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Closet World Corporate Office Address

Closet World, Inc.
3860 Capitol Avenue
Whittier, California 90601

Contact Closet World

Phone Number: (562) 699-9945
Fax Number: (562) 699-5755
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Closet World Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Closet World Executives

CEO: Frank Melkonian

Closet World History

Closet World was founded in 1991 in Whittier, California. The company manufactures and installs home organizing products.

As the name implies, the company specializes in closets and walk in closets, but also manufactures, designs, and installs custom made organizational cabinets, such as garage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom counters and cabinets, as well as kitchen pantries, laundry room set ups, sliding glass and closet doors, and wall beds.

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has headquarters in Whittier, California.

Closet World FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Closet World?
Answer 1: The phone number for Closet World is (562) 699-9945.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Closet World?
Answer 2: The CEO of Closet World is Frank Melkonian.

Question 3: Who founded Closet World?
Answer 3: Closet World was founded by in .

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Barbara seamans May 10, 2018 at 3:16 pm

I’m still waiting for updates from CEO, or 2nd in command from a higher up working from the Executive Offices of Closet World! Im pleading, I’m desperate, And at this point The shock, is dimming, there are No Executives working for this dishonest, shady, unreliable, shallow of a Company. Other emotions are beginning to emerge, & sonde I’m new to this, I have to way my options. I have no options. My only Objective…is to AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, arrange for this Company to deliver the total of (3) cabinets , all with correct Height (68”)H x 68”Lengh x 22” Depth for 2 front cabinets, the side cabinet = 18”Depth x 68” Height x 18” Lengh.(broom closet, all 3 cabinets with hanging rods. 2 front cabinets, right side has 5 drawers, plus hanging (2 doors)= 34” Lengh x 21” Depth x 68” Height/ (2nd) front Utility cabinet=32”Lengh x 21” Depth x 68”Height (2 doors)/ side cabinet = 18@Depth x 68” Height x 18” Length (1 door). It’s so typical & ordinarily average, and yet by the help of this inept Company, this “mountain hill” Nitemare needs corrected! Bringing it to the original “mole hill”. Half days Redo at best! That’s one half of a day, that’s tomorrow! And this Nitemare would be over!! We would be through with each other! Please do the right thing! Customer Service DEPT, Step up! I’m so exhausted, I’m so sick to my stomach, I’ve had Very little sleep in these 10 days, (I test my blood sugar & blood pressure 2x a day, both are out of control, every test is documented! My father does the same only he gives himself 1 shot 2x a day for his diabetes. Trust me, when I say Nitemare. It has been a Nitemare for us all! If there is a God, I know there is a God, I’m praying, always praying to our sweet Lord. Thanks for your attention. Seriously & Sincerely Barbara Seamans 62699XXXX


Barbara seamans May 10, 2018 at 8:24 am

I have tried Everything to contact someone, anyone in corporate offices, no one , no employee would give me any help or info or names or email info! This has been such a Nitemare , I’m praying it will be over soon! I’m praying & praying& praying! . I have sent probably 50 emails to Albert alone! And he has answered maybe 2-3 emails to my 50-80 emails. Thank God I have not experienced any thing like this. I thought this was a Reputable, Honest , Respectful, Decent Company. I have a huge closet, they did my closet 8 years ago, They aren’t worthy, they are tarnished, and instead of making a positive move , especially for such little monies. They are jeperdising their reputation for so little, it’s sickening, it’s y believable, to say the least. And the mental anguish, Closet World has put on three senior citizens. Has put a number on us all, I have told u this , kept u updated with the tons of emails I sent , such as this. It’s just shocking. No joke. Thanks for listening, I hope! Barbara Seamans 626991XXXX


Barbara seamans May 10, 2018 at 7:45 am

To Frank Melkonian
From : Client# 3227082/barbara Seamans
Re: APRIL 30, 18 3rd delivery was the worse then the 2 prior attempts to deliver & install of Nitemare cabinets. The Designer ordered wrong color & wrong size cabinet, her measurements were Not Scale to the Room! Therefore, the cabinets are not acceptable! And if the delivery person would have followed the Invoice. & not Illegally ignoring , instructions on the invoice. None of this Nitemare would have transpired! I met the Designer in apt date of April 4, 2018. After that nite , I never saw or talked to the Designer ever again! The nite of apt. She, Nancy Poopatonapong, brought one small chocolata color cabinet sample.& for some strange reason. Chocolate color cabinet is what she ordered! I told her SEVERAL times , to change to white! She was exhausted so she never did change color, or order correct size cabinets!! Since I never spoke to her again, I figured she was fired! I heard her call & She arranged for delivery date to be April 19,2018. That date came & left, I lost income (3) different days, I never heard from Closet World, again date was set for 2nd delivery! Again, same Senerio! Again I lost income! Again no courtesy call , nothing. Here’s an update on my personal info: I handle All my Parents, Financial, business& personal Affairs about 5 yrs now! My parents are 86 & 88 yrs old. I recently did a complete redo on their home, from new roof, block wall, attic work, popcorn ceilings removed complete interior paint etc. just to name a few. My parents own 2 homes 57yrs & 40 yrs, been married 69 yrs/ I also am a Tax paying citizen for 42 & 28 yrs, married 43 yrs, I live one block away from 629 4th ave City of IND, ca 91746. We Both have FLAWLESS CREDIT RATING, we have never sued any one, & No one has ever sued us! This statement is a True Fact. The third delivery, the installer did not follow instructions, he arrived at parent home, without my consent or knowledge Installer Demanded from my father ACheck Or cash to stay or they would leave & not install product! Which is what they should have done!! They intimidated my father , who knew Nothing about cabinets, to pay , they not only insisted! They didn’t even give him any RECIEPT or proof that he paid them a check! When I finally arrived, &.was told what had transpired, i insisted they give me the check back & I would pay them according to the invoice!! They insisted they no longer had the check but had arranged for an employee to drive over to pick up the check!! When I seen the redixulous & monster size cabinet!! I almost fainted as my father had earlier! The cabinet was not measured nor scale to the room! It’s not even legally safe, it is so huge it covers the wall air vent! I immediately told them, not acceptable, after showing supervisor a picture of the monster, Albert, said there was nothing wrong with the size & it would cost me $470. He then changed price to $570. For Redo, when I asked to speak to his supervisor, his response was, My manager is upset with him for charging so little!! For the Redo!! I have been sick to my stomach, since April 30,18. I beg you Please if you have any compassion, to reduce the $570. We have already paid over $2500. & put a rush on the redo cabinet, Albert Already knows exactly what should have been ordered originally, Give Albert the go head to get this Nitemare over. Thank u for your attention. As we deal with this most serious delimma. Sincerely Barbara Seamans 626991XXXX


Barbara seamans May 10, 2018 at 7:51 am

Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you


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