AT&T Corporate Office

AT&T Corporate Office Address

AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard St
Dallas, TX 75202

Contact AT&T

Phone Number: (210) 821-4105
Fax Number: (302) 655-5049
Email: Email AT&T


CEO: Randall L. Stephenson
CFO: John Joseph Stephens
COO: John T. Stankey

AT&T History

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T for short) has a long history dating back to Alexander Graham Bell.

In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in 1983.

SBC purchased AT&T in 2005 and took on their brand, logo and marketing for the entire company.

In 2006, the company acquired BellSouth.

In 2008, the AT&T corporate office moved from San Antonio to Dallas.

There have been many recent acquisitions including Cellular One, Centennial Communications, Wayport Inc. and Qualcomm.

AT&T is currently the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephone services in the US.  The company current serves over 100 million mobile customers.

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Brandy Sandefer May 26, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I need corporate office to contact me. I have called and talk to numerous people and they are rude and they pretty much told me I can take my business else where. we have been with yall for 5 years almost we have our wireless and internet and cable with att. I have had numerous issues with my Samsung I got 2/14 and on my fourth device now. i do not like this phone it has been nothing but problems.


Vic Groner May 23, 2015 at 8:19 am

There is NOTHING worse in any company than to lie to a consumer, mistakes happen but a lie is inexcusable. I was awoke to day by a young man selling AT&T services. He stated”We just finished a fiber optic upgrade to your area and have a special offer” I said Fiber optic upgrade? He then proceeds to explain to me like I was a two year old what fiber optic does and how it works.
“You just did this upgrade?” i asked and he replied oh yes just finished the upgrade.
I had fiber optic service 4 years ago from AT&T, I know this for a fact because I had to wait 3 months for the line to be installed so they could hook me up. If the bills had stayed in line I would still have it, they priced themselves out of my budget.
Don’t fill my mailbox with crap offers then send a liar to my door. I dont care 100% for Comcast but now have to second think a return to AT&T.


Tameka Stewart May 22, 2015 at 11:44 am

My family and I have been with AT&T for a very long time. I didn’t have any issues until I added an second account for internet only. Well they have yet send send a bill for one of the accounts and every time I call I get the run around. They gave me a new account number and is not billing that account. They are billing the old account that no longer works. No one seems to know what they are doing and acts as if they do not know how to bill to separate accounts but wants to turn you off. I get see the bill online and they keep saying that they mailed it. Sorry you have not mailed my bill. If I can’t speak with someone that is going to correct this and give me some type of courtesy credit for the trouble that I have to go through, I will be disconnecting two accounts wit AT&T


Amy May 21, 2015 at 5:09 am

I’ve been with att since 2009. I’ve had multiple phones and upgrades.
I have a grandfather plan. Somehow they messed it up. I upgraded another line without any changes. I signed a contract. They should be happy. For some reason they want to charge me forty more dollars a month. Hello.
I bought the phone, I didn’t make payments. Why would this company overcharge me than prorate


Barbara Lindsey May 14, 2015 at 8:55 pm

To whom this concerns,
I was a great customer who really needed internet service and I choose att internet
I have had nothing but trouble with the modems and customer service
I haven’t had a month go by that I haven’t had to call because the service go’s out
The modems stop working and I have even had the line jack you installed get hit by lighting and cause damage to my home because it wasn’t grounded properly by your employee and I have put up with it
But enough today I waited for a tech who never came even though when I called in he was running late I was told until the 7 th call when I was informed no one was coming at 815 pm my last call and this started at your company wasted my day waiting for someone who was never sent! We home school and have live class online so we missed classes and also missed karate class which we pay for because I couldn’t leave my home waiting for your company !
So we may miss another day tomorrow but when I call brighthouse to get internet service at least I know the customer service office is around the corner and the modems usually work we have then at my office and never have an issue
Goodbye att it has been awful so glad to say good bye


bettina May 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm

i wanna to tell u right now, at&t uverse are a bunch of crooks, we canceled their service in feburary an because we bundled our bill they are trying to tell me that i was a month behind due to the way they do the billing cycle, that part i can understand but if they paid at&t wireless on time, an at the time that we canceled they DID NOT send at&t my payment, so therefore we were getting harassed by at&t wireless that we did not pay for the month of feb-march,an was going to shut my phones off so therefore, we sent the the money for those months, OKAY, we told u-verse of their mistake, so therefore they too sent at&t a payment as well, now u tell me why i have to pay uverse back the money WHEN IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!,i wouldn’t have be behind if U-verse would have sent at&t wireless the payment they are were supposed to in the first place, i don’t see why i have to pay at&t $183.29 an Pay u-verse $183.29 also for again THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!,I WANT THIS RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY, THEY ARE THREATENING ME TO SEND ME TO A BILL COLLECTOR!!! i would very much appreciate it if u would investigate this very thoroughly because if u-verse does this to all their customers then someone is makeing a hell of a lot of money off hard working people who have to budget their money!!!!


LACHAE May 12, 2015 at 1:13 pm

LACHAE. 626-644-****


Ms Karon A. McCtee May 5, 2015 at 5:43 am

I need someone.from ATT.CORPORATION me concerning the Fire phone that I paid for from ATT Corporate OFFICE in Washington D.C.
My name is Karon McCree and my home number is (202) 550-*** and cellphone is,
Ms Karon A. McCree


john doe April 30, 2015 at 11:19 pm

I live in the 92119 zip code of San Diego, CA and am tired of the poor internet and TV quality of AT&T. AT&T needs to check their technicians in this zip code because their giving associates and people on section 8 free AT&T internet service and TV.


V April 11, 2015 at 11:48 am

I have the HTC One M7 and loved it. However, recently went through software update with AT&T, the camera default to ‘selfie’ mode only, unable to switch to ‘back’ camera. Spent over 6 hrs with AT&T between retention and technical team, did master reset twice, and they refused to provide a replacement. All suggestions were to upgrade and spending more $$$. I’m wondering was the software update necessary, or was it intentionally messed up the phone so you have no other choice to but to spend $$$ for new devices?

I’m definitely filing a complaint with the FCC via the link provided above. Also, when asked for fax number to file complaint letter, AT&T send you around and around in circle, rep after rep but same story line.


Pat Borders April 9, 2015 at 3:51 pm

To make a long story short (you may be able to get the whole story by checking my file) I feel I was unfairly treated trying to set up a U-Verse pkg last week. Talking to your rep I was promised a free new 39″ TV, a $100.00 Visa gift card and the channel line up I requested. Needless to say after talking to several more of your reps I end up without the above promises. The rep also assured me I would get Hallmark channel, I found out through other reps at AT&T they don’t even offer Hallmark. The final rep I dealt with was polite and tried to be helpful. I ended up with a pkg that will cost more than I hoped to pay, without HD and still no Hallmark channel. Not a very good week for an old lady.


Belinda Wallace March 28, 2015 at 1:15 am

I have been trying to resolve an issue with my services. I recieve a text that my current bill was $876. I have done everything I was told to do by AT&T and Bestbuy. My son up graded his phone and was given a new line instead. This wasn’t what I wanted so we returned the phone
Back to Best buy 12/25/2015 and in return the up grade was done to my phone line of 936 569-****. For some reason the correct return wasn’t relaid to AT&T. I have emailed the reciept of both trans actions thinking this would take care of the problems. I have cried alone with praying that this matter be handled. I do not have 2 Iphone 6 plus phone I only have one. I don’t understand why this matter hasn’t been resolved. I truly feel as no one wants to help me with this matter. I know the charges I’m to pay isn’t fair for I’ve returned the merchandise in question. These have been the most confusing 3 months dealing with Bestbuy and AT&T I really feel that I’m Being mistreated for the whole situation. Lord I dont know what else to do when everybody closes the door without handling the problem. Please in the name of Jesus help to resolve my problem.


Sam Sites April 17, 2015 at 3:19 pm

I know EXACTLY what you’re saying! I too upgraded and they promised me a gift card of $120, and a credit in 2 months. They sent me the wrong cell phones, and new numbers instead of keeping the same number I’ve had for 10 years with AT&T! Also my old SIM card would not fit the new phones anyway so I was told I had to send the phones back at buyers remorse, and there would be no restocking fee. I sent ithem back in less than a week of having them and of course I never activated them! I had to go to the AT&T store to get my new phones, so on March 8th I got the new phones, changed my plan to the mobile share and and also paid my bill so my balance was $0. 2 weeks ago I got a bill from AT&T for almost $2,000!! I freaked out! They charged me for all 4 phones even tho 2 of them were returned immediately and they charged me for both mobile data plans, pro-rated charges and restocking fees! I called them, was on the phone for almost an hour and she informed me after taking off some charges that her supervisor would have to approve it since the charges she took off was so high, and she would have to call me back….she didn’t call back so the next day I called them back, got a guy he read her notes and said it had moved up
to a higher level and they would have to call me back but it could take up to 14 days because the supervisor handling it was backed up almost 2 weeks and in the meantime my services could be interrupted!! I was furious, I talked to yet another higher up and he put a hold on my account so they couldn’t shut it off. I just got this bill less than 2 weeks ago and at the AT&T store when I got my new phones I paid my bill and my balance was 0 so this is crazy!!’ I’m going to file a complaint also!! I will not pay what I don’t owe. Even tho I’ve been with AT&T for almost 10 years I’ll go to Verizon if they do not resolve this and fast!!


Schmidt April 23, 2015 at 5:56 pm

I feel your pain. I am going through a similar situation with AT&T. They tacked $500 on to my monthly bill saying I did not pay for the two cellular phones I purchased way back in August of 2014! I too sent them every form of documentation I had at least 10 times now. It has been over a month and I have gotten nothing but excuse after excuse and no refund and was told I need to wait until the “back office” looks into this. From reading other comments, it looks like this is their practice.


Rosa Pitti March 14, 2015 at 2:18 pm

FECHA: Marzo 17, 2015

DE: Rosa Pitti
** S.W. 210 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33177


ASUNTO: Queja por Cargo de Llamadas Intl-directa a Panama

REF.: Celular AT&T # (786)417-2209
Nombre: Luisa E. Lima
Cta # 423235359074

1. Despues de decadas de ser cliente de AT&T del servicio de Telefono Residencial # y Cta (305)256-7425 961 0445 a nombre de Jose Rosa L Sierra., contaba con el plan basico no incluia llamadas internacionales ni otros adicionales.
2. Con frecuencia realizaba las llamadas Internacionales a Panama con tarjeta de llamadas BLACK 011 del telefono de la casa, sin ningun problema de cargos por llamadas directas u otro inconveniente. Siguiendo los pasos a. marcar # de Tel. de acceso, b. Marcar el # del Pin, c.Informacion de Balance Disponible d. Marcar el # Intl-Panama, e. Al concluir la llamada,nuevamente marcaba el # de Tel. de acceso,para confirmar el balance disponible para la proxima llamada.
3. Cancele el servicio telefono AT&T Residencial, de igual forma el servicio de internet, debido al incremento de la Cuenta y la necesidad del ajuste de mi presupuesto.
4. En Diciembre,2014 necesitaba hacer 2 llamadas internacionales a Panama al celular #011(507)666-00546 con la tarjeta de Llamada BLACK 011, le pedi el celular # (786)417-2209,Cta AT&T # 423235359074 a mi cunada Luisa E.Lima y realice otra llamada en Enero, 2015 al telefono de casa # 011(507)226-5462 en Panama . Segui el mismo procedimiento para efectuar las llamadas #011(507)666-00546 SITUACION ACTUAL
1. Mi cunada,Luisa E. Lima recibio la cuenta AT&T #523235359074 del periodo 12/04/14-01-03/15, donde aparece reflejado el cargo por $62.52 por las 2 llamadas Internacionales a Panama al celular #011(507)666-00546, las cuales se habian hecho por medio de tarjeta de llamadas BLACK 011.
2. Hicimos varias llamadas a At&T- servicio al cliente, tanto mi cunada(Luisa E.Lima), como yo(Rosa O. Pitti) solicitando una explicacion sobre la cuenta y esta fue la respuesta:
A. AT&T supone que probablemente se marco de forma incorrecta haciendo uso de la tarjeta BLACK 011 de llamadas internacionales, Les explique la forma como la hacia siguiendo los pasos a. marcar # de Tel. de acceso, b. Marcar el # del Pin, c.Informacion de Balance Disponible d. Marcar el # Intl-Panama. Que cerre el telefono despues que me dieran la informacion del balance disponible y despues marque a Panama directamente. Yo les asegure que no era asi.
B. Al explicarles que anteriormente habiamos usado la misma tarjeta de llamadas Internacionales BLACK 011, de un telefono AT&T en casa (#305 256 7425), sin tener ningun problema con cargos adicionales a la cuenta del servicio mensual. Nos dijeron que la tarjeta de llamadas no fue detectada. Por lo que le dijimos, que no era responsabilidad de nosotros que el equipo de AT&T hubiera fallado al no reconocer el uso de la tarjeta de llamadas internacionales BLACK 01.
C. AT&T, nos propuso eliminarnos el cargo de $62.52, de las dos llamadas a Panama (a cellular) de Dic.,2014 quedando pendiente el cargo de la llamada a Panama (a tel. residencial) de En.,2015. Si aceptabamos cojer un plan de $5. Mensual para el celular #(786)417-2209 Luisa E. Lima. Esta propuesta no la aceptamos porque mi cunada que es la duena del celular, no realiza llamadas a Panama.
D. AT&T, al nosotros no aceptar la propuesta del plan de $5. para llamadas Internacionales a Panama, nos dicen que el cargo de $62.52 es correcto y que es responsabilidad de BLACK 011, que la tarjeta no funciono.
E. Contactamos a la compania BLACK 011, presentandoles el contratiempo que tuvimos con AT&T al realizar una llamada internacional a Panama. Dandoles el Pin de la tarjeta y detalles de lo sucedido y nos confirmaron que tienen un Sistema grabadas las llamadas fecha, minutos etc. de las llamadas realizadas, que es el proposito de la compania mantener la confiabilidad con los clientes, que si estabamos dispuestos a presentar un reclamo ellos estaban disponibles.
F. En resumen el cargo por 2 llamadas a cellular y una a telefono en casa a panama, efectuadas con el celular (786)417-2209 Cta #523235359074 Luisa E. Lima, las cuales se realizaron con tarjeta de llamada internacional BLACK 011 es por un total de $125.17,con el siguiente detalle:
Cta. Dic4/14 – En.03/15 = $62.52
Cta En4/15 – Feb03/15 = $62.65
Como actualmente, no soy cliente activa de AT&T, no puedo escribir en la pagina web para presentar mi caso. Hasta la fecha me encuentro en espera del un cheque de reembolso por el servicio de Internet Cta # 120816251, el cual cancele porque el cargo no se ajustaba a mi presupuesto.
Tambien. escribi un Post en la ventana de AT&T Facebook, solicitando una explicacion al cargo.
Solo, queremos dejar constancia, del descontento que sentimos como clientes de AT&T. Cuando tuvimos el servicio de internet y de telefono residencial siempre llegamos via telefonica o via Chat a un entendimiento razonable.
Efectuamos el pago completo de las dos ultimas cuentas del Celular(786)417-2209 #523235359074 Luisa E Lima, para evitar recargo y corte del servicio,para posteriormente comunicarnos con AT&T, presentandole nuestra inconformidad.
Ante todo, consideramos, que no es correcto que AT& T, evada una responsabilidad de un error al no detectar la tarjeta de llamada Internacionales BLACK 011.
Les deseamos exitos a todo el equipo de AT&T en las funciones para mantener a los clientes satisfechos para este ano 2015 y siempre.


Steve March 13, 2015 at 12:12 am

I have never felt so unappreciated and disrespected in my life. I have gone into several stores for resolution and each time i leave more upset about my situation then when I got there. i can’t get anyone to help me or even call me. I am a veteran and have been treated better overseas by people who hate america than I have been by at&t these last few months, Please contact me at 801-791-6924. If nobody answers plese leave contact information I can call back on. This is my last effort before taking it to next level! Please hurry and respond! Thanks.


Marie Hartzell March 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Good Afternoon Mr. Randall L. Stephenson,
I am writing to you to let you know what terrible customer service I have received from the employees in your company, since January 8, 2015. I am so frustrated with my AT&T service, I have considered changing companies.
It started on January 8th; my service went out, (when I say no service I mean both internet and U-verse). I work from home, lost a day’s work. Tech came out, did not give me his name. Came back on late in the day. Went out again on the 9th at 7:30pm to Noon on the 10th after Tech worked on it (Rodger 440-986-0257). Morning of 15th no service, morning of 21st no service. February 3rd no service. Tech Anton W. (440-570-3781) and his Manager Tony C. (216-749-8086) show up and try to figure out what’s wrong. Sent out Tom the line tech to check outside lines. No one seems to know what the problem is, service comes and goes. February 5th, Mike (216-212-8378) came to house. No service, 13th out for most of weekend. On Sunday 15th another Tech and Supervisor came to the house, did not give me their names or numbers! Said it was an outside line issue. They sent out a 2nd line tech, Bob, on the 16th (Bob 216-392-1565, his manager John 216-749-8040).
No service on 17th, Jeremy (440-715-5645) and his Manager Charlie H. (440-715-3229) show up. Replaced all my equipment, modem, DVR, wires, data line…. Confident that the problem is resolved. They tell me don’t call anyone else or customer service, we will help you from here on out. No service on 19th Jeremy comes back. No service on the 20th, 21st and 23rd. Called both of them. No one calls me back!!
I call the customer service number they send out the third line Tech, Jared (216-392-4417) on the 21st. He said he was going to change my port. I told him, he is the 3rd Tech to do that.
No service on the 27th, called all 3 of the last techs, Jeremy, Charlie and Jared… call backs. Charlie has no business being a manager.
So 8 weeks, 12 Techs, and multiple calls to customer service, lots of inconvenience and time lost from work. I still pray every day that my service does not go out again. Since I have not been told if they did fix the problem or they still do not know what the problem is.
This is no way to run a company; I don’t care how big you are. I am totally frustrated and will not recommend AT&T to anyone.
Marie Hartzell


corlis March 10, 2015 at 11:39 am

( Jan.16 entry date ) I explain to the rep what kind of cell phone I wanted. She said I was a good customer ( over 30 years and was due for an upgrade. The phone I wanted like my sisters was $600.00. I immediately told her I didn’t want a phone for $600.00. The rep said oh you only have to pay the taxes on this phone, Long story short, I get my bill and Its about $49.00 increase. I wanted to return the phone but was out of the 14 day return policy..Mind you I didnt know about this payment plan until I got my bill in Mar. The new rep said I would be paying $30.00 monthly for three years. I never agreed to fiancialing a phone or setting up payments to get this phone( It’s the principle of the matter ). I never went to Att website before today, Mar.10,2015. I know smart phones aren’t cheap but this rep lied to me and all of the reps including corporate keep telling me I agreed to this transaction which I didnt..This was trickery. I am not text savvy enough to pay $600.00 for a phone. Surely Att can play this conversation back and listen to this the rep and I. What a low blow to make a Att bill of sale…There is more to this ,Im just frustrated and praying for a magnificent outcome.


JG March 7, 2015 at 12:45 am

I bought a I phone 5 s and returned it to the Jeffersonville In location when I called to Cancel service they told me they could not cancel it because it looked like I never returned it due to Lack of training by Alice Clark at this location she never sent the Return Papers to AT&T so to them it looked like I had stole the phone I had the return papers and as soon as I gave them the Numbers off the return Slip my phone was shut off Immediately. I had been a Faithful Customer for 15 years. To say the least they will never regain my loyal customer ever again. Thanks Jeffersonville In location. also I have U Verse and I guess AT&T has a Floating rate System like a house loan I have had this Service for 3 months my bill has been 111.00 Jan 131.00 Feb 144.00 March. when I signed up for U verse was Quoted 99.00 Plus ta. I have called and ask for the fixed rate they said the prices has went up how can you go up when you are in a Contract with them. Disappoint Customer . That you will be losing Time Warner come on Back.


Jeff Kolden March 2, 2015 at 10:01 pm

Whats up with not airing the Nascar race on saturday and putting a boring dart tourment on , do yall understand how many people watch Nascar – millions !! How many sponsors they have and followers. Sounds like yall do not care about loyal customers. Looks like its time to change cable service if this type of programing keeps up. Very unhappy customer.


dave wilgus February 28, 2015 at 12:13 pm

My elderly mom didn’t know what phone plan she had even Walmart ass. didn’t know so just guessing picked at&t 25.00 refill card went home tried to install , found out it was a trac phone. spent total about 6 hours fighting with at&t. 1 rep told me to find someone to sell to …….think about it random person trying to sell a scratched off card ???? corp told me thanks for donation . on the back of the card it says non refundable but its different when the card cant be able to upload the money will never leave the card . 1 rep from at&t got my wifes cell phone no. told me to go to wal mart and he will call my wifes phone in 40 mins I get there and he never called he stood me up but while there Susie from wal mart I explained to her all the problems and she made it right . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TO AT&T YOU KEEP UP ON THE PATH YOU ARE GOING YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB BY PUHSING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY YOU BURNED YOUR BRIDGE WITH ME ALWAYS REMEBER,,,,,,,,,,,,,WORD OF MOUTH IS YOUR WORST ENEMY GOODBYE FOREVER AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE 100 CUSTOMER YOU HAVE LEFT


Louise Fulton April 1, 2015 at 10:45 pm

Want to resolve this quickly and easily?
Go on line and file a complaint with the FCC here:
You will be shocked at how quickly AT&T fixes your problem! You won’t hear from the FCC, but AT&T will want to get this done in a heartbeat. They will assign someone from Corporate Support to resolve it and you won’t even have to raise your voice!!!! I promise it will work!


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