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Ford Motor Company
One American Rd
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

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Phone Number: (313) 322-3000
Fax Number: (313) 322-9600
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Ford Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Ford Executives

CEO: James Hackett
CFO: Robert L. Shanks
COO: Mark Fields

Ford History

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford with money from 12 investors.  The company produced a few cars per day at their Mack Avenue factory in Detroit, Michigan.

In 1908, Ford introduced the Model T.  This was the first vehicle to feature a removable cylinder head on the engine.

In 1922, the company purchases the Lincoln Motor Company.

In 1930, the Model A was introduced.  This was the first vehicle with a safety glass windshield.

In 1941, the company begins producing Jeeps for the US military.  Consumer car production does not resume until 1945.

In 1956, the company goes public.

In 1987, the company acquires the majority of shares in Aston Martin.

In 1989, Ford acquires Jaguar.  The company would sell Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008.

In 1990, the company introduces the Explorer.

In 1992, the company buys 50% of Mazda.

Today, Ford is the 2nd largest US carmaker and 5th largest in the world.

Ford FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Ford?
Answer 1: The phone number for Ford is (313) 322-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Ford?
Answer 2: The CEO of Ford is James Hackett.

Question 3: Who founded Ford?
Answer 3: Ford was founded by in .

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Carol Weathersby March 22, 2019 at 3:54 pm

To whom it may concern:
My name is Carol Weathersby Campbell and in October 2019, I purchased 2 vehicles from Planet Ford 59 humble Texas in cash. One of the vehicles was a 2013 Dodge Challenger RT and the other vehicle was a Chevrolet Tahoe. I was told by Stewart at Planet Ford 59, that the dodge Challenger had a remaining bumper to bumper warranty with Dodge since the vehicle had less than 50,000 miles. I purchased an additional extended warranty from Steward from Planet ford dealership in Humble Texas. In November 2019, I had major throttle problems with the dodge Challenger. I was told to take the vehicle to Texan Dodge with Mrs. Sheffie. Once the vehicle was analyzed, I was told that a new motor would have to be placed in the vehicle. The dodge Challenger stayed in the shop at Texan dodge without a loaner vehicle or rental car for a month. In December, the vehicle started having additional problems, and I brought the vehicle back to Texan Dodge to have the problem fixe. This occasion I was without a vehicle for a week and had to pay another deductible. Now, March 2019, my dodge Challenger is leaking oil and I am being told to bring it back to the same dealership.
I do not understand that if there are no recalls on the vehicle, and I had another motor placed in the vehicle in November 2018, why would I have an oil leak? I was told that the parts were not new parts and anything could be wrong with the used parts that were purchased to put in the vehicle by Mrs. Sheffie. I am trying to resolve this matter as it has been an inconvenience to me. I have had time lost from work, out of pocket deductibles paid over 5 times, and given the run around.
I was also told that I could not get two copies of a key to my vehicle even though it was purchased with cash. I was only given one copy of the key to this vehicle. I am not certain if this is some sort of scam going on between Planet Ford (59 in Humble, Texas), and Texan Dodge, but it is frustrating. The additional vehicle did not come with a third row seat, and the sunroof is leaking water when it rains. We also had problems with the struts and brakes on the Chevrolet Tahoe that is making the vehicle difficult to drive.
I am not certain if I need to retain a lemon law attorney to handle this matter as no one is properly repairing this vehicle. The Dodge Challenger had another insurance claim on the vehicle according to Texan dodge before I purchased the vehicle and another motor was placed in the vehicle. I know that this some sort of game that the two dealerships are playing at my expense.
I am reaching out to your office because I am frustrated and would very much like to see this matter resolved.
I can be contacted at either carolweathersby77@, 832-881-XXXX, or 832-672-XXXX.
Thank you.


Andrew Robinson March 19, 2019 at 10:22 pm

On Saturday, March 16th I dropped off my car for oil change and inspection of “check engine light”. and signed to approve work to be performed for $149.95. That evening I got a call stating that my coolant was over flowing, so I even said “great!” because I want to get a fluid flush anyways and approved work to be performed over the phone. (I was aware of the $135 charge for that service from previous work done at ford dealership in San Diego (La Mesa)) (totaling $284.95) and my car would be staying over the weekend. However, come Monday I called twice for an update about repairs and price and got nothing until I called that evening and was told the car would hopefully be ready Tuesday late afternoon but with no information on what was the issue(s) with the car or price. So, I was led to believe nothing was out of the ordinary and the service I requested was adequate. On Tuesday (today @ 10:35am) I again had to call for an update and was told I would get a call back. At 1:50 pm I called again (never got a call) asking for an update and was told my car was ready for pick-up @2pm today. When I was going to pay my bill, I was told it was $840 and sum change for my repairs I was blown away. I was NEVER made aware of parts being replaced and/or installed and the additional cost. So, I demand to speak with the manager (Stefen Adams (562)420-3333 Extension 400). Who also agreed that there was no documentation/ proof of my approval for that additional work in my papers? Therefore, I demanded compensation for being misled and uninformed. Which lead into an argument, mind you this is my first time at the dealership. He stated either you pay your bill, or they will take out the new parts and replace with the old parts. Of course, I want my car fixed but I was very upset that he acknowledged their wrong doing but wasn’t offering anything in return until I stated I was going to report this issue to the B.A.R. then I was offered a 10% discount for the repairs bring it to $660. Very unhappy I paid my bill and requested ALL documentation regarding my car to prose legal action and was only given “2” sheets of paper NONE of it explaining or showing the work, detail, or all the cost that was requested to pay when I came in to pick-up my car, and demanded to speak with the manager again. He stated that he DID NOT have to give me any paperwork regarding the full time or any work on my car during the time it was there in the shop. I stated that it was against the law (Repair Act) passed by CA legislation. He stated I was mistaken and had the wrong information. after realizing nothing more would proceed further in my favor, I left but stated legal recourse would be taken. I got into my car and realized my car was still acting the same as when I brought it in, additionally the “check engine light” was still on. So, I walked back in and told the manager I would like to go forward with your advice in removing all new parts and replacing them back with the old parts and being issued a refund and left the dealership. Not even an hour later I got a call stating that it would be “unsafe “for them to put back the old parts and that additional work was needed to FULLY fix my car. so, I demand a much lower rate for the repairs ($350) (50% off) and my request my accepted. Worthington ford broke and/or violated my rights as a consumer and the California Repair Act and legal recourse, and punishment should be issued against them on my behalf.
Thank You.
Andrew J. Robinson


Susan Shuler March 12, 2019 at 2:58 pm

I bought a 2012 F550 super duty truck that was built with basket for sign work which is what I use it for. Well in 2015 the motor had to be replaced now in Feb 22 2019 it needs another new motor my business has lost work because of this. Why does this diesel motor not last any longer. Trying to get help with this is a joke Ford needs to build something they can stand behind or replace it 50 / 50 What do you think


Darryl Greer March 5, 2019 at 4:09 pm

Hello,to whom it may concern I purchased a 2011 f250 diesel in march of 2018,with 90k miles.Im so disappointed in the reliability of this vehicle.Since I have had it the egrcooler,injectors,high pressure pump,turbo etc has been replaced.Each time it has been at a ford dealer it always long periods of time for repairs.when I did my research diesel is suppose to be a long lasting motor. Through out all of my issues I made calls to ford but no one has ever reached out or compensated me in any way.Yours truly Darryl greer


James Distefanis February 25, 2019 at 1:33 pm

This is regarding a recent incident at the North Brothers Ford dealership. My son was picking up his vehicle there and upon leaving the bay, accidentally hit the door with the cars antennae. He negotiated with them to share the cost of the repair which they were reluctant to do. Of course he left the car there for the repair which took a week! When he went to get the car, it was left outside with a dead battery and no gasoline!!! Is this acceptable business??? I have been going to this dealer for 15 years since moving to Canton. I won’t ever go there again! The owner of this dealership needs to be notified of this inacceptable behavior!


Marina Mondragon February 14, 2019 at 4:59 pm

I will never go back to this dealer. These people can’t even read even though we fill out application with the correct apartment number when they submitted our information to DMV that apartment number there that we never even lived in when I went to ask how that happened nobody knew. I was trying to have them hold accountable for the consequences that I now have to be responsible for because they can’t enter information correctly. And general sales manager Chris Alligood was trying to close the deal with the $50 gas gift card. When my lawyer’s fees a way above that not to mention my time and money lost trying to run around and collect document to support and backup consequences that they created for us.


Ron Otting December 27, 2018 at 1:43 pm

Good morning,I would to tell the Ford Motor CO.He** happy I am with the F-150 I purchased in 2013 from Castruci Ford in Milford Ohio.It is the best truck I have ever owned.It has 400,000 miles on it.I would not be afraid to drive it anywhere.Ive only had to minor repairs done in five years. YOU ARE TO BE VERY PROUD.GOD BLESS AMERICA.Getting ready to purchase another truck just like this one Thank you Ron


Linda Wright November 21, 2018 at 6:18 pm

I drive a Ford truck F150 and purchased my truck from Heiser Ford at 1700 W. Silver Spring Dr. in Glendale, Wisconsin 53209 My passenger headlamp stopped working and I drove into the service department at Heiser. They were the most rude and offensive service people, Ben Kaufman and the service manager, that I have ever encountered. I told them I have not been in for a few years because their pricing was too expensive. Ben argued with me about trying to justify their prices. When I asked for an appointment to fix my broken headlamp they put me out 10 business days! I asked if they were going to cover my ticket from the police because it is illegal to drive with a burnt out headlamp. They said no absolutely not! What kind of service is this? A broken headlamp needs an appointment asap as it is illegal and Ford is asking me to break the law. If they listened to their customers, lowered their prices, maybe we, the general public, could afford to bring in our trucks in for a grease and oil change or any other repair needed. But I can’t even get a headlamp fixed!!! I asked to speak to the service manager and he was even more rude!! After Ben explained the difficulty to his manager, note: without me present to make sure he explained it correctly, the manager walked out of his office right past me knowing full well I was the person in need of assistance, and proceeded to help someone else. Didn’t even have the courtesy to say to me: I will be right with you. Just turned his back and walked half a block away with his back to me. I will NEVER go to Heiser Ford again and/or purchase another vehicle from Heiser. In fact, it was so insulting, I may never purchase another Ford ever again! Heiser Ford should be ashamed of themselves.


CHANDRA MATTHEWS November 20, 2018 at 11:35 am

I bought a new 2017 F-150 in January of this year, it has approx. 12,400.00 miles on it, I have had a horrible noise coming from it like I am dragging a ton of metal behind me, it comes out of nowhere so it scares the crap out of me. I have this on recording, I have taking it to my local dealer here in Homestead, Florida Lorenzo Ford… The first time the truck was towed there, he other 3 times I brought it there. to make a very long story short NEVER TAKE YOUR TRUCK THERE!!! They have not fixed the issue, they said if they cant duplicate the noise then oh well cant fix it one of the service advisors said to me when i said ok i will drive it and hopefully it don’t blow up or maybe something will fall out she said well i hope something does then we can fix it REALLY…, Also every time my truck goes there they do not complete the job properly and they damage it i have photos of everything, i paid a lot of money for my truck and pay a lot monthly i take extremely good care of my vehicle and to take it to the dealership where they are supposed to help you and take care of your vehicle it’s like they don’t care there… First they gouged my rim very first time I took it in for its first tire rotation, so they had to fix that while they had it still trying to duplicate the noise, when I went to pick it up because they didn’t find anything and my rim was fixed, they dented my tailgate, so they had to keep it and fix the dent, they had it approx. 3 weeks so they fixed dent still cant find noise i was advised they kept it on a lift so nothing else would happen to it, when i got it home a few days later i noticed under my back passenger door is a big dent with a big gouge where paint is no longer, so i brought it back up to Lorenzo and they said ohhh i don’t think we did that it was on a lift, ya well common sense people looks like when they lowered the truck the door was open, so i am still waiting for them to contact me to see if they are going to fix it.. i will be contacting corp will all my documentation and complaints with ford itself and with LORENZO FORD OF HOMESTEAD FLORIDA..


Laura Presley October 2, 2018 at 10:43 am

Good morning,
I am an owner of a 2012 Ford Explorer, which I bought in May 2014. On 09.30.2018 as I was driving, my light came on stating I would need to service my power steering. I returned home and looked this up in my owner’s manual. When I went back out to go to work, the lights came on stating Service NOW.. I did locate there is a recall on this issue #14V286000. I took my car to dealership yesterday and they informed me I needed replace the entire steering rack, the inner tie rod ends, and get an alignment which would cost me approx. $2000.
He stated I exceeded the mileage on the recall. How can a recall not be granted due to mileage. I bought the car after the recall was issued.
I am completely frustrated with this. I look forward to hearing from you with a resl\olution.


Charles Harrington June 22, 2018 at 6:33 pm

Thank you for censoring my post right off this page. I will have my day in Stillwater County Courthose, MT. Looking forward to it.


martin Husereau June 22, 2018 at 12:42 pm

Hello I am involved in your TAKATA Air Bag Recall I was sent a Notice telling to see a Dealership about a Rental Vehicle. I went to Caruso Ford in Long Beach,Ca when I spoke with the Service center People I was told I would be getting a Rental Car. I was then told I would need to take my Car Home and not to Drive it at all until I would be called when the Parts came in. I asked when did they think the Parts would be in for my Car and I was told NO BODY KNOWS. I went and Picked up my Rental Car from Enterprise rent a car of Cypress,Ca. When I was there I asked since I am NOT allowed to Drive my Car can I transfer my Sirius XM Satellite Radio Account to my Rental Car. I was told NO I would be required to be paying the cost of $5.99 Dollars a day for as long as I would need the rental Car. I asked if Ford would pick up the Cost of the Satellite Radio I was told No..I am not understanding that your Company is telling me I am not allowed to Drive my Car that I have Satellite Radio installed. and have a Monthly contract for less then the Cost of Enterprise rates. Is there collusion between you and Sirius Rad and Enterprise to make Money from Peoples miss fortune. I am will to Pay my contract cost for my Satellite Radio Service to my Rental Car. I am NOT will to be paying thousands of Dollars of Satellite Service fees to Enterprise Car Rental.. I am looking for Honesty here you forced me to be driving a rental Car Please fix this mistake I know their are thousands of Loyal Lincoln Customers who are having this same Problem. Martin Husereau 1-714-827-XXXXX than you


Charles Harrington June 21, 2018 at 3:27 pm

I own a 2017 Ford Lariat F350 DRW pickup. As of 6/21/18 I have owned the truck for exactly 6 months
I have experienced 8 flat or half flat tires only on the aluminum wheels. All of the valve stems are leaking where they penetrate the wheel. I have videos & pictures of the valve stems leaking on all 4 aluminum wheels. I have receipts for getting these temporarily repaired. The aluminum wheel valve stem hole is corroded around the stem. I have exploded view pictures of the corrosion. The hole in the rim is pitted on all 4 wheels as the tire shop pointed out to me. I have been to multiple dealers and contacted Ford Customer Service. Customer Service provided a case number and told me to return to the dealer. I asked them if this case number would prompt the dealer to repair all four leaking wheels. They absolutely would not answer that question, yes or no. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and they refused, twice. The dealers have told me they will only replace or repair if the wheel is leaking when I bring it in. Regardless of how many date & time stamped photos and videos I have of the wheels/stems leaking. This is unacceptable. This is my 7th new truck from Ford. This issue is all over the internet. It is incomprehensible that I have to repeatedly contact Ford after spending $80,000. on a truck with tires that keep going flat or half full or air. At the same time it is ruining my tires. I just pray to God that one of my front tires doesn’t blow out when I am doing 75-80mph on the interstate.
The business am in we bend over backwards for the client. We say how can we be of service, and what will it take to correct the issue.
So far I am nothing short of completely disgusted
With the manor my dealer, other dealers and Ford Customer Service have handled a legitimate defective vehicle part that could lead to serious bodily injury or death.
I shall see if Ford reaches out to me to correct this issue. My last resort is here prior to taking further action.


Timothy Coverdale April 25, 2018 at 1:46 pm

My wife, granddaughter and myself were in our 2017 ford escape SE. When we were hit in drivers door by someone traveling 65 mph run the stop sign. Car rolled 3 times and we walked away with little or no injuries. Not saying we were perfect
After leaving hospital but we are alive and doing well. Thanks you ford for the safe car. We bought a new one.


Kia Smith December 29, 2017 at 4:00 pm

I am leasing a 2016 Escape. In the process of me moving, I lost my paper work and therefore did not remember what my allowed mileage was, so I called the Ford Motor Co. to get my mileage. The person whom I spoke with Feb.spoke with gave me the wrong informationf this year told me my allowed mileage was 38,000 miles.

In trying to turn my car in recently and get a new one, I find out that my allowed mileage is actually 34,145 The person I spoke with gave me the wrong information..So I’m thinking I have some time before I need to turn it in..So of course when I found out today Dec.29, 2017 my actual allowance, I was shocked because of the misinformation given, I am now over my allowance.

I should not have to pay for the extra mileage due to the fact i was given wrong information. I tired to explain this to one of the supervisors at Ford Motor Co. when I called, but she wasn’t trying to help me at all. All she could say was I have to pay for the extra mileage. Her first name is Andrea she did not give me her last name.

It was someone in your company who gave out wrong information I would have taken the truck in awhile back if I had been given correct information and on top of that, they didn’t even record on my account that I called. Whomever this person was, and I wish I had gotten a name, is very incompetent and I should not have to pay for their mistakes

Now based on the incorrect information I was given, I was and still am preparing to turn in the truck in Feb 2018 and would not be over 38,000 miles. Again this is the information I was given when I called in Feb. of this year,

So because none of this is my fault, I need to be able to turn the truck in this Feb 2018 without any penalty.


Retired November 12, 2017 at 4:15 pm

In May I went on line looking for a new
vehicle I was redirected to Chapman Ford,
at the time still at old location, to look at
inventory, ask questions and maybe buy a
new auto. I was contacted by one of their
sales agents. My first question was, does the
2017 Ford Focus, they had in stock on web
site, have the problem with the automatic
transmission, the SEAL failure, that ended
in a loss to Ford in the lawsuit that everyone
has been talking about. This is the one
where the seal on the transmission failing
causing leakage and then causing clutch
failure, slippage etc.. He stated absolutely
not! None of the 2017 models have that
problem. So my wife and I went to the
dealer to check out the auto we previewed
on their web site. Again, We both asked
does this transmission have the transmission
that fails with a leakage do to seal failure
and again he stated that he checked with his
people and absolutely this auto does not
have that and will not have that problem. I
purchased this vehicle on GOOD faith that
evening and I now have had this 2017 ford
focus in their NEW location at the 101, shop
twice, THEIR paper work I have shows,
FIRST; IN:10/23/17, 3266 miles, OUT:
10/25/17, 3271miles and SECOND;
IN:11/02/17, 3352 miles, OUT 11/03/17,
miles 3352 (notice only 12 days and on the
second re-repair, the miles have not changed
IN-OUT, how did they do a road test before
repair and then after, my conclusion is they
knew what the issue was and addressed it).
Both times, within less then 100 miles, for
the transmission. Here is what has happened.
Auto NEW, is 6 months, 3266 miles. The
auto in highway driving stops working. With
NO control of speed I was almost rear ended
by a truck and could have been KILLED. It
also, from a stop light/sign would slip going
into gears ( never Heavy
accelerating/flooring the pedal) . I called
CHAPMAN, made appointment, brought
auto in. A couple days of them working on
auto received call from their very nice
service writer to state FIXED. On the
description papers print out it stated Tech,
Richard Sutton (208) worked both times on
vehicle, FIRST time, drove/tested vehicle
and concluded the computer had to be re
educated, his words:
TIME. This is MY conclusion this answer
only is for the computer to help with
monitoring MPG so the auto gives its BEST.
It does not control the failure of the SEAL, a
part! Well on the way home the
transmission reacted exactly has it did
before they re-learned/retrained/performed
the adaptive re-learn procedure. I called they
stated give it a couple of days. Again I am
on the highway again the transmission goes
away nothing just a revving engine.
Avoiding a collision. I coast to a stop after
almost getting rear ended and KILLED
again. I immediately call Chapman Ford was
told bring it in, but there was no one there,
because it was Friday so bring it in Monday.
I did and The NEW paper work states, Seal
Failure causing CLUCH failure. The
tech(208) stated he drove/tested vehicle and
these are now his words.
The most alarming part to this, is when I looked at my odometer in showed the
miles they stated 3352! The same it came in with!
This is a WARNING to ALL consumers of this dealer CHAPMAN FORDs practices.
The sales agent misrepresented/lied with his answer to my query and the service,
well you can see they in their own paper work make me and it should you never do
any purchases from this dealership. SO SAD!


Rene Martinez October 9, 2017 at 12:56 pm

I just called the customer service line to inquire about a recall on my 2008 Ford Escape. The power steering is defaulty, not to mention the throttle. I have done so much research on the throttle, after my daughter and I almost died last weekend. I pulled out into traffic and not only did I not have any power steering out of the blue, but my car would not change from 1st to 2nd gear and I had no power and the car almost shut down in the middle of the road. There is an “extended customer sanctification program” for this issue however, even the the hwy safety depart found the faulty parts were in 2001-2017 Escapes, Ford decided to only extend the remedy to 2009 and up, because this was the bare minimum they had to do to avoid a recall. I called today to find out about my car and the lady told me to get into my car and take it to a dealership. What? I just got done telling you that my car shut down with no power, no power steering and Ford’s response is to get back in the car? The closest “approved” dealership is 85 miles from my home. What a joke of company. Glad to know that Ford is willing to lose customers over they ridiculous customer service, but they are also ok losing them to death.


Ford October 5, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Alan Mullay is not the CEO


Tammy Robinson October 5, 2017 at 2:46 pm

Thanks for letting us know the site was out of date. We have corrected it. Thanks!


Jacqueline D. Barry September 27, 2017 at 5:46 pm

To Whom it May Concern,
I just purchased a 2017 Ford Fusion, two weeks ago. Had I known Ford gave Black Lives Matter , the outrages sum of $100 million I would never had bought a Ford. I do have to say I will never buy another Ford product. Please respond.
Jacqueline D. Barry


Edmund Schatzle August 31, 2017 at 9:19 pm

I have driven a 1997 F-150 for 19.5yrs and was very satisfied but finally had to retire her. Not one complaint did I have regarding this vehicle. My wife drives an Escape and my daughter drives a Focus. I recently purchased a 2009 F-15O in full confidence in this model and Ford Co. Less than one year of owning this vehicle I have not had one moment of peace. It all started within one month of driving it off the lot. I had to get the driver seat electrical system changed not once, not twice but three times and it is now in need of repairs AGAIN. The driver side heater quit working. I have had to repair the timing mechanism TWICE (once on each side) and now I’m in need of a new engine due to faulty cam shaft and everything that goes with it, including poor oil pressure. I was told by two different Mechanic Companies that Ford Motor Co. was fully aware of the timing mechanism defects on F-150’s from 2009-2014.
I called Ford Motor Co and received NO help, NO assistance and definitely NO resolution. I have now decided that I want nothing to do with a company of this magnitude who can’t even discuss options…..So I and my family are cutting all ties with Ford. We are now selling all three vehicles.
Thanks Ford


J f August 18, 2017 at 12:37 am

Ford ever since you merged with Kia the vehicles are not dependable and always malfunctioning. I was a ford girl for 30 years but will now give up and seek a Mazda dealer

Dishearten in michigan


Joe Hewlett August 3, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I’ve bought an F250 and focus in 2015 brand new. Buy vehicles from ford for the last 20 years and never had so many problems as i-85. Having with the focus. This car is dangerous and when you drive it off the lot seems as if you already lost 10 grand when you sign the papers. Worst transmission in the world and ford won’t do much about it. The service stinks and this may be my last ford ever. Looking in the Chevy world now. Thanks for no help getti g me out of this piece of crap. My next 20 years from the service I’m getting will be with another line of vehicles.


Darlene Richard June 26, 2017 at 5:09 pm

How is it that you just get a 2015 Ford Explorer and the battery goes out on you and it’s no good after 43,000 miles and then you have to end up buying a brand new battery and then they tell you it’s not even much covered under the warranty that’s why I don’t do Ford cars I regret buying it it’s been almost 30 years since I bought a Ford car so I decide to go back and try them again and all I’ve been having was trouble after trouble with this car as soon as I can trade in it will be gone


Samantha berger May 30, 2017 at 10:01 am

The ford place in sevierville,TN is an awful place they had my car for 2 days to see what was wrong with it and couldnt figure out what it was they charged me 120.00 for dialysis but didnt tell me ahead of time that i would have to pay that they said since my car is under warranty its free to check it. They said they think its something in the turbo thats causing it to vibrate when i drive but there not sure. I only had the car for a year it only has 43,000 miles on it with a 100,000 mile warranty so why am i having issues with my car so soon and why cant the tech tell me whats wrong with it. If i dont get my car fixed the right way and my money back i will go to an attorney over this its ridiculous the staff was ruder than ever made me feel like a worthless pos so i demamd awnser


Sharon A. Moss-Pagnotti December 14, 2014 at 11:42 am

Never in all the years I have owned a vehicle, have I ever had to replace left and right front ball joints! The cost was over $800.00!!!! I only have my vehicle brand new from 2008 to present (Ford Escape 2008 XLT) with only 81,000 miles only traveling once to Georgia the rest of the time to work (which is only 10 miles from my home) I love my Ford Escape!!!!
Has anyone else complained about replaced ball joints at low mileage and on the road travel? I would like Ford to reimburse me the $800!!!


Sharon A. Moss-Pagnotti
*** Park Ave.
Barnesville, Pa. 18214


Ronald Bartolini July 15, 2013 at 7:24 pm

Can I apply your company? I want to be part of your company. I love Ford.


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