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Best Buy Corporate Office Address

Best Buy Co, Inc.
7601 Penn Ave South
Richfield, Minnesota 55423

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Phone Number: (612) 291-1000
Fax Number: (612) 292-4001
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Best Buy Facts

Founder: Richard Schulze and Gary Smoliak
Date Founded: 1966
Founding Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 125000

Best Buy Executives

CEO: Hubert Joly
CFO: Corie Barry
COO: Shari L. Ballard

Best Buy History

best 1


Originally founded in 1966 under the name Sound of Music by Richard Schulze and Gary Smoliak.  Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the store focused on specialty audio equipment.

By 1969, the company had 3 locations and was listed on the NASDAQ. There were 9 locations by 1978.

In 1981, the Roseville, Minnesota location, which at the time the largest and most profitable Sound of Music store, was hit by a tornado. The store’s roof was sheared off and showroom destroyed, but the storeroom was untouched. In response, Schulze decided to have a “Tornado Sale” of damaged and excess stock. The sale was held in the damaged store’s parking lot. He poured the remainder of his marketing budget into advertising the sale, promising “best buys” on everything. The company made more money during that four-day sale than it did in a typical month. best 3

So, in 1983, the company’s name was changed to Best Buy and the first superstore was opened in Burnsville, Minnesota. With annual revenue in the $10 million dollar range, the company decided to expand into home appliances and “new” electronics, such as VCR’s.

In 1985, the company went public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: BBY.  The company expanded quickly in the US during the late 80s and 90s. In 1992, the company reached $1 billion in sales.

In 2003, there were 600 Best Buy stores nationwide and the company began to expand internationally.

In 2008, the chain opened its 1000th location in the Mall of America.  best 2

In 2012, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, losing sales to online giant Amazon, until new CEO Hubert Joly introduced a price match guarantee. This turned the company around since many consumers were happy to not only receive the same price as what was offered on Amazon, but they could take their product home the same day.

In early 2014,  the company settled for $4.55 million in a class action lawsuit filed against them in April 2010 by consumers who claimed Best Buy was making unsolicited phone calls in contravention of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

On March 1, 2018, the company announced that it would shut down its 250 standalone Best Buy Mobile stores in the US by the end of May, due to low revenue.  best 4

In September 2019, a family filed a lawsuit against Best Buy and their delivery companies after an elderly woman was beaten, set on fire, and died by a person delivering a washer and dryer. 

Today, there are over 1026 locations worldwide.  Annual revenue in 2017 was $42.151 billion. The Best Buy corporate office is located in Richfield, Minnesota.   best 5

Best Buy FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Best Buy?
Answer 1: The phone number for Best Buy is (612) 291-1000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Best Buy?
Answer 2: The CEO of Best Buy is Hubert Joly.

Question 3: Who founded Best Buy?
Answer 3: Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze and Gary Smoliak in 1966.

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Ann-Marie Seaborne December 6, 2019 at 8:25 pm

Purchased a Google Pixel 3a XL-64B on Black Friday for $379.00. It was a store pickup for the following Wednesday. I received a delay notice without any further info except the order would be cancelled if it did not arrive by January 3rd. I called the store and wanted to know more info. They advised they did not have a phone like the one I ordered. They couldn’t help me. They would have someone call me back. No return call.
I called back after 4 hours and asked to speak to the manager. While I was on hold, I searched their current inventory. The exact phone was available for an hour wait, pick-up in their store, but $100. more than I purchased. I was very upset when the manager got on the phone & told him what I found. The manager advised me that the truck must have come in and I could get my phone. Amazing. Within a few minutes after our call ended, I received an email msg telling me my phone arrived and I should come pick up my phone….amazing & quite crooked.


Ed O'Malley December 2, 2019 at 3:08 pm

Where’s the logic. My wife and I headed out to buy a stove today. Our first stop was at Best Buy, as it always is, for electronics and appliances. We found just the right model we wanted but since we are retired and on a tight budget we went to three other appliance stores for comparative shopping. Best Buy was about 20% lower and after running around for three hours we returned to the store. Here’s where the ugly part comes in…. the sales person said he didn’t have that particular model in stock. Then he said he won’t be able to order it either because they aren’t going to handle them anymore. When I asked why not sell me that one he said he couldn’t because that was his Floor Model. Now I ask you…. why do you need to have a floor model for a product you DON”T SELL? Will you just leave it on the floor priced attractively. The answer to that is YES! And I’m guessing others such as myself will spend three hours comparing what you don’t sell to others. Is this fair to your customers, such as I have been since you opened the store in Columbia, MD? Is what Best Buy believes is good business practice? I don’t. Will you give me the courtesy of a response? Thank you, Ed O’Malley, Columbia, MD


James DeSanti September 11, 2019 at 11:13 pm

You and your store’s are lie’s. Fabricating promises on what you can’t do. What you do is nothing that you say you can. You will be out of business soon. I will have a block party when that happens. Can’t even get a 50.00 dollar gift card that was promised. If I was you or any employee of best buy, worst lying buy, I would tell no one where you work. Basically FRAUD, is the service I got. Need to say no more, felons all of you, and should be prosecuted and closed down. I am so frustrated with your company, I will not stop till I close your doors. Brain washed employees, CEO’s that commit crime after crime after crime and take stock holders money. BYE BYE


Nena Jelena September 11, 2019 at 8:49 pm

Today I felt so humiliated, hurt and offended at Best Buy, Harlem & Irving Plaza, Norridge, IL-60706, so I promised myself, if I survive the stress of the day – NEVER ever to set my foot towards any Best Buy. Because:
As a regular Best Buy customer, my husband went to a Best Buy and purchased a Lenovo 13,3 Yoga PC July 5.
In my office, a nice 90 year old Customer (Parkinson`s 3) by accident knocked it down, and a corner of the screen…so I took it to a nearby OfficeMax – they charged me in advance! and kept it there 11 days and than asked for far too much money, I refused, took my PC back, after a couple of days I took it to my old neighborhod Norridge store, Service Number 00319- 314569406 / September 1.
I got an email telling me PC is ready to pick up, so I called them and we set up a pick up appointment today 10 am. After half an hour the called and asked to re schedule to 12,20pm. Ok I said.
But I`ve had a family member taken to Emergency health care, so I called them to postpone a little, no such luck., nobody ever answered, so I rushed 22 miles and got there 10 minutes late. No, the girl at the Geek squad said no she is busy, I asked for the supervisor (as I tolerated them 50 minutes going late when I was leaving it for repair and never complained). But the man named JOEL come and before anything else he yealled NO NO NO NO, we must come tomorrow to re schedule, or… I begged, please Sir, please…and he called the security to remove us from the store.
I have seen a man looking at us, and saying: h my God, what a bad behavior…poor lady” and he went back out of the store. A lady also looked at this bad scene and also commented what a poor treatment of a customer.

Stressed, I had a wish I drop dead then and there, as it was so humiliating…
I went home and told them I will NEVER get back there, I do not even want my Lenovo back.
Too much is too much.

Yelena Nena Prof Radnich
cell 1.224.201.XXXX
Court Interpreter: English/Italian/Russian/ Croat/Slovenian
Chicago, IL 60625


Earl Thomas September 9, 2019 at 6:10 pm

September 9, 2019
Hubert Joly, CEO Best Buy Corporate Headquarters 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, Minnesota, 55423
Cc: Jeremey Messer, District Manager, Union, NJ
Dear Mr. Joly,
Geek Squad Support Formal Complaint – ALL DATA WIPED!
On Thursday, September 5th, I brought my Acer laptop to the Geek Squad, at your Vauxhall, New Jersey store, in order to have the screen repaired. I was advised by the customer service representative that it would cost more to have it repaired than the computer is worth. He said that if I would purchase the service protection plan and an SD card, he could transfer all of my information to my external hard drive and to the card without a problem. I also gave him my new email address.
Following his advice, I purchased the protection plan and the SD card and returned three days later with my external drive and my Microsoft laptop. When I asked the customer service representative to show me what had been done, he inserted the SD card and turned on my Microsoft laptop, and ALL OF MY DOCUMENTS HAD BEEN DELETED! He said, “everything should have been transferred” (from the Acer laptop to the SD card and external drive). Obviously, it had not. He took my Acer laptop to the back room to locate my original information and presumably had a technician try to figure out what had occurred. Both of them said they did not know what had happened. I spoke to the Manager of the Geek Squad (Stevens) and he said the same thing, “it’s just coming up zero.” In addition, adding insult to injury, they never updated my new email address which I gave to them the very first day.
As the CEO of my organization, I lost hundreds of my business documents, as well as personal files. No one took responsibility; no explanation was given; no further investigation (as to who worked on my computer) was made. Only a weak apology was offered.
Reprehensible? Unacceptable? Inexcusable and unprofessional — not the level of service that Best Buy is purportedly known for. I am sure that this is not how you would want me to categorize Best Buy to all of the members of my organization and to all of my business partners. Clearly one of your service technicians deleted my files; there is no other explanation for their disappearance. As a regular Best Buy customer, I expected a better response than apparent “head-scratching” and “I dunno, it’s just coming up zero.”
No restitution was mentioned or proffered. No compensation or replacement for the laptop, no refund of the service protection plan, nor SD card.
I expect to receive an immediate response from you regarding this intolerable situation. I can be reached by phone at 862-231-XXXX and email: sekhemkha7@
Earl Thomas, CEO
East Orange, New Jersey


Dale H September 8, 2019 at 10:31 pm


I have visited your Santa Fe store, and also called the Best Buy sales line to try to resolve a difference specs involving the height of two LG models. I took the tape measure with me to the SF store, and the height spec didn’t appear to match up with the info card for that exact model (confirmed by the Sales Associate). I am interested in ordering one of the two models, but will hold back until I can get some clarification. BTW, the online sales rep wasn’t able to come up with an answer either, although he said he understood my confusion.

On your website, you have two LG over the range microwave units I am interested in. The model numbers are LMV2031SW for the smooth white LG over the range microwave with sensor cooking. On the same page, I switched to view the Print Free Black Stainless Steel microwave version, also 2.0 cu feet with sensor cooking, model LMV2031BD. You also have a third model which is stainless steel, model LMV2031ST. Two of the three models show the height to be 16 7/16″ high, while the Print Free Black Stainless Steel model indicates a height of 17 3/4″ (which is also the height shown for this particular model at the Santa Fe store). The smaller version would work for my kitchen, the 17 3/4″ height would NOT work. Unless I am mistaken, the model number for all three models is the same, except for the finish.

So my question is simply, ” is there a mistake about the actual height of the Print free Black stainless steel model, or is the info correct? I would like to order on your website before the sales price expires on Sept. 11th.

Thank you,


Patrick Taylor September 6, 2019 at 7:19 am

On September 5th, ordered online a new Samsung tv, was nice and happy, discovered oh noo it’s going to old address. Called immediately before shipped to try and get resolved, so far no luck, been in tears all night long. Guess when I wake up calling Corporate in bit


Julie September 4, 2019 at 4:58 pm

I’m reaching out because I am greatly disappointed in the way my Best Buy in Eastvale, Ca handled my service.
I purchased a washing and dryer machine in 2017 and also purchased the 5 year warranty. During the use of the machine I had to call in a repair several times due to the machine staining my clothes and not giving enough water. Both repair technicians that came out at different times instructed me that in order to get a new machine I would have to file 3 complaints within 6 months apart, and unfortunately I was forced to do that with all the stained clothes it caused.
I recently tried to file a new complaint because the machine stopped working, and an error code appeared on the machine.
I called the geek squad and they told me, my warranty was removed back in Feb 2019 because I used it too much. They never notified me about this and the information on the policy they gave me was completely different from what both technicians told me. I believe I had a lemon washing machine and for them to just cancel my warranty when I paid hundreds of dollars for the warranty is very horrible. I’ve never heard of such a policy that if you use the warranty too much (2 times) they cancel it. I was shocked with the way the manager spoke with me and didn’t care to make things better. I hope something can be done about this.
Thanks for listening and I hope to hear back from someone.


Lori Allen August 14, 2019 at 11:40 am

Trying to get my Samsung microwave repaired. Now being told that it needs to be replaced due to lack of access to parts. The same microwave is available now being told that I have to pay the difference? This is extremely unacceptable due to the lack of access to parts. When trying to speak with a manager I was over talked and denied an option to speak to a manager then told was going to end the call. The representative was Chris.

Best buy needs to learn how to train their customer service representatives and put an escalation team process in place to address the MANY COMPLAINTS that I see have been reported.

I ask that someone from best buy contact me. I will also be putting this out on social media.




Charlene Armstrong August 7, 2019 at 3:16 pm

Don’t purchase anything at Best Buy Stores, customer service is horrible and the employees including the managers does not stand behind their word!!! I will not spend another dime over there.


DeAnna Holmes July 22, 2019 at 7:34 am

My husband and I purchased a washer from Best Buy and had it delivered on Saturday, July 20, 2019. On the day of installation, it appeared that the hot and cold hose in the back of the machine was not attached tight enough because our floor was wet. We called the store and was told we had to call the Geek Squad. The Geek Squad told me we had to wait a year because he had not had the machine for a year, that we needed to call the manufacturer. Needless to say, we could not get an appointment to have someone to come tighten the hoses. So, my husband went back to the store to cancel the order. They scheduled an appointment to come back and pick up the machine, but they would not schedule an appointment to tighten up the water lines.


Delia Minjares June 24, 2019 at 4:10 pm

I recently this month bought a HP Pavilion x 360 I have had it less than a month. But in the first two weeks the screen cracked and it wouldn’t work. But first let me tell you this, I did not crack the screen. I came home one day and sat down to work with it, opened and turned it on and on the screen nothing but bubbles and it would not let me log on, then right before me, the screen begins to crack. Obviously had to be a malfunction from the laptop itself. I took it back, explained what happened and requested an exchange and after two hours of arguments all they would do was send it in to get a new screen. Mind you I had purchased insurance on it of over $120.00 and as the manager of that store at Tucson Spectrum Tucson Arizona said, had I not purchased it, I “would be sh*t out of luck”.. yup, his exact words to me, even if this was obviously not my fault. I totally will NEVER purchase another thing from BEST BUY just because of this, and if they see my purchases they will see I am a loyal customer. But, they are not LOYAL to me so to hell with them. This item was over $600 plus the $120 for insurance and they were quick to take my money but definitely not quick to help me with what I KNOW was a problem their item had. TO YOU Best Buy.. I still believe you owe me a new HP Pavilion x 360 and I hope you make things right!!


David Cortese May 20, 2019 at 12:17 pm

Hi I have been with Bestbuy for years i am a Elite Plus Member i had the worst customer service to the point that i might just cancel my membership they took almost 3 hours to tell nothing a total waste of 3 hours all i needed to know that my air conditioner was covered i bought a 4 year warrenty on it took 3 hours to tell me i had to pay 99$ still which makes no sense why have a warrenty and sure enough bestbuy contcted me and said i get an exchange with help from different geek squad member what took them 15 mins the other 2 geek squad didnt know that? even the supervisor didnt know really?I might as well only spend 5$ at bestbuy because thats how they were treating me i have the transcript but i cant upload it but it was done by Anthony M at 18:04:24 GMT and the supervisors name is RogelinA i would like an apology for 1 and composate me for my 3 hours on a sunday night talking to 2 people who had no idea what they are doing David Cortese ** Ellery Road Rochester New York 585-943-XXXX Thank You


John Hook May 12, 2019 at 1:36 pm

I do my best by business in Noblesville Indiana. I purchased a jet Pro printer number 6978 about a year and 3 months ago. The printer broke down and working with geek squad online they established the problem was in the printer and not my computers. While the printer was out of store warranty they were kind enough to offer me one that had been on sale with an added percentage off. I found them very cooperative and understanding. I would rate the Noblesville Indiana store at a very high level. On the replacement printer I did buy I bought the service plan to go with it. I’m glad I did because now I am on the 3rd computer in 4 weeks. By having online geek squad services, geek squad took over my computers and establish that the problem was in the printer. Best Buy and their personnel have been very helpful and patient in taking care of my needs. I would have to give Noblesville Indiana store five-star rating.

Thank you Best Buy Noblesville.

P.S. Please do not use my email address to send Best Buy advertising and flood my inbox. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Margaret Neustel April 25, 2019 at 6:04 pm

My husband and I purchased a 65″ Sony TV from the Greensboro, NC store on 4-18-19. We spent $2200 for the tv and installation. The tv was delivered and installed on 4-23-19. The next day, 4-24-18, the tv stopped working. The LED red light started flashing and stayed on. I called The 24/7 Geek squad # was was told the only thing they could do was make an appointment for the geek squad to come out on 4-30-19. The next day, 4-25-19, I called and spoke to Nate – who was the installer. I described what was happening with the tv and he said the tv was defective, and I would have to order another tv from Best Buy. It took all day speaking to managers, including Chrissy and the Operations Manager, Greg to arrange for the “replacement new tv.” The customer service we received was intolerable an extremely POOR. The replacement won’t even arrive until 4-30-19. WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM Best Buy EVER AGAIN nor recommend Best Buy to family and friends. At the very least, for our inconvenience, we should have received a free 5 year warranty or a financial discount on our purchase.


Paige March 28, 2019 at 10:46 am

I have attempted to order an item twice and both were canceled. I ordered from Best Buy using price match which was itself a 20 minute online chat process just to save $10.00 compared to the Amazon price. The first order was canceled with no explanation so I called customer service an the representative had no idea what happened saying it was a glitch in the system and placed the order again which also added one day in the shipping time to my order. Today I received this cancellation notice for the second order, again with zero explanation as to why it was canceled. The customer service representative said she could not see what caused the cancellation but this often happens again after an initial canceled order. The only suggestion I received was perhaps to try it again. It was not a payment method issue as both charges posted to my account so each purchase received a valid authorization from my credit card company.

I’ve since found several threads on Reddit by others having exact the same issues. I wanted to order from Best Buy just in case I needed to exchange following the purchase so I could go to a local store. I will not do business with Best Buy in the future as it isn’t worth the risk of uncertainty. I’ll order the product directly from Amazon which has the lower price to start with. In this retail environment it seems this is an issue that needs to be corrected if Best Buy doesn’t want to continue to lose good customers.


Ballard March 18, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Good afternoon,

Today we visited your store to return a GoPro accessory that did not work. After speaking with Nadia, who informed us that the accessory was out of return policy we spoke to Ty, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately, no one was able to tell us exactly why we could not return the accessory. We then spoke to Barbara who was rude to us and became increasingly impatient with us when trying to get more information and even telling us to “go look for the corporate number” ourselves instead of giving it to us. Then we spoke to Christian and re-explained our situation, but he was unable to do anything.

All we are looking to do is return an item that did not work, as we have been longtime loyal customers of Best Buy. We bought the item 2 weeks ago while traveling and have not had the chance to go to a Best Buy. The item is not damaged in any way, nor are any components missing.

I am very disappointed with the service.


V Skade March 18, 2019 at 9:12 am

Is this true? “Worst buy. Don’t have the money up front but want one of those dope new 4K QLED TVs? Best Buy might not be your best option. The giant retailer will soon be introducing a lease-to-own option that makes an expensive TV cost even more—over twice as much in the long run, according to consumer news reporter Bob Sullivan. Sullivan lays out the rent-to-own ripoff: A $1,000 TV, paid off over the course of a 12-month lease, would ultimately cost $2,169 because “Best” Buy can charge consumers $1,169 in interest (at an appalling annual percentage rate of 195%)! Adding insult to injury, Best Buy’s CFO seems to believe the company is doing customers with bad or no credit a favor by giving them the opportunity to saddle themselves with such debt! Our recommendation? Boycott Best Buy. “


Laura Timm March 13, 2019 at 10:50 am

I am a stock holder in Best Buy. Unfortunately, I have had one problem after another working within the store, and customer service on line, and phone. It is discouraging that every encounter has been a frustrating, time consuming, disappointing experience. As an investor, I’d like to make money on my stock. However, not at the price of cutting back on well trained customer service people and turning customers away. While dealing with one “supervisor” Andrew White on chat – i became frustrated and asked for corporate address and name of CEO. He said that information isn’t available to him. I responded, fine, I will find in on my stock prospectus. It was easier than that – all I had to do was google it. And that wasn’t the end of my experience of trying to file a complaint and get it to “YOU” whoever you are that “MIGHT” actually read this complaint. And since the complaint is long, and I want to actually speak with someone about this, I am going to leave off here, and see if I get a response. I hope I do. Because I am seriously considering selling my stock. While I haven’t gotten a great return in my investment, I have made some money on it by holding on to it even when there was a down turn. However, I don’t see it growing much more, if at all, especially if people continue to have negative experiences.


Laura March 23, 2019 at 11:32 am

I have not received an answer to my complaint, no. One reached out on this sight, nor in other ways I have regestered a complaint. It is mind blowing that customer service can be this bad. In finding places to register the complaint with the hope of getting corporate response, I have seen hundreds of complaints on many web sights. It seems surreal that there would be so many complaints, no comments from corporate or customer service, and nothing changes. Some were posted hours, days, months ago, and from all over the country. Is Best. Us trying to go out of business? Every time i’ve Been in the store ithere are just a few customers. Definitely selling my stock. Best Buy isn’t a good investment.


Jerry Lee January 28, 2019 at 2:03 pm



THEY’RE THE DAMN PEOPLE, WHO DON’T WANT GOOD PEOPLE LIKE “TYLER” AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jolene January 11, 2019 at 9:02 pm

Today I purchased a new computer, mouse, surface pen, keyboard and one software download. Unfortunately, I experienced issues with the download, “We’re sorry, something went wrong.” I called the Maplewood, MN store, and they transferred me to the Geek Squad line. I chose to do online chat instead of waiting on the phone. The agent – Fiona – said “Would like to inform you that the number which you have provided me does not reflects with any subscription plan status. Do you have any alternate number?” I explained to her that I had purchased this software within the last 2 hours. She said she couldn’t help me and that I should go back to the store or call the 888 number. So, I called back to Maplewood, and waited on the phone to talk to Geek Squad. After 5 minutes of elevator music, the line went dead. I called BACK to the Maplewood store and asked to speak to a Manager, after 5 more minutes of elevator music, the line went dead. SERIOUSLY! I told the man on the phone that I wanted to speak to a manager regarding customer service, and then I get disconnected? WOW. Looks like I’ll have to drive 35 minutes back to Maplewood to speak to someone in person. NOT IMPRESSED Best Buy, EPIC FAIL!


DC BENN January 8, 2019 at 9:13 am

Hello and good morning,
Could I please have someone contact me from corp. HQ as I have a problem with a could of large purchase items and cannot get any thing positive on this end (California) ive been a very ,very loyal guest since 1999 and have bought all my electronics from BEST BUY over the years 8 computers, 5 tv’s car stereos etc,etc,, thank you please contact me..

FYI purchased a LG Refrige with 5 year Geek Warrty and can get any help on this end PLEASE HELP BEST BUY CORP… regards, Dale Bennett 510-359-XXXX


Phil Johnson January 4, 2019 at 5:27 pm

Let me start off this email by indicating that I personally find that Best Buys (the ones that I have visited) to be well organized customer friendly and knowledgeable. However, the concern that I am writing about today is one that confuses me, which is the “Protection Plan” that is offered on games when purchased. My fiancé and I visited a Best Buys store in Wilmington, DE, during the Christmas season, and purchased a hand held game console, along with a 1 year protection plan. And as expected (probably not so soon) some damage occurred. On Jan 4, 2019, we took the game back to a Best Buys store in Philadelphia, Pa, to report the damage and to utilize the protection plan that we had purchased. The store honored the protection plan that was purchased, however, indicated that the protection plan that was previously purchased and being utilized on Jan 4th, no longer would protect the new game that was being issued and that we would have to purchased another protection plan for $20 dollars if we wanted the new game to be protected.

Now, here’s where the confusion comes in for me: if I already purchased a 1 year protection plan, why do I have to purchase another plan for the new game that was issued? Even if the argument is, the protection plan only covers a one time damage, or replacement, why wasn’t this explained during the time of the original purchase? So, in essence, the protection plan that Best Buy offers (or whomever) is only a one-time deal, if by chance something goes wrong with an item or product where a protection plan may accompany it! Best Buy needs to change this policy.


dawn December 15, 2018 at 1:38 pm

best buy sure does not know that people needs a second change my mom who 83 years old wanted to get a credit card with out her daughter name on it. she was not asking for 1000.00 just 750.00 limit to get a dyer on her own she own a house has three credit cards pays the bills take care of a disabled daughter and because her daughter lives with her and had one one and was scammed and was turned to a debt relief place they took iy out on this 83 years old that had nothing to do do with it. she hanging clothes all over her house. hr other daughter the attorney general and said her mom has nothing to do with the account , this would be a different account number in her mom name only. she owns nothing on the house gets retrenchment pays the bills on time thats discrimination best buy has terms that she could beck the payments. buy best buy refused they need to look at every thing differnt. . and everyone has different ways not this lady has no dryer and no Christmas


joann wright November 25, 2018 at 1:49 pm

I order a few different items from best buy. They cant seem to ship expensive items to the right address. I had this same problem in February with an xbox I was told the address was taken off but where we are again my apple watch was sent to the wrong address. I don’t understand because I have other items ship to the correct address. I am very up set because this Christmas present for my child. I was on hold for an hour and was told there was nothing they can do until it gets returned the warehouse then my money refunded then I can reordered but it will not be on sale when I reordered it. so they want me to pay full price the item. Then refunded the amount difference of the sale price what best buy don’t understand not everyone is rolling in dough and this is hard to do at this time of year I don’t have the extra money to buy it out then wait on my refund. It wasn’t my fault best but sent it to the wrong address again. I thought this was handled the last time they sent my xbox to the wrong address it seems the expensive items cant get shipped right but the cheap ones can.


BELINDA SCOLLARD November 5, 2018 at 4:22 pm

what does it take to get a real person at best buy. someone in our own country, not a robo call, not a promise to call back, not a oops sorry Iost you with some honest to goodness care Best Buy has the most Award Winning Excuses for why the Job was not Done!!! that’s probably what these kids all majored in college cause they certainly don’t have customer expertise. So please don’t shop here and you won’t be disappointed or put in the loop of phone calls and empty promises.


David Williams October 22, 2018 at 7:21 pm

Best Buy I would 1,2, 3 all complaints that people are saying about Best buy the worst customer service I ever experience they all need to be retrained ask you your number it gets verified conversation goes on oh let me put you on hold a minute guess what you get disconnected you would think they will call you back No its not happening I went to there Pembroke Pines store to ask for Corporate number from Geek Squad Supervisor he gives me1-800-BEST BUY me thinking its corporate no they was just as worst put on hold some 1hr 3min before anyone came back to the phone this stuff about customer service matching price and all the other crap they advertise is all wrong Ihere people talk about Best Buy but until you experience what they went through now I understand


Dashima Washington September 4, 2018 at 12:22 pm

Good Morning/Afternoon Sirs/Madams:

I am sending this email to make you aware of the awful experience my husband and I have recently endured with Best Buy.

We made a purchase of a 65” TV along with a Sound Bar on Aug. 11 at the Holyoke Mall in Holyoke, MA. We attempted to install/sync the sound bar to the TV, as it was indicated to us it wouldn’t be that complicated. However, we were unable to get the Sound Bar working. We contacted the Geek Squad department by telephone to make a service appointment for a technician to come out to our home to troubleshoot the Sound Bar. The process for making the appointment by phone was absolutely unpleasant. I was on hold waiting for someone to pick the phone for at least 20 minutes, to then be told I would have to contact a different number. I was extremely frustrated at the end of making this appointment. I was able to speak with an agent via chat to make the appointment and actually received a prompt response, which was quicker than doing it by phone.

The appointment was scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 25 from 12pm – 4pm. At 4pm when no one had shown up, I contacted the customer service again, where I was told the Technician receiving the assignments no longer worked for the company and all those assignments had to be reassigned. However, no one bothered to contact us to let us know that and instead I spent 4 hours waiting for nothing. I find that to be so unprofessional and inconsiderate. This has been the worse customer service we’ve experienced.

Our appointment has been rescheduled for this afternoon and I’m really hoping all goes well.

I would strongly suggest you create a better customer service protocol for your Geek Squad.



paul September 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Purchased a remote start kit for a 2017 Honda Accord installed by the Geeksquad team. Car started having trouble starting up and engine would shut while driving numerous times. Finally the car stop working and called for the dealer to tow the car from home. Dealer inspected and did diagnostics and found that the device installed cause the car computer (PCM) to be fried. My warranty was voided by the dealer. As a customer I trusted with bestbuys installation as advertised “Our installation will not void your vehicles warranty”. I went back to BestBuy to get resolution from the damage and out pocket cost but to no avail declining any responsibility and liability to the said situation. Spoke to GM for bestbuy and could not bring a resolution as they are saying that it is the manufacturers device at fault. Called the manufacturer Viper and the only warranty covered is the device and inform there are no recalls or issues with the said product. Viper product was bought from and installed by BestBuy via GeekSquad and cost $1562 in repairs due to warranty voided by the dealer in contrary to bestbuys promise as advertised to their website.


J. Bailey August 14, 2018 at 3:01 pm

Best Buy has one of WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS around!! They do not care about the customer at all! Currently on the phone with corporate office, and they will not even put me through to someone for my complaint! Some female at one call center told me she was the CEO and when I said no you are not, and she asked me how do you know that, I laughed and she hung up on me! Just found out the corporate phone number–612-291-1000 IS NOT the corporate phone number, only another call center! So I am on the phone with just another random agent trying to get to someone higher up, I am sure it is a lost cause as they do not care! ( I was also on the phone last night and was told there was no management for customer service.) FYI–even though it says 1 star, I would put their star rating in the negative stars. FINALLY spoke to Steven who thought the problems I had were the fault of the other agents as far back as last year when I called in a renewal and the agent put it on auto, which I never do and all the agents before Steven said that I had signed up for auto renew! He really had a good laugh about the agent who told me she was the CEO of Best Buy! In the end he is sending a $25 gift card which I will give to one of my kids or donate, as I told him I will not shop there again–he said he understood, but maybe one day, even years I would try and give them another chance.


R, Jones August 1, 2018 at 4:01 pm

On July 9th 2018, I went to a Best Buy store to purchase a refrigerator. It was told to me that I would receive a call to schedule an appointment for delivery. However, I received email that I would need to change the delivery appointment, (which was not even set up yet), because the item did not get to the delivery location as of yet. I ended up calling Best BUY customer service for delivery and was told I can get an appointment in that same week. However, before the end of the day I received an email stating that the refrigerator will be delivered a month later on August 20, 2018. HOW INCONVENIENT AND ABSURD IS THAT WHEN I BOUGHT THE REFRIGERATOR IN JULY.

I eventually went into the store and reschedule a delivery appointment in which I was given today August 1, 2018. The delivery time window was suppose to be between 1-3pm but of course I received a call that they are running late. I explained that was fine as long as they get here with the refrigerator. In the next twenty minutes I received a phone message telling me that the delivery team came to my house and no one was home, (please keep in mind no one rang the doorbell or knock on the door). I literally looked out my window in which my block is a one way street in which i saw a truck stopped in the middle of the block and then kept on driving. I proceeded to to call Best Buy deliver customer care in which they informed me they saw a picture that was taken that the delivery team came by and took a picture of my house. How can you take a picture and not ring the doorbell in which there were 5 persons home.



Chris July 22, 2018 at 1:10 pm

The reason I will always buy from BB is because their in store inventory is ALWAYS on point. Thanks guys!


ASG July 10, 2018 at 6:28 pm

useless costumer service and lack of reasonability on their behalf for selling products that are out of their actual knowledge as all is well, to costumers that need as much help as and even more than the workers themselves. Need to do better all the way around.


Khalidah Maududi May 31, 2018 at 9:06 am

I sent you this information yesterday but Bets BUY not responded yet.

Khalidah Maududi
Gilbert , AZ 85297

Best Buy Corparate Office
7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield , MN55423

Ref.: Case# 213547251

To whom it may concern,
We purchased this laptop in January of 2018 with our Bank of America debit card and returned it the next day. Therefore, best buy refunded the money. When looking at my account it showed that best buy widthdrew from my account in the amount of $1402.39 after two days. On May 29, 2018 an three way conversation was held between Best Buy, Bank of America and myself to validate that Best Buy did not refund the money. I would really appreciate if this gets resolved as soon as possible. It has been a lengthy process, as well as an expensive purchase.

Best Regards,
Khalidah Maududi


Tammy L April 26, 2018 at 12:49 pm

HORRIBLE customer service. They sold me a used broken PC that was already sold and didn’t work. Dell said that it was already out of warranty. Ridiclous.


Victoria May 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm

TammyL, we should all file a formal complaint to Federal Trade business complaint. I purchased and item in the store and the day they supposed to make the delivery, they never showed up. I called and found out they lost it. After talked to the store Appliance department manager who was able to track down the item and promised to have the item back to the store and scheduled another attempted delivery for me. Never did. I took up the complaint to the store Manager Celeste Ruelas, at Encinitas CA location. She lied to me that she said she did call but decided not leave me any messages but I had no missed calls on my cell.. Even with the store error and mistake, and knowing my extensive travel schedule, she then gave me an ultimatum that I had to come to the store to check out the item that they lost at the first delivery (while I was out of the country). I took the complaint to the Best Buy listed Corporation number 1888 237 8289 to find out that number was for Online Support, not a Best Buy corporation hot line. I was then transferred to an Appliance department, who transferred me to a Regional Manager, Cindy who said she located at Illinois. Cindy promised will look into the complaint and get back to me It was back in May 1st. Nothing. Today, May 18, I called the 888 number and unable to reach back to Cindy and several Best Buy employees hung up on me (agent Kay and Rebecca). I think from now on everyone should file a Best Buy fraudulent complaint directly to Federal Trade Consumer hot line and the Government corporation department. I now have a hole in my wall since April and no Oven to cook or bake due to Best Buy massive delivery error. Best Buy should not be in this Business if they keep doing this to customers.


Dan Dailey April 23, 2018 at 5:48 pm

With 30 plus years as a retail manager in several different states and differing store volumes I have a bit of experience in customer service issues. I had a wholly unpleasant and personally costly shopping experience earlier today when dealing with the Geek Squad over the phone encompassing nearly 90 minutes.
My need was simple I wanted to schedule a home visit by the Geek Squad to reprogram my IMac purchased on 5/16/2016 from the Best Buy store [1883] in Spring Hill, Fl. The first indication of a difficult experience to follow occured when I was asked for my IMac’s serial number which is auto printed on my Best Buy receipt. The Geek Squad representative informed me that the serial number was invalid. After the second attempt to pull up the item I was told again that the serial number was invalid. We then reviewed my address and email address and attempted to schedule the home repair visit. It was decided that Saturday, April 28 at between 8AM and noon would be the time.
Once the visit was scheduled the fun began as I was asked for my method of payment and then asked for my debit account number which I gave to the rep over the phone. She then mentioned that she was having an issue with that number and asked me to give her the account number once again. She then asked if I would allow her to put me on hold as she completed the transaction. She then remembered that she didn’t yet get the expiration number and security code from the reverse side of the card. I gave these details to her and before she put me on hold I asked her to make sure I wasn’t charged twice. She placed me on hold for 15 minutes or more and then came back to explain that an error had occurred but it would be resolved by the credit department of Best Buy. She then asked if I could be put on hold again to get clarification on an issue. It was an undetermined amount of time before a different voice returned and explained that the representative had mistakenly charged my account FIVE TIMES in stead of ONCE. I was told that it would be reversed but a different department handled that. Since I did well in elementary school math class I quickly realized the $199.99 charge done 5 times was equal to $1000.00 minus 5 cents.
Yes that is correct and the new [yes a second] supervisor who responded verified the error and assured my that it would be reversed ASAP……unfortunately that supervisor had no idea how long that would take. Not only that but reminded me that it was a different department who would handle that credit. At this point I am really heated because I am now out $999.95 with nothing to show for it…other than an explanation that someone at some unknown time would credit my account for $799.96! I explained that this was the worst example of ridiculous customer indifference that I have ever experienced or even heard of…….Stiil waiting for the FIRST PERSON TO APOLOGIZE TO ME.
I asked who would explain this to my bank to avoid overdraft fees incurred with the overcharging of my senior citizen income balance. Crickets and no answer or suggestion other than that credit would come. Please help me with this and get it resolved….others would insist that as a gesture of good will/ good public relations the contract fee I owe would also be refunded or the $50 charge. I am not asking for that but want to be recognized as being handled poorly and regretfully! Dan Dailey, 14008 Kane Rd., Spring Hill, Florida 34609


Jana Boothe April 15, 2018 at 9:56 am

I would like to give attention to Ken Lee at store #0240 at 333 N 170th St Omaha NE.
I’m a vendor for Acosta/ActionLink. I had to place a Dyson V10 low bat endcap. Which was a large display. Ken helped me remove the old endcap, which was the Dyson Eye and helped me place the new display and make labels for me.
I wanted the company to realize what a wonderful employee that store has. I want to give a loud shout out to him and thank him through the company for all of his help and kindness. It is a pleasure to go into your store and complete my projects!

Thank you
Jana Boothe


taghrid March 28, 2018 at 2:28 pm

Dearborn, Michigan Location (March 28,2018)
Customer centered, professional, respectful employees are very difficult to find! I just want Best Buy to know they have such an employee; Frank , a Sales Consultant out of your Dearborn, MI location. He went above and beyond to make sure I walked out a satisfied customer, even though the whole transaction and sale would go to another Best Buy store. He needs to be recognized as a true leader focused on customer first, hire more like him!!


Tyy December 22, 2017 at 3:27 pm

I have been an elite rewards member off Best Buy since 2013 but that over. In October I purchased a vidio game and the unboxed membership online. Then picked it up at the store we’re i was told I would get a welcome email from the VGC (video game club) that never came. I called multiple times over one hour on the phone 6 transfers to all kinds of people some of I could not understand. So I am done no one even care. Case in point an employee said he would transfer me to the rewards department. I tried to say I talked with them but he just pressed transfer. I refuse to step foot in the store and if you look up may account your u will see I cancelled the Sont 65 OLED AE1 and will get it a week after Christmas from a retailer in NJ, I live in Florida.. so kiss off B.B. your nothing like you u used t,o be


Gataroy Mobley III December 10, 2017 at 2:11 pm

On November 30, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. eastern time I purchase a LG Pro Bake 6.3 Convention Oven at your Yonkers, New York. On Wednesday December 6, 2017 your installation team came to delivery and set up the installation of range. On Thursday December 7, 2017 at 4 p.m. I smelled gas coming from the back of LG Pro Bake Oven. So after discovering that there was leak coming from the back of the oven. I made several attempts to notified the Geek squad for assist to get tech to check the connection but was unable due to promotion sales instead of a direct connection to the service. Finally I got a response from representative Pam from the Geek Squad who called for service to come an attend the matter was unsuccessful due unruly operator that did not want to assist with the gas leak!!! This is unacceptable due that I purchase for a service and was denied the service and unfortunately 911 was call due to gas leak on arrival FDNY, CCPD, NYPD and ConEd responded to the emergency. FDNY check the connection of the gas line with the gas leak detector and the levels were super high. Gas valve turned for off due to contain the gas leak. ConEd came in check the connection upon there discovery found that the adapter was the wrong connector and the gas level were reading high the connection area. ConEd installed the proper adapter ran several check and everything was determined safe. This matter needs to be addressed immediately due to the safety of your consumers. This matter is not going to go away because the techincians you hired should carry a gas leak detector to insure that there is no leak after installation. This matter could have turned out tragic due to the negligent of your hiring practices. I expect a response of the matter to be addressed immediately.


Laura Koppang December 9, 2017 at 6:01 pm

I made a purchase on Cyber Monday.  My purchase was canceled and I attempted to contact the above number in order to problem solve.  I was on hold for 45 to 60 minutes.  When I finally got through I was disconnected, or possibly hung up on.  This process was repeated three times before I was able to work through the problem with a representative.  I was told my credit card was declined and so I used another card and thought the problem was resolved.
My purchase was not delivered and I called the number again to problem solve.  I spoke to James, who told me I was not the name in the billing address, which explained why the card was not processed. I attempted to work through the problem, but was told he could not help me.  I asked to speak to his supervisor, was told I was being transferred but was disconnected, or possibly hung up on.  I called again and spoke to William, was told he could not help me and was hung up on.
I called corporate headquarters to file a complaint.  However, I was transferred back to customer service.  When I stated I got the wrong department that I was calling to make a complaint, the service representative problem solved with me and I believe the issue was resolved.  This has yet to be determined.
I called Corporate Head Quarters, again to file a complaint.  I was transferred and the other end of the line was static, I spent several minutes trying to communicate but had to give up. 
I am writing this to you because I think it is imperative that you know how poorly this part of your operation is functioning.  I have always had a great experience in your stores and like to make my online purchase at the stores I shop in. Unfortunately, I will never do that again


Theresa Prescott October 13, 2017 at 9:31 pm

I have had a complaint about the Insignia tv that we bought from the Best Buy in Bethel Park, PA. I was contacted by email by Mr. Kavalov(from The Corporate Resolution Team asking me to call him to discuss the problem. I have left messages on his voicemail and also sent him an email, but have not heard from him. I would like someone to resolve this problem. The warranty ended in April and it was shortly after that the our 50″ screen started getting a line down the middle. This has continued and now we have at least 10 lines. Also the tv sometimes goes off for no reason. I checked the reviews unfortunately after I bought this brand and there are many complaints about this tv. We spent over $400 for this tv and no one is addressing the problem. The General Manager from that store told me there just isn’t anything they can do! I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they have contacted Corporate. How do I want this resolved? I want a refund for this tv. I will contact the BBB and let them know that I have not received a call back. And also, if nothing is resolved, we plan not to ever shop at Best Buy again. I have bought quite a few things at the store, but am very disappointed that no one is addressing this problem. I am asking that someone contact me.
Theresa Prescott 412-596-XXXXX 412-831-XXXXX


Kathleen J.Smith September 21, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Good Day-
Location: S-000268:
I had called into the Geek Squad 800 number on Monday the 18th, 2017 which they were very helpful and stated someone would call me next to schedule/ confirm my appointment for Thursday, but they would escalated for Wednesday since I have over $3K in meat/ seafood in the Freezer. I received a call for Bryan part of the Geek Squad Team at this location… stating he was on his way… I said I never got a call to confirm the appointment. He expected me to be at my home in 15-30 minutes. He stated I did call…. Which was not true. I told him I am at work @ South Park… He suggested that I re-schedules… And the more I thought about it.. I started getting upset. I had to interrupted him and I said “I’m sorry but you never called me on Tuesday because if you had I would have returned your call… All he could say was “I did” but nothing about stating leave me a message. I said, well can we do it later this afternoon he stated he was all booked up. He stated, well we can re-scheduled and what day would be good for you. I said, Monday. We can’t do it on Monday… we only schedule Tuesday -Saturday… I said okay what about this Saturday? Oh, I’m all booked up… My next available will be Tuesday next week. I said okay in the morning… He said okay let me check my schedule and I will call you back up? Well, he called and stated oh I’m booked up in the Morning it will have to be in the afternoon…

First of all, why would you tell me what is the best schedule that works for me… Then tell me we don’t work that day… or I don’t have that time available… Very poor Service…

I want someone from another location to look at my Freezer… Please note I just purchase the Freezer May of this yr.. and paid for the warranty… I am not happy with Best Buy. I want a Regional Manager as soon as possible.
*** Please note I called the Store to speak with the Store Mgr. and was not in. I asked when will they be in.. they put me on hold then said they are on Vacation. I asked for the Regional Mgr. number… Sorry I cannot give this to you. Just go on the our website and send an email with our store location. Not good for business when you cannot speak with someone to help resolve issues.



DAUGHN A CARLETON September 19, 2017 at 5:04 pm




Brad Garrett September 14, 2017 at 9:11 pm

I’m here helping in the Hurricane Harvey relief and my phone got wet and is no longer of any use. The manager at the Lake Jackson, Tx location refused to accept my VALID out of state Driver’s Licence as Id in order for me to replace my phone that is unserviceable. He would not take my valid concealed carry license or my Department of Veterans Affairs VALID photo ID. He was shown two forms of VALID photo ID two forms of expired photo ID and 5 forms of ID that does not have a picture but my name. I would like for someone to explain to me why I was refused service.


Cindy Smith August 30, 2017 at 4:45 am

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I came across an article that I found very disturbing concerning your store in Cypress, Texas. For Best Buy to take advantage of the victims of Hurricane Harvey is absolute disgusting. The article reads that Best Buy in Cypress is selling a case Smart Water for $30 and a case of Aquafina water for $43. I find this business practice appalling and if it is not illegal, it should be.

The Flood Victims in thisTexas community have gone thru so much in the last few days and now the local business are going to inflict more damage above and beyond Harvey. I find your business practices appalling as well as proving that Best Buy has Zero Personal or Business Ethics. As the leaders and compass of Best Buy, where is your compassion and morals.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I will continue to make sure that the public is aware of the Business Practices of Best Buy in times of Catastropic Disasters.

Thank You
Cindy Smith

cgs434 at


Andrenee August 13, 2017 at 6:24 pm

bought a desk top computer from your Potomac yards location. The fist one was an HP all-in-one which crashed two days after I got it back from the geek squad, I then took the computer back to the store and the sales person stated you bought an HP? He then stated that I would do better with a LENOVO. I don’t like it , it’s supposed to be all in one , but the hard drive is external and it does not have enough ports for me to use, also the keyboard stopped working and it took one mouth to receive a replacement, and they did not send the mouse that goes with it, so the mouse is not compatible. So I had to purchase a wireless one and that took up the only port that I had left ! I called and spoke to a manager I assume because she never identified herself as the manager, informed her of everything that had transpired. Her reply was that I was past my 15 days and there was nothing that she could do to help me. I don’t feel that’s true I am a repeat customer and I just sent 1029.00 on an iPad Pro for my daughter for college and purchased 2 galaxy 8S pluses. I was charged additional money for the Lenovo, all I would is the HP all-in-one that I purchased in the beginning that’s it and the difference that I paid for the Lenovo. I am a manager at America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses, and I deal with patients everyday that are outside of their warranty and return dates. It’s about customer service and making sure that the customer is happy. You can check my purchase history, this is the fist thing that I have asked to return, if I’m sending the amount of money I would like a computer that I am happy with. All that I’m requesting is to receive the system that I feel I would be happy with. My Phone number is 202-491-XXXXX my name is Andrenee’ Scott, my address is Washington, DC, 20002. WORK PHONE ; 540-544-XXXXX

Thank You
Andrenee’ Scott


Carolyn McNeil June 24, 2017 at 5:19 pm


I have called twice to have my gift card, ending in 7834, balance refilled since the order I originally placed June 10, 2017 was not fulfilled but cancelled by Best Buy since it was no longer in stock. Order number BBY01-801878003027 for HP Pavilion I have spoken with numerous agents and was advised the gift card balance will return 24-48 hours after speaking with the manager Kat ID A1244255. She provided reference number 198303837 and sent a $20 gift card for the error.

I received the gift card but I’m still not able to purchase the laptop for my son birthday. I’m beyond pissed now and a measly 20 gift card will not fix this situation. My son birthday is in a couple days and I can’t buy the laptop with the gift card I got and don’t feel I should have to use my hard earn money to purchase something outside my budget when I had a gift card.

First the online system should not have allowed me to purchase the item if it was out of stock. Second, when I called and spoke with the first individual I should have received the correct information about the process of returning the funds back to my gift card so I can turn around a purchase for the next item which was on sale for 199.99 SKU number 5606300. Third, when I called 2 separate times and had the manager return my call, I was told the money will be back on my card and as of today, the card still show 0 balance. So now there is a laptop on sale that I can’t order because of your error and I think I deserve much better service then what I am getting or have received to fix this issue. HOW ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO FIX THIS???? I will be printing this off and mailing to corporate office also. I have done so much business with Best Buy and have sent my family and friends, now I will make this known as well. My son is not going to have a laptop unless I go somewhere else, which I may have to do, and I can’t get my money back. Its 140.00 missing and I need it now plus more.

I called again 6.24.17 spoke with Janice and Angie both located in mexico city so they say. Angie advised unable to provide Agent ID, last name, or escalated department information. She provided info that was contradicting the website info about gift card refund. Angie stated 5-6 days for the refund to the gift card but per the website it says it will be back in 30 mins. Angie then advised she saw the refund placed back on the card however while she was speaking it shows it was 0 balance online. Then she stated I will receive a new card in 6 to 8 days and gave a ref nbr. She was rude and not helpful. She claims a 20 gc would justify the issue I have been facing since 6.10.17 and it 6.24.17. 14 days and still no money. This was the worst service I have very had and I will be faxing mailing and send the info to BBB. This is theft and best buy is trying not to fix it. They hire liars to read from a script and want to keep people hard earned money.


Angela June 6, 2017 at 6:34 pm

I purchased new stereo head ( May 5th,2016) to be installed by Geek Squad the next day, I get there and the modular that I had purchased the night before had static was told” if I couldn’t “live with it to bring it back and they would put in a new one” I called them the next day and told them that it was to bad and wanted another put in, go there they put it in and it’s “BAD” got to order another one that will take a day. Go back to have yet another one installed it’s “BAD” mind you after the first was had static in the others would make my door locks cycle and the head unit cycle, long story short after 10 TRIPS and multiple different modules and 3 or 4 different wiring harnesses my truck STILL wasn’t fixed, I took it in today for them to go over all the wiring that they had to put in, to be told that it’s nothing they did it’s something to do with the battery and the part would cost $11.00, but I to take it to the shop and have them scan it to make sure that was the issue, so I took it to the shop to find out the “PART” that they are talking about will cost me $130.00 from the dealer that’s the only place we could find it, as we are looking for something else it might be the shop finds my battery cables where almost falling off tighting them and the issue has gone way, I went back to the store and told them what was found and they argued with me that the cables where on good, and that since they didn’t change the part they don’t think they should put the head unit back in. The part and scan they wanted me to have done would of cost me more than I paid for this, the part is $130.00 and the scan from the dealer is $100.00. So if I would of done this this whole thing not including my time away from my business would of cost me over $500.00. I feel that I should get my money returned, and you guys need to make sure your techs have more training than a couple of years, each one of the tech that worked on my truck had only been certified for 3 years.


Lorelli May 31, 2017 at 3:08 pm

Delivery nightmare!! Brought a washing machine & dryer and a dishwasher on Sun, May 21st. Scheduled for delivery on Sat.12-4p. One delivery guy came very late at 4:55p. Big scratch in front of the dryer and pedestal of the washer. Told the guy we want it replaced which he then communicated to his office. It took him 3hrs to install the dishwasher. He left our home at 9:30p. He said he was a repairman & not an installer. They just contracted him because they were running late that Saturday. We tried to run the washing machine and it was shaking so bad it was knocking the dryer. I have already rearranged my schedule for this new delivery tomorrow, they just called again trying to reschedule for the next day. I have to be at work and there was no convenient time until next week. Until then we cannot do our laundry. I have decided to return the appliances. Imagine if I have to call in a service/warranty issue. I will tell all my friends and family not to purchase at Best Buy. I will ask to them to warn their friends and family about this!!


Tina May 24, 2017 at 11:55 am

I wanted to purchase a TV , DVD player, power strip and some other cables.
I asked the associate if he could hold them til the next day as I had forgotten my gift cards. He said he couldn’t. I asked for a manager. He said it was Steve Rzab.
Steve was talking to another associate so I waited on the side to talk to him. Of which he saw me standing there and totally ignored me. Finally after 5 minutes or so, he ended his conversation and started to walk away. I said excuse me are you Steve no smile looked irritated. I explained the situation. He was rude and unconcerned and said it was corporates policy not to hold any merchandise. I work in the mall and said I would be back the next day on my lunch to pick up the merchandise. He totally didn’t care if he lost the sale which was evident in his attitude. This manager surely does not show good customer service, or a good attitude. I would think with all the competition that Best Buy would treat loyal customers better. Would I buy from Best Buy again. I doubt it . Would I tell my friends about this bad experience yes I would. Best Buy needs to get this managers attitude adjusted. He is a bad example to his associates. He lost my sale and probably my friends. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch…..


Kurt May 2, 2017 at 11:45 pm

I have been a loyal Best Buy Customer for the past 10 years and have purchased 5- Samsung Tvs and a Home Theater Projector during this time frame. About a week ago I ago I purchased a Samsung 65 9000 series Open Box Item that was a store display and did not have a TV stand. When I arrived at the store to pick up the TV the first thing I noticed was the TV was stood on end (on the hard floor) when packaged and also the lack of applied packaging; nothing protecting the corners of the TV only bubble wrap around the middle of the TV. Low and behold, when I plugged the TV in / turned on at home the first thing I noticed was the corner of the screen was cracked, UGH!

I attempted to take the TV back to the closest Best Buy (Wentzville, MO), but was quickly shut down by the manager indicating there is nothing they could do because of some sort of limitation with Open Box Item returns. At this point I was pretty frustrated since I had to drive another 45 minutes to return the TV to the exact store I purchased the TV from. I communicated my frustration to the Wentzville Manager and she in turn hurried me out the door by having her guys take the TV outside before I could even pull my car up!
By the time I pulled my car up to front of the store, 2 Best Buy associates had my TV outside sitting on the concrete with very little packaging protection (and again no TV stand). At this point I was furious! After they loaded the TV haphazardly in my car, I mentioned that I realized that I was a problem and that their manager was trying to make me go away as quick as possible. One of the Best Buy associates responded by saying ‘you’re not my problem anymore’ and proceeded to light up his e-cigarette in front of the store. I was dumb founded! Is this how personnel at Best Buy are trained?

After attempting to shake this off, I traveled 45 minutes to the Chesterfield, MO Best Buy where I originally purchased the TV. I proceeded with attempting to return the TV explaining that the TV was broken when I received it. After waiting 3.5 hours and receiving two rounds of interrogations from the store manager I was told that it was not Best Buy’s fault and they would not take the TV back. Then right away the store manager encouraged me to purchase another TV and indicated she would give me a good deal. What? You just screwed me out of $1000 bucks and you want me to buy another TV? Is that how managers are trained at Best Buy (sell!, sell!, sell!)?

I had myTV sent off to the Geek squad Service Center for a repair estimate, which I believe is going to be more than the TV is worth. OVERALL THIS HAS BEEN A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE and I am now stuck with a $1000 non viewable TV. I REALLY WISH I would have purchased the TV from Sam’s, Costco, or Amazon where I know for a fact they would have replaced the TV or provided a refund without question.

I am EXTREMLY disappointed in Best Buy and refuse to purchase anything else now or in the future. My question for Best Buy – corporate office is what can you do to make this right?

Best Regards,


Tia April 18, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Order number: 1117097XXXXXX
Delivery date: Friday, April 14, time frame 12 – 4pm.
The actual delivery time was 11:10am. They showed up early.
I would like to share a very unsettling experience I had with Best Buy delivery department and customer service for the Northridge store in California (Store 1180).
My husband and I purchased a 55” TV set to be delivered to our house with the haul away service included to take away our old 32” box type TV set. Everything was paid for at the store 5 days prior to the delivery.
I arranged time off from work to wait for the TV to arrive. Two delivery men showed up at my door steps, I was glad to see them because they arrived early. One of them walked in to assess the situation in regards to where the new TV will be placed/ installed and to see the old TV. Out of nowhere he takes a photo of my old TV, without permission or asking me any questions. After taking a photo he said he needs to confirm with the office. In the meantime, he starts leaving my house, I asked him what he has to confirm with the office – no answer. As he is walking away he is saying things like: 
• “the tv is too big” …. (what??? it’s 32”)
• “you’ll need to reschedule” …. (reschedule what?? why???)
• “we can’t take this base” … (I didn’t ask him to take the old base, I’m not sure what he was assuming)
• “we can’t put a new TV on the old base, it’s hazardous” …. (I never asked him to use the old base, there was never a conversation on my part about the old base, once again assuming rather than communicating). I had an 84” new base for the new TV. At the very end of our so-called conversation, he started raising his voice and being aggressive. I became startled and frightened as to this interaction in my own home, and began to call my husband immediately.
Three times I asked him if he was going to haul away my old TV – no answer, in the meantime he goes outside and starts talking on the phone with someone. The other delivery man is just standing outside my door with a new TV, listening to the first guy’s phone conversation. I asked him the same question – if they are going to take care of my old TV (that’s already 4 times) and what is going on.
The answer I got was: “Ma’am, you are escalating, don’t escalate….”
            That was the end of it. They left with my NEW TV, and didn’t take the OLD TV. They never came back. The guy was at my house for one minute or maybe a minute and a half, not longer than that. The moment it happened I was on a phone with Best Buy customer service. I spoke with the manager Mikey at the Northridge store who said that there’s nothing he can do, that I would have to speak with the Delivery Department and he gave me their phone number with the extension. 
I called the Delivery Department and got Lynn (sp?) – the case manager. At first it seemed like she was trying to help, but it was very lopsided – she supposedly didn’t know who those two delivery men were, nor did she know if they were coming back. At some point during our conversation she finally said that they are not coming back and I would have to reschedule the delivery.
            She started reading me the notes the delivery guy left on my order which were blatant lies. The notes on his report stated that I asked them/him to move furniture – it was a lie; another sentence was that the old TV was obstructed with objects – a lie, the room is empty; then there was a sentence that the old base is loose and he couldn’t install a new TV on top of that base – another lie, I had a new 84” base for the new TV and never intended to use the old base. The notes also stated the old TV was loose – not sure how that could be since it’s a manufacturer designed base for that specific TV, then there was a phrase about how I screamed at him – again another lie, I never screamed at them, I asked questions and never got any answers. Another lie in that report was that he knocked on my door to tell me that they are leaving, except I saw them through the window putting the new TV back in the truck and leaving without coming back to notify me.
            At some point, I asked Lynn to connect me with a supervisor, and she connected me with Lisa – the clown, that’s the only way how I can describe this person. Lisa will tell you anything you want to hear, she will cover up anything and everyone to get you off the phone, with absolutely unrealistic resolutions to which I will spare the details. That was pathetic on her part, I felt she was attempting to undermine my intelligence. Lynn and Lisa also screen the incoming phone calls, because when I tried to call back I was hung up on 3 times until I blocked my Caller ID, and sure enough Lynn picked up immediately.
            My husband and I have had many deliveries to our home throughout our life, with much bigger and heavier items involved than a 32” TV, but I’ve never had an experience as awful as this one. The bottom line is very simple – this delivery guy didn’t want to deal with the old TV, and thus he started coming up with different reasons why he had to leave, but the saddest part was that he did all this at customer’s expense, instead of communicating with me and trying to explain his thinking process he came up with very odd and weird lies, accusing me of something that never happened and I would’ve never found out about it if Lynn hadn’t read it to me. 
            At this point I can honestly say that it was a customer abuse in its purest form, the whole treatment was despicable and humiliating. There was a significant lack of respect, responsibility, and consideration for the customer. Horrible customer service, horrible experience, those two delivery guys should be fired and Lynn and Lisa’s performance should be reviewed. Some people are not cut out to deal with customers and Lynn and Lisa are two perfect examples. Overall, this type of customer service tarnishes the Best Buy company’s reputation.
            That same evening my husband and I went to Best Buy to cancel the purchase (which by the way was a little shy of $1,000), got a full refund, went to Fry’s electronics, purchased the same TV brand/type at the same exact price, ordered a haul away service and an installation of a new TV set. The TV was delivered the next day. Two people took out the old TV, installed the new one, and were out in 20 minutes. No nonsense, no photos taken, very professional service. 
I will never deal with Best Buy again, that’s for sure. Nor would I recommend it to others. I am glad that nowadays we as consumers have many options. 
I feel it imperative to share this with you because these two delivery people have been doing you a huge disservice and someone has to be responsible for it. At this day and age we all know how difficult it is to withstand the competition in providing a good product and customer service to the consumer, but unfortunately with this kind of attitude there won’t be any guarantee that a company like Best Buy will be able to stay afloat. 


jim feren April 8, 2017 at 12:13 pm

I have been buying from best buy for yeaars,with no big proplems. I just bought a 40inch Samsung hd tv in less then 6 weeks it started flashing and making loud noises ,I unplugged it took it back to best buy in Vero beach Fla. .when I bought it I also bought a 5 year extended warrantee. i was told by the sale person it cover replacement if anything went wrong well only as I found out it covers repair or replace i spoke to the store manager,she could have cared less. as we all know Samsung cell phones explode and their washing machines, see my what my problem is ,my wife and I thought it might explode with the noise it was making and the screen going off and on . guess what the store manager and the dept manager COULD CARE LESS ,When she told me to go do what you have to do that upset me my kids an friends will not buy from you ever. all I wanted to get it replaced . thanks you JIM Feren


linda blum April 6, 2017 at 10:31 am

i requested statements from 2014 from account manager whitney bc i have a court date. i was told that if i went to paperless this could be done in 24-48 hours and i could get info online. its been 2 days so i checked. nothing noted so i called you . spoke with Mr Stevens and explained. though i heard “i am sorry” repeatedly for the WRONG INFORMATION. That is beyond poor service since based on your company information i have to change court dates,attorney info , work schedule and that costs ME more money.
YOU need to have your people properly trained so this doesn’t have to some other fool that trusted best buy to know what the situation actually will be.
BB also makes it impossible to find and email address to contact them except thru their website to keep it hush hush and not address the issue.


Cory Gordon April 6, 2017 at 12:19 am

Best buy is a rip-off!! Took in a waterproof camera that I had purchased a 1-year accidental service warranty for and the called a month later saying to come pick it up. I go in and instead of being fixed they told me that my camera has corrosion and they cant fix it and that it was my fault for bringing it in too late allowing corrosion to settle in. I took it in the same day I noticed fog under the lens. They set my camera on a shelf for a month and let it corrode and blamed it on me? WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!!!!! WHATS THE POINT OF A WARRANTY IF ITS NOT HONORED? WOULD RATHER SHOP ON EBAY!!!


BOYCOTT March 13, 2017 at 1:48 am

A VERY FAT bleached blonde “Manager” at the West Hartford store REFUSED to refund a bottle of Vitamin Water when customer stated that, “I just bought it 5 seconds ago and don’t want it because it contains 32grams of sugar.” The RUDE bleach blonde “Manager” stated that it was store policy not to take back “consumables,” however, when asked for the policy, it was NEVER produced. Judging by this latest report, it was obvious that the customer did not want to end up like the OBESE “Manager” who probably hated her mundane and boring life, so had to be rude and crude to everyone else, with a voice like “nails to the chalkboard,” bouncing her authority and WEIGHT around. Judging by the her picture, she probably sits at home all day eating greasy foods and consuming soda pops. All that fatty, sugary foods is never a good thing for the mental health. Best Buy is ridiculous in hiring anyone so unhealthy and mentally disturbed enough that she barks at a customer who just asked for a refund for a product that probably should of had a WARNING LABEL for UNHEALTHY consumable.


alan castello December 29, 2016 at 9:23 pm

just sent a letter to your corporate office bout delivery service. It sucks. You have my money and I have no product. What’s that about. Do I have to text Trump?


Alice December 13, 2016 at 11:59 am

I purchased a matching washer and dryer open box item. The only reason for this was that the threvother models we looked at were on backorder or sold out and we needed something quickly. The items were delivered about 6 days later and the washer did not work. The delivery man knewvit wasn’t working and that was on his delivery paperwork I had to sign. I was told to call the 1-888-best but number and get someone from xpo to come out. Well, guess what, that wasn’t even possible because the items were still listed in delivery status. They wouldn’t do anything until it was in ‘delivered’ status. So after 90 minutes on the phone, I was told call back tomorrow. So, the next day, the status still wasn’t changed. Six people and hours spent calling every Best Buy number, I still couldn’t get anywhere. Day 3, I called in the morning and it was still not in delivered status- but by some crazy miricle, the lady on the phone got it corrected while I sat on hold. Now, because it was an open box item, I’m told I have to go back to the store to return or exchange. I have to pick another open box item or washer that is within the price range of what I spent. Of course that means something that won’t match… likely a lower model, different brand. It’s no fault of mine that they sold me an item that did not work, that they took almost 3 full days to even allow me to do anything, that I now have to spend more time than I already have going to the store, and then waiting for a new delivery date. Yet, they will not give me the same model, that is in stock, unless I pay more for it. This is the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced when spending so much money in a store. I will not purchase the other appliances I need from Best Buy and I will encourage others to avoid them for appliances as well.


Franklin Johnson December 6, 2016 at 9:52 pm

We bought a L G washer and dryer at Best Buy on 11/26/2016. they didn’t have the model at the warehouse but they would get it in by Tuesday 28 we said ok.Then we were told the earliest date they could bring it would be December 6, 2016 between the hours of 12PM and 4PM fine. we waited until 5pm called the store she said she would try to find something out. she called us back told us they didn’t have the washer at the warehouse to deliver it . Why did they set a delivery date to deliver something they didn’t have. Now they are telling me they can’t deliver until 12/12/16. I have already been without over a week. I’m very upset about this someone needs to make some changes or they will run out of customers to sell anything too. Franklin Johnson fwj62 at


Linda Fuoco December 3, 2016 at 8:33 pm

I consider myself a very good customer with Best Buy. I have always bought everything I need there. We were redoing our kitchen and I wanted Samsung products so off to your store again. We bought a Stove, over the stove micro wave , dishwasher and a refrigerator on October 14th. We needed the over the stove micro wave in that next week for our contractor and no problem we received it. Then everything else has been a royal pain in the butt. We are told something will be delivered on one day and you sit and wait and nothing. We are still waiting on a refrigerator and dishwasher which I may say you already received your money for. Now were promised the refrigerator tomorrow and they say the dishwasher should be here on Monday but not holding my breath. We have been back and forth to the store and on the phone with everyone. I was told you would be calling me on Thursday and nothing so around 7 I called you. I was told you would return my call and here we are 3 days later and nothing. If you look up my name you should be able to see just everything we bought from your store, I feel since I have been put though hell waiting for this stuff for so long and living with no refrigerator is just a nightmare. I feel the least you could do is give me something like a few gift certificates or something to make me feel I should ever shop in your store again. Right now I’m a really unhappy customer and I don’t know if you care or not but I needed to get this known even our sales person said you needed to know. I’m looking forward to see if you even bother to read this and get back with me. If I hear nothing I’ll know you don’t care about your customers at all. Linda Fuoco


Joanne Ryder December 2, 2016 at 2:01 pm

On my lunch hour today I ran across the street to Best Buy to purchase a new Garmin Vivofit. Mine stopped working after about three or four years. I walked in the store and told the customer service rep at the door what I was looking for. She pointed me in the right direction and said someone would be with me shortly. Now the store had ample sales people walking around. After I waited for a time, I asked her again and she made an announcement asking a salesman to meet me in the aisle where they sold the Garmin Vivofits. After I waited for about ten minutes and no one came I asked here again. This time a sales person came up to me and told me I should leave and come back when I was more comfortable. I was in shock after hearing that and left the store which I will NEVER go back to again. I manage the building directly across the street from this store and have bought televisions with service contracts from the store. I also buy many things for my 7 Grandchildren from that store but guess what NEVER AGAIN. The location of the store is in the Elmwood Shopping Center in Louisiana on Clearview Parkway.


Stephanie November 22, 2016 at 9:13 pm

This is my last effort before I post this on the internet, Please find a solution.
All I wanted to do was purchase an Apple Ipad Mini 4, Wi-Fi – Cellular, Verizon, 128 gb and then the sky fell through, let me explain: Saturday, November 19, 2016 around 5:00 pm, went to I found the Ipad I wanted looking in silver, I found out silver was not available so I settled for the Gold Rose $359.99 (Apple – iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB – Verizon Wireless – Gold – Model: MK8F2LL/ASKU: 5577429)

1. Started the process to check out – had to put my information for “Verizon” to verify I had a line with them. After putting my info I got kicked out so I thought maybe I entered something wrong and tried, tried, tried, tried and tried again. Verizon was denying my application, I decided to call Verizon – After explaining everything to the Rep. at Verizon he decided to get a Supervisor – she check and double check game back within 20 – 25 mins she told me it was not with Verizon, they did not even see where I sent in my info she informed me it had to be Best Buy. I go back to the little sign pop up, can I help you, I explained everything to him (2 hrs have passed) this is what I sent him.
2. Yes, my name is Stephanie and I’ve been trying to purchase mini IPad  4  Model: MK8F2LL/A  SKU: 5577429, Gold for over two hours today plus last night to NO avail, I keep getting an error sign saying Verizon has declined my application.  I’ve contacted Verizon and they said it must be with BB because they don’t see a request from me.  This is the Reference Code: 17197.  Also, here goes my Shipping Address: MS 30000 and home phone number, 601 000.0000. He came back to tell me they did not have or sell any in my zipcode. What!!!
3. After Church, November 20, 2016 I decided to work on it again. I get back on and change my zip code and shazam, they had some in Meridian, Flowood, MS and the price went down to $304.99 double triple Shazam within 12 to 15 hours and a price cut, I’m like I’m glad it didn’t go through Saturday night, put it in my cart and I’m still being blocked from ordering. Finally, the little box appeared again – I explained everything to him again, sent him all my information (another 3 to 4 hours have passed). He gets someone and they start working on it finally she sends me a message saying BB has a clinch and it won’t be fixed until Monday November 21, 2016, try back. My Shazam went to Sha.
4. Monday morning, I gets up takes care of my business (I’m retired) and decide to take my disabled husband for a ride to Best Buy in Flowood MS 72 miles. They tried and tried to no avail and then there was hope the clerk says they have two (2) in Meridian the clerk said he would order it “Mittie” the manager says NO let me call and she did and we find out Meridian doesn’t have any either, What the Sha!!! My sweet clerk (I didn’t get his name) decided to pull up to see where in the US did they have some at and guess what People – NONE nowhere in these United States. My saviors at the Flowood MS store gave me the 800 to call to explain it to Computer Services Primary Support and who do I get – I get “GREG” from the Atlanta district, I’m explaining to him what I’ve been through this week-end and he tells me he was off this week-end and started explaining why – Yes, my peeps I went slap off I requested his last name and he refused – I then requested a number and he hung up on me (I want Greg).
5. Yes, I’m pssst angry and aggravated because no one can give me a straight answer – How and Why do you have this on the Web-site if you don’t have any within our United States. If I were to purchase this later are you going to honor $304.99 price including $100 code I was given for all my troubles? I give props where needed Best Buy Flowood MS. When supervisors saw one having an issue others came to offer suggestions or help – the clerks looked bewildered because no one had a true answer to my problem “Thank-You Best Buy, Flowood MS I appreciate your kindness.
6. I’ve tried to call Best Buy Corporate Office & Headquarters, 7601 Penn Ave. South Richfield MN 55423, (612) 291-1000 the Amanda the operator said you must have a name – By this time I was getting aggravated again and I believe I called Amanda stupid (she got mad) No complaint department only at (888) 237-8289 all I got was “I’m sorry and I’m going to do my best and that leads to a transferred, disconnected call several of them or a muffled call where you can’t understand anything. No one at the top wants to know about the problems at the bottom all they want is our money.
7. My question still is how and why would you BB put an item on your site if you don’t have it any place in the USA and when we do call into sales your own people can’t order it – Why, when a person calls your HQ office why we can’t get some sort of help instead of the 888 number? – let someone here our problem take a number and transfer us to someone that can help – each time I was transferred I had to explained everything over, over, over and over again – unacceptable – why not have complain codes give the consumer one and have one our complaint record, but ya’ll no this. I am not a complaint writer but after what I’ve been through I fell it imperative to write one.


Elizabeth August 30, 2016 at 11:33 am

From reading the numerous complaints about Best Buy, I would recommend that you do not purchase such items as washers and refrigerators from Best Buy.


Justin August 2, 2016 at 9:39 pm

My wife and I purchased a dishwasher from our local Best Buy in 2012. With in the first year of purchase, the dishwasher leaked and flooded a portion of our Kitchen on two separate occasions. Since then, the dishwasher shorted out a wire and almost caught fire and later leaked and flooded our Kitchen again. After the fourth time of Best Buy sending their repair company to our home, we demanded a new dishwasher. We also purchased the extended warranty. Thank goodness right? Wrong!! When Best Buys contractor came out to finally replace the dishwasher, we discovered the sides of our Kitchen cabinets are now damaged and MOLD has been growing under them for who knows how long. We had the cabinets tested by a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant who confirmed it is in fact mold. We have been battling Best Buy and their “claims” department for the last two months. They first agreed that they would take care of us and resolve the situation. We sent them photos of the damage, the report from the Mold Consultant, several estimates for the repairs as they asked. They later sent out their own Independent Adjuster to evaluate and estimate the damages themselves. To no surprise, their adjusters estimate was 75% less than any contractors estimate. They are now telling us that they will NOT pay anything towards the repairs because the contractor (that Best Buy had sent out) had “lost the faulty dishwasher” and now can not prove that the dishwasher was faulty at all. Yes, you heard me correctly. Best Buys contractor “lost” the evidence, so Best Buy will not pay for the repairs to our home. Our Kitchen cabinets are still sitting in our home with mold under and behind them because we decided to purchase from Best Buy.


Angie July 25, 2016 at 5:27 pm

I will never deal with Best Buy again. I closed my credit card account permanently with them. I purchased a Samsung television on 4/16/2016. When I took the television out of the box to setup on 6/25/2016 the television was green screened and shutting off automatically. I returned the television in all the original packaging in tack to BestBuy in Bowie Md. an explained that I needed to return the television because it’s broken. The store rep connected the television to confirm the defect. He informed me that the television is pass the 15 day return policy so it’s nothing that BestBuy can do. He looked up my purchase and saw that I had purchased to extended warranty. He stated that all we can do is repair the TV at this point and it’s a good thing that you purchased the extended warranty. I asked him why to I have to be responsible for repairing a television that was broken when you sold it to me. Spoke with store manager Toni at that time who informed me of the same policy.

I called Corporate Customer Service for BestBuy and explained my situation. They acted like they sympathized with my situation, but came back with the same stupid response, but not before acknowledging that the television was broken upon the sale, but because it’s pass the 15 day return policy all we can do is have it repaired. So I asked the Rep again, let me understand, BestBuy will acknowledge that the television was broke when it was sold to me, but because I’m pass the 15 day return policy is the reason why they won’t replace it with a new television. The television had a bad screen and shut off/on switch. Please make sure that you open your merchandise as soon as you get it home because BestBuy have no problem selling their customers broken merchandise and leaving you to be responsible for the repair, but only if you purchase the extended warranty. If you don’t purchase the extended warranty on their products and you’re pass the 15 day return policy it’s nothing that BestBuy can do for you. I will never purchase anything from BestBuy again. I sent a fax to the CEO Mr. George L. Mikan on 7/11/2016 still waiting for a response.


Elizabeth August 30, 2016 at 11:01 am

File a claim in small claims court.


Mike Brewer July 18, 2016 at 3:26 pm

What an experience.I just wanted a 1 minute question answered and I am now 1 hr and 15 minutes into wasted BEST BUY Time. I was put on hold with One caller ahead. Waited 6 minutes just to hear the phone ring 21 times without an answer.Re-called and tried it again, this time 3 callers ahead. I waited it out again.14 minutes this time. Same thing ,only 14 rings and then looped back to the prerecorded message about how important my call is to them. BUT no one picks up the call. Tried it once more again but got the same after a 10 minute decided to drive the 6 miles to the store. At this point i’m 40 minutes in to what a 30 second live caller would have finish by PICKING UP THE PHONE. Then I get to the store and the support women doesn’t like my attitude and asks me to leave the store because I say why don’t you pick up the damm phone? What…yeah, she was so concerned with my problem she asks me to leave the store. I will never buy anything from this lot of ass holes again. OH yeah, then when I return home to call corporate offices to complain..guess what? Yeap..they put me on hold and didn’t come to the phone after 7 minutes, so I hung up on them too. Now I’m 1 hr and 25 minutes into this whole BEST BUY support help. What a company. USELESS support they don’t give a crap about you.. just your money. DON’t BUY , wasted time… ( SPRINGFIELD, OREGON STORE )


Mike Braver May 4, 2016 at 7:28 pm

The most incompetent, inept, disorganized company in the United States. This company is 20 years behind the times and fading fast.


Dean April 11, 2016 at 4:06 pm

On Wednesday, April 6th 2016, I took my Toshiba Satellite laptop to the Geek Squad in the Grove City, Ohio Best Buy store. I took the laptop to the store because I thought that the D drive partition was damaged or not functioning properly. A diagnostic test was done and I was told that there were several small things wrong and that if the restored and backed up the computer, that it would probably take care of the small things that are going wrong with the laptop.

On Saturday, April 9th 2016, I received an email informing me that my laptop was repaired and ready for pickup. When I dropped the laptop off, I was told that the laptop would be returned to me exactly the way I dropped it off. When I got there, all of my desktop icons were placed into a folder on the desktop. I’m fine with that, but the background image was gone. My point is that they’re telling me one thing and providing something else. That pretty much sums up my experience with this Geek Squad, but that was just the beginning.

When I opened my home inspection software while still at the store to insure that everything was still there, I found that all of my home inspection reports and realtor contacts that took me thousands of hours over the last four years to acXXXXulate had been erased.

When the young woman that typically works at the front counter realized that she couldn’t help me, she requested the help of one of the techs. After a few minutes, the tech asked me to have a seat and stated that he would be about fifteen minutes. At about 45 minutes, another tech (white shirt) asked if he could help me. I asked him to check on my laptop for me. He asked my name and went to the back where they work on the computers. He never did address me again even though walking by me more than once and purchased a drink at the register in front of me. After more than an hour, I walked to the front desk and asked for a manager, then went back to where I was previously sitting in the Geek Squad waiting area. After another 10-15 minutes, a manager approached me, asked what was wrong, I informed him of what was going on, and he left for that same back area where people disappear to. After another 10 minutes or so, he returned to tell me that they were trying to retrieve the data that they had erased from the hard drive (Home Inspector Pro data). They said that it would take awhile and that I would have to come back again after it was done. Lucas told me that he thought that they would be able to retrieve it because there didn’t seem to be any problems with the hard drive.

I live 45 minutes away from the store so, to this point, making two round trips (three hours) not to mention all of the wait time, and now they’re saying that I’m going to have to come back to pick up (another two hours) after they said it was ready. This is ridiculous!

On Sunday, April 10th 2016, I called several times throughout the day usually about two hours apart to check on the status. Every time I was told that it was still working. It would seem that there were instructions that if I called that I would need to talk to Lucas.

On Monday, April 11th 2016, I called at approximately 10:20 am and was told that Lucas was busy and would call me back in about five minutes. After two and a half hours, not getting my call returned, I called and asked to speak with a manager. I eventually spoke with Jake and told him what was going on. He placed me on hold while he spoke with the Geek Squad. Upon returning to the call, he informed me that they could replace my hard drive so that I could use my laptop while they send my hard drive somewhere to do a level two retrieval that would take anywhere from four to eight weeks and cost me more money. He also informed me that there was no guarantee that that would work. I informed Jake that I would not be spending not one more penny with them. I was informed that there was nothing more that they could do for at that point. I asked to speak to the actual store manager and I was informed that the store manager was not there.

I then called customer relations, was on hold for awhile, and eventually spoke with a rep to yet again explain what was happening. I was place on an extended hold again while he called the store only to be told again what was previously offered. I explained that my next step was to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General. Depending on that outcome, I am considering legal action. Before getting off of that call, I asked for the customer relations person’s name and he disconnected the call.

Basically, they’re saying that it’s my fault that I didn’t inform them of this information within the Home Inspector Pro software. My response to this was that was the reason that I brought the laptop to them in the first place…because they were the professionals and that I thought that they knew what they were doing and that rather than the responsibility being on me (the customer) to inform them of all of the pertinent information needed, perhaps they should have asked the necessary questions needed to do a professional job. Again, that’s why I trusted Geek Squad with the laptop that I use for my livelihood.

I use the laptop for a couple of businesses that I have…one of them being a home inspection business. I performed a home inspection on Thursday, April 7th 2016. I told the client (prospective buyer of the home) that my laptop was in the shop getting repaired and may not be able to get the inspection report until the following Monday, April 11th 2016. Fortunately, the client was fine with this. Typically, a home inspection report is completed and submitted to the client either that same day or next day. Because I’m unable to provide the report as I promised by Monday which is four days later, I’m returning the inspection fee of $350 to the client even though I am still going to do the report as soon as I get the laptop back. I’m doing this because it’s good business. I cannot treat my customers like Best Buy/Geek Squad treats their customers and expect to stay in business for very long.


red March 9, 2016 at 11:54 am

Don’t deal with best buy geeksquad they don’t work on computers your computer is sent out for anything wrong with it. They have know idea how to work on computers. And the company rips you off to buy software. Shop somewhere else


No March 23, 2016 at 9:35 pm



Robert Rossi March 2, 2016 at 6:39 pm

We went in to Best Buy to purchase a computer anti-virus protection plan. The salesman said Webroot was just as good as Norton ! Months later both our laptops were in the shop getting de-bugged to the sum of $130.00 ! 19000 bugs in my wifes, and 999 bugs in mine ! Went back to Best Buy to tell them what happened …! They didn’t even offer to give us our money back on the Webroot we bought from them, not to mention the $130.00 repair bill ! We left there – never to return to Best Buy again …..


Paul Seda January 3, 2016 at 2:59 am

I am a preferred customer with hp, $5000 credit line. I purchased an HP OMNI 27-1210xt. paid $1917.99. (Not including my
HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium) Desktop PC. Entire total was $2364.28 PRODUCT # C1B23AV#ABA. Also came with HP wireless Elite v2 desktop. Shipping was no charge. Here are the upgrades: 2TB 7200RPM SATA 1st Hard Drive; Slim Slot Super Multi Drive w/Bay; Bodie Front I/O; Integrated Audio; PC Mover US; Adobe Photo Shop Elements 10 SW US; Intel Core i7-3770S 3.1G 8M 65W CPU; 10GB-DDR3-1600 SODIMM MEMORY 1x8GB+1x2GB; AMD RADEON HD 7650A 2GB DDR3 MXM; HP WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n 2X2 DB MCARD BT;HP Slim WRLS W8 KBD kit w/o Remote US; Windows 8 64 bit OS; Norton Internet security 2013 CTO 36 Months ROXIO CREATOR NXT-CTO US; Scaler Card-HDMI in (Bodie); HP Country Kit; Microsoft Office Home + Student 2010 + Adobe Acrobat. Your replacement for my computer is HP 27″ Touch Screen All in One.
It contains Intel Core I5 12GB 1 TB Hard Drive. Model is 27-p014. I was willing to accept this as long as we filled in the rest of what this machine does not carry. When I returned to Best Buy On East Colonial Drive, the 1st thing I was told to try and get the Adobe Photo Shop Elements 10 SW US; and the Microsoft office Home + Student 2010 and the Country kit which no one knew about. This computer on sale in the store is what they offered me. Selling Price $1049.99.I last spoke with Richard the head technician in the Geek squad. He basically told me, “We will hold this computer for 120 days. I tuned back towards him and told him, You broke my computer enroute to Best Buy. I purchased my HP Omni 27 direct from HP. I told richard I was totally upset and discontent with his decision. I told him have a check ready for me to pick up in the amount of $1917.99. He said as a company he will make available what is in their stock. I have bought so many things from Best Buy, in the Florida Mall,
OBT in Kissimmee and the East Colonial drive location. I was made to feel as though I was a ZERO, and whatever he said that was it. I did not purchase it there, naturally you would need to make adjustments to get my computer at HP. I was a General Manager of ALL FLOORS OF ORLANDO. And I have replaced extremely expensive wooden floors. Sometimes an installer has a bad day because we are not perfect. But to tell me “this computer will be there for 120 days” because he said so, has never been the way I have been treated at this location. I told him we would unfortunately wind up in court not because of the money but because of the principles involved. He will not bully me in any way, shape, or form, especially when Best Buy is responsible
for breaking my computer. I mentioned to him earlier that the same computer he offered to me was just about equal. That computer was the HP ENVY 27″-p0114 SIGNATURE SERIES! I asked him would he try to speak to someone higher up that is qualified to find me a better option, and he said that is not our policy. He remained standing up to me behind the counter. Naturally I had no option but to leave. There were other employees standing near by, but noe dared to say anything. You have had my computer since October 2015. The first time I paid the $34.99 because I knew I could trust you as a whole. First time, I got a call that the repair will be $170.00? I was happy. But when we turned on the computer it did not work. Had to send it back out. The next call I received was the computer was damaged beyond repair. I am a disabled American Veteran. I use a scooter to get around, and i have CNA taking care of me during the week. I need a liver transplant, and have 2 badly damaged knee’s and both shoulders are broken. I am only 60 years old and feel like 90.


j m cross December 16, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Sold me a worbot protection plan for 3 years with 2 days after I went online 256 errors in my computer. I call geeksquad said everything was fine that very day a hacker stole all my info. Geeksquad said sorry your problem will have to be fixed by yahoo. Now that was a joke talk with at least 7 reps. to no avail. I finally had to go to Microsoft and they fixed it for a
lot money. Now I want my money back from Best Buy for selling me some third rate security computer protection that did not work and they could not even find the errors 256 were found by Microsoft. Now my computer works and I want what Microsoft charged me to fix it too. Oh by the way you will be first on my calling list.


Paul Anthony Seda March 31, 2016 at 10:36 pm

Mr. Cross, I apologize for not tweeting you sooner. I am so disgusted with the new all in one PC they supplied me with. There is no chain of command when it comes to the responsible person who makes decisions. I wish a blessing upon you, that your dilemma receives attention. Please let me know if they resolved your claim.


Paul a seda February 24, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Orlando, FL 32832
Mine is a long story, but since your company has heard about my dilemma I will cut this short. I had an HP27* It had everything built into it, including DVD’RW. 2 TB of space and 2 TB Memory. Your company broke the system that I had made for me at HP. I paid approximately $2300. They sent out my computer a 2nd time and this time it was all shattered. I was offered a replacement which till this day it s nothing but trouble! I mean a lot of issues. This replacement is out of operation most of the time. I had a Special Ordered 27 OMNI C1B3AVABA. My order number H125233440, product description 685429112086668FEDEX.
I can be reached anytime at 407-271-XXXXX, home number. I am a Disabled American Veteran and should not have been ignored or ridiculed by DAN S. at your Colonial drive location. Misspelled words or improper use of grammar, is one of the computers glitches. I write regularly to Lawyers, Doctors, Adjutant General and as directed to. All done from home office. With that being said, I have felt I had been obligated to take the ENVY. There is no comparison, That the older model served me extremely well, and better than the ENVY you had in stock, and the one they wanted me to select. Several phone calls did not result in any satisfaction. Face to face, I could see the expressions on his face, Said that if I did not accept this computer, I would lose my money and the ENVY Computer he selectected for me. He squared uo to me as though what are you going to do about it!!! I am 62 years old, 2 knees that must be replaced, 2 shoulders broken in which I spent 7 months in a nursing home doing therapy that did not work. The icing on the cake was the Geek squad manager. I know I am unable to defend myself physically, But if I was well, Combat Infantry, I would repay him with the same type of kindness he demonstrated! Nevertheless, something should be done. I told him I wanted the same Select computer I had. He said to me they do not make that model, until I should him a Signature computer 27 OMNI 27XT 27-12 10XT. I only want what was destroyed by BEST BUY, even though I purchased a select, a made to order computer.


Jerry Mcvicker December 11, 2015 at 12:46 pm

I need a number of a person at your CORPORATE office that can HELP with the troubles i’m having with an order, my phone number is 517-781-XXXXX


Griffin Anthony Glaze December 3, 2015 at 11:17 am

Hi Best Buy headquarters this is Griffin Anthony Glaze I would like a coupon for Samsung steam platinum top load washer and a coupon for Samsung steam platinum electric dryer?


Jack November 27, 2015 at 1:28 am

The worst possible experience a person could ever have . I walked in to take advantage of a phone on sale and upgrade my phone at a best buy the young man was assisting me , all of a sudden this so called manager berating him in front if a customer said she will take care of it and told him go to the back room . This is where bad goes to worse I spent over an hour waiting for this person she took my name my account number and pulled my info up on her computer . Then said our computer is down which she was lying she was putting something in the computer . She tells me too bad we are closing I can’t do anything for you and can’t hold the phone for you call the online but they cant help you either .i proceeded to call customer service after 2 hours on the phone trying to buy a phone they telling they can not add the phone to my account I had my carrier on the phone and they said they can selll me the phone my carrier will swap my phones for me . I called back to the store the manager picked the phone up I proceeded to telll her what I was told by the online people she then said I can’t help you and hung up on me . This person should not be dealing with the public never mind being a store manger Her customer facing skills are a zero.


Myles Walsh November 18, 2015 at 8:21 pm

I want to send an email direct to George L. Mikan III, but I cannot find an email address to send it to.


Kara November 12, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I am not sure if this is even worth the time to write given my current situation with best buy as a whole and that I am generally not the type to complain, however I have tried everything to solve my current problem. I have just had an unfortunate experience with a customer service representative from the Watertown NY store in the Salmon Run mall. I had called to see if I could talk to someone about my computer purchase. I had bought a HP laptop for school around the beginning of the summer, I used it maybe three or four times and one day it wouldn’t turn on. I brought it in and they said the motherboard has malfunction so Geek Squad sent it out fro repairs. It took almost 2 and a half weeks fro me to se my computer again. When I got it back it ran slow and would not download my Microsoft word. I brought it back and they took it for another week to run diagnostics. Said nothing was wrong. I brought it back later that week explaining how there was a problem and i was treated very condescendingly. I may not know much about computers but i can recognize when one isn’t working like it used to prior. They again took it for diagnosis after I complained and about a week and a half later they said it was ready. I went out to Watertown to pick it up to not have it actually ready and to have to wait another 2 hours for them to download. Now i mind you I live an hour and half away one direction. Every trip I had to take was 3 hours of driving. Now that i have my computer back it will not go from sleep mode to wake mode without a forced shut down. I refuse to drive another 3 hours for Geek squad to not know what is actually wrong with a computer I have had in my possession maybe 2 months tops and use only about a week. I am now in my final 2 weeks of my first semester of graduate school with no computer. Do you realize how debilitating that has been? This is been nothing but a hassle and all I wanted tonight on information about either why my computer has come back not once but twice with more problems than it originally had, and I would like to know why when I inquired about possible options to maintain good relations with the store I was disrespected with condescending tones about “why I am trying to return a computer months later” and why my explanation was not actively listened to? I’m not asking for a handout. I’m asking for a computer worth the money I have paid for. Several of my classmates have seen my frustration and have personally said they aren’t going to bother going back to this store. Two other students have complained about the customer service at the Watertown store. I want to understand why I was treated so disrespectfully and why I had to waste my money to drive and pay so much for service that is not only under par but plain disrespectful? If you can give me any clarification and can help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Joseph Sagstetter October 7, 2015 at 12:02 pm

o whom it may concern,

I run a very small computer repair business, which I am planning on dismantling when I find the right company to bring my experience and customers to. I applied for your company on the website, and received a phone call just a few hours later to come in for an interview. Nothing major, a sales position in one of the electronics departments. I received the call on Sunday and was asked to come in today (Wednesday) for the interview.

One hour before the interview I received a phone call stating not to come in because my previous work as a computer repair technician was somehow a conflict of interest and would take away business from your Geek Squad.

My plan was to bring business to Geek Squad. I wouldn’t work for a company (or even apply) if I had any interest in taking business away from them. Why would I want to hurt the company I work for?

This policy is ridiculous and borders on discrimination. My previous work experience should have been viewed as an asset, not disqualify me.

At the very least, before your hiring managers call a prospective employee, they should pay more attention to the resume before making the call. Not schedule the interview and then wait until an hour before the interview to call and cancel it.

I am simply emailing those on this list to voice my distaste in the policy and the way this was handled. I was excited to work for your company and would have been happy to bring my own customers to you, not the other way around. I will be sure in the future to express my distaste in your company to any I speak to and do my best to take away any amount of business I am able to from both Best Buy and Geek Squad.

Thank you for your time


ron October 1, 2015 at 1:50 pm

I just wanted to tell your CEO that the manager of your Norwalk, ct store went above and beyond what he was supposed to do
he helped me with a computer that crashed on me and I lost all of my work data
he spent 30 min with me and didn’t have to
his name is James Diaz


Anna Varrecchia Magee August 17, 2015 at 2:17 pm

3 times my husband called up Best Buy asking where his bill is. They said they would look into 1 rep even said he would call us back in 20 mins and still never called us back. Now we got a bill from citibank and my husbands great credit is ruined because they are so unorganized! This is people lives they play with it’s takes a long time to build a good credit rating. We never received a bill. Look into your invoices and see that you never sent us one. This is so unfair! Best Buy ruins people credit ratings because they are very incompetent. Unless this is resolved we will need get lawyer.
Brett & Anna Magee.


Virgil Beckham July 18, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Congratulations. You are almost Circuit City. Went into the Mt. Juliet, TN store today with $400 dollars in hand to purchase a Samsung Tab S 10.5 tablet. Not seeing one on display, I interrupted a Geek fest at the checkout to inquire. I was told none in stock although the internet site said otherwise. Geek said even though website said in stock it’s usually not correct. He said he would look in back and came out 5 minutes later and said I would need to wait for another Geek to finish putting up stock in the back so he could use the lift. I say OK and after waiting for about 5 more minutes and then notice Geek one yukking it up with his buddies so, bye, bye $400 sale. The only reason to come to Best Buy is for one on one personal service, and if I can’t get that then Amazon is going to ea your lunch. I was you, I would update my resume. Circuit City died fast because of service like this.


Cheryl Chesterfield July 8, 2015 at 10:03 am

I am an employee at Heritage Farms Dairy. We are owned by the Kroger Company. Back in May I purchased items for our company picnic at Nasville Shores, which was on June 6th. Well, my name was pulled and I won a Toshiba Laptop. My step daughter came to set up my lap top for use, sometimes during this process the keys stop working. We cut the lap top off and the next morning I tried to turn it on and it would not come on at all. I got a printed receipt from work and took the laptop back to Best Buy with the hopes of them switching it out. Oh no that didn’t happen I was told by a Manager named Robert , he would not give me his last name, that this item was bought in May and who is to say what I had done to it since then. He said the only thing they could do is send it in for repairs. Please tell me who purchaces a new laptop and take it out of the box and it does not work. I was treated like a was a criminal. I have s call in to customer service, it’s been two weeks. I’m still waiting on a response from the General Manager. I have a brand new laptop and it does not work. I am getting ready to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This store is in Murfreesboro, Tn.


SHARON BODDA July 2, 2015 at 12:52 pm



SHARON BODDA July 5, 2015 at 2:06 pm



Miguel Delgado May 21, 2015 at 8:20 pm

Over the last 72 hours, I have been in your store three times and still have not had any resolution for my problem. I have witnessed extremely understaffed positions, under trained personell that bordered on neglagence and no support for the consumer what so ever. This is exactly why I very rarely shop in your store.

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S5 in November 2014. On Monday, May 18th, the screen began to go out. I stopped by your store location in Fenton, MO in Gravois Bluffs to have Geek Squad look at it and hopefully replace it. Only one person was working in Geek Squad and only one person was working at Customer Service but we had over 8 people waiting in line. After 10 minutes, the Geek Rep handed me a paper with instructions to go on line and file my claim for a new phone because it would be over 20 more minutes before he could get to me.

This phone is my business phone. I work out of two diferente gym locations. I do not have time to wait for your company to send me a new phone becuse of a manufactor defect. I did not drop or damage the phone in any way. The screen just went out because of poor quality. This same representative suggested that I could stop by the Sprint servisse store, since it is their phone, they may be able to swap it out.

I went to Sprint, they gave me the phone number to call Samsung. Samsung said it would take 9 business days to replace the phone. Still not happy, I stopped by the South County Best Buy location on Lindberg to see if these Geeks were overwhelmed and could give me some good News. That was not happening either. The Rep I spoke with said that due to business contract law, they could not turn in a claim for this phone because there was no physical damamge. In fact, I would be charged $199 to replace this phone. I should call Samsung and have them replace the phone!

I called the Geek Squad 800 number and spoke with a nice Rep who filed my claim and said I will not be charged at all.

Fast forward to today, May 21st. My new Samsung arrives. I follow the instructions to activate it. I even go online with the step by step instructions and then go to the Geek Squad activation site to activate my phone but it does not work. I now have to go back to the South County location again for more help. The same guy that told me I had to pay to replace my phone is there to help me out again. for an hour he fumbles with my replacement phone. He even does the factory reset. Finally, the Rep says that there is something wrong with this phone and I will have to be sent another phone.

Please, keep reading, this gets worse! I must send this replacement phone back in order to get another replacement phone. Once that new replacement phone is activeated, then I return my original phone with the messed up screen! We are talking another week without a business phone! Most likely it will be longer because of the Holiday weekend!

Seriously? Is this how you conduct business? I bend over backwards for my clientes to ensure highest customer service possible. That is why over 80% of my clientes stay with me for years and years. However, if you are just collecting your unrealistice fat paycheck and dont care that Amazon, Tiger Direct, Over Stock and others are taking your clientes, then you are on the right path. Tell me, why did you not make it in China and other countries?

I will be more than happy to walk in both crappy phones right now, today, for you to give me a new phone in your store. I am not happy at all with the horrible experience, the poor quality of the merchandise or even the fact that I had to spend time to look up your email address and write this letter because each of you are so out of touch of what is going on in your stores.

By the way, to email the CEO and executive board members use

Hope that helps the others still waiting for resolution!


MC July 10, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Per Wikipedia (10JUL2015), Hubert Joly became CEO in 2012, replacing Mikan. No confirmation from other sites.


Liora Asa May 13, 2015 at 7:46 pm

I think that it might be important (and maybe painful) to hear of an experience from the field:

I purchased VivoFit Fitness Band in Best Buy West Hollywood store #393 on Sunday May 10, 2015. I then boarded a plane to Israel, and gave the VivoFit as a gift to my husband on his 52nd birthday. Upon opening the gift, he discovered that the USB ANT stick was missing from the box (it is supposed to be included in the package). I have made about 10 calls to various customer service agents in West Hollywood branch, been put on hold for hours of my time (long distance), then tried the corporate office and was also put on hold by at least 4 agents all who transferred me to different departments, who then put me on hold. Nobody is taking responsibility for the missing piece and there seems to be an across the board approach by your agents to be nice, and tell me “yes, this so and so department will be able to help you”, transfer me on and then nobody answers. I feel that there is a deliberate approach to your customer service departments to try and ware down the client so that they will just give up the cause. I did not think this at first, but after so many hours and so many agents saying the same sentences, in the same sweet voice, and transferring me on to nowhere land, with nobody to answer, it seems clear that this is your strategy.

I would appreciate receiving a clear and accurate response on how to get the USB ANT stick, that was supposed to come with the product, either sent to my mother in Fullerton, CA or to me in Israel, and to have a person Best Buy employee who is willing to take responsibility and follow through until the customer (me) receives the service deserved to a purchasing customer.
Thanks for your attention,

Liora Asa
(Please note that I do not normally write these kinds of letters, I don’t have the time. But I was just so frustrated and shocked by the fact that nobody could actually give me a straight answer, that I was driven to find your email address and inform you of what is going on at the ground level and at the customer service main office. If I do not receive instructions from someone in your staff, I believe that I will share my story using the Social Media).


Amanda May 1, 2015 at 11:57 am

To whom it may concern,

I want to start out by saying within the last 3 years, we have purchased 2 television sets through Best Buy and both have went out and would not be replaced by your company. – Within the last 2 months we purchased an Insignia Television at your Chapel Hill location in Akron Ohio on Howe Ave. We purchased the 2 year extended warranty at the store to avoid any issues we may encounter. When we chose the Insignia, the salesman told us that Insignia was a newer brand and this is why we have not heard of the brand before. They did not have the one we wanted in the store, so we even let him order it online for us. We were extremely happy with the decision to purchase the 50″ Insignia. When we went to the store to pick it up, we purchased the 2year warranty with it. Unfortunately on 4/30/2015 our Insignia television went out. That’s not even 3 months after purchase. The screen went blank and all we could hear was the sound. We called Best Buy at Chapel Hill Mall on 5/1/2015. The number we called sent us to a location out of state. At which point they transferred the call to the “Geek Squad”. The gentlemen who answered the phone, said he was out of state as well. We proceeded to tell him the problem and he said he had to send someone out after they ordered a part for our television. We asked why someone wasn’t coming out first to see what was wrong and we wanted to know why we couldn’t take it to the store. The gentlemen on the phone from the “Geek Squad”, then tells us he works from home. He is not in the store, therefore we cannot just take the television to them. He then tells us it will take weeks to fix the television. At this point we got off the phone and tried to call the Chapel Hill location again. When I finally reached a manager, he did a search for the sku number to see if the sku was active. A few moments later he tells me our television is now obsolete. They do not make our television anymore, and the only way to repair it is to have someone from the Geek Squad come to my house and try to repair it. First of all, I shouldn’t have to allow a stranger in my home, I should be able to take the television to the store for repair. I was told this was not an option. Secondly, If the SKU number was inactive, the sales person in the beginning lied to us by saying this item was newer brand, and now we’re very upset. Third, if they were willing to try and replace my television with another (had it not been an inactive sku) there should be other options to replace it with if our Insignia is out of date already after 2 months. We are very disappointed with Best Buy considering this is the second television that went out, and the second time we have run into an issue with returning or repairing the television. When purchasing a 2 year warranty with a store, that store specifically should honor their warranty and not send a stranger from out of state to your home, not even knowing the issue at hand. I would greatly appreciate an e-mail or call back ASAP, as I am sending this e-mail to each and every Best Buy e-mail account I can find. We cannot believe the run around we are getting over a television we were lied to about in the beginning.

Thank you for your time.


Wayne Jacob April 16, 2015 at 10:30 am

I bought a Washing machine and got 18 month financing and it broke after 15 months. WOW ….Great products !! Called corporate, and they just transferred me to someone that charges you to fix them…LOL No more purchases from BEST BUY ! Now that was simple ……………..


Connie December 30, 2014 at 11:23 pm

I’ve been a best buy customer for years I refer everyone and even recommend the protection plans, I’ve always purchased them. And now unfortunately I had to use it on my Ipad because the screen cracked. Worst mistake ever!!!! When u purchased they said they would repair it and if it wasn’t repairable they would replace it with a new one. My iPad worked I went to see if they can fix it and they did the proceas they said a box would be sent to my home.. Fast forward I got my Ipad and it was refurbished!!!!! And the back of it was plain did not look like an apple iPad i was very upset and dissatisfied as a customer. I was lied to and they never explained to me they would send me a refurbished one! I thought they were just gonna repair it!! I went to the store and the manager didn’t even try to help me and was acting like a smart ass… I never write bad reviews or anything but honestly best buy i am very disappointed and feel lied to and ripped off!!


Bill Horwatt December 24, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Well, I know that Best buy has problems, Carrie S., but shutting it down will not help. A lot of aspiring programmers and computer specialists work there, and the Geek Squad has helped me well in the past. Yes, there are problems, but you have to deal with it!


Leigh Luke December 8, 2014 at 10:49 am

I placed an order on Cyber Monday for an iPad Mini and used my AMEX to pay (along with $30 in credit that I had earned). Once the order was placed, I notice that the shipping address was incorrect. I contacted customer service immediately via email. I received an auto response from customer service stating that my email was received. I have not gotten any response to the email I sent. I first thing the following morning and spoke to Josh who proceeded to tell me that there was nothing that could be done since the order had already been placed. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he stated that he did not have any supervisor and again, nothing can be done.

I was not satisfied with Josh’s answer. It does not make sense to me that some one could not contact the shipping department (since the item had not shipped). I proceeded to Customer Service at the Best Buy corporate office and spoke to Greg. Greg stated that the address could be changed once that item had shipped. He told me that I would get a notice once my item left the warehouse, and that I should and ask them to intercept the item and have it sent to the correct address.

I never received a notice regarding this item (Order number ***16588). It is odd, because I have received a notice regarding another item I purchased from best on December 5th. Needless to say, I contacted again on Friday morning because I logged in and saw that the item had been sent. I spoke to Stacey, who transferred me to a lady (I could not understand her name). The woman I spoke to tried to help, but said that she was not able to get the delivery address changed and that I would need to call back (this is after being on the phone for nearly 2 hours!).

I tweeted the problem, and was asked to send an email to I sent the email, but again – have gotten no response. I voiced my frustration on your Facebook page this morning as well.

I am extremely frustrated and at this point I am getting angry. My family and my businesses are long time customers (we have spent over $4000 in the past 2 months), and I expect better service from Best Buy. I certainly expect that someone in the company would be able to change a delivery address (which is all I am asking). If the address is not changed and my item is not received, I am sorry to say Best Buy will lose several very good customers.

I would appreciate some sort of response/resolution to this email no later than 5pm eastern time today.

Here are my order details:

Order Number: ****16588
Correct delivery address should be same as billing address.

I have checked with UPS, and the package is schedule to be delivered today Monday, December 8th. Please contact me to let me know what can be done to help.


Drea January 5, 2015 at 12:07 am



Carie S. December 7, 2014 at 8:37 pm

**Consumers Beware** Do not utilize Best Buy’s online Marketplace if you actually expect to receive what you ordered & actually hope to get issues resolved. Do not be fooled by Best Buy’s false “promises” they post on their website like I was-it’s a scam!!! I ordered an item for an important Christmas gift on 11/25/14. On 11/26/14 I received an email from Best Buy to advise that my order was in the process of being fulfilled & will be delivered by 12/2/14. Much to my surprise on 12/2/14-the day I should’ve received my item by- I instead received an email from Best Buy stating that my order was out of stock & that cancelled my order! Contacting the trusty marketplace vendor was nothing short of hassle as the link to my order directed to me to a completely different company which I wasn’t aware of until I spent 20 minutes on the phone before finding out they were not the company that processed my order. After more time & research I hunted down the “Customer Service” number of the company that processed my order. Another 20 minutes of my life was spent on hold & finally met with a rude woman with very poor English, who I spent most of the phone call having her repeat what she was saying because I truly could not understand her. She was however, perfectly able to lie to me & tell me my item was sold out within a minute of being posted online, in which case I wouldn’t have been able to purchase the item, nor would’ve I received an email days earlier stating my order was being fulfilled. The fact is they messed up & were sold out & refused to fix the issue. I explained this was my Daughter’s Christmas gift & when I purchased the item on 11/25, the item was in stock. The rude woman told me no & refused to rectify the issue so I asked for her Manager, which she put me on “hold” while I waited. While waiting I vented my frustrations to my Husband, to which the rude woman immediately came back on the line speaking perfect English demanding me to repeat what I’d said-to my Husband, while I was supposed to be on hold. The fact that she was eavesdropping on my instead of actually getting her Manager like I requested is despicable & not what I would call an ethical business practice. When I refused to give in to her demands of repeating my conversation with my husband while I was on “hold” she hung up on me!
According to the lies on the Best Buy website, they state that if you’re unable to resolve a dispute with the 3rd party vendor, to contact them & they will work with you & the vendor to resolve the dispute. So that is what I attempted to do.
So I called Best Buy….waited a really long time to speak to someone. When I explained what the issue was & what had happened when I tried to contact the vendor, after wasting a lot of my time going back & forth-she offered absolutely no assistance & advised me to contact the 3rd party vendor to resolve. Mind you, I’d already experience & how I’d been hung up on & the amount of time I’d already spent trying to get this resolved, etc. Moral of the story is, she did not care nor did she honor the “promise” stated on the Best Buy Marketplace website. I got absolutely no resolution!!!!!
By this time I was so livid I was in tears. The fact that this company & their associates did not care that they were ruining the most important Christmas gift for my Daughter was baffling to me!
My last resort was looking up Hubert Joly’s information, as the internet indicated he is the CEO of Best Buy. When I called the number listed, I expected to get some sort of executive escalation team….instead a woman answered “Hello?” Not exactly how a business should be answering the phone. When I tried to explain what I needed, she cut me off & put me on hold….where I was then transferred to the waiting queue for their call center. I didn’t think I could be more enraged than this moment.
Then I got connected to Tyrus Johnson. He genuinely seemed to care as I was crying about all of this & said he would do whatever he needed to, to assist me. When I explained everything I’d been through he put me on hold & went through everything I did…including being redirected to a completely different company who did not process my order. Seems like a scam, which he agreed to & said he didn’t understand how that could happen. Long story short, as nice as he was on that phone call, he was not able to assist. He gave me his email address & asked me to forward him the emails I’d received, which I did. He said he would follow up with me for resolution w/in 24-48 hrs. Since then I’ve checked in with him several times to get a status & all he can respond is that he hasn’t heard anything. This is now a week later with no resolution.

I do not appreciate the lies & deceit that came with this shopping experience & would like to thank Best Buy for ruining my child’s gift for Christmas, as what I ordered seems to be sold out & other similar colors are at least $100 more than what I ordered.

The way this company does business is shameful & deceitful & they will never again get another cent from my family! They’ve proven that they don’t care to have me as a customer ever again.

For other consumers sake, save your time & money & hassle, shop elsewhere.


Ola December 2, 2014 at 7:44 pm

does anyone know email addresses or contact information for best buy execs??


Phyllis Busch December 1, 2014 at 1:44 pm

I went into the store across the street from Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Ga. Parking lot was crowded but no one was walking out with a bag or box from the store. I found out in a hurry. I walked in the door and a young man at the door said hello. I asked him where the product was located that I wanted. He pointed to another man and he pointed to something and since I am 77years old I was even unfamiliar with the product i was looking for and I asked again he was obviously mad I bothered him in his conversation with another employee. If your sales fall short please know it is not the customers but your employees.


Maxine October 16, 2014 at 6:45 pm

I cease to believe your continuous stupidity from customer relations. I have spent numerous hours and had the unfortunate experience of speaking to people I can’t understand in New Delhi, Costa Rico, The Philippines…any where else outside of the United States. I find it hard to comprehend that money from your customers in the US is perfectly fine, however the working class apparently isn’t. If I had a penny for how much it cost you to set up the system to foreign countries instead of paying our people I would be a rich lady. Never the less with inferior mentalities and lack of saying anything I can understand besides ‘I apologize”, I have been begging for a $78.56 refund for a year!!! I have been given promises, verbally, as well a time frames, gift card numbers and anything else they can dream up and have not received a refund. What the heck is wrong here? Maybe BB thinks they are to big to be nice to the customer…lol…Unfortunately I am stupid and have gone back for many big ticket items and I am usually soooo unhappy. This is it, I am done this with crummy organization. In this economy I wish everyone would boycott Best Buy and send them packing. If I didn’t pay a bill for one year you bet I would hear from someone with threats to kill my credit, repeated phone calls, letters of demand, attorney fees…whatever…this is just disgusting…


Thomas White October 14, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Really awful customer service. Bought a dishwasher that was supposed to delivered after 3:00 pm on 10/14. They showed up at my house at 1:30, waited 15 minutes and left. This after I called on 10/13 and told the rep that I absolutely could not be home until 3:00 and was told that it was not a problem. He made a note in the system that the delivery people did not bother to read and then the delivery people blamed me for not being there. Now they say they can’t re-schedule until the truck gets back to the warehouse. Would like my money back.


Kelly Ray October 12, 2014 at 7:22 pm

I would like to make a complaint about our recent buying experience of a washer and dryer. The order number is 1114244167155 for reference.

Before even this order began, we started having troubles. We had done considerable research and had decided on a LG washer and dryer model (WM3070HWA and DLEX3070W). We had located them at for a good price, and went to the store to buy it. Once there, we were told that they had just sold out of that model and it wasn’t even available on-line anymore.This was July 5.

After spending more time researching dryers, I originally ordered the LG washer WM3250HWA (sku 1713758) and matching dryer DLEX3250W (sku 1713584) on 31 Aug 2014 with a delivery date on 13 Sept 2014 on-line. We went to the Best Buy store #223 on 1 Sept 2014 because we had found some gift cards that we wanted to use to pay for the set. It took them over a hour to:
1) find and access the order
2) cancel the entire order
3) reorder the same items
4) give us another delivery date on 19 Sept 2014 because the original delivery date was not longer available once we cancelled the order.

One 18 Sept 2014, I received a phone message informing me that although washer was at the store and ready to be delivered, the dryer was on backorder. We went to the store the next day. At that time we were informed that the dryer could not be found at all and that we had to order another non-matching dryer. Since we could not get the dryer, we went home to do more research.

On 21 Sept 2014, we returned to the store. The dryer that was not available was still listed on the website as available. I had even found the physical dryer at Best Buy store #375 in Santa Fe. However I was told that although it could be transferred from store to store, it could not be delivered to our house. Therefore we ordered a non-matching LG dryer DLE 3050W (sku 1713576). It was priced higher than the original dryer even though the original dryer was a better model. I was additionally told that although they had the washer in the store, they could not deliver it to our house because there was no room on their delivery schedule; they also said that if they did deliver the washer by itself, they would not be able to deliver the dryer since they were in the same order. The next delivery date that we could have was 11 Oct 2014.

Yesterday, we waited around the house all day waiting for the washer and dryer to be delivered. At 3:30, I called the store. I was told there was 3 people in front of me and I waited 15 minutes before getting an associate. She told me she would find out what was happening with the delivery truck and get right back to me. She never did. At 5:00, I called the store again and was told that there were 3 people in front of me. I waited 45 minutes before my phone died. At 6:30 the delivery guy finally called. He left a message stating that for some reason our delivery was not on their list and that they could deliver the washer and dryer in the morning. He asked that we call the store to confirm. We then called the store, was told that 3 people were in front of use, and proceeded to stay on hold 1 hour before hanging up.

The washer, dryer, and stacking kit were delivered this morning at 10:15. However since we had not ordered the other accessories for hooking up the washer and dryer, they would not help us stack the two units.


Kelly Ray, MPAS PA-C


Scott Klein October 8, 2014 at 10:03 pm

10/04/14 @ 4pm arrival time

To whom it may concern,

Hi, I would like to take this time to tell you the experience I had at your East Hanover location good and bad. I want to start off with good so you understand and take into consideration of two things. First that I am not just a crazy, have all the time in the world to write letters, lunatic customer and second I have an invested interest in the company and as a stock holder I do care about the customer service the company provides. The two people that I will be discussing at this time is Victor behind the Geek Squad and Anthony the AP at the door.

Victor is such a value to your company, not only in his knowledge of issues, product, sales and warranties but in his A class customer service. Me being in the retail business for 31 years of my life, I know the importance of customer service. I know people not only come back for product, but mainly for the customer service. We all know that if two places open up side by side, with the same product, cliental will always go back for the customer service. Even if they have to pay a little bit more for the same product, they will go to the service. This is why I like spending a lot of money at the East Hanover location, because overall it is a well ran facility. Just because I purchase a lot that DOES not make me think that I should get special treatment at all. A sale is a sale and every sale counts. It’s about bringing that customer back to buy, and buy more next time.

Today I walked in to discuss an IPAD that I purchased there, to get fixed. Every high value purchase that I purchase from there I always buy a Geek Squad Plan for added protection. Victor took his time to explain to me what needed to get done with the new return policy of an IPAD. Not only THAT, he was willing to do it with me on the computer that was provided to the employees to do the outstanding customer service that ALWAYS brings me back to BUY more, and lots of it. Unfortunately someone got to the computer first and I told him with the info he provided, I should be able to do it all at home. I then asked him about a protective case so it won’t crack, or have a harder time in doing so. He then came from the back of the counter to walk me, physically walk me, to the location of buying a new cover for my IPAD. At this time Victor brought me back to the location of his counter t go through some final steps At the end he states, Thank you very much if your ever in the store, stop by and I will help you with all your needs but even if you don’t have anything that needs to be fixed stop over and say hello. At this time I asked him for his name and was certain when I left that premises I was defiantly written a letter to tell how good Victor was and how I feel so safe, so secure of my investment into the company and how, not only as an investor, but a customer how proud that after all these years with all the Shop-Rites carrying more non foods, Amazon with their cutting of prices and S/H and the Wallmarts, that you still provide that GREAT customer service. I shook his hand, thanked him graciously for his customer service and walked away.

Since I was heading to Best Buy I took the gift card that my wife got for her birthday with me to make other purchases. After I was done with Victor I was walking around with my new IPAD case/cover by Survivor, and wanted to make other purchases. Unfortunately my carelessness forgot to bring my cell phone with me. I noticed that it was getting late and I needed to call home to my wife and kids that I was going to be late, and to start without me. It was going to take an all of 2 min because I would’ve left a message because my wife would’ve never picked it up because she wouldn’t have recognized the number. I was going to go back to the geek squad, but in passing I saw Anthony standing in his cubby by the front door. I approached him and said politely, I am sorry to trouble you but may I use your phone to call my wife please, I have forgotten my phone at home. The answer was straight out, attitude body language, NO. I then said please I will give you her phone number, you can dial it to show you that it will not be a long distance call, and the answer again, NO. I then became a little persistent and asked for the reasoning behind his forceful NO. He then said again NO. So I then told him Oh Really, as I proceeding to walk away he then stated Company Policy It’s NOT a Public Phone. I am thinking, really, how many times during the day are people coming up to ask to use the store phone. Are we not in the cell phone age, not the pay phone age? Really, now let’s get real. Now Company policy I thought was the employees could not make any personal calls on company time and no abuse of company phone. Even though, let’s say if that’s not the case, where’s this kids respect for the business he works for and his amnesia of his customer service training. I was so FRIGIN pissed I forgot to use the gift card and charged the case for my IPAD with my card and I didn’t do any of my extra purchases.

I really don’t get where this kid gets off with his disrespect for the business. I am not asking for his job, but I am asking for he to be sat down and reminded of his duties that he gets paid to do and the importance of those jobs. Especially at the front door, he is the face of the company. Many of times I walk through that door the individual at that station will say, Hi, welcome to Best Buy and Leaving the person would say Thank you for shopping Best Buy have a nice night. Anthony I might add failed on both those parts. He is who we see when we enter and who we see when we leave. He needs to be reminded that if this job is not suitable for him, he does have a choice. Coming into the Holiday months it is prudent of every sale, and not only that, every customer experience must be an enjoyable one or strived for it.

Please take this letter as a constructive one. Please do know that I know it is hard to try to satisfy everyone in retail, but that doesn’t give us the right to stop trying. Any small issues that can be ironed out, we need to take the right steps to do so. I am sure you can agree that customer service is a key factor, not only yourself but I am sure CEO’s would agree also. If you need to reach me or my address I will be more than happy to provide that info to you separately.

Thank you for your Time,

Scott Klein

Morristown NJ

Invested Interest


Elizabeth Jackson October 5, 2014 at 10:07 pm

Hello my name is Elizabeth Jackson, I would like to take this time to inform about your reward card. My reward card was deactivated why I don’t know. I never been credited for the small purchase or large purchase(washer & dryer ). I have recently activated another card but have not been successful in adding these purchases to my. My question to you is why offer rewards when I cannot be rewarded for my purchase . Within in the last 10 months I’ve purchase a computer, paper shredder and a telephone and my history do not reflect on these purchase. I would like to be credited for these purchases or I will take my business somewhere else and pass this info to other people.


Greg September 22, 2014 at 2:33 pm

By far the worst experience I have had when dealing with warranty service plans. The Geek Squad, is out right clueless. They have cancelled three times from coming out to repair my washer. This is an inconvenience to me and my family. Now the day before my rescheduled service date, the Geek Sqad has cancelled again. I can not take off work again. I am off work tomorrow for no reason, this is leave that i can not afford to use. I have dirty clothes piling up. I have called their supervisors at the local level, no help. I called Corp, and it seems as if theirs no solution. This is crazy. We will never purchase from BB again.



Scott Laser September 6, 2014 at 2:52 am

I have been trying to work through the email process for a problem I had. I have received the most uneducated responses every week. They keep forwarding me the price match policy which doesn’t apply to my issue. I would love to speak with someone that car resolve my issue. I bought at open box item that was $599 and $799 when I went into the store. I could not get the store to lower the open box item to the open box price even though it was the same item advertised online. I have made multiple phone calls and sent multiple emails to resolve but I cannot a Best Buy employee to understand the issue. They think I bought a different item but I bought the same open box item in the store the open box item was at.


Kathy thomas August 28, 2014 at 6:21 pm

The service at your store in pinecrest, Florida is HORRIBLE! I tried to speak to a manager and even called and emailed and no returns my calls! No one knows what they are doing at that store they should have to all be sitting on the un-employment line! If they are making $10.00 an hour they are making too much! The customer service is just the worse I have seen ever! Your store will be closed before long with the service your employees give. They should all be fired tomorrow! What kind of business are you running? Someone had it right Worst Buy for sure never going in your store again.


Madeline Ewing August 27, 2014 at 5:07 pm

I wanted to give kudos to the Best Buy location on Galleria Blvd. in Roseville, CA. I was just window shopping and one of your associates was the best! Tyler was patient and very knowledgable about cameras and e-readers. He was really great! Because I didn’t purchase anything on this trip, and no receipt, I really couldn’t give positive feedback. This was the closest I could get. Please let management know about my positive experience! Good work definitely needs to be recognized.


Norenewblue August 7, 2014 at 2:07 am

RE: Contact VP Customer Care, we want our range NOW!

First of all – we are beyond hearing I’m so sorry for your inconvenience ……blah, blah, blah………………
Second: Get someone with upper management to fix this immediately (today)


7/8/2014: The oven in our home range did not ignite and our home was filled with gas. Call Gas Co. they refused to cut off the gas on the range. They would only cut off gas to our entire home. We have gas hot water & gas dryer.

7/9/2014: Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA
Purchase Order #: 1114190750839
SKU # 9811018 – LRG3095ST, $824.99 Open Box LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range
SKU # 9410101 $0.00, Haulaway and Recycling
SKU # 3822812 $139.99, Install Gas Range/Dryer
SKU # 8518641 $69.99, Home Delivery
SKU # 7888166 $229.99, 5 YR GSP
{Removed per Forum Guidelines}
TOTAL $1,251.37

FULFILLMENT DATE/TIME: 07/21/14 08:00AM-08:00PM

7/19/2014: Call from Best Buy Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA
Informed us that our LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range – Model: LRG3095ST was damaged at the warehouse, full of severe dents and missing a foot. Asked us if we still wanted the item. We said yes but not the damaged item.

7/19/2014: We went to Best Buy Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA. Spoke to customer service desk and asked to speak to the General Manager. We were told that they did not have another LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Range in stock. We asked the GM to call Store #: 297, Reston, VA to see if they had the item in stock. The Reston, VA store said that they had 2 LG” 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range Open Box in stock.

7/19/2014: We drove 20 miles to Store #: 297, Reston, VA. Spoke to the GM; he was aware of the problem. We inspected an open box LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Range for damage, dents etc. Found minor scratches on bottom of both sides, made note on purchase agreement and approved the purchase.

7/19/2014 Order #: 1114200462796, same as items purchased as on 7/9/2014 at Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA. The GM in Reston called the warehouse regarding the Order on

7/19/2014. The warehouse stated that they were unable to locate our range. The Reston GM instructed an associate to perform an exchange so that we could complete the “new” order. BTW, she had no idea of what she was doing. She was unable to perform her job duties, by then BB’s systems were down for the night. We were given a RETURN Receipt dated 07/19/14, $1,251.37.

7/19/2014: Drove 20 miles home.

7/20/2014 @ 1:00 PM: Drove 20 miles back to Store #: 297, Reston, VA. The GM wasn’t in until 4 PM. We waited the 3 hours for the GM. GM comes in. We declined store credit and opted for a store refund. We agreed with The GM to call him when our $$$$ was back in our account so that he could complete the “new” order. We told the GM that our names on the order were WRONG. Requested this to be corrected in BB’s system.

7/20/2014 @ 8:00 PM: Drove 20 miles home.

7/22/2014: Credit back to our account from BB $1,224.88 (we were given a credit for the hassle).

7/22/2014 @ 4:42 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your appointment is rescheduled for Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Body of email: Hello Rob (WRONG NAME AGAIN)….blah, blah, blah…… Order #: 1114190750839 referenced.

7/22/2014 @ 4:55 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your order has been updated. We’ve updated your order ad it will be processed shortly. Body of email: Hello Rob (WRONG NAME AGAIN)……blah, blah, blah…….. Order #: 1114190750839 referenced. Confirming service date of July 30, 2014.

7/23/2014: Called Store #: 297, Reston, VA, GM not in. Spoke to Hanna in customer service; she stated she was aware of the problem. Hanna processed the “new” order. Order #: 11141200462796.

7/30/2014 @ 9:00 AM: Called customer service 1-888-BESTBUY. Inquired as to our delivery status and time. Spoke to Angela – Case #: 141783504 opened. Angela states that order was cancelled in BB’s system. She was empathic and said she would try to contact the GM at Store #: 297, Reston, VA but if she got busy she would not be able to. NO DELIVERY TODAY!

7/30/2014 @ 9:45 AM: Call Store # 297, Reston, VA. Asked for GM, was told he doesn’t come in until 1:00 PM. Left message with customer service at store for GM to call us.

7/30/2014 @ approximately 5:00 PM: Called customer service, appliances, got Kurt on the line. Gave him our case # 141783504. Kurt was professional, empathetic and got right down to assisting us. He gave us a new case #: 141825201. Kurt put us on hold to do research, came back on the line and stated that “the original order from 7/9/2014 was still active but was PUT ON HOLD and that the new open box was put on original order # 1114190750839”. Kurt was going to call the warehouse – I asked him to check the location of unit and condition. Kurt said “the unit is at the warehouse and that they unwrapped the unit and found no damage or the missing parts”. Kurt set us up with an 8/5/2014 delivery date. Told us that we would be dealing with customer service from now on unless it was monetary, then we would deal with store. Kurt said that the installer’s office, American Home Services and one of their techs would contact us directly.

7/30/2014 @ 6:26 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your appointment is rescheduled for Tuesday, August 5, 2014. Reference Order #: 1114190750839.

8/5/2014: Took another (3rd) day off work waiting for delivery and installation.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 9:30-10:10 AM: Called customer service for delivery status. Chelsea stated that our order was CANCELLED AGAIN on 7/31/2014. Chelsea told us that our delivery was now on 8/5/2014 and that was the way it is.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 1:30 – 2:00 PM: Called customer service, appliance dept, gave our case # 141825201 and asked for a supervisor. (Get her name from our case notes) Supervisor was rude, inconsiderate and less helpful than her employees and told me that customer service was for online customers only. FIRE HER.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 2:00 PM: called store #: 297, Reston, VA. GM isn’t in until 4 PM.

Having been in management for a large public company myself I find these conversations, mishaps etc. unbelievable. We’ve had employees lie to us about their own personal mistakes and then blame them on another department. We’ve had employees blame third party contractors etc. Our contract/sales agreement is with BB, not your third parties. Third party issues are BB’s management issues not the customers.

Please get a tracking and accountability system in place, such a FEDX or UPS, AMAZON, train your managers and associates if you want to stay in business.

I don’t think the RENEW BLUE is happening.

Please forward my post to Karalyn Sartor Vice President Customer Care.

Correction to store # references – all store # references to Reston, VA are store #: 297. All references to store # Leesburg, VA are store #: 1022.

Are we ever going to get our Gas Range?

Is it going to be cancelled for a 4th time?

Is anyone checking with your warehouse, third party installer, your tracking/inventory system?

Please advise on the return policy when a purchase is over the 14 day return period, yet the customer has not received the product from the fulfillment center?


Norenewblue August 7, 2014 at 2:06 am

RE: Contact VP Customer Care, we want our range NOW!

First of all – we are beyond hearing I’m so sorry for your inconvenience ……blah, blah, blah………………
Second: Get someone with upper management to fix this immediately (today)


7/8/2014: The oven in our home range did not ignite and our home was filled with gas. Call Gas Co. they refused to cut off the gas on the range. They would only cut off gas to our entire home. We have gas hot water & gas dryer.

7/9/2014: Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA
Purchase Order #: 1114190750839
SKU # 9811018 – LRG3095ST, $824.99 Open Box LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range
SKU # 9410101 $0.00, Haulaway and Recycling
SKU # 3822812 $139.99, Install Gas Range/Dryer
SKU # 8518641 $69.99, Home Delivery
SKU # 7888166 $229.99, 5 YR GSP
{Removed per Forum Guidelines}
TOTAL $1,251.37

FULFILLMENT DATE/TIME: 07/21/14 08:00AM-08:00PM

7/19/2014: Call from Best Buy Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA
Informed us that our LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range – Model: LRG3095ST was damaged at the warehouse, full of severe dents and missing a foot. Asked us if we still wanted the item. We said yes but not the damaged item.

7/19/2014: We went to Best Buy Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA. Spoke to customer service desk and asked to speak to the General Manager. We were told that they did not have another LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Range in stock. We asked the GM to call Store #: 297, Reston, VA to see if they had the item in stock. The Reston, VA store said that they had 2 LG” 30″ Freestanding Gas Convection Range Open Box in stock.

7/19/2014: We drove 20 miles to Store #: 297, Reston, VA. Spoke to the GM; he was aware of the problem. We inspected an open box LG 30″ Freestanding Gas Range for damage, dents etc. Found minor scratches on bottom of both sides, made note on purchase agreement and approved the purchase.

7/19/2014 Order #: 1114200462796, same as items purchased as on 7/9/2014 at Store #: 1022, Leesburg, VA. The GM in Reston called the warehouse regarding the Order on

7/19/2014. The warehouse stated that they were unable to locate our range. The Reston GM instructed an associate to perform an exchange so that we could complete the “new” order. BTW, she had no idea of what she was doing. She was unable to perform her job duties, by then BB’s systems were down for the night. We were given a RETURN Receipt dated 07/19/14, $1,251.37.

7/19/2014: Drove 20 miles home.

7/20/2014 @ 1:00 PM: Drove 20 miles back to Store #: 297, Reston, VA. The GM wasn’t in until 4 PM. We waited the 3 hours for the GM. GM comes in. We declined store credit and opted for a store refund. We agreed with The GM to call him when our $$$$ was back in our account so that he could complete the “new” order. We told the GM that our names on the order were WRONG. Requested this to be corrected in BB’s system.

7/20/2014 @ 8:00 PM: Drove 20 miles home.

7/22/2014: Credit back to our account from BB $1,224.88 (we were given a credit for the hassle).

7/22/2014 @ 4:42 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your appointment is rescheduled for Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Body of email: Hello Rob (WRONG NAME AGAIN)….blah, blah, blah…… Order #: 1114190750839 referenced.

7/22/2014 @ 4:55 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your order has been updated. We’ve updated your order ad it will be processed shortly. Body of email: Hello Rob (WRONG NAME AGAIN)……blah, blah, blah…….. Order #: 1114190750839 referenced. Confirming service date of July 30, 2014.

7/23/2014: Called Store #: 297, Reston, VA, GM not in. Spoke to Hanna in customer service; she stated she was aware of the problem. Hanna processed the “new” order. Order #: 11141200462796.

7/30/2014 @ 9:00 AM: Called customer service 1-888-BESTBUY. Inquired as to our delivery status and time. Spoke to Angela – Case #: 141783504 opened. Angela states that order was cancelled in BB’s system. She was empathic and said she would try to contact the GM at Store #: 297, Reston, VA but if she got busy she would not be able to. NO DELIVERY TODAY!

7/30/2014 @ 9:45 AM: Call Store # 297, Reston, VA. Asked for GM, was told he doesn’t come in until 1:00 PM. Left message with customer service at store for GM to call us.

7/30/2014 @ approximately 5:00 PM: Called customer service, appliances, got Kurt on the line. Gave him our case # 141783504. Kurt was professional, empathetic and got right down to assisting us. He gave us a new case #: 141825201. Kurt put us on hold to do research, came back on the line and stated that “the original order from 7/9/2014 was still active but was PUT ON HOLD and that the new open box was put on original order # 1114190750839”. Kurt was going to call the warehouse – I asked him to check the location of unit and condition. Kurt said “the unit is at the warehouse and that they unwrapped the unit and found no damage or the missing parts”. Kurt set us up with an 8/5/2014 delivery date. Told us that we would be dealing with customer service from now on unless it was monetary, then we would deal with store. Kurt said that the installer’s office, American Home Services and one of their techs would contact us directly.

7/30/2014 @ 6:26 PM: Received email from BB. Subject: Your appointment is rescheduled for Tuesday, August 5, 2014. Reference Order #: 1114190750839.

8/5/2014: Took another (3rd) day off work waiting for delivery and installation.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 9:30-10:10 AM: Called customer service for delivery status. Chelsea stated that our order was CANCELLED AGAIN on 7/31/2014. Chelsea told us that our delivery was now on 8/5/2014 and that was the way it is.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 1:30 – 2:00 PM: Called customer service, appliance dept, gave our case # 141825201 and asked for a supervisor. (Get her name from our case notes) Supervisor was rude, inconsiderate and less helpful than her employees and told me that customer service was for online customers only. FIRE HER.

8/5/2014 @ approximately 2:00 PM: called store #: 297, Reston, VA. GM isn’t in until 4 PM.

Having been in management for a large public company myself I find these conversations, mishaps etc. unbelievable. We’ve had employees lie to us about their own personal mistakes and then blame them on another department. We’ve had employees blame third party contractors etc. Our contract/sales agreement is with BB, not your third parties. Third party issues are BB’s management issues not the customers.

Please get a tracking and accountability system in place, such a FEDX or UPS, AMAZON, train your managers and associates if you want to stay in business.

I don’t think the RENEW BLUE is happening.

Please forward my post to Karalyn Sartor Vice President Customer Care.

Re: Update – Renew Blue FAILS – Superior Customer Service Doesn’t Exist


Correction to store # references – all store # references to Reston, VA are store #: 297. All references to store # Leesburg, VA are store #: 1022.

Are we ever going to get our Gas Range?

Is it going to be cancelled for a 4th time?

Is anyone checking with your warehouse, third party installer, your tracking/inventory system?

Please advise on the return policy when a purchase is over the 14 day return period, yet the customer has not received the product from the fulfillment center?


gcam July 31, 2014 at 6:42 am

I always shop at best buy in watertown, ma best buy buy am st the point I would rather go somewhere else. It seems the manager John is a nasty arrogant anc very rude man. I have witnessed on more than one occassion the unprofessional attitude he has towards his employees. He us condensending and down right nasty to them especially in front of customers. How he is still manager of this store and your company allows this is unbelievable. I have never witnessed this type of behavior in management. I have also noticed there is has been a lot of employees leave and I would say if I had to work with such ignorance I would report him to customer relations in Boston. The emloyees that work hard and always friendly and professional are treated with no respect for their knowledge and the staff who are not doing their jobs are overlooked. I believe being in the corporate retail profession myself you neef to take a long look at the type of man he is and do something about his chip on the shoulder before you loose more dedicated employees and customers!


Dave July 13, 2014 at 10:22 pm

It’s only a matter of time. Bestbuy will fail. Bestbuys brick and mortar locations will crumble and be demolished. Customer service is absolutely horrendous! You violate my personal space with every transaction you make. You require a drivers liscence for a Cash return!? Ridiculous. Your prices are outrageously high. Your staff in very poorly trained, if at all. There is no more service with a smile. I feel sorry, in a way, for the employees. They appear to be mindless drones all in blue. Rarely do they look you in the eye and speak with confidence. There smiles are only sarcastic in defeat. Your return policy is the worst among any other retailers. You really need to take notes from BedBath & Beyond. Seriously. I returned a microwave that was defective today. I was shocked, after handing over my drivers liscence with my very personal information. A drone informed be I had been warned. In writing. No more returns for 90 days. You will fail, Best Buy, it’s only a matter of time. It’s not just you – PC Richard, Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot too. But your are by far worst off. Grappling to hold on to cell phones sales is the last attempt I see. Even so, the customer service is ridiculously horrible.
You are good at one thing, so not all is lost…showrooming. I can play with all your toys and then turn on my laptop and buy from the very best, AMAZON.COM. You tried, Best Buy, but you are failing. I actually despise walking in to any of your locations. Perhaps you should contact WalMart for some customer service advice. Maybe even KMart. Thing is, I don’t feel one bit sorry for you. Your lame attempts at selling with ebay store is a joke. I walked in to my local Best Buy today in Eatontown, NJ. It’s utterly disgusting watching the laziness of your staff. I guess minimum wage with no commission is also partly to blame. I feel not one bit sorry for you. You are digging a hole, a hole just deep enough to bury yourself. Let me say goodbye today, while I still can.


Christine June 26, 2014 at 10:52 pm

I typically don’t write reviews, but after having one of the worst customer service experiences ever with Best Buy, I want to warn others so that they might not have the experience my family did.

We bought a Frigidaire Gallery on 3/29. After a couple of months we realized that the inside drawers were cheaply made and that they continued to come off of their hinges whenever we used them. We contacted best buy to see what our options were. They offered a floor model upgrade with a small scratch, which my Husband saw in the store, and would cost us an additional $800.00 more. We paid the additional money and scheduled a delivery. We asked that my Husband be there at time of delivery since he saw the floor model and knows better than me about getting everything hooked up appropriately.

We received a message confirmation that the refrigerator would be delivered between 3-5 on Saturday, and my Husband made arrangements to be home at that time. The drivers arrived at 1:00. When I said my Husband wasn’t there ( I had my 7 and 9 year old girls and one of their friends in the house), they said would continue to come in. I told them that my Husband needed to be there and they began to get aggressive and honestly, I was not comfortable having these men in my home with 3 small girls. It made me wonder what type of background checks are done with this vendor. After asking them to come back they continued to sit in front of our house for 30 minutes, frightening my girls. They called my Husband and ended up hanging up on him because he wouldn’t have me let them in the house.

We called customer service that day and spoke with a very nice woman who apologized for our experience and said that a customer service representative would call us within a week. She also contacted the delivery vendor, Penridge transportation, who claimed that they didn’t deliver the refrigerator due to an altercation with my husband, who wasn’t even there at time of delivery. She told us that they were also very rude with her. She arranged for the refrigerator to be delivered the following week. When it arrived, there was extensive damage done to the door of the refrigerator, and the handle was completely bent in. The drivers, who were not the initial drivers, asked if we even wanted to take it due to the recent additional damage. We said, ” no thanks”.

After almost 2 weeks, no call from customer service, an additional $800 charge for a product we didn’t receive, we rec’d a message that a delivery was scheduled for the next morning. We stopped into best buy to see what was being delivered since we weren’t contacted prior, and we were told that a different refrigerator was found, they weren’t sure of the condition or brand, and that it was being delivered the next day. When we asked if we could have an undamaged refrigerator like the replacement we had originally selected, the supervisor, Dante, advised that, “it’s not gonna happen”. When we mentioned that they had our additional $800 and didn’t have the refrigerator he said, “well, you do have a refrigerator”.

After paying nearly $2000, only receiving an $1100 refrigerator with poor quality, being bullied by delivery drivers, and having a store manager tell us in not so many words that he wasn’t going to do anything to fix it, I wonder how best buy stays in business with so many other appliance options out there.

Best buy = bad buy


Frank X. Viggiano June 23, 2014 at 12:02 am

Last week
best Buy advertised a refrigerator for $234.00. The day the ad came out you were sold out in the Twin Cities area. The store manager at the Maplewood store told me I could get one in three or four weeks. He offered me $15.00 off a $500. refrigerator. I am very upset because I made a trip for nothing to the store, I have to wait a month to get an advertised special and I was insulted by the $15.00 discount on a model that was over twice the cost. Mr. Miken III it is no wonder your company is having problems. You just lost a good customer. Frank X. Viggiano – Mahtomedi,


Phillip Nichols June 22, 2014 at 3:43 pm

Best buy. I do not believe that you will read this or if you do that you will even care. I just hope that others read this and understand the lack I customer service and concern from both your local store in Florence ky and your corporate office. I dh a 2 year protection plan on my phone and went in to have a cracked screen replaced. I was told there was nothing they could do as the protection plan ended 4 days prior. They suggested I call 1-800 best buy. I did I was told to go back in the store an the store could do a bridge to the protection plan and take care of it. I go back in the store and tell them what I was told bthe store tells me they do not know what the corporate office is talking about. I asked to speak to the store manager Martin. I was told he was busy. I said I would wait. I was then told even if I did talk to him there was nothing he could do. I said I would wait anyway. 30 minutes later I was told again that he wS busy and not able to speak to me. I stated I would wait. I was then told he was in a sales meeting with his staff because they could not have thei meeting the day before and that I would be about 2 hours and that he knew I was waiting to speak with him. In the meantime I called the corporate office customer service from the store explaining the situation. I was hung up on 4 times. Excellent customer service. After on hour of waiting the store manager finally emerged from his sales meeting to greet me with a “hey buddy”. Order of all at this point I am no your buddy. I asked if his sales meetin was more important than speaking to a customer who actually have him the sales he was talking about in the meeting. He stated he was very busy and had a lot if meetings and interviews to do that day. 30 interviews to be matter of fact. Then pointed to a man a little ways away and told me his name and that he was 30 mins late starting his interview and that I needed to make this quick. Let’s start with the fact that I did not make you late for your interview your sales meetin did. Second you shoul never tell me a customer the full name of a person you are interviewing and third there is no way that you have 30 interviews in a day. Eventually a lower level manager did take care of my problem and for him I am grateful. As for the sister manager and the customer service phone line congratulations another customer lost. The day I have to wait over an hour to speak to a manager and then to be told that his sales was more important than an actual customer is the day I say I will never step foot in any best buy again. I understand that I am one person but I will tell this story to everyone I know. Best Buy you care about one thing and one thing only profit. Well for me and my family you will never see another penny from us. Congratulations on your deplorable customer service. There are plenty I other places to go. You should remember the market has changed and you no longer hold the line in electronic products. Good bye forever Best Buy


Donald OKeefe June 6, 2014 at 11:10 am

Opened a Best Buy credit card with a $500 credit line a few weeks ago. Just signed up for online banking and was shocked to find a $59 annual charge. I wasn’t informed about the fee when I opened the account. Best Buy customer service initially said that I had 30 days to change charge card. Since I was in the 30 day window I said I wanted to change the amount. Now Best Buy claims the only way to remove the charge is to close the account. I would never have agreed to a $59 fee. Dishonest business practice.


Trina Lopez May 20, 2014 at 8:29 pm

My daughter’s grandfather purchased a gift for her and unfortunately he lost the receipt as she does not want the item – Dr. Dre Solo HD Beats. I was told by someone from their Customer Care to have him go down to the store he purchased it even though their website advises that they cannot do a look up for cash transactions. I am suprised that this was recommended and I don’t think the care. It’s all about making the sale and customer service and flexibility is not on their radar. I escalated the call to a Customer Relations and that representative was not much help. They have these rules and if they do not meet these guidelines then you have no recourse. What happened to assisting the customers to you keep them long term and repeat business. Thus far it has not been a positive experience when working with what they call – Customer Service and Customer Relations. Ironic that both of these phrases have the word “customer” yet they do not know how to treat customers.


Cynthia May 13, 2014 at 12:26 pm

In an age when folks, more often than not, do not seem to care whether they provide decent customer service/help or not, I was indeed refreshed to speak with Renee at Best Buy Store #1428 in Summerville, SC. I do not know Renee and had never spoken with her prior to today. Renee went above and beyond trying to assist me and I appreciate her help.

FYI, her store manager is Jesse Roberts and her direct supervisor Steve Byrd. I hope she is recognized for her efforts come performance review time and awarded a decent wage increase.

I believe firmly in complaining when folks do a crappy job but also believe in providing positive feedback.

Cynthia in South Carolina


Scott Ford May 13, 2014 at 10:54 am

Service is deplorable. I’m on with an agent but need to give up and simply hang up. Sad to see this company provide such horrible “service.”


Pamela Stevens May 9, 2014 at 4:13 pm

FURIOUS!!!!!!!!Going on 4 weeks without a refrigerator supposed to be delivered today now will have to wait untill Tuesday. Repairs Never done so had to be replaced.Their repair service A&A Appliance came out and repairman said he would order part on Monday ,the next FRIDAY I called them and she HADN’T EVEN ORDERED IT.I found out THAT The WARRANTY HAD TO APPROVE IT so I called them and found out THE ORDER REQUEST HAD NEVER BEEN RECEIVED so I got that done and then a week later she called and said they sent the WRONG PART so I was looking at ANOTHER 5 to 10 DAYS now OTHER ISSUES…LOUSY SERVICE…SALES TECH TOTALLY IN THE DARK.Bought 5 appliances three years ago and have replaced all but one..Do Not RECOMMEND buying ANYTHING from this store….SHOULD HAVE WENT TO SEARS LIKE I STARTED TO.I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from this LOUSY STORE IN MIDLAND,TEXAS EVER AGAIN!!!!Their sales team have NO IDEA what the HELL their job is or how to do the stinking paperwork!Their crew is a clear cut case of the BLIND leading the BLIND.I would definitely recommend going somewhere else for service!!!!!!!!


Susan Gray May 8, 2014 at 1:44 pm

Dear Best Buy,
I purchased a Cabrio washer from your Best Buy store in Evansville IN, along with an extended warranty around 11/2012 .
I called Best Buy customer service on 04/10/14 and requested service.
1) CS set up an appointment with Tom’s Lawn and Garden.
Tom’s told me the cost to purchase they items to fix the Machine would be more then the cost of the washing machine. They told me they would fax the paper work back to Best Buy and recommend a replacement.
2) I gave it a week because I understand this takes time. Called CS again and was told they will not be replacing it they have a place they can order parts from. That’s fine but Tom’s lawn and Garden refused to use the vendor. Told me they were a shady group. They said no on the same day Best Buy called them.
3) Called Best Buy again and was told it’s under review again.
4) Gave it about another week and called back and was told on the 22nd of April someone would call me back the next day. No call back and no email.
5) Few days later I called Best buy back and was told it’s under review again and would have an answer tomorrow. That was on May 5th
6) Few days later called back and was told still under review.
7) Best Buy sends me an email on 05/07/14 with claim # 5506692 attached and that was it. I called Best Buy back and they said Kirby’s would be calling me and setting up an appointment to fix the Machine. Well…. At this point it’s become a joke…. Cindy from Kirby’s did call me back and she said they cannot do the repairs because her repair man is 62 years old and it involves too much labor and is to costly.
8) I call Best Buy back and spoke to Cullen and he said he was the one that worked the claim. He apologized about the delay but said this was all Tom’s Lawn and Gardens fault because they took so long to get back with them. While I was on the phone he called another place in Henderson KY to see if they will service the Machine for me. He said he did not get an answer and he will have to wait for the return call. I have yet to hear back from anyone as of 12:41 pm CST. 05/08/14.
9) I called Tom’s Lawn and Garden to ask why it took them so long to answer Best Buy’s questions and I was told “ They told Best Buy the same day they asked about it” It was a 2 day turn around time. They have no clue what Best Buy is talking about.

This has really has become a joke. I have purchased so many items for Best Buy over the past 15-20 years it’s unbelievable I have received this type of service. I have spent over $700 doing laundry at the local laundry mat. I have 8 kids and it’s not cheap for me to do laundry. I need you to tell me how your going to fix this and why I should continue to do business with Best Buy vs. Sears. I’m sorry if this email sounds harsh but it’s been a month since I called to have my washer serviced and that’s more then enough time to resolve.
You should pull everything up I purchased from Best Buy. I purchased all my appliance for my 7 rental houses and I’m appalled about the way I’ve been treated.
** Best Buy customer service has the account doXXXXented because every time I call they add the notes** I know they are sick of hearing from me because I’m sick of calling.

My home phone number is 812-424-XXXXX and Cell phone is 812-305-XXXXX
My home email address is
I expect a response back in regards to the horrible customer service I’ve received.

Susan Gray


Marty June 2, 2014 at 10:42 am

Susan did any one called you back? i am in same boat i am so frustrayed at this point i dont know how to proceed!!!


Rhonda A May 5, 2014 at 12:50 pm

What happened to you Best Buy? I believe you have a lot of good people working for you and your product line is good, BUT….YOU, the corporate office and your credit card company choice is NOT consumer friendly in the least! I’m not even going to bother to explain on here because YOU do not care.


Shelia April 28, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Someone at bestbuy signed me up for paperless billing without my knowledge,because of this I miss 2 months of bills that incurred late fees and interest. When I brought this to their attention their solution was for them to remove me from paperless billing. Would not even consider removing those fees. They are getting really bad at scamming the customers? Will not purchase anything else from them.


Alisa Rayford April 25, 2014 at 9:48 am

My comment is not to complain. It is to acknowledge the extraordinary customer service I received last night at the Lithonia, GA store in Stonecrest Mall. Ryan Kori and Marquette Washington worked patiently and professionally as they assisted us in adding a new phone line with my carrier. It took them more that 2 hours to address our issue as the patiently waited for my carrier to stop transferring them on their phone tree. They made sure all of the other customers were serviced while on very long holds with the carrier and apologized to us continuously for the long wait. They were determined to get us taken care of and they did. The two-man TEAM handled their customers well for what appeared to be a peak time for the store. These young men should be applauded for their work. They add a tremendous amount of value to the Best Buy brand and it should be recognized. It is my hope that it will be mentioned internally to organization and their managers and district managers specifically.


Karl Olschefski April 24, 2014 at 11:41 am

On April 12, 2014 I purchased the H&R Block Tax program download. The reciept said I would be emailed a confirmation and the link to the download in 30 minutes or up to 4 hours later. It never came through. Sunday, at about 8:30 in the morning I called customer service and told them, they resent three times, and it still wouldnt come through. I kept checking my email, and junk mail, nothing from Best Buy, other emails came through, not this one. I told them i wanted to cancel the order, they said they couldn’t because it was in process. I told them they broke the agreement, when it still hadn’t arrived in the time they said. That same day, I went out to another store and bought the same program at a higher price. The next day, I called and finally got a nice woman who understood. I told her I could even fax them a copy of my new receipt, proving I bought it, why would I buy the same program, if I got the one from Best Buy. She said it wouldnt be necessary. The credit should have come through in 6 days. Today, it is 8 days, and I called again. Got no where!! No one will give me the credit. Can no one at Best Buy, stop reading out of their customer service books and hear me out, and understand my problem. I to this day, have not recieved the email from them. Never ever will I buy ANYTHING from Best Buy !!!!


J.J. April 23, 2014 at 5:12 pm

who do I inform of drug use at a best buy, who do I contact ? it so difficult to get to the top people…


Disappointed consumer April 12, 2014 at 12:55 am

Purchased a 17.5 HP Notebook from Best Buy on 2/12/13 with an additional 1 year warranty that cost me 79.99 on top of the cost and exactly 40 days after my warranty expires I am told the Laptop has had hardware failure by the Geek Squad and requesting 200.00 more to fix the issue and get my information off. I am a hard working consumer that spends plenty of money with Best Buy and which I am a premier silver rewards customer of or should say was, I can not for the life of me figure out why they would choose to lose a customer vs. keep one . They seem to be all about money verse customer satisfaction. This whole scenario does not sit well with me that I was basically told by the manager that I was just unlucky and got a bad HP product an maybe should have got a 2 or 3 year warranty instead of a 1yr. I have other computer in my home one I have had 12yrs running on XP and still ticking by Dell , a little 10.5 Acer laptop I have had for 7yrs and a 10.5 Acer laptop for 3yrs and not one of these products which are not HP have yet to have Hardware failure. Guess if your one the little people our opinions and feelings do not matter just take our money and brush us off. Its so odd that a big name company like Best Buy who sells products for other company’s like HP can tell you that they have nothing to do with you getting a bad product with no compensation or resolution to meet a happy medium and satisfy a customer. Instead you get a reply such as the one I got from a manager in Best Buy. An when I request the corporate number was given 1 800 best buy which I figured would have nothing to do with Corporate go figure brush me off after you have gotten my money for a faulty product. Stay away from HP and Best Buy………….!!!!!!!


Angie April 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm

I was shown that on my sales receipt that I could do a survey and receive a chance to win $5000.00. I was able to enter the correct codes in the system and it would not let me advance to the next screen, after putting in all of the A B C codes (Yes, I did click the to agree to the terms and policy). So I thought that it might be the browser that I was using, so I changed to another browser and the same thing happened. Does that mean you are taking my information but not letting advance to get my name in the next drawing.

Also, I was at the Oshkosh, WI location, one of your newer stores. When I go to shop for something new, as in this case, I wanted to research and buy the best option, whether it was Apple TV or Chromecast. I received lots of good information and chose the Apple TV. When I was walking up to the cashier, one of the other employees stopped me and said “Did you know that you need a HDMI cord to hook that up to your computer.” I told him that I appreciated his attention to detail. I went back to the person that checked us out. I gave a suggestion – When customers come in to buy new technology, you need to suggest to them to purchase all the equipment needed to install the Apple TV or the Chromecast all the time so you don’t need to come back to the store a couple different times before you get all the equipment needed. Several times over the years I have experienced this happening over and over again, even at the Appleton WI store. I would appreciated if you would get that out to all of your sales associates. It will make your store a more convenient place to shop and put you out there as the top sales company of electronics anywhere in the United States. By suggesting other equipment at the time of the sale, it may increase your total sales.


Sharon Stokes April 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I am having my problems with Best Buy after they have taken my money also. You would think Corporate would listen. Best Buy almost went under a few years ago, they preach customer service and have started to come back. Well it’s the customers that keep them afloat. If they don’t care about us, then let them go under. With enough people telling their stories it won’t take long for the ole sales charts to start sliding…


Jeff Lingerfelt March 27, 2014 at 11:34 am

My Name Is Jeff Lingerfelt I was a subcontractor for the company Affordable Home Technologies Out of Columbia SC. This company is used by Best Buy in NC and SC, I was subbed out work for appliance installs after 3 weeks of installing products I was due to be paid on march 21st. I was notified by Affordable Home Technologies That there was a complaint flied by a customer in regards to the wall, floor, countertops. I was not allowed to go out and observe damage or to this very day have not seen any pictures! NC state law says if you are a subcontractor you have the right to go observe damage as well as hire the person to repair damage. So for this I have not been compensated for my work! This is just the first place I’m starting my complaint, I’m climbing the ladder!! I think everybody that purchases built in appliance products and Best Buy corporation need to know that this company is using subcontractors and not paying them!!


Alan Jung March 24, 2014 at 8:47 am

I am truly amazed at the poor conditions the stores in Jacksonville, FL are maintained. I went to two stores yesterday – North side and Atlantic Blvd to find the north side store is dirty and dusty and the stereos and most equipment were not connected and store in dis-array. If I were a secret shopper – you grade would have been a D-. The stores have so much equipment that just sits on the shelf (not connected) – out of box not doing anything that I went to another store just to find the same stereo was not working at this location. I was in rare mood to purchase this 599.00 item, but would like to hear it at the store first. Since I couldn’t no purchase was made. I may try another store today but now am doubtful I will continue making any purchases with your company. Hint – Get your supervisor and store managers off their butts and look at their stores as if they were a customer looking for a smooth purchasing experience.


Lisa Zou March 19, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I ordered a refrigerator online and received this refrigerator last Saturday. We found there was huge dent on the door, so we told the deliverer we cannot accept a damaged frigerator. The deliverer told us to call customer service. We called, but the Best Buy representative, Dianne cannot solve the problem and also didn’t want to transfer my call to manager. I said I could write an email to your CEO. Another guy, Jimmy said “Does CEO answer your call?”

At last, another lady refunded the money part to my gift card and part to my credit card. However, I just checked all the gift card had already been canceled by Best Buy and no money back to my credit card as well. In this case, why is my money? My order number is BBY01-638166017937.

I really found representative from other stores are much nice. Is this the reason Best Buy lost market?


jose March 18, 2014 at 11:05 pm

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to see if I can get a way to have this read by corporate or member of the board of this company, Best Buy.
I have reached to customer service twice in the last 7-8 days and they only thing that I got is employees making me feel that Best Buy doesnt want my business and that there is no interest in having customers satisfied. That is why I am interested in making this message public and have as many people as I can to understand what type of customer service is provided. But, my main goal is for the members of the board of this company to recieve this complaint…. well, I know it is impossible, but it is worth the try if at least there is no more people with the same feelings as I have today.

The reason why I am really mad it is not only for a commercial dispute, but because after being told a lie from a Best Buy representative, the company doesnt want to even negotiate a solution and and because the latest representative that answered my call today at customer service, he even got an attitude with me. This is NOT acceptable. I hope you guys can get the recorded conversation.

In December 2012 I purchased a 60 inch TV and at the register the representative offered me the insurance warranty. I said that I would pass since the insurances are not really clear to me. Well, he insisted that it was the best option for me since it was a FULL coverage. Then I asked what it would get cover. He answered that “even if you get mad one day and you would throw your remote against the TV and break it, we would cover that ” , then I thought it was a great offer and I purchased it after being charged $220 and I got no disclosures. I asked how does this work then? and he answered that if something happens you just come with the receipt they will see the coverage in the system and thats it. I left really happy the store thinking I was having a good deal.

NOW, the TV after some months made some weird activity such as turning off by itself and being able to turn on for 5 minutes or so…. well, after some 4 months of doing that one day it completely turned off. I called Best Buy and they sent a representative to my house. After som minutes looking at it, he said that the company would not take care of the TV since it got a scratch on the screen. he showed me where it was and I was asked what happened to it, and I said, well I have 3 kids anything could have happen to be honest. He suggested to go to the store where I purchased it to talk to a store manager and see what they could do for me. More after I mentioned that I still owe $900.

I went to the store, store number 1033, in Dallas, TX and talked to the store manager. Sure enough, he could not help me. There is no way to find out who sold you the TV and there is nothing I can do. I complaint and requested a higher manager. He advised to call corporate. I got the number and then I asked for his business card and I was told that HE DIDNT HAVE one. He is the store manager and doesnt have one…. that is not professional I thought.

Yes, I called corporate to find out about my chances to be considered as good customer. They got a note in the system and I was told that the company appreciates my business. Then, I thought to myself… that is true, because a sales rep lied to me and I don t get the service promised. Well I called a week later, today, to follow up with the corporate dept and they told me that the case is closed. Of course, there is nothing we are going to do because you signed a doXXXXent with the disclosures and you know what gets covered. I said I never got the disclosures in my hand and I was told the receipt was enough. I believed what they told me. Well, this representative who was a man, pretty much made me feel like I was a stupid person. And again I got really angry. He wanted to finish the conversation and not to offer a solution.

My case number for this is 134295827

I would appreciate a professional answer and true customer service. As right now, BEST BUY has made me fell that my business is not appreciated at all and that no one cares about me as a customer.

My problem is not to have a broken TV I can’t use anymore and I still owe $900. The problem is that someone lies to you as a customer and NOTHING happens !!!! And then when you complaint, it seems that I should feel sorry when a representative over the phone has to hear to my story, becuase they dont show interest in what happened to a customer.

My request is to , above everything, have a professional apology from corporate of the company because the treatment received is almost INSULTING. This can’t be it !!! I dont think I deserve this plus it is not the customer service of a big company.
I would like to get the $220 of the insurance removed from my credit card. I think that if I got sold something under some terms and then it is different, I should be honored by being considered innocent and at least get this charge removed. If this happens , I am willing to pay off my credit card for the remaining balance. If not, then I dont even care about being sent to collections, because even it might damage my credit for some years, it will NOT damage my honor as human being. No big corporation in America should treat small customer like me, like if we would be NOTHING important. Dont forget that people like me make company like yours big.



Jennifer Zappulla March 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I was given an ipad mini as a gift for Christmas in 2012. I went to best buy to purchase the warranty, as I have an iphone and ipod 5th generation, and feel as if with the apple products its very important to have protection. When purchasing the warranty for my ipad mini, I asked the saleman if I can renew the warranty once it was up to expire and he assured me that I would be able to. I was told that I would receive an email and a letter via USPS as a reminder when the warranty was nearing its end date. Unfortunately, I lost my receipt and didn’t have any information regarding the warranty. Yesterday I called Best Buy in Bridgewater to inquire about my warranty and I was told it expired on 12/27/2013. I explained to the salesman that I was told I would receive an email and a letter in the mail and I never did. I also explained that I tried to go online to view my warranties and I don’t have access to looking at them. I asked why and he had no answer for me. I confirmed my email address and it’s the same one he had on file, so there are no errors on that end. I filtered my emails to view the ones from best buy and geek squad (which is the one that comes for my phone) and I had NOTHING! I asked if he had access to see when the email was generated to my email and he once again said ” I don’t know what to tell you.” He was very rude and didn’t offer any type of assistance. I decided to call the main Best Buy number and spoke to a representative by the name of Chad. I explained to him the situation and he told me that I could renew my warranty and would transfer me. I was on hold for 24 minutes and he came back on the phone to tell me I couldn’t since it expired (which I definitely told him from the door my warranty expired). He then stated I can purchase an additional warranty and placed me on hold for an additional 32 mins to come back on the phone and ask me if i’m sitting down because that wasn’t an option either. I asked him how many times has this happened that emails and USPS mail hasn’t gone out regarding renewal of warranties and he stated he’s been with the company for 6 months and this is not uncommon! Needless to say, I was past upset at this piont and it was late so I decided to go to bed. I came to work today and called Best Buy in Bridgewater, once again, to see if I can get anywhere and when I gave the sales lady my info, she confirmed that the warranty expired and that since it was only a 1 yr waranty that was purchased in 2012, it wouldn’t have been eligible for a renewal anyway, only 2 & 3 yr warranty’s are!!! I am completely upset right now and think the customer service isnt’ very helpful and need more knowledge regarding products. If I was told from the door that the 1 yr warranty wouldn’t have been able to be renewed, I would have purchased the 2 yr old warranty right off the bat! Its apparent that I am not the only one with an issue like this, if you go on the internet you can read other posts by people with same issues, and also the fact that I was told by one of your employees that this a common and he has seen it alot in the 6 months he’s been employed with your company is also a bad sign!


Debi Scola March 8, 2014 at 9:33 pm

To whom it may concern:

On February 22, 2014 we were in the market for a new dishwasher for my mom and dad. We stopped in at Best Buy in Bay Shore, New York. They had a special deal going on…any dishwasher for $429 and higher you get free delivery, $50 installation, and 18 months free interest (last day of the sale). We saw a dishwasher that was $449. Unfortunately, there were none in stock. The salesman entered in their computer a different dishwasher so that we could get all the amenities. He told us to check back in a few days to see if the dishwasher we wanted was in stock. We stopped by on February 27, 2014. The dishwasher we wanted was in stock at this time. A different salesman was working that day. He knew what was going on because he was there on February 22, 2014. He got another salesman to help him out because the price of the dishwasher we wanted was reduced in price. All we wanted to do was swap the dishwashers. Both salesmen did what they needed to do in the computer. All said and done,so we thought. They delivered the dishwasher on March 4, 2014. Two men installed the dishwasher. After it was installed, we noticed that it was the wrong dishwasher. We went back to Best Buy on March 5, 2014 and we saw the salesman that helped us the first time. He couldn’t believe that this got messed up. He was just about to go to lunch, but I caught him before he left. He went to customer service in the store to straighten this out. Hopefully they will install the correct dishwasher on Monday. March 10, 2014.

For my inconvenience all I wanted was for Best Buy to give me a screen protector for my tablet for free…$50. I have spent a lot of money in Best Buy…an Asus lap top with Geek Squad service plan, a Samsung Tablet with a Geek Squad service plan, a MAC laptop, and I’m sure other items. I could have gone else where, but I swear by Best Buy.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Debi Scola


Gail Martin March 7, 2014 at 5:05 pm

The more I’ve tried to resolve a simple issue with Best Buy mostly the Geek Squad, I’ve come to realize this store chain is like the Titanic. It is a sinking ship and not one individual at the corporate level appears to care. On January 29, 2011, my husband and I went to the local Best Buy. I was planning on buying an HP laptop. We bought the laptop and a 55 inch Samsung TV. There were problems with the laptop from day one. I would take it in to the local Geek Squad and they would tell me there is nothing wrong. Something is wrong when a Geek Squad Tech does not know the difference in decorative etching and scratches. The laptop had not one scratch. It did have the HP decorative etching HP placed on the top of this model. That should have been a warning. For two years I kept taking it in and they kept saying nothing was wrong. Then one day out of no where Geek Squad sends a survey. I honestly said they were stupid. Not 15 minutes after I hit send, I got a call from the Geek Squad in the neighboring town asking if they could send a tech to my home that Friday night at 6pm. Whatever floats your boat at this point. The top of the laptop is covered in Geek Squad stickers. The Tech starts looking at the computer and within 20 minutes he has fixed it. Some Geek Squad trained expert didn’t download the correct chipset when setting up my computer. What is so sad is that it took 2 years before anyone gave a crap.
As for the TV, it has worked perfectly since the day we got it. That was of course after my husband and the store manager chased down the Best Buy employee trying to make off with our paid for TV. The TV has never had a problem until in January 2014 as a precaution, I had a Geek Squad Tech look at it. Whenever the local cable company ran the emergency broadcast test the video and audio would cease and the screen would go gray. Both would return if I just changed the channel for a nano second. A minor thing I could live with since this TV had a perfect picture. The Geek Squad Tech told me it was the “assy pcb main”. I was specific in asking if he replaced the assy pcb main will it be the exact same part as is in the TV now and will it be a new part not a refurbished part? Looked me straight in the eye and yes. It wasn’t. It was a junky part. Turned out it wasn’t my TV at all but the cable box. I called not 3 hours after he left trying to get my good part back only to be lied to by the store manager, the tech, and just about every Best Buy Geek Squad person I’ve spoken to since. And they told me untruths easily. I asked for only one thing after Geek Squad broke the TV. Honor the warranty. All they had to do was order the part (I got the part number from Samsung, I even offered to order it if they would reimburse me) and put it in the TV. An easy fix. Instead they ordered another part that was sticky and another part that was the wrong part. A guy who said he was the Director of all the Geek Squad Techs told me he was ordering the part directly from Samsung as we were speaking. He didn’t. His name was Cole. This started in January 2014 then the last week of February out of no where a woman named Romona calls to tell me my options under my warranty. I decided to have a 3rd party Samsung Authorized Service Center Tech repair the damage Geek Squad did because I wanted to keep the TV. Romona asked why and I told her for sentimental reasons. An hour later a man named Ross calls and I really thought it was a joke when he said his title. Ross is the Special Forces Team Director of Geek Squad. Me thinks somebody looked in their Psy 101 book at Milgram’s study an thought that a title like that might get people to comply. Ross was polite and ask me to tell him what happened from the beginning. I had told this over 100 times and I was tired of having to tell it, tired of trying to get them to do the right thing, and most of all tired of all of their lies. Somehow I managed to calmly get through it one more time. Ross asked what I wanted and I told him. I want the right part ordered, I want it to be new not a refurb, I want it installed, and I don’t want to be lied to anymore. Ramona had told me she was arranging the 3rd party to come out, Ross told me a Geek Squad Tech would be at my home tomorrow morning. Ross then asked why the TV had sentimental value. I told him I didn’t want to buy the TV that day my husband and I went into the store. My husband saw it, gave me his best little boy smile and I melted. My husband died 6 months after buying it and when I look at this TV I remember that little boy smile. I didn’t ask to have the TV broken nor was I asking for a new TV. I just want my TV made right because Geek Squad broke it. Ross said ok.
10am the next morning Katrina from Geek Squad calls me saying she was calling for Cole (who obviously didn’t have the manhood to call himself). Katrina informed me that Cole had made the summary decision to “junk out” my TV, she needed to give me a confirmation # which I had to take to a Best Buy Store and pick out a comparable model. I told her that Ramona and Ross had told something entirely different last night. She became rude. She said a 3rd party Samsung ASC would not come out for fear of liability. I later found out that was a lie. I asked if Cole had the authority to do this, who his supervisor was, and what my options were. Katrina stated “Cole has taken away all your options.” Must be nice to so God like. To have your employees destroy someone’s property and not have to repair it. To summarily give someone 30 days to pick another TV and of course they want yours and void a warranty you paid for in full. And reaching someone at the corporate level is impossible. No one explains how the process works. And the list of TVs they give you that are suppose to be comparable to yours are totally not.
It is only a TV. One I would have kept a long time. I am disturbed more at the lying. Samsung informed me that my Samsung warranty would be void if Geek Squad worked on my TV because Geek Squad is not a Samsung Authorized Service Center. My 1 year Samsung warranty had expired but it did get me to thinking what kind of training Geek Squad Techs receive. So I asked when one came one day if he was a Samsung Authorized Service Center Tech and he said yes, we have to have 6 hours of training. That is 6 hours on all TVs not just Samsung TV’s. I called and asked the mighty Cole if they were a Samsung ASC and he said yes but he didn’t know their assigned Samsung # nor could he find it. I called Samsung and Samsung replied with an email stating they most definitely were not and I was not the first to have my Samsung TV destroyed by a Geek Squad Tech. I called every Samsung ASC within j50 miles and not one was asked to look at my TV. As a matter of fact, while calling to find out a couple of those Samsung ASCs volunteered to take a look at no charge and were familiar with Geek Squad’s path of destruction.
So, I didn’t have one horrible experience with Geek Squad. I’ve had two. The HP laptop they made right after 2 years. The TV that is just down right wrong, dishonorable, dishonest, such an easy fix, and a vindictive act by Cole because he got caught lying. Trust is a precious thing. Once lost almost impossible to regain. Best Buy and Geek Squad lost my business, my brother’s business, and every other person I can make aware of their dishonesty. I wonder if they will go down with the ship or head for the life boats? Life boats. Cowards do.


Henry Blanco March 4, 2014 at 11:00 pm


The day 05/11/2013 at 19:24 receipet # 05560647112, I bought to my mom a KINDLE FIRE for price of $269.00 , I was out the country when my mom contact me and explain to me something is wrong with the kindle, since she is an eldery women and Im out of the country I suggest her to take it to your store the place I adquiere the kindle.(THE KINDLE NEVER WAS HIT, ABUSE ,WET OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT WAS A ADULT USED) THE DAY 02/25/2014 she arrived to your store located at 19191 S. DIXIE HWY store # 556. about 2:25 pm . FIRST THE ASSOCIATES IN THE TECH SUPPORT JUST LOOK THE KINDLE FOR 5 SECONDS AND TELL TO MY MOM (NOP THATS BROKEN SORRY NEXT !!!!!!! CALLING NEXT CUSTOMER…… my mom which is an elderly woman and she don’t SPEAK english ask somebody else for help … because she don’t know the model price or anything about the kindle. ANOTHER ASSOCIATES COME TO SUPPOSE HELP AND TELL HER “LOOK YOUR SON BOUGHT THIS “XXXXX” ON BLACK FRIDAY FOR $99 THERE IS NOTHING TO DO SO .. SORRY …… NOW AT THIS POINT MY MOM IS REALLY STRESS IS BEEN AROUND 3 HRS IN YOUR STORE !!!!!!!!!!!! WITH NO HELP NO NOTHING !!!!!!!!AND SHE START CRYING … THEN A LADY ?? MANAGER APPROACHED TO HER TO SEE WHAT HAPPEN .. 30 MIN LATER SHE COME AND SAID LOOK Sra. there is nothing to do… your tablet is from black friday for $99 what we can do for you for the wait and all this problem WE GOING TO GIVE YOU THIS KINDLE FOR “FREE” !!!!!!!! RECEIPT # 05560852130 KINDLE ITEM 2216082 , MY MOM DONT KNOW NOTHING SHE THINK FINALLY YOU GUYS GIVE HER THE EXCHANGE OR HER OLD KINDLE….. WELL NOW I SEE THE RECEIPT AND IS A TOTAL INFERIOR TABLET IS ONLY $139…. AND ACTUALLY IS A COPY OF MY ORIGINAL RECEIPT FOR THE $269…












Ted March 4, 2014 at 1:03 am

Went to buy a Sony TV 32″ 279.99 from my best buy account online and added my tv and a protection plan for it, went to check out knowing this item can not be shipped to my home, but the site said it could ship to my local store in Battle Creek, MI. I tried many times to finish my check out and was told that my order could not go to the store I have selected, which I already knew about as the web site told me it would be 3-5 days to get to the store. So I tried yet again to order my TV from your web site and again my order could not go to the store I have selected. I now called the web site to see if I could get my TV from you as I have a $10.00 reward to use, after playing phone tag with your so called phone service I finely got a real person to talk to me, having explained to Rep. about what the site told me, she “looked in to it”, she told me that it was not available from my local stores, which I already knew, I then told her I knew this but the web site showed the TV it could be ordered to the store in 3-5 days. She then “looked again”, and told me that this TV was out of stock in my “REGION”, and told me they only buy a select amount in this “REGION”. So now I can not use my $10.00 reward but have to go somewhere else to get my TV. Went to my local ABC Warehouse and guess what, the same TV was there so I got it with a 4 yr plan. I can not understand why your web site could not order said TV from the West Coast and have it shipped to the East Coast to your “REGION” and have it ready for pick up in 5-10 days. I know your “REGION” can do this as I have seen it done for Generators and Lumber. She asked me if she could look and see if there was another TV with the same price or a different Sony TV, I told her I wanted a 32″ TV only that was a Sony Brand as I have had no bad luck with. And I did not want a refurbished one.


Ashley R. March 1, 2014 at 1:10 am

I shopped at Best Buy in Peoria, IL on black Friday around 7am after I myself had worked 10hrs at a retail job. My main purpose was to purchase a tablet for my soon to be step daughter and a Walking Dead first person shooter game for my fiancé. I went to the video game section and found the Walking Dead game, but their were two different games and I read the back of both and could not tell which one was the first person shooter game that my fiancé wanted. So I found the associate that worked in that area and he told me he was not sure either so I asked if it was not the right one could my fiancé bring it back and get the other which he replied yes. I paid $32. and sum change on my debts there then went and purchased the tablet. Fast forward to Christmas my fiancé opens the game and puts it in and it is the story mode not shooter so he goes back to Peoria on the 27th of December which is a 30minute drive from are house and tries to return the game with the receipt and the associate says they can not exchange it til he has returned it four times for the same game then they could give him the other Walking Dead shooter game as exchange on the fourth return. Who has ever heard of that!! I thought that maybe since my name was on the receipt maybe they would act differently with the correct id so 2days later we try again and they tell him and I again the same story of returning it 4times then they can give him the shooter game. Well he went back at the end of January again and again they said the same thing and also that our exchange policy had expired!!! We asked for the managers name which is Tony at the Peoria, IL store and also for the number to their corperate office which I tried calling and come to find out it is a customer service number not corperate. So I talk to a man named Steve who tells me that he had never heard of the 4time return policy and that they don’t return games when the plastic has been removed. So I say to him well what should I do its not the game he wants it wont get played and Im out $32! Steve tells me to take the game to a Game stop and trade it in, which I would probably get only $8 for there and be out the rest of the money. This is just ridiculous!! Iv never heard of anything like this in my life. Iv looked over the receipt a million times and not once read that once a video games cellophane is opened its unreturnable! If that’s the case your employees need to be more educated on the products they sell so hardworking people don’t get ripped of their money then given the run around!! I have spent a lot of money with your company and so have my family and friends, but after I tell them this story they all agree they would rather choose another retailer than have to take a chance of having to deal with a return. I am very disappointed in this company and not taking responsibility for their products!!


valerie February 24, 2014 at 1:01 pm

We went to best buy to buy phones and stsrt a sprint account!!
My husband and I got the htc 1 after a week his spekers went out!!
So we took it back and he got aother htc1 then after a week hiis speakers went out again
And mine the touch screen didnt work!! So we took them back
And my husbsnd got a gallexy note 2 and i got a lg g2 after a week my husbands phone
Started giving him problems!! So we called sprint and they told us to go to
Best buy where we biught it from so we did and they didnt want to help
Us they told us to go to the sprint store cause after the 3rd time
We cant exchange it. If best buy would sell better phones we wouldnt
Have to goback the third time!! Now my lg is freezing the touch screen
Doesnt work mist of the time!! Thank God i dont have to goback to bestbuy
Those people suck in customer service!! I have insurance on my phone
So sprint is going to replace it!! Maybe now i wont have any more problems
I will never shop at Best buy ever again and i posted this expetace
On facebook and i tell all my friends about our experance!! Grand junction, co
Bust buy sucks


Hannah February 22, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I have been though many terrible retail experience like most Americans have. However, yesterday at best but landed easily in the top three worst experiences. I ordered a TV on Presidents’ Day weekend and was so excited. I tracked it as soon as a tracking number was available. Every day I checked on the status. It arrived on Friday, I met the delivery man and cleared an area right away to start working on my new Insignia 42 inch TV- SKU 2217027. I opened it only to see a massive crack on the screen! I was devastated. I called 1 (855) 522-6106 and spoke to Helen. She was amazing, she put me at ease. She told me she spoke to the manager Megan on the Bayfield location in concord nc. Helen told me since I was unhappy and it wasn’t my fault best buy would offer me the same tv if not better. She said there was a 46in tv there for $379 which was much more than I paid and she said I would not have to pay the difference because it was their error.
I went to best buy and went to customer service and asked to speak to a manager Megan. I found out Megan was only a phone operator and she had no idea what was going on. I then got sent to two customer service representatives their names were Alyssa and Erin. They also had no idea what was going on and just returned the item. I told them I want the same tv or the TV Helen spoke of. They said they couldn’t do that. I was there for over two hours. It is insane that I spent two hours waiting on people to help only to walk out empty handed and beyond mad at the company. The manager Brandon said less than 30 words to me. He was very unhelpful and no one during that two hours said sorry.
They should understand the frustration of 1. Having a broken product 2. Having best buy call center telling me false stuff 3. Having to call the manager over multiple times. 4. Not helping their customer

After two hours of my life wasting away I walked out empty handed. I am emailing you to inform you that I am a VERY unhappy customer who wants someone to treat me like Helen but give me correct information and compensate me for my time and my frustration. I want the tv I ordered. I don’t want anything I will have to pay more for. And I don’t want to settle for a smaller tv or a less quality tv.

I would love to speak to someone further about getting this resolved.
I can talk rational and I do understand things happen during shipping, however the Manager Brandon told me it was probably broken in their bigger warehouse not by the shipping if that’s the case shipping needs to be looked at by a developmental group so this doesn’t happen to more people.

I would appreciate a call or email with a way to get compensated for my time and frustration and a plan to get the same tv or around about the same tv I bought.

Thank you for your time,




Staci February 12, 2014 at 4:02 pm


I have written two different emails about the problems listed below in my complaint and I have still not received an answer from anyone in your stores regarding problems at your Beavercreek, Ohio location. I’m a very patient woman but, I was told in the email listed below that I would hear from someone within 24-72 hours and I’m still waiting. I understand that I wrote the last email right before a weekend but there has been plenty of time between Thursday, when I received the only correspondence from your company, and today, which is Wednesday the following week. I hardly believe that every person that could handle this situation has not been in your stores within the last 7 days. I will give this email time to find the appropriate person to get in touch with me and if I do not have either a phone call or email response by Monday evening, I will call customer service Tuesday. I look forward to talking with someone soon.

Thank you,

Hi Staci,

Thank you for contacting BestBuy.

First, I would really like to apologize for the inconvenience that this experience and all of these hassles caused you. I would like to inform you that I have already forwarded your complaint to the store manager at Beavercreek, Ohio. They will get back to you in 24-72 hours regarding this matter. We appreciate your feedback regarding this so we would know what are the things that we would need to improve on our services. Rest assured that this feedback will be passed on to the higher management.

We appreciate your patience regarding this concern. We appreciate you for being a valued My Best Buy Elite Member.

If you have any further concerns, please contact us at 888-BEST-BUY (888-237-8289).


Best Buy Customer Care Team

Original Message Follows: ————————
My name is Staci Blankenship and I was in your Beavercreek store on 02/04/2014 around 5:30 pm dealing with the customer service desk area. I frequent this Best Buy often and it seem that the service you get is just a joke. It has gotten so bad that my family would rather travel out of our way and go to another location than deal with employees at this store. I have all receipts dealing with the transactions below and if I read your receipts right the particular employee at the service desk employee number is 0266. My problem is as follows:
Your customer service really needs to be evaluated at the Beavercreek, OH store! I seem to always get the same girl at the service desk that isn’t very professional about anything. I had to wait in a line of NO ONE until she thought she might come over and “help” me and my husband. I was at the store to return a defective computer graphics card and I had a price match ad for a game that I purchased earlier in the week. Usually all I have to do is bring the ad from the store and no problem best buy matches it, not this time, I got excuses instead of why they wont do it! She told me that they have to have it in stock at the local target to do the price match and if they didn’t have it I couldn’t get the difference back. She told me she had to call the Target next to this particular Beavercreek store (she said it didn’t matter if I found it at any other location it had to be the one at the Fairfield Mall, what about on line ordering?) and if they don’t have it only a manager could do the adjustment. I ask her when did the policy change that they had to call to see if the particular store had it in stock when I can choose to order it on line, the girl ignored me and pulled out a personal cell phone to call Target! At this time I’m really upset because I know you never should have a personal cell phone on a sales floor of a business! I’ve been in the customer service industry for years and NEVER have I done that to a customer! I have never worked at a store where an employee has had the OK to use there personal phones while working! After she got off HER phone she told me they don’t have any in stock so I can’t give it to you but she might be able to get a hold of a manager. You might? Isn’t her job customer service? She then continues with the return of the computer graphics card that I was returning and I assume talking to a manager that came up. The man never introduced himself or apologized for our wait, I assume he gave the go ahead on the discount on the price match because the girl put it on a gift card. I continued to ask the customer service girl when did this policy change because it wasn’t on the mat on the counter or on line when I checked to see if Best Buy still did price matching and she never could give me an answer she would only say “I understand.” You understand what exactly? You never gave me an answer! If I as a customer are wrong in the policy shouldn’t you be able to give me a place to see this so called policy? I also want to know why it’s appropriate for an employee to use there own cell phones to contact a rival store? If this is true, even Wal-Mart is a better customer service store and that’s laughable!!!! I encourage you to get in touch with me. I know I can not be the only ones having issues with this store. I’ve spoken to other customers while waiting at the GeekSquad counters and the opinions of this store are low. I’d by all my electronics online and cut your stores out but unfortunately I’m like every other American and want things now and you’re my only option. I would love Best Buy to live up to the potential it has but with employees like this in your employ it wont happen.


justin January 20, 2014 at 12:20 pm

I have a 39″ insignia tv that I have had nothing but trouble with it got sent it once to be fixed was told nothing was wrong with it. So this time I got it back and recorded a video of it messing up, took it in to the store on a Monday, they then told me they would get it right out on Thursday, Thursday turned into Friday. So I called corporate and they even told corporate that it was Going out Friday, which it didn’t, they told me to call back Monday and they can expedite it. So I call today and now they say there is nothing they can do. And I know that I’ll get the tv back saying that there is nothing wrong with it when my video shows other wise, and just think I was going to go buy a new tv with my tax return but the best buy experience just made me say no thanks, worst services ever I was lied to atleast ten times b.s


Christina Verstreate January 15, 2014 at 12:29 pm

I had a 46 inch Westinghouse Television that I purchased the extended warranty with. On 01/02/2014 the picture went out it appeared that everything else was working fine except the picture. When I called to inquire about the warranty that night the girl at the store told me it had expired on 12/26/2013. I sadly accepted this information and the next day shopped around for a new television. I first went to Best Buy but did not see anything I liked that fit into my budget but I did find one at Walmart so I purchased it. I put the old television outdoors to await disposal. On 01/14/2014 I checked my mail and found a notice that my warranty expires on 01/26/2014. Had I known this I would have taken it in to attempt repair and if not then put towards another television as I have done in the past. You see I have 3 TV 1 PC 2 Laptops an IPod Touch and other items purchased through them all with extended warranties so I know how it should work! After spending 3 hours on the phone my issue is still not resolved. I was offered a 25$ gift card for false information given, then a 75$ gift card for my “inconvenience” and the GM Natasha put all fault on me because I put the “BROKEN” TV outside instead of keeping junk in my house and because I bought the new TV from somewhere other than Best Buy. This would have never occurred had they not told me my warranty was expired. So now the question is to warranty or not to warranty? Also is it worth all the bad reviews they are going to receive over this and the loss of a loyal and dedicated customer to a business that makes millions over a 600.00$ television set? I myself have spent more with them than 600.00$ which is a drop in the hat for them but I have a family and while they can make this in a day or less it takes me longer and I liked them so much I spent it with them!!!!


David Eric January 12, 2014 at 6:46 pm

I went to exchange my iPad mini today as I noticed it had a crack in the corner after I too off the plastic sleeve last night 1/13. When I went to the store I was told we don’t take back damaged goods. All I wanted was an exchange, after talking to an associate named Michael she goes and gets Brian a sales mgr to tell me the same thing. He states to me “I have never seen an iPad come in cracked”. So he inspects every iPad out there?? Things never come in damged or broken?? That’s a bunch of lies. What a lame sales mgr. & an awful store & company to deal with.


Kevin Katchmar January 7, 2014 at 11:21 am

I was going to leave some details about the many failures I experienced with Best Buy Customer Support but after reading the above stories I see that nothing anyone says seems to have any impact at Best Buy. Does Best Buy have a Board of Directors? Have any of them ever seen this site? If we had half these kind of postings at our corporation, heads would roll. Very disapointing


Donna December 27, 2013 at 6:30 pm

I have been a customer of bestbuy since 2000. I have always bought my gadgets from here, but now I am done of being a loyal customer. I recently ordered a 60″ tv and geek squad installation. I called on 12/21 to schedule the installation for 12/27 only to find out no one is coming to my house to install it. I called and was transferred to four different people only to end up canceling my $1700 order.

I cancelled all my appt today so I can be home for the installation. But I guess bestbuy does not value any of their customers’ time.


Roman Kilyun December 24, 2013 at 10:07 am

I wish to drop a comment to say how extremely helpful one of your agents is. His name is Agent Le and he works at the Maple Grove Best Buy Customer Service. We stopped by there last night since we were getting beyond frustrated with the reps at 1 800 GEEK SQUAD.
It is quite a lengthy story, but I was trying to get service on my television though 1 800 GEEK SQUAD for approximately three weeks and getting absolutely nowhere. My last attempt was to go to my local Best Buy in Maple Grove and try to find someone there who could resolve my issue . To say that Agent Le was extremely helpful, would be an understatement. He went way above and beyond his job responsibilities to make sure customer was satisfied. He spent over an hour with us, trying to find a solution, and he did. We walked out of the store in amazement at dealing with such an outstanding worker. I have not come across anyone with such outstanding approach to what he does. Excellent, excellent job!!!!! I wish more associates were at least half as helpful as him!!!!!

Roman Kilyun


Marc H. Broner December 22, 2013 at 12:54 pm

I am 48, and significantly physically disabled. I’ve been offered, a work from home Data Entry position, from the Social Security Administration’s Ticket To Work program, and still keep my disability, and full benefits, including, being permitted to earn, $1000/month. The minimum device, the SSA, will allow me to use, is a decent tablet. I went to Best Buy, on December 14, 2013. After considerable shopping, I chose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. It was $150, and the salesperson, didn’t know when, the price, might go up. My family member, sent me a check, for $150. I checked the price, on the 19th. It was $160. I don’t get, my next benefit check, until January 3, 2014. According to Best Buy, it will be at least $200, by then. I will lose the device, the position, and our severe financial hardship, will continue. I contacted the SSA, for more time, so I can save up the money, from my disability. I only have, until the end, of 2013. I’m only asking Best Buy, to please see clear, to allowing me, to buy the above mentioned device, for $150, as a disability accommodation. This is the only way, I can get the above mentioned position, save my family, and have a much better year, than 2013 was. As for my wife, Marsha, she is my 24/7 angel, and caregiver. My priority, is making her life, as good, as possible. I need Best Buy, to do that.


Jennifer December 20, 2013 at 4:37 pm


Dear Best Buy,

I would like to take this time to share with you my holiday shopping experience with your store #308 located in Orland Park, IL. I have been a long time Best Buy customer and if you look back in your records, you will see that I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with your company, which brings me to my first purchase that started everything.

I purchased a DSLR digital camera, a Nikon D5200, on 11/10 and spent over $1300.00 including an extra lens and other accessories. (which I was NOT awarded points for because I used 18 month financing, must have missed the FINE PRINT on that policy change) None the less, I am happy with my purchase and happy with the associate who helped me in picking this camera out. Now fast forward to Black Friday. My original reason for going to Best Buy on this day was for a 64GB IPOD TOUCH. There is an associate located in the area where all the MP3 players are located. I ask him for this particular model. He spends a short time looking in his bin filled with IPOD’s and tells me he can’t find one and that “you need to go find someone else that will help you” and “that they might be over there.” WELL THEN! I proceed to walk the store and happen to walk past the new camera I just purchased. What do you know; it’s on sale 2 weeks after I just purchased it! I go up to the customer service counter to ask if there is anything that can be done, I just purchased this camera, now it’s on sale, is there some sort of price match that can take place? The man at the counter tells me that he doesn’t “think” this can be done. By his unsure tone, I ask if he could please see if there is a manager available to confirm this. He quickly forms an attitude with me, throws his arms in the air and points at me and yells that “no, I’m not getting a manager! If you want the sale price you’ll have to bring your old camera back and return it and go buy a new one!!” At this point, I am so flabbergasted and angry the way this person is speaking to me for asking a question I’m well within my rights to ask. So I storm off and locate the store manager and tell her what just happened. She explained to me that because it’s Black Friday, they do not price match. I tell her that I understand and that is fine, but I absolutely DO NOT appreciate the way your worker spoke to me and that I will be purchasing everything I came here for today from ABT (which I did).

Here it is 12/14 and I’ve entered the store again with an open mind after cooling down from the last experience. The reason for my visit is a ZAGG folio/keyboard for an IPAD (which I purchased from that same store a short time before). I did research online and found that the one I wanted from your website was $80.99. I spent some time with an associate trying to locate one in the store and after looking in the computer they were out and it was found that there weren’t any close enough to drive to another store. It was also found that the price in the best buy computer was $59.99. So the associate told me by best bet was to just purchase it from online. That’s fine, no problem. But why would I go home and order it online for $80.99 when clearly in your store system the price reads $59.99? The associate then brought me back to the customer service counter and they were able to order it for me at that lower price. I was told, and it is stated on the receipt that I would receive my item anywhere from 12/18-12/24 before the Christmas holiday 12/25. Excellent, it was ordered and I was on my way. But not before walking past the same camera I purchased, which was STILL ON SALE when I was just informed last week that it was a Black Friday sale and nothing could be done.

Now, 12/18 arrives and I have received no notifications on shipment for this ZAGG folio/keyboard. With the holiday approaching fast, I decided to call customer service to find out what the status of my order is. The representative on the phone informs me that this item is backordered until mid-late January. WHAT??? I received ZERO notification on this, no courtesy email or phone call to let me know. I canceled my order and once again, off to ABT I went.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed and angry with Best Buy. Any future electronic purchase that come up, I WILL NOT be visiting a Best Buy store or online. I will not even consider it for fear of another headache or being treated so poorly.

Just thought you should know.

Happy Holidays


Kris December 19, 2013 at 10:45 am

I ordered a HP – ProBook 15.6″ Laptop on 14 Dec 13. It was delivered to the wrong address on 18 Dec 13. I contacted customer service, after sitting on hold for 30 minutes, informed them that I had not received my order. The customer service agent said that I should go to the address where my computer was delivered and get it back from whomever signed for it. This is the last time that I will ever buy and thing from this company.


Randy Astacio November 24, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Just want to inform you that I’m very upset with Best Buy, My wife and I are frequent shopper’s with the Deal of the Day, On 11/24/2013 I notice on your website that you had a Hiteker 32″ HDTV DVD COMBO for $98.00. At 530Am we went to order it and it informed us that we were unable to order it due to it was coming soon. We kept following it on the website so we can order it, and a blink of an eye then is stated that it was sold out. How in the hell that happened. I called customer service and a very rude person let me know that it was sold out. I explained to her exactly was happen. She put me on hold and transfer me to someone else. During the time I was driving to one of your store’s to check if I can get one there. But no Avail. While in the store, your customer rep was checking if anyone other store’s had it in stock. The answer was no surprising no one had it, I became more upset. she put me on hold again and when she finally came back on the phone she informed me that it was a mistake on your website. What kind of business are you guys running here,!!!!!! I will be calling the Home Office tomorrow.


Sara Martinez November 23, 2013 at 8:10 pm

I’ve had issue with the warranty for my Samsung cellphone. The warranty for my Samsung cellphone was being double charged to my Best Buy credit card for the past 18 months. One warranty charge is for $10.08 and the other warranty charge is for $10.81.

I first contacted Best Buy customer service in August 2013 to explain to them that there was an issue with the warranty being double charged to my credit card. I spoke with both Jeremy at Best Buy and Stella from Geek Squad. Stella and Jeremy both told me that the warranty would be cancelled and my refund to my card would be $205.39. I was also told that since the refund was going to be in my account, that I would not have a balance due. They told me this issue would be resolved in 5-7 business days. My reference number is #121610020.

On September 1, 2013 I was ready to do the upgrade on my cellphone. So I go into Best Buy to upgrade my Samsung cellphone to the iPhone. I get my iphone activated, and I explain to the best buy worker, named Juan, to please make sure there is only one warranty for the iphone, at the time of activation. I go to use my best buy credit card, and my best buy card was declined. So now I’m in the best buy store having to call best buy customer service to see why my best buy card has been declined. The representative, Tracy, tells me that I have a past due balance of $20 dollars, and a late fee, taking the total to $52.47, and that nothing can be done until I can pay the $20 dollar balance. I explained to her that I have no cash on me, and how there should be no balance on my card. I explained to her the entire story of what happened last month with the warranty double charges and how all the charges were to be refunded. She then instructs me to use the ATM in the store to withdraw $20, and that she will remove the late charge and the hold on my best buy credit card so that I may purchase my iPhone which has already been activated. I then use the ATM to withdraw $20, which also makes me incur a charge for $3.25 for using the ATM. I then hang up with Tracy and make the $20 dollar payment, as she instructed. Juan, goes to run my Best Buy credit card again, and it still declines.

I call the Best Buy customer service again, and spoke with the representative, Chris. I had to explain my whole story again from the previous month to Chris. Chris tells me how the refund takes 5-7 days to process, and another 25-30 days to process through back office. I wasn’t told in August how the refund would take an additional 25-30 days to process. Chris then tells me that I have to pay .89 cents before he could release the hold on my Best Buy credit card. Chris tells me, “You can’t find .89 cents?”. Which I thought was very rude, considering I shouldn’t even have a balance on this card to begin with, and I already made one ATM withdraw in the store as instructed by Tracy. At this point I asked to speak to the supervisor, because again I did not have cash on me to pay the .89 cents. I was on hold 8 minutes before speaking to the supervisor. The supervisor, named Sparkle, tells me, “This is what happens when you don’t pay your bill on time, on the due date.” Then Sparkle tells me that I have to come up with the .89 cents. At this point, my Mom and I go through our purses to scrounge up change. We manage to get together 1 dollar. I made the dollar payment while Sparkle was on the phone, and then I passed my phone to Juan, so that he could speak with Sparkle. My hold on the Best Buy credit card was released and I was able to make the purchase. This whole non-sense inside Best Buy took me 2 hours. I didn’t appreciate the embarrassment of having my card declined, nor did I appreciate the way Sparkle talked to me on the phone, nor did I appreciate the hassle I was given over .89 cents.

I get an email from Geek Squad on September 1, 2013. The case #123127356. The email stated that it was from Phej in Account Maintenance Back Office. It stated that my monthly warrantly plan GSP #3928416427 was cancelled, but that I was only being refunded for $21.62. I called to ask for this be appealed, since I did not feel this was fair being that I had been getting double charged for the past 18 months. At this point I explain that I would be happy with at least getting half of the 18 months of double charge refunded.

I get an email from Geek Squad on October 13, 2013. The email stated that it was from Ryan from Account Maintenance Back Office. It stated that I would be receiving a refund of $108.10. At this point, I’m content. I was still planning to have business with Best Buy. I still was continuing with my 1 warranty through my iPhone with Best Buy.

Then I received my next Best Buy credit card statement, which was showing my payment was due on November 21, 2013. It was showing that I had TWO warranty charges AGAIN. This time, one for $10.08 and one for $10.55. I called on November 5, 2013 I call to check on my Best Buy credit card. I kept trying to get through to someone, but the line disconnects three times. I call the following day on November 6, 2013. The automated system tells me that my balance is $31.36 and on there it says that I have THREE warranty charges for $10.22, $10.65, $10.08, but that my balance due was $20.16. I spoke to the representative named Little, who transferred me to account maintenance because he was confused by my account. Then I spoke with Josh, and I explained my whole story once again. I told him I wanted ALL the warranty cancelled. I no longer wanted to have my iPhone warranty with Best Buy, and I wanted the 2 additional warranties off my account and refunded. Now, I’m upset by this whole mess I’ve had to deal with. Now I want the other half of my 18 months of double charged warranties refunded. My reference #126775217. He then explains to me that he is going to pass it to back office for my request. According to Josh I was going to have the charges for this month refunded and the remaining 18 months of double charge, for a total of $205.35. During this phone call, I was online with Josh for 1 hour. My sister was needing help with homework, which I couldn’t do, since I was dealing with this mess. My main complaint is how long I’ve been dealing with this issue of double charge warranty, not to mention the mess I had trying to buy the iPhone and having my card declined.

I then call Best Buy customer service on November 16, 2013 to check on the status, since I had not received an email, nor had there been any changes to my account. When I called, I spoke with the representative Ray. Ray stated that Josh did not send the refund through and stated that I should of received an email. He verified my email address, which I know is correct, since I have received email from Back office before. I asked to speak to a manager, and he told me that the back office was a non voice department, and that he was doing a follow-up on the appeal. Ray tells me that the appeal is going to take 5-10 days.

I then call on November 21, 2013. While waiting on hold for over 30 minutes I get disconnected. At that point I did not call back again. That night at 12:29am I received an email from Chris at Account Maintenance Back office. Which tells me that my request was declined.

So now I’m stuck still paying for those 2 warranty charges, when this whole time I only had the ONE Samsung phone, and then I upgraded that phone to ONE iphone. I could have gone to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, but No I WANTED TO SHOP WITH BEST BUY.
While I’m sitting here spending MORE of my time about this issue, I decide to call again to check the balance on my Best Buy credit card. My balance should be ZERO, since I paid the card off, and I told them to cancel my warranty. Well sadly I’m not surprised but my balance is $9.91. I speak to the representative Keith, who tells me there was a charge of $10.55 on 10/22/13 for the iPhone warranty. At this point I ask to speak to either a manager or a supervisor. I’m placed on hold, where I speak with the supervisor named JK. I once again explain my story about these warranty charges. JK tells me that she is going to place me on hold for ten minutes so that she can look into my account. She tells me that the double charges were from January 2012 to July 2013. She tells me I’m due a refund of $29.72 from those days, and that I’m due a $10.89 for August and September, and she’s looking into the most recent warranty charge. Then she tells me that she needs to look into the account, and after 40 minutes of being on the phone, I get disconnected. I went to have dinner, while I waited to see if she would call back. Which she did not call me back.


Sheri Curnutt November 23, 2013 at 9:30 am

I want to share my Best Buy story with your corporate offices. I know complaints are the norm for pages like this… But High Five JOPLIN MO store! Your store was able to provide the only thing my 6 yr old grandson asked for this Christmas… A National competitor did what I know to be a BAIT AND SWITCH ad for a one day sale. Needless to say they did not have the advertised item in stock or anywhere in the store. And would not issue a rain check or reserve the item I waited 2 hours to purchase. My Joplin Mo. store had the item in stock and did price match the item as well . THANK YOU BEST BUY (JOPLIN) for saving my Christmas! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ms Pamela Pelzer November 20, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,
There has been many request as ownership/leadership over the last few years and no direct reply from corporated office that answer my request.
Can any one cantact me asap.
Reason: Bestbuy Company Main Office ,


John Radtke November 20, 2013 at 9:55 am


Best Buy

I was in the Lafayette Indiana store yesterday to bring in a Kindle Fire that I am having tech issues with. It’s been freezing up and not connecting to the web properly. After having 3 people look at it and determine that yes there is an issue, the CSM Josh, came over and for the next 30 minutes was disrespectful and rude commenting that all I was there for was to get a free replacement and that I was just looking for the free upgrade because I know the store doesn’t have that model anymore. I informed Josh that I wasn’t aware of what models are available and that I have the 2 year service plan that covers replacement of my device. He was very rude and disrespectful, would snicker and smirk at my reply and made the entire process of going there uncomfortable. He was asking me questions totally unrelated to the fact that the device is not working properly, then would make unprofessional comments almost like I was in the wrong for bringing in the device. The fact of the matter is the device wasn’t working properly, 3 other employees looked at it and verified that, then Josh (CSM), went on a 30 minute tirade belittling me in while my children were standing just a few feet away. If that was my office administrator or wife who brought that in, they would have been running out of your store in tears with the way he was speaking.

I have been shopping at Best Buy for years, not only for our office needs, but also for our family household. I couldn’t even begin to total up the amount of items that have been purchased over just the past 3 years including: copiers, ink, paper, office accessories, Ipad, 5 Kindle Fires for the office, 3 TV’s (home) , DVD player (home), Internet routers for home and office and gift cards for Birthdays and Christmas just to name a handful of items. I have never once been treated the way I was yesterday by Josh in all the years I’ve shopped at Best Buy. He has not only made me question the ethics of employees in his role as a ‘manager’ for your company, but wondering if Best Buy is really the place for us in the future for our company and family needs for products you carry, if this is the type of treatment people can expect when coming in with a product issue that has a 2 year warranty replacement. I look forward to hearing a response and I sincerely hope this is not typical of your company as a whole to treat your customers this way.


Peter Bowler November 18, 2013 at 8:46 pm

I bought a GPS 11/1/13 and your ad came out 11/17/13 for the same item only 20.00 cheaper. No one ,including the manager, at the store would do anything but quote company policy and told me it was two days too late. I have bought three computers, and will be buying an other very soon, also a dishwasher, and this GPS. I have also used Geek Squad an o few occasions. Not to mention buying supplies. Your policy of 15 days on returns and price match is terrible. I would like to have this matched, after all it is from your own store. Thank you for your consideration.


Randy Peck October 16, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Lady Lake FL Store10/14/13 Here we are AGAIN!! In Sept. We purchased 2 cell phones for $300 ea. One works fine the other had to be repaired. We bought the BEST BUY warranty that says they will replace it on the spot if there is a problem. We went into the store and they refused to replace it and just sent it out. 2 weeks lated the phone still does not work.We were back in the store today and with a reciept in hand told that they would not replace the phone and only send it out.We were also told that they didn’t beleive we bought the phones in their store. After my first review 2 weeks ago I placed a call to the store manager. I was told he would call me the next day. NOT TO MY SURPRIZE HE STILL HAS NOT CALLED. SAME STORE, SAME MANAGEMENT, STILL A WORST BUY STORE. 2 WEEKS AGO: This is THE WORST store I have ever been in. Prices are NOT compatible with the marked because they have little to no competition. They are 8 miles from my home and I will drive the 25 miles to H.H.Gregg rather than shop at Best Buy. Customer service is the biggest JOKE of all because there is none. The Management staff needs to go get a job flipping burgers at Mac Donalds. I have 6 LED TVs in my house and 5 blue rays players. NOT A ONE CAME FROM this crappy store. My 70″ TV had a problem, H.H. GREGG took care of it with absolutely no problem. Try getting that from Best Buy. They should rename the place WORST BUY!!


Brian Morrison September 30, 2013 at 11:13 am

Bought TV on 9-6-2013
Delivered on – 9-20-2013
Called Geek Squad on 9-20-2013
Geek Squad came out on 9-30-2013
~ My problem still is not fixed~

Thank you for the great selection of items and customer service that Bust Buy has to offer. Best Buy is the best business in the US to purchase electronics.

However, I just made a large purchase at the Fayetteville, North Carolina location. Upon the delivery of my TV (the very same day) I cannot enjoy the full benefit of the system because it was defective. The main board does not work properly and I cannot view it in 3D.

The biggest problem is that I will not be able to get it fix until after over 3 weeks. Really? I had to postpone my friends and family gatherings. Very disappointing. This brand new TV was defected right out of the store and I have to be inconvenienced immediately and have to wait an extended time to get it fixed. Really?

As a Silver Best Buy member, I was excited to make a purchase over $3600.00 to maintain my Silver membership and show off how Best Buy can entertain my family and friends. But what do I say to them now?

I really think that you have an interest in the best customer service your customers can get. I’m asking you to help me with the process. I’m not sure how you could expedite the repair unless I get the TV replaced. I would feel better. If not I would like to be compensated for my inconvenience.

Thank you for helping me and considering my request.

Brian Morrison
2331 XXXXberland Gap Drive
Apartment 105
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Tech came out, put new board in and now I don’t even have 3D option and the sound is messed up. The TV has to be replaced. Please respond to my email. Why do I spend the money I have and receive this service and no email response either?


Oscar Wilson September 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm

I am a photographer an I was looking at a camera I your Valdosta Georgia store. There was a camera marked for 379.00 it was on the box, and there was a canon camera inside the box . The camera inside the box was a canon rebel with 18 megapixal with a lens that was valued at 199.99 the whole this was priced at 999.99. When I went to purchase the camera I was informed the camera price wasn’t the camera in the box. I was told tell the manager, he dudnt care she was going to sell me the camera anyway he smirked abd walked off, the associate was name Johnathan he would not give his last name. The manager came an said she wasn’t going to sell me that camera, and she knew what associate put the camera in the wrong box, and she would speak with them about this mistake, but she wasn’t selling me the camera that was to bad. I was very upset and disappointed about the way the store manager and associate acted, my friends and family shops at that store and I have friends that shop there also. This is bad fir your store and busines, I would like to get this dealt with as soon as possible. You can reach me at 912-501-9143 at anytime please. I worked in retail and I know what is suppose to happen. Thank you in advance.


Mike Nelson September 10, 2013 at 10:31 am

Purchased a Whirlpool washer dryer combination and Verizon Jet Pack on 8/13/13. Sales person showed a map from the Internet refering 4G coverage at my home location, once I got home the Jet Pack was activated and would not connect. When I returned the unit to the Baytown,TX Best Buy they tried the unit and said there was no problem. Returned home and tried device again with no signal called Verizon and they were able to determine Sim card was defective. Went to Verizon Store on same road as Best Buy and they checked the device and Sim card was installed properly but had been soiled when installed, sim card replaced and was fine, brought back home and tried again could not get 4G service at best service would drift from 3G to 1X. Called Verizon store and questioned them about service and was told that Sales people at Best Buy did not know what they were doing on these devices and 4G had never been available at my address. Unit cost was $50.00 and service from Verizon cost $221.46 this does not include fuel cost nor my time invested at a complete loss. The Whirlpool washer dryer incident started the same day was told deliver would be the next week, and then canceled night before, this continued thru April and May each week was scheduled a delivery and canceled. Cancelation at end of May told the scheduler not to call again until they had the unit in possession this lasted about 2 weeks and they started rescheduling and canceling weekly, I was told should visit store and question why this was happening. While at the store Sales person informed me that they were not able to acquire the unit but they had a display model available and could reduce the price, I agrred to accept this and delivery was set up for end of week. The unit was finally delivered on Saturday 2 wweks later, upon inspection the unit was used and parts missing, went back to store to complained and set up a pickup and delivery of a new unit that was found at another location. Next day I was informed that delivery was not available and agreed to have the used unit picked up, waited all day and no one showed up for pickup. Back to store again and complained about not having pickup made, tried to get money spent back and cancel all orders they told me the unit would need to be picked up and all funds would be returned. Two months later and many visits to store unit is still taking up space at my home and no refund has been done they are still trying to get payments on my credit card. This has transpired over 5 months and I paid in excess of $500.00 and have not recieved any merchadise worth having and store continue to refuse any corrections other than taking more of my time and fuel to resolve this situation. This needs to be rectified before legal actions are taken


shirley elliott September 8, 2013 at 6:07 pm


Outraged Customer

I am a Best Buy customer and have been for as long as I can remember, my husband and I and all of family patronize your store all the time, my husband and I have purchased all our flat screen TVs, computers, phones, mp3s, software, hardware and so on. I live in Laurel, MD and we shop at the Best Buy in Laurel around March of this year my sister wanted to purchase a laptop I recommended getting her laptop from Best Buy I went with her to help her pick out her computer because she is not that familiar with computers and being a electronic technician I was able to help her get a nice computer that she could work with she purchased the HP Envy m6 notebook after about 3 months she started have some problems with her computer I took the computer and checked it out and realized she had let her Norton expired so I thought maybe she had a virus on her computer, she purchased the Norton but she continued to experience problems since she purchased the Geek warranty I suggested that she take it to Best Buy and have a diagnosis test done to find out the problem, because she lives in the Washington, DC area she took it to the Best Buy located on 14th Street NW, Washington, DC, she said they told her she had to wait for a consultation with a member of the Geek Squad, she waited for about 30 minutes before she was called to talk to someone and when she did she explained to the Geek guy what I told her might be the problem she called me and had me speak to the guy and I explained to him what I experience with the computer he pulled up her warranty and explained to her that it did not cover software only hardware and if she wanted him to remove any virus from her computer she would have to pay $199 she said she did not have the money to pay for the service and he gave her the computer back and she left she called me and told me what happen and decided to come out to my house in Maryland so I could go with her to Staples for them to check her computer out and fix the problem for less money so we took the computer to Staples they did a diagnosis test on the computer for $69.00 and found it was a defected hard drive my sister left her computer with me and ask if I would take it to the Best Buy where I live in Maryland since it was a hard drive her Geek warranty would cover it. I took the computer to Best Buy in Maryland the gentleman name Dewayne from the Geek Squad waited on me I explained to him what Staples said was wrong with the computer he looked up my sister’s information and confirmed her warranty he took the computer and said they would run a diagnosis test to confirm the problem and if it is the hard drive because it is still a new computer he would call HP and ship the computer out to them and have them replace the hard drive this was on a Thursday and he said I should have the computer back no later then Wednesday it was ready Tuesday, I could not believe that all it took was for them to run a diagnosis test and fix the problem I was told even if she did not have the Geek warranty she was covered by HP warranty so I said to the young man all the other guy at the Best Buy in DC had to do was run a diagnosis test on her computer and find out what the problem was and then explain to her her options and we would not have had to pay out any money to get her computer fix, I was so upset I said then they should reimburse her the money she paid because they did not do their job, I was told I should talk to the manager at that store, my sister went there Sunday Sept 1, and called me and I spoke with the Manager of the Geek Squad I explained to him what happen and I felt she should be reimburse for the money she had to put out because his employee did not do his job because I could not understand why he did not run the test on her computer if that was what they were suppose to do so this manager told me because it was past a week there was not any thing he could do for her, I was outraged and told him there should not be any type of time limit on what his employee put us through because he failed to do his job he still tried to apologize and tell me he could not do anything about it I told him I would not accept his apology and I did need to talk to him anymore and I would contact Corporate headquarters I asked for his name he gave me his first name (Sangosh) he said he could not give me his last name, all I want is Best Buy to rectify the mistake they made that caused us so much time and money that all it took for this person to do was exactly what the tech did for me at the Best Buy in Maryland that only took all of 15 minutes to turn the computer into them to have it repair.
I am so outraged over this Manager very poor responds to our situation that his employee caused that I am considering to never go in another Best Buy gain. Thank you.


Jerry W. Riegle September 5, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Att: Complaint Dept.

My grandson, who is 15 years old, and I came into your Best Buy located in Lady Lake, FL off US 27 in the villages, on May 10, 2013. We were shopping for a tablet for my wife and looking around at your other merchandise in the store. Out of know where a man approached us and we assumed he was an employee of Best Buy. He started talking about Directv and introdued himself as Anthony Lokofrick. I told him we use to have Directv up north but we use to lose coverage in storms so I didn’t think I would be interested in his sales pitch. Then Anthony Lokofrick used the old bait and hook, by telling us Directv never loses signals, we get 99.99% signals it isn’t like it was a few years ago. He said Boeing, the jet maker was invovled with Directv and their satilites. Well, needless to say we were all ears because Directv had come a long way, I thought to myself. I thought okay I will sign up for Directv which I did. Anthony said he was a manager, in fact, later I found he was the owner of the area, like a franchisee. Well, this whole ordeal was a mess from the day they hooked up my Directv and about the next 2 months. The signal went out with every storm that came through our city of Leesbuurg which is about a 25 minute drive to Lady Lake. Even if it did not rain the cloud coverage would still knock out our system, even to this day we are still losing coverage. Needless to say the emotional distress from this experience has made me a madman concerning Directv and Best Buy. I have visited the store to catch Anthony there to confront him with the lies and deceitful business practice of the old bait and hook to get me to sign up for his Directv. I finally spoke to the store manager of Best Buy about this deceptive business practice and advised him that I came to a Best Buy store not a Directv store. I have fought with Directv to no avail; if I cancel I have to pay over $400.00 to Directv. They really don’t care, if you don’t like it you still have to pay the cancellation fees. Well, the same principle applies to Best Buy. The store manager said he was sorry but he could not do anything. He offered if I came back to Best Buy he would see what he could do for me. I’m not sure what that means. In my opinion, Best Buy could have pick-pocketers going around to it’s customers and taking from them and then say,”we don’t have any control over those non-employees working here”. Sorry about your luck. That would be against the law having pick-pocketers working in our stores; case in point, if you have people working in your stores lying and using deceptive business practices for one of your customers to get them to sign something under false pretenses that would be a criminal act. Under the Consumer Protection Act, you have an obligation to protect your customers from fradualent and deceptive business practices. The worst part is the emotional distress this has caused my family. My wife gets upset with me every time the TV service goes out. I blame Best Buy for the hell I have lived through for the last couple of months. Had Mr. Anthony Lokofrick not been in your store telling lies about Directv, I would not have purchased anything from him. I am considering filing a small claims lawsuit against Best Buy and Directv. I was fully taken advantage of by both companies. I am willing to speak to someone with authority that can settle this dispute I have with Best Buy. Thank you for your time.

Jerry W. Riegle
XXXXX Hubbard St.
Lot XX
Leesburg, FL 34748
(321) 300-XXXXX


Garrett September 4, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Hello Best Buy. I have been a very loyal customer over the past four year (basically since i moved to my current location and have finished up school) I have enjoyed this relationship due to your company’s in-store customer service and products have been affordable and of good quality. I hope to continue this relationship with Best Buy as I move forward and my family grows.

I have currently run into two problematic issues as of recently. I will address each independently.

1) Refrigerator
I purchased a refrigerator in August of 2012.
I also purchased an extended warranty with your company.
There has been an issue with the door and it closing properly.
I called your geek squad and was told that there were no service providers in the area and I would need to call Frigidaire to invoke their 1 year manufactures warranty. (25 mins)
I call Frigidaire and they told me that my model was out of the manufactures warranty and I would need to show current proof of purchase. (30 mins)
Call geek squad back get emailed D.O.P. (30 mins)
Call Frigidaire and they say they have no services in the area and I will now need to call and schedule my own appointment with one of their authorized services…. awesome. (35 mins)
Call Company 1: no answer no ability for a message to be left.
Call Company 2: they will not be able to service my machine for 2 weeks or more ( this would have taken me out of warranty and I was told I would need Frigidaires authorization to perform this service or pay for it out of pocket)
Call Company 3: No answer
Call Company 1: no answer again
Call Company 3: they say that they no longer will be working with the warranty service ( 30 mins for Company calls)
Call Frigidaire and they call each company again getting the same results. They then authorize the repair outside of their warranty with Company 2 (35 mins)
Company 2 calls me to let me know they will be scheduling a service later this week for a future date. ( 5 mins)
It has now been almost two weeks with no response.
This is a huge disappointment to me. I paid for a warranty service with your company to provide me with repairs when needed. I had to do all of the work to find out how and who would repair my Fridge, which still is not working properly and has not even been scheduled. In the time it had taken me to find all of this information I could have fixed my fridge by myself. I could have saved the money on the warranty and brought the stupid part and fixed it at home alone. In case you were not adding the time spent on the phone and hold it comes out to around 3 hours… which if you have ever been on hold you know seems like 6 hours.

Also what will now happen if my fridge breaks down since it is out of manufactures warranty, geek squad was useless in fixing this and the fact that your company has no service providers for my appliance in my location.

I have written an email to your company asking this to be addressed and since I have not received a reply I am writing the people in charge, you. You have the power to make this right and address issues like this so there are fewer complaints in the future from solid customers.

2) Sony Viao tap
Purchased online.
received and fell in love with the design and everything about it.
Started having issues with the computer dimming and brightening, quickness, and speaker quality almost immediately.
Called geek squad to discuss the fridge and was informed that I can take it into a store within the two weeks of receiving the product and have it checked out and either return it or extend my warranty.
Traveled to my family’s house for a little over a week and brought my Viao Tap with me so I could have it checked out and the warranty extended.
Upon taking it to your store I am informed that an extended warranty cannot be purchased for refurbished products and that since this was the 14th day since I had received it that I had two options 1) return it today or 2) keep it and suck it up
First off I had loaded this computer with programs for my business and had sensitive files so returning without being able to back it up was not an option… so now I am stuck with a computer that does not work properly.
I am now pretty disjointed with my purchase, ambivalent at best. I am extremely upset that I cannot purchase an extended warranty for a produce that you feel fit enough to actually sell. If you are selling a refurbished product you should disclose what was wrong with it in the first place that way the customer can make a more informed choice. It just seems odd that you are willing to sell something but not guarantee its performance. Trust me I understand that you provide geek squad service for 1 year…. but that still will not help if I have issues in the future which is why I wanted the warranty in the first place.

Your previously happy customer,

Garrett Peterson


Howard Lea September 2, 2013 at 2:38 pm

I live in Madison Tennessee I’ve been a loyal customer of best buy for sometime. In December 2012 finishing up Christmas shopping I purchased a set of PS3 wireless stereo headset for my son alone with a 2yr $14.99 extend warranty, the sales person at the time of purchase giving me the impression that ” whatever go wrong with them just simply return to any best buy for a in store exchange”. well today best buy didn’t honor my warranty, the store issued to me a gift card telling me that I would have to buy another pair and another warranty for $14.99. the problem is today the return clerk said

that after the manufactures 90 warranty expires they can only give me a gift card and I would have to buy another 2yr extend warranty. I feel that your store has mislead me in buying a warranty that will only be honored for 90 days not 2yrs that’s just down rite wrong, as a repeating customer I feel bust buy is misleading consumers with false hope that the products we buy are covered and there’s no worries. I’m hurt to think as a consumer of best buy I cant trust the practice of business I received their, so this will cause me to shop else where for my electronics something I rather not do but, I have no choice. thank you for your valuable time have a good day.


David Livingston August 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm

My complaint is against the manner in which I was treated by bestbuy employees and security after purchasing a hp laptop. I videotaped the whole incident. After my purchase, I decided to place the laptop in my bag instead of the blue bag offered. When I reached the exit, several bestbuy security met me and asked if I purchased the laptop in my bag (which they could not see. I told them I had and proceeded to exit the store. However, they forciblly blocked me several times from doing so. The store manager came and called me a theif in front of all the customers and held me til the police arrived. When the authorities arrived and I gave them my receipt, I proceeded on my way, but didn’t even receive so much as an apology from the store. The video speaks for itself, and whether or not bestbuy had the authority to detain me when I did nothing, they certainly had no right to defame me by repeatedly calling me a thief in front of other customers. I reported the incident to the General Manager of the Store (New York on 14th Street and 4th Avenues) and he promised to get back to me after I provided him with a copy of the video. To date, I have heard nothing back. The video speaks for itself and the link to view it is:


William Stevens August 18, 2013 at 8:17 pm

Recently had a exchange TV delivered and “set up” . After installers left I tried to cut off the tv with the cable remote that worked everything on the Tv removed. No luck. I now have to use the TV remote for on/off and the other remote to change chanels etc. Did not receive the followup e-mail they said i would get in 2 to 3 days to rate service level.
OMS# 1113219218198 FMS# 19990825 8/10/2013 Best Buy, George BUsh Frwy, Garland, TX. I think Best Buy is becoming their own worst enemy. I no longer have a desire to shop trere or to recomend Best Buy As a reliable source.


David July 31, 2013 at 11:44 am

I purchased a Frigidaire FFGF3017LW gas range from the Burbank, Il Best Buy store on Tuesday, 07/23/13. In order to receive delivery, I did what Best Buy requested. The stove was disconnected as Best Buy requested. I purchased a gas range connecting hose from Best Buy as was requested. A clear path was available for the haul away and delivery of the new range per Best Buy’s request.

On Friday, 07/26/13, Best Buy delivery calls me a little after 6:00PM and tells me to expect delivery of the range on Saturday, 07/27/13 between 4:00 PM and 6:00PM.

Saturday, 07/27/13, Best Buy delivery calls me around 2:15PM and tells me that the delivery men are “running behind”, and they should be by my house before 7:30PM.

I call Best Buy delivery at 7:25PM and tell them that I’m still waiting for the delivery. Best Buy delivery tells me that they will be at my home before 8:00PM.

Best Buy delivery shows up at approximately 8:40PM, (almost three hours after my given initial two hour window), take away my old working stove and bring in the new one. Once the new one is in they tell me they can’t hook it up because they ran out of hose adapters. I would think that if Best Buy was going to deliver let’s say four new gas ranges, they would have an equal amount of matching hose adapters for those ranges. Even if all of those four ranges did not need adapters wouldn’t there be an extra one? I did not see, nor was I told that my gas shut off valve had to be a particular size. And why does it look like the range is missing screws in the back to hold in the back panel?

Although I was given the window of delivery between 4:00PM and 6:00PM, the manifest stated TIMEFRAME: 5:00 PM – 7:00PM and the EST. TIME: 8:09 PM – 8:56 PM

The delivery man contacts Best Buy delivery and I talk to David, who at first tells me someone could come and hook it up on Tuesday, 07/30/13 and he will call me back in a few minutes to verify for someone to come in hook up the range and someone from Geek Squad to check out the missing screws. David calls back and tells me someone could come in on Wednesday, 07/31/13 and hook up the range. Just a few minutes earlier he told me someone will be out on Tuesday. He tells me they work according to zip code. I did not need a delivery, just someone to hook it up like Best But says they will do. You would think he would send someone on Monday. After all it’s not a delivery, it’s not a haul away, just hook up the range like Best Buy said they would do. And he was also trying to blame the gas shut off valve that I have. I know I’m not the only one with that valve size, or the delivery men would not have run out of them. I did everything that was requested from me and Best Buy has done absolutely nothing.

Monday, 07/29/13, Geek Squad calls and tells me someone will be out on Thursday, 07/01/13. Best Buy delivery calls me at around 3:00PM and tells me that someone will be over to hook up the range between 12:00PM and 2:00PM on Tuesday, 07/30/13.

On Tuesday, 07/30/13, at 2:15 I have to call Best Buy delivery and ask what’s going on because I’m still waiting for Best Buy delivery. I’m told that since mine was a duplicate order it probably did not print out and no one is coming out to hook up my range. And for my trouble they would send me a $30 gift card, (which I will probably not get). A $30 gift card is no compensation for the aggravation that Best Buy has put me through and the days of not having a range to cook. I’m told now that someone will be at my house between 7:00AM and 9:00AM on Wednesday, 07/31/13, to hook up the range.

Wednesday morning, 07/31/13, Best Buy delivery shows up 6:30AM, thirty minutes before the 7:00AM – 9:00AM window they gave me the previous day and hooked the range up.

I AM NOT A SATISFIED BEST BUY CUSTOMER. There’s more to a satisfying shopping experience than low prices. There’s also Customer Service. I don’t know if it’s the employees that just don’t care about their job, or that Best Buy as a company doesn’t care. I used to like Best Buy and support them for not wanting to be a “showroom for the internet,” that’s why I bought the range from Best Buy. But now after all the aggravation, disappointment, days without the use of a range, and wasted time that Best Buy put me through I’ll be shopping somewhere else and mentioning my Best Buy experience.


John Clinton July 19, 2013 at 7:12 pm

My name is John Clinton. I made a purchase via paypal on the morning of the 19th of
July. The transaction went through and everything was OK. Minutes later I received an email from Best Buy that my order had been cancelled for information that could not be
verified. Why did the transaction go through if that is the case? After numerous calls to Customer Service… I called Corporate. It seems my transaction was flagged as fraud.
It was a legitimate purchase. Because the order was cancelled… I will not be able to give
my wife her birthday present tomorrow. It was the only way I could get the item she wanted, a Kindle Fire HD. Now I have to wait for paypal to put the money back on my account. I won’t forget this. I will not shop at Best Buy for a very long time!!!!


Doris July 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Well I have a complaint…I drove 3 hours to Best Buy in Billings,MT I purchase a Laptop Computer was really excited as I read a Lot of reviews on the Lenovo Laptop Computer got home set it up was doing good and then 2 days later it froze up and the only way i could get it to unfreeze was Manually shut it down. it kept doing it so Best buy told me I had 15 days to bring it back for a refund or have it fixed or get another computer, I took it back after a week of getting mad at the computer oh and by the way I paid CASH when i got there they informed me they could send me a check in 7 to 10 days so yes i was pissed and haven’t received it yet still waiting i bought the laptop 6/16/13 took it back 6/24/13 so tell me if i am happy with this cause i am not it is now 7/3/13 as i have to wait until the check gets here so i can get a new laptop i don’t live in the boonies and we do get mail delivered so where is my check it was only for $599.99?


Mary Ann July 3, 2013 at 12:50 pm

I have never been so disappointed with Best Buy’s Geek Squad!

Recently we brought our computer to the Geek Squad to be fixed. They took it and 5 days later called to say we can come pick it up. Upon arriving, we found out that the computer was NOT fixed. They had sent it away, only to come back the same.

We were told it wasn’t fixed because they don’t work on custom computers. What? It wasn’t a custom computer, no more than any other one. We bought it online, paid 1500 dollars for it and put in it what we wanted, just like any one else.

They continued to say, it might be the motherboard. But, can not do anything about it.

Upon inspection of the computer we found it was scratched up! Yes, scratched! We baby our electronics. No way would we have scratched it. They offered us a new case, but it wasn’t going to be the same and weren’t going to take the insides out, we’d have to do that. They didn’t have one that fit in the store.

Well, that’s just unexceptionable.

The advertisements they claim were nothing like we got in that store.

This horrible situation is still in progress.

I’m so distraught. I will never buy any of my technology in Best Buy again. I am an avid shopper that, I might add and trusted them without a doubt. No more! I am boycotting Best Buy.

You will no longer have my business.

As soon as I get my computer back, we’re finished! For Good!!!!


Thomas Hamilton June 25, 2013 at 9:45 pm

As a customer I have been shopping at best buy for many years. Fortunately the brand products I selected have held up well. This includes big screen hd tv’s, other tv’s, blue ray players, cell phones, dish washers, printers, and computers totaling thousands of dollars. Those days are over forever!! I have bought two products in the recent past and the company has shown little concern with in helping me. The first was a eharmony remote for home theater hd tv,s. What they do not tell customers is if a surge hits your devices and they do not work properly with the remote they will not come and remove the eharmoney programming so the regular remotes will work in place of the hear money for less than $250.00 even though you paid to have them programmed originally. This leaves you with trying to work with multiple remotes trying to use your system, even your your tv service company does not know how to remove the programming. The next problem occurred with a cell phone (Motorola Attrix 2) which I purchased through best buy when I upgraded my AT&T service contract through best buy–big mistake!! The salesperson told me their warranty was better than AT&T even though it was 9.95 monthly verses the 5.00 monthly charge at AT&T when I bought the phone. Today when I took the phone in for replacement the salesmen in the phone department again said go to the Geek Squad counter and I would be given a new phone. However the Geek Squad was quick to inform I would receive a refurbished phone. In essensei was lied to twice. I and my wife have spent thousands of dollars of hard earned money at Best Buy.. My wife and I are getting ready to replace our refrigerator, range, microwave, laptop computer for her, and many otheri items in the years ahead. The only excuse I was given is that I did not read the lengthy warranty fine print before I purchased the phone and extended my phone agreement though best buy. I hope no one else in USA makes this mistake and place their trust in Best Buy or it’s sales people. I also hope AT&T see’s this message. Is this the type of organization they want their customers trusting.


maggie nelson June 6, 2013 at 12:59 am

To whom this may concern, I currently reside in Kokomo, Indiana, and recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 3 from the local Best Buy. Why? Because the i phones that I purchased about 6 months ago from the SAME Best Buy just stopped working, You could only see the information with a flashlight. Not being very educated about phones and the new technology, I did not purchase insurance on the phones. No big deal. Phones took a crap, no repair, no replacements! Again, no big deal. So 21 days ago as of today I purchased two S3’s from the same store, hoping to not make the same mistake I purchased insurance for my two phones. I love the phone, way better than the I phone, android all the way. Now my concern is this, this evening my husbands phone just stopped working and was stuck on the Samsung logo on the phone. We weren’t having issues, he was just listening to music as it happened. Music stopped and so did the phone. We tried taking out the battery and plugging the charger in. Nothing. So we head to Best Buy here in Kokomo, knowing that I have insurance. The General Manager took his phone plugged it in and out a few times, took the battery out, and asked if we had any apps that we have downloaded lately, we said yes a music app and a ringtone app, he told us we needed those off our phones asap, that they are bad apps to have and that’s probably what messed up his phone. I deleted mine off my phone. Now, as he is working on the broken phone he proceeds to tell us this is our options, one, we can return this phone and they can send a replacement in 2 business days BUT THE PHONE WE WILL BE RECEIVING IS USED, OR we could send the phone in for repair and it would take 60 to 90 days to get back. THIS IS WHY I AM FRUSTRATED I JUST SPENT $500 IN THIS STORE 21 days prior to this, to have to wait almost 3 months for the phone to be repaired and pay a phone bill still, AND he uses his phone for work so that is not really a feasible option for us, BUT I get to get a used phone in return….That is like saying HEY SPEND A HALF A GRAND IN MY STORE AND 3 WEEKS LATER PHONE BREAKS (EVEN THOUGH WE PAY FOR INSURANCE) AND GET A USED PHONE IN RETURN!!! Unacceptable in my opinion, so I ask the man if there is someone I can speak to higher than him, he says NO. Obviously there is because well let’s face it, he isn’t the owner of this franchise, he is no corporate himself. I KNOW THERE IS SOMEONE higher than him, there always is a chain higher than the the next. ANYWAYS, i think is is pretty crappy for one of the service from the man at this store, and for two to receive a USED PHONE, after we just spent the money for a brand new one WITH INSURANCE! I explained to this manager I personally think this is very odd receiving a used phone and he proceeds to tell me that its normal people come in all the time with broken phones and get used ones in return well I AM NOT EVERYONE ELSE, and i DO find it dumb. Its like going to buy a new 2013 car with a warranty and something happens and your insurance will reimburse you with a 1994 ford bronco! seriously doubt it! technology is the new thing, word of mouth works as well, and i as one person may not be able to reach as many people as i can but i tell you what I will sure try my hardest to post on Facebook, forums, best buy sites, complaints and wherever else I and my friends and family can post to make this issue known! I DON’T APPRECIATE GETTING A USED PHONE WHEN I JUST PAID FOR INSURANCE AND BRAND NEW PHONE 21 DAYS AGO! way to get your money! It’s what makes the world go around, but you would think good people would provide good business! I want answers as to why this manager would call me a liar and reimburse me with a used phone I will wait for a reply and if I don’t hear back in 24 hours, I will move onto the next email or phone number or social media site.
Thank you for reading and taking the time to understand
Fed up customer over and over again, Maggie Nelson
p.s also we were called liars by this manager because, when we bought the phones we were told they would do an in store replacement with the insurance we purchased, well true or not it was told to us and the manager tonight told us we were told that! We are a hard working family with 2 children, nice vehicles, nice home, and plenty of time and money to spend with our friends and family i am not a poor woman seeking a free phone for the hell of it, BY the way I guess I will be paying the $250 phone bill next week for a phone that I don’t even have right now, and when I do will be paying for a used phone
SHOULD HAVE WENT TO WALMART BOUGHT A STRAIGHT TALK PHONE NO CONTRACT NO BILLS, AND A PHONE THAT SITS ON THE SHELVES AND STILL WORKS AT LEAST A YEAR LATER! I apologize for the rant but seriously, people come on, have some dignity in selling products and be honest people about it!!!! PLEASE INFORM ME ON HOW TO FIX THIS SITUATION!


alvin mina May 22, 2013 at 3:57 pm

also, the other employees saw it was damage inside the laptop, no scratch outside nor dings on the outside rim of the laptop. i am not trying to get over your company i just want what is fair. This all happened during my lunch period, the store manager Don, made me wait for him for over hour, and made 1 decisition we will not replace or fix the product. this is not customer relation that your company should have. i have purchase many of my electronics, from your store.


alvin mina May 22, 2013 at 3:54 pm

i have tried to be reasonable with your empoyees, due to a defective product that i purchased from your store. i also called to your corporate office, and got hung on 3x and transfered to a voice with no reply. i didnt not raise my voice or cursed at any of your empoyees. However, i have been threated like a criminal. i purchase a laptop, and thought their was a piece of hair inside the screen. The laptop was getting hot, and the problem persist. Now, the screen is completely damaged. i returned your merchandize to your store. Store 421. spoke to manager Don, who seem like he wasnt trying to hear what i was saying, and explained to him, how the product was and when i opened the box. he is not intrested on anything i had to say to him. he gave me 888.237.8289, to call.
This is a call center #. spoke to erin, place me on hold. and she hung up on me, called back again. spoke to the operator she hung up on me also. Got Ahmed another call center rep. and transfered me to a voice mail for erin. This is very dissapointing to a consumer who paid in cash for this item. i wasnt requesting for my money back, simply just the same product. I have spoken to the attorney general to seek assitance. my next recourse would be going to our local media. My purchased date was 5-13-13 and i came to your store today 5-22-13 to get some resolution on this matter. But, instead i was pushed away. The merchandize is at the store. any at this time the 15 days warranty should be honored. Or maybe the store need to contact the manufacturer and return the merchandize to them. i would be most honored if this complaint is responded.
The store manager Don (MCSSM) store # 421, didnt not even offered to fix the product, or try to assist me what so ever.


Fabian April 22, 2013 at 11:58 am

March 19, 2013 I opened a RewardZone credit card with Best Buy and that same day purchased a new washer and dryer along with the needed cord and vent kit for a total of $1988.30. On March 29, 2013 I came in and purchased a television for $406.59.

A couple weeks later I then received my RewardZone card in the mail along with a 10% off coupon for a single item that is good from March 21 and continuing for 60 days.

When in the store and talking with a sales rep about the RewardZone card features, nothing was mentioned about this 10% off coupon. Had that been mentioned, I certainly would have come back two days later to purchase the first items and receive at least 10% off of either the washer or dryer as I lived only minutes away at that time. I have since moved out of that city and the closest Best Buy is 45 minutes away.

I called Best Buy today, April 21, 2013 to ask them to honor the 10% coupon and credit my account. I was told they could not – but I could load up an item and drive it 45 minutes to return it and then get the 10% discount.

This is absolutely unacceptable business practice and apparently I am not a valued stakeholder after all. I have never experienced a business not honoring their promos to a new customer. Please review my cirXXXXstances and reply to me with an amicable solution. Thank you.


Tom Schieferstein February 23, 2013 at 6:37 am

On February 17th I took my daughters smart phone to your store at 1770 Apple Glen Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana where a pleasant young lady took the phone, filled out the paperwork(work order), asked if the data was backed up, it was, and told me that a new phone would be in after 3 days. 4 days passed and they never called me so I called them and they said the phone was in. I asked why no one contacted me and they said that they tried but were unsuccessful…BS!

I go into the store on February 22nd to pick up my daughters phone, I stood in line for 20 minutes before I was acknowledged and then I had to stand in another line over at the Phone Center so they could activate the phone. The young man who helped me was just about finished setting up the phone and asked me for the Sim card and the Memory card for the new phone. I told him that we were never told we had to take out the cards from the old phone and the young lady that helped me never said anything about them. So, now they have lost both cards, which they replaced, except they have no way to replace the 1000 plus pictures that were on the memory card in the old phone.

I asked for the corporate offices phone number, the department manager of the Phone Center said they cannot give out that information. I asked to speak to the store manager, she said he was in a meeting, how convenient, so they send me a “manager” who stated that he was one of the store managers, his name is Corry. I asked if the store manager was available and he said that the store manager was not there, so I told him that I was informed that the store manager was in a meeting, so who is lying to me? Corry said that he would go see when the store manager would be done with the meeting, he came back and said an hour, how convenient!

Corry said that he was going to try to track down the old phone and retrieve the memory card. I told him that I was a long time customer but of late this is not the first snafu I have had with YOUR COMPANY, and I could see why YOUR COMPANY is struggling financially. I told Corry I am done as a customer with YOUR COMPANY. He asked what he could do to make it right… tell me what makes something like this right?

If I hear from you, which I doubt I will, you tell me how YOU are going to make this right, I am interested to hear your spin on this.


bill June 27, 2013 at 7:23 pm



James Mitchell February 20, 2013 at 10:52 pm

As a long time fan and customer to Best Buy my most recent purchase has been far from satisification. I purchased a Samsung plasma 3D 43 inch flat screen in Feburary of 2012. The purchase was a open box product that was on display in the store. This item that was suppose to be fun and exciting was a nightmare and cost me more out of pocket fees. I had the service tech come out to my home in January 2013 to service and take the TV off demo mode. While he was at the home he discovered that we was given the wrong remote for the TV. I returned to the store the seek help, but was ignored by your staff at your Altamonte Spring store in Sanford, FL. I spoke with sale associate Cam who then called Aaron over just to tell me what Cam stated. We cannot promise that you will get all the correct items for the TV. I explained to the both of them that it was not mention that I will have to purchase all the pieces for the TV in order for it to work. I informed him that I am not a TV professional and I in trusted in your sale associated to assist me with the right and accurate products. Both Cam and Aaron in so many words stated the TV is your problem and not ours. I then asked for the manager and store number. Aaron stated that he will go and get her, but she never came(Shannon). As a long time customer I feel this treatment should not be tolerated by any customer. Just as Circuit City lost valuable customers it appears that you will lost those same customer that trusted in your store. I was given remote model AK59-00122A. Hope this can be settled in a timely and reasonable manner.


Stephen W. Cook January 1, 2013 at 4:18 pm

Your company needs to work on it’s Customer Relations. Their attitude is sell the product and not care about the customer after the sell and it shows from the employees. The wife and I went to your Altamonte Springs, Florida #509 Store on 12-31-12 and bought a Targus Case for her new I pad Mini. The case was in the wrong box and would not fit her I Pad Mini. I took it back on 01-01-13 and of course there was a line for returns which I understood. I finally got my turn and I explained to the lady behind the counter that the item was packaged wrong and I just wanted to exchange it. She started typing on the register and said the credit would appear on my credit card in 2 or 3 weeks. I said I just wanted to exchange it and I wanted it for the same price as the day before. She loooked around like she had no idea what I was talking about and then said that I could exchange it. I went to the area that had the cases and came back to the front with the proper case. By this time the line had become twice as long and there was a gentleman standing on the side of the counter that was not currently busy. I asked him if I could just exchange the item or if I had to stand in the line again. His answer was no you have to stand in the line again even though he was doing nothing at the time. I stood in line for another 15 Minutes for an exchange he could have taken care of. I believe if you would send people into your stores that are not known the would be amazed at how the business is really run. I can understand why your business drops and it is not just because of the economy. My wife and I have purchased numerous items from Best Buy over the years but I can tell you that after this experience I will try to do my shopping other places. I will also tell everyone I know about your customer service or lack there of. My wife and I own a business and we know that word of mouth is very good advertisement and or very bad advertisement. I really do not expect this to reach anyones desk that cares what I think but if by chance it does, I would really love to know what the CEO’S think of the way their employees conduct business. Thanks in advance.

Stephen W. Cook


Nichol Mancaruso December 28, 2012 at 2:18 pm

I would to make you aware of lack of customer support from your Patchogue, New York location. I purchased a remote car starter Dec 2, 2012 from the above location and set up installation for Dec 26. This was a Christmas present for my husband, purchased and planned with more than enough time so that an installation date would be at a convenient time and date for us. One day prior to our appointment an email confirmation was sent to us starting the duration for the installation was 150 minutes. We dropped off his vehicle 11:45 on Dec 26 for the installation. By 4pm, 4hours and 15 minutes after drop off, we went back to the store for pick up. Not only was it not done they had not even began any work on it! The guy told my husband that someone did not come in to work and it would not get done that day. He also said no time windows were given, which I have an email starting. This is unacceptable. I have worked retail and managed stores. There was no conversation about another date or time or any other compensation. My husband was taken back in lack of service and said he would just return the product and left. I called the store the following day to speak to a manger to complain about the situation. The employee denied that he said he wouldn’t get to it that day. The manager asked what it is that I would like done and I said I would like to get an appointment first thing in the am this upcoming Saturday. He transferred me to that department and the earliest is a week and a half from then. I too said forget it. I can not understand the lack of service within this store, its embarrassing. I just wanted the starter installed at a date that was as close to Christmas as possible with a day that would work for my husband since he does work and needs his vehicle, that was the reason I purchased and set up installation so far in advance. But this seems like an impossible task. I am very disappointed. I just think as a cooperate office you should be aware of such incompetent service the Patchogue locations holds.


Dean December 2, 2013 at 6:48 pm

I will NEVER EVER buy anything at Best Buy again. They have THEE worst customer service anywhere. No one seems to know what is going on in any store that you call to discuss a problem….They are horrible with returning calls…. DO NOT SHOP AT BEST BUY!


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