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Club Pilates Franchise Corporate Office Address

Club Pilates Franchise, LLC
3185 Pullman Street
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Contact Club Pilates Franchise

Phone Number: (949) 346-9794
Fax Number:
Email: Email Club Pilates Franchise

Club Pilates Franchise Facts

Founder: Allison Beardsley
Date Founded: 2007
Founding Location: San Diego, California
Number of Employees: 31

Club Pilates Franchise Executives

CEO: Anthony Geisler
CFO: Scott LaRose
COO: Shaun Grove

Club Pilates Franchise History

Club Pilates Franchise was founded in 2007 in San Diego, California. The company  franchises hundreds of Pilates studios worldwide, and offers a 500-hour Pilates teacher training program for club owners.

The company plans to open another 932 studios across America in 2018. At this time, Club Pilates has more than 590 locations. The company has more than 1,000 instructors teaching over seven million workouts each year and is the first studio to create a 500-hour Teacher Training Program designed to thoroughly and safely teach group Pilates apparatus classes.

Club Pilates is listed as #4 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $26.8 million and a three year growth rate of 21,319%. The company was also named #1 on the Inc. list of Top Los Angeles Companies, #2 for Top Consumer Products and Services Companies, along with the #3 spot for Top California Companies.


Club Pilates Franchise FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Club Pilates Franchise?
Answer 1: The phone number for Club Pilates Franchise is (949) 346-9794.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Club Pilates Franchise?
Answer 2: The CEO of Club Pilates Franchise is Anthony Geisler.

Question 3: Who founded Club Pilates Franchise?
Answer 3: Club Pilates Franchise was founded by Allison Beardsley in 2007.

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Pam McNulty April 30, 2019 at 5:49 pm

Approximately 30days ago I upgraded my membership from 8 classes a month to unlimited. At that time my franchise location was happy to upgrade my membership on the spot and take my money. A new franchise has opened up closer to my home and I have requested to simply switch my membership to the closer location. I had to submit in writing by email my request and now they tell me the transfer can not be completed for 30 days. How can this be and what is the reasoning? When additional revenue is involved they are happy to assist but when a simple transfer is requested I have to wait 30 days. Please advise. This is NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


mary beth hansen April 24, 2019 at 12:02 pm

3 days after joining Club Pilates I called the manager and told her both my elderly parents were hospitalized because of an emergency out of state and I was needed there on a weekly basis as well as being a single mother and working 60 plus a week. Having to travel out of state took away any time I had for Pilates.
After explaining this to the manager she said all she could do was put my account on hold. Never telling me I could cancel with a letter. After phone calls over the next several months I told her again I could not come back. Mind you I had been ONE time and had been charged almost $500 . This is still ongoing. The lack of customer service and customer consideration is horrible .


Phyllis Mallace March 17, 2019 at 4:06 pm

I joined the club with the understanding thatI had a passport membership. I was asked if I wanted to pay in advanced and agreed.Then the club decided if they got all the money up front you no longer could be a passport member! I was originally told I had the passport membership and was grandfathered in for being one of the early members of the club.
They can’t seem to keep their word .


Michele FitzGerald February 20, 2019 at 12:50 pm

Still waiting for certificate after completing teacher training program over 2 months ago. Cannot seem to get a response from anyone at the corporate office. I’ve called and emailed twice now, my Master Trainer has also called and emailed, and no response. I am in need of this certificate in order to process my PT license renewal. This is extremely frustrating and unprofessional. I would NOT recommend paying 5K for this program, only to not be able to get in touch with anyone about the certificate. Whom can I contact to get the certificate??


Jessica Culpepper February 18, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Was really looking forward to being in the club pilates family. We are invested in other fitness franchises and were looking forward to having a full one of our own. I did months of research and really liked the concept, platform, and structure of this ‘new’ club pilates. The initial conversation went really well. The following steps were a bit more choppy, with miscommunications on timing, meeting etc. I thought nothing of it and moved forward. I worked mostly with John North, who during his pre-prepared phone presentations, wasn’t one for answering questions, was difficult to get email responses from in regards to franchise questions, and when I did get responses I was diverted to pre-recorded calls for answers. Again, I moved forward. We were prepared with financing, a business plan, and location for a studio. We had investors who were interested in making it a multi-unit sale but wanted a franchise presentation from me upon my return from the club pilates Discovery Day. John had expressed to me that this was the final step before moving forward and signing the contract. That I would learn everything else I needed to know, get to know the culture, meet the people etc. I was hoping to get all of my final questions answered. I bought non-refundable/unchangeable flight, John had told me there would be up to a $500 flight voucher (mine were only $250). I sent my flight information and received not even so much as an email response. Once again, I moved forward, I figured I had time to follow up with that later. They have you fill out a franchise application prior to attending DD. At this point I had been directed to a man named Lance Freeman as my contact. I had questions about the application considering we were not sure if this would be our single studio, or multiple ones. I had a scheduled phone conversation with Lance to cover last minute questions and location confirmation a few days later and I asked if he couldn’t get back to me via email in regards to my application questions, we could discuss it during our phone meeting. Lance’s emailed response came with two emails, first was a cancelation of our phone meeting, the second of my discovery day, telling me not to come because I “wasn’t prepared to move forward.” This without clarification or even the courtesy of our scheduled meeting to discuss the application questions. It took several days, emails and phone calls to get a response from Lance. I tried to explain the miscommunication and told him my husband and I were prepared for our studio, we just weren’t sure if it would be multi-units and that we would have that information after DD. I also expressed that after the many incidents of communication issues and his unprofessional response to this last situation, I was now EXTREMELY uneasy moving forward if this is how the company did business. Although, Lance kept the conversation politically correct he was extremely defensive and unwilling to listen to the issue at hand to find a solution. I felt demoralized how he spoke to me and yet I still wanted this franchise so bad I was still trying to get to discovery day and move forward. At one point we discussed a different discovery day in which I asked Lance at the very least if he could answer the final questions I had about the franchise, since i had not been able to get them from John, and without hesitation Lance said no. Hoping I was wrong I asked Lance if he really was not going to answer my questions, and he said no. I was appalled. Instead of finding a resolution or passing me along to another representative, was difficult to communicate with and simply was set that we “weren’t prepared to move forward,” although we were. At that point he passive-aggressively stated this was not a good fit and that he would refund my flight money and both parties could part ways, I agreed. I never heard back from him. It has been a week and a half, several emails, a message, no response, no flight voucher. It’s really upsetting that a company has worked so hard to get to this platform to have it held up and, what I hope is a misrepresentation, be misrepresented by people such as John and especially Lance. I am so disappointed to walk away from this opportunity but I couldn’t imagine having to work with people like that. I would like a corporate response and a voucher for the missed flight.


Michele FitzGerald February 20, 2019 at 12:54 pm

Seems like lack of response regarding ANY issues are the status quo…. I haven’t been able to get a response from them either about my teacher certificate, and it’s been over 2 months now….

Were you able to get a response yet from anyone regarding your issues??


Ruth Pourkay December 14, 2018 at 11:36 pm


To whom it may concern:
I spoke to someone yesterday at around 7:10 pm, and assure me that she was going to call me back in a “few minutes” to try to fix my problem.
You see, you deducted payment from my account even though it was frozen due to the fact that I’m in Lima, Peru. I had spoken to someone a month or two ago, and asked her to terminate my membership because I was going to travel until December or January, she advised me of the possibility to freezing my account until my return, she explained that my account was up to date and that I was not going to be charge until my return. Well, I was charged and since the lady that was there last night couldn’t help me, (it was very hard to understand her) I requested to cancel my membership due immediately! She replied by saying “I’ll speak to the manager and call you right back” I processed to explain to her that interment service in the jungle (I’m close to the amazon) is not very good and if I were to answer or make a phone call it would be very expensive, never mind having actual service where I was going… I inform her that I was at the hotel right at the moment and that I was going to stay until 8 o’clock your time. I also pointed out that you were going to close in next 15 or twenty minutes… she insisted that she was going to call me back, what do you know… she never did!
Your actions have showed me your lock of professionalism and seriousness, the charge in my account have left me with very little money in the account to go by for the next two weeks that I need to stay since this card was set up purposely unlink to my other accounts to avoid the chance of being cloned or stolen ( it happens very often here). As you can understand, I’m very upset and as of today I consider my membership with your facility close, I have notified my bank not to accept any charges from you, and I have send a copy of this email to your cooperate office.
I don’t know if you are going to bother to call me or not, I guess it is your choice, I don’t really think you care enough to do so, please consider this my request for termination and I will go to your location to sign any papers to free me from your services and my responsibilities to you.

Thank you
Ruth Pourkay

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D Wallace February 8, 2019 at 12:07 pm

When your new opened in Sandy Springs Georgia I was one of the first to join with the 3 month promotion you had. I joined in Aug and the club opened in Sept.
I tried to cancel Nov 9 so I wouldn’t be charged in Dec, however Brittney the club manager told me it was too late that I will be charge $159.00 for Dec, I mention to Brittney over the phone I had an operation Nov 26, 2018 and couldn’t drive and was restricted of moving for 6 to 8 weeks. Brittney said that I had to come in with a cancelation letter in person. So, my son had to dress me and drive me to the club and I was 3 days too late and will be charge $159.00.
The club did charge me with a credit card I did not authorize for use. My monthly payments was taken off an American Express which I authorized but the charge for February was taken from a credit card I use a couple of times to purchase Club pilates activewear, this card was not authorized to use for dues.
I will definitely blog on every social media about your rules with Club Pilates and about your customer services .


Mary Wagoner September 6, 2018 at 8:57 pm


After being a faithful member from Feb 2017-Dec 2017 and spending $1,531.15, I was assured that once my “deal” that they “went through hoops” to get me expired, I would have to re-sign up and cancellation would occur on it’s own. I did not plan on returning due to a change in job schedule. Fast foward 9 months (the credit card on file was one I do not use or check often) and club pilates had not only continued to charge me $124/mo (the “deal”) but also added a $169/mo. TOTAL $2,468! I called immediately to get this rectified. Stacy pulls no weight (“I wasn’t the GM at the time” “the front desk girl who told you it was canceled is no longer with the company” and doesn’t care about customer service and the owner, Bill, won’t take my call. In fact, they wouldn’t even give me his number. Still waiting for an email response…


Juliette Dalton May 14, 2018 at 3:29 pm

I need to cancel my membership (temporarily) due to a very recent diagnosis of a torn meniscus in my left requiring surgery. I am told that I have to give 30 days notice. I can’t utilize the equipment or take part in the classes at a safe level right now and feel like I”m being punished for that. I’ve been an unlimited member at the Club Pilates in North Raleigh since it opened. I find it extremely surprising that when due to a medical reason, that accommodations are not made when having to temporarily cancel a membership
Thank you,
Juliette Dalton


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