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BJ's Wholesale Club Corporate Office Address

BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.
25 Research Dr.
Westborough, Massachusetts 01581

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Phone Number: (774) 512-6186
Fax Number: (774) 512-6859
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BJ's Wholesale Club Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

BJ's Wholesale Club Executives

CEO: Christopher J. Baldwin
CFO: Robert W. Eddy
COO: Lon F. Povich

BJ's Wholesale Club History

BJ’s Wholesale Club was started in 1984 by the retail chain Zayre in Massachusetts. The letters in the name are the initials of the wife, Barbara Jane, and daughter, Beverly Jean, of the first president, Mervyn Weich.

In 1988 Zayre Corporation sold the Zayre nameplate to rival chain Ames, and TJX Companies was formed. In 1989 TJX spun off their warehouse division, including BJ’s, to form Waban, Inc.

In August 1997 Waban, Inc. spun off BJ’s to form an independent company. The new company was named BJ’s Wholesale Club and was headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts and Waban renamed itself HomeBase, Inc.

In 2011 two private equity firms, Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners, acquired BJ’s.

Today BJ’s has 200 stores in 15 states with 25,000 employees. BJ’s had $10.9 billion in revenue in 2011.

BJ's Wholesale Club FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for BJ's Wholesale Club?
Answer 1: The phone number for BJ's Wholesale Club is (774) 512-6186.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of BJ's Wholesale Club?
Answer 2: The CEO of BJ's Wholesale Club is Christopher J. Baldwin.

Question 3: Who founded BJ's Wholesale Club?
Answer 3: BJ's Wholesale Club was founded by in .

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Johnny Bates September 15, 2019 at 2:25 pm

On Sept 1,2019 , I purchased 4 new tires from BJ’s tire center located in Hampton ,Va . Invoice # 1208453. I was on the freeway for the first time since the tires were installed and the steering wheel shook so violently at 60 mph that I was afraid to drive on the freeway. I turned around and headed back to BJ to have the tires re-balanced. On arrival there were no cars in the bays. I thought great, I’ll be in and out in no-time. Two young guys were at the desk in the office. I told them I needed the tires re balanced. they asked if I had an appointment ? I replied no, but there is no cars i the bays, They said they were Waiting on their 11:00 appointment. I was already 6 min after 11. They said he called and would be there in twenty minutes. Really?? So why not balance just the front two tires while you are waiting, They insisted that I make an appointment for the next day.. Really??? ” Come on guys. There is no one here.” Didn’t matter to them. So I went to talk to the store manager “Brandon P.” . I explained to him what was going on and he said he would talk to them, So I walk back to the tire area and have a seat. They brought my truck in and lifted it in the air. I was still the only vehicle in the bays. Time 11.16. the two service guys just walked around for the next five minutes avoiding anything else with my vehicle. It’s so obvious that they are stalling. Then at 11:25 the 11 oclock appointment shows up. One service attendant starts working on this vehicle immediately. They never touch mine again for an hr. I again talk to the manager and he says that they were doing their jobs, Really ?? Standing around is a job? He said one is supervising the other. Really?? So let me see if I understand this . As a manager you have decided that you have a four bay tire shop with two attendents and one of them only supervises and the other one does the work? The crew does as they please and the manager does nothing. Seems as though corporate would be interested in learning about their lack of skilled management. I became frustrated with the whole mess and drove my vehicle out of the shop . They had never even removed a single wheel to balance after an hr. Pretty lame crew and a very incompetent manager. ps As I was walking out a couple came by and having overheard my conversation with the manager said they had gotten tires here before and would never again. then another guy stops me and says the same thing. So its not just an isolated occurance. Now I have to pay another tire shop to balance my tires. RESTITUTION IS IN ORDER HERE.


Harry Krichbaum September 7, 2019 at 10:04 am

I have tried to find your website for the ‘Refer a Friend’ program only to find out you must have discontinued it. I wanted to give my daughters a membership thru that program plus a cousin who was also interested. If you decide to restart that program please contact me with the correct website address to do so.


Harry Krichbaum

Canton,Ohio 44708 or email at : SOWILDABOUT@ SBCGLOBAL.NET


john klepacki August 31, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I called to get price on four tires for my sons car and after many attempts to speak with a human finally got a price which was over 20% more than Costco.
I had some question but they did NOT want to answer them. I joined BJ’s some months ago and get NO booklets or coupons in the mail so I wanted to know if their were any promos or rebates on tires. They said Costco has better prices and they do not match Costco prices but they will refund my BJ’s membership so i can join costco. I asked for BJ’s corporate phone number and was told to look for it on my BJ’s membership card as they did NOT know the number. Their is NO phone number on my BJ’s membership card.


Marilyn Dudley August 19, 2019 at 9:55 am

I am not sure where to start, so here I am. This is not a complaint, but an inquiry. I am trying to find proof of health insurance of one of your past employees. I am the mother of Frederick W. Dudley, Jr. and he worked in your Clermont, FL store back in late 2008 or in 2009. He is trying to get proof that he had health insurance when his children were born. He is unable to request this for himself and that is the reason why I am writing to you today. I hope you can help with this or let me know whom I should contact.
Thank you in advance.


Mary Ann Domenchello June 20, 2019 at 8:29 pm

As all the complaints I have read. Do you customers really think BJ’s corporate office really cares. The thing to do is don’t renew your yearly fee. I’m finding that other companies are matching the prices. I now shop at supermatkets in my area. They all run good sales. The only thing I wanted to buy was my dogs treats, Pup-A-Roni (low Fat). Good price, but now customer service in Levittown New York, told me they are discontinued. Plus they had a $3.00 coupon for an item that is being discontinued. For this I have to pay $55.00 a year. Walmart has started a new program of ordering. Their shelves are better stocked and the prices are the same as BJ’s. There is no yearly FEE!!!!!!!! A no brainer.


Marcia Commodore June 19, 2019 at 8:04 pm

Today, I had the most exciting experience. I met the most wonderful woman, in the clothing department. Zarlene Thomas is her name. I was trying to find a pair of black capris. We are planning a trip to New York to attend our granddaughters
graduation. I explained my situation to Miss Thomas. She look every where. Finally she found another in blue. I really wanted black but, she even helped me find a shirt. I gave her a hug and praised her. We had to pick up a few more thing. When all of a sudden, we heard some one yell . It was Miss Thomas, she said I found what you wanted. Miss Thomas went way above and beyond. Please say something to her. Letting her know how much she has change my life .


Eric T April 19, 2019 at 12:35 pm

I have had the opportunity to purchase tires from BJs for the first time online on 4.9.19. However, it was not a good experience.

I have had placed a request to purchase of 4 tires in my account online. Somehow, when I login, it showed only 2 ties ordered in my cart. I looked through the BJs website to locate the promotion which was scheduled to end on 4.10.19, and I noticed that the tires promotion was removed from the website. I went to a club in Warrington,Pa and checked with the staff and I was told that they were 8 tires available. However, they seemed to charge more than online order. I called the online tire customer service, and I was informed that the tires were no longer available for order because they were out of stock. I have had spoken with three customer agents and informed them that the club in Warrington has 8 tires. I asked if I can order online and have it installed in the Warrington branch. They replied that they have no stock available. That evening, I called the club and confirmed that they have 8 tires. So, I logged in to my BJs account online and see if the tires promotion appears. And it did. I placed the order and received a confirmation email with order number. That was good nice! Unfortunately, the next morning I received an email telling me that my order was cancelled because the items were not available within the time frame. No options were given to me since the promotion had not expired.

The following day, I called corporate office, and I was directed to Tracy who gracefully have a manager from the tire department contact me. I have instructed that the manager reach me via cell phone because I was out of town. Instead, he called my house and left a message. I called him back and was told he was on 30 mins break. I left a message to have him return my call which he did not. I reached out to him again the next morning, and I was first told he was busy and then said he was not in that day. I was offered to have someone call me which I obliged. Again, I did not heard back from anyone.

I tried calling the corporate office or chat with someone online at the tire center. I waited 5-10 mins, but no one picked up the call and the online chat showed an agent would be with me in 5 mins. Five mins later followed by a message “still looking for an agent to assist you.” It was indeed a very sour experience with BJs and I am very disappointed. Hopefully someone from corporate would reach out me soon.


Bill Gonyea March 11, 2019 at 4:39 pm

First of all, I have been a BJ’s member since 1995 24 years, originally from Rhode Island using the BJ’s clubs in Auburn MA and Johnston RI.
I have never complained about anything about the Clubs in New England they are great.
In 2016 retiring from my profession in Rhode Island decided to move to a warmer clime in Burlington North Carolina. My new BJ’s Club is now located at 1433 Boone Station Dr.
Burlington,NC 27215 it was not what I was accustomed too, yes they looked the same, even the layout of the Club, however, the difference was in the products available that I frequently purchased while up north. People who I have known previously from up north have the same complaint about lack of products here in this Club.
We wonder why we are paying for a membership that that does not deliver the good we want.
We like the Kaham Natural Casing Franks with beef and pork, all this Club has is Beef they are all Beef. SO, we go to Walmart and buy the Kaham Natural Casing Hot Dog with Beef and Pork. Another is the Hot Dog Buns, we like the Top Split Buns, but down here they are all side split. You can’t toast a side split bun. SO, we go to Walmart and buy the Split Top buns from a choice of two companies.
The Heluva Good Cocktail sauce is not like the one up North, the one down here is loaded with sugar. SO, we make our own now because Costco is further away.
The vegetable prices are crazy, a head of lettuce $1.79 at Walmart .89 Almost all vegetables and fruit are cheaper at Walmart.
It’s sad after all these years being with BJ’s the alternative of Joining Costco or Sams Club is looking very positive and convenient.
Most people that I have met in this store are from other states if you think you are selling to Southern people you are mistaken they are Sam Club people.
It may not be long before I cancel my BJ’s membership the only thing that keeps me from doing so right now is the Gas Station.
Disappointed in BJ’s North Carolina.


Roberta Whitney February 7, 2019 at 6:38 pm

I picked the wrong option from the menu. I meant to enroll in the $10 on line only service and selected the $55 by mistake. Could you please change my option and take the payment from the card I used on line. The original amount is pending on my card. So it will drop off if you can correct this for me.



Redmond, S January 1, 2019 at 11:38 am

I recently had a very bad experience at the BJ’s tire center in Bowie, MD. I called to verify if they had a particular tire for my vehicle they confirmed they had 9 tires in stock, therefore I made an appointment to get 4 tires installed. I arrive there on time not only did they not have the tires they tried to sell me a tire $60.00 over the price of the tires they said they had…and the the person who was helping me was rude an unconcerned about my inconvenience an the untruth about the tires. When I told him that I didn’t not want to pay $157.00 for a tire is said OK an I advised I will take my business elsewhere. BJ’s just lost a willingly paying customer.


Ileana Veliz December 5, 2018 at 11:52 am

I’m a member of Bj’s Club and I had the mistake to order by internet 8 tires for 3 different car in my house on NOV 11/2018 ORDER#82286837, first problem that I found was that tires were not delivered as promised when I put the order on line to the Tire Installation Center in Hialeah, Second the system does not let me make appointments for the three (3) cars, then The installation center received the first 2 tires on Nov 19/2018 and were installed , then 2 days later they received 4 tires and were installed but the ITEM#140269- PIRELLI ZERO ALL SEASON TIRES were never received at the Installation center, I have visited several times the installation center and I have called another SEVERAL time to the Customer Service phone line and It’s obvious the the Customer Care Line is only a name because they don’t take care of the problem , I have talked also to a supervisor that told me she will file a case for the Escalade Tire Dept – CASE#00262719 DD 12/1/2018 AT 1:25 PM , but nobody call me back with the resolution of the case, the guy from the installation center told me that he ordered again the 2 tires but obviously he is also lying because tires in fact don’t appear in any place . If you call by phone you spent more than 20 minutes on line for somebody to answer , last time I was in line 45 minutes which is ridiculous and nobody can answer correctly my concern , nobody know where are the tires and in fact I spent more than $1,500.00 which at this time I consider BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB is trying to steal that money from me. NO MERCHANDISE, NO INSTALLATION, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE , NO ACKNOWLEDGE , it’s unprofessional and It is a nightmare for me. I hope somebody will contact me at the phone in my Membership registration because I will not give my phone number by this via. AND NEXT TIME THE MEMBERSHIP EXPIRE I WILL NOT RENOVATE IT , EXCEPT I RECEIVE A GOOD COMPENSATION FROM B’js for the time and money spent in this order.


Bruce Hittner August 25, 2018 at 4:33 pm

I am appalled at BJS for selling Roundup a product of Montsano . A Caliform\nia man was just awarded 290 million dollars (august 2018 ) for his use of RoundUP which caused his lymphoma.
I myself now am battling cancer (lymphpma) caused by the use of roundup.

Montsano has ling know about the link and was more interested in the money than the people.
What about bjS is the money more important.. TAKE IT OFF YOUR SHELVES

Look at the link below …..don’t take my word for it

Christopher J. Baldwin ……I expect an answer


kevin August 17, 2018 at 6:02 pm

Received a job offer from the riverhead bj’s. Told to come back Friday so the head of the meat department could show me around. Well 30 mintues past the time they alled him twice no response from him. I decided if showing me around was annoying I was not going to work for a company were the meat cutter ran the store instead of the manager.


Kathy Allen July 2, 2018 at 6:31 pm

I’m very upset for paying to shop at BJ’s and the milk isn’t pushed to the front and you have to comb the store for help and it more than once. Also the problem with the cooked chickens this is the second time myself and a friend have gone to pick up cooked chicken for supper before six and there has not been any and the oven have been cleaned and shut down. This is crazy to depend on your supper and get there and there is nothing there, and I don’t want to hear you can call and they will hold them for you because you don’t always know ahead. And also one minute you carry something the next you don’t what are we paying to shop here for if you don’t carry what we want. Thank – You Kathy Allen


Cynthia Ziegler May 31, 2018 at 7:22 pm

Hi … I was a BJ’s member for 3 years and in January my membership lapsed. I had to go abroad and when I came home I received a come back renewal offer for $25 for 12 months. I can not locate the renewal offer. Can you send me another one please as I would like to renew again. Thank you
Cynthia Ziegler


Alberta September 14, 2018 at 11:23 am


I’m sorry, but your name popped up as Ziegler and I’ve been looking for a Carolyn Ziegler and am hoping you are related. I’ve been look now for the past 2 year as she lived in Cinn, Ohio. Can you please email me back and let me know if you are related to her and that she is okay.

Thank you so very much. I’m still trying to hunt her down. We were founds for many of year and now, I can’t seem to find her. Please help me.


Vickie S. May 13, 2018 at 2:13 am

To whom it may concern: I purchase 4 Michellen tires on Nov.24,2017….0n April 20. 2018 brought it back to your 2100 88th St. North Bergen tire …. The front right tire had a deep cut but did not puncture through…. Was told by the mgr . Nellie that this is not covered….it clearly states that on the back of the receipt under road hazard limited warranty what is covered…. The deep cut on the sidewall compromise my safety …. That’s why I had to purchase a brand new tire……To this day I have not heard from anyone at bjs since the other mgr said she could not make a decision at that she was going to pass it to a senior mgr. and they will contact me…..This is just horrible customer service ..


ROBERT WHITE December 11, 2017 at 4:22 pm






CAN YOU FIX THIS ????? please call me at (407) 396-XXXXX ROBERT WHITE


Carla Valela December 7, 2017 at 9:44 am

Order #68562406 on 12/1/17 received Shipment Confirmation on 12/4/17 tracking #1Z0977FE0347862828 with “Expected” Deilvery date: On or around 12/6/17. The tracking has been in stale mode since 12/4/17 stating Order Process Ready. I called BJs Customer Service on 12/6/17 mid-day and spoke with Sam as concerned my order did not have an update on expected delivery for that date 12/6/17 to which my daughter missed a day’s pay sitting home waiting on delivery only to get a “sorry” but we failed to an update on your order. Then Sam assured me that I would get an update tomorrow 12/7/17.

Well of course there is NO update and the UPS tracking is still at a stale stance. I called BJs back and spoke with Alechia and asked for a Supervisor Javier that I spoke with. He offered NO resolution to the problem & simply indidate that there is NO way for me to confirm delivery. I hope you listen to the recorded conversation & see I remain composed although there was no support in anyway provide to me. It was just Oh Well you didni’t get it delivered on time, nor can we give you estimate even though the Expected delivery date has past. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Not only have you FAILED to deliver goods in the advertised timeframe, you have NOT provided your intent to fullfill the items purchased on the order.

I am VERY upset and concerned over this. There is no reason an update cannot be provided to me & it should not be unreasonable for your customer to receive this given the neglect & oversight of my order. This is SHAMFUL! I could have order a similar item from Amazon/Other Retailers for free shipping and recieved it in 2-3 days instead of running in circles begging for an update. You should provide better customer service to your customers. This expirience is making us rethink our membership and a whole new level of disappointment with BJs.

I was asking for an update on my delivery being as it was Past the Expected delivery date provided. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me as a customer. Even chatted online to no avail. This is extremely frustrating and disgusting customer service.

Carla Valela
Coral Springs, FL 33071


Diane Gorash January 29, 2019 at 11:59 am

I purchased bunk beds a few years ago.I didn’t bunk them at the time as my Grandchildren were too young.Now,we need to and the instructions and tool are no where to be found.I called Twice to local store and they were of NO help. I did a lot of research on my own , and always a dead end.Model # isBJWSTOTCH by W.Trends.Can you PLEASE help.I am willing to pay any fee to send items to me.I don’t want any guesswork as the safety of my Grandchildren is involved.Thank you for your time.


Greg Hundley November 6, 2017 at 10:42 am


Just a question Millsboro , Delaware. Why is it that we as BJ customers coming to your store and spending hundreds of dollars to buy your products only to have everything in the baskets to go through check out and have our ticket punched. Why is the gentleman named Bob Finch that stands there such an arrogant obnoxious person when you try to say hi to him thank you please he has no response to you at all he never looks at you he’s disrespectful and this is the end of the line service you get from BJ’s after spending your money in there it’s ridiculous to go in there and spent hundreds every time you go in only to walk out and have somebody so obnoxious that in most cases most men would grab him by his collar and knock the s**t out of him he’s disrespectful to women he’s disrespectful man he has no respect for anyone why do you allow this. I know numerous complaints have been filed against him and yet nothing has been done.


Justin October 25, 2017 at 12:53 pm

To whom it may concern: This complaint goes off to club 201 of pelham manor. First off this store is full of preference over each team member. I have been working for this company for a while, and I have seen some unproffesional actions from our very own managers down to tge specialists. Let me start with the specialists being trained improperly. They constantly mess up schedules, and create rules on the fly. However these past few days, specialists were chosen, but they had chose people to train for the position, before any interviews were even conducted. That is unfair to all the other workers who had put their sweat and time into this company. Specialists were chosen without even the minimum experience on the position. Managers never have an open door policy. They tend to not care about your concerns. It is absolute disgusting. Members co.plain to me all the time about rude managers and yet the great workers do not get tge right recognition. It is unfair to help grow a select few of team members based on favorites. I’ve tried all sorts of approach for this matter, but none seem to have solved this issue. Please address this to the general manager andre of club 201. It isn’t his fault as he is new to this location, but the managers who select these individuals based on preference and not experience. Thank you for your time. I hope to see a change.


Steve H October 20, 2017 at 1:02 pm

This complaint is about the Jensen Beach, Florida location. In the past 6 months various types of beef (usually NY Strip Loins) have been on sale. I travel about 37 miles each way once a month to shop. The last three times I have been at this location they have been “sold out” . Each time I asked why do you advertise it for 5.97 lb. and never have any. The meat cutter (Brian) told me that they place the order, “corporate” decides what there going to send. This is absolutely ridiculous. Management please address this with the buyers or those making decisions as this is costing you business and ultimately customers. I wont even try and explain the attitude I received by store management when I voiced my concern, that’s a whole other story. You lost me to SAMS club which is just across the street, had the same price and in stock… goodbye


Lee October 15, 2017 at 12:23 pm

Keep demand for money from this unscrupulous company.
I don’t owe.. they owe me


Maureen N September 18, 2017 at 11:46 am

To whom it may concern:
I am writing to you due to the unprofessional assistant manager Petro of the Westbury store who would not come to see me due to him being too busy. I had a situation regarding a piece of new merchandise (twin dragon blow up) that was on display Saturday 9/16/17 and not available on the floor. I spoke with Jessica C. at the Westbury store who informed me the computer shows 12 in the store but they don’t know where they are. After waiting and shopping around for an hour and a half Jessica & several employees still were unable to locate the merchandise. Jessica C took our phone number and said she would call when they were located. The next day I went to another BJ’s in Levittown to find it at that store. I purchased it. I went back to the Westbury store to speak with Jessica C who I was informed was not there today. I asked to speak with the manager in which Anthony was not there. I was told that Petro was the assistant manager in which no one in the store knew his last name and your employee Cindy was the only kind & trying to be so helpful called Petro the assistant Mgr for that day 9/17/17 over the in-store phone to explain to him my situation and that how I felt I should receive a discount on the dragons due to them not being able to purchase it on Saturday because no one knew where they were and especially not receiving a simple phone call that they were located and yes they were on all stocked up on Sunday (the next day). When you have an item displayed on the floor (especially new merchandise) you should have it available to sell. What upsets me is the unprofessional way this whole manner was handled by your so-called assistant mgrs. Jessica for not calling me back and Petro not making himself available to see me but to tell me he was too busy. The one who should be the assistant manager is Cindy who conducted herself in a professional manner and tried to do everything in her way to satisfy me. These two assistant managers need to take management skills course and put them on the floor and Cindy an assistant manager. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this situation. The one star is only for Cindy. The others no stars.


Tracey September 10, 2017 at 7:16 pm

My complaint concerns store #320 (West Lebanon, NH). Get it together at that location, guys. For half of this year, the location has “conveniently” run out of advertised discounted products from your booklet, only to “magically” stock shelves with those products immediately on the coupons’ expiration dates. The latest blow has been the large bag of Nestle Toll House Morsels (72 oz.). Last month, it was sheet protectors and pasta sauce. Need I go on? To not restock items in the course of a sale month, when these items are in normal rotation year-round, is inexcusable. Hubby and I are sick of not being able to use the coupons we’re sent and, unfortunately, this is the only location convenient to where we live. The hassle, combined with an understaffed store, and a percentage of apathetic personnel, have us seriously reconsidering renewing our membership for a sixth year.

We recently had the privilege of visiting another BJs about three hours away while staying overnight. That store was better stocked, better organized, and could very well meet the coupons supplied in the monthly booklet. Overall, a much tighter ship. West Lebanon could very well take a cue from Portsmouth, NH. This store needs to shape up or more disgruntled shoppers will take their business elsewhere.


Benjamin Chi August 12, 2017 at 1:11 pm

I had all of the tires of two cars replaced on 8/23/2016. All 8 wheels were damaged, there were circular scratch around the 4 wheels for the Equinox 2011 vehicle. The 4 other wheels for BMW 128i were on the edge of the rim – when they put a bar to mount/dismount the wheel. The tire manager admit it was their fault, and got all of the wheels repaired close to end of the year.

In 6/9/2017, I brought in the car to repair a slow leak on the rear right tire, the wheel/rim were in new condition, not a single scratch since the repair in late 2016. I took it in the same BJs Tire location in Concord, NC, they said they fixed the problem. But when I got it back, the wheel of that tire was scratched in circular fashion, just like before. The receipt had all the wrong information entered – they mark the left wheel was fixed instead of the right wheel, and they indicated scratch occurred when it didn’t. Now BJs used an outside company to resolve this matter, and said it’s not BJs fault.

I called BJs GM/SMGRs today 8/12/2017, they said it’s not their problem, deal with the 3rd party company that is in favor of BJs. The 3rd party company hasn’t respond for over 2 weeks after I responded to their declined letter saying it’s not their fault. I told BJs manager about the tire problem history, they said nobody else had these wheel issue except me, so they assume it’s my fault, I’m the problematic customer, they don’t want to service my tire to see the proof – until the GM returns from her vacation in a week.

The prior manager that admitted that it was their fault in the first incidence was no longer with the company after I emailed them asking why they didn’t improve the process/quality. The issue happened again. Unfortunately, either he is hiding in the background, or is fired or left the company.

I’m very disappointed in BJ’s Tire Department here in Concord, NC. Lying to the customer is not a good business practice.


Theresa Howard July 3, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Someone used my information and got a Bj card without identification and charge it to my bank account. I called Bjs and spoke to 2 people one was a supervisor and I was told they couldn’t help me. I ask for a I’d number or a badge number or a extension they said they had none. So I called the corporal office 4 times and can’t get through. I never had a Bj card or account and now I don’t want one. I’ll let my Bank handle it and I’ll never deal with Bjs VERY DISAPPOINTED.


Sue caranante June 23, 2017 at 1:18 pm

I ordered a 9 piece patio set online & paid $300 for delivery. I didn’t have a choice cause the set was very heavy & large couldn’t fit in car. Set was delivered on May 20. Asked drivers to bring to yard & was told it was basic delivery & they left it in driveway….whatever.
Brought the very heavy table to the yard & assembled it to find 3 tiles cracked. Called BJS to ask to have the table replaced & if I should put chairs together. Was told yes to out chairs together. They said they’d get back to me after speaking with supervisor. The emailed me a day later &’offered a $100 discount…….for 3 broken tiles…..i I said no thanks I would like a new table. They gave me the phone number& email to Sunjoy, the manufacturer to call to have table replaced…..not sure why I had to call.
So….I tried a few times calling Sunjoy & was on hold forever so I emailed. It took them 4 days to get back to me & it was almost like they didn’t read the email that explains the 3 broken tiles & a request for a new table. They asked for receipt & pictures and all the other info I already gave them. Fine…..I send receipt & pictures of all cracked tiles…..never heard a word back!!!!
Now…..back to BJS….I can’t tell you the all emails & phone calls(which always were a minimum of 30 mins. even though I got through immediately. By this time I said I was returning the whole set cause I’m unhappy with the manufacturer. I spoke with regular agents & with multiple supervisors & seems all I keep getting is “I understand your frustration &’I don’t blame you”. While they try to reach out to the delivery company to pick up the set, they can’t get through to them. Two different times I got emails saying the set would be picked up the next business day & nothing!!!! When I call they say an appointment has to be made & I shouldn’t have received those emails.
It’s over a month later & the set is still sitting under a tarp on my driveway. We had to unassemble the whole set in order for it to be returned…..never heard of that but again….whatever we did it!
Now I’m trying to call Corporate headquarters and all I get is a busy signal. I will NEVER again buy anything big from BJs!!!! When I order online from Costco, even big times…..shipping is included. If I were able to return the set to the store… would have been done 5 weeks ago but since it was too big to pick up…’s too big to return. I’m paying interest on my credit card to something that should have been returned 5 wks ago.
I’m not a screamer…..I was very pleasant on the phone each time but my patience has been over for a while!!!
Can someone please help me?????? I will never recommend anyone buying anything online that you can’t bring back to the store yourself!!!!!! I’m ready to hire someone to return it & charge BJs for it along with all the interest charged on my card.


Greg brinkmeyer June 17, 2017 at 9:04 pm

My son passed away this week and we had a surprise birthday party planned for our twin sisters bjs was making the cake for us. When picking it up we also purchased two gift cards. In all the confusion trying to pull everything together the cards got lost. We tried to cancel the purchase thru bjs but they say it has to go through the cards and the cards say it has to go through bjs. So thanks for making a difficult time more difficult


Cyndi Elser June 13, 2017 at 10:33 am

Wow I am amazed at Reading all 37 complaints here. I have not even emailed the Corperate office yet on my complaint. I live in Cape Coral Florida and always go to Bj’s. I first will bring up the April incident. It was the sale with Steak and Seafood. As i had family down here visiting i wanted them to try the stone crab. A customer came up to the counter where they had the seafood set up and told us and the employee that there sign is false advertising that they are not fresh florida stone crab they are processed stone crab called Jonah. Jonah stone crab is much different than Florida stone crab.showed us the difference in the claws. Now i wanna talk about my incident yesterday. and the Very Rude employee as she walked away and said she pissed me off i got to leave a min and let another employee handle it. On June12,2017 approx 1:15 i was cashing out. i always walk in to see if theres anything that catches my eye i want or need. Well I happen to see a display rack that had swim suits on them one side was 2 pieces on the top and the other top had swimsuit dresses. The bottome rack was the same. Okay the sign reads 19.99 where the 2-piece swim suits and the other side 29.99 Well my swimsuit 2 piece rang up at 29.99 I said no look from here you sure can see its 19.99 the woman employee walked over to me and clearly stated that is 29.99 customers switch these all around. First of all i know customers do switch things around. but i stated unless you have a OCD customer to put all the same suits in order under the 19.99 side which i hardley not. I said the employee who put this display up put the signs in the wrong spot.She called the Manager he was on a Lift machine and just said give it. and she became more angry and left and told her coworker she pissed me off can u finish this. Okay Bj’s Whats going on with you guys. I am a faithful shopper and i will show by my bj’s card when i write to Corperate i dont just spend 19.99 my bill is in hundreds in April was 600.00 alone my yearly savings so far and its only May is 1,054.60 I have Sams Club Closer and a Coscos here. i am willing to give chances to businesses but i am considering to moving. my business elsewhere I will be Honest i really have a problem with shopping at Walmarts which me Sams also. I am today going to go to Cosco to check out there store in which i have never been in. Please Consider all these complaints as well and i think and feel you should follow up with people. this Bj’s Store is located in Cape Coral club trans action number is 1939. Now i will email Corperate.Thank You Cyndi Elser.


Patricia A LeRoy June 12, 2017 at 7:05 pm

I had an issue today at a BJ’s in Mooresville, NC..The Manager Mark was not helpful and his worker named Kaitlyn was as awful as the last time I was there…Didn’t have product and told me they had a product and made me go look for it…CRAZY…Going to go to Costco now!!!!! Bye BJ’s


Fed UP June 5, 2017 at 6:36 pm

Got a question for Bj’s employee Mike Guigvo, on May 30, 2017 when you signed for my certified letter of complaint addressed to your Complaints manager, what did you do with that letter?
It was never addressed, I never received a call? Did you just forward it back to the store that I’m complaining about?? Because Obviously if I’m having an issue with that store it’s not going to do me any good sending a letter I took time to send to your Corporate office.
Here’s a train of thought, after reading the amount of complaints you have here…how do you guys respond to any of it? Why do you treat club members like crap?


Fed UP June 5, 2017 at 1:50 pm

I have been a member for over 15 years, Now totally fed up will be giving COSTCO all of my business. I have also been a member of COSTCO for about the same time. The biggest difference is the quality of the Managers, Bj’s hire the most inadequate managers who are poor leaders, and don’t really give a damn about customer service and respect. I live in Orlando Florida and store#154 on Osceola Pkwy is dedicated to serving only Hispanics, you have to be able to speak Spanish to get served with any respect there. All the managers are all hispanic as well. I have never seen a tire department with Only 1 employee, poorly trained and don’t have any questions to my questions. On my last visit the tire guy could not fix my flat because he was not trained to do it???He was only working there 2 days and he was left to run the tire department with no manager. I wrote a letter to Bj’s Corporate mailed it on 5/27/2017 certified. They received it but NO ONE EVEN BOTHERED TO TAKE THE TIME TO REPLY, NO CALL BACK, NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER! Obviously they don’t give a crap. I ordered a tire since 5/16/2017 and they can’t locate my tire as yet, the fool working in the tire department Lou has no common sense, can’t track the tire, cant answer any questions, then said he has to reorder the tire which takes another 5 days, making me drive on my spare for almost 3 weeks now! I just got fed up and am heading to COSTCO to buy the tire. GO TO HELL BJ”S!!!!!!!!!


gerry May 21, 2017 at 7:55 pm

I went to purchase a sale item at BJ’s in Hollywood Fl. I received a mailing that stated Black & Decker Trimmer & Sweeper on sale for $99. Went to registrar with other items and was being charged $119. (each) Explained that mailing stated $99. and that is the only reason I stopped in. Manager was rude and said no way. I walked out leaving the other items behind. (about an additional $300 in sales that you missed. I went to Home Depot purchased a trimmer and sweeper for $30 less.($69) Also went to BransMart in Sunrise Fl. repurchased Copper set of pots and pans. On sale that was $35 cheaper for the exact same set that I was buying at BJs. Plus other items that I was willing able and ready to purchase at your store. Thank the manager for being rude and sending me away. I saved $65 for his arrogance. I see not that BJ’s is the store of last resort. Keep up the good work. Many empty closed down stores in your future with this customer service. Why bother mailing me your little book of big savings if you are not going to honer them. For the sake of $20 the manager let $500 walk out the door. Smart ps manager wanted to sell me the Black & Decker Trimmer for $119 and the Blower for another $119 for a total of $238 when the entire sale price is $99.


Teresa May 19, 2017 at 7:49 am

Club #21 in Allentown is ridiculous. People fired for no reason? You bet! One was fired for exercising her first amendment right. The other two for writing the word OK on an inventory sheet. Coinsidence that all 3 people are non-white? Coinsidence that two of them were going out on medical this year for different reasons? The other was just rehired! This is how they choose to save payroll? The GM is stoic, unfriendly, unapproachable, and has no personality. At least the GM before her smiled. The Ops manager has no personality, doesn’t know how to speak to employees and has no idea how to manage. He was never around when you needed him. His answer to a problem with a customer was always, “just give it to them”. He also never seems to remember important details when a situation arose. There’s SO much more but not enough time. They just don’t care about people, only their bottom line.


Gio Delapaz May 15, 2017 at 11:50 am

I have been a member since I’ve lived in NYC(Queens) Now I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida which is considered the Tampa Bay Area. I live almost 1.5 hours to the BJ’s in Tampa.That is crossing a major causeway and passing through a Tampa International Airport ,which now takes me about 2.5 Hours. Need a BJ’s in the Saint Petersburg side. You put a beautiful BJ’s in Braedan/Sarasota area which will take me 2 Hour with out traffic to get there. Please put one in Saint Petersburg area or in Pinellas County. There are people from the North East living in this County.


What have you done to my store 😪 May 11, 2017 at 7:48 am

What have you done to the Downingtown/Exton BJ’s! This has always been my favorite store, your employees are always so kind and gracious and I absolutely enjoyed visiting each week. Every one of your employees has always been so accommodating and goes out of their way to help me each and every time I visit. Your store manager and the management team was so nice and courteous. I notice you now have a new store manager and who is constantly running back-and-forth and barking orders at the employees – she is in no way concerned with customer service or the employees. Seems to me all she cares about is herself. I spoke with some of your employees who said she came in the door and changed up everything including everyone’s schedules where they no longer have any quality of life. She had everyone scrambling to try to adjust their personal lives to the sudden schedule changes. She did not care about single mothers who have set childcare schedules, or others who were taking care of sick family members or taking public transportation into work. Where is your nice meat manager who greeted me every morning during my weekly shopping trip and went out of his way to take care of my meat order – The woman at the deli counter told me that the store manager has switched him to night coverage. The success of your store has always been your employees and the great service they provide to the customers. That is why people choose to come to BJ’s instead of Wegmans next-door. What about your customers – if your employees are not happy how can they continue to provide a great customer experience. I understand the business needs but what about the retention of the employees and your customers who actually are the success of your store. Why would you hire a manager who does not manage effectively. What have you done to my BJs !!


Camelia April 11, 2017 at 4:44 pm

I used to work at The BJs out in Springfield PA good worker never called out always one time and picked up a couple hours if someone called out now this is my thing A co-worker of mines was pregnant she lost the baby then she had to been like 2 weeks they said I should have been there for her that is what they fire me for have y’all ever heard anything like that they put me on suspension for a week and a half before they called me to tell me that I was fired I need someone to talk to I was a good worker I first started in the bakery and then they move me to the deli when two of my co-workers went up to the manager and told them a bunch of Lies only got written up 2 times wish my coworker was working with me she never got written up and me and her was the only one back there so you’re telling me who was wrong and he was right


Sharon April 11, 2017 at 8:41 am

l have about a million complaints, I think in particular the conshohocken store totally sucks, if you want or care to know why call me at 610-551-XXXXX, but I’m sure you won’t. Guess it’s time to give Costco a chance.


JoCarole Carpenter April 10, 2017 at 6:13 pm

BJs CS used to be pretty good but it seems that has changed. The latest problem: their 12 Volt batteries that have a 10 year warranty on them actually expires in 3 years! They are the same batteries that have been on their shelves for the last 3 times I was there in their Toms River NJ store. I contacted CS in Mass and was told that Duracell is not their brand so I should call Duracell up myself and ask them?? What?? My reply was: you are selling them, they’re in your store and I have to call?? Maybe it’s time to switch to Costco. BJ’s is closer to my house and that is the #1 reason I go there. Seems to be an awful lot of complaints about them online. No company is too big to fail esp in these days. A lot of retailers are closing up their stores to cut cost in my state. Take heed BJs, you might be next in line for some of these closures.


Anon March 14, 2017 at 1:55 pm

You need to reevaluate management at auburn Maine club. Gm and other management were running their mouths about employees leaving early in snow storms and calling out sick or weather related. HR is not reliable because she goes to other employees complaining. It is inappropriate and unprofessional. 50 year olds and older should not be complaining unprofessionally over the walkie talkies. It’s the almost 10th time I’ve heard it while I was here. They do the same thing with deaths and other reasonable reasons to call out of work. They are understaffed because no one wants to deal with the management it has been a problem since the store opened and it should get fixed soon. I don’t know if I will ever shop here again and I will tell others not to as well.


Alex March 4, 2017 at 6:58 pm

03/04/17. To the miserable, racist, short and fat woman with gray hair behind the counter at the cafeteria.

You need to have some manners. When you deal with non americans members. Stop showing your hatred by been rude to us and nice to others. Next time. I will file a complaint with the the proper authorities if this doesnt improve.


Julie Dambrosio March 3, 2017 at 9:44 am

I regularly visit 3 of your stores in Northern Virginia but I have to say the staff and management at your Alexandria store on S Van Dorn St are by far the most helpful and friendliest. Please please PLEASE put a gas station at that location. you have the room in your parking lot. Costco nearby doesn’t have one and I’ll bet if you did you could poach some of their customers.


alex colon February 21, 2017 at 10:10 am


This email was sent to Jay Carson in your credit department.

Charging me a late fee in the past because I missed the due date is very different than being charged a late fee for not paying by 8:00 pm on the due date.  The day ends at midnight, you even agreed during our phone discussion.

This $27.00 fee should have never been added to my account due to the fact that the due date had not ended!  This is an unacceptable outcome for a matter that could have been handled so easily.

Also, the fact that you being in the credit department and bjs as a company was not able to remedy this matter for a customer that has been loyal to bjs for many years, is disappointing to say the least.  I am sure that to make good, you could have simply issued me a store credit and that would have been acceptable to me for the frustration and aggravation I experienced with Comenity and now bjs. 

Please know that because bjs allows the fraud like policies of the comenity credit company to stay in place, I will be canceling my credit card account.  In addition, because you and bjs were not able or willing to handle this very simple matter for a very loyal customer, I will also be canceling my bjs membership.  

As I previously mentioned to you by phone and email, the problem was not the 27.00 fee, my problem was the payment cut off time.  
I understand that I am only 1 member of the many thousands bjs has and I feel that my issue and disappointment has fallen on deaf ears and this is likely the reason why bjs has not remedied the situation.  

I’ll take the $27.00 loss now but the true loss is on bjs, as they loss much more than $27.00, they will los-e this customer.

Alex Colon


XXXXXXXXXXXXxx February 6, 2017 at 10:38 am

u had a robbery at your w.p. b. store in fl , and the police were not called person said , and then a 2nd person said they had one a week prior and no police again are we safe shopping in your store,?


Corey Thompson January 31, 2017 at 5:31 pm

I purchased 5 cases of Wellsley farms organic honeycrisp apply juice. When opening one case which we have already drank from, we found that one of the juices has something floating in it that looks like a giant piece of mold. I have pictures and my receipt of purchase and I want this addressed immediately as my family and I have consumed a lot of this juice and want to know what we have been drinking.


john December 21, 2016 at 9:07 pm

visited store#181 on 12/20/2016 had 5 items in the shopping cart to check out at reg.3 as usual I left them in the cart to be checked she refused I had never had to take this amount out of the cart before so I asked why she called a manager only to get a silly explanation that they are missing items if I had a business and a cashier that can’t count 5 items she could not work for me I believe those missing items are deliberately done with their co-harts who know when they are working the cashier #323754


LISA WIDICAN November 3, 2016 at 6:15 am

We purchase a 70 inch TV at Bj Dec 2014 along with the two year warranty. My TV started having major problems, so I called the warranty (ASURIAN) , My first phone call was in August. I have had ONE person come to my house, this was of course after they wanted me to send them a picture of what my tv was doing, so they could order a part based on what they see , and after two appointments they made that they never showed up (this was the first TV company contracted to handle my case) , they lied to the insurance company telling them I was a NO show, which was a lie, because they were a long ways away from me apparently, and didn’t want to come here. Finally when they guy did show up, the part he ordered was wrong (go figure) how can you diagnose a tv without actually seeing what is wrong with it!!! Then they tell me they have to take it back to the shop for 7-10 days (panel box broken). I then vent to the TV guy on the phone who tells me to take it up with Customer service at Asurion, When I do of course they have closed my ticket, saying I was a NO show on appts!!! So after discussing with Asurion again, they apologize prophetically, and assign me yet another TV company, who does the SAME thing, they want a video of the TV problem, so they can order a part, after I just told them the last TV guy said it was the panel box!!! I have yet to see their TV guy at my house.
This started in August and it is now Nov 3, 2016. I WANT A NEW TV!!!!!, tHIS INSURANCE IS A SCAM.


Terri Loria November 2, 2016 at 8:56 am

I went online to look for a corporate address so I could lodge a complaint about the lack of responsive service from BJs but I see from all the comments that it is likely to be a waste of my time (even more than I’ve wasted on BJs so far). It’s not surprising all these people have negative comments because BJs is poorly run and a severe lack of customer service. I’ve spent the last 7 months and countless hours on the phone trying to get my account straightened out after my member number changed earlier this year. I was earning rewards but unable to use them because of the number not being linked to my credit card and, for whatever reason, nobody knew how to take care of it. I was told to go into the store, the store said to call BJs customer care, customer care said I had to call the credit card issuer. Each time, someone referred me to someone else and nobody wanted to take ownership to get the problem fixed. In the meantime, $60 of rewards have expired, and I’m about to lose another $20. I still have $60 out there but as long as it takes to get someone to take the corrective action, I’m sure those will be gone, too.
No more! I’m not spending another dime at BJs with this kind of service. In about 10 mins I will be calling customer service and if I don’t get the resolution I want and get it immediately, I will be cancelling my BJs membership and the associated credit card and telling everyone I know on Facebook, Instagram, at my work, and with the various organizations where I volunteer to steer clear. This type of service is how businesses slowly go bankrupt. There are far too many options out there and frankly BJs doesn’t offer anything so grand that I can’t find at the same value elsewhere.
Last year during the holidays, I wanted to take advantage of a special promotion and their ordering system was down. By the time it got back up, the quantities were gone, and that’s assuming they had a decent quantity to start off. That was frustrating and my first experience at being annoyed with this company. My experiences have acXXXXulated quickly since then.
When I was finally told after about 4 mos that my credit card and member number were now matched (they weren’t), I asked if I needed a new card with the right number and was told no, the link was there. Well, it wasn’t. When, 3 mos later, I finally was told I actually did need a new card for the rewards to show up at the register (hmm, go figure!), they sent me the same card back out! And I had to call twice to find out where it was! I’ve come to the conclusion that to work for BJs, you have to fail any intelligence test and be clueless as to what customer service is – and, by the way, they aren’t going to teach you!


Isabel Fernandes December 15, 2016 at 10:55 am

Terri Loria you have described my dilemma with this company to perfection. I am so disappointed I have been a member since 1990 and this company has gone down the drain. I have never been so poorly treated and the customer service is absolutely disgraceful. I have been dealing with the same issue since before 8/22/2016 when I began emailing the company and have records to resolve the exact issue you describe in the meantime I have lost $120.00 in rewards that expired do to their incompetency. I called several times on the issue and was informed they would be reissued because it was not my fault. However, they are claiming its rectified and I am still being inconvenienced I have to go to the store and get a new card for my mom whom has been on my account since 1990. I as well will be fighting for my rewards and come July when my membership expires I will not renew nor will I promote BJ’s any longer. I will try Coscto since many friends and family members have been encouraging me to switch. I was hesitant because I have been with BJs for so long and a loyal member but after this I am completely disgusted. I am also putting it on Social media nad compiling all of my information and contacting the BBB to see if they can help to rectify this. Shameful I have earned my rewards they were not provided because their company is incompitent I want my rewards.


Denise Duhart October 1, 2016 at 10:17 pm

BJ’s Member number0934395-4603
Club Number 93
Reg 5 Trans action :5444
Cashier # 344446
Date 10/01/16
Gen. Mgr. Joseph D’Agostino

RE: Item 2413120902 Tenderizer $12.99 purchased but not put in Carriage
Dear Customer Care,
I complete my transaction today at your store at 11:17am.
I put grocery cart full of items in my car and left the store.
I did not realize that the item was not in the cart until I got home and I called the store later that evening!
I spoke to customer care associate Samaris and she took all the information and said she would check and call me back. She called back and left a message saying they did not see anything mean time the cashier #344446 had left for the evening. Now there was a woman cashier on Reg. #5. They more than likely put the item back on the shelf or Samaris really did not check to see if it was in the returns.
She told me the manager said there was nothing they could do.
I have been a customer for over 15 years and have spent thousands of dollars at your stores and I could not believe how I was treated. I am giving your company the chance to make me whole before I take this to the next level.

Minister Denise Duhart


Ravi September 2, 2016 at 11:59 am

Hi, I purchased a TV from BJs and wanted to return within a month of purchase but Bjs customer service representative suggested not to return and call Samsung for a warranty claim as this seems to be a very minor issue, I trusted her and ever since neither Bjs nor Samsung willing to help me, Samsung tech came to my home just to further broke the TV, I paid 550$ just for a malfunctioning TV, I complained to BJs and Samsung several times, but no help offered, trying to call Bjs corporate office but no response.

Any suggestions what to do?


MIchele Wojciechowski June 19, 2016 at 12:05 pm

I have an ongoing issue since August 2015. Every since BJ’s changed banks to Commenity I have been having issues getting my rewards points applied at the point of check out. Apparently they are being credited to a very old Membership number. This was supposed to have been resolved last year, it took 4 months plus to get resolved. Everything was fine until March 2016 and it started again. I have sent countless emails, make countless phone calls, and I just keep being told it is being escalated. No one ever returns a phone call. May 23rd a very astute Manager determined that again, my rewards were again being credited to a old closed account. He gave me a gift card to what was owed. I contacted BJ’s the next day, and was told that a new credit card would be sent out again, and that should resolve the problem.( And yes, the correct membership number has been on the back of my credit card). I received the new credit care, and of course this has not resolved the issue. I am in email hell from Shantol, who just keeps telling me they are working on it and someone will get back to me within 3-5 business days. Well we are 3 months in now and it has not been resolved. This seems like a simple problem, but apparently no one can figure out how to resolve it. As of Thursday,, according to Commenity I have another $40 in rewards, that BJ’s has no record of. I spoke to Marcia who told me she would check into it and get back to me. Guess what, she never called me back, no has it been resolved. I am at the end of my rope, if BJ’s did not accept coupons, I would take my business elsewhere. But all the time I have spent on this, if not resolve soon, I will cancel my credit card and membership as this is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. I am hoping by posting this on this complaint board it will get resolved. .


MIchele Wojciechowski June 24, 2016 at 4:33 pm

So now it is June 24th, no one has responded to me. BJ’ is now not responding to my emails for a status. And now one at corporate has called or emailed me either.


J. Padgett June 10, 2016 at 1:11 pm

I had 4 new tires mounted on my car 9/11/2015 at bj’s deer park tire service. On 6/10/2016 I returned to due to a leak in one tire and was told the tire must be replaced do to road damage. Since it was within 9 months the mechanic stated it should be replaced at no charge under the road hazard warranty. When he contacted the warranty office he was told that the installation on 9/11/2015 to the need for replacement on 6/10/2016 would not be fully covered as this does not constitute within 9 months. I was required to pay a fee of $48, they would only cover $75 of the total bill. To me this is within 9 months and the warranty clearly states “will be replaced at no-charge to the member. 9/11/2015 invoice #5069396.
6/10/2015 Invoice # 0081982


Jeanette perkins May 29, 2016 at 8:37 am

Went to bj store in Voorhees new jersey they had one person slicing lunch meat the person was intentionally going as slow as he could he waited on One customer approximately 50 minutes we waited over an hour to get lunch meat this is ridiculous I complain to supervisor she said the other person had quit this was on 5/28/2016


Christine Marchena April 1, 2016 at 10:58 pm

I recently went to BJ’S in Levittown; New York for prescription eyeglasses and have received very poor customer service. It has been 7 weeks and tons of excuses. Phone calls. With no glasses-as of today Maria at optical dept assures me it will be one more week. I have been a loyal shopper for over 5 years but will not renew or shop again. I will gladly pay more at their competitors. I am hoping to hear from someone in corporate as lower level management has done a poor job satisfying a customer. Chris


Joseph E Rivett March 21, 2016 at 7:06 pm

I’ve been getting my summer and winter tires changed at BJ’s in Utica, NY for 4 years. Today I was denied service at the tire shop because tires weren’t purchased at BJ’s. The tires are on rims and BJ’s has been changing them for 4 years. With my tires in my vehicle, they wouldn’t make an exception. I spoke with person at tire shop and assistant manager in store. I showed proof that BJ’s has been changing them for years but customer service was obviously not that important to them We have been shopping at BJ’s for years and spend a few thousand a year. I will not be shopping there any longer because of the treatment that I received today.

A former customer……….


Liza March 4, 2016 at 3:09 am

I have a sugestion. Nowadays identity theft is very often I do not like the fact all your marketing stuff is all around everywhere with all the full names that you got from our official ID’s to register us at the front desk in your club membership.
Banks have a lot of discretion when sending me sensitive information electronically and on the mail.
I pay everything online and I am registered online for every account that I have and noone has never ever written my full real name in their marketing materials or electronic correspondence.
I do not like this practice.


cordell Boone February 3, 2016 at 2:46 pm

Mr. Cornel Catuna
Executive VIce President-Club Operations
BJ’s Wholesale Club
25 Research Drive
Westborough, MA 01581

Dear Mr. Catuna:

I am wrting in hopes that you or a member of your staff receive this email and respond to it expeditiously. I have had no luck with your Membership Customer care at all about my situation.
Let me begin by sharing with you that I have a been a member of your Albany, New York location since 2003. And right now, I have become a victim of IDENTITY THEFT AND FRAUD! I purchased a regular membership through my job’s membership benefits program and then whie at the store, was encouraged to upgrade it to an inner circle member; which my mom did. My mother and I are the the only authroized users of my card. My mom went into the store in Albany, NY a couple of days before Thanksgiving of 2015 and when she went to check out was told that our card was cancelled! I had not caancelled it and thought that i was the only person who had the authority as the pruchasing member to make any changes to my card. I was told that the card was cancelled the week before in NORTH CAROLINA at your membership Club in Charlotte, North Carolina! I reside and have for the past 22 years in Albany, New York! I work and have a home here> I ahve never been a member of this store. The Service Membership Manager in the Albany location contacted membership sserveices, who in turn kept insisting that I lived in North Carolina, Cancelled my Inner Cirlcle membership, downgraded to a regular $50.00 membership and a refund was issued to me. I was never a participant in this fiasco! Amy P., the Service Membership Manager here in Albany found out what store the membership was in and contacted the store in North Carolina, while I was standing there to explain that I was standing in the store in Albany as I explained to them that I had not cancelled my card, nor did they have any information that I cancelled the card to move to North Carolina. A new card was issued to whomever in North Carolina had cancelled my card. The manager said that she would cancel that card and send me a $50.00 perks refund for the problem. Amy gave me a new card. I never received the perks card; but was happy that that situation was over. We go shopping again at BJs and I am told that the card my card is not valid and that I have two cards in my name. I explained to Customer Membership that it is impossible for me to have two seperate cards. They told me that I had two $50.00 cards and not the Inner Circle Perks card that was reinstated to me, which was given an expiration date of 12/17. I told them about the previous issue and they cancelled the other card and told me use the one that I was able to give my address and telephone number for (the other card had an address attached to it. On 2/1/16, I went into the store to see if I had any reward member points or at the the $50.00 card and was told that not only did I not , but that the card that I have is a regular card and that I have two cards (one in North Carolina and the other in Albany). Amy P. the Member Services Manager, remembered me and got on the phone again and tried to wexplain the situation. A Customer Care Rep named Brandon said that he would cancel one card and to use another. He gave Amy P a ticket number about the conversation and the issuance of $196.00 of perks credit to be issued on 2/2/16.. Amy P. issued us another card; beginning with 007 with it stating that it was an Inner Cicle Card.
When I went into the store yesterday, and was told that there was no $196.00 on my account or a gift card. Amy P. was gone for the day and I was told by a supervisor behind the membership desk that she could not help me, and that I had to call Customer Care Membership myself. I asked if she would dlal whatever the number was and let me speak with them. I stood in the store wait at the counter for 35 minutes before a Customer Care Representative answered. I gave him the ticket reference number (that Amy asked Brandon for) and he told me that the onlty thing that Brandon wrote was a change of address on the ticket. I told them that I NEVER asked for a change of adddress because I never moved from anywhere. I then asked to speak with a customer service supervisor. Supervisor Ray R. spoke with me and said that Brandon got things mixed up and what he meant to say was that I would be eligible for $196.00 in perks with my inner circle car with 5% of purchases. He then tell me that I have TWO CARDS, one in North Carolina and one in Albany! I was furious. I told him that it was fraud and who was it that was able to do this. He said that maybe there are two Cordell Boone’s. I told him that my name is Cordell A. Boone and that I doubt if there were any other Cordell with the exact same name. Amy just issued me and my mom a new card yesterday with the 007 number and that I did not have a card in North Carolina.I asked him if there was a FRAUD’s Department associated with BJ’s to look into this. He told me that that was his job and that they did not have a frauds department and that he would calll me back in two days. That wasnt good enough! I was on the phone for another 25 minutes trying to explain my plea and was told that they could CANCEL the card that I was just given and give me a $50.00 refund and $50.00 gift card. I told him that my card was listed as renewed 12/17 by the North Carolina Store Manger and that I was not cancelling the 007 card because I orginally paid $100.00 not $50 for it. He went on to tell me that I did not have a $100.00 card but two $50.00 cards. I aslked him not to cancel the 007 card because I just got it yesterday (and felt that there would be no doXXXXentation behind this card). I then asked him to speak to someone in Corporate Office and he gave me the (774) 512-7400 number. That number is pretty much a recorded reel to reel message system. If you didnt have an extension to call, then it just kept saying that an operator would answer (one never did). I Googled Bj;s Whole sale club and found your name and the name of the new CEO James Baldwin. I need help in resolving this issue. P,ease help me. Amy P. from the Albany, NY store did an excellent job in trying to help me; but she is limited in what she can do. If there is a fraud’s office, I want an investigation done on how someone can imitate me in order to get a card. Dont they send pictures to comepare who is who? This should not be unresolved from november. Any help that you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.


Eric January 23, 2016 at 4:52 am

Where’s the discounts! I find prices to be more expensive as a member of BJ, than buying locally at Publix, Fresh Market, and other locations. Someone needs to seriously examine your pricing strategy. Take milk for example: 1 gallon of organic milk is $1 more at BJ than any place in a 50 mile radius.


IRA January 19, 2016 at 5:34 pm

I’m another dissatisfied B.J”s customer of over 10 years. I was very exited when BJ’s offered the awards program only to find out this month that I had lost $100 dollars in perks because BJ’s had changed the rules and taken back the money in my account claiming that it had expired. When I questioned a store employee I was told that the rules had changed even though I never got any notification from them. I guess my only recourse is to complain to the Consumer Protection Agency or see if a class action suit is in the works. I’m pretty sure when this is all over that BJ’s will wish they weren’t so cheap !!!


Unhappy long-term BJ's customer December 31, 2015 at 11:22 am

Dear Comenity Bank and BJs Corporation and BJ’s Perk program,
This is to inform you I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau .Comenity Capital Bank and BJ’s Perks™ Program is provided by BJ’s Wholesale Club have been unable to resolve an ongoing issue for our dispute over our BJ’s perk’s reward for account linked to BJ’s master card..
As you are aware wards are issued in $20 increments, are used in-Club and expire 6 months from the date issued. Our rewards started to expire on 12/31/2015 without resolution of our inability to use these rewards on our account.
Please note what was described to the CFPB:
We currently have a Mastercard account with Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 183003Columbus, OH 43218-3003 and are enrolled in theirBJ’s Perks™ Program is provided by BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. Awards are issued in $20 increments, are used in-Club and expire 6 months from the date issued. Activation bonus earnings will be added to your award balance after your first non-BJ’s purchase is made. The terms of the card changed in 2015 and we were not notified. In the past we regularly received check statements with points in dollar amounts for use at local BJ’s. When the change was made these check statements no longer where mailed to our home. We called the credit card company and they said we accrued the points and these points would show up at our point of purchase. We were told in December of 2015 we had accrued over 180 dollars in points. We followed the point’s programs directions and at point of purchase our points did not appear on our account. We called the company several times and finally after our 8th call they said the problem was our credit card did not list our BJ’s perks account number. We were told that once we received the new card with our perks number our points would be listed and usable at the point of purchase. We received the updated card and at point of purchase we were told we had no points available. We called back the BJ’s points company and credit card company speaking to several people and received several different responses. We were told because our BJ’s membership was through my employer that my employer was entitled to my points not me the credit card owner, we were told that terms had changed and we should not be having this problem we were entitled to our points and BJs points team would look into this matter further. We have spent countless hours on the phone. We have had the same credit card number and same points reward number for several years now. This problem occurred when the credit card company and the BJs point rewards company changed their system and terms of credit card without notification of customers. This feels fraudulent to me. It seems that it is in the best interest for BJs not to allow us to use our points and the credit card is using the points as a scam and the perks reward team and credit company keep blowing this issue off. In the meantime our points expire and we are losing money.
Consent to publish the description of what happened given: Consent provided
Resolution expected: Re-issue Rewards
If you lost money, how much money did you lose? $ 180.00
Have you done anything to try to resolve this issue? Contacted the company directly several times.
Desired resolution: What do you think would be a fair resolution to your issue?
I think BJs points team should issue our rewards points and the credit company should list on their web site how to resolve these issues in the future.
I plan to file a complaint with the better business bureau and with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. We are disappointed that you have been unable to resolve this situation.


ken solkowitz December 3, 2015 at 2:50 pm

On 12/3/2015 I called the Capital Blvd in Raleigh Store at 11:42am. I asked for the tire department. It rang and rang and rang and after 8 minutes I hung up. I called back at 1:30pm and asked for the tire dept. she transferred me and then the call dropped. I called back in and asked for the tire dept. After several rings it came back to the store. At that point I said I will call back. I really won’t call back. I’ll go to Costco for my tires.


Janice Reda October 17, 2015 at 4:38 pm

Visited store in Saratoga Springs on 10/15 to return lettuce that was no good. Waited patiently on line for over 5 minutes —-One girl at customer service, she was on the phone. One man standing at podium, three cashiers standing idle at registers— at little annoying. I told the man at the podium that I wanted to return the lettuce — he said he couldn’t do anything behind the counter. Two other people got on line behind me — they left — got tired of waiting — girl still on the phone. I told the man (he was thin with grey hair) I just wanted to get another box of lettuce and he said “well that’s not what you said you wanted to return it” (I wanted to return it for another box) He was not nice. So, we told me to go get another box (he did not offer to get it for me). I went and got another box — it was the same lettuce brand, but a different variety —he said this is no good it has to be the same variety. Of course he did not offer to run back and get the “right variety” (meanwhile girl at “customer service” counter is still on the phone) I was really tired after working all day and I told him he needed training in customer service and that he could keep both boxes of lettuce. He could have cared less.
I have be a member of BJ for about 13 years— I shop there every week and spend in excess of $5000.00 a year at your store. You have lost a good customer —- I can buy my lettuce at Walmart. Your employees are in desperate need of CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING —- without customers you won’t have any business. I like some of your products, but don’t want to deal with your employees. Good-bye


Robin Allen January 2, 2015 at 1:33 pm

I have a 60 day trial membership with BJs. I attempted to get gas at the BJs gas station. My pump gave the message to see an attendant. I went to see the attendant. He asked if I pressed debit or credit. I told him debit. He them told me to push credit. When I pushed credit the pump still said to see attendant. I have an injured leg. But I parked, walked in BJs and checked my balance on the ATM machine. The ATM machine stated that I funds in the bank. I hobbled back to my car and spoke to the attendant. He told me that I had to call my bank. He didn’t know what was happening as to why my card was not received. He walked over to pump with me. I attempted to insert my card again. It said see attendant. The attendant apologized. I then in turn drove to 7 eleven. Inserted my card. I had to see the attendant. The attendant advised that my card was declined. I then went to Publix and used the ATM. The machine was telling me that I had no funds. I then called my bank. The representative advised that your company did take the funds on my card and placed a hold on my card until 1:40pm. I became really upset. The representative stated that it took a long time so the machine have the message out gave. I then called BJs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The assistant manager stated that she had heard of that happening but she didn’t know what to do. She shed if I could call or she take my name and number or call back at 2pm and talk with the manager when they come in. I really became upset to think that a business would have employees who don’t know about this matter. Listening to her remark she was familiar with my problem. This means that O am not the only one that this had happened to. I am wondering why put a debit button on the machine of it only works by credit the first time. This doesn’t look very promising on me wanting to purchase a membership! To make matters worse, not only did I have an injured leg But my daughter had been in a car accident. I was attempting to get gas to see her. Now I have to wait because my funds are frozen for a service that I never received!!!!! I think that this is a problem that should be fixed immediately!!! I also look to be compensated for my inconvenience. I would hate report this to the Better Business Bureau or higher corporate ladder. Will I be compensated?


Dean Jensen March 10, 2014 at 9:44 am

My wife did a return of about $160.00 we’ll over 1 month and 10 days. I found her return receipt and I was on line and decided to check if the credit was given, which in all truth, I never had checked a return, but something had told me to check. The answer is that no, There was no credit posted to our account. I called the store and after hour, the young lady said you need to call back tomorrow. I insisted and said no, you call a manager and ask the manager what happened. She gets back on the phone and said “Well there was never a credit to your card because there was a number missing, so you need to stop by the store and we will give you your cash and a courtesy gift card for the inconvenient. I said ok, no problem. I’m in business my self and I know they screwed up, but I let it go.
I stopped by the store a week later and asked to see a manager and the young lady had no clue. I asked to see a senior manager and she said nobody is in (I couldn’t believe a multi million dollar store does not have a senior manager or a manger that makes decisions) so she called a manager and after a long time on the phone, he had no clue. Still as of now and wasn’t given what was owed to me. I know they will, but the question stands HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY DONE THIS TO CUSTOMERS?


Nichelle Hamilton November 10, 2015 at 10:12 am

I keep trying to opt out of BJ’s emails, but you keep sending them to me! What is wrong with your system? I cancelled my membership a few years ago for horrible customer service by staff and management in your store, and now you keep harassing me with these unnecessary and irrelevant emails!!

BJ’s is no longer a business I want to be affiliated with, and I will continue to share that w/ others when things like this continue to occur.

Please take my email address off your outdated email list.

I have attempted several times to send this email via BJ’s website under “contact us” but because I do not have a membership number, the email will not send, yet there is not an asterisk next to the box that says “membership number.” I am truly disappointed with a store I so frequently shopped at.

Hopefully someone who cares from BJ’s will read this and reply.

Thank you,


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