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Badcock Home Furniture Corporate Office

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Badcock Home Furniture Corporate Office Address

W.S. Badcock Corporation
200 North Phosphate Boulevard
Mulberry, Florida 33860

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Phone Number: (863) 425-4921
Fax Number: (863) 425-7513
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Badcock Home Furniture Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Badcock Home Furniture Executives

CEO: Michael Price
CFO: Michael Ray
COO: Robert B. Burnette

Badcock Home Furniture History

Badcock Home Furniture was founded in 1904 by English immigrant Henry Badcock. Henry’s son Wogan took over operations and had a difficult time selling furniture during the depression. This gave him the idea of consignment, where other stores would carry the furniture and make a small profit for selling it.

Today, Badcock Home Furniture has more than 320 stores in 8 states, some of which are dealer stores, others are company owned. The company was recognized by then governor of Florida, Jeb Bush as a centennial retailer.

Furniture Today magazine listed the company as one of the top 25 furniture retailers in 2005. The company is well known for its generous in-house financing and same day delivery.

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gina hayes March 7, 2018 at 11:29 am

03/07/2018= Received a call at 9:50pm from Babcock on 3/06/2018 . I have been told of the threats from Babcock. #1 I will no longer be able to add to services with this company, This is not an ongoing issue. I went to hospital to give birth to a STROKE. OMG..I WILL SEND A LETTER TO MR BURDETTES OFC AND I WILL SUBMIT A VR


Kristen Ledford February 12, 2018 at 1:07 pm

I bought a bunk bed (which they didnt have in store so picked it out of their magazine) I also got 2 mattress ..the top is a twin bottom is a full…I paid a total 1,686.04….Yes paid that total the day we went to this wonderful Waynesville NC store….Well a few days after they installed it I called because their is a big gap on the bottom (full) mattress and the bed…Its not normal to have a huge gap but they said it is..A few days ago my 4 year old som was climbing up to his top bunk and the BOLTS snapped and he fell off..This BED is not even 6 months old….We ordered this 8-19-17…My son bumped the back of his head when he fell ..I have the pictures….wrote the warrant center that night….The paint is chipping ( yes some is from kids) but NOT ALL….This furniture is made so cheap …The owner Cole came out today and said somebody must have picked up the ladder…ummm you guys BOLTED IT…REALLY ??How can a 4 year old do that???? The top shifted when the ladders bolts somehow came loose and. My son fell back and hit his head… now the top is NOT SQUARE….he said new ladder and some tightening….NO WAY ….He didn’t even take pictures…..The bed is shifted and is so flimsy!!! I have a son who is scared to death of this bed( even though he cant sleep in it b/c we dont have the ladder to climb up ) I dont trust something thats not even 6 months old…AND THE BOLTS COME LOOSE AND MY SON FALL OFF THE LADDER…..U CAN PUSH IT AND THE WHOLE THING MOVES !! HAS SINCE DAY 1….MATTRESS DOESNT FIT…I am asking them to take this. Flimsy ..VERY DANGEROUS BED out of my house and I want to pick a bed from the store. test it to see if its sturdy and safe….I dont care if it’s cheaper keep the rest of the $ …This should have a recall on it …Very DANGEROUS BUNK BED ….I want to speak to Rob Burnett ASAP THE CEO …The owner who came out today wanted to blame my 4 year old son for the ladder falling… was BOLTED 3 TIMES MAYBE 4..Somebody get back to me ASAP Kristenledford2@


Linda nields November 23, 2017 at 2:39 am

My furniture was delivered Nov.4 I have yet to get a bill or a statement.I wanted to send payment number 2 but the way it’s going it looks shady.Please send me a statement


Julie Warren September 20, 2017 at 11:39 am

I wanted to let you know that we received excellent customer service from Nicole at the St Augustine store. In addition, we had several deliveries for both myself, my husband and my son and the same delivery drivers came each time. Their names are Rich and Shawn and they should be recognized for being extremely careful, professional and polite. They had to lift and EXTREMELY heavy Serta ergonomic motion bed frame up 2 flights of narrow stairs and took extra care to make sure there was no damage to the frame or to our house. I strongly recommend that sales asks customers in advance if they have stairs and when delivering this item they send more than 2 strong guys. Regardless, they made it work and exemplified great customer service. Hopefully these guys will get recognition for a job well done!


Sarah Beavers September 14, 2017 at 3:36 pm

Watch out for their drivers especially trailer #366 they will cut you off constantly blowing the horn for no reason.


Nancy wells July 13, 2017 at 4:49 pm

The first item. I GOT FROM WAS A VACUUM IT LASTED ONE YR .was a high dollar one..they said that to bad . So we got a stove, so far so good ,than I got a microwave .the last last thing I got was a laptop., Ali’s it lasted one mtm. That was April 2017 .it is July now. All they said,was????., It is being, fixed.


kiowonna dye June 7, 2017 at 6:49 pm

I have always used badcock and told other to do the same. After this experience with a leather sectional tearing within less than a year and having to call customer service on several occasions.. I will never ever buy anything from Badcock and I will suggest to others to do the same this is the worst customer service that I have ever seen for something that I’m supposed to be paying for. Of course when you purchase a new chair you get rid of your own I called about my cheer ripping they suggested to give me a credit for what I purchased of course there’s no products or anything equivalent to what I have so they told me oh well there’s nothing they can do other than return the chair and then I would have to find a chair somewhere!! Although they knew the products materials was defaulted


Mildred July 26, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Service department: Jesus Garmas and Summers are the two that I have been dealing with. Very poor customer service department.

Bought a chair and foot stool from ( Badcock furniture ) 09/11/2016.
Call the store 02/10 and was told I would have the service man be at my house the following Tues. no call no show. So I called and was told I didn’t not have an appointment but I did say I few kind words and was told they made a mistake and the service man had a medical emergency and he would be there the next week. Picked up the chair and foot stool on that Thurs. and brought it back 03/01/2017 to fix the cushion where it had compressed.
Two weeks later it breaks down again and I was told by Summers and Jesus that there was nothing that the company would do now to fix it. I call them back and told them they better do something about this chair and Jesus requested picks of my chair and I send them. Two days later he’s telling me to go pick out a chair in exchange for these two items. I paid $1312.12 for both pieces. Went to look for a chair and all their chairs are cheap made and cheap prices. Less than the price I paid for both pieces. I will not give in to trading two for one cheap piece plus the chairs do not work with my neck problems that I’ve got.
I told Jesus that there is a chair that is less price and works with my neck and I’m willing to trade both in for the lesser chair price plus the different I paid for borh. Jesus responds was no it would be even trade for two pieces that was $1312.12 for $398.00. I know He wouldn’t cut him self for less and I’m sure not doing. I exspect to be treated fair on this issue and would like this to be taken asap.

Jesus has the pictures of my chair and I would like a responds ASAP.


Andrea D. March 19, 2017 at 7:46 am

I bought a washing machine and dryer from your Walterboro store. We connected it and worked like really well for one week until we found water all over the laundry room floor. I went back to your company to exchange hose because it was leaking. Two days later water was on the floor again. I have been mopping up water for a week now. Your guys came to my house on Friday to see what the problem was and told me it was the hoses. That’s it! They did not fix anything nor has anyone from the store called me. I had to speak to 3 different people to get the guys to come fix the problem and they still didn’t fix it. Why monitor a problem and don’t fix it? Horrible customer service. I will not purchase anything from your store again and I am telling everyone I know on Facebook about my experience with your company.


Michael Adams February 12, 2017 at 6:38 am

It was very bad as you have changed my down payment percentage without even notifying me. Plus the sales lady at fruitland park florida store Connie even told us ten percent down so the employees did not know of the so called corporate change to. You really need to let people know when you change their accounts very poor customer service. You have lost two customers and will let everyone know not to shop at your business


Michael Adams February 12, 2017 at 6:34 am

Very unhappy. I went into Fruitland Park Florida store on 2/10/2017. My wife and I have both been customers of yours since last May. My down payment was 10 percent when I signed up for my account. We picked out a stove. Connie the sales lady even told us it be ten percent down. She then starts the paperwork to find out its now 25 percent down and I was never notified of this change. Connie even had said ten percent down. Very unprofessional not to let customer know of changes and the employee did not even know. You have lost two customers will never buy anything again due to poor customer service and have contacted better business Bureau along with channel 9 Todd Ulrich investigating team to let everyone know not to do business with you as you change the customer account without even telling them very poor customer service. That is fraud.


susan thompson January 18, 2017 at 4:57 am

The last name is wrong on the first one sorry and it’s supposed to be December 30/31


Susan thompsin January 18, 2017 at 4:54 am

I went in to your store on the 30/31 of c to purchase a child’s recliner I had a $300.00 credit I paid $65.00 to but chair on a payment payment went through in order to get chair I had to add $40.00 more which I didn’t have they says that I will receive my money back in 7 to 10 business days by sending a check have not received it yet why can’t you just return it back to my card it has been 2 weeks so what’s the hold up thank u


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