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Sam's West Inc.
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CEO: Jamie Iannone
CFO: Maarten Jager
COO: Don Frieson

Sam's Club History

Sam’s Club, founded in 1983, is a membership only, warehouse type store that is owned and operated by Walmart. The company is the 8th largest retailer in the US, and is second in sales volume among warehouse/club type stores. It is second place only to Costco, even though it has more retail locations than Costco.

The company has stores in 47 states, with Long Island, Vermont, and Oregon being the exceptions. There are also Sam’s Clubs in Mexico, Brazil, and China. Very much like Costco and the other warehouse stores, Sam’s Club mainly sells directly out of cartons or off pallets. Items are sold in bulk or multiple items will be taped together and sold at a discount. To buy at Sam’s Club, customers must purchase a yearly membership.

Sam’s Club began offering a Mastercard credit card in 2014, which can be used where ever Mastercard is accepted. The company has struggled against their competitor, Costco, and has laid off employees from under performing stores from time to time.

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Marcus Northrup July 17, 2017 at 2:26 pm

We have been Sam Club members for over 20 yrs., we have had the Sam’s Plus credit card since 2006. Our card expired 5/17 and we have been trying for the last two months to get our new cards through Synchrony Bank, I have called 2-3 times a month trying to get our new cards, each time I was assured that the cards were being sent. On July 10, 2017 I talked to a person who confirmed that the cards were sent to an old address that we haven’t lived at in 21/2 yrs. He reassured me that the information was correct and confirmed back to me the address to which our cards were going to be sent by FedEx. He advised to call back within 48 hours to get the FedEx tracking #, just to find out that the new cards were once again sent to the same old address. Is this how Sam’s Club values their loyal customers? If so we are telling you we no longer wish to be associated with Sam’s Club. The hours I have spent on the phone and the incompetent people that handle these issues for you should be fired for such subpar customer service.


Kevin July 9, 2017 at 1:47 pm

I’m in Dubois, PA 15801. The closest club is 75 miles away. K-mart recently closed here. There’s a big building they were in. Perhaps you could consider locating here. A lot of residents just won’t drive the long distance to shop. Your competitor, BJ’s, is almost 3 hours from here.


Marion Duncan July 3, 2017 at 8:39 am

I am a business owner and usually shop Sam’s at least twice a week and have for a number of years. On Friday, June 30, 2017, I was shopping at your Duluth, Ga., location (Phone number 770-497-1165) and attempted to utilize the under-shelter loading zone because of heavy rain. The under-shelter loading zone was filled up with cars with no drivers, indicating people left their vehicles to go into the store to shop. I went inside the store to ask why cars were allowed to be vacated and parked there and was told the Sam’s management at that location could “Do Nothing About It”, with no other explanation. I am almost 70 years old and having a loading facility in inclement weather is of great concern. I have relied on Sam’s products to help support my store. My complaint obviously will fall on deaf ears, but such inattentive and uncaring attitude as displayed by your employees at this Sam’s location should be addressed and the welfare and support for your customers needs to be addressed. At least at Costco this type situation would be immediately addressed.


Patricia June 20, 2017 at 1:24 pm

I bought two bar stools at Sams and wanted 4. The clerk told me to go online and order two more. They were out of stock in Fresno so the next closest store was in Bakersfield and they had the two I needed. Bakersfield is 2 1/2 hours away so asked if they could deliver them to my house or to the Fresno store. They said no. I had family coming thru that afternoon from LA and said they would be happy to pick them up for me. So I called Bakersfield and told them I have someone to pick up the chairs and they said they let the forklift driver off early and there was no one to get them down. So I lost my chance to get the two chairs I needed. I have tried so many numbers to talk to someone…they all say different things and don’t know what they are talking about. They sure don’t work together to please the customer. Now I’m trying to get ahold of the cooperate office and have been on hold for 35 minutes. I think I will take the bar stools back and go to Costco. What a shame! I have always liked Sams but reading these other comments makes me think I’m no the only one!! Wake up Sams…you are losing customers!!


John May 30, 2017 at 5:21 pm

I have a Sam’s club mastercard that has large credit line (at least to me). I back in March payed for a vacation with this card. I payed this card off last year so the card had a zero balance on it. I received the bill today in the mail and noticed that my interest rate was a 23.65%! I called Synchrony Bank ( I know they ARE NOT Sam’s Club) but THEY are the ISSUER of the Sam’s Club card. I spoke to a nice rep “Anthony” there and explained to him that the rates are WAY TOO HIGH. He nicely told me that there was nothing he could do. I told him my Discover card (I have this one because I use to use it at Sam’s Club before they changed) rates are much lower. He said that the system will “at times” go and lower APRs for certain card holders. I asked if there was ANYONE there who could do something about this rate and was told simply no. My credit score is good so I don’t understand why my rate is so high. This makes me NOT want to use this card. Quickly pay it off. And warn as many people how expensive it is to use this. card.


Miki May 10, 2017 at 3:06 pm

I am a customer who shops at Sams club every other day. I spend more then 900$ each time perchasing items.

Usually I order using my own Sams club card but Last week, I ordered items using my bosses Sams club card. I was at customer service waiting in line, the lady was ready to help me. When I told her that I used my bosses Sams club card to order items, she told me to go to the kiosk and scan my card. I explained to her multiple times that I didn’t use my card so the items don’t show up. Although I explained this twice, she said to me in a very rude way, “go and scan your card, then come back here and wait in the back of the line.” I then went over to the kiosk and scanned my card. Sure enough it didn’t work. I went back into the line and talked to the manager Jim. I wanted to know the woman’s name who refused to help me earlier. I asked him for the womans name but when I asked him, he said why. I explained to him the situation and he told me he didn’t know her name. I said that I would email Sams but he said emails go straight to him. I would like Sams club to think about their customer service. I am a repeat customer and I spend lots of money 4x a week. I could choose Costco, who has great customer service, but I instead choose Sams for so many reasons! I would like it if Sams can take care their customers and treat us with respect. Thank you for your time and have a great day.


Charles Anctil May 8, 2017 at 3:31 pm

Sirs, I desire to know why the Sams Club store in Las Cruces New Mexico no longer will let you check out Alcoholic items thru the self-check out lanes? All they tell you at the store level is that you can not do that anymore.
Today I was just getting a couple of items and wanted to use the self-check out lane as it is nice and fast. All 4 of them were open. There were only 3 regular lanes open with lots of purchases waiting in them. I wanted to get a bottle of wine and was told I could only get that in the regular check-out line not the self-check out as in the past. So instead of getting in and out of the store fast, I had to wait a good time just to get my couple of items as well as a bottle of wine.
What is the reason for not allowing the as in this case wine to go thru. I know that the person watching the self-check lines had to key in a code for you to make the wine purchase, but they are not allowed to do that anymore.
I would like to know the reason for this change. It may help me in my decision too or not too continue to purchase at Sams Club.
I hope I will get an answer to my question.
Thank You Charles Anctil Las Cruces, New Mexico


sherry May 2, 2017 at 6:46 pm

I am a customer at the Eastwood Town Center East Lansing,MI. I also work for CrossMark inside the store. I was employed for 4 years when I received a confidential survey asking me questions about the service ect.. I have worked for Sam’s club as well. I hired into CrossMark and Sam’s Club at the same time. My brother had heart surgery out of town I called everyday and my brother passed away. Two weeks later my Greatgrand Daughter was born with a bad heart. Once again out of town I called everyday letting them know when I would be back .I called to get my schedule and I was told I no longer had a job because no call no show. I did follow up and found out that the person I talked to was fired and did not tell them I called. Now I also work inside the store for CrossMark Team Lead Serving and training people and merchandising. I have friends and family that shop at this store. I am very well liked there except for the Store Mgr.Jodi. Because I voiced my opinion on a survey and told what everyone wants to say but don’t. I’am now Ban from the store. Jodi went to my boss and wanted me FIRED which my boss said no but she also told her I can not shop in that store which is close to my home. Now I am working on the other side of town at the other Sam’s Club. I have my company CrossMark fighting for me but it’s been 2 months with no answer from Sam’s Club. If Sam’s club was to check on my seafood sales and my customer satisfaction they would want me back at this store. We do have a Costco coming in Oct.2017 and will cut Sam’s sales down. The store Manager Jodi came from McDonalds and is the store mgr.whats wrong with this picture. She’s fire Happy and has Fired some of the best workers she’ll ever have. She over worked a employee after he came back fro heart surgery she had him sawing pallets and lifting things the next day he died and he was a young man. Jodi does not have the right to say who can shop in this store and I am a Very Hard worker and deserve my job back inside Sam’s Club Eastwood store for CrossMark.. I hope to hear from Sam’s club about this. If not I will put this on Facebook ect.. I also have a Lawyer waiting for me to have him investigate this. All of CrossMarks employees want me back Also all of the employees that work at Sam’s want me back except Jodi and Elizabeth.


Charlene Bernardi April 30, 2017 at 12:01 am

I am writing to inquire about the new photo screen installed at Sam’s Club and Walmart…as a photographer, I spend quite a few hundred dollars getting my photos printed at Sam’s for customers as well as Art Festivals…I went to Sam’s today to print my pictures and have not used your new photo screen until today…low and behold, I need to make at least 50 8 x 10 photos today and that is just a start…every photo of mine that I tried to print was being cropped by the Fuji machine…I was told that no one knows why it’s cropping photos or how to fix the problem…I asked for Fuji’s number to contact them directly and was told they couldn’t give me the number. I was also told that the new photo screens are better than the old ones…I disagree…I never had a problem making photos and they always came out perfect, just like my photo and not cropped. I can’t speak for other photographers that I know use these photo screens, but I am not happy with this change. Someone from Sam’s Club needs to contact Fuji and fix this problem…I walked away with 10 5 x 7’s only…very disappointing…I didn’t feel that the staff was willing to contact anyone on my behalf…only that they didn’t know why it was doing that…some of them know that I am a regular customer in your photo lab, as was Jay Stock who is a well known photographer that turned me on to Sam’s for photos in the first place. If this problem isn’t rectified, I will no longer refer my fellow photographers to your lab. Hoping for a quick fix and answers. Thank you…Charlene


Youlard nackoud March 22, 2017 at 12:37 pm

818645XXXX I need someone from the corporate office some manager who could do something and could help me because I’m a customer and I have seven liquor stores who I buy my cigarette and a grocery from you guys only I don’t even have Costco card for the last 10 years and I only buy my stuff from you guys so So I’m dependent on you guys only and now all my seven liquor stores don’t have cigarette because The Sam’s Club I go to in Santa Clarita sold all the cigarette for to their customers or they’re not even their customers and customers like me who is loyal for the last 11 years goes nowhere except Sam’s Club get no cigarette and my shelves are empty and I’m losing customers I’m not trying to stock Sigaret. like other stores owners I’m just trying to buy for one week I buy from week to week I go there every Tuesday I spent over $50,000 every week and I am very good customer know my shelves are empty I need someone big could help me get some cigarettes in the next couple days to fill up my shelves please contact me on my cell phone 818-645-XXXX I need to know if anyone going to help me getting Sigaret. in the next couple days for my stores or maybe you guys could send Special order you could contact your manager’s and Sam’s Club /Santa Clareta.
And ask about me they call me Leo because i’m a good customer I’ve been shopping there for 11 years before even the store has customers are used to go there seven in the morning till 11 and I see nobody except me I am very good and loyal customers so please do something about this and thank you for your time


Mona March 18, 2017 at 1:04 pm

I was hired at Sam’s Club #4738, Eagan Minnesota, and then was terminated after one week of employment because I had recently got married and not had time to go and change my Social Security Card. I do have all justified documentation to prove who I am but was told by the Manager (Jackie) that this was not good enough. I showed her that I did indeed mail my information to Social Security Office so I can receive a current card with my married name on it but she still said it was not good enough. I happen to be a 22 year Veteran (recently retired) for our country, and now I an not eligible to work at a Sam’s Club?? This is so politically wrong for Sam’s Club to treat a US Veteran this way.
Then I called her to find out about my paid wages for the week and she responded by saying she would mail my first pay check to me and the second one would be deposited in my account, well that still has not happened. It should not take over a week to receive mail from a city next door to yours, this so wrong!!! So my next legal step is, I am planning on contacting the Wages and Labor Department to complain about not getting paid for my labor by Sam’s Club. By law in the state of Minnesota you are suppose to receive your paid wages within 5 days. This is so sad that this company can treat you this way after all the introduction to employment how much they care about their employees..really???


Molli March 6, 2017 at 5:36 pm

On my day off, Went to Sam’s Optical in Denham Springs, LA for glasses for my son, husband and I. Was told that our prescriptions were expired so we had to make appts. to see the Optometrist, which we did. After shopping in Sam’s, we went home to put our items up and returned to Sam’s Optical for our scheduled appts. for 1:00pm, 1:30pm, and 2:30pm. We waited for the Optometrist for 1 hour and he never even stuck his head out of the back. The staff was efficient and got us set-up but could not explain what was holding up the Optometrist. After the 1 hour wait, we cancelled all 3 appts. and started to the parking lot. As I got to my car, Sam’s Optical called to tell me the Optometrist finally came out and could see us …..No Thank You!!!! Our time is just as valuable as the Optometrist’s time!!!!! Sam’s Club Optical lost 3 customers today, Customers that were going to spend money on eye exams and $138 frames!! Shame on you Sam’s Club Optometrist!


Jaime Cisneros December 27, 2016 at 4:14 pm

I am an employee at SAMS Club Store #4818 and One of my managers named Scott is not a fair employer. I had stated that our calculator for counting our register was lacking in ability since it had messed up my count for my drawer so Scott told our main office employer in an attempt to make it seem as though I am an ungrateful employee. Yet Scott had failed to tell our main office Employee named Vicky that he had laughed in my face when I had explained that I was in need for more hours since I would only be Workin 13 hours next week. This is unacceptable and I thought that Walmart was a better company to work for but I guess I was mistaken. PS I Give You Permission to Pull My File
Jaime Cisneros #2743


Taura Gillum December 22, 2016 at 10:20 am

I received a gift from my Dad and Step-mom that was purchased at Sam’s Club. It was a fitbit and I found it to be uncomfortable. My step-mom taped the receipt (where she paid in cash) to the box in case I decided to take it back, which I did. I arrived at Sam’s and explained to the man at the front door that I was not a member so I wasn’t sure where to go to return my item. He pointed me in the right direction where I ended up waiting for 30 minutes. (I was the only person in line at that time). The woman at the service desk didn’t once look in my direction to see if anyone was standing in line waiting. When she finally called me over is when I really had an issue. I have never, ever in my life had such an ordeal to return an item. I understand if it were open or if I didn’t have the receipt, or if it looked used, but it wasn’t. When I first approached the counter the woman asked me for my Sam’s Membership card. I explained to her that I was not a member and that I received the item as an early Christmas present but wanted to return it. The receipt was taped to the box. She told me that she couldn’t return in because I wasn’t a member. Excuse me? Well, I used to be a member but certainly wouldn’t consider doing so again by feeling pressured into becoming a member just so I could return a Christmas gift. Ridiculous. I explained to her that it was a gift. My stepmom taped the receipt to the box so I could return it if I chose to. I live in Kentucky and she lives in Indiana. It would be too inconvenient for myself or her to drive to another state or meet up just to return the item. So the woman asked me for my Dad and Step mom’s name so she could look them up in the system. She found my Dad’s information and phone number. What really just blew my mind is that she CALLED my Dad and asked him if it was okay that I return my gift. That by far was the most EMBARRASSING moment thus far standing in Sam’s. I mean, what company does that?? I was already feeling bad as it was that my Stepmom took the time to buy me a nice gift just for me to return it. I knew at THAT moment when the woman behind the counter called my parents that I had just hurt my Stepmom’s feelings. She made me literally feel like the worst person in the world. After that she told me she then needed to have the return approved by the electronics department. So I stood in shame waiting for her to return which took a few minutes. She comes back at tells me that it had been approved. I was seriously fuming at this point but I am a very nice person so I bit my tongue. She again tried to scan the receipt and she told me that the computer wouldn’t let her return the item. So then she had to call a manager over and they discussed the situation for several minutes before she was able to override the system. She said this was also due to me not having a membership. That is why the computer wouldn’t accept the receipt. I told her at this time that my sister (also not a member) had tried her fitbit out and had considered returning hers as well. The woman proceeded to tell me that I needed to tell my sister (who also lives in Kentucky) that they were making an extreme exception for me and that if she tried to return hers that they wouldn’t do it. That she would have to bring my step-mom or Dad to the store to return hers. All I have to say is that I am LIVID over this entire situation. I just wanted to run in the store and return my fitbit that had the RECEIPT attached to the box and go on my way. I was in Sam’s for over an HOUR enduring nothing but embarrassment, ridicule and pressure to buy a membership. The cherry on top was making me feel like a five year old child when she called my Dad and asked if it was okay to return my fitbit. I will NEVER return to Sam’s Club, EVER. I have also NEVER in my life dealt with such unprofessionalism and rudeness. I have never had such an issue in my life returning an item. If I were at any other store, I would have been in and out in ten minutes without all of the hassle. I sincerely hope Sam’s Club will consider retraining employees in Customer Service to not treat non-members like outcasts. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a store, hands down.


Stephanie Canar January 14, 2017 at 5:19 pm

I had the same thing happen to me in Franklin, TN. They took it a step further and processed the refund onto MY bank account. I did not make the purchase, but the idiots refused to give me cash when I had the receipt for the gift. My husband is an employee and I am embarrassed to admit that. This place is the WORST place to work. I have already cut my membership card up. I am going to Costco where they give a darn about their customers AND employees. My husband can’t get out fast enough.


Raymond F DeGruy September 1, 2016 at 11:28 am

On 8/15 I ordered a matress from Sam’s internet.On the same day I received a questioner ,which from all apearences was from Sam’s Club, on my Sam’s experience in exchange for free gifts. I accepted the offer for the free gifts because I trust Sam’s name.
I used my credit card to pay for the postage of my free gifts. This month I received a surprise on my statement. There was a charge of $94.95 for a jar of face cream that I did not order. Someone is using the Sam’s good name for fraud and deceit.


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