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Walgreens Corporate Office Address

Walgreens, Co.
200 Wilmot Rd
Deerfield, IL 60015

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Phone Number: 847-940-2500
Fax Number: 847-914-2804
Website: http://www.walgreens.com
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CEO: Gregory D. Wasson
CFO: Wade D. Miquelon
COO: Mark A. Wagner

Walgreens History

Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Chicagoan Charles R. Walgreen, Sr.  By 1913, the business had grown to 4 Chicago locations.  By 1919, there were 20 stores.

The chain grew rapidly in the 1920s and there were 397 stores in 87 cities by 1930.  This rapid growth has been, in part, attributed to Walgreens selling bootleg liquor during Prohibition.

In 1939, Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. died and his son, Charles Jr. took over the company.  Jr. retired in the early 1950s and his son, Cork, took over the company.

In 1986, the company acquired MediMart.

In recent years, the company has gone through CEOs in rapid succession with 4 different CEOs since 2006.

The chain currently operates over 8300 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  The Walgreens Corporate Office is located just outside Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois.

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Patricia Prater March 26, 2015 at 2:06 pm

I in December purchased the vanilla gift cards . Two were ok the third one the amount didn’t register when the clerk did the cards. I have been trying to get the money back for this card it been weeks. I’ve done everything that Walgreens has ask.Proff of everything was send by fax . Please resolve this problem not


Maria e castro March 25, 2015 at 1:15 am

Dear someone
I had an incident today with the store in miami fl at 57 nw. As incredible at is sound, I lost my cell phone at the store, I called and they literary say Pedrido dint fund any cell Rhine, he did the re stock and nothing was there. 2 Min latter I called agains and ask for store manager and explained her that I left my cell phone at the aisle were the acne was, that please look for my phone since I was sure it was there, she just say “it’s not here” I insisted that my phone its there, since it is an I phone, give me were it was located, this “manager” just told me, if you want your phone you need to come to the store and lock for it, I ask her to please look where the acne goods were I even explained her were I was sure it was, she reply I have no time to look for that, if you want your phone came and look for it. That happend around 12:15am, I was very far away from the store and has to turn back, sure it was there exactly were I ask her to look. Honestly I even ask her the name and she denied to give me her name, that’s unapcetable since I as a customer have the right to know who mistreatment .This “manager needs to be fire” not only because she mistreat me, but she didn’t even help she just advice your. customer ” came to the store and see if you can’t fund it” the issue is that I went straights to were I ask her took. Sorry because is miami you can let customer service go down. I will never do business with Walgreens not even I will get my prescription . This is una captable


Leonard Jensen March 22, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Here is something to think about. I just filed complaints to the Texas and Missouri Pharmacy Boards about this issue with Express Scripts. Fact is that Walgreens does the same thing.

If you have pain med prescriptions, they are typically short in length. Part of the DEA and FDA fake emphasis on illegal prescription drugs. Yep! I said fake! They should be after drug dealers but it’s just too hard for them to handle. So, they have placed their emphasis on people that have legal prescriptions. I guess the think that if they beat on the public, the drug dealers will stop selling opiates. It’s a bunch of bull shit!

When you get a prescription from your doctor in Texas for let’s say Tylenol #4 it is usually for 48 or 50 pills max with a normal intake of 4 pills per day. So that equals 12 days that the prescription should last.

Walgreens and other pharmacies add the 12 days onto the date they fill the prescription and most pharmacists will not give you a day of grace due to DEA oversight. Problem is, they do not count the day they filled the prescription. So, you run out 2 days before you can get a refill. So, one day of pure pain because the pharmasist cannot count.

While the issue probably lies with their prescription tracking application (software); ultimately the pharmacist is responsible. If you run into this issue, please file a complaint with the Pharmacy Board in your state… and… the Pharmacy Board in the state where the corporate headquarters of the pharmacy are located. The pharmasist’s name on the latter compliant should be the CEO.

If enougn of us do this, we can beat them into submission with paper work and state investigations.

Thank you,
Leonard Jensen
Benbrook, Tx


Amy March 16, 2015 at 6:36 pm

My sons doctor sent over an rx on 1/12/15 when I went to the pharmacy on 1/14 (I waited a couple days because every time they have to order meds in they never have anything in stock) I was told they had to order this “special medicine” & I could pick it up on 1/16. I get there today after work (and after the doctor office was closed) to be told we got the medication in but now we can find the script. The proceeded to ask me if I had it well my Dr don’t print multiple copies so I can keep one “just incase” the pharmacy loses the one they had. Well all they can do now is call the Dr office tomorrow & try to get another copy. Meanwhile my son has now been 5 days without his medication & maybe I can get it tomorrow IF they remember to call the Dr office. So now I get to go by there tomorrow after work again & see if they have it. I talk to the manager & get NO help whatsoever just “I’m sorry” there’s nothing I can do


Pam George March 16, 2015 at 1:02 am

I have been using walgreen’s since it open up in Covington, Ga. Getting the same prescription every month. My doctor is in Alabama. I also used Walgreen when I was living in Alabama. There is a new pharmacist there who is rude and doesn’t know how to talk to people. He first told me he would not fill my prescription because it was on the wrong kind of paper. So I had my doctor resent my prescriptions on the “correct paper”‘ this delayed me getting my medication. This month he refused to fill it because my doctor that I used for 12 years was in Alabama. He changed the rules once again. Even told me to find a doctor in Georgia if I wanted my medication. That is not his call! Please give me a call @770-786-****. I would like some answers.


Elisha Humber February 25, 2015 at 9:13 pm

My son Tyler Rush works at the Doug Baker store in Birmingham AL 35242.
He talked to his manager Tyler this morning and told him he prorbably would not be in because of us being unsure about what would happen with our weather today. At 4 he got a call and was threatened that he would lose his job today if he did not come in although the area was under a Winter Storm Warning and the State was under a state of emergency. He was supposed to be in at 4. They said if he did not come in “do not bother to come back at all”. The weather started getting bad at 6 and I called Kyle his shift supervisor at 6:16 and asked what the protocol was because the news said it was about to get icy in our area and we live at a 1000 foot altitude and Tyler would have to travel up the mountain to get home. He is 16, he does not have experience in driving in ice or snow. Kyle said he did not know and would call me back, well he NEVER called me back. I had to text my son and ask him what was going on. He said Kyle never said anything. So I told my son to just come home. Kyle tried to get him to stay until 8 which by that time it was snowing heavily and my son had to travel dangerous roads home. As a parent and Walgreens customer I am mortified at the treatment of a 16 year old. Does Walgreens have no care for the safety and wellness of their employees????


Yad February 27, 2015 at 5:59 pm

Just spoke to the store Manager Mr. Daniels and he promised me he will be doing something about it .
No Excuse for a rude employee such as Sherri Costello maybe she should take a course at McDonald’s



wayne seal March 15, 2015 at 2:23 pm


you hit the nail on the head. Walgreens has gone down hill every since “Cork” quit running the business. It’s one Walgreens after another, the complaints, the ” I don’t give a crap” attitude. This is the new culture of Walgreens. I see it here in Georgia & at every Walgreens I have been to.

They think that they have “arrived” and no harm can be done to them. Fortunately, it is the customer who decides whether Walgreens stays in business or not. I can’t wait for the day, that they do go out of business like Eckerds, Revco, Pharmall & Rexal, all did.

This company’s attitude is pathetic & the new generation running it are heartless pricks, who need a trip to the soup line or unemployment office. Once they see the error of their ways, they will then begin to get better. Until then, they will continue to lose customers


Nanny February 5, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Morgantown store employees are the rudest people. Went to drive thru pharmacy was told I had 15 minute wait. Not unusual however the truck unloading on other side had lane blocked to thru traffic. Had to back thru drive in window and was told by employee I couldn’t wait at window. She advised that everyone would have to back out of drive thru. I absolutely hate dealing with these people. Delivery drivers should learn how to park so that traffic can flow as it should. This is crazy.


Elizabeth Keable January 15, 2015 at 3:26 pm

OMG !!!!! I hate digital prints and always brought my film to Walgreens or negatives to be developed……now I hear that is going to end. Shame on you !!!!!!!! A few year ago I had a problem with your pharmacy but I stayed loyal to Walgreens because of your photo department. If Walgreens stops developing prints I will stop (and many friends) doing business with Walgreens.


Robert December 31, 2014 at 8:46 am

Walgreens now has some 11,000 global locations which makes it the largest pharmacy retailer in the world, but they have yet to purchase or start their own wholesale supply company…. stupid .. stupid. No wonder they go through CEO’s every few years. As a customer who spent a lifetime in high ticket sales all I need to do is walk into Walgreens and it is obvious that the employees are unhappy. Most all the male pharmacists are overweight and their attitude stinks. They hate customers, especially customers that need a C2 prescription filled. This company is setting itself up for failure. As a investor one might think that with the latest purchase that they are looking to inflate the company value and sell out; probably to China. To shorten this post up I will just say that Walgreens either has it head up its….. or they are just a bunch of untruthful deceitful people. I went to 6 Walgreens yesterday to fill a C2 script and 4 had the med in stock but would not deal with me because I live 8 miles from pharmacy number one, they have a 5 mile limit. The next store within 5 miles came up with a 3 mile limit and the next store said there were no limits. Not to mention within one store I was told that the mileage rule was FDA, DEA and Store policy. Three different people 3 different answers all in the same store. I have a very ill wife and spend out of pocket near 8,000.00 a year so the account has to be about 17000 retail. Even if they were super nice to maybe get my account I know that after 30 days they would treat me badly. Bottom line is that this is a very insensitive, cut throat company that probably has political infighting greater than the gods of Olympus. What they do in the U.S.A will not fly in Europe. Just like Microsoft they will get a wake up call, but they do not have the same integrity as MSFT and will probably be forced to leave town.


Kathy Cage December 30, 2014 at 9:14 pm

DO NOT purchase a PHOTO PUZZLE from Walgreen’s! I googled Picture Puzzle and was directed to this Walgreen’s site …

On December 5th, I ordered a puzzle with my photo on it for my 84 year old mother for Christmas. I live in FL and she was in Maryland at my brother’s for the holidays. I assumed that the puzzle would come in a cardboard box with a photo on the front of it … even a Dollar Store puzzle comes in a cardboard box with a picture on it … But Walgreen’s puzzle did not! It came in what my brother described as a cardboard “envelope” … with two sides open … not taped … and no picture included … whoever heard of putting a puzzle together without a picture to go by and not in a box? What a tacky gift for her to open! I called the day after Christmas and complained. The customer service rep “Frank” was appalled that it did not come in a box. He refunded my money and then did a reorder and issued another puzzle to my mother’s address. No mention that there was a second puzzle choice.

This second order puzzle arrived today … December 30, 2014 … my mother called and complained that this puzzle was no different than the first one … came the exact same way! I was angry and frustrated. Call Walgreen’s customer service again and explained what transpired … she told me that there was another option that I did not select … a puzzle that came in a tin box! No where on the page I was directed to mentioned that there was a 2nd option with a metal tin … and … it had a photo on the front of it! Had I known … I would have ordered this one!

Walgreen’s needs to eliminate selling the puzzle that just comes in an opened envelope … couldn’t be more cheezy … and if they continue … they need to show both choices on the same page!!! Customers are NOT mind readers!

Walgreen’s owes me a new puzzle issued in that tin box with the photo on top! NEVER NEVER NEVER will I recommend anyone purchasing photo gifts from Walgreen’s. and while I am trying to get this corrected … my 84 yr. old mother is left with a crappy puzzle that she can’t even put together because she has no guide (picture) to go by or a container to store it in.

I would have been better to have printed my own photo … glued it to a piece of cardboard and cut it out myself … would have been just as professional.

Never have been more disappointed in a purchase in my life!

Please Walgreen’s make this right …


A former employee December 20, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Dear Walgreens, Instead of acquiring Alliance Boots, maybe you should fix some of your stores in this country first. After reading this page and all the complaints it’s sad to see all the customers and employee’s that are upset. Your customer service is bad and the treatment of your employee’s is deplorable. You need to work on these things first before going over sea and screwing up Alliance Boots. Maybe you can start at my store first. The Store Manager at my store should be fired!!!!


Tina December 18, 2014 at 10:41 am

I have been trying to obtain a refund for a co-pay that Walgreens owes me,,,they keep giving me the run around. I’ve called five times and they keep telling me the same thing,,,,I’ve called corporate office and they call billing office, which I’ve already called and give me the same answer….Is Walgreens doing that bad, where they have to keep my refund…they just lost a good customer, not to mention my family members,,,we are no longer going to walgreens for anything….this is totally crazy…..

Sorry Walgreens,,you may keep my $25.00, but guess what, you’ve lost a lot more than that by losing customers, like my family and I,,,,,

I do medical billing, and when I see a patient overpaid, I immediately, write up the refund and get it back to the pt….sorry you don’t do business like that….

You should be ashamed of yourself…

Tina Fontenot


Barbara M. Widmer December 15, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I feel I have to say something about Walgreens insensitivity to its employees. As a 4 year employee, I am appalled by Walgreens lack of caring for its employees regarding being open all day on Christmas. While this special day should be reserved for spending time with family Walgreens touts the fact that they sell “more bacon on Christmas Day than any other retailer in the U.S.” That shows a callous disregard for what is really important on Christmas & what really matters to its employees & their families.


tina hinze December 8, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Walgreens pharmacy here in Reedsburg Wisconsin really needs to take a reality check, they think they are so powerful and can add notes and stop you from receiving medication that are prescribe by a “DOCTOR” a simple over sight either on my part or 2 pharmacy’s part has taken a notable ugly and un – necessary situation….. The pharmacist was more than rude and talk to me as if I had done something so criminal and I was stupid, she was insulting to say the least, I think you get the picture. After contacting my Doctor to let her no what was happening, Walgreens still avoided answering my question for 4 days, it was one ?……. I had one last script to pick up now keep in mind after her insults I had made the decision to change pharmacies already, but when handed my script once again rude is being nice about how I was treated, but I finally got the answer to the question, and I was told I no longer was aloud to fill prescriptions at Walgreens, wow make my day….
So transferring my scripts is a whole new story needless to say its still going on and they have marked my file so im unable to fill certain medications..

Hey thanks Walgreens for messing with my medications, I smell a Law Suit.

To Be Continued!!!!


Sandy December 5, 2014 at 8:53 am

I am an employee at Walgreens and this is the first year Walgreens will have normal business hours on Christmas. Shame on you! You want ECC , but you don’t use it to take care of your own employees. It was bad enough that you were opened all day on Thanksgiving, now Christmas. Do you really think this is a wise decision? How heartless , Yes, people will still need ” diapers, drinks, etc..but that is why there are 7 Elevens and Quick-Trips. How greedy Walgreens has become. To the CEO .hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family…because your employees won’t


LeeEtta Norris December 1, 2014 at 10:21 pm

I would like to inform you on how rude the employees are at your Midland,Texas Walgreens are this is a very big deal for some of us. I send you business and they take advantage I have experienced waiting on the phone from 45 to 60 min each time I have to call then when you finally get to a pharmist they are rude short and not very professional at all I just had one hang up on me because she didn’t give me the information I asked for in the beginning of the conversation all I wanted her to do is fax me refill request for one of our patients we should really look into why the wait time on the phone is so long usually when I drop off RX for my Doctor they are just standing there with the phones still ringing like they are waiting for them to stop makes me sad when I see people just there not careing who people are really feeling I no they get busy and may be short handed but they need to no without customers there are no salaries and all it takes is careing about people and loving the job of making people feel better without judging.


jessie c November 25, 2014 at 5:53 pm

I wonder if all walgreens medicare customers know that if you get your immunizations paid for by medicare part B, you cannot receive the 500 balance reward points per prescription for six months even if you are not a medicare part D enrollee.


Mari-lyn November 24, 2014 at 11:37 am

I am leaving my comment here because when ever a complaint is made about a store it just goes to that store and nothing ever changes…..This store is killing me with its total lack of customer service. I happened to be in Harvard and thought I would check on a prescription that I was waiting on from last week I was waiting for 5 pills of 15 to come in. I went through the drive thru and was told the pills were in but would not be ready till after 2pm. I decided this was not acceptable and went into the store to get my prescription. I was told they could not give it to me till after 11:30. I explained that I was there now it was already ice raining outside and snow was coming. I needed to get the prescription right then. The pharmacist didn’t care, there was a process that she had to do weather 5 pills or 500 pills and she refused to do it till she was ready too. She didn’t care about the weather or anything she stated she was sorry I was upset but that was that. She had to check in 5 pills put them in a bottle and be done with it and she just would not do to it. She wanted me to wait around till after 11:30 when she got around to doing it on her schedule. I believe this is totally unacceptable. What happened to taking care of people and customer service. I was not asking her to do anything unlawful or out of the ordinary I was asking her to show me a little consideration and she refused. Just to clarify there is now an inch of snow on the ground after 20 minutes of it snowing and it is coming down really good not going to able to get my prescription because of the bad weather thank you so much for your help walgreens


Lynn Sparrock November 23, 2014 at 8:08 pm

I have written or called Healthcare Clinic over eight times in the past year trying to get an itemized invoice regarding my account.

All of my phone calls and correspondence have resulted in them continuing to send me the same invoice without acknowledging my requests. And now, they have now threatened me with legal action. I’m at the point where I would welcome legal action. Perhaps I can get an invoice then.

I paid $99.00 on Aug 29, 2013 and I don’t see any reference to this amount paid. Someone needs to look in to their billing practices.

I am entitled to an accurate invoice. (Account 5921044)


M Mclaughlin November 23, 2014 at 10:22 am

I agree with you because it was the same at my store. Low Raise, Hours cut and they expect you to do the same amount of work in 30 hrs as you did in 36 hrs. I know this will probably go unread by Corporate because they really don’t care and as we are constantly being told in my store we are replaceable. Great for the morale of the store guys..


jessie c November 19, 2014 at 9:18 am

Jessie C
I am writing again because my initial question of 16 November have not been answered, NO PROBLEM WITH RECEIVING REWARD POINTS SAYS CIGNA & MEDICARE. Medicare has paid for imunization at Walgreens, there will not be additional payments from Cigna because of the limits placed on medical procedures or agreement with walgreens, let me know if you you discriminate against medicare only(no part D) recipients who are customers of your stores.PLEASE RESPOND


jessie c November 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Your balance rewards program is poorly administered.Nearly, since the inception of your balance rewards program I have been receiving 500 points for each prescription filled. The store I use is at the intersection of Walnut Creek & Pleasant Ridge in Mansfield Texas.In late October of this year my wife had to use a different store which is at the cornor of Turner Warnell in Arlington Texas. The reason was our walgreen store did not administer Pneumonia injections. From this point forward we have been determined ineligible for the balance rewards program because the injections were recorded as a pharmacy item. My insurance companys MEDICARE and CIGNA , have both stated that the injections were medical charged items not pharmacy.I am not AND HAVE NEVER BEEN A PARTICIPANT IN MEDICARE PART D. The claim has been paid as a part B claim by medicare. I am asking since I have never used any eployment or goverment funded program to pay for my prescription drugs, why have we been disqualified from the balance rewards program?


jimmy November 16, 2014 at 1:41 pm

I just wanted to know if walgreens would be interested in walgreensfoodoasis, and walgreensfoodoasisstores .com


Cathaline November 16, 2014 at 9:13 am

Okay, it is now 11/16/2014 and I still don’t have my prescription. My doctor gave me a new prescription which I will fill at CVS. Last night, however, my caller ID indicated a call from Walgreens pharmacy. I answered the call only to find out that they were calling Gomez, a local restaurant. What is this?


Cathaline November 13, 2014 at 5:21 pm

I visited my doctor’s office on October 31, 2014 and received a refill on a prescription I have used for some time. It was sent electronically to the neighborhood Walgreens that I use at 87th and Stony Island. When I went to pick up the prescription, I only received five pills on each of two 90 day supplies. I was never contacted about when the other 85 pills would be ready on those two prescriptions until November 9, 2014 when I was told I had to pick up one of the prescriptions within two days. When I picked up the prescription, my main prescription was still not in. I went again and was told the medication had been ordered two times, but was still not in. The third time I was told this, I asked if they had tried any other Walgreens. They had not, but took my suggestion. Later, I found out that no Walgreens this side of Indiana had my medication. Also I was told that they possessed a lower dosage. When I suggested that they call my doctor to see if I could take two of the lower dosage, they said they would make the call. I called my doctor; Walgreens had not called. This is a very important medication and they treated it and me in a cavalier manner. I’m truly upset and considering a return to mail order prescriptions.


Lori November 7, 2014 at 11:57 pm

I am upset knowing the pharmacist at Walgreens can choose whether they find it appropriate or not when it comes to filling our medication!!! I went today to pick up the same medication that I have picked up for the past ten years, never a concern before today!! The pharmacist told me that he would not fill it because of the other medication I take, is not a good combination…his opinion!!!! He is looking out for my well being, I pay a doctor to look out for my health! Seriously, this man has no idea why I take the medicine I take and to top that he was quite the snot!!!! So to really top my day…as I was sitting in the drive through waiting on my medicine, Walgreens had the nerve to send out one of those auto call outs which said, ” your prescription will NOT be ready at the time we gave you due to “INSURANCE REASONS”…seriously!!!! I did my research and there are some lawsuits out there, hello!!!! Those people go to school for many years to makes a lot of money and for this guy tell me the BS he told me just made me so mad! I am not stupid and for someone to say we are doing this for “your well being” is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just some advice, change your auto call out because it had nothing to do with my insurance..it was all about someones opinion! I plan to follow up on this so would appreciate a response from someone who knows what’s going on?? This has made me so much more disgusted with the political aspect of everything in life!! I have been a Walgreen customer for a very long time…no

t anymore and plan to share this with all my friends and family!!


Elizabeth Taylor December 4, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Please tell me this Walgreens location. On December 2nd, 2014, The “Pharmacy manager” in Inglewood, California decided (with a snobby & attention seeking attitude) he would not fill my prescription because my Dr office is in Encino, CALIFORNIA and he finds it strange I come all the way to Inglewood, Ca to have it filled (apprpox 30 miles) Yet, I work in Inglewood (5 mins from this pharmacy) and I live 10 mins away. I’m not only going to file a complaint, but seek necessary legal action. Let me also state a different pharmacist( at same Walgreens location) in November filled the exact same prescription with absolute no problem.


Patti P November 7, 2014 at 10:22 pm

I am writing you to tell you about an employee of yours. I shop at the Walgreens on Magill Drive in North Huntingdon Pa.
There is a young lady that works ever department in that store. Her name is Steph and I enjoy going in there just to see her. She always makes it a point to ask how I am doing and ask what I need. Every visit she is there to help me.. She even asks how the family is doing.. Who does that now a days??
If there is something I need she does everything she can to get it for me. She will go in the back if she doesn’t have it she will sub for something else. She has helped me in the beauty department she has helped me in the pharmacy and in Photo.. She is a very sweet girl. She has even helped me out to my car. I still can’t get over that there is still people out there like that. I know if I go in to the store and she is there that I will be taken care of. And there has been many times I have gone in and she has made me feel better just seeing her smile and talking to her. This girl is truly a great worker. I just hope her boss knows what kind of worker she has.


David R Larkin October 22, 2014 at 2:15 pm

To day 10/23/14 walgreens pharmist on Rock Spring rd who told me yesterday that my Doctor had told Her to not fill my perscription.I contacted my Doctor to find out if it was true, i was told by him that they had never called nor spoke to anyone in his office,so he called the walgreens and the pharisist was yelling and using foul language at him .He the then told her their was no need for her abusive speaking,at that time she informedhim she was red flagging me from all Walgreens and i was not allowed in any of their stores,because she was caught in her lies. THIS IS THE KIND OF QAULITY CARE AND STAFF THEY HAVE. PLEASE NOBODY SHOP AT WALGREEN ANYMORE ,BOY COT THEM . I allso spoke with corperate and they just blew it off like it was no big deal.


David R Larkin October 22, 2014 at 9:13 am

On 10/21/2014 wellcare called the ealgreens on Rock Springs rd, Apopka Fla to see if they could fill my percription of a newly rated class B meds,they told them to have me bring it up and they could fill it. When i took them my script they said it would take from 24 to 72 hours to fill this had already neen my thurd trip to them for the same script.on the 22nd and got a call from them saying they would not fill it under their good faith policy.when i was picking up my script paper i ask why they could not fill it,they told me my Doctor said to not fill it that i had no medicial reason for it.today 10/23/14 I called my Doctor about it and they imformed me that nobody from walgreens called them.Good faith policy is nothing but lying,I spent my time and plenty of gas running back and forth just for their games and lies. Dont give them any of your shopping ,the company likes to play with peoples lives.


Tam C October 13, 2014 at 6:15 pm

I need someone to contact me immediately. I am emailing every news source locally and nationally. The hospital called in one of my prescriptions before my release. Walgreens claim no one called then found the information. I received that prescription but had to wait for the second one.
I called today to make sure it was ready for pickup, they informed me it was picked up. I spoke with a very RUDE PHARMACIST named Cassandra at the Walgreens on 37th Ave and 183rd Street in Miami, FL who was not helpful. So Walgreens will just give your meds to anyone without your knowledge or authorization then deny you the right to get your prescription. I need to speak with someone and also want to have the feds look into this. I think Walgreens illegally distributes controlled substances to individuals without a script by stealing from people with legit scripts.



Edward K Williams Jr September 22, 2014 at 1:18 pm

I tried to refill my prescription of oxycontin, and was told there was a 24-72 hour hold so that Walgreens could verify with my doctor the validity of the prescription. The prescription had a refill date of 9-18-2014, which was the date I submitted it. Today, 9-22-2014, I was told that Walgreens had called my doctor several times. So I called my doctor who told me they had not recieved any calls concerning me, but they had several calls from other patients with the same story. WHATS GOING ON ? The only reason I go to Walgreens is proximety to my home. CVS is 1/2 mile furthur. I have been out of medication for 3 days.
Walgreens, 2010 Citris Blvd, Leesburg,Fl 34748 352-326-0735


Jose Garcia September 21, 2014 at 11:55 pm

I have a serious problem.I was trying to organize my medications and my wife when I came across a bottled with some body else name and a different doctor name.Well they give as the wrong medication.we supposed to get medication for high blood pressure.They give as Tramadol (pain killer).She took it for 6 days she’s being very tired , not sleeping well.I need to speak with some body before a go to all social media and tell the story.I will get a lawyer if I need to. My phone number 508-525-****


Monica Sanfilippo September 18, 2014 at 5:46 pm

Hi I had my blood presure taken at my local Wallgreens. Why don’t your medical staff use a stethescope cover when taking blood presurres. Have you seen a product called CORESHIELDZ. everyone would benefit from infection etc protection. Concerned consummer. Than you



victoria sutherland September 18, 2014 at 5:12 pm

I went to through the drive thru pharmacy and Leidy the associate working the drive thru at that time was not at all attentive. When I asked about my 2 yr old sons antibiotic for pick up that was electronically sent from his pediatricians office 10 minutes prior to my arrival, she stated that it wasn’t sent and I would have to call the doctors office. So I while sitting in drive thru I called them, the nurse stated that it was sent. I asked the associate to check again, during that time while I was calling them she did not leave the window to see with the pharmacist or a manager if anything was wrong. Another car pulled up behind me and besides me, the associate Leidy looked and when I stated again that they sent it and for her to check, she stated, ” ma’am its not here, but could you pull up because there are other customers and we can’t have you sit here trying to find out. ” During the time I was on the phone she as an associate should have did “SOMETHING’. Not dismiss me and make me feel unimportant when walgreens Moto is that all their customers are important. She clearly thinks we aren’t. I pulled around to the front of the building went inside to the pharmacy with my sick child. And was assisted by associate Brittany, explained that I was pretty much dismissed in drive thru and associate apparently didn’t want or care to help a customer and just decided to dismiss me because other patrons were more important. The associate Brittany actually went and asked the Pharmacist if anything with the electronic Rx. She even told the pharmacist I was upset and brought her over to me. Now she showed Exception Customer service. She actually took a moment and went and asked a simple question and delivered an answer to me. Not I don’t know ma’am, I’m sorry I can’t help you, and then dismiss me. Needless to say I am very upset and I have worked in customer services for over 5 years, and now I work for a doctor’s office. I have never made anyone feel as if they were unimportant. even if I would personally think what they are asking isn’t I give as much attention to one patron as I would another. Its called respect. Which is what Leidy failed to provide and then even turned and gave me a dirty look when I was explaining to Brittany what happened. I am disgusted by what the employee represents your establishment and you should be ashamed of this matter.

It’s not hard to go and ask a simple question to find one common solution. Like Brittany did so wonderfully, Leidy however Had she have done this I would have probably let this roll off my back like water. But she should either go through training again as providing valued customer services or find a job where she can be rude all day, like a prison.


joyce September 18, 2014 at 4:46 pm

I am from Michigan and moved to Indiana and my points never move over to me when I moved why??????


cris December 12, 2014 at 5:51 pm

well your points dont actually move, they remain on the same account no matter your location. theyre still there, and you can change your info on the card also by just asking your cashier at checkout….they just push a button and you tell them the new info, you verify it, and boom new zip, new address and everything..


Brenda Davis September 12, 2014 at 6:41 pm

I tried to fill me prescription Aug 20th and was told I couldn’t because “It wasn’t time yet”. The RX is for Blood Glucose test strips. Not like anyone who didn’t absolutely have to have them would even try to get them. They said I could purchase one over the counter ($78) to hold me until I could fill the RX. I had to since I have had Diabetes over 50 years and rely on these strips to know how to take my insulin properly. A week later I tried to fill the RX and was told, “No, your doctor hasn’t filled out the right paperwork and returned it to us yet”. After another 10 days it turns out Walgreen’s had been sending the doctor the wrong paperwork to fill out. The doctor’s office let me know they had returned to correct paperwork to Walgreen’s and again (for another $78) I had to purchase over the counter test strips to hold me until the RX could be filled. Today (Sept 12th) I go back and Walgreen’s says “No, we still haven’t gotten the paperwork from your doctor but you can purchase it over the counter again”. I asked them to check their records since the doctor’s office had returned the paperwork a week ago. They said again they hadn’t gotten it and it would take another week after they do get it. So I had to tell them to forget it, I would no longer be getting any presriptions filled with Walgreen’s and walked out. I spent almost three weeks going back and forth, spending grocery money on medications and the pharmicy staff at Walgreen’s (West Main in Medford, OR) still didn’t know what was going on. My doctor even had them hang up on her because they didn’t want to hear they weren’t doing things correctly. I will not post a message on FACEBOOK warning people about Walgreen’s Pharmacy and lack of knowledge on filling prescriptions.


Misty October 10, 2014 at 4:30 pm

I to had a problem with Walgreens pharmacy refilling my insulin. They kept telling me it was to early to refill, but it was admitted that it was their fault. I was in the hospital because they don’t know what they are doing. I switched to Safeway.


Dani Nelly September 8, 2014 at 11:49 pm

Friday September 5th, my co worker made a racist remark towards me and it made me feel uncomfortable the rest of my shift and uneasy to work with her. Promptly at 8am opening the doors for business, 3 women that were waiting to come in the store walk in the store together. 2 brown skin women, 1 white. I greeted all three of the ladies. One of the African American ladies asked me where the restroom was. I continue putting freight away when Lisa comes to me to say ” those three women all know each other” I respond, “how do you know?” Lisa replies ” because they all came in together” I said “ok, they were all standing outside together”, she replies “well they were talking to each other outside” I asked her “well how do you know they weren’t just making small talk until the doors opened?” Lisa says “ok whatever, something about them just rubs me the wrong way.” I just looked at her and went back to working the cosmetic totes that Lisa, Dana, and myself were doing together at the time the ladies came in the store and while Lisa made the remarks she did. The two African American women leave. Lisa says to me ” I don’t know about that, they probably stole something. I told you they knew each other.” I said ” you told me all three of them knew each other, the white lady is still in here”. Lisa replies ” white lady, I thought I saw three black women come in.”Well don’t all you black people know each other?” I didn’t reply and walked away from her. She followed me and said “ok, I was joking, it was just a joke.” “Well one of them was in the bathroom for a long time, she was probably doing drugs”. I still didn’t reply. I continued working and tried to stay away from Lisa as much as possible. Later in the evening around one, Dana came up to me and said ” those comments Lisa made were F’d up are you going to say anything?” I told her no, and I didn’t feel like anything would be done. Dana advised that I at least put it out there, that I should talk to store manager Steve, it wouldn’t hurt. I turned her down. Around 1:50 or so, Dana came to me and told me she went to Steve about the comments Lisa made. How it made me appear uncomfortable and how it made her uncomfortable. Dana told me that Steve says “tell _____ that I’m sorry and it shouldn’t have been said even if it was a joke, I might talk with her later about it. Well he never did, never acknowledged me, the situation or how I felt. He didn’t talk to Lisa and I felt horrible the rest of my work shift because I felt so uncomfortable. I wanted to go home so bad. Open door policy? Ok, tell me when that applies…


JMW September 6, 2014 at 8:54 am





pissed off employee September 3, 2014 at 9:42 am

Can anyone of you at corporate tell me why we at my DC only got a 13 cent raise? I read an update from our ceo saying that 2014 fiscal year was the best ever……well apparently you really don’t care about our morale at work. If you want us to love the customer so much then your doing it wrong! 13 cents is not going to help with cost of living!!! Well I hope to hear back for you guys. I will probably be pulled into HR for this but it doesn’t matter it won’t change anything. I guess I’m just being BOLD right?!?!


YOMAMA September 27, 2014 at 6:08 am

Oh…the answer to that is simple. Get an education…get a real job…use the time you spend online to complain to better your life and maybe it will actually get better. There’s an idea!! WAKE UP!!!!


Robert December 31, 2014 at 9:07 am

You must work for Walgreens Yomama ! You show the same insensitivity that is built into the Walgreens Corporate Culture. I would bet you visit AngryPhramacist.com frequently.


Star February 13, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I don’t think it was fair anywhere I was with Walgreens for 6 years and was not only a Head Photo but a Pharmacy Tech, my last raise was 16 cents, I bust my butt being in two places at once, taking care of customers that the managers piss off, put up with verbal harassment and hostility, I filed a complaint with compliance 2 months ago and have not heard a word, believe me I know where you are going, to be honest I left and have not had a migraine or anxiety attack since, they are still fighting my unemployment but I am not giving up, I feel sorry for everyone who gets the doormat treatment including customers and employees, maybe when there is nothing left they will wake up.


C Bailey September 1, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Oh I have a complaint. I was in the Walgreen’s in North Haven CT located on Washington Ave. I made a quick purchase and the man operating the register had me swipe my credit card. Then he asked he to do it again because it “didn’t take”. The second time it went thru and asked me to verify the amount and to sign which I did. Well Mr. Register man told me I had to swipe AGAIN because it didn’t take. I told him this felt like he was trying to pull a fast one but idiot me went thru the process a 3rd time. Lo and behold I’m in Dublin Ireland and yet someone is attempting to make purchases at Best Buy, Target, and Circular City with my credit card. Let’s just say I love Discover Card and their fraud protection service and Walgreen’s you just suck. How are you going to fix this?


Tracy Thornhill August 29, 2014 at 9:20 pm

I just wrote a 3 page complaint and this page deletes it….go figure


Tracy Thornhill August 29, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I live in Shreveport Louisana and there is Nothing good about the Walgreens in this area. No matter what Walgreen s store I go to the store messes up my meds, the pharmacists is always rude and not helpful, they miss count pills, don’t fill meds when they are suppose to be filled and then call you and tell you they are ready, they won’t put you on auto refill not like it would help with the lazy people they have working but to get back to my issue for the day. I called in my bipolar meds 2 days ago and they still are not ready and after sitting in drive thru for 25 minutes waiting they had the guts to tell me to wait another 15 mins on meds that were suppose to be filled 2 days ago and the system called and told me they were ready.
The pharmasist got a attitude cause I had her on speaker phone and wouldn’t let me speak it is horrible and then the manager says call the 800 number and leave a message even though there is nothing that will change cause I have been dealing with this for years and years from this Franchise! Wal-Mart treats you better.


Valerie August 28, 2014 at 5:48 pm

I have been trying to reach someone about a Walgreens breaking Hippa violation- please call me back-


victoria sutherland September 18, 2014 at 5:17 pm

If they are breaking HIPPA then they need to be taken to court.


Regina Phillips August 28, 2014 at 3:34 pm

I am writing in regards to the Walgreen’s pharmacy in Mexico MO, and let me just start off by saying that I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN , I caught my diabetes early because I have seen the symptoms before in my mother but so far now the script that was called in by my doctor for my test strips to be paid for through my Medicare prescription plan has been SCREWED UP TWICE , the first time they gave me my script no problem got it the next day , only to find out that they gave me the wrong test strips , so you would think take the wrong ones back in with the receipt where I paid for them and it would be a simple matter of them exchanging them for the correct ones , WRONG again , they told me that they had to resubmit it through my Medicare and guess what all at once there was issues , ok I can give them that maybe , I BOUGHT a bottle of strips for almost 30 bucks to hold me over until I could get my script , then this morning they called me and told me that my script was ready after almost a week and having to borrow a tester that my sister was no longer using , so I think Great I can go back to mine , WRONG AGAIN , I went through the drive through window and they asked if I had a secondary insurance card so that maybe they could get my cost down to Zero from $12.49 , so I gave them my Medicaid card and for some reason that got their system all messed up where they couldn’t take it off and let me have my script that was already filled and setting there on the counter , I told them that I had no problem paying for the script at the price they told me to begin with but they wouldn’t let me have it , so now I am again waiting on some screw up that they are blaming on Medicare again which I don’t believe it is Medicare that is messing up , I believe that it is the Pharmacy and I feel as if they should give me my test strips and if Medicare doesn’t pay them back then they can just eat the cost of them for all of my pain and suffering and stress trying to get this taken care of , basically they have filled it twice now and when I get there to get it something is always Messed up , I HAVE HAD IT WITH THEM and would appreciate a call back from someone from headquarters TODAY about this issue and what they are going to do about it , the script is for 300 Contour Next strips and I need them NOW because I may have to be leaving to go out of state within the next few days and I NEED MY STRIPS ! you can contact me at 573-473-1654 and you had better be calling to tell me that I can go pick them up at no charge at all because it has been the pharmacies mess up from the word go , the least you can do is give me my dang strips ! I will also tell anyone that I know NOT TO BE USEING THAT PHARMACY !
Sincerely yours from one stressed out woman who really does not need all this mess
(ps I am also a stage 3 colon cancer survivor so the last thing I need is the run around about my scripts )
Mrs. Regina Phillips


Sumatra August 28, 2014 at 2:13 pm

This is a compliment and complaint. I’m writing this because I was very sadden to hear that today was one of your best employees last day at the Walgreens at 600 Newark Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07208. I have been a happy customer to this walgreens for over 10 years and I was always greeted with a smile and the perfect customer service energy by your employee Ms. Green. I asked her why she was leaving she mentioned that she had worked there for nearly 14 years and she was reduced from full time to part time and then to 4 days a week and then 3 days a week and now 1 day a week. As a single mother she is unable to afford her cost of living at 1 day a week salary. She said going on unemployment will pay her more. SHAME ON YOU WALGREENS FOR FORCING SUCH A GOOD REPRESENTATIVE OF YOUR COMPANY TO LEAVE!!!! No reason why she should not be able to still have enough hours to maintain her life as she had been in years past. By the way even on her last day (today) she still was smiling and pleasant and exclaimed that she loved working there. If you want have a good representative for your company you should be happy to do whatever needs to be done to keep her on board. Hard work and dedication needs to be recognized through merrit not through forcing out.


Diane Grosberg August 26, 2014 at 1:27 pm

I too have a complaint. The Walgreen’s in Sebring south, Sebring, Fl needs some dyer help. I myself no longer go there, I changed to CVS because I could not take the stupidity of the way the Pharmacy is run. I do take care of my ex husband and call his medication into this Walgreen’s. The last time I did that, they gave him a partial fill because they were out of that particular medication. That was on Aug. 19th…on the 21st I called and was told that a truck would be in later that evening and it should be ready then. On the morning of the 22nd I called and was told a truck would be in later that day…no such luck. On the morning of the 25th I called again and was told the same story, by that time I lost patience and blew my top because my ex husband was out of the medication by that time. I did have someone call me back the same day and by later on that evening I did receive the medication. My fear is that what happens if someone dies waiting on this pharmacy to refill prescription’s? Does Walgreen’s really want a lawsuit because eventually that is what is going to happen! I will continue to talk my ex husband into changing to CVS because he can not afford to go without his meds. Walgreen’s, you need to wake up! I’m sure Mr. Charles Walgreen’s Sr. is rolling over in his grave!


Kathleen Ford August 24, 2014 at 3:30 pm

To whom it may concern; My name Is Kathleen, I live in Hartford, CT 06105 I’m writing you with a complaint about one your Walgreen at 161 Washington, Street, Hartford, CT 06106, 1-(860)522-5005, I’ve been calling for more than an hour and there’s no answer or teleprompter to pick the phone line up so that I may call my husband medication in, so that Ican then in turn pay for a ride to pick his meds up. I ddon’t drive and my husband can’t walk to pick up his meds because of his toes has been amputated due to diabetes and the Doctor’s want him to keep pressure off of the right foot.


Michele Giammatteo August 18, 2014 at 10:21 am

Walgreens located at I-45 N & Tamina, TX. TERRIBLE pharmacy! I’ve filled out survey form with a request for personal contact from headquarters. Never had a response. Only 1 pharmacist on duty except from the hours of 1-3p.m. Quite often your new prescription has 25-100+ customers before you.
I’ve had RX’s lost and auto refill status shut off. My RX’s have been delayed because they are contacting the doctor. WRONG doctor, mine retired 2 years ago. Also, they were given my new 6 month RX by my new doctor and used it last month but lost it.

TODAY was the TOPPER! After 3 call-in’s by my husbands doctor the pharmacy has yet to fill his RX. WHY? They say (as usual) they have not received a call back. I opened my records to find out why they are sending me texts that my auto refill RX is delayed and find my husbands call-in RX’s were placed in my name!!! My husband has diabetes and needs his RX’s!!

-Flu shot availability is slow and just as time consuming as a doctor visit.

-Every 6 months my new RX’s are delayed because they don’t have them and must contact my doctor. Originally my refill date started on the first of the month. Now they are different days and dated from the 20th and on.

-No solution to a problem can be solved by phone. One MUST go directly to the counter to correct it AND you must return and return because they didn’t enter the problem to correct it.

-It took 3 months to change to my new insurance coverage.

-Never tell me my RX isn’t covered by my insurance. They put it on Walgeens discount. Very easily I could call my doctor to request an RX that is covered.

It’s a MAJOR headache to deal with them! Our area has a population of over 100,000 and we have 1 Pharmacist? During flu season there is no place to stand in line to pick up your monthly RX’s.

Doesn’t ONE PERSON in Corporate care????


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