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Kay Jewelers Corporate Office Address

Signet Jewelers DBA Kay Jewelers
375 Ghent Road
Akron, Ohio 44333

Contact Kay Jewelers

Phone Number: (330) 668-5785
Fax Number: (330) 668-5052
Website: https://www.kay.com/en/kaystore
Email: Email Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Facts

Founder: Henry Shaw
Date Founded: 1910
Founding Location: Akron, Ohio
Number of Employees: 29057

Kay Jewelers Executives

CEO: Virginia Drosos
CFO: Joan Hilson
COO: Howard Melnick

Kay Jewelers History

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Kay Jewelers was founded in 1910 by Henry Shaw in Akron, Ohio. The company is a subsidiary of Sterling Jewelers, which is owned by Signet Jewelers. The company offers fine jewelry, with their specialty being diamond wedding and engagement rings.

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Kay Jewelers, along with the other Sterling Jeweler names such as Marks & Morgan, and Belden, is the second biggest jewelry seller in the US. The company offers a wide range of insurance and cleaning plans on almost all jewelry that is sold.

Sterling Jewelers, along Kay Jewelers, were accused in an online story, published May of 2016, which stated that customers discovered that their diamonds and other gemstones were removed and replaced with cheaper quality stones when their items were left for cleaning or repair. The company denies these allegations.

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In response, the company has stepped up its store promotions and is offering bigger discounts to attract new customers in hopes of bolstering the parent company’s sagging stock.

One of Signet’s subsidiaries, Sterling, was accused in 2017 of gender discrimination. The CEO retired for “health reasons.” There are at least 2 class action lawsuits claiming gender discrimination that are pending.

In May 2019, the Consumer Protection Bureau announced an $11 million settlement with Signet/Kay Jewelers after receiving complaints that customers were signed up for credit cards that they did not authorize.

A law enforcement officer was denied entry into a Kay Jewelers location because of his service weapon. After the story went viral on social media, the company quickly issued an apology and stated that its “no weapon” policy should not have been applied to a uniformed police officer.

Company headquarters for Kay/Signet Jewelers is located in Akron, Ohio.

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Kay Jewelers FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Kay Jewelers?
Answer 1: The phone number for Kay Jewelers is (330) 668-5785.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Kay Jewelers?
Answer 2: The CEO of Kay Jewelers is Virginia Drosos.

Question 3: Who founded Kay Jewelers?
Answer 3: Kay Jewelers was founded by Henry Shaw in 1910.

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Cedric Dunn December 1, 2019 at 10:21 pm

I went into Kay’s jewelry store in clermont FL on Saturday November 30th, well I purchased a full set of my wife’s birth stone (December) this was a Black Friday weekend sale. I must have picked the only set in the glass with a discount. I managed to squeeze a 10% discount and used my Kay’s credit card to gain 10 more %. Then when I picked the ring out it was a size 7. My wife is a size 8. Was told no problem they would size it. Because if they didn’t it was a deal killer. Then I get the earrings, necklace and bengals bracelet to match. I also purchased the diamond bracelet for my upcoming anniversary in April. It was actually on a Black Friday dale , after I pulled the ad up. The next thing is the checkout. She had mentioned a extended lifetime warranty of some sort but never gave me and price for this. I really would never buy one because the merchandise should last. I get home and thinking of the cost, I pull out my receipt and see 4 charges of $54.00 each and a $64.00 for the diamond bracelet. I immediately called Kay’s customer service and explained that only a moron would buy a warranty that cost more then 50% of the cost of the merchandise. She understood and contacted the store so I wouldn’t have any problem getting it resolved. Well, I’m getting it done after waiting for someone for at least 30 minutes. I asked to see a manager and was assured that she could do it. Things going ok till I say ok I need the ring sized. Well, she tried to charge me $85.00 to do this ring one size. Im like are you kidding me. I was told that ring size could be changed no problem! She questioned what I was told and proceeded to tell me that it could be sized for free only if you purchased the warranty. Im like besides my self at that point and asked to see a manager. She said it was policy and basically that was that. I never did see a manager and obviously ended up paying $54 for the warranty. I would have returned everything if it wasn’t already given to my wfor her birthday that day. I told her I would contact Kay’s and straighten it out. She couldn’t care less. I can’t believe that a manager never come out. I have never had this type of service in my life time and I have made a lot of jewelry purchases in 36 years with my wife. Im still really annoyed at the service and lack of store management. I just said that I was totally disgusted with there straight out lying to me. And left the store. Customer service keeps consumers coming back. Not this consumer if it’s not resolved. The woman that sold the merchandise to me was Jady, and the woman that wouldn’t get the manager for me and was so condescending was Chris employee # 13524888 that’s what she gave me. All I can say is WOW WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS!!!! TOMORROW I will be working the phone to try and resolve this mid leading issut


Charlene Sylvester November 30, 2019 at 9:41 pm

They are racist people. In Viera Florida they act like your money is contaminated if your skin color is not the same as theirs. We had a nasty sales woman who acted like she didn’t see you. We took our money to another kay’s jeweler and her manners was better. The sales lady at the Viera store on black Friday 2019 should be fired. Money is green no matter whose hand it comes from.

Charlene Sylvester


Ron Delaney November 18, 2019 at 10:32 am

I had purchased an engagement ring in early Oct of this year and made sure that I had time to receive it before heading to Hawaii for the proposal. I had called Kay’s a few times before our trip to make sure there were no issues with the ring. I was assured every time I called that it would be there in time for the trip. Two days before we are to leave, I receive an email stating that they are having trouble with the size and that it will not be shipped until the day we are leaving for Hawaii. Now mind you, this is a size 7 ring. How can you possibly have an issue with a standard size that is in their stores. I called Kay’s and told them that this is unacceptable and that I have hired a photographer to take our engagement photos and that if I didn’t have the ring in time that it was going to be a moot point and I would be out $400.00 for the photographer. Kay’s told me that I could call FedEx once it got to the distribution center to change the address to be shipped to. I called FedEx to see if we could do this since it had not been picked up from Kay’s yet. They told me that if it hasn’t shipped that Kay’s would have to change the address. So now I call Kay’s back and they said they cannot change the address. Now I have been emailing customer service also while this has been going on to keep a record of everything. I get an email from Kim in customer service who expressed her apologies for this and wants to see what she can do. I replied that I will have FedEx change the shipping address to Hawaii and that we have it figured out. The next thing I know it is being shipped via UPS. UPS will not change the shipping address until at least one attempt has been made to deliver it to original address. So now I have to make arrangements to have someone pick up the ring when it gets delivered to the house and send it to me via FedEx to Hawaii. My mother was very gracious to do this when I asked her. I was also told that UPS would NOT require a signature….. surprise!! They did… we were in San Francisco airport when we were alerted by our RING doorbell that someone was there. It was the UPS guy!! Luckily I was able to talk to him through my doorbell from my phone and told him it was ok to leave it. Now this was on a Friday. My mother shipped 2nd day FedEx due to the cost of 95.00. The ring made it to Hawaii on Tuesday and the proposal was on Wednesday…. all is good….. right? NO!! The center diamond fell out of the bezel after only four days of her wearing the ring and even more embarrassing is that it fell out in front of several people. Again I email Kim at customer service who wants me to call her so I do. She told me that this is very unsatisfactory and that she has contacted the Kay’s manager at the nearest Kay’s to me and that they are going to make this right by selecting another ring and she would apply a promo code and a gift card if needed to walk out the store with a ring. However my fiancé likes bezel type rings so that it doesn’t get caught on only thing and possibly lose the stone. The store does not have any of these ring. So I go online to design one that I know she would love. Now mind you I have already sent the one back and have not received a credit back on my credit card yet. I tell Kim in an email that I have designed a ring online but it is more than the original and that with promo code and gift card any difference I would pay for. She thought that was a great idea and sends me a promo code for 50% off anything online and that they are reimbursing me the FedEx cost to ship it to Hawaii and that she no longer will have my ticket. Well I did not get a gift card and the promo code is not valid. I went into the store and they couldn’t get the promo code to work either. Here we are almost a month from when I proposed and my fiancé is still without a ring. I expected a lot more from Kay’s and when asked by my friends if they should go there I will NOT recommend it.


Michelle Bledsoe October 12, 2019 at 6:13 am

My husband bought my engagement and wedding luring at kay jewelers with lifetime guarantee on the stones 7 yrs later I went to kay jeweler branch in Von Maur Mall in Omaha Nebraska to get my ring resized. Came back, one of my diamond has a big black spot and no diamond serial number so I went to 3 jewelry stores to get it checked and just as I suspected they replaced my diamond and aside from that they even stole the diamond on the shank. Please if you have this kind of problem write the attorney general to get kay jeweler investigates and report them to federal trade commission. This fraudulence that they are doing need to stop. I even started telling my friends and so are my families friends to beware of Kay jeweler’s.


sharon kimpson September 22, 2019 at 1:55 pm

I have been a loyal customer for 30 years! Since I have upgraded my rings about 6 years ago, I been having problems with the stones falling out and just recently, after I picked up my rings for another stone replacement I noticed something different about one the stone’s that showed less clarity then the other ones, which the one that they was replacing was the corner stone and yes I take before and after pictures for my proof just in case I’m concern of any wrong doing. I was always suspicious from day one. Once again I had to leave my rings again. It really looks like a FAKE diamond and someone else ring! Come Kay jewelers y’all has to do better. Very Unsatisfied Customer especially if your purchase was around $9000.00.


Lisa September 5, 2019 at 8:06 pm

Long time customer (customer since 1992)
I went into a store to have my ring cleaned and inspected at the end of April 2019. I was told that the ring will be back in about 1-2 months because of the setting. I was okay with that. The ring came back about 3 weeks later. We never got a call or an email about my ring being in. In June 2019 I went to pick the ring up. The ring came back in worse they put in a smaller diamond and a broken on. The setting was uneven. The ring just cam back for the 3rd time with smaller diamonds and a lot more filler. I called customer care again to file a 2nd complete, the was told that the “Kay special team “will give me a call with in 5 business days. Called in today Sep.5th 2019 to find out that It’s still in the cue and no one has been a signed to my case. Friday Sep.6th will be the 5th day. The customer service reps. RELY need to work in their service. My ring has a lot of memories to it. The STORE STAFF @ 2115 Festival Plaza Dr, Ste N100, Las Vegas, NV 89135. The store manager Jose is awesome and his asst manager.


Jen July 28, 2019 at 8:50 pm

Worst experience ever. Bought a ring was told 2 weeks. Day before delivery was called and told another 8-12 weeks. Asked for an update was to be called back that didn’t happen. Ring went on sale was told they would credit my credit card sale ended the day they told me and now can’t do anything. The worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. Lack of communication. I will NEVER purchase anything from here again.


Ken Hines June 6, 2019 at 11:39 am

Given the treatment of the NC law enforcement officer, I will never enter one of your stores again and will request my family to do the same. Would you expect an officer to respond to a robbery at one of your stores without their weapons? Despicable behavior.


Linda Mello July 17, 2019 at 2:17 am

Don’t shop here. 51 years ago when my fiancé was ready to depart for Vietnam he bought me an engagement/wedding ring at Kay Jewelers. It came with a lifetime warranty. Fifteen years later the diamond fell out so I put the ring in my jewelry box. We will soon celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next month. I contacted Kay in Chico, Ca and asked if they could put the diamond back into the ring. The rude clerk told me no because I didn’t take my ring in every six months to get it checked. I contacted corporate office and they said they would only repair it under “normal” wear and tear. This is the kind of loyalty NOT given to us after 50 Years AND they could care less about their customers. Don’t waste your time or money here. Take your business to someone who cares about their customers and honors warranties. I will also add that I have the original warranty and it states nothing about taking the ring in every six months to have it checked.


Sloan June 5, 2019 at 6:26 pm

After hearing how Kay treated an on duty, armed sheriff deputy attempting to pick up an engagement ring, I will NEVER enter another Kay store, much less purchase anything. Kay Jewelers has ZERO respect for law enforcement.


Tina m kopilec May 29, 2019 at 11:42 am

My boyfriend spent iver 800.00 on a necklace and earrings set for me march 18. 2019. Today is may 29 2019. The reason for my email is bc the earrings i recieved had a chinchy clasp. And being afraid to wear them i rarely did. So after the 6th time. Maybe
Of course the earring fell out and i was unnaware so now im left with one earring and not the other. Barely 2 months old. I could have boufht earrings at walmart for 40.00 if i knew this would happen. Those are 200.00 earrings. The store wont do a thing about it. The customer service will not either and i am not happy AT ALL. ive told my boyfriend do not shop here again unless this problemgets resolved bc noone should have to spend that much on earrings expecting this to happen. I literally took a walk with him one day and came back to one missing. Its rediculous.


Donald May 16, 2019 at 9:50 pm

I guess the blow off I get from your Meadows Mall store is acceptable now knowing the company doesn’t really want to be contacted seeing that the contact number on this website doesn’t work. Long story short I have spent over $15,000 dollars with this company recently purchased a replacement ring only to be asked questions like did you purchase under another name? Finally to be told I can’t find anything! I have a receipt. I will never use this company again the service at the branch is unacceptable


Tammy Robinson May 17, 2019 at 9:30 am

Thanks for letting us know the number was out of date. The listing has been updated


Sharon K Glowacki April 14, 2019 at 10:58 am

I purchased a customer ring back in July of 2018, using diamonds from my mother original wedding ring, it took about 8 weeks for them to complete. That was not a problem, but soon after getting my ring within two months, one of my diamonds feel out, they replaced that one, then within two months, another diamond feel out, now for the third time I have to take it back for a replacement diamond. The store has had my time longer that I have doing repair, very poor craftmanship, this should never happen if it had been done correctly the first time. Now I have lost three of my mother’s original times, which cannot be replace, I thought I was dealing with people of integrity, but apparently this is not the case. Never purchase from them again. Done


Kassondra February 13, 2019 at 3:44 pm

Let me start by saying this, if i would have known we would be treated the way we have been, I would have never had my husband buy my ring here. Ever since I got my ring I have had to send it in several times, due to loose diamonds, or missing ones. I thing that it is completely absurd that I have to send in my ring every few months and go without it for 2 weeks at a time due to your faulty halo. The shape of my halo is so square that it snags on EVERYTHING! When talking to my local store I was given three options. Option one: they could send it in and have them try to shave down the sides so it doesn’t snag, but in doing so it was not a 100% that it would fix it. It could actually cause other problems like resale value and I would be losing 4 diamonds. NO THANKS! I shouldn’t have to diminish my ring because of your mistake. Option two: we could replace the halo, because thankfully this is one style that was exchangeable. Great I convinced my husband to do so with a halo that was 250 dollars. 250 more then we should have to be spending by the way. When we get there that 250 got moved up to 750! Apparently none of the stones in the halo were set, so they wanted to charge me to set them. Also to reset my center stone, and then to take off the old halo and put the new one on. Again NO THANKS! I’m not going to pay anymore money then what we already paid, that crazy. Again we might have been willing for the 250 but even then so I had to pull my husbands teeth to do that because it is not our fault. And then option three: the most silly one of all, we can trade in. To me trade in means to get something of the same or less value. To your company it mean taking the value of my original ring which was roughly 2000, doubling it and then picking out a ring. So I would then have to get a 4000 dollar ring, and then once I pick the ring your company would appraise mine, and whatever the value comes back at you take off the new one and we pay the difference. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Kay’s your company is nothing but a money scam. You do not want to help your customers and it is clear by other comments as well left here. At this point my husband and I would rather you buy the ring back from us, which we were told was not an option, and we can go somewhere else. I cannot even wear my ring now because I am too afraid of a diamond going missing, and you will do nothing to fix your mistake!

So Kays, I suggest you either allow me to pick out another ring for the same value of the original one, or you give us our money back. If something is not done soon, I will be going further with this. My husband is very unhappy. He worked hard to get that ring and it is not even something I can enjoy. We have tried to resolve with our local store for several months now and I’m done.

I have already told several people to not shop with you for this exact reason.

Very upset customer,


Margaret Gee January 16, 2019 at 6:34 pm

I have no complaint with your company I have a patented ideal
That i think would benefit your company and myself
I would appreciate a return e-mail
Thanking You in Advance
Margaret Gee


Janet December 27, 2018 at 3:09 pm

Very disappointed with Kay…my husband bought me a ring for Christmas and paid cash. It wasn’t the correct size and I wasn’t really happy with it he went back on return the ring and they told him since he paid cash he would have to receive a check back in about 5 business days from corporate for the return since they did not have enough money in the store to cover the return. I can see if the ring was Thousands of dollars but we are talking about a simple $200 ring. When I called the store to check on this the store did not answer their phone so I call another store and the women just kept saying it was store policy…I told her that I work retail, which is the truth, and know that the tills in the stores have enough money to cover our return. We went back and fourth I keep my cool she said that is store policy one last time and hung up on me.

My husband and I will never shop at Kay’s again and will tell our friends and family to do the same.


Michele Parr October 23, 2018 at 8:21 pm

Worst experience EVER!!! Fiancé and I went in on 9/30 to the Vancouver, WA Van Mall location to pick out our wedding rings. My fiancé picked my out and it was a beautiful ring. Love it and we were able to take mine home that day. NOW…to my fiancé’s ring. Found one we really loved but had to special order in his size since you can’t resize tungsten. So we were told it would be in on 10/17 – so I called that morning to see if it was in and was told Fedx hasn’t arrived yet but I’m sure it will be in later…so we show up later at 8:30 pm and we’re told NOPE not in. Got a call the next day to see where it was and they couldn’t get an answer from their vendor as to where it was (something about weather related delay). Then the next day it went from weather related to ooh we don’t have that size in stock to them calling around to other stores to get it in. Sunday I call to find out status oh it will be in on Tuesday ( tonight). Do I call today – guess what no RING and NO we don’t know where it is!!!!!!!’ They are getting my ring back and the too small ring back!!!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Do NOT go here unless you want the lies and/or run around


Lindsey stegner September 18, 2018 at 11:15 pm


I have contacted the manager of Kay’s bridgestreet several times over the phone and in person. I purchased a ring there, which was returned for a setting, but the manager returned the wrong amount, giving us to much credit towards the purchase. 3 months later the “rest of the amount” returned went on my Kay’s card. I’m just wondering what can be done about this since it was added on there 3 months later. This is not professional and the manager seemed to “not know what it was” for three more months until I talked to someone over the phone after calling for months. I was told by the manager to call the credit card company because it was there fault and they told me it was managers fault. This went on for months. I need a solution. I did not know that amount was going to be added back to my account. This is bad business and bad sales manners. I need this either taken off of my card because of the managers mistake, not mine, or one of the bands to be returned. This has gone on too long. I’ve asked for the district manager to contact me as well and I guess he hasn’t relayed the message either. Where is the integrity? I have never been so irritated in my life by a retail purchase. TERRIBLE.


Katie December 31, 2017 at 11:07 am

I got my custom engagement ring in February of this year. It was given to me in the wrong size, even though we requested the correct size when ordering. A couple months after getting it back, a gem fell out. They tried making us pay for the lost gem (because these gems aren’t in the warranty), but we refused, because we only had the ring for a couple of months! The lady who sold us the ring told me it was a delicate ring, but because I wanted this pretty ring, it was something I was going to have to deal with. She then told us she has the same ring (not customized) and she has to send it in all the time…as if that would make us feel better. She never told me how “delicate” it was when we purchased it, or we would have went with a different option. I took the ring back in 4 months later to get cleaned, and was told 3 more gems were loose. A month after getting it back, another gem fell out. We called customer service and had it escelated. The man told us we could get he same ring made to fit my finger, to prevent it from being sized down, or we could get an exchange. Neither offer worked for us, because we have lost all trust. The CS man sent us to the manager of another store, because we were done dealing with the original store. The manager told us that the ring looked like it was never repaired properly, and that he could send it in with orders of how to repair it, or we could get a new ring made with 20% down! Once we told him we were done with Kay, he called CS and spoke to a lady who gave him an authorization code for a full refund, if we brought the original diamonds back the next day. We went back with the ring and diaomonds and were told that the original CS man denied the refund! We are so frustrated, and it seems impossible to get in contact with the correct people. If a manager tells us we can get a full refund, you need to honor this.


Kathy Erdmann November 20, 2017 at 5:37 pm

We purchased our wedding rings back in August which we are happy with the rings but the woman who tried to help us in the store was drunk and completely screwed up the billing so now we are being charged more then we should be and with it being changed to Comenity bank they don’t have records of anything prior to November and I don’t have access to anything online anymore and no phone number works what a crock of crap


Jeanette November 6, 2017 at 9:50 pm

Earlier this year I called to complain about the service I received at your Peru Illinois store. I went in today for a diamond check and couldn’t have asked for better customer service!!!! I complained but problem solved. Thank you. I am a believer that poor service is noted but if problem is resolved that also has to be noted.


Derrick Roosevelt Wiggins Jr October 27, 2017 at 2:12 pm

I’m Derrick Wiggins, I was just married on 10/14/17. I purchased my beautiful wife a beautiful ring from Kay’s. I highly dissatisfied with your product less than 12 days pass and one of the stones fall out. This was truly a embarrassing moment for myself giving my new bride something like this. I purchased a warranty but this is truly just poor workmanship. I have since read several reviews and found more dissatisfied customers. I truly think that I had made a poor choice a company this size should be more professional and stand behind quality products only not continue to sell products they know have huge problems with even after repair. My Ref# 33646161, I would truly like to be Compensated For my embarrassment and my inconvenience. Thanks Derrick Wiggins. 201-394-4603


Dana Creech October 14, 2017 at 5:40 pm

I have an issue concerning your repairs and resizing of rings. My husband purchased a beautiful ring from Kay Jewelers in McAllen, TX. Recently I lost some weight and decided to take it in to get resized. I get it back 2 weeks later and it looked beautiful within 4 hours of wearing it a diamond falls out. I immediately put it in a ziplock bag, take it back to the same store and they send it off for repairs. Two weeks later I pick it up and realize the stone they replaced is crooked and out of place and my center stone is crooked as well. I ask to speak to a manager and I get the assistant manager and she looks at it and sees the flaws and even takes pictures of it. She guarantees me they will fix the problem. At this point I am concerned it’s going to come back worse. I pick it up two weeks later and I look at it right away and nothing has been fixed. It is still messed up and I am beyond frustrated. The lady I am speaking to is like I’m so sorry we will order you a new ring and send it off to get resized. I tell her well that’s what I did with this ring and look at what they did. I sent it to get resized and it comes back with crooked diamonds. I have always thought the quality of Kay’s was great until this moment. If this is not taken care this will be the last time I purchase anything from your store.


Carletha September 16, 2017 at 11:12 am

I am a Pastor and I purchased a gold cross for my installation. The church paid half for the cross because I do not take a salary from the church. At this time, the church is undergoing a financial crisis so I took the cross back so that I could give the money back to the church to aid during this financial crisis and was told that I was 4 days late because Kay’s Jeweler has a 60 day return policy. I asked for the headquarters telephone number and was told that the only number that the store has was the customer service number. Please have your Vice-President call me. Thank you!


Ramon Simien August 17, 2017 at 4:29 pm

I am a regular customer at the Kay’s located at:
Pearland Town Center
11200 Broadway
Pearland, TX 77584
(713) 340-1036
I purchase several items for my family members that lives in Lake Charles, LA. Therefore, when they need to get their jewelry inspected or repaired they have to go to the location at:
Prien Lake Mall
676 W Prien Lake Rd.
Lake Charles, LA 70601
(337) 480-0550
I purchased a ring for my sister in February 2017 and the ring split. I purchased insurance on the ring so we brought it to Kay’s in Lake Charles since I was home visiting. This would be the third time I went to this location over 2 years. Once again, when we entered the store and the sales associate looked up my account, she proceeded to tell us that I did not have a warranty. I called the manager at the Pearland location where I purchased the ring and she stated that I did have the warranty and asked to speak to the manager at the Lake Charles location. The manager that was on duty used a rude tone when she stated that she would not speak to the Pearland manager. She stated that I needed to give her some time to review my account again to make sure she was seeing everything. After reviewing my account, she stated that I do have the warranty, which I already knew. If I had not called the Pearland location, they would have never reviewed my account for the second time. They were trying to charge me for the repair.

This is the third time I have been at this location and have been treated with total disrespect. I love Kay’s and I spend a lot of money at the location in Pearland. If my family continue to be treated with disrespect and unfriendliness every time they have to bring their jewelry in for repairs or inspection then I will need to find a different Jewelry store. I am asking that you send someone to the Lake Charles Location to teach the staff and Managers customer service and to hire new managers who take pride in his/her job and want to bring customers into the store and not run them away. The Pearland location will lose a good customer because of the customer service of the Lake Charles location. I hope that you address this matter as soon as possible because I have one more time to walk in that Lake Charles location and be treated poorly and I am done with Kay’s. It is up to the corporate office to not allow this type of customer service.


David July 29, 2017 at 10:05 pm

I’ve had some bad customer experiences in my life, but have to say Kay’s took the cake on this one!

My wife and I wanted to have a special piece (setting) done, but they didn’t have anything in the store at that time. Told us to come back in one month on a particular day by appointment and they would have several pieces to look at from an outside vendor. One month later my wife and I took the day off and was there by the appointed time. We got there and the vendor acted like he knew nothing about us, nor was informed about us. Kay’s had painstaking written done all the details, but it seemed none of this information was translated to the vendor beforehand. However, the vendor did show us one setting and then pulled it back and said, “nope that’s not sized correctly” and walked away. Then a Kay’s representative came over and said unfortunately we don’t have anything at this time and apologized. They said they would make it right and would have a piece ordered and would call us the next Tuesday and let us know when to come back in again. I told her, “we had both taken the day off for this”, and she apologized again and said she would call next Tuesday. However, I didn’t receive any phone call on that Tuesday. I had to call them and was told they still didn’t have the piece from the new vendor. About a week later I get an email stating they can’t get the piece and they would find out why and contact me by 5:00 pm. Once again, they never reached out to me at 5:00 PM. Never heard from them. One week later I went into the store and they said they could get the piece from different vendor, but we decided at that point we couldn’t trust them anymore to do the right thing. After six weeks we decided to go elsewhere. The new place we went took care of us the same day and the piece is now being designed. Kay’s lost out on a lot of money here due to – extreme poor customer service!


Hannah Gibson July 19, 2017 at 2:26 pm

I am usually not one to complain about customer service, I realize there are reasons beyond my knowledge that sometimes affect the people who serve us. However, I am completely appalled by the lack of service and poor treatment my fiance and I received at the Kay Jewelers in the Annapolis, Maryland mall. My finance purchased my engagement ring at a Kay’s in Georgia. After he proposed I took my engagement ring to the Kay’s in Annapolis. They did a special order and when it came in I simply exchanged the size 7 my fiance had proposed with and purchased in Georgia with the special order in Annapolis.

Fast forward a few months we both went to the store to browse wedding bands. Tony, one of the store employees, is who helped us. We chose our bands and told Tony we would be moving to Ohio in a month. I asked MULTIPLE times if my ring came in after I had moved (because it again had to be a special order) if the ring could be shipped to me in Ohio. I was ASSURED the ring could be shipped. The day after I moved to Ohio I got the call from the store that my ring was in. When I called they said they could not ship it to the Kay’s in Ohio because I have their merchandise and it needs to be a trade. I went round and round with the Manager, Diane who did nothing to try and work with me to get me my ring. I finally agreed to make the 7 hour drive back to Maryland in a few weeks to get the ring.

The week prior I called Diane to make sure the store would be open on Sunday in which she assured me it would. On Sunday my fiance and I showed up and the store around noon and it was closed for inventory. When I asked an employee to tell Diane it was Hannah from Ohio, she came to the door and told me I “never told her a time” and told me I had to come back. We had made the trip from OHIO to get the ring and they turned us away and blamed ME for not giving a specific time I would arrive. I was horrified at the treatment. A few hours later we came back and got the ring… no apologies, no concern what so ever. In my mind that is HORRIBLE customer service and what we had to go through just to get our wedding bands something that SHOULD have been an enjoyable experience is absolutely ridiculous.

Needless to say we are both extremely disappointed in our treatment by the employees in this store, even the Manager. They were unaccommodating and not understanding at all. They had no issue having us drive 7 hours to pick up our ring and then had no issue turning us away and making us wait hours to come back. I am not sure if I will EVER shop at Kay’s again after this experience nor will I recommend anyone I know to. With all of the competition out there and more importantly with the reason people are coming to them (weddings, anniversaries, etc.) you would think they would want people to have the best experience possible.



Alex Carter July 1, 2017 at 9:20 pm

First I would like to say that I have been a customer of Kays for almost 20 yrs. and I must say that I have never been treated as bad as I was today when I had to call to check on my watch that I dropped off on 6\1\17. I had links put back into my watch about 4 mouths ago and the pin kept coming out, when it fell out the last time it was lost so I took it back(again) but this time to replace the pin. Know one ever called me to let me know that the PIN to replace it was going to cost me $45.00. I was told by the store employee that “If I didn’t like the cost to take it somewere in the HOOD and get it fixed). Once I get my watch back I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME with YOUR COMPANY. The store # 1079 in Clay, NY. I will let everyone I Know not to do business with Kay’s


Mary Ellen Streit June 25, 2017 at 12:37 pm

I purchased a new wedding band and ring set from the Dawsonville GA store. I only had it for less than 3 months when some of the diamonds were loose and I lost one of them. They did stated they would fix it but I demanded a new setting because I did not want to waste my time on constantly coming to get it looked at and replaced. So they let me get a new setting but it has been 4 months and I still do not have my ring (let alone my own DIAMOND) and original wedding band! I am tired of all the issues they are having to set my stone in a setting. I just want all my money back so I can start over! I will be writing to the CEO of the company. I paid over $5000 for a band and setting, I had my OWN Diamond too!! I am so over this company! Hope was the only one that was kind and helping, Brigit was SOOO rude everytime I came in and made me feel worthless and like I was bothering her when I came in.


Amanda June 5, 2017 at 10:10 pm

My boyfriend got me a promise ring for our two months/ graduation present. I got this ring back in June of 2015. I got it resized in December of 2016 because I had a ring resized before and it broke so I was a little worried to get this one resized. After I got it back in the two weeks I was told,not even 4 months later it broke at the cut. I have brought this ring back four times all together and I am not about to have to bring it back for a fifth time due to the same exact thing. Meanwhile both my boyfriend and I have asked if there are any other options on what to do with this ring. I love it to death and I would never want to part from it, but it’s getting ridiculous on how many times it has broken and nothing is being done different. At some point I would think they would replace the ring with the same one or with one that is the same price. But no this is not the case they want us to double the price of what this ring is so we would be paying around 500 dollars just to replace a ring that KAYS WILL NOT FIX THE RIGHT WAY. Never will I ever go back and get any type of rings from this place.


Shanna June 5, 2017 at 2:37 pm

I ordered my ring the 5th of may, a week and half befor mother’s day, to suprize my boyfriend with a gift while we were on our trip. I checked in the Saturday before Mother’s Day and the ring was not ready. I understood that it may not be ready because of the engraving I had asked for and it did need to be a diffrent size then the store carried. I was expecting to give it to him 2 weekends later at the next even we were going to thinking that 3 weeks would be enough time. I stopped in the week after mother’s day to be told it’s not ready and it should be in with in the week. I then called to get an update later in the week with the same news and with the manager unsure with wear my ring was. I stopped in the day before we were supposed to leave for our event to find out that my ring had come but in the wrong size and no engraving in it. I was disappointed that I had not even gotten a call about this and at any point through this process. I was told last week that the due date was the 3rd and I went by today to find out it still has not been delivered .As of today June 5th I still have not received my ring, missed two events that I was supposed to give it to him, and found out that the ring was never ordered the second time. That it will take another two weeks to a month for me to receive it from China. I have nothing against China but I assumed that my ring was being made close by. I’m not only disappointed that I have not received my ring but I’m very unhappy with my service. As of now I don’t even want the ring there’s no point anymore but I will still purchase it and will not be making any further purchases from Kay Jewelers.


Korey martin May 27, 2017 at 11:49 am

Hello I would like to bring to someone’s attention that I purchased a ring several days before Mother’s Day and my date for return to pick up was the 20th no one never called so I called came to pick up my ring look it over everything look fine went to my car looked it over again and there was a piece missing out of it I was highly upset took it back into the store the lady had enough nerve to ask me did I want to just give it to my wife anyway I almost lost it but I held my composure she said that they could replace it and it would take about 5 days to receive it I have called on the sixth day and my ring is still not there yet I am highly upset about this situation today is the 26th and I ordered that on the six of May and still don’t have my ring for my wife that was for Mother’s Day unacceptable!!!!


TONJA M BASSETT May 17, 2017 at 5:49 pm

I have been a loyal customer that has never missed a payment since I was approved to open an account with your company in 2015 in the amount of $1500. My balance due was less than $400. Keep in mind, I never ever came close. To maxing out my card. However, on May 11th or 12th I went to the Glendale location to purchase a mother’s day gift. The clerk processed my card and stated that she has to wait in verification if my information to ensure I was who I said I was. Shortly, thereafter I was informed by the clerk that my card was declined and my account was closed. In speaking with the customer service rep., I was informed that my account was automatically closed based on my current credit score. What really bothers me about this the company is so worried about a credit score, but doesn’t tell their customers that every time you use your card they run a credit check. Not only will this will this impact your credit negatively, but will possibly close your account. This is a so unethical on a numerous ways: 1. You are not informed that your credit is ran each time you use your card. 2. Running your credit each time negatively impacts your credit. 3. If they feel they want to close your card based in your current credit they can. 4. Closing your card will also have a negative impact in credit. When it is all said in done you don’t have a say so and your credit is impacted by them. They view this as ok, even though you have been a loyal customer to them and maintain good standing with them. They really need to review their credit process. If they are so concerned about a persons credit, they should not run your each tine you use your card, let alone close the account. Customers beware!!!


Tulare Green April 5, 2017 at 9:31 pm

Just thought you needed to know your company is horrible and I won’t be recommending it to anyone. I had a credit card with a 5300.00 limit. I never missed a payment but received a letter saying my card was canceled even though the balance had been paid to zero because I got behind on a visa card after my husband had to have both knees replaced. You are pathetic.


Joshua Fisher March 23, 2017 at 3:00 pm

This complaint is for the owner of kay jewelers Corporation and CEO MARK S LIGHT, CFO EDWARD HARABAK AND COO GARY CIOLLI via is present, I would like to inform you of our complaint with that Corporation bought a wedding ring to my wife; after a week the larger diamond fall,it was a beautiful costume ring but we have noticed Kay jewelers personal changed the stone to a very bad quality diamond, i came from the capital of Kansas from a very distinct family, well knowledge of jewelry, diamonds and at the same time law firms . I don’t want to waste more of your busy and precious time, so I demand my money to be returned IN FULL. For all the 3 rings we had purchase from your company… Im a military personal i do not believe or trust in second chances…
thank you for your time
looking forward for a soon return of my money


Jeffrey Richardson March 22, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Dear Kay, I recently returned a crucifix at your Auburn Ma. 01501 store. Catherine refused to help m as I was next in line! She would not even acknowledge me! Why do you hire people this rude and obnoxious? Could you please have a word with her? I am a customer and I realize the customer is not always right! But my God! I have bought Leo diamonds in the past! Debbie was extremely helpful. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Jeffrey P. Richardson.


Latoshunee Garrett February 16, 2017 at 4:11 pm

To, whom it may concern, Sterling Jewelers Inc.
I am a 10 plus years customer and I have received great customer service over those years but
this last year has not been a good relationship between your company, I shop at your store
location at the Briarwood Mall 846 Briarwood Mall unit E-122 Ann Arbor Michigan ,48108
(734)995-1100 I have bought several different rings from this location with no problem but this
last ring is a problem I had lost an diamond out of it and sent it off to be repair and I picked it up
on 9/20/16 and I paid $375.00 to have it fixed and today February 15,2017 my ring has two
diamonds missing and I went into the store to see if I could just get a new ring instead of sending
it out for repair and the manager inform that I had to send it out or buy a new ring that would be
double the amount I paid for the ring back in 2014, I feel that I should be able to just exchange it
for a new ring with a different style so that I would not have the same problem again. I do have
all of my receipts for all the transactions and to be fair to a loyal customer I should be able to get
a new ring without having to purchase a new one with a higher price tag. Thank for you for your
time and I look forward to your prompt response about this matter.


Michael branham February 5, 2017 at 8:47 am

When a store manager in Titusville Florida tells you that they have a “trained eye” for identifying slight stone color variations I wasn’t happy with in a mothers ring recently purchased, it tells me this manager has no regard for basic customer service skills. The ring has three stones, diamonds, aquamarine and sapphire, the diamond and aquamarine are set next to each other and is difficult to tell them apart. That’s where the trained eye comment comes in to play. it’s interesting the store was all happy and more than willing to take my money in 11/16 for a wedding band set. Jennifer sent the ring back to try to get a deeper aquamarine, but it’s the same. My expectations aren’t that high, just would like Jennifer to know I realize she probably has a difficult time achieving any year end bonus opportunities based on store performance with her lack of empathetic service skills. I was a bother to her and her staff.


Bridgett Thomas January 29, 2017 at 7:38 pm

My husband and I purchased my wedding band from a Kays in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The specific store was located at Promanade mall. Recently a small stone fell out of the band, we took it into the store we purchased from over 3 weeks ago. They told us it would be $40 to estimate cost of the stone. After waiting for over 2 weeks to recive a call, I had to call the store myself and the man I spoke had no idea what was going on but told me he would find and call back. I waited 3 hours before again having to call. This time I spoke with a woman who said they got the stone in and the total cost would be the $40 but she would have the man I spoke with call me back that day for the completion date. Obviously that did not happen. No one called until 6pm the next day and they then told my husband the cost of the repair would be $201. We made the decision to not have them repair it and they said the ring would be back in 3 to 4 days and they would call when it was in. 5 days later, no call. Today we went to the store in person where they again told us the cost would be $40 and 5 minutes later told it would actually be $145. No one was able to explain to me why my ring hadn’t immediately been sent back when we denied the repair on it 5 days ago. Now we are waiting an additional 3 to 4 days to get the ring back and having to take it somewhere else. Throughout the entire experience I was disappointed in the customer service I received. It seemed nobody cared about my wedding ring or letting me know its status. I expect that from a Hobby Lobby about a picture frame, not a jewlery store with a 4000$ wedding ring. Never again will we be purchasing anything from your store.


Curtis mccomb December 30, 2016 at 5:57 pm

My son bought me a necklace at Kay jewellers at Oak Court Mall in Memphis Tn for $261 in cash he taken back on Monday December 26 2016 for a cash refund they did Not have the cash in the store to come back Friday and to call to check if they had cash in the store the lady said yes and for him to come in for his refund when he got there he was inform they refund it to someone else after waste his gas to go that far it’s only $261 dollars not Two thousand Kay Jewelers you lost respect from your customers


Kaleigh Douglas December 29, 2016 at 9:55 am

My now husband bought my engagement ring and wedding band from Kay in March of 2012. He proposed in May, no even 24 hours after wearing my engagement ring the center stone was gone. I took it back to Kay and told them instead of sizing it down to a 5.5 to please order it in my size (I thought making it in my size instead of sizing would fix the problem of diamonds falling out). Three months later I got my ring back and I get it inspected every six months, just about every time it has to be sent off because the center diamond is loose. We got married in March of 2015 not even a week of wearing my band I notice a diamond is missing. I had to pay for it to be repaired because I didn’t get it inspected over that 2 year period (it stayed in the original Kay box in my jewelry box). I didn’t think about getting a ring inspected that I had not even wore. Fast forward to December 2016 I take my rings to get them inspected and once again the center stone is loose and they send it off to be fixed. They call me back 2 weeks later and tell me they have some information to tell me about my ring. He says he is not satisfied with the work that was done, it doesn’t look rite and he will be sending it back off. Come to find out the diamond was placed in the ring crooked. I have asked for another band identical to the one I already have for a few years now. This Christmas my husband was going to surprise me with it. They tell him it will be in the Tuesday before Christmas. Tuesday they call and say they sent the wrong ring and the correct one will be in Friday. Saturday my mother-in-law goes to pick it up and they tell her it didn’t come in. My husband had to tell me about it since my Christmas gift didn’t come in. I called them Christmas Eve they couldn’t tell me when it would be in but she said she would check on it and call me back, I never got a phone call back. I called back the day after Christmas three different times, no one could tell me when it would be in. They each kept telling me they would find out and call me back. Around 6:45 that night someone finally called me back and said it would be shipped out Tuesday (overnight shipping) and would be in Wednesday here it is Thursday and still no ring.


mitzi l beasley December 23, 2016 at 3:30 pm

i went to Kays jewelry in Murfreesboro TN. i purchased a 300.00 dollar chain and they had to order my cross charm to go on it. i ordered it on dec 8 and the delivery date was suppose to be on dec 21. i wanted it for Christmas gift. i have checked with them three different times, and is still not here. i know its a busy time of year but they said it would be here probably before dec 21 . i still dont have it for the gift. i called the 800 number and they called the store and nobody has seen or heard of my order. i have my receipt i have already paid for it and still no gift. i very dissappointed i didnt get this for my Christmas gift. They are researching this for me. If i had know all this trouble i wouldnt have even ordered it. I hope it gets resolved soon. And the store they dont have time for me either so i hope the lady on the phone with the coperate office gets this figured out for me. Thanks and a Merry Christmas.


Mark Evans December 21, 2016 at 4:44 pm

To whom it may concern in customer service
I have had 2 experiences with Kay Jewelers in Grand Traverse Mall in Traverse City, Michigan this year. The first experience in July was very positive with a person I believe was named Julie. With my wife, we were picking out an anniversary ring and an additional ring as well. The rings had to be resized and were sent away to be done and everything went fine. However, my next experience with this store was very unsatisfactory. I had dealings with the store manager Kate (never gave a last name, only scribbled her name on some else’s old card) and wanted to buy my wife 2 additional rings for Christmas, identical to one of the ones I bought in July. She said that if I bought the service contract that the rings would be resized at no charge. When I asked her about the sizes used in the first order in July, she said the store did not have that information on file. I said ok and ordered the 2 rings. After further thought, I decided there must be a record of this resizing in the store( I didn’t want to ask my wife since they are Christmas gifts) so I called and talked to another sales person(didn’t get her name). She informed me that Kate was not there so I asked her about the resizing and the service contract for the resizing. Sure enough, the information was on file. In addition, she informed me that the service contract on each ring only covered $25 of the $50 resizing fee. I think that the store manager Kate should be reprimanded for her misleading information on the resizing fee and also for her profound laziness about finding the ring resizing order on line. Thanks so much for your time. As it stands now, I do not intend to spend any money at Kays, Jareds or any of your other stores. I have spent a significant amount of money with you and think I deserved better service. I do not intend to publish this letter online unless I do not hear from you.

Mark Evans


Angel December 26, 2016 at 7:35 pm

KAY in Bethlehem, GA charged my husband 1/3 of the cost of the wedding band he bought for me.


Angel December 26, 2016 at 7:36 pm

* just for sizing.


Donna morgan November 16, 2016 at 10:55 am

I need someone from corporate to email me my mom got a ring on my account and she needs to work out a payment plan for back payment owed she can’t pay it in a lump sum and I need to get this taken care of before my credit is ruined . She works I don’t but she has tried and they said since it is in my name and they have to talk to me.


joanna Kerry October 7, 2016 at 7:59 pm

I received a Diamond Bracelet from a Boyfriend that he paid $6,000 for. I have since broken off with him and needed a repair on the bracelet. i went to the Town Center mall Store here in Boca Raton and they identified it and fixed it for $75. I have since wanted to sell it and was HORRIFIED at the comments I received from REPUTABLE Jewelers of the INFERIOR Quality of the stones and bracelet. I contacted your company and spoke to someone in Customer service to no avail. We cannot locate the receipt as he paid Cash as he always preferred. I would like to get compensated and return the Bracelet and was told I have NO
RECOURSE. That is DEFRAUDING the CONSUMER and I will contact all the necessary Business Bureaus as well as ALL the Social Media and WARN the public as to your store and the Press with whom I know…I am an actress. I hope you will take this seriously as I plan to go ALL the way unless you return this bracelet with fair COMPENSATION.

Thank you for your attention in this serious matter and hopefully your cooperation!

Joanna Kerry


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