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D&B Supply Corporate Office

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D&B Supply Corporate Office Address

D&B Supply Compan, Inc.
3303 East Linden Street
Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Contact D&B Supply

Phone Number: (208) 459-7446
Fax Number: (208) 459-7447
Website: https://mydbsupply.com/
Email: Email D&B Supply


Founder: Budd Kehne and Homer “Dutch” Derringer
Date Founded: 1959
Founding Location: Caldwell, Idaho
Number of Employees: 500


CEO: Richard J. Schrandt

D&B Supply History

Founded in 1959 by a pair of friends, Dutch and Budd started D&B Supply when they recognized an opportunity to service rural farmers in Idaho. The company started off by selling items for farmers, including batteries, tires, tractor parts, chemicals, and hardware.

Today, the company sells to both rural homeowners and farmers, as well as veterinary supplies. In addition to farming items, the company sells apparel and footwear, animal feed and tack for domestic pets and livestock, lawn and garden supplies, hardware, sporting goods, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and other types of supplies.

D&B Supply has 10 locations in Idaho and Oregon. Headquarters remain in Caldwell, Idaho, where Dutch and Budd planned on staying for the night but opened a business instead.

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