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Carvana Company
4020 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

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Phone Number: (602) 852-6604
Fax Number: (866) 221-3833
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Carvana Facts

Founder: Ernie Garcia, Jr., Ryan Keeton, and Ben Huston
Date Founded: 2012
Founding Location: Tempe, Arizona
Number of Employees: 1069

Carvana Executives

CEO: Ernest C. Garcia III
CFO: Mark Jenkins
COO: Benjamin Huston

Carvana History


Carvana 1

Carvana, founded in 2013 by the owner of Drivetime Earnest Garcia II, sells inspected, certified cars online with a seven-day “test buy” period, passing on savings to consumers who can bypass dealerships and sales commissions.

The company allows clients to shop, finance, and even trade in their current used car, all online. Cars can be transferred nationwide and are generally picked up at what is known as “vending machine” sites, which accept a special type of coin that is mailed to the customer after the sale has been completed. Using the company’s online 360 viewing camera, clients can inspect every part of the vehicle, inside and out.

Carvana 3  In April of 2017, the company went public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: CVNA

Carvana is listed as #34 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $365.1 million and a three-year growth rate of 7,925%. The company also took the #1 spot on the Inc. list of Top Arizona Companies & Top Phoenix Companies, as well as the #2 spot for Top Retail Companies.

In April of 2018, Carvana and Ford made a short-term agreement to advertise and sell more Ford used cars on the Carvana app. It is unknown at this time if the agreement will be renewed.

The company also ranked 5th on the Forbes 2015 list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Carvana 4Carvana has distribution centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Charlotte, North Carolina. The company also has a physical presence in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Pittsburgh, Texas; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Carvana FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Carvana?
Answer 1: The phone number for Carvana is (602) 852-6604.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Carvana?
Answer 2: The CEO of Carvana is Ernest C. Garcia III.

Question 3: Who founded Carvana?
Answer 3: Carvana was founded by Ernie Garcia, Jr., Ryan Keeton, and Ben Huston in 2012.

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Loathen April 22, 2019 at 9:26 pm

We had a vehicle delivered on February 15th. It was falsely advertised as an automatic transmission, and when it arrived, it was manual transmission. There was also a crack in the windshield & the air bag light was on. After contacting customer service multiple times, we were told to take it to a repair shop. The repair shop referred us to the dealership. This process took two weeks to be resolved, with another handful of calls to Carvana to get the issues resolved. I spoke with a supervisor who offered me compensation for the aggravation & promised a check would be mailed. That was on February 28th. In the meantime, we were told to have an emissions & state inspection completed. Then, using the FedEx mailing label, ship the receipts back to Carvana. We would receive reimbursement for these inspections, along with Carvana submitting the documents to the DMV for the registration and tags, since it was already included in the price of the car. We mailed that paperwork on February 22nd, and it was received by Carvana, confirmed with the FedEx tracking number on February 25th. On March 20th, I called customer service again. We had not received the reimbursement for the inspections, our registration or tags from the DMV or the compensation for all this aggravation. Our temporary tags were expiring on March 31st and we had not received any sort of deliveries as promised. After speaking to a representative, it appears that only then, almost a MONTH after we had mailed in our receipts for inspections, the process to register the vehicle began. We received a text message notification after the customer service call later that day as proof of the initiated process. However, based on the estimated processing time, we were not going to receive our license plates and registration in time! After contacting customer service again on March 27th, we arranged for a rental car once the tags were expired, meaning we could not legally operate the car. It is ridiculous that multiple hours were spent on the phone trying to negotiate a convenient option for this problem. Again, it is still unclear what happened, when we submitted the appropriate documentation with more than 30 days for processing time. Furthermore, I also asked about the $250 “aggravation” check I had not received, which was supposedly issued on February 28th. I was promised that check would be canceled, a new one reissued and sent Fedex overnight. When I did not receive it within three days, I called again & was promised the same thing again. I spoke to two different supervisors about the delay with this check & I still did not receive a check after being promised an overnight delivery TWICE. Then I was told, after calling a third time in two weeks, that the check had been sent on March 29th, but through the postal service and would take another 10-15 business days to arrive. Even though I was promised the check to arrive overnight by two different supervisors. From the delivery of the vehicle to the time it took to process all the paperwork, receive reimbursements, repair all the damaged items and contact customer service approximately 20 times, two months passed. Next time, we will spend the three hours at a dealership & not have to deal with such inconsistencies and shady business practices. Interestingly enough, each time I called, their automated system stated that the calls were being recorded for quality assurance. If I were Carvana, I would use these exact situations to train their employees to follow the necessary customer service and quality control guidelines. Our experience with Carvana was absolutely horrendous.


Eugene April 3, 2019 at 7:46 am

The buying experience with you all was worst than dealing with a shaded used car lot sales person. I am having some serious issues with you all that I can no longer look over.

First, your company delivered the vehicle over a week late due to location and operations. I was dealing with a total loss and renting a vehicle at the time. Your company cost me an additional $300 out of pocket. Your customer serviced agreed to send $250 to help cover the cost of the rental. I have yet to receive.

When the vehicle was delivered the vehicle had damage caused during the transit located on the on both bumpers and the passenger side on the vehicle. The Carvana delivery associate took pictures and instructed me how to get the vehicle fixed. The problem is I work for the government contractor, finding the time to get the vehicle estimated and fixed will require loss pay and leave from work.

Registering my vehicle has been a nightmare, I filled out and submitted two limited power of attorney. The first one dating back to early Feb, and second limited power of attorney forward to your staff was dated the end of February due to an error made during the delivery of the vehicle. The temporary tags expired 3/7/19. Your company could not process an extension. Therefore, I had to result to catching rides to work and renting vehicles over the weekends. Your company once again has cost additional funds and frustration.

I originally instructed your Carvana associates that wanted to put a down payment of over $6,000 towards the vehicle which had cleared with my bank weeks prior. Only over $2,000 was actually put towards the purchase of the vehicle. Your company was supposed to move that payment to the new vehicle since I was financing through your lending arm. It didn’t happen!!!! Now I was stuck paying over $450 monthly payment for a $19,000 vehicle that should have been financed for $15,000.

My disappointment with your service and the recurring cost that I can not totally that responsible for has caused me so much stress and frustration. This purchase DID NOT save me money and time. It cost me hundreds out of pocket, thousands of dollars via financial charges and countless days/time off work because I could not find rides to work, because I can not drive the Carvana car I bought due to expired temp licensing plate.

By the way your contact us; it’s a joke.



Robert Taft March 22, 2019 at 7:08 pm

I bought a car from Carvana and it was delivered Friday, March 15. It was a diesel car and delivered with no gas three hours late. I was told to buy a gas can and fill it with diesel and fill the tank. The problem is that the tank has a safety latch that prevented me from getting the nozzle of the can into the tank.

I called to return the car; and it was scheduled to be picked up this Sunday. Today I was informed that they couldn’t pick up the car Sunday, they were booked Monday and the soonest they could get the car was 4 PM on Tuesday,

After that they had to process the car and advise Carvana Dallas to return the funds to me.I paid in full for the car. They said that process would take another three to five business days meaning I won’t get reimbursed until April 2 – a three week process.

I need the money by Friday of this coming week. I don’t know why when I transferred you funds it took about five minutes, but to get the funds returned will take five days.

If I don’t have the funds in my account by the end of next week – March 29, I will be forced to write this up as an article for the AP and put it one the Internet as well.

I would appreciate a speedy response to this email.

Thank you, Robert A. Taft


William poole January 8, 2019 at 3:24 pm

I bought my car in Aug of 18 it’s now January and caravan has yet to get me registration for my car. 4 times it’s been rejected because the paperwork is incorrect! Carvana will never get my business again or the business of anyone I talk to.


Richard D Post November 14, 2018 at 9:09 pm

Over a month ago I started a car search with you.I found the car and three times a delivery date was scheduled and changed by Carvana.Twice I was on my way being two hours away I was 10 miles away. Last time I was 30 min from my home and I had called the day before to confirm delivery.Never again and I have been getting the word out.


anthony perna October 25, 2018 at 8:13 pm



Job posted

I’m very interested working for Carvana as a Body shop Manager opening .I have a genuine interest in the job position. I have Managed a Maaco in Williamstown NJ .
I am very experienced with the Carvana policy’s and procedures .Excellent Management skills and also have connections with getting proper techs that only deliver quality workmanship .
I have already sent in my application . Very excited to become part of the Carvana Family group.

Very friendly and upbeat personality.Dedicated employee,self motivated ,very reliable.
Look forward in hearing from you soon.
Thank you
Anthony Perna


susan bond September 1, 2018 at 8:28 pm

I have seen a lot of advertising on Carvana on tv and I have heard a lot about the great experience my family member had when purchasing a Carvana vehicle. The process looked so easy and hassle free without any hitches. The customer service agent, Lindsay, was great to work with so I knew this was going to be a great experience. Oh not me, that wouldn’t be my luck! It’s been the WORST experience of my car buying life! They were to deliver the vehicle I purchased on 8/30. A few hours before delivery they called and asked if I wanted it early. I said no as I was still at work. They agreed to deliver at my pre-scheduled time of 6pm. I then received a call from the delivery driver saying he was in my driveway and he drove the car over as a transport vehicle broke down. If I wanted my car driven way out here, I would have picked it up earlier in the week or driven it myself out here from Frisco. What happened to putting it on a transport vehicle as advertised and bringing it to me as you advertise. You could have changed my delivery date. Driving it out here took half the fun of seeing it pull up on a truck! Then to top it off my wheels, windshield and bumper were dirty! Looks like it was run though a regular car wash that didn’t do so well. It didn’t look near as nice as it could have looked. Moreover, there is no key for the glove or back hatch. It will cost me $72.00 to get one made. .My trade-in had a full tank of gas in it. I was told, “well you’re getting a full tank in the new car. But if you were going to give me a full time whether my old car was empty, (you didn’t know) I still lost out on that one. The car actually had 400 more miles on it as compared to the large picture of the odometer you furnish when the car is being advertised. When I spoke to Customer Service about this mileage descreptency, they referred me to the upper left hand corner of the picture of the car which is in about a 6 font that I never ever saw before that should the correct mileage. I was told someone likely brought the car home to purchase and then returned it. I said you should have then posted a large picture of the odometer reading upon it’s return. This has been the most disgusting car buying experience. Your delivery driver said he would try to get me a $30 gift card. $30 for all my trouble, issues and lies I just laughed. More like a $500 gift card for all my trouble, lies and horrible experience. After all, this was over a $35,000 vehicle! .


Rod March 15, 2019 at 8:15 pm

Your car came with a dirty windshield? Oh my, how utterly disappointing. And the wheels were dirty too? Was it the front bumper, like some had driven your used car? Gosh I would sue for mental distress. If you can’t afford a car wash and the key price, perhaps you should have bought a cheaper car. Better yet go get yourself a piece of old cardboard and a marker and make up a sign and stand on a busy street corner. I’m not quite sure what the sign would say, but just try to look poor and upset all at once. Perhaps some other princess types will feel your pain.
Love You!
The guy that works at the car wash.


Bill April 27, 2019 at 8:59 pm

Rod, I see you are just a small d*ck motherf-er who loves trolling. Go stand on the corner and suck d*ck you f-ing b*tch.


Carole Cafferty August 6, 2018 at 4:37 pm

I am extremely disappointed (furious) with Carvana. I spent endless hours online and on the phone with representatives since Sarturday. I was quoted a trade in value which was rescinded and I was not informed. I was also told I could register the car on my own rather than roll it into the financing. I called back today (12) hours later when I didn’t see any adjustments made and was told I couldn’t register on my own and my trade in offer had been rescinded (even after I had been given an value of approx 4k). I was about to buy a 42K car which was scheduled for delivery in two days. I just cancelled the order. I spoke to many different representatives over the weekend all giving me different and incorrect information. I am looking forward to hearing your response before I post online. Although your staff were kind, they all were inconsistent, incorrect and derailed this entire deal. CC


Moniquica Anderson August 2, 2018 at 8:48 pm

I was so excited when I purchased my Kia Soul from Carvana in Houston, Tx 2/2018. The process was so easy and stress free , so I thought. I picked up my car and noticed a light on the dashboard. I ask the gentleman , why’s the light on he stated oh just take it to discount tires because the car could be from another region. I first stated , you take it to discount tires and make sure all is well. Finally, I just took the car and the tire pressure was low and air was added and the light went off on the dashboard. Ok, I thought all was well. Umm no, it was not. I noticed several deep scratches on the bumper that we’re not disclosed on the summary of the car. Carvana told me to call the warranty company and I did. Was told to get a bid to have the bumper replaced. I received the bid faxed it to Silver Rock and they approved it and the work was done. My car was kept for 3 days. I received my car back and noticed the car was making this loud noise. Took the car to get a diagnostic test completed. It was reported that the back brakes , calipers, and rotors were eroded with rusk . The entire under carrage was severely rusty . The pictures were sent to Carvana and SilverRock. How, was this possible when they state they perform a 127 point inspection? At this point I was furious and no one could explain me how this was missed. The work was completed in 2 days to change the rotors, calipers, and brakes. Then my air goes out without warning. It was blowing good never blew warm or hot air , all of a sudden it simply shut off. It not blowing or clicking or making any noise. Well, I was told that the rust under the car is still within their standards and it will be my responsibility to get my air fixed. I asked for a peace of mind inspection since all these issues were missed . My concern is with the engine and transmission. The response was you purchased a used car and you didn’t purchase the warranty. I’m not arguing these issues. I’m arguing that it’s unfair I was sold a lemon that falling apart. I would not recommend anyone to purchase a car from Carvana. At least with a car dealership they have the means to check it out instead of telling you too. They stated that they don’t sell cars with embedded rust. Well, I sure have one it’s been labeled a death trap .


Thomas David Sledd July 12, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Carvana took 22 thousand dollars from my bank 6-25-2018 in payment of 2016 Chevy….it is now 7-12-2018 where is my car…..
XXXXX Beulah av Pueblo co 81004
813 955-XXXXX


Kerry Prejean June 8, 2018 at 1:32 pm

I purchased a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse and was very pleased at first. I even posted several comments on line about the experience. Then within the 100 day warrant and 4K miles, I experienced the engine light on. Brought to dealer twice in two days with different parts being changed. Diagnoses suggested several part and two were replaced. The power steering pump leaked oil out of the hose into the wiring harness requiring replacement. The issue started before I even purchased the vehicle and was not caught during the 150 point inspection. I bought it back to the dealer and silver rock carvana’s warranty program denied the claim because the time ran out. GM felt so bad they knocked off $1,300 from the $2,000 bill. My point is silver rock did not pay to fix the vehicle problem. I need someone to make this right and pay me back for this bill I just paid to the dealer. Please respond immediately by email. If I don’t hear back from someone in a week, I will move to step three. Please email me so I can send the receipts. cell phone 225-279-XXXXX


SHERON WILLIAMS April 23, 2018 at 8:36 pm

Very upset with Carvana was told that i breach my contract after i was told my down payment ead in the bank…advise them on the funds,was there however the keep saying it wasnt try to review info customer service refused n stated underwriting madr the decision that they will not draft the funds n the car need to be return advise i hsve i vested my money on insurance and payment why can’t they vertify card info n draft acvount while I’m on phone travis the customer service stated turn thr car in


Kathi Kreider April 2, 2018 at 6:58 pm

Dear Corporate and Marketing Managers,

As a long time customer and former employee (many years ago), I ask to to stand strong against the pressure to remove your advertising from Laura Ingraham’s show.

David Hogg has blown this situation way out of proportion and is trying to make himself powerful as well as famous. Laura Ingraham
did not attack David Hogg, or bully him at all. In fact, he is his bullying Laura Ingraham, by trying to publicly shame her and destroy her career. Please do not allow a vulgar, whiny child to destroy a woman’s career because he didn’t like what she said.
If David Hogg is going to proclaim himself the spokesperson for Gun control, he should expect people to disagree and speak against him. And, Laura isn’t calling anyone “pathetic f*ckers that want to keep killing children”. No, that was David Hogg. Oh, and let’s talk about his level of disrespect. He says, “our parents don’t know how to use a f*cking democracy“.

For your education, here is the actual situation. On March 16th,
David Hogg tweeted that he was rejected by yet another college. Personally, I am not surprised he was rejected, despite his remarkable gpa, because he has regularly slandered politicians, the NRA, and the many average Americans who support the Second Amendment. He has been unwilling to sit down and discuss options, preferring to push for as much fame as possible. Why would any college want to accept someone who creates such chaos and potential disruption?

However, the fact is David Hogg seemed a bit whiny about it (based on follow up tweets about needing chocolate chip muffins to feel better) and Laura Ingraham made a comment. If you note in her quote below, she also says it is predictable due to UCLA’s acceptance rates. That is not a comment against Hogg, but UCLA. White men are low on the totem pole these days for college acceptance, something Laura speaks out about on her show.

“David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” Ingraham tweeted. “(Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA … totally predictable given acceptance rates.)”- Laura Ingraham’s tweet.

So now the ball is in your court. I know you are being pressured from both sides. One of this country’s strengths is the ability for people to have different opinions and to work together towards solutions. Please take a stand for both the First Amendment and Laura Ingraham’s right to speak her thoughts.

Kathi Kreider


Jeffery Sisco February 1, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Quite disappointed with Carvana. I purchased a 2014 Kia Sorento and on day one after the delivery the rear power hatch door stop working. I reported the issue immediately and to Carvana’s credit the were understanding and the car was repaired at a KIA dealer. One problem though, the dealer informed me in writing that the car had been in an accident therefore, the rear hatch even with new struts will not stay open because the door is way out of line. I followed up with Carvana on several occasions to express my concern that they sold be a car that had been in an accident however, did not show in Auto Check and/or Carfax. On 2/1/2018 they expressed to me that there is nothing they can do regarding my issue. I also at the advice of counsel ask them to swap out the car. Since they had an identical car albeit more expensive. They basically said they would not do that. Basically they sold me a car that was damaged and refused to remedy this situation.

My complaint is not an attempt to spear Carvana, I just want the car I purchased to be in good working order as any consumer would want. I quite disappointed and plan to file a complaint with Maryland State Attorney Office. I will also hire a lawyer to ensure my rights are being considered with respect to the purchase of this auto.


Derinda Arnold January 24, 2018 at 2:29 pm

I just want to share with you guys at the ‘big’ house what a HORRIBLE car buy experience I have had, and currently still having with Carvana!
My husband and I were looking to get into a vehicle for our family, with a 3rd row, ASAP. We have a new baby, and at the time, with all 4 kids are not able to travel together as a family to go anywhere. So getting into a 3rd row vehicle is very important to us. We had some friends use Caravana in the past for several cars, so you came highly recommended.

We started viewing options online, and were immediately impressed by the cars offered, the selection and the shape of the cars. On 1/14/2017, we finally locked in and settled on a 2014 Kia Sorento. I noticed before hitting the buy button, the photos of the car did not show a 3rd row. So I did some research online, and it turns out that they COULD or COULD not have that 3rd row. Under the details and specs of the car, under seating – it said 3rd row. My thoughts then were that the row must have been folded down at the time. I still went further, and decided to call in and speak with an agent. The agent then confirmed that does have the 3rd row. Pleased with that being said, we completed the purchase. The car was then set to deliver in 2 days. AWESOME. The day before delivery, something didn’t sit right with me about the 3rd row. I then chatted in, and this agent then confirmed that DOES not have the 3rd row, and the annotation team must have made a mistake. Well that’s a BIG mistake to make. I called BACK in and the rep then told me that she didn’t think that had a 3rd row, but we should wait until that arrives, and then if not, refuse the delivery. So the day of delivery comes. That morning, I get up, and check online again, just because it was really bothering me. As I expressed with ALL the agents, this 3rd row was a deal breaker for us. Period! We can seat 5 in our sedan. After going online that morning, i noticed then the annotation – 3rd row seating was then removed from the listing completely .Then convinced that did not have the 3rd row – I cancelled. Very disappointed in the back and forth with that.
The following day after searching HOURS online, we decided on a 2015 Traverse. (Still really wanting that Sorento) but they was not a lot of those to choose from. So 1/16/18 we locked in on the 2015 Traverse. A little disappointed in the delivery time frame (compared to the speedy delivery of the Sorento) we patiently have waited 8 days anticipating the arrival up to this morning. We received an email yesterday 1/23 saying that would be there in 24 hours. Meanwhile we have set appts to have our day to day car put into the mechanic’s shop, and payed for a planned a weekend getaway. Since we could now fit all of our family. The day of delivery 1/24/18 we get an email saying there’s been a delay, and to call in.
I call in, to hear that the inspection center had some issues and that would be an additional 5 days until delivery. I was no longer as understanding. The agent stated they saw the SUV was last scanned in Birmingham, AL (only a few hours from us here in GA). I asked WHAT happened, and lead me to another question, what’s going on with the inspection that’s preventing us from getting this? Should we be concerned now? Is that, has that failed an inspection? The rep would need to get more information and call me back.
I get a call back, and long story short, the SUV has NEVER EVEN LEFT the facility in TX?!?!!??
Disaster. We have already planned this weekend, payed for it, and payed to have the insurance added to this vehicle that’s miles away. Apparently the facility in the beginning phases could not locate the car, and it’s since then, been located.
Here’s my issue. So many things could’ve been done in the beginning to keep us in the loop of this process. Knowing a car is traveling almost across the US, not being able to locate a whole car (??) the customers should have been notified immediately! This would have saved us hundreds of dollars, my husband a day off work, and a gigantic headache! I am SO angry and disappointed in the experience we have had with the let downs from your company. Purchasing something upwards of 20K all in the hands of an online store, and customer advocate agents, I don’t feel like the ball should’ve been dropped THIS many times. This is not giving us confidence in this purchase.
End all, I sure hope this SUV is exactly as it’s cracked up to be. The next issue we have will not resort in us choosing another car or waiting any longer.

– Consumer Derinda Arnold


Pedro Pm Moreno December 6, 2017 at 12:15 am

Hi..Ernest c. Garcia lll
I will like to know if will you like to be interested in the hercules project
Thanks for you time
Pedro moreno


Jeremy Hogan February 13, 2018 at 12:49 pm

I was expecting my Hyundai Elantra Saturday 02/10/2018 at 3 then it got pushed back until Tuesday 02/13/2018 at 12! Got an email from the company twice telling me that they’ll have to reschedule my delivery date! I missed hours from work and on my pay check waiting on this car! I don’t know who’s running this company but I need to talk to someone higher up! I don’t wanna get my attorney involved but if my car not here by 02/14/2018 at 6-7pm we’re going to have a problem! I switched my insurance from my old car to this new car, they said I can’t get the car until I put insurance on it on the day of delivery which I did!
I called the corporate office the man is telling me that the safest bet is to put me on for 1pm, 3pm, 5pm or 7pm Friday! I work during those times!
I heard high praises about this company but I’m really not seeing where their coming from! I don’t know what they seen or did for them that they did for them that they ain’t doing for me but someone need to make something happen ASAP!


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