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Phone Number: (847) 940-2500
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CEO: Gregory D. Wasson
CFO: Wade D. Miquelon
COO: Mark A. Wagner

Walgreens History

Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Chicagoan Charles R. Walgreen, Sr.  By 1913, the business had grown to 4 Chicago locations.  By 1919, there were 20 stores. The chain grew rapidly in the 1920s and there were 397 stores in 87 cities by 1930.  This rapid growth has been, in part, attributed to Walgreens selling bootleg liquor during Prohibition. In 1939, Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. died and his son, Charles Jr. took over the company.  Jr. retired in the early 1950s and his son, Cork, took over the company. In 1986, the company acquired MediMart. In recent years, the company has gone through CEOs in rapid succession with 4 different CEOs since 2006. The chain currently operates over 8300 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  The Walgreens Corporate Office is located just outside Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois.

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sarah April 16, 2015 at 7:07 pm

I will never shop at Walgreen’s again after i was searched by an emloyee. This scarred me from shopping here and left behind more than an unpleasant experience for me.

Here’s my story:

What: harassed (searched down), discriminated, targeted from the min I walked in, and profiled

Where: Walgreen’s. Midwest location

When: November 2014

Resolved : No follow ups, apologies or concerns that they have some of the most incompetent and unprofessional staff members working there.

After a very long and sick day of being in the ER, i was released with several prescriptions. So, what was next? I decided to go to the place I once loved shopping at, my local Walgreen’s. I dropped my scripts off at the pharamcy, told the technician I’d shop while I waited for the meds to be filled and started shopping. I’ll admit, I wasn’t dressed my best considering my circumstances. Minutes later after placing some cosmetic items in my cart, I was approached like a million times by this emoloyee who followed me and asked me if i needed any help or was ready to check out. At first i thought it was nice of her to offer, but then it turned into harassment. The next time she approcahed me, I was waiting in the pharmacy waiting area. She asked me if she could search me and that certainly raised questions for me. This is how the rest of the conversation proceeded:

Walgreens employee: hi ma’am did you wanna check out or were you ready now?

Me: no, thank you. I’m waiting for my prescriptions and then I’ll head over to the register when I’m ready.

Emoloyee : okay, well do you mind if I count your items in your cart?

Me: for what ? .

Employee: to make sure you walk out with the same items that are your in your cart

Me: wait..what???! I needed to make sure I heard this correctly, so I asked her again…I’m sorry , what.

Employee: walks over and gets closer to my cart and repeats “..its to make sure you walk out with the same stuff you had in your cart.”

Me: are you accusing that I’m going to steal these things ?

Employee: I’m just doing my job.

Me: then yes, I do mind. So is this a common practice …do you this with every single customer that walks into Walgreen’s?

Employee: disregards everything i just said and starts counting and searching my cart, purse , and belongings anyways

Me: I said, I do mind .
Employee continues to search.
Me: you do understand that what you’re doing is illegal and goes against your “job”don’t you?,

I further questioned her actions. she confirmed that they don’t do this to everyone and that she didn’t think she was in any violation. I demanded to speak to the store manager. The manager was a joke and wasn’t of any help even after I explained to him what happened with this emoloyee. He refused to take any written complaint . Told me I needed to call corporate and that there was simply nothing he could do. To make matters worse, it got worse!

As soon as I got done checking out at the pharmacy, I went to the front register to purchase the remaining of my items in my cart. I used my balance rewards points on my transaction along with coupons. When I left the store after purchasing my stuff, I didn’t realize till I got to my car that I there was no receipt. So I went back in asking to have a copy of the receipt . The girl told me she was new so she would just need a mangers help . I said, no problem ! She grabbed the same manager from earlier to help. He said he needed something to scan like, one of the items or my credit card to locate the transaction, so I gave him my card and the bag of items. He disappeared for minutes and when came back he explained to me that the girl forgot to ring up serval items from the bag. He said he reviewed the video tapes and saw that she threw my receipt away in the back office. He took my bag away and told me that i never paid for these items. Hmmm. He told me that this was very weird. I asked him what he meant ….he explained that it was weird that she was helping me and went all the way back of the store to throw away my receipt. I then asked him what is it that you’re trying to say? Are you expressing that there’s some sort of conspiracy? He then implied that there was of some sort of conspiracy, as if she purposely did this to benefit me. At that point , I knew I needed to take further actions against this manager who was also making wrongful and false accusations about me. I asked to speak to his manager or a higher one, but he refused to do this. I proceeded with calling the police to file a report on this store. I ended up returning the items that from my understanding were purchased by me or my card=my money and leaving with my meds and several negative thoughts about this place. When I finally got out of this place , I came to several conclusions about Walgreen’s .

This is what I have to say to Walgreen’s and corporate: first, I am still shocked that this happened to me. Im even more shocked that this situation was left unresolved. Clearly, customer service is not a stength for the employees at retail or corporate level.

Excuse me if I’m not dreseed to impress, but I was too sick to even dress myself. I didn’t specialize in law, but I do know that never are you allowed to search me while I’m still shopping/or done with shopping and wrongfully accuse me of something I didnt comit. Your emoloyee crossed line and i think you can agree that this is not up for debate or negotiation . This is a place where the employees and manager were very unprofessional and are left to violate certain customers rights. Where its OKAY to racially profile and target others based on certain “characteristics” and how they appear on the outside. I just filed my 3rd complaint to walgreens regarding this issue and clearly my voice is not being heard. I have yet to receive a follow up from corporate about this. I sit here every day shocked, scarred and left in humiliation that this company could allow their employees to do this to me/humiliate me in public while others watched and so much more! Its more than ridiculous, its against the law. Your emolyees clearly do not understand this. Perhaps you should inform of what you can and cannot do to people, regardlesss of race or what they look like, or how they are dressed when shopping at their local walgreens. Also, I have not stepped foot in a Walgreen’s since this incident and have no plans to ever to do so. I do plan on continuing to share my story with several others through word of mouth and social media (twitter, Instagram, facebook, tumblr, all others.) This is wrong and I hope others who have experienced this same concern are encouraged to speak out.



andrea davis April 9, 2015 at 5:49 pm

I just went to Walgreen today, like I do most days, and was treated like an idiot. I usually go to Taylor station road Walgreen in Columbus Ohio, they are fantastic and friendly. I decided because I was closer to Brice rd Walgreen I would go there, big mistake. I just tried to make a COMPLAINT on Walgreen website but apparently they don’t want to here it. It wouldn’t process through once I selected a store. So upset by the horrible actions of the manager and two black women employees that I will definitely be calling a corporate number tomorrow morning. The two women were arguing with me about the price of Easter candy which was advertised 50%off. I have a degree , I know that half of 3 dollars is 1.50$. These women , supposed walgreen employees hated me from the second I walked in their checkout. They said half of 3 was 2.50. So, they could have been professional. I didn’t have to buy the stupid jelly beans. After they kept belittling me the mamma manager came. In stead of telling her clerk’s that they shouldn’t be shaking their necks around and trying to intimidate me she tells me to leave????!!! I thought I must be losing my mind, but I wasn’t hallucinating. Brice road Walgreen I hope someone fires all of your ghetto fabulous employees. This kind of behavior is ok at the block party, not in a respectfully business.PLEASE SOMEONE LOOK INTO THE HORRIBLE CONDITION OF THIS STORE, pharmacy included. I have since talked to friends and they have had bad experiences there too, by the way it is thursday April9


sarah April 16, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Isn’t this crazy?? I couldn’t believe what happened to me! You’re right on Walgreen’s not wanting to hear it as this is my 4th complaint about my issue. I’m starting to wonder if there’s this pattern in corporste not stepping up to these concerning and real issues and in the hiring proces . Could it be that Walgreen’s is attracted to people who have these “awesome” skills= abilitiy to lack understanding . You should read my crazy experience!!


Sherri April 6, 2015 at 9:33 pm



Sherri April 6, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I live in East Hartford Conneticut. And Walgreens on the corner of main st and ct blvd are getting ruder bye the day. Well I am in their almost every day. And they know who I am and I get asked for and ID for everything. The Dark skinned Manager he acts like he owns Walgreens and makeing his own rules. I always use my husbands credit card he tells me to use it.


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