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Camping World Corporate Office Address

Camping World Holdings, Inc.
250 Parkway Drive Suite 270
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069

Contact Camping World

Phone Number: (847) 808-3000
Fax Number: (270) 796-8991
Email: Email Camping World

Camping World Facts

Founder: David Garvin
Date Founded: 1966
Founding Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Number of Employees: 10227

Camping World Executives

CEO: Marcus Lemonis
CFO: Thomas Wolfe
COO: Mark Boggess

Camping World History

Camping World Logo

Camping World began as an amusement park outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 1966. Originally nothing more than a campground without RV hookups, the visitor’s to the amusement park used to inquire where they could obtain camping supplies. The son of the amusement park’s owner, Dave Garvin, took out a small loan and opened his store.Picture of forest road

Today, Camping World is one of the largest RV and camping supply stores in the U.S., with more than 100 locations and 2,000 employees. The company had annual revenue of $3.527 billion in 2016.  Garvin sold the company to Good Sams Enterprises in 1997, whose CEO is Marcus Lemonis. The company still offers online sales and catalog orders by phone. Camping World store front

In October 2016, Camping World had an IPO (Initial Public Offering) which raised $251 million. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: CWH.

Salesforce has stated that it will no longer sell products to companies that offer gun related items, including Camping World. 

In June 2019, the CEO of the company says that local ordinances prohibiting the size of an American flag is unconstitutional. 

Camping World is one of the largest supporters of NASCAR racing and the Indy Racing League.

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Camping World FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Camping World?
Answer 1: The phone number for Camping World is (847) 808-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Camping World?
Answer 2: The CEO of Camping World is Marcus Lemonis.

Question 3: Who founded Camping World?
Answer 3: Camping World was founded by David Garvin in 1966.

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Patricia Boyette November 9, 2019 at 8:13 am

I have never been treated so rudely by both a dealership and the corporate office. Tried to work with the Business Manager (Trey Hill) at the Hope Mills, NC dealership. He held up my paperwork for 2 weeks in processing an insurance refund. I called the branch several times to try to reach him and the switchboard would hang up on me, Emailed him several times and finally got a rude email that he did everything within a “timely manner”. Called Corporate and left message for call back. Two days later, no call back. Called again and waited all day for call back after being told several times that I would get a call back that day. No call back. If corporate can not respect their customers any better than that and it just goes downhill to the dealerships. The CEO claims he is such a patriot because he won’t remove an American flag at their Stateville, NC location and has his employees treat their customers like they are just irritating flies on the wall. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL REGRET IT!


Betty Stroud November 12, 2019 at 8:41 am

If you didnt get enough rudeness from that one…Try Ashland VA Camping World. Im sure they can put the icing on the cake. The only good and trustworthy person their is the salesman Robbie Lyons.


Judy Hatch November 1, 2019 at 5:47 pm

Camping World in Loveland Colorado is abysmal. They have had our 5th wheel for over 4 weeks. Then they left the glass shower door unlocked and broke the glass when they moved the unit. Guess what??? They are blaming us. Terrible service to say the least. I’ve called the number for the CEO, what a load of crap no phone call back. Why did they file bankruptcy? Take a guess.



Teddy Baird October 22, 2019 at 10:03 am

Bought a brand new Sunset camper used it twice and was going to get it winterized and a couple warranty things fixed. No big deal make a appointment and take it in. Called Nashville yesterday and waited on phone 3 times for 20 minutes or longer. For no one to pick up the phone just to schedule the appointment. Called Bowling Green and lady took my info and said someone will call you back. Almost 24 hours and still no one has called back. If this how you treat your customers that just bought a brand new camper then i will never buy from them again or tell anyone else to buy from them as well. At least have one person who can schedule people to come in. I will update this when i get my work done and i will give a review each time i have these issues. Thank you Teddy 10-22-19


Teddy Dean Baird November 1, 2019 at 11:02 am

Still have yet heard a word from anyone.


Brooke Toyra September 10, 2019 at 1:29 pm

We bought our 2015 Coleman Travel Trailer back on July 27, 2019 and then we were assuming that all the tax, title and registration fees were taken care of, then come to find out that Camping World Las Vegas only paid what they felt was the “correct taxes” per Kris, when in fact a total of $921.00 was due to the DMV in CA and Camping World only paid $727.49, leaving us with $193.51 to complete our DMV transaction. Attempted to resolve this issue with Camping World LV and they stated they did everything correct!! I’m not sure that is how it works and I feel completely ripped off at this point!!
And not to boot that I was told at purchase we had an extended warranty “included” and then find out Camping World snuck it in on our financing at almost $3K and was NEVER told about it being added to the financing EVER!! And to add more fuel to the fire, the leveling jacks are screwed into the bumper and under carriage, which you can’t put the sewer hose away properly, the fridge never worked properly and has since stopped working, now we have no fridge, the AC leaks into the Trailer and the walls of the trailer and there was damage to the cabinet and pointed it out during inspection, but they brushed it off that someone must have hit it by accident!! They were supposed to have it up and running and complete a show and tell when we arrived in town!! That was not the case, after our 3.5 hour drive to Las Vegas, nothing was on or working when we arrived, we had to look at it in the heat, without anything running, Now it all makes sense!! Live and learn I guess!! I will not be doing business with Camping World in the future, especially the Las Vegas one, that’s for sure!!
I’M so over this place and will never recommend Camping World to anyone, EVER!!


Bobby J Hawks September 3, 2019 at 6:46 pm

Lived near Camping World most of my life an never have herd anything good about them !!!


Jim Buffett August 21, 2019 at 7:36 pm

I’m just concerned about the poor customer service and the worst of the worst management is in charge at the Dothan Alabama Gander RV sales. Me and my family visit the store and some of the language that was issued out from the service manager to one of his employees was totally ridiculous and inappropriate. The general manager was right there in the situation and just walked off like it was normal. I own a business myself and if you can’t treat the team you got working under you right, man I feel for the customers that come in everyday to get service. Me and my family went to our vehicle and left. That is a place we do not want to be dealing with if that’s the kind of management we will be disrespectful to their own employees!! It was one guy that came up to us and asked if we needed any help and his name I believe was Akeem. He was very respectful, but he kept getting called on the radio so we let him go back to work. But after hearing conversations between managment and the employee we decided to leave. By me being a owner of my own establishment that would be something I would surely do some research with employees to see how they are really being treated. Some of them really didn’t look too happy to be at work!!!


Susan Stang August 7, 2019 at 7:08 pm

In November 2018 we stopped at Camping World in Woodstock Georgia. We purchased over $300.00 of products as well as filled both of our propane tanks. I have written twice, no response, called, left on hold or told the person I need to talk to was unavailable, but not return call, so we will see what or if you bother to care enough to at least acknowledge a problem you have in how you treat customers. We pull a 44′ Raptor Toy hauler with an Anderson Hitch, as recommended by Keystone for our set-up. As we drove to the store we ended up down a very long narrow street. As we pulled into the parking lot, it was packed with campers and trailers. We were at a loss as to how we were going to get out. We asked if we could pull through a gate and turn around. We were told no that there was no room back there. Backing back down the road was not an option due to the distance and width. My husband said he didn’t know how we would be able to get out. The response from the employee was “don’t worry, just watch me, I do this all the time”. Again my husband said there is no way we will get this turned around. He was once again assured that he would get him turned around, to just watch him. I went into the store to make our purchase. When I came back out, I saw the employee in the cart driving off through the parking lot and my husband standing next to the unit shaking his head. We fully understand the responsibility of knowing our turning radius, however after stating multiple time that we could not make it, not knowing how we were suppose to get out of there, and being told, no problem just watch me, do it all the time, I can get you out of here……needless to say we ended up with damage to the toy hauler and over $8,000 damage to our truck. Yes we have insurance but a $1,000 deductible on the truck and $1,000 deductible on the trailer. I walked in and asked to talk to a manager and a tall man came out from the service area walked out and looked at it and said “you need to know your turning radius and that’s not a good hitch” and walked away! No one would take responsibility or offer any type of assistance. Needless to say, I find it very hard to even consider ever doing business with Camping World or any of its associate companies again. In reading the other comments, Customer Service is obviously not of importance to you. Simple return communication solves many problems!


John Dissly August 5, 2019 at 5:31 pm

This afternoon I drove our motorhome to Camping World of Tyler for a state inspection only to discover that their single certified technician was not in today. This is after calling Friday to verify when they performed the inspections (M-F, 2:00-4:00) first-come/first-served. Customer ahead of me was wanting an inspection as well and was told that their technician was not in today and no inspections were being performed. This person had called service this morning and was told that he could get an inspection. Behind me was a third customer also wanting an inspection. Needless to say, there were three irate customers that I knew and that was in just 15 minutes time. No telling how many more upset customers CW had today. So Marcus – we are not happy about CW’s service and you should not be happy because we aren’t happy.
I did not renew my Roadside Assistance package this month because it was not worth the time/money when I tried to use it earlier this year, I think Marcus is making changes just to improve his bottom line and not really caring about delivering quality products.
And I will no longer be using CW as my primary source of RV products and services.


Stan Reames August 5, 2019 at 9:28 am

It sad to find out first time experience with camping world,I was looking at buying a used or new camper,I contacted 3 different camping world in my state , Missouri I made offer’s on 3 used campers,all witch was way over priced ,I brought this to there sales person s,two of the salesman where very rude to me on the phone,I drove 4 1/2 hours to another state to do business with a little rv dealer and bought a new one for less money ,I will never shop at camping world ever,and if I have warranty problems with my RV I will take it 4 1/2 hours back to where I bought would think a company as big as camping world would be a better company to work with,sad.


Keith Richard July 25, 2019 at 1:01 pm

I am on hold now with the Corporate office. As with most of the feedback and consumer complaints the service and communication is the worst I have experienced working with any business. My wife and I purchased an RV from the Camping World Sherman, TX location in September 2018. It is nearly August 2019, and we still do not have a license plate. There has been no proactive communication. We continue to follow up after weeks and months without a license plate. The person responsible continues to make excuses and promises that they do not deliver. We took our the RV in for warranty related services on July 3. I communicated to the Service Supervisor that we didn’t need the RV for a couple of weeks, and please follow up on the status. Well, I called the location on July 24 after no follow up or communication. Now the fun begins. The Supervisor that was involved was terminated, and he/they didn’t engage or start any of the work. The person I spoke to on July 23 was supposed to return my call that afternoon or the morning of July 25. I waited until 1100 and he did not return my call. I called him and expressed my frustration. He commented that he would provide me with a status update today. I am not holding my breath. I also left a VM with the GM, and of course not return call. Now the best part, I was on hold with the corporate office for 5 minutes, and was disconnected.

Do not purchase an RV from Camping World.


T Smith September 6, 2019 at 5:34 pm

I am having the same issues with a Brand New MBS from CW purchased 7-3-19 and be in service since purchased with Mercedes and CW. Over 20 warranty issues and no title or tags. Have you gotten anywhere with corporate as of today… September 6, 2019.


Thomas Shullaw July 18, 2019 at 4:29 pm

It seems like its a common complaint but I have received the most horrible customer service after purchasing a class A Winnebago from Camping World. I have had nothing but problems from the beginning and no one is will to help. Last week my bedroom slideout stopped working and after consulting the manuals I realized there is a 2 year warranty on it. I called The Camping World where I bought it in Gulf Breeze Florida and was told they changed names and do not honor warrantees. I then called the Camping World in Robertsdale Al and asked if they could take a look at it. I was told it would take months to get it in for service. All my Camping World paperwork says previous customers get priority on service. I guess this is all a scheme to get suckers like me to buy. My RV was $150000 and I would expect to be a valued customer. I chatted on the Camping World site and was told they didn’t take care of problems. I just want to get my slideout fixed before the warrantee runs out. Its like pulling teeth to get anyone to help. Any ideas on how to resolve this? My wife and I were looking at upgrading next year but I think I will look at other RV companies.


Gary Dickson July 17, 2019 at 2:42 pm

Hello. I’m not a happy camper. I purchase 2019 5th wheel camper from Tom Johnson. First day looking at trailers was great everything looked good left deposit returned 4 days later with bank check for total amount. I was scheduled to pick-up the day I ,paid in full. They would not give me my military discount. I’m a Disabled Vet. ! Wasted 6 hours that day plus diesel. Then it was a different story. Tom Johnson did not honor trade-in agreed price. Sales person little to non knowledge of the 5th wheel trailers and when ask to price-out 2 slide covers it was under $500. now the want $1,000. I feel she lied just to get a sale. Outside storage door missing and hot water door. Greasy hand prints inside on walls. Also the Tom Johnson management was not very nice making us very on-easy and ready to drop the complete Deal. I never before walk-in to a Camping world was treated so badly and belittled. Camping World needs to clamp down on these type of dealerships. I know for a fact I will Never go to another Tom Johnson in Concord NC or else where again. So now I have to wait another week to maybe pickup my trailer.
Hope this gets to Marcus’s Office. Sales is what keeps businesses growing


Alisa Sylvester July 2, 2019 at 4:04 pm

We’re searching for a new camper. We were seriously considering driving to Camping World in Pa. to purchase a new RV. After reading the comments your CEO Marcus Lemonis made regarding President Trump supports not coming to his company for business, we reconsidered. We will now be buying locally . Price isn’t as important to us, as staying true to our beliefs and our country’s leader. Sorry Camping World , you have a CEO who should keep his bug mouth shut and not excclude certain groups. Your loss Marcus Lemonis.


Louise delaTorre July 11, 2019 at 5:39 pm

In reference to Alisa Sylvester July 2, 2019 at 4:04 pm

Comments for CEO Marcus Lemonis made regarding President Trump supports not coming to his company for business, WE WILL CONTINUE to shop at Camping World with our past purchases and our future purchases. Mr Lemonis be true to yourself. Our current POTUS doesn’t hold back on his comments.

I guess you win some and loose some! So Marcus you are back at even.


Frank Jenkins July 2, 2019 at 10:53 am

You know, when you go get anything repaired it is a matter of perception as to whether you are pleased or not.

I have been going to Camping World on Irlo Bronson Highway in Kissimmee Florida now for one year with all my maintenance needs, and I can tell you the Service people are way above standard service — they are exceptional. While maintenance issues are always unpleasant, I can tell you that Niki, my service desk manager and Jesse the shop manager take the time to help me when I need help. When they finally get parts from the manufacturer, they turn my unit as soon as it is feasible. Our new Keystone product went through a number of growing pains over the last year, but Camping World of Kissimmee and I have to say the one in Albuquerque on the Interstate went over and above to try and keep me moving. I missed some time this year on the road, but I can tell you it was not due to Camping World as a matter of fact they went out of their way to try and mitigate any lost time.

They are my number one maintenance unit and I hope to be camping for a long while yet.

Many thinks to Camping World.


STEPHANIE R WHIDDON July 1, 2019 at 12:12 pm

We just bought a new 2019 Freedom Elite 26HE we are very pleased with the service and the finance manager Rob Bradley and our sales person, Susan Stephens, we are very pleased with them and camping world I give them a 5 star.


Bill June 25, 2019 at 4:22 pm

On 10/16/18 I went to Camping World to order repair items for my RV, due to damages from a bad hail storm.
I gave the parts man all of the needed information to order a new awning, complete with metal cover, awning, and roller tube. After a short time of researching he gave me a price. It was more than fair so I ask if that was for everything. He said it was, so I ordered it and paid $457. Prior to leaving, I ask once again of he was sure that was for everything and he assured me it was. a couple of days later I went to the store to, once again, confirm the everything I needed was coming, and again he assured me it was.
A couple weeks later I received a call to pick my awning up.
I went to the store and they leaded one 20′ tube in my pickup. I asked the parts man if this was everything and he said, once again, that everything was in the tube.
Due to some issues (death in the family, winter, and personal surgery) I did not get to install the awning until this week (6/19/19). I called a RV Mobile Tech, that I use, and he came out to install the awning for me. He had to cut my old awning off to facilitate installation. Then imagine the surprise when we opened the awning tube to discover I had only received a metal cover,,,Only a metal cover. I then called Camping World and talked to the Manager Mark. He said they had an awning that was exactly what I needed, so I picked it up, called the Tech back, and it was the wrong awning.
I went back to Camping World to get this straight, but their idea getting it straight was that I pay them over $800.
If I had not tried so hard to make sure that everything was right, I might have understood their plan, but this was not a good plan – Period. I thought that I might be able to find my original receipt so Mark said that I could call him back later. After an exhaustive search I was unable to find it, so I tried to call the store Manager, Mark, back. I had to leave a voice message (10:30 am) which was never returned. I now have an RV with awning arms sticking out and no assurance of a soon to be resolution.
Since this was first taken to the Store Manager, I have waited 5 days for a return phone call. Even then he was willing to give me a $50 discount. Something that was totally the store fault, yet seeming to only give a $50 discount. I would have been willing to work out a compromise, but all the SM has wanted to do is tell me what he would do. Not a great customer relations person .
Take away: Even if they tell you that the order is correct and as stated,,,be concerned!
Even customer service only reports back to the SM. No real oversight.
(I am a 20+ year member)


Ashley June 17, 2019 at 12:46 pm

Let me start by saying we did a lot of research when we decided to buy an RV for our family. Like most families, we can’t afford a lot but wanted to create memories together with our 3 kids while they were still young. We found that Camping World OKC had a good reputation and decided that is who we would buy from. We took the kids with us and finally decided on a 2019 Heartland Pioneer 33 ft. RV. We bought it on May 28th, 2018. We when first got the RV home and started inspecting it closer, there were several things that were not as you would expect for being BRAND NEW (numerous staples backing out of the walls, seam tape missing in several places, etc.). We called Camping World and was told that this is common for an RV, and that the 1-year warranty would cover these things. We already had our first trip planned so we were going to take it in for those things to be fixed when we got back from the trip. On our first trip we noticed additional issues… the screen door was warped and sunlight could be seen at the lower edges, the kitchen backsplash was buckled and coming off, the guide to keep our bedroom door on track- the screws had been stripped so it was coming loose, there was a gash in the bathroom wall, the carpet was coming up and unraveling near the slide out, the steps were bent, trim coming loose, and the wrong color sealant was used along the cabinets. In our opinion, this was just sloppy work from the manufacturer. In fact, many of the service records states from the mechanic “poorly installed” or “weren’t properly installed”, “sloppy seal job”, “bad weld”. There were also bubbles and debris under the exterior decal stickers that all needed to be replaced. A little more alarming was the bad welds that we brought to their attention on the outside frame that had to be grinded down and rewelded.
The first time we took the RV out on a trip, the water heater stopped working. The control board had to be replaced and then 2 WEEKS later, it stopped working again and they said that one must have been bad too. Our pilot light on the oven also quit working on the first trip. They said it was defective and they had to replace the burner assembly. And then had to replace the pilot. This was very upsetting it being our first trip in our BRAND-NEW trailer and we didn’t have hot water or an oven to use.
So, after having our RV for 2 weeks, we had to take it in and get all the items mentioned above fixed. It was in the service department from June 11th until August 24th. Now it is the end of summer; the kids are starting back to school. And we got to have the trailer for 2 weeks and go on 1 trip.
Once we got it back from the service center, there were still several issues we saw that did not get fixed. Additionally, we now noticed a screw had come up through the top of our countertop in the kitchen. So now that needed replaced. We had some fall trips planned so we decided to go ahead and address these issues after that.
We took the RV back in after our Spring Break Trip at the end of March and that is where it is currently (going on 3 months now). The countertop had to be special ordered and they don’t know when that will be in. We feel like at this point we just want to give the trailer back and be done with the situation. Now the warranty is over, and we have no idea what is going to go wrong next and now it will be out of pocket for us. It is not fair that we have had to go through this as our first experience. I believe the condition of this particular RV is unacceptable and this should be made right. We think the appropriate response would be taking it back and reimbursing us for the RV.


Rick June 12, 2019 at 5:56 pm

To whom it may concern your vacaville store sucks i ordered 2 new sofa bed sleepers and paid for them and thay told me thay would be in on tuesday the i called and no answer called 3 times no anwser so i drove over and talked to parts and thay said only one came in a thay wanted to give me the floor model i said i paid for 2 new ones. Thay didnt order 2 new ones .i didnt agree to that thay said take it or leave it. Is this how camping world does buisness? Just though you would like to know signed
Very unsatisfied
This is how c.w. treats a 2500.$cash paying person


Ken June 12, 2019 at 5:33 pm

This comment is because their complaint system also doesn’t work:
I keep trying to follow instructions and the screen keeps locking up. I called the wrong number you have listed as customer service and get a lady who suggests that I keep starting over or figure out what I want and call back and she will place the order for me. YOU CALL THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE?
I have been a Good Sam member as far back as it has existed or to my 60 years as I was still a teen when I got my first camper. I bought a camper from Camping World a few years ago, but this is enough to drive me to Amazon…
Most companies use a text market to perfect new things. I worked for Lowe’s and they tested a new system and scrapped it rather than piss off all their customers. Having a supposedly Customer Service person say its all messed up, keep trying or give up is not what most people call customer service! This attempt to contact you will probably lock up or go away, since your stuff is messed up, who wants to hear it again…


LINDA June 11, 2019 at 10:18 am



Katelyn Hayden June 6, 2019 at 4:52 pm

By far the worst experience I have even encountered buying an rv! The customer horrible! On many occasions our sales person Brian was very rude. They wanted us to pay 27,000 for a camper that was listed at 20,995….it was a 2014. Was rusted and has many many issues on the inside. Including where the fridge had been leaking and the cabinet underneath it was just in awful condition. We were trying in our.current camper which is a 2019 and has only been used 2 times. Were told they would give us 14,000 for our current camper. When we went in to see the paperwork they had upped the price of the camper we were trying to purchace to.make up for them giving us 14,000 for our current camper which nadas at 24,000. The sales person we worked with was by far one of the rudest nastiest people.i have ever met. We told them the issues inside the camper needed to be fixed in order for us to agree to purchace it. Instead of them fixing the issues correctly we were told they would put remote holders and TV mounts overtop holes on the inside of the camper. Just an absolutely awful.expereicne. we will NEVER purchace a camper.from these people.


Bill Pracht May 30, 2019 at 10:17 pm

Worst purchase we have made. We purchased our new Keystone Laredo 355 rl on July 20 2018. On that day electric jacks failed, marker light covers fell off, nails coming through floor, refrigerator didn’t work, face of couch broke off and to our surprise zero trailer brakes all before we even unhooked from it. Camper went back for repairs. Second trip light covers fell off again, refrigerator still not working, water lines leaking, toilet leaking and still no brakes. Sent camper in for repairs again. Third trip refrigerator still not working, stitching coming out of recliner, toilet still leaking, hot water heater failed and still zero trailer brakes. While trailer was in getting repaired, we found out that there were employees taking their lunch break in our camper. We also lost our blue ray player and remote plus phone chargers. Towards the end of September we sent camper in for repairs again and it’s now May 30 2019 and our almost year old camper is still in their shop. They have had our camper this last time now for 8 months. We only got to use our camper 3 times since we bought it and all 3 times it was in non-working order. We had to purchase coolers for food and drinks since refrigerator wasn’t working, had to end camping trip cause toilet leaked into the storage area and it smelled so bad with urine. We thought that this was a reputable company but it has been nothing but a nightmare. Even the service department said they need to get us out of this camper with all of the issues we have had and that we will never be able to trust it. Camping Worlds solution was for us to take a roughly $21,000 loss for something that hasn’t worked since day 1. We have talked with the manufacturer of the camper and Camping World corporate office and after 8 months we still don’t have our camper. I just don’t think they understand all of the issues that I am having. If this was their camper I don’t think they would be too happy either.


Lisa Monaco June 23, 2019 at 11:20 am

You need to send a letter to Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World at marcus@ and in the same letter cc: the
CEO of the RV manufacturer in which you bought your RV from. Email both CEO’s your letter.You will get results when both CEO become aware of the problem. Find an attorney that specializes in the lemon law. You may have a case of not at the very least the attorney can step in and negotiate an acceptable arrangement and Camping World can foot the bill for the attorney fees.


Steve Carter May 28, 2019 at 11:54 am

Our new RV had been back for warranty work twice, then had to go back for a 3rd time when the roof leaked so badly the whole roof requires replacing and possibly the side walls too.
Camping World have now had our RV for 7 months, they say they cannot do the intensive work it needs to go back to the factory for refurbishment and repair which could take 3 months.
We have told them we reject the RV on the basis that we purcgased a new coach and with my health issues we cannot risk any mould spores remaining hidden beneath the interior walls.
Camping World say they cannot helo up, they have our coach, they will NOT provide a replacement or temporary loan.
In addition they have totally ignored letters from our Attorney, we will continue legal action until resolved but this means we could be without an RV for a year if they do not agree to settle this matter, but we are in it for the long haul, we already have a list of expensss and attorney fees which will be adding to our claim weekly, which currently is around $140,000
Hurricane season approaches, we have 4 adults, 1 child and 6 dogs, this was our transport. We are also retired and this coach was purchased to travel, we also show our dogs and we need to attend clusters of shows both in Florida and other States which we cannot do without our coach.
Our lives aee very much af a standstill thanks to the attitude of Camping World, their uncaring attitude is beyond words,
PLEASE SHARE THIS POST to warn others, there is no customer care or compassion shown by this company or it’s management.
What is your response to this post CAMPING WORLD


Michael Forbes May 26, 2019 at 12:15 pm

We recently purchased an RV from Camping World of Conway, NH. We had been interested in one for several years and had visited the store last year. While driving by in late April we noticed that the RV we were interested in (2018 Thor 25.5) was still sitting in the lot. So we stopped in and were greeted by a very friendly and professional salesman, Jesse. He showed us the RV and said that the price was $64995.00. We though that was quite a good deal so we sat with him and he explained there were additional fees for transport and dealer prep and title and that the actual cost would be $67117.00. That sounded good and he said if we gave him $1000.00 down they would hold while they tried to arrange financing. I told them that i had recently retired and that I was not sure they would be able to do so. He talked with his finance manager and came back and said he though he could do it. So, we gave them $1000.00. Several weeks passed and we got a call from the finance manger saying the only thing he could arrange was if we put $20000 down. I said I did not think I could come up with that, and he said the offer was food for 30 days so we could think about it. At that time I told him I would try and arrange financing with my local credit union. He said that was fine. That afternoon I called my credit union and within two hours I had financing arranged with only $8000.00 down. I then called Camping World and told them. I was told they would have to check with the sales manager. Not too long after that she called me and told me that the price they gave me was only good of I financed through them NOONE else had ever mentioned that to me during the entire process. So she said it would be an extra $3000 dollars. I complained and she said on the website it states that prices are only good with dealer financing. there is a minuscule i that if you roll your mouse over it says that. Of course we had not found the price on the website, but from the salesman. At that time she told me they get a kickback from the banks and that makes up for the difference. I said I did not think I could come up with $3000, but maybe $2000. She said she would take that. I talked to my CU and they raised the amount of my loan by $2000. When we went to close the finance manager told me pretty much the same story only he said the banks give them a $500 kickback, not $3000. Since I had already agreed to the $2000, I went through with the deal. However, I am still disappointed that I was originally given one price, never told it was dependent on their financing , and had to pay another. I did look at the website and the little i is there, but unless you happen to roll your mouse over it you NEVER see anything about the financing deals. In conclusion, there should be an effort made to make sure the correct information is given out at the dealership. Not everyone visits the website, and so what happened to us could well happen to someone else.


Gary Avery May 23, 2019 at 4:21 pm

CW installed a new Airxcel A/C Heat unit on our class A. They did not reconnect the existing condensation pump or install a new one. Consequently the condensate water is running down the side of our coach instead of being pumped to the rear of the coach and exiting thru the tubes in the back. This despite the fact they had to disconnect the tube from the old unit to remove it. I discovered this when I called a mobile tech to check and see if the pump had gone out or if the tube was blocked. When he check on the roof there was NO condensation pump present, he took a picture of the empty space where it should have been.

When I contracted the Tyler Tx store parts and service manager and emailed them the picture, they both said the new units don’t have one. That they are made to empty on the roof, which is simply not true.

After that conversation I called Airxcel and obtained the condensation pump part number and retail price.. then I called them back. There was no apology for their mistake or offer to discount the installation (I had paid $220 to a mobile tech to find their mistake). The price they quoted me for the part was twice what Airxcel said the retail price should be and twice what I paid another company to do the work.

In the process my phone calls and emails where not returned for days! I am still waiting for the store GM and the corporate COO to return my call.


Tommy Askew May 20, 2019 at 10:26 pm

On April 27th my wife and I purchased a Cougar 27RES from your store in Biloxi, MS. We completed the deal and negotiated a slide topper and hitch into the deal to be ordered and installed. We finished the paperwork and were scheduled on Monday, April 29th for the walk-through. We returned on Monday for the walk-through, and discovered that the electric leveling system didn’t come with the manual hand crank, to use in case of malfunction. The service technician stated that they would order one for us, and that it would be ready when we returned to take delivery of the camper in 7-10 days, when the slide topper came in.

In a couple of weeks, when we hadn’t heard from the service department, we reached out to them to inquire if the hand crank, hitch and topper had arrived and been installed. No one was aware of what I was referring, and I needed to call back the next day to speak to someone else. The next day when I spoke to the service and parts departments they stated that everything was on order and would call us when the unit was ready.

Two more weeks go by without a call, so we reach out again, deciding that we would pick up the camper so that we could use it, and take it back once the parts arrive. They stated that the parts were in, but that they didn’t have an appointment for installation until a week later. I made an appointment to take my truck in for the hitch installation and pick up the camper for today, Monday May 20th.

Upon arrival, they had installed the slide topper, and they completed the installation of the hitch. When I was ready to leave, I asked about the manual hand-crank and no one knew anything about the crank. I said that I would return later for the crank, and inquired about the paperwork (application for title, copies of the financing paperwork, etc.) and keys to the unit. I was then told that I had the paperwork and keys, which I did not. I was told that they didn’t know where the keys and paperwork were, that I had taken them at the end of the initial deal. We had not been given any keys/paperwork, and the only thing we had been given (or rather was taken by my wife), was the packet with all the owner’s manuals and remotes that was inside the camper when we did the walk-through. The Manager (name unknown) insisted that we had the keys and paperwork, and that we had lost them. He stated that we would have to buy more locks, or have a new set of keys ordered/made. I was not going to pay for those items when I knew that they had to be there,because they had never given them to us. After approximately 2 1/2 hours of trying to explain to the Manager that we didn’t have the keys, I stated that I would just unhook the camper and cancel the sale, since we had not taken delivery of the unit. At that time the Manager became irate and took me into the finance department to “show me” what I had been given that contained the keys and paperwork. He snatched a portfolio off of a shelf, opened it up to show me that I received a packet like this with our items, and exclaimed “Oh my God”…it was our packet, with our paperwork and keys that he had demanded that we had lost. At that time, he handed it to me and turned and walked away, without an apology.

I feel as if I was disrespected and pretty much called a liar to my face and in front of numerous employees, then he didn’t even offer an apology for his actions or attitude.

There was an employee, Randy, that had tried his best to help me during this situation, and was genuinely concerned with my issue. Other than Randy, I don’t believe any other employees cared that a CUSTOMER was dissatisfied and treated with such disrespect.


Dr. R.G. Luchauer May 20, 2019 at 7:11 pm



John Pearson May 15, 2019 at 11:38 am

I have some serious issues with the service department at the St Augustine, FL store. Two episodes, so let me start with the latest one.

I bring in my 2018 Thor for warranty work in September 2018. THEY HAVE MY UNIT FOR FIVE MONTHS!!!!! Every time they say they are going to call, I had to call and inquire. Every time was some excuse about needing authorization, needing parts, etc. At about month 3, the service rep tells me they are waiting on hydraulic parts, and the unit has no hydraulics!!! So I talk to the service manager, and he gives me a consolation prize of free valve stem extensions.

I finally get the unit at the five month mark, but it was so filthy, they had to take it back to clean it and I had to pick it up another day.

We left on a trip to go out west May 6th, and I check the tires OK. Fast forward to May 11th, 2019. I leave a park in Albuquerque, NM, and get on I-25. I hear a noise from my back tires and stop at the side of the road, only to find both inside valve extenders had come loose due to them being installed incorrectly, and one was damaged so badly that it let the air out of my tire. So, my consolation prize cost me $193.25 for a roadside call, on a Saturday. I called the St Augustine Camping World service manager and I get only an answering machine. Called again for the Operations Manager with the same result. In both cases, I left a detailed message. Crickets.

Which brings me back to the first issue. I bought a Bounder class A from Camping World Ft Meyers in December, 2015. The next spring, I was looking to have it set up to pull my jeep. Shopped around, and Camping World St Augustine beat the next best price by $1000. I asked the guy why it was so much more, and his comment was “Camping World pays their technicians $8 and hour.” I should have listened, because when I picked up the unit, the technician showed me how to hook up and tow the Jeep. Guess what, that’s right, he didn’t tell me correctly, so the steering wheel locked on the Jeep and it cost me a brand new tire!!!

Sorry, but the St Augustine service department is completely incompetent. I will never bring anything there ever again.


Thelma E Williamson May 14, 2019 at 1:02 pm

Camping World in Robertsdale Alabama is nothing but a circus of fools that takes advantage of elderly people as well of other people . It’s against the law to sell a 2017 Forest River Wildwood 23 ft travel trailer without any VIN numbers anywhere on it and con a 83 year old elderly lady out $30,000 she want even live long enough to pay for that piece of crap . And it’s not even the camper she looked at . This piece of crap is falling apart at the seams the slide out has delamination where it’s been flooded it’s full of mold the EPDM roof is coming all the way a loose around the whole roof . The Robertsdale Alabama camping world took it upon themselves to add a bunch of insurance that my 83 year old mother didn’t sign for . I personally know i was setting right beside her and i personally know this isn’t even the travel trailer we looked at . Looks Camping World Your Fixing To Get Sued . You Bunch Of Con Artist . Remember Removing VIN Numbers Is Against The And Title Jumping Is A Felony . That’s Right Camping World I’ve Found Out Everything . See You In Court


Terry Custer May 9, 2019 at 6:52 pm

I was going to list my issues with the sevice, quality of workmanship, professionalism, lack of attention to detail, and general worthless service provided by camping world, but it would mirror every comment I’ve red so far.
Does camping world care? Do they reply or attempt to help?
I’m guessing not.
Worse company EVER.
Just another very unhappy customer, terry


Shannon Owen May 9, 2019 at 4:20 pm

Worst customer service ever and most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with a major purchase.I feel like this will not get me anywhere but here goes. I bought a travel trailer in November from Camping World in Concord NC. I paid cash and once the money changed hands it went completely down hill. They were in a hurry to check a box to get you out the door. Hurried thru the process of this is how this works and how that works. Wasn’t able to take it home that day, sent a service to pick it up later the next week. He could barley get anyone to even show him where the camper was. He asked them to put air in the tires because they looked slack, wouldn’t even acknowledge him. fast forward to setting the camper at the camp ground near Fayetteville NC. Lived in it for several months, had a few warranty issues that need to be corrected. I was changing camp grounds and thought that this would be the perfect time to get those issues corrected. Dropped it off on April 3rd for exhaust fan over the stove, furnace wouldn’t work, lights on the awing wouldn’t work and the awning was separating from the camper. After 35 days and a call saying that it was ready. I went to get it and the furnace wasn’t even in it. Just 15 more minutes, just 15 more minutes. I leave and get a call several hours later that its ready, I go down the next day to find out the lights still don’t work and I just took it out of sheer frustration. The reason they said it took so long to repair is because the original place I bought it from didn’t register it with Heartland. Once it was registered still 3 weeks to get half the job done. I am still not sure if my furnace will work when I need it. I wouldn’t recommend buying toilet paper from any Camping World much less a major purchase such as a camper. They do not care about you especially the one in Concorde NC and the one in Fayetteville NC, sorry excuse for a business. BTW, I stopped by every few days to check on it only to witness a lot of other very frustrated campers.


Paul Clarke April 16, 2019 at 2:59 pm

I had dropped my 2018 Thor motorcoach to have warranty work done in Lakewood New Jersey they have told me it would be a couple weeks to have everything done that was in November went to pick it up two weeks ago three of the things were not done and they also broke some molding installing a door which no one told us about I have been running a trailer since November because I use this motorhome to stay in for my job this is costing me a lot of money to have this thing sitting there all I want is for it to be fixed and not get a run around and someone to answer the calls when we call camping world in Lakewood I have been instructed to call the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer I do not want to go through all that I just want my motorhome back and repaired Thank you Paul Clarke


Dale A Mullaly-Pagano May 6, 2019 at 12:35 pm

Good luck we have been dealing with our 2018 motor home since day one
In Berkley Massachusetts Camping World horrible customer service .


Paula & Shane Pitts April 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm

I will never purchase anything from camping world again! My husband and I paid cash for a new camper. The camper had a short where the lights were not functioning therefore we could never drive anywhere in the evening. When we took it in for repair they not only tore off the back of the camper to fix the short (which ended up causing water damage) they tore our awning. Which now they are saying they will not replace. They’ve had our camper for the past 4 weeks with no calls to update us until today!


Amanda McGowan March 31, 2019 at 6:53 pm

Purchased a new 2018 Thor Freedom Elite 30fe. Purchase was so smooth and pleasant. After using the unit twice there was some maintenance/warranty work needed. Our unit sat at the Lakewood NJ facility for 5 months. We just picked up and 2 items were not fixed and to top it off our unit was obviously hit while being there for 5 months and not one single person had the decency to mention it. NEVER AGAIN WOULD WE EVER OURCHASE FROM CAMPING WORLD. WORST EXPERIENCE WITH SERVICE EVER! Buyers beware!


Paul Keesling March 29, 2019 at 12:52 pm

To Camping World Corporate , my units VIN is
I apologize in advance for my lengthy letter, but I feel I had to share all.
My name is Paul I retired two years ago. My wife and I had plans to purchase a 5th wheel trailer after retirement. Due to some health reasons my wife passed shortly after I retired. Fast forward almost two years since her passing, I decided it was time to follow through on our dream of purchasing a 5th wheel that fit my wishes.
I wanted a Rear Living, three slide outs and 26-30’ long. Also, a dry weight between 8k-9k pounds. I located one at Camping World September of 2018. A 2018 River Forest Arctic Wolf 285DRL4. Weighing 8,400 lbs. I purchased it on October 01st 2018.
Prior to me buying on Oct 01st, I gave a $2,000.00 check to hold on Sept 10th, because there were a few items in the unit that needed addressed. They generated a W.O. 174243 on Sept 18th, 2018. They took care of the damage on the corner of the love seat. They eventually repaired the bed tilt control board.
My first outing was at a campground in Logansport on the River with my two sons. My youngest son Ian bought a 2018 River Forest Alpha Wolf 27RKL March of 2018. We parked our rigs on the river with my middle son who has a Travel Trailer he keeps there year-round at this Campground.
My first outing was enjoyable and a time to get to know my rig much better.
While there my Son noticed when the sunlight was shining inside trailer at the right angle on the floor there was some bumps sticking up on the vinyl floor. After getting on our knees, we found that there were several screw heads that were not countersunk into the subfloor and they were causing the vinyl floor to stick up. It was obvious if not addressed over time the screw heads would eventually break through the vinyl. I also noticed scratches on freezer door and refrigerator door, when lighting was just at the right angle.
When I returned from our camping, I returned the Unit to Camping World. Another W.O. 17528 was generated on Oct 26th. (Screw heads, ((the shower door, which I fixed myself)), Thermostat, water leaking into my unit, poor job on caulked sealant in various places of unit, and screwheads sticking up on rubber on slide outs), Theatre seating still was rubbing against the wall, I had asked for them to be moved out at least a 1 ½”.
Note! I had made note to Charlie on Oct 01st, also in the Service dept. about the scratches on the face of my freezer and refrigerator doors. He took pictures.
This is where I want to draw your attention. I walked through my Unit at Camping World with a Service Attendant (Rachael Scott). I wish to point out she did a wonderful job on trying to document the issues. I showed her the floor, she took some pic’s, but my camera took better pic’s than hers, so I sent them to her. They should have the pictures in their records.
Prior to leaving the unit, I made the point I did not want whomever would be doing the repair work to NOT USE a HAMMER on screw heads. Before I leaving, I let Rachael know I would need my trailer back by the first part of December, because I would be traveling to Florida for at least two months.
I spoke with Rachael and she informed me of the floor repair, so I drove my hour drive to Camping World to view the floor repair, (I do not have exact date, I changed phones and do not have my history)
Note! When I walked out onto the lot to my trailer, I found my battery was completely dead. She had to get a battery pack to hook up to my battery for me to run my slide out. NOT GOOD FOR A BRAND NEW BATTERY
Once inside this is what I found? SOMEONE TOOK A HAMMER AND MADE WAFFLE
MARKS (from the face of the hammer) ACROSS THE floor where they were attempting to recess the screw heads.
They apparently decided that wasn’t going to work, so they made a slice down across the row of screw heads with a Utility knife. They then put some glue down each side of the slice to reglue the floor back down.
After viewing the floor down on my hands and knees I found there were still some signs of a few still sticking up a little.
None of the other above items that were generated on the above W.O. were addressed.
Rachael stayed in contact with me, I eventually came to pick up my Rig on December 14th. I allowed them to keep it longer than I had planned.
In summary I dropped unit off on October 26th and picked it back up on December 14th. They had it in their possession for (50) days. And the only things they addressed were the Screw Head issue, that was a total disaster, repaired the Bed motor and they replaced both the Refrigerator and Freezer doors.
I told them I would be in touch when I returned back in March, well now I have returned.
Prior to me leaving the lot at Camping World I was given some caulking for the gaps in my unit. Being they never addressed filling in these cracks. I told them I would do it myself. Like I stated on my Customer check-in form I told them when I drove my unit home for the first time on Oct 01st when I hit the Auto Level button, the unit’s front end lowered down considerably and when it did water poured out of a seal on the front corner on my Gel Cap. I do not know the exact date my unit was built, but it was apparent it has sat on the lot for several months. Who knows how much water leaked into my Gel Cap front area of my unit? This is why I wanted this addressed and they failed to do it before I drove off the lot. Note! A reminder I did return it back to them on the 26th day of October. Another point of frustration.
While in Florida, Issues I had.
1a.) While, driving to FL, I had a battery issue where my battery did not keep charge overnight, I questioned was my battery life compromised? I only had on my LG refrigerator, being it was drained for a few weeks while sitting on the lot.
1.) The thermostat that I told them was very erratic on working properly (I could find myself standing facing the thermostat for quite a while). I would gently touch the face and it might jump one to two screens. I found I had better success if I would touch the screen then pause for a moment. The heat and air worked fine, just the thermostat was very annoying.
2.) My Second item, which I called Camping World on January 21st. I asked for Rachael but was told she no longer worked there. (I picked up within their organization there was a little discontentment to work there), Another person who did my walk thru, I found he walked also a few weeks earlier. Back to my second item I was told to speak with a Ray Shoemaker. The component that failed me was the Vacuum Breaker/Check Valve. I was dumping my Black Water and I wanted to use my Black Tank Flush. After having the hose hooked and running for a couple minutes, water was pouring out the bottom of my unit. Being I am settled in at my RV site and would be there for 2 months, I called the River Forest customer service #. I found the Vacuum Breaker/check valve would be located behind the shower.
So, I removed the Hot/Cold plate within the unit and found R&B Model 571 Vacuum breaker/check valve. I had a friend of mine turn on the water for a brief moment. Yes, the water poured out from under the square part of the R&B Model 571 valve. After browsing the RV reviews, I found that this was not uncommon. This valve’s reviews were like mine, leaking the first time or shortly thereafter.
I ended up buttoning back up the Hot/Cold plate and did nothing. Every time I did a Black water dump, I was forced to add 15 to 20 gallons of water into my Black water tank in my stool to help keep my gage sensors clean to read properly.
I picked up both a Vacuum Breaker and a Spring Check Valve. I did not make the repair. I paid $18.19 and $17.74. for a total of $35.93
(The option of replacing with original equipment made no sense with its reputation of leaking).
This unit is still under warranty, so if whomever replaces this, my wishes would not be to replace with the Model R&B R571, even though it could be bought for $20.00
I have a question, why did they (Camping World not see the Vacuum Break/Check Valve leaking issue prior to me picking up the unit on Oct 01st. I was under the impression they would check all components out prior to driving off the lot.
3.) The next item, I came into my trailer one day and saw water on the floor on the rear side of my Sink Island. It was wicking through the bottom base board. I found the it was leaking from the lines screwed to my faucets. Which leads me to an area that seems to be spongy. This area is between the sink and the oven, right in front of the door of the Island cabinet. Has it had some water damage???
4.) Just a side note! When I extend and retract my awning I would like to know if the slight shaking is a normal process? Maybe when they address the recall below, they can evaluate this.
Having shared all of the above.
I was told they had received authorization to replace thermostat and repair the floor and they had both in hand at Camping World in Greenwood, IN. I have major questions in regards to the flooring issue, (How would they replace, the questions are you have two slide outs to deal with, etc.…)
I also have received a NHTSA RECALL 18V752…The fasteners used to mount the awning arms, could potentially allow the awning arm to come loose from the sidewall.
As you can see from above my experience of dealing with Camping World in Greenwood, IN has been totally disappointing, aggravating, very unprofessional, lack of customer satisfaction in so many measures.
I have a question below for you (Camping World Corporate)
Having retired and this being my first 5th Wheel experience and having to deal with Camping World has been totally way below sub-par. This is way too generous of a statement. The thought of me returning my unit to this dealership in Greenwood, IN for further service I do not wish to do. Is there any other dealership that I can take my unit to complete my present warranty and future warranty issues????
I will be leaving town in a couple weeks and will be gone for possibly six weeks, I would like to take my unit prior to leaving. My wishes would be to take my unit if I may to another dealership if possible. I’m wanting to use my Unit in the month of June. Can you give me any guarantee’s I will have my unit back in a timely manner?
Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

I Thank You in advance for addressing my request.


Steven Mercer March 25, 2019 at 3:07 pm

I attempted to get some repairs made in Camping world in Dover Florida. The website came up with a request to fill out and they would be in touch, NO REPLY. I attempted again day’s later to fill out the request, NO REPLY. The next week I called and explained the problem to a female employee who didn’t give her name and stated she would walk my request to the office down the hall and they would call me immediately, NO RESPONSE. I finally sent an email to customer service. I received a call from a person named Mitch who stated he was just assigned to the store and he would like to talk to me about what happen. When I first spoke to him I found him to be very short in his answer’s and rude. I advised him I would like to bring my RV in for repairs. He stated they were backed up for 2 weeks. I advised him that if his company answered my request I would have been booked. He advised me that I would have to wait and he couldn’t help. This so called manager didn’t even try to help or apologize for how I was treated. I’m done with camping world and Good Sams. They have no respect for their customers and if enough of you are fed up dump these company’s there are enough of us campers to make a difference.


Bob Crothers March 12, 2019 at 9:12 am

As for warranty purchased, you can stop them. However, you have to use Camping World to make the request. An as many of you know, lots of lip service, high turn over of employees, reduction of employees during low season, lack of leadership of the store, lack of taking responsibility of the store, voice mail, always a problem with something at the store, employee problems, it is no wonder they haven’t time for new customers!


Beatrice Washington March 5, 2019 at 9:35 pm

I purchased a 2015 Passport camper from Camping World in Tulsa Oklahoma. January 23,2019 Thought it was a good deal. It turned to be a nightmare. The next day when we did a walk through, And I asked about a few things. The salesman said we check everything 100%. Well that was a lie. First night I was going to stay there. The Roof leaked, heater did not work, leak on the floor, gas smell was strong that I could not sleep in it, And some kind of an alarm was going off. Ended going to a hotel. Called and told them what was going on. The service dept. said I did not have extended warranty. When I called them the gave me the run around. About how the things was not covered. I took the camper back. Told them I am not paying for something that I can’t live in. I talked to Tim and he said they would ruin my credit. Because they don’t care. Since I took it back. Have not made one payment to the bank. returned with in the 30 days. Of my purchased date. The camper is in their lot! Could have woke up on the other side of dead! Than a Law suit could have happened! It’s a death trap.


Cathy Hunt March 20, 2019 at 1:53 pm

It is 2019
Purchased a 2019 42 foot fifth wheel
Things were wrong with it, said they would be corrected
Still waiting………………………….


Margaret Cox February 28, 2019 at 3:54 pm

I own a Sunlight Van 1 by Erwin Hymer that I purchased in Roseville, Ca. in June of 2017. I have been waiting for over 6 months for a new panel for the inverter, have been told that Hymer will not send this part. After 3 months they did send the part but it had the same defect as the original. NOW I learn that my warranty is not going to be honored as Hymer is having problems. I am wondering how you can still be selling Hymer Vans? Is camping World going to go to bat for those of us who have Hymer vans that should still be under warranty?????????
M. Cox


Ann Eatmon February 25, 2019 at 11:56 am

I recently applied for a receptionist job in Ocala, FL and was turned down. I have had 15 plus years experience and would have done a great job for your company. But because of your application & your questions on the app. I feel like I never stood a chance. You can’t ask a person if they are below the age of 40 or ask if they are on Medicare. That is illegal and could cause a law suit. I am a very young Medicare person and I deal really good with customers of that age who are the ones who most of the time buy your RV’s. Really sad you chose to go with a younger person when I would have gave you 100% of my time and effort to make your business shine. You might want to consider taking the part of asking a person their age and if they are on Medicare or Medicaid. The older folks would do a better job of caring for the customers that someone who is only there for a pay check.


ABK February 19, 2019 at 2:20 pm

We are very happy with our Thor ACE & our experiences with our local Camping World(Garner NC). Our experience from sales, warranty & service have be excellent.

While in Florida last winter we shopped many different products and found the Thor Ace 29.4 w/50amp service best fit our needs. We called our local CW store and developed a relationship with John Stephenson(sales) we explained exactly what we wanted and we would be home in 2 weeks to finalize our paperwork. They had exactly what we wanted. We have viewed the unit and noticed a few punch items needed attention and they were taken care of promptly. John stayed with the process ensuring us everything would be taken care of befor we did our PDI and final paperwork. Everything was complete and we had a great Predelivery inspection.

We had found a couple of issues once home and we contacted Thor and they were corrected immediately.

On our maiden voyage we had a problem with one of our jacks. Thor walked us through a trouble shooting process and thought it might be a solenoid. We scheduled a warranty visit with CW once we were home and we were very pleased with the service we received at the diagnostic appointment and when we brought it back to be repaired. We have had a couple of other visits and just had our safety inspection and a small repair completed and expierenced exceptional service visit at our Garner Camping World. Tanner Wright always takes great care of us and our Motorhome. He takes his time even though he is backed up and very busy. We are always made to feel we are his only customer. We appreciate his integrity and pride of workmanship. We have made several purchases and have done business here for many years ~ from sales to service ~ 5 stars from us. We love our ACE and our Garner Camping World.


David Carter February 13, 2019 at 1:25 pm

David Carter – emails sent to Camping World Corporate office

24 January 2019 Attention: MarcusVIP@ Customer Service Representative Camping World Corporate Office 650 Three Springs Road Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42104 Reference: A. Estimate W/O #241-4993122 CLUB, 11/13/2018, 11/27-2018 B. W/O #241-4993122, 11/27-2018 C. King Jack digital HDTV OTA antenna install pages D. Telecon Mrs. Shirley Carter/Avondale Service Manager, (on/about) 12 Dec 2019 E. Telecon Mr. Carter/George. Gilbert @; Avondale Service Manager – 15 Jan 2019, 12:03 pm

Dear Attention: MarcusVIP@ Customer Service Representative Camping World Corporate Office 650 Three Springs Road Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42104 Reference: A. Estimate W/O #241-4993122 CLUB, 11/13/2018, 11/27-2018 B. W/O #241-4993122, 11/27-2018 C. King Jack digital HDTV OTA antenna install pages D. Telecon Mrs. Shirley Carter/Avondale Service Manager, (on/about) 12 Dec 2019 E. Telecon Mr. Carter/George. Gilbert @; Avondale Service Manager – 15 Jan 2019, 12:03 pm

This Letter is to complain about service I recently received from your Camping World location at Avondale AZ. In regard to service received based on ref A, B and C from 27-29 Dec 2018. On Saturday, 29th Dec I called the service department (ref D) but due to my anger I had my wife speak with the service manager regarding some complaints on the work conducted.; specifically the 18’ patio awning install, window awnings install, and the King Jack OTA antenna installation. I checked back often during 3rd day of work, Saturday, 29th Dec to ascertain the pick-up time and was told over and over

they required more time and it was getting well past the normal service closing time. I believe, since New Year’s Eve was fast approaching and Saturday, 29th Dec, was a short work day for the service technicians, they obviously did not want to extend their work time. I personally noticed the frustration they were displaying when trying to remove the original patio awning with some difficulty and the way they were trying to install the new replacement awning working on the paved ground lifting the complete metal awning assembly to wrap the awning material around the main top roller of the assembly by dragging the material on the ground to wrap it around the roller. I could not watch any more for fear I would say something I would regret.

Finally, I was called to settle the service bill; I had also placed an order earlier to have all 6 tires replaced (at a cost of approximately $3,000) when I returned to Phoenix in April. I was in total disbelieve when I came out of the building to find my unit sitting in the center of the road and not a soul around to discuss/explain the operation of the changes that had been made.

We then drove away to get ready for a very early departure the next morning for Yuma, AZ. It was dark and thus I did not notice any deficiency with the awnings at the time; however, I did realize the controller for the King antenna and looked for the instructions, there were none to be found. I returned immediately to the Camping World location to ask about them. The parts person found the instructions on the internet and printed them for me. With instructions in hand I returned to the motorhome to turn the system on to see how it worked. I could find no power switch anywhere and checked the instructions to see what the power unit looked like (ref C). It became quite evident that the power switch was never installed and connected, as the instructions clearly indicated it was vital part and it must be installed; therefore, the unit was useless. The unit had not even been tested for normal operations.

This too, was the same result for the awnings. It became a verbal battle with the parts person, Sandy. She was adamant that I ordered slide topers for 3 windows and one large slide. This I would never do as I have 3 windows and only one slide so why in heavens name would I order slide toppers for the windows? When I first ordered the new awnings, I did not know the dimensions and had to email Sandy to tell her. Why she put in slide toppers instead of awning replacements is beyond me. This of course led to more an arguing match and confusion on the Saturday to get everything done.

When I finally arrived in Yuma and got set up on site, I saw the patio awning with the inset bars not locked in place and it shocked me. Since the awning was not locked down it could have created a major vehicle incident on my trip to Yuma. I have provided several photos showing the patio awning; it looked like it had been installed by people who had no idea of how to do it. The first time I had all awnings replaced in Texas it was done in less than two hours and they never removed a single metal awning support to do it, inclusive of the main 18’ patio awning. This was a total disaster and to make matters worse I tried to extend the window awnings on the driver’s side, and you can see from the photos there

was no pull strap to be found and therefore these could not be utilized either. I can not believe what they put on the windows and how they did it; complete incompetence.

When my wife talked with the Service Manager he supported and protected his workers and basically did not believe us. It was mentioned we would contact head office in regards to this poor workmanship and said to ‘go ahead and do it’ I refused to wait until I return to Phoenix in April to have these issues resolved; I suggested having a company in Yuma do the corrective work at their expense, or send workers from his location to fix the problem and he refused to respond in a positive manner.

I have therefore sought competent experts in the Yuma region to correct the major flaws produced by the Camping World Avondale service center. I have also advised the parts department in Avondale to cancel my order to replace all the tires. If the service center cannot replace awnings and install an antenna in a competent working manner, I certainly cannot trust them with the wheels on my motorhome.

I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am cancelling my product and service order for the tires and although I had called Hector, in parts to reverse my $1500.00 deposit for the tires I have not seen this done yet. He stated there would be a restocking fee and I feel this is pouring salt onto a wound.

I explained to the Service Manager, Mr. George Gilbert (ref E) that I was going forward with having a Yuma company fix the problems created by your service department and will submit the bill to him for payment of the service charges and the return of my $1500.00 deposit for the cancellation of the tire installment, he stated he could not promise, but said he would see what he could do in regards to compensating for the costs involve.

I am still on the fence whether I should seek legal counsel or not, but will hold off until I hear back from you.

{addendum: I had to get professionals in to redo all the work I paid Camping World to do which cost me over $1,000 for the awning removal and new ones installed. I have yet to find competent professional to finish the King Jack antenna installation; and still do not have the return of my deposit of $1,500.}


David Carter

PS I also sent this same notice to Camping world Retail customer service and no response; worst experience I have ever had at C.W. and recommend that nobody get any maintenance work done by this organizations as the definitely do not stand behind their work and ignore and complaints you bring forward, guess my next step is legal counsel


Lisa Monaco June 23, 2019 at 11:36 am

The Email address for Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World and Good Same Club is……..marcus@

Who is your owner manufacturer?

If it’s a Dometic Awning the President of Dometic Awning is Scott Nelson. His email address is Scott.Nelson@
Send your letter bid email to both CEOs at Camping World and Awning Manufacturer. Trust me it works.


Heath February 12, 2019 at 5:42 pm

I would just like to inform you how disgusted and unhappy I am with the lack of quality and craftsmanship with my 2018 THOR 23H RV. I purchased this from Camping World, Golden Colorado. Camping World says its wear and tear, really, its poor quality, Good Sam extended Warranty, nope, wear and tear. I was really excited to be an owner of this vehicle, nope, will be selling it. Owe, I guess when you pay $7000.)) for an 7 year extended warranty, and its explained to you that don’t worry, we will cover it, well that’s not true. The whole experience has been unsettling. I guess when I pay $80,000.00 for something, I expected so much more. Just wanted to share this with you. As a Veteran of this country , I would never recommend this model to anyone and most likely never do business with Camping world or Good Sam. Never again.

Sergeant First Class, Colorado Army National Guard


Marcia Fibich February 15, 2019 at 2:55 pm

Wow,I totally, 100% agree with you Heath. Everything in my Thor 2018 Quantum 24 is of poor quality workmanship. I have soo many major issues with it and not getting any satisfactory help correcting the problems. I truly don’t know how I’m going to get thru this horrible ordeal.


Dale A Mullaly-Pagano May 6, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Same here poor quality product Thor 2018 29.4 ACE never ever again. Camping world does not stand behind anything if you can get them to return your phone call.


james denley February 3, 2019 at 1:47 pm



Faith Antonaros January 30, 2019 at 1:47 pm


Camping world of Anderson is so unprofessional and rude and sold us inferior direct tv receiver and weinguard done satellite… ti blows!!!! They won’t help us with anything now that we bought our trailer cash..


Julie Baker January 26, 2019 at 10:43 am

Dropped off camper September 30 it is July 26 the awning is still not fixed Also affecting my credit because they never turn the title into the loan company. I contacted the manager over 10 times I have yet to receive a response from George


Marvin Moler December 12, 2018 at 2:56 pm

I contacted camper world about doing service on my 2018 Jayco Seneca in Golden CO.
They told me that they needed to order parts and that they would contact me when in. I contacted them and was told that they were waiting on me to call them.
I took the coach to them on Sept 3, 2018 and was told they would only have it a couple weeks. I called to check on the progress and was told the were waiting on parts
It gets cold in Colorado so I had them winterize the unit. About 2 weeks went by and was told it had froze and that they needed to order parts to make the repair.
Today is Dec 12th and they still can’t give me a date that I will get my unit back. very fast to get you to sign on the bottom line but a giant F- – – K you for anything else.


Steven Van Wagnen December 12, 2018 at 9:35 am

Camping World in Tyler, TX. Took our rig in for warranty work got it back finding a hole in our bathroom floor. We now have sewer gas smell in bathroom. Contacted service with a picture and was told he would contact service manager, service department is across the driveway, that was several weeks ago, still no response. We have had several issues with this store.


w. wlazlowski November 17, 2018 at 1:11 pm

I’m so disappointed with the Campers World in Lakewood N.J. I had brought my new motorhome in for warranty work for 4 items, after over 4 weeks at their shop it was returned without any of the items fixed and added another thing they cut that now needs to be repaired. I have been calling leaving messages to the service desk, service manager and this past week to the store manager without a return call. I have made over 2 dozen calls in all. How can you run a business this way. Who should I contact to have these items repaired since I can not get a hold of the Camper world that didn’t repair these warranty items they said they did. If possible can you e-mail a phone number nd a contact person I may speak with


Shirley Sanders November 16, 2018 at 12:28 pm

I go to the camping world in Denton Texas and I had not had very good customer service with them until today I had bought a 25’water hose last year when I first called I had trouble getting a hold of someone to speak to but finally I spoke to Lexi Evans and that lady is awesome she helps me with everything I was explaining to her I couldn’t tell her what date I bought the hose because the receipt was all faded out she looked up on the computer found everything She will have one ready for me when I get there thank you again for this awesome lady


Shelley Kaloko November 13, 2018 at 9:59 pm

Thanks to Dennis Tucker of Camping World San Marcos we received great customer satisfaction on our recent visit. He went the extra mile to create an exceptional customer relations experience. Not only did he resoled the issue with RV, he also gave extra value in by demonstrating some of the upgraded features of the RV. Thanks Dennis for making our day a mountain top experience.


Edwin Ramos October 19, 2018 at 8:47 am

Increíble…. employees smoking weed in front of other that don’t do drugs as in my case a 51 year old US Army retired sergeant mayor I was working in camping World Ocala and a co worker started to smoke weed in my face. Every morning I also recorded and show it to Mr victor manager and to teddy and nothing happens I get fired for doing the proper and we was righ May Be if I smoke with this employee I will still have the job I have the video and I gonna sue for this manipulate admophere in this camping World Ocala


Clyde S Anderson October 9, 2018 at 1:47 pm

I am attempting to contact Camping World about one of its companies located at McGeorge Camping World Ashland Virginia.
My wife and I purchased our 2014 Sunseeker from McGeorge RV before they were taken over by Camping World. We just loved their service and people. So when we took our RV back in to have it serviced, we found that Camping World has now taken over. We dropped our RV off on September 22nd to have the refrigerator looked at since it was not cooling, along with some other minor issues we wanted repaired . We hadn’t heard anything about our RV in 3 weeks so we were trying to speak with someone, each time being told they were to busy to come to the phone. Finally, today, I was able to speak with a service person, only to be told they haven’t started work on it yet, they they been busy getting new units that were sold ready for new customers.
I’m sorry, but to me that is piss poor answer. We were there first, had an appointment, and we are being forced to wait so that others can get their units off the showroom floor.
This is BS. I have never had so must frustration over lazy people like this ever. My wife and I were thinking of upgrading to a Class A Diesel next year, but you can bet your butt, we won’t buy from Camping World after this terrible experience. I mean who needs this stress.
This type of service gives Camping World a BIG Black Eye when it comes to service.


maria costa October 26, 2018 at 12:23 pm

i completely agree with this gentleman, camping customer service is non existent. They people have no manners and no class, and the mangement is just as bad. took my camper in for service on an fridge that had been replaced a month prior.. they arent even taking my calls. MY ADVISE TO ANYONE STAY CLEAR OF CAMPING WORLD IN BERKLY.. MASS


Kat M October 26, 2018 at 6:01 pm

I agree with you. Camping World has NO customer service. Staff have consistent replies…..blah, blah, blah …..Excuses .
Their efforts to expand and blend Gander store is a mistake. My advice Don’t expand into a super store….until
you fix the mistakes in the business you already have! Excuses……..really?


w. wlazlowski November 17, 2018 at 1:17 pm

This looks like the response to many Camping worlds, I have to drive almost an hour to talk to anyone because no one will return my calls


Isabelle Collins September 12, 2018 at 12:31 pm

My husband and I purchased a fifth wheel camper several months ago and had a poor experience purchasing the camper we decided to ignore the issue because we wanted the camper. During the purchase there is an inspection and we pointed out some issues of the camper that need to be repaired it has been two to three months since we purchased the camper And the repairs are not done. Matter fact we brought our camper up there one time for one of repairs and they put the wrong piece to the wall and caused another damage while using the slide out I have called multiple times for someone to return my phone calls to help us resolve this issue I even called and left a message with the CEO and he will not return my phone call. Currently this is the third day that I am waiting for someone to give me a call I have called the store multiple times I’ve called their complaint center several times I’ve even called the home office which they have referred me back To the call center I’ve called the CEO yesterday and left a message after waiting a day I called the corporate office and they told me that it may take up to a couple days before the CEO could even return my phone call It is obvious that they don’t want to take care of the customer


Clyde S Anderson October 9, 2018 at 1:51 pm

Good luck on getting any service done or even being contacted by a service rep. My wife and I have been waiting over 3 weeks only to be told they haven’t even started work on ours yet. I wish you guys luck.


Troy Tate September 7, 2018 at 9:33 am

Please follow email string below, its the short version. But in short, my motor coach has spent months a Nashville Camping World to resolve a leak issue. I finally told them I was taking it to another RV dealer and wold like for them to cover the changes. The request was made of me to have the RV dealer call them about the details of the repair, in which I did. The RV dealer was able to identify the issue in less the 4 hours and make the repair. Rick G. of Nashville Camping World agreed to reimburse but has told untruths about sending a check, the its been mailed, but it has not showed. I asked for the check # but he could not reply. Let me say this, and i use extreme caution in saying this, but i feel this management team has prejudice and bias. Yes I am a black male and really don’t feel the issues that I have had to deal with, from this team, could be characterized in any other way but discrimination. As I have stated, this is the short version, I really felt hopeful when I purchased my coach, that Camping World would be a great fit. I also must add that I have had previous issues, with a different management team, but felt like they were handled adequately; this experience, not so much. Please me get resolve.


This will be my last time attempting to get a response from you; what do you plan to do?


From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2018 6:47 AM
To: ‘Rick Guthrie’
Subject: RE: Still no check / no reply / No waiver


Can you confirm that you DO NOT plan to reimburse for the motor coach repairs? Check has not arrived, neither could you supply the check number?

From: Rick Guthrie [mailto:rguthrie@]
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 11:18 AM
To: Tate, Troy
Subject: RE: Still no check / no reply / No waiver

You are more than welcome to call me during business hours to discuss sir.

The check was mailed on Friday to your home address. Thank you for the follow up

From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 12:04 PM
To: Rick Guthrie
Cc: MarcusVIP-CampingWorld
Subject: RE: Still no check / no reply / No waiver


Good morning,

What is it going to take for CamingWorld to do what you were saying you were going to do. Also, if you would like to offer up a name of contact for a follow up report of your bias actions, please do so, otherwise you name will be for contact.

From: Rick Guthrie [mailto:rguthrie@]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 3:17 PM
To: Tate, Troy
Subject: RE: please call me


I have a managers meeting in the morning so anytime after 9 please sir

From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 4:15 PM
To: Rick Guthrie
Subject: RE: please call me


I have a major issue here at work, will give you a call in the morning.


From: Rick Guthrie [mailto:rguthrie@]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 11:03 AM
To: Tate, Troy
Subject: RE: please call me

What address do you want the check mailed to and I will put extra in there to cover the cost of a new vent.

What practices sir?

From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 11:55 AM
To: Rick Guthrie
Subject: RE: please call me


No problem signing that nothing else is owed for leak repair, but on the hardware for the vent cover; A&L does not have the hardware, had full vent only. Do you want to just send me the hardware or another vent cover, you already have the pics of how my motor coach was left. Even though this will cover the cost, I have concerns of what seem to be discriminatory practices by your company that I am proceeding to address.


From: Rick Guthrie [mailto:rguthrie@]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 10:35 AM
To: Tate, Troy
Subject: RE: please call me

Yes. Will cover this but I need you to sign a release that Camping world does not owe you anything else.

From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2018 9:59 AM
To: Rick Guthrie
Subject: RE: please call me


All I need to know is if you are covering this cost or not, so I know how to move forward. I find it strikingly odd that A&L could find this leak in one day; with no rain, and Camping World has had it for months. So please let me know your direction ASAP.


From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 1:12 PM
To: ‘Rick Guthrie’
Subject: RE: please call me


Please contact Ann @ 615-896-XXXXX, at A&L RV for a description of the repair; the leak has been fixed.

From: Tate, Troy
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2018 9:22 AM
To: ‘Rick Guthrie’
Subject: RE: please call me


Good morning,

Your message got rolled into my junk email folder. I had communicated to you earlier that the other dealership would not be able to review my RV until 7/12. And yes it is still leaking from the same location, as late as yesterdays rain storm with slides closed. Have arrangments been made to send the hardware to reattach my vent cover, I made this request also.

From: Rick Guthrie [mailto:rguthrie@]
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 5:08 PM
To: Tate, Troy
Subject: please call me

Please call me at 423-505-XXXXX to discuss your RV and what the other dealership has found out. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Guthrie
Service Director
Camping World of Nashville


Steve August 31, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Roanoke va!!! Stay away. Far away. Don’t waste your time or gas! Not worth 5 cents. You’ve been warned


Mike G. August 17, 2018 at 12:30 am

Short and sweet,
DO NOT PURCHASE ANY CAMPER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are the worst company out there. I would never purchased an RV from them if I knew how they are. They are f-ing horrible. Should not be in business. Check BBB and any site for results. I am trying to help anyone else from going threw the nightmare I have to endure. Don’t even go to the stores.


Theresa Duckworth September 4, 2018 at 1:25 pm

AMEN. This is the worst company out there. I have emailed and called approximately 3 times a week, and no one from the corporate office has the balls to call me back. I have called so much that the receptionist knows me by name! RUN WHEN YOU HEAR CAMPING WORLD.


Clyde S Anderson October 9, 2018 at 1:54 pm

I agree, worse company ever when it comes to serving your RV. How they stay in business is beyond me.
Want a RV buy local and not from Camping World


John Oranczak July 29, 2018 at 10:05 am

I traveled 2 hours to purchase an RV a at Camping World of Center Conway N.H. and the buying prosses was the worst experience, the finance manager Bruce McDonald was visibly very upset when I refused to purchase an extended Warranty, so much so that I got xtremely mad at him and had to raise my voise to him so that he got the message, and any iformation I needed to know he never said anything to me until the last possible moment, who does business like this, then when I went to pick the camper up the servise department did not even have the camper ready, and I was not able to bring the camper home, 4 hours round trip 6 hours total including the time spent there,all for nothing. So I got them to deliver the camper to me free of charge for all my trouble, it was the general manager who brought it to my house, when I went into the camper to make sure everthing was ok, the chairs to the dinette were not strapped down with the straps provided specifically for that reason, and the chairs were sprawled all across the floor, when I told the general manager that, he did not even care to look, and rolled his eyes at me, then when got into his vehicle to leave my home he intentionally sped out of my driveway. the facility there in Center Conway is a mess, safety hazards all over the place, if you don’t believe me, do a surprise inspection of the place to see for yourselfs. In closeing, I must say I believe in word of mouth, and I don’t have any good ones ! I would like someone from corporate to please call me at 603-706-XXXXX thank you John Oranczak


Julie Giordano July 6, 2018 at 4:25 pm

I purchased a 2016 Wildcat Maxx in the summer of 2015. The front cap like so many others started to fade while under warranty. I am several hours from my selling dealer so I took to my local Camping World in Redding, CA. They got approval for the replacement of the cap and ordered one in (which took months because the manufacturer was behind in production). Camping World had to paint the new cap because it came in scratched. Finally got the new cap on, picked up the trailer for a scheduled camping trip and front lights were inop, paint had runs and excessive orange peel, trim around 5th wheel hitch was falling off and many open gaps between seal and cap. We took the trailer because of our trip but told them we would be bringing it back for the repairs when we got back. We came back from our vacation dropped the trailer off for the repairs and were to pick it up on the following Saturday. We couldn’t get in touch with the service department on Saturday so we drove down there. I saw our trailer in their yard and decided to take a quick look before going in. I discovered that the new front cap had been hit by something and now was cracked. I went inside and spoke to a manager who confirmed their forklift driver was moving trailers around and damaged ours. He said we would get a call Monday to figure it out. Monday came and I told them I didn’t want a repair I wanted a new cap so they patched it up and said they would order one. Nine months later my cap came in trailer was dropped off on May 4 supposed to be done May 11….. several things happened on their part and long story short it is July 6 and I still don’t have my trailer or any idea when I might get it back. Yes, I called Camping World Corporate office and I too got nowhere…….


Melanie Weaver June 27, 2018 at 10:49 am

Purchased new 2018 Keystone Sprinter mid spring. The transaction went smoothly. I was impressed. Our first Camping Trip May 18. We had to bring back the Camper on our way home from our trip on the 21st of May. We were unable to flush out our tanks due to a kink in the hose located in the wall. Our master bedroom door would not latch shut. The easy connect for the water hose wasn’t so easy and would not connect. We purchased a second Battery and paid the labor to have it installed while it was there. After several weeks and just 5 days before our next camping trip we get the call that says it’s ready. We bring it home and first begin to let out the slides. The bedroom door is behind the slide so we are unable to see it at this time. The doorknob catches on the slide out, and rips off molding and scratches on door. They left the door insecure and did not fix the problem of the door not latching shut. We then open the bathroom door and find panels removed from below the shower and it’s screws laying on the floor. At this time we are unsure if they fixed the link in the hose. We go outside the camper to check to make sure the batter got installed. There it sat with the other battery but was never installed. I called Camping Worldmof Oxford Al to bring this all to their attention. Since I received no response, I drive there 30 miles away and spoke to the service managers asst. I felt like I was talking to a corpse in a mortuary. I didn’t receive any resolution whatsoever. I then called the asst GM spoke with him and he said he would get back with me after soeaking with the GM on Monday. 3 Monday’s have passed and I have yet to hear from them. I wish I had read all the negative reviews of Camping World before I purchased anything from them because after reading the reviews, my situation was very similar to theirs.


Brenda T June 25, 2018 at 1:32 pm

I find two things very funny.

Marcus Lemonis has posters in every dealership stating if you not happy email him and gives an email that you never hear back from. Is tyat just there to make us think you really care?

On this website where people have complained not one camping world response has been posted or has someone changed their posting because camping world stepped up to the plate.

Something to think about while your having your board meeting Mr. Lemonis trying to figuire out how can you make more money of hard working people


Robert G October 11, 2018 at 2:23 pm

Obviously a leadership issue. If the CEO doesn’t care in replying, what do you think their employees will do? Follow the leader!!

My 2 weeks old brand new A class had to 2 leaking front shocks and power steering…CW Kingston NY Service Manager told me that “… leaking shocks are not broken shocks and that if I want it to get fix, I need to personally take it to Ford for repair…” So I did

This is awesome!! I spent money to create a part time job by driving the coach back and forth between dealer and Ford!! Marcus doesn’t care about us, he just want to make more money from customers like us….


Brenda T June 25, 2018 at 1:23 pm

In May 2017 husband and I wanted to upgrade and have have always bought our campers at campers inn but the model we wanted was at campers world. We talked to a salesman Jim who was great. We traded in our Rockwood Roo and ofcourse didnt get the best for it but that’s life. We bought a Autium Right 38 foot premier model with rear kitchen. Paid for the usual but after leaving the sales department nothing was usual. Paid for the inspection and work around service $380 got there that day to pick it up and it was raining so the guy who did the walk around to teach us about the trailer didnt open the awning because it was raining. Guess what didnt work when we took it home and opened it. Received the title to the trailer in the wrong names, both recyliners were ripped and table all scratched. Took months and so many unanswered calls to get them but we did. We were told to bring it back in October for all the

Here is the fun part, NOT. In October we bring it back and make the list of all the repairs needed and winterizing. We call and call and call and get no response about what the progree is on our trailer. In January husband and I had to drink ve up to NH to physically be in someones face. Our trailer had not ever been moved from the spot. We were told the are waiting for warranty and the blah blah blah begins. We were told that there was not enough help people leaving right and left and the ones who were left were doing jobs not trained for. We leave thinking our trip up there would get something done. We were fools. We call February, March April nothing. I finally get this call from a Nate or Nathanial if your mad at him he said an he promised to get to the bottom of this and call me back. BS again another BS setvice person telling you your number one. ( Nathanial is new to this campers World)
Here is the best part of all times. In April I get a call from Bridget ( very nice but is the person who had to call) tell me during the winter a tree fell on my trailer but no worries they are going to fix it. It just needs a ladder and they covered it. They dont know when it happened but they noticed it when they pulled it in to fix the awning( In April).
I still havent learned at this point beleve nothing they say I waited and called and called and called.
Again in May my husband and I drive the hour and half to go there because NO ONE CALLS YOU BACK. I get there and ask for the manager Matt. He cones down and we go over everything and we look at the trailer damage and warranty repairs that have not been. I look at the trailer damage and no way a tree hit our trailer, our trailer hit a tree. Plaistic is over the ladder so I couldnt see much and he again gves the good setvice speech that they will fix it and he will personally make it better and he cant believe this happened but he is new there and will fix everything. I will never learn. So my husband and I leave. Now its June, camping season is in full bloom, we lost our seasonal camping site because we have no trailer and of course we call our good Buddy Matt who was going to make sure eve rything was done. NEVER ANSWERED MY CALLS on his personal work voice mails.

June 22 my husband again go up to campers world and ask for Matt but for some reason the store manager isnt around but I had called gefore I went and he was in today. I was met by Jordan ( great person she had left and came back if the company was smart they would clone her and never left her go) she brought my husband and I to Jed (who is new to campers world ) He said pretty much what the others said but he asked to give him a chance nd what did we want. He promised he would call me the next day to let us know what he had found. The ladder wasnt in yet and they had know idea when but we cant take the trailer because it has not been repaired ( End of June they have now had it for nine months and i have lost this camping season)

I saved the best for last . At this point my husband and I went to our trailer to clean it out of our belongs because at this point it is unrepairable to us because we bought a new camper not a damaged one. We find mouse poop and ants everywhere. I have never in all my years of camping ever had mice or ants. This wasnt just a few dropping this was an infestation of ants and mouse poop. I climbed up on the ladder that was only crushed at the top to find it was not just tye ladder there was rips and holes dents. None on these holes had been covered to protect it from the weather or the mice and ants from getting in. They only through a piece of plastic over the ladder which protected nothering. Since we have no idea how long the so call tree hit the trailer i has been the way for nine months. No wonder there are mice and ants nested there. I go back into the trailer and bang on the walls near the ladder and roof damage and tjousands of ants come out of the walls. Im sure there is water and mold there also.

BTW While we were down cleaning our camper one of the guys who run the machines that pull the trailers was spinning in the boo cat and hit a cement light pole right in front of my husband and I. Hummmmm tree fell

So I walked back in and showed Jordan these pictures and how I need to get my insurance company involved now because I dont trust anything or anyone at campers world to do anything right . I paid $29,000.00 dollars for brand new 2017 trailer that is worth nothing now all because of the poor management and systems in place at the Chichester, New Hampshire Campers World.

Waiting to hear from Jed today. I will let you know how very sorry they are.

I will also be contacting Attorney General, BBB, and the biggest social media like pissed consumer, yelp, trip advisor and so n. At this point I want them to buy it back from me because its worthless to me and has cost me a camping season and so much money

PS: I want to say even though I think this campers worls should be avoided like the plaque their are people like Jordan and Bridget who do try but they are not the corporation and they are the same nes who have the power to fix it.

PSS To the poor reception people that had to lie to us because Matt ( The Store Manager) didn’t want to bother with us because he didnt follow through I do apologize that you had do what you were told.

UPDATE: Heard back from Jed. He said Matt will give up $17,000 trade in on our trailer. Our $29,000 11 months old trailer lost $12,000.00 dollars sitting at Camping World in Chichester NH. He said that what NADA said. It you look at NADA it states unless you do your options separately you get a base price of
That model. If you add the premier package and extra awnings over slide outs and electric jacks and the package options my Trailer is $32,000.00. Trade in… I wouldn’t get another trailer at this location if gave it to me. Poor management. Take responsibility for damage dne while in your care.

See if the CEO’s really care about their customers or just send you back to a dealership that thought it only needed a ladder for repair. Wish I could add pictures of the true damage


Sherri Lehmann Steele June 21, 2018 at 11:40 am

Now wouldn’t you think that the man who does a show on how to improve a company (Marcus Lemonis) would have a better run company than Camping World?. Maybe he should spend some time working on his own company. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Apparently, the problem is widespread with them not being knowledgeable about their own products in sales or service, lying and being generally inept and unqualified. Of the many problems we have encountered and they are numerous, we have been trying to get a replacement passenger seat arm for the cab which was torn when we bought the brand new motorhome. It has now been seven months and they supposedly order the wrong color – typical! I don’t think the problem is with Thor but Camping World in general. Maybe we should all complain to Thor regarding their inability to service their vehicles. They should lose the francise with Thor. These people at Camping World completely suck!!!


Thomas Ingram June 11, 2018 at 2:32 pm

I have had my motorhome since September of 2017 bought it from Harrisburg PA store. I have been giving nothing but a run around. In January of 2018 I took it in for warranty issues, was told 2 weeks got it back 3months later. They told me basically none of the problems existed. No radio problems, drove away still not a properly working radio, no leak issue got home very first rain water coming in from somewhere, weather stripping on the drivers side falling off they fixed it, when I picked it up the passenger side was falling off. I asked why didn’t you fix it, their response was that wasn’t on the ticket. Not to mention when I picked it up, it looked like someone had taken it 4 wheel driving in a mud pit. Before I left they told me they would order me a new weather stripping and have it delivered to a closer camping world. Now this was back at the end of March, its now June and nobody will return my calls from HARRISBURG, PA or HANOVER, PA I have even called corperate with no results. My next step is a lawyer


Thomas Ingram June 11, 2018 at 2:33 pm

Forgot to mention when I bought my motorhome they told me it was a 2018 model found out later its a 2018 but on a 2017 chasis. How is that legal?


Sherri Lehmann Steele June 21, 2018 at 11:34 am

Same here. Probably your Sprinter is a 2017 because the 18’s have not come out yet. Funny, how they dont mention that, most likely because they don’t know any better like everything else.


Cynthia Oliver June 11, 2018 at 11:20 am

Looking for resolution on furniture that was suppose to be Thomas Payne and was not plus furnace that is not working properly. Cannot get any issues resolved. Have called and emailed. I have been at it for months with no results! Cynthia Oliver 540-330-XXXXX


David Downing June 5, 2018 at 2:04 pm

Its not just the Georgetown ,KY. camping world it is everyone of the that I’ve visited. I believe its the culture of the business from the CEO down. They cheat you, lie to you, blame everyone else. My only regret is buying from them


Sandra June 5, 2018 at 12:50 am

We bought a NEW 2017 5th wheel Toy Hauler from your store in Flagstaff, Az.
We have just returned from a “ short “ vacation .
We had a tire throw out rubber on the interstate . We were told , by a tire, big rig dealer that our tires were of 2015.We bought our 5th wheel NEW, we expected NEW tires.
We had to buy four new tires because we were told they wouldn’t last on our trip.
We will post this on social media…Face Book….


Winna and Kevin May 23, 2018 at 4:13 pm

OMG!!!!! I only wish we had looked at this site and comments before we purchased from camping world! Georgetown Ky store is the pits! NO ONE returns a call!! We bought new in February from them, then upgraded to an A class in Tallahassee while traveling in April. We knew there were a few things that needed attention but was assured when we got home Georgetown would take care of them. We dropped off RV as asked to do and had 2 pages of things that needed fixed. We were told they would get right on it! WRONG… I’m finished with Georgetown and decided to call headquarters in Bowling Green. I issued complaint. Just waiting to see if they can tell the truth. Safety issues should be checked before the RV is allowed on the highway. This is a 2019!!!!


Chuck Williams May 19, 2018 at 7:13 pm

Any of these people get and help from this posting?


Chuck Williams May 19, 2018 at 1:51 pm

5/16/18 Drove 87 miles to keep a appointment set by CW to have a vent fan and two vent covers installed. When fan and covers were ordered was given a ball park price for parts and labor $400-$450.
First work order at check in was $900+dollars. After refusing that and all there explanations as to why I was not told this or that I agreed for them to proceed with as estimated cost of $700+. We are talking about 1 Vent fan and two vent covers. After hours of waiting, ask to see the finished product. Vent fan cover was smoke/black NOT white as ordered, the new vent had no cover only 1 cover installed over bedroom. After a lot of cussing and shaking of heads on there part was sent to pay a $596 bill. Lot of emails to corporate office, a call from corporate person assuring me he would get this before a person who can fix the situation. Got a call yesterday from supposedly the service and part managers and it did not go well. 1. According to work order they did what was requested. 2. Since I had signed a $700 work order and only paid $595 sounds like the already took care of the problem. 3. Both these gentlemen had the most condescending, arrogant attitude. I understand they were pissed because they got a email from corporate and had to call. They finally offered to match online prices that they had agreed to do from the beginning and a $50 gift card! I may be off base but i refused!!!! 1. I think I should pay only prices agreed to on initial order 2. Think I should pay a reasonable rate for hooking up a power source (not $190) there was a light 18 inches away from opening. Thor says there is a wiring harnesses there already. 3. Compensated for gas (would not have made the trip had i known they would not have all the parts)
Please tell me and Camping World Hope Mills who is wright.


Daniel May 12, 2018 at 1:51 pm

The worst customer service and people I have EVER been around. They don’t care. They make promises that they can’t keep. This should be shut down


Marty Peters May 8, 2018 at 12:51 pm

I bought a Forest River Wildwood 27REI in March of 2017,@ Camp World in ASHEVILLE NC. I really loved this travel trailer yet I truly regret the purchase due to repairs that started as soon as it was delivered. I had no hot water for over a month, fought with service to fix it, microwave never worked, thermostat had issues. There is so much more to add to my experience but I will get to the point as of today May 8, 2018.
Camp World is not equipped to deal with customers who have RV’s that need service warranty repairs, poor communicators! My RV faucet in the kitchen had a leak, it eventually busted at the top of the faucet and flooded my RV. Camp world picked up the RV, Early February of 2018, it has been exhausting to be put in the middle of service dept. and the warranty dept. The RV sat approximately 2 months before the underbelly was opened up to reveal what kind of water damage had occurred. I had to fight the warranty company to investigate the under part of the RV. The insulation was wet. even after months of sitting on the lot.. mold was discovered. The warranty dept. took it upon themselves to instruct Camp World service tech. to clean up the mold yet they are not mold experts so I asked for an expert. The warranty company denied to reopen the underbelly and have a mold expert clean it up professionally. I basically asked for a refund of the RV. The warranty company refused to give one but did offer a 2,500 down payment for a new camper. I accepted the offer and did pick out a new RV, myself and Camp world did come to a price I would accept. Before this transaction could go through the warranty company retracted the 2,500 for the new RV due to a complaint I verbally made with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because I felt it would not be safe for my severely autistic daughter to be exposed to a water damaged possible toxic mold inhalation in the RV. In that report that someone else wrote that had my name and address wrong said I admitted to freezing burst pipes in the bathroom that already had mold. The vin# was the only thing written that was correct on that complaint. I fought with the warranty company because no matter what was written in that complaint it was not what was found or repaired on my RV. I have a itemized list of repairs done to my RV. Again, the faucet in the kitchen broke due to a manufactures defect and flooded my RV. The warranty dept. still denied covering my RV even though the work has concluded with no evidence of what that person at the NHTSA wrote. I called Camp World corporate May 7, 2018 to explain the situation. As of today 3 months later nothing has been resolved with my RV. I did get a call from Justin Hawk in service dept. yesterday May 7,2018 who asked me to come pick up my RV. I told Justin I wouldn’t pick it up and didn’t he know I was trying to trade it for a new RV? Justin is one of the nicest guys over at Camp World but a little ignorant to the current situation. I do believe he was instructed to call me back because none of the other managers in that office want to deal with my current dilemma. Once the warranty company pulled the 2,500 for a down payment for a new RV, everyone at Camp World has denied me a new RV, I don’t exist to them now. I was working with a sales guy by the name of Wes, who won’t return a call or e mail. Sales manager Matt Frank has not returned my call either, he was supposed to get back to me about still going forward with the RV trade. I did offer to put down $500 on a new camper and would like my extended warranty money back from the previous camper. In my file at camp world I agreed to mediate any legalities between myself and camp world. I have left several messages to go ahead and do this before I obtain a lawyer and still no one from Camp world with authority will return my call and work this out.


Ray Burk April 30, 2018 at 5:36 pm

Purchase my Jayco in September of last year, took unit on week vacation, came back with 21 issues, took it to the Sherman store and as of 04/30/2018, they still have it. When I call the Service Department, they inform me it is just about done, still there. Have left messages for the Branch Manager and he will not return my calls. Sure if I had looked at this site before I purchased. I have never seen this poor of service in all my years.


Randy April 26, 2018 at 8:57 pm

had a person from camping world contact me today and still no refund on broken deal. i never went to any dealerships or signed any papers on any deal It a verbal deal where salesman Adam said he would refund the money for any reason I had because I hadnt seen the r,v except for 3 e-mail pictures of a used camper. this is a pure theft of my money as I cancelled next day due to broken word of interest rates that were a lot higher than stated. please return my money as the camper never left and is still your property. why try to steal my hard earned money , like I gave it to you which i did not, This was at the ST. JOHNS utah camping world please assist me, and thank you Randy


Sandy April 18, 2018 at 7:33 pm

I bought my Georgetown Forest River in 2015. I took it to camping world for white and black tank issues, propane tank issues, generator issues and various other things. I asked I needed to take my personal belongings out of the unit and was told no, BIG MISTAKE. I had so much stuff stolen and even the sheets off the bed. I had a blanket I had gotten while in Iraq and yes it was gone to. Today Apr 2018 my unit is still at CW in Olive Branch, MS. I was able to pick it up a couple of times but the issues weren’t fixed so back it went in 3 years they have had it 2 of those years and the other year was off season so I couldn’t use it. With the black tank they decided to do a by pass which has caused leakage on the opposite side of the coach so they tried to fix that but the black tank won’t flush and of course they say that’s my fault it has toilet paper in it. NO way I spent over 3 hours trying to flush it. The white tank will never fill completely and the propane tank won’t keep propane it disappears. They put a window on my entry door that blew off as I was traveling down the highway. They said the manufacturer doesn’t make the glass anymore so they installed plexi-glass. They have basically destroyed my unit and now want me to buy another one. Then they tell me they need to install 2 new batteries at a cost of $100 each well the new price is $130 each plus $135 for testing the bad batteries. Then they want me to pay a tool usage fee for their tools they used plus labor on rework that they didn’t do right the first time. I regret I ever went to CW and I will be getting a lawyer. I think a class action suit should be done against them but if nobody wants to join I will pursue it with a lawyer on my own. DO NOT GO TO CW and if you do, REMOVE ALL YOUR BELONGINGS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THEM. They don’t care about their customers and as long as people continue to buy from them nothing will change.


Kevin & Terri April 17, 2018 at 3:55 pm

We bought our 5th wheel TH 2017 on 9/29/2017. Needless to say the purchase experience was great until the end, then everything went to the crapper. We got past that, did the short and brief walk through/around, showed the walk around person of things that needed to be fixed, he told us to come back the next day (Saturday) and they would have these items fixed. We came back the next day and nothing had been fixed, we were told to take the unit and make a list of everything that needed to be repaired. We took it out about 2 weeks later and right away started noticing more things that would need to be repaired (warranty work) and started making a list (per dealership/salesperson instructions). We started contacting the dealership once we got back home, and were told that we would have to make an appointment for the repairs and they were 2 months out for appointments. We continued to use our TH and each time we went out we would call for an up date on appointment times and each time the same thing. We were finally able to get our unit in 2/16/2018 and that was like pulling teeth. At this time we needed more than 20 items for warranty work and some minor insurance work. We were told they would need to keep it about 6 weeks. We have received some emails with updates. We have been told that our factory warranty and purchased extended warranty does not cover a damaged awning (which was damaged before purchase), some cabinet adjustments and a few other items. We had to pay for this if we wanted them fixed because these items were only covered for the first 90 days by the manufacturer (per dealership). We were never told this during our purchase experience, we were told it was in our paperwork that was given to us at the time of purchase. I have contacted the dealership and asked for the name of the general manager, they tried giving me the name of the general sales manager/not happening, I asked why they wouldn’t give me the name, I was placed on hold. The name was finally provided and I was connected to his voice mail, I left a message, let’s see what happens. I am very unhappy that we are having to pay for something that should be covered under warranty. The dealership couldn’t get us in because of the SNOW BIRDS in our state. I guess warranty customers aren’t as important as $$$$ to this dealership. And what the heck happened to being told to make a list so they can get these items fixed, I guess they just wanted the money and us to leave.


Terry Franzwa April 12, 2018 at 7:33 pm

Well nothing changes as my RV has been on repair status for over 16 months now on camping world property longer than my own. Today is 4/12/2018 guess where my 2016 RV is at yep camping world still. Kicker is I contacted corporate about this to complain I receive a call from camping world in Beaumont AZ the same place I am having all this run around failure to perform adequate Hell thats even to good any work required under a warranty claim. I speak to the general manager of store he is sorry for experience and promises to resolve the issues well that was couple weeks ago says face plate has eta of 04/10/2018 and he promises my calls will be returned and past issues will be corrected. I call BS I called this am and no return calls they have not called once to ever inform me of updates. I don’t know the status other than I make my monthly payments and sense 2016 slept 3 nights in this RV it’s spent better than 75 % of the time I had purchased it sitting on their property disassembled awaiting parts but yet I was told they could accommodate me I could pick it up they could do somthing where I could use it just not the cupboards WTF is that that no you can fix the RV I paid for purchased elite good Sams coverage and extended warranty for which will be expired before I ever get to use it
We need as consumers a lemon law lawyer consumer lawyer to represent us as they all have lawyers that represent their piss poor service and obligations to consumers


Maggi Ingle April 17, 2018 at 4:53 pm

Our 2017 5th wheel / purchased 10-26-17 has NEVER been used. It’s sitting in Golden, Colorado CW up to today. We just left there. It’s not even 1/10th done. It will be months more as it’s getting more cosmetic damages as it sits. I just took pictures AGAIN.


Rick April 11, 2018 at 5:41 pm

Just bought a new travel trailer from CW Panama City but won’t take delivery until the end of the month and I’ve got to say all these comments worry me. Sure the numbers were a joke such as website special price lower than what I was charged (not including any add on fees etc just the TT price). Their MSRP was $2K over the actual manufacturer’s MSRP and then raised another $1K two days later. I have no idea how taxes and fees were determined the numbers do not match at all to my calculations but I gave it no thought until today when I received all new doXXXXents to sign with some kind of added fee. So before I would sign and return them I called the General Manager at this location and left a voice mail (not surprised that no one answered).
After seeing how they are handling the sale I can only hope I never require service.


Chris April 19, 2018 at 5:02 pm

If you are paying close to MSRP you are paying to much. If you haven’t taken delivery I would reconsider, as you will be buried in it.


Harry April 20, 2018 at 1:25 pm

In the Southwest we call that “Bait and Switch”. You might want to mention that fact to them. Definitely not a good thing and something the state might like to hear about.


shelley June 21, 2018 at 7:53 pm

Same thing only didn’t sign after they asked me to mix up my credit card numbers and commit fraud then sign. I walked out but this is not over.


Robert Anderson March 22, 2018 at 2:40 pm

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! Camping World of Kissimmee left off 3 heat shields, that protect the spark plug wires from melting, on our 454 Big Block! They had replaced wires, plugs, distributor cap, and button. So, the neglect mechanic, fried our #8 cylinder wire, by not re-installing it! Also, the mechanic below Montgomery said they had left wires laying on the manifold! The heat shield was there, I saw it before we left for Kissimmee. Mr. Edwards, the top dog, called, and did his best to do nothing for us. With is being out $1134.33, for rental car, mechanic to DISCOVER the problem/fix, gas and expense. Oh, Edwards did OFFER, out of goodwill, to pay for the plug wires. Are these bozo’s trained at CW to insult the customer further, after THEIR employee, costs a customer so much lost money? We were traveling back to Alabama, and broke down 4.5 hours from home. Amazing huh? A BRAND NEW, NEWLY INSTALLED plug wire, FRIED! With the other 2 wires on the way to frying, due to NOT installing those heat shields on also. So…if their shop screws up, you’re SCREWED! And they sponser NHRA? Wow! Small claims court, here we come!


Charles Huffstickler March 11, 2018 at 1:57 pm

I Order a pair of Running shoes from your co. They were not shipped. I tried to call the store in Ky. @ 1 877-8171694. This phone number has been busy for 3 days. If you are not going to
HONOR this order then take it off of my credit card, #————
The order was on Feb. 24th. the total was 74:71 (free shipping) salomon #233366 PRO 2
TRAIL(On Sale)
Any thing you can do would be greatly appreciated.
My Name and address are as fellows: Dean Huffstickler, Gastonia, N.C. 28056. Tel. 704 861-XXXXX. HOME) This is not my first order from this


Bill Gillespie March 3, 2018 at 12:58 pm


I don’t like going behind anyone’s back and wanted to let you know that I have reached out to Camping World Cooperate regarding my entire experience with MC Georges RV in Ashland VA. Please see paragraph at the bottom that was sent to Camping World as I await a response. I can’t say anything negative about the salesman that talked me into buying the RV nor can I say I had a negative experience from you. However I can say that every experience I have had with service from day one has been a disappointment. I will outline a few issues below , but will be giving cooperate office a complete play by play run down as I see it.

– TRUCK HITCH INSTALLTION Supposed to bring my truck in to install 5th Wheel hitch . I was asked if I wanted the trailer power receiving plug installed in the bed of the truck. I was given the price and verbally approved . This was not done and was never brought up again . I didn’t pay for this but didn’t realize until I got my unit home. My fault for not checking but poor customer service for not following up with earlier agreements.

– ORIENTATION DAY I was told and I scheduled the RV orientation and pick up at 11:00am on January 20 2018. So I show up at 11am only to be told that everyone was busy and come back at 1pm and I should not have been scheduled for 11am, sorry. I must admit I was a little disappointed and I am sure my facial expressions and pitch of my voice changed when I heard the news as I had scheduled an extra vehicle and driver to help me accommodate the RV pick up. So I walked around the area trying to entertain myself for 3 hours because my pre scheduled ride was now not available for the extended time.

– INTERIOR ORIENTATION I clearly expressed that I had never owned a camper and would need as much orientation as possible due to my inexperience. The person that was assigned to my orientation was very nice however in my opinion does not know enough about each individual 5th wheel to give specific details to an inexperienced 5th wheel owner like myself. There is/was no written orientation program as in a checklist that could be checked off and was more like a free for all. I had a list of questions but as an inexperienced owner I basically didn’t know enough to ask the right questions. This should be the responsibility of your employee to familiarize their self with the camper they are giving orientation’s on so that the customer is given a complete orientation from head to toe with a check list and bullet points the customer can receive a copy of and reference later. This checklist should include the 2nd “exterior “ orientation that I was given by a much more knowledgeable employee, however this to was lacking a checklist to ensure the customer is given 100% of the information. Each customer has different levels of intelligence and knowledge , so it should not be assumed that any customers knows it all or does not know anything. As with the interior orientation there where many items not discussed on the exterior walk thru as again I had questions but wasn’t experience enough to ask the right questions to get the answers I needed to properly use the camper. I did fill out a comment card in the presence of the first employee who gave the first orientation , but felt pressured to give good marks as the person was standing over me while I filled it out. I should have been honest!!!!! Another NOTE!!!! Where is my owner’s manual I was given a USB flash drive allegedly for my camper but it’s not. I buy a car for 30K I get an owner’s manual. I buy a camper for 67K I get some crappy flash drive that is not specific to my camper. Who do I call for questions. For instance I found a fuse harness that calls for a 15 amp fuse that was missing upon 1st walk thru as the generator wouldn’t start and now you guys installed a 30 amp fuse in its location. Is my camper going to burn up do to the oversized fuse?????? I don’t know because I don’t have a manual that is specific to my camper!!!

– FINANCE This was somewhat painless but once this process was done I was taken to the service counter where I was just told to wait for some one. WHO??? So I just stood there and stood there for about 90 minutes when finally someone said “ are you Gillespie?” Turns out this person I had been waiting for was behind the counter the entire time but had failed to ask who I was waiting for as did every other customer rep that had been behind the counter for the last 90 minutes. The name tag that I was given that said “ Gillespie” should been a dead giveaway!!!! Complete disconnect between your employees on the handling of customers during the orientation and financing stages of the buying process.

– EXTERIOR ORIENTATION – I mentioned this above but wanted to mention again because after this incomplete exterior orientation, I was again told to go back to the counter only to wait another 60 Minutes for basically nothing( pay for my hitch installation). No one at the service counter seems to acknowledge customer standing there for an hour. I’m thinking I am waiting on a particular person when the whole time the person behind the counter could have helped me. Poor communication and customer direction. You guys are running the show and should make sure your customers are completely communicated through the entire process. This did not happen and it seemed like your employees where clueless to my existence.

Again this only about 50% of my negative experience with McGeorge as I have drafted a more detailed letter that actually includes an experience I had today 3/3/18 with the service department/customer service at your location. I was contacted by your cooperate office a few weeks back as a follow up on my buying experience and basically told them if I knew what I knew now I would not have purchased from your facility and certainly would not recommend it to anyone I knew. Once I feel I am speaking to the best person that can understand my concerns I will be forwarding my entire doXXXXented experience. I am not hostile , angry or do I plan on being rude with anyone at your business as you know and I know this does no good for either party. I am fully prepared to take my service needs to another business as I am sure someone at you facility will take offence to my comments that may lead to future issues with or new relationship. As mentioned above please see the paragraph below that was sent to your cooperate office as I await their reply. Thanks for your time.

I would like to discuss customer service at your Camping World in Ashland VA. My only good experience was prior to purchasing my new 2018 Heartland 5th Wheel. Starting on the day I picked up my new camper the communication and customer service has been in my opinion a complete disaster. I do not want to just complain and simply be an irate customer. I would hope that I could explain my experiences and Camping World could educate me and maybe further educate their employees in an effort to make future customers buying experience more pleasurable. I can be reached at 804-396-XXXXX and would be happy to discuss depending on when I receive the phone call. Thanks

WILLIAM GILLESPIE General Superintendent
C: 804.897.XXXXX

Midlothian, VA 23113 | | | |

Established in 1990
Please consider the environment before printing this email


Sam Davidson March 2, 2018 at 7:37 am

As I sit and read all these complaints, sure wish that I would have seen it First but didn’t so like all of the ones I Read I to was sucker, My used 2005 Bad too, after getting it home found Black Mold in the overhead bunk, had over 30 hours in repairs and CW said basically you bought it used, No Help at all, wish I knew how to attach Pictures to this my only wish is that people stop buying from CW…some of my friends already have went esle where so CW you didn’t Win I did, if I stop 1 sale that’s a Win, also tell everyone I can and share pictures of what it looked like, I would say Thanks CW but way to good for you…very un happy buyer,


Sean O'Connell February 23, 2018 at 2:52 pm

Oh where to begin. We bought our Crossroads Elevation from CW in Charlotte NC. When we arrived (from MA), they showed us the camper which was used in a show…it was dirty, it had decorations all over it and some damage. they promised it would be taken care of. 1st red flag, they used it in a show. They didn’t give us any money off. Shame on us, we should have bailed, but we drove from MA with our other 5th wheel for trade in and wanted to get the deal done. 2nd issue, the living room set is peeling after 2 years and CW will not stand behind it. Now we need to buy a new couch. 3rd issue, motor in push out goes bad, they need to order parts(CW in Charleston SC)….while doing so, they find a “leak” in the roof from a poorly installed roof. Not covered under warranty, even though you can plainly see that it was installed wrong…10K later (thank you insurance) the roof is fixed and leak is “fixed” (after nearly 6 months in their shop). Pick up unit and they installed the wrong Skylight and the service manager says to us, oh yeah we installed the wrong one….there was exposed wood and looked like XXXXX. This is also after they told us they detailed the unit inside and out. It was never done and looked like crap. went back today to pick up the “fixed” unit. Walk up, it’s clean, looks good. I go to open the shower door to look at the new skylight and the door falls off the hinges….can’t make this stuff up. I note this and look at the new skylight…looks good except that they tore off some of the ceiling covering and I have a huge brown spot, where it should be white. I go back in, get the service rep and ask to talk to the service manager. He’s busy, so he calls me. Asks what’s the problem and I tell him. He proceeds to tell me that he checked the unit himself this morning and the door was fine, so I must have broken it. It’s still sitting in their lot. I explain that it was not me and that they need to fix it. He told me that if they need to get a new door, there is NO WAY CW will pay for it. Basically calling me a liar. So I’m now waiting for a call back…If he actually did any quality checks, and missed the damage around the skylight, it makes me wonder if he damaged the door and trying to get away with it. He was the most condescending, arrogant person we have dealt with. He wouldn’t talk to my wife and pretty much pushed pass me, as if we weren’t important enough to deal with. Once this is fixed, I’ll be sitting down with the owner of that store, contacting the customer relations at corporate and having a good little discussion about this piss poor service.


Ronnie crowe February 22, 2018 at 1:26 pm

I’m telling everyone never by don’t even stop at camping world keep going go some were else the one in Chattanooga will f**k u big time sorry for the f word people but I look at one it was 14000 after tx all the bull s**t I told i give them 8000 down well they ask me give them 2000 then then win they get me fin I’ll give them 6000 more well it took them 3min to suck the 2000 out my acc they a day later they they called they need more down now I’m was given 8000 down on a 13000 camper they want more down I told them just put my 2000 back in the back I been fight with them over a week to get it they tell me it be in there tomorrow that all they say now they say it tacks 24 to 48 hr to go back in hell its been 3days now still not in there so people don’t give them shot go some were else I’m going drive 60mi to tomorrow to the s**t of a place I’m not going be nice I hope the place is full to I’m going tell they need get out before camping world f**k them what bad my house burnt I’m trying get a place to live iv lost on 2 more campers couse there keeping my 2000 so all I say if your going to the one in Chattanooga keep going about 8mi on do We the road to north gate t.v. u be happyer


John Benson February 20, 2018 at 10:35 am

I’ll make this short and not so sweet. DO NOT BUY FROM CAMPING WORLD OF BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. Their service department sucks, you’re promised of things they will take care of and they don’t. My wife and I have owned our brand new trailer for 5 months and they have had it for 4 fixing minor things. No one cared when I complained – not the service manager, not our sales rep, not the finance lady, not even the General Manager. I have sent emails and left phone messages but have never heard back from anyone. To do it all over again, I would never buy from there or Camping World at all.


Deb Fulmer January 4, 2018 at 12:15 pm

We bought a motor home from camping world in 2011, and had theft issues, repair issues etc etc etc. My husband was killed recently and because of th drastic changes in my finances, I had to go to JAG office to seek help and they told me what p a paperwork I needed. Called bank and they sent me those. In looking over I found a paper we never saw. It was an approval from the bank for 4.99% financing and camping world financed us for 6.49%. So they problems go on. I’m seeing the lawyer to get help tomorrow, and if anyone can help in any way I may be a ble to keep my rv instead of letting it go back to the bank. On top of the grief and loss, finances and everything with it I am still being ripped off. PLEASE ASK TO SEE ALL PAPERWORK FROM BANK BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING. I would love it if camping world would step in and help and just by it back, but that would never happen. It’s in better shape now than when we bought it. Never will or anyone i know will deal with camping world again.


Kelsey Jeffries January 3, 2018 at 7:37 pm

My husband and I have been looking for a fifth wheel for a while and found one at the Robertsdale al location. After talking with salesperson Aaron we made a deal. Trading our travel trailer for their Montana fifth wheel plus $16,000. We also paid another $1882 for a warranty since the unit was used. It was late when we got done and we got the camper back to the campsite at dark. My husband checks things out and finds out the black tank valve is stuck open it won’t shut. So he calls the store and they’re closed already so he called our salesperson because he had given us his cell number. We found out there was nothing we could do because our warranty didn’t go into effect for 30 days after purchase. I’ve never heard of anything like this but we didn’t make a fuss. The next day my husband went and bought the part to fix himself. That night we decided to go out to eat. We were gone for a few hours and when we got back opened the front door smoke was rolling out. So we immediately ran in because our fur baby was in his crate. Fortunately the breaker kicked off during the fire. So again we call the store and they couldn’t. Do anything that night. Needless to say neither of us got any sleep. We are here on vacation so we had no where else to go. Next day we call and call and get ignored of course several times. Finally they said they’d try to get someone out to look at it. Almost 3-3:30 that afternoon service came, found the issue and towed it back to the camping world. After waiting and waiting the service guy comes back and tells my husband that it caught on fire again while he was inspecting it!!!!!!! So we have no where to go. They have our camper and their camper at this point. We ended up spending the night in their parking lot in an RV they pulled around for us. Next day they show us one camper they say was comparable to ours. Only one!!!! Out of all the campers on the lot they had one. Later after doing some research we find out it was a consignment they were trying to get rid of. We can’t come to an agreement so they agree to give our camper back and our $17,882. After waiting and waiting they finally pull our camper around so we can get our stuff out. Smoke smell, soot and all!!!!! After we get done my husband goes in to get our check and we’re informed they can’t give it to us because the person that did that went home. No big deal, he assures is that it would be ready first thing Monday morning. WRONG!!!!! We call and call and get sent to voicemail everytime we call. Nearly midday Jason answers and says he can’t guve our check to us now because he spoke to Nikki and it hadn’t cleared the bank yet. WRONG AGAIN!!!! We have proof that both checks went through our bank the very next day. They will answer your calls while you’re shopping but as soon as they have your money they will avoid you like crazy. Now over a week since we wrote the checks and they cashed them we are still waiting to get our $17,882 back and that’s not even any reimbursement for the damage to stuff in our camper. I have contacted CEO, district manager, regional manager, etc and everyone is ignoring this. We called every number we were given or found on the internet. We chatted with someone on their site and they said they couldn’t help us but have us a number to call. We called and they said all they can do is start a case and someone will call us within 48 hours…still waiting!!!!!! Emailed the complaint department numerous times and same someone will contact us…still waiting!!!!!! And the worse part, we checked the website and they have that camper on the lot for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really do you not have any morals?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This company is beyond shady!! A very, very dissatisfied customer!!!!!!! Thankful we didn’t lose our fur baby in all of this. Or even worse our lives. 😡😡😡😡😡😡


Dick Crawford December 20, 2017 at 4:09 pm

I purchased a new 2018 Keystone Cougar. New to the RV world. I walked around the camper at the Nashville Camping World with a Service Representative. I was taking good notes, but really didn’t inspect the outside or inside of the camper as I should have, since it was new. When I had it in my driveway, I noticed the main entrance door was bent and the screen door would not latch properly. Also, the outside kitchen door would not lock. The awning was resting on the slide-out.
I called and made an appointment and towed it back to Camping World in Nashville. After two weeks, they called and said I could pick it up. When I arrived there was no repairs made. They had done an inspection and said it was warranty work and they needed permission from Keystone to repair the work. The parts had not been ordered since they did not receive the OK from Keystone. They said they would call me when to bring it in for the repairs. I took the unit home and waited.
**** They have hired a great young man who is a Navy Veteran as a Customer Service Representative, Mr. Bryan McConkey. He upholds all the Navy Core Values that Camping World needs to implement in their service and sales department. Bryan called and gave me an appointment. I towed my RV to CW and Bryan was there to meet me. He took charge of my RV and the repairs they had parts for were done in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. After the Awning parts were order three times, Keystone kept sending the same extension bars that were already on the camper. It needed longer extension.
Bryan has taken charge and will call as soon as he gets the right part in to raise my awning so it doesn’t rest on my slide-out.
***** Bryan McConkey is fully dedicated to improving the quality of service and repairs. As a retired Marine Corps Officer with 36 years in the Corps, I believe everyone who has a chance to meet Bryan will concur he is the type person who inspires you with his professional dedication and leadership, along with ensuring the customer is taken care of and the work is completed in a highly quality manner.
I will now wait to hear from Bryan on the extension bars to lift my awning up so it is not resting on the slide-out.
Dick Crawford
USMC (Ret)


Russell December 5, 2017 at 5:29 pm

I recently bought a used 2008 XL Cayman class a 38′ motor home from Camping World of Raleigh in October 2017. Took it on a test drive and asked the salesman (John Wayne) after we got on the road if gas gauge was correct and do we need to get gas. Salesman informed me no that we are only going a short distance and ended up running out of gas on the side of interstate 40. Had to wait 45 minutes for gas. Then salesman started giving us specs on motor home that were wrong and had to research ourself. We still bought motor home because it was what we wanted and after 3 weeks took motor home out on 1st trip. After getting to destination looked at windshield and noticed that windshield was falling out of seal and frame. I could stick my hand through separation of windshield. Camping World of Raleigh installed windshield before we bought motor home due to damage. Called manager of store in Raleigh and was told you bought it used as is and turn it in on my insurance. Also was told by manager if you buy a used rv from them and you pull out onto road and it falls in 2 pieces be prepared to put it back together yourself. It has been over 45 days and they keep giving me the run around about my tags that I still don’t have. Store is less than 10 miles from my house and I will never buy anything from there or any other camping world again.


Kathy Millikin November 30, 2017 at 6:18 pm

RE: Tom Johnson’s Camping World Service I have a 2009 Super Class C Haulmark 44″ Toterhome. I was introduce to Tom Johnson’s a few years before Camping World purchased it. So I was lucking enough to have meant many of the people before that are now working for Camping World including the new Camping World crew. I loved the Tom Johnson group. I am still coming back because the same people are working for you.
I want to compliment your Service Department and my Service Writer Crystal Tate and most of all my RV Technician Toby Willis. I have been thru quite a few RV Techs in my eight years I have been on the road. The biggest problem was that the techs I dealt with only fixing things to get me on the road and leave the problem up to the next technician. That wasn’t the case with Toby Willis. He worked hard to fix other technicians shortcomings regarding my RV. If he couldn’t fix it, he would research it and always kept me informed and listened to what I had to say. When you find a good mechanic you keep coming back. My service writer Crystal was kind enough to offer her home so I didn’t have to go to a hotel (Still hit the hotel) and she also helped me with transportation when my SUV needed work. She is on the ball and get things done for me on timely matter. These are all things that make this service department exceptional. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel like family. Most of all when my service is done (which can take time) I know I am safe on the road. That is important to me since I travel alone with my dog. Every business has there up and downs. I hope people will keep working with this service department. Every new business has growing pains. I have been one of the lucky one to have great success with Tom Johnson’s Camping World. Thank you to all at Tom Johnson’s Camping World and Happy Holidays.

Your friend,
Kathy Millikin, Star, & my late Otis


RUDY RAKES November 28, 2017 at 3:59 pm



Arthur Nestle November 27, 2017 at 12:02 pm

We bought a thor Tuscany at Dick Gore.and had an accident. We thought we had great insurance coverage by Good Sam insurance. The adjustors gave us accident quote of 40,000 for repairs. The ins only wants to pay 20,000. Not even close. They accident really owned by Camping world it turns out. I guess the insurance commissioner is my next stop. This is a 2014 rv. We payed 200,000 for. What a run around.


Arthur L November 22, 2017 at 12:09 pm

Second negative comment.
I bought a new 2018 Thor from camping world of Fayetteville on Sept 2 2017 it has been in shop many times and got to use it one time . Brought it in on Nov 1st told them needed it back by Tues Nov 21 so I could go on vacation for Thanksgiving This has been in shop for 3 whole weeks now and never got a phone call has to update me. Went up today Nov 22 CLOSED today yet my RV is still in shop with no reply . This is the sorriest dealer I have encounter with in my life time so far. I don’t know how it can stay in business with so many negative reports. They have 3 work orders open and don’t give a damn about you after the sale. All kinds of lies from sale person and service. They blame on the Manufacture yet parts are ship yet they don’t put on. $90,000 for this and they just don’t give a crap. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. If all other camping worlds are like this one how does it function with so many complaints.


Arthur L December 15, 2017 at 5:55 pm

Still not fix from Sept 2 2017 to Dec 15th still not fix what a bunch of sorry people. Parts are on ordered so they say. I question that ????


Sean O'Connell February 23, 2018 at 2:59 pm

That is their go to line. “Parts are on order” Our 5th wheel was at the Charleston, SC CW for almost 6 months trying to get warranty work done.


Karen November 13, 2017 at 8:17 am

I took my RV into Camping World Cocoa FL, on 10/12/2017 to have some damage repaired due to a tire that exploded. I was assured I would receive it back in time for my trip Thanksgiving week (5 weeks later) after several calls where I was assured they would return my call and give me an update on progress. I finally stopped in on 11/10/2017 and saw the order for my parts dated 11/09/17 and was told the parts wouldn’t be in until the week of thanksgiving. I said that this was not acceptable as I was leaving that week and told them I would be in the next day to pick up my RV. When I arrived the next day. I was met with “you really want to pick up your RV”. It was not ready, then they tried to charge me for the parts they had ordered. I told them I wasn’t paying for anything I didn’t have, after several trips back and forth between the service clerk and the manager who never came out to talk with me. I was told already we’re canceling your parts order. I really have never been so rudely treated and felt the right thing would have been for the manager to talk with me. I was given no explanation why the RV had been there 4 weeks and the parts had never been ordered until the day before I came in.


Glenn Cippon November 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

Purchased a new 2018 Prowler from Camping world at the Hershey RV show. The dealership was from NY nut I was told deliver would have to be picked up in Harrisburg Pa. I live in NJ, so this was actually better form me. One day before delivery, I was told that the RV was not delivered and that they would have it delivered to the Bridgeport NJ store one week late. I said thanks and made my pick-up appointment. We took the camper and the next week went on a short trip. Fixed a couple loose screws but otherwise the camper is great. Now the fun part. It’s now Nov.6th and I still do not have a registration or tag. I contacted the store in Bridgeport and they said they would call me when it was in (This was Sept). I called today and they told me they could not get it and I would have to do it myself. NJ DMV says because it has a lean, the dealer has to do it along with the bank. Heading to S. Carolina in less than 2 weeks, registration be damned. I see from reading other peoples posts here that telling lies is par for the coarse. Agree. No more camping world for me.


Shelley November 1, 2017 at 10:42 pm

We bought a 2011 Navion over 4 years ago in Summerfield/Ocala, Florida. Sales person was great and we were pleased with our delivery and 1st couple of revisits. However the last 3 years has been a nightmare dealing with them. It takes forever to get an appointment and they never return calls. Several times since the first of August we have left phone messages to set up an appointment. We even left a message with the store manager. I finally called the main line and told them I wanted to speak with a person at the service desk. I did get an appointment almost 3 weeks out. Now today we took our motor home in and were told they would work it into the repair que which is 4 weeks out! Their excuse is it’s a very busy time of year. Well if they had returned our call the first of August we would have it back by now. We have finally decided they don’t care and it shows. We are trying to sell our motor home for a newer model and it certainly will not be at Camping World. There are others dealers around. We belong to an RV club of over 40 members and no one has a nice thing to say about this location. There are several other reputable dealers around; unfortunately we are stuck with Camping World as we bought a 5 year warranty extension that won’t be up until May 2018. After that unless they make some major improvements we will not go back.


William Braun October 27, 2017 at 9:01 pm

We purchased a 2017 WInnebago/Itasca Sunova in December 2016 from Camping World of New Port Richey, FL. The trouble started when we allowed one week to have the unit readied for delivery. When we arrived to take delivery, the unit had not even been detailed. Although, a pre-delivery inspection was supposed to have been completed, it was obvious that the unit had not been inspected before we arrived to take delivery. The story goes on and on. Since taking delivery we’ve had to take it back to CW for warranty service on several occasions. Each time, I have been lied to by the service department and, the General Manager. Parts were supposed to have been ordered and we were told the various parts were ordered but, the various parts, several significant, were never ordered as confirmed by Winnebago Industries corporate parts department albeit, I was told by the parts manage, service advisor and general manager of the CW store that they had been ordered. NOT true! I was lied to deliberately by all concerned…except Winnebago Industries corporate. Once again, I am in the same position. A new toilet was supposedly ordered to replace the defective on in the coach. After waiting more than two weeks and being told that the toilet was ordered and en route, I, once again, learned from Winnebago that the new toilet had not yet been ordered. I called the service department for answers and was continually lied to. I spoke to the general manager, Carlos Edes, who said he would follow-up and assured me that the toilet would be ordered with an expedited delivery. Today, I confirmed with Winnebago Corp., that the toilet was ordered yesterday and was shipped this a.m. w/ expedited delivery. The problem: when the unit is in for warranty service why does everyone at the shop not just order the parts, as needed, and, why do they continually lie? I have also heard from other owners who have experienced similar problems. Unfortunately, while the coach is under the warranty period (1 year), Winnebago will not authorize anyone, except Winnebago dealers, to complete warranty work. Once it is out of warranty, I can have any service center perform the work…and I will! I will never use CW for service work, again.


Deborah Appel October 23, 2017 at 2:23 pm

My husband and I purchased a new Keystone Passport Grand Touring the end of January. We are currently are going cross country and are in Oklahoma. The drain in our shower has separated leaked water out the back of the camper and inside. We have been told by the Camping World in Oklahoma City that we would need to wait 3 weeks before they could get us in to look at it. This situation is totally unacceptable. We have worked hard to get this camper and being retired our options are limited. This trip was to be the chance of a lifetime. Thanks Camping World for your support. If there is ever an opportunity to purchase another camp trailer, we will not be shopping for another Keystone or at Camping World. Potential buyers beware!!!!!


Frank November 3, 2017 at 12:22 pm

That is exactly what happened with our Keystone after only two uses!!! When we bought the camper they installed the wrong hitch causing us to wait an extra four hours. Understandably, mistakes happen. Then during our second use the shower doors would not close. We had to take the railing off so we could assess the problem. The screws used to hold the wheels to the doors were not attached and wedged in the track. We get that back together and then the catch plate they installed for our superglide hitch fell off at the campsite! We were told “sorry it should have been shimmed more.” If that wasn’t bad enough, when we go to load our gear we observe standing water under the shower drain. The plumbing was installed wrong and we were advised it will take three weeks to get the parts. Our carpet and wood were saturated! Seems to be a common theme with Camping World. Oh, did I mention the camper was purchased brand new, and like you, I’ve been on hold now for 1.5 hours. Buyer be ware of Jacksonville Camping World. We will also be addressing our concerns with the Better Business bureau.


Frank November 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm

This is a follow up from my previous post…..So I spent approximately 3 hours today on hold awaiting for assistance at Camping World Jacksonville FL. During this time I was told multiple lies about the location of the service manager and then apprised there was no one in charge. Amazingly I receive a call from the “operations officer/manager” who claimed to be in charge for the day. I informed him I was shocked to be speaking with someone who allegedly was not in charge. He then forwarded my call to a lady named April. Based on the fact I was accused of being a liar, “its just common sense”, your hitch didn’t fall off and hit your kids (mind you that was never stated, but I did comment “thank God no one was hurt”), its a house on wheels and things break, if you want our attorneys information you can have your attorney find it, etc. I now have water damage on a brand new vehicle. When I told her I need my money back, she stated she was going to contact my lender and tell them I left the vehicle. I made calls from SC, GA, FL to attempt to get the camper fixed, but everyone is so back logged. When I would explain my problem, my concerns were echoed by very similar disturbing experiences perpetrated by Camping World. Looks like a safety to consumers bulletin will be forwarded to our local media with pending legal action. I apprised April of my formal request for the preservation of the records since the calls “may be monitored for training purposes.” I am sure those records will never be received. For the safety of you and your family, stay away from anything associated with Camping World.


Sherry Kelley October 19, 2017 at 11:40 am

My husband and I went to the CW store in greenwood, IN. Our salesman was very nice and answered all our questions on the RV DP we were looking at. We had no intensions of buying or trying to buy since we had just started looking. Well we took it for a test drive and really liked it. So our salesman asked if we would look at the numbers and go from there, he didn’t pressure us at all. Well we did then he came back with what corporate came up with and man they must be on drugs. So next guy comes in who is the sales manager asking if we like the unit blah blah, well if we didn’t we wouldn’t be sitting there!
So we told them up front what we would put down, how many years we would finance and where we wanted our payment to be. He comes back with a ridiculous offer not even close to ours. Goes back again to negotiate and now the third person comes back who is the GM. Asks the same dumb questions, do you like this unit blah blah blah! Says lets get some information and see what I can do. So we take the next step and let them try to find financing. Well 4 days later he calls and say hey we got you approved BUT, the bank wants another $10,000 down, gives us 6% when we should be around 3.7 with a high credit score and the payment $287 higher! So I argue and in the mean time I had asked
three separate occasions to see what numbers/figures they were working with and was completely ignored. Well he stuttered around and was going to go back to the table and try to make the deal work! WHY CAN’T THE DO THE DEAL FIRST TIME AROUND AND NOT GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND AND GOING BACK AND FORTH, IT’S EXHAUSTING! So my husband told me to tell them the deals off! So I send an email and as of today no call back, no apology telling us sorry we couldn’t make the deal you wanted! We will not be going back to CW.


William Braun October 27, 2017 at 9:09 pm

Smart; You did the right thing! Never buy from CW…anywhere.


Jeff Pits October 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Trump supporter. Apparently, you didnt notice that he WON the presidency because HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people voted for him. You just alienated yourself from those people proving that even an idiot can be a millionaire.


ralph dalton September 25, 2017 at 7:27 pm

bought a Mallard M27 from Garner NC-was told to take it out and make a punch list-I did and brought it back with the most important problem being the 13,500 ac unit not being able to cool when temp got above 97 deg. outside the temp inside was 95 plus. They said they would look at it–when I went to pick it up all they did was run it for 25 min and said it works fine-they took temp readings inside and I think at the condenser-they did not check pressures with the excuse it was a sealed unit. A properly mounted valve would have worked fine if welded on. They did not even check the amp draw. When I questioned it the manager got smart mouth and said “you could have bought a unit with 2 units on it”. That is true but the tech who checked us out stated ” this unit can handle the load”. Also the larger units have bunk beds and I don’t need them as it is just myself and my wife. We are still waiting to see what happens with a chair that was also damaged. I believe when I bought this unit it had a electric jack but when I picked it up the jack was manual. I wish I took a picture of the front and not the side. They give you a card when first buying for a book but every time I went to the store (6 times) they were out-gave them my name and number as reguested so they would call but when I went back, I was told they were going to mail them out. It appears to me they are nothing but liars and I don’t see how they are connected with good Sam’s Club. Also I ended up having to pay about $32 for labor to check the AC when I thought being on the punch list it would be under warranty. Careful campers of were you shop and check the reviews prior to buying as now I wish I had. Needless to say they will not be seeing me again. If getting a camper in the Southern states make sure it at least has a 15,000 btu unit.


Darlene Hoegel September 22, 2017 at 3:28 pm

Purchased a two year old pre- owned motorhome from Camping World Hamburg (Buffalo). Got it home and realized one of the ceiling LED lights were out, called them and they told us once we drive off the lot there is nothing they can do about it. My husband went over, raised hell and they supposedly ordered it free of charge while he stood there. Today, over a week later we got a call from Brian in service telling us as we speak he is placing the order for the light and is being shipped directly to our home. While my husband stood in service that day they were supposedly placing the order for the light and said he could pick it up in 7 – 10 days when it comes in. Obviously that was a bold face lie they didn’t order it over a week ago. Also, we only received one set of keys for the motorhome. They told us they would look for the other set, I called days later and they told me they were in the mail. A couple days ago I went over and inquired about the keys, told them they never put them in the mail, another lie and they proceeded to take my set, have copies made and they gave me a $100.00 gift card for my trouble. Honestly, they should all get on the same page and tell the same lies, it would keep them from getting caught up it in. We took out a warranty on the motorhome and are we sorry we spent that money with a bunch of liars. I have no intention of clicking the box below to receive updates on my complaint, Corporate office don’t give a damn, the turnover of people in this place is unbelievable which tells you it is not run with the customers satisfaction and best interests at heart, that starts at the corporate level.


Arthur LaSelle September 20, 2017 at 11:53 pm

Bought a 2018 RV from camping world of Fayetteville worst experience I ever had. GM and most of staff and service is not anything to brag about . First and last for me if they ever get it fix. Been fallen apart from day one and not a sole gives a damn.
This was bought on Sept 2 2017 and never got to use it yet and it probably never will before summer is up.


Karen Pera September 18, 2017 at 5:57 pm

I bought a Thor Compass at the Robertsdale Camping World about a month ago. Took it on one short trip, discovered about 3 items that need to be fixed. Had it in to their Service Dept and they were supposed to order 3 items. The Service Dept in Robertsdale is nearly impossible to get a hold of. You always go to voice mail and the only time they return your phone call if you get someone to walk a note back to the Dept. I am getting very frustrated trying to get my RV fixed. Sales Dept was very proactive to sell me the RV, now the Service Dept is impossible to get them to do anything at all. The last conversation they were telling me 2 items were ordered that were not even the items that are broken – they obviously have me mixed up with someone else. I am now doubting the items I need were ever ordered. If I have to drive up there and meet them face to face about my RV parts I am not going to be happy. A letter will be forthcoming and possibly a Better Business Bureau complaint.


EMILIE September 11, 2017 at 1:36 pm



Steve September 11, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Maybe with the negative comments and all of these people threatening to never buy from Camping World, I’ll actually have a chance of getting the piece of XXXXX Coleman camper I bought from them (brand new) in July fixed?!?! HA I had a leak 5 days after purchase. The sales dept laughed at my stupidity about campers. Apparently everyone but me knew that travel trailers weren’t built to be traveled in. And that you don’t actually use your camper the 1st year, because it will be having warranty work done. The service dept did a quick fix so I could go on vacation the next week and told me to bring it back after camping season to have the other problems fixed. However, during vacation we had water coming thru an interior light and speaker. Water and electricity don’t mix, so we took it back to the service dept for repair plus an acXXXXulating list of more problems. Any help from Coleman/Dutchmen/Keystone/Thor or whoever they are is a total joke. They say my contract is with Camping World, but Camping World says I have to go thru the manufacturer. Unethical business practices across the board. So far Camping World has had my brand new camper more than me. (It’s still there. Probably just sitting in the parking lot.) I made my first payment, getting ready to make the 2nd one, bought license plates and still no camper. My advice for anyone looking for an RV would be to run the other direction from Camping World for their unethical business practices over their politics anyway. Because getting ripped off TRUMPS politics. Haha


Charles September 8, 2017 at 11:54 pm

Mr. Marcus Lemonis
I understand you and Camping World do not like Trump voters and supporters to shop at your stores. I’m here to say “I am a Trump voter and supporter and am proud of it. I am also an US Airforce retiree that supports our Government and Country, With all due respect, That’s more that I can say for you of what I’ve heard and read! This country makes you a nice living so support the grand old USA. Put it and the President in your Prayers! You are in ours.
I have just bought a $184,000.00 motorhome from camping World. I hate that I bought from a business where I or the “President of the United States “are not welcome to shop and be welcome thru the front door. I’m sure your not happy with the sale to a Trump supporter.
I will be glad to return, for a full refund, all the supplies and the motorhome bought at your Oklahoma City Camping World store. I’m sure you would be glad to set this return up, since it seems to be a pain in you’re a**. I don’t live far, so won’t take a lot of your time. Please let me know when your ready!
This would mean I would not appear at your Oklahoma City Camping World front door any more to shop or purchaser supplies. The salesmen and Donny Mason were very nice and helpful and was a great place to shop.


B Carter September 5, 2017 at 3:47 pm


I am a retired US Army officer and purchased a Columbus Fifth Wheel from Camping World. Additionally, I am a life member of Good Sam, I have Good Sam insurance and Roadside Assistance on my vehicles plus I purchase a lot of RV supplies at Camping World.

I heard recently that you said that anyone that voted for or supports President Trump is not welcomed in any of your stores. Is this a true statement? I really need to know if it is so that I can change my Insurance and Roadside Assistance and stop shopping at Camping World as I am both a President Trump voter and supporter. I do not wish to run afoul with you if I’m not supposed to shop or am not welcome in your businesses. Please advise.

B Carter


Jim Younker September 2, 2017 at 3:26 pm

After you CEO’s comment about President Trump his wish is my command. We are looking for a Motorhome and have crossed off Camper World and Good Sam. You should be ashamed. President Trump is doing a great job! You certainly can have your own opinion on how he is doing but when you insult me and others who voted for President Trump you have crossed the line. I would hope investors would frown on your behavior. I would say classless and crude. USA!!!


lisa Hamel September 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm

I am thrilled with anyone who stands up to TYRANNY and that is EXACTLY what our- (Laughable) Commander in Chief is- a TYRANT!
Get rid of the old thinking and join the FREE world.
When one of us suffers- we all suffer. And I am not going to suffer a FOOL in OFFICE any longer than I must!
We are all in this TOGETHER!
lisa Hamel


Mark Hurley September 1, 2017 at 11:33 am

Camping World Troutdale Oregon

Service Dept has One of the WORST customer service I’ve seen in my life! They have had our trailer in for minor warranty repair for over EIGHT weeks! On top of having no trailer I’ve also had to forgo storage fees that I pay on a monthly basis and cancel a post Labor Day trip because I cannot find out the status of my trailer without having to travel 50 miles one way to show up in person to inquire. After calling over three times within a week and leaving messages and NEVER having any of my calls returned is inexcusable! I had visited the service department a few weeks earlier with a friend who has also had the same issues with this camping world. Inquired about my trailer then and was told at the park would be in that day or possibly the next and should be done by the end of the week, that was two weeks ago!

Even a call with voicemail to the service manager has gone unanswered!

Sales department was exceptional when we purchased our trailer, however had I known how bad the service department was I would never have purchased it there in the first place.

I’m doubt I will receive any communications from your corporations as I am beginging to think that no reply or response back to a customer is corporate protocol!


Dave Henderson August 31, 2017 at 7:34 pm

Mr. Lemonis,

I hate to see anyone lose their job these days but if someone deserves it that would be you for giving your political view on behalf of Camping World. I am proud to say that I voted for PRESIDENT Trump and I am very pleased with the job he is doing, i am sorry that I have ever spent a single penny in any of your stores or joined Good Sams in 1996. We all have our political views but most of us do not condemn someone with different views than our own, so when you opened your ignorant trap about Trump voters not patronizing your stores so you have lost another customer unless the company wishes up and fires you.


Ed Riley August 30, 2017 at 12:04 pm

I been shopping a Camping World for many many years. Have been a Good Sam member for 21 years.i just renewed my road side assistance for another 3 years.Big mistake. If you don’t want my business because of political views, no problem you have lots of competition and consumers have lots of options.BTW I didn’t vote for Trump, the issue is your CEO trying to impose his political views on his customers. Good by Camping World Good by Good Sam.


Barry Meadows August 30, 2017 at 11:10 am

My wife and I were looking on the website weekly to find the “perfect camper” for us. However after the STUPID comments made by your CEO (Marcus), this will be our last visit to Camping World. I hope they replace the CEO so the good people that work there don’t lose their jobs because of those comments made the childish CEO.


Leea August 30, 2017 at 9:22 am

Very disappointed this company decided to get political. Was going to buy a camper, but decided to spend my money elsewhere. I will never shop here again!


steven e russell August 30, 2017 at 1:27 am

I am not aware of any comments by your CEO. Nor do I care. I am writing to you to see if there is a way to send your used trailers to Houston TX. I am in the Akron Ohio area and looked at some used trailers last year at this time when I was staying at the hotel next to Camping World off of Arlington road in Akron. I think it would be a great gesture on the part off Camping World to give these used trailers to the the people of Houston. Even if it is just temporary. Besides the money you are raising I think the immediate need would be for 30,000 people to have a place to live. I hope you consider my idea. I would be happy to take one there myself.


Robert Thomas August 28, 2017 at 10:00 pm

Camping World
If it’s not enough I bought a camper from you guys then that CEO (Marcus) makes an horrible statement about Trump supporters your business just shot itself in the foot I will not recommend anybody to get a camper from you guys and had three people interested and will send them elsewhere. I would bet you pissed off over 70% of your customers and potential rv buyers are republicans so all I will be doing is bringing my camper in for warranty work. THIS WILL BE MY LAST CAMPER BOUGHT FROM YOU PEOPLE. THAT CEO SHOULD BE CANNED!!!


Mike Warfield August 27, 2017 at 10:44 pm

My wife and I have been dreaming of the day we go RVing around the country. We have been visiting the Camping World here in N. Charleston. These posts and the moronic statements made by the CEO have really opened my eyes. I will NOT be buying an RV from any Camping World locations period! So sad to see this happen, just stupid.


Charles Moore August 27, 2017 at 7:16 pm

I have been grossly overcharged for extended warranty work done at your Kissimmee Florida Camping World store, I would like to discuss. Thanks


David August 26, 2017 at 11:34 pm

I can’t believe the stupidity of your CEO. I cannot believe that you can be so disrespectful to your clientele. My entire family has always enjoyed going to Camping World to shop and look for odds and ends for our camping adventures. With a store only being about 5 miles away, my daughter and I spend many Saturdays just looking through the different units planning for our next major purchase. I can say that all of that is now ended. At least, it will be that way until you fire that CEO. I hope that Camping World uses some common sense and gets rid of your disrespectful CEO, otherwise I will never be gracing your doors again.
MAGA Patriot


George Thrasher August 25, 2017 at 8:32 pm

It’s a shame that a company would not care enough for their customers than to tell them if they have a personal or political belief they don’t want their business. Well you will not have to worry about me coming into your stores again. I will just have to go to another company to purchase the motor home I’ve been looking at. Even if I cannot get the exact one I’ve been looking at and maybe even pay more. I’d rather pay more for something than do business somewhere I am not wanted. I understand you may not like the present President but this is the greatest country in the world and if it’s going to remain that way we need to work together.


Raymond T. Cottrell August 25, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Thank you for your comments about Trump supporters. As you suggested, I will be taking my business elsewhere.


Chuck Frisch August 25, 2017 at 5:17 pm

Okay Marcus. I am not currently a customer and looks like I never will be due to your disgusting remarks which have offended every Trump supporter. Although eventually you will come to regret what you have said, it looks like you really are not sharp enough to ever understand that YOU ARE COMPLETELY IN THE WRONG! TRUMP WAS 100% CORRECT IN HIS COMMENTS! MAGA!!


Robert Dees August 25, 2017 at 4:07 pm

I have spent over $3000.00 the past 3 months from Camping World, But since Mr. Lemonis doesn’t want Trump supporters business I will not be shopping at Camping World.


Garry Welsh August 24, 2017 at 5:29 pm

I wish I had read these comments before I bought from camping world I have had nothing but trouble with my grey Wolfe since the day I bought it (less than a year ago) and customer service is a joke my RV has been at camping world Tampa more than I HAVE had the use of it. between a toilet valve, lights not working water heater not working and recently the roof failed and it flooded the front of the coach wreaking the cabinets, they fixed it and then the bathroom flooded now I can not get it fixed for two months thats over six months off the road and not useable. it seems pointless contacting corporate as they do nothing I think we should all join forces and have a class action suit against CW expose them and picket their dealerships to stop other misfortunate from leaving their hard earned cash at the door for a crappy piece of merchandize. I have been sitting waiting on the manager to “reach out to me to discuss my issue” but no call I don’t suspect I will get one


EMILIE September 11, 2017 at 1:34 pm

I am in agreement with your Garry. Class action should be done. Here in Lafayette LA we purchased a new 2016 on July 3, 2016 and like you it have been in service more than we used it. we got stuck in Pensacola Fl, slides not closing , no A/C and incurred repairs cost. Writing and calling every authority I can from store here to corporate.


Debbie Wyckoff August 24, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Called your corporate office today (while wearing my Trump shirt) to confirm in fact that is Marcus Lemonis – CEO views on President Trump Supporters true. We bought a 5th wheel camper (not from any Camping World Franchises) and was going to join your Good Sam Club. Guess What? That is not going to happen and will not be accepting any more of your “Savings Extravaganza” flyers. The last one I received was good through Sept 4th. How dare you insult us with your political views. You lost what would of been an extremely fantastic customer.


Clifford Conradt August 24, 2017 at 1:16 pm

Really, I cannot believe you would turn away That Much Business!! Have been an avid customer since 2002 with Camping World and Good Sam’s Club, but I will be buying ALL my RV accys at local stores. As for your ” My comments were taken out of context”, really, I am able to read and watch and listen. Sorry, NO MORE CAMPING WORLD in my budget!!
Cliff, former customer!!


John Olandese August 24, 2017 at 11:33 am

I was a Camping world customer until I heard the stupid comments of your CEO. Our President was absolutely right when he said there was fault on all sides in Charlottesville or does Marcus believe the bigots of the antifas and black lives matter are a good example of how Americans should behave. Now he asks for forgiveness but won’t admit that he is wrong and that one sided attitudes like his are what keeps us divided. The left never forgives and always demands that those that offend them must step down and that is what I demand of Marcus Lemonis I believe that is what your stockholders would demand because I am sure they are hard working people and most respect our President and know he speaks the truth although people like Marcus always take his comments out of context and never accept an apology even when one is not in order. I will give Camping World a few more days to allow him to step down or be fired. If this does not happen by the end of the month I will cancel my Camping World Comenity Visa and demand a refund on my Good Sam Club membership. I will be awaiting your reply, until then I will not be shopping at any of your stores or associated businesses. Judging by the comments I have read many of us customers feel the same way. By the way I wonder how many Antifas or B L M supporters are members of good sam or customers of Camping World, many hate Marcus Lemonis because he is a rich capitalist and hate all that capitalism and America stand for. Sincerely former customer John Olandese


Rebecca G. August 24, 2017 at 8:49 am

Lost our business FOREVER!!! I think you have bit the hands of LOT’S of people that feed you! Very dump move!


sandy August 23, 2017 at 6:34 pm

Yes I will not be buying an RV from your store, we’re going to the camping show in Hersey,PA will not go near any of your booths. You can’t support our president you don’t need my hard earned American dollar.
Bye Bye


Richard Sandra Clayton August 23, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I have read that CW CEO wants all Trump supporters to not shop here. I have two RVs and have spent mega dollars at CW. But I am a Trump supporter so will take my business elsewhere. Stupid comment! Most RVers are older and conservative. Idiot should be fired!!!


Barbara Bronson August 23, 2017 at 2:08 pm

Mr. Lemonis, who has outed himself as a self-righteous, leftist social justice warrior, a group we despise, can be assured we will not set foot in any of his stores ever again. He has insulted us because we support President Trump. Fine, do without our dollars and those of a legion of other rv people. Also, our insurance policy with Good Sam will be cancelled just as soon as we get set up with another. We have options, Mr. Lemonis, (capitalism, dontcha know), and we won’t spend where we are not wanted. I hope your stock takes a huge dive. You know, calling us deplorables didn’t work out well for Hillary either, now that I think of it.


Steve Veltkamp August 23, 2017 at 1:39 pm

Will never again set foot in a Camping World after the hate spewed by Lemonis.


James Drechsel August 23, 2017 at 12:43 pm

I will be taking ALL my conservative business elsewhere.
You can thank your CEO Marcus Lemonis for that.
Keep politics out of your business.


Peggy Perry August 23, 2017 at 11:47 am

To: Marcus Lemonis
I just saw a post that stated that you said if anyone agrees with President Trumps statement, not to shop at Camping World. I would like to give you the benefit of doubt because I realize everything on social media is not always the truth. If this statement is true then you can bet you will not have to worry about me or the millions of other Trump supporters patronizing you stores from now on.


Paul August 23, 2017 at 11:19 am

We have been loyal Camping World customers & Good Sam members for over 20 years. Shame on you Mr Lemonis for your disgraceful attitude toward fellow Americans, many of whom have supported your businesses. I thought the “left” was the inclusive and open-minded side of politics. This is a learning moment for all so-called left-leaning people. The actions of Mr Lemonis clearly demonstrate how the elite left really think. If he does not need us, so be it. I suggest we all do everything we can to show Mr Lemonis just how much we do not need him. And I will turn off his TV show as well.


Cary Nickel August 23, 2017 at 5:42 am

You don’t want my business because as an American, I support President Trump? Well, you can bet I’ll oblige. I won’t darken your door again. And, I’ll spread the word! I want to make sure as many people as possible know your position.

My RV is now “Camping World Free”.

Perhaps all those folks in black masks throwing rocks at police have thousands to spend at your place…you can always hope for that. But what will the rest of your clientèle think when they show up?


Rick Zehner August 23, 2017 at 4:11 am

Mr. Lemonis, You people in the business, sports and acting world need to learn that we the people who voted for President Trump are not interested in your liberal opinions, you need to stick with what you do best and spare us from nonsense as we do not care what your opinions are. Now if you are going to talk smack about the President then get your facts straight I am attaching the press conference from Chief Thomas in Charlottesville on 8/14/17 where you will see he clearly blames both sides for the violence just as President Trump proclaimed. The President did not state that he endorsed either side he just stated that many sides were to blame so lets stop the liberal BXXXXSXXXXT!


Rick Zehner August 23, 2017 at 4:12 am

The Daily Wire

August 14, 2017
On Monday, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas held a press conference at which he addressed the incidents that occurred over the weekend during the alt-right protest.
Thomas noted that “around ten o’clock, the #UniteTheRight attendees began arriving and entering Emancipation Park. We had a plan to bring them in at the rear of the park. They had agreed to cooperate with the plan. Unfortunately they did not follow the plan. They began entering at different locations in and around the park and we had to quickly alter our plans to help facilitate that process.”

He continued, mentioning “other groups”:
Other groups also began amassing along the street and in the park. Gradually, the crowd sizes increased along with aggressiveness and hostility of attendees toward one another. Shortly before 11 a.m., individuals in the crowd began throwing objects and spraying chemical agents into the crowd. The city and county then made a declaration of “local emergency.” The crowd size became increasingly violent, with mutually engaged combatants, with one-on-one attacks following.
When a reporter asked: “Do you believe that one side was more responsible than the other for instigating the violence?” Thomas replied: “This was an alt-right rally.”
The reporter pressed further: “Do you believe that they’re the ones who instigated the fighting?”
Thomas answered: “We did have mutually combating individuals in the crowd.”

It seems utterly ridiculous to have to say this, but the alt-right weren’t the only violent individuals at the Saturday rally. However, suggestions to the contrary have been harshly condemned.
As The Daily Wire’s James Barrett reported, when New York Times reporter, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, tweeted that “the hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.


John August 23, 2017 at 12:51 am

I will no longer be shopping with you nor will I be doing any further warranty or repairs with your political bashing company. Thank you MARCUS L!! You’re a moron. On top of that your company takes WAY too long to do services. I’ll happily be purchasing a new camper elsewhere. Good riddance!


David August 23, 2017 at 12:44 am

Good bye …..
Another deplorable won’t be using your worthless store!


Dawn Hollis August 22, 2017 at 11:01 pm

Mr. Limonis,
We don’t typically pay much attention to the media because they’re unreliable at best. However, all of them reported that you said the same thing. By sheer number, we have to assume that you truly did insult the majority of the United States voters and asked them to discontinue shopping in your stores. Well, all right. We won’t be back. In addition, we will recommend to all we know that your business is run by an intolerant and arrogant person. You can expect that we will be cutting all ties to your company tomorrow. Your company won’t be getting any more of our money, nor our recommendation in the future. I hope you understand what an ass you made of yourself and your company.


marc maycunich August 22, 2017 at 10:27 pm

Lemonis, YOU and people like you are the problem with this country. May you go bankrupt. Camping World no longer exists as far as me or my entire family is concerned.


Tommy Robertson August 22, 2017 at 10:17 pm

Mr. Lemonis,

As you requested I will no longer be a customer of your corporations establishments. I say corporation because the shareholder’s are the owners and not you and at the time of shareholders meetings, I hope that you also understand this..

Tommy Robertson


Frank Hicks August 22, 2017 at 9:41 pm

Since I’m a Trump supporter I guess you don’t want my business. I bought a Class C from you last year and was getting ready next year to buy a diesel pusher. I can tell you this, it won’t be from Camping World as I intend to never do business with you anymore. When I get back home this week I intend to cancel every Good Sam product I have, my camper is at one of your places as we talk. I intend to go get it this week as I can spend the over $1000 dollars you were going to charge me elsewhere. What I’m saying is kiss my Trump supporting a**😡


Scott August 22, 2017 at 9:23 pm

This world has gone crazy and now the CEO of camping world has lost it also. Sorry bud, but you probably lost a lot of business Dumbass


Pat Zumach August 22, 2017 at 9:22 pm

I am appalled at the attitude you have taken. We will be taking our business to companies that respect our rights, our political freedom and value having us as customers.


tj August 22, 2017 at 8:10 pm

screw you.I will be ‘sharing’ your views – every way I can.


Winston August 22, 2017 at 8:04 pm

Please pass this on the Marcus … our family along many other families I know will not be shopping at Camping World ….


Donna Bruce August 22, 2017 at 6:17 pm

My husband and I were planning on purchasing a camper from your company this fall, but since your comments about Trump and Trump supporters, which we are, we will no longer be interested in buying from you anymore!!!! Thanks for alerting us to your bigotry!!!!


Bob August 22, 2017 at 5:03 pm

I had to wait in a long line to tell you to pound sand for you Liberal PC stance. “Not MY RV Supplier”


Judie August 22, 2017 at 4:35 pm

Bye bye


J Fink August 22, 2017 at 4:29 pm

Mr Lemonis, as a direct result of your comments, which I just listened to, you may consider us “former” customers. Having been an RVer for a number of years, we have spent considerable in your “Camping World”. That stops today, including cancelation of current insurance through your company.


Dan Trent August 22, 2017 at 4:11 pm

I will be happy to oblige WackJob Marcus Lemonis and take my business elsewhere.

Seig HIel Lemonis, Sieg Hiel ,

You are a disgusting person.


Meredith Graham August 22, 2017 at 2:15 pm

Can you confirm this is your sentiment? Is mixing your politics with your business a good idea?

“Marcus Lemonis: If You’re OK With What Trump Said, Don’t Shop At My Business”

My take ( Customer nationwide since 2000, current rig 2016 Entegra Anthem 43′ Class A)
Camping World and Camping World Stadium (in MY hometown) – says that If you agree with President Trump he doesn’t want your business. This is about the Charlottesville event – I only know the media narrative and don’t necessarily trust what was reported. Of course 99.999% disagree with XXXX, anti semitic, etc… However, I myself SAW the ANTIFA with combat gear (who gets a pass) there as well. So until the facts are known about who did what, why, just seems like there was a legitimate reason reasonable people could have been there to legally protest / disagree with the removal of historical statues.
So Walmart, and mom and pop suppliers will welcome my business. One less Camping World shopper coming your way for supplies.


Lisa August 22, 2017 at 4:30 pm

So I guess Lemonis doesn’t agree with condemning hatred no matter what side it comes from. I wonder…was he one of the ones carrying a club and wearing a mask and spraying mace in people’s faces? I don’t condone either side. BOTH are hate groups. I also wonder…how many minorities vs. white people his company hires because I sure don’t see any minorities in the Camping World location where I USED to shop.


Kimberly Lenihan August 22, 2017 at 1:25 pm

I am a Trump supporter, will be taking my business elsewhere or directly to the manufacturer.


Gerard Fischer August 22, 2017 at 1:18 pm

Mr Lemonis what are you doing to your company? Do you know what Shareholder primacy means? You look out for your shareholders. I don’t give a flying damn how you feel about transgender bathrooms, immigration, or the Presidents comments on Charlotteville( which were courageous and fair, not knee jerk political correct empty gestures like some). Sir! do your activism on your own dime and personal time. Say you “don’t want Trump voters in your store” is insulting and managerial malpractice. Expect a civil class action suit from the shareholders, i will be on board with that ,and will be dumping my shares before the customer boycott drives it into the toilet. Mr Lemonis you should have learned from Starbucks and Target and Armour, Merck and look at what their moron CEOs did to their stock valuation. Done because they wanted to be anti Trump social justice warriors or some other melodramatic reason. Gerard Fischer PA


K. Stevens August 22, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Thank you, Marcus Lemonis. Your comment came just in time before I purchase a new RV within the next 2 months! I have been an RV owner for 20 years, buying new every several years. I will not set foot in any of your stores, nor purchase anything online again. I will spend my hard-earned dollars elsewhere where my business will be appreciated and welcomed.


j ray August 22, 2017 at 10:17 am

I have to say the service department should get a 4.5 but my problem is with coleman. we purchased a camper 2017 last year in Calera. on our first trip out it rained heavy only to find the bedroom window was not sealed so it poured into camper, the air unit would not cool in bedroom, we called Calera and was informed to bring back after trip for repair. we ducted taped the window after 2 days drove back to Calera where they had for 2 months to find out air unit was never hooked up in bedroom and window was not sealed. our next trip was to Gulf Shores for a month. we had a leak under sink, heater was not working (there was no fuse in it.) and condensation on walls in bedroom. Robertsdale sent someone out which was wonderful!!! he helped and when we left in November we left the camper with them for repairs. They have had sent then!!!!!!! Coleman kept sending wrong parts. they refused to fix condensation in bedroom (brand new camper now mind you) but did fix under sink. we go to pick up last week only to find all cabinets in bedroom warped where it has leaked light brunt out, mold, the detail department did not clean up where repair was done under sink. We are trying to put everything back in storage so we can leave sweep and clean up in 94 degree weather, My husband ‘s health is NOT good our dream was to move into camper at beach and retire. we have lost 9 months so far of making payments on a camper that is STILL being worked on. we have called Camping World corporate customer service is understanding BUT no one will return call, Coleman Corporate is same way. we have spoken to Mike Wolf regional manager for Camping World and he now will not return a call. DO NOT BUY from them. We have asked numerous times to send this one back and let us get another one, BUT NO that is not good enough but we can leave for repairs that cant take place DUE TO COLEMAN, so basely I am paying for a camper that cant be used. The service department has been on top of things and I have to say wonderful But not Camping World or Coleman. you would think by now someone with decency would either return our payments for a camper that they have and call the bank close account and send this one back and let us get another one it is truly a lemon. I wish I had never bought this camper, it has been nothing but one problem after another. SO I cant say anything nice about Coleman or Camping World BUT I can praise the service department (except for detailing)! I will be posting this on facebook twitter online every where so maybe no one else has to go through this


Cordie W. Glover Jr August 22, 2017 at 8:42 am

I guess just make everything politically correct, I do not belong to the neo XXXXs or the KKK. I did spend 30 year in the Marines if you call that a hate group. What I do respect is the right to free speech, even that I don’t like, even yours. So one group applies for and receives from the city a permit to hold their little rally. Another group shows up helmets and bats and the free press and start a fight. Just to let you know the second group was in the wrong, not that I agree with the first group. That being said, you went on the say that anyone who voted for President Trump is not welcomed in your stores. Really. That will be no problem. I currently have a 2013 Bullet and need to update, but the last place in the world I will be patronizing is Camping World. I also will tell everyone I know not to use Camping World. Semper Fi Cordie W. Glover Jr MGySgt USMC Ret.


Sharon August 22, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Thank you, for your service and we’ll write response.


Dan McAfee August 21, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Along with the majority of the posts on here I must advise anyone wanting to do business with Camping World … DON’T DO IT !!! We purchased a 2017 Coleman toy hauler September 29th 2016, of the 11 months we’ve owned it we have been able to use it only 4 of those. It has been in for the same repairs time and time again for the other 7 months. Each time we are told the repairs have been done we find out that they haven’t ! Everything from 4 electrical outlets not working, table tops being warped, air bubble in the garage area floor, propane leak, to refrigerator not working. After being lied to my face we got the local service manager (George Gilbert) involved and again were promised things would be better. After giving them 2 chances to rectify the issues and doing a walk-thru today, 8/21/2017 and finding items that still were not repaired to a decent quality and pointing the items out, I was told “Your expectations of quality are too high” by George Gilbert. My thought on the statement is that your service department work quality/standard is too low. So again STAY AWAY FROM CAMPING WORLD unless you enjoy headaches !!


Ron Lamparski August 21, 2017 at 9:30 am

I had a HORRIBLE experience at your Greewood Indiana store. I now see why they only have a 1 out of 5 rating. I’m looking at 80k 5th wheels or 150-300 coaches, cash buyer. I had to request a salesperson, he spent 10 mins with us before he recieved a call on his cell phone and “would be right back”. Not once did he offer biz card or ask for our info. After walking in and out of hot coaches trying to “sell ourselves” something for almost 2 hours we decided to leave out name and numbers with the desk. Told them we were running across the street to get something to drink and cool off and to have salespeorson call we had a few questions. We recieved NO CALL. This was last Thursday! So we drove our 2 1/2 hours back home. We ended up calling the manufacturer went there on Friday and were treated like gold ! I just keep thinking if I’m treated like this prior to you taking my 300k what is service gonna be like AFTER you have it!


Marie August 21, 2017 at 6:54 am

This is what i have to say about Kingston NY camping world!!! Stay away !!! I have a phone log of number of messages i left for A Zold.. finance .. i was trying to purchase a trailer.. i am sure the poor girls who answers the phone got tired of me calling him and leaving messages.. i also tried to contact mr. Winkler who was our very friendly sales rep.. did i say friendly joking after A Zold started to work with us.. Mr Winkler didnt leave any feedback on my situation.. I finally drove back up there about one hour drive to make a very early visit to catch A Zold.. he did sit with me at thar point.. to finally discuse my case.. needless to say i didnt buy a trailer from them.. then i ask mr persoality about my $500 deposit.. this was on 8/7/17.. still waiting… i can not bash all of camper world as there are some nice people there.. but mr Zold, and Mr Winkler.. definitely needs customer service training. Go to Port Jervis Alpin Haus see mr house.. best customer service ever!


Taylor cape August 18, 2017 at 7:37 am

Look into RV World of Georgia management. Willing and able to post pictures/comments about management. Call me immediately or all posts go up online today.


Michael Phillips August 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I would love to have Marcus Lemonis give me a call about issues I am having with a Camping world store in Ny. For some reason he puts out a 100% service communication promise but what good is it if you can never speak with anyone above the regional service director ? Mr. Lemonis please speak with Brian Biggie your regional service director and get all the information before contacting me so we are both on the same page.


Timothy Kennedy August 17, 2017 at 2:05 pm

Had my experience with CW Syracuse, 2015 Crossroads Zinger had storm damage and needed a new awning and 3 panels replaced. Went to the Syracuse store and was told I had to tow it in for them to look at it. I told them I could not tow it down the road as the awning would fall off. They told me they do not do service calls anymore. My camper is set up in a park and they repaired the camper next to me. They said they would have to charge me $300.00 to do so. I said that would be fine insurance would also cover that. Then he back pedaled and said he would not do it. I guess they just sell them, then just drive them through service bay to look good as if they did something. I will get it repaired but you can be sure I will never step inside a CW again to do business.


Dave Sonich August 16, 2017 at 3:10 pm

After reading all the Camping World reviews, I wish I had not purchased one there either.
I have a recall on my 2017 Forest River. Took it to Manassas Va and they said they were booked up for several weeks. Made an appointment for Mid August and I can’t even get a call back from them. I gave them the recall so they would have the replacement parts and the gas sensor, which doesn’t work, so there would be no delay. When you get a one year warranty and can’t use it for several weeks due to an unsafe camper in the summer time and can’t get it fixed, what good is a warranty??? YA I’M Going to have something to say, NEVER AGAIN.


Jane Ferrara August 15, 2017 at 2:38 pm

Hi on 8/15/17 brought my 2012 Monaco Vesta
In for an oil change 35′ Diesel waited 6 days fir appt
Are: 10:15 came back at 12:15 had’nt even started
After another 11/2 hours1:45 pm coach was still up in the air waiting on a oil filter….Originally when I made appt I asked them to check all fluids
And to please see if they had the filter in stock….no problem ….4+ hours and still waiting
Jane Ferrara, Rogers , Mn camping world?


Gregg Ramsay August 14, 2017 at 7:53 pm

My wife and I have taken our 2015 Thor Hurricane 34F into the Ft Myers store for repairs. The time before the current episode, CW had the coach for almost 3 months to adjust the slide (they replaced the Lippert System which failed within 18 months of purchasing the coach) which was out about an inch in the rear when the slide was fully shut and to determine why the house battery disconnect switch wasn’t working. They never adjusted the slide and we were originally told that it was the disconnect switch. When they replaced it, we were then told that the Battery Control Center was defective. They ordered the part from Thor. 6 weeks later we were still waiting for the BCC and we had to take the coach for an emergency trip. When we go into the coach on the way back from CW, the radio, and therefore the cameras, no longer worked. When the coach got back to Florida in July, it was towed up to CW because it was unsafe to drive without the cameras. The week before last we were told that the coach was fixed and was ready to be picked up. When my wife got into it on Friday, she turned it on and found that the radio and cameras still do not work. Evidently, CW only tested the repair with shore power connected and not on battery. We were told on Saturday that the problem was a short. We were just notified today that the reason for the short was that the BCC shorted out and another one had to be ordered from Thor. Thor doesn’t stock this part so they have to first get it from their vendor before they can ship it to CW. They did not give a timeframe on when we can expect the part to arrive.

The problem now it that my wife is supposed to drive from Florida to Mississippi to pick me upon August 31st and we have another trip scheduled for mid September. The mid September trip is already paid for and if we cannot go, we will be out 2 grand in prepaid expenses that were required to get the campground at our destination.

To say the least, CW Ft Myers is one of the worst CWs that we have dealt with in the past 13 years. If it weren’t for the fact that they are basically the only game in town, we definitely would not use them again if we ever get our coach out of them. The Service Rep (Steph Brandys) is one of the most rude CW employees I have ever come across in the many years my wife and I have owned an RV. Her attitude is that since it doesn’t affect her, it isn’t important. Her emails are terse and condenscending. Unfortunately, I cannot determine who at their store to contact about this which resulted in this post.


Thurman August 14, 2017 at 7:27 pm

We purchased a New Coleman Travel Trailer from Camping World in Chattanooga TN in 2015. We lost a part on the trailer on our way home from our family vacation with the store on our way home we stopped in to get the part ordered 5 months later we finally got someone to do their job and we got the part! We are having issues with our camper leaking and called left a message with no one calling us back! The costumer service at the Camping World in Chattanooga TN is the worst I have ever experienced. We wish we had never bought our camper from them but will make sure to never do business with Camping World in the future! We will let people know how bad the customer service is there! Good luck in being number one in RV sales with your name attached to the one in Chattanooga TN.


Colleen Sterbenz August 14, 2017 at 5:58 pm

WE have had nothing but trouble with the Island Lake, Illinois Camping World Service Dept. since we purchased our RV from them three years ago. This is the second or third complaint registered with Corporate to no avail. We’ve had more help calling the Mfr. direct with our problems than Camping World itself. What happened to that GREAT camping supply store from the Eighties and Nineties? Very Disappointed AGAIN!


Joseph Riservato & Nadine Schaffer August 7, 2017 at 7:23 pm

CEO: Marcus Lemonis
CFO: Diana Ardelean
COO: Mark Boggess

At our point of sale 29 Apr 2017 we were not told that we were being sold a vehicle with and unclear title from New Braunfels CW.
Four months later with it still in their possession as it was also sold to us in a damaged and improperly operation condition, neither the Bank of the West, nor insurance, nor the Department of Justice will validate that this vehicle will be titled a 2017.
Camping World New Braunfels will not rescind the breach of contract and refund the money, and the Texas Motor vehicle dept has told us it has been rejected for change two times without our knowledge before today. This is a fraudulent deal and contract is NULL. We have advised CW that they either give us a vehicle with a clear title through the state of 2017 gemini or refund. We have already waited four months. We have already been reasonable. Your company has not dealt honestly with us. I am retired military and my wife is a disabled veteran.
This is unsatisfactory and should not be happening to anyone.


Joseph Riservato & Nadine Schaffer
(second complaint)


stephen manor August 6, 2017 at 6:23 pm

bought a 2017 coleman @ camping world
what a joke..sales is gd service stinks..they do nothing but lie to ya..had the camper for 3 wksa few things needed repaired;they had only fixed the chair..finally picked it up while still waiting on another part;few more wks went by i went there was told were still waiting..finally was able to bring it back;by that time we was able to go camping;when we got back after taking the camper back we told them we had problems with the ac not shutting off,other issues as well..they said nothing was wrong with anything all working the ac ran for 3 days wouldnt shut off had to unplug the got real hot on the plug & breaker..they said the original order was never happened..same mess..just tired of the lies


Dee Butkiewicz August 2, 2017 at 3:37 pm

I have been deciding on a good way to address the issues my husband and I have faced at your Bridgeport, NJ camping world location. I have never been more disgusted with a place of business as I am with Camping World.

Our experience started out actually pretty good with our Sales Dealer Anthony Caporelli and soon took a turn for the ugly. My husband and I have been in the market for a KEYSTONE Montana High Country for some time. We live about 3 hours away from the Bridgeport NJ location but were willing to make the trip since they had the model we were looking for in stock.

Once we decided to purchase the fifth wheel we were told that the financing paperwork would not be sent in till first thing on Monday since it was Saturday and the finance manager was “super busy”. (we were there first thing Saturday morning on May 6th, 2017) but we agreed, although most places will do your finance paperwork same day and I have never heard of someone turning down a customer to a later day. We agreed with Brian the finance manager that we would hear from him first thing Monday morning. Surely Monday morning came and we did not hear from anyone. At 3:44pm I than texted Anthony and informed him that we still have not heard from anyone expressing to him that they are both well aware that we are on a tight time frame with my husband not working close to our home or dealership and that it was a complete disregard to our time with no follow up on their part. Anthony was very apologetic and unaware that the finance manager has yet to reach out to us. At approximately 5pm we finally got a phone call from Brian with the finalized numbers and verbally closed the deal via phone although already irate for the complete disregard to our time.

We were than instructed that we had to come in for a “walk thru” of the fifth wheel, as well as do the paperwork closing and than of course once the fifth wheel hitch was installed we would have to pick it up. When scheduling our times we were told that we would have to come in for a walk thru on Weds at 1pm, obviously being that we were 3 hours away we wanted to do our closing paperwork the same day as well. We were told that unfortunately Weds is the finance manager’s day off. Of course I than asked finding it odd that there is no one else capable of doing closing paperwork if there is anyone else that could do it since we will be driving 3 hours each way! That’s six hours of driving a day! That is A LOT of wasted time and gas! They said no and said that they don’t like anyone else doing the paperwork including the sales manager because than it gets messed up or something ends up missing. I am sorry but that is NOT a customer’s problem that you have poor training of your employees. I understand everyone is entitled to a day off but in a corporately owned dealership this size someone else needs to be capable to do these things so you are not inconveniencing paying customer’s to YOUR schedule. This is what our crazy schedule looked like:

Weds 1pm – Walk thru
Thurs 6pm – Paperwork
Friday – Pick up RV with hitch work completed

Is this an acceptable way of doing business in your company?

Not sure at this point why we didn’t read into many of the red flags of the incompetence of the employees at this dealership but we agreed to their schedule of inconvenience. I think probably because we were just very excited about our new camper.

During our time there we were promised that during closing we would receive a $1,000 voucher for Good Sam campgrounds. We were pretty excited about that, as I know some dealerships give free stays at Thousand Trails, KOA’s and etc. Upon closing it turns out the $1,000 is for some timeshare-selling group with like 5 campgrounds to choose from. WHAT? Total lie by your employees. Way to mislead a client. We were completely disappointed, as we won’t even get any use out of this. WAY TO TALK UP A FALSE FEATURE! THESE ARE NOT STAYS IN GOOD SAM CAMPGROUNDS!

I also ensured that the hitch for the fifth wheel was ordered on time since they did not have it in stock and all the work would be completed by Friday and ready for pick up. It was confirmed to by Anthony (via text) that yes the hitch was ordered and all the work would be completed. (during the closing on Thursday with Brian we also confirmed that the hitch was ordered and everything would be completed on Friday and he confirmed as well and assured us someone will text us a picture of the completed work on the truck).

Friday May 12th approximately 2pm I still have not heard anything from anyone in the dealership. I text Anthony to confirm that the hitch was installed and everything was finished as we were supposed to pick the truck up that day. I do not hear back from anyone for hours finally I got a call from the Sales Manager saying that the company who makes the hitch didn’t ship it in time and it won’t get there till Monday. At this point furious doesn’t even cut it for a choice of wording to describe how we felt. Number one they knew they had to order this hitch since Saturday … that is six days … almost a week! Not only did they not order it they tried to blame the other company for their incompetence! My husband than called the Sales Manager and told him this was completely unacceptable the final day we can go pick up the camper would be Sunday as we leave for vacation so they better have that hitch shipped over night and installed Saturday so we can pick it up Sunday. After numerous of phone calls and lots of time wasted they said the hitch would be there on Saturday and we can pick it up Sunday.

Sunday May 14th we go to pick up the RV. The RV did not have any temp plates on it … we also confirmed with them to make sure they put them on as we have to drive it 3 hours home and the day we were picking it up the dealer was not open just the retail store. Now not only is it an awful thing to drop the ball on it is ILLEGAL! I am not sure how this dealership gets away with doing awful things and poor treatment of clients but how they get away with doing ILLEGAL things is beyond me. NO PLATE ON A VEHICLE! Of course once again livid we call on Monday letting them know that our camper is now ILLEGAL thanks to their incompetence and it does not have any plates! They assure us they will over night a temp plate to our house and it will arrive Tuesday. The part manager was supposed to send us the tracking number so we can ensure that this was shipped out since everything so far they have dropped the ball on and nothing was ever done in any time frame promised. We did not receive a tracking number. I text Anthony on Tuesday asking for a tracking number since once again no one sent it to us as they promised to do and he sent me the tracking right away (I just want to stress that Anthony was actually a really nice Sales guy and tried to help us as much as he could to his ability and get us answers). When I tracked the package it said, “label created” meanwhile it was supposed to arrive at my home that day. Now I know because I am not an idiot when it says that the label was created but the package was NOT actually given to the driver like it was supposed to. ONCE AGAIN THEY FORGOT! I Informed Anthony that the tracking doesn’t have any movement and it will not be delivered today because it hasn’t left the dealership … whoever was supposed to ship it … did not! They created the label but never gave it to FED EX driver and now it is sitting there! Now this will be a third day without any plates on my brand new ILLEGAL camper! Finally we get a call from the Sales Manager saying that they forgot to give it to the driver but ensure us it will be there tomorrow! NOW WE GOT TO LEAVE FOR VACATION A DAY LATE SINCE OUR CAMPER HAD NO PLATES!

Aside from the plates missing once we arrived home and opened the camper up and took all the slide outs out I could not believe the condition it was given to us! They told us that they need 24 hours to turn all campers around because they detail them. This camper was FILTHY … the TV’s were not strapped in, the fridge was not closed. My husband also realized couple days later that after installing the hitch they never put his truck bed organizer back in the car valued at $350. Not sure if this can be blamed on forgetfulness once again or poor ethics and lack of integrity?

During closing we also advised the dealership that we would be on vacation and that the registration paperwork gets shipped AFTER May 30th as we know this is coming signature required and we would not be home. What did they do? Of course they did not follow directions after ensuring us that they would. I also confirmed via email with Anthony to ensure that they DO NOT SHIP till after 5/30. The shipment was attempted 3 times and of course sent to the warehouse since we were not home. Of course once again another inconvenience and we had to drive from Stroudsburg, PA to Bethlehem, PA way over 40 minutes to pick up.

When we went to register the camper of course some number from the paperwork was missing and the guy doing the registration had to call your dealership to ask them for it. Is there anything these people can do right?

Overall I just wanted to express my complete disappointment with Camping World and hopefully these issues get rectified. I will never do business with any Camping World location again after this horrendous experience and will also ensure none of my friends and family do either and word of mouth is a powerful tool. I will also be forwarding the following concerns to Keystone as they are the manufacturer and although we love their products and this is a second Keystone camper we bought I think they need to know how the dealers who sell their product treat their consumer.


sandy August 23, 2017 at 7:09 pm

with what you went through I would have went elsewhere, what a horror story. I’ve been reading other horror stories from your fellow campers what a shame.


Denise Wurm August 1, 2017 at 12:49 pm

OK, camping world in Mesa Az is just as bad as all the others. They gave us a day to drop off our trailer for service and said it would be ready the next week. Called the day it was to be ready and was told it wasn’t even started but would be done in a couple of days. You can call and most of the time nobody even answers. When they do and you get transferred to service, nobody answers there. They were so good when they wanted the sale, service sucks!


James Freeman July 31, 2017 at 10:40 pm

I recently bought a new travel trailer on May 20 2017 from Camping World in Jackson Ms and had nothing but problems trying to get any problems corrected. Initially, one of the slide outs would not extend properly, the AC rattled while running and several other issues. Took it back to the dealership to get those items fixed and left for 2 weeks. I called them and they said the issues had been corrected so we went back to the dealership and picked it up to take to an RV Park near where we lived as we were in the process of selling most of our belongings in order to RV full time since we had recently retired. When we arrived at the RV Park which is 120 miles from the dealership not one thing had been fixed. While at the dealership we had purchased 2 Wollys, a new satellite dish and other items totaling $ 1,000+. When we got to the RVPark I had to contact Dish Network to trouble shoot the connection issues. To get service I had to actually connect the new satellite dish directly to the Wally to get TV service. In addition, I let the canopy out and when I tried to bring it in a screw fell out and I could not retract it until I found the screw and had put it back in. I had contacted the dealership about my issues and told them I would be bringing the RV back on 7/28/17 to get all the issues corrected because we were starting our full time RVing that day and was booked in a Park outside of Memphis that day. During my time at CW Jackson Ms that day trying to get things taken care of, one of the managers told me that to use the Dish Satellite I had to have a splitter installed. Why did someone not tell me this when I bought the RV and especially after I had purchased over $ 1,000 worth of satellite equipment. They then charged me $100 to put the splitter in, which the TV still doesn’t work at the current RV Park, said there was not an issue with the canopy (which came a loose again today), charged me labor for replacing the cracked return AC grill that was covered under warranty. There has been so many problems with not only the customer service, but the actual incompetent service rendered. This is the 5th RV we have purchased in the last 11 years and we have never encountered these type of problems. Since we are currently just outside of Memphis, we are going to give Camping World one more chance to make things right with this customer.


brad July 28, 2017 at 6:34 pm

my 2017 jayco jayflight which I got on 5/13/2017 from camping world Hillsboro Oregon, the water heater tried to start on fire a month and half after I got it. it took 3 or 4 days for me to even get a call back to set up a time to bring it in and have it looked at. I dropped 7/06/17 it off and did like a walk through to say what else was wrong told it take a week maybe a little more. came back a week later to find out what was going on and was told the part would be there on the 21st and should be done by the 26thand had to go back in to get this info. went back in on the 27th and was told that the part would ship on the 31st and over heard a tech say it take a week to put it in. I didn’t even get a sorry or is there something we can do to help make this inconvenient easier on you nothing . jayco even had problems getting someone on the phone. if I would of known I would of went else where to get a trailer never again will I use camping world and will tell anyone that I hear talking about getting anything from them not to use them.


Richard Asciukiewicz July 25, 2017 at 4:58 pm

Attn: CEO Mr. Marcus Lemonis
I have been doing business with Camping World since I bought my Class A RV.. Was assigned a Tech that did an awesome job sorting out my solar panel issue. Once he’d Left Camping World to work for another RV shop my troubles begun. I’d ordered several parts that took over “Six Months” and many follow up calls to get them order A norcold recalled part on my refrigerator, Norcold advised the tech to call Norcold back with his results of the diagnosis so Norcold can release the recalled part the Tech Never called Norcold back with the results so they didn’t release the part to CAMPER WORLD this took several phone calls to get this sorted out. When my long awaited parts came in I got a new step motor installed I didn’t need, I ordered a new set of RV steps once the motor was installed two switches were disconnected Step Cover and the Step Switch that allowed you to keep the steps down once your at the camp grounds no longer functioned.. (Mr. Chris Jones) Service Dept. Re-ordered my RV steps after hearing call us back after 2:30pm after UPS makes our parts delivery see if the steps came in after a week of this phone tag, I called service back and was told Oh, let me check on that I don’t think they were ordered ! WTF !!! Can you call me back in a few hrs I’ll have an update for you called back to only get he’s away from his desk, he maybe at lunch or with a tech or customer out back, can he call you back, never calls back nor answers voice mail. Corp office CEO’s should have a restructure of these depts that fail to serve the public interest I’m beyond upset, I would NOT recommend Camping World as a go to for service RV’s repairs. Can someone PLEASE Look into the Holiday, FL. Camping World store issues.Seems Customer loyalty and satisfaction is not their prime focus. As they keep jacking up the hourly flat rate for crappy service. – By the way – while waiting for the tech to install my step motor another TECH saw me standing there advised “If that was my RV I would let him work on this RV !!” Coming from another tech what does that tell you about the quality when they hire these RV tech’s??
Thank You….


Michelle Gumz July 22, 2017 at 4:21 pm

After reading all of these comments here, I do not understand why you do not respond to the comments on this forum, and I also want you to know that clearly everyone has a story. Most of these I have been reading are horrible as it relates to your service department. I just wanted you to know that there are three Facebook groups ready to report to the BBB of your horrible service. One of the groups has more than 80k members. Doing business as camping world, owned and operated by, all that evasion. You need to change how your service department is run. I am not sure why you are allowing this to continue. I have made two payments on my brand new RV but it has been in your shop for warranty work this entire time. What compensation do I get while you have taken my money while ruining my summer?


Teresa July 25, 2017 at 3:13 pm

I am in same boat as you. Brand new camper sitting in their shop while I’ve made 2 payments. Makes me wonder if they know they are selling junk. I mean it’s a win win for them. Make money selling a new camper then get paid again to do warranty work! Really makes me think camping world needs investigated!


brad July 28, 2017 at 6:39 pm

I am in the same boat for the most part as you, my summer plans had to be cancelled do to my trailer in their shop. I would suggest looking in to Limon laws for your state like I am doing so maybe I would not have to deal with camping world ever again.


Henry Marion July 21, 2017 at 1:51 pm

Purchased a 2018 Coleman FQ17 from CW of Garner NC on71-14-17. Picked up same on 7-15-17, all went well with sales/pickup appointment, no complaints. Left for camping trip on 7-16-17. All again went well until 7-19-17 when wife noticed TV would not power on. After investigation I found that 3 of 4 inside receptacles were not working. I checked fuses, breakers and my surge protector and found all to be in good working order. GFI receptacle was found to be tripped and could not be reset. I tried to call CW and had to leave message with service. On trip home the same day, I again tried to call CW and again left message with service. After several more calls and messages left ( called both the Garner and Fayetteville locations) I finally received a call back (been 3 days) from Garner CW. Explained problem to lady who said she just set appointments for service, she gave me two options. 1: set drop off appointment 2: call tech line and try to resolve problem myself. I took tech line number (have not called) and set a “drop off appointment” for 8-18-17. Was told that this was just an appointment to drop off, and it might be 5 days after that date before the problem was looked into, because they are soooooo busy. I understand being busy but that is just unacceptable to me. A brand new customer, brand new camper and this is how I’m treated. There is no customer service after sale, as long as your standing there with your debt card/ credit card in your hand your are important. After that, good luck!! So guess I will call tech line and try to resolve my own problems. That is better than waiting a month just to “drop off” and god only knows how long after that date it will be. If I had known how bad their customer service is, I would have never stepped on their lot. DON’T BUY from CW….find a dealer/company who actually care about their customers.
Henry Marion


Henry Marion July 22, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Update: Called CW back again…this time they set me a date of July 27 to bring my camper in. This is for a walk through with tech, to address problems and to set a date for repairs to be made. This is acceptable and more reasonable of a solution…just hate it took us getting angry and upset to get to this point. I do appreciate their effort in trying to resolve our problems.
Henry Marion


brad July 28, 2017 at 6:28 pm

hi Henry Marion,
I hope your walk through goes ok I had the same type of thing happen to me only my 2017 jayco jayflight on 5/13/2017 and water heater tried to start on fire a month and half later. dropped 7/06/17 it off and did like a walk through to say what else was wrong told it take a week maybe a little more. came back a week later to find out what was going on and was told the part would be there on the 21st and should be done by the 26thand had to go back in to get this info. went back in on the 27th and was told that the part would ship on the 31st and over heard a tech say it take a week to put it in. my advices if they order anything don’t trust the dates they tell you and call the company that makes your RV and talk to them it make speed things up. jayco even had problems getting someone on the phone. if I would of known I would of went else where to get a trailer never again will I use camping world.


Teresa July 20, 2017 at 7:32 pm

My husband and I purchased a 2017 new Coleman bunkhouse on May 12 of this year from camping world in London Ohio We took it home and parked it in our driveway. We took our first camping trip June 8th. Our first night camping in it we found water damage. The entire slide area was damaged. We also found numerous other items that needed fixed. The bottom bunk in the back on the slide was completely broken, divets in the linelolium where the slide indented it, the framework around the slide in the inside is coming apart, the floor in front of the kitchen area squeaks like it isn’t put together properly, the main city water hookup leaks continuously. We immediately contacted the dealer the very next morning of June 9, After having to call several times it was set up for us to bring in the camper on Wednesday the 14th of June. We have spoken with the dealer one time since dropping it off. No one returns our calls we have no idea the status of our repairs. We are beyond mad. We traded a camper with water damage. We did not wish to buy another mess. It is now July 20th. The dealer has had our camper for 37 days. We have cancelled 2 camping trips that have been planned for months. I have made 2 payments on a camper I have camped in once. I wish we never had heard of camping world. Not one time has anyone shown any sympathy towards our situation. Your service is horrible. We were told prior to picking up our camper it went thru an intense inspection process. Apparently not or this slide issue would have been found. I blame both the dealer and the manufacturer. We deserve a different camper. This is totally unacceptable. I have never been treated so poorly. You would think after spending $22,000 at your dealer we could at least get a courtesy call back with the status of our repairs. We only get put thru to voicemail. Camping world better. Make this right the easy way. You have no idea how angry this is for us. Believe me I have contacted Coleman directly with not much customer service than from the dealer. If it were camping world or Coleman making a payment on a useless camper the service might be better. So now instead of having a new camper we are going to have one that has had tons of repairs and major damage all before it was even used! I’m sure I’m wasting my energy even typing this complaint but maybe I can at least save someone else a nightmare and tell them to shop elsewhere!


William Graybill July 17, 2017 at 7:12 pm

I ordered a side by side refrigerator and payed for it and installation and they said they would have it in 10 days,called them in 12 days and they said they had it and set my appointment for July 18 2017,then they called on July 17th 430 pm and said they had sold my refrigerator to someone else and would reorder me one.WHAT A BUNCH OF JACKA**ES.I TOLD THEM TO JUST REFUND MY MONEY AND THEY SAID THE BOOS HAS SAID NOT TO GET IN ANY HURRY TO GIVE REFUNDS,SOLD LIKE THEY ARE GOING BROKE AND JUST USING MY MONEY.DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING LIED TO AND SCREWED.


Eva & Richard Buckmaster July 14, 2017 at 11:47 pm

The Camping World in Fresno, CA had ordered self leveling jackd for our 41 foot toy hauler. My husband hauled it the 40 miles to their store and they had it for four days before they figured out that they ordered the wrong ones. My husband told them to put it back together and order the right ones because we were getting ready to leave on vacation. Three weeks later with an appointment made by their service department, my husband once again hauls our toy hauler the 40 miles to Fresno to get the jacks put on. Our appointment time is 9 am and they are supposed to have our rig for just a couple days. My husband also wants them to wash and wax it while they have it there. On Wednesday, my husband gets a call saying that our RV is getting washed and waxed and that it will be ready to be picked up on Friday at 12 noon. We have errands that we are running, and while we are running them, my husband receives a phone call saying that our RV won’t be ready until 2:30. My husband sat there for 3 hours waiting for it to get done, but had to leave at 5:30 to come home and get ready to go to work. They going to workon iton Saturday, but they have another project coming in, and they are pushing ours aside to work on the other unit, which we feel is unacceptable and unethical since ours was supposed to be done today July 14, 2017. The service department knew we had vacation plans, which they have now ruined because we now have to leave three days later than we oringinally planned and we lost money on the nights that we had reservatiions for. We will NEVER shop or have or rig serviced at Camping World of Fresno again. This whole store is very worthless in it’s treatment of it’s customers. they could care less if they do the job right, or do the job at all. We were going to add the covers to our slide-outs, but we are going to take it to Paul Evertts down the street, at least their repair shop knows what they are doing. This whole store needs to be fired, and heads need to roll. Corporate needs to really read the reviews about this store on YELP because we are not rhe only customers that are dissatisfied.


EJ Alexander July 11, 2017 at 4:03 pm

Let me start by saying Cindy in Sales and Scott in service (he is not a technician but someone who writes up the repair orders) are good people…….. that’s the only positive thing I can say about Camping World of Kaysville UTAH……

Now the SERVICE DEPARTMENT SUCKS! I purchased a BRAND NEW 2017 Jayco 26 foot travel trailer at the RV show this year. A couple weeks later we took the trailer out for an overnight camping trip to see what bugs that might need to be worked out.

While camping, we find out the following “bugs”

1- The refrigerator won’t stay on because the pilot light keeps cutting out. The auto-ignitor won’t relight the pilot so we have to remove the external panel and manually relight the pilot. Within a few hours, the light goes out and the refrigerator light is blinking again (over the course of 24 hours, we had to relight the pilot 5 times).
2- The bathroom sink only trickles out water
3- The screen door won’t latch because the door is hung wrong
4- The main door to the trailer won’t close from the inside. The only way to get the door to shut is to slam it from the outside.
5- One of the two external speakers rattles so loud that it feels like it’s going to come through the interior wall

We return from our trip and I immediately take it back to Camping World and speak with the service department (who in their defense was very polite). They asked me when my next camping trip was scheduled, which I stay was 12 days away. I was reassured my trailer would be fixed by then and I went on my way. 10 days later I call to follow up regarding the progress of my repairs and I am told they are waiting on parts for my speakers but have fixed the refrigerator, the doors, and bathroom sink (which had a line blocked when it was manufactured). My family ends up cancelling the trip we had planned since the trailer wasn’t ready.

Fast forward 7 more days (day 19). We are getting ready to go out of town the following week for spring break. I call to find out when my trailer will be fixed and they tell me “they just finished it” (wow…. I have great timing). I come down there and pick it up and then take it home.

Here is where I screwed up…… I didn’t actually check to see if they fixed what they said they did.

The following day we start getting ready for the trip and I turn the refrigerator on and it still won’t ignite and will only run when plugged into my house. I proceed to check the doors, bathroom sink, and speaker to see if they even fixed those and I found the bathroom sink was now working, however the speaker still rattles and the door locks are still misaligned. My friend comes over to look at the refrigerator and notices the ignitor they installed it too close to the gas port which won’t allow the spark to ignite the gas. My friend moves the ignitor back a tiny bit and just like that, the refrigerator works perfectly (and has since). I in turn get a screw driver and we are able to fix the door locks ourselves. So in summary, they had my trailer for 19 days and managed to fix just one problem, whereas we fixed three of the four remaining issues ourselves in literally 15 minutes.

During camping trip #2, we find that the GFCI outlet in the bathroom trips whenever the generator is turned on thus killing all but a few wall outlets inside the trailer. When you reset the GFCI, it immediately trips again. Once we get home from trip #2, I follow up with camper world service department and they swap out my generator and give me a new GFCI outlet to install myself since they are extremely backed up and are a couple weeks out for services. I have an electrician buddy who installs the new outlet and points out to me that the wires appear to be nicked (most likely done at the factory).

Camping trip # 3 was what I thought would be the end of our bugs…. Wrong! The GFCI continues to trip but everything else appears to be working.

CAMPING TRIP #4…… Lake Powell in June…… we get down to Bullfrog and end up dry camping with some friends at Stanton Creek primitive camping area. It is here in the 106 degree heat that we find the A/C won’t work! Now here is where I can complement Jayco and their insulation because that trailer didn’t let one once of heat out. The interior of the trailer with windows open and battery powered fans blowing, stayed at a miserable 90 plus degrees making it a nightmare to try and sleep in. The end result was my family sleeping in the bed of our truck and on the ground outside at night.

Additionally during this trip our stereo inside the trailer completely fried and would no longer turn on and our power awning fuse blew so we could not retract the awning until I pulled a fuse from our truck.

After 5 days at Lake Powell, we drove home and I was furious. I called Camping World to speak with the general manage about my miserable experience. I was put on hold for several minutes and then the receptionist came back on the line and told me that he (Craig Peterson) was very busy and would call me back later. I left my name and number and shockingly its been several weeks with no call from him.

I took the trailer to Camper World immediately (June 20th) and the service department asked me when my next trip was again. I told them July 3rd.

Fast forward to July 3rd and I had not been called about my trailer being ready so I call Camping World. I was told they have been really busy and have not even started to work on my trailer (making this the third camping trip we have had to cancel due to the trailer being in the shop).

I get a call from Camper World a few days later and they tell me they found the problem with the AC unit and its been fixed. I am then told that the GFCI issue is more complicated and they may need to remove the exterior siding on the trailer to rewire the trailer. Additionally, the stereo is totally fried and a lost cause and well need to be replaced. When I asked for a projected timeline, I was told it could be several weeks before I get my trailer back!!!!!!!!!!!

As of todays date (July 11th), my BRAND NEW trailer has been at Camping World of Kaysville for a total of 41 days and counting (out of the four months we have owned it) for assorted repairs. It is clear to me that Camping World could care less about its customers after the sale is done. This is my fourth travel trailer and my wife and I tend to get a new one every 5 years or so……. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM CAMPING WORLD AGAIN………. AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO DISSUADE ANYONE I KNOW FROM MAKING A PURCHASE FROM THEM……. I will take my business to one of the many other dealers in the area such as Sierra RV, Ray Citte RV, General RV, etc….

Frustrated and Pissed in Utah


Kenneth rogers July 6, 2017 at 8:53 am

I don’t know but I bought a 26rl grey wolf and after I signed the papers the response to setup or having them not get tensioner tight or showing me how to operate it after I payed the setup and delivery charge is gone. I called olive branch CW 20 times no call backs until I called the headquarters in Kentucky. I could’ve had anacccident because tensioner was loose. Didn’t get air to turn on or refrigerated to work till I payed another company to show me how. Hope this don’t happen to you


Kenneth rogers July 13, 2017 at 9:03 pm

I have to say I was taken care of and completely satisfied. After Dave in the shop fixed and showed me all the operating procedures to operate all aspects of the tt. Then the manager joey took care of every problem I had with the service from the sales department. I think that olive branch camping world will take care of you. All you have to do is ask. I’m proud to say I got my tt at olive branch. Thanks again for your courtesy and care in this manner Kenneth rogers, a HAPPY CAMPER.


carol land July 4, 2017 at 9:03 am

Lafayette, La. Camping World is a joke. I am going to call the COO and suggest everyone else do the same. Squeaky wheel.


Kathy Barrow July 1, 2017 at 7:20 pm

It would seem that the majority of us are unhappy with CW Service, I know I am! In the middle of May we had damage to our awning from a wind storm. We were told by Good San Insurance we had to be home to get it fixed. Duncan Systems rep Corin Pyrin called Camping World of Fresno (Ca)over 10 times between May 25th and June 1st with not one return call. I called CW Corporate and complained and got a call within 20 minutes from Chris Miller of Camping World Fresno. His tone was not friendly. This was on Monday, June 12th telling me to have the trailer there on Wednesday. We did but Chris was nowhere to be found. Now we are dealing with Tim Lindeman. We told him we had to have trailer fixed before July 1 as we were leaving again for Idaho. They never returned estimate to Duncan System so they could order awning fabric. Duncan issued a complaint and got the paperwork within 10 minutes. We ordered slide out covers that came in last week, AC was fixed but still no awning fabric. Now we are told by Duncan that Tim “hopes” to have fabric by July 7th. He didn’t bother to call us and Duncan found out because they called him. He told my husband last Monday trailer would be done Wednesday. The real rip is a family member was killed in a tragic accident last Wednesday in Idaho, her funeral is Monday in Idaho, and we are stuck in Calif because these jackasses refused to return calls, refused to return paperwork for approval, refused to order in a timely manner and took a way our choice to attend her funeral. Sad that a company who preaches how important their customers are refused to do anything about their poor Service reps at a bunch of places. I will NEVER recommend them to ANYONE!


Jeff Barcelona June 29, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Dear Marcus,

I have watched your show the Profit and the integrity you put into your investments. I bought a camper from your Lafayette La. facility late 2014. Sense then its been in your facility for a total of 9 months for repairs. I have gone through 4 service writers and cannot seem to get anyone on the phone to provide update on repairs and when I do its a new service writer who’s knows nothing of my repairs. The customer service is very poor to say the least. I can go on and on here but its like beating a dead horse. From what I have been reading on this page Its seems like you have this problem I multiple states with your facility. I can say that you have lost his customer.

Is this the kind of company you would invest in?? Can you make the necessary changes to encourage people to return to your facilities or do you continue to drive them away??


Morris King June 24, 2017 at 7:58 pm

May I say a few things concerning Camping World and their sales and service. I have been dealing with CW for about 8 months as a private contractor belivering and picking up campers for their customers. My dealings have been easy. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of folks. There have been some problems but none that couldn’t be resolved. I must say one thing- slow down and be patient. Take your time when picking out a 5th wheel or travel trailer. Before you go look, do your homework, know what you want and have some idea of the price range. You might want to add a little more money on the bottom line. As any salesman will do is put the Presure on you. Again, take your time. Dropping $20,000-$80,000 is not small commitment. Ask yourself a few questions such as: Are we living in it or camping? Do we have a truck that will pull it? Are we going cross country or to the lake? What will be the maximum number of heads staying in the camper and what are the ages? And the most important question of all, how much can we spend? Remember, take your time and be sure to buy the one you want.


Christy French June 19, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Worst experience ever with a camper dealer. We dealt with the dealership in Asheville where we bought our 2014 5th wheeler in February, and when we did the walk-through were told that everything had been checked and was in working order, that there were no issues with the camper, and if we found anything to let them know and they would take care of it. They were nice, easy to work with until we had a problem, then they wouldn’t return phone calls and didn’t want to deal with us. We didn’t begin camping until April, and have been taking it to the mountains of Western NC. It doesn’t get hot there until June, and when we went camping the first of June, noticed the air conditioning unit in the kitchen/living area was not working. It took several calls to the dealership about this before they actually responded, and told us to bring it back so they could look at it (we live 2-1/2 hours away). When they checked it, we were told the air conditioning unit needs to be replaced and the general manager wasn’t there to okay it, so we had to leave it over the weekend. When we called the following Monday, we were told they declined to fix the problem because it had been too long since we bought it. How were we to know the AC wouldn’t work in February when we bought it? Beware of this company – they do not stand behind their promises! We plan to file a complaint with the BBB and talk to an attorney.


Joyce Lindsey June 19, 2017 at 4:07 pm

I bought a brand new 2018 Thor Hurricane and paid extra $1000 for a complete inspection. The salesman was and is fantastic. He has gone above and beyond to try to get these issues fixed. 1st thing that happened was that the emergency brake light would not turn off resulting in a loud alarm. They had a mechanic look at it who said it was wired in wrong but I could just pull up on the emergency brake pedal while pulling on the release to get the alarm and light to turn off. When I said can’t you just fix it he responded, it should fix itself eventually. Next when I opened up the slide, I notice a cut in the Linoleum in the middle of the main room. There was a second one by the bathroom door. There is also large chips in the sink that someone had painted over to try to hide them. I found metal pieces on the floor and found out that the locking washers were falling apart in the fold out sofa bed.

I called service who said they need to speak to the Laurie the service manager. Then service called me back and said that Laurie said that they would just take care of it later when they do my warranty service. I called back and left a message for Laurie. A few days later I left a second message with no response. Finally, my salesman got ahold of Laurie who said to make an appointment for service.

I called today and I was informed that they don’t have anything open until mid August. I called Thor Customer Service who said they can’t do anything until Camping World sends pictures and opens a claim. So now I have to wait until August to have the pictures taken so they can make a claim.

So what did I pay the $1000 for if it wasn’t even going to be looked at? Also, I paid for the extended warranty through Camping World and if this is an example of how they handle their warranty work I just spend a lot of extra money for nothing.

My suggestion is not to purchase anything from Camping World. There service is terrible and they don’t know the meaning of customer service.


Hays June 19, 2017 at 3:01 am

the website rebooted and erased my previous complaint…So I’ll get to the point.
Camping worlds ,New Braunfels had my rv for 5 months to fix 15 items (give or take) . When I got it back 4 items had been fixed. Mr. Graham Gale was our point of contact and supervising our rv.
Other that , my biggest issue was that the rv was returned to us with the back inside tire still having a “leaky valve” . The tire became flat and was rubbing on the outside tire. This could have certainly caused an accident. I have 3 very young children that I love dearly and the could have been hurt or killed by the negligence of Mr. Gale and his team. I expect that Camping World deems this unacceptable, putting our lives in danger.
Mr. Gale also had very poor communication with us. 2 months in I called to check up on the rv status. I had to call 4 times in a two week span leaving messages with both people as well as voice messages and it wasn’t until my husband called corporate and threatened to report it stolen did Mr. Gale immediately respond.
You can see how we hold camping world responsible for Mr. Gale’s actions. As full timers we can’t afford such poor service. 5 months rental costed us $12,000. And as a mother I cannot forgive him for putting my babies in danger.
My husband put in a formal complaint 2 weeks ago. We are still waiting a response from Camping World.
Sincerely, Mrs. Hays


Nettie Dee Klingler June 10, 2017 at 12:25 pm

I bought a new travel trailer at the Mesa, AZ location. I had it delivered to the Grand Canyon where I am a volunteer for the National Park Service. The water heater didn’t work. I called upon some of my RV friends to see if they could help. We tried everything. We even went to the Camping World in Bellmont, AZ which is the closest location to the Grand Canyon. The service department gave us several suggestions. We tried them all with no luck. I then contacted the manufacturer of the trailer and the maker of the water heater and found no solution. It was difficult getting someone to come up to the Grand Canyon to look at the trailer. I really couldn’t tow it anywhere, as I am living in it for the next few months. I finally found a mobile RV service who came up and found the problem. The water heater was never hooked up. The repairman took photos of the wires laying there. I then contacted Camping World in Mesa (Russ Hunt) about the problem. He said he would investigate the issue and get back to me. That was April 22, 2017 and I have heard nothing back from them yet. I went over 30 days without hot water. I would have expected that the water heater had been hooked up, however when I went through my doXXXXents for my walk through there was nothing on the list about the water heater and the service man never even checked off anything on the list anyway. I asked to be reimbursed for my mobile service call and the set up fee (since the set up was not complete) and have heard nothing and from reading the other complaints I’ll never hear anything and won’t get reimbursed.


Thomas June 8, 2017 at 11:51 am

I am leaving this e-mail in the hope that unlike me, you will investigate before buying or trying to get service for their RV at Camper World.. As I am reading the other comments I wish I had check out the reviews before I bought my travel trailer from Camper World, and as many of you, I also had a very bad experience with service, and have still not receive any solution to our problem.. Thinking that contacting the corporate office would help, well that did nothing to help,still waiting for a return call.. Please be advised Longmont, Colorado can be added to the long list of bad and poor customer service of Camper World… SHAME ON YOU CAMPER WORLD for treating your customer this way. There are allot of other companies to but and get service for your RVs. Don’t give your money and peace of mind to them……..


Christy June 7, 2017 at 8:50 am

The first camper my husband and I purchased together was from camping world in Pooler, Ga. Well, took it home to find some issues wrong with it after paying the $895 inspection fee (or whatever they call it). So we took it to get those issues fixed at the camping world in Lake Park, Ga (as that is close to where we reside). This camping world tells us that we need a whole new roof on the camper. Given the camper was used, but they assured us the camper was inspected and checked out. So I had to deal with the general manager and they came and picked the camper up resealed the roof and delivered it back to us. A year later we went to Lake Park camping world to trade in and upgrade to a newer unit, as this was our plan all along to gradually upgrade. We found a unit we wanted, which another couple was interested in, so they told us if we wanted the camper we needed to sign this paper and give them $500, so I did. Well this other couple who was nice and we talked to said that they were getting a camper just like ours, 3 years newer and they came off $5000.00m on the price, where they only came off $200.00 on the older unit we were getting plus all the fees. They charged us a destination fee, about $3000.00 worth of fees. We had everything lined up good to go with the bank, we set our time to come back sign the papers and do the walk through. They told us they were going to give us $5000.00 trade in on our camper. When my husband and I took off work on our Wedding Anniversary drove to Lake Park, made arrangements for our children, was in the middle of the walk through and the GM came and told us that there was a problem and basically our camper was a piece of junk and they could only give us $2000.00 for it. Our camper is nice. It is older, but it has a slide out, 30ft, plenty of room, everything works perfect on it and camping world even did some extra special things to it per our request. Long story short, by the time they presented us with a new deal, the camper was listed for $13,295 and they had us paying with fees and all $18+ thousand dollars. The GM told us the destination fee should have never been charged. No body was on the same page and we were told so many different things. We questioned the GM and the integrity of the business deal and he told us point blank that “HE THOUGHT IT WAS BEST IF WE JUST PARTED WAYS”! I have never in my life been treated so rude and had a worse experience. Watch your backs and your wallet if you choose to buy from the greedy, money hungry corporation that has lost what customer satisfaction and service is all about! They are out to sell and they do not care what they are selling you and what they are charging you. We will definitely take our business else where and tell all of the awful business they dish out to their customers.


Britnie Bourque June 2, 2017 at 1:39 pm

Worst customer service ever. Lafayette, Louisiana location. I dropped my camper off to get an estimate for my Insurance claim, Camping world held my camper for a week before telling me they couldn’t and wouldn’t give me an estimate. The service advisers told me they could give me an estimate but the Service Manager told me he could and would not . He did not want to put this into writing. The service manager was, rude, lazy, obnoxious and even yelled at me and told me to get my camper and leave.


Roy Coffee May 30, 2017 at 1:26 pm

Camping World Nashvillle service department is absolutely the worst experience I have had in my 48yrs!!
They have had my unit for 3 months now, haven’t done a thing to it and are STILL WAITING ON PARTS!!!!!!! What?!?!? Told I would get a call back but never do!!
Contacted a regional service manager, Rick Guthery, on his cell phone who told me he was over 21 stores and got NO WHERE!! No help! Dead end!
Have tried to “go higher up the food chain” but am told they can’t give me anyone else’s info to contact.
Called the corporate number, get sent to a call center and get the same run around!!!
I am convinced that this is the way the corporate offices tell their employees to deal with problems as I can get no response from ANY LEVEL to my issues!!
Their total “M.O.” Is to deflect, delay and deny!!!!


Rita Lewis May 23, 2017 at 9:46 am

Just wanted you to know what a wonderful employee you have at the Dover, Florida location. Her name is Betty McComas. She as well as many other employees are super helpful. Betty especially is one of your best employees. She is always very helpful, friendly and outgoing. She always make sure my dog “Scooter” has a piece of cardboard in the shopping cart so his paws won’t get stuck in the holes and he can lay down comfortably. She helps me find the items I am looking for and lets me know about sales and special promotions as well as how to access Camping World on internet. David in the Service Department is extremely professional and is very helpful when we had our Class A motor home repaired.

P.S. We also love Marcus Lemonus on the “Profit” & “The Partner”.


linda May 29, 2017 at 6:36 pm

A shame this company can’t take care of their service end. Marcus better read all of these comments from all of these dissatisfied customers who want their money back from selling us JUNK!!! Hard to believe you are so happy with your dealer! Are you an employee or relative of Marcus’?


linda June 1, 2017 at 6:36 pm

Marcus Lemonis do you see ALL of these DISSATISFIED people who will no longer be customers. We want good quality products for the money we have paid Camping World. We work hard for our money and bought our campers to enjoy our down time but it looks like all of us have had campers in your service department with no service from 1 to 6 months which was my case and it still was not fixed. PLEASE take care of our concerns. I think everyone needs to report Camping World to the BBB.


Joe schmockatella May 21, 2017 at 6:19 pm

Look at all the negative comments. Should make you proud camping world. You are lying thieves. It will catch up to you! The word is out how horrible you are. Lying crooks.


Rob May 23, 2017 at 3:17 pm

Joe I see you are having problems with Campers world as I am after buying a $ 30,000 unit that was damaged before I bought it and have guantee from Mesa AZ CW to rplace and repair it all . As it stands since March 23 2017 I been danced around lied to and and now as the saying goes pass the buck to another campers world to fix the issues and now they are passing it back to the selling dealership and still nothing is fixed and to add to this after I took the trailer that same day the cabinets fell off and other major issues happened to which after talking to the campers world nothing is happening to get my travel trailer repaired. Now under consideration of a major class action law suit under the lemon law and doXXXXentation from them to fix which they as i said are dancing me around .anyone having these issues contact me maybe we can all join in on a major class action law suit


Linda May 29, 2017 at 6:07 pm

We also have been given the run around. They had our camper for 6 months. From October 2016 until April 2017. We went back to wentzville dealer repeatedly to pick up our camper, when we showed up for walk thru of warranty work they never had it completed. So therefore that went on for 6 months. Now we got our camper back and the kitchen faucet is broken, shower head broken, toilet is leaking and we will need to replace entire toilet, shower is still leaking into kitchen and as I have said now toilet leaking water. I too feel we have been sold a lemon. We do not get any help from the Wentzville dealer. Our neighbors also have had a nightmare with the wentzville dealer. As you have, we have spent $35,000.00 on a brand new camper and all we have had is problems with it. Originally the shower leaked, trim was falling off, air conditioner quit working in July of 2016, and electric was out on one entire side of the camper. I have someone at work who is interested in purchasing a camper. I have informed him of our nightmare and told him to stay away from Camping World.


Colby Taylor May 20, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Ha. Where do I start… Long Story short Bought a brand new Travel Trailer a month ago. They were supposed to fix a few things, sat for a weeks nothing got done. So I decided to just bring it back another day. Had a leak in the Hot Water Heater first night I got it back. Called Saturday morning, said they’d call me back before lunch, never heard from them. Called Monday pretty unhappy, they said bring it in asap. Took it that day. Sat for another 2 weeks still no hot water heater replaced. Planned on taking out that weekend for our anniversary. So we had to wait for 2 hours while they rushed to put in the new hot water heater. So now instead of a weekend trip it turned into a day trip. Took it back that Sunday so they could finish up what they had started. This was on the 7th. Got a phone call on the 16th saying they needed me to bring it in so they could finish. Dumbasses didn’t even know they had my trailer. Went by there this morning. Guess what they still haven’t touched it. Haha Biggest mistake of my life was stepping foot in that place. They don’t know what’s going on up there. Worst run business I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know what to do. I really just won’t my Money Back. Any Ideas?


linda May 29, 2017 at 6:17 pm

I would love my money back also. Maybe we should all drive our campers to Kentucky and park them at HQ in front of the CEO’s offices.


Brian Neighbors May 12, 2017 at 10:26 pm

We bought our first camper ever and have the worst experience ever from camping world in Tyler Texas. The ceo and the service are the worst I have ever had to deal with in my life. We hate to take our Rv on the road because we know something will no work. I am going to contact every means of communication I can from newspapers to social media I can. I’m sorry but when know one will return a call for weeks and I have to keep calling, poor poor service. I have a lemon and can’t get rid of it. I have contacted heartland and camping world and no one cares. What a great retirement gift.


Clayton jay randolph May 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Our family just purchased our first camper! So exited brand new off the show room floor 2017 Colman freedom express 320bhds. Tried to use it that weekend. Fresh water tank had a hole in it hot water won’t work on 120v or gas. Tv only plays DVD in black and white. So we took it in for repair. They order the parts as well as the other parts spare tire and rigging tv for the master that were included in the deal and or options they forgot to put on. They had it for 2 weeks. Needed it for a adventure so went to get it took it out! Water heater still didn’t work techs tracked grease on our carpet and wall still has hole in fresh tank black and white tv and missing the master tv spare and such. So I take it back when we r finished. They keep it for another 6 weeks and I call once a week or bi weekly for updates on our camper . Never get all call back just ignored every time u call. They finally call and say it’s ready. I asked for a run down of what they did and they talk me through the various items. Every thing is fixed they say and they tried 3 dvds and they all play in color so I make sure and ask if they cleaned the carpet so she says I will make certain and call u back momentarily. Few days go by no call. At this point I’ve been called back to work and HAVE to live in it for a month out of time so I call back and they confirm it’s been cleaned and ready for pick up. I say I will be there in 3 hours then headed strait out of town to live in it. I show up. They can’t find the u it any where takes them an additional 2 hours to locate it and make available for me to hook up. I’m relieved everything is fixed and golden or so I thought. I drag it out of town and set it up. As I do I make sure everything is in working order. And the black tank valve is seized. Also notice thy didn’t clean the grease off the wall or carpet. so I call to talk to the service manager kyle. With no answer surprise surprise. So I leave a message “during business hours”. The following day I contact my sales rep that sold us the unit. Great guy great sales man he assures me he will talk to kyle and I will receive A call back Monday. During the next few days the family comes up to spend time before my work starts. We unwrap 3 new movies out of there packaging. All play in black and white. So I proceeded to take the furron radio DVD player out . Connections r good and in the right place. Check the tv all correct… so I went one step further and removed the master tv and hooked it up wouldn’t u know it played in color. Bottom line is the techs didn’t fix jack they didn’t look at it I understand they are busy but I expect stuff to get fixed when it’s clearly on your work order I’m mean we only put half down on this 45k camper . I have been extremely civil and way to polite about this situation and now me and the wife are ready to hand this unit back and take our business down the road where customers are appreciated and people call u back. Bad news is better than no news in my book at least I know what to expect and can plan my life accordingly. What I need to know is how do I get these issues resolved without conflict and in a timely manner? What do I do about this back tank valve? Just use it till it’s full then when I’m done living in it and bring it back to them and have them keep it for another few months?


Dave D. April 20, 2017 at 12:44 pm

I called the Rocklin, CA Camping World Store, it rang a long time and was eventually answered by a person named Courtney. This was likely the most rude and apathetic person I have ever spoken to in what is called a retail support center. With people lie this, the stores can do without “support”. I asked about the Gen-Turi product. If you cant do their job for them and give her the item number, she can’t help you. She was abrupt and obviously only wanting to get you off the phone fast. I confirmed the price I saw online of $109, and she promptly told me that was online only! If I went into the store, the “store price” would be $160! What the heck! I asked her why it isn’t the same and she rudely said it was to “encourage” online sales! I think you mean it was to discourage store sales! What is this mentality. The only thing that accomplishes is to make sure a customer can’t get something WHEN they need it. I then asked for her supervisor and without a nano second delay she told me “there’s none available”. I said she stated that like it was the standard reply and she said it WAS!! Really, what kind of company is this turning into? What an arrogant and snotty attitude towards customers. I then called back and asked another rep for the manager of the department and she put me on hold to get him. At least she tried. She came back to tell me he was not available, should have guessed that response. I then left a message for Josh Rose, the supervisor she forwarded me too. We’ll just see if I get a call back. I also called the corporate office and asked to speak to whoever oversees these dept managers. We’ll also see of that person calls me back! It sure sounds like if Camping World had it;s way, they would get rid of all the stores and the people and just be another useless online retailer with no values or personality. You know, the stuff that made them who they are (or were) today! I will cancel my membership and just get a head start and buy from others online instead. If that;s what they want, I can be the first to help them get there!
The sad thing is that there are still nice people at the store in Rocklin. But with people like Courtney, their future looks grim!


Steven LeVine May 7, 2017 at 10:42 am

Marcus a Leabon transplant to America has created the American Dream.

M1 a Leabon based company has another extensive consumer retail group with over $2BN in assets.

Marcus is a typical entrepreneur, the Television shows are very much against what real investors do to increase corporate values, culture and real substanabilty.

Gander bankruptcy acquired (leveraged) not cash just like his checks on his show are partners, bank not his personal monies like reporting.

Marcus closed all the stores, that is what any person could do with capital or borrowing capabilities. To close stores, it is obviously his interest is to use for liquidation purposes and cash in hand. Public company with very low level of credibility just his voice spine would send the best running.

Marcus has no talent, no credibility, no value except for himself not shareholders.


Mickey materna April 17, 2017 at 8:13 pm

I will never do business with Camping World again. Have a travel trailer all picked out and ready to buy and my Credit Union Union approved and going to send check overnight. Their financial manager stated if he received the check that the travel trailer would still be up for sale and a hold or sold put on it. He was very arrogant to my C U manager even. All that was needed from their end was copy of title for paperwork. Told there was no title. Now here I was ready to send them an 16,ooo dollar + check and was treated this way. Don’t know how they could sale with no title. Long story short. I canceled the sale because of attitude toward my c u manager and toward me.
I won’t go back.


linda May 29, 2017 at 6:22 pm

Think of yourself lucky bc as u can see all these negative comments and situations you would have been in the pool with us. We are miserable and are stuck with junk. I am afraid as we drive down the highway we will look back and only see wheels on the hitch. Don’t buy a Funfinder. JUNK!


Cynthia Lappe April 15, 2017 at 8:50 am

I am very disappointed in the Camping World business in Lafayette, Louisiana. They had our motorhome for 2 1/2 months for some maintenance work and a recall. We had to continue to call them and when we got it back the slide out was not working, the shower door would not close and the roof and resealing was not done. They ask us to bring it back to make it right and would credit our bill. The manager was out and would call Monday, needless to say he did not call and will not return our calls now. Our bill has not been credited and we also found out that 2 people that supposedly had done the work is no longer there. We took it to Camping World because we thought we would be good professional service and we did not. I will not recommend anyone go to Camping World for any reason. Thank you.


Greg Wright April 11, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I purchased my RV from Camping World in Greenwood Indiana in September 2016 and 8 days later the wheel came off and did $8000 damage. 7 months later I still don’t have my RV. I have contacted an Attorney and I am sueing camping world. Forest River paid for the damage caused by the wheel coming but Camping World refuses to fix 2 chips that were in the clear coat when I purchased it. I had to be at Camping World 1 to 2 time a week to try and get them to fix it. I have called their General Manager 2 times and he has not seen fit to return my calls.


Richard June 5, 2017 at 7:40 am

Your Camping World Greenwood Indiana is the worst place ever! Was told they got rid of everybody last fall because of bad reviews. I took my Jayco Pennicle there April 5th and have not received 1 phone call as of today from the service department. I have called and stopped by and all I get is they are waiting on parts or to busy to help you. I have contacted Jayco and they need a order number from them to see what’s going on the order to help speed up the process. But nothing from Camping World! So was curious if they was gonna make my payment since I don’t have and curious to see what is missing out of my camper ! Worst customer service I have ever seen. Probably nothing will be fixed when they get the Pinnacle done.


Connie Jeansonne March 29, 2017 at 7:49 pm

Camping world in Lafayette Louisiana is the absolute worst ever dealer ever from day one I was harassed by salesman about getting a down payment on a camper that I was not even sure I wanted next when I buy the camper the slide out did not slide in or out the dealership they said they fix it but did not , I get it home the floors are buckling up in the bed room and hallway ac in rear didn’t work. They never put any light bulbs in lights or changed the batteries in the smoke dectors like promised at walk through they never got pass the slide out switch in walk through I left not even knowing how to work the ac there a list of 46 deficts on this unit ever time I call camping world they tell me the manager in a meeting or cannot be paged
Then camping world sends someone to pick up camper to get diagnosed and bring it back when they brought it back they tore off my ac unit in the front and none of the slide outs work they tell me it titled in your name now it’s your problem you can trade it in for another one this is bulls**t camping world is the sorry a** dealership I would never buy anything not even a part with this company ever I give them a rating poor at best


Larry Reynolds March 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Consumers please read the previous reviews, the camping world in North Charleston is horrible, both sales and service…BEWARE!!!!! The managers don’t care and their cooperate headquarters could care less…..Don’t fall for their lies….BEWARE!!!!!


Daniel McGrath March 22, 2017 at 1:27 pm

I had minor front dmg to Rv with a few parts replaced. It took 3 1/2 months to repair a normal 2-3 week job (that incl. waiting on parts). They say everything fine…come for your vehicle.
I left CAMPING WORLD TAMPA to my camping resort. I proceeded to set up, no jacks or slideout would work. Finally found mobile techs from PRO TEC in Clermont (I’d recommend) who came out next day. Upon IMMEDIATELY getting under front of RV they found 7 wires dangling or a few hanging on terminal from pump relay. He took pictures and they found inline fuses blown as well as both HWH control boards blown as well (in joystick box).
I returned vehicle on 3-20-17 and am still waiting on my vehicle. That’s right …9 additional
Weeks and counting. Making it 23 weeks total since October 9th!
Little to NO COMMUNICATION! Left voice mail, email, no response. Service Mgr Mr Curry never responded. I live across the state in Cape Canaveral (4 1/2 hr round trip to facility).
Do you think I’ve overstayed my welcome to a friends house yet?
I am a full-timer and….STILL WAITING!


Daniel McGrath March 23, 2017 at 5:52 am

I meant I returned my RV to CAMPING WORLD TAMPA on 1-20-17 not 3-20-17 as I mistakenly entered above.
D McGrath


Joanne Schwerman March 21, 2017 at 1:34 pm

RE: Camping World, New Port Richey, Florida

If you are unable to hire competent people, CLOSE THIS PLACE!!!!

DO NOT, under any cirXXXXstances attempt to order parts or allow them to work on your rig. Wouldn’t buy a rig from them either as service is non existent.


Joanne Schwerman March 21, 2017 at 1:35 pm

Moderation???? Will CW change my written comments???


Ammie Clifton March 15, 2017 at 5:58 pm

I only bought a 500.00 chair that they won’t stand behind,so I’m sure none of you have a hope in hell with your rv’s. Thank goodness I didn’t buy mine from camping world. Maybe you should get a lawyer.


Steve Heitman March 11, 2017 at 11:48 am

I purchased a trailer from your Robertsdale location back around Thanksgiving. I have had nothing but regrets since purchasing this trailer from them as well. When we go the unit home we noticed that the doors did not lock properly. the blue light did not work on one of the outside speakers, and the shades looked like a little kid had gotten a hold of them. We called in our complaint and returned the next weekend with the trailer where they fixed the locks and the blue light, and supposedly took measurements for the shades. We kept calling weekly for an update on the shades only to be told that it is still being processed. We finally get a call from them informing us that they can’t read the measurements of the shades that was written down, so I measured the one shade and sent it to them. About a month later we get a call that our shades are in so we take the unit back. While it is there for the shades I asked them to check and see why the TV volume isn’t coming thru the speakers any more as it did the first time that we took it out. We soon realize while we are there that the shades were two different sizes, so they took one from another unit so that we wouldn’t have to come back and what I don’t understand is why they didn’t do this the first time that we were out there. As far as the speakers go, when we went to leave I asked them if they got the speaker problem fixed but could not get a a straight answer and I had already been there almost 3 hours so I just took the unit and left. When I got home, I discovered that they did not fix this problem. I try to email and call out there to get this problem taken care of with hopes of someone talking me thru some troubleshooting so that I don’t have to drive an hour there and an hour back plus the 2+ hours I end up being there. Unfortunately I cannot get anyone to call me back or even reply to an email with some troubleshooting guides. I did get an email back from the individual that I emailed telling me that he was going to be away from the office for a few days and to call a different individual which I did and again no one calls me back. I am one very unhappy customer that if I don’t see some results soon along with some compensation for my troubles will be soon contacting the BBB along with launching a post on social media completely discrediting your company and especially this location.


Vicki Blankenship March 2, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Wow. Wished I had read all of these complaints because Camping World of Myrtle Beach, SC would not have gotten my money. Horrible customer service. Terrible accusatory attitudes. Purchased a used 2011 Shasta Revere. Had to pay a $795 inspection fee to show that they inspected and everything was OK on the unit. Drove it home 35 minutes to Calabash where it set in the driveway for 2 months before taking it out on it’s first camping trip this week Feb 27 to March 2 to Pirateland in Myrtle Beach, Set it up and turned on the Air Conditioner and it does not work and they tell me the compressor is bad when they come inspect it and that I don’t have a warranty since it is a used unit and that I will have to pay for a new air conditioner. Getting ANYONE to return a phone call at this Camping World location is like pulling teeth. I literally have to phone every 2 or 3 hours to keep reminding them to call me. Was even told on the phone that one of the managers was not there. Drove there to walk right in the door to be face to face with that manager. When I was interested in buying a Travel Trailer I got all kinds of phone calls and emails. They don’t want to accept ANY responsibility on the bad air unit (which in all certainty means they are calling me a liar) saying that it was working and that I had to do something to the unit or “that unfortunately things go bad”. It left the lot with me working (which I cannot prove as it was never turned on to show me it worked) so it is MY responsibility. Total BS. Total bad service. Total dishonesty. Don’t buy anything from Camping World because based on the very many other complaints I am reading on this site, it is standard procedure.


Judy Holland March 1, 2017 at 3:36 pm

My husband and I purchased a Jayco from Orlando R.V . we live in Cocoa Fl .we went to camping world on hwy 520 in Cocoa just down the road from us as we have some repairs covered under warranty plus extended warranty we wanted to see if they would do the repairs ..When my husband got there the assistant repair supivisor was VERY RUDE He asked to see the list and said we CANT and wont do your repairs you didnt BUY the toy hauler here HE mumbled you can yell at me if you want I dont care we do not have time to do repairs on something that wasn’t bought here and we are backed up for months my husband said well I also wanted some things done that will I will need to purchase from here about 1000.00 worth of stuff plus installation the man said we arent going to work on your camper he didnt want our bussiness and we WERE willing to waite on getting the repairs ..We will not be getting the repairs and we have a 60.00 gift card we will use and that is it we will never step foot in Camping world we willl not be renewing our membership and we will be letting everyone we know exactly how BAD and RUDE your company is ..Not that any of this is going to matter to anyone at Camping World ..just remember this. Word of mouth will ruin your bussiness and we will be spreading the WORD ! GOOD DAY


Tom vandervort February 28, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Sure wish I’d of read these reviews first. I too have fallin into very sad practices of camping world. I bought a used 2005 motorhome, not a couple thousand dollars but over 40 thousand out the door.
4 hrs day one to finish the deal. Asked when I could pick it up I said the following week. Give them time to go over it, so I thought. 3 more hrs the following Saturday. Did final walk thru with a tech explains how things worked even tho not my first rv, that’s was ok. He opened every compartment but one it was locked and said oh it’s the same as the rest. As we’re ckecking things the backup camera didn’t work. Rv was backed into stall but no one noticed? Then I was told that wasn’t covered, after going back and forth,wished I’d of walked away. After I refused to take it, they looked at and fixed it in 20 mins or less. So we take it, got it home and it snowed. As soon as the weather broke we took it to some property in PA. On the freeway we heard excessive wind noise, the windshield popped out of the seal. Took back roads to finish our trip. Decided to put that luggage compartment and well it flew off apparently the fresh caulk wasn’t strong enough to hold. Called my salesman,said that’s weird bring it in they’ll take care of it, and oh yeah the fridge don’t work, so we loaded back up after serviced called and said oh you bought a used unit with 30 day warranty, set up an appointment. Took it in finding out there’s NO warranty except for fridge. I guess it’s ok if your windshield should fall out and kill somebody as long as your beers cold. It got worse from there. I asked to talk to a manager, well he’s not in till next Thursday.? Who’s next in line I asked, and was told the service writer would go get him. Well guess what I was told.. he’s not coming out! I should talk to my salesman. They paged him. He didn’t answer, must not be in today. So I left, planning on calling the manager on weds. As I walked out there’s my salesman, he’s there after all, explained what I was going thru and also told me to call midweek when manager is in. Since I bought it I’ve been getting calls to rate my experience. So I call. After 3 or 4 days I couldn’t give a real review now only 22 days of ownership I can, well I reviewed my experience very very bad, I told the person the whole story and sympathized with me and said expect a call tomorrow morning. I got the call at 12:30 explaining again nothing’s cover except the fridge and I’d be charged an inspection fee on the windshield. Are you kidding? Takes about 1 second to see it’s falling out! She told me I should talk to my salesman, I already did you talk to him. And here I wait till I guess weds. Camping world of Akron is horrible at customer service. Once you buy a used rv it’s yours they got your money. Don’t look to get good results going there.

Upon getting rv home it snowed as soon e as the weather broke we took it to property in PA. On


Joseph Dolby February 26, 2017 at 9:02 pm

I see I am not the only one with a terrible time with camping world. I bought a new Thor motor home at the Camping World in Bartow, Fl. I have had it back at least 10 times now. Every time I have something done, I have to look at their work and end up doing it the right way myself. I have never had such a bad experience with a company.I made several calls to see when my coach would be ready. My phone calls were answered twice with no idea when I could come and get it. They knew i already made campground reservations for the next week . I called several times and nobody answered the service line. I left messages with Tammy. Susan, Misty,Daniel, and the elusive service manager that hides in a office that you cannot even see him. NO RETURN CALLS! I finally called the service dept. and blocked my phone ID and you guessed it, they have caller ID and will not answer your call when they see who it is. The blocked number worked. Daniel told me they were working on my coach. It was ready that afternoon. When I picked it up it was obvious that the service dept. ignored my calls when they could see who it was. Some work was not completed and when I asked Daniel if I could have paperwork on the work done, she said there was no paperwork, they just fixed it.????????????? I would definitely never consider buying another anything from this company. Do not even think of going there, unless you want to join the mass of people that have already been sadly disappointed. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new motor home is going to lazy Days in Tampa and I will eat the difference and get rid of Camping World for good.


VANESSA ANGELET February 24, 2017 at 4:25 pm

Don’t even know where to start!! I can’t understand how you guys are even in business for one! Absolute horrible customer service from the beginning….and I should have known it was coming, but I gave it a chance, what a fail! Camping World certainly lived up to all of it negative complaints and reviews 110%!
I attended the Camping World Orlando RV show on Feb. 11th and was attended by Will Rivera – We chose a camper and completed the finance application, after a few back and forths they said I would qualify but that we would have to wait til Monday cuz it was the weekend….OK. I said great! I was prepared to purchase and leave with our camper, however I didn’t have to leave with the camper, so being we had to go to Kissimmee, I asked Will if they had other at the Kissimmee location he said yes and that there were other similar models I would maybe be interested in. I said great we will go now and see what you got, so he made a call and said to see Tyler. We got there, never saw Tyler but Patrick attended to us and I explained we came from RV Show, etc. Picked out our camper called Will and advised the one we wanted, etc. I get the call Monday everything approved, when would you like to pick up your camper – I said Wednesday and what time would you like your walk thru – I said 3:00 since I’m driving from Miami (3 hours) I get call from Will – you’re good to go, I’ll see you Wednesday at 3:00, I’m off but I will come in for your walk thru and make sure everything goes well. Wednesday morning, call from Ken, Finance Manager everything is good to go want to make sure you are coming, I say for sure I’m leaving this morning I’ll see you at 3:00 pm. I get call from Will, I have a family emergency and I have to leave but Ken will take care of you, everything is ready and I checked everything in the camper and it’s good to go. Ok no problem.
Driving to Kissimmee as I exit (3 hours drive) I get a call from Ken Urbine – It’s Ken and we’ve got a problem the bank is asking for proof of income, paystubs, etc – I’m like you are joking with me….right? Ugggh No! So I’ve had 3 calls confirming my approval one of which you confirmed before I left Miami and now you are asking me for this again?!! I didn’t bring anything with me! I tell him to speak with a Superior at the bank – It just didn’t sound right! Call back – No Vanessa I can’t do the deal if I don’t show them, etc. – By this time I’m driving into parking lot! Meanwhile I had text Will and he said to see Tyler – I get there and apparently they Fired Ken on the spot for being just an idiot an not know what the he’s doing! Will is on a family emergency – So I look for Tyler and vent the whole disaster to him – I could not believe the absolute poor management and treatment of management! I explain, I never had a problem paying CASH but because I got confirmation that I WAS APPROVED – I did not come prepared to pay cash – I WAS ABSOLUTELY LIVID, as I stood there with my husband and 3 sons!! SO now what?! I leave with out our camper and agree to the CASH process and Tyler said they will have it transported to my home – OK perfect! After waiting 3 days for what was supposed to be FedEx and was UPS or Turtle Express I should say I finally get the UPS envelope, sign the paperwork and enclosed was a return overnight UPS – GUESS WHAT – It was addressed incorrectly – I would have gotten my own envelope back – I go to UPS and pay $30.47 to send envelope back. I advise Tyler and he said they would send me a refund check for that – Ok. Tyler confirms they received my Bank Check , etc – When do you want it delivered – I say Friday (which is today) Ok driver will leave by 8:00 a.m. so he should be there by noon or 1:00 – No problem. Driver (Ed) called me the day before to talk about space, etc. Driver arrives at 2:30 pm – No problem, I worked 1/2 a day to receive delivery of my camper – My son leaves business to be there as well – Ed pulls up with the camper and I notice that camper looks kind of big, as I continue to look – IT’S NOT MY CAMPER!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! My blood pressure shot up! I am beyond upset! How does this happen?! ABSPLUTE POOR MANAGEMENT IN EVERY ASPECT – THAT’S HOW! You GUYS ARE AWFUL!!! As he starts to unhitch I tell him NO – that’s not my camper! He freaks and makes the calls as I do to! Tyler arranges for a Transport Company to deliver my camper tonight.
So here I am PAID CASH almost $20K, missed 1 and 1/2 days of work, $30.47 on a UPS O/N package because of your mistake, losing my deposit for a stay I paid for this weekend as a Birthday Surprise for my husband at a Ranch w/ our kids totaling over $400 and birthday weekend getaway ruined – THANK S TO CAMPING WORLD! I expect some type of communication and response ASAP! I demanded a call back from the General Manager – which thru all this said oh I’m sorry we’ll get this straight – Boy was he wrong! Oh and of course he’s not in today – on a Friday….Really?! Before I take this further, I am asking for a response from Corporate!
I remain,
Vanessa Angelet


Vincent Rakoczy February 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

This is a friendly message to inform you that your online merchant software is overcharging New York State Tax by more than 100%. I recently ordered an item (18251182) which came to 494.85 plus 10.60 shipping. I should have been charged tax at the rate of 8.625% (43.60) for zip code 11953, however I was charged 90.16 instead. Therefore I had to cancel the order. Please correct the tax calculations to conform to New York State & County tax percentage.

Thank you


lou matt February 14, 2017 at 8:41 pm

your company is simply amazing. we have had your so called sales dept sell our motorhome.( which publicly marcus has said he hates).iT HAS BEEN 3 Weeks since they sold it and as of yet we have no check. what is you problem? perhaps NBC news should know of this. this was sold at your so called camping world of chicago in wauconda,.we where thinking of using the amount on a new motorhome. but I cannot trust you or your company. do something to make camping world better than it is, because i am sure other people are treated just as bad. run this with better people. of course your too busy trying to run other peoples businesses into the ground. perhaps you should give it up. because if you hate motorhomes you sure aren’t going to do anything for the hard working people who trusted in the various camping worlds and purchased your various pruducts and got shafted. this was the 3rd and the last motorhome we wil buy from camping. I have been a sales and service manager for 44 years.and a firefighter/emt for 10 years. I could not with a good conscious treat my customers and patients like you do. we would be out of business. and I think caring is the key


John Kriletich February 14, 2017 at 1:22 pm

I purchased a new satellite dish from Camping world in Gulf Breeze FL and had their service department do the instillation. I was told the technician who did the install had 20 years experience in this department. I have never seen a worse so called professional installation in my life. I worked as a technician all of my career and rose from an assistant all the way to department manager of a major elevator company. Had myself or anyone who worked for me done work such as this they would have been fired. First of all the cables from the dish were routed through the roof cap rather than the roof itself which provided for a clean non visible mounting. Secondly the cables were not routed in a loom but left exposed to weather. The interior equipment was stuffed into the cabinet and sot secured or correctly routed, a few wire tie’s were installed but the cables were in a waded mess. All debris was left on the floor and dash board area and never cleaned up prior to delivery, no floor protective material was laid down and the workers brought in dirt and debris through out our coach. The two day install took over two weeks because of my objections to the wire routing which required rerouting the cable through an existing passage way (which I had to point out to the tech) and patching of the holes and repainting of the cap on our coach. The paint shows streaks and spray marks from the repaint, rather than paint the entire cap above the window the painter tried to match the existing paint which as I said came out poorly. We chose camping world to do the work because we are life Good Sam members and camping world can be found in many areas so if warranty work was necessary it wood be fairly easy to find a shop. After I brought the coach home I spent about a day reinstalling the TV which was not properly put back in place, rerouting the cabinet wiring and securing the components properly. I have taken pictures of the work camping world did the condition the coach was returned to me in and the work after I cleaned up the mess your technician made. I am certain under my supervision two fifteen year old’s could have done a better job than you tech with 20 years experience. I will make the pictures available to you upon request.


ROBB MAYO February 14, 2017 at 8:20 am

This was my original Email to you in November 2016

— Original Message —————
From: Robert Mayo [robbmayoat]
Sent: 11/16/2016 7:28 PM
To: marcusvip at; keith.brahier at; victor.koester at
Cc: robbmayo at
Subject: Can You Believe My Treatment From Your Company

Dear Marcus, Keith, Victor, Camping World Ocala Service Staff, Camping World Corporate Offices

For three months now I have been diligent in inquiring about the status of my Motorhome repairs.

On Each occasion, no one I talked with new anything about the current (on going) status of my repairs.

Each time I was told that I did not understand the extreme length of time regarding RV process in acquiring needed parts for repairs, that it could takes weeks or month to acquire them. During all of my personal visits to the dealership, along with the persistent calls to Brittney and your service personnel, at No Time during the last 3 + months could she tell me the status of the parts needed to complete my repairs.

My Insurance company paid you right away on the original estimate that you submitted. They did not approve the water leak issues I had when I first brought it into your facility because your techs had not “fully” diagnosed the water leak issues from the vandalism that had occurred, and as soon as they could get to it. Nearly 3 months have passed, and every time I call into to find out if you had re-contacted the insurance company regarding the water leak problem, no one knows that answer.

Nearly a month ago or more, I received a call from Victor and Tom who told me that the heart of the water leaking issue was found, and that it was related to the vandalism issues I experienced. They would contact the insurance company Immediately to get an approval for the water leaking issues. I called back 4 weeks later to find out all status reports, including what the in insurance company’s response was, as we all had No reason to think that they would not add that repair as a add on, especially since it was brought to everyone’s attention from Day One of this process.

I call today, nearly 5 weeks later only to find out that no one knew what the status of that part of the claim was. No one had even communicated with the insurance company.

Brittney called me back tonight to tell me that the insurance is now saying that they knew nothing about the water leaking issues. I reminded Brittney that on the original estimate and write of of my issues that I was clear and upfront about the water issues. It was for this main reason that I had to bring it in initially as I could not live in the couch with this issue, and now she is insinuating the possibility of me not mentioning it at time of write up and estimate. This is insulting and beyond belief that she would even say such a thing.

Then I asked her what the status of all the other repairs was at this time. After stumbling abound verbally, I point blank asked her if Anything repairs at all had had been performed to date. She finally said NO, Nothing had been started, Nothing at all. I asked why, and she had no answers at all.

I mentioned to her that I had previously spoken to her supervisors some time ago about the 3 rear lower doors that have to be replaced, I was told they would have to be made from scratch due to your inability to find replacements. They told me that this process would take about two months to be made and completed. Now after 3 months later, NO ONE can tell me what the status of those doors are.

Gentlemen, I realize that the parts acquiring process in the Motorhome business can take a much longer time to find and acquire them. But gentleman, I have run single point and multi point automotive dealership for the past 30+ years, some of them were the largest in the nation In order to achieve the levels of success I have, and the extremely high CSI ratings I obtained for my dealers, (A Massive Failure To Communicate at all, or on a timely consistent manner) would have Never been tolerated, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER !

For over 3 months now I have been patient, nice and kind with your organization. What would you do, and how would you feel and react when EVERY time you called for a status update and NO ONE, EVER had any answers to you questions and inquiries ? You would be blowing your top by now.

From the beginning I informed your service department that I am a full time RV resident. Without the use of my Motorhome at all. I have occurred thousand of dollars of additional housing expenses and my life has been put On Literal Hold. Waiting a bit of time is expected especially in the Motorhome business, but waiting for over 3 months, and NEVER getting any updates, or calling in only to find that No One can provide me with any current and concrete answers to my questions and inquiries, is beyond unacceptable, it’s abuse. Then to find out that NOTHING has been done At All, and failure to communicate with me, is beyone abuse.

Effective communication is ESSENTIAL to our business successes, as you well know. Even when your communication is not positive, a customer needs to be communicated with in order to keep them effectively informed, which is necessary to build trust and confidence in them that your efforts are focused on them. Failure to do so is unacceptable and an insult to people who put their trust in you to help them solve their issues and problems, and Pay You to do just that.

I am often ridiculed by my colleagues, friends and family that I must have my head under a rock to allow someone to take my home from me and Never provide me any concrete answers to what is being done and when I could expect it back fully repaired. I have never been able to find out what the parts acquiring status is week to week; I was Never informed that this repairs had never even been started. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?

Must I take this to the next level and hire legal council? Is that where you want to force me to go next? If you dropped the ball in communicating with my insurance company in getting the water leak issue approved, or with the refrigerator, or the generator, then I would have to include your company in legal actions if I am forced to bring a lawsuit against my insurance, and your company.

Your detailed responses will determine what I feel I need do next.

Thank you for understanding.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Robert B. Mayo


robbmayo at

Then on 11/2016 I sent….

Message —————
From: Robb Mayo [robbmayo at]
Sent: 11/29/2016 6:57 AM
To: marcusvip at
Subject: Re: Can You Believe My Treatment From Your Company [ ]

It’s occurring all over again, and again, promises from Brittney to call and update me and a week later No Calls, No updates, No info as usual. I think it’s time to confirm with legal council

Sent from my iPhone



Without telling you all the previous of Feb 3rd lies and details, which I have doXXXXented I will move on with current details.

Oh Yes Here is a kicker, I was informed that the new year of 2017 was bringing more bad news. Brandy my (service advisor???) was replaced, and I found that news to be good news. But the new service advisor called me to tell me she had been assigned to my repair job, and immediately told me that she know absolutely Nothing about my situation except what Brandy tried to verbally convey to her, and obviously very inefficiently ! The new advisor had yet to be able to find the original write up and R.O. and eventually when she called me back some many days later to inform me that she had finally located all notes and the repair order. She was surprised by me telling her the repairs that were approved, that were Not in the paperwork she found, so she wrote down the items I gave her and then called the insurance claims agent to verify them, and Lo and Behold, he confirmed them too. Come on! How much more inefficient could your processes and your people be? God Help Me !

Even the insurance claims agent told me that he could not believe what I was being put through. He told me that the delays on his end were due to the fact that repairs (Both add on supplements or original claims that were not originally submitted when they should have been) were submitted for approval way after the time they should have been submitted. And that would delay the whole repair timeline even more. As he approved them, your people once again had to put me through the (forever wait) for additional parts to be found and acquired. My adjuster agreed with me that the kind of parts that have been needed to complete my repairs were not difficult to locate, but you folks drug it on way past normal expectancy. The only exception was the compartment door panels that had to be re-made due to replacement panels not being available on my coach from the manufacturer. All other parts should have been easily acquired.

As I mentioned in one of my emails to you earlier, I ran and consulted with automotive dealerships throughout the nation for 30 years. Besides managing private and corporate stores I was retained by the manufacturers to go in and fix their poorest performing dealers, and their dealerships. So I have a fairly good professional grasp of what should have been done by your store in Ocala Fl, versus the treatment I have actually actually received.

It was a bit annoying that whenever I came into your store there, asking questions and requesting my coach back with repairs finished, there was always one service write lady who would look at me and say “Sir You don’t have the understanding of our RV processes and wait times for parts. We have people who have to wait 6 months for their repairs to be completed, you are just going to have to be patient!”

First of all I never understood her need to correct me and insult me for my stupidity regarding the RV industry. Secondly, WHY in God’s green earth would one of your employees tell that to your customers ?????? Who are in some stage of a service process.????????????

The last week I mentioned to this service writer that I guess I didn’t know that it would take 6 months or better to get repairs completed, shame on me. She commented, “I remember telling you that back when your coach had been here only two months, but I now agree with you, your experience should have Never gone on this long, I’m so sorry for you sir.”

ON February 3rd I stopped by to see what the latest progress was regarding getting my Motorhome Repairs Completed and determine what has been completed and what the estimated Completion Date would be, Because it has been nearly 6 months since I first brought it into your repair facility.

I was Absolutely Shocked to find what I found out!

The interior of my coach from the rear bathroom back was stripped out and just sitting there.

It was apparent that The ONLY part of the complete R.O. that was completed was the three left side rear compartment doors.

The outside compartment to the water and the damage due to vandelism done to that area had Not been touched at all, even though the parts to complete that repair have been in for months already??????????? (I Have Photos)

All of the interior parts that were taken up were sitting all over my seats, couch, and the kitchen seating area. There was so much debris all over the front left side of my coach that I could not see any of the seating areas. (I Have Photos)

Miscellaneous debris in the bedroom was stacked almost ceiling high on my rear desk in the bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or believe the way your people were treating the interior of my coach, it was deplorable! And no one put and covers or tarps over the furniture before throwing all the debris and interior parts that were removed to get to the issues of my damages. (I Have Photos)

I was told that my coach would be completed in about 7 days. I told Victor that I had run out of funds to continue renting alternative housing and all the additional expenses involved. Remember I am a full timer and live in my coach, so all the additional living expenses are on top of it all !

Not believing that for one minute, anything they tell me, and Why? Because so far week after week, and month after month, Nothing I have been told has come to fruition! Besides finding out that the technician that was suppose to be working on my coach for all these months had quit, and they were waiting for a (carpenter?) who the hired to replace him

So 8 days later I returned to see what has actually transpired. You can already guess what I found, OMG!

Everything still all torn our from the bathroom back, crap and debris still piled high on my front furniture and my rear desk, in shambles !

Upon existing the coach I asked why the Refer panel and parts that were vandalized and taken off of it had not been repaired, my gosh they have had those parts for months now. Once again, and again, and again, I was told “I Don’t Know, I’ll have to check” The same things I was told the previous week, and previous months – What the heck? How long can your people lie to me over and over again.

There was a coach parked behind mine outside the door of the tech’s bay, which is where your service writer and I found the new tech working on another coach. Your service advisor asked the tech how much longer it will take him to complete my repairs, she tried to (load his lip) by suggestion 7 days or so? The tech was honest, He said “If I had nothing else to do, and could work on his coach for 7 days straight from morning to closing, I “Might” get it done in 7 or 8 more days, but everyone keeps throwing other repairs at me and they tell me to work on those first.” I asked him “realistically, dealing with real life conditions, how long do you really think?” His reply “three weeks or so, depending on how often they take me off yours to work on others” By the way I have located the previous tech that worked on my coach before you hired the new carpenter, and I am speaking with him.

Once again, So Much for What Your Service Advisors Know ! Yet they keep telling customers information that is Not True, because they haven’t asked the right questions, and they Don’t Really Know !

I have lost in so many ways, and have lost so much money through the inept processes and people in your dealership in Ocala/Summerfield. I expected to have my life interrupted for a couple of months at the longest, based on what your service advisors told me in the beginning, but now in the 6th month and going into my 7th month, it is become abusive.

I have had other employees in the store say how sorry they are as they witnessed the treatment I received through your service department, Even my claims adjuster feels sorry for me also. And even he can’t believe what has been done to me.

I feel I have been taken advantage in my treatment, for this has cost me a whole lot of money, too much money, that it has broken me financially, for the only income I receive is my Social Security / DISABILITY.

Lately Saundra has been calling me once a week because I’m sure of her embarrassment of it taking way too long to complete these repairs and her being assigned my R.O. from another person who constantly lied to me, and having no idea what was really going on with it all. Plus I mentioned to her and your service manager Victor that if they see my truck parked out front of your parking lot with me in it, it would be because all of this has cost me all I had and I can’t afford to carry on with all the additional costs to live in a rental situation. You literally Broke Me !

These details are only the tip of the iceberg in a long detailed, and

So at this particular time, I’m asking you, “What are your plans to make all this abuse go away, and What do you plan to do about all those additional expenses it has cost me to live while dealing with this abuses?

Please Advise,

Robert Mayo


Mindy Bruce February 4, 2017 at 1:08 pm

I was an employee of Camping World of St.Louis. It was by far the WORST experience of my life!


Michael February 3, 2017 at 3:36 pm

On January 29, 2017, my wife and I went into the Camping World Dealership in East Ridge, TN to view a couple of travel trailers we had viewed online. Salesman Wail Aldakhlasla offered to show us the trailers, and I informed him we were just looking that day. After viewing one trailer, my wife and I had decided that it was the one – a Heartland Prowler LF25. We informed the salesman that we were finished looking as it was also very cold and rainy. Inside the dealership, the salesman went off and returned with a sheet detailing the costs of the travel trailer we had looked at. The cost of the trailer (13,997)plus $995 for hitch installation, approximately $895 for testing the various components of the trailer, $199 fee that I do not remember, and another few hundred dollar fee that I can’t recall the reasoning for. We spoke back and forth as he took off a couple of charges asking if I liked the “numbers” each time. In the end, I informed him again that I was not buying that day that I was going to research the carrying capacity of my truck and the appropriateness in using it to tow the almost 5000lb trailer before purchasing. He left and a manager returned who took off all of the “extra” charges leaving the 13,997 trailer cost (plus applicable sales taxes). We agreed that was an awesome deal, but I personally didn’t feel comfortable buying that day before researching the real world capacities of my truck.
On Monday, I did a lot of research and spoke to experts and individuals that had a similar vehicle to mine about towing their trailers. I gained confidence in my vehicles ability to tow the Prowler safely. I contacted Wail through text message that I was still interested. Our talks resulted in him trying to charge me the full amount of the trailer and all of the items unlike what we had discussed on Sunday. For several days he and I negotiated pricing with him on Thursday evening agreeing to allow me to have the trailer for the prices as quoted on Sunday. I told him I would contact him on Friday to review the paperwork and pay my down payment. On Friday, Wail reattached the $995 for the hitch again along with the $199 fee, opposed to what he had offered the night before. I was very leery of this man (and Camping World) as all week and in this instance he would not put anything in writing, but kept time after time wanting my credit card. I was not about to give him my credit card number without something showing what I was purchasing. On Friday after renegotiating with him once again, he agreed to allow me to have the trailer for the 13,997 plus 50% of the $997 hitch install (plus sales tax). When I arrived on Friday after lunch, Wail presented me with pricing of 13,997 plus the 50% hitch install PLUS the $199 fee, unlike the night before. After I saw the $199 fee added that was not discussed before, I made up my mind that for all of the hassle of the week and him still trying to cheat me, that I was not purchasing the trailer until I got the original past Sunday price of 13,997 (plus tax) (with NO additional fees. In the end, he said that he would talk to the manager (different from Sunday) about that offer if I would sign his paper and provide him with my card. I did this assuming that since I had been offered the deal the prior Sunday and he finally reoffering it to me that I would receive it. He came back minutes later with the $13997 plus $995 and the $800 fee on the paperwork and stated that since I wanted to renegotiate that his manager stated that those charges were back on the table. I looked at Wail and asked for my credit card back. He smirked at me. I asked a few more time and then informed him I would cause a scene if I did not receive my card back. He continued to smirk and sit at the table. I got up and went over to where the managers were after raising my voice several times and a manager begrudgingly returned my card and I left.

I am appalled beyond belief at the salesmanship I received at this dealership and I am working diligently to spread the word of the inner workings of the sales portion of the dealership. I intend to inform the Better Business Bureau, and provide a copy of my complaint to the management of the dealership, as well as send a copy of this email to all local news outlets; television and newspapers. I will also use my ability as a personal citizen to relay my experience via social media in any way I can.

Michael Masters


Gary Peters February 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Sounds like the same problem I have been having with camping world in Sacramento CA on Price, down payment and still have not seen trailer which has been in transet for three weeks !! Will never do buisness with any camping world again,i even told a friend to go and they backed out of deal and only refunded part of deposit and they had to file complaint with atto rny general to get rest of deposit. My other friend will never go to them after my problems.


Robert January 31, 2017 at 8:31 pm

On September 22, 2016 I brought my motorhome to Camping World in Dover Fl.. Well today I finally took it home January 31, 2017. I went though 3 service writers the other 2 got fired ! everytime I would call for an update no one will ever call me back.Left countless messages. Other people would answer phone have no clue whats going on or give a message to call me back. Had to drive 35 miles one way on several occasions to find out what was going on. Now that its back it is still not fixed to my satisfaction and spend $ 5100.00. During this time I called corporate to file a complaint told I will get a phone call back within 24 to 48 hours still waiting for this to happen over 3 weeks now. My suggestion do not go to camping world stay far away run as fast as you can away.
you will get no help from anyone who works in service or any answers to your questions. Camping World has LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE I will not be back and will cancel my good sams membership and road side service. Oh before I forget spoke to General Manager of the store he was no help either. Thanks for listening


Cynthia Jones January 22, 2017 at 11:30 pm

I don’t know where to begin. I’ve read so many complaints on here and I feel like I’m going thru everything the others are experiencing. At this point it seems rediculous to tell any part of all the BS I’ve gone thru with camping world in Asheville/Hendersonville NC.
It seems to be the better way to just contact everyone on here and go to the news media and then to a attorney that wants to take a class action lawsuits against Camping World.
This is my solution since no one wants to return any phone calls, back up all their promises and fix a damn thing on my 2017 fifth wheel. And to add, My son is only six and is handicapped as well as myself and my husband. We live in the RV full time and now we’re having to pack up and stay in a hotel until we get our full refund of our cash payment of almost $60,000. And then are they going to pay for our hotel stay, our out of pocket expenses or our suffering from all the problems from Camping World?
Who’s with me?
I will be contacting everyone on this site with my contact information for a full blown media story and lawsuit..


Scott February 27, 2017 at 1:25 am

I’m with ya about getting a lawsuit going.


Vicki Blankenship March 2, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Has anyone checked on a group class action suit. I want in.


Amy Pohlgeers May 3, 2017 at 6:33 pm

I would also like to be included in the civil suit. Camping World in Fairfield OH is a joke. I bought my camper in June 2016, Camping World had it for 2 months to fix a leak. The week after I got my camper back, it is still leaking in the same spot. I have called the manufacturer, Camping World and Camping World Corporate. Nothing has been done to resolve this issue.


Laura Levenson June 8, 2017 at 10:25 am

Keep me posted as well as to any class-action lawsuits! I’M IN!!

Lisa Dunn April 28, 2017 at 9:13 am

Please let me know if you do file a lawsuit. We just bought a THOR 2016 (new) and brought it back around the first part of April 2017 to have a list of items fixed. We dropped off our 40ft RV an 1hr early on a Monday. We had over 20+ items to be fixed. Some were minor and some were major. We called for updates and no one returns calls. We had to drive from Raleigh, NC to Garner, NC (45min ride) just to get answers. When we arrived there on 4/24/2017 they looked at us like why are you here. We explained why we were there and that no one returns calls or provide updates. Our RV was not even in the bay to be worked on. It was just sitting outside since the day we dropped it off. We were lost as to why since they set the date and time for us to drop off the RV. The young lady named Misty told us she would have the RV expedited. I guess things does not get expedited unless you come in person. Then I asked her to please call us on Wednesday (4/25/2017)with an update because we had to have the RV back on 4/28/2017 for a trip. We called on 4/29/17 and once again all you get is voicemail. We requested to be transferred to Leslie and Misty and then someone else and all we got was voicemail. Finally, My husband spoke to the Service Manager on 4/7/2017 around 4:30pm. He said he would get on it and call us back tomorrow. Well today is tomorrow (4/28/2017). No return call. My husband is reaching out to him now. I decided to research and get Camping World HDQTRs information because at this point the local locations are useless. I find it very interesting that Marcus Lemonis is not aware of these issues. It was really simple to go to this site and read all these complaints. I can’t find where any issues were resolved nor a simple response from HDQTRs. We spent 180K and paid cash immediately. We honored our end of the bargain and it seems that Camping World Service can not honor their bargain. It’s clear they have bad culture behavior, poor talent and management. I can’t recommend them to anyone at this time. I can kick myself for not reading this before we bought it – I would have never spent my money. But – I can tell you this – they will fix my issues or I will be pushing this further. So please let me know if you push forward with a lawsuit. We will be happy to provide a statement regarding the service we have received. I can’t believe I typed all this in lower case. It should be in all caps to show my anger right now. I hope for John (Service Manager) sake our RV will be ready for pick up today.


Matthew January 18, 2017 at 11:02 pm

To anyone that will listen,
I worked at the distribution center in Franklin KY until yesterday, and was sexually harassed by my sleazy supervisor. It was only after he picked up a broom stick and shoved it up my behind..twice. that I decided to report him. I know for a fact that someone was fired over stealing lunch out of break room..but what happened to him? Nothing. It was caught by cameras and everyone witnessed it and reported it. I was forced to quit because I couldn’t take it anymore. It went from harassment to assault. Robert did not have my interest at heart, he protected my attacker-my supervisor Mark. I’m contacting an attorney to see what can be done.


Ken Bragg November 29, 2016 at 8:22 pm

I bought at 2016 35 foot Sprinter in Anniston, AL in August 2016. I told my sales rep Eric Robinson when I walked in the door that I would be paying cash Eric told me cash is king. We ended up paying cash and the deal we made included Campers World paying my GA state taxes well I go to get my tag for my sprinter and they didn’t pay what they said they would. Now Eric Robinson will not own up to his end of the deal that we made. I guess cash is not king like he said. Now they tell me they only pay out of state taxes when you finance with them. So when you make a deal with Campers World Anniston expect they are lying to you because Eric Robinson did to us. But remember cash is not King at Campers World Anniston.


Steven Mitchell November 27, 2016 at 10:11 pm

Media,Pa 19063

To whom it may concern,

In December of 2015 I took me 2010 Four Winds motor home to Camping World of Bridge Port New Jersey. I began to have a water mark on the dinning area wall just below the dinning area window. I was notified by the service representative Tommy Messick that the found the problem and that the roof needed to be re-coated. I did authorize for that to be done.

In January of 2016 I was notified that the repairs were complete and the motor home was ready to be picked up. At approximately three weeks after that, I went into my motor home and discovered that the water mark had re-appeared. I called Camping World of Bridge Port and spoke again to service representative Tommy Messick and explained to what I found. He advised me return the motor home and they check it out. The Motor Home was returned to them.

In February of 2016 I was notified by service representative Tommy Messick that they found the problem and that they were going to re-seal the dinning area window and that should fix the issue. I was notified by Tommy Messick that the repairs were completed and the Motor Home was ready to be picked up. Upon picking the motor home up I went into to inspect the work I discovered a huge white mark on the wall were the water mark was. I spoke with Tommy Messick about this and he stated that “detail man used some sort of solvent on a rag and DAMAGED the wall.” Tommy Messick along with Camping World Manger Mike Gilbert looked at the DAMAGE and the both stated the they would fix it and pay for the damages.

It took approximately 7 weeks to receive the paneling to repair this. I took the Motor Home Back again in May to have the paneling installed and it sat at the shop for about 5 weeks. I called numerous times to see it was ready and all I got was one excuse after another. I was finely notified by Tommy Messick that the wall was repaired and it looks GREAT.

I went over on a Saturday to pick the motor home up and it was parked out front and unlocked. My wife and I walked over to do it and before entering the motor home we discovered THREE huge stable sticking out the side of it where the had replaced the paneling inside. I went in and wanted manger Mike Gilbert and Tommy Messick to come out and see now this.

Mike Gilbert the stated”Mr Mitchell I’m sorry for this and we will have it fixed as soon as possible at not cost to you”. They advised me to take it home and we will have a representative from Bellmawr collisionwill meet you here at a later date to look at it and set up a repair date.

In June I took the motor home again back over to camping world of Bridge Port New Jersey to meet with Kenneth Megara of Bellmarw collision. He looked at and stated that it would take approximately 5-6 weeks to repair and to use it for the rest of the season. Kenneth Megara made the suggestion for the staples to be cut off and then silicone around them so no water gets in a causes more damage. Mike Gilbert agreed to do this and mechanic J.R complete this and he also was the one who put the stables through the wall in the first place.

I became very ill in August lasting all the way through October of 2016. Numerous email were sent to Mike Gilbert asking him when is this work going to be completed. I was then emailed by the warranty manger to take it to Bellmarw collision when I can for the repairs to be completed.

On November 7th 2016 I called Bellmarw collision to see if I could bring the Motor Home to them on November 11th 2016 and I was advised yes bring it over.

On Wednesday November 16th I was called by Kenneth Megara and he advised me that he has been trying to reach Mike Gilbert and he is not returning and of his phone calls. I advised him that I would try to contact him my self. I to tried numerous times and I finally spoke with him and asked what was going on. He began in a very agitated voice and stated to me “who the hell told you to take it to BellMarw they take to long and they are to costly. He then stated let me get my facts straight and I will get back to you.

On Friday November 18th 2016 after not hearing from Mike Gilbert I again made the trip to BridgePort New Jersey to see Mike Gilbert and was told that he was gone for the day because of being sick…

On Saturday November 19,2016 I received a voice mail at my home from Mike Gilbert saying that the repairs were going to be done by Bellmarw collision and Kenneth Megara would be contacting me.

On Tuesday November 22nd I spoke with Kenneth Megara who stated that he is trying again to get a hold of Mike Gilbert in reference to the strip kit and to confirm that the cost of the repairs is going to be paid. I was also told that it would be some time in January of 2017 before the repairs are completed.

This issue has taken way to long to be completed and I have all emails pertaining to this along with the pictures of all the damage….

Lawsuit is to be filed this coming Monday November 28,2016 along with being interviewed by local TV


Cynthia Jones January 22, 2017 at 11:37 pm

Attn, Steven Mitchell and all others interested in a class action lawsuits against Camping World,
Please contact me at
Brookelynnjones1969 at
Our words alone don’t seem to work, maybe together something will get done.


Vicki Blankenship March 2, 2017 at 3:41 pm

Are you still doing this. I want in. I will email you.


Karina August 18, 2017 at 11:22 am

Did this ever go anywhere? We are having issues with our brand new camper and sending our first letter to corporate, but after reading all the comments here I am afraid we will get nowhere 🙁


Claud Wessinger November 16, 2016 at 5:53 pm


My name is Claud Wessinger. I chatted with one of your site operartors today around noon eastern time. I’m not looking for any special favors because I’ve been a cancer patient for the last 2 years, but this case has been very frustating and stressfull. What I thought was gonna be a good memory for my wife and I has turned into a constant burden because of what I considered to be a simple fix for a technician that knew what they were doing, but at this point I’m just fed up.
My wife and I live in a small town called Moncks Corner. We’re about 25 minutes from the Camping World in Charleston, SC.

I had to retire on July 1st because the treatments were beginning to take thier toll on me during the summer months. We began looking at your campers because we liked the outside and the layouts from the other travel trailers we had looked at. We didn’t have a good experience with the salesperson in Charleston. We travel to my sister in laws home in Maggie Valley quite often and decided to check with the sales team at the Camping World in Asheville, North Carolina. It may be listed as being in Hendersonville area. We really enjoyed the team at the Asheville store and decided to make the purchase there. They were very helpful, but the afternoon we were copming by to pick up the travel trailer, while I did a little walk around inspection, I noticed that the outer front section of the slide seal was not hitting the side of the slide section. We were in a hurry to get home that afternoon so we decided we would have the North Charleston Camping World correct or adjust the slide seal.
We were told by the Service Manager that she would get someone on it the next day. I was impressed. She said it would only take about 2 hours to complete the adjustment. Well, after about 2 weeks, I left a message that I was coming to pick up the travel trailer whether it was repaired or not. I left a message for Whitney, who is the General Manager I believe and she called my wife and I immediately and said she would speed things up. The next day, we were told the camper was repaired and we could come pick it up. I was very excited. When my wife and I got the camper home, we leveled it and extended the slide and noticed that the slide seal had not been corrected and we still had the same gap.
My wife called Whitney at Camping World in North Charleston and told her the incoveniece placed on me to have to install all of the rigging together to haul the camper back to Charleston, so she said she would have someone come to our home to make the repair.
The technician arrived this morning, November 16th to make the repair. He was very nice but initially wanted to be consistant that the inner seal was actually doing the work of sealing the mated surfaces. I told him that seal was designed and placed their for a reason and I wanted it repaired. I went back inside our home and he began working on the seal. After he had worked on it for about 3 hours, he came to our front door to show me that he discovered the lower front inside mounting bracket was bent, and that the cable/wire was actually rubbing very hard against the slotted access port for the cable to pass through the wall of the camper to be attached to the outer front corner.
He said he could not make the repair and would have to carry it back to thier shop at the North Charleston Camping World, where it had sat for 2 weeks before.
I’m assuming now it will be another 3-4 weeks before anything is done with the slide and were about to make our first payment.

I’ve never owned an RV/Travel Trailer before. I was expecting this to be an easy and quick fix and it has turned into a disaster. I wish someone from your factory would come to make the repair to the trailer because i’m beginning to think not one locally is competent enough to fix the problem. I wish I had seen the gap before I made the purchase and I would have looked for another camper that didn’t have that problem.

It’s just very frustrating that the service is so slow and I wished I hadn’t driven off with this particular camper.

Thank you for your open eyes/ears to hear my story.
Any help would be a blessing. We were wanting to carry it to Kentucky right after Thanksgiving, but I’m sure it will probably be close to Christmas before it’s repaired. I wish there was a lemon law on Campers, because I would take that one back and get one that was fixed coming off the assembly line. Someone let that slip and it’s caused much stress.


Claud and Betty Wessinger
cwessinger at

Sent from my iPad


Jeri Lee November 12, 2016 at 2:15 pm

WORSE SERVICE EVER!! Our camper van was sent to the Lake Park Georgia Location to be repairs after a blow out on one of my tires which lead to an accident. I have dealt with camping world before and told my insurance company to not take it there. They did not listen and took it to camping world any ways. Three months later and 100 phone calls for updates we are having our insurance company come back out to our home to fix all the repairs they did not fix or did incorrectly. Camping World is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Keith Bonnell the service manager and William Yeomans should be fired for their lack of professionalism, work ethics and flat out lying. How this company stays in business is beyond me. Hope the insurance companies read all the complaints about this company and save themselves and all their customers time and money and NEVER, EVER USE THEM!!


Theresa Jones November 10, 2016 at 8:23 am

We bought a new Mallard and paid cash money over $30,000. First time we camped the lines under the camper were not connected and water went into the trailer on the inside when we flushed the system. The hot water heater did not work on electric and several other minor things needed fixing. We took it back for service and we were told they were backed up so it would take a while. We have called over 4 times and never received a call back from anyone about the static of the camper. Yesterday my husband called 4 times and never got to speak with anyone nor was his calls returned. I called we he came home and told the dealer in Garner, N.C. that our next phone call to them will come from a lawyer. We have worked all our lives to get this camper to travel when we retired and have had nothing but problem and no service. Oh they were good and nice when the sold it but that was the END of their service.


Ford DeRenard November 7, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Please contact me regarding warranty service on my 2016 HideOut. I am at the point where legal action may well be my next course of action.


David Young October 25, 2016 at 1:10 am

I am a first time owner of a motorhome, and the first time I had warranty work done at camping world, it was the worst experience I have ever encountered in the automotive industry. I also had air bags put on the rear of my coach, and they overcharged me by over $250 dollars, now where does that money go. That service rep at camping world in Valencia Ca never returned any of my calls, and lied on shipping orders, warranty approvals, and because of her, they lost this customer forever. They may not need my business, but I have a big mouth, and I can spread the word faster than the internet. I was a fool, I was warned by a friend not to go there, and I did, and did they hit me over the head, but they won’t get another chance.


Grover Hall October 17, 2016 at 11:30 am

Bought a Brand New 2016 Winnebago Sightseer from the Woodstock, Ga location. was a 4 hour delay after our appointment time for orientation. Then during walk through found dozens of problems that should have been found during PDI. Left with several problems and on out first camping trip found dozens problems. Seems they’re great at selling, but are horrible at servicing them. hen when you go into service. When we took our unit back in to have the issues addressed the Service manager Matt Brown had the audacity to say to me, ” this was not our unit. We got it from another dealership.” I have news for you. It doesn’t matter where it came from. If it is on your lot for sale and it has your Camping World Name on it, IT IS YOUR UNIT! Doesn’t matter where it came from. The only good thing I can say about Camping World is, The prices are great, but if you buy one from them you’ll pay a much higher price for ownership. RV’s loss 13% per quarter and according to the complaint department. The units, industry wide, leave the factory with problems and could take you years to get the units totally repaired.


CAT YORK September 26, 2016 at 5:07 pm



Paul Shields September 9, 2016 at 12:13 am

I have been held hostage in a town 400 miles from home for 6 weeks waiting for warrenty work. I finally came home and dealt with camping world near my home. Another 3 weeks with no return calls. i am done with this company. Never never will I recommend them or spend a dime in their place.


Nina DeFratis August 2, 2016 at 10:29 am

Camping World in Greensboro, NC is the worse place to go to expect any kind of service. In June 2016 we needed a slide out motor, our Class C sat for a whole week without doing any work on it; when called them out on it . . it was one excuse after another; took back the RV so we could use it on vacation BUT in the meantime they were suppose to order new motor. Guess what . . after my husband called latter part of July did they order it; made an appt. for repair (told it would only take 1/2 day) where it sat in their parking lot 2 1/2 days untouched . . more excuses but I lost it when they said all new sales customers are put in front of the line & are “priority” over any service work. They DON’T answer phone calls or emails . . even the Service Mgr doesn’t respond; they can’t keep their lies straight. Top it all off when they installed a new kitchen faucet . . it was put in backwards (hot on right & cold on left) then they claimed its the new way faucets are being installed . . REALLY . . they’re IDIOTS!! Now I have to take it back to have faucet installed correctly. We’ve already found another RV dealership (a bit further away from us but so worth the extra miles) as they actually answers your calls in a timely manner . . we’re taking our business there. BUT the detailed complaint letter is being sent to Corporate but I’m not holding my breath that they’ll do anything either. WARNING . . stay away from Camping World!!!!


Laurie July 8, 2016 at 4:40 pm

I am totally disappointed in Camping World, Kingston NY. I purchased a Class A motorhome for over $110,000.00 from them and an Extended Warranty for over another $5000.00 but try to get something fixed! It takes an act of congress to get someone to help you, and then they don’t sound very pleased that they might actually have to do some work for their paycheck that they are receiving! No one returns telephone calls, including management! I am so pissed off right now. The motorhome has been at Kingston for 3 weeks, I have placed 4 telephone calls and left 4 voice messages with NO reply. Is this really the proper way to run a business? Now i am wondering if Corporate will reply. Should I hold my breath?


Gary May 23, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Don’t count on a call back. I am still waiting on the Tyler Tx store GM and the corporate COO to call me back! Never going to darken the doors of a Camping World Store again.


Cassandra Phillips June 30, 2016 at 9:03 pm

I have sent one complaint already now Camping World in Jacksonville Florida delivered my camper to me after all the trouble we have had and it is still not repaired and is in worse shape than before, It has damage on the top of the camper like it was hit in the repair garage and when they delivered it they hit my fence and now it has to be sent off again to repair the sides they damaged, The repair work is not at all acceptable and they just covered it up instead of fixing it correctly, Its a brand new camper that looks horrible since they have repaired it and it was in the shop 6 weeks and now it has to go back. They treat there customers like crap after the sale and the warranty you buy they just rig it up and don’t care what it looks like when they are done and sending this complaint. I have yet to have anyone from corporate contact me other that a reply that the team would work on it. I want my camper replaced for a new one. I bought a brand new camper and now with the damage that camping has done to it now it has depreciated in value. My next option is a lawyer and then maybe someone will take me serious. My contact number is 706 339-XXXXX.

Cassandra Phillips


Cassandra Phillips June 30, 2016 at 9:06 pm

that should say since Camping World repaired not camping cause I sure have not had to camp in it has been in the shop cause it flooding when it rained.


Joy Carinder June 2, 2016 at 6:20 am

I purchased a 2015 Jayco 29RKS from Camping World in Edmond, OK. In the past 10 months, the converter has gone out 3 times! It has been in the repair shop in Edmond more times than I have taken it camping!
Now, management has recently changed and there is some bat XXXXX crazy person named Alicia, that has called me twice in the past week about two different campers, neither one of them being mine!
I left word with the new general manager two days ago and he still hasn’t found the time to call me back about an existing problem. Never had this problem when Greg Justice was there at the Edmond store.
Obviously, bat XXXXX crazy Alicia isn’t from Oklahoma and neither is the new manager because we treat people with respect in our state.
My question is, what do I do with this trailer when the warranty runs out and the converter goes out again? Obviously, they haven’t been able to fix it yet and I don’t have much faith that they will get it right this time.


Tony Stoverink July 17, 2017 at 9:17 am

My wife and I purchased a 2017 Thor Quantum Class C rv on July 20th 2016. The 1st day we’re driving it home the camera and radio goes out. A day and a half later I take it back to the dealership( Camping World of St. Louis in Wentzville No. Along with the exterior door sticking they had it for 2 months. We get it back and r getting ready to go on our 1st trip and started filling it up with water and water starts running all over the bedroom floor and all over the ground. In the kitchen we turn on the faucets and water runs all over the floor. Around the shower there wasn’t proper caulking. This unit never had any proper preparation done but we were charged a $600.00 preparation fee up front non negotiable. The general manager Shane Sets promised my wife and I a $499.00 gift card in lieu. He said he would mail it to us! That was a blatant lie! The service manager lies too. The 2nd time we took it back they had it for 4 months. There is no checks and balances with this place. They called us and told us everything was fixed and several things still weren’t fixed. The inside had had empty soda bottles layi g around from the workers and scraps of excess material was left behind behind the bed. Mudflaps were still rubbing against the tires in fact 1 of the mudflapbrackets was completely missing. The main tv went out . The upper vent over the driver was broke and they were suppose to fix that. The freezer went out. Even though I purchased this unit from Camping World I hat to take it to a factory authorized repair shop up in Elkhart In. The rest of the work was done at Byerly inEureka Mo. Its been a sorry state of affairs at this Camping World. I want my preparation fee back. I would also like the gas money back from having to take it back so many times! They take your money but sadly thats pretty much the end of it. My phone # is 314 304 XXXXX


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