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PulteGroup, Inc. Corporate Office Address

PulteGroup, Inc.
3350 Peachtree Road, NESuite 150
Atlanta, GA 30326

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Phone Number: (248) 647-2750
Fax Number: N/A
Website: http://www.pulte.com
Email: Email PulteGroup, Inc.

PulteGroup, Inc. Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

PulteGroup, Inc. Executives

CEO: Richard J. Dugas Jr.
CFO: Robert T. O'shaughnessy
COO: Harmon D. Smith

PulteGroup, Inc. History

Pulte Homes was founded in 1956 by Bill Pulte as a home builder.

The company operates in two segments: Home Construction and Financial Services.

The Home Building segment develops land in the United States for residential purposes. Subsidiaries include Del Webb, which builds retirement communities and Divosta Homes, a manufacturer of cast concrete houses.

Pulte’s Financial Services segment provides services related to mortgage banking and title operations.

The company’s Centex brand is marketed to entry-level home buyers and the Pulte Homes brand is for home buyers looking to trade up. Pulte homes sell for an average of $305,000.

Pulte Homes trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PHM, is a member of the S&P 500, is #446 in the Fortune 500, has 3,843 employees, and had $5.66 billion in revenue in 2013.


PulteGroup, Inc. FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for PulteGroup, Inc. ?
Answer 1: The phone number for PulteGroup, Inc. is (248) 647-2750.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of PulteGroup, Inc. ?
Answer 2: The CEO of PulteGroup, Inc. is Richard J. Dugas Jr..

Question 3: Who founded PulteGroup, Inc. ?
Answer 3: PulteGroup, Inc. was founded by in .

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Ron Kline July 9, 2019 at 9:45 pm

This was sent out by the Managing group who works for Pulte “Dear Britton Falls Residents:

Throughout the last year our homeowners have provided valuable feedback with a goal of enhancing the quality of home we deliver and improving the customer experience. As evidenced through an internal survey of Del Webb homeowners at the time of closing, 9 out of 10 homeowners at Britton Falls are highly satisfied with Britton Falls as a community overall, highly satisfied with the communication throughout the build process, and highly satisfied with the quality of product and workmanship of their new Del Webb home.

These improvements are clearly being well-received by our newest residents. We want to thank you for your input and we are proud of the improvements we have made to the overall customer experience. We have not been perfect in past years and realize some experiences have been less than highly satisfied, but this positive shift would not happen without our residents and our community team working together to make customer satisfaction our highest priority. ” Now if you have read any of the complaints you will see this is the biggest crock I have ever read? Any one else agree with this ?


Wayne Geisler July 5, 2019 at 10:26 pm

PLEASE price your homes fairly in the SUNSET PRESERVE in Orlando on Lake Pickett. WE WILL BUY ONE …….if you start under $150. per sq. ft.!! You seem to just price homes by what you think the highest price bearable by the customer will be, instead of a fair mark-up!! I have rehabbed many houses and “know” what cost are. Please be fair, as we want to live in Sunset Preserve! WE ARE RETIRED AND THIS WILL BE OUR LAST HOME! Thanks.


Ron Kline June 12, 2019 at 8:53 pm

The column on my back patio trim was so bad I took it down and in the process of doing so I found Black Mold on the back side of the pressed wood trim. This trim has only been up a little over 3.5 years and have concerns that this was not installed right from the get go. Also the column is splitting apart at the bottom and your great Warranty people come up with the same excuse they always do, IT’S NOT IN WARRANTY!!!. I would think because it is part of the trim package that would be considered Construction


brian May 8, 2019 at 1:54 pm

we have had nothing but problems with pulte, they make promise’s and never follow through with the, we have had the trades use our water, electricity, and destroy our, yard but to no avail pulte does not care, they get your money and its game over, we have have a utlity pedestal in our front yard that the pulte hit during construction, more promises, pulte said it would be replaced in two weeks, and more broken promises!!! we are very disappointed wit the customer service, very sad !!!!!!!!! we live in Peoria az, the home was built in 2018…..


Lori Haley May 1, 2019 at 10:55 pm

We have had nothing but problems with our Del webb Home built by Pulte at Britton Woods Fishers In. The workmanship is horrible and you have to threaten to sue Pulte before anyone will come and attempt to fix the problem or in my case problems. We asked Pulte to fix our back door because everytime it rains the rain comes into the home. Last Friday Andy Stierley who works for Pulte had some individuals come fix our door and they created a bigger problem. The door is crooked, the paint job was not done, there are fingerprints all over the face of the door frame from the workers that Pulte hired. The painters that came in to fix the nail pops and the terrible paint job that was given to us by Pulte did not fix anything. They created a bigger mess that we are going to have to fix. All of the neighbors have had nothing but problems with their homes. Pulte should be ashamed of themselves and now they want to build in the city next to Fishers, IN a new Del Webb community. I will be contacting the city council for Noblesville letting them know of all the problems and asking them to not allow Del Webb to come into their community until all the issues are fixed in every home here in Del Webb Fishers, IN. I am also going to ask the city council in Fishers to put a moratorium on Del Webb and have them grant no more permits until they fix all the existing issues. Pulte homes are the worst and my husband and I will never buy another Pulte home or recommend this company to anyone. It is horrible, they deliver a terrible product and people should look for other builders. I am also looking at seeking a class action law suit against Pulte for all the problems they have created.


Ron Timonere April 1, 2019 at 12:43 pm

WOW! Didn’t know this feedback even existed. Are Pulte/Del Webb home is due to be staked out (pinned) this week, and we already have run into a “presale disclosure” issue. It seems the lot we selected has an easement which included a huge heavy iron steel, chained down grate which was never shown or diclosed to us. It’s approximately 4′ by 6′ and make a “toilet constatly running” sound. IT looks like something from the inter-city decayed area. Our Pulte contacts told us to plant shrubs around it. Interestingly, we would have never selected such a lot. Can only imagine what it has done to the home value and resale, and the home isn’t even built yet! Obviously, we are not “A\mbassadors of Pulte/Del Webb!


Jesse Babin March 28, 2019 at 1:03 pm

I am at the end process of completing a home in Chateau Elan Expedition village. I have had nothing but problems during the whole process. Agent selling me the home was obviously not up to date with all of her facts, wrong island put into the house, wrong screen porch put on the house, not getting things I specifically asked for as the agent dropped the ball. Now that we are at the end stage Pulte cannot even get the closing right, the sad part is that every time I caught the problem someone from Pulte came up with some lie to try and cover the problem. At this point due to the inept service from Pulte I am looking at having to come out of pocket another $1,500 for lodging as they have screwed up all of the closing data and dates. I could have purchased anywhere but chose to build with Pulte, I am to the point that I am ready to ask for my money back and go and purchase a home elsewhere. This is the fifth home that I purchase and the third that I have built and it has been with a doubt the worse process I have ever had.


errika mclaughlin March 7, 2019 at 12:58 pm

I just wanted to say, We are spending a great deal of money on our new home. We shopped different locations with Pulte. I have to say, I will go else where and spend up wards of $350000.00. When we are looking for a home, we want the person showing us these homes to be older then my youngest daughter. I am not discriminated, but I think you are. I want to see a person that is mature and actually knows what they are talking about, not someone that is phony and well lets say not caring. Our business will go to elsewhere.


Ramona Pound March 4, 2019 at 5:02 pm

Who is the Pulte VP with oversight for the Vandalia development in Plainfield, IN? And how do residents contact him/her? Why has he/she not introduced themselves through some type of communication? Residents here have been advised by a VP of CMS that some of the issues with the clubhouse do not fall under the realm of CMS Property Management (HOA) but are the responsibility of the builder (and apparently, our responsibility to let the builder know of the issues).


Laurie Boyd February 27, 2019 at 3:06 pm

My new Pulte home, in Phoenix, is 8 years old. This is supposed to be our retirement home. I have doors that stick, or no longer latch, cracked floor tiles, tiles that are separating from the wall, wall and ceiling cracks, and separation of walls from ceilings. Several of these cracks are cracks that were repaired twice within the first 2 years and have reocurred. According to the homeowners manual we received at closing, there is a 10 year warranty on foundation and trusses. I have spoken to several warranty people regarding and am told not covered unless weight bearing. However, no one has offered to come out to see if that is the case. I guess it is only covered if a wall/ceiling collapse s or the foundation breaks in 2. It is going to cost me over $50,000 to remedy.

I am 65 and retirement is no longer an option.

I am sure when Mr. Pulte founded the company, his goal was to build quality homes. The company, now, is interested now, only in building sub-par homes, as quickly as possible, at the expense of quality. The appliances are breaking, and the flashing used on the roof, was not the kind needed for the type of tiles used on our house. I have already paid to have that repaired.

Richard J. Dugas, Jr., Robert T. O’shaughnessy, and Harmon D. Smith. Executives at Pulte. I would bet they all made sure their homes were built using quality products and craftsmanship. It is sad they have removed themselves so far from the clients who have helped made them into the company they are today, as well as providing them with a lifestyle they enjoy.

I have lived in several homes from the gulf coast, where homes are also built on slabs, to western Pennsylvania, where mine subsidence is a risk, and have never had this much damage. I am ashamed to have anyone see the inside of my home, as the damage is that bad.

Pulte needs to stand by their product and repair, or get out of the business of scamming people out of their money for poorly built homes.


Linda November 9, 2018 at 2:10 pm

I have had an on-going problem since the house was built Dec/2013 that Pulte has yet to provide a solution to.
The grout around my shower seat continually cracks. I’ve called and had repair so many times I’ve lost count. Now their solution is to tell me to go buy grout and do it myself. It’s not addressing the problem of what is moving/shifting to continually cause the cracking and it’s not minor cracking.
Very disappointed with this builder.
It may seem like a minor problem but the point is there solution to problems are to just “blow you off”.


Darlene Sellick October 8, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I closed on my home in June 2018. I have had nothing but issues from the start to end. I have paper work stating I was to have a heat pump system only to find I did not get one. I have tried to talk with them over and over no one will make an effort. I work from home and cannot work in the dry heat so I can’t even run my heat during the winter in my office. This is just one of a many long list of issues:

1. the grass is the worst (foreman stated they were low so they would come back and straighten it out, well the grass is still awful and if I had know I would have paid extra to get a better quality of grass.
2. The master bath downstairs was to have a single sink they plumbed dual when I let them know they promised it would be taken care of well never did it get any resolution it was boxed in under the sink for lack of options after everything had been completed.
3. The light over the kitchen sink first ended up right at the cabinet doors to close to close them or open. Then they moved it to the other side of the sink too far out so correct this they added a bar top there. Light had no box just wire hanging from the ceiling to a light.
4. The kitchen floor tile had a rouge cut in it that ran crooked across the seam, so they put some caulk on it to cover about April it started to show so I asked them to fix it they wanted to do the same rig that I would have to deal with again in 8 to 9 months this took months to get straight. They first said it would then someone showed up asking for flooring that I had extra piece to piece it as a square in a small area. I had been told the reason it had not been repaired was because they had to wait for the flooring. Finally after months this was corrected. While correcting the installer found more the same and showed me.
5. My home was in the center and they had not built the homes on either side, so when they did they did not build the drain and my yard started flooding in the back . At first I was told they where not responsible the hoa was then after many conversations months later they fixed it.
6. I had let them know I did not want all the lights that came with the home so in the bathrooms I would be putting in custom lights(by customer I just mean something more expensive). Well when I had the lights pulled I found not a light box but a box for a wall outlet or a wall switch. So after much time they came in to fix then only to find there was loose wires in all bathrooms walls and I still have never found out why.
7. When building the home we noticed that there was only nails in the edges of the flooring and none in the centers. The floor was already squeaking addressed with the foreman who said yes we found this out the hard way and now we are adding the screws in. Well they never did covered the floors and my home has squeaks in the floors upstairs. They sent someone in that put screws thru the carpet as a fix but it only made it worse.
8. I can not count how many times I stayed home all day waiting for subcontractors to show and never call or show. I spent from the end of May until last month doing this waiting for fixes. I pretty much missed my whole summer days off doing this.
9. The latest was a sag in the lower roof I was told they would send me pictures of why and what was done to fix this nothing.
10. So then we had a hurricane before the winds ever came in the siding came off one long piece that had no screws in it and was not secured. I sent pictures of the time and the wind was at 18 miles an hour then. Should not have come off. I sent in a request only to here we don’t cover hurricane damage but the hurricane was not even here then.
I am also having issues to find the siding and color to replace myself, asked and have not heard back.
11. We had to have the plumber over not long after the build there was something in the lines and we had black water coming up in the bath tub. Finally after the second attempt they snaked it to make sure what ever it was made it out of the system. They said possible cleaning cloth no way to know. After that one of my toilets runs now if you don’t jiggle the handle each time but I after the way they act I just don’t want to deal with it. That is my fault but I have become more than frustrated during this whole process.

12. The vent for the water heating started leaking we called someone came out never even looked inside and said it was fixed. It continued then we had two different tech plumbing and hvac and neither would take ownership to fix. Finally someone said the roof was cut wrong and the hole was wrong. So they did something but never fixed the drywall around in the garage that now has water stains on it. Again have mentioned several times with no response other than we will get that done.
13. Final walk thru and touch up never happened for the end of year. The service guy fixed a couple of things like the counters separating from the walls or the island but never had the final walk thru at a year.
14. The surveys I never got my final, but the one at the end of the build the foreman was almost every day or at least when I saw him have you done your survey yet. Then I got this email :There are three questions in particular that directly pertain to me. The first question deals with professionalism, the second asks about quality, and the third is about recommending Pulte’s services. If there is any reason you would refrain from giving me either a 9 or a 10 in any of those categories please let me know how I can improve my practices prior to taking the survey.

Although every part of the survey is important, the 3 biggest questions that directly only affect me are:
I am confident that my new home built by (brand) is a high quality home!
Refers to the quality of my service, not our trades, provided after your new home was completed.
My requests for service/repairs have been managed professionally by (brand)!
Refers to the professionalism that I had while managing your repairs.
Thinking about your friends and family who are shopping for a new home, how likely are you to recommend (brand) to a friend or family member?
Refers to the likely hood you would recommend my warranty services to a friend or family member.

I like to send this explanation email out mostly because the quality portion is a direct reflection of my work; not the vendors, or the materials we used, or even the construction manager. I would like you to base your ratings off of the quality of the customer service and professionalism I have and am still continuing to provide even after your first year. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help and I look forward to your feedback.
In my eyes this home was built by Pulte you are your vendors and subcontractors, you trust them enough to do business on your behalf, you should take ownership and manage them. The list is a very long one and the experience has not been the a good one.

15. The hurricane system they install the anchors are in crooked or the boards do not line up. Try to get ready for a hurricane and fight with boards and a system that should be simple. It was not just me but my neighbors experienced the same problems. I put this on repair list and I have not heard a thing about it.

The heat pump is a large one for me and I have had been promised I would hear from someone over and over. Maybe they feel it is not worth their time, or that building a home isn’t a large expense and that you should not expect quality. I worked hard for my money to build my home if you are going to be a contractor you should have pride in your work and respect for your customers and the promises you make to them.

This is some of my list I could go on, but maybe you get the issue from what I have explained.


Darlene Sellick October 21, 2018 at 2:01 pm

I just wanted to update this message, since I called and noted on the website. I finally got a letter from a local representative that informed me I should not contact the corporate office. He also noted brief that I got what I was suppose to. I am attaching a copy of the features detail sheet. This sheet list electric heat pump air conditioning unit very clearly if you click on this link. imgur.com/a/aFC9LhM
They will not contact me back since contacting corporate.
To add to my list:
I have a piece of siding that blew off and no way to replace or find a place to purchase.
The hurricane system also the insets to screw into are in crooked and do not line up on the boards.
I only want help to make things right.


Karen Collins August 14, 2018 at 9:56 am

We closed on a Pulte Home in Pickerington Ohio July 30th. Our local post Office is holding our mail delivery hostage over a mail box issue. While the builder installed a rural mail box, the Post Office is wanting GANG mail boxes or central mail boxes since our home is a new home.

Pulte management needs to come to the table and fix this issue


Darlene Sellick October 8, 2018 at 5:33 pm

Same thing happened in my area, we could not get our mail for weeks. They explained at first we did not get sidewalks because we got our own mailbox. So now we have to walk in the streets to get our mail every day!


Susan goodman July 2, 2018 at 9:14 am

I have had ongoing condensation since I purchased my home. Various solutions have been implemented to no avail. I have been in contact with Tom Blancett from the Dallas office but the only answer I get is that my pictures doXXXXenting the problem will be put in my file. I am assuming that the plan is to stall until my warranty is up in October, then tell me that any future communication should be with Lennox.
Please have someone from corporate contact me immediately. If I do not hear from someone with the authority to give me a new functioning unit I plan to go to the media and to the court.
Thank you
Susan Goodman


Carol Campanile April 3, 2018 at 10:53 am

We live in Stone Creek in Ocala Florida and closed on our home on August 23,2016. We have a door to our lanai that has a blind inside of the glass that has stopped working. We have only been here for 19 months. There is no manufacturers name on the door and I was given 2 different manufacturers names and phone numbers that I have contacted and they say they can’t do anything without proof it is their door and proof of purchase of the door. Your 1 year warranty has expired but there is a manufacturers warranty that still covers it. We bought here because of your reputation and hope you can help us with this problem.


Max Barnes March 9, 2018 at 2:49 pm

Contracted with Pulte/DelWebb Sep 2008 to build in Del Webb Sun City Hilton Head. House completed March 2009 Hardwood flooring starting coming up from slab within 6 months. Contractor informed us Pulte would not pay for slab to be sealed prior to flooring being installed. Still have issues with flooring. There are walls that are not square and true. Worst part though is the stucco exterior…Pulte is currently in litigation with 4,300 home owners within Sun City Hilton Head over stucco exteriors, a community with an eventual build out of 8,600 +/- homes. In 2014 Pulte has replaced the stucco on two sides of my house which revealed extensive moisture intrusion requiring the exterior boarding to be replaced and mold remediation performed. In 2017 Pulte replaced the stucco on the left side of the house as a re-do of what was replaced in 2014. I live on a street with 120 homes which all have had stucco removed and replaced and some like me have had to do the repairs twice. South Carolina consumer protection has done nothing for the homeowners and Pulte attorneys have thrown every wrench they can into dragging out the class action suit. It is a shame that this is a 55 and older community and people are having to go into their life savings and retirement monies to make their homes livable and maintain some value. The stucco issue has made home values in the community decline greatly.


Stephen Cutney February 11, 2018 at 4:31 pm

We closed on a Pulte Home in Venice Florida 12/2014. The following year we had over 20 items that needed to be addressed. Many times we waited home all day for contractors who did not show up or showed up without the correct supplies. Today, 2/11/2018 we are still waiting for a slider to be replaced and door seals to be repaired. We never expected to have this poor quality of workmanship nor items that should have been picked up by quality control inspectors. During the building the home was painted before all the windows were up and we had a filthy home to move into. We had to hire our own cleaning staff and need our vents and entire home cleaned. My biggest regret was buying this home and my feelings are multiplied by many neighbors and friends who are now or were experiencing similar issues. I am very disappointed in that the pitch in the sales office is quite different from what transpired as a living nightmare.


TJ December 30, 2017 at 9:59 pm

We signed a contingency on a spec home. Centex said we could have our earnest money back of $2000 if we didn’t sell by 11/30. They also didn’t get all the contract done the first time we signed. We signed on 9/30 but on 10/03 centex text us saying there was a mistake and we have to go back and fill out other papers. Well during all the confusion and papers we lost the paper that stated we would get our money back if we didn’t sell. We specifically asked for this to be in writing before we signed because we told them we couldn’t afford to lose $2000 when we know there is no guarantee we can sell in time. We signed that paper. We also wrote contingent on the check per centex,which I have a copy of. 11/30 came and no word out of centex or the realtor. so we called and got no answer. In December when I heard nothing form anyone I emailed the realtor and got no response. I decided to get my husband to try and contact centex or the realtor. The realtor text back some concerning things. Centex told the realtor they want to release our contract now and keep our earnest money. Centex told the realtor we had an obligation to contact them on 11/30 and ask them to release the contract. The realtor said we were obligated to delist our home (take it off the market) and that we haven’t done that yet. The realtor did encourage us to take the house off the market earlier on as well. We told them we would not do either of those things that we signed the contract and put down $2000 earnest money in good faith. Centex should release the contract and give us back our earnest money if they want to sell the house to someone else, and we are never obligated legally to take our home off the market. We can have our home on the market for as long as we wish. The realtor wants us to release it because he does not represent us, he represents Centex. That’s fine. I just want my earnest money back first, and then I can delist my house with the realtor and get a new realtor who represents us.


Michael Patrizi December 22, 2017 at 11:14 am

The subcontractors supporting Pulte do not care about the quality of their workmanship.


David King November 13, 2017 at 2:18 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
On October 2, 2015, my wife and I purchased a Pulte home in the Stetson Valley Community at Ocotillo Landing. The house itself was built in 2011 and only had one owner prior to our purchase. Unfortunately, on August 20, 2017 all of the plumbing backed up. Roto Rooter came out and found that a root had penetrated the sewer pipes 7-8 feet below the driveway. The cost to rectify this issue was a total of $6950.00 which would be a financial burden to any family, including ours. As you might already know, as sewer pipes leave the house, they usually grow larger in diameter and maintain a certain angle to help with flow and to avoid clogging. For some reason, during the building of our home it was decided to go from a 4-inch pipe to a 3-inch 90-degree turn before attaching to the next set of sewer pipes; which was around 8-feet below the driveway. Roto Rooter determined that this piping arrangement caused pressure to build up which ultimately led to a crack in the pipe. This crack allowed leakage which in turn led the oleanders in our front yard to seek this water source, thus enlarging the problem as roots made their way into the pipe itself.
We would greatly appreciate an explanation on why this pipe arrangement was chosen and approved, particularly from someone who would be considered a credible source on the subject; knows the plumbing codes, etc. Furthermore, I would appreciate if you could pass this email along to the plumbing company, superintendent and inspector who worked on and approved this construction. Or I will gladly take their contact information and I will contact them myself.
We have also saved the section of sewer pipe that was damaged. Please contact me if you’d like pictures or if you’d like to come over and see the damaged pipe for yourself.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,
Dave King


NM Resident November 22, 2017 at 4:03 pm

FYI: resident in ABQ, NM are filling a complaint with the attorney generals office due to the faulty roof, plumbing, and structural issues.


Douglas Murray October 11, 2017 at 3:28 pm

Please provide the contact information (Name, telephone number & e-mail address) for the manager of the Sierra de Las Soleras development in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Bill Armijo/Trans World Metals, Ltd July 14, 2017 at 1:13 am

Subject: Request to be 3rd party claimant on behalf of Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murieta Hills in the amount of $151,851.94


I am contacting you to arrange for a notarized authorization for Trans World Metals, Ltd authorized to act on behalf of Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills in filing a claim on behalf of Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta to save $151,851.94 from es cheating on August 1, 2017.

It is quite obvious that what ever department at Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills has been entrusted with oversight of these monies was not astute enough to account for the $151,851.94 and it has come to our attention that Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills has essentially two(2) weeks in order to file the claim to keep from losing $151,851.94

We are prepared to file a claim(s) on your behalf for a fee of 50% of the money or $75,925.97, as we are of the view that for at Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills to have 50% of $151,851.94 is much better than at Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills having a total loss of $151,851.93 based on an internal departmental error.

Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills will naturally be required to provide full due diligence doXXXXentation to the appropriate Government Agency involved in order to substantiate the legitimacy of the claim and right full ownership of the $151,851.94 less 50% or $75,925.97 regarding the total amount of $151,851.94

Please understand that request to act as a 3rd party claimant for at Pulte Realty Limited Partnership, Pulte/BP Murrieta Hills is a totally legitimate and honest en devour to prevent this amount of $151,851.94 from es cheating to this Government Agency and given the notarized authorization and agreement for 50% of the $151,851.94 as the fee we are requesting we are most amiable to providing any and all information you or your attorneys would require to verify what is being proposed.


Best Regards,

Bill Armijo – President

Justin Armijo – Vice President

Trans World Metals, Ltd.

Please fine below the due diligence doXXXXentation required to proceed:

Property Tax Refund Claim Requirements

In order to process your claim, please use this instruction sheet to determine and provide the appropriate
doXXXXentation which you are required to submit along with your completed Property Tax Refund Claim Form. Claim
forms that are submitted to our office without doXXXXentation will result in a delay in the processing of your claim.


All claimants must refer to SECTION A for the required doXXXXentation. If you are a claimant for a business, refer to
SECTIONS A and B for the additional specified doXXXXentation required for your claim. If you are an HEIR or
BENEFICIARY of the deceased owner, refer to SECTIONS A and C for the additional specified doXXXXentation
required for your claim.


All doXXXXentation listed in this section is required for each claimant:

Copy of a current government issued photo identification (i.e., driver license, state identification card, passport, etc.)
DoXXXXentation proving proof of payment for the fiscal year(s) of the refund in question. Examples of proof
may include: copies of canceled checks, bank statements, escrow papers showing breakdown of payments,


DoXXXXentation proving proof of claimant’s ownership. This information must indicate the property address in question. An example of proof is a copy of the tax bill for the property / fiscal year in question.

Third Parties are required to also submit one of the following:

Notarized Authorization for Agent to Collect Property Tax Refund on behalf of claimant
Notarized Assignment of Right to Collect Property Tax Refund on behalf of claimant


ALL doXXXXentation listed under SECTION A is required in addition to the items indicated below. This doXXXXentation
is intended to illustrate the connection between the Company indicated on the refund and the signatory of the claim

Personal Business Card for each claimant
A notarized affidavit completed by an officer and / or business owner allowing you to claim such funds as an
employee of the named account
Owner of the Named Account is also required to submit any business related doXXXXentation naming
proprietor as the owner


Articles of Incorporation
Copy of Filed Statement of Information (Domestic Stock and Agricultural Cooperative Corporations)
If a copy of the Filed Statement of Information is not a available, please provide a copy of the corporation’s
signed minutes indicating the resolution of the corporation’s officers and / or amendments to Articles of
Incorporation illustrating the corporation’s officers
DoXXXXentation showing the connection between the named corporation and other corporations, limited
liability companies, limited partnerships, successor-in-interest, subsidiaries

Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)

Copy of the Filed Statement of Organization
Copy of the Filed Statement of Information (Domestic Stock and Agricultural Cooperative Corporations)
If a copy of the Filed Statement of Information is not a available, please provide a copy of the Limited
Liability Company’s signed minutes indicating the resolution of the company’s officers and / or amendments
illustrating the company’s officers
DoXXXXentation showing the connection between the named limited liability company and other corporations,
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Copy of the Filed Statement of Organization
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and / or Trust Agreement


Joy LaCombe May 15, 2017 at 9:23 pm

Shock for Homeowners of Del Webb Rancho Del Lago, Vail Arizona

This letter is to express the Del Webb Vail homeowner’s, utter shock and disbelief when they became aware that Pulte Homes and Vail Valley Joint Venture made an access agreement, on private streets and through Del Webb’s private gate, for non 55+ Meritage homes.

Pulte has not dealt in good faith with this elderly community, many of them widows. Pulte has broken the spirit of their CC&R’s and the Pulte controlled HOA Board has not done what is in the best interest of and common benefit of these Del Webb homeowners.

Pulte has burdened the community, compromised their security, safety and entirely changed the dynamics of this 55+ community. These residents no longer feel safe in their own homes.

Pulte’s decision has vastly increased the community’s HOA liability by bringing family homes with children behind it’s private gates. Yes, they are parents, grandparents and great grandparents and many of them have weekly visits from their grandchildren, but these residents purchased homes in this gated Del Webb 55+ community to be provided with moments of peace, quiet and serenity in their later years.

Many residents considered their new Del Webb 55+ home purchase to be their last. At the age of 70, 80 or 93 they didn’t anticipate having to fight to maintain the only sanctuary they have left, their home.


Kristin Bruni Jones May 9, 2017 at 12:15 pm

To whom it may concern,

I have been a resident of Festival Foothills in Buckeye, Arizona for close to 7 years now. I’ve always loved living here. The community is beautiful and quiet and well maintained and the people here are wonderful. However, in the last few months, things have taken a sharp turn for the worse. Now, I know the community was always going to get bigger but I never imagined houses would be pumped out as fast as they are or that we’d be plagued with constant construction vehicles day and night or that they wouldn’t be cleaning up after themselves or that HUGE, irrational changes would be made to the community, affecting it’s residents so drastically, without the residents being informed first of the changes or even given the chance to voice their opinions before they were done! But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s take this one step at a time, shall we?

First of all, I should mention we live on W Piute Ave. The back of our home is facing Sun Valley Parkway. When we moved here, we were told that the access road right next to our home would be there until another entrance/exit was made to the community down at the other end of the road (the portion that is being build up now). However, last week, the access road was abruptly torn up. But wait – WHERE is the other entrance we were promised? Now I’m hearing there will not be another entrance? WHAT??? So you expect everyone on the Foothills side to be able to use ONE entrance/exit – the SAME entrance/exit the Sun City Ranch residents also need to use? Isn’t that a bit dangerous? I mean, as it is now, it’s near impossible to see coming out from Desert Vista Blvd onto Canyon Springs because of all the vegetation growing on both medians and the fact it’s 2 lanes going both ways! Plus the fact of how HEAVY the traffic is coming from ALL directions in that intersection! Canyon Springs Blvd and Desert Vista Blvd needs a light if you plan on funneling ALL of the residents from BOTH sides of these HUGE communities onto that ONE road! Because one of these days, if it stays the way it is now, there WILL be an accident there. And then what? How are we all supposed to get out of the community if the ONLY road leading into or out of the community has a huge accident on it and we have NO way of getting around?? You are putting all of the residents here in danger!

And speaking of danger, now that we only have ONE way of getting into or out of this part of the community, you DO realize you are now forcing ALL of the traffic from this side to funnel out onto Marco Polo Road and come out onto Desert Vista right across from the school, don’t you? So now you have ALLLLL of this traffic, with a LOT more in the future when you finish building all of the houses over here, funneling out right across from the school entrance with NO CROSSWALK in place for the kids! Do you know how many kids walk to/from school every day?? A LOT! And they have NO SAFE WAY to cross Desert Vista Blvd – which is a HUGE intersection, by the way – and now you go and pour ALL of the traffic from this side onto that ONE entrance/exit! YOU ARE ASKING FOR A DISASTER!! Just this morning, while dropping my kids off (see, I won’t let my kids walk because I know how dangerous that intersection is), I saw a kid almost get hit because the cars couldn’t see he was trying to cross. And believe me when I tell you, one of these days, if there continues not to be a safe way for the kids to cross, someone IS going to get hit. And when they do, you can be SURE the parents will know that you were warned ahead of time. This is a law suite waiting to happen and I would think LONG AND HARD about this point before dismissing it!

I’m also EXTREMELY angry and disappointed that you are now building a wall where the access road used to be – with NO access whatsoever! Not even for a golf cart or pedestrians! REALLY?? Do you know how many families walked or drove golf carts to the gas station from this side because it was only 200 yards away (give or take)? Now what? We’re expected to jump in the car and drive the mile and a half to get eggs or milk when we need them? How inconsiderate! You didn’t even ASK the residents here how they felt about this HUGE change – you just went ahead and did it. Now we’re trapped in here like rats! You should have at LEAST left a pathway for people to be able to walk to get the essentials when they needed them! Now we have to either walk ALLLLLLL the way around – or take an unnecessary car ride!

Finally, I feel I need to mention the sloppy construction crews you have working for you. They are NOT cleaning up after themselves! In the past month, I personally know of 5 people who have gotten roofing nails in their tires! And they don’t even live near the construction areas!! I got one in my tire last Thursday and my neighbor across the street got one in her’s on Sunday! We live on Piute Ave. There is NO construction on this road right now! The closest we come to the construction area is when we have to (now) drive down Marco Polo Road, which they’re working on houses behind the wall on the other side! Do you want to explain to me HOW roofing nails got into our tires? Because I sure as heck can’t! Mine happened right when I came home last week! How do I know? Because when I pulled into my garage, the tire was hissing and it still had all of its air in it – which means it had JUST happened!! Your construction crews are being LAZY with their cleaning efforts and your residents are suffering for it! This is a simple thing that SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!!!

I understand Pulte’s burning desire to make as much money as possible but you are doing so by putting your residents in danger. Only having ONE entrance/exit to a HUGE community, NOT having a crosswalk in front of the school and funneling ALL of the traffic past it, blocking our access to the essentials, and not cleaning up after yourselves is all putting your residents at risk of serious danger!

Please take this email seriously! I do NOT want an every day, run of the mill response. I expect a response from a REAL person who understands what I’m saying and will take action on it! These are NOT issues that can be brushed aside! They need to be dealt with in a timely manner!

Thank you for your time,
Kristin (Bruni) Jones


Axel Sturm March 24, 2017 at 5:25 pm

It never rains in southern California, well it rained quite a bit in Palm Desert, Ca.
recently. I found out that we have a leaking roof, and we are past the warranty by
3 years.
A roofer gave us an estimate of $2800 . The house was one of the last ones built in Sun City
Palm Desert and it looks like they ran out of material. There is a whole row of tiles missing
where the leak into the garage is. The rest of the roof has potentials of leaks because of
real bad patchwork. We bought the house new, and nobody has been on the roof since. The inspector who did the final inspection should have seen that. Pulte refuses even to talk. We will go to small claimes court if they don,t respond with a more pleasant attitude.
Axel Sturm


Caren Cohen March 21, 2017 at 8:16 pm

I am a home owner in Frisco Lakes, Frisco TX. After living in my home for almost a year, I had an inspection completed. Several important issues were identified and I am awaiting resolution of these issues. However, an important safety issue I was advised would not be addressed. I would like to speak with someone, otherwise I will be contacting my attorney. I truly do not wish to go this route, but would like to see this resolved in an agreeable manner.

Please contact me at(254) 338-XXXXX.

Thank you
Caren Cohen


Troy Helsel January 4, 2017 at 12:52 pm

I would like someone from corporate customer service to call me please. I am in the process of purchasing a Pulte home and need to get some answers regarding when the home will be completed and close date scheduled. The local Pulte folks are nice but they are not able to give me definitive answers. My number is (904) 710-XXXXX


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