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Wegman’s Rated #1 and It’s No Surprise Who Ranked Dead Last

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, once again ranked Wegman’s as the country’s #1 supermarket.

The Rochester-based food chain is the highest rated retailer in America, with an overall score of 86, which is up one spot from their score of 85 last year. Only two other retailers had improved scores. Wegman’s boasts 85 locations across the northeast.

As well as being at the top of the ACSI list, Wegman’s is often listed as one of the best companies to work for, according to Fortune magazine, as well as frequently being listed in Consumer Reports as America’s Best Overall Supermarket.  In a Harris poll last year, Wegman’s even topped companies such as Google and Apple as having the best reputation.

These reports are based on interviews and questions from a random selection of more than 9,000 participants chosen between November and December of 2015.

Department stores and discount retailers were overall down about 3.9% with an average score of 74. Overall, it’s not prices or sales that are making customers unhappy, but the lack of customer service, wait times at the checkout, store layout, and store cleanliness.

As far as supermarkets go, Trader Joe’s, who tied with Wegman’s last year, fell two notches with a score of 83, closely followed by H-E-B with a score of 82. Publix also ranked 82, with ALDI at 81, Hy-Vee at 78, Whole Foods came in at a shockingly low 73, as well as Target Stores.

Who ranked in the bottom three? It’s no real surprise. Albertson’s (68), Giant Eagle (67), and dead last is Walmart with a score of 66.

Whole Foods low ranking is surprising to many, but it appears to be their reputation as having the highest prices of any supermarket in America.

Keep in mind that these scores only reflect supermarkets or stores that contain supermarkets (such as Walmart) inside their discount or department stores.

If you were to look at all retail locations, it would be Abercrombie & Fitch taking the unwanted prize of being last with a score of 65.

Walmart fell a full two points  in one year, making it the lowest-rated store among discount, supermarket, and personal care stores. Although Walmart has tried to improve their image lately by increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour and experimenting with smaller stores, their recent decision to close many stores in small towns has not been viewed favorably by many.



Source: Syracruse Business News

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