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Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos Corporate Office Address

Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc.
6100 Old Park Lane
Orlando, Florida 32825

Contact Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos

Phone Number: (407) 445-7625
Fax Number: (407) 445-9709
Website: http://www.hardrock.com/
Email: Email Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos

Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos Executives

CEO: Hamish A. Dodds
CFO: Thomas Gispanski
COO: Jay Wolszczak

Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos History

The Hard Rock Cafe was founded by two Americans in London in 1971. Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton began covering the walls of their restaurant with rock and roll posters, records, and other memorabilia. The Seminole Tribe of Florida purchased the chain in 2007.

The company has amassed one of the largest collections of rock and roll memorabilia in the world. The first piece of memorabilia came from Eric Clapton, who wanted to hang his Fender guitar over his regular seat. This caused Pete Townshend to put one of his guitars over his regular seat at the Picadilly restaurant. The movement went on from there. There are currently 191 locations in 59 countries. There are approximately 157 cafes, 22 hotels and 11 Hard Rock gambling casinos.

The company runs a chain of themed restaurants, hotels, and casinos. Some of the hotels and casino locations have been sold to various companies over the years, but the cafe’s remain under the control of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos?
Answer 1: The phone number for Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos is (407) 445-7625.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos?
Answer 2: The CEO of Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos is Hamish A. Dodds.

Question 3: Who founded Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos?
Answer 3: Hard Rock Cafe, Hotels, and Casinos was founded by in .

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CSSFNJDW April 10, 2019 at 1:45 pm

Great Weather, Delicious Cuisine ( dine upon), Safe travels’ to and from destinations. see you in 2 years time.
Wednesday April 10, 2019. 2:00 p.m Central time


Michael Federici July 25, 2018 at 2:50 am

One of the most horrible experiences I’ve ever had at one of there concerts. Read the whole post to see what I’m really angry about. Tuesday, July 23, Hard Rock, Hollywood Fl Rod Stewart, Cindy Lauper concert. My girlfriend and I started going there about 10 months ago to see concerts, we’ve probably spent over 10 grand on tickets, no less then 10 rows from the stage, usually closer. I have an end seat, and for over an hour, with 90 people standing up around me, I decide to stand up. I’m probably half way in the isle, and half way in my seat. Security comes over and tells me “I” need to sit down, because I’m blocking the isle… So, I sit down, while everybody around me is standing. After a half hour, of everyone standing up around me. I stand up again. Then two security guards come over to me, and tell me I need to sit down. So, I say, ‘Are you kidding me? 90 people are standing up around me, and “I” need to sit down? They answer, ‘Well the woman 4 rows back is complaining that she can’t see the stage.’ I’m like, I haven’t see the whole concert, and she’s rushed the stage 15 times, and has been escorted back to her seat each time. But, whatever, I’m going to the bathroom now. I tell my girlfriend, and our friends that also spent 2,500 on tickets, that I’m going to the bathroom, and start walking towards the main isle. As I turn, and walk past the complainant, she says, ‘You need to sit your a** down.’ So, I tell her, ‘You need to shut your a** up.’ So then, the security guard yells out, ‘That’s it. He’s done. Get him out of here!’ Next thing I know, there are 17 police officers yelling at me that I need to leave the building immediately, or, I’m going to be arrested. They chase me all the way out of the concert, to the point were I’m now in the casino, were I see a security guard in a blue jacket. I tell him what just happened, and he says, ‘Well, if the cops tell you to leave, there’s nothing I can do about it, you have to leave.’ So, I say, Really, well let me talk to the head of security.’ He answer’s, I’ll call him, but I’m just warning you, he’s worse than I am. So, “Nick” arrives, I tell him what just happened, and he answers, ‘Yeah, well it doesn’t matter, the cops said you need to leave, so, now, you need to leave the building.’ So, I say, ‘Why don’t you go and get that security guard, and ask him why he called 17 cops on me?’ His answer, ‘That’s not necessary, the cops asked you to leave, so you need to leave.” I ask, ‘”Nick” can I have your last name?’ He answers, ‘My last name, is not necessary, you need to leave.’ So, I ask, ‘Can I speak to the manager.’ He answers immediately, ‘The manager is not available.’ Then, he says, out of the blue, ‘Did you drive here tonight?’ Yes, I did. Why? I answered. “Because you better take a cab out of here, otherwise your going to get a DUI.’ ‘Really’, I answer, as one of the 17 cops starts to walk over, ‘Is that what your legal team tells you to do? Imply, that people are drunk, and belligerent, to cover your a**?’ On that note, the cop arrived, and told me if I didn’t leave the building, I was going to be arrested for trespassing. My girlfriend, and I have spent over 15 grand in jewelry, gambling, concerts, and dinner, in 10 months at this location, in 5 visits. And this is the type of behavior that corporate deems acceptable? Absurd, I will never spend another dime at any of there locations, and will advise my friends, and business associates, to do the same.


Michael Federici July 25, 2018 at 2:59 am

PS, I found out that “Nick” isn’t the head of security, maybe just concert security.


Pam Ortis June 22, 2018 at 3:46 pm

I was sent A coupon for a free night stay at the hard rock in Biloxi I called to make the reservation and I was told they were sorry but they couldn’t give me a room because I didn’t have enough comp on my card ii said but I have a coupon the woman told me no I could not get the room at the time when the voucher was printed I probably had the comp on my card but now it’s not there that they raise it up during the summer months the coupon was for June – July What does having a coupon have to do with comp on my card and if you want me to come and get money on my card and then give me a nice day I’ve never been turned down before on a room maybe it’s the owners


Mohamed Hamada November 14, 2017 at 3:34 am

Hi, I am writing to complain regarding hard rock cafe Sharm –Nabq, Egypt. yesterday I had a very strange story. First of all I am VIP there since the opening till now and I was invited for the opening party in 2013. Usually I visit hard rock all over the world and I visit your shops in USA and outside USA, and I know the entire managers in Egypt and owners of hard rock in Egypt and in Middle East and I know the owners of Bin Laden Company who you give them the franchise. I was recommending your restaurant to all of my guests and invite them there in Sharm- Nabq & Cairo. Nabq restaurant was the best restaurant in Sharm but I do not know what happened there now they become not good as before and I stopped eating there since one year and I complained three times to manager of Nabq, one time about service there is no standard, and I stopped going there except sometimes visitors like to go there so I go and invite them. Before I used to go there every week at least two times per week for dinner now I stop. The last two times I had very big problems with the bill’s payments which happened twice and it was sorted. Last night I had VIP visitor for me and for my company. I booked a table there and we went on time 11.30 pm and had a nice table, after 30 minutes one of the managers his name is Mido whom I know from the opening asked me for a favor to move to anther table as they have 11 guests to seat them, We all moved to another table and that was 30 minutes after we already have been seated around 12 pm, I was surprised three men only who took my table instead of 11 people as Mido mentioned to me. I wonder why he moved the 6 of us to seat 3 men. These three men came to me and apologized that we were moved and I asked them are you still expecting people (11 people as Mido mentioned) they said NO we are only 3. I accepted their apology as it is not their fault. The three guests were too shy & left the place after 30 minutes, after they saw what happened with me and apologized again to me. The problem is that no one from the managers or the staff apologized to me and they started to serve me the drink’s orders at 12.15 pm. Meanwhile at 12 pm I asked Mr. Mido to change waiter as he delays the orders but he didn’t do, we had our drink after 45 minutes at 1.30 pm. Later I saw Mr. Mido and asked him why he moved me from my table ,he said that the 11 people canceled their booking, so I told him why you didn’t tell me before we were seated or even you didn’t apologized for our inconvenience, he said do not speak to me like this and started to fight with me and raised his voice, during this one of the managers called Mr. Abd Aziz was watching and didn’t do anything even he didn’t bother to interfere or to stop Mido or even to apologize from me . I left Mido speaking and went to pay my bill and I left the place.


Virginia R Lightfoot May 8, 2017 at 11:08 pm

I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas on April 23rd-25th. Was suposed to check in our room at 3pm. It took hrs to get a room. My reservations were made month’s a head. I was suppose to have the paradise tower king room. Instead I was givin a Casino tower room . was awful. It was a total disappointment.


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