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Motel 6 Corporate Office Address

Motel 6
4001 International Pkwy
Carrollton, TX 75007

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Phone Number: (972) 360-9000
Fax Number: (972) 360-5821
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CEO: Jim Amorosia
CFO: Lance Miceli
COO: Alan Rabinowitz

Motel 6 History

Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in 1962.

The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of $6 per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies. This $6 rate is the reason for the name “Motel 6.”

To cut costs the brand offered coin-operated black and white television sets instead of the free color televisions offered at more upscale hotels. Motel 6 also had no on-site dining, a model that continues today.

Throughout the 1960′s the Motel 6 model became more popular and the company began to to take a small market share away from bigger chains.

By 1980 Motel 6 had 300 locations.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Motel 6 in 1985 and began to move it away from the no-frills approach.

French-based Accor bought the company in 1990 and began franchising in 1994 in order to expand more quickly

In 2000, Motel 6 expanded internationally for the first time with a location in Ontario, Canada.

The Blackstone Group bought the motel chain in 2012 for $1.9 billion.

Today Motel 6 has more than 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada. Motel 6 also operates extended-stay hotel chain Studio 6, which has about 60 locations.

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Janice woods March 21, 2015 at 11:23 am

stopped in Valdosta,Ga at 1:30am on March 20,2015 very sleepy. Looked at several places on iPhone while driving no place had vacancy. Saw a sign on highway that his place had room. Paid our money went upstairs to the crappiest room I have ever seen, but my husband was so tired. When I pulled off the bedspread there were little black hairs on pillow and looking more s Pubic hair on sheets. They certainly had not been changed. I went Down to see if there was another room or clean sheets I could put on. The clerk said there were NO extra sheets. There was another room available but by that time I was sick at my stomach. I went back to tell my husband we could just power nap in car. He laughed and said yes we will, there was a comdom package sticking out between mattresses. I hate for anyone to loose their job but this manager and housekeeping need to go.


Rosa Stamey March 20, 2015 at 10:08 am

I forgot to say the door at room 333 needs a new door. It would not even close good because it was cracked like someone tried to kick it in. The worse place EVER


Rosa Stamey March 20, 2015 at 9:56 am

my daughter and i stayed March 17, 2015. in Florence S.C. It was the worse place i ever stayed. rm 332, i went to go to bed, pulled cover back, set down and when i did a sharpe piece of spring got my leg and put a bad scratch cross it. got looking at it and the mattress had springs coming out all down the side. The spread had a big hole in it, the tubs stopper was lying up on tub. next day went to office showed them pics of bed and my leg. all they wanted to do was with me a gift card for a stay someplace else and another room for i wasn’t up to driving home this day. i didn’t take gift card. i did take another room 333. as soon as went in oh my lord. the bed dipped down in the middle, the curtains was full of holes, there wasn’t a stopper @ all for this tub. I was getting sick. The noise from other vehicles coming in music blowing windows out. Needless to say, we said forget this and loaded car, came home. I WILL NEVER STAY AT MOTEL 6 AGAIN> I would be ashamed to say i owned or managed this property. if leg gets infected or i find i got sick from that nasty place, I WILL SUED. Nastiest place i have ever stayed!!!


Pat March 18, 2015 at 7:47 pm

Just finished a 2 night disgusting stay at San Diego Pacific Hwy location, located about 1000 feet from start of International Airport runway so a plane directly overhead about every 6 minutes- rooms were absolutely filthy with some sort of gungy bamboo floor. No ammenities in room at all- Only decaf coffee in motel office as lazy front desk person uninterested in getting off her duff to get some regular coffee. Stay shortened up by a day due to unsanitary conditions. DO NOT GIVE THEM CENTS FOR A ROOM AT THIS LOCATION!!!!!!


Russ Johnson March 14, 2015 at 9:53 pm

You recently replaced all of the floors in your rooms with laminated material. Is this product from CHINA ill bet YES like the product on 60 minutes, from Lumber liquidaters with all the formaldehyde witch is deadly and illegal. Have you had any of this matertial tested or Joe said it was ok. Buy the way lamiated floors in bath rooms does’nt work ive seen a lot peeling in the properties I stay at.


Russ johnson March 21, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Don’t you repley? Don’t you think this is worth looking into?


Russ johnson March 21, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Look in the Dictionary. Awaiting MODERATION! you drink or eat in MODERATION. Thats the best you can do?


Deborah Smith March 4, 2015 at 10:12 am

I want something done today like ASAP and I put an app for work there sense this happen I wont get the job cause of her AND I WANT IT DONE NOW OR ILL SUE MOTEL 6 AND THEM


Deborah Smith March 4, 2015 at 10:05 am

well it starts like this we was not doing anything wrong until the people in room 105 Tammy Brandon and Raymond Swicegood they have not even got the job done yet and its been sense Nov 2014 and its becoming Spring here in Pigeon Forge Tn and they lay DRINK … they have BULLY ME FOR THE LAST TIME AND NOW I WANT SOMETHING DONE ASAP THEY NEED TO BE OUT OF THE MOTEL CAUSE SHE A WHORE AND A THIEF AND THAT A FAMILY PLACE AND I THINK WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO STAY THERE AFTER this that is a HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……


joel February 26, 2015 at 7:42 am

I’ve never been so humiliated in my life and to think I always refer my clients to them saying how clean and nice people were but after this specift time I will do all in my power to be listem and to be apologized in person I’ve never complaint about nothing I always see it as we all have bad days my last time at motel 6 were is at the corner of boulder and lamb which is walking distance of a business I own this is what happens I checked in at 7-8 pm of Monday night I have 3dogs very well train (I am a dog trainer and owner of a dog grooming place) they never chew my cords at home FYI you can inspect my shop and the places my dogs have lived with me in and see with your eyes they don’t destroye nothing but their toys as I walked in room #233 and went to use restroom after letting out of theire kenel aprox 15-20 min I came out only to see my rottweiler stuck watching t.v and my two dauchounds belly up and could get up I notice a ziploc bag with marijuana which o had already smelled the strong smell of it when I had first walked in I should of just asked to be moved out to another room but I did not my dogs had eaten marijuana I emidialy went down stairs n I was discreet and told the person in charge about this incident she took the back and she had clients infron I wisper to her that I would be back to talk about it when o finally came back the night employee said to me if I don’t complain about it she let me have it I said don’t worry I won’t complain but I had no use for marhuana cuz I don’t use it one person behind me said I’ll take it n she ask me if I dint mind if she gave it to him I said its not my bussines n she hand it the marijuana to the person behind me 2 days later o try to get a room n I am told I’m not welcome cuz my dogs had riped under the matters now im mad y treat me this way when I don’t get mad by looking at my digs hi I of marijuana her house keeping crew did not clean the room well I’m calling Chanel 13 I’m not letting go


Scott Swindell February 25, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Posted on yelp!
Motel 6, Sun City
11133 Grand ave
Youngtown AZ.

Wow! BIG DIVE do not stay here!!!!!
Horrible customer service, cheap hotel with zero frills.. not even shampoo or bag for dirty clothes. The 19 inch tube TV looks like it was purchased from a 1990s yard sale. Very limited chanel’s too.
This is supposed to be a King bed and it’s a queen possibly a full shoved up against the wall. Room is dirty to say the least. Light switch next to the bed does not work well. Room is void of all personality, no pictures or any sort of decorations .
Several of the rooms have not been made up from the previous nights company with the beds unmade and junk scattered around the rooms with the curtains left wide open. This room has stains on the carpet, cracked bathroom sink.

The young man at the front desk was slovenly dressed. He was wearing his hotel 6 work uniform un-tucked with some short of gray sweat shirt underneath. The vending machine took my money and when I reported it too him his attitude was very cavalier “you have to call the number on the machine, there’s nothing I can do for you”. Not even I’m sorry about that sir, or any sort of apology for a machine that they supposedly have nothing to do with. That’s a bunch of BS! A vendor pays to have their machine in place at a business and the business gets a portion of the proceeds for Petes sakes.
Summary; stay away from this Motel 6. It’s overpriced, dirty, maintained poorly and the customer services is less than desirable


Sandi February 23, 2015 at 8:39 am

I have never been so humiliated and appalled or down right pissed off at how my family and i were treated On my recent stay at the Motel 6 In Columbus IN On 2-19-15…I stay at this motel frequently but this was just too much… I rented a room there for myself and my son and daughter and another room for my other son and his wife even … so 2 rooms the same day…. when the laerk gave me my room key and I drove around to the room and parked….I realized that this was the room that a young man had KILLED HIMSELF IN….(it just so happens that i had been staying at the motel again at this very time) I went straight back to front desk and asked for a diffrent room….(this hotel Keeps local people on one side and traveling people on the other side assuming that the locals are there to do drugs or other illegal activity) when i asked to be moved to a different room I was told i had to a reason they wouldnt just move upon my request..(I never even open the door) I was trying to be dicreet because the lobby was full of people( they were clerks family and other patrons there i found out later) so i said ok then …I was here the night that young man killed himself here…. she tried to tell me it wasnt that room…(I was there) they gave me another room… but door was stuck and couldnt be openend… maint man or whoever that man was trying to open by kicking door and then went to get something else to get it open…. at ;that time i was approached by someone questioning me????? what was the problem ….what were we doing there… did front desk know how many people???? I had no clue who this drunk man was why he was quetioning me or what his business was about anything to do with OUR stay….MY Dauughter however was telling the man that we there the night the man killed himself and we requested another room… this mans immediate reply was “YEAH AND YOU GOT SORES ALL OVER YOUR FACE”…..REALLY???!!!! i immediately became enreaged at what he had just said to her…. I asked who he was and what he was doing there…. He said the front office asked him to come check us out????? for what??????????? that when he quetioned about how many people and i just kept asking who he was he said that he worked there….I told him get away from us as he was clearly intoxicated and appeared to have been up for days…. Went straight to the office to inquire what the hell was going on… he just verbally attacked and humilitaed and was so atroucious in the way hewastalking to us… they told this man (i believe his name is brandon) to go back to his room….They said he doesnt really work here… he lives here…. I was Livid i tell you…I am still so upset at even trying to write this complaint that I am literally shaking!!!!! MY daughter whom does indeed have a SEVERE ACNE prob and has to deal with this complex on a daily basis wihout COMMENTS FROM A DRUNK EMPLOYEE OR PATRON FROM MOTEL 6…. She literally was distraught over this and cried herself to sleep that night… Then my oldest son got to town later that night and there was another problem…. Now I already had got one room here even after all the abuse and then they want a $50 Deposit for cash???????????? I will be traveling in a couple of days here and will be gone couple days and in NEED OF COUPLE MORE ROOMS!!!!! think I WILL be considering Motel 6?????????????


Cynthia Scialoia February 22, 2015 at 5:42 pm

I stayed at Motel 6 in Charles Town, WV on Feb 20th & 21st, 2015, it was the worst experience I have ever had. The condition of the rooms were disgusting. The carpet and bath room was filthy, heater did not turn off, holes in the walls , water was cold, bedding nasty, towels were so thin you could see through them and I could go on but the staff was nice. I am very disappointed in Hotel 6 allowing these Hotels to operate under such deplorable conditions. I do not expect a 5 star hotel but at the least clean and comfortable. Your company may want to take a few minutes to check out the hotels before you sell them a franchise . Very dissatisfied customer who will not stay at any Hotel 6 again.


Andre may February 17, 2015 at 11:50 am

Wish I could say something good but this isn’t the company for good reviews.I stayed at a motel 6 on Peachtree Ind blvd norcross ga.I stayed for almost two weeks.I went to the front desk to complain about the loose dogs in the hallway and at my door.well while I was talking to the front desk clerk one of the residents approach the desk I was talking this”resident” decided he could chime in because he was the one the dogs belong thing I know he’s approaching my wife also who was at the front desk to.all of a sudden this person decides to hit me to my face.not once but twice and then continued towards me.the police were called but because this person works for them as security at night for this motel and the front desk wouldn’t give the police the video so he could get locked up and I was made to leave.its been a month since this has happened and I still haven’t got a apologie,or anything. Sounds like I need to get lawyers involved now


Debra Cameron January 31, 2015 at 11:33 am

I am here at motel 6 and I am disgusted.My husband and I came into town to take showers cause our water well collapsed. There is blood drips down the walls by the bathroom door and urine dowm the walls near toilet paper roll in bathroom. There are saturated filthy matress cover with actual dog hair on it. A dirty rolled up washrag…filth for a very long time behind toilet.I have my receipt I want to be reimbursed for the money I paod to have a filthy environment. DEBRA CAMERON.


Celia Sherfick January 28, 2015 at 8:23 pm

I was attacked by bed bugs at the Motel 6 in Flagstaff, AZ. They refused to do anything about it. I was bitten in the face and woke up with my whole left side of my face swollen. I received an email telling me that there were no bugs found in the room. This was my response to them.

This is totally unacceptable. What about the bed bug that bit me in the face? I found it on the pillow and showed it to the front desk clerk and the police officer that I called to get an incident report. The officer has a video of the bug and my swollen face. Are you calling me a liar? Do you think I carry a bed bug in my pocket just to get a free room? Believe me, I can afford any room I want, and I can afford my attorney whom I spoke to yesterday and you will be hearing from. I will never stay at any Motel 6 for the rest of my life. I will be doing reviews on every hotel booking site I can. I will also be taking the photos I took and the police video to the local media in Flagstaff, AZ. I’ll go as far as getting it on a major television station if I can.The public needs to be warned about this incident at your hotel and the way you treat your customers who have valid complaints. We all know that bed bugs hide inside the mattresses and only come out when it is entirely dark. I understand your logo now “we’ll leave the lights on for you”. It’s so the bed bugs don’t bite. Believe me, you haven’t heard the last of me yet.


Elida January 21, 2015 at 9:46 am

Paid over $300′s for a week and after the 3rd night was greeted by a very rude, aggressive and unfriendly woman. I was accused of smoking in the room and told to check out. Upon checking out I was again greeted with rudeness by the clerk. When I asked about getting my balance reimbursed I was told no because I damaged the room by smoking. There was an ashtray provided outside our door which was clearly full of my fiances cigarette butts. The only thing I did wrong was have my dog there. She was also scolding about my son being there which in my online reservation I stated I had 1 child. He’s 17 although he does look older. Never again! Very unprofessional and rude!!!!!


Elida January 21, 2015 at 9:53 am

You can tag the full story on Facebook, studio 6 south Arlington, Texas page.


paul king December 20, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Myself an my wife stayed in your motel 6 in lindale tx on 12/19/2014 ROOM 104 I’m furious. Got our room it was cool enough for the heater no heat just Blowed cold air. Called front desk clerk she said it’s new it should work 1 he later called front desk she brought us a blanket. I PA ID FOR A ROOM WITH WORKING HEAT DID GET IT. THIS IS CRAZY. I WOULD AT LEASE LIKE A APOLOGIES OR SOMETHING THANKGIVING YOU……


Mr and Mrs Nelson Rivera November 26, 2014 at 4:39 pm

On Nov. 25, 2014 Motel 6 on W. 26th Little Rock, Arkansas …Holy Cow where do we begin.. moderately priced room, requested non-smoking room, (but yet it had been smoked in, it stunk) the desk clerk brought a fan and sprayed some air freshener it didn’t help much. went to sleep, awoke the next morning and woke up to TV programing that looked like it was in a snow storm (extreme bad connection) while watching the news my wife was looking around the room, she saw cobwebs around the ceiling, looked toward the sink area and noticed on the wall that there was a white round and what appeared to be a padded object on the wall, what is it? My wife got out of bed to investigate the round object on the wall,,, she reached up, took a hold of it and realized someone had wrapped what (was) wet toilet paper covering the smoke detector about 1/2 in thick, covered in dust and crunchy, apparently had been there awhile. The obvious conversation was ‘can you believe this? Then my wife picked up the phone to call the front desk and the phone was not in working order, she was so mad after realizing the danger we had been in all night long, which did not just include myself and wife but also our 11 month old grandson!!!! She went bare foot to the front desk. (This is now my wife’s account of her encounter with management) The front desk attendant didn’t know what to do or say. When I asked her what her house keeping staff does when they clean the room, didn’t they check & test the fire alarms & clean & test the phones in the room when they clean? Which is the first and last defense in the event of an emergency!!!! She responded that she didn’t know what they checked. WHAT??? Are you kidding??? I told her I wanted my money back and right now!!! And that I was going to call and report the situation with the fire department. The manager told my husband there was nothing more he could do and we told him there was plenty we were going to do! We contacted the fire marshal in West Little Rock, he was so nice, he took our report, and then told us that is City of Little Rock was going to close this Motel down due to years of blatant safety violations. Wow! that was scary, but we are just glad we lived though the night, and we are urging everyone to steer clear of this motel. The fire marshal left the meeting with us to go issue a safety violation ticket to the manager. I will say this, when we checked in the desk clerk was a very sweet young girl, and she was doing the best she could do with what she had available to her by the owner- manager. (go figure, she was an American… Just saying)


Bill Youknow November 8, 2014 at 9:00 am



Lequicia November 7, 2014 at 3:33 pm

I checked in on 11/05/2014 into room 109 & was immediately moved because of roaches in the room to room 125. Made myself comfortable in the room & around midnight I started itching as if something was biting me. I got up turned lights & found big red marks on my arms & back. I brushed it off thinking it was a mosquito. Rubbed up with alcohol & went back to sleep. I woke up on the on 11/06/2014 to find a red bug crawling across the sheets. I went to the front desk & spoke w/ Mr. Taurus. He instructed me that housekeeping would change my bedding. On that evening when I returned to my room, housekeeping had done what they were instructed. Laid down that evening & the same incident occurred. Went to the office & reported it the night manager & she said that she would let management know that I found more bugs in the room. I stripped the covers off the bed & went back to sleep. When I woke up on 11/7/2014 I saw more red bugs crawling on the white sheets. I took pictures & went to the office & showed Taurus the picture. He said that I would be credited a full refund for both nights on my credit card (that did happen). I later called the corporate headquarters because my arm is swelling up. I was told that I could go seek medical treatment but it is no guarantee that I would be reimbursed for any medical bills incurred. I was told I would be contacted in 10-15 business days with a follow up! This was my first time ever in a Motel 6 & this was my last time. I know why I have never stayed anywhere other than CHOICE HOTELS! I will not be back.


Lequicia November 7, 2014 at 3:35 pm

This was at
I-285 at Lawrenceville Highway, Exit #38
2810 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker, GA 30084


chad November 12, 2014 at 10:25 am

I am on hold as we speak.. I stayed in Columbus Indiana and i woke to over 50 bites in triangle patterns and i have pictures of a roach as well as a red bug on my sheets. Also mold and scum in bath room. What is crazy is this is a remolded newer room with wood floors so i felt would be cleaner and safer. I will never again stay again! I will laugh if they offer a free week. Sorry i want money back.. Here i am trying visit my daughter and i have cover arms and so forth because looked like i was dirty and covered in bites.. I litterly stripped naked before i came in my house and nothing came in with out being washed and treated my car and so on! i was not allowing those things in my home! Thats what they dont realise , its more then just they stay and that being enough to ruin your time. U have to deal with it all way home and when u get home! We will see what they do. They are suppose look into it and send bug guy to room i was in! Which no doubt in my mind they will find what they are looking for. weather they admit it, well thats another thing.. I will get back to u all. I am going call BBB and post on sites and FB and so forth if it is not handle the right ways. Which refund and closing room and treating it for the next person is really important.. I told people there but nothing but excuses and i will be baffled if they rented it out again before they cleaned it up.. Something has got to be done about this kind of business, its just not right !


chad November 12, 2014 at 10:29 am

i will be syre to post and let u all know how it was handled. Cause in the end thats what matters.. People that run them dont care, but corporate had better care,or we as people have to go extra mile to put it out there.. So we will see! Good Luck and look under bed n the seems and so forth before staying. if black any way i would get another room. Cause chances are it is bed bugs and signs of their poop and so forth.. Dont take a chance , it is plumb miserable iching and having those bites all over u !


chad November 12, 2014 at 10:34 am

I will be sure to say how they did right and treated room and refunded me, if that is case. i believe u should point out good and appreciate what corporate does ! Weather that is neg or pos. I am only here to speak truth and give people a heads up.. I will Let u all know how it is handled.. So far the seem be implying things will be done!


Norman November 4, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I stayed at a hotel 6 on September 20th, 2014 In Florence SC. I checked in at 12am and out at around 6am because it was so disgusting in the room I was given. There was mold on the shower tiles the floor in the bathroom was soft and felt like you could fall through. Carpet in the room look like it hadn’t been cleaned since it was installed. Under the bed I found 2 pink pills and an empty water bottle and I have no idea what else was under there. I took pictures of the filth I found in the room and sent an email to Motel 6 Corp. They told me they must refer me to the hotel for a refund. I called the hotel and asked for a refund and they told me no. I contacted the Corporate office in Texas and they told me they couldn’t do anything and that the hotel had to refund the money. I turned this hotel in to the Health Department in SC. No one should have to pay to stay in this filth. I can’t believe Corporate couldn’t do anything and wouldn’t do anything. I will stay clear of Hotel 6 forever. Wow! how could a major chain do this and get by with it. I will be turning this over to the BBB.


loretta October 11, 2014 at 12:28 pm

I’m writing this but just like my many letters and complaints I’ve got no where fast I’m voicing my option because the way me and 15 yes 15 family members where treated on August 16th 2014 it was at the best repulsive I need someone to give me a number where I can talk to someone about my concerns….


Lequicia November 7, 2014 at 3:36 pm

800-557-3435 this is the headquarters.


teresa December 4, 2014 at 2:44 am

Is this headquarters for all motel 6


Susan Pilcher September 25, 2014 at 8:44 am

oh and you can see the pictures on my face book page go to Susan Pilcher in Rhode Island. Comments welcomed in anyway.


Susan Pilcher September 25, 2014 at 8:43 am

Wooo it is nice to know my boyfriend are not alone. I don’t know if this will reach anyone important like:
CEO: Jim Amorosia;
CFO: Lance Miceli
COO: Alan Rabinowitz
But here it goes, we are decent respectable people and we planed a trip to Florida and I have all information to back up our insane experience at a Hotel 6 in Kissimmee Florida.

Financially we planned it to fit are budget and as you all know expense matters in every way. We went to visit 3 little girls and give them a nice time with their father and I. When my boyfriend and I arrived in Florida we knew we could not afford a luxury hotel, so we decided after checking out the prices that the Hotel 6 would have to do. When we checked in the rooms and I say rooms because we check about 3 and they stunk like sour wet towels and the rooms were not clean at all BUT because we were on such a tight budget we had to settle but I did email the Headquarters of the Hotel 6 and my boyfriend and I had to make do so this is what it took. I cleaned the whole room from top to bottom and I washed all the bedding myself and we used are own towels and we stayed for 3 days we were going to stay for 4 but they came to the door and kicked us out for no reason at all. They said when I went down there that we had to much stuff which we kept everything in the car and then I asked to speak to the manager and was told I would have to come back later, I did and she said that my boyfriend went to the door unappropriated which was so insulting that I was so mad. First of all my boyfriend will not even wear shorts out in public and anyone who knows him will tell you he is the kindest decent man ever and he would never and I was with him the whole time, he did not. It was a nightmare and if I could I would sue them for slander. The tape in the office should show everything because it was running and I made sure to talk into it. Here are the pictures of are room and how we put things up off the floor when we had to bring things in from are car and what I had to buy to make the room safe. This Hotel 6 is the worst Hotel there is and they have false advertisement and I want to sue them for real never have I wanted to sue any place like this place ever. And if this does not get seen I will make sure it does every word and every picture. Even if I have to go to the media to get attention about this.


Elizabeth corredor September 21, 2014 at 2:02 pm

I also suffer from depression, high blood pressure and anxity but I will give all my.papers to .Thank you…


Elizabeth corredor September 21, 2014 at 1:57 pm

G.m i stayed at the motel 6 at Caribbean culter bay homestead.the staff were very nice but I
do have a complaint on the 18th of September I got robbed $500.03 I reported it to the bureau of investigation I have a case # I was talking lawyer and I ask the front office employer if my lawyer can fax important papers she told me their would be no problem I was in total shock because this has never happened to me.I told my lawyer that what had happened to me .I left like at 3pm but I had to get all my things in the room . On friday the 19th I went back to stay again and they told me that I checked out late I explained to Teresa the front clerk what happened and she said that she would talk to the manager maria the manager maria was that day when I told the clerk when I said that to the clerk. I told her again of what happened that day and she told me very cold that she could not book a room for me because of what.happened. I told her I was resolving my.problem of the money that they robbed from my.account and I have never
Been threw this and she is a very cold person.I had to sleep in my car that nite because of what the robbery that they find I want her to pay for doing this to me and im going to talk to I stayed thier more then a week and I never had &
A problem paying the has corporate should make maria the manager pay for all the suffering and painfall nite that I had to go threw im in a lot of stressful issues because.maria the manager whats not a good human.I will contact my lawyer and I will explain it all what happened to me. Thank you..Elizabeth corredor



michelle azevedo September 14, 2014 at 4:29 pm

I was at the am pm and a worker from the motel 6 on bechellie in redding ca came into the store and was talking to another customer about how she had cut this guy off at the gas pump he said he would punch that fn b in the face the motel6 guy said pregant . he said I dont give a shit I would still hit that fn b he said he would to .Iwas so upset Icalled the motel 6 where the guy worked and the manger tammy did not seem to care they can look at the store video and see that the motel 6 guy called this women every name in the book started the whole thing and got this guy all heated up but she defended him . not a good look for motel 6 women beaters working for them


Rebecca Clark September 13, 2014 at 5:40 pm

I’ve been using Motel 6 for about 20 years of traveling. I’m a single female and always travel alone. I was given a DNR from Las Vegas, NV Motel 6 on Dean Martin Blvd. Anyone that knows the area would know if you stayed there once or twice; it is a safe haven for street prostitutes. Which is fine that’s not my business…..until I went to rent there at 9pm about a week ago (I’m displaced as my apartment fell through) and was RUDLEY told by management I was not allowed to rent there. They would not give me a proper answer as to why. Again ~ not that it should matters because their business ~ ALL derived from foreigners, homeless, drug addicts, straight up hookers and dealers; why am I banned? You think I’m a cop? I’m gonna shit down your little secret? Its not a secret businessmen and other people drive through there daily looling for hookers. They are aggressive and annoying to the hotel patrons. Motel 6 told me it was regarding a disturbance but out of all times renting there …..I only had ONE. There was a kid ~ extremely high, dirty homeless kid trying to hustle me for money in the laundry room, trying to touch me and then threatening and insulting me. I went straight to the front desk (I suffer from ptsd Chronic so I feel majorly threatened.) I requested the police or security and yes I was mad. My door was being knocked on half hour before by people that were also not renting but at the pool. That’s the ONLY problem I have had there…….so I asked if being a HOOKER is CRITERIA for RENTING AT MOTEL 6 ON DEAN MARTIN IN LAS VEGAS?? Bad news people. Not only was I insulted for asking for an explanation when I returned; their manager rudely told me I was “crazy” because I had PTSD and that he was calling Metro Police to get me on Trespassing Charge. OBVIOUSLY ~ I want my money back from the last year of what I’ve spent; and since Motel 6 does share information with other Motel 6……I want paid in full as I will never ever rent from one again. I’m completely disgusted. They have the dirtiest rooms, and hookers everywhere fighting with pimps. You cant drive up without being hustled and I’m the one with the problem? I think not and I want my damn money back every penny.

Yes be sure to check it out for yourself.


Lucia wiener September 13, 2014 at 11:24 am

I would just like a call from corp. I want to speak to someone with a pulse not on the computer I want to be sure they hear the complaint not just read it and dismiss it. So please corp. give me an email and I will give you my number.


Elrico Evans September 6, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Hi! To Whom This May Concern noone seem to know where my work check is l was told by Anthony Wells (GM) to come in on 9/5/14 and pick my check-up after he told me I no longer work there. I specifically asked him were they firing me he said no nothing like that. He stated that I had too much going on in my life to be a good fit there. They had someone at the front desk have me sign for my hours that I worked on 9/5/14 but she could not find me on the payroll. I called and spoke with Natalie (manager for Motel 6 in Fife, WA) and she also hired me for the Night Auditor position. On 9/6/14 she said she would call me back after someone relieved her for lunch. She did not return my call and she asked me to leave a number where I can be reached. It’s like I’m getting the run around. Therefore that is why I’m calling the cooperate office. Just think should I be glad that I did notwork with this Motel 6 when they ccan’t even find my payroll check.


charles haakma September 4, 2014 at 4:08 pm

i had similar problems in Dubuque, motel 6 at 2678 Dodge st. Please call corp. guest relations asap. they appear to care.


jessica August 30, 2014 at 9:52 am

Nasty Nasty place. I am disabled, have 3 service dogs and had to stay at the motel 6 in Big Spring Texas. I was in room 121 and there is no carpet, the phone is dead, cockroaches on walls. Filth all over outside, piles and piles of trash out in the back parking lot. broken beer bottle by the swimming pool, the guest here have approached me while I was taking the dogs out to use the bathroom and asked me if I had drugs for sale. A guest approached a different woman guest and wanted to pay her to have sex with him. At 4 am on 8/29/2014 my toilet exploded and flooded my room. It is now 9 am and while I was promised a different room, I have not been moved. The maids are weird to say the least, the manager is dirty and and looks really bad. I am going to file a complaint with the health department. I think the corp office needs to return the money I had to pay to stay here a for 8 days. In fact I think sueing motel six for their disgusting rooms, safety violations and exploding toilet would be some thing I need to look into.


Erik Musselman August 30, 2014 at 7:07 am

My Wife and I are staying at motel6 on hwy85 in ft.Lupton Colorado on the room in infested with fleas. . We got all eat up , we are currently in the e.r in Brighton, Colorado the wife is sick as hell. The manager @ the motel6 said we will give u your money back in a check witch will mail from headquarters in week’s also we are keeping all your stuff then the boot in the ass on the street’s. .. so thanks motel6 we are homeless and lost all of our clothes. .

Erik Musselman.****


David Connelly August 25, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Motel 6 in cheyenne wyoming has rude staff, thieving and the front desk keeps trying to sell me meth let’s boycott this place corporate don’t give a shit


paul August 21, 2014 at 7:42 pm

My wife and kids and I stayed in motel 6 on 8/20/14 and 8/21/14 in Springfield Illinois exit 80 on I55. 2nd floor the guy that worked that night on 8/20/14 was very nice room was clean. But in the middle of the night are air-conditioning went out told front deck in the morning the said well we have a fan u can use really I understand its a cheap motel put move me to another room or fix it it like 90 in the room and it 80 outside that no way to treat my family or anyone for that matter I seen others get in there room then hour or so leaving with there bags because the air isn’t working. So I looked up the vent holes on filters so that tells me its all clogged up with naste stuff. We all need a refund for these room being like this.


TINA August 17, 2014 at 10:30 pm

I have stayed at numerous Motel 6 locations over the past 11 yeas and have always been satisfied with their accommodations. I feel you get what you pay for and forgive most of the issues as they seem trivial given that they allow pets which is important to me. This past weekend I stayed at location 4744 in Reno NV….it has ended more than a decade long relationship with the company. I had items stolen. So wrong! None of the managers are willing to talk to me or assist in my complaints. I have received endless excuses from ” it was a new housekeeper” to “no managers are available until next week.” Their final comment to me was “we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.” Even if they are stolen by their staff they will not compensate. A few items of clothing or not it is unacceptable. I will NEVER use a motel 6 again. I will pay the higher price for sanitary accommodations and honest service. I mean after all…the money I saved on the room will have to be used to replace my stolen wardrobe…not worth the discount.


LANEA August 17, 2014 at 6:18 pm

I had stay in Pocatello #4734 Idaho on Govt Business on 7-11 thru 13 2014 I had found the room i was given was not clean shavers still in the shower food, still in the fridge dirty bed sheets, i had to sleep on top of the covers and not sure if anything else was not clean… I had to pay overrated price because of a festville going on….The only thing they did for me was give a 10.00 discount for that night and the next night…Really what ever happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE and INTERGITY and RESPONSIBILITY!!!!
You would never see them accept a 10.00 DISCOUNT for a dirty room and bed sheets…The manger told me they are under new mangement…I DON”T CARE IF THEY ARE…WHAT ABOUT RESPOSIBILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS…REALLY A $ 10.00 DISCOUNT WOW!!!!…FOLLOWING IS A RESPONSE TO THEM FROM A LETTER WRITTEN BACK TO ME…
(We are currently under new management, so please rest assured appropriate measures are being taken to address the problem and prevent future occurrence. I want to apologize that the first room you were put in, room 264, was not cleaned properly before you checked in. As it was the busiest weekend of the season we had nothing to move you to. Along with being under new management we have also begun training new housekeepers to clean the rooms the correct away. )

I still believe that you can do more for me… Would you like to sleep on dirty sheets when you pay for a room that is not clean. to me this is un acceptable even if under new management.. There is no excuse for this type serviced from anyone…Sounds like you are passing the buck on this one…I don’t deserve this type of service or treatment of overlooking and making excuses to cover up what was done is un acceptable to customer service… and too pay for a dirty room and bed…Does this mean that you don’t care about customer service!!!! Just as long you get your money no matter how you offend the paying customer…Really wouldn’t you expect more from a large motel chain , what about reputation and integrity.. I also work for a large co known as the Govt…I don’t get paid high wages which forces me to use a more reasonable rate, but i don’t pay for a dirty room and bed, i work extremely hard for my money which i deserved better service which i was not given… And all you can tell me is sorry charlie… You express that you did not meet my expectations… Then what type of expectations do you have for yourself and the company you represents…Again passing the buck….

I still believe that you can do more for me… Would you like to sleep on dirty sheets when you pay for a room that is not clean. to me this is un acceptable even if under new management.. There is no excuse for this type serviced from anyone…Sounds like you are passing the buck on this one…I don’t deserve this type of service or treatment of overlooking and making excuses to cover up what was done is un acceptable to customer service… and too pay for a dirty room and bed…Does this mean that you don’t care about customer service!!!! Just as long you get your money no matter how you offend the paying customer…Really wouldn’t you expect more from a large motel chain , what about reputation and integrity.. I also work for a large co known as the Govt…I don’t get paid high wages which forces me to use a more reasonable rate, but i don’t pay for a dirty room and bed, i work extremely hard for my money which i deserved better service which i was not given… And all you can tell me is sorry charlie… You express that you did not meet my expectations… Then what type of expectations do you have for yourself and the company you represents…Again passing the buck….


Chris Sterner August 12, 2014 at 2:58 pm

As long time satisfied customers of your motel chain we have found a serious decline in the standards. On a recent trip we stayed at three of your motels, all of which met far less than our expectations.
The first was in Chattanooga, Tenn # 4423. There appeared to be either human or pet feces in the carpet. When bringing this to the attention of the front office , they immediately showed us two other rooms. The second motel was in Columbus, Ohio #495. This facility was run down and in need of renovation. The bathroom was in severe disrepair. The front staff was helpful in giving us directions into the city. Our third motel in Lumberton, N.C. #202 was by far the worst.. The floors ( not carpeted) were dirty, especially the bathroom. This floor was black with what appeared to be mold and mildew. The wall above the shower stall had a sizable area of green mold. In addition, by 10:00 pm, a brisk questionable business was taking place in the motel. Cars would pull into the parking lot, stay a short time, then leave. This continued until 3:30 am.
While the employees of the various Motel 6′s were helpful and courteous, the condition of our rooms were unacceptable. Therefore, we are considering using other motel chains on our future trips.


Kim August 8, 2014 at 6:42 pm

I recently took a position with the Motel 6 chain. I was very disappointed with the company. When training myself and another person, the head housekeeper, missed Very Important procedures, Like the checking for bed bugs !!!
And in training with one of the other employees, I was told that there is just not enough time in the day to complete the work, so I was to do things quickly and if it was not up to standards it was ok, just get the rooms turned. Rooms are not up to standard yet are passing inspection, and being rented to the public. And in the time I was employed there the police were constantly arresting guests, they are severely understaffed and the employees are overtaxed, Many rooms have no working air conditioning, and even though rooms are non smoking, ashtrays with no smoking symbols are provided in the rooms. And guests are allowed to smoke. Very disappointed with motel 6 and will never stay in one myself, as my standards of clean are so much higher than theirs. This was in Denver off of 39th St, and if I were you I would be checking the bed, in and under for needles before staying or sleeping, because the staff surely is not. I QUIT


cedric rodgers August 2, 2014 at 12:16 am

i would like to file a complaint against an employee that works at motel 6 at 6011 south 6th st in springfield, il. the person name is david. he refused to give any other information. please call me regarding this employee we were didiscriminated against and this should not be tolererated
my number is 832 259-xxxx
i always use motel 6, but this may change my mind forever


sandi Bernard August 1, 2014 at 3:48 pm

DO NOT STAY AT MOTEL 6. We stayed at the Caseyville Motel6 on July 12 and had ALL our things stolen. My 15 year old sons truck and his racing coachs motocross trailer….both their racing bikes all their tools and gear STOLEN. $10,000 worth of property taken from the motel 6 parking lot. Even worse……NOBODY CARED…..they need to place video surveillance on the property.


Douglas Case July 26, 2014 at 3:12 pm

I stayed at motel 6 in St Joseph Mo on Friday the 26 in room #323 and i will not stay their or any other 6. The staff was rude. I got to room tv was on pretty loud i grabed the remote to turn it down did not work went to call front desk phone did not work found out it was unpluged i pluged it in and made my call. I drive a semi truck its 97 degrees outside and i am at the far end of complex the wanted me to come get another remote. I found a blood stain on the pillow the sink would not drain due to stopper being unscrewed i fixed that also i got in the smallest shower bathroon i have ever been in my pull camper has mor room and the floor is bamboo look flooring and really needs moped in the shower the black gunk came off my feet was bad from walking on your need to investegate this place.i will not come back.


Sarah Francis July 20, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Holy hell hole, in Utah for my brothers wedding, Salt lake city airport, 1990 West North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
We were trying to save money, and thought Motel 6, what a mistake that was. The room smells like cat piss, the carpet is stained with black spots everywhere, black mold in the bathroom, the shower is not clean, theres mold everywhere, the bathroom has rotting wood everywhere, I won’t take a shower, I can barely brush my teeth, no toiletries were provided, I cant walk in my barefeet its so dirty, my sheets are dirty, I had hairs in my bed, I couldnt sleep all night, I just felt dirty. What an F’n nightmare and shit hole. I want my money back, im never!!!! Staying at a motel 6 again!!!!!!!!!!!! O and I have cigarette burn marks on the comforter, its a non smoking room!!!!!!!!! Corporate is hearing about this!!!!!!!


Jerry Shelton July 9, 2014 at 3:13 pm

OMG!!!! Where do i began, Hilltop Motel 6 in Redding CA. What a nightmare.Let me start by saying I stay at motel 6 about 5 times a month for work all up and down the western united states. And after my recent stay I will never spend another dollar at ANY MOTEL 6….. My most recent stay was with my son for one week while visiting Redding. For a week straight there was a prostitute only a few doors down from our room. At first we had no idea what was going on, but it didn’t take long to realize she was prostitute.5-10 men a day for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT!!!! Finally i had enough, I confronted management about what was going on. And upon doing so look behind the counter to find the prostitute just hanging out. THEY ARE IN CAHOOTS!!!!. DISGUSTED AND CONFUSED I CALLED THE POLICE. When they came they said they had been investigating it for a few months. I can’t believe it but can assure I list all faith in all motel 6 chains as they have absolutely no concern with what riffraff goes on. My next move would be contacting the local news!!!!!


Gayle Williams July 7, 2014 at 7:51 pm



susan bell June 28, 2014 at 6:10 am

Who do i talk to about motel 6 taking my money and putring me out 30 mins if that long out last night i got a room at motel 6 in sacermento my son and daughter in law and 3 year old son was to i was going to dennys they had to use the bathroom i told them run upstairs while i run to dennys the front desk man was so rude and bossy told me to leave without refund now i hadnt been in the room yet and the baby just used the bathroom that cost 70 dollars because i believe he was racist and felt he could just take are money and put me out he was laughing as i walked away and said very loud and rudely you can go now you are evicted with no refund you and that black kid please contact. Me asap susan bell 510-221-XXXX


Ron Rohr June 26, 2014 at 4:35 am

We”be been at this motel for several weeks. Same room for 4 days. After paying to stay another day and we already had room service come thru 2 different times the same male maid came unannounced into our room. No knock or saying anything. I feel this is a violation of our privacy.The motel was Motel 6 on Kern Street in Salinas, Ca


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New Vendor May 18, 2014 at 10:28 am

We Bid on a pool repair job for our local Motel 6. My quote was awarded with their contract – including the stipulation of a deposit we required to begin work, adjustments to the warranty of the work, and a more liberal completion date. We got the owners the insurance and EIN info they requested and they sent it their purchasing agent. by the end of that week we had still not received the deposit we requested. In order to get this job completed by the contracted date, we went out of pocket to cover the supplies and labor for the job. We completed the job in good faith and to the owners satisfaction. We requested of their purchasing agent information on when and where our deposit check was issued and mailed mid week after we had completed the work. After getting the run-around we still do not have any information on if or when our payment was processed. As stated in their contract we have until today to complete the work, which we finished a week earlier, as well as signed confirmation that we would receive deposit. This places Motel 6 in breach of contract as we still have yet to receive a check. We are a small business and took a risk to help our local franchise look their best. Given the nature of our business, spring finances are tight and keeping all of our suppliers and labor paid on time becomes a challenge when corporate AR personnel do not do their jobs adequately and get their vendors paid within the time frames they promise. Once bitten twice shy. We will be very circumspect in the future about the ability of Motel 6 to pay their bills on time given the ineptness we observed while providing our specialized services.
P.S. We found a crack pipe in the bottom of the pool while we were cleaning it out. Classy joint.


Mike August 12, 2014 at 1:47 am

If this motel 6 was a franchise then that owner needs to pay you. The office in Dallas don’t pay bills for someone that is a franchisee. I hope you were not messed over being a small business. The corporate office AP will send out checks and direct deposits once they have everything they need. Now if the General Manager has not approved the bill and sent it to corporate and its a corporate property then call the General Manager if that don’t work call the Area Manager because if this is a Corporate Motel 6 you should have been paid on time unless there was a break down from the property to the corporate office. If its a franchisee then you need to go talk to the person who signed the contract with you and if its a franchise you may have to sue to get your money. Speaking from past work.


kevin crutcher April 22, 2014 at 6:06 pm

I stayed at motel 6 in el cajon last week not only were their bed bugs people kept knocking on my door at 3/4/5 in the moring i complained about it and got put on a do not rent to list


Mike August 12, 2014 at 1:52 am

This happens with Motel 6 because this keeps the owner or manager from having a problem with customer service and being charged with a complaint. Call corporate and complain about it then if its a corporate store the GM may get into trouble but if its a franchisee nothing happens. Motel 6 is letting franchisees run down the business AND THE REPUTATION PERIOD. The company properties are run down and in bad shape because they don’t want to spend the money to fix anything because they are trying hard to sell them all to a franchisee period. They make much more money collecting franchise fees than running a motel. The major part of franchise properties don’t care and are stingy and cheap. So don’t expect much for the money period. Your better off paying more for a room with a mom and pop no name place than a name brand anymore like Motel 6 they are all about the money and not running a motel.


Rita Haydu March 3, 2014 at 9:17 pm

I had booked the room back in July 6, 2013 and found out that they had no confirmation number 4521MO4895 for us, four days before arrival. Now I have to re-book at a higher price. This is poor management not contacting me about the motel changing the name from Motel 6 to Ecolodge. I would like a refund for the difference I have to pay for the room from Ecolodge. The difference is $119.66 that I have to pay.


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