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Quizno's Corporate Office Address

QIP Holder, LLC
1001 17th StSuite 200
Denver, CO 80202

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Phone Number: (720) 359-3300
Fax Number: (720) 359-3399
Website: http://www.quiznos.com
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Quizno's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Quizno's Executives

CEO: Greg Brenneman
CFO: John Coletta
COO: James Lyons

Quizno's History

Quiznos began in 1978 as Sandwich World when Terrell Braly and a group of investors converted a closed gas stations in Denver, Colorado to a sandwich shop.

In 1980, the store was purchased by competitors Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner.  They changed the name to Quiznos and began to franchise.

In 1981, the first toasted sub was served.

In 1987, Rick Schaden opens a franchise in Boulder, CO.  In 1991, Rick and his father, Dick, buy the entire company.

By 1995, there are 100 restaurants in the chain.

By 1997, Quiznos is the third largest sandwich chain.

In 1999, the first international location opens in Japan.

In 2002, Wendy’s acquired the rights to the brand in Australia and New Zealand.  They were never able to make it profitable.

Today, Quiznos is the second largest sandwich chain in the world.  There are nearly 4500 locations worldwide.

Quizno's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Quizno's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Quizno's is (720) 359-3300 .

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Quizno's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Quizno's is Greg Brenneman.

Question 3: Who founded Quizno's?
Answer 3: Quizno's was founded by in .

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Rebecca March 29, 2018 at 2:24 pm

My dad is Quiznos owner, we want to transfer this shop to another owner. Managed of Quiznos in Edmonton Alberta canada told my dad we must renovation and then transfer. I just have question is Must it be decorated to transfer? Because We didn’t got a new decorated by last owner.


Jesse james October 26, 2017 at 8:54 am

I’m not happy one day I was at Quiznos in highland il seen 3 Quiznos employees in front drinking and smoking weed in a car what a joke someone needs to do something about it


Aramis Manley June 24, 2017 at 11:37 pm

Hello, my name is Aramis Manley. When I was a teen my father lived in Hampton, nh and when I came to visit we would always go to my favorite sub place, quiznos! It was wonderful we would laugh and talk and always make friends with the workers there. About a year ago he passed away due to cancer and I miss him like crazy. I haven’t been to a quiznos since, and would love to go to again but sadly I live in Maine were the closet one is in nashua, nh. My question is will you be branching out someone closer in Maine?
Best regards


Kyle April 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

I like Quiznos subs, and I like to order online. Previously, when ordering online, you could select a sandwich, and then see all the different choices on ingredients and toppings, and make adjustments however you like.

It’s been a while since I ordered, and today when I place it, I discover that all of that is gone, and the only options you have are very basic selections, like the bread type or extra meat, and you can’t select any of the different ingredients to put on or take off. I really dislike this, and will probably discontinue ordering online, and since I rarely go out to eat, stop eating Quiznos entirely. Even Subway has a better online ordering form.


Chester Howard January 21, 2017 at 6:20 pm

Earlier today I went into Quizno’s on Central Avenue, close to Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. I was planning on ordering a sandwich and there was a line so I went to use the bathroom then I was planning on getting back in line to order my sandwich. The restroom was locked so I asked an employee if there was a bathroom key. He told me I needed to order first before he would give me the bathroom key. I told him I was planning on ordering but needed to use the bathroom really bad and he continued to tell be to order first and I was inline to order. I told him his behavior was unlawful and that he could be sued. This worker jumped over the counter and demanded that I leave this store, saying he could serve whoever he wanted to serve. He acted like he was going to physically man handle me in a very threatening manner. I wanted no confrontation with him and I was leaving the store to avoid any such conflict. As I was leaving the store he grazzed my hand as I took his picture, once again threatening me as he got into my face and demand I leave as he stood infront of the door making it more difficult to leave the store, I left the store. I am 63 years old and was threatened by this Worker and was never able to order my sandwich or use the bathroom. This is unbelievable behavior and has upset me terribly. To begin with I demand a formal apology from this Worker and the CEO of Quesnos. I believe action needs to occur to prevent this kind of behavior from ever occurring again in any of your stores. His behavior was an assault to me and I am considering taken legal action if corporate does not make it right for me.

Regrettably , Chester Howard


Julian Sirull November 14, 2016 at 3:22 pm

Nov 14, 2016

ATTN: Greg Brenneman
FROM: JULIAN SIRULL 480-634-7246

I visited this Quiznos location on Nov 10, 2016 around 4:00 pm. I happened to notice a big sign in the front window that said the Thursday sub of the day was an Ultimate Club for $ 5.00. Other subs were listed for $ 5.00 but the sign said this offer was only good after 5:00. The sign, in the front window, in plain sight further stated that the SUB OF DAY was $ 5.00 ALL DAY. Imagine my surprise when the worker at the register told me the sub was full price until 5. I showed the menial where it stated, in plain English, that the sub of day was $ 5.00 all day. The worker told me the owner told him that the sub of day offer was only good after 5 o clock. I asked to speak with owner, the peon said I could not. Only after berating the employee was I am to buy the sub for $ 5.00. This is clearly FALSE ADVERTISING. I am sure you will agree, that there are enough prevaricators and mountebanks in the world and that we all must call out, and stand up to these lairs and charlatans. I hope you will instruct this franchise owner to either remove, change or honor the wording on the sign.

cc: California Attorney General


Lawrence Mcknight April 24, 2016 at 8:13 pm

I’d like to tell the corporate office of the very good professional service n fresh tasting food at the university Pkwy. San Bernardino CA. 92407 store # 03637….such a pleasant experience… Kind polite …professional…..such fast n efficient service….got the food delivered. N it was awesome. Fresh salad. Perfect subs.. right on time…I couldn’t ask for a better delivery…of fast food for my community… Please give them praises…..I do….


Rich September 2, 2015 at 3:29 pm

BAD EXPERIENCE: Charlotte Airport – Around 3:45 on Tuesday Sept 1. First issue – very slow service. There were about 6 employees most of whom were hanging out and talking to one another. Three of us, somewhat in a rush to catch our plane. All 3 of us were in disbelief of what we were witnessing. A couple more people were getting in line and asked us what was going on. We told them and they left for an adjacent restaurant. Issue 2 – we boarded the plane before opening the sandwich. The lettuce smelled so bad that we couldn’t eat our sandwiches. Very poor service and obviously a lack of management at that location. Rich 315-749-3935


Khristine Book August 19, 2015 at 10:08 pm

I would like to give feedback on the sandwiches I ordered tonight (August 12, 2015) at Quizno’s Greenbelt, Makati PH. I got a Classic Club set and Classic Italian set for my husband. When we checked the fillings of ea sandwich, we right away got disappointed because both were very far from how it actually looked from the menu board. My Classic Club, it was a piece of very thin ham, 3 (literally) pieces of diced chicken, lettuce, tomato, no bacon, and a very thick italian white bread. What kind of quality is that? When it was served, it was not even warm. My husband complained about it, they offered to give another sandwich but my husband did not agree as he said if they will serve us the same kind of quality, it’s nonsense. We are not satisfied customers and we absolutely believe we did not gwt our money’s worth.

We do not mind paying expensive, so long as we get a good quality and service. And that did not happen in your store, unfortunately for us. — After this I got a response that says: Hi Khristine.
Thank you for contacting us about your experience at Quiznos Greenbelt. We deeply apologize that you were not satisfied with your order. We assure you that your complaint will be handled in a strict and serious manner. We highly appreciate your feedback as it will help us in becoming better at what we do. Customer feedback means a lot to us. It is our priority to provide satisfactory products and services to all of our customers. We have raised your concern with our franchisor in USA and we will let you know as soon as we received their feedback.

We value your business and we would like to retain you as a customer for many years to come.
We take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback which will allow us to serve you and other customers better.
And this: Hi Khristine,

We appreciate the time you took to let us know about your concern, and we sincerely apologize for your disappointment at not finding your sub to look exactly like the one on the menu board.

To make food look attractive and convincing as possible, photographers and food stylists use a variety of instruments, good lighting, and attention to every detail. These tricks of the trade help explain why fast food meals often look very different than they do in promotional images.

Here is an example of how our US franchiser’s agency does the photoshoot for ads;

“· The ingredients used in food images are the same ingredients used in the restaurant (same proteins, same cheeses, same veggies, etc.)

· These ingredients are repositioned in the food picture (moved forward or backward, etc.) to better show each ingredient (hidden under the bread)

· The product packaging may also affect the height or size of the actual product”

Food photographers are genuises — and magicians, wielding the powerful tools of professional lightning and Photoshop expertise.

We deeply value your relationship and are committed to providing you with only the freshest, highest quality food and service simply because our guests deserve the very best.
Hi. I understand that you need these marketing tools to promote your product. I am also aware that the pictures on the menu board may not exactly look the same on what is actually served. What I do not understand is that the sandwich that was served to us was close to having an empty filling, which I believe is not what we paid for. I do not get this kind of response… I would like to think that you are only trying to explain why the photos in your menu board is not the same as what was served to us, but I’m also leaning towards being insulted with this kind of explanation. This is even more disappointing. What was served to us was nothing but an empty sandwich bun!


angela mercado November 9, 2014 at 10:34 pm

My experience was horrible with a maneger store he was very rude I was asking a question and he ignores me completely not answer back I feel like I was talking to a dead body this men need to get another job not making sandwich for customers he gives quiznos a very bad picture of bad service I was unable to buy a sandwich because this men rudeness I walk out with nothing this happens at quiznos at 107 nw 41 street Doral Florida at Hess gas station Quiznos horrible experience this happens Sunday November 9 at 10:45 am.


Angry Customer September 30, 2014 at 6:15 pm

I too have also had problems with the employees stating that there would be a store credit for me and also the time frame of picking up the sandwiches. The way that Quizno’s in general is handling store credits is ridiculous if you ask me, there should not be a time put on something that was there mistake in the first place.


Bob September 19, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Your stores suck service and food is getting less and less but for more money under cover boss this close the chain it sucks


Daniel September 5, 2014 at 4:53 am

In Tucson Az. we ordered five (5) sandwiches for delivery on thursday 9-4-14. We got charged $2.00 delivery fee for every sandwich, plus we tipped, are you kidding me. Didnt realize it until after they left. Called and asked for the manager. Manager answered, which then stated wasnt the manager. But the young man was happy to compensate us by saying he would put a note by the computer so when we order next time they would deliver our sandwiches for free. Guess what we order from them at least once or twice a week, not anymore. You can count on that note being posted on our folder of food menus. Thieves!


Elisha June 9, 2014 at 12:59 pm


I went to Quiznos for the first time last week. I have food allergies to nuts and peanuts and as I always do at a restaurant, I asked if the food I ordered contained either. The cashier informed me that they didn’t so I continued with my order. I did take-out and brought my sandwich, the Greek Chicken flatbread, back to my office. When I started eating it I realized there was a green sauce, which I assumed was pesto, on my sandwich. This sauce was not in the sandwich description. I called the restaurant to ask what it is and she told me I was given the wrong sandwich or it was made wrong. Yes, this is annoying, but not a big issue. The issue was that when I explained my allergy again on the phone and that I needed to know if there were nuts because I ate some of the sandwich, she could not tell me. I know pesto typically has nuts so I was concerned. After the woman on the phone finally understood my question, she told me she did not know the answer because they don’t make the sauce. I thought this was unacceptable, but again the most important thing for me was finding out if I ate nuts. I then proceeded to call the corporate number. The person I spoke to told me he did not know the answer and that they are not responsible for memorizing that kind of information. I kept asking to be transferred to someone that would know and he said there is no one and kept insisting I can fill out a guest comment form. I told him this is urgent, and that is all he could suggest. I then tweeted the Quiznos account just to get an answer and not to publicly complain, but I didn’t get an answer. I did eventually find your ingredient list online, stating no nuts present but I wanted to hear it from your business to be sure. I don’t feel that it is acceptable for a business in the food industry to not know the ingredients in their food.


Linda May 7, 2014 at 4:40 pm

I went to Quiznos at Western & Hollywod blvd., (inside shopping center) about
ten minutes to closing time. I walked in and received my sandwich, I am a
‘senior’, white female; and I was saying ‘thank you’ for my sandwich. I pulled
my Quiznos sticker card out & purposefully set it on the counter and told him that ‘here
it is.’ Well, he took it and went on to billing me. Then when I said that I need the
stickers to put on the card that I gave u, he said NO, u did not give it to me. This is a LIE. I just figured that he was going to keep it for himself.
Re roll the camera. But, as he is talking to me, ALL OF A SUDDEN HE STARTS SPEAKING TO ME ABOUT RACISTS. He explains to me how people who are brown,
black have people who are ‘racists’ discriminate and dislike them, etc. etc. His voice had an ANGER in it TOWARDS ME.
Note: (To let u know, I’ve been discriminated being female & while many times & STILL
am today. One job I was already working on, they told me that I could not work
there because they only have ‘single’ girls working for them. That was my first
But, I don’t tell people anything about this. I don’t speak this. How is it that I speak
softly and nicely to your employee about ‘music’ and HE verbally expresses
I’m N O T one of them …. But, when your employee CONDEMNS ME FOR
A L O Y A L C U S T O M E R to have to be ‘FORCED’ to listen to THIS


Jay Osbourne March 31, 2014 at 4:41 pm

There were 2 girls working. The one didn’t understand that we were looking at the menu. She ‘told’ us twice that she could help us “over here”, which is great, she wants to help us, but give us a sec to figure out what we want, please. It seems like they wanted us in and out. The other blonde teenage girl was just too busy on her phone, asked us twice if we wanted our receipt and asked us twice if it was for carry out. Again, not that big of a deal, except that she was rude and acted like we were just peons, there to make her life easier, and we weren’t doing it…whatever it was I don’t care. I have a hard time going back to an establishment where rude teenagers are allowed to run amok. There was no manager there, and there was not one single patron, other than ourselves, in the place. What happens and how do they act when they are busy? How about you turn off the Katy Perry – Beyonce’ – Miley Cyrus 13 year old wannabe music nobody likes, take the green paint off of your fingernails(you’re serving food, not working the door of a nightclub), and keep that freakin’ phone in your car!? This is the real world with real people. Be nice! Do us all a favor and get rid of that L.A. holier-than-thou, teeny bopper, I’m better than everyone else fantasy. You’re not. Who EVER gave some of these ‘kids’ the right to treat everyone, wise and responsible adults included, like a piece garbage? I’m not a really old person with ‘historic’ values. I’m 34. I was in there today in Dyersville Iowa, Sunday, March 23 2014 at 1:30pm ***Though, I have to give credit where it’s due, and that sandwich was great! The tomatoes were iffy but that is to be expected out of season and in this cold March. I love Quiznos sandwhiches, with all the other options out there and the way the staff treated me and my wife, I wonder if we’ll will ever go back. Honest Review.


Arnita March 2, 2014 at 1:05 am

Tt ha ve never been humiliated like I was today, I went in to Quiznos corporate Boulevard the manager got there Got so loud and ghetto she got upset because I said I do not want the 5 inch sub and I want my money back she made a real big scene, the store had dozens of people when I try to calm the situation she got hysterical & she called mr. GARY threading to call the police just acting. Ignorant staying what she would do to me I would not want a manager or someonelike her attitude working in my franchise I will let my friends know not to go to the quiz nose on corporate Boulevard because the attitude the behavior None friendliness is not it that store and I’ve been eating at Quiznos every since it came to Baton Rouge Louisiana I just thought you guys needed to know what kind of problem we have here in that Quiznos it’s not the first time so this time I needed to let someone higher up no there is a problem…..yours truly,miss dissatisfiedby the way I have my own business here in Louisiana thank you corporate


Mark Eaton February 28, 2014 at 2:12 pm

I tried to get a hold of a manager yesterday and today. Left messages with no responses. Today I call the corporate office and got put on hold 3 different times and sent to a recording twice. I finally got smart; called again and told the young lady I was interested in purchasing a Quiznos Franchise who was then very happy to help me and sent me to…Brian…and yes, another recording. I did try one last time; called her back and asked her if there was anyone interested in selling a quizno’s franchise there at their corporate office and guess what….she put me on hold but at least there was music…I gave up…


Charles December 6, 2013 at 8:57 pm

I can save your company from collapse and Bankruptcy, and bring you to #1 with in all of the other restaurant chains, minimum risk / maximum gain, when we’re done investors will be trampling over each other in a race to buy a Quiznos franchise.
What have you got to lose? Already in debt more than $600 million dollars, the walls are getting tighter and the ceiling is about to drop; let me help you, helping myself along the way. if you are the CEO or the CMO reading this, do not disregard, you would be surprised where real help and saviors come from, not only but also what I have in mind will need only a simple press release after initial implementation, and a media frenzy will provide the billion dollar worth of advertising for free.
Authored 3 books
8 inventions (games and Board Games)
Certified Executive Chef and Caterer (Ronald Reagan was one of my Clients, as well as 25 years of Catering to the Stars in Hollywood).
Newly released book, “A Dozen of One” http://www.BBOTW.com, amazon.com. under pen name Charles Ramada.
Talk to me , it can’t hurt, last time I checked its allso free.


Lauren November 15, 2013 at 3:46 pm

I recieve the e-mail coupons/updates from Quiznos. Today I opened my e-mail, and it says, “Hey Kansas City!”, and goes on about “$4 Deli-licious Deals”..in the fine print it says, “At participating Houston locations for a limited time. No coupon required.” I think someone in Marketing or IT needs to review the e-mails you send out. 🙂 No doubt this is a deal in multiple locations…but you may want to quality check the work before sending to who knows how many people. This did give me a nice chuckle for the day.


Sally October 4, 2013 at 2:16 pm

I have had multiple incorrect sandwiches made at your location on 11th Street in Rockford, IL. A few months ago the employee put onions on after i repeated stated not to because of health issues. (I didn’t notice the onions until after i had gotten back to work). I called the location and was given a store credit; however, i wasn’t told there was a week time limit until i went about 2 weeks later for me free sandwich. Today I tried again because I really do like the Honey Bacon Club; but again the sandwich was made incorrectly. I should have checked before I left, but notice when i bit into it at work. I requested a different type of cheese be put on it. Also, the store rang up the incorrect size; i was charge for a Regular but ordered and received a Small. I cought that error before I left the store. I am to the point that I cannot trust your employees at the location.


tom pacanowski September 22, 2013 at 9:38 pm

i visited a quiznos at 59ave and union hills in phx az. on 8/15/2013 at approx. 5:30 pm . i ordered a 12 inch beef and swiss sandwich which by the way was delicious! the problem is that the bill came to $9.19 in which i used my american express card. to my surprize when i received my bill it was $19.19 so im thinking someone got a $10.00 tip on that item and i wonder how often this might happen? was going to report to mgr. at store but time is not accomidating thank you for me to vent my frustration


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