DirecTV Corporate Office

DirecTV Corporate Office Address

2230 E Imperial Hwy
El Segundo, CA 90245

Contact DirecTV

Phone Number: (310) 535-5000
Fax Number: (310) 535-5225
Email: Email DirecTV


CEO: Michael D. White
CFO: Patrick T. Doyle
COO: Larry D. Hunter

DirecTV History

DirecTV is a satellite television provider founded in 1994.

In 1998, DirecTV acquired United States Satellite Broadcasting (USSB).  The following year, Primestar was acquired.

In 2004, DirecTV stopped servicing the Mexican market and in 2007, stopped servicing Brazil.

In 2006, DirecTV sold off the last of its non-core business entities and began to focus solely on satellite TV service.

In 2007, 100 HD channels were added.

In 2010, Sirius XM channels were replaced with Sonic Tap.

DirecTV has had numerous channel disputes in recent years including dropping Versus (now NBC Sports) in 2009, G4 in 2010 and a Viacom dispute in 2012 which was successfully resolved.

DirecTV currently services nearly 20 million users worldwide.  The DirecTV corporate office is located in El Segundo, California.

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Debbie Anderson August 15, 2015 at 7:18 am

Be wary of Direct tv…i ordered two receivers back in June, and the installer only had one so another date (a month later) was set to install the second receiver I had ordered in June. Now I get a bill for $107.00 (and the bill is supposed to be $33.00) and it appears they are charging me for the free movie channels that I was supposed to receive for three months. I have already written the corporate offices and sure hope I don’t have to get the federal government involved in this but I will if they make me do so by not removing the bogus charges


Stephanie Trammell August 10, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Hello my name is Stephanie Trammell, up until this afternoon I was a potential customer of direct tv! But, never again! We were scheduled to have our cable installed yesterday, Sunday August 9, 2015 from 12pm-4pm! and NO ONE ever showed up! We had to finally end up calling direct tv at 4 pm to see where our technician was, then while we were on the phone with y’all, the dispatch person named, Ebony Whittard, phone number, 972-581-8852, called at 430 to tell us the technician would not be coming! She was very hateful and hung up on me when I was trying to ask why! Then when we tried numerous times to call back and get an answer she NEVER answered the phone! All the while we are on the other phone with direct tv still trying to get the issue resolved. We were transferred numerous times all over the world, placed on hold for up to 30 minutes at a time, promised and guaranteed on 6 different occasions during this 3 hour phone call that someone would be out today, to find out that that as well was a LIE! We were then transferred to a “SUPERVISOR” named Maryland, who was also very rude and hateful and didn’t want to help us and hung up on me also. So we called back again still trying to get this issue resolved and was on the phone for another hour, was told that our file and account had been escalated to the highest it could go and someone would call us back in 30 min to 1 hour, and that someone would be out yesterday to install it again, 1.5 hours went by and no phone call, no technician! So we called AGAIN to still try and get this issued resolved and were told that y’all would escalate it again and someone would call us today, Monday August 10, 2015 between 8 am and 12 pm, still NO ONE has called! We were told numerous times that this isn’t how y’all conduct business but apparently it is! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, my lawyer and the county! My husband missed work yesterday waiting on y’all and no one showed! I want something from all of our time! ITS BEEN 30 HOURS AND STILL NO CABLE, NO PHONE CALLS, NO RESOLUTION!! I WANT something, I think y’all should reimburse my husband from missing work and pay us for pain and suffering from having to deal with all of this and still nothing has been taken care of! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I WANT SOMEONE TO MAKE THIS RIGHT!


Larry Willet August 9, 2015 at 2:28 pm


Over the past three weeks I have wasted an extreme amount of time on hold and battling with your customer service reps. I was told today my case was elevated to your office and the credits I had been promised, had been denied. Two of your reps on two separate occasions told me my account would be credited and everything was taken care of. When in fact, nothing had been done. The first rep I spoke to told me my move and Sunday ticket would be credited to me. She acted as if there wasn’t any problem doing this and was happy to help. About a week later I received a bill in the mail for 525 dollars. When calling to inquire about this issue. I was told that my credits were denied, because I already had too many credits applied to my account. With that being said the rep continued to work on the case and assured me the issue had been resolved through her supervisor. When calling back last night for an unrelated issue. I was told that the credits weren’t applied and that the rep couldn’t do anything to help. Not only was that rep very unhelpful, he put me on hold without any prior communication for over an hour. He never came back on the phone to notify me or update me on anything. I’m constantly told by your representatives how valued I am as a 10 yr consumer of Direct Tv. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been lied to by multiple people in your company and have been charged for services I didn’t agree upon. I never would have agreed to 525 dollars worth of services, had I know they were going to be charged to my credit card. I was told as a child to “not write a check with my mouth that my butt couldn’t cash”. Maybe you all should change your hold message to that, instead of how valued we are as customers. That clearly isn’t the case. I only want what was promised to me from your representatives. If you don’t want them doing those things, then you shouldn’t give them the authority. Another good idea would be to let people know their credits were taken from them, instead of letting them find out by getting a 500 dollar bill. I’m sure I’m going to get a very general corporate response from “The President’s Office” because he’s to busy counting all the extra money he and his other executive buddies milk out of the everyday man to respond. Thanks for showing me and making me feel so valued. Verizon will be getting another customer when my contract is up.



Lori Snelling August 5, 2015 at 2:43 pm

We had Direct TV for 2 years when we cancelled we had a credit balance of $77. Direct TV has used every stupid game they can think of to keep from refunding our money. They sent us half of what they owe us with some bogus story about HBO, which we never had. We just had a very basic plan. I have talked to 27 representatives so far this morning with a crazy run around. I am furious and have decided we will just have to go to small claims court as a matter of principle. Seriously? I suppose $34 isn’t much money to us, but if they steal $34 from everybody who disconnects they will steal a ton of money. I am outraged by how we’ve been treated, and the fact that Direct TV thinks they can get away with stealing money from their customers. Do NOT go with Direct TV, go with any other company, they will steal your money and transfer your call around until you “accidently” get disconnected.


Dean B. August 5, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Direct TV customer service is the worst. But they can lie with the best of them. If you have options unlike myself in your area use them. I am stupid enough to actually believe them. I disconnected Direct TV on 7 July and returned after Prism (more garbage) lied about their lineup on the 21st of July 2015. I called Direct TV on 30th to make sure I was not going to receive any crazy unexpected bill. Told my bill to be $9 range. I never received a box to return receiver and Technician hooked up box I had. They withdrew and charged me for the receiver! I was hit with a.major auto repair that left me tight in money this month and due to their incompetence I now don’t have money for my heart medication. Hopefully I will be alive because they can take your money fast put a hold for 10 days been they cannot place money back into my account. I guess the interest from the thousands of customers adds up and profits from accured interest over the 10 days is more important than human life. They said “I’m sorry for unconvince.” My life is at risk so I’m sorry does not cut mustard. Thanks allot Direct TV.


Misty August 4, 2015 at 10:18 pm

My name is Misty. My dad was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with pancreatic cancer, and my mother is disabled. He is not going to be able to work anymore so my parents are coming to live at our place. I raved about Direct TV and they made the switch in October 2014. My mom called and explained the situation to the Direct TV representative to have her state she had no authority to wave the $200.00 + early termination fee. I got on the phone and asked to speak with a supervisor, after waiting 30 to 45 minutes someone finally picked up the phone. Raven tried to sound sympathetic and offered a 6-12 mth hold on the service I explained they would be living with me that I already had Direct TV, and I didn’t see how this would resolve anything; as he would most likely never be able to work again if he were to survive this illness. Pancreatic cancer has a low mortality rate of about 3% I believe is what we were told. I offered to provide documentation of his illness, but this multi-million dollar company apparently has no compassion, or the ability to wave fees; even when it comes to DEATH! Raven then got on the phone with my mother who is 65 years old and threatened to take what little money they had in their bank account out. My mother told her to forget it and ended the call. It is a sad world we live in when you think about it. I know they are not the first to have this happen, and I’m sure won’t be the last. P.S Raven was also informed that my mother was disabled, and still the only response Raven had was that my mother agreed to a contract.


Ralph West July 28, 2015 at 4:43 pm

My wife and I recently became customers of Direct TV. The agent we spoke with started out as being genial but as we began to ask more questions about the product he lost his patience. Initially he touted Direct TV’s customer service record but he left us with an awful taste in our mouths. As we attempted to become informed consumers he said that we “could just go back to Comcast”. As professionals, we were aghast! We then asked for his supervisor at which point he stated to someone that “She’s just pissed off”. His line was still open. Thankfully, his Supervisor Caitlyn saved the day as a true professional who spoke to us with the respect that ALL customers are due. It is unfortunate that you have not trained that young agent better. Doesn’t he know that the customers are the owners of your company. Hoping for a better relationship going forward.


Raymond Colston July 20, 2015 at 11:41 pm

My name is Raymond Colston and I have been a direct tv customer since august 2011. I have be completely satisified with my service for the past three years however this past year things have been kind of hectic with my service. It started in february when my service continued to freeze up on a regular basis it had gotten so bad that I had to cancel my superbowl party due to the bad service. In march my account was credited for the month however as time and months progressed my service continued to be interrupted with myself or my brother fixing the problem based on memory alone from what we were told from the prior months of asking for help. In between that time and now there were three service calls done on my satillite service two of which nothing was done to help my service according to one of your servicemen. I was told that the wiring was bad and neither of the two previous men had fixed the probelem from the service call. I have had two case managers since then with two more service calls done. Now with all of this going on my service is being turned off. Honelstly I do not feel inclined to pay for my service when the people who are paid to make sure that I am getting quality service failed at their jobs with poor service calls. I feel that it is unfair to make a person pay for minimal service when I have been a customer for the past three years and counting. I really feel that this is unfair and would like to speak to someone who can help me out with this problem be it either financially and with my service or both. If something better than the ten dollar discount per month they offered me is not done I will terminate my service with direct tv as well as write a social media artilce and send it on facebook and twitter stating how poorly I have been treated with my situation. Not only that I will report this to people who are interested in purchasing direct tv so they will know how badly I have been treated despite being a customer for nearly four years. Thank you


Penny D. July 23, 2015 at 12:44 am

DirectV customer service is so bad and anyone you talk to with directv does not care about their customer service NOR do they care about keeping us as customers. Just spoke with someone on my bill, nothing done. Still stuck with cancellation fee. The lady i talked to had the nerve to say “Then don’t sign a contract if you don’t intend to keep it”. Yup lost me as a customer, and all of my friends and family as well. good luck. Hope something gets resolved.


Penny D. July 20, 2015 at 10:15 pm

I have contacted Directv on 4 occasions trying to get it installed on a professional look on my BRAND NEW 2015 built home. I do not want my house punctured in any way, and the answer i received was put it in between TWO cinder-blocks. I have seen tripods and asked how do i get one of those and i was told again not available. The only way it would be installed was attached to my new house (told 4 times). I was also told twice MY cancellation fee was $150.00 I get my bill and it is 360.00. That is not what i was told TWICE!!!! I have dates and names and they STILL do not stand by their customer service employees. I want my bill disputed NOW…….


Bill July 13, 2015 at 4:23 pm

To me Direct TV is the worst. I am paying $66.64 a month. I have no high def box. And I signed a contract for 2 years. I have the same package I had when I signed up. I just received a bill for the $66.64, When I had Direct tv installed I was told I would be paying $37.00 month for the 2 year contract. I am surposed to be getting 158 channels. 2 weeks ago the most channels I could get was 25 channels. This week all I can get is 23 channels. I called and asked why. I was told they rebooted it. Still getting 23 channels. Asked for a credit. Ready for this.. “no” So I am calling a lawyer..


david sohl June 24, 2015 at 7:13 pm

i let someone use my card for the 19.95 processing and handling fee. i was assured my card would not be kept on file. I was charged 180.18 because the persons acct went into default. Directv has refused to refund my card. i have spoken with numerous people who refuse to put me in touch with someone who can actually help.

I was assured at the time of sale that my card information would not be saved. that it was only needed for the processing and handling fee. why has my card been charged. i have called multiple directv agents and numbers and have been treated rudely.

Directv refuses to pull a copy of the call and it’s because they know they are wrong.

I am calling the fcc if i do not get my money back. i also have a list of names and id’ #’s of people who couldn’t/wouldn’t help me.


Robert Kirkman June 12, 2015 at 1:33 am

I am a DirectTV Customer bundled with Century Link phone and internet. Approx. 5 months ago my HDR Receiver went on the blink. I called DirectTV Tech Support, and after some testing they sent a new receiver. I was instructed to send old receiver and card to them in a box they would send. Box never received. After many phone calls, and no box I was billed through Century Link $135 for HDR. Many more phone calls to Direct and CenturyLink later I was told just to return card. This I mailed myself to address provided. Still received bill for HDR from Century Link. Numerous calls, recordings, Customer Service Reps later, I was told problem solved. Received another bill for HDR. Started getting message on TV that service would be cutoff. More calls, recordings, service reps. I was told card received and credit issued, and service would not be disrupted. Tonight my service was cutoff. I called Direct. They said “CenturyLink Responsible, and nothing they can do”. Called CenturyLink, not open until tomorrow.


jerry May 19, 2015 at 7:49 am

You denied my roof damage claim of 180.00 ,in response to that I will have my lawyer that I have on retainer file a small claims lawsuit against DirecTV asking for damages, lawyer fees, court costs, also I have 25 tenants and I hang with other landlords, I will put into my leases and inform all my current tenants a 30 day written notice that DirecTV is not allowed on any of my properties at all period, also I hang with other landlords with over 100 tenants and I will asked them also to put into their leases DirecTV not to be on any of their properties also, for the small amount of damage costs of 180.00 I asked for it will cost you doing any business on my properties as long as I own them. Now look at the future loss of DirecTV revenue from my properties. Of course direct is so big a company they don’t care anyway. That is one of the reasons I quit DirecTV and have Netflix, I will promote Netflix on my leases. Jerry Hardwick


Olga shotts May 14, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I am not happy with direct TV because we’re under 2 year contract we’re not in titled to the same offers as new customers very unhappy with current service we don’t even have high definition and paying 81.00 dallors a month before taxes and fees we should be in titled to same discounts and upgrades as new customers very unhappy customer


mar May 6, 2015 at 12:56 pm

After 3 phone calls and an hour on the phone with juan carlos they didnt help at all…they made a billing mistake and want to charge me more this month…no way


Zhukry Gonzalez April 30, 2015 at 12:54 pm

I been with Direct tv for 5 months already and I haven’t receive my 10$ off because my friend give me her account # for reference deal. Also when I sign up for new service I had told that I was going to get my 10$ off in 60 to 90 days and it didn’t happen:( I called this morning 4/30/2015 at 7 :00 am I spoke to April ID#100556026 and she wasn’t able to help me so, she called her supervisor and she left me waiting for 30 minutes and she never got back to me. So, I called back and I talked to someone else and I she told me that I cant get my 10$ off because is over 90 days! What!!!!!! I had told before that I was supposed to get that , even in the commercial on TV saids that new customer will get that 10$ off refer . FALSE ADVERTISING !! My account # 10219329


T. Brown April 29, 2015 at 11:09 am

I started with Direct TV in April of 2014. I spoke with the Retention Manager Melessia #100214712. At no time was there mention to me that I have a contract for 24 months and it was an early cancellation fee. I received a bill that was 30+ dollars today, I called Direct TV to find a reason why? I was advised the 12 month promotional ended. I explain I have paid my bill on time for the last 12 months with no complaints. All I want is to pay my bill with a consistent plan without change. The representative stated she could get my curent bill from 129.00 to 97.48 per month however in 6 months it would increase 5$, then 6 more months it would increase 5$. The plan I started April 2014, my normal bill was 90.53. My frustration is that — Direct TV was unable to satisfy my need as a customer, I then called comcast and switched. I call back to Direct TV to cancel to be made aware for the first time I will owe 220$ for cancelling early. I told the manager Melessia I was never made aware of that fee, or did I receive anything about it. She stated it was deliver to my email in April 2014. I don’t know if the email security blocked it as spam and it wasn’t delivered or not. But I did not receive anything. I also ask does Direct TV have a read receipt or electronic signature that I signed for this supposedly agreement of this early cancellation? The manager refused to send me anything. I promise I did not receive anything! I’m not that type of person! Shortly after signing up with Direct TV I created a new online account to view my bills and that’s it. I never received or AGREE to a 24 month contract with an early cancellation fee. I feel that it’s unfair and wrong. Melessia #100214712 was rude and very unempathic for my inconvenience as a loyal customer that paid on time. I felt when speaking with her as she kept speaking over me, that my decision or concern didn’t matter. I should not have to pay 220 that I don’t have! Please call me or fix the problem.


Bonnie Lynam April 28, 2015 at 2:25 am

yesterday 4/26/15 a direct tv tech came to hookup tv. While in my attic he broke a water pipe which resulted in flooding of my laundry room the insulation in attic. Water soaking thru ceiling in one bedroom and closet wall and soaked carpet and padding. Also wet carpet and pad in master bedroom. The tech wrote a report saying he was at fault and that his supervidor would call in am. Never heard back from anyone today so at 2pm I call and made a damage claim. I was told to send email to direct tv and I would get a response within 6 business days. I replied that is not acceptable. This is urgent. Water damage will cause mold/mildew in my newly renovated home. I am very upset because they are totally ignoring me. What do I do??? If not repaired will file a mold/mildew suit.


Alexandra Veeren April 20, 2015 at 5:10 pm

I signed up in Dec after my husband passed in Nov when I signed up I elained my situation that I was a new widow and would be moving within 6 months I was told that I would get 1 free move within my 12 month contract. After getting my first bill I was shocked to see that I was I a 2 year contract. I contacted a CSR and was told sorry nothing we can do. Whatever.. Fine I will do the 2 year time. Today I call because I am moving and I am told that I have to pay $199. Plus $19.99 to move and when I signed up in Dec there was a free move promotion but only if I moved in Dec.. WTH really ? Why would I sign up with directv if I knew I woils have to pay? I have been lied to over and over again…
I want to either move for free or I want to cancel for free.


josh July 9, 2015 at 3:37 am

That’s a catch 22 u do get the free move but they up grade to a two year contract u have to demand to talk to a manager or try to get in touch with Michael white CEO


patricia April 17, 2015 at 10:31 am

i work with a client that is disabled and moved in recently with who he thought was a friend, had ordered the system because his mother had it and was a long time customer and he wanted to have it in his new place. 4 days into moving in with this (friend) and another roommate, he found out they were using drugs. as soon as he found this out, he moved out. now directv is saying he owes them over 400 dollars! i used to work for directv years ago and our policy was customer service. i can see it if someone gets the system just to watch some football or event and then tries to cancel the service BUT this was NOT the case here. this person had to leave because his safety and freedom were at risk here. the guy also kept all his rent money when he was there for 1 week. we have tried several times to get this resolved and they give us the run around and the “fill out the form” bs. what on earth happened to real people with any iota of compassion and sense of right and wrong in this world? why even hire real people at these places if all you really want is a robot? i’m so disgusted with directv and not only did they lose two customers, they have created more haters and those people will tell others and on and on. i know they get new customers every day but at some point they are going to have so many angry ex customers that people will stop calling for service. i’m ashamed now that i ever worked there. when i was there, we did not treat customers like this.


Veron April 15, 2015 at 8:48 am

Account No. 52435568
Good morning,
Please go ahead and disconnect my services with Direct TV. I’m just exhausted with Direct TV and feel terrified to even open my monthly bill at this point because there is always a ridiculous surprised increase. I’m to the point where I feel bullied by Direct TV because like everyone in America, I live on a budget and don’t get monthly raises to accommodate these increases. Where do you guys expect the money to pay your monthly increases to come from? It can’t be this stressful to just have a fixed monthly cable TV service agreement. People have other things to do like work to pay the bills as opposed making monthly calls to negotiate a TV entertainment contract that they probably won’t even utilize because they are at work trying to make the money to pay the increase or because all of the channels just repeat the same shows when they do have an opportunity to turn the TV on. Your billing process is exhausting, stressful, ridiculous and unreasonable. How could I have paid the balance due less that 30 days ago (03/11/15) of 51.15 for services and my balance due today on 4/15/15 be 192.30? This is just absurd. You guys leave me no other option than to do without your services.


Danny April 9, 2015 at 2:12 pm

They are for sure a bunch of crooks. I paid for there premier protection plan every rep I talk to claimed it covered all my electronics expect my cell phones. I went on vacation and now my tv doesn’t work. Called to have them fix it and they wont. So now I want to talk to the head man in charge and they are giving me the run around. Been with them for 3 plus years paying for the premier package and the won’t fix my television. I want the head ceo on the phone. I am a disabled vet and I get some much money a month they never have a problem taking the money but now it’s time for them to pony up on their end and we can’t do that we have stipulations now. So you are screwed. I still want to speak to the next person in line so in 72 hours I better be getting a phone call. Plus I will notify the BBB about this matter as well. And that I’d the reason they have to get you into a contract because their service sucks so bad they have to trap you. So they make money if you cancell before your contract is up. They only want the money they don’t give a crap about any of us as customers. As long as they get their money they don’t care. I see where I stand with this company and I will be departing with their services very soon. If you are a new costumer they will charge you a monthly fee for every box you have. I had the same box for over 3 years and I am still paying for them. Priced them online I could have bought them out right instead of paying these crooks for theirs. The protection plan is a scam make sure you get what it covers in writing or they will say it covers everything but when you need it they won’t cover it. I hope this helps somebody before they get screwed like I did.


Pamela D. Nelson March 25, 2015 at 3:30 pm

On March 22, 2015 I placed a call into your customer service to dispute a charge of $42.92 that appeared on my account. It was revealed to me that this charge consisted of four pay-per-view charges from 2007. I was confused as to why the charges just popped up as oppose to being on my account back in 2007.
In speaking with the rep, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the fact that it has taken over seven years to be notified of these charges. As I’m sure you know, typically debt is erased after seven years. But that is not my issue. My problem is that I expressed my dissatisfaction to your representatives and my feelings were completely disregarded. In total I spoke with three different representatives and NOT ONE tried to retain my business. All I was offered was three months of free SHOWTIME. I do not want a free subscription, I want your company to actually show that it cares about its valued customers. I have been with DirecTV since 2004 through an AT&T bundle service. in 2013, I was with you apart from AT&T. For your company to not try and retain my business really illustrates that you clearly do not care about your customers. After I spoke with the first rep, I told him I wanted to cancel my service which Im assuming I was transferred to the
retention department. Again, nothing was offered to retain my service. I asked to speak to the manager and the rep did not want to transfer me to the manager. The rep placed me on hold for over 15 mins and then stated that the manager would contact me. I spoke with a Ms. Jeanell Williams that did not want to either reduce my bill nor waive the charges The fact that it took so much to get a manger and nothing was accomplished speaks volume about the way they felt about me as a customer. I’ve never had a problem with the service before this and my only recourse for my dissatisfaction was to cancel. I would like to come back but not if I am treated in this manner where my service is not valued.


Porfirio Rivera March 25, 2015 at 2:11 pm

I signed up for Direct TV on or about middle or end of January with installation on or about the 5th of February.When I signed up, I was giving a list of programs and I was told that these were the channels I was to received. This list was dated on or about May 2014, When the installler came and installed my services, he gave me another list dated August 2014 and he said that all of the channels in purple I was suppose to get. At this point some of the channels from the first list was there. The intaller told me to call customer service and I did spoke to one of the supervisor and she was able to accomodate me with a few channels, but at the same time she deleted others. I request a new list which I received and even less channels am not receiving and when I called they tell me that I was not suppose to get these channels.I seem that everytime a new list comes out they start deleling other channels. Am really not happy.with this deal. If they continue to cut channels I will have to terminate this contrat and if I have to go a different avenue to resolve this problem I will. Am not really complaining but indicating my dissaticfaction with this dea. Thank you hope you can e-mail me back some type of explanation for this dilema. Have a great dsy.


robyn March 18, 2015 at 7:35 pm

We’ve been with Directv since 2011. After months of trying to get our receiver fixed and not be charged for it, this last January my husband called to cancel our service. They talked him into this “free” of cost new box and told him for our troubles our bill would go down for 12 months by $20.00 a month. They also said our box was outdated and that is why it was having issues, that wasn’t our fault. What a bunch of lies. Our service only went down by $6.00 and when we called to ask them why they had no logical explanation about it. They then told us we also “agreed” over the phone to a new contract with this new box. Bull crap. We canceled Directv services and if they try to take money out of our account I’m contacting our lawyer. A bunch of lying crooks. Take your service elsewhere!!!!


Christine Kaiser March 13, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I just spent the last hour on the phone with two representatives from the billing dept. I have been a customer for a very long time and I have never been so aggravated. Last month, I noticed my bill went up for no particular reason, so, I call and they say, oh, that is a fee for shutting off HBO and since no one told me about this fee, they were going to take if off my tab. They told me to pay a new amount that equaled $15.58 LESS than the monthly statement. This month, they sent me a bill with the $15.58 added back on. Neither the rep or the supervisor I spoke with could understand why I called them today. They took it off last month, and added it back on this month — how is that giving me a credit? They are completely incapable. Don’t bother with them, when my contract is up, I am out.


B Raver March 5, 2015 at 12:51 pm

The service process referencing temporary deactivation of direct tv is absolutely ridiculous. I also find it ludicrous that you are unable to even renew deactivation unless its been reactivated for at least six months. I have just now spent approximately one hour on the phone with service people that don’t even know the corporate procedural guidelines for deactivation. They commonly try to transfer you to someone else and you have to sit and listen to a bunch of advertising jabber over and over again. Service has transferred me three times today and they still have not taken care of the problem. I find it very hard to believe that the corporate body thinks they have great company. What fools they really are. They should try their service as and unknown party. They have no respect for the working public that wishes to use their lousy servicing. They loose no time, for its demanded that we the public waste our precious time on a terrible company. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. The corporate body is definitely overpaid.


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