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Twin Peaks Restaurants
4803 Broadway Road
Addison, Texas 75001

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Phone Number: (972) 941-3150
Fax Number: (972) 385-8700
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Twin Peaks Restaurant Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Twin Peaks Restaurant Executives

CEO: Starlette Johnson
CFO: Dan Lawler
COO: Jack Gibbons

Twin Peaks Restaurant History

Twin Peaks Restaurant was founded in Lewisville, Texas, by Randy DeWitt and Scott Gordon in 2005. The company operates a chain of sports bar/restaurants that feature scantily clad female waitresses. Like Hooters, these restaurants are sometimes called “Breastrants”.

The company has experienced a growth rate of 30 to 40% and, as of October of 2015, has 73 locations in 24 states. The company has a mixed amount of franchises and corporate owned locations. Twin Peaks is a subsidiary of Front Burner Restaurants.

Twin Peaks Restaurant announced a new CEO, Starlette Johnson, in October of 2015. She was the former COO of the restaurant chain.

In May of 2015, a gunfight between gang members broke out in the franchised Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas. Nine members of a biker gang were killed and 18 injured. This led to the removal of the franchisee, who disregarded warnings, and the permanent closure of the restaurant.

Twin Peaks Restaurant FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Twin Peaks Restaurant?
Answer 1: The phone number for Twin Peaks Restaurant is (972) 941-3150.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Twin Peaks Restaurant?
Answer 2: The CEO of Twin Peaks Restaurant is Starlette Johnson.

Question 3: Who founded Twin Peaks Restaurant?
Answer 3: Twin Peaks Restaurant was founded by in .

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Karen S November 14, 2019 at 6:58 pm

I went to the TP in Scottsdale AZ today for wings. I’d eaten here a could months ago. The hostess asked me how many? I replied one. She repeated the question & I said, “one.” Again she asked how many? I said “one”. What part of my answer did she not understand. She glared at me as she led r bme to the booth. She was very rude. She and her rude personality is what is leading up to business failures. I told the manager what had happened.Heather was apologetic. I ate my meal. My server was very professional. I left, but feel that this restaurant will probably stay open much longer.


Daniel November 8, 2019 at 1:23 am

11-7-2019 On a positive note, went to TP’s westoverhills, San Antonio Tx. And for about the fourth time I saw my one time server Emily, who is now in management training. My point is every time I see here in action she undoubtedly enhances her management skills. She had awesome skills as server, always hustling taking care of her customers with a great attitude. For example, tonight she was in the kitchen conversing with several servers and actually hugged one of them, that looked like she needed a hug, so Cool. She Clearly checked on kitchen operations and the bar. I asked my server to let her know that Daniel says hi and about 5 min later someone was tapping on my shoulder, Emily. As busy as she is She always finds time to say hi. She gave a hug, conversed for a while (So Cool). And here’s another way on how special she is, Leaves our table and visits with several other guests including some at the bar. As a small business owner I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a special person y’all have. She’s so Awesome and that makes for such a cool experience, “Every Time”. Love It…..


Bruce King September 16, 2019 at 11:33 am

On October 8, 2019 approximately 8:00pm we stopped at the Twin Peaks located at 1034 Woodruff Rd. in Greensville, SC The waitress spilled a tray of drinks on me. I went to the bathroom to dry off as best I could which took several minutes. When I returned from the restroom I found nothing had been cleaned up. I was soaked and finding the table, seat and floor was still wet I decided to leave. The people in my party that stayed informed me that all was done to rectify the situation was a wet floor sign was placed at the table. Did not catch the waitress’ name. I can describe her as African American with a Playboy bunny navel ring.


Jessica June 20, 2019 at 1:24 am

I dont why my comments keep getting deleted. I will not stop!! Latasha Howe is harassing my family and I won’t stop til she is not allowed to work there anymore!! Go ahead and delete this I will keep sending til something is done!!


Jennifer Crowley June 19, 2019 at 3:42 pm

I will keep on until someone does something about this employee. Latasha Howe (Tosha Lee) whatever she calls herself. I’m sure my husband isn’t the only one she is harrassing.


Jennifer Crowley June 19, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I am really tired of trying to get in touch with someone about an employee in Rogers Arkansas. Her name is Latasha Howe and I believe she is fairly new. She slept with my husband which is already completely horrible for someone to do after work. What kind of girls do you have there? Apparently non educated sluts being I found out this girl only went to the 8th grade!!! She has now been harrassing my husband after he tried to break things on with her. She stalks him, drives by our house and even tries to call him from work. He is going to get a restraining order on her and we will continue to tell everyone we know that you only hire nasty girls that sleep with peoples husbands. There is no way this is appropriate and I wouldn’t think you would want this kind of negative attention!!


Na June 8, 2019 at 3:10 am

Friend was banned from one in wichita kansas just for tapping a waitress on shoulder to get her attention .The waitress always hug and get close .I didn’t know this could get you banned


RICHARD MOORE May 2, 2019 at 12:58 pm

I was kicked out of the Jacksonville NC location yesterday the restaurant is located next to Marine Corp Camp Lejuene NC. The wait staff especially the bartenders and the Manager (Ex marine) treat this location as their private Marine Corp Club house if your not a Marine they don’t want you there. This is a sad place they treat customer (Non Marine) very badly.. I will not go back to any TP or encourage others to go to TP until I hear from Customer service. I can go down the road to other restaurants that are full of customers, but since the management and wait staff kick out non Marine Corp the place is usually empty. It is a sad restaurant The Corporate people need to check this out for themselves. The manager Mike is in over his head they need a clean house at this location. I am temporarily here in NC my home base is Texas I have never had a problem at the any Texas location I attend special events lake car washes and promotions. The Jacksonville NC bar tenders are the worst I have seen working at any TP location. They are allowed to screen customers based on their personal likes and dislikes. Bottom line don’t go to this location in Jacksonville NC.


Heather Reinhardt July 25, 2019 at 3:50 pm

I’m employed with twin peaks in Jacksonville NC and have worked in the establishment for eight months. I have reached out to my regional manager about matters concerning a manger Kay treating employees unequally and conducting herself in an unprofessional manner. I don’t think Kay understands that she is no longer an entry level server and now has to display a level of maturity and responsibility when taking on her new role as manager. She is simply not management material. She has displayed acts of favoritism towards girls that have been there for years when ranking sections and when incidents occur. I thought things would change when Matt became the new GM but today I was proven wrong after an incident occurred involving another girl who has worked there for a few years now. The girl, Sky, accused me of saying things that weren’t true and not work related. Sky said I said something that I didn’t say and I was pulled into the office and confronted about the issue by Kay. Kay immediately took Skys side without even asking me about it all and also lied and said that a “customer brought it to her attention” I find it completely unprofessional to have even been addressed about such a thing when I in fact never said or did anything close to what was being said. The girl Sky doesn’t like me because she was told that she was going to be taken from behind the bar and put back on the serving floor and that I was going to start training behind the bar. I was made to clock out and leave and she was not! If you want to know what’s going on with the dysfunction and staffing turn over in this store you should look at how the older girls treat anyone who might threaten their positions and how the management team plays favoritism and gets involved in non work related drama. I’m still unsure of what was even said. No one even informed me of that. I tried to reach Matt but he never got back to me and Kay called him and told him whatever she wanted to because Jeff told me I didn’t need to clock out and she didn’t like that so she called Matt and told him whatever she needed to to have him tell Jeff to have me clock out and leave. Your management team needs to be evaluated because no one wants to work there when they’re literally pushed out feeling uncomfortable working there when Kay and the bartenders walk around talking about them because they are being vindictive. Kay has had a problem with me from day one for reasons unknown to me. I do not start drama or even care to involve myself in things there that are not work related. This store is going to continue to spiral out of control until corporate cleans house and re establishes an atmosphere of professionalism, fairness, and maturity. Good people leave jobs due to poor leaders and poor management. I have never worked at a place with this level of immaturity and dysfunction and at this point I don’t know if my opinion of this place can be repaired for I have tried for months to get management to correct the actions of the few who ultimately cause the issues in this restaurant. The bartenders and management run off anyone worth a damn!!! Making girls feel uncomfortable and quit just like what happened to me yesterday after being employed for 8months!


David Coomer April 23, 2019 at 10:39 pm

You have lost another customer! In the last 2 months the Plano Texas store on Central Expressway has tried to charge me, on 3 different occasions, for food and drinks I did not order. My friend and I frequent the store about once a week and drop between $50 and $70 dollar each visit, but NO MORE. On the first occasion the barmaid tried to slip me the bill for, what appeared to be, someone who skipped out on their bill. I pointed out I had not ordered the items and she removed one of the items and tried to charge me for the rest. I said the bill was still not right and she removed the rest of the bogus charges. A moment later the Mgr. showed up and apologized for the mistake. It’s happened twice since then, including tonight. People walking on their bills is part of your business, not mine. You have lost my business. Your loss is Hooters gain as I never had this problem at their store. You had better get a grip on your staff or you will be out of business soon.


Don July 4, 2018 at 4:17 pm

I just returned from a visit to the Ft. Myers location after having the most disappointing lunch ever. I ordered a well done cheese burger all the way. My wife ordered the Chips and deer chili appetizer and a beer. Her order was fine. Mine came out raw in the middle and was served on a wooden plank with fries falling off on the counter top. The service was terrible. I had to get a bottle of salt from a table because no one was interested in checking on us. I ate a small bite 3/4 of the way around the burger and gave up. I have been there since you opened and always had good service and mgrs coming by to see if we were happy with the food and service.
Not today. No one appeared to be in charge. I drove up from East Naples specifically to eat there. I doubt that I will ever do that again. It appears that like most chains after the newness wears off the standards drop off. Too bad it’s a nice concept and the decor obviously cost a lot to build the unit. In fairness my ice tea was good, but I did have to wave down the bar maid to get a refill and like with the empty tea glass she didn’t inquire about the uneaten burger. As a result I left a minimum $4.00 tip and left. Funny – can’t send a comment from the Ft. Myers Twin Peaks contact page.


Simeon Williams May 21, 2018 at 5:20 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I write this complaint with a heavy heart because I would like to think that we have come further than this as it relates to race relations in the South. I will start off by saying that I am a 6’2”, 240lb, African American male with tattoos covering both arms and a muscular build. Those details are important because how I am perceived to who I really am is often misinterpreted. On the evening of May 20th a female friend I visited Twin Peaks in Hoover, AL. While waiting, I had my arms around her and occasionally shared a brief kiss. I never put my hands under her clothing or touched her inappropriately while waiting but we were standing close to one another. I also noticed that several patrons who came after us were seated before we were even acknowledged. At one point, as she was standing against the wall I had both hands on the wall beside her right above her shoulders and we were engaged in a conversation. It was very loud so we were standing closely partly because it was difficult to hear one another. During this time, the manager came up to me from behind with a very serious, non-friendly look on his face and said, “ excuse me, this is a family establishment.” I was a bit taken aback because standing next to him were three female employees who had their stomach’s exposed, wearing low cut tops with navel piercings, and extremely short shorts. I pointed out my observation and even reminded him that the name of the establishment was “Twin Peaks.” Also, there were no minors present. I asked him to tell me exactly what I was doing wrong and he said we were a bit too close. Admittedly, this entire exchange made me feel as though I was being profiled in some way and I expressed my feelings to the manager in no uncertain terms because this was very upsetting. I shared with him that contrary to his assessment of me, I am actually a very successful businessman and I felt as though I was being profiled due to my appearance. Our heated discussion was not productive at all and ultimately led to him asking me to leave. I left the establishment because as seen all too often, the police would have been called and I would have been at a disadvantage in that situation as well. Needless to say, my main consternation was that I suspect that had we been a white couple under the same cirXXXXstances we would not have been approached in that manner.
As I thought of how the incident played out, I admit that I could have simply said, “Yes sir I understand.” However, I could not let the way I was profiled go without some form of doXXXXentation to the corporate office. I implore you to train your staff to make sure that each incident is addressed based on its merits and is not filtered through the lens of racial bias. I have many powerful colleagues and friends in the Birmingham area who often ask me about places to hang out to watch sports or network. Unfortunately, unless there are some major changes, Twin Peaks will not receive a favorable review from me. It is important that I share the truth regarding how this entire situation transpired. Your immediate inquiry and feedback regarding this concern would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at 1(773)647-XXXXX. I look forward to hearing from someone from your office very soon. Fyi, I am extremely hurt and embarrassed. As a man, I will make sure no one will ever feel this way again if I can help it, no matter what race they are.


Simeon Williams


Jonathan Denzmore October 23, 2017 at 11:56 am

Last night I was at a Twin Peaks in Greenville, SC with a co-worker and soon as we sat down I noticed 2 women staring at us then one of the ladies told the other she didn’t feel comfortable sitting by an African American so the Manager came over and said we had to leave because I was making customers feel unwelcomed I replied I haven’t did anything I just came to watch the last football game of the day he then snatched my beer and said it’s on the house we can refuse to serve to your kind if we decide to… and then the police came and threatened me saying I’m trust passing… I have it all on live that’s what they didn’t know


Matthew Barnes July 20, 2017 at 5:06 pm

Twin peaks I-10 and Kirkwood. I work down the street from the restaurant a few co-workers and I go after work. On July 19 we was there having a few beers everything was going ok until a waitress noticed us and told the waitress that was serving us at the time that she do not like me because I didn’t tip last time. I told her I do tip if the service is good. So when my beer came out I noticed it tasted funny and asked her if she did something to it and she said “yes” I did. So I asked to speak with the manager she said “you can go ahead he won’t believe any thing you say”. I told him and like she said he really didn’t care.when he walked away she told me “I should rip me a new a**” . Then so today I tried telling the general manager he told me that I would need to set up a appointment that can’t be dealing with how his employees are treating the Gest. I recorded the general manager how he was treating me he didn’t care and was yelling at me then he called my job and told my manager that I couldn’t come back there. All I was trying to do was get my issue resolved but the managers or the general manager didn’t even care or tried to investigate the issue. I have recording of how the general manager Jeff treated me


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