Comcast Corporate Office

Comcast Corporate Office Address

Comcast Corporation
1 Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Comcast

Phone Number: (215) 286-1700
Fax Number: (215) 981-7790
Email: Email Comcast


CEO: Brian L. Roberts
CFO: Michael J. Angelakis
COO: Stephen B. Burke

Comcast History

Comcast Cable originated in 1963 as American Cable Systems.  ACS was founded by Ralph Roberts, Daniel Aaron and Julian Brodsky.  The company incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1969 as the Comcast Corporation.

In 1996, Comcast launched Comcast Online, a broadband internet service. Comcast currently provides broadband service to over 18 million customers.

In 2002, Comcast paid $25 million to the University of Maryland to name their basketball arena the Comcast Center.

In 2009, Comcast bought majority ownership in NBCUniversal.  Comcast also owns interests in E! Entertainment, the Style Network, G4 and the Golf Channel.

In 2010, the company won a Consumerist award for being the worst company in America.

Comcast is currently the largest cable and internet provider in the US.  They are also the third largest home telephone provider.


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Brian Carson November 13, 2015 at 1:34 pm

What is the matter with your service? Why don’t I have TV yet? Why are your people so incompetent? Why don’t they do what they say? Why should I keep Comcast?why is there no phone number to anyone who has even half of a clue?I’m at the end of my patients your people lie to get you off the phone then do nothing they said! This is fraud! I expect free cable for a year for my lack of service over the past 2 + years of cable going out every 3 months. What in the hell is wrong with you people? The worst service ever no customer service just lies!


Brian Carson November 8, 2015 at 9:24 am

I have been a comcast customer for quite sometime,several years. I have had more problems with this service than I could begin to tell you.the equipment box gets replaced every 3-4 months wich usually leaves me without television for a couple days up to a week or more, while we find a box that actually works. I have had absolutely terrible service and response to my complaints. I should not have to replace equipment and loose all of my recorded programs every 3 months! The level of anger I feel is unmeasurable. With the level of problems I’ve had with service I still get no priority and must always wait for a week to get service again, this is unacceptable! I don’t understand why your service is only good for a couple of months at a time. This will be the last time you will give me a piece of CRAP box, I am going to switch to another service so I don’t have to deal with this again! I have the complete package all premium channels phone internet ect. I have nothing good to say about your company, and will be a very loud voice against Comcast from this day forward. I would recommend that no one ever get Comcast service unless they enjoy frustration. I work 6 days a week 12 hours a day and woke up this Sunday morning to no television wich means no football on my only day off, thank you for that. As you can probably tell I am very angry. I am going to blog my experience with your company on all social media sites,and try to help people avoid the problems that I have encountered. If you don’t resolve these problems your company will not survive, your service and response time is horrible your call centers are staffed with incompetent people who read a scripted statement that resolves nothing your model is broken and your managers are inept the market will ultimately remove Comcast unless change is made, obviously from the top down.


carolyn October 30, 2015 at 6:09 pm

My above email was deactivated 10/27. I contacted technical support who told me that it was cancelled because my email was attached to our previous account which was cancelled in June 2015 as we moved. We, however, also have Comcast at another home where we permanently relocated. The agent said the email transfer would take 24-48 hours. On 10/28 I called technical support to check on the status. I was transferred three times, the line was dropped twice as the calls were being transferred,and the support staff whose English was not a first or second language,was trying to be helpful but couldn’t provide any answers as to the status or when the email address would be transferred to our current account. They also said my email address was one that I have never had nor recognize. On 10/30, I was on the phone for four hours with technical support, and the Customer Security Assurance Team supervisor told me I just have to wait until someone calls me to tell me the email was transferred. During the four hour marathon, I was disconnected four times and transferred four times only to end with ‘wait for a phone call’. No one can tell me the problem with transferring the email account from one Comcast account to another, why it takes more than four business days, nor can they give me a time frame for completion/activation. This is the worst customer service I have ever endured-Verizon, here I come!


Ms. Tucker October 14, 2015 at 1:58 pm

I’m not sure where I should start. I signed up with Comcast May of this year. I purchased the X1 promo packet which includes the home security system. I thought this was a great idea that Comcast offered this bundle and it was the first time that I’d heard of the security system. So made the switch from ADT to Comcast. As of May I have had nothing but one bad experiences after the next with this security system. My system has not functioned properly since I purchased. I have had more than 15 technicians sent to my residents and after multiple request not one supervisor has shown his or her face to resolve these problems. I had to have three of the so called indoor outdoor camera’s replaced because they filled with water, 4-5 sensors replace and the touch pad replaced. The system continues to malfunction. Today the camera’s are out again and a zone sensor is not working. Technicians were just here two weeks ago regarding this continuous problem. I have spoken to dozens of Comcast reps and reps from home security tech support and all they can seem to do is continue to send out technicians offer account credits but cant resolve my problem. This is not the way you treat customers. there is no sense of urgency with getting the issue permanently resolved. They push you from one rep to the next with absolutely no respect for my time. I have made calls and even sent an e-mail to the cooperate office with no response. I contacted cooperate today to inform them of this problem and was reassured that someone would call by the close of business today. Comcast I know that these complaint don’t mean much to you because to are dealing with thousand of customers and one more complaint wont make you or break you. But I will keep pushing this until someone other than a Comcast customer service rep and tech support rep addresses this issue. Contacting the media if necessary. I am paying for a service that has not been of any service to me and you don’t care. WE DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN OUR HOME USING YOUR HOME SECURITY SYSTEM! And your recovery process is totally unacceptable. I hope to her from you soon.

Disappointed Customer


ron October 10, 2015 at 9:45 am

your company are nothing less than crooks and someday someone will brign a end to all of you


Tina Moore October 2, 2015 at 1:41 pm

Comcast cable do not live up to it’s word they send these reps around advertising cable , saying “WE CAN WORK AROUND OLD BILLS” it is not so I’m in college all homework is on the computer they cut me on after they said they couldn’t, turned around cut me off in two weeks for that same old balance paid that then said oh other accounts was at the address what do I have to do with other accounts? you are the ones who connected,the cable they not in my name plus your the ones sending these scam arts around trying to sell your cable if anyone know like I know don’t bother with comcast their misleading in all aspects of communication Verizon here I come I have to pay a $200 deposit but its well worth it then to deal with misconceptions!!!!!!!


Bob September 19, 2015 at 1:21 am

I had foreseen a possible issue prior to today. Months ago I was advised by my property management that they will be ending all relationships with Comcast soon due to the constant service interruptions and customer service issues. Our community had some sort of a contract with Comcast which resulted in a discount to us (Paying customers). I immediately called Comcast and spoke with corporate escalations who promised me that when the change over took place, I would not have any interruption in service, and that I would not incur any additional charges or fees. She advised me that Comcast will wait out my current personal contract, and when it expired I would have to renegotiate a new contract at that time. I currently have no cable as Comcast has turned off my cable, I called customer service and advised them what was promised by corporate earlier. Customer service only added insult to injury as they stated there are no notes on my account from corporate to confirm this and they stated they can turn my cable back on if I agree to additional fees.and a new contract. My cable will remain off until I agree to new terms? I not only have been lied to, I feel they are holding my TV cable hostage in an attempt to make more money. Bad, Bad, Bad. Please honor your previous arrangement and fix this. There are 2 options on the table – Live up to your promise or I and many others will cancel service, and then contact every ombudsman, news team, and problem solving agencies available. I take being lied to as a personal attack.


Kathy September 7, 2015 at 8:15 pm

If you only knew my frustration…… grams is 90ish and the only way we communicate while I am at work is by phone, and since her vision stinks phone is the only way I can appease ME!!! Soooooooo, our Comcast phone service seems to be the only victim upon our triple play that we pay religiously by the month……..I AM sick and tired of getting NO results!!! Only 1 hair away from Verizon!!!


Lettie Graves August 24, 2015 at 7:47 am

We were scheduled for a service tech to come to the house on Sunday August 23 between 12 noon and 2:30 pm. As this was a work day I had to take time off to be there. This appointment was confirmed three times prior to Sunday. At 2:30 the tech had not showed up so I called customer service. The first two times I got the call center in the Philippines. Both times I asked to be transferred back to the U.S. and both times was refused. I explained this was a law, that they had to transfer me back- might as well of been talking to a tree. Finally on the third call, I got a US rep. Explained that the tech never showed up even though the time and date was confirmed. She said Comcast had called at 2pm to cancel. They called my husbands phone not mine. Call went to voicemail as he was mowing and didn’t hear it. Asked her why my number wasn’t called as it is the contact number for the account. Registered my complaint, explained I took off work, lost wages. She had another lady call me to reschedule. This woman had the phone manners of a pit bull. I told her the time frame that I needed the tech for, with a one hour window, she replied “I don’t care what you need, we don’t work like that”. Told her that I didn’t see them working at all. She offered me a $20 inconvenience credit. Really?? I work a federal job. Weekends are mandatory and I have 2-3 days a month off. I don’t need this bullsh*t, but the In the area I live in I can only get Comcast. I would change if I could. So rescheduled. Lets see if they show up this time.


Pat August 15, 2015 at 3:10 pm

About two or three weeks ago, we signed up with Comcast for their Triple service with TV, phone, and internet. We have received 4 different install dates. This last time, a guy showed up and different even speak English. He put me on his cellphone with someone who did speak English. This person asked me if this was a new install and when I said yes, he advised me that the install could not be done today because they had to run a cable under the sidewalk and the guy they sent out couldn’t do that. I told him I was going to call their customer service and while I was on hold for almost 30 minutes, the tech left without saying a word to me. The customer service rep advised me that we have three options: 1) put me through to technical support; 2) get the service installation re-scheduled; 3) cancel the order. There is an appallingly apparent lack of concern for the customer with this company.
I don’t see how a company stays in business when they make it so difficult for the customer to get the product to begin with. Since this was some kind of a partnership with Verizon, I am also contacting Verizon to let them know what kind of business partner they are working with. What a pain!


LINDA HUTH August 10, 2015 at 11:45 am

called to make payment arrangements with Comcast a week ago to make my payment online due to a financial emergency on the 6th of August which I did, then Comcast took $256 more dollars out of my account the same day, this overdrew my account and caused other payments to bounce with overdraft fees. The customer service women was very very rude and refused to help me, I asked to be transferred to customer loyalty department and she said “for what reason, they aren’t going to help you either” and would not transfer me, I called back and I finally got a decent customer service man and he said the money and the fees would be refunded on Saturday and this has not yet happened…I am switching providers…no wonder they have such a bad customer service reputation! I now have no money for my daily meds and I am $300 over drawn on my account plus other payments have bounced because of this as well! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!


Brittany August 1, 2015 at 12:55 pm

Does anyone have the number to the corporate office


L Gaudet July 15, 2015 at 11:23 am

I have filed a complaint on mother day of this year that a comcast worker came to my home and started sreaming at me and yelling out all of my information as he was standing in the middle of the street outside of my home. I had family members over as it was mother’s day. That was a very big HIPPA VIOLATION.


L Gaudet July 15, 2015 at 11:33 am

He was alo swearing at me. Comcast never did anything about this. I have caloled several times and still nothing. They have shut my service now because I was given false information that if I canceled the home security that I would not be charged and anything prior would be off my bill. When I called them they told me that the person that gave me that info was reprimanded for this but say I still need to pay over 1000.00. They also told me that she lied to make a sale. I argued with them that that should have nothing to do with me or my bill and I should not have to pay or owe that!!!
Again I got nowhere with them. I don’t know what to do or who to contact. I am also looking to take them to court for the harrasment of the comcast worker that was acting crazy towards me and sreaming all my info.


C wilson August 13, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Comcast sent 3 techs to my apt..only in reality sent 1…had no idea who the others were.

One insisted to make a point, kept tapping my shoulder.

Called clue what happened after that


Timothy klein September 1, 2015 at 1:37 pm

They called me a cracker a** bit**


C Devine July 14, 2015 at 6:10 pm

Comcast is the worst company. They lie!!!!!! I set up an appt to upgrade to X1 on monday they scheduled the upgrade for friday. A subcontractor came out and stated I needed to pay $100 per line (x3) to have him change the wire/cable. WHAT?
I called comcast, thought I spoke to supervisor (probably a lie) they said they would send a genuine comcast tech out that day, they never did. I called back, got the same run around they never sent out the next tech and never documented the whole situation in my acct like they said they would. they lied again the next day as well!!!!!!!
I was very patient, but not anymore…going to Direct TV!!!!!!


Laura July 13, 2015 at 9:41 pm

attention BETTER BUSINESS B !!! comcast customers need you to investigate many accounts discrepancies, by the comcast workers…… “good credit records are been stained” by comcast representatives!!!! if CEO’s can’t act on this, let’s contact the BBB, maybe the can help!! and also the tv news investigators; we’ll find someone who’s willing to listen.


Soumia khatib July 24, 2015 at 7:26 pm

You are very right comcast is the worst company on earth and the reps don’t know what r they doing they lie and don’t help customers the worst customer services ever


Laura July 13, 2015 at 9:30 pm



Tan July 12, 2015 at 8:09 pm

I have along outstanding overwhelmed history with Comcast. I’m really exhausted with all my issues concerning my service. I don’t trust nor have a good relationship with customer service. I have been lied to extensively. I have waited for repairman service that never showed up, wasting my day. They keep going up on my bill, and when I am to receive credit. That statement amount is different. I just recently made a payment on my bill. The money was never taken out of my account. The next thing I knew my service was disconnected, but the money was still in my account. A couple days later billing representative called me. They need a payment or my service will be disconnected. I told them you already disconnect my service, the money was available in my account. So now they want more money in order to restore service. Sometimes I have to hang up with one customer service, and call back to speak to someone else for different results. I’m tired of trying to communicate with people who don’t understand my English language, and I definitely have a hard time understanding some of their language too. I used to like Comcast they do offer a lot. But the customer service is horrible they lie to much. I am tired of spending most of my time on the phone trying to correct problems. I don’t watch much TV the only thing missing for me is the Internet and home security it was nice. But to deal with the hassles it’s not worth it. I just hooked up clear TV up to my big screen and call it a day. It would be nice if Brian L. Roberts CEO would reach out to his customers… I know he’s a busy man, but we should be able to reach his office. He should read a lot of complaints. That’s if he really cares, and not just about the profit of making money… The customer service claims they don’t even know the corporate office telephone number. So they say don’t know who the CEO is either. It’s not until I filed a complaint, and someone call me from the corporate office. This is the way I learned your phone number. I had to file a complaint with the board of public utilities. To get started with my complaint. Now if the corporate office read this complaint. Please don’t hesitate to call me, my number is on file. Find me by my email thank you.
I am frustrated disgusted overwhelmed. With customer service and outrageous high prices.
Edit errors from first post comments complaint.


Tan July 12, 2015 at 7:38 pm

I have alono outstanding overwhelmed history with Comcast. I’m really exhausted with all my issues concerning my service. I don’t trust no I have a good relationship with customer service. I have too many lie to me. I have waited for repair service that never showed up, wasting my day. They keep going up on my bill, and when I am to receive credit. That statement amount is different. I just recently made a payment for my bill. The money was never taken out of my account. The next thing I knew my service was disconnected, but the money was still my account. A couple days later billing representative called me. They need it a payment or my service will be disconnected. I told them you already disconnect my service, the money was telling my account. So now they want more money in order to reconnect service. Sometimes I have to hang up with one customer service, and call back to speak to someone else for different results. I’m tired of trying to communicate with people who don’t understand my English language, and I definitely have a hard time understanding some of their language too. I used to like Comcast they do offer a lot. But the customer service is horrible they lie. I am tired of spending most of my time on the phone trying to correct problems. I don’t watch much TV the only thing missing for me is the Internet and home security wasn’t nice. But to deal with the hassles it’s not worth it. I just hope clear TV up to my big screen and call it a day. It would be nice if Brian . Roberts CEO would reach out to his customers… I know he’s a busy man, but we should be able to reach his office. The customer service claims they don’t even know the corporate office telephone number. It’s not until I file and complaints, and someone calls me from the corporate office. This is the way I learned your phone number. I had to file a complaint with the board of public utilities. To get started with my complaint. Now if the corporate office read this complaint. Please don’t hesitate to call me, my number is on file. Find me by my email thank you.
I am frustrated disgusted overwhelmed. With customer service and outrageous high prices


Doris Salamone July 5, 2015 at 6:20 pm

Comcast has the the very worst business sense of any company I know, they treat their customers like dirt and have no respect for them even though we’re spending our money for their service. They also need to stop outsourcing and get people that speak english so you can understand them and not have to repeat everything ten times because they don’t understand English either. When they make appointments they are never kept when they are supposed to be, then they make you set and wait and when you call keep you on the phone forever, then lie to you over and over again. I have been a customer for a long time and I’m now looking for a different company, but they don’t seem to care. Shame on you Comcast for being so uncaring.


Curtis Coleman June 24, 2015 at 5:34 pm

Comcast sucks, my bill go up every month, and now I have 4Small black boxes in my house, I never had no problems until now. Can’t see no cable in kids rooms are my office and kitchen. I’ve been calling comcast all night and day trying get my service back working. I’ve call Corporate office three times today. I will be looking for another provider. please go away with Comcast. They suck. Service no good.


Marcia Rabati June 22, 2015 at 8:17 pm

My daughter just relocated to Harrisburg for her job.She set up an appointment last week to have Comcast install her cable and Internet connection. She was given a time frame of 10:30-2:30 today June 22.She gave them My cell number to call because she was working and could not receive any calls. (I drove in from Pittsburgh to be here for the installation) So what do they do the installer called HER cell and of course didn’t get her and left a snippy message that she would have to reschedule, I WAS HERE WAITING . She called and was told she would have to wait till Thursday, even though they would be back to this building later in the afternoon to install a co- workers Internet. She asked if they could also install hers at that time because it was NOT OUR FAULT it was COMCAST’s mistake!She was told no! I called to see if something could be done so I could go home! I was promised someone would call me within a 2 hour window—3 hours later I called back and was told the tech order was not even put in HE promised me he would do it and someone would call me in a 2 hour time frame AND 3 hours later I called back! This time I got a very nice lady that told me nothing either one of them did or didn’t do was right. She was trying to get me set up for emergency setup for tomorrow when we were DISCONNEDTED. So at 7:15 I am calling back having spent my ENTIRE day waiting for Comcast! This one tells me she can get me scheduled for emergency setup for tomorrow Now my window is 12:00 to 5:00- seriously!!! Then she tells me that the installer DOES NOT have to call me to tell me he is coming or that he has arrived.. How is he to get into a secured building if I do not go down and open the DOOR!!There is no intercom system! She tried to argue with me that that was policy! So now I have wasted two days waiting and what am I supposed to do -wait in the lobby from 12:00-5:00?????What a way to run a business, no one knows anything


George Lopac June 22, 2015 at 8:21 am

So….earlier in June I received a letter from Xfinity Home Security that they were no longer going to monitor Carbon Monoxide due to their faulty detector.
The letter indicted that on June 15 Xfinity would be disabling all Carbon Monoxide Detectors and I was to send back the defective detector.
So when I attempted to remove my CM Detector my Security Touch Screen started beeping indicating that there was tampering with the CM Detector.
Immediately called Xfinity Tech Support and they promptly rebooted my touch screen and the error was gone and the Tech instructed me to remove the detector and mail it back, this was at 11:30AM. Placed the CM Detector in the mail and went on with the party preparations.
9:04 PM the Alarm goes off…run upstairs to the touch screen and abort an apparent Carbon Monoxide Alarm!!!! THEN the Police promptly arrive and three Fireman……
Called Xfinity Tech Support AGAIN and they told me it was HIGHLY unlikely that the system could get an alarm while the CM Detector has been removed….REALLY???
Tell the three Fireman and Police Officer that are in my house right now…..Bottom line Xfinity told me that they could NOT guarantee that the alarm will not go off again until a Tech can come out and troubleshoot.
An ER Ticket was created to escalate the issue and you gave me a window of 4-8PM on 6/21/15 and I left my Dad on Fathers Day to make sure I was there for the tech…NO ONE SHOWED or CALLED.
Called again after 8PM and was told by a Supervisor that they were in touch with the tech and they would be there in an hour……and NOTHING….called back again and was told the same thing and NOTHING.
I feel disrespected and lied to…………on the phone again this morning and another ER Ticket has been escalated……CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME AND GET THIS ISSUE RESOLVED.


Linda June 1, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Since May 20th I have been trying to have my e-mail accounts moved to our second home account. (For our main house, we switched to AT&T because we got more for $50 a month cheaper!!! Unfortunately Comcast is the only service available at our second home.) I have called about six times and got different answers each time as to how to do this. I even have a ticket # so they can go right to the account. On May 28th I cancelled our old account, because I was told that the e-mail accounts couldn’t be transferred unless the account was closed. I was promised that the accounts would be transferred within 72 hours. On May 30th I could no longer get into my e-mail account.I called Sunday and Monday and they keep telling me it’s being done as we speak.I’ve spent hours on hold and am really disgusted with Comcast. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!


Becky McCoy May 22, 2015 at 11:01 am

My husband had a computer repair business he worked so hard to take care of me an are four kids. We need insurers so he applied with comcast. After some time and all of hopes he got the job past all the test ,given a truck and tools . He was told that he had to shut down his business so he did. Three mouths later they called him in and fired him. Over a 15 year old background they knew about before they hired we have no income. How could they do this?


Karen Shegogue May 12, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I am so disappointed in Comcast Service. I have been a customer for years. I lived in Jacksonville, Florida for years and never experienced such problems since I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. I have spoken to several representatives with many problems I have had with my cable and service. The first problem having something almost added to my cable that I did not order, I caught it and had it removed. The new cable x1 Platform I have had so many problems and I am not happy with it. There has been so many notes to the problems and have spoken to so many representatives. When they changed to the X1 Platform the installers did not give the new remotes. This part of the problem. I can’t understand why they should be professionals and did not know to do that. I have been using the new X1 Platform service since the beginning of May and using the wrong remotes.
There is more I can say but it would be a book, just look the notes. Again, I am very disappointed with Comcast.



Nicole April 28, 2015 at 10:57 am

I live in Houston, TX and Comcast has made so many mistakes that I have been without service for nearly 3 weeks. I only needed to transfer services and now we are in our new place with no TV or Internet for nearly 3 weeks. When I called to transfer service the week of 4/12/15 , they assured me that my new location was cable ready. We found out on 4/18/15, that my new location was not cable ready. They booked an appointment a whole 8 days out to 4/27/15. I called Comcast 4 times on this day. I confirmed my appointment through the automated system, spoke to 2 reps, and then a supervisor. Everyone said something different. The technician’s notes stated that he was at my location. There was no phone call or door hanger left at my door. I was a customer service supervisor for 5 years and I know what happens sometimes in the field. There is a GPS tracking system on the trucks and the techs ride by,get a description and leave.Anyways, after speaking with 2other reps , and a new supervisor on 4/28/15, it was discovered that the new number that I gave the rep during my transfer call was never updated and the tech was calling the number of my deceased grandmother. I asked them to pull the call, because I know all calls are recorded. The next day that I could get service is 5/5/15. We are now at nearly 3 weeks to a month without service and there is nothing anyone can do. I am 9 months pregnant with an apartment full of boxes, and I’m in Grad school with no TV or Internet. At this point I am so tired and frustrated that I have just let it go. Once the baby comes and I’m home for maternity leave, I will close my account and get services elsewhere. I have already been approved for ATT U-Verse. My elderly uncle is also having issues with his services and we are considering switching him as well. My mother’s boss has already closed his business account with Comcast due to many issues and poor customer service. This is unacceptable and is an experience that I will never forget.


Lew V April 17, 2015 at 7:01 pm

I placed an order for new service via the Comcast website today on 4/17/15.
I searched for special offers on the website according to zip code 08260.
A special Triple play offer of $79.99 p/month with a $300 Visa card was offered and I placed my order accordingly. This offer was good until 4/19/15
Received an email later that I needed to contact Cust service regarding this order.
I was informed this offer was not available so they offered me something else but at a higher price.
When I complained about this being a “bait and switch” and false advertising, the supervisor still denied my this offer.
As of this writing, the offer is on the Comcast website.
A formal complaint will be made to the NJ Div of consumer affairs,office of the Attorney General for false advertising.
I would like someone in authority at Comcast to respond to this matter.


Jane Kreider March 23, 2015 at 3:35 pm

I recently had a Comcast Serviceman at my home and would like to let you know what a perfect young man he was. Very helpful and knew what he was doing. He is from the Nottingham address in White Marsh, Md. area, his name is Cody Loher. We need more young men like him in your employ.

Jane Kreider
* Morning Star Ct.
Baltimore, Md. 21206


A.J. DeFalco March 1, 2015 at 9:58 am

Sir or Madam:
I discontinued XFINITY triple play service on Dec 16,2014. You sent a final bill to me shortly after. I dispute that bill and sent a letter in January 2015 explaining my position. The letter was either lost or ignored. Please give me a name and street address of a responsible person who can review my claim. Your latest bill threatened to send my bill to a collection agency. I reject this as the bill is in dispute.
Anthony J. DeFalco


Ann-Marie February 28, 2015 at 6:54 pm

I have been a Comcast customer for years & my renewal was coming up. Because I have had several billing descrepancies,etc. I wanted to be proactive when my renewal came up. On January 20, 2015 I called to see if they could keep the billing services/amount the same as the previous year. 45 minutes later they worked the #’s, etc. and were able to keep my services/package/discounts the same for one year forward. The customer service rep confirmed these would be good for one year forward until 2/27/2016.
Today, 2/28/15, I received a Comcast bill on Gmail, & the bill did not reflect our agreement. It was over $50 more than our agreement. PLUS there were a couple extra charges (see below). I called customer service and they said they didn’t have that promotion to give…they could not honor the agreement that I made w/rep on phone in January. After an hour and a half later, the rep advised they could do it, however, with a two year commitment, 2nd year would increase. The rep in January clearly told me it was a one year commitment. I’m not doing it.

This SAME month: Comcast issues w/wi-fi. Tech came to my home & replaced wi-fi with their combo wi-fi/router & advised there would be no change in my bill…absolutely no extra fee. They graciously told me I should not have had the issues I did with the wi-fi & gave me a $30. credit.

On the same (gmail) bill mentioned above I was not credited $30, but actually debited $30. Also, there was a new (separate) $10/month fee for “internet” for the new modem/wifi…

When I asked billing for a corporate tel# as they should know about my experiences, I was told there was NO # and they gave me a PO Box in Chelmsford Massachusetts. I tried the resolution department & they were even worse to deal with. Would not provide me with corporate #’s either.
Anyone know of a decent cable company other than Comcast???????


lexis bynes February 26, 2015 at 9:39 am

Comcast is full of shit there’s never a supervisor to speak with they keep you on hold for days. They hang up on you. They tranfers you to different departments and never resolve you issue. I hate that company hope flops down the tubes..


Steve Z February 18, 2015 at 1:22 pm

Comcast is the worst run company I have ever dealt with. I had their service for many years and had a major issue which I could not get handled with their normal customer service personnel. I called the corporate office and they gave me a person that I was supposed to deal with that would handle my issues. I had one 5 minute conversation with her. For several days she did not return my calls. I am now with Directv and they were wonderful to deal with. Their rates are much better than Comcats too.



Deatta Donner-Hornback February 17, 2015 at 1:10 pm

About a year ago I got in contact a person about a Bill in my name. I filled out the required forms and the proof asked for to show my address at that time to show it was not my bill.
I was cleared. But that bill shows on my credit report and I would like it removed now!


Lynette Anderson January 26, 2015 at 5:13 pm

I agree with the persons comment just before mine…..The local staff for COMCAST in OREM , UTAH, are wonderful….but YOUR SERVICE, AND THE ABILITY TO CONTACT AN INTELLIGENT,ENGLISH SPEAKING SERVICE PERSON IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE.



Steve Z February 18, 2015 at 1:24 pm

Switch to another company if you can. I did!!!


Lynette Anderson January 26, 2015 at 5:08 pm

I was told by the local Xfinity office to follow these directions to have a live chat regarding a problem with my internet that they could not solve. HOWEVER, they did not explain about the user name and password, so I am not aware of my password and cannot get past that step for HELP!!!!!! I have followed all of the directions from the people in the Orem, Utah office, but nothing was said about needing a password. PLEASE HELP ME…IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THROUGH TO COMCAST, SO I CAN RESOLVE MY PROBLEM. OTHERWISE, I GUESS MY ONLY SOLUTION IS TO CHANGE INTERNET SERVICES… PLEASE HELP ME, my problem is serious…..and I need help. Lynette Anderson 801-763-**** or pla***


R Boler January 23, 2015 at 2:48 pm

Comcast has the most worst expensive service on earth there’s no plans for senior citizens most of the basic plan offered is the same thing you get for free with your converter box. None of the staff is on the same page you will get a different answer for the same question by staff if you want to serve the customer you should have information that will help keep the customer stay with comcast and not look for other companies. Your service stinks looking for alternative co that has respect for seniors on a fix income that will not rape senior’s with high prices.


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