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TracFone Corporate Office Address

TracFone Wireless, Inc.
9700 Northwest 112th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33178

Contact TracFone

Phone Number: (305) 640-2000
Fax Number: (305) 715-6737
Email: Email TracFone

TracFone Facts

Founder: David Topp & F.J. Pollack
Date Founded: 1996
Founding Location: Miami, Florida
Number of Employees: 734

TracFone Executives

CEO: Eduardo Diaz Corona
CFO: Jay Smith
COO: Mark Mahan

TracFone History

Tracfone logo

TracFone has its roots back in 1996 when David Topp and F.J. Pollack began one of the first prepaid wireless companies in Miami, Florida. Originally named Topp Wireless, in February 1999, Topp received a major infusion of capital from Telefonos de Mexico, a.k.a. TelMex, Mexico’s largest telephone company. TelMex paid $57.5 million for a 55 percent controlling interest in the company. In 2000, the name was changed to TracFone.

tracfone in womans hand Originally, the company was tied to using their own TracFone branded cell phones, which were locked to TracFone via their SIM card. In 2013, the company expanded and introduced its “Bring Your Own Phone” plan, which allows customers to use other, unlocked, GSM-based cell phones. Since 2015, the company has offered a variety of smartphone plans, with basic plans starting at $15 a month for 500 calling minutes, 500 text messages, and 500mb of data.

tracfone sim card The company also operates under other names including Clearway Wireless for Business, Go Smart Mobile, Safelink, Simply Mobile, Straight Talk, Walmart’s Family Mobile, Total Wireless and Net10 Wireless

In June 2019, a court denied TracFone’s request to register the phrase “unlimited carryover” stating that the phrase was informational and not a program offered for all TracFone services. 

Tracfone in boxIn September 2019, the Apple long-awaited iPhone 11 was released but only through pre-orders other than through TracFone service sold via Amazon.

Also in September 2019, the FBI served warrants to multiple companies, including TracFone, demanding subscribers personal information.

Headquarters for TracFone remains in Miami, Florida.

Tracfone logo 2

TracFone FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for TracFone?
Answer 1: The phone number for TracFone is (305) 640-2000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of TracFone?
Answer 2: The CEO of TracFone is Eduardo Diaz Corona.

Question 3: Who founded TracFone?
Answer 3: TracFone was founded by David Topp & F.J. Pollack in 1996.

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