a room herself since I had been standing up waiting in the lobby for about 40 minutes.

2. Got to my room and instantaneously noticed it wasn’t cleaned properly. Hairs, dust, and other particles were all over the counters and floors. Some bathroom towels seemed to have been used already and a few of them had stains. The housekeeper and the manager had to work together to re-do the room. Both employees made several statements implying that the room was not up to par and had not been cleaned or checked properly.

3. On the day of checkout, I got outside to realize that my vehicle had been towed in order to repave the parking lot. I had not been given proper notice upon check in, nor during my stay. The only thing they did was place a 8×11 (standard printer paper) sign on the doors and hoped that guests saw the notice. When I asked when they posted the sign, some employees didn’t even know, but two employees said they were posted the day before. They claimed that they attempted to call all guests that morning but I had not received a call. Calling guests the morning of was ineffective for the following reasons, phone ringer could’ve been on low, guest could’ve been in the shower, t.v could’ve been turned up, guest could’ve been in a deep sleep. Also, they made me fill out a vehicle information form upon check in but failed to use the information cards to inform me that my car was at risk to be towed. To make matters worse, the general manager Jim Runnings, was extremely rude and insensitive to the situation stating, “Well we put signs on the doors”. He didn’t even address me, he just butted in the conversation the front desk associate and I were having and basically showed no concern or remorse for the situation.

4. I had to pay $195 to get my vehicle back the day I was checking out all because they didn’t attempt to notify me that they were going to tow my vehicle for parking lot paving that was supposed to begin at 8 am but didn’t begin until later that afternoon.

5. I called Guest relations to inform them of the matter and they stated that they were going to investigate. Turns out the General Manager told them several untruths to cover their tracks. They said that they informed all guests, handed out flyers with the information, put the signs on the doors days ago, and that my car wasn’t towed until 1:00 pm. They also stated that they didn’t have my exact license plate number so they couldn’t officially contact me (even though when I checked in the employee suggested that I write my vehicle color, make, and model down if I didn’t know my license plate by heart, I told her I didn’t mind getting the information real quick but she insisted that the color, make, and model would suffice)

– I wasn’t informed by mouth
– I wasn’t given a flyer
– Check out was at 12, and I got to the lobby roughly between 12:05- 12:10 due to their slow elevators and all I had to do was hand in the key and walk out. My car would’ve still been there if it was towed at 1:00.
– I never saw an identical vehicle to mine in the parking lot, and even if there was, how many guests could have the exact same vehicle color, make, and model?
-Guest relations continue to say they are investigating but they haven’t resolved the issue. They just keep passing the buck along the way. I have asked for them to pull out the cameras for proof, but they claim they don’t have access to that. I’m still waiting for “investigation” closure.

I do not recommend this motel to anyone who would like to be treated with common decency and respect. I am very displeased with the service I received as well as the lack of accommodations made.
(Columbia, South Carolina Northeast location)


Randy Davis April 12, 2016 at 12:09 am

Save your breath they are sXXXXbags that lie to cover up lies! STOP USING MOTEL 6! Honer a Disabled VIET-NAM VET AND PASS THEM BY!


Loren Pierce April 5, 2016 at 9:03 am

Business owners in Reno, Nevada are forming a coalition to get the city of Reno to shut down at least one Motel 6 in our city. The property at Plumb and S. Virginia is a dangerous motel with a large criminal element and a known location for drug dealing and prostitution. The business owners in the area are fed up and it appears that old Tom Bodett doesn’t really give a damn about the problems is cheap motels cause to other businesses in areas where is flop houses are located. Since Tom doesn’t care then it’s time for citizens to take to the courts and make the city enforce laws against nuisance properties.


Tami L. April 3, 2016 at 6:27 pm

ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLE! I get checked in, go put my stuff in my room and then leave to go run errands and when I got back that evening and my 5 yr old son and I get ready to get into bed, when we do I find USED condoms and wrappers in my bed!!! DISGUSTING!! So I immediately go to the office and let them know, they are fully booked so I can not move rooms, the very unprofessional overnight girl there tells me that she cannot give me any clean fitted sheets or blankets, im furious at this point but I don’t want to make a scene, she then tells me she cannot refund my cash back either. I say that just isn’t acceptable she then starts using profanity stating that it isn’t her f**king problem and that the house keepers are sh*tty workers. I then say well that isn’t my problem I want the issue fixed. I see why they keep this girl overnights so the general public wont see her because she obviously doesn’t know how to deal with a very upset client. She then tells me that the manager will be there at 9am I am finally fed up with her and her mouth and the service I received and was like whatever ill just talk to the mgr in the morning. I wait till the morning, (with no sleep because my child and I are not sleeping in that bed) and go down there and im like I need a mgr, the more polite woman at the counter stated that she isn’t in yet and that she has been trying to get ahold of her all morning. she takes my info down and states that she will call me as soon as she gets in. I wait till 11 when it is time to check out and go back to the office and im like so whats going on she said that the mgr still isn’t in yet and yet again she said she will call when she gets in, so I am trying to be somewhat understanding because this girl is a lot more understanding and isn’t ok with the issue either and didn’t seem ok with the way the overnight girl handled it. So I get all my stuff out and leave. I wait till about 3pm to hear from mgr but still no call, so I call and the same woman says she isn’t in yet she will be in at 4pm today, im like fine ill call back then. So I am waiting to see what they are going to do about this. Something needs to happen because that was completely unsanitary, I didn’t pay $62 for the room to not get to use it. On top of that nasty bed the bathtub bottom is black with dirt, the carpet was terribly stained up, and the entire room stinks of mildew. I give it one start only because the other lady (working during the day) actually cared about the issue. I sure hope that the Manager does or I will just go higher up the management chain until I either get my money back or am credited to get another night preferably at a different motel 6. GAAAA im so angry about the entire ordeal I just want them to make it right. I typically do not stay in cheap hotels like this but literally EVERYWHERE else was full or wanted over $100 a night because the gun show is going on.

So I finally get to talk to the owner. and She immediately starts yelling at me and calling me a liar saying that she personally changed the sheets. That’s a bold face lie. I can not believe the service I received. I will be taking this further up.

So I talk to corp and they tell me that there isn’t anything they can do right now because it is still up to the location manager to give me a refund or a credit. THIS IS CRAP!! I thought you guys were the bosses? I want to talk to THE BOSS. Jim Amorosia. Im so ANGRY!! you got me for my $62 right now.. I want it back. im serious. PLEASE SOMEONE FROM THE CORPORATE OFFICE SEE THIS AND SEND ME AN EMAIL!!


Sandy March 30, 2016 at 12:38 am

don’t stay at morro bay CA motel 6 dirty nasty place


Carol Taylor March 29, 2016 at 5:22 pm

After booking for two nights at Motel 6, Bangor, ME, I have been called to urgent family business and have had to cancel. When I called that motel, I got someone with trouble understanding English. He told me to contact Customer.Service at Their message was they have my e-mail and look forward to my visit. Furthermore, they would take the payment on my arrival. Get this, folks: I am CANCELLING; I will not be there! All I want is acknowledgement of my cancellation, so I’m not charged.

I have stayed at Motel 6 before, but not again. This is frustrating. They either don’t get it or are plain crazy. I am angry with their system, and want it to be over and done with.


Anea Barbic March 20, 2016 at 1:38 pm

To whom it may concern,

I’m a frequent occupant at many motel 6 locations across California. I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse experience than that of late last night through check out this morning. I checked into the Motel 6 located at : 407 W Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA 93551 at about 10:30 P.M. after having driven a couple of hundred miles. I had made a reservation for a room with 2 beds earlier in the day. When I arrived I was told that somehow my reservation had been cancelled and “luckily” they had a room available with 1 bed that I could spend the night in. Being as tired as I was I accepted without argument and went into the room happy at the idea of getting some rest. Please note that I am 8 months pregnant and in the process of relocating from Sacramento to the Los Angeles area. After maybe a half an hour of being in my room I was woken up to thundering footsteps coming from the room above me, no exaggeration it sounded as though 4 or 5 people were running a marathon upstairs, in addition to door slamming and extremely loud yelling and cussing. I gave it about 30 minutes before calling the front desk who then politely told me they would send security to handle the noise, this was done about 10 minutes later. 2 hours afterwards I was woken up to the thundering once again, for the next 9 hours there was constant stomping, knocking noises, and the sounds of furniture being slid across the floor repeatedly. I couldn’t get more than about 30 minutes of sleep at a time for a total of maybe 3 hours. During this time i called the office more than a half a dozen times. At 9 am I called again this time I wasn’t so polite telling them that this was absolute BullXXXXX and they truly needed to do something about the situation. I’m going to assume the lady at the front desk finally got ahold of the occupant because not 2 minutes later he (I was told) began banging on the floor (my ceiling) as loudly as he possibly could over and over and over again. I being quite fed up with the entire ordeal called the office again and was told that she had called and the guy made up some lame excuse that his kids had just woken up and that was the reason for the ruckus… if that were true and his kids had been asleep my question is… What in the world were YOU doing the entire night then? Because the commotion was CONSTANT.

After I was promised the issue would be handled the thundering continued for about another hour until the man, woman and their children finally left their room deciding then to hang out by his car PARKED RIGHT BY MY WINDOW bad mouthing the “fat XXXXXX” (his words) at the front desk who had told him that there were complaints all night. He spent about 30 minutes doing so while his kids ran around and yelled as loudly as they could. He finally left the property at 11 A.M.

I spent about $65 dollars to get maybe 3 hours of the most restless sleep I’ve ever had and am honestly tempted to never step foot in a motel 6 again. I tried to be as patient as understanding as I possibly could through this horrible experience but one can only take so much disrespect. We both paid to stay here it wasn’t too much to ask that the tap dancing and furniture shuffle be stopped… at least until a halfway decent hour in the morning.

– A very unhappy but loyal Motel 6 customer,


Patricia Holland March 20, 2016 at 1:34 pm

My friend, her grandson and I recently stayed at the Motel 6 on Skelly drive in Tulsa, Ok. This was my first and WILL BE my last association with Motel 6. I am a 66 yr old disabled lady who needed to stay downstairs due to not being able to walk up the steps to the second floor. The first room we got, my friend went in to take a shower and when she reached up to adjust the nozzle for her height it came off in her hand. They changed our room. When we entered room #2 it had not been cleaned. There was dirty water standing in the bathroom sink and trash on the floor over in the corner between one of the beds and the wall & the beds weren’t freshly done. The security latch was broken, a large 1/2″ gap from the door handle down to the floor and the phone didn’t work. Then there was the little creepy crawly roaches! We complained again about the security issue and they moved us to room #3. This room had a dead bolt that was not settable from the inside, the air conditioning did not work, the TV remote didn’t work and the bathroom door was locked shut. When this complaint was made by my friend she was accused of being on drugs because she was visibly upset as she was down there for her mother’s funeral & we were vacated from the motel. They called the police which in my opinion was the smartest thing done because I know that the nice gentleman I spoke with was utterly disgusted with the day manager, Nikki McClenithan, and her short behavior she gave him also when he spoke to her. She admitted to him that she had said and acted as I had said. We were given a refund so that we could secure a room elsewhere even though it cost us more. At least the accommodations were safe, clean and bug free as well as a free, good, breakfast. I have never been in such an unkempt, dirty environment in my whole life! This place is totally unacceptable for human habitation. The management needs to be sent back for some mighty extensive training in motel management and Hospitality.


A Concerned Citizen March 20, 2016 at 10:47 am

WARNING – The Grants Pass Oregon Motel 6 is a HOTBED of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.
Drugs, Alcohol, Theft, Public Disturbances – DAILY police calls – DAILY reports in the paper – DAILY ARRESTS. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN. For your personal safety, DO NOT STAY AT THE MOTEL 6 IN GRANTS PASS, OREGON.


Margaret Bradford March 22, 2016 at 1:18 pm

I was just going to make a similar complaint. Motel 6 corporate offices and the GP police should shut this place down. It’s unsafe.


Brittany March 17, 2016 at 10:53 am

DO NOT stay here !!!!! They took money out of my account AFTER I canceled my room and received a confirmation email ! I have not received my refund and they made me late on a bill for THEIR mistake! STAY AWAY from these liars


Elton williams March 13, 2016 at 12:42 pm

I was staying at the motel 6 in dallas off of 635 and plano rd we got in the room the tv didn’t work the frige didn’t work the door wouldn’t lock and the main window wouldn’t close i told the guy at the front desk he just told me to give him the key and i have to Google the number for corporate and told me to get out he was really rude i tell everyone never go to motel 6 they things don’t work they nasty and have roaches and the people are very rude when you tell them


BK March 13, 2016 at 10:46 am

Appliance Court Raliegh, NC
I would like to suggest that you seriously check out this location. If this is representation of your motels I feel sorry for you. This place is a mess. I just regret that I did go directly back to the front desk and ask for a refund once I entered the room. The place needs a serious cleaning. The lobby did look too bad. But then we entered the hallway and it appeared it had not been vacuumed in some time. Then we entered the room. The only saving grace to the room was that the sheets and towels were clean. There was a hole in the wall that was covered with orange tape. The chair by the desk the legs were being held together with orange tape. Then we exited the room and took the stairs oh my gosh clean the damn stairwells. Empty beer cans, old clothes you name it was there. There is a remodel taking place but I feel it has been taking place for some time. You should really check this property out and give it a major cleaning. Your front desk people could be more professional and at least dress like they just got out bed. This could be a nice place if you just but a little elbow grease into the place.


Jonathon Fauser March 9, 2016 at 8:42 pm

Amm currently staying at a studio 6 in Charlotte NC. To while I was at work my wife called told me the sink was leaking and a lot of water in the floor She called the front desk the manager came up was very rude and disrespectful to her also when we moved in Saturday they told us running by the week would be no problem but after the confrontation with my wife the manager said our room was rented we feel that we were discriminated against because we are a white couple corporate really needs to do something about this place


Jazmine Boyd March 14, 2016 at 12:36 am

Who do i call for MOTEL 6 BED BUGGS


Mike April 9, 2016 at 12:35 pm

A great lawyer


Amanda N. Stanley March 4, 2016 at 7:33 pm

My family and I have been staying in your Bedford, Tx location for a 2 weeks during the trying time of our relocation from out of state. I have to say the Manager Lisa has been very helpful and wonderful during this trying period. Now the night desk person you should get rid immediately if you plan on keeping busy. Veejay or whatever you call him is a very rude and argument person. I myself and my husband have had very unpleasant experiences with him. A good example being we have arrived around 5-6pm tonight (3/3/16) from running some errands and the maids do to being afraid of my two dogs didn’t change our beds, no big deal. We don’t mind doing it ourselves, so I asked him for some sheets and stuff to change them and he told me the room stank, we must be very unclean people to have a an ordor like that, we should have let the maids full service it. Well we have numerous times told the maids to do or ask for the maids to do, and even took our dogs out for hours so they could but they still continuously skipped our rooms. The odor was from not having sheets and bedding changed for a week. He went on and on insulting both my husband and I, leaving me feeling very unsafe. I complained to the manager she must have talked to him because he apologized but I shouldn’t have had to go through that. Then a few nights before that, he complained about having to renew our stay for another week. Then the 2nd I watched and listened to him lecture another gentleman because he wanted to move his room because the window to his room is where everyone stood and smoked, a very valid complaint.


Sharon DiLeo March 3, 2016 at 10:19 am

I would strongly advise the corporate offices of Motel 6 to review its policy of handling guests who are seeking safe refuge as domestic violence victims. A woman I know finally broke free from her abuser (after he had been arrested), drove 100 miles away to stay in your Motel 6 in Fredericksburg, VA on Warrenton Road. The manager, going by the name of “Neel” insisted that this woman pay daily and when she requested that she be given one day as she awaits her social security deposit, he refused and said that he could no longer extend her stay! When the woman guest pressed him for a reasonable reason, he said he looked inside her room while she was away to find it unkept. Please keep in mind that this motel is newly remodeled with hardwood floors and has a dog park. Housekeeping comes daily, the woman is a diabetic and has very limited physically mobility necessitating the use of a walker to move about. He has been insensitive and unyielding even while being fully apprised of her need for safe refuge as she recovers a bit, gets some medical attention and finds a an appropriate place to rent. I find this a shameful example of courtesy, customer service, treating humans (especially guests) with dignity and respect.

Posted on Motel 6 Corporate Website at 5:59 PM on 3-2-16


Peggy Pianalto March 3, 2016 at 9:47 am

For the first time in all my years of traveling I walked out of a hotel and demanded my money back. It was the Motel 6 at 6600 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK. I’ve stayed at Motel 6 for years because I’ve always been able to count on a spare but clean, safe room. Not this one. Thin hard mattress, dirty sheets written on with a black magic marker, plastic wall trim was peeling and lying on the floor, toilet paper holder was broken, stairs were broken and cracked. When I checked in, the credit card machine was broken and she only took cash. There was screaming child who belonged to the woman who checked me in. She did nothing about him and I had to talk to her and pay with my fingers in my ears. All together a terrible experience with a nasty room. I’ve lost my faith in Motel 6, probably will no longer count on one for a clean, safe place to stay. Very disappointed.


Unknown March 14, 2016 at 9:13 am

OMG that’s terrible


Jeanet Watson February 29, 2016 at 10:32 pm

I am currently staying at the location in evansville indiana off hwy 41……if hadnt been afraid of falling asleep on the road i would have left……..the floors felt like y i u were walking on an unswept floor, furniture was peeling, thermastadt didnt work, toilet barely worked, broken shower faucet handle, bedding was stained and had cigarette burn holes, and plus the towels were stained to the point that if they had been at my house i would have used them as cleaning rags. To top it off an old used dried wash rag was ganging over shower curtain rod……..WILL NEVER STAY AGAIN


kindra mccleary February 29, 2016 at 1:21 pm

I currently reside at Southside commercial Pkwy in Jonesboro ga the manager abduhl is rude he called the police on me for refusing to pay a pet fee for a service dog he called my room and told me to get my shix and get the f out. The police said by law they can’t make me pay for a service dog. He told me I have til Friday to leave police told mehe can’t do that either. The manager is very rude inconsiderate and is racist. Don’t stay there


Tina Russell April 21, 2016 at 7:23 pm

i wonder if its the same owner the one in Conyers Ga they have a sign that says 230 a week when I went to check in for a week I was told 300 than when i came back on pay day to pay 300 for the week i wasd told 350 so far i been here since monday paid 200 on monday to get me through to thursday morning and paid another 268 wednesday night to get me through til monday morning so far that is almost 500 for the week i left a note with my number for a manager or owner to call me and nothing i need someone from corporate to please explain how i been getting a higher rate everytime i go to pay. tell me how they say 230 that taxes bring it to 300 that 70 just for taxes but everyone else here is paying 230 a week explain to me how they are getting away with ripping me off i am about to file a complaint with the BBB and i think someone owes me more days after paying almost 500 for a week.


Keith February 28, 2016 at 1:15 pm

Motel 6 on the east side of Madison Wisconsin is nothing but a full blown drug house. There have been 2 XXXXXXe over dose deaths there the past 2 nights. I am shocked that they allow it open for business! The smells in the hallway to the disgusting rooms! I won’t stay there if some one paid me to stay there.


Nancy Carpenter February 27, 2016 at 1:53 pm

I commented last night about hooker and office just gave us police no. That was Oak Road in Bakersfield CA.
About Midnight room above sound like they were killing the child. He scream a blood curding yell for about 12 minutes, the sound of furniture being throwing. We had 1 chair.
This Am as we were leaving lovely housekeepers were busy. They spoke. Top row seem to be full time residents, they greeted workers by name.
Will NEVER stay in BAKERSFIELD again.
We travel with small Dog & love that we can take her.


Nancy Carpenter February 26, 2016 at 11:05 pm

Feb 26 2016
Have wonderful stays across country at motel 6.
Then we get one at Bakersfield, Ca. My. Husband has been prop by a Black hooker, she said she would Blow up our car and he could watch. She has knocked on our door, she. She told me he did her and will not pay her. He owes her $30.00. Office gave us police number, that is it..


Diana Slifka February 22, 2016 at 8:32 am

Very old bathroom fixtures. Sofa bed couch is a joke. My daughter ended up buying a blow up mattress so she could sleep.
FIRE ALARM did not have a green light showing it was working. I should have called Fire Dept. to check it out.
Paid $ 231.42 for a 2 night unsleepable stay & I’m a senior citizen who should have been offered a discount.
MANAGERS don’t give a rat’s behind
Front desk employees unshaven, hardly spoke English
Lighting terrible
Carpets filthy
Why in the heck did they make a copy of my driver’s license. No other motel did this?


Linda March 8, 2016 at 12:21 am

I agree. Just stayed there never again. The bed was so hard my husband and I went to Walmart to get an egg crate for the bed. When I pulled off the sheets, there was blood on the sheets at the foot of the bed!!! I was horrified. They didn’t change the sheets!!! They acted like it was no big deal. My husband and I wore socks in the room and our socks were filthy. Pit bulls staying there and shady characters all around for 100 a night. I am not done with this disgusting place. The health department needs to visit


Melissa February 21, 2016 at 10:00 pm

Bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs. Thats all i have to say


Georgianna Stockton March 7, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Where??? Please answer.
gstockton9219 at


Kelvin February 18, 2016 at 7:39 pm

We spent 10 days traveling through Nevada to Arizona and home. We stayed Friday February 12th in Lake Havasu city at the Motel 6 on London bridge road. It was the worst hotel we have stayed in. The room was small, the blanket on the bed was dirty and stained, & there was hair on the bathroom towels. We were charged more for this room than any other room we stayed in including Las Vegas rooms. The only thing nice about this hotel was the lady working the front desk. We have never had problems with Motel 6 in the past, but now not sure we could stay in one again.


Valerie February 15, 2016 at 10:47 pm

First thing the room floors was very dirty and they was using a flat sheet for a fitted sheets that didn’t stay on the bed at all and the sheets was dirty and i didn’t get no washcloths at all so i asked housekeepers if i can get some washcloths and they said they didn’t have any at all so i went to the office to ask them for some washcloths and they said they didn’t have any either so i asked what am sapos to use and the guy said very rude a towel what else are you a sapos to use. I have always stayed in motel 6 but i would not ever again when i have so more choices that will get my money with better haspitality i wouldn’t even let my dog stay there ever again so to anyone going to beaverton not stay at there motel 6 its not worth wasting your money one there’s a lot of better choices out there


Stacey February 14, 2016 at 7:02 am

my family and i were homeless on jan.31st our trailer fell off the blocks and split in half.we went to motel 6 in washington pa because they allow pets.we were there for 2 weeks the worst 2 weeks of our lives.i spent 834.00 for 2 weeks and they were the rudest people ever.the general manager was very rude to me and the house keepers made fun of my autistic daughter.i would never recommendeanyone to stay there.


Tim Manchester February 13, 2016 at 7:31 pm

I’m at 7132 Desoto canoga park ca. And this hotel is horrible. The staff are a damn joke. Rude as hell. They wouldn’t clean our room told me maybe tomorrow. The room was discussing when we got here. Wouldn’t give us a refund. And told us oh well. If I didn’t have a background I would of kicked his a**! My name is Tim Manchester. I got nothing to hide with these nasty a** people


Vanessa Smith February 9, 2016 at 3:17 pm

My name is Vanessa Smith. My family and I stayed at your Idaho Falls location on 6-5-15, and checked out on the 6th. My son, 14 years old at the time, left his cell phone in the room, so when we noticed it missing we called the hotel 208-522-0112, about 1 hour after we left. I spoke with Clayton at the front desk, he ran up to the room and located the phone. I offered to pay to have it shipped to my moms house, where we would be staying for the next two weeks, but Clayton told me that they have a “parcel service” that does that for them, and there would be no charge to me. I was nervous about it at first by Clayton assured me it would be taken care of and we should receive it in a few days. I gave him my moms address.

After a few days of not receiving it, I called the hotel back on 6-9-15, I was told that the phone had not been sent out yet. Three days and they hadn’t even sent it yet. She said they had a hard time understanding me on the phone the last time. I gave my moms address to her again and offered to pay for the shipping again. She promised she would get it sent out that day.

6-12-15 the phone had still not arrived, when I called the hotel I was told it finally was sent on Thursday the 11th (6 days after check out). 6-13-15 I called to the hotel two more times trying to get ahold of a manager or someone who could get me a tracking number. I was told the lady who sent it out has transferred to another Motel 6 location. I left a message and she was suppose to call me back.

6-14-15 Vacation was over, had to start driving home, still no phone or returned phone call. If I knew this was going to be such a problem we would have turned around, driven back an hour and picked it up.

6-19-15 Clayton called me back to check and make sure we had received the phone. Of course we hadn’t and he was confused. Said he would talk to his manager (who was currently on a conference call) as soon a she was done and have her get back to me. No call ever came in…

6-23-15 I called Clayton, he said he would try again to “make some calls” to contact his manager about this. He was very professional, apologetic and nice and was trying to help me. Now its been 17 days, no phone, no information, no tracking number, no contact from a manager or GM.

6-29-15 Called and spoke to Clayton, I demanded the GM call me back and find a way to have the phone replaced. I mentioned that I would have to contact the corporate office if we couldn’t get the phone replaced. Of course his GM had the day off or had already left for the day, whatever. Clayton called me back and asked if I would check at the post office on my side, because the man at his post office remembers sending it out. My post office never saw it, my moms little country PO never saw it. Peggy is the lady who took it to the PO and had it sent out, she now is at the Pendleton Oregon location. Course it’s her day off too.

6-30-15 Called Oregon location and left a message for Peggy. Called the Idaho Falls location and finally spoke with the GM, Laura. She said she would find out what’s going on and try to track it down. I told her that I’m not trying to accuse anyone of any wrong doing, but either the phone was never sent out or lost by the “parcel service”. Either way it needed to be replaced, she said she didn’t know how that would work. A few minutes later she called me back with the following information: date of 6-11-15 at 10:06am, 1st class postage paid $3.14, no insurance and a tracking number (9500111117595162363075) from the United States Parcel Service, yeah that’s right the USPS.

6-30-15 I searched the USPS tracking number and saw that it was accepted at Idaho Falls, ID 83402 on 6-11-15, departed later the same day, scanned at West Valle City, Utah 84120, where it was sent to be sorted and was never seen again. I filed mail recovery center search request. The claim department asked how it was packaged, once I call the GM Laura again and she got ahold of Peggy, Laura called me back and said that Peggy had sent it in a plain manila envelope. What! A $600 phone snail mailed with no insurance in a plain manila envelope. I was very upset, I had offered twice to pay for it.

9-5-15 The search at the USPS was suspended “unable to locate your missing item”. Called and left message for GM Laura. The manila envelope eventually showed up at my moms house, and she sent it to me. It was 3 ½” by 6 ½” plain paper manila envelope, it was torn up and of course empty.

9-14-15 Called left message for GM Laura

9-15-15 Laura called be back, said she will contact the legal department and figure out what to do. Nothing since then.

Today 2-9-16 I’m beginning my adventure to contact Motel 6’s corporate office and get this taken care of.

My son had worked on my mom and dads farm for a whole summer, and saved up to buy that phone for himself. Yes it was his (my) fault for leaving it in the hotel room, every body makes mistakes. I offered to pay for it, and I feel that when they (staff at Motel 6) insisted on taking care of it and sending it out to me that they accepted liability for it. The post office damage the packaging which allowed it to fall out, but Peggy should have packed it better than a manila envelope, she definitely should have insured it (it’s an iPhone, everyone knows they are expensive) and the manager/GM of the hotel should have been able to contact me and take care of this sooner than this. I would like a new iPhone 6 to be purchased and mailed to me or a $600 check and we’ll replace it ourselves.

Please contact me Vanessa Smith at 970-948-XXXXX or email at Vanessa.smith@XXXXX my address is Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


Jimmie Ball February 9, 2016 at 2:22 pm

I’m very concerned regarding a stay I had at the Motel 6 at 1047 Progress, in Meridian, ID. my sister and I were traveling and stayed at this motel on 2/7/2015. We were awoke at about 11:00 PM with a dog whining and barking. My sister went to the office and reported it to the girl there and was told she would let the owners know, not even knowing what room. She simply walked in back to an office, I assume. After a few minutes the barking stopped. Soon after we could hear loud talking or arguing and after this we just stayed in our room for fear of not knowing what we could expect. We did not feel safe. We had an opportunity to talk with a local there and were told that drugs were being run from that location. My concern is that location has my credit card information, and if this is true, well you can figure out the rest.

I know I won’t be staying there again as I make frequent visits to that area.


Marcy February 7, 2016 at 6:22 am

I wish I had read the messages from this site… I would of never stayed at this motel. It’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m still awake, with my clothes and shoes on, all my stuff is on the corner of my bed, because I’m afraid roaches will get in them if I leave them anywhere else in the room. Like the comments others made and I can’t believe this is happing to more then one motel 6 and I did complain and was moved to another room and the same thing. I didn’t move because my son had just drive half a day and was tired and fell asleep as soon as he got in his room. I guess corporate doesn’t care about there motels and guess anymore and health department doesn’t do their job and let these motel stay open even with all this complains.


John March 24, 2016 at 6:57 pm

I was going to send corporate my complaints over my recent stay also. But after reading all of these comments, I can tell they don’t really care. Wish someone could get the CEO of the company to visit these sites and have to stay in them for a night. Maybe then they might do something about the terrible conditions and customer service. I guess sleeping In my car After discovering bugs and not getting a refund was a safer choice.


Rosetta Washington February 6, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Well my stay in Eloy was not good @ all no hot water for me to take a shower, for 3 days only the sink had hot water and I told them 3 times the maintance men came to the room ran it for one second and it’s hot now when he left the water was not hot at all can I get a refund back or least half


Judy Crowell February 6, 2016 at 10:44 am

In the past my husband and I have had pretty good experiences with our stays at Motel 6. We do not expect frills but expect a clean room. Our most recent experience was horrible. Because of it, we will probably never stay in a Motel 6 again and we will tell everyone we know about our bad experience. When I searched through AARP Travel for motel, I specifically requested a non-smoking room with high speed internet. Motel 6 came up in the search and the prices were good so I booked. When we got to the room, it reeked of cigarette smoke. We decided to tolerate it because it was the only room they had and we were tired. We got settled in and tried to connect to internet only to find out that it was not working. The front desk said they were having problems and were in the process of switching companies. She should have disclosed that when we checked in. The room was filthy and we hardly slept at all. Shame on the Motel 6 at 1035 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Monroe, LA!


Donna February 3, 2016 at 7:36 pm

Also tv was not a good picture and woke up with stopped up noses from the mold odor. I am not one to complain normally but was very disappointed with our stay there.


Donna February 3, 2016 at 7:18 pm

In October of 2015, my sister and I traveled to Cleveland Texas and stayed there. We were intending to stay several nights there. We were there for my aunts 90th birthday. but one night was all we could handle as smelled and even buying air freshener did not help. There was mold on the walls refrigerator didn’t work well and not hot water. I have never stayed in a motel 6 like that one. Has ruined my opinion of Motel 6.


Ashley Gimbal February 1, 2016 at 2:39 am

Hello my name is Ashley I rented a room in one of you San Jose locations of Fontain Rd by Chucky cheese on 01-31-2015. I have never had a problem in the past but what I experience last night was nothing nice. I woke up to use the restroom and when I turned in the lights to get out of bed I noticed not one but three XXXXroaches scurry away. I was able to kill one but not sure where the other two went. I was so disgusted, didn’t even want to go back to sleep. Mind u this was at 4am (12hrs after u rented the room) I got in my car and drove around to the office. I spoke to a nice lady at the desk who showed concerned which mad me comfortable. I was told the next MOD would arrive by 9am, believe me if the MOD was there I would have requested my refund then. So I got to the room and can’t help but feel like I should just sleep in the car, which I didn’t, instead I stay fully clothed with my shoes on n decide I’m going to sleep like that. About a hour later I fell asleep. Woke up at 10am, went to the office again to speak with the MOD who was not there, at this point I was very upset, one being I did not get the rest I needed and started work 2hr later. I was able to get the info I needed to get a hold of the MOD during my lunch. So I call the MOD on my lunch break and explain my experience, I felt like he did not care at all, not once did he apologize for the inconvenience, but when I requested a full refund, he said they have to investigate before the decide to refund me at all. When I would talk he would cut me off very rudely and say the same thing in a different way. I do not appreciate the way my situation was handled.


TSgt La Kisha Jones-Harris January 30, 2016 at 12:34 pm

Dear Chloe Williams,
Previously I sent you an email expressing the horrible experiences I have encountered during my several nights at this Motel 6 establishment. This has been my worst experience ever with Motel 6. Normally even though this hotel would not be someone’s 1st Choice, it serves the purpose for a decent price. I was also glad that Motel 6 gives military discounts. Now I’m upset at how after 3 different rooms the same problems exist. Dirty linen, nasty towels with black stains, housekeeping doesn’t do a great job at providing daily service and changing linen and making sure the room is presentable for guests. When you are tired and in need of a room the last thing you want to know is that you’re staying in a nasty room. I don’t understand why you as the general manager didn’t reply to my email. I came back on Jan 29th hoping that you or another manager would help my situation. I was told by the front desk representative that you left a note saying you needed to speak to me. I really needed a room so I returned just to be disappointed again. You said I could get a complementary room or discounted room for $30. Please assist in this situation or I will have to contact corporate about this Motel 6. Please know I realize this is not a 5 star hotel but still deserves clean items. Please conta


TSgt La Kisha Jones-Harris January 30, 2016 at 12:34 pm

Ms Chloe Williams,
I spoke to you in person yesterday about my room disaster, first the room 245 was nasty(sheets looked like someone had just finished doing something in the bed), towels were dirty and appeared to have been used. Basically looks like housekeeping didn’t clean the room properly. So I took pictures of the bed as proof of the nastiness. Next we moved to another room 222(current room), didn’t receive housekeeping, my keys no longer worked and towels were needed. First we told that housekeeping would be there at 10 am, unfortunately they just didn’t come. I was also told that check out would be Friday at 12pm,but after speaking to you my check out day was for Thursday. On my receipt it said the 29,but the keys keep locking us out. You offered a complimentary room for the trouble. which should have me checking out on Saturday at 12. This has been a horrible stay so far, the front desk people were helpful but still need your immediate assistance.


Wade smith January 28, 2016 at 7:54 pm

Stayed a week at motel 6 in Victoria Tx had the worst experience ever they wouldn’t clean our room but once a week when they did they didn’t even change the sheets . We ask for more towels and toilet paper they said we could only have one role of toilet paper and that we had to bring our towels up front to get more they wouldn’t bring us any I have stayed in motels for 11 years at least 200 times a year this is the worst place I have ever stayed.


Diane January 28, 2016 at 9:32 am

Stayed at Motel 6 in Albuquerque, NM. Blood stain on sheets. Bed felt like you were going to fall through it and springs kept poking you. Hair in bathtub. Unhappy experience. Would have slept better in my car.

When we got to Chino CA my nephew reserved a room at Motel on Central Ave for us for a week. We asked to see the room first because of our experience in Albuquerque. First we couldn’t get the door open with the key out of several attempts. Husband pushed on the door and it popped open. We went in and the air/heat unit was hanging off the wall, no knobs or front cover. The bathtub had yellow stains all over it. Asked to see another room. Attendant gave us another room. Opened the door and there were two people in bed. Drug deal went down in the parking lot also. Called our nephew and he came and got his deposit back. We stayed at another Motel NOT MOTEL 6! Very bad experience on this trip with Motel 6. Dumps and filthy!


Lisette January 27, 2016 at 11:27 am

I stayed at the Motel 6 in Simi Valley in California and had the worst experience ever. The man at the counter was a racist jerk. He claimed he did not have my online information and I had to prove it by showing my email confirmation. He finally gave me a room and harassed me late at night by calling me and telling me that he had given me the wrong room, keep in mind I am a young woman and was there alone. He then charged my card twice and I’ve been calling Motel 6 for 2 days already and no one seems to answer their customer service. I have no choice but to call my bank.


Joe Smith January 25, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Please note: I am not comfortable giving you my correct personal information until I know without question you will not release the information as the Motel 6 employee I am making reference to has made direct threats towards me as well as indirect threats; they’ve posted PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS & PRIVATE INFORMATION publicly, thus inciting hate directed at not only myself but at my daughter as well; unfortunately, this abuse onslaught never ends & no one is exempt from the abuse and bullying.
It reached such a heated stage one evening that your employee was phoning a social media acquaintance of mine. Your employee fat-shamed, made degrading comments regarding people’s intelligence & (among the many other insults and verbal abuse) mocked children with disabilities.
This employee called from (574) 936 7586 at approximately 21:49pm on the 8th of December and the number dialled was (270) 307 XXXXX. Subsequently, the person had to change their number as they were called relentlessly & sent text messages that had no end.
Everyone knows that this employee works at Motel 6 and quite frankly, I would NOT want anyone I know to stay at a hotel where the staff are making threat and bullying people. What is done on private time is the person’s own business, however, when done from work AND the employee was seen screaming and swearing, I’d be inclined to spend my money elsewhere.
Please feel free to verify your phone records and once you do, you can leave a telephone number on reply to this message and I will phone and email you all of the copies of the abuse and threats and incident of inciting hate.
I look forward to a speedy response.
Signed: Very concerned!


Rebecca M. January 23, 2016 at 12:50 am

The Motel 6 in White House Tennessee was excellent. I am from Michigan and went to visit daughter in MS and at 11pm I was very tired. I stopped at the motel 6 in White House and the gentleman at the desk was very nice and I received a good rate and I asked to see the room first because not all Motel 6′ s has been renovated yet, this one was beautiful and very spacious and clean and I slep great. Thank you Motel 6.


Angelic January 21, 2016 at 1:42 pm

I recently checked into motel 6 in Baltimore on Whitehead road, the front desk person I encounter was pleasant, the first room I was give smelled of smoke and I asked for non-smoking. I was given another room but only to find that room had bedbugs. I was bitten and my children. still waiting for a refund of my money.


Raymond Willson January 15, 2016 at 10:57 am

I worked at motel 6 in Marshalltown iowa and the owner Shawn Gordhan would ask me to scam customers by charging them for more occupants than where actually staying there. He also never paid me the overtime he owed me. He is a pot head and allows people to do drugs at his establishment. No place for a family or anyone for that matter. Stay elsewhere customer service sucks he cares nothing about people just wants money. And will kick you out if you don’t like the price hike he will give you after a week of staying. DO NOT STAY AT MOTEL 6 EVER……I LOVED WORKING THERE AT FIRST BUT WOULD GET YELLED AT FOR ACTUALLY HELPING CUSTOMERS…….


Derrick Lawson January 10, 2016 at 9:36 am

My self my wife and two minor daughters Stayed at motel 6 in venice Florida after an electrical fire in my home . room was nasty smelled like animal urine and smoke no hot water or water pressure and the metal shower handle was broken and fell off onto your feet every time you got in .. Asked front desk and manager to fix it then got told we were scamming motel 6 because we had four adults staying in our room told manager they could come and see for themselves that I had a 14 and a 16 year old that were still in school instead he called the police kicked us out of the room I got served with a trespassing order and did not refund our stay. If I am not contacted in regards to this matter promptly I am looking into a lawsuit


Murphy, Jeremy A. January 7, 2016 at 6:21 pm

Hello, my name is Jeremy A. Murphy. I have been violated in the Motel6, address: 176 W 600 S, Salt Lake City, 84101. I’d like to know what has come of the investigation. Gassed, injected, turned in a syringe to the front desk associate. I wasn’t even offered a refund. I’d like something to occur in my favor, due to the loss and hardship. EMAIL: XXXXXX
Sincerely, Jeremy A. Murphy


Susan January 6, 2016 at 12:50 pm

The worst company to ever work for as well as sleep in one of their rooms. FYI spend a few extra bucks and go elsewhere


Linze Hustead January 5, 2016 at 11:42 am

I am currently staying at Motel 6 in Big Bear #369 and we have been without toilet paper since later night. We went down the office first thing this morning at 7am and were told they didn’t have any to give us. An hour later we called and were told she couldn’t get us any because she was having to answer the phones, I offered to come back down she then became rude and told me by me being on the phone with her it would now take longer for her to get the toilet paper. I asked how long she told me she didn’t know, I asked again for a time frame so I know if I needed to drive to use a bathroom elsewhere and she became more agitated with me and hung up on me. This service is unbelievable. Not only are we not being provided with basic amenities we are receding horrible service because we’re requesting this amenity. I would like a call back asap. I will continue to reach out to various levels of corporate until this is resolved and acknowledged.

Linze Hustead
Staying at Motel 6 #369 Big Bear, Ca
Incident occurred on 1/5 from 7am-9am


daryl January 2, 2016 at 3:11 pm

I stayed at ur Harrisonburg’s va motel 6 when everything was up tell my son found a baggie that had drugs in it and I was very unhappy and my girlfriend took it to the main office and only thing they wouldnt to do is change us room we said because if we went into another rooms u don’t know what else u would find


Ronald Gochett January 1, 2016 at 11:55 am

Motel 6 house keeping employees stole 5 cartoons of cigarettes totalling $300.00 and they also stole $88.00 worth of valuable coins I had in my room as well. I was disgusted with my stay. The worst part was how corporate office handled the situation because I still have not been reimbursed. “Tip for the day” don’t spend your money where you have to worry about your well being and privacy.


Ronald Gochett January 1, 2016 at 11:42 am

I stayed at motel 6 in Des Moines, Iowa. The house keeping people came into my room while I was not there. They stole 5 cartoons of cigarettes which cost $300. They also stole some very valuable silver dollar coins that I had in there that was worth $88. I have been trying to get reimbursement from Motel 6 and it seems like their corporate office doesn’t even give a damn. I am so disgusted with the service provided by them. The worst part was how there corporate office handled the situation. Please don’t do business with people who do care about your privacy or well being because that’s who Motel 6 really is (they just don’t care).


Francine PXXXXXXXX December 31, 2015 at 8:42 pm

To whom it may concern,  my name is FrancineP and I need help in resolving a matter that happened on December 22 of 2015. The county of Santa Clara is aiding me with a place to stay so I have a safe place to bring my daughter to when I have visitation days with her due to the fact I am homeless. On the night of Dec. 22, 2015 the SanJose police dept. was at the premises of motel 6 San jose Airport facility and arrests were made apparently. The general manager of this facility I know only by his first name Arturo made a statement to the County of Santa Clara Abode program stating that there was an arrest made by the SJPD at my room. The above statement is totally false and I have went personally to the SJPD and obtained in writing by an officer saying neither I or my boyfriend were not arrested. The general manager is refusing to change his statement in which in  return the County of Santa Clara is refusing to aide me with temporary housing assistance until this is resolved. I desperately need this help from the county because of my situation and need a place to bring my 3 year old daughter. Any help or advice that can be used to help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me thru email or feel free to call me at 408XXXXXXXXx Again my name is Francine PXXXXXXXXx

Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device


billmost December 21, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I went to stay at your motel in rapid city sd and when I walked in to lobby all I could smell was dope somebody had to be smoking it in the imediet area it was so strong that I hade to leave if they do that in the lobby i would hate to see what the rooms are like


Timothy Shepherd December 20, 2015 at 8:57 am

I stayed at this location last night
2425 Scott Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76103 room #330. I found a used condom on the floor. I informed the front office as soon as I saw it. They came up with excuses as to why they didn’t clean as well as they should have. THERE’S NO EXCUSE for uncleanliness when you’re in the hotel industry! They still haven’t changed the room. I would like to hear back from someone in corporate today before this is taken any further.


darwin December 18, 2015 at 7:27 pm

To Angelica of Motel 6 Redding South , 2385 Becheli Ln Redding 96002. We understand the requirements to confirm our bookin,1 valid ID is fine with valid credit card, but hey, you are the most rude and uneducated receptionist i ever encounter. Who ever is your manager, both of you need to be retrained over and over again, until you guys learned how to treat and talk people right, not everybody that come to your place is crack wh**e, last week i let it pass having our rooms lots of pets hair all over from bed sheets to the bath tub.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is motel 6 of Bechelli Redding


Deb O December 18, 2015 at 7:20 pm

My sister & I stayed at the Motel 6 on Disney Way in Anaheim CA. The staff was friendly & there wasn’t carpet–something I appreciate. That’s the only good things I can tell you about our stay. The bad included having to change rooms right away because of the obvious use of the room by heavy smokers, even tho’ the sign on the door indicated for non smokers. The clerk was friendly while re-locating me, but I was rudely treated by his answering the phone, helping another guest at the side of the counter, & carrying on a conversation with 3 young children who seemed to know him, all while supposedly helping me. The bathroom sink drained slowly, the maid used a filthy broom to clean that left disgusting black lint stuff on the counter & the floor, the toilet paper holder had a sXXXXmy soap film that I easily wiped off (indicating very poor cleaning habits), & I killed a XXXXroach. I reported these concerns right away. Because of health challenges, it was too difficult to have to change AGAIN, so when the clerk offered 50% off, I said OK–anything to be able to get going & it wasn’t a life or death issue. When I checked out, I was on my way to putting my sister on a plane. I was told I would only get a portion of the credit promised. I challenged it & the clerk took out a calculator & showed me (like I was 7 years old) how she came up with that amount, altho’ it was closer to what I’d been promised. My sister agreed that’s what she saw as well. It didn’t seem quite right still, but we had to get going. When I went over the bill later, I didn’t see the credit. I called & was referred back to the manager. He told me they never offer that kind of credit & offered me a one night stay in any Motel 6 as compensation. I told him that was an insult; why would I want to stay with them again after this? I’ve written 3 times to the corporate office–nothing. Tried to call–no one’s there. I am going to dispute the charge & am putting it out there on social media so those who are thinking of staying at a Motel 6 will look elsewhere. This used to be a decent motel to stay at–no more!! Such a disappointment!!


George December 17, 2015 at 8:03 pm

On Dec 17th 2015 I pulled into the Motel 6 #4849 in Farmers Branch TX. The day manager who refused to give his name told me I couldn’t park a uhaul truck on the property because they have a no semi truck parking policy.. I have never been treated so poorly by Motel 6. I am a Veteran doing a Military move, and refused access to rest for a misguided policy. He had a crane sitting in the parking lot of the Motel that outweighed the truck I was driving. I proceeded to drive to Super 8 who treated me as a valued customer.. that finishes my stays at Motel 6 after more than 20 years of using them.


Pamela December 17, 2015 at 9:05 am

My spouse is staying at the Motel 6 in Cheyenne and has been for the last 10 days for work purposes. The room has not been cleaned in those 10 days. They have repeatedly asked for the room to be cleaned but it never happens. They do give them clean towels at the front desk but the same sheets are on the bed and the pile of towels doesn’t get washed.


Tim December 12, 2015 at 3:37 pm

I am an out of state traveler working in Everett , Wa. for a short time . I’ve spent thousands staying at motel 6 across the country . This is the first time I’ve stayed at this motel 6 . It isn’t horribly bad , or the only inexpensive stay around . But what is different about this motel 6 for me is , the management .
Kent the GM of the property denied me , after a 6 day stay , a rebooking of room based on pasted experiences. When asked , what does pass experiences have to do with me ? Kent ( GM ) replied , a noise complaint . When expressing to Kent that I stay by myself , work all days , and sleep all night , what does a noise complaint have to do with me ? Kent ( top management on site ) replied , ” theres nothing I can do . you have to check out ” , without any further explanation .
Like i said , there are many other cheap stays in and around the city of Everett , of which i took my business . Having stayed at many motel 6’s across the country . This one scores a big fat ” 0 ” in human relation and an absolute ” Nay ” as a suggestion or recommendation in the city of Everett . It is possibly , one reason , when you drive by there are so many rooms vacant . But as promised , they will keep the light on !


Tim December 12, 2015 at 5:37 pm

What a inconvenience !


Kathy Roy December 12, 2015 at 2:16 am

Stayed at a Motel 6 in Moriarty, N.M. and it was the worst hotel we stayed in during our drive to and from Az. living in Rockford, l. It appeared that the bed sheets weren’t changed from the last guests and they were all wrinkled, there was no shampoo or hair dryer in the room and the soap was the smallest bar of soap I have ever seen. The ice machine didn’t work and the snack vending machine only had 4 types of chips and over priced. In the morning there was free coffee which was the worst. It tasted like it was from a day earlier, just awful. It was not worth the money we spent on the room and will never stay at another Motel 6 if this one is an indication of how the chain runs it’s hotels. You might as well close them all if this is how your business is run.


b Buckley December 11, 2015 at 9:44 am

Stayed at Motel 6 in Kissimmee, FL very close to Disney on 12/9.

* Remote control for TV was absent
* The promise of WIFI was not true, could not use service, the desk tried twice, no WIFI
* I awoke at 2AM with a roach on my chest, with other bugs on the TV table
* Explained my issues to manager Kahalli Bailey, he asked me to leave the property
* I’ve been traveling the world since 1984, worst place I have ever stayed


Sue C December 8, 2015 at 1:18 am

My recent stay at Motel 6 in Klamath Falls Oregon was not a pleasant one. I was given a room that had been “recently renovated” and was still off-gassing paint smell. I should have complained right away and asked to move. Stayed there 3 nights while visiting my mother. I tried to take a shower the second night and the water was cold; thought maybe the other guests had used up the hot water temporarily. Same thing the next morning and evening. I complained via phone to the desk the third morning that something was wrong with the “newly renovated” plumbing, as I could get hot water in the sink only, not in the shower. The manager said (oh so nicely) that there was nothing she could do and that I should have complained sooner. Maybe so, but I didn’t know about the problem until the second evening (it’s always the guest’s fault you know!) Then she offered me a $10 credit on my $190 bill, which was just insulting. I told her it wasn’t worth my time – she offers me a lousy 5%, really?! I said I never thought I would have to inspect all the amenities to insure that everything worked before accepting the room. Needless to say, the next time I’m in town, I will pay more to stay elsewhere!


Lori December 5, 2015 at 4:49 pm

Stayed at the Motel 6 in Homewood, All ,you really have bad clean up crew. We left a phone charger on the dresser and it has not been turned in. ( room 312). How do clean a room and not see a phone charger. If that maid took it that is just all wrong. Unsafe area in the first place, really a shame how lazy dome people are. How clean can that room be. SCARY


Diana Calzadias December 4, 2015 at 8:38 pm

My son and I stayed at the Motel 6 on Kern St, Salinas, Ca for 1 week. The grounds are kept up and the housekeepers are wonderful and work hard. Almost as hard as the prostitutes who come and rent rooms daily either for their customers or the drug dealers who roam around freely. It was not a place to feel safe. I called the new manager several times and walked to the office to speak to her directly. No results. The office staff also stated they were aware of the issues and so far no changes had been made, they had brought this up to the manager. The housekeepers should carry guns. This is a crying shame, they should pay their customers to stay there.


Jose December 4, 2015 at 9:05 am

Awful experience! Stayed at the location on 9903 IH 35 North in San Antonio. Raju Patel this guy is beyond awful. I dont know how motel 6 allows there name to be dragged thru the mud by this individual. I stayed a total of 4 hours then decided the charge was not worth my headache. The staff is not trained properly to tell the customers the truth, the location is in need of some serious repairs (Really run down.) As a business owner i know that another hotel chain welcomes my business on a regular basis. Mr. Patel has no people skills or professionalism. Absolutely horrible.


jana Booker December 2, 2015 at 11:55 am

My family has stayed stayed at 3 different motel 6. The first was in Murfreesboro TN. The second close to Nashville international airport on Stewart’s Ferry road. They are great and lastlastle one in Goodlettsville. That was a horrible experience. Afraid to take a shower. We were told we would have to pay for the internet. Was also told in order to change rooms we would have to pay a room change fee. That corporate was charging for this upfront. It was the rudest experience.

The one on Stewart’s Ferry is wonderful we have not had a problem with staff. I love all the staff we have met so far.
Thank you


Johnathan conley December 1, 2015 at 9:50 am

hi this is Johnathan Conley I got chewed out because my dog crapped in the bathtub so I don’t think I was right plus I had to move to a different room at one time and your manners are. There are terrible they don’t do nothing up there they all need to get fired they’re all yeah I know I’ll go higher up the new guys just don’t be talking about this and my phone number is 417-771 XXXXX


Dr. Axel R. Arce December 1, 2015 at 9:41 am

As we often do, we stayed at Motel 6 in East Brunswick, NJ from the 24 to the 29 of November. During this stay, we went through the worst experience any hotel guest can possibly imagine, being robbed from your own room!

We contacted the hotel manager to let her know that my daughter’s Tiffany necklace was taken from our room when we were away, but she told us plain straight that she “would stick to her maid”, that is, with any investigation whatsoever. So, we called the police and made a report. Of course, we were told that it would be highly unlikely to recuperate the necklace and to prove its disappearance from the room.

We are respected members of our community with an impeccable reputation among the neighborhood in which we live with sufficient resources to stay at any high price hotel. The reason we use Motel 6 as a place to stay is not because we can’t afford a more expensive hotel, but because my sister lives nearby and it makes it much less driving time from the hotel to her home. After all, we just need a place to stay the night.

We understand that by choosing Motel 6 we are compromising quality of facility and services of hotels that are above 2 star rating, but we would never imagine that the security of our property and even our personal welfare would be compromise at anytime like it happen to us at Motel 6.

I ask Motel 6, Isn’t that the sole purpose of staying in a hotel, so we may have a place to secure our personal belongings like at home? We need not to say that we will never return to your hotel and that we will absolutely not recommend Motel 6 to anyone. I will make a note to everyone so they will make a better choice of hotel than I did. Definitely, cheaper cost more.

Dr. Axel Richard Arce-Santiago


Dr. Axel R. Arce December 1, 2015 at 10:41 am

In reference to my previous email, I just received from the Hotel Manager Beth Borda conveniently after I sent you my email, a notice that the necklace was found:

[Mr. Arce,
We tried to call you just moments after your check-out on Sunday November 29th but the number you provided us was not valid in that it went straight to voicemail and no voicemail was set-up.
The necklace that was claimed to be missing was found in the room on the window sill…please contact me below so that we can arrange a pick-up and the necklaces’ safe return.]

Although we are content to get the necklace back, I must reiterate that what was supposed to be a joyfull time with family celebrating Thanksgiving together, our trip was dampened with the terrible experience at your hotel, to say the least.

I personally do not believe that the necklace was found “on the outside of the room window sill” as the Hotel Manager stated when we responded to her email.. Very simple, we had six people search the entire room including the window sill, to no avail. In addition to searching the room ourselves, housekeeping cleaned the room on THREE (3) occasions after the necklace went missing. We know for a fact that the necklace was NOT in the room or window sill as the manager is claiming.

As I previously stated in my email, Ms. Borda told us she was standing by the housekeeper that cleaned the room. It is my personal opinion that Ms. Borda is covering for her personnel with complete knowledge of what truly went on with the necklace. I strongly believe they should be investigated. This raises the question of how many similar situations may have happened at that motel before anyone or even Motel 6 Corporate knowing?

At this point we have decided we will probably not move forward with any legal action but as I previously stated, we will never stay at your hotel again and will never recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Axel R. Arce


patricia philpott November 29, 2015 at 4:46 am

I was totally discriminated,lied to,and basically thrown out of your establishment at the Mealer dr Arlington TX location.First off my husband of 22 yrs a veteran of the U.S. army just passed away 18 months ago.I am 65 yrs old on a fixed income Because of the treatment by your establishment I feel stripped of my dignity not only did they through me out on the coldest day of November which I paid daily $ 60-$98 depending on the day of the week for 3weeks straight and suddenly you say I need e reservation that they are booked and when I checked and to my surprise they weren’t booked they bold faced lied so I called and lodged a complaint to guest services I was literally thrown out a 65 yr old widow on the coldest day of the month I had too literally take a cab to a waffle house so I could stay warm I feel your company has done an injustice and I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ON MY AGE OR MY FINANCIAL STATIST.I have been told that your company have violated my civil and equality rights.I am seriously thinking of consulting an attorney I don’t know I am just a widow who holds the company accountable and they ( the management lied and charged drill tech for a new mattress that was not replaced for the put me in that room and the mattress in question well I had to sleep on it and I saw that it was not changed where is the accountability here and then I got thrown out when does it stop I will contact drill tech to let them know they are being charged a fictitious,made up charge who screens these people why do you allow crooks to buy franchise on your company I was a faithful customer for u were dog friendly huh mot people friendly and this franchise in question also has undoXXXXented workers working there these are what I witnessed while I was there,so maybe there was a real reason to get me out everyone including the security people said we complied about my service animal my border collie (highly trained)I was singled out.I believe the people running that motel 6 are CROOKS,LIAR AND THIEVES’ .Just like when I lodged my complaint over the phone fell on deaf ears this week I may consult an attorney,also call drill tech and let them know about the lie,theft,or fraud done to them again who holds these people accountable sincerely Patricia Philpott formally a faithful customer


Badboyz search and rescue enterprise. Robert and tabitha November 22, 2015 at 11:39 pm

We are right now in the room of a motel 6 at we are in room number 106. @ 10919 j street omaha Nebraska
Check in was awesome later after we came back from the hospital icu cause our father is hurt bad.
We asked for more towels they said No
We asked for more pillows they said No
We asked for more blankets they said No
We asked to not charge us for my husbands veteran service animal. They demanded cash for her to stay.
We asked for pack and play for our son they said No.
We asked for more bar of soap. You say No
Now we travel around the USA and our company or the Elliott family
For the first time out of my whole life this was the worst one out there.
I need a someone to call or get a hold of us
We have a king size bed and only two pillows really you say No
There is only four towels and my wife and our son staying with me.
One bar of soap and you say No come on
We ask for one more blankets cause we like a little not share. You say no
My wife is 4’7 can’t even reach the a/c heater unit and there is no remote.
Tv can’t even see it clearly most the chanles don’t come in clear.
Wi-fi dosnt not work at all have to use our own data hotspot to get Wi-Fi.
No where to sit in the room besides are king size bed.
Feels like a jail in this room.
The haul away an coffe area has more luxury then our room.


Roda November 22, 2015 at 11:32 am

Booking Motel 6 in Vacaville, CA is a terrible mistake. After 8 hours of driving from Los Angeles and straight to Vacaville, even with valid reservation, we were not accommodated and the manager and staff forced us to cancel our reservation. During the check in process, the front desk lady is taking time ignoring us and doing other personal staff. When reminding her that we need to check in, we were told that we are rude. She even bad mouthed us to her manager. The manager supported that inefficient front desk staff and not even want to hear our side. Then surprisingly, they forced us to cancel our reservation. At that time, we have a very important job appointment and also have 2 small dogs that need immediate shelter. They just did not care our situation and it is difficult finding an alternative lodging in the area. Is this how Motel 6 treat their potential guests? It is truly disappointing and disgusting. We will never plan to stay in this particular motel again. The staff and manager are absolutely unprofessional and inattentive to potential guests. I hope the Corporate office will take some time to investigate this issue and make necessary changes to address these unprofessional Motel 6 employees.


Courtney November 21, 2015 at 9:36 am

We stayed at the Motel 6 Downtown Chattanooga, TN. I wasn’t incredibly thrilled with the dilapidated manner of the place, but decided to deal with it for our one night stay. The heat/air didn’t work and when we asked for an extra pillow we were treated very poorly. All of that aside, I am disgusted with my stay. I left with my arm itching and burning. I stopped at a drugstore to get some itch cream and the pharmacist told me I had bed bugs! BED BUGS! From the motel. I paid $60 to acquire bed bugs!!! Please do not stay there.


Allen Garling November 21, 2015 at 8:30 am

I have stayed at motel 6 s in san antonio tx for months. One sunday my van was stolen from right in front of the office. Ur video was just terrible . And i cant believe no one from ur coorperate office wouldn’t send some form of email m akeing any form of comment about it. Geez. Is that how u really care about ur customers. Dont forget. We are the reason u have a job . Hope u live with ur insensitivity well


Mark jackson November 19, 2015 at 11:43 pm

Framingham Ma. Motel 6 manager evicted me after staying and paying for a mo. Made extend but some how it wasn’t made then Mgr. Said we cannot stay cause we’ve been evicted even if I pay. Then mgr threatened to fight me outside. I had to call Police on that coca inexpensive addict


Mark jackson November 19, 2015 at 11:46 pm



Breanna November 18, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Last time I stayed in motel 6 in June 2015 there was a XXXXroach in my room and I had called front office to have them take care or move us rooms. All they said was ” okay?” As if it was not a big deal. I have a 6 month old son that was staying in the room with me. Guest relations sent me a certificate for a one night stay. I made reservations to go back in November to Disneyland and spoke to the manager the night before I showed up to confirm my reservations. I arrive to the property at 4pm Sunday my check in day, the manager at the location JUSTIN canceled my reservations without telling me due to me filing a complaint and making up lies that I used ” Verbal” language and put me on the DO NOT RENT list without informing me coming from Arizona. I and my 9 month old son had to find some where else to stay due to them telling me when I arrived I can’t stay there instead of calling and advising me. It messed up my whole vacation and took more time out of my day trying to find a hotel. I called guest relations again and they said they can’t do anything about it. I do not recommend staying at MOTEL 6 Anaheim main gate EVER. Worst customer service and staff is not nice at all.


Tamara Ward November 16, 2015 at 5:13 pm

When there is an isuue with one of your propertieswhy is it that no resolutions can be found. In trying to have and issue resolved Iasked for the regional/district manager name for theproperty located in BrooklynCenter, MN. You would think it was a matter of national security. If issues are to be resolved and protocol followed why this nis not happening. Report # 1195095


Margaret November 16, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Over the weekend we stay at your hotel. The air condition panel was broken so I told the desk and they said we know. It was so close to the bed we could not even moved. You cannot open a window since there all sealed shut. I ask the desk why they did that they said it’s Vegas but the hotel next to us you can see they open and that’s Vegas. It was so hot and stuffy we all went home sick then we woke up a couple of times with someone fighting and when we came back they were kicked out where next I went to get something to eat and they were in there later I saw them outside so I guess they were kick out of there plus it was expensive this Motel 6. I was told I would pay $115.00 on Saturdaythe rates went up I was told because of the fight in town but when I got there they raise the price but the clerk I will say work with me but it was still way over a hundred dollars which I never paid that much for a Motel 6. This was the worst experience we ever had. You can get way better rates at other hotels if you book in advance and not pay this much. My son stay at the MGM and paid almost the same rate. I will never stay in that hotel again it was horrible. I wish I could be refunded for the inconvenice of this room. Never again, motel 6!


Alberto Garcia November 16, 2015 at 12:55 pm

WOW your motel in Atlanta turn away a military soldier.. Because all he had was his military ID!! After he made reservations!!!! WOW the last time I stay with y’all!!! Plus all my friend, relatives, etc!!!


GINA HULSEY November 14, 2015 at 11:04 am

So….understand that you turned down one of our military people that is old enough to defend you and your country but according to you not old enough to sleep in your motel!! But every motel 6 I have stayed in rents to drug dealers and drunks that keep you up all night, because the office people are too afraid to say anything to them…well as far as my family and friends we will never stay in one of your so called motels!!


William Keller November 13, 2015 at 10:11 am

South Tulsa
12525 East 52nd St South
Tulsa, OK 74146

1st. I was billed for two people instead of just myself, which it was and I made that clear several times on check in. When I discovered the problem at the end of the week, by over hearing the night clerk give a cost estimate to a customer on the phone. I was told that there was no proof that it was just me and it was too late to correct their error. On top of that it was a daily mission to rescan my card key due to the system would not hold my place for more than 24hr.

2nd. I came back to my room after work to find my AC was off and the remote missing, in a non-serviced room. I reported the issue at that time was given a 2nd remote that did not work by the night staff. I was told to report the problem to the manager as well. When I did the management accused me of making up the story. I asked who turned off the AC and changed the channel. I was asked to leave and rejected my my last night which I had card in hand to pay.


cuthbert nyack November 10, 2015 at 10:45 am

I made a reservation for motel 6 in staunton for sep 27 . I had to cancel and stay in Roanoke instead.

The cancellation was done well before the time limit. I received an acknowledgement of the cancellation and was told I would not be charged and any charges would be refunded.

In fact motel 6 put a charge on my credit the day after the original reservation and has
refused to remove it.


Roger Edwards November 9, 2015 at 5:45 pm

We stayed in four Motel 6’s on our recent vacation, and wanted to share our observations.
10/2 – Columbus Missouri (Clean, neat, completely acceptable.)
10/23 – Jackson, Wyoming – 0328 (Outstanding! Very attractive grounds. Women who managed it were friendly, available, and efficient. Lobby was attractive. Every part including the laundry was super clean, neat, and attractive. It was a pleasure to be there.)
10/28 – Albert Lee, Minnesota. (Really sloppy and dirty. First room had a dismantled toilet. Second room, the cleaning person had dumped the dirty water into the sink and left a yucky mess. The chrome was all water marked. Perhaps sprayed but not wiped. The bed was so disheveled that at first we though perhaps the sheets had not been changed. No one manning the desk. Had to ring a bell to get desk service. Lobby was dreary with a few cheap plastic Halloween stickers on the windows.The carpet and stairs into the building were filthy with bits and pieces of stuff customers had dropped.)
11/02 – Youngstown #45 (Clean, neat, completely acceptable.)
Just thought you should know, you have some great facilities, good ones, and at least one real “dog”.


Salvador Garcia November 9, 2015 at 1:42 pm

I went to Motel 6 on 210 N. Hill Rd Bernalillo, NM ph# 505 771 9500. After a week i been there i decided to check my luggage due to i have left money there since I travel I rather use cash than my card I did not have the time to go and dp money to the bank, when I checked it i was missing $ 500.00 dollars, I reported to a lady and said she was going to report it to the mgr, days went by I did not hear anything I decided to call the police and did a report…. The mgr on duty Regis said it was nothing he could do, and that it was not the cleaning service that maybe, it was the person that stays with me, so he was accusing a person that has been with me for years traveling and staying with me for years…. as of now nothing been done…. Is unbelievable how you go to a place with confidence that no one is going to go through your personal stuff I would of understand if in left it on the table or bed but to have the guts to go through my luggage that’s unacceptable….. I hope with this claim I get an email back…. I need a response on how to clear this matter…


Kim brown November 8, 2015 at 11:43 pm

I was very disappointed in motel 6 camp Jordan parkway Chattanooga Tennessee. My husband and I droVe 4hour to.this place so it was about 8ish when we came.when I checked in I asked for a pen and paper.. The clerk made it clear that was a no.went to the room were neither one of our keys work and had to get that fixed.the reservations I made was supposed to have a flat screen but instead I got a I just wanted to get some rest. The pillow situation was horrible and they refused me extra.
So the next morning I get up to get breakfast so me and my hubby leave the room…we went just across the street so.I left my driver license , food city value card,a 50$ gift card to red lobster which was gave to us and celebrate our 8years of marriage, and a free appetizer at Texas roadhouse all together on the table… 30 minutes later I come back to my license and value card….THEY CAME IN MY ROOM AND TOOK THAT GIFT CARD. I made sure before I left were to put it so we would have it and when we got back …..gone.I will never stay there again or suggest it to anyone. Im getting on any and all websites and rate your hotel horrible place… I cried BC this was taken from me..Horrible experience



Michelle November 4, 2015 at 9:48 am

I was going to leave a comment about my horrible experience at Motel 6 Cheyenne WY. But after reading so many comments, I figure my experience is just another typical experience so many have while staying at a Motel 6. Guess I learned my lesson – never again stay or more importantly give money to a Motel 6. Maybe they will someday go out of business and save the rest of us so much grief and aggravation.


Nancy Buck November 3, 2015 at 2:25 pm

I would like to file a complaint about a motel 6 i stayed at in Mesa, Arizona.. Well, i got off work and went to 4 different motels an all full. An finally got a room i paid for 2 nights. I got in the room it looked like it was not even cleaned right. Old candy on the chair also, found roaches in the room. I just did not like the room. Im 9 months pregnant an i had my 3 year old daughter with me. I wanted to charge my phone so i moved the night stand so i can plug in my charger an to find a glass pipe ( g-pipe) under the night stand. So in a heart beat i grabbed my stuff and my daughter an went to the office to get my refund back. I told the guy at the front desk an he did not seem to care. I will never go back to that place again. I stay at a Motel 6 almost every week but, after that night i dont think i will be spending my money for a Motel 6 again.. I need to speak to someone about this asap.


Pat November 2, 2015 at 1:56 pm

You probably know that this is all over social media, but just in case you didn’t thought you should know. This man is defending our country and you owe him a public apology and lots of free stays if he even wants them. THE POST FROM BRENT LIGHT COULDN’T BE COPIED AND PASTED TO YOUR SITE, BUT KNOW THAT YOU OWE HIS SON AND THERE WILL BE A LOT OF US THAT WON’T STAY WITH YOU UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD NEVER BE TREATED LIKE THIS. HE IS DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM.


Louis Pollaro November 2, 2015 at 10:14 am

Just want you guys to know that I just saw your new commercial on Fox News and was very impressed! I am in the film business and have shot more than my fair share of commercials so it is difficult for me to watch commercials in general, but your new spot had the best use of CG and live action that didn’t obscure the message and hit the point right on. Who ever came up with this concept for you is brilliant. I congratulate them! This is a spot I can watch over and over without reaching for the remote. Sincerely, Louis Pollaro, cinematographer for RadioVision.


Joel Mattied October 30, 2015 at 11:16 pm

Your Motel 6 off I10 in Tyler Texas is disgusting. The 1st room (125)assigned had mold. on the walls. The 2nd room had broken TV shelf, dirty pillows and spreads,filthy a/c filter and dirty floors. We are sleeping with our clothes on because we are wooriex what might be on the sheets that we can’t see


Huy Nguyen October 30, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I need a FORMAL COMPLAINT written by the General Manager, Wills, of the Motel 6 in Santa Rosa. The motel is located at 3145 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa CA
I booked a room at the motel 6 on 28-30 Oct 2015, and I got the room 127.
At the night of 28 Oct 2015, some insects or something bit me so bad that leaves a lot of red dots on my body, from the head to the toe (I thought they are bedbugs). The bad injuries make me so hurt and so itchy until now.
On 29 Oct 2015, I complaint to the employees and Will, the GM of the motel, about my issue, and they changed me to another room with the full-amount refund for my booking. P.S: I took some photos to keep as evidences about the room 127 and at that time, Wills was there with me to confirm that there are some bugs or insects in my room.
The good thing is the new room 220 is clean and comfortable but the bad thing is my injuries are too hurt and itchy for me to sleep. Then, on 30 Oct 2015, I had the conversation with Wills, GM of the motel 6, about the process and the way we solve my issue.
After I asked about a formal complaint or some written notes which play the similar role of a formal complaint, the GM said that your corporate does not have any procedure like that. I pretty sure about the formal complaint because I look up on the attorney website about my case and they said I need to get any doXXXXents to confirm about my problem from Motel 6.
Everything I want from the motel 6 or the corporation is that I want to make sure that you acknowledge my issue and we try to figure out the solution that satisfies both of us.
Therefore, THIS EMAIL WILL REPLACE THE ROLE OF A FORMAL COMPLAINT and IT WILL BE USED TO BE A STRONG EVIDENCE ABOUT MY CASES in case the Motel 6 Corporate can not give any solutions that satisfy me and then I am filing a lawsuit against the Motel 6 Corporate, according to the PRODUCT LIABILITY LAW.
A reminder is that I am waiting for the final report from the Insect Exterminator, the 3rd neutral party, about the room. They were supposed to be at the room 127 on 29 Oct 2015, but till now they don’t even appear yet.
When Motel 6 Corporate or Motel 6 at the above address in Santa Rosa get the final report from the 3rd party, please feel free to email me or mail to the P.O. Box *** in Lower Lake, CA 95457 under the receiver: Huy Nguyen.
Please notice that within a reasonable time, if I don’t get any reply or attempt to talk about the issue from Motel 6 Corporate or your representative, I will file a lawsuit against the corporation.
I am looking forward to your reply ASAP

Huy Nguyen


Ashley Robinson October 30, 2015 at 1:35 am

I am currently homeless and my 5 year old daughter and I have been staying at various hotels in Nashville TN. I have stayed at the Motel 6 Nashville, TN Airport location on several occasions and never had a complaint about a single thing. Recently, I went to check in with my daughter and the gentleman working Brad was disgustingly rude. I had made a reservation online and had the final price I was supposed to pay in my confirmation. He tried to charge me more. When I asked why he just kept saying he had to go by what his manager said which makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously money is very tight. I paid, and then I asked if the manager would be in the next morning around 7. He replied very snooty “Actually more like 9:30” I then said to him very sarcastically “You have an AWESOME personality to be in customer service” That statement went down in the notes as me cursing him out which is a complete lie. I found out about the notes bc around 2am I locked myself out of the room after stepping outside to smoke and the person working that shift was also very rude and short with me when I asked for another key. He could clearly see I was in a small panic and he took his time making the key. I was appalled. The next morning I called and spoke to the manager and she was just as bad!! She basically excused his behavior because she said that he told her I cursed him out. I never said one curse word! She did not hide the fact at all that she simply didn’t care. I booked today bc I had no idea DNR meant do not rent which is what they have me listed under now since that situation. Guess who called me today to inform me that they couldn’t honor my reservation because I was in the Do Not Rent list. Good ole Mr. Personality Brad!!!! Then I just recieved an email about a $65 cancelation fee. Haaaaaaa! I wish I would. This whole staff must have been raised by wolves. Terrible service!!!!


Robert December 22, 2015 at 1:16 am

Me and my girlfriend stayed at mote6 Saturday and woke up late sunday morning. Called down to the front desk and ask if we could check out at noon, they had no problem with it. Girlfriend checked her balance on her credit card and charged her an additional 140.00 dollars, 70 dollars for a room becuz of a late check out and another 40 dollars for maid services. I call there the next day,same lady at the front desk answered told her the situation,she became very rude to me and hung up on me. Called back to talk to supervisor she told me he’ll be in the next day and hung up again on me. Im calling back tomorrow,but highly doubt if i get anywhere. Pretty sure ill be calling corporate, ill let y’all no wut happens,


Robert December 22, 2015 at 1:19 am

Never had a problem with this motel.Hope they can resolve this matter cuz i stay there alot and want to keep giving them my business


Kathi October 29, 2015 at 2:53 pm

My dad came up from for a visit to my house in PA for a family emergency. I found his driving erratic, so I took time off from work to drive him home to FL. He insisted on staying at the Motel 6 located at 1370 North Wesleyan Blvd in Rocky Mount, NC.When we first entered, I was hopeful that this would go ok but then my hopes were dashed when we entered the room to find it reeking of cigarette smoke. I have respiratory concerns, so I insisted we move to another room. This one was on the second floor- room 212, if memory serves, and in even worse shape than the first. When I went to use the bathroom, I found BLACK MOLD all around edge of the bathtub!! Gross. I quickly got out, only to find ants crawling all over the sink. We went to dinner and no one was at the desk either when we left or came back. When we returned my dad said he wanted to soak in the tub to help his arthritis. I flat-out said he isn’t going to spend more than 30 seconds in the bathroom. It was about 8:30 PM when I went downstairs to complain, found no one at the desk and went back down at 9:30 PM. The young man behind the counter said, “So you want a new room?” OBVIOUSLY! New room was ok, although I did not check the sheets. The next day I went to get ice for our food and underneath the spout was a column of mold on the back wall which had been there for a very long time. I showed the desk clerk who had the decency to looked shocked as she dropped her jaw. I’m sure she was very surprised. I wish I had left Motel 6 and gone to another hotel. It was just a horrible experience. The rate may be touted as cheap, but black mold goes soaring into health concerns. I will never stay at one and will work hard to make sure my dad doesn’t either. I would love to post pictures and also mail them to corporate. I just have to find them and then the direct corporate address to mail them off. Too bad I can’t post them directly here. I read a bunch of the complaints. Has anyone heard from Motel 6 in response to all of the bad comments? I don’t usually post on FB but I am going to Share this as a method of trying to reach Corporate. I had called, was on hold for 20 minutes and while I was talking to someone who came to the house, I think they answered and hung up because I didn’t answer. My fault, not theirs. I certainly hope Corporate reads my complaint and gets back to me.


Mark Meo October 27, 2015 at 8:26 am

I don’t normally write negative reviews, but this one I felt I needed to. I stayed at the Motel 6 Belmont in San Francisco and had a horrible experience. This will be lengthy and I understand if you don’t wish to read it, just don’t blame me if you happen to stay there after.

First off, the girls behind the counter were checking me in and starting laughing speaking Spanish. They put me on the second floor with my disabled dad. I asked them if there was an elevator, they responded no. I carried all the bags up to the room.

Next day, we went off. We got back to the hotel and my dad wanted a coke. I told him that I would go get him one, he wanted to go himself. After about 30 minutes, he didn’t return. I got worried and called the front desk to ask if my dad may have come there to ask where the vending machines were. The man that answered was rushing me off the phone as if he was too busy to hear what I was asking. I hung and began looking for my dad. He was lost, while looking for him I did find the elevator which your staff didn’t seem to know was there, which was just on the opposite side of the hallway. When I found my dad, he had fallen down and was all cut up. He told me that he got lost and went to the front desk to ask for directions. Needless to say I was pissed and raised all hell with the front desk who actually had 2 agents working. The man never bothered to ask his coworker, he just told me no. I also spoke with the Manger on duty, and he kept saying that it wasn’t there fault that my dad fell. I at no time blamed anyone for my dad falling. I blame the staff for not having common sense seeing a lost and confused man and failing to assist him. The could have looked in his reservation to see he was with another party and called the room. When we returned the following day, all of a sudden my door key was deactivated which required me to go to the front desk which is on the other side of the lot to reactivate. When we finally gained access the room hadn’t even been cleaned, no new towels, NOTHING. I went ballistic and made the Manager bring me towels. We checked on the following day.

When I arrived home, I called the General Manager to express my displeasures, he stated he would return my money due to the lack of service. Needless to say, he came back and said the he couldn’t because I booked through a third party and they couldn’t figure out what I paid for the room. I told the Manger that I have my bank statements showing the exact price I paid. I have yet to hear back from them. His name is Javon Hudson. I will never stay at the s***hole hotel again! Enjoy you review as I stated that I would write Mr. Hudson.


daniel October 26, 2015 at 5:36 pm

We stayed in a Motel 6 in central Redding CA. The night clerk told us it was a recent policy of Motel 6 to require photocopies of all the room occupants. I got to worrying about my identity being stolen by someone with access to these presumably thousands of records of Personal Information and so I asked the desk clerk what happened to these sheets of paper.
She said, “It goes into a drawer upstairs.”
I dont feel safe, and I believe this is an issue for several reasons.


Michael. In Rockford Il. October 24, 2015 at 9:47 pm

I am staying at Rockford Illinois. I stayed at this motel. Don’t come here. To many people doing drugs drinking and top it all off. Water fills the tub in less 3min. I can’t see this S_ _t hole . still in business. I called took picture. And what. They are still going. Well If you got money to pay off people in high place’s. Use it. These F_ _ k _ r’s don’t care about cleanness. So next time don’t take you shoes off. Don’t sleep in the nude. Because you will get something you don’t want. And now the floor’s are coming up. “HO” Yes this place suck’s And when I come in to get a room it the same price. What a F_ _ken place. You people are PIG’S !!!!! Stay in Texas………


Katrina greene October 24, 2015 at 10:03 am

Ok so I made a reservation online with my debit card, while I was at and don’t get off till 10:30pm went to go check in to Motel 6 in Essington pa. These employees was very nasty and rude, they told me we cancelled the my rooms, I was beyond mad. So I called guest relations and the guy that I talked to said that Motel 6 took it upon there selfs to run my numbers from my credit card I had on file, when they seen the card had no money on it they cancelled my 3 day reservation, and gave my rooms away. Then I talked to the Supervisor and he was just a nasty and rude he told me that’s it’s my fault for not having my funds on my card, and I told them that’s cuz it’s my choice if I want to pay by debit card or cash.


Kelle R. Watson October 23, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Motel 6 at 2851 North Shadeland Avenue Indianapolis IN 46219 is the WORST Motel I have ever stayed in. They have BED BUGS and even though you contact Guest Relations and follow the procedures to get a REFUND still they DO NOT WANT TO REFUND THE CUSTOMERS. This Locations had BED BUGS when I was there from 8-23-2015 until 9-17-2015. I had to o to my Doctor to find out what the bites were. I NEVER had BED BUGS before. On 9-16-2015 The Department of Code Enforcement, Marion County Public Health Department and Every News Station in Indianapolis were at this location filming the Horrible Conditions. I contacted the Corporate Offices in Texas to inform them of the problems at this location as well as get my REFUNDED to me after Guest Services was unable o give me a Full REFUND. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and The Federal Trade Commission and AARP regarding their poor REFUND POLICY. Next I will be taking this matter to Federal Court. This is a Corporation which as over 500 employees that meets he requirements for a Federal Lawsuit. This s a Public Safety Issue that needs to be addressed and Resolved especially when BED BUGS have been reported at his location in the past. I had The Right to be informed that this location had BED BUGS. I would NEVER have stayed there. I do not know who is running this Filthy Corporation and after reading about other paying Customers Complaints about BED BUGS and the difficult time that they had with a REFUND I knew I had to post this Horrible experience. No one should EVER have to be subjected to this treatment. Who knows what these BED BUGS carry? BEWARE STAYING AT A MOTEL 6 BED BUGS travel in your clothes luggage and on your pet(s). They also lay eggs….BECAREFUL America and Canada. I will be Posting this on FB Twitter everywhere on the INTERNET to inform People to be AWARE.. Perhaps everyone needs to STOP gong to MOTEL 6 and all their affiliates until this PUBLIC SAFETY HAZZARD is RESOLVED. If your still trying to Contact the Corporate Offices1-972-36-9000 prepare they do NOT like answering the phones. Voicemail to avoid the paying CUSTOMERS.
Kellie R. Watson


Henry Rolling October 22, 2015 at 5:31 pm

I was here for New years eve, and everything was so great , I came back to E First st. in Santa ana, Ca. I called to see if I could get a early check in. No one answered, so I came down 45 minutes early, asked for early check and was told no rooms were ready yet .YADIRA WAS RUDE. She didn’t go the extra mile for the customer. I have an important event to attend, without the early check in, I will be late for my event. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME COMING BACK TO THIS MOTEL 6.


Vickie October 19, 2015 at 5:12 pm

My daughter booked a room at Motel 6 in Milwaukee on Saturday night, October 17, 2015. We were at a concert and decided to stay the night so around 6:30 we booked a room and her card was given to confirm reservation as we would be arriving late. It was after midnight when we went to check in and were told sorry, we gave your room to someone else and there is no more rooms available, I will refund your room. Then she proceeds to tell us we do have maintenance rooms if you want to take a look at them. Say what? What are maintenance rooms? We soon got the idea as a lot of unsavory characters started coming in including a guy dragging a girl that you could not tell if she was dead or alive, a pimp and his girl, who knew for sure. We did go look at rooms due to lateness of the night and manager indicated no other motels nearby. The first one we looked at had bed unmade, food in the room, towels on the floor, gross. The second room was ok. Much to my displeasure we decided to stay. She tried to charge us $59.00 for this dive and we told her we booked a room for $51.00 tax included, no way going to pay $59.00 for the dump of a room she was offering, I stated not even worth $25.00. Everyone else coming in paying in cash and I am sure it was not even that much but she gave the room to us for $25.00 then she insisted on seeing our drivers license which I didn’t have a problem with but then she made copies of them. I have never in my life had this done at any other motel/hotel. In review of an online search in regards to this matter, I found that we don’t even need a drivers license to rent a room. The next morning I asked for the copies back and she refused stating they have to send to the corporate office. For what purpose corporate office do you need this information. We were told the night before it was because of the discount given(Discount my butt) and the next day corporate needs them. If our identity is stolen or we have anything funny business on our credit report and bank accounts, motel 6 will be sued! I will never stay at a Motel 6 again! The lowest of the low in regards to motels!


Johnny Jobe October 17, 2015 at 9:52 pm

My son who is in college in New York was on his way to Copperas Cove, His mother tried to pay for him a room he had slept in his vehicle for 2 nights we used our credit card on your web site but he still had to pay for the room. That holes in the wall brown goop running down the shower, not clean, one lock was broken on the door, the site showed a motel that looked fairly new and saying it was newly opened. no phone, no wake up call no alarm clock. We have used your chain often but this is probable the last time. Why have a internet reservation if we can’t pay for it on the site which takes credit cards. When traveling we thougth that Motel 6 was a safe place.


Tony October 17, 2015 at 2:22 am

I hope someone from the Motel 6 corp actually reads these comments. I travel all over the country and have stayed in hotels hundreds of times. On my recent trip to Arizona, i lost my credit cards at the airport amd could not book any hotel but the Motel 6 on west chandler blvd in chandler Arizona. The night woman Heather was a sweetheart and should be the one who runs this place. The manager Amber miller has to be one of the biggest imbeciles i have ever met. She is a trashy, un intelligent person. How she is the manager is beyond me. She constantly tells guests other peoples business and lies. One afternoon, she asked me to go across the street for lunch while she threw out a black family that was down on thier luck. She told me they burned bridges at every other hotel and ended up at “her ” hotel. When i came back a few hours later, she told me shes moving their room so there is no trouble with myself and them. I asked her what she was talking about, i. Have no problems with them. I then found out by this family that the manager Amber Miller told them i said things about them and made them swear not to say anything to me. And of course what was told to me was fabricated lies. What kind of professional from a hotel does this? This is what kind of managment motel 6 hires? She has a filthy dog in the lobby with her at all times, shedding everywhere. Nothing works in the hotel. The laundry, door knobs, lights etc. My observation of her, besides being an absolute liar is she is a rascist as well. Just how she spoke of that poor family down on thier luck and what she put them theough. When i told her she was a liar and a rascist, she called the police. I had already decided to leave the motel due to having to complain every day about something. My body is covered in small red bug bites i assume are from bed bugs. Or possibly flees from the mangey dog she keeps at the desk. I am a successful businessman and have no reason to make these things up. Do not stay at this motel. Id rather sleep in the parking lot then deal with a person like Amber Miller. I will be contacting the Motel 6 corperation personally to file complaints as well as the health dept and NAACP to let them know what type of people they hire here. Im sure this is not what Motel 6 standards are supposed to be. Do not stay here. I promise you will regret it


ed gorner & judy kravitz October 16, 2015 at 11:14 pm

I can disregard minor things however this room is totally disgusting I’m staying at Motel 6 number 183 room 115 first of all I was greeted by a XXXXroach, second the floor was filthy if I could attach all the pictures that I took of this place including the pubic hairs in my bed the hairs all over the floor the bugs and the ants under my pillows I will never ever stay at a motel 6 again you need to hear about this because this is unacceptable

Ed gorner


Danielle Murillo October 12, 2015 at 1:25 pm

I never leave comment but I feel this is necessary. I booked two nights in a non-smoking at motel 6 in Chico CA. As soon as my daughter and I walked into the room we were hit hard with the smell of cigarette smoke. I immediately called down to the front office. She said it is a non-smoking room and no other rooms are available to move us. Suggested I call the front office in the morning to get some type of refund. I didn’t sleep well that first night and had a horrible headache. They did refund half of my first night, tried to clean our room really good, but still smelled of smoke. When we returned home noticed all of our clothes and luggage smell of cigarettes. Gross! Worst hotel experience.


Jill October 11, 2015 at 7:55 am

To whom it may concern:

I don’t normally do this, but my stay was so atrocious that I need to prevent other people from following in my footsteps.
My husband, and kids (4 and 7 yrs old) left Tucson Az on Thursday October 8th after my son got out of school on an emergency trip to DFW area to rescue my in laws who are in the process of transitioning to assisted living. Needless to say, we wanted to get a decent amount (of the 950+ miles) in, especially while the kids were sleeping. At 2:30 am my husband was exhausted and we stopped at a best western- we were given the rate of 150$ (plus tax), because we weren’t using any amenities, were strapped for extra cash (just spent 300$+ for in laws/husband took off work), and we would have to check out in less than 8 hours I couldn’t justify it- so he told me to find another place-and Yelp and google led me to the motel 6 in pecos.
On arrival the night clerk was nice although I found it odd we were doing our transaction through (literally a slit that barely fit a paper through). I was charged 92$ and given a key to an upstairs room #208.
After lugging my exhausted family and some overnight bags we entered into what I can only describe as “third world” accommodations. Mind you, I wasn’t expecting anything but 2 beds, a shower and clean- which the latter was failed miserably on. There were lots of flies, the bedding was stained with black splotches, and the kicker was that the toilet was not bolted down and every time someone went or flushed water would seep out (got all over mine and the kids pants and shoes) there was also a (my husband called it poop covered) wet brown towel at the base- he literally gagged!
We were too tired to leave and search for another hotel- but in retrospect and under ANY other situation we most definitely would have! The flies, crappy curtains that let light in, toilet, and disgusting bedding (we brought our blankets and pillows from the car and slept fully clothed to avoid the ice factor- there was NO WAY we were going to venture to use the shower on the toilet flooded bathroom. We got out of there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE , after THE WORST SLEEP/NIGHT EVER! I told the house keeper on departure about the unbolted toilet and leak. Needless to say the next 7 hour portion of our drive we were exhausted. I resent paying a dime for that experience- and I hope that who evers ears my story falls on will take all necessary steps to remedy this. Feel free to contact me with any further questions (and a full refund would be nice)



Nancy Lewis October 10, 2015 at 12:33 pm

i worked at Motel 6 in Goodlettsville Tn. Courney Dukes was my manager.She was a good person and treated us all with respect.I started having health problems because i am 58 years old and we only had 4 housekeepers and 93 rooms to do .I had to work upstairs and do 19 rooms and i started having heart problems.While i was out with heart problems Courtney left and we got a new manager named Doug.I had no idea Courtney had left and Doug had taken her place.I had contacted work before Courtney left and told them about my heart problems and that i was going to bring them a doctors letter.When i went to pick up my paycheck Doug fired me and said i didn’t call the motel and talk to him.I had no idea he had taken Courtneys place and no idea that Courtney had left and Courtney was aware of my health issues and that I was going to bring her a doctors statement this weekend. Doug wouldnt even talk to me in person he told me on the phone that he had let me go and gave me no reason why.The front desk worker told me it was because i didnt call and talk to him and i didnt know he was there how could i call and talk to him. He has sent for vacation pay for a worker that recently quit.I worked there for 15 months all together and never got vacation pay. I feel that he unjustly fired me.


Karron Beck October 9, 2015 at 7:58 pm

My husband and I stayed in Motel 6 in Williams, CA only because I was feeling sick and couldn’t go any further. IT WAS FILTHY. We slept in our clothes!!! Sheets were dirty, everything in the room was dirty. We were afraid to drink the water! We got up at 5:00 in the morning and left. There was no one in the office to even complain to about it. I believe I deserve the $51.64 given back to me. I was sick all the next day. There were even bugs in the room. We should have slept in the car!!!! I just hope someone from corporate office reads this!!!


Kate Frank October 9, 2015 at 8:55 am

I never complain on any website, but this experience was ridiculous. I suspect the Motel 6 location in Espanola, NM is a franchisee. I cannot imagine such an honorable company actually hiring someone like Mike to manage one of the locations. Still, I would think the Corporation should send a “secret shopper” to witness the unprofessional and inhospitable way this location is being run.

After I checked in about 10pm on 10/7/2015, I made a second trip to my car. I was shocked to find a large, barefoot man in sloppy shorts and cut tshirt standing at the motel desk eating from a take out container. I saw him again the next morning just outside the motel talking to the clerk.

I knew I had a business call the next morning and asked for a late check out. She said I would have to ask the morning staff. I decided to stay another night because I was still very tired and I needed to work. The business call turned into new business needing immediate attention.

I called the front desk and told them I wanted to stay another night, but needed an hour to come down stairs. Meanwhile, the cleaning staff knocked on my door repeatedly. The clerk would not allow me the time to come down for another nights stay and the cleaning staff would not stop hounding me. Finally, I went downstairs (in the middle of my work) to give them what they wanted.

Mike was rude to me…still dressed very sloppy and unprofessional…and then chewed out the desk clerk as I was leaving. If this was my normal Motel 6 experience, I would NEVER stay in your chain of hospitality motels. Clearly this man knows nothing of hospitality or professionalism.

On a side note, the carpets in the hall were the dirtiest I have ever seen in all my years of business travel. The room itself was much cleaner or I would have insisted on a refund. This was a horrible experience overall and makes your company look BAD!

I am not going to share this message with my 4000 Facebook friends because your company is much better than the man who seems to be managing this location. If I were you, I would revoke his franchise. I think he is too much of a jerk to be trained or rehabilitated. BTW: he also appears to be a potential target for a sexual harassment claim.


Elisa S October 9, 2015 at 1:59 am

Hi my family and I stayed at Motel 6 in Ferndale WA and had the worst experiance ever due to a house fire we had help threw oppunity council to pay for two rooms and when we got there everything was ok til the second day at 8:00pm for the two days we hadnt seen housekeeping, so my boyfriend went to the office to ask for towels and the manger got mad and was yelling at him about how we should of had it done earlier and ect. so my boyfriend ask him to calm down and the manger started to processed towards the loby where my boyfriend was standing and lunged at him like he was going to hit him so when the manger called me into the office I had a talk with the manger about the sistuation i was calm and nice and told him sorry and left. I then went to my boyfriend and thats when my boyfriend told me what had happened and so we called the police and they said they took a report and to contact the corporation cause this wasnt the first time so thats what i did then i also contacted opportunity council about the situation. I will never stay at that Motel 6 again but I am writing this so hopefully more people that go there wont have the same experience.


Daniel Garner October 7, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I was staying in your tedding ca.motel 6 and was robed!!!!!! 200.400in cash went to the hospital and my room was wide open when i came back the maneger did not help me at all in fact no one did i called the police and made a report in my apinyon this place should be shut down!!! Nothing but drugeys hanging around and staying there!!! Did not know this tell sunlight next day. I will do every thing in my power to get corpret motel 6 see how there name is being used. And as for the people who dod it u are a real pice of work !!! Get your lazy ass up and make your own money!!! I


Bruce Mitchell October 7, 2015 at 9:17 pm

I stayed at the Motel 6 in Bremen, Georgia on September 29th and 30th. The room was NOT clean! There were items left in the drawers, the carpet was dirty and had not been vacuumed. The bed sheets were dirty and stained. I slept in my clothes on top of the covers! I told the manager on duty about condition of the room with no response! The room was also infested with ants, fleas and roaches! The manager did not offer to do anything to make my inconvenience right. I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME AT ANY MOTEL 6 EVER! Do yourself a favor and stay somewhere better!


Richie Thomas October 7, 2015 at 3:05 pm

I have two big complant for the first one two weeks ago my brother rented a room at motel 6 in temecula CA 41900 Moreno rd 92590 I bofore I got there I was filling just fine went to my brothers room I started sneezing and coughing and couldn’t stop after the night I had want to sue because I cought the flu or numonya in that room I was born with ashma the next day I was dead sick oh my god I was spiting green yellow stuff out of my mouth all the week.and I still I’m spiting green sh*t out off my lungs so I will sue for this one now todays complaint I had my uncle rent me and my pregnant girl a second room at 2 this morning on the 7 right tell me after been through all this paying all my money out for there rooms this f-ing motel 6 in temecula CA 41900 Moreno rd 92590 told me on my folio it says 10/6/2015 this is so worng I renr it on the 10/7/2015 at 2:30 am so it should be today untill tomorrow right but they put 10/6/2015 until today I called and told them ey need to change this and make it right they told me the motherf-er s one more hour I,m so mad please set this right I,m iñ room 269 right now with my pregnant girl friend I,m mad they are lie about so please set thing right I want a my $64.00 dollars back our they can do the right thing by put the right time a I rented this room on 10/07/2015 10/08/2015 and thank you hopefully by before 100 pm this afternoon because they won’t get away with this this address is 41900 moreno rd temecula CA 92590 the phone number is


brandy gaddis October 5, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I booked to stay a week at the canton ga property due to starting a new job and relocating.. I booked on and paid cash upon arriving . As I was checking in I explained to the front desk clerk that I had a 1 and half year old and it would be better for me to be on the firs floor as I did not want him walking on people and the hotel receiving complaints. She acted like she did not hear what I had said and put me on the 3rd floor. I should have left then but I gave the hotel a chance and am very sorry I did, It was Me my son and my husband in the room and for most of the afternoon from 30 minutes after check inn till around 9pm we were hardly in the room. me and my son came back from Walmart and it wasn’t 30 minutes and the same front desk clerk came knocking on my door asking who was in my room and that they had received multiply complaints. I informed her we had just gotten back and it was just me and my son and said do you not hear all the noise above me as she is standing at my door. She then says I will go check it out and leaves . Never heard from here again and her attitude was like I was doing something wrong for having a child at her hotel. Upon returning from dinner their was a regional director/manager from motel 6 that happened to be there , He greeted us as we walked in and I explained to him again my concerns and what had happened. Shift was changing for staff and he walked over to desk and explained that the next morning he would be leaving and instructed front desk to put us on the first floor in the room he had stayed in and they seemed annoyed that I had spoken to him at all. Next morning after 11 my husband went downstairs to make sure the front desk person was aware we were moving rooms She was very rude and told my husband we are aware of this and it is not clean yet So my husband came back to room letting me know she was very rude I went doen about 30 minutes later and again said I was just checking to see if our room was ready so we could move our stuff. When I came down stairs the front desk agent was outside in the front of the building on her cell phone smoking. I waited a couple of minutes and she turned around put out her cigerate and came behind the front desk. . She was also very rude and said its not ready yet and then proceded to want to tell me I booked for 4 nights not 7 night s because I said we were staying a week . I then asked about their refund policy as with th way we had been treated was just going to leave. She informed me she would only be refunding 2 nights I said no I have only stayed 1 night and still have 3 nights I have paid. She then told me she was asking me to leave and giving me 30 minutes to get my stuff and I said that’s fine but I will be calling motel 6 before I leave and she then said well I am calling the cops, 10 minutes later cops are knocking on my door and said we had to leave that their was nothing they could do it was private property. We were escorted out like criminals with my son seeing all this. . What non of this staff new is that I was staying for a week getting ready to take over the general manager position at another hotel in canton. I could not believe that as I guest I was treated this way . Every front desk staff I encountered seemed to need training . I asked to speak to a gm and they informed me he was gone for 3 weeks, i then asked to speak to an agm and she was not working until that Thursday. Their was no management on this site what so ever and no one monitoring staff front desk . I was kicked out with no refund and took until Friday to get a refund . I called customer care made a complaint never heard anything back. That Friday i went to the property and the AGM was working she refunded my money and said she was sorry . i explained to her who i was and what hotel i was working for and she instructed me to come back and leave a business card which i did not do.. The same agm called me a few days later at my property asking if i could give them some key cards she was completely out and the gm was again i guess still gone and had left her without extra.. I felt bad for her and took some key cards over. I would like to see the front desk clerk who called the cops to no longer be employeed as this was an absolutely rude and unnecessary thing to . my child should not have had to go through any of that as neither should me or my husband. VERY POOR MIS MANAGEMENT ALL TOGETHER. IT IS A VERY PRETTY PROPERTY SO IT IS SAD YOUR STAFF IS HURTING THE HOTEL SO MUCH.


tamara Griffin October 2, 2015 at 11:50 pm

Just had the most disrespectful encounter with one of your employees at your jeffersonville Indiana location. This person was rude nasty and disrespectful. He should consider himself lucky because my boyfriend and children were with me when he made these derrogetory remarks, And he almost was shot tonight if I did not stop him. You guys have to do a better job of who you hire at these places. Because someone could die and it would be on your hands because you chose to hire a jackass. I will be escalating this situation to corporate about reprimanding this employee if nothing is done I plan to take full legal action. By the way I have the incident recorded on my smartphone. And I will be posting it on social media to hurt your business. My family did not deserve to be disrespected by this idiot and it saddens me that a company as big as motel 6 would employ these unprofessional people….


Adelheid Smith September 30, 2015 at 10:58 am

I attempted stay at the Motel 6 in Columbia S.C. on September 24-25th. I was in S.C. to attend my son’s basic training graduation. I was checked in at or around 1:30 a.m. and went to my first room. I immediately returned to front desk asking for a clean/non smoking room. Met with an attitude from Tenaya the night clerk she gave me a different room. The first room was 226 the second was 223. By 3 a.m. I was back in the office with a swollen face from bed bug bites. The manager Belinda was more rude than the night clerk and all but blamed/accused me of lying or causing the problem. I have left messages for Carl Zoto the GM, the complaints department and the actual hotel. I paid for 2 nights in advance and I had to pay at the second Hotel. I’ve not been contacted about this situation, or been apologized to for my horrible experience. I would like a full refund of my initial payment to your facility and an apology for being treated like a common criminal by your staff. Thanks for showing me that customers do not matter at your establishment and I will vent my frustrations to anyone who listens. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY!!!!!!!


Jack Barnes September 28, 2015 at 8:36 am

The Motel Manager and an Employee at the Motel 6, Dallas Market Center, 1625 Regal Row, Dallas, TX is a THIEF and a CROOK!

He STOLE my FEDEX package delivered to this Motel on Friday, September 25th, he opened the package and gave or sold my 4 Dallas Cowboy tickets to another employee, John B. Newton Jr. Dallas Police notified, statements made given to Police Officer Alexander Blois, NW Sub-Station, badge number 10111, case # 2234520-2015. Phone number 214-670-6178.

I will NEVER stay at Motel 6 again! I am notifying BBB of Dallas, TX of this incident.

Jack Barnes, 806-681-****
Amarillo, Texas


Melissa Kirby September 25, 2015 at 10:17 pm

I stayed at motel 6 in Charleston Sc, it was awful got bedtime and roaches camera out every where. Took pictures of them took them to front desk at 1:00 am in the night she wasn’t a bit surprised. She only refunded me 40.00, thing was opened my wallet and one was even in it. Left that nasty place and will never stay at one again and I have posted for no one else to either any where.


Deryn September 24, 2015 at 9:02 pm

I arrived at the Reno Livestock Motel 6 on the Thursday before the Reno Air Races. My friend and I had rented two rooms with a single bed in each. We stayed here last year. Within a half hour of checking in my friend and I were sitting by the filthy pool when a native Indian took offence to the fact that my friend turned to look at who was behind him. This idiot immediately began screaming at us that we were perverts and could possibly want to steal his Down syndrome child that he was carting on his shoulders. This was the beginning of 3 days of watching hookers going in and out of the west side of the motel, a constant day and night stream of drug addicts going in and out of room 265 and a steady stream of crackheads riding bicycles past the pool area. If I had been with my wife we would have been gone after the first 2 hours. When my friend complained to the manager he was told that she never sees these things and that it was up to us to make a formal complaint. This idiot is renting rooms to crackheads, drug dealers and hookers, to make up for the horribly depressed recession that West Reno and in my opinion all of Reno is experiencing! She is bringing the entire Motel 6 chain into the toilet!!!! I would strongly suggest that I am refunded the entire amount of both rooms that we rented in Reno for the 3 days that we were there. My room stank and was only bearable after I had the door open for 2 hours. The carpets are moldy and rotting. The t.v. was an old 1980’s “bubble” t.v. that was almost unwatchable.

IN COMPLETE CONTRAST…. My friend and I rented two rooms at the Motel 6 in Yereka California on the way to Reno and again on the way home from Reno. This establishment was spotlessly clean, upgraded and wonderfully safe feeling. The staff were excellent and on the way home the fellow that checked us in gave both of us ” seniors” discounts after I mentioned that we hadn’t got my 74 year old friend a discount on the way down 5 days earlier. I would stay here again in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone.

I challenge your CEO to contract me directly to discuss the nightmare in Reno and decide how I should be reimbursed for the 3 days in that XXXXXhole!!

Deryn Graham


brian mays September 23, 2015 at 10:56 am

I want to let you no I have a fed lawsuit against motel 6 in Dalton GA I worked for them for a year and only paid me 40 dallars a week I have a paper that shows I was a employee he also has done alot of scamming on your office if you would like to no more you can call me at 706 229-**** I no more about what kind of person darshun patell really is thank you


Debby September 22, 2015 at 8:17 pm

On Sept.17,2015 my husband, and I stayed at the Motel 6 Reno Livestock Event Center,Reno NV.
I stayed out in the parking lot while he checked us in. During this time I was observing how dirty the outside of the motel was including some vehicles that had been left broken down for an obviously long time. I also saw some people who looked very dirty hanging around.
When my husband came out with the key I walked around the building to get to our room at the back of the motel while he parked our moving truck. As I passed one room I could see a person inside in the bed covered up. It was over 90 degrees, and I new we were not in a good place. I went into our room,and looked around. It could have been cleaner the carpet was very dirty with stains. Bathroom was clean except for a few stains in the toilet. I then took the covers off the bed which had many cigarette burns on them in a non smoking room. When I raised up the mattress I found a crack pipe,with some brown stains running down the box springs. My husband called the office and asked for someone to come and check our room and was told it might take a few minutes but someone would be there. We waited about an hour and gave up and took pictures on his phone and he took them to the office. The woman at the desk said she didn’t know what he was showing her. He told her and she said she was surprised. She gave him another room saying she would take care of the pipe. The second room was somewhat cleaner and at least I didn’t find any more drug pipes. We noticed early the next morning no one had come to the first room to take care of the crack pipe. I had left the drapes open and the room was just the way we left it. We couldn’t find another room in Reno as it was the weekend of the Reno Air Races and every thing was taken. We will never ever stay in a Motel 6 again. This was my second bad experience with a Motel 6 and am not willing to go for a 3rd. We went to get gas a block away from the motel and a Reno Police Officer was getting gas too. I went and told him what was happening at the motel. He told me his department was aware of all the drugs there that it was a problem ,and he asked what room the pipe was in. I hope it was taken care of. I think this motel should be closed down as it is a drug infested dump. Shame on Motel 6 for allowing this to happen. No wonder Tom Bodet doesn’t leave the lights on any more!!!
No need to leave them on for us either!!!


L. Foutz September 21, 2015 at 11:30 am

WARNING : Do not stay with motel 6 in Charleston SC, 2058 savanna hwy. I stayed at this location Sept 17 thru 20. Started off by not having my reservation that I had booked using the 800 number and then was charged a no show fee of 61.28. Then there was roaches in the room so they moved me to another room,in the process of getting from one room to another I left some clothes in the first room, when I went to the office they said that they weren’t there and would have to talk to housekeeping. So on Saturday I went back to the office and asked about it agian. There was a maid in the office and she said she had seen them and would go get it for me. Apon her return she said that they were gone and nobody knew anything about it. Bottom line staff stole my clothes ,so if you want a place to stay where your things are safe and you don’t want to sleep with roaches I would suggest that you find another motel other than motel 6. PS I got no management was no help. BEWARE:::::


Jon Sullivan September 20, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Don’t know if anyone else has had this experience. I booked a room through orbitz for last night at the Motel 6 in Cedar Rapids. Was given both an Orbtiz booking number and a Hotel confirmation number. When I arrived to check in just before midnight, was told that orbitz “over-booked” the hotel and they had no room for me. The clerk suggested that I might be able to find a room someplace else (how helpful!) I had no practical choice but to drive 3 hours after midnight to get home – my desire to avoid that drive was of course the whole purpose of booking the room.

Not sure that I believe that Orbitz over-booked the hotel – perhaps the hotel thought they could get paid twice for my room, since I hadn’t checked in yet? In any event, seems to me that Motel 6 has ultimate responsibility for this debacle – won’t be going there again.


John September 20, 2015 at 11:37 am

I tried to find a motel 6 that was AMERICAN OWNED I am planning a trip from TN to CT. and want to stop one night in Pa. before I finish the trip. I wanted to stay in an AMERICAN OWNED HOTEL and the only one I could find was a Holiday Inn for almost $200.00 a night. Totally out of my budget. I have stayed in Motel 6 hotels in the past and they have always been AMERICAN OWNED. Now I call the one on my route and it is owned my Indians and I don’t mean AMEICAN NATIVE INDIANS. So now motel 6 has down graded their hotels to nothing but dumps. These Indians for india are disgusting people. They don’t change the sheets and usually the place is a pig sty. Doors don’t lock and phones don’t work and the towels are usually not clean the tv doesn’t work. the carpet is disgusting. I refuse to stay at these filthy places. So now Motel 6 needs to get back into what they were in the beginning. A hotel people could be proud to say they stayed in.


unknown October 5, 2015 at 11:52 am

If you have the choice why would you WANT to stay in a XXXXXwhole Motel 6,they were never a good place to stay?


Jean September 19, 2015 at 12:57 am

My children and I were displaced due to me becoming disabled. I had stayed at several Motel 6 locations growing up and felt that until we could secure other housing that we would be comfortable. Late one night we were suffering from a migraine and upper respiratory infections and there were people right outside our windows blaring their car horns. We called the office and were talked to rudely and promptly hung up on. When I tried calling back I was again hung up on. I called again and asked for the corporate office number and was rudely told that I didn’t need it. Then she hung up on me again. A few seconds later she called my room and said that if I called corporate then we( my children and I ) would get put out in the morning. I usually don’t complain and have never had any problems with any of the staff. But this woman Margeret had some serious flaws. If this is the way other displaced families are going to be treated what does this say for this company? I will be finding someplace else to stay and will NEVER stay at Motel 6 again. The location is on 40th BLVD in Gainesville Florida.


Debbie September 18, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I tried to find the contact information for the CEO, Jim Amorosia to let him know about our recent stay at a Motel 6 in Santa Rosa, CA, however, was unable to find his email address so have no alternative but to write about my stay here.

After a 12 hour drive, we checked in on 9/11 at 1362 Santa Rosa N, CA Motel 6 for 3 days. Unbeknownst to me, even though my credit card was on file, the policy of Motel 6 is to pay upon registration which is what I did. Usually, one pays when they are ready to check out of their room. Upon seeing our room, I wish I hadn’t paid up front because we would have turned around and left. The room was filthy, to say the least. The first thing I noticed was the broken window; there was a big crack all the way across which someone had placed a strip of tape. The floors looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time; I had taken some paper towels and swiped them on the floor and they came up black from the dirt. Not only was there mold in the bathroom, the tub was disgustingly dirty and there was rust inside the bottom of it. I was not about to bathe my grand-daughter in that tub. I was able to sleep the first night, however, on the 2nd night in the room directly above us, we could hear someone who was wearing heals walk back and forth in their room. At 12:30pm I tried calling the front desk, however, nobody would answer the phone so I got dressed and walked to the front office to complain that we couldn’t sleep. I’m thinking the office called the person in the room above us because it was quiet for 20 minutes but the noise soon started up again. Needless to say, neither of us was able to sleep. On the 3rd day, I requested that clean sheets be put on our beds. When we returned later that afternoon, I noticed our sheets hadn’t been replaced. I went to the office 2 more times and was assured that someone would be by to clean our room and give us clean linens, but by 8:00 pm that night I finally gave up and got some blankets from my car to use since they never came in to change our sheets or replace our towels. The wifi service they claim to have for an additional fee, of course, worked only sporadically and I was unable to check my emails or go online at all. The grounds of the Motel 6 were deplorable. There was trash everywhere, including an oil pan with dirty automotive oil, dirty diapers and other odds and ends. Oh, did I mention the drug deals going on in the parking lot? I called corporate to see if they would reimburse us for the 2 nights we were unable to sleep due to the noise above us and lack of sheets but all they could offer was a gift certificate for a nights stay in one of their Motels within the year. They can keep their gift certificate as I will NEVER be staying in another Motel 6 again. Unfortunately, there is no place I can upload photos here, but I have them and if someone from upper management would like to contact me I would be happy to share them.


AMyers September 18, 2015 at 11:56 am

I am passing this along to you as I grew up in the Fire ravaged area of Northern California and thought you might like to know how your employees are treating the evacuees.. I was sent this via Facebook and as a long standing customer of yours, I thought you may want to know.. Thank you for anything you can do to help these people..
I would like anybody that reads this to please repost it. This is the Motel 6 that we stayed when we got evacuated, i asked nicely almost in tears if they give discount for the lake county fire victims and that we were evacuees, and the girl at the desk of some mid eastern desent rudely said (no, you already got 10% off) which is a lie because i was looking at the wall where they posted their nightly rates and its exactly the same amount i paid so there’s no dicount there. Aside from that, the toilet clogged and overflowed. I went down to let them know about it but the guy gave me a plunger instead of calling somebody to fix it, i then used all the towels thats there to clean and dry. Lastly, the room smelled like pee the moment we walked in. I didn’t really care much about the room at the time, everybody is just too tired to do anything other than just crash. Actually that’s not the point, i just cant believe that some people are so unsympathetic to people that are having a hard time. I would have felt better had the girl apologized or said sorry for our misfurtune. I’m hoping that this will get to their corporate office and hoping that they’ll do something about it.


betina September 15, 2015 at 10:21 pm

I have made reservations over the phone on September 10th and have checked in later on that day after a mandatory evacuation due to the Butte fire in California. I have asked if I can pay one day at a time and make reservation for the next day due to our cirXXXXstances (One doesn’t know when the orders for the mandatory evacuations were going to lifted). I paid up on arrival for the first day and made the reservations for the next as agreed. The next day I did the same thing and things were fine as I left. When I arrived in the evening I stepped in to the lobby to activate my key and pay for the following day. I was rudely told by the owner that I will be checking out in the morning as they have reserved the room to a displaced person from the fire. I asked him why would he do such a thing. I have explained to him that I have reserved the room that morning and that we were also displaced-he replied that the potential guests who reserved the room secured it with a credit card. I explained that my credit card is on file and that I was told that the room was reserved for me for the next day and was rudely told that I should have paid for it when I could have. I told him that if someone would have related that info to me I would have paid. Needless to say again that when I reserved the room I was told I can pay one day at a time and that the room was secured as any other over the phone reservations. I got basically kicked out with a nine year old, a deaf/blind dog, and a husband that was working the fire and had to stay close enough to the area as he was working 16 hour days/shifts. We had nowhere to go as thousands of people were displaced and most hotels in the immediate area had no vacancy. When I asked for the 800 number I was yelled at and asked if I was threatening to call. I replied that we are in a free country and not in a third world country and that I am within my right to call and report the incident. I was then told to go a head that the corporate does not care and that in fact it is their policy to “secure” reservations with a credit card over the phone, which made no sense cause my reservations were just as ‘secured’ as any other. I was giving the following number which is not the corporate number: 1-800 4 motel 6. I finally was told that if I don’t like it I can leave that night. A night I already paid for!!!!! This owner puts your chain to shame. I can’t believe you would kick out a displaces person!!!! I can’t believe you would take one evacuee over another. He actually made it sound like he was doing in out of the goodness of his heart taking in evacuees from the fire however, he had no problem displacing a displaced person again. We got displaced twice within 48 hours. Once due to the fire and the second time due to an unprofessional, rude, ugly person. I can’t believe that you people are in the business of hospitality!


betina September 15, 2015 at 10:21 pm

I have made reservations over the phone on September 10th and have checked in later on that day after a mandatory evacuation due to the Butte fire in California. I have asked if I can pay one day at a time and make reservation for the next day due to our cirXXXXstances (One doesn’t know when the orders for the mandatory evacuations were going to lifted). I paid up on arrival for the first day and made the reservations for the next as agreed. The next day I did the same thing and things were fine as I left. When I arrived in the evening I stepped in to the lobby to activate my key and pay for the following day. I was rudely told by the owner that I will be checking out in the morning as they have reserved the room to a displaced person from the fire. I asked him why would he do such a thing. I have explained to him that I have reserved the room that morning and that we were also displaced-he replied that the potential guests who reserved the room secured it with a credit card. I explained that my credit card is on file and that I was told that the room was reserved for me for the next day and was rudely told that I should have paid for it when I could have. I told him that if someone would have related that info to me I would have paid. Needless to say again, that when I reserved the room I was told I can pay one day at a time and that the room was secured as any other over the phone reservations. I got basically kicked out with a nine year old, a deaf/blind dog, and a husband that was working the fire and had to stay close enough to the area as he was working 16 hour days/shifts. We had nowhere to go as thousands of people were displaced and most hotels in the immediate area had no vacancy. When I asked for the 800 number I was yelled at and asked if I was threatening to call. I replied that we are in a free country and not in a third world country and that I am within my right to call and report the incident. I was then told to go a head that the corporate does not care and that in fact it is their policy to “secure” reservations with a credit card over the phone, which made no sense cause my reservations were just as ‘secured’ as any other. I was giving the following number which is not the corporate number: 1-800 4 motel 6. I finally was told that if I don’t like it I can leave that night. A night I already paid for!!!!! This owner puts your chain to shame. I can’t believe you would kick out a displaces person!!!! I can’t believe you would take one evacuee over another. He actually made it sound like he was doing in out of the goodness of his heart taking in evacuees from the fire however, he had no problem displacing a displaced person again. We got displaced twice within 48 hours. Once due to the fire and the second time due to an unprofessional, rude, ugly person. I can’t believe that you people are in the business of hospitality!


mustafa assaf September 15, 2015 at 12:10 pm

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I booked a stay at Motel 6 in Albany on July 18, 2015. We were first given a smoking room that was supposed to be non-smoking. Then we were moved to a room that was very unclean, slippery floors in which my wife or I almost slipped and hairs all over the bed. We mentioned this to the staff and were moved once again to a room similar that was very unclean and had used bed sheets that were not changed. Apparently we were put in another room that had pets in it. We asked for a clean comfortable room. We didn’t and could not sleep the night as something kept biting us.

As a result of this experience we began to feel itching sensations afterwards immediately upon checking out. The itching and rash continued from onwards until presently. We have thrown out our furniture, moved out of our apartment and threw away thousand dollars worth of belongings. We only experienced this immediately upon checking out of Motel 6 and are convinced it was the cause, that it is a mite infestation. We are seeing a dermatologist and under a physician care who have advised that we have caught this presumably while traveling. No guest should have to have their lives ruined as a result of Motel 6 not living up to its standard of care and hygiene for every guest.

We are seeking a lawsuit for damages considering all of the money and property gone to waste as a result of our stay at the Motel 6 unless that We ask that you refund us not only for our stay but also to compensate for all new furnishings that we had to purchase as a result of the infestation that occurred soon afterwards. We ended up throwing all of our brand new furniture, clothing, luggage. We have doXXXXents and receipts of everything as this is a serious matter. Our itching and biting sensations have yet to go away. We have tried everything possible to deal with this it has caused a lot of damage in our lives. I have emailed guest relations more than once with no response. We are left with no option but to seek any other legal means necessary for the pain and suffering this has caused both physically and financially.

Mustafa Assaf
** Forest Drive
Garnerville, NY 10923