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Safeway Corporate Office Address

Safeway Inc.
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd
Pleasanton, California 94588

Contact Safeway

Phone Number: (925) 467-3000
Fax Number: (925) 467-3323
Email: Email Safeway

Safeway Facts

Founder: Marion Barton Skaggs
Date Founded: 1915
Founding Location: American Falls, Idaho
Number of Employees: 137000

Safeway Executives

CEO: Robert G. Miller
CFO: Peter Bocian
COO: Bruce L. Everette

Safeway History

safeway logo

Safeway was originally founded in American Falls, Idaho, when Marion Barton Skaggs purchased his father’s grocery store for $1,089 in 1915.  Originally called Skaggs United, Marion enlisted the help of his 5 brothers to help expand the business. In 1925, Skaggs doubled the number of stores when he purchased Sam Seelig’s grocery stores. The name was then changed to Safeway.

Safeway inside store

By 1926, there were 322 stores in southern California and controlling interest in the company was sold to Merrill Lynch.

In 1927, the company went public.  In 1929, the company expanded to Canada.

By 1932, there were 3400 Safeway stores.

In 1959, the first store was opened in Alaska.

safeway market store front

In 1986, the company was taken private by private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.  The company subsequently sold off many of its holdings to pay down assumed debt.

In 1990, the company went public again.

Safeway, like many other grocery chains, is trying to entice customers into shopping online and having them delivered but most customers would rather shop at the stores, according to Forbes.

Today, Safeway has over 900 stores in the United States and 224 stores in Canada.  80% of the stores are located in the Western parts of each country.

safeway store front

Safeway FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Safeway?
Answer 1: The phone number for Safeway is (925) 467-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Safeway?
Answer 2: The CEO of Safeway is Robert G. Miller.

Question 3: Who founded Safeway?
Answer 3: Safeway was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915.

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Ken Backer April 24, 2019 at 9:33 am

I shop totally at Safeway. Before shopping I always go to your website to check on my Just for You coupons and deals. Recently the web page was updated and the link to email my list or print my list was removed. The only way I have found to print my list results in numerous pages. Would sure appreciate it if the link to print your list was put back in the webpage. I would appreciate your call. My cell phone is 3401-404-XXXX


jim March 24, 2019 at 7:41 pm


I am sorry to have to write a letter like this, but I was so embarrassed by Gracin, a checker at the Lakewood WA store that I decided to contact HR.

Hello My name is Jim and I am a disabled 50 year old person and Safeway customer for over 25 years. On any given month I spend upwards of 600.00.. On the day of this humiliating, embarrassing, and insulting situation for instance, I purchased 395.00 worth of goods.

Upon getting to the check out line I asked the checker if I could exchange 2 tubes of Crest Toothpaste because the tubes had been damaged and leaked toothpaste out into the box, Gracin, the checker assisting, looked at the toothpaste and then said “Do you have your receipt?” I told Gracin I did not have a receipt. That is when Gracin became insulting to me and embarrassed me in front of approx. 10 other shoppers.

Gracin said “If you have in fact purchased them from Safeway then I need you to go to customer service and provide your club card, if you have one, so your account can be researched to ensure you made the purchase.” It was embarrassing and humiliating. Especially when I am standing there buying approx. 400.00 of goods. I went to the customer service window and explained the problem. The woman simply said go ahead and grab a couple new ones. It’s no problem. At this time I was so embarrassed I was almost in tears. I asked for a manager and Jenny came to assist. I informed Jenny of what had occurred and she apologized for Gracin’s attitude. At the same time she order Gracin to go take a break and had him removed. I told her I appreciated the apology, however since she had not done anything there was no need for her to apologize.

She asked what she could do and I told her it would be nice if you ASKED Gracin to do the polite thing and apologize for his behavior. Jenny then informed me she could not FORCE an employee to apologize to a customer for anything…..That is a strange policy for a retail business I think.

I reminded Jenny that all I had asked was if she could ASK Gracin to apologize. She said again she could not FORCE him to do anything. I again said Jenny, all I did was ask you to ASK Gracin to do the polite thing and apologize.

Gracin returned before I left so I approached him (this is all on video tape too.). He started to stick out his hand as if to shake mine so I extended my hand and said Gracin, all I wanted was an apology. He immediately retracted his hand and stood there in defiance. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated. I have not returned to the store to shop and am not sure i ever will. It’s a sad state of affairs when a simple shopping experience turns into a stressful, embarrassing and humiliating situation.

The worst part of it all is that an employee upset a customer so much and then was not willing to say 2 words…..I’m sorry. I would have appreciated that so much. Let me ask, would that have been too difficult for a person to do when another person says “hey, you have hurt my feelings”???

I would love it and really appreciate it if someone at Safeway corporate could reach out to me regarding this. you can reach me at 253.391.xXXXX.

Take care and have a wonderful day,



Bevely Bell November 9, 2018 at 5:47 pm

On October 23, 2018 I was in your Safeway Greenmarket location for the first time. I was in town from out of state taking care of my sister under Hospice supervision and was treating her around the clock. I was able to get some help for a short period to run to the store. When I arrived I took my shopping list from my wallet located in my purse and continued to gather the items I needed, so I was aware it was in my purse in the store. When I was through I proceeded to the checkout counter and unloaded my groceries the cashier finished checking my groceries and I reached for my wallet and found It had been stolen while I was shopping in the store It had everything in it my credit cards, 400.00 cash, personal identification, pictures, everything as I was unsure how long I would be in California. I immediately told the cashier and asked him to get the manager and to call the police. I asked if there was surveillance camera in the store and was told yes. I asked over and over again at customer service to call the police and get the manager but they were not interested. Finally after 15 to 20 minutes I found the manager a young women and when I explained what happened and requested she call the police she spent 10 minutes explaining that they would not come out because it was not a priority. She explained the this happens in her store 4 to 5 times a month! I couldn’t believe what she was saying and when I questioned what the store was going to do about it she started defending the thief that robbed me saying that people were in need of money and that rents had gone up everywhere. How dare she defend a thief over a customer, She finally called the police from her cell phone as mine was missing and after they placed her on hold they said they were not sure how long it would take as the officers were on another call and that I should go home and call the Sheriffs Department to take the report. They manager told me to call all my credit card companies and told me which stores the thief would hit first (funny she got everyone right, so her story of how often this happens seemed pretty accurate). So much time had pasted I had to leave to get back to my sister and once I got back to her house I called the Sheriffs Department and they declined to come out since the incident happened in San Leandro and I was in San Lorenzo. All my credit and debit cards were hit within 1 hour for thousands of dollars, I am still fighting with the credit card companies. I called the Mayor on 10.24.2018 and told her what happened and she had a San Leandro Police Office come to the house to take the report while I’ll took care of my sister who has since passed away because nobody would provide me any help. This incident has been so traumatic for me I’m not sure how long it will take to recover. Lost money, lost credit cards, lost identification, lost check book, lost dignity by a senior citizen, and Safeway didn’t care.

I do want to thank the customer that was behind me as she and the cashier paid for my groceries.


mark santino October 26, 2018 at 6:07 pm

I have work for safeway in collage and have been shopping there all my 63 years the staff are a good bunch of people at the windsor Ca. last 5 dollar friday I bought some top sirloin as I always do,the meat taste like some ones a** no matter how it was cooked,10′-26’18 I tried the 5dollar string beans it was like eating rope,I wont eat your meat any more and don’t think I will buy your produce either let me cook a meal for upper management and see what s**t you sell to the public . Mark Santino [707] 838-XXXX


Anonymous June 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm

I have finally had taken enough of watching the store Director harassing his female employees in front of customers. I have seen the store director consume alcohol on his lunch break and smelled alcohol on his breath and pouring through his pore over a handful of times. No wonder why our community store is becoming lacking in all aspects.
I have seen the store director yell only at the female employees in the public view of all customers many times but I seen it go to physical harassment. I observed him grabbing female employees by the arm and physically detail them as they try to remove themselves from the hostile situation.
It’s highly offensive being a brother,father,husband and customer.
I don’t know if this store allows consuming alcohol while on duty but the physical and verbal harassment is nothing less than diatribe towards his female employees.
The Director is doing an awful job in all aspects of keeping our store in business and any lawsuits under his management is foreseeable in the near future.


Anonymous June 11, 2018 at 2:02 pm

Safeway store
Complaint on Store Director 467 Gabe Casro


carolyn gonzales March 30, 2018 at 3:30 pm

i formerly was a employee at north bend oregon safeway as a checker. i was poorly trained and was treated very unfairly! the training is very poor as well as connected to the lunch room/break room. the training that they give you on the computer is NOTHING like the registers out on the floor. the training is limited to about a 3 hours, which took me 6 hours due to the fact of no head phones connected to as stated above. they then throw you out on the floor with no experience under your belt and tell you if you have any questions or problems just let them know. which i did, yet was thrown all sorts of codes that i wasnt understanding and told ” oh you’ll get it, it just takes time! i only worked 3 days total. i went to the manager the day before my next shift and told him that the training was not acceptable and poor not only to the customers, the employees but to the safeway name! i was told that is just the way they do it their. then was rudely asked what do i want as if i was wasting his time! i then said better training or to be put in a different dept. he then told me that they were only hiring checkers and once again rudely asked ” what do i want” again i said better training! he the manager said that he would see what they could do. so when i came in on my 3rd day i was treated with reassurance that they would have someone “shadow me” so that i would be able to serve the customers better as well as to feel more at ease. yet it was just the opposite. i was left to fend for myself as well as totally ignored when i asked for help! i called for customer services 5 times and was totally ignore which upset not only that customer as well as everyone that was waiting behind him. when the customer yelled out “hey , we need help over here” then and only then the p.i.c/customer server came and said that they only heard me once over the intercom. in which ALL the customers replied to that that they heard it ALL 5 times! which upset them and made me feel very small and imtimaed to the point that i was in tears. so i signed out and went to talked to the p.i.c. and was telling her what the problem was and she responsed to me saying ” So would you like to put in resignation for immediately termanation” WOW !!!!! so being that said i was so overwhelmed with not only her response but the fact of being treated that way as well as unfairly and poorly trained that i said “Sure” i regret doing that as it will affect other jobs that i will be applying for! i thought much to my dismay that safeway was a much better company not only to their customers but to their employees! i will not and wont ever tell anyone to apply at safeway for above reasons! i would have never thought that not only management and other employees be so poorly trained to handle these kind of situations! i was set up for failure right off the bat! on a ship in the middle of the ocean with NO life raft let a lone NO life preserver!!!!! deeply hurt by this kind of treatment and outraged by this company!!!!!!!! very poor. you really need to rethink on how your company is ran and managed!! i only hope that all your stores arent run the same way as the one in north bend oregon is. sincerely carolyn gonzales.


Francis Y March 1, 2018 at 7:37 pm

Well this is not about going in to the store and purchasing but ordering from the Vons Home Delivery App in Las Vegas since you now own Vons.

My most recent order was an estimated $245.56 I believe. When I was actually charged for my order it came to $230.16. I ordered 5, 2lb stuffed Atlantic salmon and instead got a substitution of 1 (5 count) stuffed salmon pieces totaling 2lbs. Now at a sale price of $3.99 its not that big dead BUT when you are only given a total of 2lbs instead of 10lbs, that is a over charge of $15.96 (You only issued a $10 refund for an almost $16 over charge… unacceptable).

I was also sad to see their customer service completely ignore the issue of a case of beer I ordered. I ordered 2, 30 count cases of Key Stone Light beer, 1 of which exploded during transit in their delivery truck and was returned for a full refund. I am still waiting for a refund of the $18.99.

I do not know if this is typical for Vons (a subsidiary of Safeway) throughout all its stores or if it is just localized to here in Las Vegas BUT it is totally unacceptable. It is FRAUD and EMBEZELLMENT among other illegal activates and can not and should not be tolerated under any cirXXXXstances. Mind you this is NOT the first time this problem has happened to me and Vons NEVER takes the initiative to contact the customer about items missing or over charged for when they catch it. I have the feeling this is being done intentionally and needs further investigation by the Government. Since this transaction took place over the internet it now falls under the FBI’s Internet Fraud Division and they will be notified of this illicit activity. The BBB will also be getting a copy of this complaint.

This is the original email sent and their reply:

deliverysupport@ deliverysupport@ via
5:57 AM (10 hours ago)

to me

Greetings XXXXXXXXXXXXxx :

We are writing in response to an email we received regarding your recent order.

We apologize for the inconvenience of being charged for items that you did not receive. We have processed a refund of $10.00 for the Atlantic Salmon listed in your email. Please be advised the refund can take three to five business days to post to your credit card. The other items listed were out of stock, therefore it was not delivered and you were not charged for them. We would like to assure you that we have notified the Grocery Delivery Management Team that delivered your order.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Grocery Delivery Team
Contact ID: 35818750

–Original Message–
From: francisyans01@
Date: 2/26/2018 11:46:45 AM
To: deliverysupport@
Subject: EXTERNAL: order question

I was over charged for my delivery.

Order #: 1055573-1970
Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx , Las Vegas, NV 89115
Scheduled for Sunday, 2/25/2018; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

I was billed $230.16 but based on what I received I should have been
charged only $209.59

I am missing:

4 stuffed atlantic salmon @ $3.99/ea = -$15.96
1 big lighters @ $5.59 = -$5.59
1 lara bar @ $1.00 = -$1.00
4 Thomas Bagels Everything @ $2.99/ea = -11.96
1 snack artist potato chips @ $1.50 = -1.50

Totaling $-36.01

My estimated total for the order was $245.60 – $36.01 = $209.59
meaning I was over charged $20.57 due to those missing items.

Also one of the cases of beer exploded in transit and was returned so
that means an additional $18.99 should be returned to my card as well
for a grand total of $39.56 going back to my card on file.

Thank you for your time on this matter.


Francis Yans

P.S. No one ever answers the 800 number you give to call for customer service
Warning: All e-mail sent to this address will be received by the corporate e-mail system, and is subject to archival and review by someone other than the recipient. This e-mail may contain proprietary information and is intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s). If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient(s), you are notified that you have received this message in error and that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately.
My reply to this email is this:
A $10 refund does NOT cover the loss I have received. If the salmon is $3.99 each and I did not receive 4 of them, $10 does not cover that. 4 @ $3.99 each that totals $15.96 NOT $10.00. You also decided to IGNORE the issue of the RETURNED CASE OF BEER that EXPLODED in YOUR TRUCK during transit which cost me $18.99 and have not refunded me for that either. If this is not taken care of IMMEDIATELY I will be contacting the FBI’s Internet Fraud Department since this was an internet transaction and falls under their jurisdiction. I will also be contacting Vons Corporate and the BBB to file complaints as this is NOT the first time you have screwed me over on returned items not being refunded or being refunded for items purchased and not delivered.


Francis Y March 1, 2018 at 7:41 pm

IC3 (FBI’s Internet Fraud Division) has been contacted about this Fraud and Embezzlement


Rebecca Kline January 7, 2018 at 4:29 am

I have dealt with your drugstore in Aurora, Colorado since 2006. I am a diabetic on an insulin pump and your drugstore is so imcompetent that that don’t know their a** from a hole in the ground. They refuse to fill my perscriptions as part of Medicare Part B.

Nicki Price who is regional district manager can’t seem to get a control on your incompent pharmacists. The next time I go into the hospital because of your screwed up drugstore,m I will go public and have it on national TV where you will pay for it versus Medicare. You are a fraud for a drugstore and should be run out of business

I can’t get the test strips so I can test my blood sugars because they don’t know how to run your drugstore.

F rating and tired of being harassed from your Aurora office because I am a diabetic.


Donna L. Manning January 2, 2018 at 1:25 pm

I have been a good customer for 10 years, ordering up to $300 a month. 12/29/17 I ordered $165 worth of groceries. 12/30/17 I was charged, but received only about half of my order. I called customer service, was on hold for 1 hour, then meticulously listed every item over the phone. On 12/31/17, I expected all of my missing items. Instead, some were still missing and I noticed that I was well overcharged for tomatoes. I paid for 5 Buddig pastrami and instead received 1 beef in its place, making Von’s liable for $3.94 (4 @ $.99 ea.). Then I saw that I ordered 3 single vine ripened tomatoes, received the 3 single tomatoes, but was charged $13.47. When I checked the grocery website, I realized I was charged for 3 one-pound containers of the same type of tomatoes, containing about 6 tomatoes per container. I was overcharged $12.33, as the tomatoes I ordered and received were $.38 each. So now Von’s owed me in total $16.27. In my initial order, I was overcharged $7 for a corned beef brisket, but was told I’d be reimbursed for that. I cannot keep calling, as I am sick with lung problems and cough often and am on oxygen. Every email I send is bounced back to me with a message to call customer service. My phone number is (702) 412-XXXXX. I want a full refund and, after 10 years, I am NEVER shopping with Von’s (Safeway) again! Please respond and credit my refund of $16.27 to my debit card on the account.


KAREN December 29, 2017 at 6:48 pm

Safeway delivery is the biggest joke of all time!!!! they are continuously 5-7 hours (yes hours) late from the delivery time chosen. The orders are incomplete and they won’t give you back your money. I have been fighting with this so called corporation for months. They owe me over $100.00 and refuse to credit back my credit card. I have a credit with them – even though I have told them repeatedly I will never shop with them again. Instacart is on time and the order is complete! Safeway is in over their head in the delivery service. They blame the incompetency on a “new program” obviously this “new program” should have been scraped months ago. When you call customer service you wait 30 min to over a hour on hold to speak to a person that is God knows where in this world. They lie to you and tell you what ever you want to hear to get you off the phone. As far as I am concerned they have stolen from me and I have no recourse! The biggest joke of all they have a email for customer service that does not work. Safeway/Albertsons you are the worst your corporation needs an overhaul of all its members. Bring back the mom and pop stores that treat you properly. And for you AHoles who will say mom and pops don’t deliver – Instacart does!!!! i’d rather put my money in a business that appreciated it and not the corporate guy who do nothing but fill their pockets.


Zahir June 4, 2017 at 2:16 am

Reporting the following incident at Safeway Store on 150 E El Camino Real in Sunnyvale, CA, 94087:

I would like to bring to your attention to a horrendous customer service experience at your Safeway Store in Sunnyvale. I walked into your store around 10:15pm. Went to the customer service register where you sell moneygrams / western union etc. There was nobody there, a gentleman was in the back office. I waited for more than 5 minutes, till the gentleman in the back office came out upon noticing me. He asked in a very curt and short tone what I wanted, I stated I needed to purchase a money order. What happened next was absolutely appalling and unacceptable. While walking away, the gentleman “Chris” stated I should have come before 8pm. Totally disgusted with his tone / demeanor / speaking to me in a very rude tone while walking away, I asked him for his name. He said his name was Chris. I asked him who the manager on duty was as I felt treated completely dis-respectfully. Again, while walking away, he pointed to someone and said “you can speak to that guy.”

He said this and just walked away. He was mean and rude, and I found his behavior, at an upscale Safeway location such as this one, completely unacceptable. I was very upset at how I was treated. As I am writing this email, I am still very distraught and upset. I spoke to the manager on duty “Garrett” who said he would speak to “Chris” about his behavior.

I am an executive with a reputable and global hospitality business, and behavior such as what was displayed by your employee “Chris” would be handled very seriously if displayed by one of our employees. People come to Safeway for customer service. To be treated with respect and kindness. There were no signs at the register stating the register was closed, or that money orders are not sold past 8pm. If there were, I would have moved on. I am a very patient and understanding person, and I usually don’t complain about employees. I can understand if someone is having a bad day.

“Chris” seems to have no clue what customer service is all about. His appearance and dress was completely unprofessional, in addition to his behavior. Safeway does not need to have employees like him in a customer facing role. I expect you to handle my complaint with utmost seriousness promptly. I would like to know what specifically you will do to make sure that this does not happen again. I sent an email to the Store Director for this location: Courtney Houston.


peter webber May 25, 2017 at 9:54 am

I have spent
10s of thousands of $ with Safeway over the last 5 or so years and have never encountered as lame a software system in my 76 years.when I compare your program to that of Amazon I find myself wondering how many millions of $ u saved by going with the lowest bidder, or with a group of brain dead Chinese or Indians! needing to double click on every page is insulting! unlike other sites your system does not allow for a single misspelled word. you say that one must not use brand names but I defy you to find cherry Garcia ice cream under (ice cream). I just placed an order trying to use my most recent order to facilitate the profoundly Byzantine system you offer and had to give it up because it claimed that I had not updated! when I printed out my order I found 14 items from my last order I had not asked for! I under that for $300. a year I can have the state of the art Amazon food delivery service! I have had it with your made in India 10 cents on the $ bargain basement software! I strongly recommend that you spend a few thousand dollars on focuse groups and find out hope lame you system is and try to emulate company s like Amazon. may God have mercy on your penny pinching asses! I have had a good opinion of Safeway until I encountered the need to l click twice on every page! peter webber. 415 717 XXXXX.if u e mail me you will join the 7000 or so e mails I will never ever read!


L.Mosley March 15, 2017 at 12:09 pm

Edit: The first time I had the displeasure of dealing with Sean and the issue with my dad’s medicine being incorrect took place over a 3 day period about three months before and my most recent encounter with Sean took place on 3-14-17 at around 5:45 pm. Sorry for the confusion.


L.Mosley March 15, 2017 at 12:40 am

My name is L. Mosley. Today I was threatened and menaced by the Safeway drugstore manager -Sean at Safeway #969 in San Francisco Mission district. I was there getting my dad’s medicine. I WAS NOT arguing, debating with or having any problems with the nice man who was helping me. I was told the medicine would be ready in a few minutes, so I did some light shopping in your store. When I came back, the nice man who helped me was pushed aside-the medicine basically snatched from him by Sean the drugstore manager (I know he’s the manager because he stated this to me a few times in a loud, sickly sweet voice), who approached the counter.
I had met him once before: I had come back to this particular drugstore several times in the last 3 days because they kept messing up my dad’s prescriptions. I would call ahead, asking them if they were ready, told they were, then went down there, only to find that they weren’t ready. By the 4th trip I was, understandably, annoyed and said so. In comes Sean, who proceeds to talk to me with sneering condescension, using long words, then telling me what those words mean (as if I were a particularly backwards 4yr old, I might add), all with this rift us smile plastered on his face and with deliberately widened eyes. He cut me off when I tried to speak and tried to stare me down the whole time.
This time was even worse. He leaned over the counter, eyes wide and rift us smile in place and in what seemed like one breath he said the following; ‘I remember you and I remember your father. I’m the MANAGER here Now! The last time your father came here the used words that could be considered ‘A Threat’ (he used air quotes, as he said this in a rather sneering voice) and as MANAGER I hope I don’t have to have you and your father Banned! As I am now MANAGER. Are we going to have a problem?!’
All this while he leaned forward in a menacing and threatening manner, with his eyes wide and that creepy smile in place, doing his best to stare me down. I was astonished by his unprofessional behavior. He acted like he wanted me to take a swipe at him (his coworkers leaned and moved away from him as he did all this), so he’d have an excuse to get security and have me either detained, kicked out or arrested, even though I had done nothing but pick up my dad’s medicine.
I found out later that when my dad was there last, a woman cut in front of him and started yapping (and NOT getting medicine) with the pharmacist. After waiting several minutes and seeing no sign of the conversation ending any time soon, my dad walks with a cane and has pinched nerves and slipped disks and was at that moment in a LOT of pain) called them on it- loudly.
Sean came over and tried to do to my dad what he tried to do to me. All my dad didvwas point a finger at him and told him to Not talk to him like he’s stupid. And THIS, aparrantly is what Sean the ‘Manager’ took as a threat – an index finger. To be clear, Sean was ten six feet from my dad and behind a 3.5 foot high table and my dad’s crippled.
I decided my father’s need for his medicine was more important to me that this Twits pathetic little power games, so I paid for them. As I was leaving, Sean threw one parting shot.
He said, ‘Have a Nice DAAAAAYYY!’ in a very nasty, sarcastic voice.
I have NEVER in my life dealt with so unprofessional a person. Especially someone in the pharmaceutical profession. He is trying to be a bully. He is using his position to bully and intimidate customers (and probably employees as well). Sean is a rude, skinny, insecure, condescending dude with a little man complex, who acts like he’s the size of Dwayne Johnson. It was rather creepy and VERY disappointing to see. Also, the other Safeway workers don’t like him -at all. I asked a worker there I’m friendly with (I won’t disclose who, sorry) and they said he has done what he tried to do to me to his coworkers.
In short, they think he’s a tool.
Because of this, my father (and the rest of my family ) has changed to Walgreens drugstore and vows to NEVER Set foot in that store again.
I will continue to shop Safeway, but I too will never use the drugstore. They never have the medicine needed and if they do, it’s only a fraction. Add this to Sean and his attempts to intimidate paying customers and you get a serious loss of revenues.


Herman February 17, 2017 at 7:01 pm

My name is Herman Stokes an I used to be an employee working for one of your stores in Mclean Virginia in 2015 and I was wondering if its possible if I can get a copy of my W2 s or how can I go about getting it


Sharole November 26, 2017 at 8:01 pm

The IRS has a copy of the w2 information that was reported by your employer. Just call them and ask. If you need it for filing taxes, again, call IRS. They will send a whole transcript.


Christine Karnofsky December 18, 2016 at 5:17 pm

I am appalled at Safeways lack of integrity! We Californians voted to eliminate plastic bags from our stores. I live in King Beach, CA. At Lake Tohoe. Today shopping in Safeway saw that you are using plastic bags. Your staff told me they are biodegradable. THIS IS WRONG!

I will not continue to shop at your store as long as you continue this practice and I will do my utmost to pass the word on to others to discourage them from shopping at Safeway, as well.



Takeshi December 28, 2016 at 3:38 pm

And i suppose youre also going to say that plastuc bag are made from fossil fuels still… Get over yourself. They charge per bag now so whybdo you care??


edward day September 23, 2016 at 3:01 pm

I am president of our local sun city roseville ca. softball club and we are having our 9th annual softball BBQon wednesday 28 Sept. I worked for safeway as a meat cutter and I have always respected safeway because thet worked with me while I went to college. This morning I went down to our local safeway on blue oaks in roseville and tried to order 76 bone-in new york steaks for our BBq and asked if I could get the sale price at 5.99 and come in on tuesday 27 Sep and pay for them and then pick them up on wed the 28th. Your meat cutter was very adement saying that safeway doesn’t do things like that anymore and it would have to be approved by his store mgr. Needless to say my wife and I spend at least over a$100 a week in this store and most of your business probably comes from the 6500 retired people who live right down the street from our sun city community. It isn’t a way to do business! Your meatcutter needs a lesson on customer service and with that I’ll shop elswhere


Carolyn July 7, 2016 at 9:38 pm

To fellow shoppers. Avoid shopping at the Safeway on Aptos, CA. It is very poorly managed and has been for the last several years. You will wait in long lines, especially just prior to the dinner hour. The employees won’t give you the name of the manager; nor does anyone have a way for you to file a complaint. In contrast, the Safeway not five miles away in Soquel, CA is managed far more effectively. Whenever there is a line, they call for more checkers. There is no comparison between how the two stores are managed. Someone, catch a clue and bring in some managers that are motivated to work for their money. Too bad that Safeway corporate managers don’t take the time to go undercover. One would learn a lot. The Safeway in Aptos is supposed to be expanding. I was in full support of this but with the current management, I will continue to drive the extra miles to shop in Soquel. It’s really nice to be able to walk out of the store without feeling frustrated and angry.


John Williams June 19, 2016 at 3:51 pm

So I never whine about local business issues, long annoying lines, not enough check out counters open at rush hour times..all the things that don’t cost me more that a few extra minutes or $$$…but this kinda pisses me off..when you date something that specifically states the packed on and use by dates..then it does not sell, how can you ethically change those dates?? Purchased knowing that fresh baked goods have no preservatives and must be used as soon as possible. So when I shopped Thursday for my Saturday dinner figured that I could trust the dates..didn’t notice the “resticker” job till I pulled the moldy bun from its package. How unethical is that??!! If it was packed on a certain can that day get changed??! No price change, just rotten food sold as if it were fresh. Sorry for venting, just want everyone to make sure you look for the double sticker when shopping for fresh baked goods. The buns purchased were dated 6-16 use by 6-19. Pulled the sticker back and found the original date of 6-12 use by 6-15. This was at the North Bend Washington Safeway.


Sherry Ward May 13, 2016 at 8:15 pm

On the morning of Friday May 13 th my Dr office called a much needed prescription in for me to start taking so that I would be ready for surgery the following Friday. That prescription was called into your Arnold safeway drugstore by 10:30 am by my Dr himself. After spending much of the day at the hospital I finally was able to stop by the drugstore around 6PM only to be told very rudely that he didn’t have my prescription that it’s a very expensive script(like you were giving it to me for free)and it won’t be available till after 2pm MONDAY!!!!!! After asking why it would take a actual drugstore 4 days to get me my much needed prescription your pharmacists reply very rudely was I COULD call around and try to find it MYSELF and he could transfer it. First of all I’m not a doctor or pharmacist I have no idea the dosage or any other much needed information to do it myself. Needless to say I’m apauled by your drugstore and most of all your pharmacist. Once I do finallt receive my medication I will never step foot in another safeway store again and I will be certain that all my family,neighbors and friends never step foot in your stores too.


Rick Harmon May 7, 2016 at 6:03 pm

Dear Safeway…I have been shopping with you since 1980 and now you wont let me into my Rewards account because my Vista/ IE Explore 9 is too old. I cant get anything at a discount.
Either you have to let me in or buy me a new computer or I will have to shop elsewhere. It breaks my heart and this is only happening to the poor people; those who are rich always have the latest but the poor get aced out.
Rixk Harmon


LMB May 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm

To whom it may concern,

My son had worked at Safeway since Dec 2015. The day he gave his two weeks’ notice in a formal and signed letter, Zena apparently in management (pronounced Cina or Sina) treated him very disrespectfully, she raised her voice at him and scolded him for no apparent reason and then proceeded to defame him to his new employer causing him to lose his job at his new workplace.

What happened was she was raising her voice to a fellow courtesy clerk at the front desk and in front of customers, my son looked in her direction to see what was happening and was snapped at. In a scolding tone she told him to mind his own business and to go stand in a place away from her conversation and wait for her.

Shortly after she approached him stating that he was very disrespectful which in turn he replied that he was in no way disrespectful to anyone. She then told my son to take his vest off, clock out and go home. After the treatment he had received for some time and this episode on Saturday April 30th 2016, he felt he had no other recourse but to relieve himself from the situation and therefore said he quit, clocked out and came home.

Zena called his new employer Steve at Albertsons and told him my son walked out on them which is absolutely false (Steve was a manager at this same Safeway and was now the director at Albertsons). Steve and was also the person that initially spoke to my son to hire him. Jesse from Albertsons called my son the day he was scheduled to go for his drug test, as he was already hired to work there, then proceeded to tell him he was no longer eligible and they won’t employ him. I called and spoke to the hiring manager Jesse and explained what had happened two days prior and he said he would look into it and call me.

After three days I called Jesse back and he stated that he was truly sorry and apparently the manager at Safeway’s perception of what happened is what was taken into consideration. He stated that he was sorry that this happened to my son because he is a great kid. Jesse continued on that Steve left him sticky notes for three individuals from that same Safeway with the message that they were no longer eligible for employment. He stated one didn’t show up, the other didn’t complete his or her two weeks and the last one for my son who allegedly walked out.

I thought I would let you know what happened in one of the stores you invest in. Management should encompass people and management skills, a level head, remain objective and empower employees. Not demean them; embarrass them by yelling at them in front of coworkers and customers and let a management title cause the mistreatment of any direct reports.

My son is a hard worker juggling school and work and is so bummed out because he didn’t do anything wrong. She defamed him and caused him to lose his new job. I left messages for a lady at the corporate HR department (Jacqueline Jones) in phoenix to file a grievance against Zena for her treatment against my son while working there and for the treatment on April 30th and have yet to receive a call back.

My family has been faithful customer at Albertsons (Jewel – Osco back in Illinois) for many years and after this, I will no longer take my business there.

Thank you for your time


Charlotte Rapozo April 24, 2016 at 4:51 pm

I will no longer shop at Safeway, Kapaa, Hawaii 96746, I feel Safeway is not fare to people of Hawaii. When logged to see who won Monopoly, there was not even 1 person from the State of Hawaii listed as a big winner. Don’t try to tell me that you don’t have control over where game pieces go that would even be worst and a lot of BS. I shop at Safeway almost every day and have been a loyal customer. But even though I have had hundreds of game pieces not even a $5 dollar win only instant win 2 game pieces and stupid coupons that I don’t need or would even worth to use, This game is a farce and I am wondering if winners really are employees or friends of Safeway. I will probably ;have to travel more to get my groceries at a reasonable price but that’s okay. Even if I have to pay more to go to Foodland at least I will get frequent flyer miles. GAME OVER!


John B February 25, 2016 at 3:56 am

I wanted to thank you for the inconvenience for the last delivery attempt.
When I followed up with the store to make sure you had the the item in
stock and your store filling the order said they would make sure and if not in stock they would call me. I don’t appreciate being lied to and foremost wasting my time. I specifically told your store if you don’t have the item do not bother with the delivery. when the delivery driver showed up first question I had was do you have the item(basil) he responded no with that being said and lied too I refused the order. Because of your stores incompetency you have lost my business in definitely. thanks again for wasting my. thanks to Lucky’s I spent about 200.00 dollar there and they had everything I needed plus better value for my money. ( this will also be posted on yelp)


Diane Frijia January 25, 2016 at 12:04 pm

I am very disappointed in my local Safeway. The store recently had a promotion offering Cuisinart knives in exchange for purchases. There was a flyer where you collected a sticker for every $10 spent at the store. I usually shop at Safeway and even went there over the past few months instead of other stores just to collect the stickers. I took my flyer with stickers into the store on the last collection day and was told they were out of knives but would get more in the next day, and that the stickers would be honored for the rest of the week. I returned two days later and a supervisor told me that all the knives they received were already gone, and “there is nothing more we can do”. I asked whom I could contact about receiving my knife and he told me there was no one to contact! Needless to say I have no reason to continue to shop at Safeway after this false lure to shop there. Safeway really ought to make good on their offers.


Mary Pat McHenry April 25, 2016 at 7:17 pm

Hmmmm., take this for what it’s worth from a (former) cashier @the Burke, Va., Safeway store. The “cuisinart cutlery” event was a very big success & at our store we too extended the ‘redeem by’ date, due to the overwhelming demand/response while we awaited addtl., inventory, which we did receive, much to the satisfaction of our customers and for the unfortunate few that came in to our store;#1606 beyond that date, my fast thinking, keep the customer leaving on a happy note Manager; Wayne picked up the phn. upon hearing the 1st complaint and called another Safeway close by, found they still had some & passed along the info., to the customer (as well as ‘Staff’). It’s too bad the supervisor you spoke with couldn’t have done the same for you or explained that this was absolutely “No false lure”. Take it from the (former) cashier here, it was no stunt, all of my customers were thrilled with their Cuisinart just for shopping “bonus”. I truly enjoyed working at my Safeway and sorry you have such a bad taste (no pun intended) left in your mouth in regards to Safeway. It is my understanding this was a joint Safeway AND Cuisinart Customer appreciation effort.


dian landis December 2, 2015 at 1:50 pm

My Safeway that Ishop at is on 107th ave. And Peoria. The people who work there were beyond kind to me the day before Thanksgiving. The manager Linda Amato deserves kudos.Someone over there has taught all of them to be kind. I had to call and complement the store, then I wanted all of you to know.


Donny Blackburn November 19, 2015 at 1:47 pm

This letter is for Bob Miller, CEO. No others need respond.

Safeway/Albertsons Customer Service has been no help. It’s taken me two hours this morning to get anyone in any “corporate office” to provide me with direct contact information for the leadership of your organization.
Your corporate failures are running high in Arizona. The Albertsons-Hagen debacle was a huge mistake and a black eye for your company in our small community. One would think, an established company like Safeway would recognize what happens when local grocery stores get overly ambitious. Hagen learned that very quickly and will soon be out of the area altogether. Our Albertsons stores were popular and well supported locally. Now that the multi-chain ownership of the company is common knowledge we are seeing our local Safeway stores cutting portion sizes, raising prices and being far less customer oriented. WE should not point to the local employees. They are sent product, told what to sell it for and have little or no say in how they can serve their loyal customers.
Using the “bakery” (as an example only), sizes have been dramatically reduced and prices raised. Local management is defensive when ask about the rational for these changes. Safeway’s days will be numbered if they don’t address the changes customers are XXXXXXing about every day. Did you not learn anything from Hagen’s fate? We lost two important Albertsons stores, saw Hagen go down in flames and wonder what, if anything, corporate will do to address the issue with it’s customers. It appears that the elimination of these large stores has opened the door for Safeway to feel confident raising prices, lowering quality and believing they no longer need to satisfy their loyal customers. Fry’s is still here. Walmart is still here. Costco and Sam’s Club are still here along with several speciality stores like Whole Foods. Safeway does not appear to care and isn’t concerned about closing more stores. Those closings have to be a direct result of these unfortunate mergers and greedy profit pinchers. Corporate officers who are more concerned with acquisitions and the stock value rather than maintaining and serving their customer base should be sent on their way!

PLEASE take a real life look at what for your customers are saying, that is unless, the plan is to continue your corporate ambitions at the expense of actually being an important merchant in our community.

The now “fired” CEO of Volkswagen apparently thought buying other “unprofitable” car companies and things like Ducati. That and other terrible choices brought him down and disgraced the brand. Bad choices can only yield bad results. Please focus on taking care of your clientele and recognizing that bean counter changes just don’t work.

I shop and have shopped for decades at the White Spar Safeway in Prescott, AZ. I like the people and the convenience of my local Safeway. Corporate policy changes are forcing me to try and gain the ear of a true corporate leader before I simply go elsewhere for my groceries.

This letter is also going to our local paper. You are encouraged and welcome to send them your response. Your customers, in Northern Arizona, want to know what the plan is to restore customer confidence and healthy competition. Buying, selling and failing isn’t good PR for any retail business organization. This issue should not splash back on the hard working staff and management of our local Safeway stores. Our town is very concerned with the changes your corporate decisions have had on our small marketplace.

Thank you for your personal attention.

Donny Blackburn
Prescott, AZ


Theresa November 14, 2015 at 11:18 pm

I will not be surprised if Safeway shuts its doors for good here in Colorado. I have been a customer for 20 years until tonight. Safeway had already been sledding downhill fast, but sorry, I just can’t take the bad customer service and registers that are never open more than 2 at a time. So, tonight, my husband and I go to the deli for turkey & notice the 2 employees just standing there chatting about who knows what–the one is supposed to be working the deli and the other at the register. After 5 minutes of being ignored, I ask if anyone is working the deli? Still being ignored, I ask again. The one responds that “she’ll be with you in a minute, like she already told you!” Since I didn’t hear her the first time and besides the fact she’s rude as hell, we walk immediately to get the manager. Of course the one who is supposed to be at her register promptly vacates the deli so she doesn’t appear guilty. Enough Safeway–you have way too many “long term employees” who feel they’re entitled to be rude and are really too comfortable in the notion they can’t be terminated. It’s really having a bunch of employees like this that bring the company to close its doors! BTW if King Soopers ever finds out the secret that Safeway stays open only for it’s meats…..and gets a contract with the same meat supplier…..bye bye Safeway……….


richard jones September 29, 2015 at 12:16 pm

On or about Sept. 1st my wife Jill had to pick up a prescription from them drugstore that her Doctor had called in. By mistake she did this not knowing we no longer had nothing to do with Vons here in Oakhurst Ca. She did receive the two prescriptions that her Doctor ordered. One had no information how to take the medication and one did. This was a new med she had never taken before and was never offered a consultation on it. It’s the LAW. To top it off in the bag was paperwork for a lady named +++++++ Crofford with all her personnel info, Insurance info, @ $397.78 but it only cost her $54.00. and it was for vaginal cream and how to use it. My wife was totally upset with how this all happened and the final outcome of this matter. I had a consultation with my Lawyer @ $200.00 out of my pocket and she has all the info and ready to file paperwork with the Courts. I spoke to a Michelle Snyder who was the District Manager and never received a call back. Instead Jill received a $25.00 gift card from Vons. We gave that away, taken several customers from Vons and now shop @ Raleys and not a very happy customer after 15 years shopping there. Now we are taking this into the Courts. Thanks Tiffany, Michelle Snyder and all you NOT CARING people @ VONS IN OAKHURST CA.


Anna September 22, 2015 at 6:22 am

I had a really bad experience at Safeway on 2ed in ,Brentwood.,ca.I purchased Few items that was less than $22.00 with my debit.IM not a save way member.So I went to return my items and thought like every other store ,they can tract it on my card.This mean lady Prejudice help me,her name was Sheri ,with so much attitude ,I said I would like to return the items & purchase something else,she said u need to be a Safeway member to return so I said ,but I not ,she took my ID & said, k .So I gived my husband number ,he’s a Safeway member. she said did the return ,than when she was done she said ,I can’t complete your order cause I need u to be a member ,I said ok ,went a ahead ..when she was done she made me sign everything and when she was done she goes here’s your store credit. I’m faxing thisto the lost prevention. First it didn’t occur to me what lost prevention was than ,I went back and I said excuse me ,u just made me feel like a criminal ,I have the the debit statement and u took all my personal info I respected u cause u were doing your job but the way she spoke to me made me feel very low.She could of send it to he FBI ,I don’t care I didn’t steal it ,she could of simple say no I can’t return it.But my point was she walked away from me and made me feel like a criminal.very unprofessional to tell a customer and give them arritude .So I told her I didn’t need that gift card .I make hold a very perfessional job and have a very high education.So I treat everyone with respect so I deserve the same respect.Now I thinking of sueing Safeway cause she tommy personal info and open me a Safeway member card With my consent making thing it was cause of the return and was very discriminated.


steve herrera July 22, 2015 at 10:36 pm

On several occasions I have witnessed several thefts from your store on Pacific Ave. in Stockton California. On this day Wednesday July 22, 2004,I witnessed two individuals walk out with several hundred dollars worth of merchandise I followed these thief’s at a safe distance and obtained their license plate number and called the Sheriff’s Dept.I have since learned that this particular store lost 600,000 dollars in theft.I know how these losses are recuperated which has prompted me to write you. I suggest that you hire an armed guard to stand a each exit checking for unbagged items and asking for receipts if necessary.I want to remind you that you have a bank at his location. which would also benefit from armed security. the cost hiring of two armed guards opposed to losing 600,000 dollars is astonishing. Steve Herrera 209-200-****


Joanne July 3, 2015 at 6:59 pm

Rude cashier at Redwood city Ca the store on the 1071El Camino her name is Marina. She not only slow but rude. Try to call store manage no one answers the phone. While my Ice cream was melting and waiting in line. After about 10 mins finally my turn, cashier dumps my small hand held basket to the side and mix my hot meal now looks like one big mess. She said she can have them make me a new one, I refuse because my Ice creams where melting. Then she said she did not make it spill. Ok so I wanted cash back told wold like 40.00 in all tens. She gave 2tens and a twenty dollar bill back. She said she couldn’t give the other 2tens. She then pointed to Wells Fargo bank that was in the store and told me to go there. Rude! Really upset to be treated this way, does Safeway have any pride anymore? Was a customer for 40 years……….


peagler June 10, 2015 at 2:01 am

Safeway is on the same poor low standards as a Walmart these days. It has definitely got worse over the past couple years. I no longer as well as my family and friends shop there under any cirXXXXstances. That company is horrible, and should really be ashamed of the treatment of their customers and recently now employees. Pathetic and disappointing. And Starbucks corporation should remove their name from a large company who constantly defamed it in many different ways.


Shelia Cafferty June 4, 2015 at 5:20 pm

I was hoping I could be referred to someone that handles marketing & events for Safeway.
We are hosting the annual Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in Portland and would love to have Safeway be a part of this event.

Looking forward to hearing back from someone soon!

Thank You,
Shelia Cafferty


Sherrie Brown April 29, 2015 at 12:43 am

First of all let me say that I have been a LOYAL Safeway customer for over 30 years and my mother all her life. Recently I walked out of a Safeway with an energy drink in hand and some cat food under my arm along with my phone, my table, several other things. I was talking on the phone to my husband who was outside in the truck with our small child asking him to meet me inside to pay for LARGE CART of groceries I parked at the door before exiting the store to flag him down. I was SHOCkED and HORRIFIED when a security person stopped me and escorted me upstairs and basically said I stole these items and since I had no money, I had intentionally taken them. Remember my husband was waiting to come inside and pay. We had a stressful day with our young son and I was quite frazzled as some moms get. I asked if I could call him to come in and pay, I was STUNNED that they said no. My husband starting phoning me at this time, I asked If I could answer and have him come in and pay for the groceries and the items that I absent minded brought outside. They said no, that I could not answer the phone. They then took some information, escorted me outside and told me that I could not shop in their store again. The manager stated he would call the police and have me arrested if I step a foot back in their door! I had to leave an entire cart of groceries at the door!

I am DISGUSTED at the poor judegement of Safeway. They are willing to loose a good lifetime customer who spends and average of $8000 per year at their store rather than let me pay for the items that I had not a chance to pay for yet.

I was even more HORRIFIED to receive a Civil Demand for $300 from a law firm demanding payment within 20 days! $300 for less than $10 of items that were returned is ROBBERY!!! Safeway, you should be ASHAMED!

Worse yet, we have been attempting to call for 2 days and NO ONE will return our call.

It’s just plain bad for business to punish law abiding shoppers who help to make SAfeway corporation the Giant money maker that they are!

Coud someone please email me and let me know how to have this civil demand dropped and return us to the valuable Safeway Shoppers that we are/were???

An apology wouldn’t hurt either.


Party Anderson July 2, 2015 at 3:42 pm

Your husband sat outside with the money while you shopped for an hour? Not to mention leaving the store with unpaid items? Sounds fishy. You got pretty much what you deserved. Does hubby always hold the food money hostage?


J August 9, 2015 at 8:11 pm

Party Anderson, you must NOT have a husband! Many women shop while husband is in the car waiting. There’s nothing wrong with that! I doubt she was stealing such menial items. I hate when people act as if a man is doing something wrong, when in fact he is just being a man. When a woman gets hit and her purse snatched, the first person she cries to is a …policeMAN! LOL


jonathan beral March 21, 2015 at 2:19 am

to whom it may consern:

plase contact me at my email when you can this is regarding somthing personal.




Sarah March 19, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Sir, Safeway in Coolidge,AZ. need’s electric carts bad. am tired of getting stuck with Grov. and no way nor help to get another cart..the one’s they have are a wreck…that’s why most people that need a cart to shope are going to wal mart..and I am going to join so tired of this crap…like safeway but not worth the problems with cart’s……Please do something..mangers in store can’t do is up too ya…Thank Ya…Sarah


Maria O. Mendez February 22, 2015 at 3:25 am

Claim #L1385192

February 21, 2015

To Safeway Claims department,

On February 12th 2015 around 6:15pm an incident happened at one of your grocery store in Fremont. This incident resulted in a very minor injury on my ankle but my complaint is mostly about being unfairly treated by your employees. I wish to talk to someone that can help me immediately about my claim. If you would please contact me a.s.a.p. that would be nice because I’ve already talked to Ashlee Jensen the Casualty Claims Examiner III but she was not very helpful. My next step was to discuss this problem this to the claims department manager, his name is Barry Northern I believe but he hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. I don’t know if got the messages I left him and I don’t have his e-mail address so please contact me at (510) 456-****. My name is Maria O. Mendez.

Thank you,

Maria O. Mendez


Annette February 4, 2015 at 8:14 pm

I was an employee at Safeway in Bend Oregon for 3 years. I only have long term employment with outstanding references. I have never been treated worse. I was promised many times to up my wages from 9.35 to at least 11.00… i was in charge in the evenings and my responsibility level grew from hard enough to extreme. I was up for the challenge and did an amazing job. I was pushed out and harassed by a young man whom just started and lied.The community in Bend calls the store “Slaveway’ the have the worst reputation for turnover in town. I quit this job. I tryed to call above the local store with no reply. The just dont care. The only time the do, is when the heath inspector is on the way and we know that because the other stores call ahead. Way to go Safeway for adding to poverty. You cant really wonder why you have the worst turnover can you?


cindy January 26, 2015 at 2:58 am

I am very concerned regarding the treatment of a disabled young adult working as a courtesy clerk in Sacramento, Ca.
I have been trying to reach corporate but it seems impossible, my next step is Americans with disabilities as maybe they can get someone to listen.


Jeff James catstllo January 19, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Save mart says your company sucks fools


sam r zavala November 14, 2014 at 11:22 am

Im a costumer to the 645 san antonio rd safeway in mountain view california. so this men AUGUSTO BARBOSA a costumer service employee .I know this guy but we are not friends. He sais hello to me wile shooping whit my son. he maid a pretty abset comment about a family member.he thinks he is funny so i had to call corporate to report the insiden. I want to make sure im hurd. thak you safeway. Personaly i like the store. Very nice store i like the 2 level parking and the resting area inside the store by the bakery. You can sit and enjoy your meal or just enjoy the free wifi for any wireless device. Tku


Patty Anderson July 2, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Looks like you need spell check. Good luck on anyone taking you serous if you can’t even take the time to present yourself with accuracy.


Ms Mitchell October 9, 2014 at 1:42 am

To whom this may concern I am a customer with Safeway store #1110 on 1546 N.Main Street Salinas Ca. 93906 I often shop at your store and spend a good amount of money when i come, this particular time i came WHICH IS NOT THE FIRST TIME but i purchased a magazine in the store for a family member who is bed bound and I bought the wrong magazine 15 minutes later I go to return it and the lady at the register named Maria was not very courteous but she never really is,nevertheless I asked to return the magazine and purchase the correct one. She replied im not sure if we can return it so she asked the acting supervisor and she looked at me and said no we can not I asked Maria what is the reasoning she said store policy I simply replied well that policy is ridiculous and she said rudely I dont think so It actually makes sense and i dont make the policies. The lady behind me said I could see if a day went by but 15 min is absurd, I agreed with her i feel if I wanted to read a magazine i would do it in the store and not purchase it but i was wanting to buy another magazine which costed a bit more and was going to pay the difference. I feel this return policy is not compromising especially when Im a loyal customer. I also feel Maria needs to be reminded about public relations and how to talk to customers with joy not rudeness


Lynn Joseph September 22, 2014 at 2:08 pm

I work across from a Safeway store in Denver on the 1600 South block of Colorado Blvd 303.691.2960. The store is extremely poorly staffed and managed and the store is not clean. But, I’m writing because when I need to go to the ‘Customer Service Desk’ there is usually a sign that says ‘CLOSED’. When I mentioned this to ‘Josh’ he told me they have meetings in the store and to contact the Safeway Headquarters with my ‘complaint’. I have NEVER experienced such poor service/treatment. in a store. I usually try to go to another store (any other one other than this one!)…. Customer Service Desks are suppose to be opened all the time the store is opened. It is an inconvenience to the customer who travels there for this purpose alone!… Very, very poor store… and, I’ve heard this from numerous other ‘customers’.


Regina August 13, 2014 at 10:31 pm

I have been an Active Duty Military member for 12yrs and I am very disappointed in SAFEWAY! My family had to relocate from the South to Northwest and my husband got hired by SAFEWAY as LP officer in our new location. He was only two weeks into his OJT and received a phone call telling him that the SAFEWAY Corporate Office had a meeting that day and needed a budget cut and they had to cut all LP positions. Due to this my husband is out of a job and can’t find other work at this time and is unable to draw unemployment. Before getting hired by SAFEWAY my husband was offered a different job and turned it down because he had been offered the LP job with SAFEWAY. I hope that the SAFEWAY Corporate Office got the budget cut they needed to keep more money in their pockets and money out of my family’s. SAFEWAY, you don’t have to worry about this Military family ever shopping in your stores and I will make sure to pass the word along to others. Hope you have a wonderful SAFEWAY day!!!


Elicia July 22, 2014 at 12:23 am

My incident occurred 5/24/2014 at the walnut reek store located 600 S broadway, walnut creek ca.
My daughter and I were approached by a courtesy clerk about parking due to we were returning from Nordstom which is located across the street. Due to the fact I was also shopping at safeway I did not see a problem with where I parked. E clerk stated that as a courtesy he would ask that I not park at safeway to shop at Nordstom, I told the clerk thank you and that I would also going to shop at safeway and proceeded to get in my car to move it closer to safeway doors and the 2nd leg of my shopping.
Before I could get my door closed I can hear the clerk yell ” I don’t know why you XXXXXing XXXXXXXXs parked here anyway”! My daughter exited the car to asked him what he said, although he said it loud enough for onlooker to turn and stare, I wanted to see if I heard him correctly. Instead he grabbed at his privet parts and told my teenaged daughter to ” suck his penis!”
Distraught and embarrassed I immediately pulled to the first park I saw at the front of the store and went for help, totally not believing what just happend. As I exited my car this employee was also entering the store, he headed to the back and I headed to the nearest register to ask for a manager.

By the time the manager approached the employee was back asking that the police be called. Not sure if that happened. What did happen was the store manager Ben Beede took me outside in front of the store doors where a steady flow of Caucasian customer are walking in and out, no privacy, no pen, no paper and proceeds to ask what happened? As I began to explain my duress, I am accosted by a Caucasian about where I parked to go get help! Store manager been is survey the parking lot as I’m talking never once empathized, apologized, or acknowledged anything I was saying to him so, feeling distraught, embarrassed, frustrated and scared, I jumped into my car and left.
30 minutes later i had made t home and was able to calm my daughter down, I called back to the store and spoke to Gerald Washington who advise that Ben Beede was gone he was a manager. I gave him a little insight to the situation, advised him that be did not ask for or get my information. Gerald took my information and advised that Darcie Shoen would contact me after the holiday weekend.
5/27/2014 Darcie Shoen contacted me apologized for the incident and advised me that I would hear from Dena.
5/28/2014 Deena called and basically wanted a brief summary of the incident, which I relayed to her. During he conversation she advised that the employee had been terminated and that did not represent safeway company in any form and that I worecieved a call rom district manager Kevin Lovell. I said ” ok ” but , advised Deena that at the time of the incident, that employee did represent safeway he was on the clock and in full uniform.
6/16 I have I not received a call from Kevin Lovell as I was told by Deena.
Called into safeway headquarters located in Pleasanton Ca, I was told Kevin was out of town and would call back. A few hour later Kevin did call back advising me hat he was not aware that I was expecting a call back. We had a brief conversation where he advised he was out of town and would make further contact upon his return 6/19/2014.
6/19/2014 Kevin Lovell called back and again I had to relive to horror, humiliation, and embarrassment and I told Kevin what me and my daughter went through on 5/23. He told me the employee he been terminated,apologized, asked what amount of compensation I was looking for? I told him that maybe he should speak to someone and make me an offer since every step of this process they have admitted fault/guilt regarding the incident. 6/20/2014 Kevin called back he asked for my home address so that he could send out a formal apology from safeway and $100 safeway gift card. Really???? Is this the treatment loyal customers receive???? I feel as though Kevin Lovell and whom ever thought this was sufficient also called us names and feel the exact same way as that employee or even Ben Beede for that matter, like it’s ok and was supposed to happen. That was a complete slap in the face as a customer and and and American citizen.
I’ve been a. Customer of safeway for the last 25+ years and my parents before that, I cannot believe the racism allowed in major corporations in 2014.

Since no one did anything further to rectify the situation, I am currently seeking legal help


Latasha May 5, 2014 at 10:23 pm

On dec.23rd 2013 someone wrecked me and my kissing a car accident. After we were discharged we stopped at Safeway from a block away from a town house we only just moved into 4 days prior. The doc said we should walk for blood flow. Plus our car was gone so we had no choice. We needed air anywAy. We also had no groceries and we were hungry. So as we walk into safewAy on north Fremont I can hardly tell what the custumer service sign above said acrossfr a female checker. I was looking for western union hours. I had a go green bag I purchased at chevron next door before I got into Safeway. Because I stopped for items Safeway doesn’t supply me with. Make a long story short… The checker kept staring at me and I was hoping she would assist me or someone else? So I asked her is the reason she’s looking at me and my children because of my face with stitches and blood my green bag? Or was she gonna say do I need any help? I say u must want to look in my bag huh? I just walked into he door and u can’t go any place near any store items when you are at custumer service. So she went ahead looked down in my bag and rolled her eyes like I was low class and my kids were up with me at 1am on a winter break so they are up because of the accident and we needed food so I shook my head and replied under my breath while walking away to continue to shop. I said you b***h… My kids did not hear. So while we shopped two men walked up to me and my kids and harassed us took our cart with no hesitation or considering the hell we have been through in one day plus it was almost Christmas and told us we can’t shop there get out or they will call the cops. I said why? He asked did I call the lady a b***h I said she heard me ? We’ll yes but do u know why and how she just made me feel earlier and I’m a loyal customer and just wAnted her to speak and not look in my bag or stare at me like she did. I said u guys are scaring my kids we just got out the hospital just moved also. He said he don’t care and said cops were coming so I called them right back! And made my own report! This happened from the same two men a second time in January with me and my daughter to employers took my cart of food would not let me buy them told me to leave and find another store to buy from? I’m like what?? Do you own this place or have papers for this? Or reason why? He said because I’m working my shift and I don’t want you in this store while I’m working and took off with my food! I had to get to a manager… I spoke to a guy name Robert told everything he apologizes but said he would have his boss call me but nobody ever set up nothing to end this! So I took further action called small claims and will be seeing those men or Safeway Fremont street in court! My kids are innocent don’t deserve that ! I have been a loyal costumer for to long!! That Safeway I moved next to is all bad in my eyes! Old fruit out of date at times also! Anyway I can keep going but I can’t fit everything into details! I’ll see you in June Safeway… We still live ya we just don’t deserve that type of treatment! It was unfair and cruel! Peace


seal May 5, 2014 at 11:21 am

Contact Safeway human resources. Then get your own lawyer and move forward with what you need.


Ashley April 28, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Had the worst experience in Safeway today! Location was Tucson, AZ Campbell & Broadway. I had decided to try this location out because my normal store has been out of the 2 items I have been looking for all week. At no surprise this location was out as well, so when I went up to the customer service for rain checks Andrea (lady at customer service) told me “no I couldn’t have a rain check because she knows there are some in the store & to go back and look for them.” Just to make sure I didn’t miss them I went back and looked, there were none on the shelf or an end cap. So I went back to her to get my rain check. She then said, “I know there are there someone told me” I then told her to go check for herself, she found nothing! She began to write the rain check & I asked for quantity of 3 for the item I was getting RC for. She then said, “No I get to determine the amount you are allowed to get.” I asked her to show me where there was a limit on the products, She could not show me where there was a limit so again I asked for limit of 3 on the RC, she told me no again. Not wanting to get in an argument I said fine just give me what you are going to give me. At that time she must have seen the 3 coupons I had in my had for the item I was looking for and then refused me a RC at all saying that “I wont give you a RC for an item you have a coupon for” I told here I have never heard of this “rule” before and her only response to that was “we reserve the right to refuse anyone a RC” I felt completely discriminated against just because I had a few coupons in my hand. Safeway has lost any future business from me or any member of my family!! I don’t expect this to be addressed and will be completely surprised if there is any thing done to correct this matter.


K S Langford May 19, 2014 at 10:28 am

Ashley – I shop at the Safeway on Grant & Craycroft. Employees there are the best. Could be – since there’s never many customers – they have the time to be nice. It’s pretty far away from you tho. The Safeway on Sunrise & Swan is big & everyone says hello there. Be glad you don’t shop at my old “upscale” Safeway in CA. NEVER any place to park & you take your life in your hands trying to get from the parking lot to the store…


Vicki Avila April 22, 2014 at 12:22 am

Today 4/21/2014 I went into the Safeway in Mount Vernon, Washington to take advantage of the ham still on sale for $1.29. They only had whole hams left at that price, so I picked one and went to the butcher to have it cut in half, which I have done in the past with many large cuts of meat at Safeway…I was told by the female butcher that 3 days before Easter a memo came down from corporate that stated that they could no longer cut ham for customers and I said so at Christmas when I buy a New York strip, I will not be able to have it cut to fit my pan and oven? She told me I would be able to get that cut, the memo was just for the ham…I trully don’t understand why I could not get the ham cut???? Needless to say I left the store with nothing, it is quite a drive for me to go to Safeway and I would have bought other items, but left with nothing and drove home…Does not seem like good customer service to loose customers and will cut one type of meat, but not another…So Sad… Vicki
P.S. I picked a very nice looking ham, it was the smallest whole one there and with the size of my family a 1/2 of ham is too big, but deal with it…by sending home leftovers with children and grandschildren…I am looking forward to your reply…Sincerely, Vicki


Rajiv and Tetiana April 3, 2014 at 5:23 am

Mr Robert L .Edwards
The CEO & President

5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd,
Pleasanton, CA-94588-3229

Legal: Harassment by Store Staff to a Customer-Request Formal complaint and Investigation.

Dear Robert L. Edwards,
on Wednesday night/ on April 02nd,and Thursday morning at 12.45 I went to store as I always do,there was lots of work going on,Jonathan,came up very rudely and used abusive words and said why are you shopping, here go to Walmart,I was shocked with his behavior, I told him the store is till open, and I am shopping, after that I put merchandise in my cart and was checking out well before 1am,and he said well you complained against me in past,and now the store is owned by Albertsons and ,you can see no one fired me,and no one can do any thing to me,so I wont let you check out,he pulled my cart, causing physical and mentall harassment,also used words like XXXXX you etc,I told him this is wrong,and I requested him to call law,which he refused,Mr Rick who works in store,came by who was very professional and was witness to later part,where he saw how badly I was treated,Jonathon also called me sand XXXXXXXX which is racially motivated,I am US Veteran and still serving, my spouse who was waiting outside for milk for baby was devastated, I showed when inside time on my phone also, when he pulled physically my cart. Also when asked fro store amngers name ,refused to furnish, said he is the only manager, and no one on top of him. He seemed very frustrated and very angry and very upset mood.
He is also disgruntled because ehe had applied job with us, but due to his girl friends poor performance, and back biting Safeway,we had refused employment.
He said he can do anything as he doesn’t have anyone on top of him,that night.
He was very unprofessional in past and a complaint was filed ,that’s the reason ,he was finding a opportunity to hurt our feelings and harassing us,we are regular customers of Safeway, and this is very wrong. We want to file a formal and legal legal complaint, although he said he is union member and no one can fire him or take any action against him.
This is USA and its a very serious matter.
Also all recording for the same incident are requested.We didn’t even complain about the dust and noise in the store, all other staff members in store are very nice, but we have also heard from other member’s ,he is been hiring family and friends from the closed Albertsons and cutting the hours of good employees. This is very unprofessional. We request a through investigation and want to file a formal complaint,MR Rick was there present in later part when he was snatching cart and literally pushing me out.
He is causing loss and a very bad reputation to the store, I am business owner and treat customers with respect. Also I am US Veteran and Still serving in reserves and a very honest citizen and a integral part of local society.
Also we will request all legal fees and damages up to $1000,000 if no action is taken against the person who harassed us ,physically and mentally.
How can you keep such night shift managers?
Copy of this letter is requested to CEO and CFO of the company.I have a MBA and a BSC,my spouse has masters in Sciece,we are really shocked with this behavior, and scared to go to the store, he was very rude and mean and harrsed us so much.
Our club card is under number ph#7065890768
God Bless United States Of America!
Rajiv and Tetiana Bhardwaj
incident time12.45 on Wednesday night at
Safeway Store
201/ 203 SW 20th St,
Emailed and faxed
Pl Fwd Copy to CFO


Rich Martinez March 22, 2014 at 7:46 pm

I bought some Hormel bacon at a Safeway Store in Colo. Springs Colo about two weeks ago. I opened a package to fry three slices. It didn’t fry up very good so I decided to take it back with two unopened packages for a refund. I was asked for my receipt which I didn’t have. The customer service employee told me she would refund me on the two but would not refund on the one that was missing three slices. I asked her if Safeway no longer had a customer satisfaction guarantee.She said hold on. She found the store manager and brought him to talk to me. He asked me for my receipt. He told me that he didn’t believe that I bought it at this store and told her not to refund me on any of the three packages. I left the store and bought around a hundred dollars of grocery’s at King Soopers in Colorado Springs. This store is owned by Kroger. I can’t believe Safeway would lose a customer for $3.99 for the open package. The other two were unopened with a code date of April 25, 2014. The store is located at 6520 South Academy in Colorado Springs Colorado 80906. My Safeway card number is 44011990108 if you would like to check my purchase on this bacon that was bought at this store in the first or second week in March.


Blake Hannigan February 20, 2014 at 11:38 pm

I was in the los gatos union ave store at 8pm on Feb 20. There were more than 10 people in line waiting, The only line open was the express lane. Andrew the checker was rude and not in a hurry to help customers. When asked about getting more help he told us that if we complained he would refuse to help us and have us thrown out of the store, and if we did not like it we could leave. I worked for Safeway for ten years and we would never treat a customer like that. I guess they do not need the business. I will call the corporate office on Friday morning. I would avoid the los gatos store at all costs


katarina dunmar January 22, 2014 at 7:35 pm

hello is there anyway to contact corporate office
if a person is interested in forming an alliance with safeway?
i am interested in doing business with safeway it is difficult to know how to form a contract or good deal without the proper meeting/contract with appropriate management and executive teamworks’
i have business proposal


Karen Love January 20, 2014 at 10:08 pm

I was in a Safeway in Kent Washington and slipped and fell on a puddle of water that was in the middle of the floor. I was getting yogurt and slipped. While on the floor I noticed that there were three rolls of paper towels stuffed under the cool and they had soaked up all the water they could, the rest formed a puddle in the middle of the floor. I now have a $320 dollar doctor bill that Safeway says they are not responsible. I would like to talk to someone about this. Had the leak been taken care of properly I would have fallen. I’m not sure how Safeway can say they are not responsible for my fall. I just want my doctor bills paid.


martha January 9, 2014 at 5:01 pm

I live in Pollock Pines Ca 95726, I go to your Starbucks everyday same drink for the last 8 years. First off, your manager Ashley, is rude and condisending to other employees in the kiosk, she does not smile or even guive customers the time of day, she is too busy ridiculing other employees. this is not exceptable and very uncomfortable to me as a customer and im sure to others. Next for the last 6 drinks i have gotten in there they have been made wrong by an employee named Sarah who has been there long enough to know how to make drinks correct and today her attitude was the same as her managers rude and very unfriendly. Working in customer service myself I find this to be emplorable and Ashley as a manager needs to learn respect for others because it is rubbing off to other employess and moral is not good. thank you so much for your time.


Jacinta Parker August 25, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jacinta Parker residing in Maryland. I would like to report an accident with one of your drivers where I was rammed into and knocked into a guard rail on the highway. I would like to make a formal complaint and speak with someone during normal business hours. I have lacerations to the back of my head and my neck and shoulder are both out of place. It is my hope that I will be put in touch with a live person at the Corporate HQ office tomorrow morning to go into greater detail and find out who this driver was to do a hit and run that almost killed me.


Terrance Orton June 17, 2013 at 11:22 pm

In light of the upcoming GMO labeling initiative in Washington state (which is going to pass) What are you doing to increase and price level food offering of organics in your stores?

I see huge amounts of cancerous Monsanto items on your shelves, but very few Healthy choices at reasonable prices. Are you looking to lose business to Fred Meyer? They actually care about their customers health.


Kelly Carrizosa June 7, 2013 at 6:09 pm

I am on hold for the third time this week attempting to reach someone on the 1.877.SAFEWAY number. So far, it has been 22 mins. The first 2 times I called, I exercised option #1 to leave a message for someone to return my call. No one did. I am hoping that this message will get seen and someone will contact me.


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