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Costco Wholesale Corporation
999 Lake Dr
Issaquah, WA 98027

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Phone Number: (425) 313-8100
Fax Number: (425) 313-8103
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CEO: W. Craig Jelinek
CFO: Richard A. Galanti
COO: Joseph P. Portera

Costco History

Costco was founded in 1983 by James (Jim) Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman.  Their first store was located in Seattle, Washington.

In 1993, Costco merged with Price Club, effectively doubling the size of the company.  The executives from both companies never saw eye to eye and they split in 1994.

In 1997, the company name was changed to Costco Wholesale.

Costco is currently the fifth largest retailer in the US and is also the world’s largest wine retailer. Their major competitors are Sam’s Club and BJ’s wholesale.

Besides the US, Costco has locations in Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

The Costco corporate office is located in Kirkland, WA.


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Carole Ansag April 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Florida has an unusually large senior citizen population. In addition, the number of disabled persons within our state exceeds the national norm. Every time my husband and wish to shop at Orlando’s Orange Blossom Trail or Winter Park locations, they do not have mobile carts for the handicapped available. We have waited as long as 35 minutes for one of the 2 or 3 provided by the store. This is very bad public relations and I am sure affects Costco’s bottom line nationwide. Suggestions to local management meets deaf ears, especially Mr Delroy at the OBT site. Please remedy this situation?


Deborah April 21, 2015 at 6:03 pm

I am writing to inform you of problems that I have been having with the Maui Costco pharmacy. I have on three occasions either received the wrong dispensed medication, wrong milligrams of prescription and a duplicated medication. It concerns me that this has become a problem. The tech informed me that they as pharmacists don’t look at patients history because they are no longer allowed to do so. I believe that it is imperative to see the history of patients to reduce errors. I am very concerned with all of these problems and hope that they can take enough time to dispense the proper medications without error, injury or death of the said patient.


Roger April 19, 2015 at 4:38 pm

Attn: CFO, VP Sales
Corporate Offices

On April 8, 2015 I ordered a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill from Costco online. The unit required building and a 45 minute burn that I finally concluded April 18, 2015.
On April 19, 2015 I was at my Costco store located at 3747 South 2700 West in WVC. I saw the exact same model on the floor for $100.00 less than I paid on line only a few weeks earlier. When I went to discuss with their customer service I was told that on line is different than the warehouse. Almost like it is a different Company. So I said, if that is the case I will never shop it online again. He indicated that would most likely be a good idea.
So he referred me to a manager that was wearing a yellow jacket. If this guy is the best you can do I would recommend losing him. He was ignorant and rude and wasn’t even looking me in the eye when I discussed my dilemma with him. He grabbed another guy that went and looked it up. He came back and indicated that was the cost of shipping. Really, $100.00 per box. The point was if I would have known this was available there I would have went and got it with my truck.
Here were my offered options. Bring back the on line one, that took 3 hours to build plus burning it, and buy the other one. I said what is the point of that, just to harass me and dump the blame on Traeger who had nothing to do with it. Them I was offered to buy one and bring it back with the other receipts for the trade in.
It appears now that Costco has hired folks that no longer represent integrity and good business that I thought they had. I asked the same manager in the yellow jacket if they wanted to look up my history and see if I am worth losing for $100.00. He indicated to go if that is my decision as there is nothing more he could do. Apparently Costco now has so many numbers they do not care who comes or goes.
Normally I do not waste my time to make a battle out of something that may have been my mistake. But the way I was treated in this case does not fly with me. I will also make this post on my facebook page. Beware of buying online with Costco, if you find the same product in their store for a different price they will not honor it.
I will also let my peers at 3M where I work also know of my wonderful Costco experience on April 19, 2015.


Lisa R. April 15, 2015 at 5:36 am

As a former Price Club employee and member for over 30 years, I was greatly disappointed in the lack of ethics by one of the male Vitamix demonstrators in your Vacaville, CA store last weekend. He misled customers into purchasing the Vitamix 5300 machine he was demonstrating by telling them that it was the same, exact model as on for $599.99 and that the sales price of $399.99 was only good through end of business day on Sunday, April 12th. His actions were observed on both Friday, 4/10th as well as that Sunday. He also insisted that this model was an exclusive for Costco only and when I mentioned that I thought that I had seen it elsewhere, he insisted that I had my model numbers mixed up and was wrong.

Well, I was in a Costco today and guess what… the price of $399.99 is still there. I went home and looked online and sure enough, the item at for $599.99 was a different model and also included additional items including an additional container that retails on its own for over $100. I will be returning mine in the morning.

This gentleman’s behavior and misrepresentation of his product has really upset me. While I was standing there looking at it, I heard him state these same points to over a dozen people, including the sale price that would be disappearing, which resulted in about 6 people just in that 20 minute period being shammed.

Costco has upheld such a high level of confidence and customer satisfaction that it saddens me that his actions now make me question the quality of Costco products and representation.

I can only hope that this matter will be addressed by management at the next location that this gentleman is demonstrating at.


George April 12, 2015 at 5:51 pm

There is a very short and wide middle aged Hispanic person walking around your Costco, 3250 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, NY 11106 location whispering threats to white Senior citizens. My very first time ever in any Costco location anywhere in the world was Saturday April 4th 2015 and as I walked down one of your isles I was told – for no reason at all – that if I came back to the store I: “Was gonna get hurt” because: “This store is for us, not for you people. Stay out, don’t come back in here.”
This is clearly
1:) Racial Discrimination
2:) Senior Abuse
3:) Domestic Terrorism
4:) Very, Very bad for business
You need to put frail looking older white security professionals under-cover as shoppers immediately and put a stop to this violent behavior AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


ENA WADEY March 18, 2015 at 4:50 am

We have been Costco members for 20 years, using the UK branches in Thurrock and Leicester. We have on the whole always been satisfied with the customer service received. We had previously bought a 3 piece suite some 15 or so years ago from you and had been very satisfied with its quality. It was starting to show signs of age and we decided to return to Costco using the online facility. This was last year at the beginning of last year when we placed an order for a sofa and 2 chairs. The items delivered by Andrew Porter Ltd on behalf of Costco were delivered on the 14th May 2014. On arrival and putting together, defects with all three items were identified and reported to your Online customer service team 0800 0324 324. Furnico visited and agreed that they were not fit for purpose and it was agreed to replace all 3 items. So far so good. However it took many calls to arrange this, and long delays. Andrew Porter Ltd were due on instruction of Costco online customer services and the warehouse to deliver the new 3 piece suite and remove the damaged poorly manufactured items at the same time. However Andrew Porter ltd arrived to remove the items without any knowledge of delivering a new suite. This was on the 18th July 2014. Finally on the 24th July 2014 the new 3 piece suite was delivered. This 3 piece suite now has a problem with 1 chair, which we reported to Costco online on 29th December 2014. Less than 6 months since delivery and 4 items out of 6 in less than a year has not exactly filled us with confidence in this product. We agree that Servico the company that is employed by you in the UK to look at furniture. This was carried out on the 19th January 2015. Despite numerous calls it took until Friday 13th March for any feedback from them. This has been highly stressful and leaves us questioning COSTCO ONLINE customer service. We were told that the parts which are the back of the chair and the seat cushion would not be available until April… No confirmed date in April…. there are 30 days in April and already the chair that is still in use id hugely uncomfortable and not fit for purpose. We have asked for the item to be replaced with a different suite model. This could be easy but I suspect that technology is preventing this easy fix. My proposal is that the new furniture is ordered by COSTCO online at their cost initially. The new furniture be delivered and the old collected at the same time, then refunding us the difference between the two suites. Surely this cannot be so difficult. Instead I receive an email after being promised a call back, stating that the furniture is being refunded. I spoke to the customer services representative and state that this is not acceptable to us. Then at 1932 last night another email suggesting that 1. a call will be made to us in the next 2 -4 days to arrange for the furniture to be picked up and then a further 10- 14 days to wait for a refund. NOW THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. You will have taken our furniture and then not refund us til 14 days later. We would then be required to place an order again ourselves and pay for in advance. So now you would have the old furniture, the money we had paid for it and then the money for the new suite yet to be delivered. We would not be able to place an order until the refund was actioned, due to finances, so that is 14 days, then the new furniture takes 14 days to deliver. 28 days potentially without furniture. This does not seem customer orientated to me. I have asked for the details of the person in charge and been told that I was speaking to them. Come on Costco. This is not difficult just use some common sense. We are hoping for a swift resolution.


Rick B. March 23, 2015 at 2:11 pm

You took back something you bought 15 years ago?!!!! And you have the nerve to write about it?! Ooh…it started to show “wear”…oh my god, let’s return it.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re the kind of customer that ruins it for everyone. It only takes a couple weeks to figure out if a product is well manufactured or not.
You’re no different than someone who steals something from a store…in the end, you’re both trying to get something without paying for it and costing the retailer or manufacturer.


Lisa R. April 15, 2015 at 5:19 am

I believe that she said that they purchased the original furniture at a Costco store about 15 years ago and when they decided to replace it last year, they decided to go back to Costco because they had been so happy with the quality of the original furniture but used the website to order. The new furniture was damaged and it took dealing with the online customer service almost a year after delivery to get the problem corrected and they were just commenting that the customer service could have been done in less than a year one would think.


james mcconville March 9, 2015 at 6:33 pm


I have been a very satisfied Costco customer for the last sixteen years. I have never had any serious complaint with Costco. I really enjoy visiting Costco. I shop there lost every two weeks. I really enjoy the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I have been wearing hearing aids from Costco for almost four years and I am very pleased with the aids and I find the staff at the hearing aid center to be very expert and very helpful.

I am having trouble finding a replacement battery for a remote control unit for my Costco hearing aids, a Rexton BUL RCU. The battery is very hard to
find and in doing a web search, I find many other people having the same difficulty.

Some people with Costco aids have gone to other stores hoping to find needed batteries and some have paid as much as two hundred dollars to have their battery “rebuilt”.
One fortunate person was able to get his local Costco center to order a new battery for his Rexton BLU RCU at a cost of only twenty-two dollars. I would like to get one through Costco also but my local center in Medford, Oregon says they cannot order these batteries even though they continue to sell the units.

My battery is clearly failing and does not hold a charge. A new battery is badly needed and I have exhausted all possibilities suggested by Costco and other dealers. I think it is unreasonable for Costco to sell the unit and not be able to order the needed batteries.
Perhaps the staff at my local Costco thinks I can just go to Walgreen Drugs or Batteries Plus and buy a battery but that is definitely not the case.

I hope someone in management might see if the local center in Medford, OR could not be persuaded to find a way to place an order for remotes that they sell.

Thank you for your attention

James P. McConville
* Pioneer Road Medford, OR
541 734 ****
Costco Cust. No. 805488445000


Marie March 8, 2015 at 6:50 am

I live in Northeast PA, Albrightsville PA the western edge of the Poconos. I would really like to see a Costco in our area.Not only being a tourist area but an area that is limited in shopping choices I think Costco would do quite well in the area. Wish they would seriously consider one. I now many people would like to see such a store in the area.


Rudolph w Schuzer February 26, 2015 at 10:57 am

Costco customer care???
So sorry to say the removal of everyday service being discontinued at Costco Bedford park for Business services is not exciting news – Why? It is because your other stores are not nearby and now in our busy schedule we have to drive miles to get my tire fixed or get pictures, or any other services I have enjoyed
I hope that many of my neighbors like myself will leave Costco and use Myers, Wal-Mart and Sam’s club for their shopping convince near our home
We can see how you graphically care for certain areas

So So Disappointed


Margarita vasquez February 10, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Hi Im costumer from one of your Stores in Houston TX ,I realy love to shop at Costco ,and I see that lately the store doesent have enough employees or somenthing I see a Manager name Pollerino harrasing a bunch of empoyees never again going back to Galleria in my Life I see a Lady try to sweap food court and clean restrooms and pick up transh in the same time is a shame .Im abut to report this Store to the autorities so they stop this matter .I hate to see the employes been harrased .sombody Stop this situation Please.


CS Hernandez January 26, 2015 at 10:39 pm

Why are employees REQUIRED to draw Smiley faces?


Phillip Calabrese January 15, 2015 at 8:38 pm

Just take it to any Costco and present the emailed doc


angel January 13, 2015 at 5:17 pm

I caught MA ex fiance duking her managers at work and Co workers she maid manager in 2 years no wonder she did she used to tell me how all t u is 9th error girls would hate on here no wonder y. She works in cosc oon redwood city the manager name is Nick mark hector etc isn’t it against the law for them too sleep with there Co workersso they can move on up.


Emily January 12, 2015 at 1:38 am

Hi Costco
I am a girl from China.


Patti Morgan January 7, 2015 at 11:13 am

I noticed Costco sells some tools – shouldn’t they be carrying the Blazer line?

Patti Morgan


Dr Mike December 27, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Warning about the Costco in Clearwater, FL! I went there recently, just to buy a vitamin supplement I needed. As I was checking out, there was so issue with my Gold membership and had to pay extra which I did as I felt put on the spot. The cashier, Dennis, gave me my total, which I thought was a little high, but figured it was the extra membership fee. I didn’t look at my receipt unfortunately, until I got home. Turns out Dennis charged me twice for my supplements! After reading all the negative comments on here, I decided to eat the loss, and next time go over my receipt line by line before leaving the cashier. I’ll be switching back to Sam’s Club when my membership is up. At least they never blatantly ripped me off! Warning: watch out for Dennis the cashier, and all cashiers in Clearwater, FL Costco!


Linda February 16, 2015 at 10:19 am

You are right! The cashiers in Clearwater are rude and unprofessional. Watch out for Sonia the cashier as well. Who had difficulty processing my renewal then chose to blame me the customer. She was argumentative and disruptive in the store, to the point where other customers jumped in to tell her “calm down” and ” breathe”. Her behavior was appalling to say the least and definitely not a good representation of Costco’s brand.


Ming Xu December 24, 2014 at 1:17 pm

I bought a diamond ring 0.71ctw at Costco Mettawa IL location, the ring is made of 4 small pieces of diamonds, it’s not my everyday ring, however, two of the stones fell within a year. I took the ring to the store, the Store Manager refused to do a return and told me the ring must be in good shape when I purchased it. How ridiculous it is! How would I know the stones would have fallen. The Manager also told me they can’t do anything with it unless I have the stones. Again, ridiculous, how would I notice two tiny pieces of diamonds fall? I showed the Manager the crowns of the ring is in good shape, which means it never got any physical demage, the loss of the stones were caused by the defects of the product itself. The Store isn’t cooperative at all on this matter, and I feel very disapointed with the service.


Linda Parkinson December 23, 2014 at 7:26 pm

i ordered granite countertops in july in pittsburgh. I paid for them and they were installed. I was promised a rebate of a costco card which i have never received. After close to 30 calls or contacts in the store , I am still being given the run around in the store , through customer service and in the corporate office . This is A scam deal so buyers beware.


Barbara Kovach December 22, 2014 at 4:46 pm

I want every consumer to realize that the sheets that are on sale $15.00 are made in China and they are very flammable. If you want to test them they come with a small sample of fabric attached to the sheets, put a match to the sample and see for your self. The name on the sheet sets (tranquilnights) Luxury Weight Bedding,The last time China made children’s pajamas that were flammable now they want to target the adults.Costco should be sure to check these products before they sell them.


Monika Kylau December 21, 2014 at 4:36 pm

To whom it may concern.
My husband and I went to Costco in Peterborough Ont. We waned to inquire about the Costco MasterCard. I went and sat down with my granddaughter to eat. In the meantime my husband went to the counter to get some information. He came back to me and told me could I please go with him. I asked him why? I had however observed while watching them that the lady was not very nice. My husband was told she needed to talk to me.I did not comprehend that as it was just information about the MasterCard. When I got there and explained that I didn’t have my membership and just wanted information she banged down the form and told us in a rude and cold voice then you cant apply right now. I waited till my daughter arrived as we were going to go jointly on one card as well as I was going to give up my MasterCard for the Hudson Bay and apply for the Costco Master card. The second lady was not much nicer. She then told me she will call the manager.Well the first lady that helped us apparently was the manager. I cant for the life of me understand how she became one. When I had enough and told her that I was not doing her a favor by shopping here or applying for a MasterCard and I was going to lodge a complaint, she said fine in a cold voice. I have been a team manager for the Lindsay lightning bolts.i dealt with a lot of things parents swim coaches but not once have I used that tone of voice nor been that rude. I have left out a lot of her rudeness as It would take to long to write it all down.The managers name is Tammy, The other ladies name was Jane I think .It was hard to read .I would appreciate if this matter was looked into as it upset us greatly We did not renew the membership .I would appreciate it greatly if I could get a phone call concerning this matter.705-324-1086
Thank you very much Monika Kylau .


Mary Jo Van Zandt December 19, 2014 at 2:49 pm

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We manufacture ELECTROFLOWÔ in U.S.A. It can achieve guaranteed energy savings of up to 34% and payback of less than two years, for industrial, commercials, and institutional facilities. We have just developed the first of its kind in the world in energy savings for residential applications(apartments, houses, and small shops) with money back GUARANTEE savings of up to 40%!!! We intend to launch it internationally soon.

ELECTROFLOWÔ is the only 11-in-1 system in the world that stabilizes voltages, balances currents, filters harmonics, surges and transients, and improves power factor to 100%. Its performance is 100% GUARANTEED, and it is endorsed by the U.S. Government, as well as used in 112 countries worldwide.

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5. Stabilizes Power Factor at 95%-100%. 11. Remote monitoring-control

6. Reduces losses & saves Kw-Kwh.

In light of our above product lines, and our vast technical expertise and experience in energy savings and power quality enhancement. We are looking to provide our products and services through a dynamic individual/company in your area, to better serve industrial and commercial customers.

Hence, I would like to ask you to review and evaluate the merit of this potential, and if you feel as strongly as we do, please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards;

Mary Jo Van Zandt


tamia williams December 16, 2014 at 9:31 pm

Business Leaders

Hello! This is an important email to any selling/preparing FRUIT or FEEDING animals. I represent SSA an organization promoting the giving / taking of seeds to plant; inspired by the passage in Ecclesiastes 3:2. PLEASE MAIL YOUR FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SEEDS TO 3506 BUCKMAN ROAD #101 FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA 22309. These seeds will be donated to shelters/churchs and sold to others who may want to display their seeds or give them to children to plant a seed themselves. Also, if you include your business information I would be happy to promote them with the merchandise that is sold/donated. Please send your seeds to 3506 BUCKMAN ROAD #101 ALEXANDRIA, VA 22309

(571) 269-***


Susan December 16, 2014 at 10:33 am

Several months ago the laws changed regarding prescription drugs such as Norco. My husband and I both went to our doctor and received a new hand written prescription according to law. So that we wouldn’t have to pay for office visits every month, our doctor wrote to prescription for a 3 month supply which is not illegal. My husbands was filled but mine was not due for a couple weeks. When I went back to fill mine I was told 3 different reasons in one day why they couldn’t fill it. That my insurance would only allow one month, but my insurance isn’t paying any portion of the prescription so that shouldn’t be a factor. Then I was told I needed to wait 30-40 min while they filled it. Then I was told they didn’t have enough to fill it. Now I’ve been taking a new prescription in the last 3 months and everytime I feel like I’m being judged for taking pain medication. Last month I was told to bring it in a little early because they would have to order enough to fill it. Last week when I took it in early I was told to bring it in the day it’s due and it’s first come, first serve. My issue is I was asked to transfer all our medication prescriptions to costco. Which we have done. As a costco member I don’t feel I’m being unreasonable in drooping it off a few days early to ensure that there is product to fill it with. Now my medication is due to be filled on Saturday. If I take it in on Saturday and there’s not enough to fill it, I’m going to have to go several days without it for them to get more in. I’m not asking to fill it and pick it up before it’s due but I do feel singled out because I need this medication . I was told by another pharmacy that patients are being told by stores that they are completely out of this medication because they want to pick and choose which customers they fill it for based on how much business that customer spends there. I have 4 different medications and my husband has 2 that we fill at costco. Since this change in law I am stressed out every month that they are going to tell me they don’t have enough to fill it. Especially on a weekend. I’m being told they fill it till it’s due. Like I said I’m not asking to pick it up before the due date but I do take them as prescribed due to my health conditions. I pay for a costco membership so i can shop there to save money. I switched all medicines there but now when I go on Saturday to fill my pain medication I fear I’m going to be told they don’t have it. Then what do I do? I don’t feel I’m in the wrong inquiring early or dropping it off a few day early so they can have enough on hand to fill it. They can see which customers come every month to fill their medications. I’m just wondering if all costco,s are telling patients first come first serve or just the Redding ,Ca store. Filling a 3 month supply is not against the law but for them to fill my husbands and make up 3 stories in one day about mine is bring judgmental. I don’t mind doing one month at a time but I do feel singled out and stressed out every month now worrining if they will fill it on time for me. if you can tell me what I should do it will be helpful. I do not want to put my last name for fear they will make things harder for me. I don’t want to have to run all over town to fill this on a Saturday and I do want to keep all my prescriptions with costco. My husband and I are both on disability and a fixed income so I really can’t afford to go elsewhere. Please tell me what I should do or find out the true story for my store. Very frustrated and embarrassed everytime I go in. Thank you. Susan


Justin December 12, 2014 at 11:02 am

I love Costco! However, our recent experience has made me reconsider ordering any big ticket items with them.

I have been a member for about a year. My wife and I decided to take a chance recently and order a bedroom set. We ordered the set on 12/1/14 as a Christmas gift to each other.

On 12/9/14 at 9:33AM EST, I received an email from Costco that the order had shipped. Within a few minutes, I received an email from Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery, their white glove delivery provider. The email asked me to reply or call to confirm my address and set up a delivery date. I immediately replied to the email stating that my address was correct and asked what dates/time were open.

About 3 hours later (12:11 PM EST), I received another email asking me to call to set up a delivery date and time. I called their 800 number (800-300-7417) and spoke with Hank. Hank told me they delivered to Ohio the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. He asked if the week of December 15th would work. I confirmed it would work. Hank told me we were scheduled and the drivers would call 1-2 days prior to give a time window.

My wife and I were so excited that the set would arrive for Christmas! We began working on re-arranging our room so everything would fit nicely.

Two days later, Weds 12/9, I received a call at 7:25PM EST from their 800 number. I was putting my 2 year old to bed and was unable to answer. I received an email from Jean (who had also left a voicemail) 2 minutes later again asking me to confirm my address (same email I received from Hank). I replied at 7:30PM (3 mins later) stating that my information was still correct and that I had already scheduled delivery. I asked if anything additional was needed.

Jean did not reply until the following day at 12:09 PM EST. She stated that no delivery had been scheduled and the truck was already gone.

I was pretty upset at this point. I went home and gathered all my call and email logs and again called their 800 number. This time I spoke with Jasmine. After explaining the situation to Jasmine, she asked me to hold. After holding for about 10 minutes, I was blind transferred to Stephanie, the “dispatcher”.

Stephanie proceeded to tell me that Hank was mistaken and our order would not be delivered until the week of January 5th. I explained that we were quite disappointed in being told the order would arrive in time for Christmas. Stephanie then told me that the truck run had been closed and SINCE OUR ITEM WAS NOT A GUARANTEED DELIVERY FOR CHRISTMAS ITEM, IT HAD NOT MADE THE TRUCK.

At this point, it became clear that our order had been bumped off the truck since it was not a guaranteed delivery before Christmas item. Hank was also being thrown under the bus.

I was quite upset and ended the call rather than argue with Stephanie.

While this is not Costco’s fault, I think they should be aware that some of their partners are not providing the level of service that their customers deserve and expect. We will certainly think twice before ordering any big ticket items with them in the future.


David H. Jones December 7, 2014 at 6:52 pm

To whom it may concern,

Being a Costco member for many years bring me concern when I see a shift in attitude/ policy. It makes one wonder if there has been a change in ownership or misguided decisions along the way. My personal experience at the Northlake Costco (3250 Northlake Blvd Lake Park, FL 33403) tonight was unsettling and propelled me to take the time to write a courtesy letter.

Tonight, same as always for the past ten years I wanted to purchase two separate orders (one for myself and one for my business.) I was told by two different employees that since I only have the Gold Card Membership I am only allowed to make one purchase all day. This information was confirmed afterward by the store manager Angela.

If this information given is correct, this brings forward many other questions to challenge the policy:

1) If a purchase was completed and a patron needed items that were forgotten at the first purchase, does Costco want other businesses collecting?

2) The policy we try to follow at my business (which will stay silent in a public forum) is the customer is always right. Is this a mission of Costco or was it only years ago?

3) Sam’s Club and BJ’s aren’t far to drive for better service.

With all of that being said, I feel it pertinent information to include that there was no one else in the line in front or behind myself. So the questions have been posed and I am interested in obtaining answers as I’ve seen Costco have better days. Please hold this letter in the highest regard as I am a concerned customer who wants to continue to share and do business with my favorite wholesaler.


D. Hunter Jones


Jose Perez December 5, 2014 at 10:54 pm

my name is Jose Perez, even though I am certain you guys will not see this comment,
There are just a few things I wanted to express to the COSTCO family………..
I recently became a business member.
My entire family is a Costco member, but I found myself always asking them/begging them to go to Costco to do groceries. I religiously bought at Walmart…. the checkout lines were ridiculously long, the cashiers always complained of how much they wanted to go home and of how long their line of costumers were. ( in Spanish)

I am a single man, yet I can buy non perishable food and other items at bulk or at discounted price without the retarded long lines…

Apart from that, I love the setup.
I don’t get lost in an isle looking for stuff.

I strongly believe that Costco will eventually be even cheaper than wall mart

I don’t know nothing about stocks and bond but I will look into Costco

you guys are the next generation of convenient shopping for the average consumer..

Thank You

Jose M. Perez


Ronald Erickson December 5, 2014 at 10:04 pm

I own new patent that works for sewer vents from freezing over and never have that problem let me know if you want to see the product ron


Sharon December 5, 2014 at 2:29 pm

On 11/27/2014 received this following email: Costco Wholesale Acknowledgement of Order sent by: o**** The Costco logo and trademark looked the same….but, did notice several phrases that Costco does not use in their notifications.
This is a bogus email. There is no order. No phone number to confirm.
Took several attempts to finally ‘delete’ from system.


Angie December 4, 2014 at 1:03 pm

I went to Austin to visit my daughter and we went to costco to purchase multible items. I went to the Jewelry dept. I saw a Rolex Watch so I bought it and wore it the next day but the Watch kept stop working twice.I only have this Watch for 3 days. So I took it and return in the Woodland store that have just open up about a week ago. Why I took and return it at this store because I want to see the new store. I live in Houston. After the cashier refunded the item the “Senior Manager” name Merrick.
came by and asked me JUST OUT OF THE CURIOUSITY WHY DID I RETURN THE WATCH AT HIS STORE? I reply did you want me to drive back to Austin and return it.
I thought it 100% return policy without the interrogation and insulting. He was rude and ignorant that he did not check out to see that I;m from Houston then he would know why that I return the Watch there. Do they ask this question to all the member or did he ask because of my Nationality. He wasn’t smiling. If I can not afford it I wouldn’t have bought it. I still like the Watch. I spoke to the stroe Manager but he just brush it off. I knew nothing would be done. I have try to contact the corporate office but got the run around.


Lou M December 3, 2014 at 9:15 am

Order# 39619207
I spoke to a csr svc rep. on Nov 25th. today is Dec 3rd. NO CALL BACK !!! left 3-4 messages and emails. got two emails, someone will call. NO ONE HAS CALLED !!! Purchased a Amarr Garage Door. In short time major spring gave way above the door, can’t get it open !!!! two cars stuck in side. Where is The excellent Costco Customer Service???

NOTHING as of this morning. Will try to call Corporate number when west coast is open today!!! Very Unhappy !!!!


doker December 2, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Hi Costco,
observations from Costco Adelaide South Australia ;
1st of december 2014 time : 2.15 PM Costco Adelaide
7( seven!!!0 cash registers closed only 3( three!!!) opened ( australian way ) and lots of customers and many employees of Costco “.. lookin’ ..walkin’ ….lookin’… walkin”.. avoiding any kind of workin’…” . great opportunity to invest in Costco shares especially that you pay australian Costco employees 2-3 times more than US Costco employees WHO Really Work!!!
Costco Adelaide might as well sack 30% of those bludgers so the remaining lot will start really working and there will be no difference to the customer service : it will improve!
I shopped at Sam’s Club, BJ’s , Trader Joe’s in US and saw diffrent service and attitude : good and proper one!


Stephen Maier December 2, 2014 at 12:31 pm

Hi my name is Stephen Maier and I have been an employee with Costco since 2008. I love what I do for the company and would like to share an idea with the corporate offices of an invention that will succeed in the marketplace. I would love for Kirkland to be the manufacturer Please contact me via email and I can send you a link for the virtual prototype and full summary of this product. Thank You for your time and opportunity to grow here at Costco Wholesale.


bernard November 30, 2014 at 7:31 am

Hi Costco , have shopped in the USA so welcomed Costco in Adelaide , South Australia , became a member immediately. We have shopped for food last Saturday ; spent $ 225.
Purchased US Alaskan salmon ( Kirkland) , US Kosher Dills ( Vlasic) , Tiramisu ( Italy) , US grape juice : all excellent ! Also bought australian made “food”: 1. Apple pie ( tasted like plastic ) 2. 1 kg of australian made yoghurt Brancourts : luckilly we only ate a little bit : immediately swelling of throat , cough for over half an hour : we were just about to call an ambulance !!! tomorrow I am taking this Costco endorsed “Premium yoghurt ” Brancourts to Australian Health Department for analysis . WE EAT YOGHURT ALL OUR LIVES : here in Australia (Yalna , Paris Creek , Danone and all other brands from Coles, Foodland, Woolworts )in the past in Europe , in the USA ( New York City , Minneapolis ) 2. WE DO NOT SUFFER FROM ANY !!!!! KIND !!!! OF ALLERGIES !!! WE BOUGHT poisonous yoghurt from Costco Adelaide !!!!!! was it made in China or with chinese ingredients ? I wander who is Costco Australian purchasing manager and how well he/she knows owners of Brancourts ? Spoke over the phone with : Terry More , Megan Delanger from Costco Adelaide : they wanted quickly the box of yoghurt back but it is going first for analysis by Australian authorities . If this is Costco “food standard ” I have to reconsider my membership, will Tweet and facebook to tell others about my Costco “experience” with Costco-endorsed “Premium Youghurt Brancourts ” ( I have never heard about Brancourts youghurt!!!!- China made?).Remember melamine and tinted baby milk? I will Tweet to share my Costco Adelaide ( totally different to Costco USA !!!) “EXPERIENCE” !!!!!!


Ed Erginsoy November 13, 2014 at 1:56 pm

It is finally and absolutely clear to me that COSTCO has joined the ranks of those disgusting corporations or companies, where they don’t give a damn about “the customer” anymore. The products offered are definitely “CHEAP” or cheaper QUALITY, but the price is the same or more. The company quality of service is gone bad. Costco has been targeting products in a “biased way” to different stores. In other words, they have become “prejudicial”. For example, for those stores that are in “Wealthy” communities get the best or better products, etc… Not so communities get the “Leftovers”, if you know what I mean. If you ask the store, they tell you to go somewhere else because the other store is bigger, etc.. what a major BS. Of course the Costco management would describe such actions as “Marketing”. Costco does NOT want you to purchase what you want, they want you to purchase what THEY want, do you get it?
Let me tell you that this is not an accusation, it is real.
I resent it, and my friends agree with me and they resent it.
And this is how you lose customers, while executives get RICH.!


Soph November 11, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Dear Costco,
Love your stores and the service people in them, but I do have one teeny request. All too often I find a product in your stores that is only available seasonally or disappears entirely. The Merrillville, Indiana store has started to bake a round, boule bread called a ‘French Country’ loaf. It is light as a feather and even has a crust on top if you get it home before the plastic bag has softened the crust; it is absolutely delicious! Compared to the other heavy, putty bread types in the bakery isle which family and friends have tried and now avoid, it is a welcome stand out. When I lifted the loaf and noted its lightness and tapping it found it had a crust, I took a loaf home. It’s a wonderful all purpose loaf which was gobbled up quickly. Was tempted to say I baked it, but family members also shop there so my lie would be outed quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve learned it is a seasonal offering. Oh come on! You’re kidding? Bread? Seasonal?? Please carry this bread on a regular basis so I can one stop shop at Costco for all my basics. Also, please carry Organic Fat Free milk. Thank you for all you do!


Policy Change Needed November 7, 2014 at 11:02 am

I purchased an item and 3 hours later I received an email from Costco saying that they cancelled my order because I had them send my item to a freight forwarder and they said they won’t send an item to a freight forwarder. So I tried to repurchase the product but it is sold out and have not had satisfaction despite two phone calls and several emails to Costco.

HEY COSTCO POLICY MAKERS, you need to send that same email to your customers except provide a buyer with 24 hours to change the mailing address before you cancel their order.

You have inconvenienced me greatly as I made a commitment based upon the fact that I made a purchase from your company. In discussing it with your customer service reps, I showed the shipping and terms under the product and it said nothing about not shipping to a freight forwarder.


Mike Monciardini October 18, 2014 at 12:06 pm

I will start by saying I’ve been a Costco member since it was Price club.
This is the first time I have ever wanted to complain about any Cosco policy.
In shopping a while back I decided to buy some jumbo shrimp, after looking at the package I see that it was from Vietnam. I decided not to purchase the Vietnam shrimp so I went to the frozen section. Well guess what, even the frozen shrimp was from Vietnam.
While I was reading the label another person came up to me wanting the shrimp and decided not to purchase because of where it was from.
I am very upset with this, knowing the health and inspection process in that country cannot be nearly as good as our own country.
I served in the military during the Vietnam conflict and would not want you to think this has in any way influenced my opinion about purchasing products from that country.
Costco also sells TRIO BARS from China.
I am canceling my Costco card and will not shop at your store any more, or until you stop supporting Communist countries.

Mike Monciardini


Dana Holton October 20, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Omg, well then, you need to stop eating seafood in local restaurants etc… because… where do you think they get their shrimp come from? You can get shrimp from the Gulf here but they will be smaller. You might want to check the labels on your clothing while you’re at it Sir, as most of your clothes are made in communist countries. Next time you are in a fish market, ask them what their sources are, your local grocery stores as well. And you can check your clothing labels in Wal-Mart or Nordstroms. ;)


Sam Navarro October 16, 2014 at 6:44 pm

I bought a Dell computer a year ago that never worked properly. Dell built it and Costco sold it to me. Dell and Costco support worked together to distract me from the real issue. Costco is now saying my warranty has expired but my computer did not break today. I lost all my money, 3 trips to FedEx and more than 10 hours on the phone talking to Costco support staff and a man in India.


Patti Morgan October 16, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Shouldn’t Costco be stocking the Blazer torches and lighters


Kyle Ives October 13, 2014 at 4:49 pm


In doing some research, I found that many companies pay wages for advertising company logos on personal vehicles.

For the professional type of job I have, I commute, all over the state of Georgia 4-7 hours each day, as well as driving into different states for work.

Here is the breakdown of the driving commuting hours of what i work.

I work 6 days a week (between 12-15 hours per day)
Each day driving to and from work, is between 4-7 hours each day (between 24-42 hours of driving each week)

I’m offering my services to advertise and promote your company by having a logo on my vehicle.

Here’s information of the vehicle i own / drive.

Make: Toyota
Model Camry
Color Silver
Mileage: 87,681

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration,

Kyle Ives
1 (805) 304-****


Debra Hamilton October 11, 2014 at 4:40 pm

In the Lancaster, CA Costco they are out of the ingredients for your awesome pumpkin muffins! I have been waiting for 4 weeks for them to get the ingredients. I just called and they still don’t have it! Please get the ingredients to them so i can enjoy yippee awesome muffins!


glen pak October 7, 2014 at 7:02 pm

I bought a Watts Premier RO-Pure Plus water filter system for kitchen from Costco
and a Ice-Maker Hook Up kit from Watts Premier website.

The Ice-Maker Hookup kit missed parts and did not fit each other.
So I left about 6 emails with a specific question in 3 days.
One short and generic answer came asking me to call their office in Arizona.
So I called and the phone system put you thru never ending loop cycle.
You go into any specific choice and you are automatically put on hold forever.
There’s no person. Nobody answers. There’s no operator.
This seems like just an answering phone system in an empty office.
There’s no real person.
I see similar compalints on Costco’s reviews pages.

I’m almost suspecting this company is just dumping products before going
out of business!


Abrat October 6, 2014 at 9:18 pm

I have been a member for many years and have NEVER had a bad experience at the Bloomingdale, IL store. Their Customer Service people are very friendly and extremely helpful. One person in mind is Debbie R. She goes beyond what one would ever get at most other retailers. She helped me with my Reward points that were missing on my account and got them for me. She helped me recently with an online product I purchased that the third party company, Haan, who wouldn’t help me. Talk about rude, this guy lived the meaning! To my surprise I received “free” of charge a replacement item that Haan wanted me to pay for, even though it was defected. I never contacted anyone else within Costco, but found this mailed to me directly from Haan. Without the involvement of Debbie R. and my Costco, I would of never gotten this.

Every store changes their stock and yes, it’s frustrating, but Costco is no different than any other retailer. What sets them apart, in my opinion, is they truly strive for quality and fair prices. Not that they are always the lowest, but I believe people go there for the quality more than lowest prices on everyday products.

I have a membership to Sam’s Club (Streamwood, IL) as well and there is NO comparison between them. In fact, Sam’s has take a lead from Costco and started sending out monthly sale booklets and online shopping. The atmosphere in this store doesn’t compare to Costco.

Any store you go to regardless of it being Costco or someone else, you will always find some employee that is having a bad day and probably should of stayed home. But that doesn’t make Costco a bad company or business. You have a choice where to shop, and if it doesn’t suit you, Costco will refund your membership fee.

I for one, am happy to have them as a main store of my choice to shop. This Bloomingdale, IL store is one of 2 near me and they are friendlier than the other, hands down.

Thank you Costco and Debbie R. for all you have done for me.


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