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Rite Aid Corporate Office Address

Rite Aid Corporation
30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011

Contact Rite Aid

Phone Number: (717) 761-2633
Fax Number: (717) 975-5871
Website: http:/www.riteaid.com
Email: Email Rite Aid

Rite Aid Facts

Founder: Alexander Grass
Date Founded: 1962
Founding Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Number of Employees: 52160

Rite Aid Executives

CEO: John T. Standley
CFO: Darren W. Karst
COO: Bryan Everett

Rite Aid History

Rite Aid started in 1962 in Scranton, PA by Alexander Grass.  The first store was called Thrif D Discount Center.

By 1965, the chain had expanded into 5 states, mostly through acquisitions.  By 1972, the chain had over 270 stores in 10 states and in 1981 it became the 3rd largest drugstore chain in the US.

Acquisitions in the 80s and 90s included Gray Drug in 1987, Read’s Drug Stores in the Baltimore area and 114 stores from Lane Drug of Ohio.  Hooks Drug Stores were acquired from Revco in 1994, Perry Drug Stores of Michigan were purchased in 1995 and Thrifty Payless in 1996.

Rite Aid currently has over 4700 locations and is still the 3rd largest drug store behind CVS and Walgreens.  The Rite Aid corporate office is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Rite Aid FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Rite Aid?
Answer 1: The phone number for Rite Aid is (717) 761-2633.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Rite Aid?
Answer 2: The CEO of Rite Aid is John T. Standley.

Question 3: Who founded Rite Aid?
Answer 3: Rite Aid was founded by Alexander Grass in 1962.

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Jane Elam June 12, 2019 at 11:11 am

I recently went into my Rite Aid in North Bend, Oregon store 05379 to pick up a prescription I phoned in. I gave my birthday and name, the cashier said it wasn’t ready. I had phoned in the order almost two weeks prior. So I asked the young woman cashiering to ask the pharmacist if they received my order. She said yes, but my doctor had not responded to the request. This is where it all went south. I asked the cashier to ask the pharmacist if I could have a few pills until I could straighten this out. Here comes the eye roll, ok she’s young. The previous pharmacist had told me not to stop taking this medication abruptly. Blood pressure medicine. So now I’m concerned as to why my doc didn’t get back to them, hopefully he’s not on vacation. Out comes the Pharmacist herself yelling at me that it’s not their fault and I must immediately call my doctor. I tell her my doctor wasn’t in on Wednesdays, that I would certainly email him as soon as I got home. Now she’s practically foaming at the mouth. I told her I didn’t say it was their fault. She starts waving three fingers at me, as that’s the number of pills I could have. Then she orders me to go sit down it will be half and hour. She actually said “now go sit down it will be half and hour.” I couldn’t believe it, My old pharmacists would have handled it so much differently. Chris would have resent the order and asked me to follow up too. I love this store and am saddened that I won’t be shopping there anymore. I love the people there Carol and Janice up front. The manager is always helpful. I went home and emailed my doctor and the next day I picked up my prescription at Walgreens. At least its still in the family. Good bye Rite Aid it’s been a god run. If you have a chance you might want to tell your new pharmacist at the North Bend. Oregon store that customers can’t fix a problem if they don’t know there’s a problem and kindness goes a long way. I’m wondering if she treats all elderly people like she treated me. To the young eye roller. I’m pushing seventy and by the looks of it, in my diminishing compacity, I’m still smarter than you’ll ever be
Jane Elam.


Jim May 24, 2019 at 11:03 pm

Recently I had an incident in the parking lot of my local Rite Aid. The guy that hit my wife’s car attempted to blame me. I got pissed and became verbally aggressive. When I told him that the camera had saw the incident he stated he would say whatever I wanted him to. I got more pissed.
His insurance is paying 100% and now when I go into that store I am constantly scrutinized, . which I don’t appreciate. I have never don e anything inside of the store to warrant this type of negative attention. I will never shop at Rite Aid again.


Helen L. Wells May 21, 2019 at 9:15 am



Cheryl smith November 8, 2018 at 11:17 am

Tuesday, Nov 6. At 9 am I went to South Fayette ,Pa Medexpress
and received a diagnosis of uti. I received 2 prescription to be filled. I proceeded to Rite Aid in Chartiers Ave in Bridgeville .I pulled up to the drive through window. Push the call button and waited. When the clerk came to window U said hello and she rudely answered we are very busy. If that is prescriptions to be filled they can not be filled until tommorrow. I said you are kudding. She said no. I left the window and I knew I was in to much pain to park and go in and confront them.I went to Giant Eagle instead. I have been a loyal customer of this site and since the doors were opened. I would like some answers to why I was not able to be taken care of that day.


April October 18, 2018 at 8:30 pm

2nd complaint made in regards to Security at the door he makes my daughter and I very nervous from the time we walk in to the time we leave he follows us around (acts like he’s tending to other things in our vicinity) he is super creepy smiling at my daughter. She is recovering from an eating disorder so we read labels and take our time..all the other employees are super nice friendly as we are regular customers. It was brought to my attention as well he is a registered sex offender. His actions make us very uncomfortable to the point I complained to the manager and he was spoken to…now after a few months again he is exhibiting behavior, being very invasive making my daughter and I uncomfortable to the point she put some items back. I complained to the nice girl at the counter and will be calling Corp HQ in the morning as it is after hours…


April October 19, 2018 at 7:05 am

Store In question is the Yreka Store


Darlene July 16, 2018 at 1:04 pm

The worst drugstore employees at Rite Aid are the employees that work in the Mule Road, Toms River NJ store. They are ignorant! EVERY single time my doctor calls in my script there is an issue. Even when i call in a refill there is an issue.
The last straw was this weekend. I was out of my birth control and asked my doctor to call in a refill, which his office did. I called Rite Aid on Sunday, 7/15/18, to see if my script was ready.
Low and behold, they have no script for me. The person answering the phone insisted my script was not called in. This morning, 7/16/18, i called my doctors office and they assured me my refill was called into the drugstore. I explained what i was told by the Rite Aid employee. My doctors office called the drugstore and they must have spoken to someone that was not a nit-wit. My script was there are filled. THIS HAPPENS OVER and OVER.
the Rite Aid corp office needs to step in and employee people that can read or at the very least try to go the extra mile to help the customer. Rite Aid, try going to your Mule Road, Toms River NJ location and do a complete overhaul on your drugstore.


Willian Toto July 5, 2018 at 8:58 am

The Rite aid in West Babylon 729 Sunrise Hwy should loose their license ( if there is one) to fill drugs. Every time I order my Husbands meds there is a problem we have to order the meds every single month the same thing. I was told many, many times they would order extra it never happens. So now I have fixed the problem I pulled everything and went to CVS. My husband is a COPD patient and had lung cancer I confided in them and still was treated with bull. I will never use rite aid again! BYE and Gods Speed you lost a lot


Mark December 28, 2017 at 11:15 am

Rite aid in Springvale Maine is the worst. My Dr. ordered a prescription by fax for pain meds in anticipation of an upcoming back surgery. The drugstore took it upon themselves to change the amount of tablets (30 less) than prescribed and could not explain why to even the Dr. when he called to find out why. This is the third time I have had issues with this drugstore in the past year and all I get is I will talk to the person I am sorry but it never happens. I will not be going back there and I will be filing a complaint with the board of pharmacology.


Sherry November 27, 2017 at 3:33 pm

I cannot believe the customer service at my local Rite Aid. They are RUDE and Unprofessional, not to mention UNINFORMED. Here is what happened today. I am on a blood pressure med, which I run out of tomorrow. I was told, VERY RUDELY that there was no more produced of this type and that I would have to call my Doctor to switch meds. I called another drugstore and found out this was a total fabrication. What is true is there is a shortage of med but I can get another milligram to take of same med. My doctor just has to call that in. Every time I go this same head of the drugstore is VERY RUDE!!! Perhaps someone should mention without us she gets no salary!!!!!!


Colleen November 18, 2017 at 8:35 pm

I have an issue with a pharmacist at the local Rite Aid where I live. He has apparently taken on the role of Doctor, as he decides what prescription he is going to fill or not fill. I have taken my prescriptions there and he told me (quite rudely) that he would not fill my 2 prescriptions and to have a “nice day”. After I called and complained to the manager, he did tell me why he won’t fill these 2 prescriptions together, but here’s the problem……when did he get a medical degree? I would think that if a REAL doctor prescribes for his patients, he knows what he’s doing. What is really wild is: I just went to this Rite Aid and got BOTH prescriptions filled!!!! That particular pharmacist was off duty. If Rite Aid is to adopt a policy regarding the filling of prescriptions then it should be ALL the time, not just when one particular individual is working or not. I would LOVE to speak with someone at corporate regarding this issue, as I plan on contacting the media and my congressman. What this pharmacist is doing id=s WAY out of line. He’s not God, and he sure as heck is NOT a doctor and should not filling or not filling prescriptions at HIS discretion.
I appreciate ANY assistance you may be able to provide. I have listed my email above
Colleen Ford


mary burton August 5, 2017 at 11:47 am

I and several others in Hubbard manor have a problem with dogs being allowed in store and no I dont mean service dogs a persons pet(joyce kuley and weeman). She takes and walks it all round store, sometimes even puts it in buggy and pushes it around store. I have told Nick bout it couple times and it continues. If a person is allergic to dogs or has open sores this could cause illness and death. Rules need to be set and obeyed specially when it comes to around food and drugstore…


LINDA JARVIS August 2, 2017 at 12:00 am



Aldena Al-tememy October 31, 2017 at 1:09 pm

Yes Linda Jarvis!!! They filled the wrong prescription for my minor son!! He had a prescription for penicillin and instead gave him an anti psychotic for quetiapine!! They promised a call back to look into it and they NEVER called back. I had to call them back. My son had actually taken one of the tablets and I called poison control. The only response was “it is the lowest dose of that medication so it shouldn’t have any major side effects”. The side effect is you through YOUR negligence prescribed an incorrect medication. They couldn’t have seemed to care less!


Kimberly A. Keller June 29, 2017 at 5:31 pm

Hello, my name is Kim,
I have been going to Rite Aid for over 25 years. I have always loved the products, brands, service, rewards programs and the people. My husband got laid off 1- 1/2 yrs. ago. Subsequently, I lost my insurance. My 4 prescriptions cost $450.00 cash monthly. I have been paying that for 1- 1/2 yrs. now. I was talking to someone and they told me to try Costco. I went to Costco and the same 4 prescriptions (same brands, etc) cost me $32.00.
I was stunned…I cried and cried. I could not believe it..i had them double check. It has made it a hardship. I am so sad and mad and feel betrayed. None of the employees offered any advise…..even just as good people. Rite Aid charging me $450/mo. instead of $32/mo. is hideous, non-human to do to your faithful customers or anyone. I can’t even express how I feel about this from the depth of my soul – how you could do that. I didn’t have the money but I had to have the four prescriptions…..Shame on the company and the employees for accepting that was ok. I pray you may find it in your heart and conscience to possibly reimburse me what you can or feel is right.
Kimberly A. Keller


Kathy Bronstein June 3, 2017 at 7:12 pm

This is the second time this has happened. I dropped off a prescription at 2:40 p.m., I asked the pharmacist if she needed my identification. She stated no, took the script and went on to the next customer. When I returned to the store, 15 min. Before closing, the pharmacist stated that it won’t be filled until tomorrow. I stated that I dropped it off so that I would have my meds prior to having surgery the next day. Stated I would not be able to pick up tomorrow. She became very rude, walked away from us. ” We close in 10 min”. Very poor customer service. I asked her why she didn’t call me or ask me that when I was here earlier, she stated I left, but I didn’t, I asked her if she needed anything. I drove to CVS which was closing and he took my script and filled it in less than 5 minutes. Thank you CVS. Please go teach” Kelli” at rite aid some professional manners. I will never step foot in that store again.


Catherine Franz May 19, 2017 at 6:08 pm

I have been purchasing water for my tax office at Store 11229 for over 12 years now every week. Today was the first time I ever received poor service. I had to look up and down every row trying to find someone to help me with the water. I couldn’t find anyone. They were all in the back room, I heard voices back there and went into the back room and called out for assistance. Roger came out and scolded me for being in that back room. Scolded me like I was a 5 year. He continued to be rude. I pointed to the water I normally buy and asked if there was any Black Cherry, I saw the Peach. I asked him to put a case of Peach in my cart I brought. He just looked at me and continued to tell me to “get out”. He told me to buy what was on the floor and pointed to get out. I told him I buy the unopened cases…and couldn’t even finish. I grabbed one case put it in the basket (I’m 70 and handicap FYI). Someone always helps me. He continued to be rude. I asked for the manager and he just ignored me. I purchased one case (the cashier was wonderful and we know each other well). Cisco came from the back and helped place the case in my car like he usually does (he’s fantastic too). Roger was scolding him for helping me too. This guy is soooooo rude. I can’t remember ever being treated so badly in 20 years. Please fire him or transfer him. If I see him in the store I’m going to walk out. I love the flavored water you sell and buy lots of it especially during tax season many times 3-4 cases a week. I am disappointed though because the store hasn’t had any Black Cherry in over 2 months. My employees, myself, and my clients love that flavor. Catherine, when she was there was always trying to get me some but for some reason she couldn’t get it any more.


sherry May 5, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Our local Rite Aid has never been prompt caring or professional, I have had to call them every month for the last 3 or 4 months asking where my heart medications are, although I am ON the supposedly AUTO MATIC refill. !! It does not matter!!!! Every month I have to call them !!!!! ,it is never ready and i always have to wait. I have spoke with the manager, ( Rusty ) twice about this ,it does no good,each month it’s the same,.NO medications, here it is the 5 of MAY and I am out of my heart medications and again I will have to call them . for the last time,!! I am transferring,!! Rite Aid does not care about you or your conditions no matter how grave, Never again will I trust or use RITE AID.. Be wary be afraid,your life depends on you ,never trust Rite Aid with it.. It won’t be there on time,and you will be without your needed medications …This Rite Aid is located in Hopk, Ky at 2626 Ft. Campbell Blvd 270 56025,and it sucks


Diana C Walsh March 19, 2017 at 6:21 pm

After 15 years of being a Rite Aid Customer, I have decided to shop elsewhere.
The experience I had at the Ellenville New York store was truly unprofessional and all beyond reason.
On March 16, I called and inquired wirh Donna what the status was concerning a creme that required a pre-aurhorization. She was very abrupt and said its not her responsiblity to get the authorization , its the doctors office and hung up on me. I called back and said ” its really rude to hung up on a customer” and I do realiaze your busy but how am supposed to know there is a problem with the authorization if no onw communicates that with me. Again she stated thats “not her job.” I said well tomorrow is st. Patricks day was a leprechaun supposed to tell me..?.Really the script is sitting there 6 days so how am i supposed to know there is an issue…? unless someone tells me. I had left 2 messages durning the week. She again hung up on me.
I was across the street with friends having coffee. I went into the store to pick up my asthma medicatiob that was ready. The other drugstore tech asked my name and if i was there to drop off or pick up. As soon as I told the tech my name….Donna came over and started yelling at me that no one curses at her and calls her a leprechaun. I told her I did not curse at all in fact that I dont want to deal with her that the other tech was getting my scripts. Donna in front of other customers, told me that she was calling the police to have me removed from thw store. I said go ahead call them please because you will look very foolish! How dear you talk to me like this. She was yelling that I give her a hard time evety time I am in the store. Wow….I told the tech that was pulling my scripts that were ready that clearly she must have me confused with someone else because my neighbor has been picking up my medication. Donna continued to insult me in front of customers , I repeated told her to stop. She insisted that i was a nasty person last month? Wow …I have cancer and seriously dont need the stress. Last month my friend picked up my medication and other items I needed. I remember all the employees Tracy Michele and others. All watched there kids grow up. Always pleasant. I never in over 15 years ever had a problem with anyone at RiteAid till now. To be threatened that she is calling police because I supposedly called her a leprechan on the phone concerns me. I have alot of police officers in my family. I treat people with respect. I invited her to call the police as I was not doing anything wrong . To think that someone that unstable is filling my prescriptions is the reason I feel there is no other recourse but to do business with another drugstore. I am really upset by this experience and will miss shopping at Rite Aid.


Kim Jenkins September 30, 2016 at 5:06 pm

This is NOT spam J. Brigs ! Please call my phone number or I will get in touch with the TV media and tell them my story! 865-454-XXXXX


Kim Jenkins September 30, 2016 at 4:54 pm

My wife and I had a verybad experience at Store #1309 in Oliver Springs, TN. We had all her medications filled there the first of the week. For her terminal blood disease and other medical conditions. Sadly, all the employees we encountered were rude and the service SLOW. In fact we waited over 30 minutes in line for one that was already filled. Then yesterdat on 9/29/16, we stopped on the way home. At the time the Pharmacist Kalynd (Last Name Unknown). Waited on us at the drive thru, where I asked him to transfer our business back to Riddle Drugs Store. He asked why, and I told him, because they are, rude, slow and we could not understand his English with his accent. He thumped on the window calling me a racist,and said he would call the police and have me arrested for a racial slur. I told fine I would welcome him calling them. He kept saying I warn you, over and over. This upset my wife greatly and myself as well. Never shall we do business with this store. I called the district office in Nashville and a regional mgr called and apologixzed, but he had no reason to apologize. I want this man Kalynd fired, and I think we should be compensated. My dash cam got the whole thing. I just tried calling the Corporate Office and got voice mail. Give e a call at 865-454-XXXXX. K. Jenkins


bethie August 24, 2016 at 10:58 pm

I have been a customer since Rite Aid @58-01 Queens Blvd Woodside NY opened. For many years, I have spent thousands of dollars every year – buying my parents prescription medicine, diaper, over the counter medicine, vitamins, toiletries, kitchen cleaning stuff, dishwasher soaps, sodas, ice cream, cookies, greeting cards, gift cards, coffees, sugar, milk and a lot more. For two weeks, i have been looking for taster choice instant regular coffee in two Rite Aid location in Woodside -for two weeks!!! I was just there tonight looking for coffee again and spoke to the manager on duty @58-01 location who’d been giving me so many unsatisfactory answer! I’m so frustrated! To add to my frustration, the woman in the register doesn’t know how to do the discount using my phone number! All i want is customer satisfaction otherwise I’d start going to Duane Reade who


no name August 9, 2016 at 12:14 am

Folsom, CA Rite Aid drugstore on E. Bidwell horrid. Employees accuse customers of being rude, nasty, etc. (when not true). Screw up prescriptions (“moving” prescriptions from Workers Comp to private insurers without notifying customers if “denied”)…”fill” prescriptions WITHOUT asking (or needing).


no name August 7, 2016 at 6:44 pm

I am writing in regard to your store #11325 in Winston Salem,N.C. I have been a customer there for several yrs & have a lot of prescriptions filled which I was very pleased with the previous employee there but you really have some rude people back there now & if it doesn’t change I am going else where.. You people make a lot of money from me & I will not be treated like that. The only nice person in the drugstore is the lady who takes the prescriptions who has been there for yrs.. I don’t know where Charlie went but I sure wish he was back. At least he had respect. I am sure Walgreens or CVS would like to have my money.


Melissa Grau July 8, 2016 at 5:01 pm

A couple of weeks ago, my purse was stolen from a shopping cart. The perpetrators immediately traveled to the Rite Aid drugstore in Marysville, OH and spent $266. When the police investigated this transaction, a clerk remembered the people who completed that transaction. When asked if they could release the security film, the police were told that, in spite of there being security cameras in the store, they were not used. I can’t understand this. Why have security cameras? My case might have been resolved if they were in use.


Florine Watkins July 18, 2016 at 2:32 pm

I was in the Riteaide store downtown New Haven the cashier waited on me and when I took my purse out with 80.00 to pay for money orders. I left the counter to use ATM machine which 2 males and a woman was.using the machine to wire money. I left the machine went back to counter and.didn’t have.my change purse notify cashier she went tell someone over an hour no one came to help me. The.security gyard said the camera doesn’t work. Had they came immediately this could have been resolved. One worker said you should have laid it.down the cashier knew I had the money. Police were in the on some other.business and could have taken my statement I am out of 80.00 due to neglected workers.


Robert N. Walker III June 7, 2016 at 10:25 pm

My wife and I went to the store on Hwy. 231 Wetumpka, AL. tonight. When we walked in there were 6 people waiting at the register and no employees to be seen. While waiting to be seated I went to look at the salad bar and buffet. There were 4 different pizzas with a total of 7 pieces of dried up pizza and the salad bar looked like it had nor been cleaned or restocked since lunch. After about 10 minutes a woman came and asked us if we were picking up a to go order. We told her no and she told us to sit where we wanted to. My wife asked her if she was the only one working and she said yes and that she was sorry. She fixed our drinks and took our order of a large hand tossed pizza and bread sticks. While we sat there 3 different people left without there order. 35 minutes after we ordered I went to the register and stood there for 5 minutes before being acknowledged. I asked the woman about my my order and she stood there with a deer in the headlights look. She asked a guy making pizza’s were my pizza was. He told her mine was at the end of the board to be made. She came back and told me my bread sticks would be up in a minute. I saw 8 pizzas being made and roughly 10 pizza’s being loaded up for delivery. I asked her how long on the pizza and she said she did not know. I told her I needed to pay for my drinks so we could leave. The only positive in our experience is she told me I did not have to pay for our drinks. We will never go to or order from the Pizza Hut in Wetumpka, AL again.


Anthony June 7, 2016 at 7:41 pm

My sister inlaw is hard working college student to work for Rite Aid for couple months now couple times when she came home from work she was very upset she’s only scheduled to come in a few days a week and she’s only making $9 hourly there are newly workers that are hired and I’m making more than her that has not been there as long as my sister-in-law and they’re getting paid more money for the same job cashier on top of this when my sister-in-law does feelings for other people that take off of work she was promised overtime but she has not gotten over time for her hours for her shift coverages she mentioned it many times to her supervisor and store manager and still no word on why she did not get paid properly she went to classes for the drugstore section as she was told she can go to classes to be a drugstore technician helper or associate and she still never got paid for her classes which was told she will get paid to take those classes because that’s what Rite Aid offers to help them to get a better position she has been treated unfairly and has taken verbal abuse all she wants to do is do her job she loves to work she’s just tired of being misled buy her higher-ups who do not keep their word on extra hours to expand her schedule and they did not wish to work with her College schedule which she was told that Rite Aid does help out with that and they want their workers to better themselves so they would work with their College schedule their school schedule but they do not she does not want any problems and I really feel for her because there’s not one job will your worker that you have to eat the crap that comes from your boss it’s life but when you’re messing with some buddies money that they worked honestly for and when you’re also dealing with a boss that talks very highly of her on her work ethic but yet fails to comply with the extra hours to expand his schedule and to pay her correctly that’s a problem let’s not forget abuse of power I read most of the comments on here and I see a lot of people letting out their complaints and their concerns and I see a lot of people lashing back as if it was a tach on a personal level I just don’t understand why somebody’s concern should hurt somebody else it’s just a concern it should be addressed in a professional manner my sister-in-law does not know I’m leaving this comment but I really feel for her because she’s trying her best to do what she needs to do in life and finding a job is not really easy especially these days so she’s not picky she is a hard worker and I do believe hard work get you far but in her case it gets her crap to all those workers that are dealing with all these issues I’m sure it’s easy to say just leave the job if you don’t like it but that’s not easy option it’s not easy finding a job where’s the professionalism that Rite Aid is lacking on their employees is a lot of people out there that abuse their power that store managers floor managers that shouldn’t even be in that position whatever happened to trying to make a workplace more of an active place of work the way I see it everybody is there for a reason to work and make money why mess with your employees just because you had a bad day why go ahead and when a cashier is going on break why not let that cashier sign out and let the one that’s taking over sign in like it’s supposed to be I never heard of letting a cashier go on break and just having someone cover for them and at the end of the day if the cashier register is over or under and the cashiers get in trouble not the supervisors or managers it’s a lack of leadership and professionalism by the supervisors the managers and the store managers corporate really needs to do the research on how their employees are being treated. Rite Aid should really do a clean sweep and get rid of all the trash and give out the positions to the real hard workers who deserve it and know what they’re doing and follow rules and regulation


Anthony June 7, 2016 at 7:45 pm

Apparently spell check in speech to text needs to be updated on my behalf I do apologize if what I wrote was misleading due to the spell check not operating well in his speech to text but I do hope what you will truly understand what I’m trying to say thank you and if anyone has any information on how I can reach
CEO: John T. Standley
CFO: Frank G. Vitrano
COO: Kenneth A. Martindale

I will be very grateful because they need to launch an investigation or do some kind of Undercover Boss and start cleaning up the trash


Rosemary Q April 5, 2016 at 12:27 pm

Its a big contradiction when you promote HEALTH AND WELLNESS yet sell Beer , liquor , Cigarettes and Ice cream . Yet “Providing” Health benefits . Alcoholism , Cancer and Diabetes . You are part of the problem and act like you are the solution . Corporate =Money and Profit not well being of others . May you sleep well at night ……


Nicole April 19, 2016 at 10:05 am

What I find interesting is people like Rosemary Q who judge everyone and everything because she doesn’t doesn’t have the time or courageto look in the mirror and find all of her flaws. Rosemary, the people of this country have just voted to legalize pot, yet they want to do away with cigarettes. Pot smoking is 50x worse on your lungs and also to those around you (second hand) It also kills brain cells. Beer and wine do NOT CAUSE ALCOHOLISM. Emotional or addictive personalies do. As far as Ice cream, you should be embarressed by referring to the treat as a cause of diabetes. Your comment is ridiculous.


Rosemary Q May 6, 2016 at 1:24 pm

You must be a beer drinking , wine drinking 3 pack a day smoker who eats a gallon of ice cream on a daily basis …. I’m sorry Nicole , was this your Corporate page ?


Angel June 22, 2016 at 1:54 pm

you’re an idiot.


Sue V November 30, 2016 at 11:24 pm

Angel, if you can’t contribute something of a real arguement against what Rosemary is saying, then I don’t see how your comment is helpful! … First state WHY she is an idiot!

Yvonne September 13, 2016 at 1:01 pm

Beer, liguor, ice cream…..? YOU ARE NOT THE DIET POLICE !!!! I was raised in a household where parents were vegan. I am a true vegan also.I am very old now. …still play tennis 2x a week, walk in marathons, etc. I encourage my friends to eat healthy,,,,,ENCOURAGE, NOT DICTATE . You can not dictate what people eat, there’s freedom to eat too much; too much sugar, too much salt in diet, drink beer. I do not try to force people to eat vegan just because I do!



Stacy Marie Hale April 1, 2016 at 11:27 am

Hi , Iam truly just asking for some people to do what they get paid for. Every month when picking up my prescriptions I seem to run in to problems. I work a very hard job in the medical field with very long hours. At no time with my job could I ask someone to wait 30 mins. For service. They also have given me the impression that they are doing me a favor. I work a lot of over nights in the ER. So when I stop to pickup my prescription at 9am they are still closed. It just seems like Iam bothering them. Please find some way to retrain these employee in the drugstore. West Seneca location on Seneca St


Glenn Barmore March 29, 2016 at 4:15 pm

I went to Rite Aid in Hanover, PA and was told by the pharmacist that my insurance would not cover all of my meds she tried to tell me that it’s for 30 days and that all she was going to give me was enough for 21 days. She showed me some paperwork stating that this was from my insurance, so I went to CVS and they didn’t have no problem at all filling it. This was the second time this pharmacist tried this, once with me and another with a friend of mine. I believe that this is her way of scamming the customers out of their meds. Her name is Gladys and it’s the South Hanover Rite Aid.


Anonymous April 12, 2016 at 3:32 pm

This complaint is against you Corporate.. There are complaints on this database because of you. Your system is corrupted. You don’t care about your Staff’s health or even safety…Rite Aid…I am writing this complaint as a husband of a busy Rite-Aid drugstore/Store and I am writing this on behalf of all the husbands. First of all, I think that it is ridiculous, the hours that you make these pharmacists work. They approximately put in 10-13 hours of hard labor, when they are working. On top of the hours, there are people, who are druggies, come to their pharmacies barging in and causing problems. Then they attack these pharmacists by contacting Corporate. Before you put all of these allegations on the database, do a background check on the person who is complaints, do some research on the history of their Drug abuse. Usually, these types of people complaint. I am complaining about you because my wife is a pharmacist and I am concerned about her stability and health. If anything happens to her, God Forbid, You will be liable.
These pharmacists have worked relentlessly. I know because I live with one. They don’t even take breaks at times. I wanted to talk to you about that also. When will Rite-Aid, look after their pharmacists? Is that going to be when the pharmacists collapse without eating any food or when the husbands have multiple law-suits against Rite- Aid. There should be a lunch break for 15 mins, where the drugstore should be shut down…Just how there is in Target. Enough is Enough Corporate. Stop trying to make profit by putting lives in danger. Enough is Enough.
When the pharmacist asks or puts in a request to go on a vacation, they are denied of their vacation. Where does this happen? They should not be denied of their vacation days, which they are entitled to. The schedulers with HS diplomas should not make decisions, and the schedulers should provide them with replacements. If they cannot do their job, they should be replaced. Why would I suffer, if my wife did not get days off? After all, these pharmacists have earned their Pharm-D’s. Hats off to all Pharmacists. Don’t get discouraged of all these negative comments that people have put on this corporate website. If you do not adhere to my concerns, I will go over and beyond my means and even include media in this, if I have to. This one compliment on all Pharmacists should be good enough to wipe out all the negative comments.

Corporate-Please leave your comment on this website and the action that you are going to take to rectify the concerns.

Husband of a very Hard working RPH


Linda May 24, 2016 at 11:46 am

OK Anonymous, how the hell did you snag a pharmacist? You can’t even spell. Your wife’s a big girl and if she needs to take a break, go to the bathroom, or go on vacation she can. She doesn’t need you defending all pharmacists. “God forbid anything happens to her, corporate will be liable”, hahahahaha. Why, because you’ll lose the family’s only income? People have complaints and this is the place to leave them. You my man, are a joke.


Anonymous says March 29, 2016 at 2:47 pm

Anonymous says
I called the Chester Pike Pharmacist and was told basically I was that their were 5 calls behind me and the she really had any time with me again. I then processed to tell her that I will contact their corporate office to make the complaint. She then processed to tell me how stressful her job was and that she was frustrated with the whole faxing over my script was getting to be. I let her know that this a part of her job and if she couldn’t handle it she needed to find employment else where, she then begin to she she didn’t recall telling me that she had other calls the happened on 3/28/16 @ 2:35pm I made a complaint and was assured that her supervisor would be contacting me through their main office in Camp Hill Pa. .WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS MATTER AND NEED TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT THE SAME AS THE PHARMACIST WOULD GIVE IF SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT. BOTTOM LINE IS IF CAN’T DO THE JOB THEN FIND EMPLOYMENT ELSE NOT WORKING DIRECTLY IN THE PUBLIC.


Ray Larkin November 4, 2016 at 11:54 am

utI never give any thought to anyone who signs “Anonymous”. If it was important to you you would put your name on it


Brenda McBride March 20, 2016 at 8:40 pm

I have a request for one of your Executives. (Mr Standley, Vitrano or Martindale)

Please have one of them give me a call.

My Email:

bmcbride at hometownbanc.com
Cell: 304-531-XXXXX



william March 14, 2016 at 11:25 pm

stop paying std and ltd to a co (s) ,who do not care prudential and riteaid .each ceo got 5m for lieing ….if you go out on mloa, … dc hr in pa, got fired for lieing to unemployment compensation ref .they did not pay my std or ltd benefits. they own me 180 days plus worker comp


Debby March 10, 2016 at 7:37 pm

I don’t know what kind of “executive” decisions are being made at rite aid headquarters, but whatever is happening I believe you are leaving the most important ingredient in your decision making process out. That ingredient would be THE CUSTOMER!!!! This is the second month in a row I couldn’t get my medicine filled. It’s a catch 22!! They aren’t aloud to hold prescriptions month by month anymore….but they can’t ORDER the patches I need until I bring the script in. By then there is at least a 3 day waiting period until the medicine gets to the store!! WHAT?!?!!!! Your “new policies” need to be thrown right out the window. Stop thinking about the revenue…what happened to rite aids customer care setvice? I’ve moved to Haagen’s drugstore. See ya!!!!!


Janna Valentine March 5, 2016 at 12:38 pm

I just tried to call your corporate office! Apparently you closed on weekends -I am very upset over the amount of time it takes to get prescriptions filed in your Harrisville, WV store. This continues to happen over and over. There are not enough employees in the drugstore and people are fed up with waiting! It’s ridiculous how long it takes! Example: I dropped off a prescription at 6m last night and at noon today it had not been touched! Again………..This happening all too often – last time I took the prescription back after waiting over and hour to Hometown drugstore – in which it was filled in less than 10 minutes! I’m sure they would love to have my business!


Peggy L. Board February 1, 2016 at 10:31 am

I have had several bad experiences with the drugstore department. #1, i went to the store personally to drop off paper rx’s & then spoke to the pharmacist to have the other medications due for refill that month ready for the next day to pick them all up @ once. Well I over-heard one of the drugstore employees saying that because I hadn’t picked up the rx’s already ready to be filled that month not picked up earlier that month, (due to being on a budget). Then the drugstore employee assured me that there was no problem to come in the next day, all of them would be filled. Next day they only had the paper rx’s filled & the others weren’t filled!!!!! #2- such as waiting to be helped @ the register when there are 3-4 employees there,1waiting on the drive-thru window(no problem understanding that),but the other 3 consisted of the pharmasist filling scripts but the other 2 knew there was a line building up & was not doing anything productive to be able to wait on customers in-line! I don’t understand why there seems to be a problem with rx’s being filled ahead of time when there are refills that they aren’t automatically filled so there isn’t such a wait for simple rx’s that should already be filled to pick up on the day they are due. I have been a long time customer because the drugstore is close & I do not have transportation to drive especially in bad weather. #3 & the last incident that is the most important one is that the drugstore contacted my Dr.’s office to obtain a refill on a medication that is a controlled substance that every 3 months I bring in to have filled. It is concerning to me that someone from the drugstore would try to obtain a refill on that medication & contact my Dr.without calling me first to ask & know it cant be filled without a paper rx! There is simply no excuse for a situation like that happening knowing it cannot be filled without a paper rx !!!! I contacted my Dr. & his office informed me that it was Rite Aid that made that call. That is a serious mistake that could have caused numerous problems between my Dr. & I. I would appriciate feed-back & a solution to these bad experiences, as soon as possible,
Thank you,
Peggy L. Board


judi ickes January 30, 2016 at 1:23 pm

As a 16 yr employee i cant figure out why your solgan is “with us its personal” theres nothing personal going on . We had a huge remodel but as long as ive been there we have NO SECURITY NO WHERE!!!! a rite aid in Fairmont wv got robbed at gun point at the drugstore we at the drugstore go to work every day scared to death that it could happen to us. The drug situation all over is out of control your emoyees make your business ! Our store at christmas time was a discase, not allowed to decorate, it looked any other day our store was open for business, were you home having a good time??? What are you people all about?? Our store always had an angel tree from our local Salvation Army, well your management team came in and had it removed we are a small middle class town with caring people and that really angered alot of customers. Im sure you ll never respond , just wanted whom ever is in charge of this so called business to get a dose of what really happens !!!!!


Anonymous January 26, 2016 at 12:48 am

These couponers are working the Rite Aid system good . They have mastered it and they know it …..


Julia Ducham January 21, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Every time I go into a Rite Aid store to purchase a Clairol Age Defy product in my color they are out of stock, why don’t they just get more inventory? My friends all have the same complaint. They need more of this item


Anita Fernando December 29, 2015 at 12:04 pm

I have a question for you Corporate , Why out of everything going on your main focus that you are pushing on is employees is the January signs ? As well as cutting our hours ? The conversion from Christmas to Normal and receiving the Rite aid brand isle and Valentines , Easter and Garden all at once and you have the DM cut hours and are worried about the January signs , Can someone explain to me WHY you allow this ???


Anonymous December 25, 2015 at 11:02 am

While your employees are working on Christmas , we hope you enjoy your time with your families . Its nice to know that while everyone else is closed we stay open for customers to get there alcohol and cigarettes . Considering we are supposed to be a company that promotes ‘Wellness and Flu shots’ cause your so concerned about others well being . Merry Christmas !


D August 23, 2016 at 5:33 pm

You discriminate by proofing 80yr olds for alcohol and cigs
Shame on you


Karen Dunaway-Reeves December 18, 2015 at 8:49 am

I’m very concerned about a purchase transaction that happened to me last evening at the Rite Aid in Jackson Ms on Old Canton Rd. I would rather speak with someone personally regarding this matter and I assure you, you will want to know about such an incident taking place at your store. Thank you. Karen Reeves 769 216-XXXXX


Anonymous December 15, 2015 at 3:57 pm

Can we get through Christmas before you have the DM’S start pressuring us to start setting the “Rite Aid” Isle ! The Holidays aren’t fun anymore . Just to let everyone know , we already started receiving Valentines Day items .


steven german October 30, 2015 at 2:12 pm

On Oct 30,2015 at 13:30 Am I was Kicked out of the Rite aid store # 5729,they discriminated against me because I’am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran w/ 2 Purple Hearts,the cashier made a mistake and I called her on it and she got the manager telling Lies about me and he kicked me out for ever.This was the worst case of hate against a Vietnam vet I have ever witnessed.I will never go to another rite aid and I will tell all veterans to not go either.


Faalelei September 22, 2015 at 1:49 am

I am an employee of Rite Aid in rural Oregon. My complaint is that I have been a CPhT for almost 6 months and I have yet to receive my technician raise. I have contacted our PDM and all he could tell me was they were working on it (he’s told me this multiple times). Why is it that I have to wait for a raise for almost 6 months? I am so angry with our company. I have been promised by our PDM and DM that I will be getting back paid from April until now. But to be honest, I don’t know if I can take their word. And everyone is quick to blame one another. If you guys would like to wonder why the turn over rate is so high, it is because stuff like this happens. I have multiple emails/phone log records asking for a copy of our back pay policies, and yet no one can provide me with one. Not only is no one providing me information that as an employee I have the right to have, the corporate office doesn’t have the audacity to email me back or even answer any of my questions? All I am saying is that I am unhappy with our company and if this isn’t resolved you will be hearing from my lawyer.


K.K September 20, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I have all my scripts filled at Rite Aid except one its a schedule III narcotic. I have to drive to a CVS 2 1/2hours away. Its a small town not much choice of stores unless I want go w/ small drugstore 9 to 5 M-F 9 – 12 Sat not my cup of tea. I once was able to get the meds filled there until my provider was switch out of state. She said no out of state prescriptions allowed. You can imagine my disappointment when I was telling a friend how far I had to travel and she says they fill those. Why are they filling a out of state script for some people and not others feels like discrimination directed to me. Its very stressful worrying if I’m going be able to get my script on time as it is so far I have to travel, Because Rite Aid doesn’t want to fill it. I will be very sick if I don’t have this medication, I have been taking it for years. I don’t understand why, all my other medicines they fill. I guess I just don’t look right or something. I intend to see what a attorney thinks as to if it is discriminating, I cant believe they lied straight to my face after all these years of my family using this store!!


Roni Payne September 8, 2015 at 1:35 pm

My daughter & I went to Rite Aid on Devonshire & Sepulveda in Mission Hills to get my medications at 5:30pm on Friday 9-4-15 and I do my purchase and turn to leave and slipped on a sizeable puddle of water inside the store in front of God & everyone…The store manager humiliated me in front of everyone by getting hysterical and panicking she literally yelled it so loud that everyone in the store was standing around me…I couldn’t move right away because I went down hard and it knocked the wind out of me for a minute…The manager keep yelling omg we have to call an ambulance it was so embarrassing…So my daughter gets me up and I go to leave and my daughter says mom fill out an accident report so I turn back around and I’m standing by the door and the manager is standing where I fell and she is yelling across the store to me and that sent me over the edge…It was so unprofessional and humiliating that the manager was yelling across the store to me instead of walking over quietly and speaking She tried to say it wasn’t her fault that I slipped and fell…I told her yes it is you are the manager of the store so you are responsible for everything in this store and any water on the floor and people falling…She argued with me so I got even angier I was in pain and thinking my God how can this person think it’s my fault that I fell…A young cashier maybe 18 years old starts giving me dirty looks and then it made me so angry I thought my God I have been coming to this location for 45 years and this is how they treat loyal customers? The manager tells me that just last week another lady fell I got hurt…This bullXXXXX the manager pulled with me ride-aid needs to be held accountable…


Carol Schreiner August 13, 2015 at 4:16 pm

Why won’t Rite Aid cash a money order purchased at a Rite Aid Store? Since Rite Aid sells them they should cash the ones from their own store. I was told if I buy something they could accept the money order as payment. It’s the same money order if it’s cashed or used for purchase. If it’s fake and it’s cashed Rite Aid is out the money. If used for purchased Rite Aid is out the money and the merchandise. This policy makes no sense. Please consider changing this policy I can’t be the only person to deal with this issue.


Dee Tuttle August 8, 2015 at 1:27 pm

Dear Corporate Headquarters,

I am writing this letter today in regards to Store #00631. I have to commend the people that work at this store. I can only speak to the drugstore portion of the store. It is probably one of the, if not the most, busy store in the Syracuse area. And with that being said and the clientele that this store serves those employees in your drugstore go above and beyond. I have seen your employees being cussed out, verbally abused, sexually harassed by customers in the store and still the drugstore employees maintain their professionalism; and honestly, sometimes I don’t know how they do it.

I come to the store quite often picking up scripts for people that I help with home care. And I can not keep this to myself any longer. Your employees in that drugstore are being verbally abused day after day. There is a beautiful young lady, Audrey, who I have seen being sexually abused verbally, many times; and she takes it all in stride or calls a Pharmacist up to help handle the situation. All of your drugstore Technicians endure so much rude mannerisms by your customers. Your headquarters needs to visit and stay at this particular store for a day or two and work back there. I feel certain that after a day or two your procedures and policies would change regarding what these employees in the drugstore are suppose to just “stand there and take.” In this case the customers are so wrong, and need to know you will not receive service if you behave in the way they do. I hope that you respect your employees enough to take a closer look at this. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE THAT YOUR COMPANY ALLOWS YOUR EMPLOYEES TO BE TREATED THIS WAY. No one should have to go to work and be abused in this way; it is appalling to watch. I hope this is not your expectation; yes you are there to serve customers, but those customers must be respectful. YOU EXPECT THAT FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES DON’T YOU? Am I right to assume that if one of your employees were to be as disrespectful to your customers and refuse service there would be some repercussion to that employee? That is not right if that is the case.

One particular pharmacist, Ahmad, I believe, goes way above and beyond what he needs to. I have seen him de-escalating many, many situations at that drugstore; and also keeping his employees safe. He works very, very hard and is so professional at all times. As are all of your pharmacists, it just seems as though Ahmad is there most of the times I visit.

Someone needs to investigate this matter further, because if your going to allow them to be treated in that way, than I am sure your turn over rate in that store must be horrific!!! Especially for the money those young people are probably making an hour. This is a reflection on your corporation and that you don’t feel your employees need to be treated with the same dignity, kindness, and respect that you ironically expect your employees to provide.

Dee Tuttle


Helen November 2, 2016 at 9:55 am

Dee, as I am sure that there are many employees of Rite-Aid that take more than their fair share of guff from customers, and I have been a Rite-Aid customer for MANY years, I myself just yesterday was in the completely opposite situation you are speaking of. I had an encounter with 3 Rite-Aid drugstore employees, that were some of the rudest and obnoxious people I have ever met. Having JUST gotten off of the phone with Corporate, I certainly hope that they do something about the degrading, foul mouthed, rude people behind the drugstore counter yesterday. My disabilities require me to take quite a few meds, and I could not believe the manner in which I was treated yesterday after being a customer there FOR YEARS. It does work both ways.


Anonymous July 24, 2015 at 10:00 am

I’m a regular customer at a Rite Aid in one of your California stores and My concern is that Ice Cream center . The employees are fast , courteous and have great customer service but that Ice cream center holds up the line . Sometimes I wonder if I’m in a drug store or an Ice cream shop . The employees have to pull away from the registers to help these people that are yelling for Ice cream . I’m very patient because the employees are always so sweet and I know the first come first serve rule . It would be nice to come into a drugstore not a ice cream parlor and be able to get in and out without a child spilling ice cream on the floor while I’m standing in line . Luckily the manager saw and cleaned it up real quickly .


erika vaughn July 20, 2015 at 6:42 pm

My finger was cut on a candle on 6-6-15, they cashier instead of trying to help me with the bleeding she was too busy trying to hide the candle. It has been over a month and a half and their Risk Manager (Candance) is treating me like it was my fault, told me she was on vacation and if I wanted to file a suit, do so…This woman never even mentioned she was going on a vacation, I would have thought she would have let me know or put it on another coworkers desk to complete. She needs to be FIRED..!!!! I sent all the emails to my lawyer.

I cant understand why they treat valued paying customers like crap or they have the oh well attitude. I will not go away, something will be done.

~~Erika Vaughn


Christopher Erway May 22, 2015 at 4:16 pm

Hard to believe that after offering me the new Plenti program and neglecting to give me the card when making my purchase this has snowballed into a major screw up on Rite Aids part. Nearly 6 phone hours spent trying to solve it, 3 emails, multiple telephone calls, and not once has any rep called or emailed to solve it. Now I have multiple accounts, no points applied to my account when purchasing and zero of my wellness points were transferred over. Actually called customer service and sat and watched tv for two hours amazed that I could be on hold that long without an answer.


Linda April 24, 2015 at 3:00 pm

I don’t have a complaint, I have a quality control issue. The 473ml bottles LEAK!!! I’ve talked to my pharmacist about this and she wasn’t aware, so she tested several bottles that come from Rite Aid Distribution…and they all leak, no matter how tight you tighten them. So, our only recourse right now is to remember to keep that one bottle upright at all times. I was very thankful that she let me know that. She is going to move the inquiry up the ladder and hopefully someone in quality control can find the problem with the cap.
I do get one bottle the same size that comes directly from the pharmaceutical company that has a safety seal on the outside of the cap…they never leak, hmmm I wonder why their bottle works better than the ones Rite Aid distributes????


Marie A. Oliver March 29, 2015 at 6:12 pm

I put my comments on Yelp, and decided that it would be great if Rite Aid Corp could know how wonderful staff & service is at my neighborhood Rite Aid. Besides getting prescriptions filled promptly, the staff here are so personable, friendly and helpful! My Rite Aid is on Grove Ave, Lorain OH. These employees are a true asset to your corporation! Sincerely, Marie Oliver


Anonymous March 20, 2015 at 3:27 pm

You guys should really look into how your DM and LPDM are running things in Bakersfield , Ca I don’t think Belittling is in the Job description


Anonymous January 14, 2015 at 11:05 am

To whom it may concern, shareholders, corporate customers .Re: 05672. It’s very true that a rite aid does not care about its employees. We are continuously short staffed due to hours shortages. We are one of the highest profit stores in our district yet not given the staffing hours to make it a great store. The theft in this store is ridiculous. People walk in and out like it is a free market. They display knives And cuss at the employees. The pan handlers in the parking lot keep paying customers away. Security its a joke. I’mWe are promised security we don’t get.The safety of the patrons and employees due to lack of security is obviously not a priority to Rite Aid. Will Rite Aid care when there is a homicide in the store And they are sued?. What employee or customer had to die before this company pays attention. Even the Mexican market down the street has armed security. I wish someone from corporate would actually come in the store and listen to the employees on how to make this store more profitable and safe. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a guard that does more than stand at the front door to report? Paying a armed guard by the hour is cheaper than the product that walks out of this store. This company hired an independent company to ask employees how we felt about the company. No one could log in to complete the survey. PAY ATTENTION RITE AID CORPORATE. Come in this store and listen to the employees. And what was the point of lying about the loss at inventory? We want security, we want appreciation. We want to make this a better store. Not from lack of great management, but from lack of a corporation that cares. I was told I would probably be fired for writing this. I was told Rite Aid fires the squeaky wheel. RITE AID do the RIGHT thing. Give me a store I can be proud to work in.


Anonymous February 13, 2015 at 5:45 pm

I definitely agree with you . Rite Aid does not care for there employees but what do you expect from an Evil Money Hungry Corporation . They cut the hours to save money so there is 1 cashier and 1 PAC to run the first part of the morning . They have an ice cream center that holds up the line . That ice cream center is a joke . The employees can not get any thing done because they are constantly getting called to service ice cream and yet get in trouble for not getting things done in a timely manner . The employees complain about there hands aching from dipping the ice cream all day but wont say anything because the District Manager wont understand . These big wigs wouldn’t last a day in there shoes . RITE Aid gives the same discount to the customers as the employees , wheres the loyalty . They stay open on Christmas Day a full 8 hours and get a total of 5 customers . When they can be home with there families . I understand the importance of the customers , that’s a no brainer but what about the Employees ? Where would you be if no one wanted to work for you and God just wiped out your Company ? Who do you think makes Rite Aid ? Who puts there time and energy into making it a great place for the customers to shop and receive there meds ? Who deals with customers cursing and threating them for the simplest things . Customers opening packages and spraying perfume , putting on lotion . Painting there nails , spraying there hair , eating food from the shelves but we cant say anything to them cause if they complain we will be at fault . No if ands or buts about that . I think Rite Aid needs to re evaluate the importance of there employees so it will be a better place for them to work and a great place for Customers to shop .


Anoymous November 2, 2016 at 10:43 pm

Not to mention that I and another girl tranferred from the front end into the drugstore dept. and we didn’t pass their compency exam so we’re not allowed to take that test again for 2 years!! Then when we went to try to transfer back out onto the floor we were told there are no positions open back out on the floor for ALL THREE stores in our town! That we would have to work in another town that is like an hour away from where we live! And then tonight I found out that our manager was talking to a couple of other people and I was told that she told them that she wasn’t hiring anyone back out on the floor from the drugstore dept! I have been a loyal employee for 13 YEARS!! And I get that kind of crap in the end?? Soooo looking forward to finding another job in another company!! So sick of Rite Aid’s crap!! Cause if you told the DM or the Human Resourses they would stick up for the manager not us! They are getting worse and worse all the time!! I have done blood, sweat and tears for Rite Aid for 13 years! I have hardly ever called in sick and I am ALWAYS there a half an hour before my shift! And this is the “LOYALTY” I get in the end! Nice Rite Aid!! Real classy!!!


Bevy December 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm

have been meaning to send this message to you for a few years – only I never have time after spending WAY TOO Much time ordering – refilling my prescriptions from this website – AND I always end up so horribly frustrated after doing so, that I just want to slam my computer down!
Today was such a frustrating experience using the Rite Aid drugstore reorder website – that I could not help myself to write and tell you what an Awful Awful Awful NON USER FRIENDLY Website that Rite Aid has!!!

If it were not for the Several Employees at my Rite Aid Store #04275 that are very good to me – and make my In-Store Experience Always good – I believe that I would change to another on-line drugstore – so as not to go through this Painful & Frustrating & Maddening refill experience 1-2-3 times per month!!!

PLEASE – has any one of you tried to order presricptions through your own website – try it – you’ll see!!! My wish for 2015 – Make your Website More User Friendly!!!


Linda April 24, 2015 at 2:26 pm

I almost always go online and reorder my medicines. Once I learned how to navigate the site, my experience has been very delightful. I do on occasion call my store to refill one of my medication and they are always very helpful. I’m sorry you are having such a problem do your refills online. I am 66 years old and sometimes it is hard to figure out just what a website wants you to “fill in” or “click on”.
Once you register on the Rite Aid website, all you have to do the next time is log onto “My drugstore”, on the next page just click on “Prescription Management”, the next page shows all your prescriptions. It explains what each of the “Status” means…there is so much on this page that you can find out about each medication you take. Anyway, it a prescription is ready for refill, just click on it, scroll down and see if there are any more that need to be refilled at this time, next click on the red button “refill now”. This takes you to the page that you need to put in any missing information, such as phone number, select location where you want to pick it up at and select a time and date you want to pick it up. The final page is just a page for you to look closely at and make sure you are getting what you want..then click send and that’s it. Sounds like a lot of steps but each one is there for your safety.
I hope this explanation will help someone out there if they are having problems.


JustB December 4, 2014 at 9:03 am

Unfortunately I had to change pharmacies and return to RiteAid after not having stepped foot in one of your stores in years. I have health issues that cause chronic pain. Believe me I don’t have these issues or take the narcotics prescribed by my MD for fun. They are necessary for me to be able to walk or do any kind of housework. I am not a doctor and neither are the RiteAid Pharmacists. Who is RiteAid to tell me which medications I need or don’t need. If they are SO knowledgeable maybe they should just go try to make it as a doctor. I’m sure they would have patients walk out the same way that I walked out of your store. The pharmacist was rude from the word go. Before even seeing my prescription I was already being looked at as if I were a horrible person for needing my medication. Once it was seen that my scripts were for narcotics I was treated even worse. The pharmacist wasn’t just rude but was loud, unprofessional and disrespectful. There is no reason for this. On top of that I was shorted exactly 13 days on 2 of my narcotic medications. One of the medications I did get was not processed correctly and I was once again shorted by 30 pills which is 10 days of meds for me. I was told that there was no way they were short and that the doctor had written the prescription that way. If that were true then when I got my refill it should have been exactly the same. It was not. This time they only shorted me 10 pills. I had one more refill on file and the store refused to fill the refill. It’s alright since I changed to a drugstore that doesn’t short me, judge me or treat me with disrespect. I wish I could say that this is the only time this has happened. I changed stores to try to get better service. Once again I was met with nastiness and judgement from a very rude pharmacist AND once again I was shorted on my narcotics. I have and will continue to ALWAYS take my medication as prescribed. I can’t afford to be cut short and not to mention the health risks I face by being shorted. Do your pharmacists understand what withdrawl is? When you are shorted by that many medications and your body is cut off not only can you not function but you’re also sick. It is not safe to suddenly stop a medication. My medications are kept in a safe that nobody else has access to so I know they aren’t being taken by anyone. When I asked that they be counted in front of me the pharmacist flew of the handle and started yelling. After going though this for 3 months in a row I have left RiteAid for a far better drugstore where people are treated with kindness and respect. That’s the way is should be for EVERYONE! I now remember why I left RiteAid the first time and refuse to EVER step foot in the door of another one unless I’m railroaded into it because of TRICARE for my children. Hopefully since they are prescriptions for children with life threatening illnesses the pharmacist will just fill the script the way it needs to be. I will be telling EVERYONE I know the problems I have had and boycott your stores for eternity. No wonder you have so many law suits against your corporation. Thankfully I have several friends with several different doctors who have run into the exact same problems here in Saginaw and other cities in Michigan. I will be encouraging them to not only call the corporate office but to also make sure they post the experiences they have had. I knew RiteAid was a shady drugstore but I certainly didn’t realize that even the corporation pays no regard to complaints or addresses any of the issues with the pharmacies in the stores. So long RiteAid. Good luck with all of your law suits. I hope they eventually cause your corporation bankruptcy and put your joke pharmacies out of business for good.


Linda April 24, 2015 at 2:42 pm

All I can say is I understand, and I make them recount my medicines in front of me. I also report these problems to my doctor. I also contact rite aid corporate directly! Just google it and you can get their number and I have gotten great support from them.
I understand you pain and frustrations, I take a liquid pain medicine and yes, I have them remeasure it in front of me…it’s a shame you can’t trust some people but not all pharmacist at rite aid are like the one you ran into.


Rachel Van Duysenm November 17, 2014 at 3:45 pm



Katherine Starr April 20, 2015 at 9:24 am

I woke up this am and someone in RI got a hold of my cc information have no idea how . I called the Rite Aid to report it ..They allowed 5 transactions in 5 minutes ..I was rudely told by the manager on duty they do NOT check cards or ID’s………….really????????????????? In today’s society of fraud you don’t do either….He was so rude and unbelievable . This is our luggage money for the donations going to Africa in 2 weeks….super awesome! Please get a policy in place.


Linda April 24, 2015 at 2:48 pm

They ask for ID for cigarettes, alcohol, and if you write a check…WHY NOT FOR CREDIT CARDS??? THAT IS PURE NEGLECT!!!


KAB October 19, 2015 at 1:01 am

Do a quick internet search of whether or not retailers can require an individual to provide ID when using a credit card. For the most part the answer is no. And if it is yes than it is left up to the individual cashier who is taking the sale whether or not to request an ID. Is this “right”? Maybe not but that is what is required for a retailer to accept certain credit cards. It is not the retailers fault or decision. Also, re: the situation Katherine had…which credit card was this? I only ask because I have had fraudulent activities on my card(s) before and was not held responsible. Most (if not all?) credit cards/banks/etc. will not hold the individual responsible for fraud (if reported in a timely manner) and if they do it is usually a token amount, such as $50, not so much as it would prohibit travel/donations/etc. As for ID for checks maybe it is a state thing or left up to retailers or retailers wrongly ask for it/require it. Didn’t find information on this with a quick search. Regarding asking for ID for alcohol and cigarette purchases…states do set requirements for requiring an ID; as for Rite Aid asking for ID from everyone is the new policy with the assumption that it will make it easier for cashiers and less likely that a minor will be sold alcohol or cigarettes.


joy October 29, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Please train your employees how to process a raincheck with an Up Reward.


Leslie Silton October 28, 2014 at 5:10 pm

At least two of the Rite Aid stores in my city (Los Angeles) are putting up a sign
guaranteeing that 1 in every 3 adults will get Shingles. This is so wrong. If Rite Aid is concerned about people getting Shingles, they can say it is possible that 1 in 3 people might get Shingles. But the way this warning is worded, with an offer to get the Shingles vaccine, the sign is basically condemning susceptible people to getting Shingles. This is crazy. No one can guarantee that a person will get a certain disease. But promising people – and frightening them – is unconscionable.

The only hope I have of stopping this is to post this notice and contact Rite Aid HQ.
Otherwise: listen up: it just isn’t absolutely truth and reliable that 1 in 3 people will get
Shingles if they had chicken pox.

But remember: the mercury used in vaccines is very likely the cause of autism because the numbers of autistic children started to skyrocket as the number of vaccines and booster shots were given to children. That is co-relatable.


Anonymous September 15, 2014 at 1:43 am

I have written doXXXXented proof and witnesses that the managers at rite aid
On Curry St. In Pelham Ga is racist. They have the worst attitudes and will tell you they are
Not hiring when hiring signs are on the door. The manager actually told her cashier that she didn’t want to hire black women. I reported rite aid to the discrimination office in Atlanta and you guys are currently under investigation. You assholes should be glad somebody wants to
Work in your store anyway.


harold September 8, 2014 at 7:12 pm

this is the third time this has happened. I ordered a medication last week , went into today
to pick it up and was told you were out. I am going to Europe in 2 days, someone should
have called me to let me know. Now I have to scramble around to find it if I can and i need it.




Ed popke July 14, 2014 at 8:06 pm

Save mart company for sale


Inventing Joy June 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

Do people only post complaints? Any Compliments? I go to the store on Balboa & Genesee in San Diego. I want to give a shout out to my really great pharmicists: Lien, who is on maternity leave & I miss her. Joe, who can always find stuff & get insurance approval I call him Mojo; & Justin who is a temp filling in. He took the time to show me that I was using an inhaler incorrectly & how to do it right. I also want to make the point that I use the pharmicists as important member of my medical team. Dr’s can’t possibly keep up on everything. The Ph can do a lot to improve medical care. Dr’s very often don’t know, but even if they did, can’t that the time to explain some things that are very important to our health. It is an important resource. Use it or lose it. Also, on the thing that says did your ph counsel U? Always mark “yes” If not, we may lose the privilege. Another use it or lose it. I have gray hair, so I get to give advice! Puppy love from linventing Joy & Furry Folk


Gina Mayer May 16, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Rite Aid in Fallbrook, California is the provider of my prescriptions for over 5 years. This is store #5631. I have ongoing and unresolved issues with the Director of drugstore at this location. On several occasions he refuses to fill my prescription without cause. He discriminates against me because of my ethnicity. His behavior is unprofessional and disrespectful, He makes allegations, as if I am a Doctor shopping criminal. He has given me a partial refill and refused to give the remainder of the medication to me without a diagnosis, which is a HIPPA violation. As well, the drugstore filled a prescription for a colonoscopy prep and gave me a double dose, which is a medication error. Recently, this same pharmacist refused to fill my prescription, stating that I could not pay cash as I had always done. At that point, he informed me that I was responsible for getting a preauthorization from my insurance company. This is his professional responsibility. I am concerned for the community and those elderly citizens who are denied their medications because of his wrongdoings. I submitted a letter to the Editor of our paper and am seeking legal council. My advice…find a different drugstore before you suffer illness or death from this pharmacist and his unethical and unsafe practices!


MARY JUNIOUS April 28, 2014 at 12:03 pm

The store #03868 charged my old insurance company instead of my new insurance company. I asked the person that waited on my, “Do you need to make a copy of my new insurance card?”, she said no that she already had a copy of the card on file. I called the store when I looked at the doXXXXents given to me. I was told to bring all doXXXXents including the receipt. I went the next day. I was told by the pharmacist that he could not help me and to come back to the store again. I called the corporate office today instead of going to the store. This problem should have been handled differently.


John April 20, 2014 at 12:48 pm

The store in Charlotte, NC at Park Rd and its managers all the way to the regional manager has fired a great employee based upon retaliation given in a statement requested by corporate. The store managers also sexually harassed the employee. What a great code of ethics Rite-Aid shows to its employees. The regional manager retaliated because his buddy, who was a manager in training not only sexually harassed her but was also rude and said obnoxious things to other customers and other employees….but he was only transfered not fired……great place to work!


Thyra Irene April 10, 2014 at 9:10 pm

o whom it may concern,
This is a formal complaint about the lack of service provided at your Ride Aid store 04902 in Lindenhurst, NY. There were 6 staff members behind the drugstore counter, after waiting over 20 minutes for someone to acknowledge me trying to drop off some prescriptions, I was overlooked twice, your staff took care:

* first “your driver/prescription delivery man”
* secondly an elderly gentleman that totally ignored the queue

Once your staff tended to the two men above, they continued to ignore me, by the time they finally realized my presence my blood pressure was sky high. I requested to speak to the store manager and was given a telephone number for the “district manager” Jenn Castoria (631) 901 3353, left 2 voice mails…am still waiting to hear from her.
I was notified by text and email that my prescriptions were ready for pick up (2 hours later); when I return to the store they only had 2 of the 3 medications ready, having to wait once again for the 3rd one, after 20 minutes it was done but only partially since they did not have the amount needed. This now means a third trip back to your store. Your staff is inept and rude; I will take my business elsewhere, there is enough competition out there where am certain customer service MUST be better then Ride Aid’s


frank April 10, 2014 at 3:17 pm

I have a 19 year old daughter who was hired to work in one of the warehouses for rite aid in Pennsylvania Rite Aid upon hiring new my daughter was diabetic my daughter work the overnight shift for 4 weeks one day this week she had to leave an hour early to go to the emergency room cause of sugar was reading high which means that are sugar was so high it wouldn’t even read the number scale upon her trying to go back to work they fired her or let her go see if she was no longer need it Rite Aid is a business that makes majority of its money on prescription for people with disabilities and then to fire someone having a disability is that your hypocritical my daughter is 19 and become very discouraged over the situation I will follow up with the American with Disabilities Act to see if there’s any repercussions which any of us you know where, people know they’re probably isn’t because corporate America runs this world and don’t care about the little people


Jorge August 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Hey Frank – what language are you using here? English? I don’t think so.


Tuncay Yilmaz April 7, 2014 at 9:09 pm

The rite aid in wrightstown, NJ is horrible. I called in my prescriptions 30 min early and I got there 15 min before the close. They told me they were closed, when there was 15 min left until closing. This happened to me not once but twice. This is the worst service I’ve ever seen and I don’t recommend people to go there. The guy (pharmacist) was very ignorant.


Iva K April 3, 2014 at 10:38 am

I have been trying to work with Rite Aid for about a year now with horrible results. Unfortunately I have no choice as to the drugstore I use since this is part of the Tricare/US Family plan. I use the mail order that is supposed to be available to us and all is well right up to the point of anything to do with my insulin. First they shipped it by US Mail in the summer with no cold pack. The prescription sat in a hot black mailbox till I got home from work. Needless to say that batch had to be thrown away. Insulin has to be kept between freezing and 86 degrees F, I know this how come the pharmacist who sent it didn’t.
When I insisted on the medicine being packaged properly I was sent a huge Styrofoam box that the pharmacist expected me to send back! What!? He said it was the only one he had. Ok so that tells me they have been sending out insulin to all their other patients incorrectly as well. This can be a life threatening issue since insulin losses its effectiveness if stored improperly. I know that this is not a problem with other pharmacies since my mother gets her insulin by mail as well and has never had a problem.
I have filed several complaints only to be brushed off. Now they are refusing to supply my insulin by mail and are no longer accepting my calls. I have placed a new complaint through the contact us number and still have not been contacted. And to top it off they are now not completely filling my prescription so that I have to go in to pick it up every couple of weeks.


Kim March 5, 2014 at 8:18 pm

I had a horrible experience with two employees at the rite aid in Norwin Town Square in North Huntingdon Pa. I am even going to contact corporate about it. There was this employee through the drive thru she was so rude to me she asked me my name four times and I knew that she could here me I got so mad I swore and I never swear then another lady came up to the window that’s when I swore because then she kept asking my name I said Look I just called the pharmacist to make sure my prescription was ready they only gave me two antibiotics and I am very sick they told me to come back tomorrow! This blonde girl came up to the drive thru and threatened to call the police on me because I swore I told her you should be fired no one is even talking to you then the girl that was jerking me around was behind her laughing right at me I was so angry then the manager came to the window she was actually Normal and Nice. I told her what had happened and I apologized for using a curse word but I told her why she apologized to me! I feel that the two employees should not be employed there. I know exactly why they did it and I am so used to it because I am very attractive and pretty and women do not like me regardless of how I look no one on earth should have to be treated like this I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER FOR YEARS I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE RITE AID ANOTHER PENNY IF THEY CANT TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS RIGHT I DID NOTHING WRONG I JUST WANTED MY MEDICINE AND THEY COULD NOT EVEN DO THAT I HAD A NEW PRESCRIPTION FILLED SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE I DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


marissa February 24, 2014 at 5:41 pm

I need my w2 for this year can someone please call me
541 805 XXXXX


mamta tanna April 9, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Pl call their corporate office


Angelina Lopez February 21, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Continued ….. They give the customers the same % discount amount as the employees . The employees are not allowed to use the up rewards like the customers because its it’s considered Theft . If a customers has coupons that dont match the product , they honor it cause they dont want a ‘complaint’ from a customer . If a customer wants to double the +up rewards , when it specifically says at the bottom no doubling or one per customer , the managers HAVE to honor it , in order to not receive a complaint . If an employee does its considered theft and will be fired cause ‘we know better’ which is true but at the same time Rite Aid contradicts itself . You are givin rules but when there followed you will get in trouble for following them . They do not care how there employees are treated . I would like to see how they manage without them .


Angelina Lopez February 21, 2014 at 9:51 am

I understand that some customers have bad experiences with some of the employees at Rite Aid and im not making excuse for them but being a former employee I say this with the truth . In order to give great Customer Service , the employees also have to be treated right . Rite Aid does NOT care about the feelings or the situations that the employees go through. They dont care if we get called bad names , cursed at or threatened by customers . The have rules and policies that the managers try to follow and we get in trouble if someone “complains” Why have these rules if we’re gonna break them . I understand that the customers are number 1 but there are some out there that aare very rude , mean . I think it starts from within , happy employees , happy customers and they get the best service as a result .


Kim March 5, 2014 at 8:20 pm



Anonymous August 18, 2015 at 9:59 pm

So you do not agree Employees should be treated right and fairly from an Employer ? You must not have a job . You must be one of those customers that comes in yelling for their meds.


Ruth January 25, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Wow, after reading the aforementioned complaints, one can only assume this corporation has no customer care whatsoever. I see valid issues with not a single solution or resolve. You’re held “hostage” for living in a location where Rite Aid is the only drugstore nearby and it’s apparently okay for them to utilize hostility and lack empathy or understanding in dealing with customers. I understand why I’m allowed to be treated the way I am now. Your corporation allowing such harassment and mistreatment has caused me to be put on an extra blood pressure medication (when, as and if they give you your BP meds), now I can see why this is tolerated by YOUR corporate offices. Obviously YOUR corporate offices want NOTHING to do with customer complaints and/or lack of service.

All I can say is if anyone is running into the stonewall situations that I have been receiving, forget about trying to deal with it in the old fashioned way. The way where mannerisms WERE of importance to this human race. I can see now that perhaps contacting the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act offices) may be the best resolve. They focus on humanity in such scenarios.


Satisfied January 24, 2014 at 10:26 am

Rite Aid
497 Terry Parkway
Terrytown, LA 70056
(Gretna), LA. Excellent customer service. The staff (Ms. Fay and Pharmacist Long) go above and beyond. drugstore gets 5 stars for service and prices.


Alison Bosdell January 17, 2014 at 1:51 am

I am a current chronic pain patient, i always fill my prescriptions at the dudley ma rituals..as stated in my pain contract that i can only use one drugstore. I have had ti leap buildings to get my pain management and honestly after all i have been through i feel it to be very humiliating and upsetting to have to explain myself to a pharmacist about my current pain medication. I know there is a stigma that comes with being on narcotics because of the rise on abuse but that’s not me. I use my medication legitimately and need it to function like a normal human being. I feel like actually know that i am given a hard time and am judged because of my medication. I feel like i am not supposed to notice that, don’t get me wrong i understand that pharmacist have to receive between the abusers and the legitimate patients but come on my disease and the pain that comes along with it is hard enough on me…i have no strength to deal with 2nd degree from the drugstore. I will switch my medications to COS or something if i continue to be discriminated against. The addicts ruin it for the legitimate pain patients and i don’t believe its fair we are put in the same category as those people and i don’t want to have to pay for those peoples addictions…getting my meds is nerve wreaking because i don’t like how in treated. I am a wife,mother,graduate and wad a CAN for quite awhile and this whole or deal is just straight disgusting.


Vivian Lobo December 22, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I often visit your Rite Aid store located at 262 Main Street, West Orange, NJ and it is always a pleasure to see Karen at the register. She greets all customers with a smile and always makes time to assist. She goes the extra mile to make sure that I get what I am looking for. It is always a pleasure to see Karen at the store.


A.A October 25, 2013 at 5:23 pm

YOU DELETED my comment from 10/24/13 and still have failed to CALL ME for the sake of a COURTESY CALL from my SLIP & FALL frim ICE CREAM on 10/13/2013 at store location 3650 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116. It’s been 12 days now and still I have not recieved a call from anyone in RITEAID. I find it very surprising that you MUST review a VIDEO and call any WITNESSES before you take my STATEMENT. I work in customer service where we provide the highest level of service to our customers no matter how big or small the complaint/ issue/ service/sale/regignition may be! However your company has one of the worst process’s I have ever heard. Even a small Business owner can do better than RITEAID. No wonder CVS is ahead of you in ratings/service/customer satisfaction. I will not leave my number on this PUBLIC webpage, Instead contact the store directly and get my info from them or contact your worker’s comp REP and have her give you my INFO since I had to call YOU. Deleting this will only make it worse.

A very upset “previous” customer of Riteaid! I don’t want to LIKE yopu on FB to get your attention…. But if I have to ” I will”.


charles October 25, 2013 at 12:24 pm

I am moving to another state and desided to leave my home town drugstore to go with a bigger drugstore. I do not like the way people treat you and the store did not have medications on hand. understanding that it was out of stock . But for the medication to come in and not receive a call back? I this how Rite Aid runs it companies. When I questions if this how Rite Aid treats there customers? Now even the pharmacist said nothing . But the 4 customer reply; that the way it always here. I will be try Rite Aid in other location. I was treat like it was my fault . Yet I call a day ahead like I was told. Not all Rite Aids are like this . I been to one that stand above. I will see or check in to that one be for I leave Rite Aid for good this time.


A.A October 24, 2013 at 6:27 pm

On Oct. 13th I went into the RITEAID on 3650 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116
and slipped and fell to BOTH KNEES & BOTH ELBOWS at one fall from the MESS of ICE CREAM they had not monitored and cleaned up to prevent injury’s from happening at their Thrifty’s Ice Cream counter! Little did I know that after the Mgr. Josie who was an airhead to begin with! Would insist that per RITEAID she MUST give us 3 scoops of ice cream w/ the waffle cone (Colassal Dip). EVEN THO we told her at least 5 times that we wld pay for the Collassal BUT ONLY WANTED 1 scoop NOT 3. She insisted she could not sell us the waffle cone with only 1 scoop of Ice Cream even tho we wld pay full price??? We asked her to plz put the 2 extra scoops on a cup, she said no I’ll give you the cup and you can transfer the 2 scopps yourself!! OK we said. At this point it was the most difficult Ice Cream purchase I had ever made?!?!?! Why? So we purchased two Colassal Dips. As I went to take one step back on my right foot, The next thing I knew, I was on the floor face down on BOTH KNEES & BOTH ELBOWS still holding my Ice cream cone! I hit the floor SO HARD that I almost hit my CHIN on the tile floor. If I had hit my CHIN, I could have BROKE some TEETH. As I sat up to shake it off becasue it was SO PAINFUL is when I noticed ICE CREAM on both sides of the Ice Cream counter. Different color ice creams.. Long story short. I fell in front of at least 4 employees including Josie “A Mgr” and as I was shaking it off and went to pay for items after fall. An employee told me I must file an Incident report because she witnessed me fall and I had fell hard” I mentioned I was and was just shaking it off and thats when I approched Josie and told her ” I need to file a Incident Report” I told her you should have offerred me one, you saw how HARD i fell in front of you!! You should always offer anyone to file a report when accidents happen! I told her… So she didnt say a thing, turned around and went into a back room to place a call and get instructions. More happened during that call back & forth with us BUT long story short! The instructions were to wait 1 week for someone in Riteaid to call me to file an Incident report!?!?!?! I said OK??? All I wanted was a peice of paper and put my statement down and then call me later…. WELL ITS BEEN 11 DAYS AND NO PHONE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of XXXXXty ass preocess is this? This is RITEAID were talking about!!! i called the store 4 days after and spoke to anopther Mgr – Robert? and he said let me tell you how it goes…. I have to send the VIDEO, WITNESS’S INFO, STATEMENTS FROM EMPLOYEES TO RITEAID BEFORE YOU GET A CALL FROM US AND FILE A REPORT!!!!!!! I said WOW…. So you mean RITEAID needs to get there STORY straight and make sure they COVER themselves before they take a REPORT? THIS SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM HURT FROM THIS SLIP & FALL AND WANT TO PUSH THIS UNDER THE RUG AS IS I WAS NOT BLEEDING/DYING OR DEAD OR NOT A VALUED CUSTOMER!!!!!! I DESERVE A WRITTEN APOLOGY AND AN EXPLAINATION OF WHY THEY NEED TO SEE A VIDEP BEFORE TAKING A REPORT. INVESTIGATE AFTER. GIVE ME A CALL!! POOR SERVICE FROM SUCH A WONDERFUL NEIGHBORHOOD I LIVE IN. UNEXPECTED!


Karen J October 9, 2013 at 3:37 pm

I have been filing my prescriptions at Rite Aid for years, I generally use the one near my work location, but decided to try the one in my home town of Snohomish WA but every time I go to that drugstore its always something. I have been told by the other Rite Aid drugstore that it is a Rite Aid POLICY that a 30 day supply of meds can be picked up two days in advance of the last fill date, I have never had a problem. I dropped off my script two days prior at the Snohomish location, the girl pharmacist tells me in a snarky tone that the meds are meant to last 30 days, I actually was there getting Sudafed and decided to try and do all my business at once so I could save a trip, she was a real BIATCH so not feeling good I left. Two days pass, I run on my lunch hour to get the meds, they tell me its not to be input until noon but they are running late and will be a few hours. WTF are they making me wait to the minute or second, I want to know the policy for refills since I am receiving conflicting information from different Rite Aid drugstore’s.


Calista Cross August 14, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Hello,I am a member of Cornish Veterans Monument Org in Cornish Maine.Our group have been trying to get town property plus other places to set the this beautiful monument but selectman are giving us a hard time. There is a very nice pc of property at the Rite Aid Store in Cornish and we wonder if you would consider our group placing the monuent there? Its a black granite 6’2″ tall..represents all soldiers past,present,future.We have half the money raised and continue to raise money for this cause,,we would like to hve a walkway with granite bricks going to the monument,,flag/pole behind the monument!!
Its a great place along RT 25 in Cornish and can be well seen and would bring more character to this small town,,please let us know if this can happen!! we would let Rite Aid take it over after we get it paid off and a walk way started,,thank you for your time..Calista Cross president of CVMO


Jeffrey E. Boyd August 14, 2013 at 8:00 am

On 8-13-13, I went to the rite on , 970 Parkway avenue, in Ewing, NJ, 08618. To purchase a money order, and some ludens throat drops a chap stick, and a money order. When I first went to pick-up the drops first, then the chap stick, In the rear of the store. The drugstore associate said in a loud voice said twice may I help you ! And I ask were you talking to me I said back to him, And in a disrespectful tone to me, yah! and I said if your talking to say so ! and he said to me in a smart tone SORRY! And I said in the same tone, as he was talking to me in I said SORRY to him. As I was walking to the front of the store to purchase the money order, and pay for my purchase. The store manager was heading to the back of the store in the direction of the drugstore area as I was waiting in line to pay for my items, the store manager arrived to the front of the store, and said to the first sale associate who was counting her register money! do you know him, she responded NO I DONT KNOW HIM !, to the store manager. As I was leaving the store, getting in to my vehicle, the store manager came outside, and started looking at me in my vehicle, which was park in front of the store in the handicap parking area at the front door, act like he was picking trash looking at me, went back into the store and came back out in about two minutes was looking at me again in my vehicle, again he was acting like he was picking up trash in the front of the store at door way. This time after throwing the trash away in the can, he got into his personal vehicle, and left. I m a African American male and I want know to why I was treated this way! I just went to this store to buy a money order. And I demand a reason for this from you company. And I m looking for a response to this incident. And will be seeking legal consultation in this matter.


Kyle July 22, 2013 at 4:41 pm

I feel your pain….


Christine Haley June 20, 2013 at 12:25 pm

I too have been struggling with severe pain in my right shoulder and arm following a flu shot given in Newburyport, MA in January, 2013. I have contacted Rite-Aid four times concerning this matter and I have heard nothing. I have been to my primary care Dr., two orthopedists, had a set of X-rays, a cortisone injection, a four-week round of physical therapy, another set of X-rays, and an MRI. I am scheduled to see the Dr. again on Monday to see where we go from here. Currently I have pain that keeps me up at night and difficulty performing simple tasks from putting my hair in a pony tail and emptying the dishwasher. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my arm before the January flu shot (my first ever). My comment to the pharmacist at the time of the shot was – wow, I didn’t realize that the flu vaccine was given so far up on the shoulder.

I am not a litigious person. However, my frustration has reached a level where I too am considering hiring an attorney. I just left a message with the “adjuster” who had been assigned to my case (news to me that I had one being that she has never called). Hopefully I will hear from Jill Romah before the end of day today.


Jacqueline A Davis June 5, 2013 at 9:38 am

Dear Rite Aid;
Upon the 14th day of September 2012 I had went to my local South Parkersburg Rite-Aids, to get my flu shot but this time I had decided to also get the PNEUMONIA vaccine. I was given one shot in each arm muscel and that was it so on my walk back home I had NO problems with my right arm but did have a lot of burning in my left arm I thought it was just the meds going through my system and it would go away but after a week I was having a lot of discomfort still with my left arm I just wrote it off and would tell my new Doctor in January in December I called Rite-Aids, to see what shot was put in what arm and was told Flu was in my right and the other one in my left I then told the person that I was having some discomfort in my left arm and she said she would ck my records came bk to say that I got my shot in SEPT and I should not be having so much discomfort or pain that I should see a Doctor and I told her that was the reason why I called. I can’t recall when in January or Febuary but I got a call from a Travis who said he was with RA and after a few weeks he gave me a telephone # for a Susan Lettich Litigation Specialist in Harrisburg who then gave me a # for VICP National Vaccine Injury Comp Program. I am at this at this time filing a claim through an Attorney out of Florida I also stated to my lawyer, that Rite-Aids, should be responsabile for some of the pain and suffering that I am going through from Sept until ????? I have been to my doctor who said that he could find NO muscel and or nerve damage and he can’t understand why I am having so much pain I am sorry but every day task is getting hard for me to do because of the on going pain day and night and I am not the one who wants to be put on pain meds. I just want Rite Aid, know that I am filing a clain against your Company, IF WE CANNOT COME TO A SETTLEMENT with out any lawyers and or courts IF I DO NOT HERE back from Rite Aid by the 25th of June with a decision concerning this matter then I will ask my lawyer to also FILE A LAW SUITE against you thank you for your time

Sincerely Yours;
Miss Jacqueline A Davis
4411 17th Avenue
Parkersburg, W Va 26101


chaka May 28, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I have a claim against rite aid when my 2month old daughter was perscribed the wrong med. I then filed a claim and turned my paper work also notorized in when asked which costed me out of pocket $45 and then the additional for copies and also to resend . why would i pay money that i am not getting back and that is intitled to my daughter . I was told that the check would go out the same day i sent back the notorized paper and the signed docs. after I did all that I was contacted back after leaving several mes. by a lady in risk management that told me rite aid did not want to process the check even though i had everything turned in on time untill the following week. why should I have to send out money for you all to send me a check that you couldnt even send certified. I have a huge issue with that . I should not be waiting to recive what you all owe to me my daughter was in pain from fri. to tues the next week and all you can settle for is $3500 I should of took it to court but seeing that I have not gotten the check I have time to still pursue it according to consulations.


Marisa Adams Colon April 18, 2013 at 1:47 pm

I am furious with Rite Aid and intend to boycott the stores for life over this new way giving your customers their rewards. I was in a Rite Aid just before closing time a few weeks ago and got shafted. No one there told me I couldnt collect on more than 2 rewards per transaction so I lost $5 there. The clerk never honored a coupon I submitted to get a free after shave valued at $5.79 and thats after studying the receipt that night AND speaking to the store manager. Then the rewards were put on my card instead of a receipt as Im used too and I tried to use it for cigarettes and it took 3 cashiers and alot of unneccessary embarassment to tell me that. Then when I finally get another shopping list together & the $11 in rewards I earned was expired. Now how I am supposed to know that? Its just an avenue for you to rip people off.


walter rowlands April 12, 2013 at 10:49 am

i would like the name of the buyer who is responsible for front end mdse. our corp has been around for 22 years. we only sell to national chains and would love to show you
our products.
thank you
walter l rowlands


Rosalind Pledger September 7, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Re: Claim

I went to the local Rite Aid store to file a claim and Janee took down the info. Tim Briggs from Thrifty Ice Cream Quality Control called me on 8/15/12, telling me to file a claim with Rite Aid (I already had). Jill from Rite Aid (I assume the corporate office), called and said that it was the responsibility of the Thrifty Ice Cream and that she’d get in touch with Tim Briggs or someone in their office. To-date, 9/7/12, I haven’t heard from anyone at either office….?! Please let me hear from someone as I need to get to the dentist.

Thank you.
Rosalind Pledger


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