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Bank of America Corporation
100 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28255

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Phone Number: (704) 386-5681
Fax Number: (704) 386-6699
Website: http://www.BankOfAmerica.com
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CEO: Brian T. Moynihan
CFO: Bruce R. Thompson
COO: David C. Darnell & Thomas K. Montag

Bank of America History

Bank of America began in 1904 as Bank of Italy.  Amadeo Giannini created the bank in San Francisco to service immigrants that were denied service by other banks.

In 1922 the name changed to Bank of America and Italy after Giannini acquired Banca dell’Italia Meridionale.

In 1930, the name Bank of America was finally adopted after a merger.

In 1956, BankAmerica was created as a holding company for Bank of America.

In 1983, the company expanded outside of California with the acquisition of SeaFirst, a Seattle, WA based bank.

In 1997, Bank of America merged with NationsBank.

In recent years, Bank of America has acquired Countrywide Financial and Merrill Lynch.  The company has also been under fire for taking $20 billion in government TARP money in 2009.

Bank of America is currently the second largest bank holding company in the US.  The BoA network contains over 5500 branch locations and 16,000 ATMs.

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Tiffany Lewis February 5, 2016 at 11:24 am

This is about the 3rd or 4th time someone has hacked into my account information. First few times it was my debit card now someone is using fraudulent checks. Bank of America decided to hold me accountable for the situation. I have a police report and everything. My payroll check gets deposited into my account and BOA took my check and now I can not buy my daughter medicine for her asthma. No one I mean no one is cooperating with me. They just talk to me like I’m a thief and i did it. I am done banking here and very upset that I have to go through this and all BOA wants to do is continue to take my damn money. DON’T BANK HERE!!


Ruben Mata February 4, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Dear Sirs:

On Friday, January 29, 2016; A wire transfer ($7,000) was to be forwarded from the “Pentagon Federal Credit Union.” The wire transfer was going to a personal account (beneficiary) of Bank of America (Oakland, New Jersey, 07436). The wire transfer was rejected by the BOA branch, and a $45 charge was posted to my checking account.

I contacted the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) customer representative to inquire why the wire transfer had been rejected and returned ($6,555). The PFCU informed me that the beneficiary home address was wrong, and thus rejected, and the wire transfer returned. The wire transfer was suppose to go to a personal account at the BOA location (both the branch address and home address were correct using the same exact information as the first wire transfer). A second wire transfer was issued and the this time the transaction was accepted?

The beneficiary (Mostafa Hadji) and I contacted the BOA branch in Oakland, New Jersey. We were transferred to a Mr. Mario Flores (Supervisor for Business Enterprises). Mr. Flores asked that I again contact the PFCU and ask for an official reason as to why BOA rejected the first wire transfer and to call him at a 888-telephone number. After speaking and obtaining the the official PFCU response; Mr. Hadji and I attempted to contact Mr. Flores at the telephone number he had previously provided. The telephone number was a BOA call center for the entire company domestically. We were then routed to the Oakland, New Jersey branch. The BOA branch indicated that Mr. Flores was located in Brea, CA. After several failed attempts to reach Mr. Flores; we (Mr. Hadji) were told by a BOA call center that they were not at liberty to try and contact Mr. Flores.

Mr. Hadji asked for a corporate complaint center and was told that BOA did maintain any such office? I would like to have BOA acknowledge this particular oversight, and a credit in the amount of $45 be credited to my PFCU account


Ruben E. Mata


C Rivera January 29, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Wow where do I begin……
May 2014 BOA recommend forberance – worst Idea ever. Here we are January 2016 now they want me to pay 16,393 more on my loan than original. How does this happened The VP of case mgmt (B.B.) made promise he couldn’t keep. I have requested for Stephanie Lowe office to contact me however it’s been over a week and haven’t heard from anyone. Great Customer Service! I will have no choice but to contact the board of directors as I am getting no where about my mortgage. Maybe I should just walk away from it as this is how I feel they have done to me.
Florida Girl!


Gerald Marr December 29, 2015 at 5:18 pm

You now own the property (condo)at 26 Chandler Ave, Plaistow, NH. Nationstar Mortgage (Texas) is handling this for you. You have had two auctions on this property; one which ended at $34,500 and the other which ended at $36,000. Prior to me knowing there was an auction on the property, I made an offer of $60,000. (Half cash/half mortgage). I was rejected after the listing agent called Nationstar. The rejection stated it was a cash sale which I was not aware of. I am a veteran, retired and in need of a place to live. Does BOA want to sell this property or just add it to the hundreds of other condos you own?
Sincerely, Gerald Marr, , Plaistow, NH 03865 (603) 475-XXXX


PARIKH December 21, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Bank Of America is a Leading Bank in the country
made a new policy,They started to to verify Driver License for depositor,who is depositing $200, I guess this is worst policy
Withdrawing money from account & check I.D, it’s OK not for $200 deposit
many peoples are talking in the town about this policy
worst effect bank of America will see in nearest future


Betty lampert December 12, 2015 at 5:43 pm

Been a patriot at Bank of America for over 50 years fell at the bank in 2011 my attorney Howard H hall has passed away and the bank will not help me do anything to help me all I want is my bills to be paid I’m asking everybody to boycott Bank of America thank you and God bless you


joga December 4, 2015 at 3:37 pm

i whating foir 45 m for my depost stor meny thin i am not depost i his what for 30 m more thin i lift from the bank open new # well fego


Larry Wallace November 24, 2015 at 8:50 am

They should stop this scam.

Mr.Brian Moynihan

Nov 23 at 10:52 PM

Message body

Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters
100 N.Tryon St Charlotte,NC 28255
Our Ref:BOA/IRU/SFE/15.5/WD/011
United States of America
8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)
Saturday and Sunday
8 a.m.-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)
Customer service: (917) 503-1508

Dear esteemed customer,

The Management of the Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters
here in 100 N.Tryon St Charlotte,NC 28255 wishes to inform you that
after a brief meeting held by the Bank executives yesterday,the 6
Day of NOV,2015 at precisely 8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT),
we deem it appropriate to intimate you that your funds will be
transferred into the United States Treasury Account with the JP Morgan
Chase Headquarters at 270 Park Avenue in New York according to the
record we got from Africa due to your inability to complete the
transaction and your failure to meet up with a minor payment
obligation.The actual transfer of your funds($15,500,000.00) into the
government account comes up next week.

This is in line with the instructions of the USA Treasurer,Mrs.Rosa
Gumataotao Rios that all unclaimed funds be paid into the United
States Government Treasury Account as unserviceable funds in
compliance to section 3 subsection 1(a) of the United States Financial
Law enacted in 2001 after an attack on our dear country on September

Find below the profile of the banking institution where your funds
will be transferred into following the government directive:, And note
to responds to us with below

Name of Bank: JP Morgan Chase Headquarters at 270 Park Avenue in New York.
JP Morgan Chase Official Bankers for the United States Treasury Department
AC NO: 68302345093
Routing NO:021109593
Account Name:United States Treasury Department,USA

Note that if you still wish to receive your funds do get back to us
immediately so that we will remove your funds transfer from the list
of those transactions to be seized by the United States
Government.Also be informed that we need only a DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY
SEAL OF TRANSFER(DIST) to complete the wire transfer.The fee to obtain
the SEAL was reduced from$600 to $100 and no other fee is involved.

You are required to send the fee of $100 by WESTERN UNION or MONEY
GRAM to the issuing officer at the bank where your transaction
originated as stated below:


Receivers Name: MIKE ONWA
Country :Benin Republic
City: Cotonou
AMOUNT to send: $100
Sender’s name:
MTCN or REFERENCE Number Email the following: To (bankimoon182@XXX.Com)

The name of the city from where the money was sent
If we receive the MTCN today,we will transfer your funds
($15,500,000.00) before we close office and the funds will reflect 3
hours after the transfer.We will send you all the transfer documents
to enable you start making cash withdrawals from your account same day
the funds are transferred.We have waited for so long and we cannot
continue to wait.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Brian Moynihan(CEO) Bank of America®Email (bankimoon182@yahoo.com)
Tel (917) 503-1508Corporate Office Headquarters,Charlotte,N.C.Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC.
© 2011 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.AR72768/DD6A66


pam bills November 19, 2015 at 8:43 am

What crappy service from a bank that we bailed out, put a 9,000 check into the bank at 4616 virginia beach blvd in Virginia beach on Tuesday 11/17, was told it would be available Wednesday, went on Wednesday morning no money a negative balance, went into a different branch and still no help, they told me to call customer service (what a joke ) customer service tells me the bank lost the check, when was I
going to be informed ? we then went to bank where deposit was made and still sat for 2 hours while they tried various ways to find out what went wrong. The manager Jennie Fluharty claimed she had it all taken care of and even fronted us some money, she then promised it would be available after midnight 11/18, Imagine my surprise when I went on our account and our balance is 1800 overdrawn. I am looking for a new bank because BOA and its management team cant seem to do what they say and promise. I am also filling a complaint with corporate and the CEO. They have made our life a living hell for 2 days now and absolutly no remorse. Stay Away from this bank


Yolanda Peavy November 17, 2015 at 3:48 pm

I have been a customer with Bank of America for over 15 years and I have the worst experience in my life. I was given wrong information from several of your employees over the phone. Now no one wants to take ownership for a mistake that was made. I have asked to get the corporate information and a contact name and no one wants to provide this to me. I am requesting some type of follow up with Bank of America.

Best Regards,


Beverly Neibert November 2, 2015 at 1:07 pm

I am interested in a property you own at 1860 Valley Road, Marysville, Pa. 17053. I would like to know the price and who to contact to see the property. I have tried all of your other phone numbers, etc. and have had no success. Please contact me. Thank you Beverly


jan ronk October 29, 2015 at 5:43 pm

Susan, Understand just how you feel. In April a fraudulent amount of over $5200. was charged to our account by a doctor who did not deliver on his end of the contract. All I have heard all this time is too bad you didn’t get the medication, too bad you decide there was something funny about this treatment, too bad just give us the money even though you received nothing. So far all I can say is too bad I own stock in this bank. This “doctor” who we found out later had had his license revoked once, killed someone another time and has been chased state to state because his practice is dangerous has more rights then a stockholder and a customer. Isn’t this fraud?


Fred Schneider October 23, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Bank of America and Brian T. Moynihan are two of the worst people you can ever try to work with. After FORTY FIVE (45) MONTHS of battling them and nearly FIVE (5) FEET of useless and senseless correspondence from them, they are about to beat this poor old 71 year old Vietnam Veteran down:( Little wonder Bank of America was voted one of the WORST AMERICAN COMPANIES last year and that they have ALL these many lawsuits against them.

Just check out the supposed epic settlement with the US Dept. of Justice late last year where they agreed to pay nearly $17 BILLION and more specifically and supposedly $7 BILLION to help property owners- someone needs to be checking this out as it appears to be a big scam with money not going where it is supposed to be going. Also take time to read the “Morrow Case” that was decided in the Montana Supreme Court last year and what Justice Laurie McKinnon had to say about Bank of America and their practices that are terrible and horrific and a great example of “negligent misrepresentation”.

The CFPB, and all incidental government institutions that are supposed to help us tax paying citizens are just about as inept and dysfunctional:(. Little wonder our wonderful country is slipping fast:( Even all the people in Congress have no heart nor interest in things like this and offer NO help, much less a response!!! Corey Gardner, John McCain, and all the people in Colorado are NO help at all. Really sad indeed in my humble opinion.


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