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T-Mobile Corporate Office Address

T-Mobile US, Inc.
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue, Washington 98006

Contact T-Mobile

Phone Number: (425) 378-4000
Fax Number: (425) 378-5940
Website: http://www.t-mobile.com
Email: Email T-Mobile

T-Mobile Facts

Founder: German Telecommunications
Date Founded: 1990
Founding Location: Bonn, Germany
Number of Employees: 51000

T-Mobile Executives

CEO: John J. Legere
CFO: J. Braxton Carter II
COO: G. Michael Sievert

T-Mobile History



T-Mobile began in 1994 as VoiceStream Wireless PCS, a subsidiary of Western Wireless.

In 1999, Western spun off VoiceStream as an independent company.

In 2002, VoiceStream changed its name to T-Mobile USA.  This company is the US operation of T-Mobile International AG, a subsidary of Deutsche Telekom.

In 2011, AT&T announced plans to merge with Deutsche Telekom.  This merger faced a lot of regulatory pressure from the US government and AT&T eventually withdrew their bid.

In 2013, T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS Communications to form T-Mobile US, a publicly traded company. t 3

The company has had problems in 2016 with LTE data lines going out for long periods of time. Representatives blame the problems on “upgrades”, but insist the problems are minimal.

In mid-2016, the company announced that it would be introducing 5G, with amazing speeds of 12 gigabits per second. This would be three times faster than what Verizon can offer. However, 5G has an estimated start date of “sometime” in 2018.  t 4

The company offered a free iPhone 7 (preorder) for those trading in an iPhone 6 during the month of September in 2016. Customers need to sign up for an unlimited data plan and a 2-year service agreement.

T-Mobile expanded its service of providing verified caller ID service in March 2019 to help customers avoid scams and robocalls.

Today, T-Mobile US operates the 3rd and 4th largest wireless providers in the US.  Together, they provide service to over 63 million customers.  As of December 31, 2017, T-Mobile operated approximately 2,200 T-Mobile and MetroPCS retail locations, including stores and kiosks.

t 5


T-Mobile FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for T-Mobile?
Answer 1: The phone number for T-Mobile is (425) 378-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of T-Mobile?
Answer 2: The CEO of T-Mobile is John J. Legere.

Question 3: Who founded T-Mobile?
Answer 3: T-Mobile was founded by German Telecommunications in 1990.

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Derrick Taylor October 5, 2019 at 6:05 pm

I am trying to purchase two android phones that are pre owned. I called 611, to speak to a real person, my personal team of experts for assistance. I was told that I could not purchase pre owned phones. I explained to the person I spoke with the information that is on the website. T Mobile wants you to contact them for purchase of pre owned phones. When I did, I had to tell the agent how I found the pre owned phones using the search on the website. When the agent did the same thing, she thanked me and made a call to someone who told her that pre owned phones were no longer offered. The agent then told me she would contact another department and get back to me in 48 hours. The agent was professional and provided good customer service, however, it was disappointing not to get the phone I wanted. I should have the option to purchase a pre owned phone online through T Mobile. I only have the option to purchase one of the over priced new phones.


AMY RIVERA September 19, 2019 at 8:54 am

My account is 945541060 and I have been trying for over a year to get applied on a monthly basis a credit on my bill due to a T Mobile store locate at 116 Rockaway Ave Valley Stream NY 11580 phone number (516) 612-3044 with store manager Ashley & Nagi who have not helped me in assisting me with the problem they created. Aug 2018 I applied for two BOGO IPhone promotion which store manager Ashley advised I was approved. Next month statement showed full charges of all phones. I went to store and she advised she made a mistake and that they will issue a monthly credit of $60 but I have to go to the store for them to apply. I advised this should be handled differently and automatically issued on my bill without continuing to inconveniencing me every month. Over a year and I am still have no resolution. Please assign a District Manager on my case to arrange for a permanent solution. I have been a customer for several years but this experience is having me rethink my relationship with TMobile. I may switch over to another carrier shortly. Please feel free to call me at 917 656-XXXX
Thank you,
Amy Rivera


keith starling July 22, 2019 at 3:42 pm

this has to be the worst time i ever had t mobile lies about there programs and will not give out a corprate phone # bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeware


Tammy Robinson July 23, 2019 at 9:07 am

The phone number to corporate is in our listing


KATHLEEN O'KEEFE July 22, 2019 at 1:13 pm

I have been a customer for over 15 years. I am very disappointed with the service, or lack thereof, I have received from the Pt. Chester NY store. In the end of March 2019, I started to experience problems with my phone, I would have to tap or jiggle it to make it work. When I brought it to the store in Pt. Chester, I was told it was a problem with the spring that held the SIM card in and that I would need a new phone. During the course of our conversation, he mentioned most people don’t have info on their SIM card so not a problem. Since I had changed from a WINDOWS-phone, to an ANDROID, I know there was information on the SIM card I needed, and I told him so. I had to download all my info from the other phone to the SIM card.
I was not prepared to purchase a new phone and left. I got about 10 minutes away and tried to make a call and the phone indicated there was no SIM card. I returned right away and the same person that was being helped when I left, was at the counter when I returned. When I asked for the SIM card, the fellow went in back for a while, then came in front and said he couldn’t find it. I offered to help find it but was ultimately told it went into the shredder box.
Needless to say, this has not been a good experience. It gets better though! I went to a different T Mobile store and was told they could get it back, they had to complete the paperwork at the location. When I was at the 2nd store, the fellow looked at my phone and indicated that there was actually a 2nd slot where the SIM card could have been inserted! If the 1st guy knew this, we would not be here now. I went back to the Pt. Chester store and the process was supposedly started. I have returned to the store several times to no avail. Even speaking with the New Manager. I have been more than patient. I simply NEED my information from the card.
I find it hard to believe this is how you treat longtime customers. It has been several months now and I have had NO CONTACT from anyone at T-Mobile. NOT ONE WORD! I have been made an offer that is equal to the one I have with T Mobile and since they are my home provider, I can simply include it on my current account. If that is what you want, I’ll be happy to move.
I can only hope that somebody at this company values my patronage.


Paul Welch October 28, 2019 at 11:17 am

I have been an Consistent customer for 15 to 17 years: But; today I am 84 yoa. I was so disappointed with T-Mobile service in Louisville Ky!! In Dallas Texas there was NO Problems, if so; go direct to store and they Fix The Problem Immediately!! I did an ReUp in Louisville at shopping mall?? Criminals? T-Mobile sent me an Special for an 84 YOA Retiree?? New Phone! No Cost!! That criminal in TMobile store did an Bate & Switch on an 84 yoa retiree? Criminal; after he switched my service over to an new phone he demanded $130 USD before he would give My New Phone to me? The Letter from TMobile stating a FREE PHONE:: He Stated that Offer from HQ did not apply to him or the store?????? even Professional CRiminals Do Not Do This??


Suzanne May 9, 2019 at 11:32 am

Merger complaint. Last month there was a series of layoffs due to the merger of T-mobile and Sprint. While I totally understand is a business decision, however during that process Sprint terminated a young pregnant girl. She was at that time 6 months along, she now has no hope of getting a job in her condition. I find that a terribly immoral choice. She was going out on unpaid leave and not sure of a return after her delivery anyway. As of right now she has no job, no money for food and will not be able to make her rent payment. Not everything in life is black and white. I certainly hope someone considers what harm the action has done and find a way to make this right.

South Nashua NH Sprint location.


Peg May 7, 2019 at 4:09 pm

Worst customer service ever. Four of us went into the store in Livonia and signed up for a plan. We all had to buy new SIM cards at 26.50 each but one should be refunded at the time of billing. We were told that all our phones would work. When we left 2 of the phones would not keep a call, nor could they get texts. When they called customer support, they tried different codes that did not help. Later they were told they should have got new phones but had to pay full price now. On another call someone told him to return the SIM cards to the store for a refund. When my brother took them there they said we don’t give refund for them. Someone mentioned buyers remorse but they have never offered that again. Now they said we owe over $100, which is more than what we supposed to pay for the month. We left and went to Verizon 6 days later. Also when signing up they said we would have good service at our homes and on the west side of state. On one of the calls to customer service they said my sister’s house had poor service and the west side of the state was also poor, which would result in roaming charges. We are now stuck paying for the worse service ever.


Paul Kuzichev May 6, 2019 at 9:47 am

I have a prepaid account I paid my bill this past Saturday yesterday which was Sunday I used information for 11 unknowingly that I had to pay for it I thought it was included I got a message from T-Mobile saying thank you for using this service and that it was three hours later I realize something was wrong with my phone unbeknownst to me that was not in my plan so T-Mobile disconnected me without notice without warning that I had to pay that service fee first before I can continue using my phone this morning I finally contacted T-Mobile which is in Philippines unfortunately most of the time you call they’re always saying thank you and excuse me and pardon me and they’re very polite in that sense but they also don’t understand what you’re saying so you have to repeat yourself at least two or three times on every question which gets very annoying and then to top it all off T-Mobile went from a four digit pin to a six digit pin and never told anyone and then when you’re trying to get into your security code you can’t so you’re spending 45 minutes to an hour and a half on a phone call you never wanted to be on anyway T-Mobile has never ever tried to rectify this problem never have they tried try to resolve this with me before they used to give you a credit of maybe a month or $20 or $25 now they just try and pass the buck blame you for their mistakes and needless to say you guys screwed multiple times because you had to spend at least an hour or two on the phone and losing your time and your business also for Harbor time you’ve been disconnected they never say sorry they never refund you for that time but oh if you’re late for one minute they would turn you off this is horrible this service sucks their customer service sucks they need to be held accountable I wish somebody would open up a A lost a huge lawsuit against them this is not right and I see many other people are writing remarks right now also saying how bad the services


Paul Kuzichev May 6, 2019 at 9:41 am

paulkuzichev@ yahoo.com


Kranthi kumar Vadlamudi April 17, 2019 at 5:05 pm

I am really looking for some better help. I have a trade in for iPhone for free & been 13th member of line. So my monthly bill should be $25. Instated of adding be as 13th member, they opened separate account & charging me $95. T-Mobile is playing tricks on customers & doing lot of …. Need some help to solve my problem. No one helping me.


RADU SEGAL April 7, 2019 at 1:47 pm

I’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 16 years! Bought all my phones from them. My current phone stopped working after 10 years. I’ve been paying insurance to the tune of $11/mo, this whole time. I called, they offered me a refurbished iPhone 6 for $178 refurbished plus shipping and handling. F**K them!


ed lavado April 6, 2019 at 9:18 am

my wife and I are 80+ and use cell phones for emergency only, in fact they are off most of the time. we have had prepaid phone service for years with T-Mobile-860-796-XXXX and 860-816-XXXX.

each year, first week of April, we had the required minutes. this year we added minutes on the 5th but noticed all our previous minutes are gone. we call your help line and was told they expired the 2nd, 3 days earlier.

in effect, the response from T-Mobile was you had 12 months, you lose your minutes, too bad, that’s it, nothing we WILL do.

my wife and I sarcastically accept T-Mobile for their understanding and consideration.


Barbara Jones April 2, 2019 at 3:05 pm

I purchased a new phone from Metro PCS in March 2018. I took the insurance offered. I have been paying every month. I have bee a Metro PCS customer for over five (5) years. My phone stopped charging. I called the # in book and when I spoke to someone they bounced me back to the store. I have visited Metro PCS stores at least three (3) times. When I finally got to the Corporate store, 309 E. Fordham Road, Bronx, NY, yesterday, April 1, 2019, and explained that my phone is not charging properly an employee gave me a set speech about contacting the number in the book. I replied what did that mean. She just repeated herself. Thereupon, I asked if there was a manager, and she directed me to someone named Laraima (no last name) and her tag on her shirt read ” retail sales associate”.

I called the number in the book while I was in the store. I was advised I needed to pay $100 to get a replacement phone. why was I paying insurance if I had to pay $100 additional on top of the $150 that I had already paid?

This is a bait and switch game. When I asked Laraima what is the corporate number, she said she just had a number for Customer Service.

I think this type of policy and practice is so ridiculous and it causes a lot of problems. I dont have a landline at home or else I would not even bother.

Since I am a “senior citizen” I need a phone to travel about New York City.

I’m waiting now for the “replacement” phone now and can’t leave home until it arrives.

T Mobile-Metro needs real customer service training for all of those Metro PCS locations and the policy regarding the insurance needs to be spelled out clearly, not i
hidden inside a thick book with small writing.

I hope I can get a refund of those insurance payments and T Mobile-Metro needs to change its method of dealing with phone issues quickly and not hand it off to some third party.

Thank you.


Arthur Annas March 20, 2019 at 8:46 pm

I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. I have had many problems while switching over. We never received our iPhone Xrs that were part of the deal. I was stood up by the district manager while waiting to pick them up. Our new phones were turned off twice during the switch over because the district manager instructed me not to pay it and he would freeze the billing until he fixed it. I have contacted his supervisor and small business via telephone. Instead of fixing the issue they keep pushing it down to the district manager to fix. Now he doesn’t return my calls. We did not receive full credit for switching over or the iPhones. And I have the documentation of text messages and bills. I would like someone to contact me to hep resolve the issue that the support center cannot.


Nilesh Shah March 19, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Me and my brother went to T-mobile Store at 4145 Lawrenceville Hwy NW, Ste 13, Lilburn, GA 30047. During thanks giving deal on Samsung phone, The deal was when we trade our s7,s8, s7 edge and s8edge then you will get new galaxy 9 or note 9 with adding line and you will receive $ 750 bill credit. Also an employee Misty told me with that deal I get free tablet, and I am ok with this deal, When she activate my phone no. on new tablet she told me I have to pay $10 +tax for tablet line and new phone line separately, then I told her I don’t want tablet, then she told me ohh you are on auto payment then you have to pay all together just $10. when I received my bill, my bill jump with $30.And I also do not receive my $750 phone credit, When I went to store and talk to Ms. Misty she start lying, oh I never told you, and she is lying on my phone bill credit also, then I talk to Assistant Manager she also raise her hand. After that I try to reach store manager Ramiroz from last 2 month by phone or in person I never find him. I don’t know whom to contact.


M Boman March 16, 2019 at 2:35 pm

My husband and I went to get pricing at our local T-Mobil store. Our friends just signed up with them and got a good rate. We were in there for 1 1/2 hours due to a new hire and the store manager having to coach this employee. Finally we left and told them we will try to get back to them later in the week due to our work schedules and we still needed to unlock our phones and check the billing cycle of our account with AT&T.
The manager would keep calling my husband to ask him if he was still interested. My husband said yes, we just haven’t had time and we needed to wait until after mid February for the billing cycle then we could unlock the last phone. We got a bill from T-mobile 2 weeks after visiting the store with 2 cell phone numbers on it. We never activated or set up an account with them. We were price shopping?? I called T-Mobile customer service and explained the situation to the representative and she said to disregard the bill and she will take care of it, it was an error. I thanked her and advised my husband. This month, March, we get another statement. It is showing a credit? I call T-Mobil up to discuss this to make sure there is no account since there was never one established and that we do not keep getting statements. I would like to end this mess!! They said they can not help me unless I have a Pin#. Of course I don’t have a Pin#, I never set up an account!!! I spoke with 2 representatives that advised me that we must go directly to the store for Id verification and they will be able to resolve the matter. I said, “This is nonsense”, “They are the ones that created this mess!” How come I was able the first time to call and the representative was able to help without asking for a Pin#? They stated they don’t know!! I advised the last rep I am glad you are on a recorded line because I will contact your corporate office and other places I can post how awful this has been. How can you possible set up an account on someone for just walking in the door?? Yes, we gave our information but that does not give you the right or authority to valid an account. That is a form of Identity Theft.
We stayed with AT&T and were able to work something out. There customer service reps and loyalty department go above and beyond to please their customers. Shame on you T-Mobile!!


Susan E Stein March 16, 2019 at 11:33 am

14 years ago I put my son & daughter-in-law on my plan with T-Mobile. My daughter was already on my plan. My daughter went on her own with T-Mobile & was supposed to continue have full service at the same price per month. She subsequently received a bill for hundreds of dollars. It took us a year to straighten it out. Meantime she left T-Mobile. Four years ago I left T-Mobile. We tried getting my account placed in my daughter-in-law’s name every year for a long time. Finally on Dc 26, 20018, they transferred the account. However, it was not completely transferred. I never received the transfer IEP email to e-sign. did not know they were even supposed to send one & unfortunately, neither did their employees. This has caused a tremendous problem, especially since my daughter-in-law purchased a new, $600- phone. This is supposed to be paid in monthly increments over the time with the bill. In January, February & March I have received bills with overdue charges on this phone. I tried fixing this over the phone & was told I had to go into a store to prove my identity because they couldn’t open my account without my pin. After 4 years away from T-Mobile I had forgotten it. So I went in to a local store, created a new pin, got on a 3-way with T-Mobile & my daughter-in-law, & they supposedly fixed it. That was in February. I tried to fix this on the phone again yesterday & was told I had to again go into a store, prove who I am, create a new pin & then they could fix it. Altho I am in my 70’s, am currently supposed to be off my feet because of a foot problem, I drove to the store started the procedure again. We got on a 3-way again with my daughter-in-law, explained this again. T-Mobile said the 4-digit pin I had just created a couple weeks ago is not valid because they needed a 6 digit pin & they couldn’t get in to the original account. The store employee was so frustrated he hung up the phone & called again. This time we were told they can no longer access my old account nor give me a new pin because the account has has been closed. Meantime I am being charged over $749- now for an old account that has been closed, for a phone I did not purchase on an account that is in my daughter-in-law’s name. One T-Mobile person says my old account has never been fully closed & converted to her name & that’s why I’m getting billed and another tells me I can not create a pin to get into that same account in order to fix this problem. T-Mobile Is illegally double dipping here by charging me for someone else’s bill while they are similarly being charged. Any wonder why I left them 4 years ago?


Venus March 12, 2019 at 12:29 pm

I have been a loyal customer for over 16 years! Again a loyal customer for over 16 years I just don’t understand why they can’t seem to correct a simple problem in almost a year. They correct it and it back within a month. It takes me a minute to realize they are over charging me again, then charging my son-in-law for the same watch I’m paying for, We have called countless time to have the problem fixed. We are told it’s fixed only to find out it’s not today we were told its fix and if not we get the watch free. well hell it should be free at this point all the time spent on the phone trying to correct the problem today we are at 30:50 minutes and counting still working the problem. Sad part my son and I are both at work trying to solve the problem. it took 33:06 to hopefully solve the problem. My question is “CAN A SISTA GET A CALL FROM SOMEONE AT T-MOBLE WITH A BIT OF ATHOURITY? LIKE A CUSTOMER SERVICE DIRECTOR. OR DO I FILE FOR DIVORCE AFTER 16 YEARS OF MARRAGIE WITH T-MOBILE”? Your call my love!


J.Kraf February 20, 2019 at 9:28 pm

My very first cell phone was with TMobile and I had their service for years. Never had any issues and loved the service. I have been back with TMobile for a few years with my daughter on the plan and love the service and had no issues. When my brother got ill, I added him to my account December 10, 2018. He had an account with AT T for over 25 years. I was trying to make his life easier. He ended up trading in His I Phine 8 (which we never should have done and I wonder if corporate even shows a phone was traded in at all.) He was given an xr and was told by the Brownsville Tx store on Pablo Kisel they would pay off his 8. After waiting over two months for the refund and visiting the store over 10 times I was told today, they MADE A MISTAKE, and there was no special. We would not be getting any pay off. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

After 4 days of having the phone it got spammed by an APPLE company.. We have the email stating his phone would be shut down, and it was. I went back and forth to the Best Buy where Apple techs are here and T Mobile on Pablo Kisel and was told wait the process with Apple whom I was dealing with two hours a day for two months. I found out through the T Mobile store on Pablo Kisel that they don’t mention it but if it was brought up within 14 days they could have changed the phone out. Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I had been to them going over and over the situation 5 days after the purchase and a week after that and a week after that. So they blatantly did not follow a procedure of T Mobile when I went in numerous times with the problem and could have been given a new phone. This should be honored by T Mobile and a new phone should be given to us for their incompetence.

I have had a phone tech work with Apple and had the phone for three weeks and he too got the run aroun from Apple and could not get some issues worked out directly with the T Mobile store either.

I am now mailing the 800.00 phone that we are paying service for and payments on a phone that has not worked since purchase besides 4 days to Dallas Texas Apple Store.

A week ago I went into the store to inquire about the 234.00 credit to pay off AT T. I was told someone in my account virtually used it in a T Mobile store. I did not have an account set up to use a credit. Albert in the store set my account up with a TMobile rep on the phone, the day after supposedly someone used the money. Today I’m told no money was ever in there and wouldn’t get any. REALLY. HOW MANY STORIES CAN THIS STORE COME UP WITH. Who is covering what up in this store.

I also finally got logged in to TMobile so I can see the bill since I was also told I would not get a bill for two months due to the trade in and that definately did not happen either. Once logged in I don’t know why but I see a phone number that was attached to the xr phone that was given to my brother that is not any of our phone Numbers. Why is that. Did this phone belong to someone else and it wasn’t really a new phone?

I wonder now too, DID T-Mobile give us a bogus phone that had been turned in with issues before handing to my brother and putting in his prior number since that phone had another number assigned to it.

I want to know if Corporate is going to help with all the promises that were not delivered by employees of this particular branch store. And I want to know if corporate shows an 8 was turned in when my account added my brother on December 10, 2018. And last but not least this store never gave me a receipt and to this day says the system was down and can not give me one even though I have asked several there to call corporate to get me a receipt which Apple is requiring.

This store has virtually cost us 800.00 in a no working phone that could have been changed out in first 14 days of purchase, and 200 in exchanging out an 8 and was told 234 would be given in a credit card to pay off the att account for the I Phone 8 which is now not going to happen.

The employees in the store are very friendly but the stories and lies that represent T Mobile are outrageous and crippling patrons who only want a Phone and service.


Kathleen January 10, 2019 at 3:17 pm

I have been a long time customer of t-Mobile with a Samsung prepay flip phone used mainly for emergencies or while traveling. I am a Legacy member and recently had a problem with poor reception. I called and was told to go to a T-Mobile store and have a new Sims card placed in my phone. Waited a long time in the store with no place to sit till a representative told me that a new Sims card would not work in my phone. He could do nothing else for me so I went home. I called customer service again in a few days near the Christmas holidays and was told that I should return to the store and they would replace my phone with a new one if I purchased a $6.95 calling card, since by this time my minutes expired that I had on my Samsung phone. Returned to the store on Jan 6th. and was told that a promotion for $80.00 to replace my phone expired on the 3rd. My phone was not compatible with the new towers that T-Mobile installed. No one contacted me to inform me of this prior to my bad reception. Again called customer service and was told there was a new promotion for $100.00 to replace my old phone and to refer to document # 447090. I am tired of this run-around by T-Mobile plus I am 85 years old and need the added safety of a cell phone while out and about. What can you do to help me out of this situation? Thank you


timothy pitts January 8, 2019 at 2:05 am

I recently purchased two watches from one of your storeI I was told i would receive a confirmation by email. the email read If we do not receive your electronic signature soon we will have to cancel your order. LETS NOT GO THERE ! IS WHAT THEY AT THE END OF THIS EMAIL. NOW MY QUESTION TO YOU AT TMOBILE IS WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IT SOUND LIKE A THREAT TO ME. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME TO EXPLAIN THIS NEW WAY OF COMMUNCATING WITH CUSTOMERS


William January 1, 2019 at 11:52 pm

I have had a very troubling experience with T-Mobile and porting my personal cell phone number to another carrier. I had this number for over six years prior to joining T-Mobile and now they have given it to a new customer of theirs.
Their customer service representatives are not consistent, the technical service representatives aren’t proactive in returning calls and they are mean to seniors like myself.
I am extremely disappointed in T-Mobile, but who cares; I’m simply another customer lost.


Kevin December 27, 2018 at 9:02 pm

Been a loyal T mobile customer since 2006. You guys are rushing like animals to be the first 5G carrier. Im hearing a lot of health problems associated with 5G including Cancer(these are real documented studies). If you guys do 5G Im going to switch to another carrier.


Diana Watson Collins December 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Kevin, threats do not help your situation, researching helps more. I am also a T-Mobile customer fka MetroPCS. I am going to have a meeting (via email which will include all the executives up to and including THE CEO, CFO, and THE COO, regarding my experience with one of their stores located in Pinellas Park, Florida. These employees in this store (all of them), are grandfathered in to T-Mobile from MetroPCS. I have been doing business with this particular location for many years. They know me extremely well, but not well enough. Yesterday, I caught the Manager, Alex, on down, gaining up on me by violating their own return policies and charging me double for one phone and placing 2 activating fees towards my payment for one working phone, for my grandson’s account, His very first account in his own name and I had to experience shady employees and illegal practices along with putting out a lot more money, in the meantime to get my Grandson (15). what he wanted for Christmas, ( I take care of all his needs-I am his Guardian), because he was flying out today to visit his father in North Carolina and we had to get another phone, the orig phone he had was unsatisfactory opened 12/22/18. I am still within the 7 day return time as I am writing this. I am going to give Alex a chance to rectify first, if Alex still refuses to rectify, not only T_Mobile will be notified but a radio and TV stations will be notified and warned about these practices with T-Moble. My Grandson is Nicolas Gicker, opened his acct on 22nd this month…stand by for results and conclusion! I am livid, and discusted regarding the way they treated my Grandson and the devastating emotional roller coaster that they put him through and every single employee watched what was happening and said nothing and did not correct the situation, they just stood by and also agreed with Alex that I would have to wait 21 days in order to switch phones. I paid around 75.00+ activation fee, second time I paid over 56.00 plus another activation fee. Last night, I went to that store without Nicolas and asked him for my money back. He said he could not do it, but instead handed me a free screen protector $15 item, and stated that I was a smart woman. I left, so I could get the screen protector to my Grandson before he flew out last night. He was thrilled, but does not the extent of this scam and T-Mobil’s reputation at risk with their customers. Word of mouth is the strongest tool, instead of closing our accounts and going with another carrier, I am informing the Corporate Office if these actions. I also spoke with their call center, trying to rectify the situation and return for another phone, she told me I have to wait 21 days also, which is not the case. The return policy clearly states that you can return the phone within 7 days from opening the account and airtime max is 60 or less. Stand by for conclusion to this story with Alex and the Pinellas Park (on US HWY 19 North), Florida. I am trying to find their email also.


Diana Watson Collins December 29, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Hey Kevin read history of T-Mobile merging with MetroPCS in 2013, forming the Company now called T-Mobile US. Today, T-Mobile US operates the 3rd and 4th largest wireless providers in the US. Together they provide service to over 63 million Customers. I think I would stay with T-Mobile US and help them work out the kinks that MetroPCS trained all their employees to do. They all need retraining with T-Mobil Corporate Office and how to handle different situations in order to give excellent high standard customer service, instead of losing so many customers over scams left over from MetroPCS!


Patricia December 17, 2018 at 3:35 pm

In October my husband & I switched from our previous carrier to T-Mobile. There was a buy out program in place where they would pay off our old phones. We were told we would receive 2 prepaid visa cards, in the mail, in which to give to our previous carrier. After many frustrating phone calls and a trip to the store we still have not received the cards and are getting the run around as to when or if we will receive them. We have now received a letter from our previous carrier that they are turning us over to collections for the amount due.
My husband and I are both in our 60’s and on Social Security. The amount owed would be a very big portion of our monthly income. This is a huge hardship on us, especially here at the holidays. We feel T-Mobile has lied to us numerous times and taken advantage of us. Any help anyone can give us would be greatly appreciated.


Fifer December 31, 2018 at 10:11 am

I feel for you. I am a tmobile customer, and experienced the same thing. I was also hacked by 2 of their employees from the Maryland office and in store employees added products and phones to my account and tmobile did nothing. I contacted the FTC and filed a report. I also put on urube the store # local t ion, employees names and the issues. The store manager quit with all the other employees. I would put it o n urube.


Barbara December 10, 2018 at 1:30 pm

On 12/02/18 I went to a t-mobile store near my house Cottle Road in San Jose CA and upgraded 2 phones to the T6 and got a table and added a line to the tablet and traded in my old Samsung GalaxyS7 and at that time agreed to $63.00 for the Samsung.

I went home and decided to protect the phone with a fingerprint. When I went to the phone settings I HAD THE OPTION of:

1. Fingerprint ONLY
2. Fingerprint AND pin number or pattern

I chose fingerprint only. 3 days later the phone locked me out and wouldn’t open because it needed a pin number. I spent OVER 1 hour in the store on 12/05/18 and they tried to unlock the phone. Finally I was told that quote, “it is not my fault you forgot your pin number”. This was after I repeatedly explained that I never put a pin number in the phone, only a fingerprint. They said obviously I FOGOT PUTTING THE PIN NUMBER IN AND FORGOT THE NUMBER. I told them my grandson was there when I put the fingerprint in and saw the phone message giving me a choice. They insisted on calling my grandson and REPEATEDLY asked him for the pin and he REPEATEDLY TOLD THAT THERE WAS NO PIN.

Then they got tired of the whole situation and threatened to call security. One of the girls was on the phone with security when I left.

So we have a staff that:

1) Sold me a defective product

2) Repeatedly implied that I am Senile (forgetful) and/or a liar and/or stupid and my grandson must be Senile, a Liar and Stupid too.

3) I asked them to use the restroom as I had been in a car for 8 hours and they refused to allow me use of their restroom (WHICH I KNOW YOU HAVE) I had to go to Starbucks

So according to TMobile employees – I am Senile, Stupid, a Liar and was forced to use another business’s restroom because of Tmobile’s poor customer service and attitude?

I wasted over 1 hour at the store, another hour on the telephone with your technical support AND sat up until 1:00 am my time to call the manufacturer as your technician reccomended and NOBODY could unlock the phone and the manufacturer admitted the phone was defective as it SHOULD NOT have permitted me to use a fingerprint ONLY.

Now the store has refused to return my phone that I traded in. I know that I agreed I wouldn’t get it back however TMobile agreed to provide me with a WORKING PHONE and that agreement was breached by TMoble.

Then I had to spend more time at your store where they tried to charge me $150.00 restocking fee – they finally waived the $150.00. I also had to endure more lies and insults from TMobile Employees. My grandson went with me – good thing. The girl told me, quote, “It’s not my fault you LOST YOUR PIN NUMBER”. After much argument with her we finally logged on to my gmail account and went to google.com/android/find and I PROVED THERE WAS NO PIN NUMBER then the girl said, quote “I never said you had a pin number”. I then asked my grandson if I heard her correctly when she said I lost my pin number. He verified that she said it and she continued to lie about what she just said.

All I want is to pickup my Samsung phone TOMORROW morning as I can get $300.00 for trade from another carrier.

The girl at the store told me that she was not going to return the phone and too bad, I just lost the phone and that’s that.

This is a really horrible way to treat a long-time customer. I am surmising that you will do nothing to the employees at the Cottle Road in San Jose Store, they can lie and insult customers as much as they want to.

Since you breached your contract to provide me a working phone that invalidates my agreement to accept $63.00 for the phone.

To add insult to injury I called 611 today 12/09/18 and tried to close the account and was told I needed to pay my bill first. So I went online today and tried to pay my bill and was unable to access the account. I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with 611 operator who couldn’t help me access my account to pay, she transferred me to a technician who after about 15 minutes on the phone figured out that your site was down and he said I could log on the 12th of December and pay then shut down the account. I asked him if that meant I had to pay thru the 12th, he said yes. He said go to a store, pay the bill and they would close the account.

1.) I went to the Cottle Road store (close to my house) asked to pay my bill, close the account and either get my Samsung back or the $300.00 it is worth (see attachments) as I traded the other Samsung for $300.00. Michelle screamed at me, so I screamed back that I could hear her? She said, quote You scream at me I will scream at you – I said, good scream to your heart’s content just close this account and pay me my $300.00 or return the Samsung you stole. She then called her manager who was a rude, arrogant, Witch who looked me in the eye, said you will not yell at my employees, I am refusing you service, leave before I call the police. I admit to cussing the Witch out and she got on the phone to call the police so I left.

2.) I went to the store in Oakridge Mall and they politely and professionally accepted payment. I had to call your customer service to close the account (another lie told to me by your 611 and tech people – they said I could pay and close the account at a store) and after closing the account on the phone they showed me proof it was closed. I took a picture.

Now I need to retrieve my Samsung or get the balance of the $300.00 value of the phone.

Verizon gave me $300.00 for the Samsung I had in my possession and would have given me another $300.00 if I had the other Samsung to give them.

Tmobile only credited me $63.00 for the Samsung which I said I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT however I needed to return the defective phones I had purchased. When I went back to the store I found out that Michelle had returned them under the “buyers remorse” the only buyers remorse I have is going to TMobile at all and dealing with these Lying, Witches. I RETURNED A DEFECTIVE PHONE, a phone that locked me out, a phone the MANUFACTURER TOLD ME WAS DEFECTIVE.

I originally agreed to accept $63.00 and was told the phone wouldn’t be returned – however TMoble originally agreed to provide me with a NON-DEFECTIVE WORKING PHONE. TMobile breached the contract so I don’t feel I should lose the $300.00 value of the phone.

Please advise me as to how you will return the balance of my money OR the Samsung immediately so I can give it to Verizon.


THE CAMP October 5, 2018 at 3:05 am

I had been with T-Mobile since the 1990; I left them because after all those years of service someone decided that they could not properly add. I kept being over charged for my services, mind you at the time I had 6 phone lines on my account. After 6 months of back and forth calling to get the account credited and corrected; it was fixed. Then I was given a free line (which I never used or had a phone activated on it) for as long as I stayed a customer because I was deemed such a great customer to the company. Well that threw everything back off again and I was charged crazy amounts again; all outside of what my bill was suppose to be and they also excluded my work discount. Eventually I decided it was time to leave the company and when I did I was charged for an entire month of service because I switched my account one or two days after the start of a new cycle. After I switched all of my active lines, not the one that was said to be free as long as I had they account. T-Mobile sent me an additional bill like I still had full service with the company. I called and the female sales rep stated that they would continue to charge me the billing amount unless I personally tell them to shut off the free line that they gave me for as long as I maintained their service. That being said when I changed services and moved all of my numbers that I was paying for did that not mean that I was no longer maintaining their services? This all happened in 2017 and T-Mobile has the nerve to send this account ($178 – $225) to collections, like I’m going to pay them for services on a free line that they gave me that was again never used. I informed the young lady to shut off the line because this is a no go and very bad customer service. Does the FCC ever look into the practices of these companies because this is down right robbery on a corporate level.


James King October 3, 2018 at 4:04 pm

I’m a customer of T-Mobile. Back on 19 July 2018 my home burned to the ground. My insurance company had a judge sign a court order instructing T-Mobile to hand over the records showing my location on the night my home burned to the ground. I have several times called asking who do I need to talk to find out where I need to go or contact to get this info to special investigator Angela Ritchie. Seems that T- Mobile feels that they are exempt from following a court order . As of now, I’m looking for a new cell carrier.


Cornel Clarke July 26, 2018 at 1:36 pm

My T-Mobile phone was stolen while shopping at a Best Buy store I reported the stolen phone to T-Mobile the representative transfer me to an insurance company I never heard of before and said they will be handling my claim the insurance representative said that before they can complete my claim I would have to pay $175.00 up front even though I pay T-Mobile $10.00 every for the past 9 or 10 years. I am very disappointed in the fact that I had no knowledge that there was an unknown insurance carrier that T-Mobile never made me aware of as a valued customer. Totally missed represented and claims that they nothing to do with the replacement of my device


Mr Rodgers July 14, 2018 at 2:57 pm

I’ve had nothing but problems out of the customer service since dec. 2017, all I did was add a line to my service that I already had and the customer service has been down right weak, I spoke with an agent just yesterday and he was was very unsure that my problem would be taking care of, that’s not a very good jesture for T-Mobile, please advise what needs to be done about this agent, and I’ve also mailed a detail letter to the corporate office explain the situation.


june July 11, 2018 at 10:42 pm

i couldn’t call out or receive calls for 2 hours on Monday morning, with having an emergency situation I was very much inconvenienced. I called 611 after my phone finally came back on and was told by one representative there was no problem with the tower in our area. when I spoke to IT I was told there were two towers down. and the IT rep. told me he promise it wasn’t my phone. so he put in a ticket and ask I bear with them to check it out .He said he would call me back on Thursday but after I insisted that was too long and I would call before if it was a problem . He agreed to call me back today (Wed) between 1:30-2p which he did at that time I had no problems. I got home at 6p today and my phone goes out again. my daughter came in and I was finally able to call 611 and report what was going on again. I am with out a phone until Friday. I am walking distance from a TMobile phone store and they can’t offer any help unless I purchase a phone. This isn’t real, I called three TMobile stores and was told by the last one the loaner program hasn’t been in effect in about a year. From this incident it proves that the consumer is not valued. There is no backup system for us in the local TMobile stores. Any suggestions? I’ve been with T-Mobile 15+ years and it looks like I need to start looking for another provider since there’s active problem solving set in place. I need a phone and will continue to call 611. I was given information that I could purchase a Samsung J3 phone with $21 down this is a $175.00 phone and if I return the phone after I receive mine I’ll have to pay $50 to return it. I was told today there was no contact phone number(s) for Corpororate. I would appreciate a call from someone concerning this manner asap my phone# is (512)203-XXXXX


Susan June 22, 2018 at 12:30 pm

My phone cannot receive cell service inside my place of employment. Sometimes on windy days outside my calls will drop.
I have complained over the past six years but haven’t switched because I am on a single plan and since I have had the service for 10 years my fee is manageable.
Now the company has someone representing them, Corey Lowendowsky.
This may be the straw that breaks the camels back for me.
He has already been dropped by others,
Wish T-Mobile would step up and cut him loose


Monica April 23, 2018 at 1:48 pm

T-Mobile customer service has horrible service and THEY lieeeeeeeee through their teeth about what is being discuss over the phone and not noting the phone call and giving false information about accounts.
Telling the customer one thing and then when you call back someone else says something else. The current rep has no clue what the previous rep is talking about. And they keep transferring you and transferring you to different departments. JUST TERRIBLE AND HORRIBLE. And when asked to speak to a manger they think it’s funny and will refuse to let you speak to one. HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike September 13, 2018 at 5:55 pm

YES!! I had the same experience.


Monica April 23, 2018 at 1:37 pm

T-Mobile customer service has horrible service ND THEY lieeeeeeeee through their teeth about what is being discuss over the phone and not noting the phone call and giving false information about accounts.


Dexter SC Farlough April 21, 2018 at 2:33 pm

On 14-Apr-2018 I phoned T-Mobile in regards to having my bill payment extended. As, far as I knew it was being handled, until 4/19. On 19-Apr-2018 I discovered the amount of $150.50 was still being withdrawn even after I made a payment on 04/06. I phoned T-Mobile and informed them of my call on 4/14 and (nita) angelica as found out later was her name [4/21/18]. She found the call and the notes in regards to this scheduled bill payment request and given me a $25 dollar credit for this mishap aside from returning the $150.50 that should not have been taken in the first place. She, told me to contact my bank and see what they would say. Though, all along we knew that was ridiculous to make that statement in the first place. Since, it would initiate a claim dispute against T-Mobile or the Bank per say. So, I did that and was provided with feedback from the bank [The Bank holds the funds for 72 hours, in which the approval code that the merchant was given is used to obtain those funds and; the same approval code would be needed to deny, admitted, or refuse the funds payment]. T-Mobile was aware of sending me on a wild goose chase and knowing they voided the contract with me for scheduling bill pay arrangements. While, still collecting on funds they should not have taken after these arrangements were made. And, while noticing this error and not correcting it. In, the first place, and choosing to share some form of blame with the customer being the fall guy instead of them? On 21-Apr-2018 As, I took additional steps to phone back as the payment had cleared processing and went through. I got Destiny, Jennifer (Jass, the mgr), Ryan (Mgr.) all making excuses while calling it explaining?!? That what angelica informed me about calling back in 48 hours to receive a full refund was indeed the final act. But, yet instead I got people who perform these jobs, making all kinds of excuses, going on attack, cirXXXXventing the process of handling claims as expeditiously as possible in order to create further harm, damage or ridicule. Ryan, and/or they chose ridicule while the bank had presented sufficient evidence of what was needed from the merchant after or during the three (3) day process. Which, I informed them through their survey after my call with angelica (nita). The matter was brought before T-Mobile employees long before this mishap with billing/autopay or any of its representatives dropping the ball. And, while making it appear that the clients are the fools for relying on them, or taking them at their words.


Brenda Bayer April 8, 2018 at 5:10 pm

First off, I have been a ATT&T customer for many years, recently a friend suggested I should switch to T-mobile. Being skeptical I thought long and hard debating on making the transition. My first experience was the customer representatives were accommodating and professional. In February of this year I made the switch. I ported my iphone and my daughters phone to T mobile with the understanding that these phones would be paid off with a gift card with all intentions of letting my 2nd daughter keep her S7 and porting just her number,which was paid off.. I also ported a tablet to the account as a fourth free line. I purchased an iPhone 8 for myself and a t mobile revil plus for my daughter when we ported the numbers. I still had to bring my other daughter in to port her number since I paid off her phone.The revill plus was defective had issues with camera and was freezing up. I promptly returned the next day to return exchange it. I was informed by YOUR Representative/agent that he was unable to return the phone until 30 days passed and he just returned the case and glass. I then brought my other daughter in who had her phone paid off And was informed by your AGENT/Representative that she can also do a BOGO I stated are you sure because we are already in the process of porting phones to be paid off and he said no problem “I don’t see why you cant do both” so my daughter traded in her beloved phone mind you both of my children have disabilities which makes it difficult to procure change. Regardless they both got the Samsung S 8 on the BOGO offer. At that time Your agent /Representative informed me I would only have to bring in my bill with the balance, I already did the internet with the BOGO. SO the other phone got returned after the 30 days was up I brought it in(the revill). AT that time I handed my final bill to YOUR AGENT and was informed he would process it for the pay off on the two phones I ported. So then I pay my first bill. Not really understanding it because YOUR AGENT was too busy to explain what he was charging on it. THEN I GET my SECOND bill which is for the full month which is over $500.00 . I return to your store and have him print out the bill to see over 8 line charges hot spot charges insurance charges for phones and numbers I dont even know what they are to spend 3 1/2 hour in your store with a representatvie on the phone to correct the issues. Needless to say the issue wasnt corrected (this is my time -time is money this shouldn’t be so difficult). MY daughter informs me she has no service on her phone now so then I call and go back to the store to talk to them but they werent open yet they were just in the store and would only answer the phone so i called to ask what number I should dial. I GET A REPRESENTATIVE ON THE PHONE WHO REFUSED TO GET ME A SUPERVISOR AT THIS POINT I WAS NOT HAPPY I REQUESTED TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR AND ALL I GOT WAS I AM GOING TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND STUFF JUST RIDICULOUS!!! Finally I got to speak to a supervisor and she was kind and tried to correct the issue. (Needless to say your service has allot to be desired I have only one bar half the time) But she worked with me on the billing issue and texted me the website to get the ATT&T phones to pay off.SHE ALSO INFORMED ME AT THAT TIME THAT THEIR WERE 5 LINES ON MY ACCOUNT!! There of course should of only been 3 mine and the 2 girls phone plus the free line for the tablet. So supposedly this was corrected. So today I have my ATT&T bill which has a $94.00 termination fee and payoff for the two phones at $226.51 and $399.99 which I cannot put in for refund because it state you can only do the BOGO or port. Well IF THIS IS NOT DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS YOUR AGENT EXPLICITLY INFORMED ME MY DAUGHTER CAN TRADE IN HER PHONE ON A BOGO AND I CAN ALSO RECEIVE REBATES FOR MY PHONES TO PAY OFF THE PREVIOUS CARRIER(at&t). i HAVE YET TO PAY MY BILL AND THINK THAT YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES HAVE MUCH TO BE DESIRED AS DOES THE ABILITY TO USE YOUR SERVICE. BILLING IS A WHOLE OTHER ISSUE. YOUR AGENTS CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVES OBVIOUSLY NEED TO BE TRAINED ADEQUATELY TO ENSURE PROPER INFORMATION AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. By the way the one who told me I could do both promotions is now in another store as a supervisor. My point is he is an agent representing your company and i am entitled to be refunded the previous charges mentioned for porting the numbers since this was the information i received I was also told that the phone should of been returned and there should not of been a 30 day wait. I guess it all has to do with your representatives commissions and not the consumer. .


Brenda Bayer April 8, 2018 at 5:13 pm

Yes , I do want updates and perhaps your training and customer service program should be evaluated so things like my previously posted issues do not occur again


Brenda Bayer April 8, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Before you get started you’ll need an image of your device payment plan balance from your most recent statement (demonstrating at least 90-days of device service with your previous carrier) or your final bill for your ETF (early termination fee) charges from your previous carrier. Make sure each image shows the itemized final device payment plan balance or ETF charges for each associated phone number you’ve switched. You’ll need to take a screenshot that can be uploaded as a .pdf, .jpg or .png file.

× We’re sorry, this account is not current at T-Mobile. Please contact T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-390-6867 to verify your account information or update the information to continue.
Check to see if you have already received the Carrier Freedom promotion here.

ok so this is what I get I go to the website to submit my bill that i was told- the store would do who has my final bill and personal information somewhere- and it looks like i don’t even have an account with according to this . So I don’t have a current account and you wanted to charge me for multiple lines and services I didn’t receive. This is wrong I expect to hear a response in the next 48 hours. If not I will have no other resource but to further my complaint .


Ellen Brazelton February 5, 2018 at 4:31 pm

Long and messy process to get T-Mobile service and 2 phones ported. Began 2/1/18 at 14:00 and one line is now working (2/5/18 13:30) with the second line pending.

So many customer service people to talk to….transferred 10 times….finally got a case manager that corrected the last issue….yippee…..

The whole process needs investigation and quality improvement. No customer should be without a phone for over 4 days and require 10 hours on the phone and in person to set up 2 new lines !!!!

I would like a written response to these issues. Please investigate and provide comment.


Debra February 24, 2018 at 7:18 am

I have been a customer for 14 years and the past year has been awful. I can always get a scripted line saying that where I live is the reason that my services isn’t that great. I can call them and be in different areas of town or a different city and that is the of service that I receive. T-Mobile you will not last with piss poor services and I am tired of call your technical people that do not help. They will remove all of your data and I have minimal use; but, they will use your data for advertisement.


belle ryan December 31, 2017 at 12:52 am

i am writing concerning an issue with the BOGO sale on the Iphone. on the 23rd of December 2017. i went into the Waianae Store to find out what i needed to do to purchase the iphone and the second one free. the sales representative 078. she had great customer service very nice and was very patience concerning what i wanted to do to get a new phone for my granddaughter for Christmas. she set me up to get the iphone 7plus. however, they only had one 7plus available so she said they had the iphone 8 and the 7 which my intention was to get the 7pluse anyway i said i guess i take the 7. she also signed me up to get the rebate to be send to me in order for me to pay one of the phone off. since the iphone 7 was 549.99 she said that i would get the lessor amount. so when i got home i showed my husband what i got . he said why didn’t i get the same phone i told him they only had one left. he suggested for me to call T-Mobile customer care to see if they are able to ship me the iphone 7plus. on the 29th dec 17 i spoke to Joe from customer care i explain to him that i had purchase 2 iphone on the promotion you buy one and get the other free. explain that i have not open the phone the iphone 7 and i would like to exchange it and pay the difference. He said i have 14 days to return and that i would need to go to the store to exchange the phone to iphone 7 plus. so while i was in Kapolei i stop by the T-Mobile to do the return. Daniel the store manager helped me out and he said he wasn’t able to exchange it because when the waianae store signed me up i would had to upgrade my plan and add another line. i explain to him that the person that helped me did not say anything that i needed to sign up for the unlimited plan. so that is no fault on my part. i’m not the expert in your company. so if anything that is the mistake made by T-mobile . he also checked to see if she did upload the information for me to get the rebate which it was uploaded. However, the 2nd step will be disapproved. i said what it better not because i didn’t make this mistake that i want the rebate as well as exchange the iphone 7 to and iphone 7pluse with the rose gold. he then said that he will place a memo concerning the situation and the waianae store will have to call the promotion center to fix the issue . he explain it was a good thing that i wanted to change exchange the phone because i will be waiting and waiting for the rebate and i would not get it and he said if i waited even longer that it will be hard to make the correction. i just want to make sure all this gets taken care of. that i get my exchange as well as the rebate. please ensure that this matter will be taken care off. again i just want to let T Mobile corporate for hiring such great customer service representative 078 and Daniel great asset to the company. i hope everything will be taken care.


belle ryan


Rhonda Sheppard December 19, 2017 at 9:05 pm

New service on 11/11/17
Bought IPHONE and drive device
Drive device malfunctioned and had to return; there was NO receipt in the system
Bought IPHONE at same time. IPHONE was PAID OFF!!! Told glitch in the system
Returned IPHONE to alleviate more issues with payment plan
Have had problems since inception
Multiple Devices turned OFF turns on an automatic block on DEVICE BLOCK
Had Mom on second line, could not receive texts
Could not receive texts from IPHONE users if IMESSAGE turned on
Deregistered device twice
Was using an IPHONE and switched to Android – more problems
Had to cancel Mom’s line because of error messages from TMobile
Bought Samsung and returned. Bought IPhone silver and exchanged for IPHONE gold
Upgraded to Samsung Note 8 to help Mom with Android
Receiving NO TEXT messages (I discovered the issue with Multiple Devices)
Went to return Samsung Note 8 since I got messages with IPHONE.
Manager order me out of his store. Would not take back accessories either
TMOBILE manager – whose name I can’t seem to get offered me a new IPHONE again
Said I would receive it on 12/19. No Phone. Noone can see order # or tracking # in system
I have been treated awfully and have not received the service TMOBILE has promised since inception
This is just an abbreviation of the issues
Been on hold for 20 min waiting to talk to a manager
I would really appreciate a call if you can get through. Calls going directly to VM tonight
714-906-XXXXX or 919-243-XXXXX


Wilma Capote December 13, 2017 at 10:50 am

To CEO Jon Legere
CC: CFO J. Braxton Carter II
From Wilma Capote
@ Alberto Salvi (husband)
Date: 12/13/17
Ref: Illegal, unauthorized Billing practices

Dear CEO Legere and CFO Braxton Carter II
My name is Wilma Capote cell # 201-893-XX80 I am writing to file a formal complaint against T-Mobile Corp for illegal and unauthorized billing practices. A transaction took place today under reference #1839751145 involving TM employee Alexandrea Davis badge #3012794 on a recorded line. Wilma Capote authorized T-Mobile to debit from Bank of America $85.74 to cover T-Mobile account and bring it up to date. Alexandrea Davis debited instead debited $318.94 under reference # 1839751145 without my authorization resulting in overdraft fees on my checking account. I received SMS text message from Bank of America to confirm such a transaction had occurred. BOA notified that $318.94 had been withdrawn from my account. I was speechless, I called T-Mobile and spoke to supervisor Tim badge number # 271407 and explained how T mobile allows billing errors to continue without any accountability on its employees. I call every month about billing because it fluctuates anywhere between $220.00 to $300.00 per month using the same service, minutes, data etc. I cannot understand why I have to call to confirm my billing every month and the fluctuations in rates. But the result of this matter I reviewed with T Mobile Supervisor Tim who is responsible for My BOA overdraft fees incurred due to TM employee Davis. He said that it was a Bank issue not T-Mobile. Tim stated that T-Mobile had nothing to do with bank fees to address matter with BOA which I did. I placed a Stop payment with fees on $318.94 T-Mobile transaction immediately to prevent further overdrafts on my account. I will pay only $85.74 to T mobile once this is sorted out. I did not even receive an apology or a credit for the mistake. This is all doXXXXented on a recorded line and I advise you CEO Legere to take immediate action on your covert billing practices and hold those accountable for unauthorized transactions.

Thank you for your immediate attention

Wilma Capote


Wm. J. Levy November 21, 2017 at 7:58 am

To someone intelligent who might read this comment.

I am a long time client of T-M and in April 2017 purchased a ZTE phone from your store on Nova Rd., Ormond Beach, FL.

Having continuing problems with the phone with error messages showing low batter,y, recharge although it was fully charged and not being pleased with the immature service at your original store on Nova Rd. in the Winn-Dixie supermarket strip mall, I went to your new store at Novas Rd. & Sterthaus.

They replaced my original ZTE phone yesterday but told me that they couldn’t transfer my contacts because they did not have a battery. The phone they replaced came without a battery.’

I left but the thought of losing all my contacts is unacceptable and made me think of leaving T-Mobile and getting a new carrier.

You are not supposed to be Amateur Hour. Your people are not well trained and have no idea what they are doing always being in touch with someone on their smart phones.

This situation is totally unacceptable and i will be returning to the Nova store and retrieving my old phone with the sim card with my contacts.

I expect someone at Corporate to solve this problem today.

Contact me at 386-671-XXXXX so I will get the message.

Extremely disappointed in T-Mobile.

Wm. J. Levy


KAREN ALLEN September 28, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Karen A. Allen
Aurora CO 80013
karenaallen9 at gmail.com
Cellular: 504.451.XXXXX

September 29, 2017

T-Mobile Corporate Office & Headquarters
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue WA 98006

T-Mobile corporate phone number:
(800) 318-9270

1)UPS RETURN MAILING LABEL TRACKING NO: 1Z 0540 522 90 9644 1730 w/Confirmation of delivery
2)UPS RETURN MAILING LABEL TRACKING NO: 1Z 0540 522 90 9776 8850 w/Confirmation of delivery
3)UPS RETURN MAILING LABEL TRACKING NO: 1Z 0540 522 90 9793 5875 w/Confirmation of delivery
4)T-Mobile Bill to Verify Account Information in the name of Karen Allen under Account No.
5)Chase Bank Account Statement w/$210.54 deduction on April 14, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Karen Allen (formerly Karen Walton). I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for at least eighteen (18) years and it has become painfully obvious that company couldn’t care any less for my loyalty.

My cell number is 504-451-XXXXX.
The account was originally opened under my ex-husband’s name Kerry D. Walton SSN: XXXX-XX-XXXXX.
When I separated from Kerry Walton in 2014 (and divorced in 2015), my account was well established as being separate from his. Even though I opened it under Karen Allen, they kept using Walton. I went through hell and high water to get it changed to Karen Allen even with the proper identification. I opened this T-Mobile account under my own name, Karen Allen, with different address. This account was opened separate from Kerry Walton, my ex-husband and the address was also different. My account had me listed as:
Karen Allen, Aurora, CO 80015
I kept the same cell phone number of 504.451.XXXXX.

I tried to order a new phone in May of 2017. When I tell you I spent countless hours on the phone with various representatives in April and May of 2017. The customer service was incompetent, clueless, rude and disrespectful, to say the least. I could never speak to the same person t get them to correct any errors they made and I was told that they could not give me information to speak with the corporate office. The phone I was ordering came with a free tablet. The first representative that I spoke with ordered the table and not the phone. Many of your representatives could barely speak English. My experience with T-Mobile was by far the worst customer service, or lack thereof that I have ever experienced.
The second representative ordered the phone, but when she sent the e-sign doXXXXents, she had my last name as Walton, not Allen, so I did not sign the doXXXXent. However at the time of order (before receiving the e-doXXXXents), I paid $210.54 for the taxes on the phone and accessories on April 14, 217 to T-Mobile. Do not confuse this with my monthly payment for cell phone service which was paid on March 22, 2016 for the month of April 2017. Weeks later after not getting any help with my account, I spoke to customer service regarding returning the phone I was told not to worry about the taxes and the accessories because the $210.54 will not be taken from my account until I signed the e-doXXXXent. I did not sign the e-doXXXXents but the funds were debited from account the same day. At first they said it would take 30 days. The more time passed the more it was clear that I was getting the run around every time that I called.
I eventually canceled my account when it became obvious that I will not receive adequate customer service. I have talked to T-Mobile so many times requesting my refund. Finally, when I call T-Mobile now, they have completely eradicated my account and put my cell phone number back under the original account for Kerry D. Walton. I am beyond appalled. I would so much like to know who could possibly make such a decision, it’s unbelievable. This is unethical to say the least.
T-Mobile Customer Service is actually denying that I had an account and that received the returned accessories. I have attached a copy of my T-Bill bill, proving the existence of my account. I have also attached the three UPS labels along with confirmation of delivery used to return accessories, a tablet and a cell phone; along with confirmation of delivery. I have also attached a copy of my Chase account showing the deduction of $210.54 on April 14, 2017, which were payment of phone taxes and accessories.

I have been with T-Mobile many years and have overlooked many mistakes in billing, orders, name changes and much more. I cannot overlook an intentional deception to keep from refunding my money and I will not tolerate it. I thought about letting it go until I called and the records of my account have been deleted or otherwise concealed for the sole purpose of not refunding my money. I can think of no other purpose to conceal my account.

Let me be clear about my intentions, I intend to be reimbursed the monies that I paid for taxes on the VG20 phone that I returned as well as all the accessories that I returned after having them in my possession for approximately two days, TOTALING $210.54. With that being said, know that I intend to be reimbursed by whatever legal means necessary; I also expect that after so many months have passed and so many frustrating efforts put forth on my part, I would expect payment to be expedited upon receipt of this letter.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
/s/ Karen A. Allen
Karen A. Allen

cc: T-Force


Flavia Howard (CS-ELP) September 25, 2017 at 6:11 pm

I’m very sure that this complaint will fall into deaf ears as it has been for the last 4 months but here it goes anyways. Next stop, official letter to Corporate and Headquarters Offices.

My old phone was having problems I called T-Mobile and was told that they would send me another phone. Speaking with my husband, I told him that the phone that would replace mine would be a refurbished phone not a new one. He told me that I needed to get a new one because with a used refurbished phone I would probably run through the same Issues. So I went to the nearest T-Mobile store to have my phone replaced. The representative said that I couldn’t replace my phone for a new phone of the same kind because Samsung didn’t make them anymore. He insisted that I upgrade to the new Galaxy S8 or S8+. I was kind of skeptical at first but this man’s insistence was making believe that the s8 was a much better deal. I had the Galaxy Note 5 and was completely happy with it until it started giving me problems and replacing it would be heartbreaking for me, but I went along and got the S8. I brought it home and was going through the functions and all the other bells and whistles but I was not satisfied with the phone (S8). The next day I went back to the same store to get my old phone back and give back the S8. The same representative told me that it couldn’t be done because T-Mobile did not carry the Galaxy Note 5 anymore and mine was shipped out the same day. I insisted that I was not satisfied with the S8 but he kept telling me that he couldn’t do anything about it. This was 4 months ago and I’m stuck with a phone that I dislike, making me think twice about keeping T-Mobile as my service provider because of the service I received from this representative. According to the manager at this store, I was told that it is a corporate store and they would be the only ones in El Paso that could do anything about my issue. According to their policy, I am allowed to return the phone if I am dissatisfied with it within 14 days!!!! Yet I went the next day and This store couldn’t do anything to help me. I am very upset with this store and as I said I am thinking about moving with someone else that will not LIE to me just to make a profit or a commission for selling a phone. AT this point, the rating scale is not low enough for me to rate T-Mobile.


Gail Dobbs September 3, 2017 at 2:24 pm

I just need someone to read this. I am sure it will go unnoticed, but it feels good to vent.
My husband and I travel internationally and were advised by friends that t mobile has the best deal on international text and data as well as phone calls. We were very happy with the Verizon service, but their fees were too high. We happily walked into our nearby T-Mobile store and spoke with Daniel. He got us all hooked up with new SIM cards and all worked well in the store. Of course, he did tell us we had to take the Sync-up for our car in order to get the fabulous rate for 55+. Free. NOT. There is a monthly charge of $12 for the service. Daniel also signed us up for the $25 per line charge for International One service. We did not want, nor do we we need this service. I cancelled that on the phone. I had to deal with Daniel about the Syncup. He said, no I have to have it for the Plan to be $60 a month. We then went home to discover that our Verizon phones (mine is a Note 5) had no coverage in our house. Hello, Tech Support. They, upon learning we had no bars, decided to send us a booster system. Hello, NO BARS. I tried hooking it up. It did not work. Hello, Tech Support. Okay, now they send us a Personal Cell Tower, assigned to the SIM card on the Syncup in our car. I hook it up, it takes 2 hours to cycle thru and set up. When it was on it worked great. Unfortunately, it kept trying to find our GPS signal for our address of 535 — St. The SYNCUP says we are at 523 –Street. Did not work. Tech Support says we will send you another machine by Friday (this was a Wednesday). I was told to take the other useless machines back to the store or send via UPS. Store is closer so we went there. They said they could not do it, I showed them my email and they did it. I asked for a receipt, no can do. It will appear on your account. All well and good until they make a mistake and bill me for equipment I have returned. To go on, the new cell tower did not arrive on Friday or Saturday. Today, Sunday, I called Tech Support and was informed the replacement device had not been shipped and the one they will ship today will not arrive until Tuesday. After all, today is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday. Tuesday it is. By the time UPS arrives after 6 pm at our house, it will be Wednesday before I know if it works or not. I was informed by T-Mobile that the SYNCUP story was bull and I should return it to the store immediately, buyer’s remorse is only good for 14 days and we are approaching that. In total, the store employees are either misinformed or work on commission and want their money any way they can get it. The charge has been removed from my account, but I also want the money back for the SIM card I had to pay $25 for. Perhaps I should just keep it. I have ordered the new note 8 for hubby as his phone is on it’s last legs. He should be okay. But, if not, we will have to use Buyer’s Remorse for the phone as well. It feels better to get this off my mind, but I am still furious because I know nothing will be done to make this better. Thanks for reading.


David Hughes August 14, 2017 at 9:02 am

I have had an account with T-Mobile for approximately 8 years. My problems with T-Mobile started about a year ago. T-Mobile billed me for about a year for insurance that I never requested nor authorized nor agreed to. I had to repeatedly call T-Mobile for months to get this resolved. Representatives and even managers told they would not remove the unauthorized insurance charges. Then other representatives and managers told me they would only remove half the unauthorized insurance charges. Then other managers and representatives told me that T-Mobile would call me back, but I never received a call back. I spent at least 20 hours over months in calls to T-Mobile to get these unauthorized insurance charges removed from my account. T-Mobile’s customer service is so poor that it’s appalling. You charge customers for insurance that they never requested nor authorized nor agreed to. Then T-Mobile refuses to correct their mistakes and puts customers through hell to get T-Mobile’s mistakes corrected. Again, T-Mobile’s customer service is appalling.
I also paid off my phone in full approximately a year ago and requested that it be unlocked. However and again, T-Mobile never unlocked my phone as I requested.
Now, I have told T-Mobile customer service three different times over the past few months that I no longer want T-Mobile and requested that my service be cancelled. However and again, T-Mobile has not provided appropriate customer service and cancelled my account as I requested. The biggest reason I am cancelling my service is because T-Mobile’s customer service is so terrible that you make it almost impossible to get clear cut simple issues resolved.
I’m changing my phone service to AT&T so that I can be provided with appropriate customer service. Everything has long been completed with AT&T – credit check, account set up, etc.. However, AT&T tells me they can’t finalize switching my phone number and phone because T-Mobile has it locked.
I called T-Mobile again this past Friday and again requested that my number and phone be unlocked. Subsequently, I received an email that T-Mobile refuses to unlock my paid off phone unless I pay for service that I cancelled.
I called T-Mobile again yesterday at approximately 3 pm EST. Your customer service representative apologized and told me that my number and phone would be unlocked within 4 hours. However and again, T-Mobile never did what they said.
I called T-Mobile again at approximately 8 pm EST. I spoke to various customer service representatives and managers. It was escalated to Benjamin in your “Solutions” department. He was the rudest and most obnoxious person I have ever spoken to in customer service. When I tried to talk, he repeatedly cut me off and talked over me. Further, Benjamin made inane arguments as to why T-Mobile has not cancelled my service as I requested and will not unlock my paid off phone. He told me that customer service representatives never noted my account when I requested to cancel service. It’s not my problem that T-Mobile customer service representatives do not appropriately note accounts. That’s T-Mobile’s problem, not mine. He told me that I am responsible because my phone service has still been on even though I cancelled it. Again, that’s T-Mobile’s problem, not my problem. I am not responsible for service that I cancelled.
I called back and spoke with a manager named Garfield. He told me that he would cancel half the bill (the same as a year ago when T-Mobile repeatedly billed me for unauthorized insurance charges). No. I do not owe T-Mobile anything. My bill has been paid in full for the service that I requested. Then, Garfield hung up on me while I was still talking.
I understand that T-Mobile may be upset about losing long standing customers like myself. They wouldn’t lose customers like me if they provided appropriate customer service.


Marie Glover August 11, 2017 at 11:38 pm

I’m on the phone with T-Mobile as I write this review. I had questions on my bill because my first 2 bills were $193. All of a sudden, I get a bill for $356. Thank goodness the calls are recorded! I call and Leo (Rep ID #295989) tells me I am being charged $78 extra for LOCAL calls?? I questioned it and he kept saying, yes for local calls. I was very confused so he said he’d put me on hold while he looked further into the bill. Well, I guess he forgot to put me on mute so he says – F*CK YOU (In english) YOUR HEAD IS SO F**KING HARD (He said that in Tagalog which is a Filipino language) and guess what? I’m Filipino! So I said you know you’re not on mute? Dead silence. After a few minutes he says – I am so sorry – I told him I no longer want to speak with you, give me your manager. He again tried to apologize and I said I only want your manager. I got transfered to Janna, the floor supervisor, who apologized prefusely but then would follow it with – It was more of an expression and he is new and in training and was cursing out the system – I told her she cannot excuse this behavior and repeated what he said which was clearly directed to me. I told her that makes it worse! If he’s new he should be on his BEST behavior and why would he feel comfortable to talk like that and think it’s better if he’s on mute?? She then said – Oh, he admitted he wasn’t on mute and was frustrated at the system – Again, excusing his behavior. I finally thanked her for her input but now would like to speak with her manager. She then transferred me to Julie. Julie made the situation better. She clearly was taking this seriously and was able to calm me down by listening and even clear up I was not being charged for local calls, it was for in-app purchases. So Leo didn’t even know what he was talking about! But my head is hard? F*ck me?? Because I questioned it because my plan ALREADY included UNLIMITED local calls and texts? I am appalled at this experience! Trust me, I know call centers can be a high stress job and I DO NOT believe the customer is always right, but in this case I was right! If I walked into any business and an employee spoke to a customer because the EMPLOYEE was stressed out, he would be fired. Leo needs to be fired immediately! I hope this does not fall on deaf ears, because it was disrespectful, inappropriate and simply unexcuseable! My phone number is: 916.582.7293 if someone from corporate would like to reach out, it would be the professional thing to do.


Nora Booth September 22, 2017 at 7:26 pm

Hi Marie
I’m just wondering did Corporate answer you, I would really like to know, because if they did then I will share my grief that they are putting me thru and if they did ‘Ent I’m going to call the corporate number.

Thank you
Nora Booth


Stephanie Calhoun July 22, 2017 at 6:22 pm

I have spent over four hours on the phone trying to get my account straightened out without success. I have spoken to 18 people, been hung up on (disconnected) three times and promised that my bill had been taken care of by three different people. Today I received another bill. I am furious. I’m not sure what action I will take next. I left T-Mobile in April because of their customer service. I spoke with numerous people again today just to get “disconnected” once again. I know I WILL be contacting the BBB.


Shanna Whitfield July 20, 2017 at 8:33 am

A T-Mobile customer agent gives out a phone number on my account and doesn’t verify any information of the caller no last for digits of social, not even my second pass code that’s on my account. Mehdi Just released the phone number. I’m still waiting for the supervisor Alexandra for customer loyalty to call me back. She said 24-48 hours it’s already been 72 hours. Call back today and Tiffany from customer loyalty proceeds to give me my account information without verification of my second security code which is written in my account that it has to be confirmed OR they should call me. T-Mobile has completely violated their on privacy policy by giving out my information without any verification.


Cindy Moranec July 7, 2017 at 1:54 pm

How many letters do I get????

Here’s my conversation with your people. Always kind and courteous. BUT not helpful.

Chat Conversation Start
5.5M people like this including Cindy Grubb and 9 friends
Jun 24th, 1:07am
Terry L,
I got it at the T-mobile store in Bay city MI. on wilder rd.
I truly hate this phone. When I went back to the store and they told me no I actually thought about buying a second phone and just making 2 payments!!! But decided against it.
ANy help would be thankful. THe service is in my daughters name Angela King and the last 4 of her social S# is 3228 and I have permission to make decissions on the service.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out so we can look into what options are available, Cindy! Could you please follow this link t-mo.io/2sBfvEe so I can take a look? I know you are not stoked on that ZTE and I definitely want to make sure you’re happy with your device since we use them so much throughout our day. Are there certain things you would like to troubleshoot or would you prefer to just look for a new phone? *SamanthaD
T-Mobile Authentication – Facebook
I just want a new phone. I really do not like this one at all
Ok I’m signed in
I signed in under my daughter’s name she’s the account holder.
Angela King
Last 4 of her ss# is 3228
I am a authorized rep on the account
Thanks so much, Cindy! I’m showing an iPhone on this line and definitely want to make sure we are getting you the correct upgrade info, is this for the ZTE on a separate line? Could you confirm the IMEI of your new phone for me by dialing *#06# please? Once I’ve got that confirmed, I’ll make sure we find you the best possible option to get you a different phone that you love! *SamanthaD
Yes the ZTE my daughter has the iPhone. My number is 989493XXXXX
My husband has my old LG and it’s still going strong. I paid his and mine off and gave him my old one
OK I did it.
Oh, I’m sorry! I should have been more specific with those instructions. When you dial *#06# it should initiate a pop up on the screen that displays your IMEI. If you send me a screenshot of that number or type it out for me, that would be great! Thank you so much, Cindy! *SamanthaD
ok np
You still there. I am getting really tired lol its almost am here.
uggg 3am
Awesome, thanks so much, Cindy! I actually have great news. 🙂 Since you are on the older Jump 1 insurance plan, you can actually upgrade right away! You would just need to trade this device back in and the remaining balance would be taken care of, Cindy. You can either do this in store and trade back the ZTE on the spot or we can do this through a ship-to order. What type of device do you think you would like? I do apologize for the wait time, we have been super busy tonight and are working as hard as possible to get back to each message in the order we get them. I appreciate you hanging in there! *SamanthaD
I can do it in store!!! THis is awesome I would love the LG 3 or LGG6 Not exactly. I would have to hold them. Can I say I talked to you????
I thank you for your time!!!
Thanks Samantha!!!! I totally appreciate it. Have a Blessed day and remaining of the night’
You are so welcome, Cindy! You can absolutely let them know that you spoke with me and that you would like to take advantage of your Jump upgrade. It should be pretty easy and painless! 😉 That’s definitely a good idea to do it in store so you can get some hands on experience with the phones and see which one you like best, I can never convince myself to do the pre-orders for that very reason! Thanks so much for being a pleasure to work with, have a great night and reach out if you have any questions at all! *SamanthaD
Thanks good night!!!!

Went back to the store and they still wold not help me!!!!!!
This was today

You, too! ❤ *SamanthaD
SamanthaD You online today?
Hey Cindy! Thanks for reaching out to T-Force today! My name’s Humeira and I’ll be here to help any way I can! 🙂

Samantha D isn’t available at the moment but I’m more than happy to help you out today!

What’s up? *HumeiraPatel
I went back to tmoble like Samantha told me to , ANd she said with the problems I had when I went in a week after I bought my phone There should be no charges to change my phone for a new one. Well they wanted 114.00 and tax. I was very dissatisfied with the ZTE phone and still am.
I have had it charging turned off since 4pm yesterday and it still does not have a full charge.
I tried to order one online and it only takes me so far and will not let me change phones online either. I am about ready to just go to another carrier.
PLease feel free to go back and read our conversation.
Oh wow! A phone that doesn’t charge is not helpful!

Give me a few moments to read into the previous conversation!

I’ll be back in a #MagentaFlash 🙂 *HumeiraPatel
Ok thanks
Thank you so much for your patience while I read the previous conversation Cindy.

I’m not seeing that Cindy said there would be no charges on the account. I’d love to check out your account and see the options available for you to get a new phone that you love!

Any down payments for any device orders are generated by the payment history and credit history. I’d love to change this for you, but unfortunately, its not something that we can manipulate.

I’m here if you have any questions 🙂 *HumeiraPatel
OK so I am stuck with a phone that is really no use to me because it only holds a charge fora couple hours and takes forever to fully charge, If it even does. I went back to the Tmobile store in the required amount of time to say this phone sucks and was told there was nothing they could do except sell me a new phone and I would have to pay both of them off.??? When I went to the store this last time I was told the girl who talked me into buying this phone and the guy who told me I had to purchase another phone and pay them both off have both no longer work there because of these things. I am the one who has to suffer????
WOW, Ok I will try to find another carrier. Thanks. I will keep my line open on my daughters account until I find something else. Thanks but no thanks. I did the right thing and got screwed. After 9 years of being with tmobile I will miss it. My daughter will keep all the other lines. I will inform tmobile when I want the service for my number turned off. Thanks have a Blessed day.
I’m going to do some more digging for you Cindy! I really want to make you happy and try and find a fix!

Hang tight! *HumeiraPatel
I hope so. I really do not want to leave T-mobile.
We’d hate to see you leave Cindy!

Bare with me! 🙂 *HumeiraPatel
I’m still here
Thank you so much for your patience today, Cindy! My name is Kealeigh, my awesome teammate Humeira had to run to a meeting, but she filled me in on the basics! The delay in my messages is due to all of the amazing conversations we have going on with our #MagentaFam, but you have my commitment that I will see this through to the end with you! *KealeighBradford
I know how important a working phone is these days, and I can understand your frustration with this charging issue! I’ve taken a peek back at your previous conversation with us as well to make sure I had all the info, and I’ve been looking into upgrade options for you so that we can find whatever option will work the best for you! Did you have a particular phone in mind for an upgrade? Or did you like the ZTE other than this charging issue? *KealeighBradford
No i have-hated the ZTE from the 1st week. that is why I went back to the store after a week. And was told there was nothing they could do and I would have to buy another phone and pay them both off. I was not happy. Have been back there a few times still to get the run around
I tried to jump online with the G6. But I cannot get all the way through the process. Only can get to step 2 and no farther
I’m sorry about that! This isn’t the experience we want you to have, and I’m so glad that you reached out to us here today! I’m a big LG fan myself, and I’ve had my eye on the G6 since it came out! The good news is that for your line to Jump to the LG G6 I’m showing you would only have a down payment of $20 plus shipping today 🙂 Yay! Just to make absolutely sure, so you don’t have any surprises down the road, is the ZTE in good condition other than the charging issue? Does it have any water exposure or physical damage, even a tiny crack? *KealeighBradford
Sorry was feeding my grand daughter
It is in perfect shape and no water damage.
Can the 20.00 be put on our bill??? if not I will have to wait till the first since I am on disibility.
And how much is shipping. I have never had to pay shipping before. lol Also online it says it comes with the LG G padx. if so how much is that going to cost me???
Hey Cindy. In regard to the down payment, that would not be able to be billed to your account. You would have to pay up front to place the order. *ShelliN
UGGG I give up. OK thanks for your help. Have a good day
I am so sorry, Cindy. There is no way the system will let us place an order without payment up front. Once you have the funds, please reach out to us. We are here for you 24/7. *ShelliN
I will think about it. GOing to look at what else is out there first.
I understand. *ShelliN
Obviously not. Because this should have been rectified when I first went in IN the allotted amount of time to lodge my complaint. And I got turned away and told NO then I find out I had 2 weeks and I went in a week after I got it. Not my fault. It should have been taken care of that day. Am I dissatisfied??? UMMM YA. I understand that your end cannot help me. But damn. I did what I was supposed to do. And yes I understand I have to wait. Maybe your Wilder rd bay city Michigan store needs to hire and train their employees more and teach them the right things to do. Because this could have been rectified months ago. Have a nice day.
Oh no, Cindy. I am so sorry about your bad experience in the retail store. I am so sorry about that. *ShelliN
Thats what pisses me off. I did what I was supposed to do and now I am the one stuch with a phone that will not charge and skips and freezes all the time. THis is the worst phone I have ever had. I am done. you have a nice day
Cindy which device do you currently have? I may be able to assist you with a warranty exchange to get you another device. *ShelliN
It is the ZTE
The exchange would be for the same device that you currently have. *ShelliN
No thanks. I will wait. I just talked to my daughter and she said all depends on the service she gets in NC, where shes being stationed with her husband and other Marines said the service sucks there. She said if it does shes going to switch. We will see what happens. Thanks for your time and help. I will jsut keep this phone for the next 4 weeks tills he decides what to do
No problem. I hope you have an amazing weekend! *ShelliN

If this had been taken care of the week after I got it and complained in store I would not be so dissatisfied!!!!
Now the 2 who waited on me are no longer working for you. And I cannot get any help!!!! And we still do not have any service in our town!!!!!!!!
Keep getting told that it is in competition with thumb area cellular!!!! We have a 75ft tall water tower jsut down the street from us in Reese Mi and there are all kinds of antennas on it. Why can’t you get one on there too!!!!! I have to have the tmobile Hot Spot router and I still cannot get service at home unless I am hooked p to my WIFI and even with that I cannot make calls.

I am as is my daughter are becoming more and more dissatisfied with T-mobile.
Thanks and I HOPE I get a response!!!!
Because reading some of the other complaints it seems like you rarely respond.


wendy g June 27, 2017 at 3:58 pm

In 20140 purchased device with tm 1500 paid in store cash.return phones was charged 100 stock fee.and recepit said ill recieve corp’ check in mail.Later through time descovered someone had taken a prepay business acount in my name.A couple of months i recieve letter indecating they found’pesonal data in there data base 939thousand’times. Then someone had prepost account in my name” Later i’spoken with washington dc cèo’ And in structed that there should nt’ever be a account or anything in my name again. 2014AND TODAY 2017 SOMEONE POSSING AS MY DAD TO RECIEVE DATA’ My phone is Metro pcs im 44 AND ONCE AGAIN TMOBILE IN’VILOTION OF PRAVICEY WITH THERE FAKE DOCS. IM CONTACTING’ATTORNEY 4 SOMETIME’ NOW TM DNT RESPECTAND CARRYPRAVICEY TERMS OUT.ULL MIGT’ BE’TMOBILE WITH TERMS WITH METRO PCS BUT’NO ONE IN TMOBILE SHOULD’BE Requesting my’data. never seen father and nt a child. Lost enough youll behearing frm attorney’soon’ In person nt on line.thank u 13 years of damage. Lawyer contactu soon.I have all store recept.even 4 this device


Manikanda Prasad June 12, 2017 at 6:03 pm

Hello Sir,

I have bought brand new universal iPhone 7 on 19 Feb 2017. I have used the Lycamobile for past 3 months. In USA lycamobile using the Tmobile network. now i have changed my mobile number to portability option. if i put other than tmobile or lyca sim it wont work.

I went to apple store and asked the reason. they gave the report like tmobile blocking your iphone carrier information. my iphone i bought @ 697 $ with out any contract with any provider. I have the bill.

Because of this problem i am unable to use my iphone past 2 weeks. please help me to solve this issue. Please let me know if you need any other further details.



Steve Erickson June 4, 2017 at 5:48 pm

I have a T-Mobile Motorola V195s phone obtained in June 2005. It has served me well although it “let me down” when traveling to So. Dakota and Maine. In July 2016, due to family constraints I switched to a different carrier. Recently I learned of divorced mother of a 12 year old boy who has need of a ‘simple’ phone so that she can stay ‘in touch’ while she is at work some twenty miles from their rental unit. I told her I had a phone that was in like-in new condition with car charger, wall charger, leather case and two extra batteries. The problem is she is on AT&T. No problem I thought, just get the phone unlocked and a new sim card and she’s set. Well after 5 calls to the Philippines [ everyone was helpful but at times difficult to understand] I thought my request for a ‘phone unlock’ was approved and would be taken care of within 24 hours. Well I did receive an e-mail from ARSystem Notify ; Subject: T-Mobile Sim Unlock Notification 8018603261; Reply to: ARSystem Notify <DoNotReply@T-Mobile.com. T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request; Sim Unlock Reference:12043630; IMEI: 353914012727843. "Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. Our records indicate that your account is canceled with unpaid charges. Once the charges have been paid in full, please contact s to have a NEW SIM Unlock Request submitted."
Since for more than 10 years I bought my minutes ahead of using them so how in the hell could I have any unpaid charges?????\
Who or what am I supposed to Reply to??: The damn y ??
How in the hell am I supposes to find out about the charges and purportedly left unpaid? The people overseas as well as the local T-Mobile franchisee cannot access any records on this account. So the ‘supposed’ unpaid charges are a complete mystery and in my mind a way to dismiss me and stop wasting their valuable time…..
I have determined that I will purchase a simple AT&T phone with the appropriate add-ons and pay the first year’s charges to help this family out. Rest assured at every opportunity that presents itself, I will express my profound disgust with T-Mobile’s so called Customer Service.
Does anyone ever take an objective look at what goes out over your computer systems auto response protocals??


Janice Kiper May 27, 2017 at 12:12 pm

I have been trying for several days to fix an error T-Mobile made. They took money from my card without my authorization. This is the second month they have done this. I want my money returned to me and my account and all my information deleted from your service.


Wilma Capote December 13, 2017 at 11:10 am

Unauthorized debit just filed complaint also maybe we may need a class action


Martina Wirz May 25, 2017 at 9:17 am

I would love to receive updates thanks


Martina Wirz May 25, 2017 at 9:08 am

So I have a galaxy J7.I got locked out by Google. My daughter called tech support the told her to reset the phone. It did no work. Still locked out. So we went to T Mobil store and find out what can we do. They said we are unable to help because it was Google. So I got the same one again I told this gentleman if he could toss the phone he said yes.On Sunday my daughter got a text message from a lady if you lost a phone. She said yes. But it wasn’t the phone I lost a few months ago.This was the phone I took to T mobile to be tossed. Some how it ended up at lucky peak. This is a bunch off B’S. Can’t even trust those guys.I sure would like to know what he was doing with that phone. We went to T mobile I ask him his face turned all red. He should be fired.


Barry Cohen May 23, 2017 at 8:50 am

May 23rd 2017

My name is Barry Cohen

I am now disgusted with the horrible customer service T-Mobile has been providing to me this year. First off, I have lost thousands of dollars because it took T-Mobile 3 months to port an important vanity phone number which I paid $500.00 for that was to be ported into my phone that I needed for a business start up. I’m out Aprox $10,000 in equipment costs because of not being able to have this phone number printed in all of my advertising to be able to conduct business properly. This unreasonable wait caused my business opportunity to fall through. Next—When my Note 4 went defective in early April 2017 and a replacement phone was shipped to me I sent the old defective phone back to T-Mobile in the same box the replacement phone came in as requested by T-Mobile right away. Today May 23rd 2017 I received an E-Mail saying that my credit card was just charged for $499.65 because I have not returned the defective phone. I was never contacted before this charge was put on me to allow for an investigation and for my input before T-Mobile hit my credit card for this $499.65. I did what T-Mobile asked of me and I refuse to be ripped off because they have misplaced or lost my returned Note 4 phone. I want this problem addressed and fixed right away because at this point I am considering litigation for my losses and for possible fraud for charging me for a phone that I have without question returned to them in good faith. I want to stay with T-Mobile but I now feel forced into considering changing company’s if T-Mobile does not show good faith back to me quickly!

Barry Cohen


Cynthia June 26, 2017 at 10:10 am

Agree, they all have different training and its a hot mess when you call or have any concerns


keith sisson May 19, 2017 at 6:27 pm

Good afternoon,

i’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 4 years now and habe never really had any issued until now. I went on a cruise to Cozemel, Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Costa May, Mexico with my wife. I contacted T-Mobile prior to leaving(thursday) we left on Sunday at 4pm. I called to inquire about phone usage while traveling. I was told that phone usage would be “FREE”” in Mexico. Not Honduras and Belize. We were on a cruise ship. We used our phone in Mexico only. I received text alerts letting me know whether or not I could use my phone or if there would be any charges in doing so. I also called while aboard the ship to inquire about this AGAIN and was told that it was free. Can you guess what happened? Thats right, I’ve been charged for a call to the tune of 276.00 for a call in Mexico. I was told that its Free!!!!! I’ve contacted T-Mobile to discuss this and all they offered was $100.00 off the bill and payment arrangements. I will not be paying anymore that my normal bill. Thats it, thats all. I will be emailing the corporate office as well to get this rectified. So for any of you that read this, be sure to make T-Mobile accountable for anything that isnt right. Thanks and I look forward hearing from someone in corporate to discuss this matter. 314 662-XXXXX


Carol May 3, 2017 at 8:00 pm

I went to the T-Mobile store in Anderson, Indiana two weeks ago. I purchased the HTC Smart phone. It began dropping calls and cutting off the day I took it home. I went back to the store and asked for a different phone which cost the exact same price. I was told $50 would be deducted from my purchase price for a “restock” fee, and I would have to make up the difference. After 3 trips back and forth, several “adjustments” and tests on the phone, it still doesn’t work. I can’t even call out to them to let them know. I’m switching to another carrier after 5+ years with T-mobile. They are concerned only with the money they get from the customers and not quality customer satisfaction. I would never recommend them to anyone.


Shaw. B April 23, 2017 at 10:38 am

I have been a customer with T-Mobile over twelve years, and before becoming tmobile I was with the company Suncom. I was always valued their good customer service. I have been forced go with another company. My phone stop working, had to wait for another one to come in. I still paid my bill even though I didn’t have my phone. I had to go back and forth to the retail store five times concerning the phone. When the note 5 came this suppose to be new phone still not working. I told them to upgrade me iphone 7 plus. without a deposit, after all I have paid by bill and do not have a working phone. After 2 phones, and going back and forth to the retail store, talking to representatives. I’m so frustrated with no phone. As a long standing customer, I should be treated better. But after reading all the reviews I’m not sure.


To April 12, 2017 at 12:29 pm

I have been with t-mobile since 2004 and nothing but a headache. They had the promotion in 2016 to upgrade Iphone and my daughter turned in her iphone purchased at the Apple and took it to T-mobile for the upgraded iphone for no extra charge. They insisted that they records don’t show the old iphone ($800) paid off at the Apple store. Now they charge our bill for the iphone given for the promotion they had in 2016. I have been buying phones and they don’t last long and the latest I bought in November, 2016 and I have been calling t-mobile of a lot of problems with the phone during the first month and I was told to keep using it because it’s new. I don’t use at work for there’s no service, I can’t listen while I talk to people for they cannot hear me, so I have to speak to the mouth piece, which is so inconvenient. Lots of drop calls and the phone just goes blank for 10 minutes to 45 minutes. I kept calling t-mobile spoke to representative to technicians and still nothing has resolved. I called last night (April 11, 2016) since the phone is only 6 months old and I was told never to call and complain anymore.
I will contact Better Business Bureau to investigate. This is like a scam, such rip off. Please, if whoever wants to go in with me to file against t-mobile contact me at 310-732-XXXXX


Tammy April 10, 2017 at 8:35 pm

I will be filing a racial harassment suit against Tmobile and its employees in the store in the Minneapolis IDS tower. I went to the store to pick up the phone I told I could use until i got my new phone. I have not been able to use my phone since last Monday. It is a refurbished phone and I will be getting a new from another cariier after this incident. I am a elderly woman who needs her phone due to health reasons< i finally got a temporary solution to the problem then this woman tells me who knows nothing about the hours i spent today trying to resolve this issue. I do not know how the associates in tmoblie stores are trained but it certaintly not to provide customer service or anything resembling it. So tmobile it never fails even when solutions are provided your people in the stores decide they can do something different and question what has been done. Also note that I copied the messenger feed today that stated all the above information to the store. I still do not have a phone that works and I will be posting on all social media the way I was treated in that store and the next steps I am going to take. So the next time you resolve an issue and you are a person of color don't believe anything thats been done because the people in the stores can do whatever they want.


Dennis April 10, 2017 at 2:24 pm

T-Mobile will never get our business again! After giving my wife the run around for 2 days trying to get our phones activated to find out that they can’t be used on T-Mobile which she made sure with the guy who signed us up made Sure and checked that we could use our IPhone 5s ‘s . They are currently processing our phone bill refund for the service we didn’t even get to use. That’s the only good thing. So in my opinion we will never go back because I feel like they tried to trap us by telling us our phones would work, then to find out they won’t, then told they will if we do this, then they won’t work, then yes they will then now they won’t. So we are forced to cancel or buy/finance new phones. They want us to pay around $550 for each of 4 new IPhone 6’s when we have not even had our iPhone 5s for a year yet! they will only give us $51 dollar trade in on our phones, that’s it. So as a business man my bottom line comes to a loss on the new iPhone 5s’s of several hundred dollars and a loss of over $1,000 to buy new iPhone 6’s to be able to use their service. My advice to the general public is unless you like an almost $300 phone bill since they force your hand on either buy or finance phones plus the phone bill. Which is what version charges for service but I’ve gotten free phones from them. They are no different. We will stay loyal to straight talk then since T-Mobile who is suppose to be breaking the mold of traditional cell service is no different. Although it’s a little bit easier to call customer service, my wife would know since she has had to call them a dozen or more times


John Brooks February 16, 2017 at 3:16 pm

There was no quicker way to ruin my day and watching the Super Bowl, then put Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog on a commercial. Just how much time and money was spent on these two people that have been in prison, jail, using drugs, and having weapons. To use these people is a disgrace and disgusting. I would make a educated guess that there might just be one or two other people that would fit your company, broad casting a more wholesome and much better character. Your two people should still be behind bars.


Desiree Rogers February 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

So call the corporate phone number. Can’t get anyone on the line to help me. The customer service is absolutely gone down.


Lacarroll February 6, 2017 at 6:06 pm

My email is in regards to your Superbowl 51commercial. There were a lot of fans and I that were and are not very happy about the caveman invention of the spike… My father Homer Jones was the inventor of the Spike during his football career with the New Giants… If only a little research had been done this could have easily been found out… very disappointed with you and not researching the facts before making this commercial. Thank you the Family, fans and Friends of “Homer Spike Jones”


levi February 5, 2017 at 12:37 pm

If your a business do not use tmobile. Do not let them run your business credit. I called customer service the other day to open a business account and gave them my ein number after waiting the rep comes back and tells me my company has been approved. So after talking to her about the phones I was advised to go to a local store to trade my old phones in. So the very next day I go to the store and after giving them my info he states THERE IS NO ACCOUNT! After talking to a so called business specialist I was assured that it was never ran… What???? So they ran it again then all of a sudden its no good. The manager at the store said why did I let them do that??? Then said its because they ran my business credit twice. So no I have to hard hits on my business credit because of their mistake and cant seem to get any help or call back or responses> Wish I never attempted to use tmobile. If your a business do not use tmobile. I think it was becase I am a black business. I no how this big corporation be racist. Avoid tmobile. Also did you guys no this was owned by germans??? Not even a American business.


JC February 2, 2017 at 4:51 pm

I am so happy l left TMOBILE, the last 5 years were a nightmare. How can you transfer a line for a person but not the monthly charge for the phone? Then they put the responsibility for fixing a mess they created on me. I had to contact the person and get them to agree to take the charge and TMOBILE gave them more of a credit than they did me for doing their work. I was billed for a prorated line fee after l closed my account. TMOBILE cares about one thing money, customer service is the last thing they care about. As long as they get their money each month all is well. I would tell anyone to not to use them. Their are cheaper plans that are way better and they don’t disconnect you every other block. I am sorry l stayed so long. My monthly bill with SPRINT is almost 40.00 cheaper for one line.


Kuldip Nag February 1, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Do not deal with T-Mobile, this company is a Cheating/ Scam type co. just sue this company jointly. get to gather and take this co. to court. if your service has been shut down due to some billing or they change your internet speed, make sure and sue them for damage. yes you need money to sue them. jointly we can do. one person take this co. onto court, other file complain in the support. i will share with you $ 10.00 as suing in contribution..


alexander Hoadley January 27, 2017 at 10:15 am

Hi I spoke with Stephen id # 244818 on 1,20,2017 about my bill been past due, I was owe some credits and stepehn was able to provide those credits but I was still past due due to I broke my ankle and needed surgery and I was not working at all didn’t recv s paycheck for 2weeks I have no food in the house wht I’m asking was to give me until 1/31/207 to ne be able to make the past due amount and stepen stated that he would give me until the 1,/31 ansd today 1/27 my phones were disconnected. I spoke to a supv whos sttd he never stated that and that I needed to make the payment and she couldn’t restore my serv. ive been with tmobile for over 10yrs if u want me to go to social media or the better business bureu to report that supv doesn’t have any authority I will.


Kenny louis January 23, 2017 at 11:21 pm

So for months I’ve been wanting to get the new iPhone 7 , in December I was told if I kept my phone for one more month , I’d be eligible to get it with no down payment ! So I called in January and was told I was late one month so I couldn’t get anything without a down payment then the escalations manager hung up on me! AT&T said they would pay my Jump on demand contract off . And give me the new iPhone 7 plus free ! I work at General Motors Head quaters the money doesn’t mean sh*t! It’s the principal ! So I called back asked to speak to the loyalty dept who wouldn’t let me speak to the escalations manager in the loyalty dept and the loyalty rep who the agent I spoke to before states would help couldnt help and REFUSED to let me speak to a manager !! WTF I recorded the call and will share with everyone if need be . So much for LOYALTY!


Patrick January 22, 2017 at 2:51 pm

T-Mobile basically stole $840.86 from me and has held it for over 3 months!!!

had one of the Note 7’s that melted so i went into the store to get that taken care of and then order the new iPhone 7. i was on the jump on demand so before i could order the iPhone 7 i had to take care of the Note 7 issue. the store rep told me that i needed to pay off the Note 7 and then claim it with Assurant, their insurance carrier, and then i would get a refund check in the mail.

well i ran my card and paid the $840.86 for the Note 7 and put in my order for the iPhone 7. then later that day i called into Assurant to start the claim on that but a few days later got denied since Samsung is suppose to take care of those not them!

i called back into the store and they told me theres nothing they can do and i would have to call customer service. well customer service told me i needed to go back into the store so i was basically getting the run around. THEN customer service told me they couldn’t even see that payment of the $840.86?? it just shows as a credit from T-Mobile and they can’t refund me for a credit from them since it’s not my money, even though it is.

so the guy in the store screwed up the payment for the Note 7 and i have been battling for 3+ months now trying to get that money back with no luck. i had to print out my card statement showing the charge and take it into the store to have the charge notated on my account. then i had to fax it into them, and THEN had to email it in and STILL waiting!!!

basically they are telling me their system won’t approve a refund due to it showing as a credit even though i have sent the proof over in every way i can showing it came from ME

so basically T-Mobile has my $840.86 and has admitted to the fact that it is my money and is due back to me BUT can’t get it back to me due to their system blocking the refund. i honestly don’t understand how a computer, which is made by man, can make the final decision on something like this???

i guess T-Mobile only cares about the money and not the customer. they won’t let you talk to the people who really make the decisions and will just give you the run around till you go away or just accept the issue.

looks like they lost another customer and will have to take legal action to get my money which sucks but can only do so much.


Veronica Gogola January 22, 2017 at 7:06 pm

HI!. Could you please deglose, in the complain, the payments?, How much the phone? and how much it’s the plan with/out applications you chose? , and it was held for three months, Did you ask for a special date to be activated? Could you please explain in detail? ..Thanks for your patience.


MichaelZalnasky January 8, 2017 at 10:20 am

I suggest u read it


Farrah Cesar January 10, 2017 at 2:49 pm

I have spoken to so many representatives and no one was able to help me with that issue. Everytime I called each of them had said something different. I believed there WAS FRAUD in my CCOUNT. I had paid my account off and yet I am still receiving a bill from Tmoble. I am really upset, frustrating and disappoinnted with the whole situation and I want this to come end soon. I want Tmoble to investigate this incident as soon as possible. This is the last conversation form December 7 with Miss Charley when I paid off my account.


Veronica Gogola January 22, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Could you please give us your telephone number, account number in order we can proceed? Thanks a lot, by the way there was not copy of the conversation in your message. Thanks.


Veronica Gogola January 22, 2017 at 7:12 pm

Sorry, the url, does not shows me anything. Could you send it active?.


Smitty January 5, 2017 at 11:22 am

I have spoken with 5 different representative and have gotten nowhere with my concern/problem. I have been a loyal customer for 11 years and can not believe how the company really has no regard for its long time customers. I was simply requesting T-mobile to offer me the lower rate and benefits that their subsidiary Metro PCS offered me. To my dismay I got the corporate BS! I was also told a Supervisor will contact me the next business day and of course I did not receive a call. Now, today (3 days later) I contacted the customer retention department and she basically said take what we give you or leave us. What type of Retention is that?? Has T-mobile gotten so big that their client/customers are just numbers. “Flip this customer we will get another one” I would challenge a Corporate Director of Marketing/Customer Retention to contact me and see if they can resolve my issue.


Veronica Gogola June 22, 2017 at 7:51 pm

I think basically the problem is the price for the service. but t mobile has its own plans. I’m sorry but is a different company. PCs also has excellent offers that we maybe can not compite. As much as we try.
Thanks a lot.

Veronica Gogola


I Gibson January 2, 2017 at 5:42 pm

I have been a t mobile prepaid user for over 5 years. I have been using the regular flip type phone. I recently got an iphone 4s and decided to use that. I went to t-mobile store in newport road, menifee, ca and was helped by rep # 2136008. E said the charge for a sim card is $21.55!!! I asked why it costs too much when walmart and other stores are charging wayyyy less than that. Rep 2136008 replied that they (t mobile) are the only ones who sell t mobile sim cards and rep 2136008 said that if i buy from a different store (other than a t mobile outlet) , he cannot guarantee that these sim cards will work. He also failed to tell me that there is a $3.99 sim deal online and that i can do it myself. I am very diasspointed and felt robbed paying $21.55 for a $3.99 deal!!!!! And by the way, rep 2136008 even screwed up my sim card….he pulled the smallest sim card, out of what he called adapter….then he realized he should have pulled the next size up…so now, i have a flimsy and very delicate small “adapter(?!?!) in my phone!!!!! Very disappointed and highly upset!!!!!! I went there today jan 2, 2017!!!


Veronica Gogola June 22, 2017 at 7:59 pm

The sim cards must work. When are sold. it must be backed up. on line or at the store.
but if you want personalized attention, the cost raises. please try alkso the get the name and the # of theperonal. thanks a lot.

Veronica Gogola.


L Ocasio December 31, 2016 at 5:27 am

On November 22nd, 2016 I switched over from my former carrier of 15 years to T-Mobile. In the ONE month with T Mobile I’ve had nothing but problems. Twice the 1084 Boylston Street, Boston, MA store attempted to fraudulently sell an IPhone to an unauthorized user. I’m in NJ and the store is in MA. My account is “supposedly” safe guarded from this happening. I received a phone call and was able to stop the transaction both times. However, On December 28th, this same store, representative #9460318 , over rode and ignored the safe guards that are in place and sold an IPhone7 and Beats head phones to someone and charged my account. They even went so far as to add features to my account so this stranger can upgrade their phone whenever they want. REALLY!?!?! Is T-Mobile going to investigate the thief they have in their employment and prosecute? What happens to my account? People please be aware, your information is being shared by T-Mobile representatives!!!! Actually MA is only a few hours away from NJ. Rep# 9460318 may be getting a visit from me as well as the police department!!


Carol January 24, 2017 at 9:51 am

I’m so sorry that happened to u please make sure u follow up with them don’t let these T-Mobile get away with that


Renatto R Hopkins December 28, 2016 at 2:17 pm

Horrible service provider and service but has reasonable prices there should be another service provider that has great prices but better servive. Customer service at tmobile is awful and all the workers are confused they all say something different its cool they have alot of companies everywhere but said they all learn the system different they at least should be on the same page if they work for the same business. I say go with a different carrier or don’t be fooled by the crooked eras of tmobile.


Lysaundra Williamson December 22, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Hello I’m a T-Mobile customer and I’m very disappointed with some service that I told that I was told about a promotion a buy one get one free .I took the offer now I find out that the phone I had received was not free !!I’m paying for two phone I’m very disappointed because the promotion was buy one ge free now later I’m told I have to pay for the second phone I don’t think that’s fair of you guys to make a promotion then back out on your deal !!!I’m very very disappointed I need help to solve this situation,, the phone should have been free as the promotion says. How can you tell me one thing then later tell me another,, Now you charging me for a phone that was supposed to be free. please someone help me.


james brick December 21, 2016 at 5:16 pm

9 months ago I walked into a the T-Mobile shop at 2162 University Square Mall Suite 272, Tampa, FL 33612, 813-975-9070, to get technical information on a phone. I asked the clerk 4 times for the information and she should have known, but did not give me. I asked for the store manager Chris. while I was waiting a negro clerk called me rude numerous times and then a white something under her breath. I then asked her if she was a black bigot and to please not talk to me again. When Chris the manager of the store came out in a rag t-shirt, this employee told him I called her a black bigot. He then asked me to leave the store. I contacted the DM and he told me that he would take care of the problem.

Yesterday I went back to the same store to redeem a voucher and Chris, who I thought was fired, walked up to me and stated that he thought that he had told me to leave the store. I explained to him that to ask me to leave again would result in his violating t-mobiles contract with the vendors for warrantee issues and was most likely a violation of the Florida Fair Trade Act. That his company has to honor vendor contracts to service customer warrantees on products and services. He laughed and told me that he was calling mall security to have me escorted out of the store.

Anyone from t-mobile wanting to give me information can contact me at jamesbrick1 at mail.com A complaint was made to T-Mobile number 0691078


Helen Christina Wade December 16, 2016 at 1:03 pm

T-Mobile in Florence Kentucky. The worst Service I’ve ever seen. Lie after Lie. My phone dies after one month. Then they want to charge me to exchange my phone. No only they lie that I have a free tablet. I paid them 100, for a free Tablet. Then they double charge my Monthly bill. and say ill get this back in 3 months. Its Funny they have one of my phones that’s back order for warranty, while I loose money everyday I don’t have my Phone. The best way back at them is Start Face booking what they did to our Family. Share and Post from California to Florida.


Brandy Navardauskas December 11, 2016 at 8:06 pm

I have been a tmobile customer for 13 years and have experienced numerous issues with them the past years. After tonight Im done with the horrible customer service the corporate tmobile in merriville Indiana provides. We’re having extremely bad weather in the Chicago area aND after talking to customer care they told me today was the 14th day and I had to drive out to do an exchange for a phone I bought 2 weeks ago today. When getting there the guys said it was the 15th day and,would do absolutely nothing to exchange my phone after being a customer for so long. I have worked as a manager at Walmart for 17 years and there is always a way to take care of customers. After this horrible experience I’m done with tmobile


Ashley brewer December 6, 2016 at 5:50 pm

Dear Corporate office,
I am in need of help, tired of being ran around in circles with your employees! I have no been with out a phone for 1 month, my phone is paid off, I’m just over it! I am ready to file and be done, I can’t even work with out my phone, trying to be calm, but please I need help with my phone, and not a lie!



Please help me and you can call me on my sisters phone!

Ashley brewer


Eric starkey December 5, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Leaving t moblie after 20+ yrs of service. They don’t care about loyalty so I’ll give it to somebody else Buy


Bstevenson November 29, 2016 at 11:13 pm

I have been a Customer With T-Mobile For around 10 Year’s with that being said I have seen them at their best and also at their worst. Over the last month t mobile has let me down in many ways from customer service within the store and by phone. Although most concerns have been met and I was able to finally get a representative that did their job I am still very unhappy. Honestly I feel like this could have all been avoided. This may also cause me to no longer continue my service with T-Mobile!
This all started last month on October 7th 2016. The night before my husband noticed his LG G4 would not power on. After researching the problem we found his LG device had a virus due to allowing the current upgrade on the device this had been a issue with several LG phones. This problem brought us into the store location #1413 .
Upon entering the store and waiting in line for 30 minutes I was told this issue is due to a virus and there was nothing they could do . This device is on back order so ultimately they had no clue how long it would be before he had a phone. The representative in the store was unwilling to offer any other options I was told to submit for a replacement phone witch is on back order or call customer service at that point he moved on to the next customer. After a long hold I was connected to customer care to a representative who was willing to give me the same options after many repeats of my problem she was willing to help explore other options at this point she offered the in-store exchange the store was not willing to do so due to the phone’s inability to power on. she stated that he could still allow the exchange but the store refused. Customer service then offered to upgrade by phone I was willing but each device we looked into was on back order. At this point I was about to just walk out until she found a device that was not on back order…
after several hours we thouht this was all fixed. Until we were about to process my payment. And guess what this device the note 5 was also on back order mind you this was probably the 5the device we looked into. And the store had several in Stock but they were not willing to allow us to have the device with a phone upgrade. Just imagine my frustration. At this point the representative on the line put me on hold she was speaking with her support supervisor she came back to the line she told me tmobile would pay off the LG G4 with the virus so we could upgrade in store. At the time this seemed amazing.we were able to leave the store that night with the new device for my husband and I also decided to upgrade becauseI was worried also having the LGG4 that my phone would have the same problem. Everything seemed fine I payed my October bill this was normal.
Until I Got My next Bill at the beginning of November I received a text with my current bill mind you my typical bill has been running no more that 233 dollars and my current bill was 526 dollars . At that time I called customer service they put me on the phone with billing and they were unable to find the cause all I was told was that the store didn’t doXXXXent . The representative with billing (after a hour on the phone mind you it was my lunch break )said he would need to continue to look into this is told him I need to go back into work and asked if he would call me to let me know the cause of my increase in the bill. The

representative stated he would call back within 48 hours. I never received a call .
So after several days I called to check my account balance hoping that the bill had been corrected. my bill it was still not fixed. I knew baised on the last call I needed to allow time so I called today 11/29/16 on my lunch after telling the whole story to 3 different people I was connected to customer support and a representative named Alex. Seemed very helpful he gave me all the info needed told me that this is all due to the device that t mobile stated they would pay off and that he would credit my account 296 dollars at this point it was 1240 I told him I had to be back to work at 1 he notified me that this was not a problem and that he would have me finished well before then. Well that did not happen at 1 oclock he was still not finished but insured me it would be taken care of before I got off of work at 6.
After getting my kids settled for bed I called to pay my bill to my surprise it was still not fixed my account still stated that I owed 526 past due .
I called custom care again the put me with billing this is not where I asked to go so I went through all of this with once again someone who could not help me . After 30 minutes he finally told me this and transferred me to the correct person. She was the most helpful person yet she truly wanted to help me fix my problem. I spent over 1 hour going through everything with her she put me on a long hold but was able to get the device off of my bill. And unlike everyone else I had spoken with actually did what she stated.

With that being said after almost 10 Year’s of service I have never wanted to disconnect my service but after how I was treated in the store and the customer service experience. I am very unsure I will continue with t mobile at this time. I hope that someone will go back into my account and try to find where the issue started so that this is not a problem for another customer in the future.

I cannot help but be disappointed with the way this was handled If you tell a Customer you are going to take care of a problem . The customer expectations will be just that.
Thank you
Brittany Stevenson
Account number 828318416


Hau December 12, 2016 at 3:37 am

Dear Tmobile,

I am not the type that complains on most things. Also, I have lived and worked overseas so I have learned to let go most nuisances. Yet the events leading up to this ooint has prompted to write something about it.
I have been a loyal customer of Tmobile for over 2 years, coming from Verizon. Though your network coverage still is behind VZW, but I chose your company because it does offer something that I need, free text and data roaming in China and most of Southeast Asia. I live and work there. As a matter of fact, I had been away from home for nearly 16 months. I came back on Thanksgiving Holiday. And there was this Tmobile Blck Friday deal.
I went in the store near my residence. A sales representative who served me said I could have a new iPhone 7 for practically nothing. After hearing his presentation, I agreed to surrender my iPhone 6 to get the new phone. The process went quickly and the representative was courteous; 15 minutes later I came home with a new phone. This was Friday 25,2016.
I never thought much about it until a week later when I tried to get all affairs straightened up before leaving for China. It was then I realized the phone was SIM locked. I proceeded to get it unlock, so I called TMOBILE. Again, the representative was polite and quick to inform me that it would be done in 3 days. Days went by without result. I went back to the store on Dec 9 to try to cancel the whole order and get my old ohone back. There was no recourse. My phone was gone forever. The people at the shop were very understanding of my situation and they managed to get a definite resolution from headquarter. They said it would definitely be unlocked by the afternoon of Dec 11. Tonight is Dec 11. My flight is 00:35Am Dec 12. Guess what, the phone is still not unlocked.
I gave up a prestine phone that was onky 8 months old and unlocked for one that can’t be used overseas. Now I intend to continue to use Tmobile for an undeterminable future for the roaming feature, but hear this, nothing is 100% certain. Telecommunication tariffs in China and SE Asia is cheap. I use the data roaming feature to talk to family by Facetime and do sewrches online. If you hamper my freedom by locking this phone, I may find an alternative local carrier.

If there was an official email address for customer’s to vent their anger, the server will crash.
PS: You know how to reach me!


Hau December 12, 2016 at 3:38 am

I have to board the plane now.


P. Losche December 24, 2016 at 9:55 pm

I just this week experienced the T-Mobile lies I was sold two different packages to increase Gigs and both times no changes were made. So when T-Mobile couldn’t give me what I ordered through a local store a few hours later I found my service turned off. They also didn’t bill me the prior month and are claiming past due no fault to me. I was told I was getting unlimited service on my internet and come to find out they can’t give you more than 20 Gigs on a hotspot. So instead of returning me to what I had they just cut my service. Now I used up the 20 gigs I had already thinking I had unlimited service needless to say I no longer have high speed until 1/8/17. They refused to start me over with the 20 gigs for all my grief and like you I will be seeking business elsewhere. My beef is their should be a class action available for all the people who lost probably thousands of hours chasing our tails. The stress level is harmful to our health and in some cases I believe these actions fraud. This company is beyond sucking obviously they make so much money whatever falls through the cracks ( that’s us ) they feel they can afford the loss thus becomes piss poor customer service. They need to be sued big time this is the only way these sXXXXbags learn. Prove yourself make America Great or is that just bullsht too…..probably……F all you CEO sXXXXbags we’re people too……I tried being nice………


Luis Lemus November 29, 2016 at 4:53 pm

Between Forth St. and vineyard. The employee named RUBEN “help” us get new phones and change us from our previous company phone (Sprint). My first question was how much or what will it take to change? He collected my information, made some calls and said .. nothing! My answer was ok.. let’ do it. My daughter and son got new phones I signed all doXXXXents, he told me I will get a card to pay any cancellation fee related to the contract with Sprint.
Within two week I got the card for half of the invoice I got from Sprint ($1,000) .. this happen three months ago and after this time they have not been able to tell me why I only got less than half of the total. After the second month Ruben said that for some reason they only pay one phone, doXXXXentation was re submitted and rejected again.
One my third visit he said there was a lot of turnover on the top managers and that he was not able to get a resolution for top management to be please wait for him to contact me.
Now RUBEN has change to a different retail store, the new manager has not a clear idea what is going on, he believes that we got charge for the new phones and paid the reminding rest. I was basically told that if that is the case there is nothing I can do, that since I signed an accepted.
I stated that I was never advice that I will have to pay $530.00 to change to T-Mobile (does not sound like an attractive deal, right?) That it was too late to give back the phones. How can I do that if they have not been able to really know what is wrong.
The new manager said it is my word against Ruben’s word.
This is what I did wrong.
1-Trust T Mobile as a serious company
2-Trust an employee that has no values to accept when a mistake was committed by not informing customers all the information. My credit record has been affected since I was sent to collection by Sprint.
Honestly I do not know what else to do. There is a clear evidence that they protect within themselves and nobody want to take the responsibility and a lack of good training program to resolve situations like the one I have described. I hope that someone with honest values can read my comment and help me.

Luis Lemus


Linda December 8, 2016 at 7:03 pm

Hi I am fed up with T mobile, I have been lied to, and given the run around. I would have never changed carriers, if I knew this was the type of customer service that is offered. I got duped into switching companies, and was offered a free tablet for unlimited data @ $20 a month, which was a lie. Within my 14 returnpwriod I want to return the tablet, but am now told in order to that i have to pay $75 fee. This is ridiculous, either the T mobile representatives are lying and trying to make commission or they are inadequetly trained. This is a perfect example of when something sound too good it usually is! Does anyone know how to or where to contact to start a class action lawsuit?


Stephanie November 27, 2016 at 5:09 pm

I was offered a promotion for a FREE Alcatel tablet and told I only had to pay $10 per month for internet service. Was told my debit card info was needed for verification and it would NOT be charged anything. When going to sign e signature for athorization I realized I was being charged so I DID NOT sign e signature & checked my bank acct to find I have a $159 charge pending from tmobile!! I spoke to many reps and was told I will be refunded within 5-7 business days and it has been over 2 weeks!!!!! I’ve even spoke o supervisors and still my money is not back in my acct!!! T mobile stole this money. I never gave permission for any charges! I was told this was free!!


Ly Phan November 26, 2016 at 4:33 pm

Sat 11/26/2016: Ref My phone #301-526-9063.
Dear Mr. Legere,
I have been proud to be with T-Mobil for 2 years and have referred and advertised many family members and friends to join TMobil plans due to TMobil reputation.
On 11/16/2016: TMobil had a promotion with $120 / month for 4 lines unlimited Text/Voice/Data. I’m interest into this promotion, therefore, I contacted TMobil Customer service, Ms. Dorothy Blanks, and add in 2 new lines plus one existing TMobil member joining in, totally 4 lines. First, Ms. Dorothy told me that there is no such $120 deals, and I sent her the link, then she said that she is going to change my account to $120 (with auto pay) for 4 lines instead of $130 with auto pay. She promised to change on 11/18/2016. I have email strings between us.
However, on 11/24/2016, I found out that nothing changed, and Dorothy actually added 3 new lines into my account, not 2 new lines. This is a fraud for her own benefits. and also, there is no change into my account to $120 plan as she promised me.
I had tried to call TMobil many times: One time, waiting for 30 minutes and I was transferred to different people and waiting then was hung up. I tried to call back and waiting time was 3 – 4 hours. I selected to call back next day.
Next day, I called back again and left my phone due to 3 hours waiting. No one call me back even Tmobil promised me to call back within 20-21 minutes.
On 11/26/2016, I called Tmobil, and after 35 minutes waiting, I was transferred and keep waiting for another 30 minutes, then a Rep from Retention Dept, name Teresa H. ID#1271074 told me that there was no such promotion of $120 nor $30 with auto pay, not even $130 with auto pay. She said that there is no Thanksgiving black Friday on TMobil, and I should cancel the 3 new lines before I got charged.
Furthermore, I ordered from Ms. Blanks one new Iphone 6S Plus, and ended up I received a refurbished one. I felt mistreat and dishonest treatment from TMobil, a supposed to be trust worthy company with high reputation.
I request your attention and reconsideration and resolve this matter to provide me what I expected to receive ($120 for 4 line unlimited everything, with auto pay), and a new IPhone 6SPlus. Ms Blanks also told me that I can have a new free LGK10 wich she supposes to send to me but hasn’t done so.
I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.
Best regards
Ly Phan
phan_ly at yahoo.com


Karen Wells November 21, 2016 at 12:33 pm

I have been a T-Mobile customer for 8 + years. I switched from AT&T because T-Mobile is a “better” carrier. I have NEVER had any issues with dropping my cell phone or being rough on my phone. I have always been a fan of LG products. Recently my LG V10 phone began heating up and not holding a charge. I found myself plugging the phone in more often than usual to keep the phone charged. I also noticed that the phone would heat up excessively and I would have to turn it off to allow it to cool down. I went to pick the phone up after allowing it to charge and the device was hot and then it had a crack at the bottom of the screen. T-Mobile agent(s) informed me that this is a KNOWN issue with the LG device. T-Mobile insists that I pay $175 to replace a phone that I am still paying for! This is unacceptable T-Mobile. I am considering changing carriers at this point! It is very convenient to be without my phone at this point due to my having family health issues and I CANNOT be without communication.


Elizabeth Ibrahim November 16, 2016 at 8:19 pm

I have been with tmobile for a while and just started a plan last month before prepaid. I leased a new galaxy S7 edge. Well it dropped and the screen broke. I filed a claim. It was $175 deductible. I paid it. Next day I was in a casino and it fell out of my pocket and this guy picked it up and ran out of the building. I called tmobile and was told to use lookout. Tmobile said they couldn’t see my lookout account. So I called assurant to file a theft. When I got the replacement phone I sent it back didn’t open it. Cause I had no replacement phone to send back for the new one or I would have been charged $900.. So, they have turned my theft claim down and are keeping my deductible $175.I have bought a second phone. I had to pay 350 and lease the rest. Should I call a lawyer for consumer fraud or what. Devastated customer here.


Kevin A Yancy November 7, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Dear Sir,

Briefly, my wife Leslie Andrew’s and I have been with you guys for over 7 years. I recently started complaining about paying you guys over 225.00 for for the last 6 years. Which is part my part for buying so many phones. But my wife was recently leaning toward moving to AT&T because of the bill. Until you guys offered me two new SJ 7 phones for two lines we were paying for but wasn’t using due to my son and nephew breaking theirs, with upgraded lines at no extra charge. Well, to my surprise, we had to pay 303.00 on the last bill and now you guys want 246.00 and a recurring bill of 232.00. I was supposed to be paying around 200.00 after all my complaining, and you want me to pay more than that?…..and as Amy put it, Well you did sign the contract which required that you pay more”. Was that a joke or is my money a joke? I’d really like to know. What I was told verbally meant nothing to you guys and I just wanted to swe if Corporate had something to say about the shenanigans that’s aloof.

Thank you,

Leslie Andrew’s
Kevin Yancy


Amanda Varela November 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm

It looks like TMobile and Metro PCS are now charging 1cent per minute with phone conferencing calls which have been, for years and years, free. There are hundreds and thousands of people who use conference calling numbers, including Network Marketers who have huge organizations and use conference calling. Because if this new charge by TMobile and Metro PCS, many of your mobile users will be changing services to those that don’t charge. I’ll be very surprised if both companies don’t remove this charge and would be willing to lose this many customers, again, hundreds and thousands, literally.

Please let me know if this is staying. Otherwise, I’ll need to make this change soon.

Thank you,

Amanda Varela


antonio plascencia November 1, 2016 at 8:33 pm

About to get rid of T mobile forever Im so F***N mad right now Im shaking i just want to go to there office and let them hear what I have to say I’ve been waiting for my replacement phone for about 1 month now and they still dont have a guaranteed date for them to have it available to me and I’ve never missed a payment hope somebody in t mobile who cares reads this and just maybe even gets back to me about this matter…


Shevita Wilson October 24, 2016 at 1:25 am

This by far is the worst company to have! I do not get service at all! No matter where I am however unless I am standing dead center of the road. I always have dropped calls and whenever I call about bill changes they act as if they do not know what is going on when I’m clearly looking at the bill in front of me. I paid off of all of my equipment such as phones and they still tried to charge me. My plan is $50 plus data but why is my monthly $150? theres no way that im being charged over $100 in taxes! I looked at my bill and of course im still being charged for equipment which clearly states on the website that it is paid off! Then to make it worse they told me I would get a free sim kit but they sent it to the wrong address then told me theyd refund my money…I wasn’t supposed to get charged in the first place! They also let someone add a wearbale technology line on my account and I don’t even have an apple watch!!! This makes no sense at all! Icant wait to call corporate! If nothing changes im switching id rather pay Verizon $31983 a month than to stay with this service.


Neha Aneja October 17, 2016 at 2:16 pm

The customer service is very poor. I had to call for a simple issue multiple times explaining every time the issue in detail. But worst part is they don’t understand anything. They will put a note and make sure that the issue would be resolved by next month for sure. But issue never gets resolved. Called them again and was told that I am late..60 days are over and nothing can be done now.

I must say, it’s a pathetic service provided by T-Mobile and worst part is that you can never trust what the executive. Each executive will try to play the blame game. Really disappointed by the service.

Don’t know whom should I contact.


Mr. G October 5, 2016 at 3:48 pm

Got hung up on by a T-Mobile Corporate secretary because I wanted to speak to a human not e-mail the CEO to complain about the terrible customer service experience I had with the Albuquerque folks. Apparently bad attitudes and rudeness are part of the Corporate Office climate too, not just in stores and customer support.
T-Mobile customer support is awful! I’ve told their supervisors that I am caustic, argumentative and rude and doubt I would get fired as a customer support rep @ T-Mobile. The technical folks are terrific, but getting a straight, truthful answer, about anything, is nearly impossible from Customer Support. They seem to be trained to go out of their way to misinform, disrespect and offend their customers.
I look forward to being hired and trained by T-Mobile as a customer service rep. I know I can learn knew ways to piss off customers and still keep a job.


c marceleno October 4, 2016 at 9:26 am

like 3 months ago i switched from sprint to t mobile thinking it was gonna be a better idea, i went to the t mobile store and the sales associate who attend me , said what can i help you in , i told him i wanted to switch from sprint bc i really didnt like the service he said well if you switch from sprint to us we can pay everything for you, you dont have to put a penny, all he did was lie bc at the end i reviced a statement from sprint i took it to t mobile and nobody would answer my questions i had and my consens! all they said was wait for a card to get to your house with the total amount due! well the total amount from sprint was 600 all t moblie give me was 200 what happen to the rest!! i then went to the store again and the guy who sold my phone said he didnt even remember me! i ended up paying the rest with sprint, n i even called t mobile and they didnt even help me !
im not gonna recommend t mobile to any of my family or friends my brother was about to go and i stoped him from switching over , i cant complain about the service its faster and i get more service even in my job. but i cant belive the salers are not honest and truthfull i even got 2 phones that day i reget it alot!!


linda smith September 26, 2016 at 1:29 pm

My experience was that in while trying to straighten out a mistake in billing between postpaid and prepaid accounts, I was transferred to at least 8 account departments (being one of two account departments), and no one was able to help me. All had pat answers to my questions, and no one seemed to understand my billing problem. I was sent to a least 3 different countries, who didn’t seem very well trained in handling cross account problems. They did not understand my questions, they gave pat prewritten answers, and some were not able to even find my postpaid account. Plus the wait was way too long. I spent at least 2 hours with 8 departments, or on hold, who did not seem to know about the workings of the other department. Plus, they talked over my voice,…i.e. not listening to me. I had to interrupt several representatives who were totally not listening to me.

I was ready to cancel my account and go elsewhere. Until, I called them back myself (the original call was a call to me), and reached a very informed, well trained, and helpful girl here in the states. Who solved my problem in a matter of minutes. Now, my question is, why was it all so difficult?

If you are going to outsource services, at least make sure the employees are very well trained in dealing with all kinds of problems and questions.

You don’t pay us for our services, we pay you. I don’t have to be your customer. And if I have anymore “billing misunderstandings”, with a cellphone trip around the world, I will go elsewhere,…or completely do without a cell phone. I am not obligated to use anyone’s services. And judging from the amount of complaints you’re getting, no one else is under obligation to your company either.

This says a lot about your company and business practices, doesn’t it? Cheap labor and outrages charges.


Arkadiusz September 9, 2016 at 10:40 pm

i have problem with order iphone 7. 10 days ago i did traid in 2 iphone 6 for iphone 6s. I spent more money for older generation iphone and today you came with traid in .. to iphone 7. i think it is not fair to me and want return the iphone 6s and get that traind in for iphone 7 deal but the lady that i talk over the phone say i cant because iphone 6 already was sended back to tmobile.


MICHELE SMITH August 25, 2016 at 1:39 pm

I order a phone thur the insurance company came to our house on 8/16 and is not working i called customer service at like sunday 10 am in the morning to report the problem since it had just been like 4 day of having a phone that we paid insurance money 175 of . this phone should not be not working … we got phone thur the insurance company i want a new phone and a used phone that was returned back to them with a problem because it never get fixed.. so the girl kim said she would have a warranty replacement shipped overnight to the cherry hill mall store and can be pick up monday… so i said thanks.. to my surprise the store doesnt have the phone… so i called again monday at 555 and talk to someone in the oversea. and explained the problem for her to ask me what the date was where i live and the time . i could see the time but the date of where i live is not right .so after that im not really to sure about anwser i would get from her but she look up the order number 230467527 and said that she see that the phone went out and i should get it today tuesday the 23rd i asked for a tracking number because she said she enter the tracking number and said it would be there tue no the phone is not here … and there is not tracking number because i was lied to by two customer service people… to be told today wed when i talk to someone in tn and they said the phone is on back order and has been and I should have it thur… so I chatted with someone I believe it was john and he said it will be shipped today wed and would be here Thursday. We I just chatted with mico and was told that the phone is Mico C: The Estimated Delivery Date of your order is on 08/23/2016 and the estimated days delay of the phone is 4 days.
Mico C: So the phone will be delivered on 08/27.

This is not acceptable for your company to be lied to 4 times and I still do not have a phone… now have to wait til the 27th to get the phone ..and that is no guar. Either I have been with tmoblie since 2003 and this is the worst exp. That I have had..
This phone better be here on sat the 27th .. I will be reporting this to every social media site and to the bbb and who every else I can .. if I do not have a phone in my hand on the 27th


marlene August 18, 2016 at 8:01 am

Having issues with warranty verses insurance. Bought 4 Galaxy S6 edge + in Feb. 2016 and I have taken it back to two different stores because the phone keeps freezing up making the phone unusable. I did not pay over $600 each to have them tell me that it is not covered under warranty what makes the sales people know that when they cannot even tell what is wrong with it. One store tells me it is water damage there is no pink or red in the port and the other tells me it is the port and that unless they can see the phone freeze up they cannot send it in under warranty. I can’t sit all day there waiting for it to freeze up. The only thing they seem to agree with is that it isn’t covered under warranty and it will cost me another $500 if I try to use the warranty and that I should use my insurance and pay $175 deductible. Why should I pay a deductible for something I believe is a phone issue and should be under warranty? Why don’t the stores send it under warranty and if it is not warranty then do it thru the insurance? Why threaten you with a high phone bill if they find it is not under warranty I am confused is the company that hard up that they have to screw the customer? I am not taking the phone in for water damage because it has never been in the water and the port I have had cell phones for over 11 years I think I no how to plug them in and as the one store told my that the port would not make the phone freeze up not being able to even turn it off. I have worked with 6 people plus a supervisor on the 800 number and got different numbers from each and I am sick of it. I am hoping that someone at corporate can help but I would really be surprised if I get any reply. But that is ok because if nothing happens once the phones are paid off I will be changing cell phone companies because I can’t continue to do this.


Mary abujade July 18, 2016 at 7:42 pm

I switched from sprint to tmobile last year and it was supposed to be simple.. I dealt with so much stress for months… Multiple hours in storrs and on the phone.. It took them from june to november to get it straigh…. I am on the jump program.. I went into the T-Mobile store to upgrade my sons phone and was there for 5 hours and left with no upgrade..we been making our payments on time and their computer says that we was late on our payment in January and we have to wait another year to be able to upgrade with 0 down payment… Smh.. I have my bank statements that prove my bill was paid in January.. Yet they told me there is no way to override the computer…. i guess if T-Mobile cant fix their own mistake then i need to change phone companies ….


roxanne watson June 29, 2016 at 4:13 pm







Ingrid J. July 7, 2016 at 6:41 pm

I have experienced the very same thing but my bill with Verizon is higher because Tmobile promises the each line up to $650 would be paid. Now I’m in the hole for almost $2,000!!!!!!! Get me on board with a class action suit. I regret ever opening an account with Tmobile!!!!!


Carlynn Coleman July 26, 2016 at 1:26 pm

I have the same problem. The sales representatives never told me when I traded my phones that they wound pay off my leases and that is not true so now I have a high bill with Sprint and I called the store where I purchased my phones and the Sales Representative Dale hung up in my face three times.


Maria V July 17, 2016 at 2:08 pm

I have never been so disappointed in any phone carrier as I am with tmobile. They did the same thing to me! The sales representative at the store told me I would get 650 PER LINE. Never was I told that it was UP to 650 PER PHONE WE TRADE IN. I switched over 3 lines. One device was a new iphone 6s plus and all i got was 340! Im sure it is worth more than that. Then they didnt give us any credit for another phone because of a cracked screen yet they kept the device. I never complain about any company but I have lost patience with tmobile. I wish I could do something else. I have no proof that guy from the store told me that info but he did. He promised 650 per line not up to 650 per phone that was traded in. Now I owe more than 2,000 to sprint. And what can I say about the signal, I get so many dropped calls, no one can hear me, my internet is slower than 2g. Its horrible and frustrating. I would atleast expect great signal if im going to be stuck with this horrible company. I honestly regret the day I switched to tmobile. Im going to be looking into what I can do because this is ridiculous. I have never been so upset as I am now.


Teresa MacInnes July 27, 2016 at 6:04 pm

Yes, you would not believe what they have done to me. They have ruined my credit. Contact me via my email address.


Charlie G. August 6, 2016 at 9:36 pm

I’m in any class action. Annoyed with myself for doing a better job researching before switching from Sprint. Switched in April and nothing but lies, deception, misrepresentation and fraud from day 1. My bill is higher now, $80 higher than I was told at their store when I switched. Also at the time was given “free” accessories by the manager for switching that are being financed on my monthly bill. Have spent many hours on the phone with several customer service reps with many promises but none have been kept. I plan on calling John Legere’s (CEO) 425-378-4000 on Monday as well as my state’s Attorney General, the FCC and Federal Trade Commision. They need to be held responsible for their illegal practices. Would very much like to be included in any class actions.


Lee W. August 26, 2016 at 7:50 pm

I’d be willing. They promised us they would pay our previous provider for the phone that we turned in to them, and we even submitted the claim form for the payment in the store. We never got paid, and now they tell us that the time limit is up so I have a $650 bill at the previous carrier that I have to pay for a phone that TMobile took from me! When we told them the employees that “helped” us switch over, they gave us the “oh yeah, that’s why they are no longer employed here” story.


Angelia September 12, 2016 at 2:23 pm

So sad this company needs to be accountable for there actions people don’t contact corporate them people are just as evil as the people in there sales store these people are trying to stay in business they will lie I ask to speak with the ceo of the company I got a response back he don’t talk to customers but we are keeping them in business


Angelia September 12, 2016 at 1:09 pm

Oh my god I am with T-Mobile it has been a nightmare this people has been charging my account these people with there customer service department with these stores it’s some very dishonest stuff that’s going on in this company this company needs to be under investigation misleading there customers over charging people being told wrong information is there anybody out there that has a solution Iam with you who ever wants to take it to court.


Barbara September 22, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Yes! I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS ever since I left crickett..And I pay twice as much!!Their customer service is a JOKE.I was expecting professionalism,INSTEAD all I get is a bunch of run around from them.. I have never been so unhappy with a service provider…To list every single bad experience I’ve had SO FAR (and I have ONLY been with them 4 months),It would take HOURS.


John reyes October 9, 2016 at 2:46 pm

YES IM WITH YOU 100% on this one ! We all need to link up and find a rightful solution to this ! I’ve read almost all the feedbacks and it was horrifying how T-Mobile made so many visit this page and leave scripts on how they are getting overcharged and are not paying the price they agreed on. Well I too am going through a very difficult situation with T-Mobile ! One day I called T-Mobile to pay my phone bill of $200.00 (estimated) and when I I heard the computer operator say I owe $1000,00 (again estimated it was a little more) I was a little in schock but I figured it could of been a mistake and I was gonna handle it with a representative. That’s where it all goes down hill when the representative told me that I had made a call to the Dominican Republic on my device for one hour and the other two hours on my mother phone (she was under my line) I was stunned on the whole situation because I clearly didn’t make the call !!! And I even asked my mother if she had made the call which i later explained the situation to her on how I’m in debt over two phones calls !!! And she wouldn’t lie to me about making a call ! ( the answer is no she didn’t) I was furious and explained to the representative that I didn’t make the call and they couldn’t do ANYTHING ABOUT IT ! I asked
For supervisors and mangers but they all refused to Give me information I need and people to contact. I felt stranded like I was in a island with no help. Since I’m attending college and doing a part time job at BJs I can’t afford to throw away $1000 on a PHONE BILL ! So I disconnect the line and haven’t connected it ever again! It’s been off for a couple of months now and I revived a letter from T-Mobile saying I can pay half my bill but for some odd reason to went higher than $1000 LOL so the half came out to $864 with some change and I refuse to take the offer since I stand by my argument. Anyone who wants to make a move please let’s contact eachother and email eachother. My email is johnreyes16 at hotmail.com Roxanne please contact me


Joe November 30, 2016 at 6:06 pm

Yes! My back account was just robbed of $613 for a phone I had one week, and returned to them in the new packaging on October 10th. I have date, some names, and details.

Joe L


J D Lilley December 11, 2016 at 7:57 pm

Please let me know of any law suit that I can join in on. I have been robbed of $650 from Tmobile. I have all the doXXXXentation to prove it. They took it out of my bank account 6 weeks after I returned a new phone that I had purchased and kept for one week. I plan on speaking to an attorney this week.


Lisa Watsin February 18, 2017 at 8:14 pm

I would be more than happy to do a class action suit with you. I’vebeena customer for 11 years and been the victim of fraud and cloning my phones. I’ve tried calling corporate, but nothing. Finally had them take the devices that were put on my account without my authorization off my account. This is by far the worst company ever!!! I’vebeen the victim of identity theft. My stress level is at and all time high due to this. There was a Jason Wong who accessed my account without my authorization and by passed my security I had set on my account. This is totally unacceptable!!! To everyone out there do not get T-Mobile as your carrier!!! They are commiting fraud, theft, ect…


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:28 pm

I think you what you really needs is to put in clear which functions or use are you taking from t- mobile. the employee that refused give a telephone number certainly can not provide to you because is oposite to the law, but indeed could communicate him with you. that is different. or lead you to hers supervisor that could take major decisions. please go to the store or call and make an appt with the supervisor of the store, and please check about the functions of the Verizon phone, maybe you want to switch for complete.
See you.

Veronica Gogola.


Veronica Gogola June 17, 2017 at 2:31 pm

Hi! I can is the same or a very similar complain I worked two days a go. Some of the names are changed but not everyone. Could you please check on it? I really made an effort.

Veronica Lopez


Angelia June 24, 2016 at 9:29 pm

I feel when the employees at each site should explain to the customer how the insurance is handle. The insurance company is different then the T-Mobile. Depends on the type of phone it costs you $175.00 deductable plus the remaining amount of the phone. It’s a rip off. T-Mobile gets a percentages if u get the insurance. I feel this could be handle in a better way. So to anybody who maybe reading this it not worth get the insurance.


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:31 pm


I don’t know exactly what is wrong with , but if you show the clause that is bothering you, we can talk.

Veronica Gogola


Ingrid June 24, 2016 at 10:20 am



Angelia September 12, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Let’s go to court


Ingrid June 24, 2016 at 10:17 am



Veronica Gogola June 17, 2017 at 8:04 pm

you already got answer.

Veronica Gogola


INGRID CHAMPAGNIE June 24, 2016 at 9:24 am



Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:36 pm


I’m sorry that hapenned, I think the best thing to do is to tell our company to close your card unless precise and updated information, to any other users besides you. Do not worry. Maybe the person who used the card, your daughter just told our employee, but we are not responsibles if she was not authorized or if the amount was over the limit. Please I have to bother you every time you want another another person to use it to call and confirm or give a special code. Thanks a lot.

Veronica Gogola


laura June 22, 2016 at 7:53 am

I have been with T-Mobile for at least 18 years. T- mobile went into my checking account illegally and paid someone else phone bill without my authorization which is fraud. Manager Kimberly control# 159211 reassure me that my money would be in my account this morning. I called back to get a representative that said it would be another day. Finally I asked for the manager of claims.. Can you believe the manager Kim control# 340692 told me its would take 10 business day to get my back in my account. Its amazing how someone could go in your account without your authorization and take money from you and then, you have to wait 10 business day to get it back……… I don’t have 10 business day. This is fraud!!!!! someone needs to return my money asap!!!!!!! It cause an overdraft into my account.. NOT HAPPY WITH T-MOBILE PRACTICES!!!! I’m going to use my experience on social media!!!!


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:45 pm


“Kimberly control# 159211 reassure me that my money would be in my account this morning. I called back to get a representative that said it would be another day. Finally I asked for the manager of claims.. Can you believe the manager Kim control# 340692”, maybe my people should get ore control in the supervisors name. You need to know to whom you authorized the access to your account. and have the bills separate in order we can check and actualize your problem. with the payments. My advice: if you use post its, please make a list and have it handy.

Veronica Gogola


George trent June 21, 2016 at 2:04 pm

Been having a problem with my phone getting hot and shutting off I paid for warranty every month on my phone this should also be covered under manufacturer warranty under Samsung they’re telling me they will not send it to my house I have to go to the store to pick it up and that there will be a $5 fee when I pick up my phone I think this is b******* I’ve been a customer for a long time they will lose my business over this


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:50 pm


I’m sure is covered. But if they are asking you for to pick it up in person is because maybe the phone’s fails are rare, and they need you to try the cell phone in different ways, maybe is a body sensibility and is personal.? Please make a list with the things that are bothering you including when you hang up or before answer, and about the ringing volume, the sounds, and the charger frecuency, etc., etc, etc. We want to give a better service.
Veronica gogola


Wendy June 21, 2016 at 1:08 am

I have been a Customer for 14 YEARS. I’ve had my issues with mobile over the years but this situation takes the cake. I recently bought an LG phone and tablet and during this time there was a promotion where I purchase the phone and receive half off the tablet to be put on a card. I purchased in April and has yet to receive anything. I have called over 4 times to ask about my card. I had different representatives to tell me”oh we’re sorry, we will escalate this. Lies lies lies!!!! I am so phased off with them because they tell me we will call you in 5 days and to not call them. No one has yet to ever call and when I call I get lies. They just processed my request on May185th. REALLY???? WTH??? Now they are telling me it takes 8 weeks to process. I have already waited over 8 weeks. If I don’t get some answers soon I will be disconnecting my services and going with someone else. I think it’s a shame, scam and a crime to get people to purchase things and don’t own up to their words.


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:54 pm


Could you please specifies me what kind of offer Did you take? which were the conditions?
and how much do you paid? for long how was the offer and where? Thanks a lot
I’ll wait n your answer.
Veronica Gogola


Myvette June 20, 2016 at 10:53 am

I was a customer of t-mobile before it was t-mobile since 1994 you know the TUCAN!!! The representative at the highest level just hung up on me because she can only read and offer a scripted offer to customers experiencing a t-mobile phone problem. YOU JUST LOST ONE! valuable customer. Headquarters, there should be a better way to contact you being technology has no limitations as your employees.


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Do you mind explaining me conclsely the problem?

Veronica Gogola


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

Hi! Miss:

Do you mind giving me the model and brand of the phone, and the same data for the card?, also the capacity, and what was the use? music? , pictures? Thanks.

Veronica Gogola


Veronica Gogola June 22, 2017 at 7:31 pm


You have to excuse me sir. But exactly what kid of offer or service are you looking for? because at the complain form it does not say it.

Veronica Gogola


Karen June 14, 2016 at 9:02 pm

I have been a customer with T-Mobile for over 15 years. I am standing in the retail store as I share this with you. I purchased a storage card under the recommendation of the manager. After asking her to make the necessary changes to my phone, she tells me it’s really easy. I want home. Not so easy. Went back to the store. Sales rep moved some data on my phone and shared some helpful tips to transfer the storage. Not helpful in the long run. Went home. Phone crashes. No phone for a week? I think not. Purchased a phone. Now they are giving me some garbage about not being able to take the card back. Seems to have been over 14 days. I spend over 800 dollars and they won’t refund me the 90.00 storage card they didn’t know how to help me with. Classic!


Karen June 14, 2016 at 11:38 pm

Thank you customer care! You made it happen!


Veronica Gogola June 22, 2017 at 7:35 pm

HI! I would like to know if the card was deffectuos. Maybe the problem is the phone?
Whta kind of information/data you are trying to save, was the right card?

Veronica Gogola


Charletta June 14, 2016 at 9:53 am

Tmobile can tell you anything but in the end, when they change their mind, the customers take the heat. I have been with Tmobile for YEARS. I have even had a great deal of family members to switch.
In May, I contacted Tmobile explaining the glass on my camera broke/was gone. Tmobile instructed me to take the phone to a Tmobile store. I drove to a Tmobile store. Explained everything. They even took my phone apart looking for a dot and/or a color. They told me it was cosmetic. I went back home and called Tmobile. They transferred me to insurance warranty. They needed an exact date; i didn’t have one. So I called Tmobile back and explained every step and the issue. Tmobile stated, “no problem. I will do the exchange and you will only be charged $5”. I said okay and explained once again the issue. My phone was paid for. Low and Behold when I got my bill, Tmobile changed their mind and said its defective not cosmetic. Well that is not my fault as a customer. I did everything I was told. The phone was looked at as Tmobile requested. Now I am being charged over $400 for Tmobile’s mistake. After being hung up on for 2 hours (although Tmoble has in memos that I hung up on them…no way. If I hung up, why did a representative call me back and apologize??), I was told they will only charge me $175. NOT ACCEPTABLE. This isn’t my fault. I did EVERYTHING Tmobile asked. When I spoke with a representative today, he tried to tell me he has no memos/notes. I explained they are there, Tmobile read them to me over the weekend when I called. What a disgrace to run a company in this manner. It’s a shame to have to lie to customers in order to get more money. If this is not resolved, I will be taking my family to another carrier. All I asked was to HONOR what was said and charge me $5 since I did follow everything Tmobile asked. If I Tmobile doesn’t honor their word, I will have no choice but to find another carrier and present situations to my other family members and ask they switch as well. Don’t be that company Tmobile. Honor your word.


Charletta June 17, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Did a chat with Tmobile today in regards to the same situation. I did this just to see if there was anymore underhand that could possibly be done. Well…..
My account has now been charged $175 instead of the $424. But the issue is that Tmobile told me they would make an exception and break the $175 in installments. To no one’s surprise, I am now told Tmobile doesn’t do that and the $175 will not be broken down. Proceeded with me going online to make payment arrangements…now which is it??? I am still in search of another carrier for me and my family.
If a business is willing to lie and do a long standing customer + family to including extended families, that business does not care about its customers. The customer is nothing but $$$ signs. I have yet to hear anything back on my complaint.


Veronica Gogola June 13, 2017 at 2:08 pm


When you said:
“Tmobile changed their mind and said its defective not cosmetic. ” or viceversa; it means the problem with the lens, may I ask; Do you mean rimmel or lipstick? Why the other company thought not to pay for your bill, what is your proffession? maybe the lens was not the right one.? I’ll wait for your answer.

Veronica Gogola


jonathan mendez June 9, 2016 at 9:12 pm

I have being with tmobile for more than 10 years . Always paid my bill on time I have 10 lines . Never really had a big problem but this last months it’s being all waste of time and unhappiness with the costumer service I had recived . I was having issues with my note 4 I decided to make a claim so t mobile send me a black one I did agree on the color eventho I didn’t like it because I need a phone to work ! . So I get the black one and the phone also starts having powering problems at this point I’m already fustrated . I called t mobile told them about my problem and they send me to a local store to make a claim . So I did I finally got the phone on Tuesday a white note 4 color I first bought . I go home start downloading my apps . I get the charger to connect it and guess what . It wasn’t charging !! I tried different chargers and nothing !! I went right back to the store to show then what was going on .they check it and agreed with me phone was not working ! …. I called again lady offer’s me a note 5 but in return I have to pay 200 and send my note 4 back I agree but she didn’t mention that it would be a pretty owned phone which I don’t think it’s fair at all . And by the way I still have not receive that new phone yet even tho they said it would arrive the next day . The worst thing i’s that Josh costumer supervisor told me that if I called back he can cancel my service he made me feel like if it was my fault and like if tmobile doesn’t appreciate my 10 years of loyalty ! Really made me upset . Now I don’t have a working phone and also feel like if I call tmobile they going to cancel my 10 line . Time to move to a new company .


Debra Celmer June 8, 2016 at 9:14 am

I just bought the BOGO Samsung Galaxy J7.I was assured the phones are brand new and when I got home I found some pictures on the phone that are not mine.I have talked to Corp,the store where I bought phones,Tmobile online and on the phone,Samsung support and I was finally told by Samsung that the phone was used back in October 2015.Has anyone else been lied to about refurbished phones being passed off as new? I want answers from T Mobile.


Amanda ruiz May 22, 2016 at 12:47 am

Hi, my name is Amanda
I have been a customer for a few years now and I must say I am very disappointed. I had the s5 for awhile now and the phone kept having glitch after glitch. The reps sent me and new one and still glitches and she told me the s5 is no longer being made so she sent me the new s7 edge without telling me there will be a 1000$ charge on my account. Than after I called back to complain about this the manager told me that I was enrolled in the jump program so I shouldn’t had to pay a deposit. But than when I asked about the 1000$ charge I was told that’s for the whole phone and deposit which makes know sense at all. I don’t mind doing the monthly payments for my phone but why should I pay the deposit after I keep receiving messed up phones from the company and why is my bill 1000$ I am so mad I already spoke with my lawyer and he said I can move on with a lawsuit against T-Mobile for all my pain and suffering I am going through trying to get this resolved.


Antwain clarke June 5, 2016 at 10:01 pm

It’s been months I have been having problems with both phones on my account I kept calling I keep getting transfer and the run around all I ask for is a better phone or my money back me or my wife phones doesn’t work for months no text messages and all am hearing is they r making tickets and no call back tmobile u will be hearing from my lawyer I keep pain my bill for nothing am a customer do ur job


Unknown May 20, 2016 at 2:37 pm

I work close to your T-Moblie booth in the Northgate mall and we’ve complained to your manager an the mall office here about your employees playing there music so loud and nothing seems to work. So I’m letting you know about what is going on. It always seems to happen when certain people are working though. Like today on 5/20 I don’t know the employees names but I’m sure you can find out who they are. Sincerely tired of complaining


Veronica Gogola July 9, 2017 at 7:43 pm


I syou very discreetely take pictures. or like now, ask the supervisor to check the tape. If the soisy is over 120 decibels. we will be very glad to help you.

Thanks a lot. Veronica Gogola


Tracey cuffee May 18, 2016 at 6:05 pm

I wouldn’t recommend T-Mobile to my WORST enemy!!!! Never seen so many reps lie && steal in my life


Carol Daley June 10, 2016 at 10:15 am

So true don’t go to tmobile


Emily May 17, 2016 at 7:29 pm

I have been a customer for 17 years, since the company was voice stream. I am a low maintenance customer and never complain. Over a month ago, I tried to purchase the new S& Edge because it came with a free Samsung VR. Right before I was about to complete my purchase their was problem with my jump program terms (I have the original jump program). The sales agent said he would get it fixed and get back to me to complete my order. Needless to say, the sales agent never got back to me and I haven’t had an extra 2 hrs in my schedule to call back and go through the process again until today.

Today, I call and try and order the phone again but the issue with my jump program has not been fixed. T-mobile is also refusing to honor their offer to give me the Samsung VR. I was escalated to the retention department and per their usual MO, nothing could be done i.e. trying to talk me out of my expectations. Finally, the retention department decides to issue me a small credit but they are still not going to honor their offer for the VR Samsung. I asked to speak to a manager and the retention agent put me on mute for almost 30 minutes until I finally hung up and called back. I had to go through the entire process all over again only to reach a person in the retention department that called herself the “superior” who kept talking over me and was very rude.

Despite having been a loyal customer for over 17 years, I always feel like there is some bait and switch every time I am sold a service or receive an offer. What is even worse, I am likely to get better service as a new customer elsewhere than from the company I have been loyal to for 17 years. Though, the sales agent I worked with today was very nice and did his best to be helpful, the two retention agents I dealt with today made it clear to me that they could less about my business. I have not wasted over five hours between the call over a month ago and the two calls today, time I could have spent working on client projects. T-mobile should make it as easy as possible for customer to spend their money. Moreover, when a long time customer has a problem, T-mobile agents should honor their word, make customers feel valued instead of acting like they are being inconvenienced by having to deal with a problem.

I am going to start looking for a new phone company. If T-mobile cares about me as a customer, they will call and do their best to repair the damage caused by their retention agent and superior.



Jas gill May 26, 2016 at 11:59 pm

I understand your converns emily. I was with t monile for 6 years. I also enrolled in this promotion of buy one get one free. A represantative helped me out to set up everything.. In order to claim that offered i habe to open a new line that i did so. I asked lady if i have to do anything on my part. She said no you are good to go and she will send email with all the informations. I received bunch of emails that was showing shippment and all that.
Now i was waiting for my rebate to receive but got nothing. I called t mobile customer service they said i never filled out rebate online. I explained them that nobody told me to do so. They said the lady who helped me out with the phones she did sent an email. I said i never received it. Can you please send me the same email that she sent so i know that ots my fault. They said we cant ho back and check the emails. But they said we heard the recording and she did memtioned about the email. I said ok then let me hear the recording too, they said we cant let you to hear that. I said you can go back to hear recording since you got so many calls but you camt check the email.
Well. Thats not all. They offered me to pay half of the second phone price , which i am not willing to take because phone is near about $750. Then second time when i called them they offered me $200 for that. I said no i want full price. Third time he said we are not gonna give a single penny since you declined our previous offers.
Thats how ridiculous the customer service is. I am never gonna recommend t mobile to anyone. They are liars. They just get you into their offers then do nothing


Karen June 14, 2016 at 9:06 pm

Don’t hold your breath. I’ve had to go to visit a T-Mobile 4 times and go to a bank because they could find the UPC tracking code from their inventory. Still no positive outcome. Time to move on.


Bridgette November 18, 2016 at 12:20 pm

I have been going through it with T-Mobile for months since September 30 When I ordered the IPhone 7 and was sent the wrong phone and not only that they took 736.99 out of my checking account I land been lied to by several representatives no consistency I am very mad because each time I called I have been given different days the money will be deposit in my account then today I was told by a representative I keep getting lied to because the feel pressure to give me an answer really I just want the truth and stop giving me the run around about my money it’s obvious that T-Mobile don’t care what can of financial strand they put their customer in it’s truly amazing how I has to send bank statement in and everything I have tried to reach corporate several time but same thing this has got real old especially since they withdrew the money without my permission they were only suppose to take taxes out telling me it was the representative fault and I am the one being punished I felll like this is undo stress I shouldn’t have to endure the need to pay my last bill and my 736.99 but of course they will not do that and telling me some mess today that it will be thirty days hell it been thirty days plus oh and then the representative had the nerve to say they been to busy trying to get the galaxy notes and iPhone out really I guess I need to start using ugly words at this point


casey rominger May 16, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Dealing with them for the past 10 days. I am not receiving text messages from Verizon for almost 3 weeks now. Customer Service is completely USELESS! So done ! have been a customer for 12 years, swore i would never go back to Verizon, but they are looking better and better the more I deal this.


Jeanne May 16, 2016 at 7:04 am

Hey T-Mobile,
Is nothing sacred anymore? A long term customer, bill always paid in advance, a cust. service rep., did an adjustment and his math was off by 4 cents. I paid my bill as I always do, same amount every month. As a result of his 4 cent error, I receive a text that I must pay this 4 cents so I call cust. service and they correct the 4 cent error. This minor issue is really an issue of principle! Sunday in my family is a day of rest, a non business day, no mail on Sunday. But T-Mobile does not seem to respect this. On Sunday, I was not feeling well and lay for a nap, when T-Mobile wakes me up with a text that I owe 4 cents!!! Really T-Mobile?


Nicolette Centeno May 9, 2016 at 10:17 am

Good afternoon,
It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon on Mother’s day and I’m here writing to you. (instead of enjoying my family) After a long two months, of back and forth communications with your staff. It’s come to my conclusion that T-mobile does NOT have the best interest in providing exceptional care to their customers. After, being lied to (a numerous amount of times) and customer service reps not following through on promises. I had no choice but to reach out to you.

Problem: S7 buy one get one free – Not once were we told we had to register for the promotion in order to receive the buy one get one free offer. My husband was told on more then one occasion to wait and a gift card will be sent to us in the exact amount of the phone. Then we had the choice to apply the gift card to our account to payoff the phone. After researching, not only our family but thousands of consumers are saying the same thing. They have been lied to about having to register for the promotion. It’s unfortunate I have t take time out of my life to deal with something that could have been taken care of, if we were only told the correct procedures when purchasing the phones.


Jas gill May 27, 2016 at 12:05 am

Exactly sAme thing happened to us Nicollete. Exactly. Nobody told us to fill any form online and we were waiting for the card with which we have to pay one phone but never received it. When i called they said you never submit the offer. They are big liars. I callex them they were keep saying that she did sent you the email regarding submission. I said i never received any email


David May 3, 2016 at 4:19 am

I paid full price for my Samsung galaxy note edge last summer. I recently left it in a cab and the insurance company could only send me a note 4 because the edge was out of stock. I recently called t-mobile because now I’m having issues with my note 4, I explained to them that i should be sent an edge since that is in fact what I bought from them not the note 4 that i was basically forced to be downgraded to. I was transfered over to Asurion the insurance company that basically told me t-mobile was suppose to explain to me that if I lost my phone they technically don’t have to send me the same phone if it isn’t available. Why on earth would T-mobile not tell me that and on what planet is it okay to basically steal my money! there is definitely a difference in price! Yes it was my fault but thats what insurance is for!! to give you piece of mind in case something like this does happen. I was transfered back to T-mobile and spoke to an over night manager by the name of Roxanne who said she would contact corporate and see what she could do as far as sending me a note edge. She was suppose to call me the following day and of course she did not, I had to call customer care and track her down to only be told there was nothing she could do. Iv’e been a loyal customer for over five years and have five lines with T-mobile but now that I know that T-mobile gives zero f*cks about their customers i’ll be taking my business else where very soon.


Terry May 1, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Bait and switch ??

Changed carriers from Verizon to T mobile in January. Made the change to save $150 per month. Spoke to several reps and finally went into the T- mobile store to speak directly to sales associate to make sure we were both on the sane page. My wife and I both spoke clearly and directly and were told with everything we are doing ( service , and phone purchases) our bill would read $274.00 monthly. I again asked ” so when my monthly bill comes the amount on the bill would be !274.00″. Response YES —

Okay we switch – have been with them for 4 months now paying $274.00 approx but here comes April it’s not $371.00. WHY ?? WHY WE ASK ? Well the previous bills didn’t include your phones and you were receiving credit for three month on your bill for your phone. Now your credit ran out and the bill is $371.00. WAIT A MINUTE. – we have been paying $274.00 a month and they say we had $1000 credit. Where did that go if we have been paying very month ? Doesn’t add up !
Bedsides what about the sales pitch to switch and the quoting of $274.00 TOTAL. TOTAL ,,
RESPONSE ” WE didn’t understand the sales associate “. “WE weren’t listening “”
WE didn’t understand what they were saying ”

Maybe get at least one worker at an age over 23 yrs old. … Good idea ??? Right !!

Now we are stuck with the same bill we switched from – why switch !!!
We wouldn’t have — if we were listening ??..


Sandra April 28, 2016 at 3:31 am

My aunt had a serious illness back in 20013 which required her to be hospitalized for weeks and than put in a unit for care.Her daughter spoke with T-Mobile ,explained her mother condition and needed the phones disconnected until further notice because aunt was hospitalized and had no source of income to handle any of her bills after becoming Ill and no longer working.The representative stated to my cousin that the phone would be disconnected and all fees would be stopped and the only fees due would be the fees due for the month of the use of the phone for that month and no other fees would be added to the account until reconnection which at that time a reconnect fee would be charged .My cousin had the entire conversation on speaker phone while at the hospital and the nurse stated “now I think that’s how you handle a customer in a time of trouble,they are doing something noble for your family and I respect them for that” Well ,to say the least my aunt bill went from like 200 and some dollars to almost 2000.00 from the time of her illness up to now.She is disabled and not working and went back to t-mobile last month to get her service restarted to find out that her bill were almost 2,000.00 when they promised the bill would not incur any fees Except the monthly bill she owed.Praise God,my aunt is up but still have some health issues and now more things to add to her problem having to deal with the fact that t-mobile turned this account over to collections.My aunt receives SSI benefits and barely can pay her rent and lights each month therefore ,she can’t afford to pay that bill.It’s sad that a big corporate business would be so dishonest to make a dollar from a person being dishonest and the company have no remorse on how their customers are being treated and being dishonest .My aunt had been with T-Mobile ,for money of years ,loved their service and company as a whole .When my cousin explained to her the situation ,she couldn’t believe it.”I thought my phone would be connected today she said “My aunt get things confused at times now due to her health and a lot of times she don’t understand but she’s doing well .I hope she is able to get this issue resolved with this company .If anyone know how she can get this issue resolved please help.We tried to call the home office but we are not getting any answer just ringing .We will try writing as well to see if we can get a answer from the CEO or someone who have the authority to help my aunt.


Mia Williams April 27, 2016 at 8:18 am

I called this morning to check on my reimbursement for switching carriers and was told that my account has been canceled as of January so there for I am not eligible to claim the refund. My question is, if my account is cancelled why do my 3 phones still work and why am i getting a bill for $141 a month??????? I will be researching other carriers today and switching as soon as I can. Bye T-Mobile!


Lucella April 18, 2016 at 12:15 pm

Here’s an idea for you folks. Cancel all your cell phone subscriptions, get a Samsung galaxy tablet, download the free phone/texting app and none of you will ever have to deal with the B.S. of dealing with these cell phone companies and you’ll be saving a boat load of $


pissedoff tmbole customer April 13, 2016 at 5:21 pm

So for two months I’ve been trying to pay my T-Mobile online and I get errors. I call customer service and they said they won’t take my online payments because I disputed a double charge on my credit card and I still owe them! How do figure that!!! They charge me twice, one charge gets taken off and somehow I owe them money, even though I’ve paid all my subsequent bills. He has the nerve to tell me I can’t do that. And on top of it, all of a sudden they start charging me $7.88 processing fee that I knew nothing about. And even though my plan technically started on the 17th of the month my bills are due on the 15 and every month they keep changing the due date to a day earlier-now it’s either on the 12th or 13th-nice rip-off technique. I already had the Verizon and cancelled because they allowed someone to hack my account and wouldn’t do anything about it. I hate going to Spring but I don’t have time o deal with T’s BS every single month. Last time I stood in line at the store for 45 minutes just to make a payment. Better get your sht together T-Mobile or you’re going to start losing all your customers.


Dan glesac April 10, 2016 at 6:13 pm

just went to pay my bill to avoid deactivation and the little girl working told me they are closed an entire hour early because “they have a super serious meeting” hmm.. I’m done with tmobile unless I get a free phone.


Kara April 1, 2016 at 11:54 am

Me and my daughter have a plan with tmobile and she add someone to her plan which now they refused to pay they neverror Finish paying for they phone so we took that back or there headset that they put on the bill now we are stuck with a high bill and we went into the store to talk to someone about and they said they can do anything we have to pay it in think that’s unfair they sign it not us we pay our bill they won’t even let u return the phone or the headset because it’s been to long we can even sell it I’m so upset I’m trying to call customer service and they are no help they are rude and very disrespectful to my mom and she’s a signer on my account I don’t understand why I can get help so I can keep my bill lower it way to high and I don’t know why tmobile won’t help I have been with them for over 6yr and nothing going no respect I need my phone for school and so I need to talk to corporate for help the loyalty dept is no help so someone pls helpfor real it’s like if not then I have to go to court to get help and that’s extra money I don’t have to pay for a lawyer but I will if I have to


VERONICA CARGILL April 1, 2016 at 9:06 am

I am so ready to leave tmobile they are a rip off I hAve a Samsung note 4 and and I have been with tmobile for they were tmobile for over 10 years
And I have gotten the worse customer service. I buy a 700 phone and it goes bad and you send me a referberished I was fine with that at first until I start having a different issue then they sent me a second referberished phone. And now there are issue with that one and so happen during this time I had a family emergency and had to leave out of town and asked them can I go to a tmobile store and just give them is phone and they just give me another one
And they said no we can send you another referberish phone and I told them I am done with there referberish phone.. and that I needed a working phone now I am leaving to florida for a family emergency and one of your customers service people told me to go to walmart and just by a tmobile phone nethless to say I loss my mf mine and I cussed them out
I have lost all respect for tmobile and soon as I am done with this family emergency I will be searching for a new cell phone serve and I also will be turning to every social media letting everyone know how tmobile truly treat there customers
And the funny thing I am at the airport ready to board my plane and I get a text message that they ship me another referberish phone and I will not be there to get it oh well. I will have prove that I was not in town when shipped and I told them I was leaving because of a family emergency so if some take that phone that will be sitting on my door step for God know how long. they bet not charge me for that phone if stolen


ciela wright March 28, 2016 at 3:56 am

I chose T-mobile because it was not the big 2 (ATT and Verizon). It came highly recommended for both the quality of its signal and for the customer service. For the past 6 years, I have been very happy with how I was treated and with the signal quality. Even though one place I often used the phone would have dropped calls, the customer service and tech support always promptly solved the difficulties.
But my experience and feeling about T-mobile changed in January. I have always gotten great reception at home. In fact, I live close to one of T-mobile’s towers. Suddenly I was getting a choppy signal, one or two bars, dropped calls, no signal. The first rep told me “let’s try a new SIM card to make sure it’s not the phone.” They gave it to me for free. The problem continued. The next rep told me it was an engineering issue, but did NOT file a case number. So, when the problem continued for a month, I had to explain again, and they finally put a case number on it. No one ever called back. The bad service continued.
In fact I’ve had to explain again and again and again–to outsourced reps who first don’t understand the problem and then say “oh I see you’ve called us many times”. I’ve had to explain even when I’ve given them the tracking number for the issue!
Although there was sufficient credit issued to cover my monthly pre-paid plan (which is paid automatically through my card), they deducted $15 of the cost from my card and a portion from the credit. So far–despite numerous requests, they have not credited that amount back to me.
I called multiple times to check on the status of what I was being told was a “modernization” of the tower. I was told at one point that the problem was system wide–people in my area were all having problems.
One technical rep told me I might need a “signal booster” but they are “very expensive”. I said it was ridiculous for me to need a signal booster when I was 1.5 miles from a tower. He agreed.
I went to the local store and got an amazing run-around. First I was told it was my phone which is “old”. (It’s no more than 4 yrs old. A flip phone). Then another person there said I could get their signal boosting modem for free, for a $25 deposit. The first person said, “no, she’s a pre-paid, they don’t qualify.” I was then told my phone probably was not going to work with the modernization (date of completion, unknown. Supposed to be end of March, but that was also what I was told in February). I was told I should buy a newer phone. BUT no, if I DID buy a newer phone, I couldn’t continue with the plan I had, I would need a more expensive plan AND a more expensive phone.
They told me “sometimes if you’ve been with the company for a long time, they will just give you a phone for free”. I asked for them to arrange that for me. Oh no…they can’t. I have to call customer service and ask them. (I’ve made over a dozen calls to customer service!!!)
I asked for the corporate office’s phone number and address. “We don’t know it, actually,” one of them said. How can they have no corporate address available to them as employees? Why can’t they make adjustments and help out with the situation while I’m there by calling a number that is a direct-line for employees? Who knows? It is incomprehensible to me that people in a T-Mobile store are that inept and that disempowered regarding helping out customers. (When I was with ATT for landline service, the store bent over backwards to make good deals, and would call higher ups about problems and get them adjusted while I was there. That’s one of the “evil” big 2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU T-MOBILE!) I asked about something I’d seen when I log in online–that I qualify for a 0 down promotion on select phones and a discount on select phones. No to the latter.
My sense is that they want people to buy new phones and get more expensive plans. There’s no longer an appreciation of long-term customers (even tho’ they thrive on depriving the big 2–or is that 3–of their subscribers). They won’t work with people to make things feasible. They are supposed to be the trend-setter company. But they aren’t any more. I hate that my hard earned, limited income is going to go to ATT or Verizon, or Sprint, but if I don’t receive better customer service, I see no reason to stay anymore. If there’s a class action suit, sign me up.


JOYCE March 8, 2016 at 4:06 pm



Lan Pham February 23, 2016 at 11:32 pm

I’m canceling my service with Tmobile tomorrow.I got ripped off.
I traded in my old phone for a new one about a yr ago,and all these time they’ve been charging me for the old and the new phone without me knowing it.I demanded a refund,but has been denied.
They claimed that I still have the old phone.What the heck!
I like Tmobile.All I want was a refund.Oh well.They’d just lost a good customer


Rhondeen turton February 22, 2016 at 10:53 pm

Hello at this current time I am soooooo upset, I currently have a Note 4 that i am paying off, the phone was 700$ I owe about 200 dollars, on Feb 18th mynphone gave out on me and just stopped charging, so I called up customer service and spoke to a nice lady which I told my situation to, I wanted to check to see if I had insurance, she said I did not have insurance and she would talk to her supervisor and see how she could help me out, she got back on the phone and said her supervisor said he would give me a credit for what is owe if I agree on a update, I told her fine I would be willing to do so, we spoke about what phone we should upgrade to and she said I would have to pay taxes which was 67 dollars, I told her I would have to put the money on my card so could she call me back in 2 days, she never called back so I decided to call T-Mobile again, I told them about the offer and they laughed and said it’s no way I could of gotten that offer… I spoke with 2 different supervisor and the both said it’s no way they can help me, I asked can they listen to the recording, one supervisor said yes but it would take a week to get a response but I told her a week is too long to go without a phone, I am so upset because I’m stuck with this 700$ phone that is worth nothing and is notneven working and worst of all they think I am a LIAR that’s how they made me feel like everything I said was a lie! Please help me I will not pay for a new phone and still owe on a broke phone when I was promised something totally different…… The account is under my mother’s name Yvonne Buller 773-986-XXXXX. I will not stop here


Jeremiah King March 13, 2016 at 4:22 pm

Hello Rhondeen,

I too have had a similar issue where I was promised one thing, and then was told something totally different, and now T-Mobile is not holding up that initial offer. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 12 consecutive years, and have been a loyal customer. I have also told them to look at the case notes, and listen to the original call where the advisor told me what she did, but of course, the advisor did not put any of those notes in my case, nor are they able to pull up the phone call to prove my point. So basically I am also being called a liar. I’ve spoken to T2 advisors, as well as managers, and account specialists all of whom are telling me the exact same thing. Well I can tell you this T-Mobile, this does not end here with me either.


LeBrecque Morrison February 19, 2016 at 8:46 pm

I’ve been charged an extra $126.82 for absolutely nothing. In the month of November 2015 I’ve payed $126.82, but requested a refund. I received the refund on November 18th I believe, then payed $126.82 on November 27th and every t mobile representative tells me they never received the payment, but my bank statement which I cannot log into right now due to my T Mobile services being suspended says that the $126.82 was deducted, and when I login to my tmobile.com and click payment history, it says that the payment was received, and only one payment was returned. Yesterday evening I called customer service and was transferred to the financial department and was on hold for 45 minutes, then the lady tried talking to me as if I were stupid, and/or clueless, for example she explained what every representative told me which was,” Mr. Morrison your account is past due because you did not pay for the month of October after it was returned”, when I know I did pay. When the lady from the financial department told me the same thing I said I did pay after the payment of $126.82 was returned, and she said, sir can you grab a pen and a pad I’ll be sure to get you to understand this let me know when your ready”. Are you serious? What kind of customer service is that? I’ve told everyone that I have spoken to that I refused to pay for something I already paid for, and I don’t have money to give away simply because I’m the one losing at the end of the day. There were a few representatives who I’ve spoken to who told me they will have someone call me the next day to give me information on how to submit my proof of payment and nobody has called me at all, and this was before my phone was suspended. Yesterday, the lady said that someone will call me today and nobody has called and she told me that my phone was partially suspended meaning I can receive calls, and text, but that was a lie. I can’t receive anything. I hope SOMEONE can help me.


Ella February 5, 2016 at 7:09 pm

I really someone to help with my issue, as the T-Mobile I deal with has completely igorned me and even laughed at me when I told them in Dec. they had the HOLIDAY SPECIAL. I purchased a Galaxy S6 and an LG at that time I was told you qualify for a FREE tablet.so they gave it to me and only to find out I have been charged month after month, Contacted the office here and they said it would take 30-60 days but it is FREE, still charging me so I called the 800 number, and they were very nice and looked into my issue, The gal said, sure enough you do quality for the FREE tablet, let me connect you with billing, so here I am with billing, they too said Yes you quality, and the billing was done incorrectly. So she said it would be taken care of. Still has not! I am in the middle of Dec. and now taking it to Corporate. I hope someone will come up to this issue and resolve this. Goodness this is long enough.


Richard February 21, 2016 at 12:06 pm

Do you have a phone number or two that is a level or more above basic customer service ???


Tammy Robinson February 21, 2016 at 1:07 pm

Try extension 314-8025 or 314-8024 when they prompt you to enter an extension. Good luck!


Brenda March 21, 2016 at 6:07 pm

I also was told the tablet was FREE. But when I asked for the monthly breakdown I was told there was a “monthly data charge for the tablet” I said no thank you to the tablet.


Thomas Manning February 1, 2016 at 8:14 pm

We have store in Pomona, CA that engaged practices to guide our minority community into leases of phone. They will not allow us to pay for phones outright unless you cash! They refused all bank debit cards and credit cards. Their employee stated that it is T-Mobile’s policy to accept only cash, but we can accept the cards to pay only for the taxes on leased phones.

Sunday January 31, 2016
I just called T-Mobile support at 1-877-746-0909 and provided them with the information I told you. I asked if it was the policy of T-Mobile to refuse to accept credit and debit cards to purchase phones. She stated it was not a policy at T-Mobile. She called the store and they told her they would not accept credit or debit card to purchase a phone. She stated she has never encountered this problem before and she would have to get back with me with what actions will be taken by T-Mobile. I want someone from the corporate office to call me at my home number which is on my account. Thank you.

Yikes! Thanks for getting back to us! You have put in a ton of effort, and we would love to take care of you. We are a part of our corporate team, and can definitely give you a ring. Would you mind following this link first, so we can get you squared away? Thanks! https://tmobile.secureauthentication.com/facebook *BrentA

Thanks for getting that done! What is the last 4 of the number you want me to call, and would calling in the next 20 minutes be OK? Thanks, Thomas! *BrentA
I just spoke with a T-Mobile representative, nice man, who stated they would investigate and take internal action as needed. However all this is remain private. With respect to my experience the solution is to go to another store, coroporate, and the problem is solved. I would have perferred a substative solution and redress. This could have been solved outside the legal system if T-Mobile want to handle discrimination head-on. You can not allow this store or any store engaged in this behavior especially in our community. How many people from the community have forced into leases they do not need, all because of the illegal practices of this T-Mobile store?

Thanks for letting me call you, Thomas! I know you deserve a great experience, and that is all we strive to provide. The experience you received is absolutely not what we want for you. I have everything doXXXXented and escalated to our investigation department, so we can take care of this. I want to assure you we take our customer experience seriously, and will make sure this is handled. Here is our store locator if you would like to visit a different location http://www.t-mobile.com/store-locator.html Thanks for your time, and let us know if you ever need anything! We are always here for you! *BrentA
SUN 9:54PM


honoria January 19, 2016 at 11:28 pm

TMobile is a sh*ty company. We went to get a phone during their so called promotion. The clerk made us activate sim cards for phones we were not going to get for three days. Three days later the phones did not arrive. I called customer (non) service and was told it would be three WEEKS before we received our phones. We went back to the store to cancel our order. We thought they would deactivate the sim cards which we did NOT even receive and refund our money They refused to refund our money saying we activated the cards so there was nothing they were going to do. So here we sit out $45 for three sim cards we don’t even have.

Not only that, today I received a letter saying that we owed $103.00 for service. I called customer service and they said that we actually owed only $12.15. I asked “what for?” She said it was for the three days we took to cancel the contract. I was livid. I said “we had no phones, no service , and no patience for this.” She then said she would do me a favor and write off the balance. WHAT FAVOR!



monica January 14, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Switched to T-Mobile for two reasons Did not like AT&T using monmey they charge me to be corporate chairman in 5 state through ALEC. ALEC undermines my/our voice in shaping our own life through corruption of our elected officials…T-Mobile was not so supportive of ALEC at the time…T-Mobile at the time also was not undermining net neutrality as AT&T and Verizon were at the time. I also wanted to promote competition and not allow a greater monopoly by AT&T in buying out T-Mobile and actively reached FCC and congress to prevent that. I also like the good deals unlimited (but slowed) data after the fast data paid cap was used so not to receive overcharges. Even though coverage at the time was worse than Verizon and AT&T I chose to put my money were my mouth was to hopefully pay for service with T-Mobile and expand its coverage if more of us signed up. It has been working and I promoted T-Mobile on my pages. I am and active member of Fresspress.net, EFF,Demand progress…so when your CEO ask who these people are that challenge you about net neutrality regarding Binge-on …KNOW THIS ….many of us are your customers and we are watching what you do…I participate daily with those other groups and value them far, far more than T-Mobile or Binge-on….NUFF SAID????? I have paid T-Mobile my money for 2 or 3 years on and off…..I have been with Freepress.net since 2017…Demand Progress since Arron Swartz started it and EFF from the beginning as well and al;l,the other new ones that just keep on coming as we all spread the word and watch the behaviorr of our ISPs and how they use our money…misuse of customer money is no better than misuse of government money and we hold you accountable to deliver the service we desire in the manner we chose to have it delivered. Our Clicks determine where we link not your pre-selected deals. I might leave T-Mobile if they go against the Neutrality Sir Tim Berners-Lee designed for the WEB…but I won’t leave those groups unless they get weak and tougher, more effective ones show up.


michael j January 13, 2016 at 2:18 pm






gwen graves January 27, 2016 at 12:56 am

Tired of being jerked around and treated like they have a right to my money, but when i have a concern( many) then i am cut off, lied to repeatedly, and talked to like i walk on 4 legs. Not my money not one penny will go to any company who thinks that because they have divested in good business which includes customer service i have been trying to work out issues that they messed up since November. One department called TMobile financial stole my money 86.00, a rep illegally took 83.00 from a credit card that i never authorized.
I have names dates, employee numbers, city states and countries and it does not mean crap.
I can live without a cell phone, i can leave with a thieving company lying and treating me awful. I am in!


Diana February 1, 2016 at 10:30 pm

T Mobile is a horrible company. I ended my service with them in October and they are trying to charge me $250. I have made repeated requests to them to send me an itemized receipt to see what I am getting charged for and have yet to get one. I have been threatened that my bill will go to a collection agency too. Someone I talked to advised me to contact the corporate headquarters which I plan to do.
I was a customer with these crooks for 4 years and this is the thanks I get. I also signed a protest on line through change.org because I read that they discriminate against minorities.

If anyone has advice on how to handle my unwarranted bill with them, please let me know.
Let’s fight this corruption !


Richard February 21, 2016 at 12:08 pm

as soon as you tell them that you are recording the call, they refuse to talk with you or hang up.


stacey carrillo February 23, 2016 at 5:53 pm

Hello Michael J,

Please reach out to me regarding your experience. I have had a horrible experience with lies and false advertisement myself. They have left me with a bill over thousand dollars becasue they did not ay off my old phones from switching carriers as the promotion they were advertising in October 2015. This is horrible. I sent and email to corporate yesterday and im waitng for a responce back from them.


Brenda March 21, 2016 at 6:15 pm

Would you mind sharing that email address? We have been fighting a billing issue for 3 months now. I am tired of dealing with their customer service reps.
Thank you.


ciela wright March 28, 2016 at 3:18 am

yes, please provide the corporate email address. I’ve gotten no help from the local store or from over a dozen t-mobile customer service reps with whom I’ve spoken. The technical service reps weren’t any better. I’ve been a customer for 6 yrs.


Ann March 21, 2016 at 10:45 pm

I am having a problem with T-Mobile and agree with you that they are not customer friendly or honest. I am not letting them get away with this.


LORNA January 6, 2016 at 11:49 am



Nishesh Goel December 17, 2015 at 9:22 pm

I bought refurbished phone online from T-Mobile. Within couple of weeks there was cracking sound in phone and speaker stopped working and I returned the phone with replacement with another refurbished phone. After 2 months, they charged me $284.22 claiming that the phone has a liquid damage. I totally disagree with this claim as I know there was no damage, no cracks.

After talking to Customer Service and Supervisor, they are saying that they can’t do anything and if want I can file claim to UPS as there is a possibility that they may have damaged the phone. I can’t do that as I the return label was given to me by T-Mobile as I don’t have copy of that anymore.
I would like for somebody to help me and escalate this to maximum level possible as this a very bad practice from a reputed company like T-Mobile.

I would like my $284.22 to be waived off due to following reasons:
1. I am certain that I didn’t do any damages
2. T-Mobile claims that refurbished phone may have some issues like scratches but now after 2 months they are claiming that this is no their problem
3. T-Mobile is not honoring their 30 days return policy. Infact they are putting false charges on me that I damaged the phone.


Shondell Morris December 12, 2015 at 10:23 am

Dear Mr. Legerdemain,
I have been a loyal costumer for 11 years with T-Mobile. The other day I woke up to chech my email and my Samsung 5s with so hot I freaked out and thought it was going to explode. My phone screen went blank and I can not get access to anything. I went to the store to get a dignostic test and they told me that I needed a new phone. I said to the sale clerk that he did not even checked it yet to let me know if there is something wrong. This is what he said to me ” Lady T-Mobile only focuses on sales and fixing phone”. I was disgusted and shocked. It was the worst experience that I have ever had this T-Mobile. Off course I walk out with no answer and no phone. Every disappointed with T-Mobile. I can’t believe that your Mission is to get sales instead of reassuring that your loyal costumes are taken care of.

Very diisappointed

Shondell Morris


melissa December 10, 2015 at 1:58 pm

I have been with T-Mobile for 16 years. Customer service SUCKS! Especially if you have to speak to ## over seas! The CEO should call his of M/F 611 and time the hold and the stupid!


Anna December 8, 2015 at 2:56 pm

I’ve about had enough of t-mobiles poorly untrained employees. It never fails every month I have to call them and waste 45 min to 1 hour repeating myself explaining exactly what my issue is and why I’m calling, every time I go onto the my t mobile app on my phone to see my monthly bill I find that I’ve been charged for something I didn’t authorize or even ask for. Also I pay a monthly fee for insurance on all 4 phones that are on my account , the phones cost $189.99 refurbished the “NEW TO YOU” phones haha,thanks a joke. Anyway T-Mobile does explain or even tell you what the deductible is on the phone you have if the phone is damaged. Well my deductible is $175 does anyone besides me see something wrong with this picture?


gwen graves January 27, 2016 at 1:06 am

ABSOLUTELY THAT IS WHY I DROPPED THE COVERAGE BC WHEN A PROBLEM OCCURS THEY WILL SAY, the battery is not covered only the handset….it is crimininal. These phones( all of them have been purposely made to last 2 years tops, then you get to buy a new phone that cost them 4.00 to make and they are charging you a semesters tuition. The power that these companies have and then treat you like garbage( they dont try to fake it) is unthinkable. We need to utilize the monthly time we spend on the phone talking to scripted people here and overseas in coming up with a strategy to take our power back…it is ludicrous to not only get bad service and products, but we pay for it. Dont bother switching companies ALL ARE EQUALLY HORRIFIC, so i hear you loud and clear.


Ashley December 2, 2015 at 8:00 am

I’ve been with t mobile for over 10 years and now and end must come due to the customer service. Currently I have a non working phone because of a corrupted Samsung software that t mobile sent me. Before the software my phone was working fine I called talked too many managers and no one can assist me with this problem. I even did a master reset and lost all my info. Customer care said due to a crack screen they can not assist me. It’s Not about the screen but the Samsung bug that has corrupted my device
My only option is another carrier.


gwen graves January 27, 2016 at 1:12 am

Please no that they are all operating from the same page. I had verizon for 2 months and nearly lost my mind bc of theft, overpriced device, lying sXXXX about promotions. And be aware that 3rd party dealers are not honored by the corporate storesand you dont even know their is a difference. I am out of a lot of money between verizon and tmobile and i cant tell them apart with their unscrupulous behavior. I just wonder if we all decided to suspend services for two weeks what would the financial impact be….it is insanity and we can do something about it.


Tierra November 30, 2015 at 2:47 pm

I use to love my T-Mobile service. Until the messed up my account. I can’t figure out how over 5 people don’t have enough sense to think. If a change of ownership was done in September 2015 not even 30 days after the device was brought why would the person not take over everything related to that line. Instead of owning up to someone not doing their job correctly. Everyone has some dumb reason that don’t make sense for why it was not completed. Now the issue is the device is over 60 days. Well if it was done right the first time then we would not have this issue over 60 days later.


Jen December 10, 2015 at 7:12 am

Hello, sounds like I am experiencing the same thing you’ve went through. Has your problem been resolved? Mine hasn’t and my next step is corporate offices. Any help will do, thank you.


LaDawne Smith November 28, 2015 at 6:48 pm

T-mobile exchange # 225913207

I am writing this this evening, extremely furious about the way that T-mobile handles their claims. I received a refurbished phone in July from their jump program and in Oct the screen completely went blank. I took the phone to a T-mobile store for assistance and was advised to call for the warranty exchange program since the phone was refurbished. I called, explain the situation and a replacement face was sent. Exactly one month later, I receive a letter from T-mobile stating that I will be charged $400. because the phone was damaged.

Now here is where my problem began; #1 my phone was not damaged (broken, cracked, broken display screen or water damage when the phone was shipped back) the only problem was that the screen went blank with color lines through-out the screen.# 2 I followed every procedure as instructed to return the phone. # 3 How in the hell are you going to charge me for something that happened during the shipping process? I do not have any control over any damage that occur during shipping and therefore should not be held accountable for them! I have spoke to 4 supervisors, the last one named Andrew B. #14157355, for them to tell me that they will reduce the charges as if I went thru my insurance and charge me $175 instead (WTH)…. NOT!!!!

Ok so you want to charge me $175.00 but if I had went through my insurance I would of had a NEW PHONE and not a refurbished one especially when I am still paying for the phone I have now…. Secondly, I will not be played! You tell me to go back to the store to where I took the phone before I called for the warranty exchange to have them notate the account about the phone not being damaged so my account can be credited for the $400. But now I have to go thru the same BS all over again because no one at the tmobile store will make the notation without seeing the phone to verify since it’s been a month and the person that helped me, claims that she doesn’t remember.

I am so damn pissed! I have left a message with corporate office and have also filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission. I will not pay for damages when I did not cause them!

Bottom line, when I brought the phone is was refurbished, not brand new and I will not be charged as if I just got a new phone when all was sent to me was a replacement face….

I truly hope that this serious matter can be fixed. Thank you

Ms. Smith


Xavier December 15, 2015 at 6:29 pm




Business Management
Contact Information


On December 16 th our phone line 702 872 XXXXX has been CANCELLED! WITHOUT CONSENT OR/AND VERIFIED APPROVED NOTICE.

I am on a timeline to close a contract on Wednesday December 16th for $217,000.00 US.. in which we must abide and comply with sucontractors and operating crews that have been scheduled for inmediate jobs and I have been left without, communication on snow storm day in Hays, kansas. Please understand I have my children, a newborn, a crew out there under extreme weather conditions, contractors, suppliers, clients, school finals, students, patients, & my wife with medical condition that requires attention.(please refer to weather log records for today in Hays, kansas). Please check this data on the account:

– How many years long we have been your customer?
– The usage difference between the two lines
– We just added a third line
– We just purchase 3 brand new Samsung Cell phones 3 weeks ago
– There is no pending charges at all
– As a fact we have been already charged for 3 lines when t-mobile already had 1 line scheduled for disco

Please observe this data. Notice we have no intention at this time to terminate services with you therefore

We do not understand how this cell phone number got cancelled.  

I have kept this phone number FOR OVER 12 YEARS related to all my personal, commercial, educational, white and yellow pages, legal, clerical, government, taxes, social media and community nationally and overseas linked to all lifedata extend and not limited to my wife research doctors and research facilities over the U.S. and our four children with their schools, activities, healthcare.  I AM THE DESIGNATED EMERGENCY CONTACT of my siblings, mentor and big brother programs; even my mother on immigration status process that requires a ($450.00) affidavit form to update her contact info.

Note: My wife has FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis) cancer survivor and she is undergoing relapse condition that disables part of her body to work properly every six weeks without been able to get prognosis or treatment in which we have an undergoing research on stem cell therapy and culture samples that are in study as we speak provided by the umbilical cord (cordblood llc.) our newborn and the logistics and communications of all this data needs to be shared with  is extremely harmful due of the uniqueness of the case. to please understand the severity of the timing of your actions.

My 92 years old grandmother was rushed to the hospital last week and remains in ICU. My mother is already in Panama City with her.  Panama is a country that not everybody has smart phones or internet access. My family, neighbors, u.s. military friends and contractors from before I got to Hays still communicate with me only via phone as they belong to a different generation were phone # was the only source of communication related to your identity.















Nishesh Goel December 17, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Ms. Smith,

Did you got your issue resolved? I have a similar situation where T-mobile charged me $282.32 for a refurbished phone which was returned within 2 weeks.


tracey February 16, 2016 at 7:13 pm

Thanks alot tmobile. A store did fraudulent things on our account and charged us for phones we do not have nor purchase. Processed new phones as returns in order to upgrade us but didn’t tell us. Then we got charged no return fees for not returning phones we didn’t have. Got charged for a brand new phone that I never received but someone else is using on their account. Someone we don’t know…but there IMEI was used in order to process a return on my account to get me that type of phone and tell me I’m getting a new phone and instead I get a warranty exchange phone. Didn’t have a phone to return in place because it was done fraudulently….tmobile is cancelling my service because of the bill and told me I should have known better…..so so wrong on so many levels.. looks like


Karll Jackson November 21, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Hello. My name is Karll Jackson. I have been a loyal customer of this company for many years. I’m also an employee of AT&T. I’m often hounded for having the “tmaybe” as they call it. I’ve never considered leaving until tonight. I’m furios. I’m insured. I send back a Galaxy Note 2 which isn’t worth 150 bucks because the charger port is wiggling and stopped charging. I get ready to pay my bill and realize that it’s almost $600. I was told it was due to physical damage because prongs inside were broken or something. That’s insane guys. That’s robbery. I’m I dealing with the mob? I would hate to leave the company but I can’t settle for this twice. Recently returned daughters phone. Hate a water damage fee which my child and mother swears to God that the phone had no damage. I had to put the company’s word over my family’s. Can’t do that again. Someone please contact me to work something out. Cx service is giving me the run around and I need to get this business cleared up. Thanks


Customer November 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm

Yes my name is earnise mayfield just wanted to let you guys know about the fraudulent activity that your company is doing first of all I’m a very concerned customer for you guys to flag me as fraudulent are doing fraud when I never done brother my life you guys this guy named Adrian keeps calling my phone saying that he’s from the front department but there’s no way to get back in touch with him he doesn’t leave a phone number his last name in the extension number nothing he just says call t-mobile back I still got the voicemail kind of creepy another thing is is that I ordered an iPhone when everything was okay my account is okay you guys always get your money and for some reason my account was flagged for fraud I’m if you guys don’t trust me as a customer how can I trust you guys at the company you guys got all my information I ain’t got nothing on you guys ever since I’ve been with you guys this company has been nothing but fraudulent activity over charging me for things double billing me cussing me out calling me a n***** calling me a b**** doing this doing that and it’s a constant thing with T Mobile is that how you guys treat your guyses customers and if so I mean why do you guys say you guys are such a good company and you guys look out for your customers and you guys got a great customer service and all this stuff when you can don’t give a damn about you guys its customers are you guys one is the money I would really appreciate if somebody get back in touch with me ASAP I left Kelly spindle email a week and a half ago and she still has not got back to me I know that’s a normal practice with tmobile they say that they get back to you and never do I know its a normal practice with you guys but I would really appreciate if somebody get back in touch with me ASAP otherwise I’m following the civil lawsuit because I shouldn’t be on the fraud alert thing. Cuz I never done Friday my life every phone that I exchange because your phone’s wasn’t working because you guys are a piece of crap of a company I returned every single phone so hot why am I on the fraud alert thing where I have to pay half of the bill before it gets put on to my bill the rest of the phone has to be put on my bill at the pay half of the phone up front when I never had to do that before so if you could get back to me with some answers that would be fantastic thank you so much have a great day bye bye


JC Green November 19, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I have been a tmobile customer for years and I am appalled that when my phone started to malfunction the tmobile rep instructed me to mail my phone back to the company. The phone had multiple problems such as no google search, could not send text messaging and phone calls were being dropped. The tmobile rep stated that he would send me an upgraded replacement phone. Tmobile stole or lost my phone. I mailed the phone back to tmobile on 10/10/15 via tracking # 1ZRV91769096478714. The phone was received at the Texas warehouse on 10/19/15. I have called tmobile several times and have spoke with several different reps who can not find my phone in their warehouse. Some of these reps stated they did find the phone and gave me order #225359574 to confirm I will receive the upgraded phone in the mail but to my dismay I still do not have my phone which I originally paid over $200 dollars for. One supervisor, Erin, gave me another number 059686652 to confirm that she inquired with the corporate office as to my whereabouts of my phone. At this point I have been without all of my personal contacts and information for a month.This is ridiculous!!!!!!! I want tmobile to either send me a refund check for the full amount I paid for the phone or send me the upgraded phone within 2 business days. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!


Sharon Brunson November 17, 2015 at 4:12 pm

T-Mobile sucks after leaving Boost and the Rep at T-Mobile swears by their phones if I had any problems my phone would be replaced. After two weeks of buying the phone I’m having problems. Called customer service gave me the run around, went back to the T-Mobile store no loaner phones available they would upgrade the phone if I paid additional 72.00. I bought the phone. I shipped the bad phone to get it fixed and finally a loaner phone was available then the loaner phone stopped working that night after paying a 50.00 refundable deposit. I could’nt return the second phone to get my money back but told me there’s a restocking fee and could only get 20.00 for the phone. What a rip off! talking about pissed I’ve been fighting with them for 2 months I’ve acquired 3 phones in two months which don’t work. I will NEVER recommend anyone to T-Mobile you can bet on that. I will be leaving T-Mobile…


Preston Dunn November 15, 2015 at 10:07 am

Tmobile representative answered the phone. Accent was thick and difficult to understand. she asked for my payment information. I stated my sister was paying my bill. She took ALL OF MY SISTER’S personal information before stating they could only pay 10.00 with a card not previously used. I asked to speak to a supervisor and stated the CSR should have stated this fact BEFORE asking for my sister’s social, dob, and full name. The supervisor did not apologize and did not validate my or my sister’s concern. I then asked for the corporate office because identity theft is real! He refused to give us the corporate number and said he was the only boss and did not have any other contact information for us to report our concerns. For that reason, this service contact was poor, unprofessional, and scary!


Chelsie Mosley November 15, 2015 at 4:35 am

I’ve been with T-Mobil for years and never really had any negative issues, other than drop calls and no services in the building that I work. However, those issues were resolved with the assistance of T-Mobil tech support. My complaint today is that I ordered a iPhone 6s Plus, 64g, I currently have an iPhone 6 64g. However, the phone came by mail, via UPS because they weren’t available at the store at the time of order. Anyhow, when I opened the box that the phone came in, I see the iPhone box said iPhone 6s, 64g. I immediately called the store that I orders the phone from and was told to return it. Which I did, within 1 hour of receiving it, on the same date received (10/19/2015), I went back to the same UPS store, in which I paid (10.72) to send the phone back and received a tracking number (1z04519R0347765224). When I tracked the package, to see if it was delivered on the date that UPS said it would arrived, it did. The phone was delivered by UPS ground and arrived at the T-Mobil receiving dock at Dallas Forth Worth, TX on October 22, 2015 at 10:00 am, where it was signed for. Now on the date the phone was received, I called T-Mobil and told them the situation, I provided them with the tracking number that I received from UPS and the put in an handset research request. I received an email stating this

“T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request Handset Order Reference: 05939466

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Unfortunately we are unable to process your request with the information that was provided. Please contact Customer Care by dialing 611 from your handset or by calling 1-800-937-8997 if further assistance is needed.”

I called that number in the email, and they put that request in again, I received another email again stating this

“T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request Handset Order Reference: 05952160

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We show no record of the equipment being received by our warehouse. Please allow up to 7 business days from the date the package is delivered to the warehouse to allow time to confirm the contents of the package. If it is past the 7 business days, you may want to contact the shipper concerning the shipment.”

At this point, the frustration, started to kick in. However I called again and was told that there’s nothing showing that the phone was received, I then requested to speak with a supervisor, who assured me the this issue will be addressed within a few days, oh not to mention, that I’m being charged for that phone, the supervisor, stated that he froze that those charges in my account until the phone is recovered. I called back again to see if it was recovered and it wasn’t, so I asked for corporate number and was told that there’s no number but just an email address, so I asked for another supervisor, who assured me that, they will contact the warehouse immediately to get this resolved. This is becoming very frustrating and I’m annoyed that no one can possible find a package that was received almost 1 month now. Today is November 15, 2015, and my returned package have yet been received. I don’t understand, if the package was signed for and a tracking number showed that it was delivered, I don’t know why it wasn’t immediately scanned and notated that it was received on the same day that my tracking, showed that it was delivered. I need this issue addressed ASAP or else I will be forced to take this matter further, legally. No customer should be put through any situations like this. It’s really unprofessional and not right. Thank you

Very respectfully


Jason M. Elkins November 8, 2015 at 9:06 pm

To Mr. John J. Legere

My name is Jason M. Elkins and I have been a nearly 6 year customer of T-Mobile. I know many complaints come across your desk and I am simply to the point where complaining doesn’t get anyone anywhere with your company other than more headaches. You see Mr. Legere, I truly want to stay with T-Mobile, I find solace in long term professional relationships, however when ones needs are simply not met or unheard, it becomes difficult for the relationship to continue which is why I am now writing to you sir. I have met some wonderful T-Mobile customer service employees along this unfortunate adventure with my service. My complaints started with basic issues with my phone, such as dropped calls and freezing up. It then progressed into lack of service completely due to tower upgrades in certain areas in NE Ohio. I was promised a date for me to receive a replacement phone and when that date came and went, I then had to call again which I spoke to a wonderful woman who kindly waited on the phone with me including drop calls and all, as she walked me through a process of receiving a phone at your Beldin Village Ohio location. At the moment, my needs seem to have been met and I went about my way. Unfortunately, It couldn’t have been so simple as that. As I have expressed in the past with many of your team members, I use my phone for work often as most business individuals do. The Core phone that was sent to me has done nothing but freeze up, and runs extremely slow. When I am in the middle of a phone call simply trying to switch call because a client, or my office is trying to get a hold of me and suddenly my phone freezes up and I have to pull the battery to reboot it, Do you feel that this was a suitable replacement phone for my troubles. My experience with your company doesn’t end their. I recently had to acquire a T-mobile signal booster for my residency in the 44XXXX area, where their is little to no coverage; I still have no solid coverage. The concerning issue at that point is when I told your store employee about my current issues, he simply dismissed it by saying “Its the bottom of the barrel phone, its junk and is extremely slow” If your team members don’t stand behind your product, then why should your customers? What really continues to bother me is the multiple let downs and the lack of follow up from your company. I am always able to use my wi-fi for calls or my land line, but the frustration with your company and its devices continue to build. I am an advocate for T-Mobile, I simply would like a device that will match my needs as my old phone did prior to the issues. This new one that has been sent to me does not even come close to the quality or speed my previous phone had. I hope you can empathize with my struggles as I am sure you would feel the same as a business professional. I am an operations manager responsible for nearly 200 accounts and it is imperative that I have constant open lines of communication with my clients as well as my team members. I ask that you or someone with equal authority to reach me at 330-815-XXXXx to discuss what other options their is prior to beginning the daunting task of a new relationship with a new carrier, I truly hope that time valued customer means something to your company more than just a paid monthly bill. I truly hope we can find common ground again, so I can go on paying my monthly bill with no aggravations for me or your company, that makes for a great relationship.

Jason M. Elkins


Jim Heger November 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm

“Never Switch to T-Mobile”

Switching to T-Mobile was a mistake. I was promised a lower monthly bill (that didn’t happen) and reimbursement of my termination fees from the previous carrier. That didn’t happen either. I have been on the phone for the last 2 months trying to resolve these issues but keep getting tossed around like a Caesar Salad. I still have not received my reimbursement for T-Mobile after 5 months so I keep calling and keep getting the runaround from CSR people who sound like their at a playground with so much background noise. I’m going to pursue this at all costs until get what I was promised. I don’t like being lied to and I assure you I’m not going to get screwed by this two bit company.


Marelly Carretero October 22, 2015 at 7:11 pm

I have been a T-Mobile customer for well over a year and never had an issue up until now. When I switched, I was a Sprint customer and was paying almost $500 per phone bill for 3 lines. I switched to T-Mobile because their family plan was less than $200 per month and they had the Early Termination Fee promotion going on at that time. I uploaded a copy of my bill to the T-Mobile site to claim the ETF promotion and it was declined. The form I submitted was not the correct bill they needed. I will accept blame for that considering it was my error uploading an incorrect doXXXXent. I went back to the mall (Chicago Ridge Mall) to the T-Mobile kiosk and spoke to Kevin. This is the same representative that helped me sign up for T-Mobile service. I gave Kevin a copy of my bill and he promised me he would submit it immediately and get this taken care of. This occurred in August of 2014. It is now Oct of 2015 and I recently received a letter from Sprint with a bill of almost $1800 because nothing was ever paid off. I try to call T-Mobile to see exactly what happened and first off, I got the run around and was directed to an automated system in which there was never any option to speak to a representative. I called back and finally got a live human, Julie, who transferred me to the Reimbursement department. I do not recall the name of the man whom I spoke with. He was of no help. He explained to me that there is nothing they can do, it was beyond the time length allotted for me to claim the Early Termination Fee. He claimed to have spoken to a supervisor who as well told him they could do nothing to help me. This seems highly unfair considering it was THEIR employee who outright lied and told me he would submit my bill so I could receive the promotion and obviously he didn’t. I will be seeking legal counsel. They have also lost me as a customer as I am now switching to a different cell phone provider.
I would like it T-Mobile would accept responsibility for their employee lying to me and not submitting my bill on time. I did make a mistake submitting the incorrect doXXXXent when I made the attempt myself which is why I asked for the help of a T-Mobile employee. I was blatantly lied to and when I tried to see if they would be willing to help with at least half of this bill from Sprint, they denied any kind of assistance and tried to place the blame on me instead. I would very much like it if they would pay off this almost $1800 bill or if at the very least they would pay half and honor the promotion they have running.


Rick October 18, 2015 at 7:37 pm

Why doesn’t T-Mobile have an email address listed anywhere??? Are they so incredibly COWARDLY that they don’t want anyone to know what it is? There is a link that in this content with the anchor text “Email T-Mobile”, but it goes to a contact page that doesn’t have their email address anywhere! You’d think it would at least have a contact form, but it doesn’t even have that!


Kenny andino October 17, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Hi my name is kenny Andino all I want to say is that tmobile have stole money from me on the 16 taking 305 dollars out of my bank account saying that I made a payment arrangement on that day for that amount and that I made another arrangement on the 30th to pay 1,200 is all bull sh*t I never made that arrangement and I never authorized anything they say they send me notification by text and they never did,f-ing thief and liars,thanks to you guys now I don’t have any money for the next 2 weeks and I have other bills to pay,Im very disappointed,never expected this from you guys.do you guys really need to still from people to be happy?.


Shanae October 15, 2015 at 10:10 pm

I am so pissed off with the customer service that I receive with this company. I highly recommend for customer service representatives to be retrained as well as supervisors.


Ernest G October 14, 2015 at 6:10 pm

I was paying insurance every month on a phone I bought not more than 7 months ago, I started having problems w/ the phone so I called for them to fix/replace the phone for me, since that’s what insurance is for.
They sent me a refurbished phone which I called to notify them but kept it anyway, 2 months later I get a bill for $450, when I called to find out what the issue was they alleged that the glass on the lens of my rear camera is cracked !! A cracked screen on an iPhone 6s plus dont even cost that much, let alone the cracked tiny glass on the back camera lens of a sumsung. I asked so why dont u fix the problem I called abt & return my phone they said they couldn’t do that. I said ok just being me the phone cos $450 for a tiny piece of glass is seriously not worth it, once again they refused. But they went ahead and disconnected my service for not paying. The civil court advised that by law they couldn’t disconnect my service if the charge is not related directly to the the service bit to a device charge, but those thugs dont care since they have been given the power to treat customers any how they wish. But I SWEAR ILL SEE TO IT THEY PAY EVERY CENT THEY TAKE FROM ME.


Shanae October 15, 2015 at 10:14 pm

I would always recommend for you to take pictures of the device and go to a branch for them to see that you are putting it in the defective box and make notes on the account.I was in this situation, but did not get charged for the device due to going to the branch to drop the defective phone off.


Lisa Mortensen Hammoudeh October 6, 2015 at 8:18 pm

Dear John Legere,
I have been a longtime T Mobile customer since 2003. Just this past Friday October the 2nd I went into the T Mobile store to pay my bill. In addition I switched from the Jump plan I had to Jump on Demand. I placed an order for the iphone 6s. I was told the phone was on a six to eight week back order which is fine with me. I told the T Mobile representative to email me the agreement to sign off on. Yesterday came and I called the 611 number to T Mobile Customer Care. They said they did not have my correct email address. When I gave her my correct email address she said that she would resend it out to me. I told her if I did not receive it by today that I would call back and let them know. Well it did not come through my email and now they are telling me today that they cannot resend it and that I will need to go back to the store and start the order all over again. I am a 25 plus year teacher of special needs students and my time is not only valuable I did everything I needed to on my end. Unfortunately if this issue is not resolved or if I do not receive a call back by tomorrow October 7th. Wednesday. I will be calling to cancel my 12 years of service. I have been with T Mobile since your start up as has my son in Seattle. This is truly horrible custoner service. When I asked the woman on the telephone today about talking to her supervisor I was told that she also would not be able to help me and that I would need to go back to the store. This is ridiculous. Up until now over the years I have referred many friends to T Mobile and have nothing but praise for T Mobile but this situation of only needing an email if my contract tovsign off on has been a total nightmare. I would thonk or hope that this reaches John Legere. This Jump on Demand which he has touted for me personally is starting off on a horrible note and now I have no order for my iphone6s.

Lisa Hammoudeh


Ms. Brake October 5, 2015 at 11:14 am

Mr. Legere:
This morning, October 5, 2015, I attempted to access my T-Mobile Hot Spot. I have used this technology for the past year to connect to the internet for my online courses. I was devastated to see that “for some reason” my “recurring” monthly payments had not been applied to my account.

At approximately 7:30 a.m., this morning, I began the arduous and futile journey of seeking help from T-Mobile by calling 877-720-5195, 877-778-2176, and 877-453-1304. On every call I was given the “run-around” by either “a George,” “a Carlos,” “an April” as I was forwarded to different sections. Then “a Sam (woman) who was more helpful than any of the others connected me to “a Kevin” who identified himself as a supervisor. He said he looked at my account, changed my expiration date (on my newly issued “security chip” credit card) and that all I needed to do was to accept the terms of doing business with T-Mobile. Okay, fine. He then transferred me to “a Michelle” who eventually hung up on me after I tried to explain to her that Kevin had transferred me to her number to accept T-Mobile Terms.

Was I infuriated? Yes, indeed. I felt as though not one person (other than the woman Sam and maybe Kevin took the time to help me. The woman April was helpful but when she attempted to transfer me I was disconnected.

There must be a better way to handle customer-service calls instead of sending your customers on a “wild goose chase!”


margaret petitti September 21, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I have tried so many times, by calling t Mobile customer support, my phone is a galaxy 5 and I can’t get a signal, i can’t get the Internet, i get my voice mails, 3 to 4 days later, ,, and because I get my voice mails so late, i have missed important messages, , calls are always disconnected, my phone constantly says network not available, i have called t Mobile so many times, and I still have this problem, when I had u s cellular, for 9 years, i never ever had any problems, i was so upset when they were no longer in service, t Mobile can’t compare there service with u s cellular, , i wish like many other people have said, that we wish they were still in business, ,, so now I pay for a phone, that i can’t even use, , no one ever gets back to me, ,,,, ever, thanks for nothing


Paolo Paravano September 9, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Let me start off by saying that when I first signed up with T mobile they had, undisputed, the best customer service in the business!!

Now unfortunately, next to Direct TV, T Mobile has by far one of the worst that I have had to deal with!!

17/18 months ago I got my two Daughters Samsung Galaxy S5’s and right out of the gate there was issues with the one phone which was replaced four separate times at the T Mobile store where we purchased them. There have been many frustrating calls to tech support to have the issues resolved and as yet this hasn’t happened!!

I am paying for two defective products which plain and simply don’t work!! We have gone back to the local store and complained and have been told by the store manager that the S5’s are problematic phones and he suggests we replace them!!

Ah hello when you buy a product from any company and it doesn’t work the company is obliged to try and resolve the problem, not try and get me to spend more money to sort the problem out!!

I again called and tried to get this situation resolved this evening, guess what? The rep I spoke to was a complete and utter butthead and basically told me to move my business to another company!! So here we are I’ve been a loyal customer for a number of years now and cannot fathom the turn around in customer disservice that has beset T-Mo-Vile!

I’m going to send a synopsis of this complaint with all the details to every consumer website that I can!!


Amy September 4, 2015 at 4:17 pm

I have been customer with this company for three months. When I decided to switch to TMobile, it was because I needed smaller payment. When I got to the local store, I was told that despite the sign saying “0 down payment” I could not get the phone that I wanted because I had to make a down payment, So now I have a cheap phone that in spite of a number (at least 3) resets it still does not work properly. I also signed up for the JUMP program. I was told that I would be able to upgrade my phone at any time. As I need a reliable phone I have kept an eye out for when I could get a phone for no down payment. So thinking that I would be able to get a new phone I went to a store. There I was told that I had to make a down payment and it was only after 12 months. Now that phone that I would like to get would have cost me around $430. I called the Customer Relations number because I was a little confused. I was then told that if I switch from the original JUMP to JUMP on demand that I would be able to get the phone that I wanted with, that’s right, 0 down payment. That was yesterday. Thinking that luck was on my side I went back to the store today and attempted the switch. What do I come to find out? I could upgrade my phone, BUT even with the trade in I would have to may a $372 down payment. To say that I am one pissed off woman would be a huge understatement. I am now stuck with a phone that does not work properly and a carrier that clearly could care less about the happiness of their customers.


Gail October 5, 2015 at 3:55 pm

I hear you loud and clear. I have been with them since 2002. They suck. Never call you back. Pay 700.00 for a phone 3mhs down the road does not work. They give you a refurbished phone, used. After you pay go I d money. I have note 3, this is my 6th one.
Not to mention everytime I have to reset up all my information loose a lot as well. What a scam with that jump bs. Smh


Andrea Mercado August 31, 2015 at 4:10 pm

My issue started on June 18, 2015, when I mailed back a damaged Sony Xperia Z3 via the United States Postal Service (USPS).
July 28, 2015, I went online to pay my bill and saw that I owed $ 1,186! I called Customer Service spoke with a representative that stated it was because of a non-returned phone. She said that she would file an escalation form and follow up with me; I took her word and made my normal payment.
August 27, 2015, went online saw that my bill was again $1,186,(never received a follow up phone call/text/email) I immediately called Customer Service but since I had such a large balance I was routed to “financial Care” there I spoke with Sierra. Sierra was NOT helpful, she ignored what I was saying and kept asking about a payment. I eventually convinced Sierra to transfer me to a manager, but to my surprise she just transferred me to Customer Service. On that call I spoke with Ambrea from South Carolina, Ambrea stated that there was nothing she can do. Ambrea stated that she can fill out an escalation form (already done a month ago) and follow up with me. Ambrea said I MUST make arrangements for the balance or my service will be interrupted.
So I told Ambrea, I am not making arrangements for a phone I returned. I asked Ambrea “If I make my payment, but refuse to make arrangements on a phone I returned, you will still turn my phone off?” She stated “yes”, what kind of Customer Service is this? I then asked Ambera to enlighten me on what happens past this point. She told me that I would have to file a claim with the USPS, I told her let’s pretend that’s done, then what? She stated I would get transferred to the “Loyalty” department, I asked then what? and she said “well they may take half off or all, I don’t exactly know.” So I explained to her what incentive do I have to make a payment at all? Do the right thing and get penalized, don’t do the right thing and still get penalized.
After pushing for a while I had Ambera transfer me to the Loyalty Department. After a minute or two of being on hold Chelsea from the Loyalty department in Salem Oregon was on the line. Chelsea stated Ambrea gave her a quick synopsis but then asked me what was going on. So again, I went on and on regarding this phone. Chelsea interrupted me and said “Andrea, your phone is here, it was received on July 23rd. don’t worry its well within the 60 days and I am going to get this all handled for you.” She then placed me on hold and said “I’m so sorry but the Resolution Department is closed, but don’t worry I will call you back Sunday because I am off Friday and Saturday, I will personally get this taken care of. I will place a 10 day hold on your account don’t make a payment we will do everything on Sunday!” Chelsea said she would call me at 130 my time (in California).

I was so relieved; I asked how she could see it and no one else could. She said “I can’t speak for everyone else It was right there on the hand set form, let’s not get into that I will call you Sunday and get this all taken care of.”
August 30, 2015, 2:30 pm and no phone call from Chelsea! So again I call T-Mobile and get Ericka in Tampa Florida a person in Financial Care. I get Ericka to transfer me and after 17 minutes and 48 seconds I get women named Aleena in the Resolution department. I asked Aleena to read the notes because I was and am exhausted from telling the story. Aleena said that she can see the notes from Chelsea but no follow up? She said that her notes say nothing about finding the phone; she also said that there was a follow up opened but then closed. Aleena then instant messaged Chelsea to ask her about the conversation on August 27th. Aleena said Chelsea messaged her back and she (Chelsea) said she never said that the phone was there and that she was only going to transfer me to the Resolution Department on Sunday. Chelsea did admit to having a follow up reminder but in her email not in the system and that she was about to call me in an hour.
At this point I am frustrated and I did curse (not at Aleena) but at the situation, Chelsea is a liar and she 100% told me that the handset was located and that this will all be taken care of. Aleena tried to apologize for the situation but stated all she can do is escalate this to a warehouse manager and call me back September 3rd at 6pm her time (because of my work schedule).
I also requested her to have the phone call with Chelsea pulled and have a supervisor listen to the call. I told Aleena Chelsea did tell me that my phone was there and that she would call me back. Aleena said that she cannot tell me the outcome. I advised her that I don’t care what they do to her but she cannot LIE to customers and have no repercussions.



Paolo Paravano September 9, 2015 at 9:43 pm

file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission!!


andrea mercado August 30, 2015 at 8:28 pm

Mr. Legere,
I am sure that I jumped many chains of commands but I need your assistance.
June 18, 2015, I mailed back a damaged Sony Xperia Z3.
July 28th I went online to pay my bill and saw I owed $ 1,186! I called Customer Service spoke with a representative that stated it was because of a non returned phone. She said that she would file an escalation form and follow up with me, I took her word and made my normal payment.
August 27, 2015, went online saw that my bill was again $1,186, immediately called Customer Service but since i had such a large balance I was routed to “financial Care” there I spoke with Sierra. Sierra was NOT helpful just ignored what I was saying and kept asking about a payment. I eventually convienced Sierra to transfer me to manager, but to my surprise she just transferred me to Customer Service. On that call I spoke with Ambrea from South Carolina, Ambrea stated that there was nothing she can do. Amber stated that she can fill out an escalation for (already done a month ago) and follow up with me. Ambrea said I MUST make arrangements for the balance or my service will be interrupted.
So I told Ambrea, I am not making arrangements for a phone I returned. I asked Ambrea “If I make my payment, but refuse to make arrangements on a phone I returned, you will still tun my phone off?” She stated “yes”, what kind of Customer Service is this? So I then asked Ambera to enlighten me on what happens past this point. She told me that I would have to file a claim with the USPS, I told her lets pretend thats done, then what? She stated I would get transferred to the “Loyalty” department, I asked then what and she said “well they may take half off or all, I don’t exactly know.” So I explained to her what incentive do I have to make a payment at all? Do the right thing and get penalized , don’t do the right thing and still get penalized.
After pushing for a while I got Ambera to transfer to me the Loyalty Department. After a minute or two of being on hold Chelsea from the Loyalty department in Salem Oregon was on the line. Chelsea stated Ambrea gave a quick synopsis but then asked me what was going on. So again, I went on and on regarding this phone. Chelsea interrupted me and said “Andrea, your phone is here, it was received on July 23rd. Don’t worry its well within the 60 days and I am going to get this all handled for you.” She then placed me on hold and said “I’m so sorry but the Resolution Department is closed, but don’t worry I will call you back Sunday because I am off Friday and Saturday, i will personally get this taken care of. I will place a 10 day hold on your account don’t make a payment we will do everything on Sunday!” Chelsea said she would call me at 130 my time (in California). I was so relieved, I asked how she could see it and no one else could. She said “I can’t speak for everyone else It was right there on the hand set form, lets not get into that I will call you Sunday and get this all taken care of.”
August 30, 2015, 230 my time, no phone call from Chelsea! So again I call T-mobile and get Ericka in Tampa Florida, and again a person in Financial Care. I get Ericka to transfer me and after 17 minutes and 48 seconds I get a women named Aleena in the Resolution department. I asked Aleena to read the notes because I was and am exhausted from telling the story. Aleena said that she can see the notes from Chelsea but no follow up? She said that her notes say nothing about finding the phone. Aleena then instant messaged Chelsea to ask her about the conversation on August 27th. Aleena said Chelsea said she never said that and that she had a follow up reminder in her email but not in the system ( so now I am furious).
Aleena said that all she can do is escalate this to a warehouse manager and call me back September 3rd at 6pm her time (because of my work schedule). I also requested her to have that phone call with Chelsea pulled and have a supervisor to listen to the call. I told Aleena Chelsea did tell me that my phone was there and that she would call me back. Aleena said that she can not tell me the outcome, I advised her that I don’t care what they do to her but she can not LIE to customers and have no repercussions.


Jon Morgan August 29, 2015 at 11:29 am

I’ll try to be as concise as possible, but realize that the following events took place over two months (June 23rd – August 25th, 2015) and was quite involved. I recorded nearly every conversation to back up my claims, to include our final conversation with the store manager.
On June 23, 2015 my wife and I switched our service over to T-Mobile based on their promise of lower monthly bill, unlimited text/voice/data, and a stronger signal. The in store salesman was made aware of our bad connection concerns and showed us T-Mobile’s coverage map of our area, our house was right in the middle of a very strong signal area. We let him know the importance of home coverage as we spend over 90% of our time at home and use the phone mainly for medical and small business purposes. He assured us that we would have no issues and because the signal was so good we would even be able to use our phones as internet hot spots. Unfortunately we had issues getting a connection immediately after getting home that day.
I called T-Mobile customer service right away and they said it was due to porting the numbers over and that within a couple of days we should be good to go. We waited a couple of days and even though we had an intermittent signal we kept getting a ‘not recognized on the network’ error, so I called customer service again. This was the start of a very long, tedious, and involved process in which I made many calls to T-Mobile and worked with many customer service reps, IT reps, and Customer Loyalty reps. All very pleasant and eager to help, promising me that what they were doing and having me do would fix the issue.
Over the next two months I was instructed by IT to use a signal booster, but had to send it back because it could not find a signal to boost. The next IT I talked to said I shouldn’t had been sent it in the first place and instead sent me a T-Mobile wireless router. This IT rep said that even if I have a weak signal the router would ensure I would have phone service through my internet. Never mind I pay for that internet service separately and he thought it was fine if that was the only way I could get voice/text service and T-Mobile not compensate me monthly for that cost to correct their short comings. I installed the router as instructed and still no cell phone service.
Back to calling T-Mobile. Another IT rep instructed me to reset my phone to factory settings and installing the latest software upgrade, then add apps one at a time giving each one a day to see if it was interfering with the phone service; that easily took a few days. Still no phone service so I was instructed to go into the store and have a new SIM card installed, which I did, but when I got close to home the service was non-existent again.
I called T-Mobile Customer service and they decided to send me another phone. After a few days the phone arrived and as soon as I tried to use it the screen would flicker and change pages as if it were being remotely controlled, I could only turn it on and off. I called T-Mobile and they sent me a third phone. That one operated correctly, but still would not work on the cellular or router network. Called T-Mobile again and was instructed to factory reset and upgrade software again, but it had no effect on getting me phone service.
Now, nearly two months in, the Customer Service reps and the IT reps could read that I had tried just about everything. I did all that they requested to do to resolve the issue without success and they were now all out of ideas. I was actually told by an IT rep that there was nothing left for them to do, so they started transferring me over to Customer Loyalty. All along the way, of this troubleshooting, the reps would agree that I was being very patient in working with them and that for sure the 14 day return/refund period was a moot point since it was T-Mobile that kept requesting I try one thing after another to fix their issue with my service.
I figured the Customer Loyalty department was going to work on refunding all of my money and I would be left with only the hassle of not having service for two months and having to set up an account with another carrier. Instead this department wanted me to go through all of different troubleshooting I had been doing. I asked her (Charlotte) to take a moment and read the notes of all I had been through first. The first Customer Loyalty rep said she had to check on something and that she would call me right back. I informed her that five times before different reps said that they would call me right back and NEVER did. I always gave my home phone since my cell phone had no service (the whole reason for the situation). She took my home phone and promised she’d call me right back. A few minutes later she started calling my cell phone over and over, but when I answered we were never connected or the call dropped immediately, as it always did when someone called me. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even call out. I figured she was trying different options on her side and was waiting for my home phone to ring, but it never did. She even called my wife’s phone, which has the same issue and only got her because she was near the T-Mobile store. My wife had left the house while I was talking with this rep and knew what was going on, she informed the rep that she needed to call our home phone and the rep asked if my wife could let me know that she tried calling. My wife promptly informed her that she couldn’t reach my cell phone any more than her and to call the home phone. I never received a call at my home.
I ended up calling back and speaking with Brooke at Customer Loyalty. Brooke acted like she knew all about what had just happened with Charlotte, the other rep, and even said it wasn’t logical for Charlotte to keep calling our cell numbers since she knew they weren’t working. Brooke wanted to try one more thing and had me give her the Samsung phone ID number. She said she was going to call Samsung and get a rep on a conference call to see if they could fix my phone. I expressed my concern about never being called back by a T-Mobile rep since it hasn’t happened yet. She promised me over and over that she would call me right back, but never did.
At that point I really felt like I was being strung along because by the notes it was obvious that the issue had nothing to do with the actual phones, but with T-Mobile’s ability to service the area where I live. I was always able to get on the internet with my home computers using the router before and even with T-Mobile’s router with no issues. Even my phone would get on the internet with no problem. I would have full router connection and even four cell bars at times and when I tried to place a call it would immediately drop or error out saying I wasn’t recognized on the network. The contradictions from one rep to the next were more evident as time went on and disconcerting. They would actually say that the other one said or did the wrong thing, but PROMISED that if I did what they said we’d have service shortly, until the last IT rep who said there wasn’t anything else they could do. Based on that comment I called T-Mobile’s Customer Loyalty department again to get the authority to override the 14 day return/refund period based on all that my wife and I had been through trying to fix T-Mobile’s issues. The rep agreed that I was definitely in the right and should be ‘made whole’ financially for our troubles. She further stated that they, the home office, had no authority over the store and that it was totally up to the store manager to refund all of our cost.
It was the weekend so the following week my wife and I went back into the store to speak with the store manager (Dorathy). She was actually the assistant store manager acting as the store manager because the store had none. After reading the notes of all we had been through she agreed that we had been through and done enough, being very patient with T-Mobile and that we should get a full refund. She had to clear it with her District Manager since she was just an acting store manager. So we waited, she called us back to the store 30 minutes later saying that she could refund our money. When we got there and she started she said that her District Manager said it couldn’t be done, but she was going to try anyway. She said that it had been done before, even way past 30 days. She fiddled on two different computers trying to get it to work (as if the software was different between the two) but in the end said that because it way past two months the system wouldn’t let her do it. It was only two days over two months.
So there we were, the culmination of two months without service, many hours and days performing tedious troubleshooting, days of waiting for equipment, time and money spent returning equipment, driving back and forth to the T-Mobile store all for nothing, except being out over $2,000.00 in a two month period for nothing but hassle, trouble, and inept reps/system/software. The customer service seemed to be nothing but a diversion to get us past the 14 day mark and leave us holding the bag financially. Customer service is based on resolution and the end result of this situation serves as some of the worst customer service possible. It was obvious to every rep that I had done all that I could, went far beyond what would be expected, and should rightfully so be refunded all of my money, but it was all empty promises and words. The idea that home office has no authority over a store governed by them is ridiculous, there is always a way to make things right even if the software wasn’t written for it, which I don’t believe is true. We had to switch to our original carrier, whose service is great now and without issue.
I’m a disable veteran living on disability, my wife is a cancer survivor who is also disabled, and a financial hit like this is devastating to say the least.
As long as you’re within 1.5 miles of a T-Mobile tower and don’t wander farther you should be fine (according to their IT), otherwise T-Mobile will be nothing but trouble and frustration. We’ve turned them into the better business bureau and the local chamber of commerce. I would never recommend T-Mobile and suggest being very aware of their empty promises, it will cost you plenty…at the first inkling of any trouble (before the 14 day mark) get out! Whatever you do don’t let them string you along; it seems to be their business model and practice.


JoAnne Reeger August 24, 2015 at 9:19 am

On March 26, a T-Mobile Authorized dealer came into my business to see if I wanted to use T-Mobile as my carrier. I was in fact looking to change to save money (I was with AT&T) so I agreed to change to T- Mobile.
The salesman insisted that I get 5 new phones “ just to try” (to see if we got good service in our metal building which we were having problems with). I told him that I just wanted to keep the same numbers and phones I was currently using but again he assured me they were just to test out the service & I took his word for it.
I received the phones a couple of days later which he activated and then said he would be back to help me return them and port my numbers to T-Mobile.
Well, of course, I never saw him again and my attempts to contact him were not returned.

By this time it was apparently too late to return the phones that I never agreed to kep so I went to a T-Mobile store to see if they could help me.
I had all the paperwork I had signed and they said they were aware of the issues that other people were having with this dealer.They assured me that if I opened a business account and purchased a couple of phones that they could waive any cancellation fees that were associated with this account.
I did not get that assurance in writing but agreed to move forward.
That previous account was cancelled and a business account was opened so I thought all was fine until I received a bill in the mail for $2000 for breach of contract fee from Telecom Management Associates.

Again since I have continued with T-Mobile I thought that no contract was breached but the authorized dealer said that I had agreed to stay with them for 150 days, not realizing that you were 2 different companies.

I feel very misled as I only thought I was signing up with T-Mobile and not some outside entity. I did sign paperwork and agreed to switch but felt misled into believing that my numbers could be ported to my existing phones without penalty. I would hope that T-Mobile would like to know (and hopefully stop) a third party entity that is conducting business by duping & lying to customers. Telecom Management Associates says I am in breach of contract but I am still with T-Mobile so feel that there is not a breach of contract.

I need your help and advice.

Jo-Anne Reeger


Khadijah Jaamiah August 20, 2015 at 8:35 pm

T-Mobile is out of control. T-Mobile Visa charged me $5.00 for maintenance fee on August 14, 2015, that is waived for T-Mobile wireless customer’s. They refused to give me my $5.00 back. They, then going on to tell me about some reversal fee on July 31, 2015 for another reversal in July; that is no longer posted and try to pass this off as returning my fee for August. T-Mobile must think that I am uneducated. I was spoken to rudely, very condescendingly and just plain nasty. This all for $5.00. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC and the BBB T-Mobile sucks. Prior to this above answer, I was put on hold 7 different times and told 4 different times that they were doing maintenance updates of their computer system. ( I guess that’s where that miraculous reversal of fee appeared before it was taken off.) How can you predict that a fee is going to nedd reversing before it appears. All a bunch of rubbish!!!


robert jackson August 17, 2015 at 5:09 pm

i just got out the hospital i have cancer i had to use my phone money to pay my doctors bill i ask for more time i told her i need tell the first of the month she gave me 7 days i told her i could not pay it tell the first she said try and borrow it i told her i am sick and disable so i call back 3 days later and told them i could not pay tell the first i as to talk to a manger i was told i was given 2 days and could not talk to a manger i was told if i call back they was going to ct my phone off i bin a customer over 2 years i pay my bill every month on time and i get treated this way because i am sick and ask for help i told them i would pay the bill i did not wont anything free i always pay u all


John Chapman August 12, 2015 at 1:39 pm

T-Mobile is putting up a microwave tower in Windsor Place Shopping Center less that a mile from Me. It will fry my brain like an egg in a microwave oven. Why do you think the world is going insane? It’s like a slow cooking frog in slowly heated water. I’m an Engineer I KNOW If you want PROOF I have it. I think peoples brains are ALREADY cooked. I DEMAND that You or the Government Remove this cell tower and NOW or I will Charge the Government, it’s Employees and T-Mobile, it’s Executives, Owners and Employees with MURDER under the LAW!!!


Patricia Newman August 10, 2015 at 10:16 pm

I have submitted a complaint with the FCC.


Patricia Newman August 10, 2015 at 10:15 pm

First Name : Pat
Last Name : Newman
Address : 4700 Schubert Rd
Apt or Box Number : 106
City : Knoxville
State : TN
Zip Code : 37912
Date Request Mailed : The request was made in store.
Date Purchased : 05/22/2015
Topic of Email : Other
Home Phone Number : 865337****
T-Mobile Phone Number : 865394****
T-Mobile Phone Number 2 :
T-Mobile Phone Number 3 :
T-Mobile Phone Number 4 :
Tracking ID : GXHH-0625-7080

Sales Rep: #716659


Ariel McIntosh August 10, 2015 at 2:41 pm

I have ordered a prepaid phone about 2 months ago over the phone and when I finally receive the phone the battery doesn’t fit in the phone. So I send it back expecting a new phone and they decided to NOT Send a phone back but give me only half of my money. I call and call tmobile over and over again only to not get nothing resolved. The worst customer service ever! They still to this day have not solved anything, the last guy I spoke to said he was going to call me and get everything figured out and he hasn’t.
Then I find out that they have charged me for two months of service for which I never received the phone for! And it’s sent to a credit agency which is totally effecting my credit!
I’m writing a letter to tmobile corporate and will get this resolved or I’m making an even bigger move!


Christopher Newsome August 10, 2015 at 2:05 pm

Maybe I should post this out on Facebook or Twitter , maybe google review. Then I might get a response ….


Christopher Newsome August 10, 2015 at 2:01 pm

I just found out my payment arrangements were not what was explained to me . I have been racing out to tmobile for help all morning because my service is disconnected . I am in sales and could loose my job and my wife is 8 monthes pregnant. I’ve sent emails to mark davis and executive relations with no response. I spoke with one very nasty and mean rep who had no interest in what I had to say and now currently still on hold to talk to a supervisor for 1 hour 36 minutes.


Lori Valentine July 31, 2015 at 10:31 am

I just have a question and would like to know if you value your employees and customers. When someone puts in a request to have there hours changed so that they can finish the last two classes in order to get there degree, why is it that your managers are making it difficult for that to happen and would like for him to probably quit when he is a good employee. I think this is horrible for your company and I am not going to state names but I will tell you the store student and area if you contact me via email. I have informed my child to look for employment somewhere else if this is the best that T mobile has to offer. I would have never thought that you would try to hinder and make it hard for someone to complete school when they only have two classes and they have done a good joy for your company. Believe me my child does not know that I have written this letter because believe me he is cable of writing for himself but in the mist of looking for a job. Whatever the outcome we know that GOD in in charge.


Lucy from El Paso July 28, 2015 at 9:47 am

I too purchased a galaxy 6 edge….. that has not worked!!! I have spent more time calling the customer care phone and all I am told from the puppets is sorry. Sorry is not going to fix my 800 dollar ptoblem. I have only had this phone for 3 months. AFTER BEING A CUSTOMER FOR 10 YEARS ALL I GET IS A KICK IN THE ASS!!! I will continue to try to get someone from this sucking company that will have the BALLS to actually help people like me. This well defenitly be an experience I will share as much as I can so that people do not get screwed like I have.


Paolo Paravano September 9, 2015 at 9:47 pm

file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission


LS July 27, 2015 at 6:43 pm

I am having the same problem as everyone else. I wish I had read these comments before switching from Verizon to T-mobile. After a week with my new phone, I began to experience issues (phone freezes, receiving double text messages, cannot make calls, etc.) I went to the store before the 14 day mark and manager said it was a technical issue that T Mobile was fixing and to wait a few weeks, if problem persisted he would give me a new phone. I went back yesterday, of course waited for an hour after being skipped and no results, because he was not there. Called him today and basically said it was not his problem, he is not a tech and I should call customer service. They are trying to give me a refurbished phone, which is not right. I’m paying $600 for a phone that stopped working properly after a week, and they want to replace it with a pre-owned one. I bought it in Chula Vista, CA.


Nicole July 26, 2015 at 10:44 am

I have been with tmobile for two billing cycles now and am yet to have a phone that works. The first phone I got was a Samsung Galaxy s6. The phone wouldn’t make phone calls half the time or when it did it would hang up mid phone call. The phone would lag, wouldn’t work correctly ever, my internet wouldn’t work, the list goes on and on. They sent me a new phone a month later. Two days after I had my new replacement phone, The Samsung galaxy s6 again, the charger that it came with stopped working, I couldn’t take my phone off the charger and it only charged to 5% all day long. Well low and behold I go to the store and have to pay for a new charger, one that I had had a month, and now two weeks after getting the new replacement phone and charger neither one will work. The back button on the phone won’t work at select times and the charger has completely stopped working again. Tmobiles only response to fix my problem is to send me yet another Samsung Galaxy s6 and new charger….FOR THE SECOND TIME SO IT PROBABLY WON’T WORK THE THIS TIME EITHER or they suggest I pay half my phone off to JUMP. Yeah well here you go tmobile. It is so RUDE to not appease your customers when they left their old carrier for you, when their phone hasn’t worked since the first week they got it. It’s complete crap. I shouldn’t be paying $620 for a phone that hasn’t worked since I got it. I hope Mr. CEO sees this and knows that if I don’t get a new different phone that as soon as I pay off this piece of crap one my service with Tmobile will be terminated, I will switch back to Verizon, who takes care of their customers, and I will never recommend TMobile to a person ever again.


Renee July 24, 2015 at 11:59 pm

HI I’m a customer I think we should all come together and get some attention with all the news stations and let’s start protesting against there business and services. We are paying customers and we are spending money with
TMOBILE keeping them in business and allowing them to hire people to help and give good customer service if something is wrong with they’re services all there service’s. They employees should talk mean or disrespectful to anyone who needs help. But unfortunately they do, and they are not honest. So if your down to GET ATTENTION AND TO BE HEARD. I’M ASKING THAT EVERYONE CALL YOUR RADIO STATION WHO STANDS AND BELIEVE IN HELPING THE PEOPLE. LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD AND NOT MISTREATED BY TMOBILE. I AM GOING TO GET A SIGNATURE PAGE GOING AND FIND OUT WHO HAS OR USE TO HAVE TMOBILE. .STAY CONNECTED .


Renee July 25, 2015 at 12:05 am

TMOBILE customers please let’s stand for what’s right. Let call the News Stations tour local Television Station and make a difference and come together and get this matter resolve. Because we all that are posting these comments we are not the only ones.who dealing with this situation with TMOBILE. Stand up and let’s make some noise and let our voice be heard. They don’t care about your or my comments, that’s why there is no changes…


Dr.Hskln July 22, 2015 at 9:14 am

hello all,
I am with you on all of these. First time in my life a collection agency is calling me because of T-Mobile. Oh wait my credit score is close to 800. I am very disappointed and angry. Yes they should be sued.


Francisca Richardson July 20, 2015 at 3:34 pm

I saw the ad on TV that you call anywhere using wifi for free. I thought that was a brilliant idea so I went to a Tmobile store near my house. The customer services and the manager confirmed that the wifi calling is free. With that in mind, my teenage daughter started making international calls. Just after two days, TMobile blocked her from calling out. I checked with the store again and they said that they missed informed me. Another thing I didn’t know was that they blocked my daughter from making the call through Wifi and redirected her international calls to regular calls, which made the charge to$1600.00 more. When I checked with the store, they said that they will give me a $0.18 a minute for the call she made and the total went down to $97.00. I was even very upset to even pay that but to get my name off that situation, I paid it anyways and it was zero balance when I left the store. Two weeks later I got a bill saying I owe the $1600.00 again. I went again to check with the local store but they said that they couldn’t help me. I think every thing that has being advertised and also what they told me was all deceptive to get me into it. I think most of their services they claim are all false.

Please I need help with this… Can someone from the head office look through my situation because I am hitting a brick wall every time I visit the local store. Even if it means for me to fly to see the CEO I will. I need some to help.




Vanessa Robinson July 17, 2015 at 6:22 pm

I talk with one of tmobile customer service and was going to change two lines over in my name and take them out of my sons name. I was told that nothing could be change until tmobile knows my sons email address. I then decided that I would leave it the way it was in my sons name. A month after, tmobile text me to say that they went on and did the tranfer. Now I owe them money. I have never recieved anything telling me that they went on and did the tranfer. No letter not even a bill. The first customer service said that tmobile went paper less,the second one said that they still sent bills. Just one lie after another. I spoke with customer service and fold them that they took it upon theirselves to change my account. I was fold that they understood but their was nothing they could do about it. Tmobile needs to improve their customer service. I am trying to reach the main head quarters.


natalie golden July 13, 2015 at 1:35 pm

ok i have been with t mobile for 1 yr time and i have had 3 defective phones. i bought a galaxy 5 and 6 months later the phone crashed they couldn’t fix so i paid 800.00 for that phone. the sales girl told me that i would have to buy a new phone she never told me that i could do a warranty exchange so i went a head and bought the note 4 and that phone 4 month later crashed so there went another 800.00 went to the T mobile store and was told that i have 2 options i can do a warranty exchange or i can upgrade to a new phone. i was to happy when i was told if i do warranty exchange i would be getting a refurbished phone wow. so i did the upgrade and bought a note 4 edge at 800.00 so 54 days later that phone had so many issue samsung couldn’t remotely fix so i called customer care and i still only have the same 2 choice as i had on the last time my phone crashed, so i paid 800.00 for a new phone and they sent me a refurbished phone and wouldnt you know it this phone is worse off then the one i sent back. so i tried again to talk to customer care and got no where with them they were not going to replace my note4 edge that is only 53 days with a brand new phone, and boy they said they were going to wave the 5.00 insurance fee. OMG after i have bought 4 phones with them each at 800.00 i still have 1 phone i bought but the other they took and never gave me any money on my phones when i trade them in> Is this how T mobile treats there customers, I am looking into changing carriers and say F–K you T mobile. This is really unappropriate way of treating your customers. I really feel ROBBED, CHEATED, LIED TO, TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, TREATED VERY BADLY, AND BRUSHED OFF AS I WAS JUST A BOTHER TO THEM. If anyone else has gotten there issue taken care of please let me no how you did that.


Renee July 25, 2015 at 12:08 am

Let’s come together and call our local TV Stations . Trust they do stand with what’s right not wrong. Let’s get signatures and let’s do something about it.


Ariel McIntosh August 10, 2015 at 2:47 pm

I’m totally down! How can we get in contact??? I have been dealing with tmobile for months now! And I’ve had enough, they are the worst customer service I’ve ever witnessed


alice Daniell July 11, 2015 at 4:28 pm

I want to add to my experience at the T-Mobile store. I am elderly and suffer from bad nerves ( Which I kept telling them- indifference attitude ) I also suffer from chronic fatique- and fibro myalgia Told my son half- way joking that I would love to sue T-Mobile for PAIN and Suffering.


Monica Reyes July 4, 2015 at 10:50 pm

I finally switch to tmobile. What a BIG MISTAKE. After about almost 2 weeks my BRAND NEW Samsung Note 4 ringtone setting stopped working. I took the phone to the store that I did my process at hoping that they could fix it. First the girl that helped me didn’t believe that it was not making sounds when a text would come in. I told her “why don’t you text my phone and see for yourself “. After 10 more minutes of her trying to figure it out she finally texted my phone and say that no notification came in. As her and the manager continued to play with the phone. They decided to send me a replacement. I specifically told her I that it better not be refurbished, as this is BRAND NEW and has a factory defect. She assured me that I would be getting a new phone. A week later I got a shell. REALLY!! I called tmobile warranty and tmobile customer service. I was told my Maverick that I will be receiving a brand new S6 Edge instead as she can trade the phone and also send me a phone cover as I had purchased a Otterbox cover for the Note 4. I waited and waited and now was 7 days later and nothing. I called again tmobile customer service they stated that all the notes are in the account and to go into the store to pick up my new phone. Fine even though I was not tld this. I head to the store after work and talk to one of the sales girls that rolled her eyes at me when I told her I was to get a brand new phone. She called over some red headed RUDE guy from there where he processed to tell me that CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT KNOW HOW THEIR STORE POLICY WORKS and they are not giving me or trading my phone. He when on to tell me that I can pay for another phone. I stopped him before he could even say anything else and told him why should I pay for another phone! It’s a factory defect. I said thanks and was walking out when he tells me GOOD LUCK! !! wow!! I am so amazed on how tmobile works. The entire time that I talked to tmobile they were telling me lies. They were telling me only the things that I wanted to hear so that I can get off the phone. As they have a 2 minute help time. YES 2 minutes and how do I know this…. well because I got transferred to another person after holding for over 15 minutes. This lady just got on the phone and told me that she is the last person I would need to talk to “the buck stops here” verbatim. . It did beacause she stated that I had a 14 day window for buyers remorse! . Ok BUYERS REMORSE, ,, I wasn’t changing my mind u just wanted my 3 WEEK OLD NEW $700+ phone replaced for a new one NOT a used one. Needless to say. Nothing is resolved I still have my new factory damaged phone. Here is my number call me if you can resolve this issue and hopefully I can get your call since I can’t hear it 562-299-****. Monica


Jessica cozart July 8, 2015 at 6:23 am

I’m having a very similar issue. I bought a gear s watch to go with my note 4 and not even 24 hours later the watch began to malfunction. Customer care told me it’s not a problem for them because I bought from a store but no stores in my area has the watch in stock. I took it to another tmobile store to see if they could help me and was told the watch has water damage. I wore the watch to the gym and within 15 minutes it went crazy. I called samsung and was informed that many carriers improperly remove back when inserting sim card and the seal gets compromised because the watch is water resistant. Now I’m stuck with a totally useless watch that their company damaged and all I was offered was a 16 dollar credit to drive 30 plus miles away (1way) to try to get in resolved and I’ve been with this company more than 10 years. This company has no loyalty to its customers and screws them anyway they can. Many carriers offer to pay for you to switch now (sprint being one of them) so I’m thinking about just leaving completely.


Lisa brown July 11, 2015 at 12:12 pm

You are EXACTLY right! Tmobile does,not know nothing about nothing ❗️

They need a new management team to teach them how to talk to customers and give accurate information to them.

TMobile get it together!


Jean Laloir July 2, 2015 at 10:12 am

In November of 2014 I signed up with T-Mobile, and I asked the sale guy how long it will take for my employer discount to take affect and he told me after 3 billing cycle. And we are in July 2, 2015 and I still having gotten my employer discount applied yet on my account. I been calling since February to figure out why my employer discount haven’t taking affect yet, they asked me to fax form with proof of employment and I done that and still nothing yet. I called every month to see why my employer discount hasn’t taken affect yet and I get the same result NOTHING. And each representative I spoke to tell me the same story, it will be on your next bill. I even had a guy telling me that, don’t worry about it he will make sure it added on your bill for now on. On July 2, 2015 I called to see again why my employer discount hasn’t taken affect yet, I was transfer to this nice lady call Whitney and she explained to me what exactly going and why my employer discount wasn’t taken affect. According to her on April of 2014 T-Mobile stops doing employer discount. So it took 8 months for someone to tell me that. I’m very disappointed with T-Mobile for having employee’s not telling customer the proper information but I figure they probably only worry about making a quick sale. According to some the representatives I spoke to, the only thing they could do is giving me a $25 gift card or give me the $15 credit on one month bill. Never had an issue with the other carriers, and I left AT&T for me to have a headache every month with T-Mobile


Lisa Gerardi June 30, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Hi, I just wanted to let you know last week I was in Myrtle Beach SC for a vacation. When I got there something just happened to my Nexus 4 phone which I had purchased at a T Mobile store in NY. I went to store 1738, and was helped by Carlos Sanchez. He was so helpful in checking my phone and got it to turn on and work again. I live in NYC and drove down, so I thought my phone was gone for good and everything in it. He is a great worker and so very polite and knowledgeable. I just wanted corporate to know what a great salesman he was. Sincerely, Lisa Gerardi


Evelyn Brethauer June 25, 2015 at 5:35 pm

I had been having problems with T Mobile customer service for a little over two year. NO One in Customer service helped me. I wish I would have known sooner that calling and asking for a supervisor at the Corporate Office would get my problem of two years fixed completely !!! just goes to show that with a little patience things can be resolved !!! Thank you T Mobile Corporate for helping me and resolving the problem !!!


Shelly Land June 15, 2015 at 9:52 am

I am completely disappointed in this company. I added a new line of service to my account, and what does the company do , disable my data plan on my current phone. This is after of course I had to call 2 times to complete a simple task of adding a user so they could add a line, and after that user waited 3.5 hours to purchase a cell phone and have it connected, who was told he could choose his own number(we have a young child who needs to be able to recall it) but was never asked this in store, so now he has to call yet again to correct this. Also I called Friday about a nasty text message I received about not returning my refurbished pos phone they originally sent me, which btw is because I took it to the post office not ups… so its just a timing issue. Asked the rep a simple question and could not get anything besides the rep asking me my name again. Pay attention to your calls!!. Also the manager argued with me about how long t mobile takes to charge the $950.00 for not returning the phone, which my boyfriend was charged in less than 2 months. Where does this company get off telling me they will charge me $950.00 for a used HTC one that is not even close to that value brand new. I am ready to cancel both phones. I have only had this company for 1.5 months. A huge disappointment and I will be sure to tell everyone I know NOT TO GET THIS SERVICE!.


Evelyn Brethauer June 26, 2015 at 8:10 am

Contact corporate Office


S Davis May 29, 2015 at 3:51 pm

This is what I posted on their Facebook pages today: So again a posted a bad rating on the page with FCS and nobody responded back, so I am going to see if I get a response back from this one. This is the worst service ever. I have been with tme for almost 10 years, and these last few months have been HELL!! There was a manger who claimed her name was Jennifer id number 1271383 which could be a fake was acting all high and mighty today. She was rude!! Managers always say that someone will call you back and they don’t!! Not only did she try to over talk me, but she was super nasty!! I will be looking for a new comapny!!!!! IT IS VERY APPARANT THAT THEY DON’T CARE ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! FOR ME TO BE WITH SOMEONE SO LONG AND TO BE TREATED LIKE TRASH IS DEFINTLY DISHEARTENING!! I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW PHONE COMPANY. BECAUSE TMOBILE HAS CERTAINLY PUT A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keyshon May 28, 2015 at 6:59 pm

I’ve been a very loyal customer to T-Mobile and the customer service that I’ve been getting is unacceptable. I brought the IPhone 4 phone when I first came out and It was not compatible on the network; while still paying for this phone I was sent a LG Opt as a replacement for the phone that I have been calling customer service about; like every other month. Now the Phone is completely dead. So now it look like I will have to purchase another phone but you guys want me to continue to pay for the IPhone. I was told I was unable to get a credit for the phone to go towards another phone. I think this is crazy. You guys was selling a phone the your company knows it didn’t work on your network but did make any assistant available to help your customer.


Evelyn Brethauer June 26, 2015 at 8:13 am

Same thing happened to me but I called the Corporate Office and asked to speak to a supervisor and my 2 year problem was completely fixed !!!


juan July 22, 2015 at 9:21 pm

what was the corporate. number


Huey Walters May 20, 2015 at 12:22 pm

I’ve been a very loyal customer to T-Mobile and money was unauthorized and will not be refunded! I will be filing a grievance by the end of the day of this is not rectified.


Sakia W May 18, 2015 at 2:43 pm

I have since filed a motion with the BBB and my personal Lawyer against T-Mobile. Not only have they placed me in a bad spot they have caused me to be without services when I was provided an extension until 05/25/15. Instead I wake-up today an no service. I am far beyond embrassed but I’m livid because I have been so disrespected and ignored that I did switch provider’s and now they refuse to let me port my numbers over. Now I’m stuck with phone numbers that aren’t mine. I’m far beyond fustrated with T-Mobile that I want to cry. This has to be resolved and they need to be stopped. Highly ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.


Divine May 20, 2015 at 1:13 pm

I am in the same situation. I need to know how to file a lawsuit against them. Been having this feeling about them for a while. They keep getting away with taking your money and I’m tired now and have cried. So do I first have to file a complaint with the BBB.


Vanessa Adames May 14, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Good Evening,

T-mobile service is not so good. I live and work in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY. The building I work in the other teachers and I have no service at all, but all AT& T customers have great service. I called last month and asked for a technician to come and check out the problem and nothing. When I’m at my neighbor’s house I have no service. When I’m working out at Planet Fitness I have no service either.

Please fix this problem a.s.a.p.

Thank you,


alice Daniell July 11, 2015 at 4:13 pm

The worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my 72 yrs. Was told the night before via. customer service for pre-paid plans the fee would be 35 dollars plus we could get insurance on the phone for 10 dollars. when we got there the employee told us it was the insurance was only 8 dollars. The employee next to our service worker told us that the lowest plan was 40 dollars. Then the service worker told us that because someone had over paid she would give us a free mo. of 80 dollar plan ,then she no she would not do that. I keep coming up to see why it was taking so long the employee next to ours said she was new. I helpe said she was not. She had to get help constantly. The she blamed the computers as being the reason it was taking so long. We were there 3 hrs. just to get our plan changed. Had to get a new phone number which we were told incorrectly the night before. In the end she hands us the bag with phone and said ” Well, you are good to go. ” I checked the receipt and said, No we are not, the insurance is not on there.” ” Oh, she said.” We don’t do insurance here , you have to call customer service.” We need a class action suit against T- Mobile. T for terrible.


Steve B. May 8, 2015 at 8:09 am

I became a customer of T-mobile back in February. I went to the store locate on good homes road and colonial in Orlando, Fl. My sales reps name is William and I was told that I would receive a monthly discount on bill because I am a teacher for Orange County Public Schools. I presented him with my OCPS I.D. badge and was told my bill would be $230 per month. That hasn’t been the case my bill has been very high because my discount was never applied. I went back to the store in March and gave William my ID again and he said he would have to do an emergency request, still no discount, I had William’s cell phone number and he told me to text him a picture of my ID badge, I’ve done this three and still nothing. I don’t have an issue paying my bill, I just want the discount that I was promised. This is ridiculous, a few minutes I sent William another text, I wonder if he will answer or try to avoid me. I’m going to complain to corporate until something is done about this issue.


Eyon May 6, 2015 at 10:51 am

Good morning to, The Executives
John J Legere, J. Braxton Carter II and Thomas C. Keys
My Name is Eyon Flament I Have Been A customer with T-Mobile for about 3 years now. And I have never in my life have been so disappointed with the customer service. So the problem that I’m having is that when I shipped my device back to t mobile there was not damage done to it. And when they got the shipment they are saying that there the device was damage and they are charging me 300.00 dollars when I absolutely sure that this device was shipped there was no damage done to it and I requested a picture of the box but they cannot provide me with it. So there way for me knows that this box was damaged, or not so I feel like it’s their words against mines. I know that the box was damage because then how else the phone screen broke and now all sudden then they want to charge me 300.00 for something I know I didn’t do. I spoke to Amanda ID#062313 Hilery#0653454 and both repesentives was very rude to me I would like for you to listen to the phone calls on May 4 2015. I work in customer service and I have never been as rude as they were to any customer ever and I think that is totally unacceptable for any customer to be treated like that. T-Mobile is a very good company but to what is going on and the why I’m being treated I’m think about switching companies. Can someone please help me with this I don’t want to pay 300 dollar for something I know I didn’t know do and I’m having a very hard time with my financial stuff. I really don’t need any extra bill for something I know I did not do.
Sincerely, Eyon Flament
P.S The supervisors in t-mobile told me to talk UPS if the package was damage, and UPS told the supervisor for T-Mobile that the customer won’t be able to do anything. T-Mobile is the one who should call ups. Because of the contract that you guys have with them. So why are they tell us to call UPS and to file a claim when we are not able to do anything. Because we are not the receiver of the device


Jimmy May 5, 2015 at 9:52 am

I didn’t get a bill for the month of April so called in to see what was going on with my bill and they told me that i had a credit of 14 dollars and some change. Some now i get a bill for May and its 444.00 which don’t make any since to me. When i tried to call and pay it.
Ive been with tmobile over 7 years and this is how you treat your customers. Let me know if anyone can help me in the case.
Thanks looking forward to hearing back from you


Gina May 1, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I have a son that works there,. he is a big guy with a big heart and feelings!! Apparently all others are bullies and jerks including and not limited to HR. Every week he gets called in saying he doesn’t smell right but I know that is a lie! Everyday he takes a shower before leaving here,.. brushes his teeth and his clothes are always washed by me!!! He smells like downey!! Today he came home in tears because it happened again and i have 6 people here who all will testify that he smells like downey fabric softener! I have had it! This is a guy that tried harder than anyone I know,. I have blood clots in my liver and everyday he has to take care of me and work and everything else! And he does it while smiling!! I would die without his help and he knows it or he would quit today. My meds cost hundreds of dollars and you people are doing this to him!! WHY??? What fun is it to destroy a human being?? You make me sick!! I have talked to a good friend that is an attorney and this is clearly weight discrimination and he will handle this pro bono if needed. I am going all the way to the top with this! I will NOT watch my son cry because he has to work so I don’t die. What kind of people are you??


irritated customer April 30, 2015 at 1:50 pm

i am soooooo upset with t-mobile, i am 70 years old i pay my bill every month i went to the hospital my phone got messed up, i went to a store to get it repaired, they told me i had to send my phone in in order to get another phone for replacement, it has been 2 weeks since i had a phone when i call customer service they give me the same scripted line wait til 7-10 days like i said its been 2 weeks going on three, i call CS today and she told me it will be another 3 weeks til i get my phone, i switching companies this is by far the worse policy/ service i have ever had and they don’t care, they told me just today we have loaner phones, but we all out….so what am i suppose to do for 3 more weeks with out a phone???? want to cry cause this is so sad how they treat the elders…….i know the head people don’t read this cause they don’t care either just care about the money SMH>>>


Pat April 29, 2015 at 8:06 am

I have a problem with the lack of customer service in the T-Mobile stores. I was in the store in Salem, NH this past Saturday because my phone froze up and I couldn’t fix it myself. After waiting several minutes, and listening to the clerk flirting with another customer, not that I wanted to hear everything, but the store is small, I explained the problem to the same clerk. And his response…..If it doesn’t have a removable battery he can’t fix it. This person is supposed to be professional and knowledgeable. What a joke. He then asked me where I got the phone from. I have to laugh, it says T-Mobile right on the phone!! Never once did he ask for my name or look up my account. Just tried to get rid of me. Of course, he tried to sell a new phone to the person before me (the one he was smitten with). Too bad…..I was prepared to buy a new phone. Now I have no choice but to report it to corporate. Which by the way, gets results. I’ve contacted them before, and I’m doing it again. I shouldn’t have to.


irritated customer April 30, 2015 at 1:53 pm

they contacted you?? i feel like crap and i feel like they font care what so ever i researching a new company cause i don’t want to go through this type of treatment ever again


MsG April 28, 2015 at 10:59 am

As a loyal customer I been with t-mobile for 3 years. I got an Lg Flex and it was working fine for the first month that I had it then it started to lose signal not letting me make calls and such. I reported the issues with the store I bought it from then I reported it to customer service. They sent me a replacement phone. This happen in Feb 2015. Around that time frame my youngest son was in a real bad car accident where he was in ICU for a long time. Since he has gotten better and now our lives are getting back to normal. I remembered that I hadn’t sent the other phone back. I sent it off on the 22 of April and they received on the 23rd of April and they are now charging me 842.12 for the phone they have sitting in the warehouse. I told them that doesn’t make sense your wanting me to pay for a phone that is sitting in your warehouse? All they wanted to talk about was payment optins. First off I was never told there was a time frame to send back equipment. Second of all how dare you charge for something you got back and I’m still having issues with the phone.I have. O and by the way my son almost died in this accident and this peice of XXXXX of a phone did not ring once. Someone had to come tell me because they could not reach me by phone Thanks T-Mobile for your crappy service.


ALEXANDER PALMOU April 26, 2015 at 10:48 pm



Ms Dee April 24, 2015 at 3:37 pm

T-Mobile….I have been a customer for about as long as 2005. In those days T-Mobile was working through all those kinks, however, things seemed to work. Now, as of late, I believe T-Mobile is trying to get rid of me. What I mean is, T-Mobile’s service suffers from the most horrible customer care ever. I spent 4 hours dealing with horrible service with the T-Mobile supervisor, Melvin, being a real pain in the a–. I’d hate to see T-Mobile dissappear because the public becomes soo disenchanged that we leave in droves and T-Mobile finds itself mirroring Radio Shack, CompUSA … (shall I name more). Don’t be fooled into thinking T-Mobile is the only phone service provider on the block. T-Mobile is not. And now, especially with the in-roads wi-fi calling is making, I am truly considering leaving T-mobile and joining one of these new companies that care about their customers.


irritated customer April 30, 2015 at 1:56 pm

me too


lesley hernandez April 23, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Hello T- mobile, my name is Lesley Giselle Hernandez i’m writing to you because i would love for you to send me a new phone.
About 3 to 4 weeks ago my mom bought me the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I had to pre order it and i had to wait about 4 four days for it to arrive , i was super excited when i got it. Then time passed and i had to TSI test at my school Brownsville Early College Lopez High School. They told us we couldn’t have our phones with us because then our phones would be invalidated, so i put it in my friend anahy’s backpack. Time passed and she had finished while i was still testing, she had asked one of the administrators where she could put it. The lady just said “there next to the computer.” There was another phone there also and when i got up to get my things because i had finished my phone was long gone. I believed it wasn’t my fault and that the school should take full responsibility,but they didn’t do anything about it. They came up with the whole “Thats why phones aren’t allowed in school.” Me and my mom were super mad and my mom told them that about 95% of teenagers have phones so it was really dumb for them to say that. So i would be grateful if you could send me my Galaxy note edge without me having to pay the deductible. I would really appreciate it.


WILLIAM W. WHITE April 21, 2015 at 5:31 pm



jonathan maldonado April 21, 2015 at 12:34 pm

Hello so I contacted the reimbursement center talk to representatives and a supervisor in charge he said his name is Manuel I’d#880211 so he transfer me to someone call never mad it truw seems thats what they do to get rid of the problem…so it seems that the person that process my information to get my reimbursement never did process it agent told me that it was too late they can’t do anything about it I think there’s always something that you can do about it when your fellow employees are giving the wrong information to your loyal customers so now I have creditors calling me from Verizon to pay them the money that they never received i will like one of T Mobile’s corporate representative contact me as soon as possible for this inconvenience


Jeff April 16, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Unbelievably bad customer service. Just unbelievable. I thought my story was extremely bad, but after reading a few of these I realize I’m just another T-Mobile chump. Who even allows these bozos to sell service?


John April 11, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Since I’ve been with T mobile, late August of 2014, I have had nothing but problems with the account. Here we are April of 2015 and still having some issues. I should have just ran as far as I could from T mobile when I had the chance. The first month I had the account, I would receive a text every other day saying my bill was due and that I was late. How can that be? I just got the damn phone! So I would call them and explain the situation, but would receive little to no help at all – depending on who picked up the phone. So then my due date started changing. First it was the 1st, then the 3rd of the month. Then went on to 5th and 21st then who knows. But I think that was all the dates, at least ones that I know of. Then they started charging me multiple retroactive charges – which then really got me pissed off. I called to get it resolved and they would transfer my around from one rep to another like I’m some kind of STD or something. When I ask for a supervisor, then would put me on hold, and if I remember correctly – longest hold was close to an hour. What kind of business are y’all running here? Customer service don’t want to listen to what you have to say. They cut you off and interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. You know how many times I was promised that I would not get transferred that my situation would get resolved! Countless times.. You know how many hours I’ve spent on the phone with T mobile, wasting my time at work, and all the other times I’ve had to call back because they disconnect me. Since I’ve had the phone last August, my last bill was the first one ever to be the right amount and not some crazy high number. Now mind this is after investing quite a bit of time on the phone with customer service and corporate HQ.

So now, I want to ad another line (which I am not quite sure I want to now) to my now existing line. When I talked to customer service last week, they told me it would be zero down and my monthly investment would be $130 and change or something like that. I didn’t mind the exact number because $130 bucks is very much feasible, but that’s besides the point. Any way I go to the store today and told me that I had to put down almost $500 for the new phone, and try to explain to the girl that it was zero down. She said she couldn’t help me, so I called customer service (again).. They told me that if I payed off my current balance on my phone, that it would be zero down and no interest for 24 mo. that the payments would be fixed so that in 24 mo it would be payed off so I was like – Awesome! But I didn’t have my Visa car so I asked for the direct line so that I can call back which I did about an hour later. Then when I called back, I spoke to at least a good half dozen people from transfer after another. And! get this.. 3 of them assured me that I would not get transferred, that they would get my situation resolved.. and this is just today! 4/11/2015 and not counting all the other times I’ve called in to try and resolved my issues.

So here we are.. Finally I get Jackie on the line, after I was promised I wasn’t going to be transferred uhhhgain.. SMH I swear, and I’ve said it before – T Mobile customer service is horrible. I have spent a lot of time with this company, trying to get my issue resolved that they should be paying my salary instead of my employer. So here we are with Jackie, again going through the verification process Like I do with every single one of them, over and over and over and over again.. So she goes to her spill.. “uh huh!, hmm.. yup..” my favorite one; “I can certainly understand” or ohh here’s a good one.. “I’m sorry this has happen to you..” Yeah I’ve heard it all.. Just get my issue resolved. So here is where I don’t understand.. After all that, where did we go from zero down to now Jackie is telling me it will be $400+ down payment, because I wont get the zero down till April of next year.. Ha! After you’ve over charged me crazy amount on prorated charges and late fees when I was never late, this is how you treat your customers? Excuse my language, but this is horse manure.

C.E.O. John J. Legere, Sir! you’re going to need to have to get your issue with customer service back on track. I wish I could say that I have had an awesome experience with T mobile, but unfortunately Sir, it has been a regretful decision I’ve had coming on board with your company. I know you probably will never get to read this, but just in case you do! Your employees are wasting valuable ma hours and resources on your company dime. They make promises they can not keep, and is too quick to just hand you off to someone else hoping they will resolve the situation. I can’t count how many times I was transferred to the wrong department and have to explain my situation to every single one of them.. Can you imagine all the frustrations I’ve had since August of 2014? All I want to do is get the Note 4 and use my current phone for the new addition line! And I am having hell of a run around and your employees promising your customers stuff they didn’t even have intentions of doing in the first place. Sad to say that I am going to be parting with T mobile after this horrible experience. I am going to try and call again to see if I can cancel my service (which I have no contract so it should be too hard right?) lets hope.. But I guess will see how this goes.. I should just go ahead and plan an all day event just in case I get transferred over and over again like it has been in the past just to cancel my service..


jose April 4, 2015 at 8:36 pm

I have been with the mobile for about 4 years don’t know why? Service is horrible. Coverage is really bad customer service is horrible they don’t like to help you. I have been trying to cancel but I can’t first I was in an agreement then I have to buy there phones in order to cancel. The mobile wanted $2000.00 for three phones. We drop to many phone calls or don’t get them at all. I talked to a customer service representative and she told me to cancel because coverage in my area wasn’t good. So I tried and they said no I was involved in a car accident and sure enough my phone didn’t work had to walk down the street just to try and attempt a phone call with no luck. I would love for John j legree to contact me that’s there ceo off the company he probably doesn’t care. I hate t-mobile I will never recommend them they are horrible.


tyshameka mack April 9, 2015 at 10:50 am

I feel the same way, horrible customer service false information.


isabel April 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I’ve only been wither Tmobile since March 17, 2015.I was with Verizon paying $179, for 4 lines and 10gb. My father went into the Tmobile, asking for information about their unlimited plan for my little brother. The young lady their gave my father wrong and false information. Cindy Zamora told my father he would get 4 lines work unlimited everything for $120 a month plus whatever the phone cost is. Some my father took the 3 lines from Verizon. I decided I would go to because it would be more cost affective for me. When I went in to get my phone. She told me the same prices for the cell phone Plan. 4 lines with unlimited everything.
just over the two of being worth T Mobile my phone gets disconnected. Which can never happen to us because we use our phone for our business. Paid the bill because I was at work.
Later call back to fine out that we would be paying $379 a month for our services. That is $200 more a month than what I was pay at Verizon. The supervisor tired all could to honor what we were told. But the only thing they could offer is lowering our plan to 4 lines with 2.5 gb a month.
I don’t want lower the plan I want was promised to my father. We turned in our phones and pretty much stuck. I called the store where we went to get service and all the Manger could say is “i’m sorry” that’s not going to fix my problem.
The service sucks, calls drop All the time and calls do not come threw or do they dail out. I would not recommend Tmobile to anybody. I plan to contact bbb and and other corporate office. I think this horible!


Heater PrestiA March 13, 2015 at 3:18 pm

I’ve been a happy and loyal customer for T- mobile for over 11 years. I’m very disappointed in how there are no perks for loyal customers such as myself. I’m thinking about switching to another carrier for a cheaper plan. Very disappointed….


christy robichaud March 24, 2015 at 2:34 pm

I’ve been going though the same thing, a month ago spent an hour on the phone, I wrote everything down she said, and my bill went $40.00 up instaed of down, $201.00 for 2 lines, been with them for 8 yrs..time to move on…there is NO loyaty with this co.


Erick March 4, 2015 at 2:46 pm

I wanna inform you about the lousiest and very traumatic experienced that I’ve ever had in your company (T Mobile). On January 16, 2015 while I was working in our store at Upper West Side, a representative of your company name Jasper (cp# 917.628.0411) convinced me to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, he said that T mobile has a better service than my cell provider. Since your staff is a trainee (I know because he is being trained by his superior name Sheena), I gave him the opportunity to close a deal with me and I wanna help him, He ran my credit card by calling customer service to know if I can get the best deal which is $80 monthly the truly unlimited data and after a few minutes I was approved, with approval code 1842109 and a completion code 450984. I told them that my phone is locked to AT&T and they told me that my phone can be unlocked either by Apple Store since I bought my phone directly to them and AT&T because they’re my cell provider. After paying the $10 down payment and another $50 to cover cost of the deposit. They told me I can retrieved the money right away in case I wasn’t happy with the service within the next 14 days. I was very trusting that I was in good hands. After 3 days my T-Mobile sim arrive in my store, I called Jasper, he asked me to go to the nearest T-Mobile store for the sim to get started and I went to 34 st T- Mobile store. There I found out that I can’t use the T Mobile sim and they can’t unlock my phone (iPhone 6 plus) either, they told me to go to Apple Store to unlock it and I went to 5th Ave but I was also told they can’t do it and only AT&T can do it. So I called AT&T but I found out that I can’t unlock my phone unless I’m thru with my contract or pay the $300 to release my contract. So in short im having problems already and I haven’t even started using the T Mobile sim. On January 21, I called Jasper the Sales rep who convinced me to get the best service (which is not true obviously!) I told him what happened and he himself cant help me unlock my phone when he told me confidently that my phone can be unlocked. He forwarded me to his supervisor Sheena cp# (347) 619-2942 and I told her again what happened, she tried to check the incident and she told me that she can’t help me unlock my phone unless I buy a new phone from them so I can use my T mobile sim. That’s CRAZY! How come she didn’t tell me that in the first place?? She and Jasper showed up in our store and told me that my phone can be unlocked that’s why I was convinced to try T-Mobile. Because these people especially Sheena is incompetent of her job I decided to get a refund. That same day I called T Mobile customer care Kristin for a refund but she can’t find my account she transferred me to Rummer and then same thing happened she transferred me Erin then Luset, then Dave, then Jen, then Brooke, all of these so called to be “customer care” people can’t seem to find the $10 and $50 that Jasper and Sheena took from me, it was a crazy experienced calling these customer care for straight 3 hours, imagine the agony of looking for my money? Lastly I was transferred to Bobby which I think is the smarter than everyone, he still convinced me to switch for the last time by trading in my phone instead of buying but I already lost my trust I just told him I wanna cancel my account asap and he did and he also cant help me with my refund. I called my bank and filed a complaint and in a matter of 10 minutes I was able to retrieved my money when I filed a dispute.
This is one hell of a ride. I will tell all my friends and co-workers since we have 8 locations to never trust T Mobile company especially the name involve because they will have the same agony that I’ve been through. It’s a nightmare!


brittany March 3, 2015 at 8:32 pm

I was with tmobile for over a year burn my hand at work and was out so my phone got cut off couldn’t catch up with the bill so I switched to.prepaid….still with tmobile so you are still getting my money and after I pay for my second mo the my phone gets blacklisted even after I have paid lord only knows how much for this phone so I’m out money in paid for the second month as well as all the money I spent on this phone yall should be ashamed I am in disbelief at the way you treat loyal customers.


alex jacobsen March 3, 2015 at 5:09 pm

Mobile is the biggest joke of a cell phone company that takes advantages of veterans. I left for Afghanistan and sent orders for a free early termination fee and they never terminated it but instead sent it in to collections and now I owe close to $500. I’ve spoke with their so called customer service and they don’t know what they are talking about. T mobile doesn’t care for the veterans that give them the right to put their towers where ever they want. I really wish I could email their corporate office to see how they treat veterans… oh but they don’t let you do that, so I’ll just report then to the bbb


Victoria Goodman March 2, 2015 at 10:27 am

I have two lines with this company and had to pay $150 for one line and $200 for the other line as a security deposit and this was to be returned to me upon my year of service with T-Mobile. The year gets here and I had no balance and the still doing a way not to process my refund to my bank account after me speaking to give different people and three supervisors who took my account and routing number stating that they take responsibility for this and it would be in my account within 48 hours then the next time they said 24 and still no results. They purposely waited for me to acquire a balance to infer that my refund would go towards that but I have calls recorded of the actions on my end and tmobiles and still have not received anything but hardship, lies and different explainations and numbers everytime! So I will be going to court because not only have the hindered me from doing what I needed for my sons first birthday party and added nothing but continuous stress to me currently being 25 weeks pregnant with twins. This has shown me how they really conduct business and the lack of customer care or service that matters on there end and I will do whatever is required to make sure this is handled accordingly.


Lisa Manoogian February 27, 2015 at 9:48 pm

T-Mobile, and T-Mobile executives:

If there is a God, she is shaking her head in repugnance as she signs off on plans to construct a high speed rail service straight from your corporate office to the burning depths of hell. You are all an utter disgrace to mankind, let alone the business world, and I am as ashamed to be of the same species as you, as it associates me ever so dimly with your abhorrent, unethical, LAZY selves. I am disgusted with you and your business practices. It is now my personal goal to help AT&T (and whoever else wants to join in! Verizon?! Sprint?!) crush your company, grind its remains into grit, add water, and build a monument with it to all of your competitors. This is NOT how you run a business, and it is NOT how you serve your customers. Shame on all of you. I hope you rot.


XXXXX you Tmobile February 25, 2015 at 8:52 pm

CEO: John J. Legere
CFO: J. Braxton Carter II
COO: Thomas C. Keys, f***ing thieves f*** you Tmobile you’ll burn in hell


beata February 20, 2015 at 1:58 pm



Blaise February 19, 2015 at 12:56 am

I have been with T-Mobile for a while, an I cant complain about there customer service. I have always been helped and they are always pleasant to talk to. last month someone in another state bought 2 cell phones on my account which took an entire weekend to fix, then a person named Rafael was on my account as someone that can make changes, now today someone went into my account paid off my T-Mobile account with my bank info left on T-Mobile info which overdrafted my bank account. I keep asking customer service if there is any way I can get some security. it seems anyone can get my info from T-Mobile and do what they want. there are some serious security issues with T-Mobile that need to be looked at. I don’t want to leave T-Mobile but with no security to me and my family I have no choice. please will someone reply to my email


Larry Ratliff February 15, 2015 at 5:36 pm

I purchased a Samsung Avant on 2/13/2015 at you Renton location from Angela Castillo who was very nice and very helpful. My wife is the primary account holder so they needed her drivers license during the process of buying my phone the network crashed so we had to wait about 45 minutes before it was up again , so we finished our transaction with Angela and left. About an hour later Angela called us because she needed some number that’s printed on the box of the phone we bought for thier own recoreds, what we didnt notice was they still had my wife’s license,so we gave her the numbers and that was it . The next day (2/14/2015) we were at Budget rent a car trying to rent a car and notice that my wife didn’t have it so we called TMobile and Angela told us that Mathew Gillette mailed it off ? I spoke to Mathew and he said that my wife’s D.L.got caught up in a shuffle because he about 15 other IDs so he mailed it off with the others stack of ID he had and felt like a courtesy call to inform us was too much work so as a result we got stranded at the airport without the rental car we made reservations for
Usually I am not one to complain but I feel like customers are very important and its always good to take care of them and Mr. Gillette made me and my wife feel like we aren’t important a not worth a simple phone call …


aj wilbur February 13, 2015 at 7:43 pm

(Tired of it) i know how u feel there Reps are nothing but liers once i get my account adjusted i got the account spec calling me the next day telling me she undoing the adjustments her name angela j id number 0623443 they sent us out a s4 and the rep said it gonna be no charge for that phone for all the problems we been having an they will do a follow up an call me back to make sure the account credit so i didn,t have to pay for it only to have angela j id number 0623443 to call me an tell me either i can send the phone back an pay shipping out my pocket 14.00 or pay for the device when the previous rep said it be no charge for the phone lies lies lies i think this rep has it out for me in my opion but like the guys said before we all should boycott tmobile just like when sprint lost over 345,000 customers last year alone tmobile used to care about the customers now they only want u to keep bying there devices which it BULL CRAP IF IT WASN,T FOR US CUSTOMERS T-MOBILE WOULD BE OUT OF BUSSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeremiah unknown February 11, 2015 at 1:22 pm

T-Mobile is full of crap, I was charged twice on my bill this month I called them and I was told that my money would be restored but a week later it wasn’t there so I called back again they kept transferring me until I got to the supervisor. The supervisor then told me she couldn’t help and I need to call my bank , meanwhile I called my bank they said to call the company that charged me twice. As I was speaking to the supervisor she goes thank u for calling T-Mobile have a nice day…poor customer service and everyone needs to leave T-Mobile there full of lies and anyone who hasn’t experienced a problem yet will experience one. LEAVE T-MOBILE NOW! LEAVE TMOBILE NOW LEAVE T-MOBILE NOW LEAVE TMOBILE NOW LEAVE TMOBILE NOW


beata February 20, 2015 at 2:03 pm



tired of it February 8, 2015 at 12:53 pm

For over 7 months I have been fighting with tmobile over the devices they sell you that dont work.and there way of fixing a problem is trying to sell you another phone.


aj wilbur February 10, 2015 at 6:39 pm

Been there done that they sold us two note 2 telling us yes they will pick up 4g in your area when in fact they got a list of phones the will work in your area we got them and low behold only 2g or edge network that after replacing the note 2 3times because it was bad device funny they say it ur area is only 2 g well that not true because my note 3 picks up 4g lte it there way of tring to get you to keep bying there phones all they care about now money and profitt bonus not the ones who keep them in bussiness which is the customer sprint found that out after losing over 345,000 customers for only worrieing about money and profit


tired of it February 8, 2015 at 12:40 pm

Lets put it this way every airport, bus stop, an medical center I travel to I will be posting a warning post warning people of tmobile and there customer service reps.they will lie you they will miss lead you and lie you some more.also on Utube I will be posting calls between us an tmobile so people can hear for themself how tmobile reps,managers,and supervisors will lie to you and miss lead you


aj wilbur February 8, 2015 at 9:27 am

Tmoible what good about it nothing at all we order a galaxy s3 only to have to return it 4 times bc it did not work so we got note 2 only to find out it will not pickup 4g in our area so again we had to buy another phone so we bought a galaxy s4 which worked for 4g in our area but the phone would not work at all for phone calls so now they want us to drive almost 2 hrs one way to a store to have there rep look at it for damages lol the phone was just gotten through the mail open up out the box would not work this i tmobile policy remind you we called tech support they said it a bad device but wants to charge us to return it shipping an also charge us to have another one sent out now we have gotten 2 notes 2 they we can even use on the data other then slow 2g network that we have to pay for and now they want us to pay for a broken galaxy s4 now seem like tmobile is as bad as sprint only thing they care about it the almighty dollar an not there customers even though they pay there bills on time every month we are gonna end our service an find another company that will be happy to treat us like we matter to them ( ps i,m gonna post a YouTube video also about tmoible also) tmobile you was good until you stop careing about customers and started caring more about your proffit margins more per quarter


Robert February 4, 2015 at 10:20 pm

Wtf bad signal for the prices of Verizon when it don’t even work wtf and when I cancel my account they f*** give me a hard time I planing to sue these f*** f*** you ceo John l


Liacross February 3, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I am actually gona cancel my t-mobile service. Its a bit embarrassing to be a customer. I like cricket better actually.. Good luck!!


Liacross February 3, 2015 at 9:54 pm

Wow. Your company really went a little to low this time using Kim Kardasian in your commercial.Its great to reach audiences,make good money and get viewed but come on people. Use more intelligent,classy,sexy, relevant,neutral and respectful actual people. Lol that commercial was so cheap man..


JR February 2, 2015 at 12:15 am

Dear T-Mobile….

I could not locate a corporate email address so I am posting here to say that I HATED that your Super Bowl add featured Kim K. I was embarrassed to be a T-Mobile customer and angry that some of my money paid for an ad featuring her.

Maybe you could pick someone with class, who has made a positive contribution to to world……


Lacreatia January 16, 2015 at 2:42 pm

I have been very very pleased with T-Mobile. I have been a loyal customer with T-mobile for 10+years. Unfornately I had a bad experience yesterday. My daughter Galaxy S4 phone went blank and she was not able to use her phone. My daughter and I took her phone to a nearby T-mobile store in the neighborhood. The sales rep explained to us that by her phone being just a little cracked on the side that T-mobile would just send it back and say it does not work because the phone is cracked. However my daughter was able to use her phone for over a year with the phone just a little cracked on the side. So the sales rep told us to go around the corner to a shop to have fixed to someone that is not even affiliated with T-Mobile wow this sales rep as no hope for T-Mobile. So my daughter and I went to another T-mobile store and the sales rep explained that with the insurance on the phone I have to pay $175 for a refurbished phone which that sucks because this phone may not work as well. So now i will be out of pocket for $175. Not happy at all. Also earlier this week I get a fake spam email saying that i would get credit for next month bill and go to website. I went to website and everything was under T-Mobile name and ask for your password and telephone. I called customer care to confirm information and the rep told me that a scam was going around with T-mobile regarding this matter. So BEWARE of this fraud. I told him that T-Mobile should send out letters and email to customers informing them of this situation. Not good. I may consider going with another provider.


Anna Rhodes January 12, 2015 at 10:14 pm

TMobiles customer service is HORRIBLE!! Will someone tell me how to retrieve $436.07 back from TMobile after they saved my debit card number and used it without my permission. I am a struggling single parent and a cancer survivor who was out of work for quite a while and to have this company steal money out of my account using my card without my permission is appalling. I have been with this company for 10 years, but will be terminating my account after I get my money back. I have called numerous times and placed on hold for hours.

Anna Rhodes


Alice Reid December 29, 2014 at 3:04 pm

By the way, Ive been on the phone with T-Mobile customer “care” since 11 a.m. EST; I am still on the phone with them as I type this. I have been routinely disconnected today no fewer than 13 times. I have called back immediately, only to be again put on hold and then disconnected. my calls have been made on my landline and my T-mobile phone so that excuses of the call dropping because of connectivity issue are moot.
From here, I make a complaint to the FTC, I will contact my lawyer for avenues of redress, and I will be contacting T-mobile’s corporate offices, whom some astute and disgruntled customer had the grace to post on the internet.
BTW, I am STILL on hold. It’s 3:04 p.m.


Alice Reid December 29, 2014 at 2:59 pm


Alice Reid wrote on T-Mobile’s timeline.
I sent in my request for early termination fee reimbursement at the beginning of October. Per their request, i submitted the materials online. The reimbursement is supposed to take 8 weeks from their receipt.
I called to check on my status in late October and in November and was told that the card would be sent within the 8 week timeframe.
It is now almost January and I have not received reimbursement.
I called today and was told my request was rejected as they could not read the submission I had sent. I have been on the phone with customer service since 11 a.m. EST. I am typing this on hold. The phone again disconnected just now.
Tmole owes me $450 in ETF REIMBURSEMENTS for two phones.
I entered my contract with them in good faith. I’ve paid my bills on time, and have been a customer in good standing. I left Verizon because of antics like this. But I’m not rolling over this time.
TMobile, you’re on notice now. You have my phone number and address. Send me the reimbursement you promised. UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, I will continue to post this and to call you to resolve this. You’re in breach of contract, and I see by the number of complaints online that I’m not the only customer you’ve been “playing”. Get your act together and fullfil your responsibilities to your customers who have contracted with you in good faith.
In the meantime, I’ll have Verizon call you for their money.


Ms. Smalls December 28, 2014 at 9:29 pm

first and foremost DON’T EVER IN YOUR LIFE AND THE ONE TO FOLLOW sign up for horrible T-Mobile. when I say I have had nothing but stress with a company that lies about the smallest stuff every time I have to call. . . I’m blowed!!! I have talked to more than 20, YES 20 “supervisors” in the last month about issues with my lost device and my bill. it’s so bad that I have decided to seek legal help. I truly feel like I am being harassed on a daily basis with this wack company. I am customer service all day. to think there are people who represent this company everyday and don’t release that their job gives them a bad image. you represent a scam. you ruin people’s livelihood. you cheat people out of money. you bully people. you don’t even work for a fortune 500 company yet you front like you do. Mr. John Legeree. . . Mr. J Braxton Carter II. . . Mr. Thomas Keys. . . please take a step back from the pedestal that you sit so high on and recognize that you just because your up $$$ doesn’t mean that the lack of truth will be over shadowed. time will catch you sooner rather than later. all these bad remarks will add up.


Sharon Russum December 24, 2014 at 10:35 am

In short. I was locked out of my phone. T-mobile told me that they would need to reset the phone, which in turn wiped my phone of all my information, including texts/communication between me and my sister, who has since passed away. All contact, addresses, etc. Luckily, my pictures back up to Dropbox. Since this debacle, I have had numerous conversations, emails, etc. I have had promises of call back from “supervisors”, one email offering a month of service free and then another one with 2 months of service free. The man would not even call me back. He stated that I was offered to have all of my information saved so I wouldnt lose it. I was not offered this! If I was, I would think I am pretty stupid not to have it saved! What the did offer was that I should save it first. I explained I couldn’t, since the reason I was calling was, I couldn’t get into my phone in the first place. The lack of service with T-mobile is horrible. If I didn’t owe on my phone and my ipad, I would be gone in a second. In the meantime, I will and have told everyone I possibly can how Tmobile is nothing but a headache. This has been going on for years, almost monthly phone calls for service, charges etc. I will take one last route and try and write to the corporate offices! Whatever happened to customer service????


J December 22, 2014 at 8:32 pm

I bought a tmobile prepaid card for $60 they put the card in my phone and it would not work. After a few min the employee said, sorry it won’t work in your phone. So I asked for a refund and he pull out a paper he handed me after the purchase that said no refunds. He never said a word that it might not work in my phone nor that there are no refunds.

I called customer service and they would not refund either. So tmobile got my $60 without giving me the service.

Isn’t this THIEVERY? Yes!

Do not use tmobile!


maria December 19, 2014 at 10:48 am

ever since I got tmobil service I have been nothing but unhappy …. every bill cycle I get a different balance to pay and its always more than what we agreed on and I believe that should not happened its very frustrating, to call every month to get it fix and in the process of getting it fix the representatives at the call center it seems they are not to happy to help me fix the issue witch it makes me even more frustrated … im at a point of just switching providers because I feel like im not valued as a customer… thank you have a nice day


Amina Dianalan December 10, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Thank you, Mr. President/CEO for fixing my problem…. It took awhile but you solved my dilemma thru Ms. Hope of the President something department. Thank you so much!


nicholas j savastano December 4, 2014 at 10:27 am

t mobile has in the credit bureau that I owe them 7100 dollars. they are running my credit and have stopped me from getting a house for me amd my children.I have contacted an attorney who says he will sue if it is not cleared up.please help me clear this up right away my contact information is attached. thank you nichilas savastano *** dawson hill lane lexingtopn s.c. 29072 803-307**** t mobile # 803446**** I was a great customer for 10 years clear iy up and i will be your custoner forever thank you


nicholas j savastano December 4, 2014 at 10:23 am

t mobile has in the credit bureau that I owe them 7100 dollars. they are running my credit and have stopped me from getting a house for me amd my children.I have contacted an attorney who says he will sue if it is not cleared up.please help me clear this up right away my contact information is attached. thank you nichilas savastano 136 dawson hill lane lexingtopn s.c. 29072 803-


leah December 3, 2014 at 5:35 pm

Good evening,

My name is Leah Roper. I’m a present customer at T-Mobile. I started service with T-Mobile mid October 2014. Every since I transferred services to T-Mobile I have had a horrific experience. I have had to call every day to rectify these issues: being charged for a hotspot I don’t have, being sent the wrong item, not receiving a refund, being charged for another line, advised of false information, long hours of waiting in line and frustration with representatives, bad connection, dropped calls, and no responses from the Dept’s that I emailed to correct these issues.

I have tried every possible revenue to get these issues resolved but I continue to hit walls. I don’t know what else to do other than cancel my service. But, even if I cancel my service, I will be left with a negative opinion about your company. I am a first time customer of T-Mobile and I must say, I have never experienced so many issues with any other cellular company. I am dissatisfied with the Customer Service and would like to receive a refund for the phone I purchased, ZTE ZMAX.

I would appreciate it if you can review my account and all the notes that are attached to my account. Experience the many issues I have suffered over the past month. And after reviewing my account please contact me at your earliest convenience to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I can be reached via email.

God bless


Helen De Jesus December 3, 2014 at 9:24 am

Been with this company for almost 10 years and I have gotten nothing but the worst customer service ever eyes for the last year I have had to call every single month because my bill continues to fluctuate the representative sometimes cannot even explain the discrepancy of my bills and continue to tell me that I owe this money. And managers at Heinz don’t even come to the phone and when they do they are rude disrespectful sarcastic incompetent and it’s not helpful. I wish nothing but to be done with this company however I can’t therefore I have to continue to endure horrible service, drop calls, fluctuating bills, extreme discrepancies on my bills and untrained representatives that cannot explain the bills nor even services to me. I need somebody from the executive office to call me as soon as possible thank you. I will continue to speak negatively of T-Mobile until I have the chance to be heard and my account fully audited and reviewed. If I owe something by all means please tell me but don’t try to steal my hard earned money with hidden agendas. You are all millionaires who don’t need to worry about a $600 bill but most of us that use your service are not. I absolutely wish nothing then to be done with this company.


EMMETT SNEED December 2, 2014 at 8:29 am

Good I have been a customer of T- MOBILE for five plus years Iam unhappy with the service I have been getting as of late from your service reps I was charged for non return of a warranty device that was retunred some time ago I contacted a service rep and explaned the issue I was told I would be contacted with in a week that did not take place but I was billed for not once but twice then my service started to drop I then stated that was going to start to look for a new provider thing’s did not get any better to this day I am still having droped call’s no signal I don’t know what’s going on the coverage is not what it use to be I can not update my plan from the phone but it keep’s coming saying I can (WHAT’S GOING ON)


Christine December 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm

I have been having a problem with our service since we signed up. Our sales lady lied about coverage and what kind of phones we could use on t mobile. I recently purchased a Samsung from our previous carrier and was told we could transfer it over no problem. WRONG!! I am stuck with an alcatel which is a joke of a phone. The Milwaukee t mobile manager Mark Thomas has been nothing but ridiculously un helpful;. He should be fired as a manager. The customer service is non existent even when there own employee lies and are fired because of it and the customers she lied too are stuck with the product. Shame on you T Mobile this is not the way to run a business.


Amina Dianalan November 19, 2014 at 2:09 pm

I have sent my letter of complaint to your CEO, COO & CFO plus Customer Service but to this date, NO ONE HAS EVER RESPONDED… even just to say that they received my letter. In fact I have faxed my letters to the corporate office but no one seems to care…. So unprofessional! I think I just might try the social media forum to get my message across…. I’m so disappointed and disgusted by the kind of service your top management provides for loyal customers…
Nov. 19, 2014


Tawana Woods November 21, 2014 at 10:57 am

Ms. Amina i hear you very unprofessional , im very a unsatified custumer right now it’s taking 10 days to get a refund back after i gave them all the imformation they needed, Wow ! BBB here i come


TJ November 17, 2014 at 4:49 pm

Horrible!!!! I’ve been with Tmobile for well over 5 years. My service has NEVER been interrupted due to non payment because Ive always paid my bill. Veteran’s Day 2014, my services were interrupted because Tmobile applied my payment of $92.50 to someone else’s account!! I have no idea who this person is. All I know is the money was subtracted out of my account and someone else’s name was beside the payment on my bank statement. I tried to explain this to Tmobile, but they would not listen! Instead, they gave me long hold times only to return to the phone and state that it is under investigation! What investigation?!! Just credit my account for the money you took out of my bank acct!!! Its that SIMPLE!! You stole my Money!! By the way, the “Customer Care Supervisor” even suggested that maybe I paid a “boyfriend’s” cell phone bill!!! WTF??!! Where do you hire these people from?!! Needless to say, I am contacting my bank to see how can I get my money back and resorting to Social Media, Better Business Bureau, and where ever else I can get the word out to STAY CLEAR of T-MOBILE AKA T-NOTHING!!!! : (


Amanda blasser November 14, 2014 at 11:07 am

I have been with t mobile for about 6 weeks. I have had nothing but problems the only reason why I might consider staying is the deal 4 line for $100. But from day 1 I have had problems with billing, reps will say they are giving credits and never do. They told me my trade in credit would go toward my new devives….wrong it went to a phone that I already had on account. .y do that wen I already made the down payment on that device? Well because of course u want me to have to put more cash down instead of my trade credit like I was originally told. I want something done about this. I wait in hold forever and get passed all around for them to say your bill is accurate. Ummm no it is not reps have told me things and of course didn’t note it to account just to shut me up and get me off the phone. I would like for someone to get back to me asap. Thank you in advanced!


Maria Rivera November 14, 2014 at 12:32 am

Tmobile are selling the Note 4 and it’s not available.


Terry House November 11, 2014 at 11:17 pm

I’ve been trying to return a phone three days after I got it I found out there is no service the corporate stores Full of XXXXX they wouldn’t even give me the district managers name or how to contact contact the customer service their full XXXXX T-Mobile has no coverage the most South Carolina North Carolina deep parts of Georgia I do not recommend this service to no one and I like help getting my money back I will file a complaint with the FCC file a lawsuit in court I want my cash I paid back from the store store purses store set up not online please help


Carol November 11, 2014 at 11:55 am

I just now hung up the phone took me 10 minutes and 13 seconds to not get an answer. The rep’s name was Kia. I asked if the corporate office was open or closed today…. she wanted to know why…. she got back on the phone and wanted my zip code because she told me they have offices everywhere… I said corporate ….corporate…. ok I hung up.
I am paying for service I am not getting I can not text since T mobil changed my plan that includes texting I can not text…. I do not have internet…. my plan includes that too …. BUT I DO NOT HAVE IT. I have called a total of 8 times in one and one half weeks and it is still not resolved I was supposed to get a call back from a rep this morning and no one has bothered to call. I am going to file a complaint through the consumer protection agency. T mobil needs to know that you can not eat up a persons valuable time and have them pay for services that they are not getting and offer them NOTHING for the serious time invested and extreme inconvenience, and frustration. They can not fix the problem I have been on the phone with several techs they put in several tickets and here I am today.


Marquette November 8, 2014 at 1:50 pm

I’m very disappointed with your service already. I placed an order on Friday and paid the 24.99 for Saturday delivery because I was in need of a phone as soon as possible. I decided to call and check the status this morning because I was having it shipped to work. I was told I would not receive my phone until Nov. 13th. Really? I left Sprint because of the poor customer service I received from that company. This is ridiculous. If I don’t receive my phone by Monday, I will be contacting the BBB and canceling this contract.


William Keller November 8, 2014 at 11:40 am

Plan and simple….T-Mobile SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They talk to you on the phone like they will do everything for you then they screw you over.
They never call back, the supervisors don’t know what they are doing and the service is absolutely horrible.
I can’t forward e-mails, send pictures and large text message take hours to days to down load.
When the phones are paid, T-Mobile can kiss my butt goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!


sarah sartarelli November 5, 2014 at 4:04 pm

I cannot believe the problems i have had. I have been getting the run around about my phone not working and was promised a certain plan. It has been since the middle of September and still no dice. I am soo unhappy and nothing is getting done. I was promised 1gig of 4g data and after unlimited 3g. The 4g part works well, then after nothing works. I am so tired of this. I think im just gonna switch to go phone. The last lady i have been talking to for help just said she was going to send a tech person to my to check my phone….for what? We know it sucks! So unhappy and we have been talking for over a week, and she tells me she is corporate. ..sha right!


henry nickerson November 5, 2014 at 2:27 pm

when i was living in Arizona, i had decided to check out my options with a new cell phone company, after having Verizon for many years i decided to go with T-mobile, i had ordered the 2 phones on the T-mobile web site and selected the plan. When the phones arrived they were damaged, so i had taken them to the T-mobile store a rep, seen the problem and said no problem he can help me with 2 new phones , he had taken the 2 damaged phones and gave me 2 new phones then i received a bill in the mail for the 2 damaged phones, i went back to the store, same rep he apologizes and said he will make sure the first account will be canceled. then i received another bill in the mail for the first account again and then received a second bill for the second account . i had tried to talk and resolve this on the phone with a rep from T-mobile , i called several times talked to over 12 different people all said that they were sorry , but nothing got done i was so up set i decided to go with a different carrier now this is on my credit report , i feel like damage has been done to me and my report , and i want this off my report , i worse comes to worse you will see me in person at your corp. office i promise you this you will take this off my report i guarantee you justice , and it shall be done


Daniel J Reed May 17, 2019 at 3:19 pm

all these company’s are the same they all play the same game they are all scam s. T mobile is not even a American company its German I am a hearing Impaired veteran all so going through hearing in Washington veterans affairs so there new add will be brought up . I just left Verizon for billing me 100 a month to text as I lost all hearing in the military that all I can do went to T Mobil went through the hole show abought a hour she says they are going to charge me 27,00 a month I say great she put the new chip in my phone looks at me funny says Verizon is blocking your phone I say call them for me that wrong she calls and tell s me that they say its unblocked but T mobile says it still blocked . So I take my 859,00 phone to my attorney he takes it to the Verizon store its unblocked he then calls T mobile who could not give answers T mobile was doing this the person in the store to get a commission for selling me a new phone. Right then and there I decided I no longer need a cell phone going back to the land line or computer . only when we stop feeding the animals will they stop praying on us. I thing you will see the commercial where T mobile and veterans affairs disappears after my trip to Washington


Steve Smith November 4, 2014 at 1:38 pm

to the CEO of t mobile I have talked with your service reps tech support with the issue of why the area im in only has dial up speed and allergist suppose to be a 3G area my phones shoe it’s a 4G and I can’t get betree then 600k kbps with a latency speed check that one of your reps told me it’s the one t mobile uses I’ve had trouble tickets out and they closed with out ever notetifing me of the ouT come flat out been lyed to and Beenough lied to and received the run around I’m very dissatisfied with the service there is no high speed internet here at my area I demand a refund maybe something can be dine before I make official complaints_f2f


LC November 3, 2014 at 5:56 pm

I recieved a post card in the mail from tmobile stating they was going to change our plan reguardless of what we want. I stated that i did not want them to change my plan because i am grandfathered in. When i was speaking to a supervisor she stated that every customer that has a old plan would be affected as of 11/15/2014 I told them that this was a breach of contract on the behalf of tmobile. And that this is not right not just for me but for all of there customers. The supervisor offered us $5.00 off for 6 months i said no, then she offered me a new phone i said no. then she offered to disconnect my wife’s line for free and pay the remaing balance i said no. I told her i wanted everthing to stay the same and that they cannot change our paln with out written consent or a signature. example if you have umlimited data you will only get 1gb anything after that it slows down and if you want more you have to purchase to keep the speed up.


GEORGIA BODDIE November 3, 2014 at 12:57 am



Casuandra Aaron October 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm

I have been a T-Mobile Customer for over 10 years and I have never experience such unprofessionalism, incompetency and continuous lies from a corporation’s customer service department. I tried to take advantage of utilizing the Jump feature on my account. On October 11, 2014, I ordered the “Note 4” online, in which it stated that the phone would not be available or shipped out until October 19, 2014. Immediately my husband informed me that I should have ordered the “Galaxy 5”, I immediately telephoned customer service to cancel the order. I was informed by a customer service rep that the systems were down and they could not access my account and someone would call me back, which they never did. The next day I called again to cancel the service and I was able to cancel and I received a cancellation number. On Monday, October 13, 2014, I noticed that $67.00 was withdrawn from my bank account (which when I ordered the “Note 4” I was informed that the monies would not be withdrawn from my account until the phone was shipped on October 19, 2014). I immediately telephoned customer service to ask them what was going on and I was told that the “Note 4” was mailed out. I spoke with customer service reps, managers, the loyalty department, informing them that I cancelled this order and why was the phone shipped. A manager intercepted the UPS shipment and requested the “Note 4” be returned to T-Mobile. As they days went on, I continued to telephone T-Mobile to ask if they received the “Note 4” and I was consistently told no, eventually I was told it was received but it would take 30 days for it to be logged back into the system and then I would be able to utilize the jump feature to get the “Galaxy 5”. At this point I had spent and enormous amount of time daily on the phone with representatives with NOTHING getting done. Eventually I spoke with a customer service manager and she swore to me that she had cleared up the problem and I could go into the retail store and get my “Galaxy 5”. After going into the store and spending another hour just to find out that the problem had not be corrected. I telephoned T-Mobile AGAIN, another manager promised that she corrected the problem and telephoned me back to confirm the problem was resolved she left me a voice mail stating that the problem was resolved and I could go into the retail store again and I would have no problem. I did and AGAIN even with the store representative listening to the managers voice mail the problem was still not resolved. Yesterday, October 29 (19 days later) I telephoned T-Mobile again to find out if the problem was resolved and I was informed that it was, and they would note the system. The rep told me I could go into the retail store and purchase the “Galaxy 5” utilizing the jump feature. Third time into the store and YET AGAIN, 1 1/2 HOUR LATER….NOTHING WAS TAKING CARE OF. I was told that a ticket would have to be put in and it would take ANOTHER 24-48 hours to resolve the problem. I have NEVER…NEVER…NEVER had to deal with so much incompetency. This is totally unacceptable and I want this problem fixed immediately. I will make sure that everyone I come across in professional career as well as my personal life will know how terrible customer service is with T-Mobile. This is outrageous that a customer with an outstanding credit history being treated this way. I will be paying whatever it takes to get out of the contracts, paying for phones to get away from T-Mobile as quickly as possible. Thanks for Nothing T-Mobile.


NILDA RODRIGUEZ October 23, 2014 at 6:03 pm



Katherine Barroeta October 22, 2014 at 12:32 pm

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE T mobile experience. My family and me yesterday had went to Tmobile office in 4155 LAWRENCEVILLE HWY 100, LILBURN, GA 30047-1500. Phone number is 770-381-8960. It was around 7:30 PM we went in to the store asking about more information about switching over to T mobile from Metro. But she defiantly messed that up for us. My mom barley knows any English and we asked her what is the cheapest phone that they carry she “pointed” over to a row of phones and we asked um where???? Isn’t her job to come to help us especially when we are not a customer under T mobile! She came over there was very rude and showed us a $79 phone…. My sister in law just came to T mobile and bought a $50 phone!!! So she showed us the $50. My mom asked to see the box she started getting trashy and said we don’t have a box! Clearly there is a row of boxes!!! And my mother explained to her this is your job! This is what you do.You help customers out! She then explained rudely that the phone doesn’t come in the box. I explained to my mother in Spanish while im talking she is saying “si si si. You got it you understand now”. But in a very very extremely sarcastic way. My mother said agin this is your job your suppose to help us out! She said I am! She then took her glasses off and got in our faces like she was about to fight! I asked her let me speak to manager she smiled and said YOUR LOOKING AT HER! Then I told her I will complaint this was a terrible experience in customer service I had ever encountered with! She was trashy and rude and Ghetto! Like she owned the whole store! I asked for her name she gave it to me. I asked her to write it down! Then she wrote it down and all sloppy so we could’t read it.We were leaving out the door and she just still kept talking! Have a good day don’t come back! Never again will I go to a T mobile store again… BAD VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ME AND MY MOM WONT STAY STILL TILL THIS MANAGER IS FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MJ Herrera October 21, 2014 at 12:20 am

I was considering not writing anything at all, however I do not wish to give T-mobile an excuse to overlook me (though I am trying to keep the faith in a pool of complaints)

To make a long story short, I was told that my account went to the collection agency that cannot find me in their system. I was referred and transferred to and fro from Representatives/Supervisors in many departments just because I was trying to do the right thing’ which is to pay what I owe.
After 2 hours of exercising my patience, I decided and was told to follow this “one and only protocol,” … thus, here I am.

If someone can graciously contact me via email and/or (preferably) by phone, I would be MOST appreciative.
Please. It makes no sense to start all over again (even with another company) if I owe a company. I would hate to take that position after many many years of joyful bliss with you guys.

Thank You And Be Blessed!


JC October 21, 2014 at 12:04 am

First of all the 4G service sucks our phones only work 70% of the time a lot of death zones anyways I being with t-mobile for about 3years and all this time i was getting a discount through my employer and all of staring they cancel it, I call to find out why wasn’t i getting the discount and i was told that i needed to re-applied and i don’t know why i’m still working at the same company. anyways I sent the information they requested back in mid july and on july 30th i received a confirmation e-mail saying that it was approved, but the info was never entered into the system so in order to get the discount i have to call every month, Today was the last time i called and they told me that they couldn’t get me the discount anymore until i send them the info again,,because they messed up now i have to re-apply, to me thats really unprofessional.. anyways I have 3 months left on my contract and after that i’m leaving them, not because the discount but the poor 4G service there is times where i texted my son and it takes him 3 hours to get it,,,GOOD LUCK EVERYONE,,,,


bfisher October 20, 2014 at 3:00 pm

I spoke to a Young lady by the name of Simone Chase at the coop off, very very satisfied with the call. She was patient, understanding and very detailed. Thank u Simone Chase for making my experience a GOOD one!


AZ October 17, 2014 at 9:48 am

T-Mobile of the screwed up company I have had problems with them years ago and this year as well they’re not reliable their customer service seems to be on cloud nine they don’t know what web for the information that they give you is right or wrong it’s just a XXXXXed up company it took them two months to pay me money that they owed me and when they get ready to pay me I had told them to put my money in a check they sent me a damn MasterCard prepaid card I didn’t want that I didn’t pay them like that they are truly a bunch of ass holes my advice is never get involved with T-Mobile


Loren love October 17, 2014 at 12:05 am

I called tmobile because I seen the advertisement for the 4 lines for $100. Well they took my personal information and ran a credit check. Mind you my credit score is over 900. First they said I would have to trade in my phone which retails for $599 and I had to purchase one of their phones. Then came back and said that I qualify for their prepaid services. Then they lied and tried to tell me that they didn’t offer the 4 lines for $100. So tthen I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was left on hold for an hour an 30 mins. When I called back to complain they gave me the run around. They even told me that they didn’t have an application for me and they didn’t run my credit. Welltthey asked me like 4 different security questions to verify that they had the correct information. This was the worst customer service experience for a future customer. So I feel like I havebeen mislead lied to and a vvictim of false advertisement. I am looking into filing a class action lawsuit against tmobile


INTEGRA November 2, 2014 at 6:37 pm

If you or you know of such a class action lawsuit…please notify me…I would love to participate. Email: pecansandybrown


Tora Stone October 15, 2014 at 9:07 am

tMobie is the one of the worst carriers I have ever been with. they have a deal going on now 4 lines For $100. well since I’ve been with tmobile for six months each of my bills have been $250 a month. I purchased two phones from themand they could not even tell me how much a month I’m paying except for that it is zero down. I called customer care to have my bill looked at when I spoke to the supervisor she went over the bill and told me that she was going to call me on Sunday which gave her four or five extra days to call me to go over my bill. two weeks went by and I never heard from her at all. last week I received another bill from T Mobile after I spoke with the supervisor and they raised my bill now to $390 a month. everytime you call tmobile they act like they could care less what you’re paying or how they can help you its a Sony operation and I feel bad for T Mobile but this isn’t going to end.

I am an 80 year old woman.I am on a fixed income. they offer a service but yet they rob the poor and the elderly with their scams and schemes.

if I were you and looking for a New carrier t-mobile is not the ONE.

T Mobile should be ashamed of how they treat their customers and how they are dishonest in their ads..

once again I’m sure they’ll get away with it because they’re a big corporation. they should pay a penalty for false advertisement in stealing money from people the EPA should get involved in this and crack down on all these carriers for robbing people so they get rich and they get to buy airplanes and mansions and put their children through the best schooling of how to rob people.

at the end of the day t-mobile will be happy and the consumer once again losses.

Thank you for your time!

Tora Stone


Fran Hicks October 13, 2014 at 11:14 pm

I got this phone from the television as free but when I receive the phone it is $600.00 and the bill is $118.00 a month. I want to return the phone and not to pay the early termination fee. What should I do I am going to get a lawyer on my behalf because I am getting the run around on returning the phone without paying $600.00. I am a senior citizen on a fix income.


Clifford Herrmann October 24, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Hello my name is cliff i just read what you posted. And i would like to do the same as you i myself set up direct deposit and that went good for 2months then suddenly it stoped. Now i call these people and one of these people tells me they lost my bank card number!! LOST IT??!!!! How the hell have they managed to do that and where the hell is my information?? They avoid that question like the plague….. so if you are still in the process of getting a attorney and persuing leagle actions i would like to get in on this with you if you are willing to that is. I am a retired COMBAT VETERAN and i live month to month on a fixed income just like everyone else and them screwing their payments up and losing my infomation has caused me so much stress and has about got my layed up in the hospital again. So if you would be willing to work with menas well as i with you please contact me via email : palm*****@yahoo.com thank you for a minute of your time… i think all of these people who are having problems getting the runaround and all should all get together and file a class action suite….


LC November 3, 2014 at 6:46 pm

please let me know because i would like to join thank you


Phyllis November 24, 2014 at 3:13 pm

sign me up for a class action suit.


Lawuana October 13, 2014 at 9:53 am

Hello tmobile,
Here’s my situation ok I get alerts by email,text,phone calls messages from tmobile all the time about bill due,changes in plan, etc all the time. OK i was alerted about my bill statement is due so I checks and I was billed $919.99 for 1 month and Im all unlimited with everything so Im Like what in the world is going on so I look at my detail break down of my bill so Im charged for a replacement phone that never did work when my son purchased it of $700. So of coruse I call customer service about this cause I can not afford to pay this. All they can tell me is Im sorry but its passed the 90 or 60 day policy to return a defective phone that I was not alerted thru text message phone calls,etc on the primary phone number. i told them i dont erase no text messages from nobody and they did not call or text the primary phone number about returning the phone cause if they had i would have sent back that phone quick fast and a hurry. Mind you Im still paying EIP the other phone they sent out. I have the phone to send back but its about a money thing with tmobile now then over seeing the policy for a loyal customer for over 10 years. I have 3 phone lines and also I call tmobile when ever i have a problems with anything so Im upset that they dont value me as a long time customer of 10+ years.Im not trying to get over on nobody but Im just upset that no one alerted the me the primary account holder that Im about to get bill $919 to make sure that I am aware of this like they do everything else. Could someone in coporate get in touch with me about this situation.Sincerely a loyal customer


Lawuana October 13, 2014 at 10:04 am

Also When I got on the phone with the reps and Loyalty financial department they said all we can do is spread the payments out for you. But they are not getting it that I shouldnt have to pay for a phone that I still have that never did work when my son bought it out the store and that Im still paying on thru EIP SERIOUSLY. TMOBILE DO NOT VALUE THE LOYALTY CUSTOMERS AT ALL WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO MONEY. They rather get money at all means necessary, no matter how long you been with them. Now Im faced to leave to go to another carrier.VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER OF 10+ YEARS.Why do the strive on Loyalty when thats not the case behind the scene.


Jessica castillo October 8, 2014 at 2:21 pm

I had a change of responsibility on my account where my ex boyfriend took responsibility for his line upon removing him from the account I was advices his EIP would follow him as well. I now come to find out it was never removed from my account & customer service reps are telling me there’s nothing that can be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor; she was rude & stated “that seems like a personal problem between you & Mr.Carpenter you will have to deal w him”. I began to explain to her that in July when we decided to transfer responsibility the rep I spoke to assured me that the EIP in question would be transferred as well, she then stated that who ever did the transfer never sent out an email that Mr.Carpenter was suppose to verify & agree with the terms. Based on that I don’t see or understand why I have to continue to pay for a phone that is not in my possession all because T-Mobile failed to do what they were suppose to. I have been a customer with tmobile since 2006 I have 4 lines but at this particular moment I am really starting to reconsider my wireless provider because I am truly dissatisfied & disgusted with your lack of customer service


clark Campbell October 8, 2014 at 4:05 am

Where should i begin T Mobile two year my wife rencetly call to check to see when we would be albe to get an upgrade om our phone that we purchased when we first got the plan. The representative was very rude telling her if we wanted to get upgrades pay another deposit or switch companie or pay the deposit, when i got the phone from her and he heard my voice he hung up the phone. This is beyond unacceptable i dont disrespect my wife and i be dam if some other guy is going to do it to her. Its ashame we have to deal with a company that cares so little for the people that put money in their pockets.


TIMOTHY J. October 7, 2014 at 10:54 pm



William Keller October 7, 2014 at 1:25 pm

I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile to save about $60-70 a month. Verizon’s service is great, T-Mobile must use car antennas to get service.
Anyway, I joined to save money. I work P/T at Home Depot and asked if there was discount. My store rep called and said I get a 15% discount. Now I’m on my 3rd bill and have called 4 times to find out why the discount has not been added. I pay the bill, the rep adjusts it then when the bill comes it not applied. After the 3 bills are adjusted there should be not balance, yeah right. T-Mobile changed my billing date by one day and I have acXXXXulated one charges plus the tax on this day. So after all the balance are current they say I still owe $48.02. Because T-Mobile didn’t process the paperwork in a timing matter I get extra charges. Also the store rep I had when I signed up had be at $10 less rate. This a verbal contracted when speaking to him and should be honored. Not happy with T-Mobile…have to check out AT&T.


William Keller October 7, 2014 at 1:50 pm

I called the corporate office and spoke to Matthew. He got ride of the additional charges and is having the corporate team review my account. I am happier now!!Thanks Matthew.


Mary October 6, 2014 at 6:29 pm

On August 2, we purchased a new Samsung phone with an automatic rebate, this rebate on a card was scheduled to end 8/5/2014. I was told that I was no qualifying, and it would take 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, I asked t mobil about my rebate card. I was switched around and around, ending on a robot called which disconnected me. I call back, then was told I need to fill out a form .I went to a t-mobie store, you guested It, no form. they told me to go back to the store where I received service in the first place .Went there, the rep. stayed on the phone for over an hour, calling and calling all these different number finally he came to the un-resolve conclusion, I may need to send a form in for a rebate which requires no form, It would seem that no-one knows why I have yet to receive my 200.00 rebate. I am so disappointed with this process and the madness. It would seem a simple solution, either I have my 200.00 rebate or it’s in the mail. why should I fill out forms that may make me wait another 6 to 8 weeks. Please, I been with you guy ten years.


Dawn furlon October 5, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Been with tmobile OVER TEN YEARS. Decided to terminate since all phones were off contract and switch to a cheaper company. Received final bill yesterday with termination fees even though we had since switched to the advertised no contract plan 🙂 every rep I talk to is a complete idiot and have not gotten the same answer twice from anyone I spoke to answers have ranged from balance on phones to signed a mystery contract a year ago when I switched to the no contract plan ??! They are crooks and scam artists and this is how they treat me after over ten years of paying them my hard earned money my advice to everyone is RUN tmobile is not a customer friendly corporation. I will be calling corporate in the morning because I will not pay termination fees


Nick koester October 4, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Hi I am BRAND NEW to t-mobile and I already regret starting with them. It has been miss leading from the very beginning. They told me my phone would work properly on their network when I unlock. This is NOT TRUE. I ended up having to buy a phone from them with the jump program. Since the beginning I have.not had service at my work. I have called many times, they credited my account 70 dollars and they said they will continue to do so until the service has been fixed. I felt good about it. They even sent me a signal booster and said if it doesn’t help they will continue to credit my account. I get the second bill and call to get the credit and they are completely RUDE and have NO manners what so ever. I end up requesting the manager, She was even worse. Would not let me talk at all. Would raise her voice at me and even hung up on me. That is not a manager. The Georgia call center at around 2:30 pm California time. Her name is marquisha or something like that. I am so upset and ready to leave t mobile already. I need to be contacted at 951323**** this needs to be fixed. Thank you


Linda September 29, 2014 at 1:45 pm

I like to know who is / are your roaming partners in Canada before I sign up? Feel free to email your response.


j maddux September 28, 2014 at 4:40 pm

We are new customers to t mobile. It is such a nightmare trying to get them to understand and rectify any situation. It appears we may have been charged for services,which was not rendered. I cant locate anyone with t mobile as yet to provide a solution or give a similar response. We have spoken to 3 representatives by phone and 2 in person. At this point we are just trying to get a clear solution. Our next option is contacting the CEO John Legere.


Wanda Kerns September 27, 2014 at 4:52 pm

I notice that there are many unsatisfied customers with tmobile and so am I. I have been ripped of for the second time. I was not under contract but charged early termination fee and made to eat the cost. I refuse to allow this company and any other company to continue to take my money that I work so hard for. I paid the first time to keep it off my credit so other creditors would not look at me as not responsible paying customer. There fore I will contact someone to find out what my rights are as a tmobile customer.


Morgan Myles September 25, 2014 at 1:23 pm

I signed up with T mobile and they told me they would pay my termination fees with my old provider. I sent the form in, put the address i wanted the master card to be sent to, but the morons at the Rebate Center sends it to the address i placed on file when i signed up with T mobile. They sent the card to the old address, then they tell me it will take another 15 days to get another card sent to me, which is SO ridiculous. I did my part by entering the address i wanted the card sent to and they take it upon themselves to send it to somewhere else. I asked if they could expedite the card and they said NO. screw them! They make a error which i did not cause and they wont do anything about it. What kind of customer service to they have?


Charles Brown September 24, 2014 at 4:24 pm

I have been trying for 2 months to have my service stopped and do not want it anymore. I am in Thiland and have been pulling my hair out to get someone to help me. Im suppose to have been sent an email with a one time pin number that will let me stop my service. I cannot use the phone here, anyhow, I never got the pin number and my mother has tried to help me in Mich. however shes not on my contract so they won’t talk to her. Customer service is terrible. I am now going to write the CEO who happens to be John Legere in Washington. I am sending a registered letter, making a copy for myself, and whoever accepts it better handle this problem, because I am so done with this company. You’d think that they really need me to keep their business floating. Im overseas 7 months of the year and cannot do this anymore. Those of you writing emails like this one, I do not believe they even read them. Im just adding my two cents worth, and letting everyone know what my plan is. I also have a case number with the company, because I have complained so much. Case number 9379566, if anyone from T-Mobile reads this, please disconnect my service!!!!! I am so over this.


Rico english September 23, 2014 at 9:05 pm

Hello my name is Rico English and I am a customer of T-Mobile I recently required a replacement device being sent to me and my location of business I am a general manager at a Fortune 500 company so let me explain this first there was no label inside of the package for me to return equipment so I had to take money out of my pocket and go purchase a UPS label upon doing so the UPS location close so I placed a package in their midnight dropbox now three months later approximately 80 to 90 days I received a bill with the purchase price of another iPhone because it can’t be located in your warehouse UPS can’t find it the tracking number that you guys gave me did not exist and I’ve moved from the location I was at before and since 90 days have laps and average person doesn’t keep a receipt I can’t find the tracking number I’ve got into numerous a disagreements with UPS about this issue. So aside of this missing phone issue I go to a T-Mobile store to upgrade my phone and they tell me until the past due balance is played on the phone that I don’t possess and I can’t upgrade to the iPhone 6 so here I am attempting to spend more money with your company and in that process I’m getting told that I have to pay for phone that does not exist that I do not have and that your representative ,supervisors, customer service and financial have told me that your warehouse is 100% accurate on locating its merchandise. I work in retail company that is a fortune 500 and it is impossible for you to solidify the fact that your company has 100%location rate on checking in packages that they are 100% accurate about what they do when it comes to their inventory I have hard time accepting that with you servicing 45 billion customers, nevertheless nothing is been done to meet me halfway on the situation they’re constantly cutting off my phone and now they’re not trying to assist me I shouldn’t have to pay for phone that I don’t even have, to me that is not customer service at all I have continued to pay my bill monthly after month now I’m upgrading two phones and give you guys extra money for you guys to stick it to me over the phone that I don’t possess that you can’t locate that I can’t locate and UPS says that they don’t have so what because I am the minority out of UPScompany and T-Mobile big company I get it stuck to me tmobile is assessing me $5-$600 for phone and I do not have an expect me to continue my business with you the company and not just that but to now wanting to purchase upgrades on phones where I was about to do so is better to leave your company and go to another company because of the lack of customer service that I’m receiving in this issue no one finds it more imperative to me no one is trying to understand that you guys are trying to charge me $5-$600 for another phone it makes no sense to me whatsoever why no one has the slightest bit compassion or customer service to help and stop assist someone in this situation that I have. I believe it is extremely unjust that a big company takes a advantage of an individual person. Furthermore no one is attempting to help me resolve this issue at all in my opinion so I am writing this letter taking the time out of my day to express my concerns with T-Mobile’s level of customer service and their actual feelings about their customers. I may not be the majority of the 45 million or billion that you service but each one person should matter $500-$600 to company the grosses 50 to 100 times that amount and is a public shared company on the stock market that means my opinion should matter all I’m asking is for some assistance in this issue because the only thing that was offered to me was a whole bunch of excuses as to why I cannot be assisted or why could not be helped when I requested to speak to a supervisor the supervisor tonight help me when I asked who was over the supervisor there was no one there can be spoken to and he said that there was not even a one 800 number to contact your customer service today is September 23, 2014 and I am writing this letter and send it to you an email for the following day of September 24 I will be making Necessary arrangements to call your corporate office wherever it is located because your supervisor told me that there is no number to reach you guys but you can be reached through email I refuse to believe that a company of your status does not have a phone inside of its office anywhere where anybody can be talked to so in case anybody gets able to help me my cell phone number with T-Mobile is (312)804-**** approximately two lines in your account and two additional lines with my mom and my son on them, so if someone could actually take the time to listen to this email and give me a call a text message or even email in response to let me know that someone is looking into the issue to see what they can do to actually help me out I would deeply appreciate it will go back to when customers mattered and handle this, because customer service is what draws business and word-of-mouth is the best and the worst advertisement thank you for your time and your day.

Sergeant Rico English II
United States Marines
Stationed in Chicago


Kim Lettley September 22, 2014 at 2:35 pm

Good Afternoon:

First off I am beyond irritated that I have to take time out of my busy and hectic schedule to write this complaint. I have been with T-mobile for more than 10 years and for the most part the customer service has been pretty good. However, over the past 3-5 years I have had some major problems. Most customer would have went to another provider by now, I realize that they are all pretty much the same.

This weekend was the 3rd time in about 2 years that I have had a major problem with T-mobile every time I need to adjust my service or make a claim because my phone malfunctioned.

I do not have time to get into all the specifics, but here is the gist:

Friday – 9/19/2014 I visited a T-mobile retail store to upgrade my data plan. The wait was very long because of all the new Iphone craze. After about an hour and a half, the Salesperson assured me that my new service would be up in running in a matter of hours. Shortly afterwards, I received a call from the same salesperson informing me that the technical support team was not able to adjust my account. To make thinks worse, he or the technical person could not figure out why. He then assured me that the problem would be fixed within 24 hours. Of course this did not happen, no one called me to follow-up. I called T-mobile customer service and it was the worst experience. I was on hold forever, I got disconnected while being forwarded to the appropriate department, Therefore I had to call back again and the wait time was even longer. (Mind you that we are not into Saturday night,) The whole customer service team was professional and willing to help me but could not rectify the problem. Over a course of 2 days – Friday and Saturday I spent about 3.5 almost 4 hours either on the phone or face-to-face with customer support and to no avail.

The final customer service representative really did his best, but the results are below.

I started out with a data plan, now I have nothing because when the attempt was made to upgrade my account, the techs removed my then current plan. Afterwards is when they realized there was something on the account that was preventing them from making the change.

Finally, the young man adjusted my bill as a courtesy, even though he knew my primary issue was restoring my service. I was not able to do my school or personal assignments, my banking, my personal bible study etc. THIS IS SO NOT ACCEPTABLE, IT IS NOW MONDAY AFTERNOON, 9/22/2014, 3 DAYS LATER. MY SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN RESTORED AND NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO CONTACT ME. I’M REALLY TIRED, BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY WRITING THIS EMAIL VIA A PUBLIC COMPUTER INSTEAD OF THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME.

So here I am, awaiting a reply from CORPORATE as to what was this funky think on my account that is preventing you from changing my service.

Again, this is not the first time I have had to deal with nonsense. Back before Galaxies, I had a Black Berry. It malfunctioned, I returned the phone for a new one, as I have always insured my phones. Why do I get a letter back from your office along with the supposedly new phone, stating that I would be charged a penalty because the phone was damaged?!? This was absolutely not true; and to add the phone that you all did send to replace the old one, was damaged/refurbished. The phone you sent malfunctioned in the exact same way as the one that I sent. I had to go through flips and turns to get the fee taken off my account. The manage that I spoke tom, said they would have to deduct $5.00 from my bill every month. I have never heard of such a thing! I mean you billed me the whole amount, so I would think all you would have to do is deduct the whole amount.


Kind Regards

Kim Lettley 646-894-XXXXX


williamnee September 21, 2014 at 12:36 pm

i had a very bad experins with a few employers please contact me 857 277 XXXXx thank you


brandy navardauskas September 20, 2014 at 11:13 pm

I been with tmobile for many years and tonight had to be the most horrible experience I have had in awhile. I went there really fast with my newborn to upgrade my phone because my other one wasn’t working the greatest. The rep told me if I wanted to give them that phone he would take $30 off of a table he wanted to sell me. He promised that he could hook up to a machine they had and it would transfer my pictures, texts and contacts over to my new phone. After 2 and a half hours waiting with a baby he says that my old card deleted every single picture I had and he couldn’t get anything to transfer so I lost everything. My daughters senior prom, her graduation, and pictures of my new baby. I’m so devastated that all that is gone. I never complain but I won’t let this go.


Brian Townsend September 19, 2014 at 3:45 pm

As a new customer, i was treated terrible.Ive been waiting 1 month for phones. And everyday they promise me a new story. even when i paid for overnite shipping. 1 month ago. No way to treat a new paying customer or even an old one.Very Very dissatified .


Denise September 19, 2014 at 12:12 pm

T-Mobile is hands down the WORST company. Their reps are incompetent, rude, hateful, poorly trained, and they lie to customers every time you call them. In trying to switch from Verizon to TMOBILE, every rep told me THEY send payments to your old cell phone company for ETFs and to ignore the old company’s bills. LIE. You pay the whole ETF and wait FOREVER to get a “gift card”. I was promised $200 for my pristine Apple, but their trade in only wanted to give me $38. Their ordering/billing system is so screwed up, it told FIVE orders to finally go through and no one even on their IT department could figure out the horrendous mess. For ONE plan, they tried charging me for 6 different amounts, depending on which rep was submitting the order.


Here’s something interesting… Went to a local TMOBILE Store, and they agreed that the service through their 800 number or online website is so bad, they get complaints EVERY DAY, but once you place an order through them you are BASICALLY SCREWED.

That was the final straw… Put the new phone back in the box and shipped it back to TMobile UPS, called Apple to tell them why TMobiles horrible service cost them a sale, and called my credit card company to dispute their charging me for the first months coast (which they did happily).



Alisha September 19, 2014 at 12:25 am

T. Mobile is horrible. They constantly lie. I have been waiting 3 days for my number to swiych over to a postpaid account. Every time I call I get the run around then someone finally lies and says they’re pushing it thru. Then one man named mark lied and told me he was going to have the supervisor call me bck n an hour n here it is 3 hrs. Later and no call from a supervisor. So I called back and was told by another Rep. tht Mark noted three we got disconnected. That was another lie. When I asked what will be done for my delay and incoence I was told by Mark “well I said I’m sorry for the inconvenience “. This is poor poor customer service and it’s ridiculous. It’s makes me want to switch service. It’s not fair at all.


Stephen B. September 16, 2014 at 8:15 pm


This has been the worst experience I have ever had with any customer service, in any field. They have hidden charges everywhere and continued to charge me for two months after I told two representatives, including my business rep, to close the account. I was told I would be charged $20 per line for two lines, $20 for the S5 I purchased, and $10 for the iPad I had on their system. So, I should have been paying around $80-$85 with taxes. My bills were always over $140 dollars because of hidden charges which were immense. When I tried to activate two more lines they sent me the wrong sim card 3 times for the iPhone. Then the one they sent me for my main line was cancelled by them so I had to drive an hour to the nearest store to get it corrected. We also had to call tech support 3 times to even get the phones to work properly because they synced them incorrectly. My rep did credit my account $150 for all the mistakes, but it did not end there. I bought the second line because I needed their wifi calling, so my rep sold me an S5. It apparently is the only android phone that will not do wifi calling, which was my reason for choosing tMobile in the first place. Instead of getting me a different phone, he sent out a signal booster which did no good. I didn’t have enough signal to make it worth using and the booster only helped a little at my house but did no good at my job sites. Finally, I left them after 5 months of constant issues and switched to Verizon. I transferred both numbers and was using them on Verizon for 2 months, yet here comes another tMobile bill. They are still charging me for the second line!!!! They said it’s because Verizon didn’t fully port the number so it was dual usage. However, I had talked to one tMobile agent on the phone and emailed my rep to ensure the account was closed when I switched and they both said it was, even the automated system said it was closed. When I just called they told me too bad Verizon didn’t port it fully and kept every faulty charge. Also, I was told that the automated system was saying that because the first number was the primary. This was just a headache from day one that cost me a lot of time and money I should not have lost.


Lori Rodriguez September 15, 2014 at 11:39 am

My services have been interrupted. I have attempted to make a payment both over the phone and in person in the amount of $100, you have declined to reactivate my services. I have had nothing but problems since first joining in Feb. The total past due is $195..ARE YOU SERIOUS??? THIS ISN’T A $300, $400 BILL. Besides the long wait time, the amount of dropped calls I face daily. This is unacceptable. This is my only means of communication for my children and for work. I expected more from Tmobile after coming so highly recommended. I am beyond upset to the point of anxiety. I do not appreciate feeling made how I am being treated. I could see if there was no attempt at payment but I am trying the best I can.


Aaron September 13, 2014 at 8:21 pm

To who it may concern, my name is Aaron Jolley and I am a paying customer of T-Mobile. Today I was looking forward to purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Edition, only to find out that no store in Maryland has the phone. I had went to and called every store and I even researched online, seems like only T-Mobile in Detroit has the phone and they put me on hold and then told me there is nothing they can do and hung up.Everyone turned me down and gave me nothing but a apologetic face and “we are very sorry.” I wish that you all could contact me and tell me that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Color can and will be shipped to me. The telephone number in Detroit is 313-893-****. Please contact me at 443-470-****.


Lisa Wilmore September 13, 2014 at 3:55 pm


CEO: John J. Legere
CFO: J. Braxton Carter II
COO: Thomas C. Keys
Family trapped in a contract? Break them free with Contract Freedom!
Break up with your carrier and switch to T-Mobile now, and we’ll pay your family’s Early Termination Fees, up to $650 per line (up to 5 lines), when you trade in your device—plus no more annual service contracts!
You get:
• Up to a $300 trade-in credit based on market value for each device.
• Up to $350 per line based on the ETFs on your carrier’s final bill. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I recently visited a T-mobile office in Arlington, TX to trade in my phone and services with Verizon to T-mobile. I saw the advertising on T-mobile website that they would pay my early termination fees and without running my credit. When I stated why I was there in the store, I was told I had to run my credit….which upset me because on their site they state NO CREDIT Check. Secondly, I was told if I switched to T-Mobile I would receive a final bill with Verizon that included early termination fees and my final bill and I was to pay this bill in full when I received it or set up a payment plan until I paid it off. So, when I do pay off the bill with Verizon, I would get a rebate card in the amount I paid in termination fees from T-mobile!!! THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISMENT!!!! T-MOBILE IS NOT PAYING THE TERMINATION FEES…..I AM!!!!!! I will wait until my contract with Verizon is up in January 2015 and be done with ALL you Crooks!!! T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are rip offs!!!!!
Cooper & I-20 (8832)
x South Cooper St, Arlington, TX
Unhappy cell phone customer,
Lisa L Wilmore
x Sharpshire Lane
Arlington,TX 76014


steve spehar September 10, 2014 at 4:34 pm

i contacted T-Mobil to find out where my credits were for 2 phone i mailed in
they told me they applied to my G2 phone i did not know that and the 85 dollars was applied to my bill did not know that either
talked to one person got disconected i called back and got someone else
was then explaining how i feel i was mislead as far as the coverage she transfered me to a tech guy Donny P. 5787 i told him my problem and he was quick to say sorry for the problem but no direction to a solution, i asked about a signal booster and donny said did not have any and i will have to call back??? i asked cant you take my info mail said no he was rude talked right over me wile i was talking i told him he was talking over me then he said i was interupting him?? what ? i deal with the public dont assume a persons next words before they speak! what about my daughter i said she does not live here she needs a booster also said split account have her be responsible for her phone let me tell you she is and its none of his business to even ask that! its my choise to porvide her phone i am very angry at this point i told donny P. 5787 he has made it very clear for me to leave this company i hope someone contacts me back i want this resolved please play back the phone call our service i pay for service that i cant get


Gloria September 10, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Two weeks ago we could not get signals on our phones on and off signal loss in my area two heart pateints in the house we called customer service multiple times they said there no signal loss at all another person said they were working on the towers they said it would be fixed a week later we called customer service again we told them about it again they didnt care they basicly called us liars so we asked how much we owed so we could leave T-Moble they said our Contract way paid up a year ago we just owed for the phones they said we owed $135.00 plus $70 for the phones Five days later they called and said we were still under contract and demanded rudely for $749.99 and we dont owe that all we owed was $225.00 we are not going to pay a penny more than our final payment.

We Asked Multiple times through out the months about contract and they said ours was up and we didnt have one we been with T-Moble for 7 years and now we are being treated like crap and we are Boy Cotting T-Moble We Knotified Friends and Family To Stay away from your Company.

P.S. Your Frauds and a Bunch of hypocritical Liars and we are no longger with T-Moble and no longer go with you again ever

Please Teach your customer service reps to be truthful and polite instead of demanding and calling liars and telling people off Take your reps back to school. After we Left they put us back under contract as revenge for leaving t-Moble after 7 years we were stabbed in the back.


Jean Lee September 9, 2014 at 11:33 am

I never really had a problem with T-Mobile until now. I have the samsung galxaxy s4, that’s not working called to the warranty exchange phone was suppose to come the next day when I didn’t receive the phone I called T-mobile back and was told the phone was on back order they are not sure when the phone will be in. When I first placed the order for the warranty exchange they gave me the option of getting a loaner phone I did excercise that option and the loaner is no where near the S4. I called back to T-Mobile because I am really not satisfied and the supervisor offered me another phone that suppose to be compatblie to the S4 but after reading the reviews it’s not all compatabile to the S4 so I reach out to corporate to see if they have a better option and the person that i spoke to at coporate didn’t have a better option only she offered was credit on my bill still not sure when the phone will be in and if the phone don’t be in by the end of the week they don’t know what they going to do, that’s poor customer service. Also I am still paying for the S4 on my monthly bill which i don’t think is fair why am I paying for a phone that i don’t have. T-Mobile i think you all really need to do better if not you will be losing a lot of customers, maybe you all can look into having Techs at your stores like other providers have to fix people instead of depending on warranty exchanges.


Kelley Smith September 3, 2014 at 9:46 am

in August of 2010 I purchased a phone for my mother phone. she passed away about 20 days later, so I was in a contract. Contacted tmobile. We are so sorry for your loss, but a contract is a contract. So I figured by 2012 it would be over, no. Every time I changed plan on my number, it extended her contract. So then they said we can bring that number down to 10 dollars a month and since you have been a loyal customer, we will give you a loyalty discount of 10 dollars a month until contract over. Well that lasted 6 months. Still paying on her phone until 2015. I HATE TMOBILE


Eboni Rennie August 29, 2014 at 6:23 pm

You guys have the WORST service AND customer service I have EVER experienced in my entire life! I’ve only been with you guys for not even 6 months and EVERY single month (NOT AN EXAGGERATION) on multiple occasions I have had ISSUES that are now beyond inconvenient. The first few screw ups made by YOUR customer service reps,such as saying they are processing payment with a confirmation number and Never did (and mind you it wasn’t because I didn’t have money on my card), and trivial things like lying and telling me things that aren’t true OR saying they will do something and DONT do it. It is completely ridiculous and I am SO happy that I do not have a contract with you guys because I will be taking my business elsewhere since your customer service reps are literally incompetent, rude, and do NOT have real worth for their positions. I have been in customer service for a cell phone service and I have NEVER been so appalled with customer service. For the benefit of your brand and business you should really hold higher standards in hiring. And put some money into making sure glitches in your system do not happen so often. It’s really driven me to the point that I don’t even want to call customer service about my issues any more because they are NO help! It’s frustrating and I feel like I have wasted so much money for such crappy SERVICE!


katie stafford August 25, 2014 at 7:32 pm

I have emailed the CEO of T Mobile and also left a message on T Mobile’s facebook page. I have had nothing but issues since I switched from Sprint. I was sold a horrible phone that gets no reception and the associate forged my husband’s signature to a more expensive plan. No one wants to help us.. All we want are better phones or our old ones so we can return to Sprint.


TINA September 2, 2014 at 4:24 pm

I had sprint to and switch with such regret. I asked for my phones back that I gave to tmobile they told me they cant do it I signed a paper agreeing to that. Well they also signed that they are in my area and they arent.. I want my old phones back I traded in 4 phones that were 2 weeks old just to have tmobile put there name on them and resell them. sh*tty *ss company with piss poor customer service. And the next time you’re in the mall look and see how many people are in the other cell phone carrier stores and how many are in tmobile.


Charles Morales August 23, 2014 at 1:06 pm

Just to let you know I was thinking of switching my family plan from AT&T . I have four phones and your about 60 dollars cheaper then AT&T. After reading independent reviews about your customer service and the way your company does business I decided not to . You guys better get your act toghter or you will go out of business the way your running the shop.


Patricia Hayes August 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

Tmobile is a great wireless company. They really care about their customers concerns and take care of their business. Tmobile has trained their employees to go over and beyond to satisfy customer concerns. I can’t say that for a lot of other business out her today. Tell your friends and family members to go with tmobile as their wireless carrier. They won’t regret it.


elizabeth August 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

I would like for an actual scr that knows how to correctly reverse my account the way it was before that idiot who did the change without my consent. I assumed that T-mobile will never make any changes without approval from the consumer or the person who is authorized to make any changes which T-Mobile is false advertising that they will never make change without the account owners approval. It’s a damn lie had to go through it myself. Now if you would like to look into the account feel free to see the stupidities your employees have done screwing my account.
708-543-3185 It has been extremely time consuming , hectic and extremely. pointless since they cannot change my plan the way it was prior to the unauthorized change the csr made WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!!


elizabeth August 17, 2014 at 11:05 pm

I’m almost sure the CEO wi never read o
our issues with t-mobile. Just in case
My issue started since the damn csr changed my service without my authorization. I’m assuming she went ahead just to collect sone lauzy change(commision). But since she made the change my account has been a chaos. My bill for one mo let allonth was over 11thousand dollars for “roaming charges”. Now T-mobile will mot put my plan the way it was prior to this csr made the change without my consent. Due to this my account will be terminated on my own since “They” cannot make the correct changes to my account as
t was originally. So th


Ursula Merritt August 13, 2014 at 1:54 am

Mr. Legere,

I am writing to you because I have been having trouble for months with my service. It seems as though I cannot get anyone to in customer service or technical support to adequately address my concerns. I have been a loyal customer for several years and it bothers me to have to send this email to you when my concerns should be handled on a much smaller scale. I have purchased a Galaxy S2 and I continue to have problems with this phone. I keep getting sent another phone and continue to have the same problems. I have to pay more than $500 for this phone, I have to pay shipping for another phone, and after going to the T-Mobile store, I am being told there is nothing that can be done. The hold time is in excess of 45 minutes, the personal service of the supervisors is poor at best. I also have a home phone which has not worked in at least 9 months and I have not been able to have that resolved either. I am supposed to have a state employee discount, this has not been applied to my account after several requests. My bill is well over $100 per month for 2 phones that are not working! Please help me, this is my final attempt to get my concerns addressed before moving on to another carrier. I know you have worked hard to bring this company back and put T-Mobile on top of the game. I cannot imagine that you have any idea that all of your efforts are being over shadowed with such poor treatment of your customers.

U. Merritt


nicholle August 11, 2014 at 5:46 pm

My friend has been a customer of yours for going on four years now. So recently as of February 2014 I decided to join her plan. I bought a IPhone 5s from you T-Mobile store in Seekonk, Ma. Now here comes my issue I have had NOTHING but absolute problems with this company from the get. About 2months into my plan my iPhone would no longer connect to any Wi-Fi, so I had called customer service and they transferred me to apple support which told me it was a hard ware issue with the phone, so they over knighted me a iPhone, now due to the fact that the issue happened on a Friday I didn’t receive my phone until late Monday. So from there in less than 24 hours I had to call customer service yet AGAIN! Because the phone that was delivered to my home the power button would NOT work. So now again I have to have a phone delivered again. Once I receive that phone it worked for a couple of weeks and then again I encountered a soft wear issue and had to return the phone. Now I had this third phone for about a month ever since I received the phone the phone would shut off and turn on on its own. Now I thought maybe it was doing a soft wear update every now and then but it started to happen daily so a few days ago the phone completely turned off the screen went blue when it tried to turn back on and had a colorful border around it. now I had to take time yet again out of my work day & go to T-Mobile to show them my issue. You’re in store T-Mobile reps told me to go to apple and they would issue me a new iPhone. Now here is the dilemma with all of this BEFORE I went to the store I called customer service, talked to a VERY unhelpful lady who then let me speak to her manager. Now her manager had NO CLUE what he was doing. I explained everything that has happened and how un happy I am with T-Mobile and I want away from you guys as quickly as possible because it is not fair to me to have to keep paying a phone bill of 200$ a month PLUS an extra 30$ every month for a cell phone that keeps breaking because you guys keep sending me trashy refurbished cell phones. He told me they would ship me a new I phone now here is the other problem I work in sales, have a toddler and only rely off my cell phone I do not own a house phone or anything like that so I can NOT go 24hrs without my phone. Well he then told me that I could go into the T-Mobile store he would note that it is OK for them to give me a brand new i-phone 5s, also that they will send me a unlock code to unlock my IPhone to take it somewhere else but I would have to continue to pay 30$ a month until the phone is paid off in full because “buyer’s remorse ended after 30 days” now here’s my other issue you guys have done nothing but screw me over since I bought my phone I just wanted to give it back and walk away clean from T-Mobile but he kept telling me I’m unable to. well I go to T-Mobile and they told me they can NOT give me a new iPhone 5 though the man in customer service said I could! & that if I wanted to get a new iPhone id have to wait for the 6months from purchased to “jump” but then would make me restart my pay all over again. So they told me to go to apple and all that stuff, so now I have to drive to my local apple store and they see over 100 errors that the phone has produced, so they thankfully gave me a new out of the box iPhone. Now my new issue starts for 3 weeks now!!! Once I received my new iPhone I called customer service, spoke to a women who put the request in for the unlock code, told me I would receive the details in 24 hours, well after waiting 48 hours I called back, the new lady told me my phone was denied and she told me to call back in a week since I have a new iPhone the company needs to detect that I have been using the phone, so now I call back 7days later which now would be Thursday 8/7/2014 I call in and they put in now a 2nd! Request for the unlock code, within 2 hours I receive an email saying I have yet again been denied, now I call back speak to a women in customer service management who told me it takes 40!!!! Days from the time u get a new phone in order for the unlock code to go through now I’m not waiting 40days to get away from this horrible company so she ensured me it would get done she called me back in 3hours and I received a unlock email that would let me unlock the phone but I’d have to wait 72 hours before it would work. Now last night at 7pm I tried to unlock the phone following all steps and not one thing worked so I yet again had to call customer service and spoke to a very RUDE man who was no help at all had no clue what he was doing, he then told me he would have to reach out to support and would call me back within 24 hours to fix the issue. I have had not ONE good experience with T-Mobile!! And it makes me very! Upset because I just want away from this, I have not received any discounts off my bill not one thing I want away far far away from this company I want to give my phone back and run away from T-Mobile since all of your reps are nothing but garbage un knowable reps. I just don’t understand what kind of company you guys run because I have never in my life experienced such issues with a phone company as I do with T-Mobile. Now I do expect a call back from someone in corporate to resolve this issues because I REFUSE to pay another T-Mobile bill again now my bill start again on the 25th now I do expect my phone to be unlocked and away from T-Mobile before then.


Gloria September 4, 2014 at 6:31 am

You have to call the corporate number. They will help you. They helped me get a new phone and gave me a bunch of credits because I was having problems with the refurbished Samsung S5s they kept sending. The lady was very nice and sent my phone out the next day, I even received credit for shipping my old phone to her.


Bridget Stein August 9, 2014 at 3:14 am

I am absolutely wore out from trying to work with T-mobile. I originally had W.M family mobile & I started having terrible service. I spoke to W.M T-Mobile person who suggested I call T-mobile to see if perhaps there was an issue with the tower in my area. When i phoned them they told me the reason i am having terrible reception is because Family mobile does not use their towers. He asked me how much i was paying for my current service & told me that he could hook me up for about the same price & that I would them be using T-mobile towers & will get excellent service if i would switch to them,. I agreed to do so & received a sim card in the mail by the end of the week. I then followed the directions to activate my service on line but could not get it to work. I then went out to W,M to see if they could help me. They only thing they could do is sell me a pre-paid card that was around $38.00. I then went home & to my disappointment i still had the same terrible service unless i would make calls from my backyard. I called cust. support again with great difficulty because i the phone lost the call numerous times. i tried every thing they suggested with no improvement. I called again from work on Monday & finally was told the truth about the reception issue. She agreed that yes Family mobile does use their towers, that my reception issue was an issue in my area because of an upgrade on the tower that this would be an issue for 6 months. i told her i was quite unhappy i had been deceived into discontinuing my Family mobile service because i was promised excellent reception & it was all i lie. She apologized & we agreed that i should get at least half of what i had wasted in hope of getting what they had promised me the ability to use my phone in my home. So i was told i would receive a refund of $17.50. I called today to check about the refund only to be told that since i used a pre-paid card they could only give me credit. Why would i want credit with T-mobile when they can’t provide service for 6 months. I then spoke to James a supervisor with T-mobile who told me he would file a complaint for me. I have not had a reliable phone for weeks now & tonight finally gave in & bought another one with another company. I am extremely patient but am very frustrated with the lies I’ve been told from the beginning & even up to the refund which i suppose i will never see. I will never recommend anyone use your company as i was treated so poorly. Bridget Stein


Connie Marie August 8, 2014 at 4:50 pm

I have come to the conclusion that people have nothing better to do than sit around and complain about some stupid XXXXX! We all know there is no gaurantee in anything. So get off your ass and go play. Leave the phone at home!


TRACY FAVOR August 4, 2014 at 5:37 pm



shannon smith July 24, 2014 at 11:25 pm

I’ve been trying to get my sim card unlock and I can’t get ahold of anybody either they’re too busy or I don’t have enough signal to get a conversation through and my phone keeps dropping calls I’m out of the service area this is a problem for me either take my phone back and my hotspot back and take it off of my mother in laws bill or I will sue you for poor service and being discriminated against because I am disabled


nadine July 21, 2014 at 1:42 am

Omg!!!!!the worst service ever i switched from Verizon bc the were increasing. Prices keep. Going. Up and i was told i could keep my phone numbers from Verizon and use my iPhone 4s and had to buy new phone tmobile sucks I’m so so so pissed only had them for two days one phone two lines having to share a damn phone


Irene July 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Ever since I got terminated from you company I cannot find a job. I was told that I may return to T-Mobile. when I did call to retune I got the run around so I want to know can I return to tmobile as a rep or who do I contact my life is not easy since I left your company has been hard last couple of years no one wants to hire me please help


Julie Sebestyen July 11, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Hey Mr. Legere,
Instead of doing your publicity stunts and trying to get picture ops – how about you get serious and take care of your customers. I am ready to call the police and make a police report, contact my congressman, the PUC, the FTC, the BBB, my attorney and the media.
I have been robbed, lied to and violated. You have a criminal organization and there are laws to protect people from the likes of you and your accomplices. In January I turned in my Verizon iPhone 5 with 64 gb and got a iPhone 5s with only 16gb. (only because you don’t have the 64 in stock ever) I was told I would have a credit to pay off the new phone and additional credit would be applied to my phone service. Come to find out today – when I called to complain about the horrible service again – like going back in the 1980’s – I find out that I only got $71.20 for my iPhone 5 and to leave t-mobile I need to pay $425 for the phone I have now. Like paying for it twice.
In the beginning of June my iPhone 5s got damaged. I have insurance on it. When I bought the insurance I was told it was $150 deductible. When it came time for the claim it was $175.00. I paid it – not going to make a big deal of $25.00. Then I had a loaner phone while I waited for the replacement phone to arrive. I paid $54.00 and would have the $54.00 refunded to my credit card upon the loaner phones return. I returned the phone on June 4, 2014. They still have not credited my account. The customer service manager said today it takes 14 days. Really? It is 5 weeks and 2 days. Chronic and habitual liars and thieves. Really basic stuff and they have no shame. All this lying and criminal activity starts from the top. My immediate thoughts are that if you are so blatantly unconcerned about your customers and how they are being violated and treated so dishonestly, what other fraud is going on in your life that you do not care about? You need to have some honor and integrity but right now and especially after reading all these 23 pages of complaints about you and your company I doubt it. Like I said, there are laws and you and t-mobile are not above the law. Contact me if you have the moral fortitude.
Julie Sebestyen


Michele Berube-Malekakis July 11, 2014 at 11:47 am

Dear John Legere,
I’m writing to you because I have no alternative, and very frustrated with T-MOBILE. I upgraded our phones in Nov 2013 we had luminas then, changed plan to the jump and since then it’s been a nightmare. I’ve always paid Bill on time never an issue even though I know Bill was wrong. I paid off luminas in June 2014 $161.94 was remainder of blance and $72.00 for that month’s Bill. Now I’m being charged $319.00 for $119.51 for remainder of luminas? How do you figure? $200.00 for the rest of the month? I’ve paid over $1000.00 to T-Mobile and this does not make sense. Please call me so I can explain it clearly. Thank you.
Michele Berube-Malekakis


Billy July 2, 2014 at 5:15 am

The Supervisor Arthur Garcia was on a job location completely loaded and strung out on drugs. He was acting ill-mannered, belligerent and antagonistic. He was very unprofessional, juvenile and self indulged. I would not recommend, refer, or have him be head of my company any day of the week. I sincerely suggest this man gets help ASAP! You are Welcome.


Whitney Smith June 30, 2014 at 4:36 pm

Dear John, Legere,

This is my second attempt at trying to resolve this issue. I am asking that someone contact me in regards to this please. The account is under my maiden name of Whitney Bergfeld. The phone number that was associated with the account is (541)515-XXXXX.
We have been a customer of T-Mobile since 2009. We recently upgraded with T-Mobile and I was purchasing a new phone with this upgrade since January, 2014. We went to the store located near Killeen, TX. We left that store confident that we would be quite satisfied with the product. We purchased the Sony Experiaz. We even upgraded the plan to an (everything unlimited) for this phone to make sure that we would not go over the data usage. We were very excited.
Two weeks into having T-Mobile service, we began to realize that we were getting very little service in and around the areas in which we live and frequented most namely our place of work, recreational areas along with friends and families homes. I have too many to count dropped calls. Texting may and has taken up to 15 minutes to send or it may not all all. Better yet, we realized that the only way that we are able to use this phones wifi is in our home or near an access for the internet. But this is the least of my worries which leads me to my next point.
My husband and I tried to return the equipment explaining this plainly and clearly but all we got was a run around from the reps on the phone. T-Mobile did let me out of the contract that I was not even aware of that I was under. This saved me over $800. They said that we could not return our phone because we were past the 14 forgiveness period. So, I cannot return the phone and the only option is for me to pay just a little over $404.00 dollars of which I have already paid over 200 to date. Obviously the average American is unable to do this. This sickens me that they would not remedy this problem. So I cannot use your service for reasons mentioned above. T-Mobile has let me out of the contract, but with that service upgrade, came a phone. I cannot use this phone either as this is now a paperweight.
Not once were we alerted to by the sales rep at T-Mobile that we would have extremely poor service to no service in our area. I have not yet experienced and observed 4G services. I see everything but that if not nothing at all. It is upsetting that a cell company would do such bad business and allows customers to go experience such difficulties. I just recently looked at the map of cell towers in our area. There is one and it’s not near where I live.
I am writing this long letter in hopes to get some help with this issue. I am really not sure where to turn to. I simply don’t have money to throw around. I am a service member and I feel that we have been taken. I have been searching the internet as of recent and reading other customers dealing with the same issues. I am asking you to help me.

Thank you again,

Whitney Smith


Leah Crawford June 20, 2014 at 1:30 am

I agree with Robert. My mother has been with T-Mobile for awhile now and they have been taking advantage of her over a phone that was returned to them and paid for in full, still charging her $61 extra dollars a month on her bill. Who pays over $200 a month for a mobile bill now days if it isn’t a business. This has gone on for 8 months now and I am very upset at how they’ve treated and handled her. Their conversation can be very manipulative to a customer that may not be good dealing with situations like these. They tend to talk a lot making things unclear to really follow and understand. They only reveal what’s beneficial to them when reflecting to the their notes. They record all calls only to work to they’re benifit so I too recorded the conversation. I will be speaking with corporate in the morning.


BT June 17, 2014 at 12:50 am

I have left TMobile for several reasons after being with them for 14 years. I was told my phone which I purchased from them would work anywhere in the area I live in….well not true on the north side of my home is my office and I had to literally open windown put arm out window dial and stil it was a 50/50 chance if it would work. My bill showed that the part for phone payment was paid in full. I then switched to another less expensive service for what I need, I had to call them and ask if I could be switched over to their new ad, yes of course, asked why they had not notified me ohhhhhhh that was different. So a couple of months later phone not working had to buy a new one just wanted plain jane flip type, new co sold same phone for one month payment of last Tmobile contract. Called tmobile for unlock number to use old phone as back up and they told me I was still in contract and had to pay $50 to get out and supposedly had two months left on contract. I tried several times to reach tmobile and after waiting I had to hang up and come back to it. Finally I get someone and I was very polite and asked how would I know I had a contract when phone I bought from them was paid off and transferred to new company they never brought up cost to get out of contract with two months supposedly left on it. My bill was always paid on time for over 12 years and unless you were dead there was nothing that could be done. Asked for supervisor and I am sure she was younger than original staff person I spoke with. If they have 38000 employees the phone should be answered quickly and have capability to accommodate some one with a 12 plus year history with them. It is twelve hours since asking for unlock code which I had called in for separately, and even went to Corp store and explained with out code I have no phone connection. How can that be in this day and age ? Payment gets there on time. Would not ever recommend Tmobile. Family has been trying for years to get me to change and they were right poor connections poor service and very poor attitude. If corp was closer I would go directly to top management. They would not treat their mom or sister this way.


Nicole L June 13, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Thank you Louis (Financial office 11yrs) and Thank Brian W so much for your help and resolving my issue.I am grateful and appreciate your time and service you provided me.Thank you again and God Bless you both.


Timothy Sevelis/Laurence Smith June 9, 2014 at 4:35 pm

GET ME MY Deposit back!!!! Refund requests
You can request a refund for the deposit you paid at activation, as well as any credit balance or overpayment that may be made to your T-Mobile account. We refund deposits on final credit balances upon request, unless otherwise required by law. Interest is applied on deposits at the rate the law requires.

Note: If you have an outstanding balance, the deposit may be applied in any order to any amount you owe on any account. You also may be required to increase or replace your deposit amount.

If you’d like to request a refund, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service. You’ll need to be an authorized user on the account, and you’ll need to verify the following:
The password for the account or the last four digits of the Social Security number that was used to activate the account
The mobile number for the account
The current billing address for the account

Note: Canceled accounts must wait 30 days before the credit balance can be refunded due to final charges that may post to the account. You can contact T-Mobile Customer Service to request a refund for any remaining credit balance.

Deposit refunds
You may request a return of your deposit after 12 months of active service with T-Mobile.
During those 12 months, your account must remain in good standing.
Your account must be current for the deposit to be refunded.
It usually takes 2-3 days via electronic refund (preferred method due to time/cost) or 6-10 days via prepaid card once you have filed a request for the remaining credit balance to be refunded.


Timothy Sevelis/Laurence Smith June 9, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Account Number: 910625822
Mobile Number: 520-248-XXXXX
TUCSON AZ 85719-1509

CALL ME!!!!!!! From HQ, NOT from Customer Service!! Your CEO makes plenty of $$$$. He knows how to talk to customers!!!


Timothy Sevelis/Laurence Smith June 9, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Timothy Sevelis, MBA
XXXXX North Campbell Avenue, Apartment #110
Tucson, AZ 85719 USA

June 9, 2014

T-Mobile US, Inc.
12920 SE 38th St
Bellevue, WA 98006
Contact T-Mobile

Phone Number: (425) 378-4000
Fax Number: (425) 378-4040
Website: http://www.t-mobile.com
Email: Email T-Mobile

CEO: John J. Legere
CFO: J. Braxton Carter II
COO: Thomas C. Keys

Dear Mr. Legere:

I’m a client of T-mobile and I’ve gotten nothing but the run around from your customer service represtatives Jasmine T-Mobile Number #1242502 and another named Cameron. They were both USELESS!!!. I put down a deposit of $100 to secure T-Mobile service on May 29, 2013. Customer ID/BAN #891525943. I never attempted to retrieve MY deposit until now. The phone attached to your service was stolen in early December 2013 and ultimately, service was discontinued. NOW, your Customer Service is spouting marlarkey that doesn’t even make sense such as, I was given back my deposit in November 2013, but my Wells Fargo bank statements say otherwise. No return of deposit was ever credited to my account and I have the Wells Fargo statements to prove it!! I gave these deposits in good faith to T-Mobile and I expect them back immediately!!! I also have another account with T-Mobile and trust me, I will cancel service on the 17th of this month that has $300 deposits attached to it for THIS second account.. RECTIFY this immediately!!!!


Timothy Sevelis/Laurence Smith June 9, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Refund requests
You can request a refund for the deposit you paid at activation, as well as any credit balance or overpayment that may be made to your T-Mobile account. We refund deposits on final credit balances upon request, unless otherwise required by law. Interest is applied on deposits at the rate the law requires.

Note: If you have an outstanding balance, the deposit may be applied in any order to any amount you owe on any account. You also may be required to increase or replace your deposit amount.

If you’d like to request a refund, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service. You’ll need to be an authorized user on the account, and you’ll need to verify the following:
The password for the account or the last four digits of the Social Security number that was used to activate the account
The mobile number for the account
The current billing address for the account

Note: Canceled accounts must wait 30 days before the credit balance can be refunded due to final charges that may post to the account. You can contact T-Mobile Customer Service to request a refund for any remaining credit balance.

Deposit refunds
You may request a return of your deposit after 12 months of active service with T-Mobile.
During those 12 months, your account must remain in good standing.
Your account must be current for the deposit to be refunded.
It usually takes 2-3 days via electronic refund (preferred method due to time/cost) or 6-10 days via prepaid card once you have filed a request for the remaining credit balance to be refunded.


Robert June 7, 2014 at 1:07 am

I’m a very easy going man, but T-Mobile can change you very quick. If I had to rank them I would rank the whole company a negative 10? T-Mobile you ****. We are very very disappointed & disgusted with this so called T-Mobile Company as new customer’s. I have NEVER had this much problems with a company in my 40 some year on this earth. You don’t care about your customer’s just your monthly payments. Your employee’s are Cold Heart Snakes. They will lie, play mind games with you. So, after your employee lied to us all you can do is sit him down & discuss what he did wrong. That’s a bunch of BS. Fire his ***. I have been waiting for my ETF for over 3 months, after being told that I would receive it by March 4. You can’t speak to anyone higher than the so-called Executive Group & all they want to do play with your mind & try to get you to curse @ them. I wrote to BBB & Executive made some bold face lies to try to make them look good. Also, you keep on asking myself to refer people to T-Mobile. That would be a BIG HELL NO. I wouldn’t refer my worst worst enemy to this company. People you NEED TO STAY FAR AWAY from T-Mobile. BE very VERY AWARE. THIS ISNT A JOKE. They will suck you dry, with their lies. I should have stayed with Verizon.


Robert June 7, 2014 at 1:23 am

I’m positive T-Mobile won’t like this comment & will erase it ASAP, just like they did on other sites. It’s the truth.T-Mobile will erase this so that they don’t look bad, when they know they ***. Watch & see. I will prove this point. I have NO REASON TO LIE, like T-Mobile are pro’s in that category.


Bob June 10, 2014 at 12:43 am

In my experience it is not the smartest decision to base your entire outlook on a company when you have only interacted with a handful of the 38,000 they employ. I wouldn’t base my outlook on the human race because of reading your comment here because at this point it would be bleak. May I suggest you go to a different store and calmly speak with a manager about your situation? I have learned in my dealing with T-Mobile that you need to go to corporate owned stores to receive better customer service. I have had some dealing with third party locations and they tend to not be my favorite. Typically in a situation like you have I would think some research needs to be done to find out what went wrong during the transaction to prevent you from getting your ETF reimbursement in a timely manner, this usually takes some time in large companies. Patience and understanding may be required.


Robert June 12, 2014 at 9:20 am

Like I said, I’m a easy going guy & I have ALOT of patience & understanding. T-Mobile will play mind games & get you to the point that you can’t stay at a professional level with them. T-mobile gets their rocks off when customers do that. Hello, T-Mobile without your customer’s NO ONE for T-Mobil would get paid. I have been leaving messages with the Executive Response Member, you think he would call myself back? NOT. Or they would call me back at family dinner time. They call back at that time, because they know it’s family time here at the Eastern Time Zone. How about me getting his number and call him at his family time and see if he wants to solve the complaint. The both of us would say Hell No. We made the biggest mistake in our lives. T-Mobile sucks. I agree 1 billion times with Gina. T-Mobile Sucks, just like most of the other customers stated. Scammers, liars big time.


Gina June 10, 2014 at 7:26 pm



Lori Rodriguez June 5, 2014 at 1:58 pm

I switched to Tmobile in Feb of this year because they came HIGHLY recommended. Currently, I am on my 3rd Galaxy S phone since Feb. My screen barely works, it does not hold the charge, I am unable to dial out/or text very frequently. I have called several times. YET, they STILL send me the same phone. I am NOT asking for the latest phone. I am asking for a DIFFERENT phone equivalent or better. In March of 2014, my daughter and I could not find one another after failed attempts in trying to reach her, I had to knock on a strangers door and ask to use their phone. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I spoke to Robert (supervisor) today who wanted to defend the Galaxy S. I have never been more dissatisfied in my life. VERY frustrating and scary to think you could be stuck on the side of the road with no way to communicate. What is the point in sending the same REFURBISHED phones that COINCIDENTALLY you no longer sell? I wanted to get my daughters on the plan but have decided not to because of the ongoing issues, and the lack of good customer service. I will be contacting the corporate office and will continue to fight for what is right.


Demetrics parker May 27, 2014 at 10:00 am

I have tried to be very patient with the service that I’ve been received for the last 2 months I have not been able to use my internet without wifi I’ve called customer service and he had me waiting another 2 weeks none todayMay 27 I have a bill $167 what my bill is only supposed to be 90 I really need someone to contact me because I am planning to go to another service I cannot take this customer service does not help like they’re supposed to and this is me reaching out to someone else before I leave the service I left Sprint PCS to come to this T Mobile in my services person I had when I had sprint pcs


Katrina Warlock May 21, 2014 at 2:55 pm

I received an email from your company last year stating you received my Rebate Submission. I have called almost every 2 months since then, only to be told to be patient. As you can see, it’s well over a year later and I have reached the end of my patience.

I purchased a phone with the understanding that I would receive a $200 gift card. I did everything I was asked to do, sent in the form- and then I was forgotten. I have spoken with quite a few people at T-Moblie’s customer service and at the Rebate Center, which by the way your Rebate Center has VERY RUDE Employees.

The last call I made was on April 18th, 2014 I spoke with Frank, who was quite rude, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. He put me on the phone with Dan, who told me basically the rebate I applied for is no longer available. I get that- the offer expired last year when I sent in all the rebate paperwork!! I asked to speak with someone who could actually make decisions and was sent to speak with Greg, who assured me he would speak with the accounting dept and call me back on Monday April 21st, 2014, Today is May 21st, 2014 and yet again I did NOT receive a phone call again after I was assured I would receive one.

I am a single Mom, if I knew I would not have received my rebate- I would NOT have gotten the phone. I explained to the salesperson that I have never received a Rebate from T-Mobile with any of my phones I have bought, but they assured me that this time I will. I am EXTREMELY frustrated and very disappointed that your company’s got such poor customer service. I am an EXCELLENT customer and always pay my bills on time.

I’m not asking for much, just what was promised me. I need that rebate, I work like most people….Paycheck to Paycheck! I have been patient and I have been a loyal customer, I, at the very least deserve the $200 Rebate I was supposed to get over a year ago.

I made copies of the rebate, and the certified mail receipt along with the date and time it was received by your Rebate Center.

If I do not hear from someone and get this resolved- I am going to file fraud charges against your company and I will also contact The Attorney General’s Office. Its not right that you lie to the Consumers who pay your salaries! Without us, the Customer, there would be NO T-Mobile!


Robert Jill May 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Got my new I-phone 5S from T-Mobile in December 2013. When I signed up at the Clearwater store in Countryside Mall, I was asked if I was a veteran. I said yes since I served in the Florida Army National Guard for 8 years with a Honorable Discharge. Thus I have received a monthly discount since then. However, I just received a postcard from T-Mobile that tells me I gave to verify my veteran eligibility by completing your web page verification process. I thought that would be easy; however, I sadly found out that T-Mobile has changed the rules for veterans. Particularly in my case, I did not serve 20 years so I do not have a pension to put my pay stub info in your online program. Thus this would eliminate my monthly discount. If you wanted to change the rules, so be it, but you should grandfather all the veterans who were honorably discharged & served their country and honor their discount that was given when they signed up initially. I feel betrayed by T-Mobile & will consider other wireless carriers that offer veteran discounts.

Thank you for your consideration,
Mr. Robert Jill
T-Mobile account ending in ……..6087


glen carpenter May 16, 2014 at 6:16 pm

I have never had T Mobile ,I have been with Verizon since 1989. T Mobile allowed someone in another state to get a phone using my Social security number .There is NO way that person had a valid I D with my name on it . After the other person ran up a large bill T mobile turned it over to a debt collection agency .After hours of dealing with this and police reports I thought It was solved only to have that company sell the debt to another collection agency . I am now on my third collection agency , I no longer see the person who stole my identification the criminal here . T Mobile is the criminal , If they had to pay me for every hour I spent dealing with this mess i would own a lot of their company .If there was anyway i can to sue you I would . One thing is sure I will tell everyone I know what i think about your company , I have already filed with the F T C about you 3 times .


Pen Write May 15, 2014 at 1:55 pm

My experience with T-Mobile has been the absolute worst. It all started when they illegitimately cancelled our service after a customer service representative took down the wrong checking account information. When I noticed the services were off and the money was still in my account, I called 611 and learned not only did T-mobile illegitimately cancel our contract without giving us the option to know something was wrong with the transaction, but they took our $350 deposit money to pay the bill and billed us for early termination fees without working the situation out with us after their representative took down wrong information. So not only did I end up paying the deposit money, but I paid the bill and was chanrged and early termination fee without knowledge of our account every being cancelled. Then each and everytime our services was suspended, we were charged prorated charges when our phones were turned on no later than a few hours past suspension. Our bills have been $300 and $400 plus dollars for hours of suspension. Also, we were not provided with the fair opportunity to enroll in the Jump Program to obtain upgraded phones within 6 months and we have been stuck with the same phones we have had for over one year with balances on the phones finance. Its always something with them and our bill month to month and its been a complete disaster. Then I have visited the website and noticed they are offering new customers phones with ZERO MONEY DOWN and me being a customer for over one year can’t get a new phone at all without putting down a down payment for both of our lines… yet, I can go to another service provider and get approved with ZERO DEPOSIT & ZERO for the PHONE and money back for switching over and porting over our number. I do appreciate the opportunity to have cell phone service, but I do not appreciate the fact that I have been JIPPED & RIPPED! T-MOBILE as a service provider – my message to you is this – DO NOT DO IT! Go to Verizon, Metro, Cricket, US Cellular, Sprint, or whomever FIRST. T-MOBILE AIN’T RIGHT! PERIOD!!!!!!! Its not worth the aggravation!


Samantha Seward May 15, 2014 at 9:46 am

on 5/5/14 my husband and I went to a t mobile store at 2719 Gulf To Bay Blvd, Suite 1160, Clearwater, FL‎ , looking o get a new phone, the guy who took us told us, that he can get our new phones a galaxy 5 and a note 3 for 600 down, and 140 ( THE FIRST 2 BILLS ) then drop down to 120 a month…….so we signed up and 5 mintues later we call to find out when our bills are due… and went on our day….. 2 days ago we got a text saying our bill is 193.30 for the month.. MY mouth dropped I called t moblie and asked what the deal was. They told me that they dont know where i got my numbers from… So i called the store back and asked the guy who we got the from from, he said “OH i forgot to tell you, but when you left i relized that i messed up, and forgot to add one more data to on of your phones, so i made a new paper with all the right numbers, ” so with out US KNOWING ANYTHING he changed our whole plan to be way over what we had planne don being.. he did a false doXXXXent with our names on it .


j April 29, 2014 at 6:51 am

iv never had any thing to do with t-mobile ever i have a $300 bill on my credit report from 2013 full of it like sprint


kenneth huskey April 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I have had my account with t mobile for some years. Now like everyone else I had fallen into financial hardship. Unemployment ran out and I had to changed my job to another one. I took up truck driving. During this time I had been paying on my bills and making pymts. I did pymt argmts with the t mobile. Now I just got my position stable where i will be working for myself and needed extra time this month. I had made my payment arrangement for 4/26/14 for $168.91. Now in order for my family to survive i need to change and pay $68.91 this sat. and the $100 on 5/1…I made these arrangements b/4 4/21 which is their new cutoff date for redoing them. Spoke with Matt in customer service said he would connect me with financial department and they would be able to help me since it was setup before 4/21. Then speaking with Mickey (supervisor) said she was unable to do anything for me. Asked for her manager, came back and said Sarah was in meeting. I have been for for at least 3 hours for her to return call. So I call back went through the same routine, same answers and the rep Melissa in Alabama said go ahead and pay the amount I wanted to on Saturday and then call in and explain to them what I had done. Asked if she could give me a guarantee that my phone would stay on, no but you do have 24hrs after that to try and do something. This is horrible because if i was trying to run out and not pay they would help. I am trying to pay this bill and get caught up but no one wants to help me. Asked for corporate number they have none, you will have to write corporate office in New Mexico. Went online states office in Washington, now who should I believe. This is not a good sign of customer service ran you are steady speaking with five representatives, two supervisors and unable to have manager call you back. It is still the little people whom make up this large company and some consideration should be made for us. We have no voice in this matter, but as soon as you get another carrier they are quick to asked for their money then. I would like to have Mr. Legere or Mr. Carter let me know what I should do. Also you need to trained your representatives a little more in customer service because I have been doing this kind of work for over twenty years and I would go out of my way to keep a customer.


gene payne April 24, 2014 at 9:53 am

I have had a bad experience with T Mobile. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and lately had fraud committed on my account. I was going to switch to T Mobile because of there coverage and advertised policy no credit check with low (20 to $ 30 dollars per month for their telephones) I found this to be very misleading. The first thing they did was run a credit check on my company and then come back with an outrageous demand for a deposit. I tried to get this resolved by calling the corporate office but the phone rang for 10 minutes and no one answered. I do not like Verizon for allowing theft on my account and making me pay for it, but I have doubts about joining T Mobile. It seems One might be as bad as the other.


donna bandar April 23, 2014 at 9:56 am

this company is shameless – my mother died back on 7/17/13 – I called tmobile to remove her number from account – I then sent in a letter with death certificate – (2x) fast forward 9 months she is still on account – with monthly charges/taxes etc. my father called (master holder) to again cancel – they said HE need to send a death certificate, AGAIN – I called on his behalf – with his approval/clearance TODAY 4 times – the last gal, Desiree – said Oh, I need to have your father’s approval to speak with you – they bonehead before her, JASON – said, I will be sure to let the supervisor specialist know you have clearance to speak on his behalf – how inadequate can 1 company be? My blood pressure is thru the roof – I was so pissed off I wished her a terrible life – and hung up with a few expletives of how incapable the company is – beyond beyond BEYOND – ridiculous and acceptable protocol!


Ychanda April 18, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I have left T-mobile after being with them for eighteen years! The company has changed names logo etc.. I left the program not because of customer service, or price of service. I have left because of the price of the phones! The prices are outrageous!! Then I get offered the jump plan, that’s just like leasing a car! I refuse to pay for something I am not going to keep that’s wasted money! Then getting a updated phone meant that I would have to pay an additional five hundred dollars a year! I’m sorry but I don’t have money to pay for additional expenses, no contract doesn’t appeal to me I committed myself to this company for years! My relationship lasted more than people’s marriages ! I’m hurt that this company could not offer me more affordable options to stay connected, I feel cheated and not wanted. Find ways to offer good phones for more affordable options, for the people who have been devoted to you.


Ychanda April 18, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Oh I forgot to mention my service has been bad for a couple of months, not receiving calls, and messages? What’s with that???


David ANAYA April 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm

We open a t mob account bought 4 phones at almost $800.00 cost we was assured that we was receiving great service which we don’t I personally have bad signal never go up 1 bar when recieve or make calls at the end I will see a red x next to signal bars. Went to mall and neither me or my girlfriend had signal. Been trough costumer service tech support to find out service in Philadelphia area was being work on. Wish they would it said that when we payed for our phones. Tech corporate support said we have to deal with it we signed a contract if we decide to leave t mob we still have to pay for phones we cannot use. Action we taking we are filing BBB complaint against t mob we are contacting FCC why should we have to pay for service that’s not reliable t mob promised our problem fixed and in Philadelphia they service is very poor. Very upset and dessapointed. To other customers that’s having same problem contact ur better business bureau and filed a complaint don’t let ur money be wasted u don’t have to deal with poor service when u paying for great service thanks David A


Argeo Dominguez March 29, 2014 at 7:28 pm

A D Handyman Solution Inc
1XXXXX SW 242 Terr
Princeton FL 33032

Saturday, March 29, 2014





Ray March 21, 2014 at 10:11 am

I have been a mobile phone user since 1998 and when I divorced Sprint in 2012 and went to T-Mobile, I couldn’t be more satisfied. T-Mobile not only improved their high speed data but they also gave their customers a bunch of free services that you will never get with other providers and if you do, thank T-Mobile for it, they are the ones that got the others to adjust their theft of our hard earned money.

Let me touch on a few important points that need to be very clear and appreciated to all current and future T-Mobile customers:

Free data roaming and texting from over 100+ countries is real! I am currently living and working in Qatar for the next 6 months and if it was not for the free data roaming I would have a 500.000 USD bill, if not more! I am able to receive messages on Whatsapp, send pictures to my family, text message everyone in the states and check my email through the data service. I understand that it is not 4G LTE but it is enough speed to get you through your time spent outside of the United States.

March 23, 2014 brings new changes to T-Mobile where they are generously adding 1 gig of high speed data for their customers, free of charge. Name one other mobile service provider doing this and I will pay your cell phone bill for the next 3 months!

Everyone needs to understand that T-Mobile has not only offered the best service for the money but they are the ones that shook up the mobile phone industry saving every American hundreds of dollars.

Also, one more thing. If you contact customer support, they are very nice and will work with you if you have billing issues. All you have to do is be kind, courteous and patient. We are all humans and mistakes happen but can also be fixed.

I would like to personally thank CEO John J. Legere and his team for spearheading these changes and making me one of your most satisfied customers!

Ray S.


donna bandar April 24, 2014 at 11:56 am

how much did they pay you for those words?


stephanie June 24, 2014 at 8:26 pm

He works for them


GustavoA February 28, 2014 at 1:38 am

I have been with this retarded iphone 4g and monthly to monthly ive been getting charged almost $100 and something dollars for no dam reason and everytime i call tmobile threy say oh its our fault we are sorry dont worry we will take care of it u dont have to pay next month passes Boom! $183.29 how is it from $50monthly jump to $183.00? Can anyone tell me that crap!!! I am no family plan but by the end of january they tried charging me $103.29 i was told it was their mistake so that day they have told me juat pay $88.29 next thing i know i see my February bill $183.29 they expect not to f***en curse but if the TCrap!!! Would not screw me up every each month then i would not be like this now if tmobile thinks that im going to pay for everything well they can go shuv it cuz im putting a Law Suite on their A**es F*** T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!


Cheryl February 9, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Worst Service ever. Went in within my buyers remorse period with issues and they decided to keep ‘trying to fix my issue’ which then pushed me outside my buyers remorse period and now T-Mobile is trying to say I owe when all I want to do is give back the phones.

Worst Customer Service, Worst Coverage and I will never refer anyone to them EVER!


adri amaral February 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm

T- Mobile has the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. Not only does the auto call center push your from desk to desk to desk, having to start over every single time,they make claims and promises they don’t uphold. They told my husband he was on a specific long distance plan and he wasn’t it. Our cc company was a a 3 way call with them and doXXXXented that they would retract those incurred costs, but last minute sent us back to the Neverland Loop! When you get to the last resort desk they change their story and policies and start up all over again…. long story short! I’m in cell phone hell! BLAH! Sorry to bug ya with my boring story- just PO’d and am letting T. Mobile know it! Switching carriers today!


sherie Washington February 3, 2014 at 3:33 pm

I been trying to talk to someone for 3 months and this is my last resort. .im being paid by t mobile to babysit for one of ur employee and I haven’t been paid in three months I need my name and ssi number removed as the care giver. .it’s not worth the headache for only 100 a month…they keep telling me to call the employee I’m working for..but she’s not going to help she’s getting free money..The money is sent to her account to give to me..so u do the math…


Eileen Chin February 1, 2014 at 12:32 pm

TMobile is a terrible waste of time! Spend the extra money and get better service from AT&T. I tried to activate my experia phone and then was told I needed to purchase a different SIM card from the one that I was told I could use for my plan. Twenty people later, including various supervisers I have yet to get a full refund. While you may get a refund on the phone try getting your prepaid service or SIM card purchase refunded without turning blue. I think the T in their name stands for two things: “terrible” and “trickle”. First their so called “customer care” service bumps you from one department to another so you need to identify and explain your situation countless times. On top of that you hear many stories and different promises.made with authority. You believe each person until nothing happens. Second, getting a refund is like watching ketchup trickle out of a bottle. I got my phone purchase refund after I turned blue and lost part of my left ear. I have now turned purple and am waiting for a refund on my prepaid service which they now say will take thirty days and through a VISA gift card! I recalled I charged it back in December. We are now in February. Pretty soon my face will turn gangrene and slither off while I dream of getting my SIM card refund. There are too many cooks in the kitchen at T-Mobile and the soup stinks. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.


Tony Brigandi January 30, 2014 at 2:11 pm

T Mobile is called The Lying company for a reason! If you want to hear a whole bunch of lies contact T Mobile customer service when you have a problem.Take my word for it, don’t waste your money with tmobile, its a garbage company! True b******* !


Felicia D. Brown January 12, 2014 at 10:02 pm

I am extremely disappointed with the quality of service that I received in your Homewood, Il store on Thursday, January 9, 2014! I am a brand new customer who had 4 new phones activated. I purchased an iPhone5 thinking it was the newer model, I hate it . I was lied to regarding the transferring of data from my Blackberry to the new phone. I spent. 4 hrs I’m your store and then had to come back the next day AND had to make another trip This evening to another T-Mobile store all for naught! After I call the BBB, I will complain to Apple,Inc. regarding the selling of their products and my complaints don’t stop there. I’m just getting angry all over again.


Felicia D. Brown


Eddie heath December 8, 2013 at 6:54 am

I would like to take the time to inform you of an outstanding employee you have in Tara Hill in Memphis TN, at your poplar store (4741). She help me with my first experience with a Smartphone I found her very smart about the phone, and real sweet and helpful, with employee like her your company will go far.
Eddie Heath


Sehr t Yaqoob September 4, 2013 at 5:43 am

Please confirm vide email having received my online message regarding activating my cell number 4016481850 effective 09-09-2013′


Veronica Gogola January 22, 2017 at 6:56 pm

I think is not right to have the number, it will also in my opinion will bring you some troubles. but if the number was available. is OK. but it will have a cost , the one marking the company, for to beat an employee, who does not have the obligation of to stand it, and look for your old phone number , which was not available and you did not understand it. I think you will b multed for 2 years no service in t- mobile and a warning of to be violent. We do not have any responsability with the phone number, and the apparatus, more if you left it without paid.
Veronica Lopez


Sehr t Yaqoob September 4, 2013 at 5:40 am

Ref my t mobile cell # 401-648-1850’kindly reactivate my cell number effective 09-09-2013’this number was temporarily deactivated since early June ,2013’will be coming back to school on 09-09-2013’and thus would definitely like to get my t mobile services restored as previously , please confirm after doing the needful on my email address
Hmfic77042@ lycos.com
A copy to reactivate my services has also been sent on fax number14253784040 corporate office t mobile. Reply awaited on my email address ASAP.
Sehr T Yaqoob
Account number864721104


Veronica Gogola January 22, 2017 at 6:51 pm

HI! I’m sorry to hear you had some troubles. I think the best you can do, is to call the internet department , who is controlling with the FBI, and USPS, they are now controlling the internet mails, maybe the real problem is I think you r phone is clonned.If you allowed to use your phone to call, in an emergency for the other, or being nice, or lost it, and then it appeared, it, you better tell the police those things, tell that the phone is appearing and reappearing, and tell how many hours, the day, and the place,. also if you seen a person. Tell to, your financial situation, and laboral too, you maybe victim of robbery of promotions, offers, credit cards, that you did not ask for, or presents such as free coffees, tickets for events, messages, etc., etc., anything that is not all the time but for seasons(things that apparently are “not hurting.” Tell all that to the police.

Veronica Lopez


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