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Staples, Inc.
500 Staples Dr
Framingham, MA 01702

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Phone Number: (508) 253-5000
Fax Number: (508) 253-5476
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CEO: Ronald L. Sargent
CFO: Christine T. Komola
COO: Joseph G. Doody

Staples History

Staples was founded in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts by Leo Kahn and Thomas Stemberg.

In 1991, the company expanded to Canada under the name “The Business Depot”.  These stores were all later renamed to Staples.

In 1996, Staples became a Fortune 500 company and announced plans to merge with Office Depot.  The merger was stopped by the FTC.

In 1998, the company acquired the naming rights to the Staples Center, the NBA stadium of the Los Angeles Lakers.

In 2004, the company expanded to Austria and Denmark.

Today, there are over 2200 Staples locations in 26 countries and is one of the world’s largest office supply chains.

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Dianne Dubsky September 1, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Staples in Sturbridge, MA needs to learn how to properly train its employees in customer service. After waiting in line, the cashier left the register and went to the customer service desk to help the customer ahead of me with a problem.
As I continued to wait for my turn, the line at the only other open register was growing quickly.
Two more registers finally opened up. No one acknowledged that I had been waiting considerably longer than any other customer. No one said for the next customer in line to come to the register first. Now, after a long wait, I found myself at the END of a LONG line!
No Problem ~ I left without making any purchase and I will not be returning to this store.
Staples was outdone by the neighboring Walmart in customer service.


Rosewood Mobile Home Park August 21, 2015 at 12:42 pm

Yes, you have a very upset patron. I use Staples for all our business, every month we have them do our news letters, all our ink, we purchase our printer and thats where the problem starts or lets say the icing on the cake. Yes staples is easy and convenient for us, we may be small but that shouldn’t matter.We bought our printer six months or less and when feeding it thru the feeder it leaves lines thru it, so when faxed they cant read or very unprofessional. Ive cleaned the heads that says on the trouble shooting guide, and nothing so I ask one of the employees and she could not help me, she said they only had a fourteen day warranty. And that was it, not offering any suggestions call the manufacture, etc. We had envelopes done that should of taken ten days but it was months and when they came back they werent right, we had to argue with staples that it was there problem not ours it wasnt until they pulled up the original order that we were correct. There is no deals on ink whats so ever unless its HP, but we still use staples, I think its time to find a new company that would be glad to have us. I know im going to post this on social media about customer service, Thanks for listening Rosewood


D. L. Chaban August 5, 2015 at 11:36 am

Anyone else need this? It’s my suggestion to re-design those Staples brand desk-top calendars, the big ones that are very affordable at $5. I hang mine on the wall so it’s visible rather than on the desk. I use the bottom pockets to put notes in, reminders on 3×5 file cards for future months’ events, or shopping lists. I e-mailed Staples HQ to please consider making those bottom pockets just a tinch larger so the cards don’t fall out. Who else would find this helpful.?? Please let Staples know.


william skipper August 3, 2015 at 1:29 pm

i never buy a product with a rebate , it takes to long to get my money back. why cant you give an instant rebate , everyone would buy more if there money was not tied up in a rebate. bjs wholesale does this , there is no reason you cant do the same , unless you are using my money to get the interest off my money. shameful. i submitted a rebate 10 days ago and it is still in validation process.


D. L. Chaban August 5, 2015 at 11:39 am

I agree; there were two instances when I spent hundreds of dollars on equipment, paid in full, and never received my rebate(s). Two were $50 rebates, and one was $70. I should have paid extra for certified mail, because they claimed “never received.” Very disappointed.


Stacy M Homan July 9, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Hi, I’ am a student at a Business School here in Lafayette, Indiana. This is my last quarter here at the school for my Bachelors program, The reasoning I’ am e-mailing is one of my classes I have to do a swot analysis over a selected business. The assignment that I’ am assigned to work on is proximity 10 pages long. I chose staples as one of the selection that was offered on the list. Now I have to make sure that everything that is listed on the instructions on how to do the assignment is in order with enough information to go with it. The assignment is going to be look over by my instructor in the next 3 weeks. So I need to make sure that everything that I need to write is in order. If possible is there anyway that you can guide me to Websites where I can get all this information for my project. I will send a snap shot of what I’ am talking about below here. Section 4 is the area I’ am talking about Thanks again, Stacy

Final Project: Case Study Analysis [220 Points Total]

Throughout this course, you have read case examples in your text and worked with classmates each week to read and analyze different factors of strategic management related to assigned case activities. Now it’s time for you to select a business and write your own complete case analysis.

1. Read Analyzing a Case Study and Writing a Case Study Analysis in your textbook following chapter 13, pages C1-C16. Read the entire section in detail.
2. Select a Case Study from the list of companies provided on page 496.
3. During Weeks 6 and 8, submit a draft of the work you have completed to-date on your project. This is REQUIRED. It will give your instructor an opportunity to provide you feedback and answer any questions. Up to 55 points can be assigned for your submission, based on submitting the draft and evidence that you have provided effort and thought to your project.
4. Prepare a detailed analysis of the selected company, including each of the categories discussed in pages C1 – C16. Your analysis should include 8 areas:
• History, development, and growth of the company over time
• Identification of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses
• Nature of the external environment surrounding the company
• SWOT analysis
• Kind of corporate-level strategy the company is pursuing
• Nature of the company’s business-level strategy
• Company structure and control systems and how they match its strategy
• Recommendations
5. Write the final project report using APA format and following the organization recommendations on pages C9-C10.
6. Remember to be systematic.
• Analyze the case in a logical fashion, beginning with the identification of operating and financial strengths and weaknesses and environmental opportunities and threats. Pay particular attention to the SWOT checklist.
• Move on to assess the value of a company’s current strategies only when you are fully conversant with the SWOT analysis of the company.
• Given the SWOT analysis, ask yourself whether the company’s current strategies make sense. If they do not, what changes need to be made? What are your recommendations?
• Above all, link any strategic recommendations you may make to the SWOT analysis.
• State explicitly how the strategies you identify take advantage of the company’s strengths to exploit environmental opportunities, how they rectify the company’s weaknesses, and how they counter environmental threats.
• Do not forget to outline what needs to be done to implement your recommendations.


Melissa Moley July 2, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Hello My name is Melissa, this would be the first time that I have attempted to write a comment regarding Staples ,a particular location and about a few very INCREDIBLE personal! I’m not sure who gets to read this comment but I sure do hope that some of the top people within this company reads my comments.
I live in RockyPoint N.Y. I shop at the Meford N.Y. Location not because it’s the closest one because it is not! This is a very very busy location! Every employee is constantly jumping through hoops to attend to the customers! Somehow to my surprise they JUST DO IT!
They JUST GET THE JOB DONE! They all are under pressure because every one wants their order done yesterday and isn’t always friendly and patient! The staff at this location maintains their professionalism ,kindness ,helpfulness while forced to accurately multitask with and for the customers! How do they do this, why do they do this? They are one large GREAT people! I haven’t always been a ray of sunshine when I show up for my order due to the pressure , deadline and stress I’m under but do they treat me any different ?,NO!
One Employee who is just part time at the moment was working the day after his Grand mother passed away because he wasn’t granted time off. Was he complaining and feeling sorry for himself? Did he not perform his duties and uphold the integrity of staples ?, YES he did. He wasn’t airing out his personal business! I happen to inquire about another Employees absence and that Employee is Frank. Frank’s brother is the part time employee.
Why was I inquiring about Frank because he is the the heart of that printing department! Not only is he great at his job, he knows what he is doing, he knows how to handle the customers, multitask efficiently and handles and respects all the other employees and customers! I see this not because I came on a day that he was on top of his game because
no matter what day it is I see it , it pours out of him so everyone can see it. He has came off of his lunch break to help someone , to fix something , to work something out. I have witnessed this on more the a few occasions!
Frank runs a smith operation! There are many great employees at this location! I’m very sad
to hear that staples didn’t bend over backwards to keep a lady named “Kat” Staples lost a very knowledgable employee to say the very least! I sure hope that someone with a little
sense does something to bring her back and something to avoid losing others like,
Sean, Jen, A.J. ,Amanda, Donald ,Jamal, Tiye, Michelle ,Joe,john,& Philip!
I would be happy to hear from anyone who cares at Staples headquarters!
Thank you,
Melissa Moley


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