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Work N Gear Corporate Office Address

Work N Gear, Inc.
2300 Crown Colony DriveSuite 300
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

Contact Work N Gear

Phone Number: (781) 746-0100
Fax Number: (781) 746-0183
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Work N Gear Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Work N Gear Executives

CEO: Anthony DiPaolo
CFO: Jeff Palmer
COO: Jay Scheiner

Work N Gear History

Founded in 1992. Work N Gear operates a chain of work and nursing professional clothing and accessory stores. Founded by Casual Male Corporation, the company was purchased by current owner and CEO Anthony DiPaolo in 2002.

The company offers work clothing, footwear, and accessories for the working professional, including scrubs, lab coats, hoodies, outerwear, aprons, flashlights, watches, scissors, and thermometers. The company has 40 locations in 11 states, as well as an eCommerce site.

Work N Gear offers a “Boot Trade Program”, where customers receive credit on a new pair of winter boots when they bring in a pair of still usable boots. Old boots are given out the homeless shelters and other programs to provide winter boots for those in need.

Work N Gear FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Work N Gear?
Answer 1: The phone number for Work N Gear is (781) 746-0100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Work N Gear?
Answer 2: The CEO of Work N Gear is Anthony DiPaolo.

Question 3: Who founded Work N Gear?
Answer 3: Work N Gear was founded by in .

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Laura November 15, 2018 at 10:59 am

As I am trying to address a complaint. I am reading other complaints and it sounds like the same story. Horrible rude employees that offer no help. They actually act like you are disturbing their day by coming in the store. How dare us shop to go to work. Then if you need something and only one is only available I wanted to order more and was told the store Mgr. does not do that. I did purchase the one pair I needed even though work 6 days a week as I am putting my credit card in it says on the card machine did you get what you needed ?? If not we will order it for you. I mentioned it to the poor put out cashier that had to ring up my one item and she said well we don’t do that. Obviously they do not do anything. God help the customer who needs anything from there. Cause that’s the only help you will get. I seriously can not believe you can run a business like that. I guess it’s just like women products you know we need something to stop the bleed we are at your mercy. Well I will be purchasing 6 more pairs but sad to let ya know Walmart also has your product so Good Luck ! It will be only a matter of time before enough people will not return to a rude unprofessional store that you pay more for then somewhere else.


Julia Connelly August 2, 2018 at 11:57 am

I purchased scrubs for my daughter at the Deptford NJ store. After trying them on they were a size to small. With the receipt she went back to the store to exchange them. She was told NO! Why??? Because the scrubs were “Clearly Worn”. They were not worn! They still had the tag on them? After the supervisor said it was fine for the employee to complete the exchange, the employee later refused and completely embarrassed my daughter in the middle of the store calling her a lair and that the articles had been worn! The employee said that there was a dirt spot on the bottom of the pant cuff. The employee also stated that they check all articles and would not have sold them in that condition. There was nothing wrong with them and I can absolutely say that they were not checked! So we will not be going back!!!


Chris Tocci January 11, 2018 at 8:39 pm

Based on my experience with the Avon store my belief is that your company won’t last if customer service is not corrected.
If your interested in an honest opinion about my experience please call me (978)505-XXXXX
I’d like to help .
Thank you,
Chris Tocci


arianna Guerrero February 6, 2017 at 2:06 pm

Good morning, am not sure whom I need  to get In contact with,  in regards to my recent experience with one of your stores but I just needed to let you know how awful my shopping experience at your Morton grove, Illinois location was. Saturday January 28th my Husband and I went in to look for work boots, These two ladies saw us walk in and never once greeted us. They were to busy talking behind the registers. We were in the boot area needing help for sizes and they never took it upon themselves to ask if we needed help. I asked to try something on, and the one girl rudely opened up The a fitting room without ever saying a word to me. We than had to leave but came back and again they didn’t greet us or ask if we needed help. We were looking at $200 worth of working boots and yet they never once approached us. Unfortunately we ended up spending $200 plus tax on these boots because he really needed them..but after my whole experience shopping there I refuse to ever shop there again..and am really thinking about returning those pair of boots. Its not fair to get treated so poorly when you are willing to spend so much money there and the sad thing is I once worked for your company and loved it and now to see the kind of people you have working there simply amazes me..most awful experience and I would never ever step foot there again. I’ve been waiting for someone to respond and its been over a week and still no one has really responded to me , its annoying and aggravating to treat your customer this way.


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