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Deerfield, IL 60015

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Phone Number: (847) 940-2500
Fax Number: (847) 914-2804
Website: http://www.walgreens.com
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CEO: Gregory D. Wasson
CFO: Wade D. Miquelon
COO: Mark A. Wagner

Walgreens History

Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Chicagoan Charles R. Walgreen, Sr.  By 1913, the business had grown to 4 Chicago locations.  By 1919, there were 20 stores. The chain grew rapidly in the 1920s and there were 397 stores in 87 cities by 1930.  This rapid growth has been, in part, attributed to Walgreens selling bootleg liquor during Prohibition. In 1939, Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. died and his son, Charles Jr. took over the company.  Jr. retired in the early 1950s and his son, Cork, took over the company. In 1986, the company acquired MediMart. In recent years, the company has gone through CEOs in rapid succession with 4 different CEOs since 2006. The chain currently operates over 8300 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  The Walgreens Corporate Office is located just outside Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois.

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Lisa Higgins April 27, 2016 at 5:51 pm

Walgreens has the absolute worst service of any pharmacy in America. I have had the wrong medications filled for my prescriptions, been billed incorrectly, waited hours sitting in a store while very ill, and am continually treated like no company should treat its customers. Last weekend was the last time I will ever go to a Walgreens again. I waited in a drive up for 12 minutes for someone to come to the window. No one did so I rang the buzzer thinking they might not be aware that I was waiting. No answer, waited 4 more minutes and rang again when “Angelina” at the Houston Town and Country Store answered from inside with the nastiest tone of voice and said “What? ” I responded I didn’t know if they were aware I was waiting for sometime and she said in an even worse tone “We will be with you shortly.” Mistakes happen, medications get delayed but there is no excuse for rude and nasty employees. Awful way to treat customers!


Christopher Aburime April 13, 2016 at 5:27 pm

I am Christopher Aburime, a Walgreens employee. Since I have been working at Walgreens, I observed that Walgreens very often produces Walgreens Version of the products it sells. And the Walgreens Versions are generally less expensive. But when I got to the Greeting Card Section, I observed that Walgreens sells Hallmark Greeting Cards and others. Walgreens has not started producing its own Greeting Cards. I think having Walgreens Greeting Cards will be a big boost in the business — generating large amounts of money and greater success for the Company, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars and great fame worldwide, throughout Christendom. Why ? Because as a Walgreens employee, I am quite interested in helping the Company grow and expand even to other parts and nations of the world. I am quite convinced that Walgreens renders first-class service to the people, and that this service should reach other nations, all nations and peoples if possible. Good service should be applauded. Walgreens has excellent service.
Besides working for Walgreens, I am also a writer, specializing in mostly divine literature, translation, and lexicography. My most recent publications include an English Bible, Dictionary, and Contemplating Human Wisdom.

Walgreens has a Wellness Package. And Jesus Christ, of course, is the Greatest Doctor. A doctor who heals so much as to raise the dead. He raises and heals Lazarus who was already four days dead and abandoned in a tomb. (John 11).

If Walgreens decides to produce its own Walgreens Cards in the near future, I will be very willing to assist by supplying Healing and Wellness Verses from the highest authorities of Life, Wellness and Eternal Life in my Bible which is Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, Saint John and others. Words from these authorities appeal to all Christendom forever. Cards having these Words of Life will sell everywhere, in all nations, all over the world. Selling these Cards, I believe, will be a great business and a great success.


edward williams April 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm

walgreens is at it again their store pharmacy will tell costumers lies. who puts too much medicine in a prescription bottle well i guess walgreens that way they can bill medicade more money. we all need to stick together on this the country is broke enough. some meds can be dangerous if you take to much. they are still makeing those calls they just paid out eleven million in class action lawsuits. when will they learn. they must be making to much money. using these practices.


Jack Ito February 12, 2016 at 5:39 pm

Despite losing an $11 million dollar class action lawsuit for robocalling pharmacy customers without their permission, Walgreens continues this practice. I have repeatedly contacted Walgreens on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, GA to stop them from robocalling me about prescriptions being ready. I think Walgreens needs to be repeatedly sued until they can stop this intrusive practice. I know if I lost $11 million dollars, I would change my ways, but I guess that’s not enough money for Walgreens to become concerned about their customer’s privacy.


Maria February 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm

No one cares, no one is protecting customers privacy or health, I am a former Walgreens pharmacist whom wrongfully was terminated after several complained I have made to HR regarding illigal practices at my store supported by our district pharmacy manager.


Norene Van Valkenburg February 11, 2016 at 9:19 pm

For several years I have ordered at least 7 or more Photo calendars from Walgreen’s Photo. The quality is excellent. Last year and this year the shipping has been a nightmare. Today I received 3 calendars at my home in Nevada, theses were to be shipped to my sister in Minnesota. Your customer service agent refunded the shipping and I mailed them to her in Minnesota. However the cost was about four dollars more. When I went to resend the package, the address listed was the US post office several miles from my home with a mile long line. There is a post office less than a mile from my house which I was able to receive prompt service. Why wasn’t the UPS address on the label. The shipping address were not properly sent last year,also. But last year I had email confirmation and shipping notifications by email. This year I did not received email confirmation for the order or the shipping confirmation and I did not print because I have always received email confirmations and I do not like to waste paper and ink. It is troubling to place an order for 7 calendars to be shipped to 5 different addresses and the addresses are correct when I review the order but then revert to the shipping address that was on the page when I began the order when the order is shipped. I know one of the calendars has arrived at its destination and am waiting to determine if the others have reached their destination. Last year there were three or more mix ups despite the confirmation emails being correct.

Another problem, I was unable to order an 8th calendar when I tried because the order was being processed and it was unavailable to be ordered.

I hope you can upgrade or at least clear up the glitches in the ordering and shipping process. I am seriously considering finding another provider of calendars. Ordering should not be harder than making the calendar.

Thank you


Monika Gunder February 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm

My name is Monika K Gunder and Im a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am emailing to let you know how I can service you and your company as it relates to health and wellness for your comany’s employees.
Massage therapy is essential for good health. It is necessary for an overall healthy lifesytle.
Chair massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension that can develop in the workplace. The benefits achieved for employees make for a more productive work site, which in turn benefits the employer. Higher productivity means larger profits for the company. This is also a wonderful opportunity to show employees your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication. Iam positive you and your employees can benefit from ongoing mobile massage therapy once a week. I conduct corporate chair massages for other companies and the employeees love it.
Just 15 minutes of massage therapy can reduce muscle pain and tension, improve mood and increase energy. On-site massage is a valuable incentive that companies can offer to reward and motivate their teams.

I provide all the equipment, licensing and insurance needed.

Would you be available for a 15 minute over the phone consultation? I can easily answer all your questions and explain my program.

Im available on Mondays and Fridays from 9am till 2pm. Please let me know what works best for you.

Thanks in advance!

PS….Feel free to suggest other days and times that would work better for you.

Monika K. Gunder, LMT


Marie Devine January 20, 2016 at 11:55 am


Businesses are having ONE DAY SALES on Saturdays when people of 500 religions, including Jews are forbidden to work, buy or sell in the “Ten Commandments” by YAHWEH-GOD OF ISRAEL and God of the whole earth. They lose the ability to sell to them, and block them from receiving your benefits.
No other weekly day is commanded as no work. Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Exodus 31:12-18

Unions and businesses look for one day of rest. The only one that will work is God’s 7th day, Saturday, otherwise scheduling will still difficult to accommodate the faithful. One day off for the store as God commanded is profitable because all must buy in six days lowering payroll and expenses.

Pope Francis is trying to make Sunday the day of rest (no buying or selling) internationally; that does not benefit business, unions, energy savings, or families, because two days would then be required for NO buying or selling. Be blessed; God seeks to prosper those who bless His wisdom.


Michael January 19, 2016 at 3:47 pm

Please contact me back thank you Michael


Hannah January 18, 2016 at 7:25 pm

I shop at the Walgreens on Ladson and Dorchester in Summerville South Carolina on a regular basis, meaning two to three times a week. I feel it completely unnecessary to be followed around the store by an employee that is supposed to be working in the pharmacy department. She then goes to her manager (I can see all of this in the handy mirrors above) and whispers something which leads to them both looking over in my direction. The manager then comes over to me and asks me if I need help finding something. Of course at this point I realize that they must think I’m stealing and become so appalled I can’t shop in peace that I leave. While sitting in my car looking up the corporate number for Walgreens I see the pharmacy employee walk out, with receipt paper and a pen, to the back of my vehicle and write down my license plate number. I got out to confront her and she claimed to be “writing down the red-box number.” The red-box was in front of my car. She had no reason to walk to the back of my car when the red-box and its number were In front of my car. I hope there will be some understanding to why this is so appalling considering how much time and money I put into my trips to Walgreens. Most of the employees recognize my face I’m sure. I hope this is taken care of with the most maturity and reason possible.


Zoe Morosini January 17, 2016 at 10:30 am

I visited the Walgreens (pharmacy) at 841 Western Avenue in Lynn, MA to fill a prescription for my son. I am extremely displeased and disappointed in my experience there.

After waiting in line for several minutes (however, the only woman working the counter was very efficient), I showed her the prescription. She first said “I don’t think we have this, but let me check” and went to speak to one of the two pharmacists on-duty to inquire if the medicine was in stock. It was not. I asked when it would be in stock, and was informed “I don’t know.” I then asked if it could be ordered and was told “No, we can’t.” When I responded, in amazement, “Really!?” she nodded vigorously and apologetically, and proceeded to explain that the pharmacy only re-orders the biggest-selling medicines, and that there was no way to help me. Considering that the prescription for my son is an extremely common drug for teenagers AND that I had previously had this same prescription filled before at this very Walgreens Pharmacy, I was stunned. Is this a policy of Walgreens Pharmacy as a whole, or just this Walgreens?

This experience has soured me on your company and its procedures for the foreseeable future. I will be taking my pharmacy business to CVS from now on. I went to them immediately after this experience at the Western Avenue Walgreens in Lynn, MA. They didn’t have it in stock either, but ordered it the same evening, and had the medicine within two days.


Sue Wisneski January 16, 2016 at 5:14 pm

We do business with the Menasha WI Walgreens. We have been treated very well by the pharmacy staff – so well, in fact, that they alerted us to a possible adverse reaction to a newly prescribed drug and contacted our physician to advise him of the possible interaction problem. The doctor and the pharmacist came up with an alternative drug which treated the problem but did not affect my husband’s health. I am sure the pharmacist saved his life! I let the manager at the store know about this situation and how profoundly grateful we were. I figure everyone is quick to point out the wrongsd so it is also necessary to point out the rights, too. Thank you!


David Lattimore January 15, 2016 at 11:14 am

I visited a local Walgreens to get a prescription filled at 2815 Davison rd. Flint Michigan 48506 on Sunday January 10, around 9:00am. and at their drive thru and spoke with a pharmacy tech. Named Johanna about my prescription. She told me my insurance company wouldn’t cover it without a pre authorization. I asked her why and she threw her hands up and told me” I don’t know that’s what’s on the screen. I asked huhh?? I said what do that mean,, she threw her hands up again and said I don’t no, you need to talk to yr doctor. So I told her Wow you sure have a bad attitude, I just asked you a question. She started throwing her hands up in the air again and said what. I explained, I just asked you a question and all you’ve shown is a terrible attitude and I’m just coming to get my medication, so she never even apologized until I told her I had a family member who worked at Walgreen whom I was going to consult about this problem. So I came back Wednesday January 13 2016 to see if my prescription was ready and a different tech. Told me it could take up to 72 hrs. So I told this tech I was never told that. So I called today 1/15/2016 and asked worker Bunny that I had talked to a shift lead Wednesday about my prescription and problem but I couldn’t remember her name so I asked her if they had a shift lead named tamika, She asked” what do you want to for” I’m not___” so I asked for a manager and she put Beth on the phone. Beth was Very professional about everything but This Johanna,, OMG bad, terrible, attitude and This Bunny was basically the same way. Been shopping at Walgreen for decades but I’d rather not shop somewhere where it’s unprofessional, disrespectful, bad, mean attitude workers. A question shouldn’t offend anyone working with Customers/ the public. Respectfully David Lattimore


Sally Thomas January 10, 2016 at 7:13 pm

Looking at all these complaints we need to boycott all your stores . it appears you ppl.do nothing to address your customer service in your pharmacy dept.


william bures January 10, 2016 at 5:34 pm

i am very angry with your company For years when my mother was live she used your company for 10 or so prescriptions and i get 10 at your company myself though we are on medicare or she was. I have a prescription with your company for phenobarbital for my dog for over 5 years, I just found out yourcompany charged double the price as some of your competitors for this drug!!! Im outraged figuring ive been ripped off by thousands from price gouging by your company . I switched this drug to your competitor and probably will switch my other 10 medicaions to your competitor even though medicare pays for most of it. I leave like i stupidly trusted your firm and have been ripped off, shame on you. IM ALSO writing to your president. William Bures Norfolk CT


Amy Miller January 10, 2016 at 1:44 pm

I was in the Walgreens in Burlington Iowa on Friday. I was using the photos copier to copy my pictures off my phone. As my pictures were downloading the machine froze up then my phone froze up. I asked for assistance and the guy came over and unplugged my phone. My phone went black and hasnt worked since! The guy who was helping me said he didnt know anything about phones and suggested I take my phone to my provider which i did and they were unable to fix it. So i called to talk to the manager at Walgreens to explain this situation to him. He was extremely rude and told me it wasn’t his problem! I had to purchase a new phone which cost me $400! Im very upset that Walgreens was no help to me! I used to do alot of business with them and so did my family but after the way i was treated we will no longer be customers at Walgreens. Iam hoping someone will see this and offer to hd lp me in some way. Thank you.


Shawna Bohne January 6, 2016 at 3:32 am

Walgreen at 5625 N. Ridge Ave in Chicago il 60660; pharmacy department technician was very rude and unprofessional customer service when my boy friend when to pick up my prescription with my photo I.D for xnax. on the day of Jan 04 2016 in the afternoon time. The Pharmacist and store managers was informed about this incident. The pharmacist technician told him that there was a note on her prescription whereas only she can pick it up and my boy friend say no problem; I will contact her doctor in order to make changes and the pharmacist tech kept repeating saying with a rude attitude telling him the same thing; like my boy friend didn’t understand what she was saying; but he did in a nice by just saying I’ll contact her doctor to in order to make changes due to her disabilities..
That particular female Technician customer service performance had a very rude attitude.
Complaint by: Shawna Bohne at 312 975 XXXX


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