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Frontier Communications Corporate Office Address

Frontier Communications Corporation
401 Merritt 7
Norwalk, Connecticut 06851

Contact Frontier Communications

Phone Number: (203) 614-5600
Fax Number: (203) 614-4602
Email: Email Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications Facts

Founder: A consolidation of smaller utility companies
Date Founded: 1927
Founding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 22081

Frontier Communications Executives

CEO: Dan McCarthy
CFO: R. P. McBride
COO: Steve Gable

Frontier Communications History

Frontier Communcations Logo

Frontier Communications was originally founded under the name Citizens Utility Company in 1927. The company provides telephone, cable television, and internet services for many rural areas and those in smaller communities. Frontier Communications is the 6th largest local exchange carrier in the U.S. and the 5th largest internet provider.  The company changed its name to Frontier Communications in May 2008.

Frontier Communications Logo on Devices

In May 2009, Frontier Communications purchased Verizon landlines for $8.6 billion. In February of 2015, the company announced an agreement with Verizon to acquire their internet and FIOs service. The company also purchased AT&T’s  U-Verse, satellites, internet and landline phones in late 2014.

Frontier Communications sign on wall

Today, Frontier Communications employs more than 18,000 people and had annual revenue in 2016 of $8.9 billion. The company is publicly traded on the NASDQ exchange under the ticker symbol: FTR.

The company maintains headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. Frontier Communcations corporate office building


Frontier Communications FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Frontier Communications?
Answer 1: The phone number for Frontier Communications is (203) 614-5600.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Frontier Communications?
Answer 2: The CEO of Frontier Communications is Dan McCarthy.

Question 3: Who founded Frontier Communications?
Answer 3: Frontier Communications was founded by A consolidation of smaller utility companies in 1927.

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LaTrecia Hamilton February 22, 2019 at 3:46 pm

I just thought after all the years being with Verizon & when it changed to Frontier I was a valued customer; I have painfully & quickly found out recently that I am not. 5 different Frontier Associates have told me my service plan expired at end of January 2019 billing and I was charged extra $95.85 on my billing as my plan expired and went up. I called to see what I could do and not one associate tried to offer me anything close to my expired plan; I mean it was outrageously high and affordable for me. So that let me know I was not worth keeping as a valued customer and when I said I wanted to cancel my service on 2/19/19 I was then told I had to pay an early cancellation fee and that I couldn’t cancel until after billing ending February 14, 2019; but one other associate, Andrew told me I couldn’t cancel until February 2020; can anyone believe this strong hold illegal non-sense. Torey is the ugliest most unprofessional I have ever had dealings with paying for a service and its unacceptable. DO WE ALL JUST LET THIS COMPANY RAPE US LIKE THIS. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN GOOD, HONEST PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS; THEY JUST WANT TO STRONG HOLD, OVER CHARGE & HOLD YOU PRISONER; THEY JUST ARE ABOUT THE MOTHER LOAD OF DOLLARS THEY CAN TAKE US FOR NOTHING ELSE. I WILL GO WITHOUT A TV OR INTERNET BEFORE I EVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN. WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS.
I have also been waiting on the equipment box to send my equipment back to Frontier in Torey said I would get sent to me; even though I can’t cancel my expired plan or account; they want their equipment sent back. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS NON-SENSE I am posting everything on facebook about this sorry company


LaTrecia Hamilton February 22, 2019 at 3:49 pm

sorry I meant Frontier associates did not offer me any new plan that was affordable for me; it was all way to high priced and unaffordable.


Blanca Jordan February 6, 2019 at 11:53 am

Telemarketers the are the problem you should control these which are calling everyday and nobody put a stop to these people and the real disappointment with frontier that they don’t even care about the issue about what is going on this very annoying that a company like frontier should care about the customers.
please put a stop to this. people are very busy and the customer has to put up with this nonsense everyday 7 seven days a week.
or put a section on your website to block callers like Verizon had that on there website since you took over this a real problem.
Blanca Elizabeth Jordan


Elizabeth Carter January 14, 2019 at 11:06 am

To whom it may concern: Although my new account number does not reflect what I am about to say, my husband, Charles and I have had an internet account with Frontier since it changed from Verizon. Two or so years ago we felt forced to change to a small local company for our internet service because the connection through Frontier was so sporadic and no one seemed to be able to fix that even through we live immediately next to a Frontier building that houses internet equipment. Unfortunately, that local company failed and we were forced to return to Frontier. Thus our account shows as being only two years old.

Several times over the years we have left home for an extended period of time, and were thankful to be able to put our Frontier internet on hold as we have to pay for the connection from a different provider when traveling. I am now paying for Frontier for what will be three months of service which I am not able to use. This is not acceptable.

I have talked to at least four customer representatives about why we are being denied the option of vacation hold. One thought it was a technical malfunction due to an update which she would try to remedy manually, two others said it was because our area had had this option taken away from our plan. One today further elaborated that there had been an audit in the company and the whole state of Illinois had had vacation hold discontinued because the option wasn’t used enough. Is anyone in the business office of Frontier exactly sure why vacation hold, which would seem to be a simple enough option to implement, is no longer being offered to the whole state of Illinois, which by the way includes all of Cook County and Chicago, and the many large universities throughout the state? How many other states are now disallowed from the advertised option of vacation hold?

Except for the two year time span with a different company, we have been loyal customers with Frontier. I don’t think we have ever been late with a payment, although over a period of probably 20 years, that is a possibility, of course. We only left in the first place because Frontier couldn’t keep us connected to their service. However, telling us that we must pay for three months of service when we are not using it at all, is not acceptable. The only reason I will not be changing at this time is because in this day, internet connections are necessary for the business of life, much as I hate to admit that. We have no suitable options in our town at this time. I don’t want to complicate matters by having to deal with possible contract closing penalties, although Frontier itself has already denied the prices it gave us for a three year contract at two years into the contract that it agreed to.

I do not feel, however, any loyalty to Frontier, and can assure the company that when better options come along, which they will as the communication technology continues to improve, I will have no compunction about leaving that provider behind.

Elizabeth Carter


Virginia Schenker January 3, 2019 at 7:29 pm

we left Spectrum because of rising costs The nightmare begins 12/17/2018 on line salesperson quoted us PRICE OF 135.99 PLUS TAX abundel 12/26 t.v.and internet unable
to complete phone because error in order, would get phone in ten days(do no cancell services as you will loose you number1st email bill will be $187..30 second e-mail 12/27 bill will be $347.64. hours and hours on phone very nice rep. but no two people will have the same information. Call Tampa office and was told we had 30 days if we did not like service ,there not be a charge to leave( now it was denied ,that we were told that)two people heard it..1/1/2019 our old server reconnected us..1/3/2019 bill from Frontier by postal mail$347.64. more hours on phone 6days of partial service and we owe Frontier
$187.30.does not seem fair ….no telephone, incorrect bill 135 plus tax=187…I feel this is very unfair employees giving incorrect information what are we suppose to do?
Thank you, Virginia Schenker


shirley escudero October 3, 2018 at 6:09 pm

what’s going on with frontier ?….as your first comment stated they are not honoring discounts via Verizon and the my bill is like a roller-coaster ( up one month and down the next ) with late charges of $9.00 added on all bills. I believe the reps. are not well informed enough to answer customer questions, they quote one price and your next bill will be up $40-50 more. I retired from Verizon after almost 40 years ( New York Telephone, GTE Florida and Verizon) I pay my entire bill on time and have never been late. Is this some kind of “sham” to confuse customer’s with these up & down charges? I would like to stay with Frontier.

Thanks for your time.


CLAUDIO CREMA September 25, 2018 at 10:05 am

Sarasota, 25 September 2018

Ms. Melanie Williams – VP OPERATIONS
Florida South Region
Frontier Communications – Office of the President
P.O. Box 5156
Tampa, FL 33675


Dear Ms. Williams:
I’ve had a service contract with Frontier since it took over Verizon’s Services in Florida. My current contract is for 9/20/17 – 9/19/19.
Lately, Frontier has not honored the contract, nor the promises made by its representative in the Office of the President. Every month, and I mean every month, I have had to call Frontier customer services to make corrections on billing charges.
I was told by email that my charges would be about $ 165.00 – ($ 180 – credits and charges + taxes). My last bill dated 09/16/2018 is $ 245.04. What is going on? Is Frontier so desperate that it went on to over billing in order to avoid failure?
Before I went on vacation hold, in March 2018, the contract with Frontier for FiOS (Triple Play – TV/Internet/Phone for two years that should expire on 09/19/2019. After I came back from vacation in June 2018, Frontier changed its charges to my programming and the following billings have not being according to the contract. Every month I have had to call customer services and the Office of The President in order to request Frontier’s correction of the billing errors. However, the mistakes continues and now your representatives do not answer my calls nor reply to my emails.
I have emails from your representative, promising that the contract would be honored and the monthly charges would be equal to March 16 statement.
Frontier cancelled my $ 50.00 Loyalty Credit that should continue until December 19, 2018
Please see copy of the following email, as follows:

—–Original Message—–
From: Matthews, Kiera
To: Claudio Crema
Sent: Tue, Aug 28, 2018 12:15 pm
Subject: RE: Frontier Communications Acct # 941-366-5916
Good Morning Claudio,

Frontier Digital Voice $30.00
Frontier Secure $9.99
FiOS 100/100 $45.00
Multi room DVR $15.00
FiOS Preferred HD TV $68.99
Sports Pass $11.99
The above items are on your March statement and equal $180.97. So the billing will be what is below until December and then increase to what is reflected below as this is directly from the statement.

Frontier FiOS Digital Voice Term 9/20/17 – 9/19/19 30.00
Frontier Secure Personal Security Bundle 9.99
FiOS Internet 100/100 Term 9/20/17 – 9/19/19 45.00
Multi Room DVR 15.00
FiOS TV Preferred HD Term 9/20/17 – 9/19/19 68.99
Sports Pass 11.99

Loyalty Credit Term 12/20/17 – 12/19/17 50.00
VoIP Administrative Fee 2.99
Regional Sports Fee 6.00
FTR Secure BB $5 Credit -5.00

(*)Please note: the screen shot annexed to the email was not reproduced. The above information was copied from the original email.

Please review my account and let me know what corrective measures Frontier will take in order to honor its contract with me, Claudio Crema.


Claudio Crema
Sarasota FL 34239
Telephone #: 941-366-XXXX
Acct.: 941-366-5916-031513-5

c.c. Corporate Office c/o KENNETH W. ARNDT- Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer


Theresa Chamberlain July 23, 2018 at 10:11 am

Your telephone service is absolutely nothing more than useless. I have called and called about my phone service being repaired since June 29th and given a date to when it will be repaired. I’m told that I will get a call to when someone will be here and as always no call no show. Everyone on this road has called in complaining about their service in getting it repaired. This whole county of Graham N.C. is effected with worthless phone and internet service. Not everyone can get cellphone service so we have to rely on our land line. I am so sick of hearing I am sorry save the words for they mean nothing at all. Your company has your employees well trained in saying the words sorry with no results. I was issued another date of August 7th work ticket #007089216. Until then no one can hear me over the loud roar of a hum over the phone or me them. This all started when I called Frontier to have my name but on the bill with my husband’s name and the account was canceled. We received two billings one in his name for $45.00 and another billing in my name for $167.78 our June bill was $101.45 for phone and internet. They supposedly gave us another billing account number and pin number and was to send it to us well nothing have we seen of anything except for unbelievable billing amounts. Why is it that I have the feeling that this to will fall upon deaf ears as everything else that I have tried to do in getting our service repaired. I’m sure that all I’ll hear as usual sorry, instead how about helping people out with good phone service if it is somehow possible. How would you like having such a phone service as this is. I’m such you wouldn’t along with the rest of us. If I get a reply I’ll be surprised the way everything else is taken care of, SORRY.


Rebecca Capenter July 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm

This will now be the 6th time I have had to called about my bill. Every time I have called nothing is completed. I have gone round and round with all of the agents I have spoken too. I am not sure why I should have to explain this more than once, as a customer this should of been completed or escalated to the next level due to all I have dealt with and the time I have wasted. I will say this is the WORST CUSTORMER SERVICE EVER. I called to get my Loyalty credit back as it had expired, as it stated to push 3 when you call. So I called and talk to one of your reps and they told me they had added the loyalty credit back and had back dated me for 3 months. I was like wow okay thank you so much…… she said you will have credit for the next two month so you need to pay the $189.43 and then it will be a credit for the next two month and then your bill will be back to around $130. Perfect!!! So I get back from Vacation and my July bill is in, holy cow its for $501……UM WHAT???? So I called and talked to a rep who puts me through to a retention officer Alex, who looks over my account and finally after an hour, figures out my account had been cancelled and another was created. This was done in order to give me a loyalty credit back. So since it look like I had never paid a bill it charged me instead of back dated me for 3 months. So Alex said a credit of $452.23 with a new bill of $105.98 before tax with this month being only July $49.00. But the system was down and he couldn’t do it at that time. Then I called the Monday after the weekend and had to start all over and spoke to another lady who was named Rachel, she told me she promised to call me back by end of day. This way I wouldn’t have to tell this story again and would issue this credit over for approval. Never heard anything. The next morning and spoke with Rhonda in Irving, TX and they promise me a credit of $368.19 and I have only received a credit of $178, so where is the rest of my credit and how did they come up with that about when the others came up with $452.23. No one is consistent and I have never been so frustrated with a company, I am now late because I have now been calling for almost 3 weeks as you can see from my notes on my account. Please can someone make this right?????


Elize Van Zandt August 6, 2018 at 11:40 am

I could have written this letter! Just insert some different figures, but the rest is the same. It’s been 5 months since I started trying to get an erroneous charge refunded, and I’ve gone through upteen reps and written to the Office of the President. It’s now down to me owing $25 for a returned check which I refuse to pay. If anything, Frontier owes me money for all the months that the erroneous charge remained on the bill. The worst customer service ever!


Jill Morse September 11, 2018 at 4:44 pm

Our experience mirrors much of the above. The countless calls, broken promises from “retention” staff, no explanations for bills that are overcharging. We are on our last straws. I would look forward to a very public court appearance – our paper trail and recorded calls are extensive (and yes, with each call I say it’s being recorded). Well meaning people – and like some companies that string you out until your exhausted by being promised (Lucy and the football) simply has in their business model – never acknowledge a mistake, and keep billing. I have a few next steps, non pleasant, all for me expensive, however I’m not going away until I say good bye. Please Please contact me – and fix this. When Serena called the ref a thief, it would describe the business model for Frontier.


Ken Scruggs July 11, 2018 at 2:52 pm

I have been waiting on a installer that has missed 2 install dates. The call center is so unprofessional. No one could figure out my issue and every fix is to not address the issue and the people messing up daily. They want to reschedule you for a week later. I don’t have a week. I will spend the week finding different services because this is ridiculous. Corporate really needs to find a different way to handle their customers. I got so many bad reviews for frontier and now I feel I’m forced to put mine on here also. Sure nobody from frontier is addressing stuff.


Hatto Parra July 6, 2018 at 6:55 pm

Approximately a week ago, I called to get service (internet to be more specific) and after several minutes, I received the appointment. The appointment was scheduled for today July 6, 2018 between 1pm and 5pm. Long story short, I received an automated call from Frontier saying that my appointment was cancelled without prior warning. Someone waited to the last minute to cancelled and keep in mind that I took today off from work to attend the Technician. I found it to disgraceful and poor customer service. I am trying to get service from you and this is the way I receive it? This makes may question whether I should really change (from Spectrum) service provide. Another Military service member told me about the discount offered to service members, but I am very disappointment.

I called in and to my surprise, my account was not found and I did not get any answer as to why, my account was selected to be cancelled. After an hour of talking to the agent (which by the way was trying to help me), she could not get me the help/answer or at the very least another appointment within the next 48 hours. The best she was able to help me was to wait another week. Keep in mind that I have schedule to cancel Spectrum tomorrow, and now I am going to be without internet or cable or TV. Someone has placed me and my family on a very difficult situation because even if I want try Frontier, I have to wait almost a month (since my first call) to get service. I know Frontier is a rich corporation, but refusing to sell products goes beyond me and speaks volume of the leadership.


mike m June 10, 2018 at 11:58 am

I cancelled my Frontier service effective 2/27/18. In March I got a bill for 190 for march services. I called customer service & they said the bill was generated in error & that I should just disregard it.
The next month I got a past due bill for 190. I called customer service & they said they were sending it to a supervisor for removal of the charges & to call bac in 48 hours.

I called back in about a week & the charges were still there. They told me that I shouldn’t get billed for services that I didn’t buy & that were charged to me without my consent after the account was closed.

They told me to call back in a week. I waited two weeks & when I called back I was transferred to the collections department that in turn transferred me back to billing.

The Billing associate again said that the charges should be removed & when he tried to remove it the company computers let him remove about half.

He told me to call back in a week. I again waited about two weeks & when I called I was told the charges are “in dispute”.

I was told that I would be contacted when it is removed.

That was about 2 weeks ago & I since sent chat room conference material to the President of the region’s office. They sent me a return email that a customer service “specialist” was soon to be in contact with me.
It’s over a week since that & still no response.
I am not a dead beat. I have NEVER refused to pay a bill. My FICA score is over 800 but I’ll be damned if I will pay for something I didn’t buy & I don’t owe it just because they say I owe it.
I cancelled the service 2/27/18 according to their company records that their associate confirmed for me & the billing is for the time of 2/28/18 going through the month of march.

I don’t think they are consciously trying to rob me, but that is what the effect of their crummy service is facilitating.


Karl Wolfsohn July 20, 2018 at 8:26 pm

I have a similar situation. I cancelled my service in March and sent back equipment. I get a bill in May for unreturned equipment. I spoke to a customer service rep and told me info will be routed to a supervisor but it shows that equipment has been returned. Now 2 months later they have sent the amount to a collection agency and I have called multiple times since May with no resolution. I even spoke to a manager today Chris but they don’t seem to care. They give same response, I will forward this information and then nothing!


Marilyn A. Therrien June 4, 2018 at 11:25 am

June 4, 2018

Frontier Communication
3 High Ridge Road
Stamford, Connecticut 06995

RE: Account #813-985-3775-111517-5

I am writing to you to express my displeasure in the way your company handles senior citizens.
Your service department is one of the worse I have ever dealt with, not knowledgeable, don’t care if you are satisfied or not, and in some in cases just plan rude.

On June 1, 2018 I went to turn my computer on so I could pay my bills that are due on the first, I was not able to get on the internet, so I picked up the phone to call Frontier Communication and my phone was dead, I then try to turn on the TV and same thing no TV. I do have a cell phone so I called customer service at Frontier Communications, after waiting for some time I talked to a agent who informed me that the “battery on the side of my house was dead” . A service tech would have to come out to take care of the problem. After being put on hold for a long period of time she told me the first available time would be on the 4th of June. I explained to her that I am 77 years old, live alone and have health issues and need my services fix before the 4th, she told me there was nothing she could do and we were disconnected. I called back 2 more times and was told the same thing, so here it is the 4th and still no communication from Frontier and no service for my internet, no telephone and no TV.

How is it possible that I have to wait almost 4 days to get my services restored?

I am active in a number of senior citizens action groups and will be telling them about the poor service you can expect if you sign up for Frontier Commutations, also will be in contact with AARP telling them the same thing, so they can advise their members not to deal with Frontier Communication as they don’t care about senior citizens.

I will be changing my service to a more caring company.


Marilyn A. Therrien
Tampa, FL 33637
(813) 985-XXXXX


joan totty May 26, 2018 at 8:45 pm

you owe me 371.00 and i have not had your service feb 2018 you scammed me i had handy cap because i can not see well my dranddaughter use mt computer and i e mail in the largedt 25 virizon did not charge me for 411 calls but you killed me you were going to give me privious as verizon and yet i do nhave any thing to do with you your employ do not know what they are doing and i talked to all over america frontier enploys i am 85 and sorry i signed with you


joan totty May 26, 2018 at 8:35 pm

i want my money you scammed me i am 85 years i hope going to senior scam will help me


Heather Kellems May 14, 2018 at 2:26 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I am addressing this to any person that may be contemplating the service if Frontier Communications. They are complete idiots. I would like to personally ask Mr. Dan McCarthy if he actually has the service of Frontier in his own home, or shall l say mansion. This man makes millions of dollars per year yet he doesn’t have a clue how utterly disappointing his company and their services actually are. I moved to a new community. I received an offer on Frontier and decided to go with them. The service never did come through. After waiting and waiting and too many phone calls to mention, let’s just say hours of my time, unpaid, uncompensated were applied to simply attempting to get their service and to no avail this never happened. I finally gave up and contacted the local company, ETC, and went with them. Their crew came out immediately and disconnected the box and unprofessional non working lines from Frontier and had me up and running as promised. I was finally happy to have connection with the world. Then l started receiving bills from Frontier for $80.29! OMG! Seriously! I still am receiving these bills and being threatened with damaging my credit as well as being bullied to pay this astronomical amount of monies for no services rendered. Because there never was any service, EVER! So I am resorting to blowing up any and all Social Media as well as bombard the CEO as well as any and all that l can to enlighten and educate them to the unprofessional idiots that are employed by this company. I have never had any dealings with anyone nor any company with such ignorant and incompetent capabilities. Many hours have been lost due to repetitive phone calls, missed appointments, and loss of sleep and frustration. Stay away from this company! They lie and cheat and yes even try to steal. So beware!
Ms. Heather Kellems
Batesville, IN 47006


shawn fuller April 25, 2018 at 5:01 pm

for the past 8 months I have been dealing with Frontier services to provide me a final bill for 8 days of service.
My Original contact was the Frontier Sales Agent who quoted me that I would get the bundle service for $79.99 with the following: Dish TV (including a $200 Visa gift card, provided to me by the install tech the day of installation – Which is False, it comes in the mail and is only $100.) The agent said they would install cable as the unit previously had Verizon (main Verizon box is still in the house) and phone services would be set up. However, when the install tech arrived it ended up a total different direction. he was not able to provide me with Internet via cable – it was dial up. After installing the dial up which I was promised would work perfectly for my needs, the agent left and I was left without using the internet for the 8 days I was billed for services. the Next Day the install agent for DISH showed up and installed the TV services. after day 5 I called to get my services canceled and I waited 3 day so that I could get new, correct proper services installed. At this point I owed $384.89 and was told it would be reduced by $100. After 5 months of going back and forth I was told that the amount of $152.95 would be the amount due for the 8 days of service. I asked for a final assessment by the billing to be charged for only the one month of services $79.99 as it was stated and agreed upon by both sides I was given the wrong information. Frontier said that I would be given the opportunity to request have the final amount reviewed again for less deduction due to frontier and . On April 25th I was notified that Frontier has submitted by account to a “Collections Company” which I confirmed through Credit Karma which show’s my credit score being decreased by -35 points.

I have today been hung up on 3 times. 1 x each by customer services and the 2 conversations I had with the Frontier Collections group was 100% professional and respectable. I am completely dumbfounded as to the lack of professionalism, ability to remedy a negative solution as it is with Frontier. They have no true customer support system or follow up. I am currently on my 5th phone call today and my 26th phone call to Frontier regarding falsified information, incorrect actions taken against myself and wrongful use of communication power to the Credit Bureau.

all I am asking for is the correct amount due to frontier to be told to me and I will pay this amount. And, have a letter stating the amount for Collections was issued incorrectly. so that I can have that amount removed from my Credit Report. Having my credit score reduced by 35 points is huge when you are looking to buy a house in the next 2-3 months.


Sue April 7, 2018 at 9:20 pm

First I will say the people you speak with are very nice and polite. That being said …. this is not a results oriented company. First we were quoted a great introductory offer, decided to order the bundle package, they ran our credit, all was good … order was a go and then it vanished. Called to check on status and they would no longer honor that price despite the fact that by running our credit and placing the order they had a contract with us. We re-negotiated a different price but I vowed to get the one originally promised. Sent a letter to corporate (it came back saying they’d moved and no forwarding address) Did the FIOS install yesterday. Techs were great but of course there was an issue, seems the order was written wrong so the preliminary work of hooking the lines to the pole was not done. Poor tech was here for hours. He leaves, phone has a dial tone but we can’t receive calls. A day later and 12 calls to c/s tech support, still can’t receive calls. Everyone promises to work on it but it isn’t happening. Said it will be done within 24 hours. It’s been more than that. They know what the issue is, just can’t fix it. Then hook me up to the original phone line I had til you can fix it. (oh, we can’t do that) … I guess they presume everyone has a cell phone these days but …. you can’t count on that. I blew my whole weekend waiting for this to be fixed. Really annoyed with them and their lack of being able to resolve this.


jim March 31, 2018 at 1:53 pm

I called frontier to report a problem with my wireless control box and grave the model number and serial number. the young lady I was talking with told me that she will have a replacement sent within 2 days. The replacement arrived and I found that it was the wrong item. I again called and spoke to a gent and explained the reason for the call and was sorry for the error and he would have the correct control it did arrive and AGAIN the WRONG item . Again I called and spoke to the 3rd person I asked him to view the back of the control that I have that has a problem and the back of the wrong control and if he could see the difference he was able to see the difference and he told me that he would ship the correct control. I am now with fingers crossed hoping to get the correct control.. If person # 1 and 2 worked for me each would be looking for new jobs as I have NO tolerance for an employee that puts my Company in a bad light.


anna March 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm

I have had nothing but trouble with Frontier from the moment we were switched over. Verizon was far superior in customer service and rates

My bills need to be adjusted every single month. Without my knowledge the pricing is constantly changing..

What a mess !! Switching to a diff company next month. This is beyond frustrating.


Michael Dunagan January 18, 2018 at 3:23 pm

I signed up with Frontier Communications on November 16,2017 for cable internet and phone and promised promotional pricing of $79.99 for 2 years. I have nothing but problems with your billing and customer service. I had to call every week and get the price adjustments. Last week I spoke to Monique in billing she said that she had made the changes and My bill would be $85.99/month without HBO and Frontier security. She gave me an order # 043994774 to reference., which i never wanted. I called today and spoke to a Otis in Billing and he said he cannot see the change in system says its pending. I need someone to FIX THIS MESS ASAP..


Paul Fraser January 6, 2018 at 2:46 pm

I sent a letter to corporate last month as well as contacted the office of the President. Have not heard from either yet. I would like to re-establish my service after my move, but I need Frontier to figure out what they are doing internally before this can actually happen. They attempted to install 3 different time and gave me 3 different reasons why it could not happen. I had to cancel the order and go with Satellite Internet to keep from losing my job because of Frontier, since I work from home. I am still wanting a landline internet, if Frontier can figure out what they are doing.


Mercedes Watkins December 7, 2017 at 12:05 pm

As I was shopping in a retail store, I was approached by two Frontier Communications salesmen. One of the salesmen asked me what cable provider I used. I replied Spectrum. He stated that he would like to send me more information about Frontier. He asked me to provide him with my name, email, phone number and mailing address. I did so, and waited for the information to arrive. Days later, I received two text messages asking me to confirm an installation date for Frontier internet services. The message sent on 12/1/2017 at 11;22 a.m. from the phone number (469) 247-8570 stated the following: “Hello. You were approved by our Account Manager (Ian) to be installed with FiOS by Frontier! His Technician will arrive on 12/23/17 at 2-6:00PM with 300/300 Internet for $100 due 35 days after installation. Thank You :)”. I replied to this message: “No thanks.”. The next text arrived from the same number on 12/5/17 at 12:24 a.m. It read: “Hello, in order to complete the installation process we need an I.D of verification. This can either be a Drivers License or Social Security #. This is company policy and we apologize for the hold on your order. Thank you”. I replied to this text message also: “We have not ordered your services. Thanks.” I did not receive a reply to these text messages. Then, on 12/6/2017, I received two emails from Frontier Communications regarding order #069727236-FT, asking me to confirm an installation date. When I received the first email, I chatted with a Frontier representative online that apologized for the error and said that the issue would be resolved by cancellation of the fraudulent order. However, I received another email from Frontier hours later, saying that my order was placed on hold for missing information – not cancelled. I called Frontier on 12/7/17 and told the representative that I needed to ensure that this order was cancelled. When the representative (named Ines) asked for my date of birth, I refused to provide it (as I had never provided it before, and I did not want Frontier using my information to complete their order details). I asked for a supervisor. She transferred me to someone named Sean. I tried to explain to him what happened, but couldn’t do so without him interrupting me to tell me that “[I] asked for a supervisor. Obviously, [I] have a problem.” To which, I replied that I needed the order cancelled immediately, because I never placed an order. He abruptly stated “It’s cancelled. Bye.” I have saved every text message chain, chat conversation and phone record related to these incidents, and I definitely will pursue the protection of my personal information from the identity thieves at Frontier. This company should be shut down immediately! I cannot believe that any credible business would create fictitious orders and then penalize the victims of identity theft by hassling them about cancelling orders that the victim never created.


Kelly Bailey October 28, 2017 at 11:11 pm

i have been a customer since 2009 when Frontier bought out Verizon in WV. I have never had any problems until we had to move.We contacted Frontier and set up October 10 2017 as the date we would transfer our services to our new home and cut them off at the old home which is only about 15 miles down the interstate,We were told the technician would be there between 8am and noon. No Show. Back on the phone and talked to three different people and was told they would definitely be there on the 17th between 8am and 5pm.No Show . Back on phone and went through three more people and was told that they would come that evening by 8pm. No show. Back on phone again went thru through two or three more people and was told that they would be there before noon on the 18th. No Show.Got on the phone again and verified old address new address ,new phone number they told us we would have,old phone number ,and they told us they would definitely be there on the 19th. between 8am and 5pm .No Show. The reasons for all of these no shows were : they had the wrong address,the tech had the wrong contact number,it was not scheduled to service,we cannot get computer service in our area, they would have to put in new lines?,and so forth and so on. The last guy I talked to explained that they could hook up the phone but we would have to have a second day for them to hook up the computer because it was in a area where they would have to upgrade or that they did not have service.In the beginning we were told just to bring the modem from the old house and it would not be a problem. This last guy said that he could arrange for the land line to be hooked up on the 28th and then they would have to determine whether or not we could get the internet. After rearranging our schedules for 5 to 6 days for them not to show up again and to spend more hours being on hold and passed from one representative to another, we decided to terminate our services with Frontier.The representative that cancelled us said we would not be charged after the 10th of October(yet to see on that one) when we were supposed to have the service shut off at the old place and transferred to the new place. After being customers for 8 years you would think you would get better treatment.. just wanted to let someone know that you are running off good customers. I sincerely hope you get your customer service people and service techs to communicate both with each other and to call back on that contact number they ask for each time you talk to them.After all you are a “communications” company.


Mike Osburn August 30, 2017 at 1:10 pm

On 8-30-2017 while driving north on Tippacanoe in San Bernardino CA, one of your trucks cut me off, he did not look nor did he use his directional until he had cut me off. Truck # 211340003 CA license # 4675N1 time: 8:50AM and was traveling at a speed exciding the posted limit. I suggest that he be suspended with out pay for a few days.


Amy Williams August 10, 2017 at 5:07 pm

Just called Frontier to disconnect my service and was told that I can’t disconnect on August 31st without being billed for the month of September because my billing cycle closes on the 28th. What is the deal? Was told it’s a new policy. I’m in shock! I’m writing the California Public Utilities Commission.


michael kirkpatrick August 8, 2017 at 11:14 am



Courtney Phillips June 6, 2017 at 2:54 pm

I was a long term customer with Frontier when I lived in Davis, WV. I have recently moved to Delray, WV. In this time, I set up for Frontier to install internet at my home address and to establish a bundle package with Dish. Dish was wonderful. They came on time and set up the tv system. However, Frontier was a no show. I took off work to be there for Frontier and didn’t even receive a call letting me know they were going to cancel the appointment because we allegedly were not in the covered area. After several weeks, we still were not able to come to an agreement for services. I have contacted a few people in the area and I am told that Frontier is the inXXXXbent for Delray, WV and receive funding to provide services in remote areas.

I would like to give you this opportunity to further research providing me with services before I contact the Better Business Bureau and file an official complaint.

Thank You,

Courtney Phillips


CHARLES A SMITH May 26, 2017 at 3:03 pm



Donald J Mills May 14, 2017 at 9:48 am

I’ve never dealt with an internet provider that cared so little about it’s customer base. I have to say that all the tech’s that I have dealt with are great and they understand the frustration we have as customers with appointments being cancelled without notification and over loaded equipment that can’t provide reliable internet speed . I have been told by employees the company absolutely will not upgrade the equipment to improve the service we pay for. I finally got tired of satellite bills that constantly go up and charge for 250 channels while I only watch 6 or 8 so I cut the cable. When I bought a streaming device I was pleased that I could watch everything that I watched before at a fraction of the cost. At 5 megabytes provided by Frontier that is never a consistent 5 the viewing was constantly interrupted so I was over joyed when I was told I could upgrade to 12. This should be sufficient for the basic viewing that I do. But again it’s never consistent and they keep bonding lines to increase your speed to a system that is already over loaded. I can go to my settings and internet connections on my streaming device and watch it tell me the connection quality and see it go from poor, to fair to good and back and forth all day.I paid for the increase to 12 megs and still have the constant buffering , loss of audio and total loss of connection daily. It’s just another company that doesn’t care about it’s customer base only the bottom line. I’d pay more for good service but I’m getting nothing for the increase in speed that I am paying for currently. I’d rate this company at the very bottom of the list for customer service , quality in product and caring about the customers that provide them with a pay check. If another provider is available take it and run away from Frontier.


juan hernandez March 17, 2017 at 12:29 pm

I have been very stress out with this company Frontier Communications . Many mislead , many lies , she said he said
everyone say different stuff, A person from the office of the president Beatrice not helping at all

I was offered one package and then a order ticket was in place I called to see the status and I was told that I don’t have any ticket that the ticket was cancelled . I’m an adult not a kid .
Can you take care of this issue because is really bad that your company play with people specially i’m one of your customer


Al Smith December 22, 2016 at 9:56 pm

I manage my parents finances. After looking through their bills….I noticed a lot of services on their account that I cancelled in September…Like Premium Tech support….140 GB of cloud storage, Security Bundle packages, 4 receivers for 3 TV’s….all with HD DVR’s…they don’t have 4 TV’s and the 3 they have were not HD until a month ago when I bought them one. I stopped services in Sept 2016…. seems they also shut off paper billing which my mother uses to pay the bills so she was thinking no bill due to past over payments…until she gets a collection notice for past due. I go into the account and find they are still charging for services I asked to have cancelled in Sept…now I’m being told that is when I started the services…which is odd for me to call in to start a service they Frontier has been billing back to as far as I can tell….at least a year now. I have called Billing only to be hung up on several times….. the Service Manager Sonny states he can only go back 3 months to resolve…which was suppose to happen in September…. worthless support and looks like a company taking advantage of seniors who are scammed into services. I want this resolved…. I thought Comcast was bad….but now I miss them. Worst customer service and support….


jackie moore September 2, 2016 at 3:42 pm

When Frontier took over from Verizon I was one of the lucky people who lost service for almost a month. They gave me $25.oo for that. I pushed the issue nd got another$100.00. However my total bill was over $200.00 monthly. I asked for that and denied. The I kept all the papers and names of Frontier people i talked to. I was lied to so many times. i was told they would be at my house on 2 occasions and they did not show, even when I called after 5 they told me they work late and would be here. So many lies.Once fixed it lasted less than a week and it started all over. During all this time my husband lost hours at work because they could not call him. I have spent 2 hours today trying to reach the main office. It is impossible, no human answers and all the numbers do nothing, so it is not time to go the Fed. and have the guidelines followed. So I think I will get enough people to complain that the feds will take a close look at this situation. In the meantime I plan on taking Frontier to small claims court. Remember I have so many names and employee numbers I delt with. My time is very important, not to mention I have handicap situations. Who is Frontier???? to treat people like this and costs ????? See you in court


Gerald Aveson June 3, 2016 at 7:57 am

I was a national account manager for a multi-national company with the account responsibility for several Fortune 500 companies, both industrial and retail.
When I talked to one of my accounts I “owned the issue.” I did not keep them on hold for 30 minutes, nor did I ask them to contact another person in my company.
Kindly have the “ONE PERSON” that can take ownership of my account and have him or her contact me. cell phone 904-710-XXXXX work order # 041213491MS new phone # 828-479-XXXXX (not yet in service) Was supposed to be activated on 5/27 along with a service tech to fix a , loose connection in your terminal box. No show on 5/27, no phone call to reschedule, and still no telco service.
Gerald Aveson

PS: There is not enough space, nor do I want to repeat all the times I was on the phone with your “untrained” customer service reps.


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