Metro PCS Corporate Office

MetroPCS Corporate Office Address

MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
2250 Lakeside Blvd
Richardson, TX 75082

Contact MetroPCS

Phone Number: (214) 570-5800
Fax Number: (214) 570-5859
Email: Email MetroPCS


CEO: Roger D. Linquist
CFO: J. Braxton Carter II
COO: Thomas C. Keys

MetroPCS History

Metro PCS began in 1994 as General Wireless, Inc.  The company was founded by current CEO, Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang.

In 1998, MetroPCS filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and emerged from bankruptcy in 1998.

In 2004, MetroPCS Communications began a subsidiary of Metro PCS as part of their restructing.

In 2009, a 3G network was launched.  This was followed by the launch of an LTE network in 2010.

MetroPCS is currently the 6th largest wireless network in the US with 9.5 million subscribers.  Although the company is a Delaware corporation, the Metro PCS corporate office is located in Richardson, Texas.

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Pam April 30, 2016 at 12:42 am

I have to say I have never experienced this amount of pure lack of interest in customer service as I have experienced with metro. I switched my service in Dec2015. Since that time I have experienced dropped calls,phone not ringing goes straight to voice mail, phone locks or freezes up, can’t access the Internet, I can’t hear the caller or they can’t hear me and so on and on and on. I have called customer service at least once a month sometimes more since going with metro. All I can get them to do successfully is reset the phone which is their answer to every issue and never fixes the problems. Oh yes let’s not forget the successfully take my money every month. I recently disussed with a cs agent using insurance to replace the phones I have trouble with , at which time I was told my replacement cost was 20.00 deductible per phone. That was in March 2016. One of my phone got dropped and shattered on Monday April 25, 2016. I called to issue a claim on the 29th of April and was told that the deductible was now 50.. per phone. I did not receive any notification of the deductible going up, which is illegal for customers not to be notified. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 45 min of waiting on hold proceeded to explain all of the problems I had been experiencing, he got very defensive, talked over everything I was saying and then hung up on me. BRAVO metro you have the worst customer service and phone service on the planet. On Monday I am submitting a complaint with the Berrer business Bureau. I may even pice the store so no one else gets taken advantage of. I am very discussed with my entire experience with Metro pcs


Kimbella Coats March 31, 2016 at 2:58 pm

This company isn’t bad at all but don’t get me wrong they’re employees suck a** ! My phone had gotten broken totally my fault I got a new one GREAT, I might as well should have stay with my broken phone. I called the store located in Manassas a lady answered, told her my phone was messed up. Next she sounded frustrated and put me on hold after that she hung up on me I called back several times but nobody answered. Afterwards I called human resources they decided to call me back on a different number. Which I guess was the manager located at the store, he than told me to come in the store to talk to him I guess we’ll see what has to happen but yes thats my experience with Metro PCS. it’s definitely a shame how customer service is nowadays they don’t start to act nice until you get ready to get them fired !


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 12:57 am

Your so very mush correct about metro pc employees and managers . My experiance :
Frist they tried to sell me a hog.
Secondly ,they change my password so I wouldn’t be able to make a payment each month on smart phone service at any Metro PC store….but only at their store (who can change the password so they can get into my account where l then can continue on paying for said phone service ).
The third thing they did was illegally manipulating criminal truspass laws in Texas where I’ll go to jail on $1,000 dollar bond if I return to said Metro PC store .
Resulting in, all in all, first thing this coming Monday morning I file a lawsuit upon Roger Linquist,chairman,ceo,president of Metro PC .
I’m left with no other choice. All I want to do is for Metro PC to up-hold their end of the contract and rules/policies of within 7 days of my purchase to permit me to change my monthly payment from $80.00 (for 2 phones service ) to $60.00 (for 1 phone service) instead. No big deal. I don’t want to get anybody fired. But this is the kind of things that goes on continue on a work place with gross mismanagement to the extremes. And,yes any/all employees and manager are mexicans. I guess they are mad as he’ll at Donald Trump . . . . But I’m Indian – – – – I’m voting for Sitting Bull !


Marianne Figueroa March 21, 2016 at 10:31 am

I pay my metro bill faithfully every month. Unfortunately ever month the refuse to take my debt card. Money is in my account always. So in order to pay the bill I have to charge it than go into the charge account and pay. What a pain. When I called about the situation they indicated to me that the company that they choose for billing has the right to accept payment or not. The website keeps saying invalid account, it’s not. So I decided to use bill pay with my bank. Check was mailed out on 3/14/2016, paid
o 3/18 /2016. My account shows on metro balance due by 3/26/2016. Called customer service they
have very little knowledge or control, they know nothing. I gave them all the information bank check number confirmation number still no luck. Can’t Co tact anyone in corporate that’s a joke altogether.
This is the worst company ever. My account with GTE is another joke everytime I call they put you on hold when they don’t have a answer, I know they are talking to another client then they come back and switch me to some else. Problem not solved.


Tammy Noland March 14, 2016 at 10:42 am

If you are having issues that you can not reach someone in the higher ups please call 214-265-2550 and extension 315847 this is for Todd Linquist or use Extension 315389 this is for Michell Linquist. The CEO is Roger Linquist, I assume they are related in some way.


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 1:16 am

Thank you.


Roxi Lamb March 10, 2016 at 2:58 am

I’ve had the experience of almost everyone of the above complaints. I’ve called over 200 times to Aaron and left specific message each time taking 3-5 minutes but never heard back for past nearly 2 months, have wasted many hours, days, and energy trying to get my new upgraded cell delivered with the credits I had. A recycled cell was sent with no directions or box. I haven’t been able to reach the original person, Aaron, or the second staff, Esmeralda, who called to verify my address. When I asked Esmeralda for her direct number she gave me an 800 number. I asked again if that is her direct number and she told me it was. But when the wrong cell arrived, I discovered it was NOT Esmeralda’s direct number and no one at the 800 number wanted to help. Staff hung up on me over and over and over again just like other comments here. I agree with the person that I believe it must be a training tool they suggest so they don’t have to deal with customers who are striving to get what they were told and what they deserve. I was told to go to corporate store where Kenny in Stanton, Calif. talked over me without ever stopping treating me like anything but a valued customer. Yet was told to go to 800 number. 800 staff told me to go to corporate store. No one wants to help. Aaron agreed I wouldn’t pay for service till I had my new cell yet I can’t get anyone to help. I didn’t pay the January bill and don’t choose to lose my number that I’ve had for nearly 20 years! Please whoever is the CEO, please send your direct number as the staff when calling corporate always refuse to transfer me to CEO’s office, or give CEO my info, or connect me to CEO’s assistant. When I asked for CEO’s name that was refused. I was told to write a letter and send by snail mail in 2016 by a COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY!


Tammy Noland March 14, 2016 at 10:40 am

If you call 214-265-2550 and use ext 315847 that will go to Todd Linquist or use ext 315389 that will go to Michelle Linquist. The CEo is Roger Linquist I assume they are related. Hope this helps.


Derick April 9, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Is the lg g stylo going to get the 6.0 update


Maggie Senior March 1, 2016 at 8:55 pm

Problems with a brand new LG Stylo. Have had it replaced twice. I receivef phone as a after christmad gift. It started out not receiving emails, texts werent goin out, couldntvtake pics. Ok. After couple of weeks went in and replacement. Now into two weeks phone getting stuck, screen goin black and cant send out emails, it keeps dialingvout but nothing. And phone was damage when stylo pen was due to guys trying to prior something in that area and i had gobe to local store to make that complaint. So now here i go again to het another replacement. I am not liking this phone and asked for anorher type. After leaving store for the 4th 5th timewas told i would get a text in 3- 5 dys which i did. When i came in of course manager who told me i could get the upgraded LG which just came out, rep gave me the same type and told me that i woyld have to take this one. Well im not satisfied once again. Phone keeps getting stuck and at times text don’t go through. Problems when i get download pics or info. This phone needs to be pulled. Too many issues but Metro still wants you to pay with all these problems. Bad business


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 1:22 am

I suggest that you go with Samsung smart phone….their up with quality.


kathy chestnut February 19, 2016 at 2:36 pm



Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 1:35 am

Why is it that nobody has nothing good to say about Metro PC ?

Why don’t everybody just have Roger Linquist, chairman,ceo,president of Metro PC be given a nice visit by the marshal with handing him a lawsuit letter of kindness about the matter of breach of contract …etc…
I am !


kathy chestnut February 19, 2016 at 2:32 pm

I saw your ads on tv and my husband said lets try them. That sounds like a great deal. Well we went there thinking we are going to get a great deal. I brought two phones and add three lines. Before I change one over it seem like something was wrong. But your customer services sure me that everything was good. That was last week ago and I’m still not using my phone. Your customer services kept sending me to your stores and the stores kept telling me to call customer services. They had me yelling at my old services for something ya’ll did. Now everytime. I call I’m breaking up. How can that be when I’m using your plan? I have not gotten any help to slove this problem yet. Only way to slove it if I give out more money for something I already paid for. How fare is that? I need help or something. It can’t be this way. I know ya’ll not in the bussniess in taking people money without merchdance. I’m very unhappy. 704-674-XXXX is the number that’s not working. Look up all the times I’ve call. You can’t be listening in on calls because if you were, my calls should have came up many times. Just give me my money back so I can go back to my old plans or help me with yours. I paid for something and getting nothing


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 1:50 am

Contact the Attorney General Office in the state that the above matter of gross unfair trade practice occurred in…..and tell them about all of this your experiencing after Metro PC took your money. If your 65 yrs old or older it’ a Frist degee felony ( 5 to 99yrs prison)(ln Texas Penal Code for about 5 yrs).


Veronica Thornton February 2, 2016 at 11:02 am

The costs of doing business with Metro PCS is way more than the purchase of a communication device. What you think you save in hard earned dollars turns into you spending your money, your energy and your time with the possibility of turning into that customer we don’t want to deal with even though you’ve never been that customer anywhere else. I bought a phone 1 week and 2 days ago. The store was empty when I got there I found and paid for a phone while the rep was setting up my phone I heard and witnessed a couple of customers come in aand ask questions both times the rep never answered the question but made snide, rude remarks he told 1 customer she could leave and he didn’t need her business and the other called him rude and disrespectful before she turned and walked out. I just wanted him to finish with me so I could leave. Once done I left. I get home to discover the phone now has a message stating phone storage low. I try to tinker around and fix it to no avail so the next Friday was the soonest I could get back to the store to see what I needed to do. Upon entering the store is empty I tell the same rep that sold me the phone what the issue was since he had been the only 1 in the store on both occasions. He stated I needed an SD card I said fine let’s do it and where does it go? He took 1 off the shelf opened the package and put the SD card in the phone while handing me the adapter he proceeded to attempt to correct the issue with the phone storage and memory issue during that time only 1 person came in with whom he took issue and they left due to his attitude towards them. After an hour trying to fix the issues in between customers coming in I patiently waited until I saw the time that had passed and had to leave the rep named Mike as he told me said ok come back either Saturday or Sunday and I will have more time to figure out the problem. I came back Sunday afternoon he appeared to be finishing with a couple I patiently waited for them to finish their business when they got to leave he said how can I help you and I proceeded to remind him of my storage and memory issue his response was “I don’t have time for this today you need a SD card” I said yes tried to purchase 1 you put it in and that didn’t work. He took the phone and started tinkering ariund with it I took a seat and sat quietly and patiently for 20 minutes then I asked “Has anyone else had a problem with storage on the Kyocera hydro wave (the model I had) He looks ups and snaps on me saying Why would anyone bring it back that makes no sense you have to buy more storage I responded with I’m aware the pre-installed apps take a lot of storage but it should work with a 16g SD card and it’s not and I’ve had previously owned 2 samsungs and other android phones where this was not an issue he snapped again and said are yiu going to let me fix it or ask me a bunch of questions at that point I was confused and said I only asked 1 question after sitting quiet and patiently for 20 minutes while you worked on my phone. From there it seems the rep was trying to escalate the situation by getting loud and telling to take my phone and get out. I said what’s the problem I’ve been patient and respectful all I did was ask a question at that time I realized customers were coming into the store which seemed to make the rep get even louder now threatening to call the police. At first I was willing to wait for the police but based on his behavior I feared he would escalate the situation further while waiting for the police putting my safety at risk I went to my car and immediately called Metro PCS customer service because not only was my original issue with a new phone not resolved but on top of it tell them about their store rep at that location that’s where I was and had all my dealings with thus far. Call …1 filed complaint and told them about phone issue
Call 2..follow up on complaint and attempt to resolve phone issue given misinformation
Call 3.. phone issue still not resolved told to return phone to another location
Go to location to discover have to take to corporate or store where originally purchased
Told them of issue they stated their hands are tied
Call 4…was given same information after relaying the new information got disconnected
Call 5…was told I have to go to corporate store over 100 miles away or file insurance claim and pay deductible (WHAT) gets transferred to manufacturer phone number without being given the phone number and they were closed so couldn’t get through
Call 6..Now highly irritated-asked for name of the franchisee owner so I could contact them was told the information was not available then I asked for the corporate number and the number given rolled right back into the 800 number
Call 7..I found corporate number yet no answer and no clear audible name said on the voicemail
So now I’m leaving this message with a phone issue that is still not resolved on a supposed brand new phone thats just over a week old and seeing how Metro does business it will costs them either my business or later legal ramifications.
Either way I will let anyone who has ears hear that even though Metro PCS plans are cost effective for the consumer it will definitely costs the consumer alot more than they would have ever bargained for as it will also eventually cost Metro PCS business in the long run as they are apparently without care for their customers, service or their products from the retailer all the way to the corporate officers themselves.

They may not cost alot of money but they sure will cost you a whole lot of frustration and everything else that comes with it.


saundra cherwenka January 31, 2016 at 12:24 pm

I hope someone reads this. I have a phone number that is forwarded to a disconnected number. Yes thats right. Some People try to call me and it says my phone is disconnected. Not every call. The store blamed it on me. I somehow permanently forwarded some of my calls to a disconnected. Number. Switched back to an old phone i had and that didn’t change things. Its not the phone its metro pcs giving me a messed up number. I didnt even know it until i got a call at my work from a potential new employer telling me we have been trying to find u. Your phone numbers disconnected. No solution offered. Ignored by store owner. Rude store associates, horrible horrible call center, worst ever. U should be ashamed of yourselves. Executives of metro respond!!!!!!!!!!!!! Treating people like trash and taking money for a product that is unusable. U should be put out of business. Id say call me 850775xxxx but u probably wont be able to reach me.


estella January 27, 2016 at 8:27 am

Why do I have to pay for a month that my phone was off


Carla January 19, 2016 at 7:47 pm

I have been with this company since it first came to kc but the real problem is that the keep selling the cheap ass phone and the when you go back to the store you bought it from there nothing they can do about it I have been without a phone for two month and now iAM sick and tired the do not live up two the word and this company needs to be close permanent they dont even have the sense to do simething about it they can’t even aplgiozie for this but I have already contacted my lawyer my bill need to be pay for them two month I didn’t have service and them cheap ass phones I need my money back for that iam really mad about this and you got the nerve to send a text message talking about your biil


Sheralle Hughes January 15, 2016 at 7:20 am

I am trying to understand how this is not false advertising and should be investigated. I was a metro pcs customer for years but I’m into the latest technology. I wanted the phone i wanted to use and metro does not sell phones like samsung galaxy note 4. I wanted the samsung note 4 I purchased unlocked from T-mobile no contract after taxes and fees was $710.00 After being with T- mobile for 11 months and tired of paying $30 for a hotspot alone in my plan i was interested in returning to metro so I contacted them on several occasions by phone and in store to make sure if I switch that my phone would be compatible and that I would hve a hotspot feature was very important for my business. I was assured every time over the phone and in store yes everything would work and the phone was purchased from their sister network T-mobile. I am beyond upset and feel tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled and straight lied to spend my money to become a customer. They all told a big lie Im being told now oh we don’t guarantee that everthing will work. All I can say is wow because they assured me and when you call it says this call is recorded why are they able to do this just lie to get customers and your just sh*t out of luck. I think the government needs to investigate them pull their recordings and logs I’m definitely contacting agencies and consumer affairs into this unfair and seems unlawful practice at metro pcs customer service and stores. If you don’t stand for nothing you fall for everything is the truth.


Paul Fisher January 6, 2016 at 2:25 pm

I got service with metro pcs 12/31/2015 and brought my number over and purchased a brand new phone, a XL Fierce I think it’s called with 16GB or I was told, plus I got insurance too. Not even 5 days later there was something stuck under the screen I brought it back but they couldn’t get it out so I still had the receipt and asked for my money back because if I’m given a brand new phone with stuff stuck under the screen and your people can’t remove it and don’t want to then it’s not worth having. Since I brought my number over from Boostmobile to Metro PCS and had to cancel the service now I won’t be able to use the number else where I’m told and that wasn’t my fault. My number was 610-931-XXXX and my names Paul Fisher but the numbers not active because Metro PCS cancelled everything instead of offering me some kind of deal because they sold me a phone with trash under the screen which you don’t notice until your staring at the phone long enough, which for me took several days. so please let me know what you can do so I can possibly come back because these franchise stores you have don’t seem to want to do what corporate stores do and the more franchise stores you have you seem to get more problems and complaints its better if you just stay corporate.


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 2:00 am

File a small claims with County clerk about the sham furnished to you .


Kenneth Pressley January 4, 2016 at 10:12 am

In reading some of the comments here, I see I am not unique. Appearantly Mr. Thomas C. Keys has no ambition to have a successful cell company in Metro pcs because, were he to show an interest, these things would not occur.. Customer service reps who conveniently drop calls and in my case, an automated sysyem that is so frustrating that I have nearly smashed my phone against the wall several times. How convenient for Metro pcs that she announces, “Hello Kenneth” but spends more than ten minutes confirming my identy. Next, I am put through a barrage of insideous questions until I finally just pick one I think she will accept and then we are in the next stage. If I have agreed to make a payment then suddenly she cannot understand my voice commands and even my key pad punches out heiroglyphics until she finally hangs up. My call backtakes me along that exact path except when she fails to understand, I agree to an automated payment and am informed that it will cost me an additional tho dollars but oddly enough, it happens again! My keypad now spits out Swahelli or something other than what she knows until finally I agree to speak directly to a person and am then told it will cost me yet an additional dollar. A person in front of me with a gun would take my money the same way you company robs me and I assume, every customer and I believe charges should be brought against Mr. Keys and all of metropcs. I mean, who the hell ever heard of a company that charges their customers to make a payment on their account? Where in gods name do you people come from and how do you sleep at night? You’ll no longer sleep with me but you will receive a bill from me and I expect to be paid. You see Mr keys, my goddamn time is just as valuable as yours and you owe me for a bare minimum of ten hours, please contact me via email at xxxx for details. I get back with you on which cellular carrier I decide on using, probably cricket but do have a nice day a-hole. Kenneth Pressley (424)266-XXXX


Red Cloud April 2, 2016 at 2:08 am

File a small claims with the county clerks office about the matter above.
140years ago Gen. Custered tried to do a simpler deal out in the sticks back then that nobody liked at all.


Fran Fiorito December 31, 2015 at 11:16 am


Do you have a real estate contact we can email potential sites to for the Chicago area?



Sissy December 30, 2015 at 11:43 am

My husband and I bought our phones 11/31/15 spent $
193.00 for phones, service and activation the phone # that metro gave us was not working right .When my family would try to call it would tell them that it was not a working number and when my sister in law tryed to call someone else would answer and that it was her # I have a ZTE obsession and I’ve had problems with it from day one I have to Hit the button s and I had to take it back 3 x .Then they put a lock on my phones and telling me that it can’t be taken off for 90 days what kind of shit is that we bought the phones and did not sign a contract so how can metro lock our phones


Tami December 29, 2015 at 5:51 pm

Worst phone service ever. I’ve two accounts with MetroPCS and have been calling them daily for almost three months to address issues I’m having with both of my phones. Every time I get a customer service agent on the line to explain the problems, they drop the call. Now both screens on both of my phones have gone black, and I have no way to use them, and I still cannot get any help from MetroPCS, even when using a landline. This last attempt to reach someone to help me, I was on hold for over an hour.

I think they drop the calls mid-call and put customers on hold for long periods of time as a money-saving strategy, so that the customer gets fed up and gives up.


Takeyah Tillman December 21, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I have list my taste for metro PCs. The customer service is horrible, the security is not secure, time frame to get things done for a paying customer is horrible… I payed for my service and have not been able to use my phone due to how slow your company is to respond to issue that need to be resolved.
I want my money back and apologies from your customer service Representative Employee number 908972 for hanging up in my face and being completely unhelpful and the supervisor you can never get a hold of. They refused my right to talk with a manager or supervisor and had me on hold for an hour listening to music and silence… This is ridiculous


mary December 14, 2015 at 4:12 pm

never shop at metro pcs, their service is no good, i have called and called service center a dozen times, they will not let you talk to a supervisor, they leave you on hold, everybody tells you something different. i bought a phone n used it for 3o days only, i wrote a check and made my 2nd payment.they they shut off my service, i called my bank n my check was cashed but they claimed they never got it. its been a month now and still no service. you talk to people overseas in mexico and brazil , no one from usa. thats what you call cheap labour they getting rich on our money..i went back to store where i bought it, they said they couldn’t help me, went to another store n it was the same thing. never shop at metro pcs, service is lousy. im going back to att. they wanted me to go to bank and get copy of my check and mail it to them, i ask if they were going to pay for it and they said no. lousy service, so please don’t shop there. i ask the clerk to show me the feathers on phone when i bought it, was told to read no help


Deon Copeland January 4, 2016 at 7:35 am

I have reaptedly have had to call metro Pcs in reference to simple things that should be I bring my phone to corporate store wait 2hour’s for them to put sim card in I no you don’t care but I am looking for and attorney that will file a massive libel suit and calling fcc every day until something is done good bye metro Pcs


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