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John Paul Mitchell Systems
20705 Centre Pointe Pkwy
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

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Phone Number: (661) 298-0400
Fax Number: (661) 298-0390
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Paul Mitchell Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Paul Mitchell Executives

CEO: John Paul DeJoria
CFO: Paul Mitchell
COO: Angus Mitchell

Paul Mitchell History

John Paul Mitchell Systems, known as Paul Mitchell, was founded by John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell in 1980.

The new company was created to support the success of hairdressers and provide luxury hair care at an affordable price.

The brand’s signature white bottles with black lettering were originally designed because the company could not afford color ink.

Today John Paul Mitchell Systems is a privately-held company that sells 100 products in 100,000 salons in 80 countries worldwide.

Paul Mitchell designs, manufactures, and markets products under the brands Paul Mitchell, Modern Elixirs, The Tea Tree Collection, Paul Mitchell LAB, and Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color.

Paul Mitchell FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Paul Mitchell?
Answer 1: The phone number for Paul Mitchell is (661) 298-0400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Paul Mitchell?
Answer 2: The CEO of Paul Mitchell is John Paul DeJoria.

Question 3: Who founded Paul Mitchell?
Answer 3: Paul Mitchell was founded by in .

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Lice, Lice, Baby March 14, 2018 at 3:15 pm

I use P.M. hair products every day. I had no idea they offered plumbing services!! Plus, there’s another hidden perk that very few people on this planet know about. If you use P.M. shampoo while you host a “pot luck” dinner party during the 3rd week of every month, your friends will know that it’s the fish in the over that they smell.
Spread the word..
Please and Thank you…


Angry Mom March 3, 2018 at 1:49 am

I am writing in regards to an incident my child experienced while attending Paul Mitchell school. She walked into school one morning and was told if she had make up in her car and to go put some on. What is this school teaching our children who attend?! That they’re not pretty without makeup?! Way to boost someone’s self esteem! It’s sad we see in the news now a days about bullies and these poor innocent children committing suicide because of bullying. Well for someone at that facility to tell my daughter that is most definitely a bully! And for the money I’m paying for that school that’s the last thing they should be concerned about! I am appalled and very upset my child had to endure that.


Michelle Snyder February 1, 2018 at 10:24 am

Attended the PM School in Raleigh NC and let me tell you that I had the worst experience and I am disappointed in the last of integrity and professionalism of that school! For me to WASTE money from a GI Bill here and then have to spend more money on outside classes because we were not being taught up to date techniques and styles is ridiculous. I didn’t learn balayage or men’s cuts here, I took outside classes and paid out of pocket for this. Most of the teachers hired don’t know what they are talking about. It got to the point that I no longer asked for help from certain teachers because i was afraid they may ruin my clients hair. All this school is, is a place for the owners to make money. They don’t care about the students or helping them become successful in their careers. They are never around and only there when they have MEETINGS, the financial aid department is a mess too, she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to and never has time for anyone. So many clients complain about this school because we rarely ever had the right product for what the client wanted and we didn’t even have product to create a color we needed, there are so many students that are afraid to speak up. This school makes PM look bad. State board has been called multiple times and fixed a few things but it always goes right back to what it was. I will NEVER recommend this school to anyone and if they ask I will tell them to run! I am 33 years old, and I recognize crooks when i see them and this establishment is just that!


Angry Mom March 3, 2018 at 1:52 am

I agree the school does not care for their students! That school only cares about getting paid. Also wasted GI bill on this school and it was unprofessional for sure.


Rheanna January 27, 2018 at 6:33 pm

I attend the pmts school in fresno, and I am very disappointed that a school with such a “good” reputation can be so awful! A bully free school… Yeah right! Drama free…. Yeah right! The school can be improved so much if the owners just stop to hear out the future professionals and the suggestions they have. I am honestly not proud to be a pmts future professional. No one seems to care about anything but themselves, and getting their money. There are so many things wrong here the list is endless! But I’ll go ahead and name a few:
*No nail tech, when the demand at this school to learn acrylic nails is very high.
*GOOD staff getting fired and POOR, rude, and dishonest staff members are being kept and giving the fps a hard time.
*the future pros are not pushed to keep areas clean and tidy after using them.
*The student advisor is never there for the students when they need him, basicly he does what he wants when he wants. He’s rude and unkind.
*The staff plays favorites but to the people who are trouble makers.
*I understand thus is a Paul Mitchell school but shoving it down our throats on boxes, and everywhere else is too much especially when Paul Mitchell “culture” is all a lie! No one lives up to it it’s actually sad!
Well i could go on for days but I won’t.


Jacqueline January 8, 2018 at 2:18 pm

Bel mar in Colorado the paul mitchellll…. school
Unprofessional, unkind, uneducated,no integrity Jackie the learning is unkept rude looks as if she belongs to gang disgraceful no customer service skills if this is what you are teaching maybe you should look into find someone with a professional background to teach at your school


Rebecca kohler December 18, 2017 at 10:52 pm

My daughter is a student at Paul Mitchell in the citrus mall and there has been nothing but problems since the new “teacher” Brandy has taken over the class with disrespectful comments towards my daughter in front of the entire class, having the students take cuts home to finish, playing inappropriate music with vulgar language, not teaching the students cuts having them follow a diagram from online, making foul comments in regards to the students whom may be involved with a person from the military, the list goes on! I am paying 18 thousand dollars for a online technical degree with complete disregard of respect for the students. I was under the impression this was a professional environment and things of this nature would have never even had to be considered. The “teacher” Brandy cornered my daughter in a room by herself this evening after she made a complaint of the bully she is experiencing in the class room from this teacher other students even walked into the room concerned for my daughter. I would greatly appreciate someone to contact me regarding the solution of this situation or I will be contacting the better business bureau and pulling my daughter from this school.


Patty December 14, 2017 at 5:19 pm

I walked in Dirty Blond with Gray,

I asked for a cut and color – AND to have somebody who knew how to do 2 different colors on top. So Just the ROOTS on top each to ear

It took 4 Hours and they did not know about a cut, and the highlights got done wrong. Dont know if it was the 3 1/2 hours I had chemical on my head, the instructor that gave a few different instructions to the Student who was NICE but had no clue what she was doing. I walked in BLOD and from my tip of my ears to the top of my head is now BRONW with a FEW streaks of blond instead of the other way around.

AND then I had my photo taken front and back where the ears down was not even touched. Taking credit for that was wrong, and now they want to still do the cut, and put blonde highlights on top. well it was blond, I wanted the same dark highlights.

I have left 2 messages for the School Director to call me so I can come in and her look at my hair. Still no reply

First Thank You for your time, I know you are busy!
I just left a voice message about an issue I had at the School yesterday Tuesday 12/12.=
I did not give any details just to please contact me.

I would like to come in the school and talk with you for a few moments and =
show you my hair.


Gigi May 1, 2018 at 3:10 am

I just wanted to say this is by far the stupidest comment on here. Not sure if you’re just f-ing stupid or f-ing stupid! You do realize that its a SCHOOL righ lady? A school where students learn how to do hair services on clients. Where they are literally learning hands on??? Which is why you sign a f-ing waiver before your service gets done? Wtf do you expect? You’re at a damn school where students are learning! You can’t expect top notch service when you’re literally at a school where students are paying to learn. A SCHOOL! I REPEAT *SCHOOL* WHERE STUDENTS ARE LEARNING!! If you don’t like it then take your a** to a real hair salon and and pay the full price to get your hair done by someone who is done with school and understands what they are doing. People like you irritate my f-ing soul! I hope they didn’t call your a** back. You sound so damn annoying .


Denisha tabor December 6, 2017 at 12:24 pm

I am very disappointed in Paul Mitchell ..I purchased a flat iron in feb 2015 it had to be replaced in March or 2016 and now as of two weeks ago my flat iron has went out again and I am told that my two year warranty has ran out in feb and there is nothing they can do for me even though I have had to get a new flat iron every year no discount off my next purchase or anything and I’m a Paul Mitchell fan I will never purchase any Paul Mitchell products ever again and i am getting rid of all Paul michell products as of now and I will discourage all or any friends of buying anything Paul Mitchell why buy a product that the Paul michell won’t back


Tamara Arnold November 7, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I am writing in regards to a product I purchased.
Super clean sculpting gel,
I have used this product for many years and have loved it.
I recently purchase a new bottle at a salon and it is like water and does not
hold at all.
I would like to know if the ingredients have changed or what has happend.
to this fabiulous producr.
I would request a refund from the salon however I was traveling when I purchased it and
am to far away.
Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.,


Misty September 9, 2017 at 12:12 pm

If I could put zero stars I would! My friend is an owner/operator and Paul Mitchell certified trainer of a beautiful salon in Texas. The salon provides a full Paul Mitchell training/education by certified educators for Paul Mitchell and their salon is a Paul Mitchell named salon, carrying only Paul Mitchell branded everything from top to bottom. The salon was a total loss from Hurricane Harvey and they lost everything! They are now trying to rebuild the salon, but it’s a very slow and expensive process. Paul Mitchell gave them 3 hair dryers as their way of showing empathy for being completely flooded by the hurricane! What a shame and how sad they would treat a Paul Mitchell salon that way when they spend thousands monthly on your products and carry the Paul Mitchell name! I think that Paul Mitchell should help out to rebuild this beautiful salon. 3 hair dryers is an insult from this company.


A April 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm

My daughter and I have been going to P.M.for a year now.we no u don’t always get wat u want.They r students. We r also told that they r supervised by staff that r competent. This IS NOT TURE. on r last trip it was a day that should not have happened. My daughter had a picture of wat she wanted and not one person knew wat they were doing. I watch as I got my hair done for 40 minutes as the student helping her tryed to get help to figure out how to do it currently. He’s instructor looked as lost as him. ( come to find out later he is a student instructor and didn’t no wat he was doing ether).they made there first cut and I no they messed up . I immediately ask the instructor who was work with my student to please help they just messed up my daughter s hair and she is very upset. She said there is the instructor that is supposed to help that student. I had been watching and it took that incompetent “manager” (he was to busy standing n the middle of the room gossiping) 40 minutes to even check on any of them and was NO HELP AT ALL. the instructor with us went over and tryed to help but the damage was done. I asked to speak to someone in charge. 5 minutes later I see the man (I wish I remember his name) that was supposed to b watching the 2 students heading towards me with a look of disdain and arrogant s. He told me u signed a waver u no there students.
I repeatedly told him the out come of her hair is not the issue it’s that NO ONE knew wat to do and where not being supervised. He was so defensive with a fake smile because he was to blame. He clearly is not management. I told to go away where not get anywhere. I spoke to anther “manger” Who as he came up to me was talking to the first “manger “I spoke to. I told him evey thing I saw and he kept bring it back to the hair. I told him and all of them a few times it’s the process. They r students and should be guided , if they don’t no they find someone who can show them . My daughter told me later not 1 person knew wat they where doing they where all around her staring and saying I don’t no how to do that.My question WHERE WERE THE INSTRUCTORS. COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT
they should not have used my daughter as there guinea pig. Again I now there students but where r also told skilled instucters are watching and help.that is NOT the case.
this was at the Reno nv location
4/19/17 @ 4


Kate February 14, 2017 at 10:19 am

I would like to start out by saying I have been to Paul Mitchell School of Lexington, KY numerous times and have always been pleased until my recent experience. I visted the school in Lexington, KY on January 16th, 2017 and got my hair cut and color. I have colored my hair numerous times so I understood the process and how my hair would handle the color. My hair was so over processed, the color went through the foil and colored the hair under it and the color wasn’t even blonde it was a nasty bronze color. Additionally, my hair was so damanged after the color it was literally falling out if I ran my hand through or used a brush and it felt “gummy” and had so many tangles I could barely get a brush through it. Additionally, the cut I was given wasn’t even. I asked for a trim and she literally took an inch off all the way around and didn’t check to make sure it was the same length and it looked horrible! I would also like to make it known i am in NO WAY upset with the stylist who did my hair, as I believe she did the best she could with the training she was given. What I am upset about is that I was there for 4.5 HOURS and I saw a teacher 2x for about 2 minutes each time. At no point did a teacher check on the color or help the student out. After the experience I waited a few days to calm down and I called the school on January 19, 2017 to discuss my options. I was sent to Ben’s voicemail and a lady named Amanda promptly called me back, took my information and stated Ben would be in touch with me soon. Ben and I played phone tag for about a week and finally the next week I was able to speak with Ben. I told him my concerns and asked if he could issue a refund. By this point had already visited my hair stylist and spent more money out of pocket to fix my hair so I was not interested in having Paul Mitchell fix my hair. Ben stated he would speak with someone and get back to me. Well it has now been a week and half and I have contacted and left messages for both Ben and the Director Jeremey many time and no one has gotten back to me. The customer care I have received is horrible. I absolutely HATE the fact that I had to go to social media to attempt to get this matter resolved and file a complain with the BBB (#90080880) but at this point I feel like I have no other option. I have filed a disput with my bank and will pursue that avenue but would have preferred to settle this with the school. Once I filed the complain with the BBB, Jermey responded stating that I had NEVER contacted them which I have pulled my phone records for proof. Additionally, he said they would not issue a refund, yet when I looked at my bank statement they DID issue a refund on February 9, 2017. I responded back to Jermey and told him I would provide my phone records for proof and that a refund was issued well today, February 14, 2017, I looked at my online bank account and the RECHARGED my card for the total amount, which I DIDNT authorize. So I added this to by BBB claim and will be filing another dispute with my bank, since i cancelled the other disuput because I thought they refunded my money, but this time I am claiming fraud, as I did not authorize the charge and not to mention it is ILLEGAL to recharge a card AFTER you issue a refund.


Mary Camp January 28, 2017 at 11:02 pm

Took my granddaughter to get our hair trimmed, styled and nails for her birthday.Went to Paul Mitchell school in Brookfield, WI.
It was awful! Just Awful…..
1. First off the place looked like a basement on the first floor.
Floor was painted dull gray all chipped up and looked dirty. Lights were like in a factory
2. I sat in the only pedicure chair and it was old and rickety. Where you put your foot almost fell off sideways. The student had to hold it with her knee. The polish was old and gummy.
3. Then I had my lip waxed and the only chair, again was not mounted down and again all rickety. Very unsafe…
4. Went to get my hair done, washed with diluted cheap shampoo and very bad conditioner.
5. Curled the back of my hair and sides. It was fair. Sitting across from me was 2 students on their phone for over an hour. In plain site.
I take all my grand daughters and nieces to the school not only for a fun day but, an opportunity to see how cosmetology schools operate.
6. My granddaughters hair took 3 hours and ended up in 2 stinking braids all the while she sees students sitting there doing nothing.
7. We left and my polish scraped off by the time I got home.
Which had 3 hours to dry before leaving.(bad polish)
8. My hair was awful. Hair all dried out, curls fell out same day. Granddaughters hair had a very uneven cut, had to take her to get it evened out.
Students working on hair were nice but school was awful. Teachers all stay in glass office until called instead being on floor. Letting students sit on phones. No student break area to go to instead of in the public eye. Cheap old products used and the students who worked on us only had 2 to 3 months training. Will never go there again! All the money Paul Mitchel makes, time to step it up in his schools. Take pride in your schools. These are our future beautitions !!


Doug Conley July 10, 2017 at 11:34 am

My reply is this! I am a retired hair dresser of 30 years using and selling Paul Mitchell ! First , you have to remember you are going to a school, this means they are learning so you at not paying for top notch hair dressers then at students first! Second, if you see things you do not like when you inter any solon or school that you feel looks dirty or unfit then leave! Go home and call or write the company about your findings this way it could better what you saw or alert the company of your findings.


Tinatinamartin January 19, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Mymy sister Brenda+ I have been coming to highland drive Paul Mitchell schoolin salt lake city Utah for many years now everyone is very knowledable friendly + are very great at what they do. We especially love the instructor brad he is wonderful with everyone no matter who they are young.or even a senior he is a great assesst to your school I just celebrated. my 62nd birthday Jan 3 wanted to get my hair done but was told you were booked full that’s OK be in real soon My sister myself her twin daughters + her other daughter have been to your school we just love it will continue to go there keep up the wonderful work + products we love them too.very sincerely tina


Rose December 17, 2016 at 1:41 pm

Dear Paul Mitchell Company,
I have been having a very hard time trying to find your Volumizing spray. I have tried on
line, in salons and in stores.
Could you please advise me where I can find your volumizing spray. I think this is one of your best products.


Michelle November 22, 2016 at 2:15 pm

I would like to be contacted on this matter. I was seen at the Paul Mitchell school in Colorado Springs for a highlight, low light and cut. I understood that I was at my own risk when acknowledging to sign the waiver for service. I left completely unsatisfied and rescheduled to come back in for a redo. The teacher walked me up to the front to insure I would get someone a little more experienced for my next appointment and I was happy to know that so I didn’t have to keep coming back for a redo. I had to reschedule my redo appointment which was still within a week. I had talked to the front desk lady named ‘Jenny’ and she was very rude about me rescheduling my appointment. I ensured that I was going to be with someone a little more experienced like the teacher specified I would be before I left the salon ‘Jenny’ got offended and then rushed me off the phone and hung up on me. The very next day I get a call from ‘Chris’ (the front desk manager) and was told to not come back in for a redo that I was no longer allowed to be seen there. I am just baffled about how this situation was handled. I understand that I was being seen at a school and going back in for a redo. But being treated so rudely is just unacceptable and unprofessional. I expected more from the Paul Mitchell school and was very disappointed in the first time experience I had.


Sharon Franklin September 19, 2016 at 7:54 pm

I went to the Paul Mitchell school in Roanoke VA and it was not a good experience. First of all it was a bit pricey for a hair school. I have been going to hair schools for years and not had to many issues after all these are students and they are learning. When I tried to convey to the student what I wanted she had no clue, and she was going by the book. Well not everyone’s hair is the same, different people have different needs. .The instructor was clueless which is very sad.

Too Pricey: I was told that it was 15.00 to wash and dry my hair, Flat iron was 5.00 more.
When I went to checked out I was told it was 25.00. I said no, I was quoted 20.00, and that’s what I paid which was too much.
I told the student that my hair responds better when a comb attachment is used on the blow dryer to straighten the roots. She proceeded to say we don’t have that but will brush it as I am blow drying it. Doesn’t work for me. She kept putting a lot of products on my hair which I do not use chemicals on my hair. All she needed was a LITTLE argan oil or, coconut oil,or sesame seed oil on my scalp. Of course, they promote only PM products, but you would think they would have something similar.

The instructor was so aloof and didn’t give the student any insight on ethnic hair. And I am guessing its because she hasn’t learned herself. Its a shame that students are being taught one way to do hair no matter who the client is or what they want. They are paying a great deal to learn and they are being shortchanged, When they go out in the real world it would be so much better that whoever comes through the door of their salon they could actually do a clients hair the way it should be done and do it with confidence.

By the way my hair looked better when I went in than when I came out.

Hopefully this will be read by someone who will acknowledge these comments and complaints,

I don’t see myself going back to this school.


Betty Cullen July 16, 2016 at 2:38 pm

I bought a bottle of scalp care anti-thinning tonic. I love it but the problem is the pump or spray doesn’t seem to work any more. I did get it to work again when its first stop working but, it stopped working again. Tried to get it unclogged the second time but it didn’t work. Just went to my hairdresser this week & told her about it. She said a lot of her customers are complaining about the same thing. Even with this problem I did purchase another bottle which I hope will work better. To use the rest of the stuff in my old bottle I’ve been tipping it, putting with my finger over top, & rubbing it into my scalp that way. What I want to know is do you know how to make the pump or spray work again, so it’ll stay working?


Evlynne Stuckly February 19, 2017 at 10:29 pm

I am having the same problem every bottle of the tonic that I bought got clogged. Is there any solution?


Stephen M Brennan July 15, 2016 at 3:13 pm

I realize that 1 person’s feedback won’t immediately be shot up to the corporate boardroom & to marketing, but my suggestion is to make a men’s cologne that smells like MITCH Material.
Thanks for listening.
Have a great day!
P.S. — I’ve so migrated from my usual brand since MITCH Reformer and Material are now @ my fave salon in Omaha, NE. Fabulous stuff to help you maintain a business-professional look all day & half the night while working long hours, despite wind, rain, etc.


E Green July 5, 2016 at 3:09 pm

I want everyone to know about the Paul Mitchell partner school in Columbus, Ohio. The school I am referring to is the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell Partner School Columbus. I wish more than anything that I didn’t have so many negative things to say about this school but as a student, I feel this needs to be addressed. First off the school is wonderful when you go through the tour, it seems so promising and full of warm and inviting people. If only that was the truth. After a few weeks, the true colors of the school administration and total dysfunction began to show through. First of all, there are too many new classes coming into the school and not enough chairs for the students to take clients. I have gone weeks without having a real, living, breathing, person to work on to work on. I do not feel that have a tracking sheet with an outrageous number of services to perform on my doll head is worth the $20,000 tuition. It keeps your skills sharp but fake hair is not the same.
Secondly, the turn-over rate for our learning leaders is atrocious. It seems that right as they start, they’re quitting. I’ve personally heard the upper administration say terrible, demeaning things about fellow staff members while students are around. That should not be acceptable. Due to the high turn-over rate, there are never enough learning leaders on the floor to help assist you with a client. We had 50 appointments with three leaders on the floor at one time. Needless to say, clients have to wait an excessively long time for someone to come over and check our work as students. It also does not help that the learning leaders are never on the same page due to the revolving door of leaders.
Lastly, one of my biggest complaints is the lack of confidentiality that the head of education displayed when I called to talk about a serious medical problem. You would think that it would be common sense to excuse a student from your office while taking a personal and confidential phone call, sadly not. The head of education took my phone call with one of my classmates in the office sitting through to the entirety of the conversation. Following the phone call, the head of education relayed what was said to my classmate. Not even five minutes after I had got off the phone, I was receiving text messages from fellow classmates about my medical condition and impending leave from school. My fellow classmate went back to class and told the rest of my classmates. I was appalled, I didn’t even have time to gather what I wanted to say to my friends…it was said for me. I was so looking forward to beginning my career as a cosmetologist, now I never want to return following my medical leave. Sadly, if I want to transfer schools I will have to pay off the high priced tuition prior to withdrawing even though I’m not halfway through the program.

It is a shame that such a strong name is being tarnished by unprofessional management. The owner of the school, Necole XXXXberlander is such an amazing woman who really seems to care about the education. Hopefully, she will see this and have more involvement in the management at Ohio Academy. There has to be a change!!


Alison C June 22, 2016 at 7:04 pm

I had my hair done at the salon I have been going to for almost 8 years and purchased a set of Paul Mitchell Color Care Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. Within days my hair started thinning, falling out and the color washed out. I have been getting my hair colored by the same stylist this entire time and have never had this problem. It made my hair feel like it was stripped and it was coming out when I was combing it as well after the shower. I stopped using the products immediately, but now have all the color washed out of my hair and thin hair. I am very dissatisfied with this product and am out not only out the $35 for the products and the $90 for the hair color but have different textured hair that I hope will go back to being full and thick. This is a horrible experience and I want my money back so I can get my hair redone and for the products I cannot use. This is the worst experience ever.


Sharon Davis June 18, 2016 at 5:44 pm

I am complaining about an instructor at your Murfreesboro TN location. She was extremely rude and disrespectful not listening to the client and being even more rude to myself. My sister came to the school for a root touch up. She is a breast cancer survivor so she cannot number one use regular color. (As told by her doctor). The instructor’s name is Ann Lane. My sister asked me to come back and explain what she wanted to the instructor. He instructor took offense to my sister asking me to hep explain what she was wanting. What she got was darken roots on the front half of her hair and multi coloring in he back. He instructor stated an all over color was done with foiled highlights. What my sister received was two people foiling her hair. And the amount of color was longer one side of her hair than the other.

My complaint is that the instructor didn’t listen to the client. And blamed the client for he mistakes made. Then she was trying extremely hard to argue with me over the issues. I stated number one that I would NOT argue with her and the color would be fixed. And number two the customer service in this school was horrible. I said that we would not be back due to rude and disrespect given to their clients.

I have close friends that went through the Paul Mitchell School in a different location and have used the services in the past at a different location. I have never been treated with such disrespect ever.

We were trying to support the local PM school but if this is their level of service we will not return!!

I was so taken back that this instructor would show such level of low customer service. It is a shame.

They are currently in the process of trying to correct the coloring mistakes on my sister now.


Grace June 18, 2016 at 4:48 pm

On June 10th, 2016 I purchase several hair products for my curly hair at the Paul Michell school in Roosevelt Field mall in Garden city NY. I have long hair almost to my waist, curly freezy and thick and have been looking for the right product for my hair for years , so when the person at the register told me about the satisfaction guarantee, I was excited to know that I can finally look for the right product for my hair without ending up with a ton of barely used products at home. The sales person even provided me with a paper notice of their warranty without any specifications . I used the product twice and instead of making my hair better it made it worse . I went back on June 18th hoping to exchanged them for something they could suggest but instead I was told that the products were used and I couldn’t exchanged them and they couldn’t sell that back. Now that leads me to believe that they are using deceptive practices to sell products and on top of that they are reselling used products to the public, (again a practice of deception) . I am very disappointed since I believe the products are good and I was hoping to finally find a product that would work on my hair . Plain and simple , the product was horrible , the service was questionable , the satisfaction warranty non-existent and it appears they are reselling used products. Bottom this particular salon/store should be looked at for their unprofessional / unethical practices .


Carmella Trudeau May 22, 2016 at 10:15 am

I am writing today in regards to your school in the state of R.I. I have always used Paul Mitchell products for a long time, on my 3rd I visit to your Cranston , R.I. store I wanted to make a purchase for products only to be left standing there for 15 -20 minutes while your employees stand around and ignore customers to no avail . Every-time I go in there the same thing happens repeatedly .You should be ashamed at how this company allows this to happen I will no longer be purchasing my salon products from here I will now seek to purchase products of a different kind .

Carmella Trudeau unsatisfied customer


Debra Garner May 18, 2016 at 11:28 am

I was referred there by a former instructor to get a Microdermabrasion. The student did not wait for the instructor to come. She did not have a consultation with me and began to use a scraping tool on my face. When the instructor came, she kept asking the student who was working on my face, why she was not using the crystals that are required to do a Microdermabrasion. She refused to answer. When she asked her for the third time, she finally said that she was using what she preferred to use. That was not the service I requested and ended up paying for. The instructor then began to tell her how to properly use the instrument. The end result was her scarring up my face. It looked like I had been beaten up very badly in my face. When I was escorted back downstairs to pay the $55 dollars, I immediately brought the horrendous job on my face to their attention. I was told that the person I needed to speak to was not that, but that I needed to pay the $55 (so I paid for services I requested but did not receive). I finally got to the supervisor and we scheduled for me to come back to the school. I had taken pictures and my face still looked the same as when I left the school. I was told that they would give me a free facial and free Microdermabrasion. That everything that we had discussed would be doXXXXented so that when I came back, there would be no issue concerning the free, corrective services that I was to receive. I went back to weeks ago to get my Microdermabrasion and was told that I would have to pay for it. I have called and emailed the company, with no results. I called headquarters and spoke with Jenni Bean, who said she sent an urgent message that they were supposed to reply to immediately. That was last Friday. She sent me an email stating that she has not heard back from them. A telephone call should take care of any communication problems. Paul Mitchell school not only rips off its students, but its customers as well. I will never use them again and will most definitely not refer anyone to them. I saw some of the work that had been done in the hair salon, and it was not good.


Heidi May 13, 2016 at 8:15 pm

EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED PARENT OF A PAUL MITCHELL ‘the school” DENVER STUDENT-May 2016: My daughter attends Paul Mitchell “the school” Denver. After paying several thousands of dollars for her to attend school for 9 months now, my daughter still is still not able to do a men’s cut, mix color or feel confident about coloring or cutting anyone’s hair. Students were provided with no nail or make-up training and only had about 10 minutes of facial training. Students have not received a nail kit and will ultimately fail the state exams without the instruction necessary for them to pass. There is one male teacher (Marcus) who has been known to sit at the door to the school and send students home in the morning if they are one minute late (even if they have a valid reason for being late) and consistently degrades and belittles the students. If anyone from Corporate office would do a surprise visit (and not allow the teachers to pretend to be on their best behavior for the time Corporate representatives are at the school) or just video tape what goes on in that school (or actually videotape what doesn’t go on at that school) they’d be as disgusted as I am. My daughter calls me after school every time she has had a client during the day, and is so excited and is ready to put up with all of the negative aspects of attending the school for about 2 days after her client has left. Then, with no instruction (and basically no tools anymore since theft by the students occurs daily) my daughter basically is left to feeling useless, inadequate and unskilled. I have had three calls from my daughter this year (since January 2016) after my daughter has had her only clients (and it’s May 2016 now). THREE CLIENTS!!!! How are the students supposed to learn when there are no stations or clients available to them since there are too many students enrolled in the school without enough teachers to assist them in their “supposed” learning process? My daughter has basically learned nothing in her 9 months of attending the school. And, I know this is the case for the rest of the students who are standing around texting for the several hours at a time (or those who are lucky enough to have a station for the day to sit at while they text) while I have been at my appointments. Students are quitting constantly and I am just appalled!!!! However, family’s like mine are consistently sending their kids to the school thinking that they will have a bright future with the Paul Mitchell school name behind them so the school apparently doesn’t care that the instruction and teachers are worthless since they keep getting other new students. Three (3) teachers have quit within the last few weeks with no replacements. And, as a client, who has gone to the school to get my hair done by my daughter, I know how hard it is to even get a teacher to acknowledge the student’s existence, much less help the students learn anything. And, as stated earlier, because there are so few lockers, and no locker was provided to my daughter, almost all of my daughter’s supplies have been stolen by other students. This school is not worth attending and should be shut down. The Paul Mitchell name now disgusts me!!!!!! My daughter will be videotaping and recording teachers for the next few days. After my husband and I review the tapes, we will be making a decision regarding removing my daughter from the school and will be speaking with our lawyers regarding potential legal action against the school and against the male teacher (Marcus) who should have already been taken to court multiple times due to defamation.


Sheila campbell May 11, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Purchased a new flat iron the newest one out expensive I have made several attempts lest multiple messages with no response ! We’ve owned Paul Mitchell because it is good quality & never had an issue till now & can not get a call back the item is still under warranty & trying to get the issue resolved but can’t with customer service not calling back! It’s a shame you buy expensive item & can’t speak to anyone they ask you to leave message & does not respond or reply back!! Customer service should take care of their customers without stressing to get a problem resolved! It should not be a hassle to take care of your customers!! 05-11-2016


Michelle Smith April 22, 2016 at 3:19 pm

I’m a student at PMTS Arlington tx. The most unprofessional place I’ve seen. I’m a transfer from ogle and they’re better than this location. There are girls trying to fight you. Take your station and take your products off your station. I have the right to a fair education without being bullied and put down being called fat in front of clients. I have reported it and it’s not being handled. This is a very unprofessional. I thought Paul Mitchell was a Christian but his beliefs are not followed through at all. Everything is a joke and scam. The make up doesn’t match any ethnicity. I’m very disappointed. This is my dream but all the unprofessionalism makes me hate coming here everyday.


Catherine Wickert April 10, 2016 at 9:44 pm

As a consumer I wanted to weigh in on the school as well as the products. First the school here in San Francisco, I absolutely love the way I have been treated, if you have the time and the patience then check it out if you are in a rush go someplace else, they are students they are learning, lighten up!!

Now the products I like all of these products too except for the packaging, come on what is with those tops on your shampoos and conditioner, they are a disaster and one of the reasons why I will never again purchase a 34oz size of anything you offer in those containers. They leak guys and you know they do, besides messing up whatever they have leaked on that I get to clean up, I’ve lost all the product, all 34oz because it doesn’t seem to take but one use and poof all gone. CHARGE THE CONTAINER OR AT LASTPASS THE CA. THIS CAN’T BE THE FIRST AND ONLY COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS ISSUE.


Tamara Green February 17, 2016 at 11:37 am

So, to continue on with the Paul Mitchell School of Columbus Ohio. I spoke with the educator, Megan this morning and told her that my daughter was going to take a medical leave. Well, not even 10 minutes later my daughter receives a text from a school mate…the whole school knows!! This is a HUGE violation!!!! I did receive a call from Ashley, very unprofessional and started to give me a tongue lashing that I am not to speak with Megan regarding medical leave. I must say that in all my years, I have NEVER seen such unprofessionalism, lack of quality education and blatant disregard for other individuals rights or personal feelings. There are numerous student rights that this facility violates on a daily basis as well as privacy rights. My daughter will not be returning to this circus of total unprofessional nature. I want this as well as my previous comment address immediately!


Tamara Green February 16, 2016 at 3:27 pm

My daughter attends the Paul Mitchell School in Columbus, Ohio and absolutely hates it! We went with Paul Mitchell because of his philosophy however, what I am reading over and over regarding the Paul Mitchell Schools across the country is exactly what is going on in Columbus, Ohio as well. The professionalism of all the learning leaders and total lack of education is appalling not to mention that every time you turn around the students are being forced to push Paul Mitchell products in an attempt to go to some big Paul Mitchell event. How is it that all these negative posting’s about Paul Mitchell Schools are falling on deaf ears. We are looking at hopefully transferring my daughter to another school where she can actually get what she paid for and is not crying at the thought of having to go to “the hell hole”.


Dealonnia Alberson Cook January 15, 2016 at 4:26 pm

My hair was messed up by a student at the school in NLR Arkansas more than once, I thought since she was a student I would give her another change. Bot was I an idiot! so I wrote her a letter telling her why I wouldn’t be returning and in what areas she needed to improve. Someone from the school called me and told me that was not very professional of me to tell a student what she did wrong and why I wouldn’t return. They told me that I was never to return to their school again. Trust me I wouldn’t and wouldn’t recommend that school to a dog and I would never return their again it’s a joke. People wanting to learn to do hair DO NOT GO THERE. Save your money. You will not get an edcuation to teach you to go out and make money!


Maureen MacGregor October 7, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Hi, I attempted to send this email on the contact page. I selected “Press Inquiry” because a) I actually work with the media, and b) I have purchased a defective product (my first from PMC). Not sure if Paul Mitchell made some changes to its packaging, but I have a relatively new bottle of Freeze & Shine Super Spray with a broken plunger spring.

Like many consumers, I generally only buy a bottle of this once or twice a year, and so I don’t save receipts.


Anne paradise September 8, 2015 at 11:48 am

I mailed my flatiron for repair three weeks ago with the credit card info for the $35 fee and have not seen it charged to my acct so would like to know if it arrived.
Thank you.
Anne Paradise


Jan Spooner August 9, 2015 at 2:10 pm

My daughter graduated in September 2014 from Paul Mitchell the School in Jacksonville, Florida. I have read the unfavorable comments posted and I would like to take a moment and provide positive feedback.

We researched the philosophy of Paul Mitchell the School as well as that of other cosmetology schools in our city, i.e., Aveda, Tony and Guy, etc. We felt Paul Mitchell was the perfect fit, realizing there would be many rules and requirements that she would have to meet and exceed! We knew if she was going to be successful, it would be up to her…she would need to set goals, be polite and try to treat people the way she would like to be treated, attend all scheduled classes and be punctual, ask questions, volunteer, study, work a part-time job, etc.

She did all of the above plus more and her time at Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville was the BEST investment in my daughter’s future that I have made. Prior to attending PMTS, she received her degree in Early Childhood Education, thinking she wanted to be a teacher. But her first love has always been hair and beauty.

We both found PMTS to be a professional environment and a school that delivered all that was promised (and more)…and, my daughter delivered all that she promised to herself and PMTS! The 1200 hours spent at PMTS were the best spent education hours! She was taught the skills needed to become a stylist as well as how to succeed in the business…how to open her own salon in the future, how to set attainable goals, i.e., once graduated, what is next, how to deal with difficult people, how to market herself to future employers, how long to stay as an assistant versus work on commission or as a booth renter. The list goes on and on.

No school or place of employment is going to be drama-free. I’m not saying my daughter was perfect and that there were not snags…but it was knowing how to handle the snags and what to do next that elevated this experience.

I always found the school leadership to be friendly, supportive, professional, and fair…think of all the different personalities that attend these schools, the daily drama that is initiated…of course a school has to have rules and procedures to deal with each and every type of scenario. Also, the student’s family and friends are encouraged to support the school as the student progresses. Again, I am not saying each and every visit to the salon was perfect but I knew it was a teaching experience and would take longer and require input from the school’s leaders. I listened to these instructors as they gave her feedback…I might not have understood what was being said but she did, if she didn’t, she asked questions. Also, they did move quickly from student to student…based on the class size and where each stylist was in their learning, there was no time to lose.

As I look back, I do not think of negative things when I think of PMTS, only positive things. During her time at the school, my daughter grew up, learned how to take accountability for her actions, how to try to limit drama in her life, how to get serious about this new career meaning leaving old habits behind, developing new, positive habits. I grew up a bit as well, realizing that she would need to be the one accountable for her success versus my being critical and making excuses.

I am happy to say that she took the licensing exam immediately upon graduation and passed on first take. She interviewed and accepted an offer to assist a salon owner one week after passing the license exam. She set personal goals and has met/exceeded each one. She is now working at a salon “on commission” and is exceeding the salon owner’s expectations. She still stays in contact with the teachers and will ask their advise on certain situations that might arise.

Thank you, Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville, for presenting the skills needed to be successful and for encouraging my daughter each and every step of the way. Thanks to my daughter for taking what she learned and running with it!


Diana June 9, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Hi. This is Diana again and it is now June and my daughters $17.000.00 dollars was and is definitely wasted. I am astonished how Paul Mitchell allows the owner of this school to take advantage of these “future professional”. He really is stripping these kids of their future, dreams, and money! I have been contemplating to call the news and the state. The news would be to publicize what is being allowed to go on in this school and the State would be to follow up on how these “future professionals” are being fooled into signing for hours of State required theory and hands on classes that they never received. I have to take action! My daughter has not learned one quarter of what she should of learned. The owners private life is publicized throughout the school. I am not the only parent that is simply appalled at what is going on in the Jersey Shore Paul Mitchell school in Brick, NJ! My daughter is not the only one that will attest to this! The owner reached out to me regarding the first letter I sent out, but it was not worth meeting with him. Mike simply treated me as one of his “future professional” and gave false statements and information. I never received a follow up from corporate and that is why Mike gets away with what he does!


bobbi mullikin July 23, 2015 at 6:58 pm

I hear you…my grand daughter graduates from the Cincinnati school tomorrow night. Every cut/color our family members and friends have gotten has had to be redone by our regular stylists. We have suffered through this for a year. The problem is the floor supervisors do NOT EVER CHECK the cut/color or any work that is done by the student. They just pass by, say something like, “Great job!”, sign off (often before the work is done). Therefore, the student learns nothing. My grand daughter is realizing what a $17,000 fiasco this truly is. She colored her mother’s hair 2 nights ago and it was almost black instead of blond, she recolored it and it fell out in handfuls. She has been crying off and on ever since – she doesn’t even know what she did wrong or how to fix it. What kind of teaching is this – trial and error and you are on your own kid. I would NEVER recommend anyone go here. Are these people too lazy to train the supervisors to critique, recommend changes and supervise them as they happen???????????? Or are the supervisors lousy stylists too who have never worked in a salon? Paul Mitchell would roll over in his grave to see his name attached to such a shoddy operation.


Diana March 4, 2015 at 6:08 pm

I would like to preface this email by saying that I was more than willing to spend 17000.00 to help my daughter become a cosmetologist. Under the umbrella of the Paul Mitchell name. Having said this I helped my daughter to enroll in the Paul Mitchell Jersey Shore Location in Bricktown, NJ. From my understanding the actual director Jenny Lee Schmidt and her husband have divorced and Jenny has left this location and is still listed as director. Her Spouse Mike Schmidt has taken over complete control of this location. After the first month or so my daughter came home stating that her and her classmates do not understand most of work that they are covering. She then explained that the teacher that they started with was fired or left and they have different teachers covering the class. She would come home asking how she can finish 20 to 50 pages of her workbook by the morning. I asked her why is she and she said because we spend about 20 min on each chapter and then are told to do the workbooks at home. Then she stated that she cleans bathrooms and her work area more then they use them!
Finally a new teacher was hired for their class. My daughter would come home stating that they are watching instructional videos on a television the size of a lap top screen. She also stated that after the video was finished (that many of them could not even see) they are put into group for hands on. They are put into groups with a mannequin and told to take turns but there is not product available for them to use.
Needless to say, I started questioning her as to what she was learning. She would state “I have no idea my whole class is lost”. I looked at the breakdown of the hours of each topic as far as theory and hands on. I showed my daughter this and questioned her as to the hours each topic was covered by theory and hands on. About a quarter of them she did not even know what they are. The other 75% the coverage on each was anywhere from 2 hours to 8. I then told her that we would be calling to ask for an appt with Mike Schmidt.She then stated “after each segment we were giving papers to sign that stated the hours they covered”. The students stated to the teacher that they did not receive anywhere near to what they are signing to. They were told its protocol and they would be returning to each area.
This past week students went to school, they were met outside by the owner and told to park their cars across the parking lot in a McDonalds parking lot. The weather that morning was -10. The students were told by the McDonalds manager that vehicles would be towed. I was extremely appalled and told my daughter I am calling to speak with the owner. That day she called me to tell me that they had their 2X a week pow wow and Mike was extremely rude. The students asked Mike where they could park because any place they tried to park said they would be towed. Mike proceeded to say that it is in the contract and if they do not follow the rules they would be sent home for insubordination and deducted the hours. One of the students said to Mike no one is trying to be rude but we have no where to park! The student then proceeded to say there are very few spots that we are allowed and there is over 100 students in the school. The students then asked if he can show them where in the contract this states that. Mikes answer was look there are a lot of cosmetology schools in the area. Feel free to go. In fact I will gladly sign the papers.. Then he said to a couple of the other students in fact I can have you dropped for being so rude. In the contract it states that anyone who is disrespectful or shrewd will be dropped. . When the owner was asked why they never have product and they do not think it is fair and he stated go to corporate and tell them just make sure to mention my name. I will tell them it is on back order. They told him that we were encouraged during orientation to practice on each other with the teacher’s permission. He was asked how we learn. There is not even shampoo and conditioner to practice with. He then stated if they were caught using product on each others hair that is considered stealing and they would walk out in handcuffs. He said that he already had three students in the past arrested. He then dismissed and walked out. The reason why I believe all this came out of the owners mouth is because I have it on tape!
Now that she is due to go on the floor which has 32 stations and already 70+students or more, is wondering how they are going to get any hours on the floor and learn all that they are supposed to. Right now they are rotating by last name to be called to have some time on the floor. They are in a room working on mannequins bored because they have a choice of one room of book work or one room of updos or formulation of coloring by theory. Now my daughter is due to go on the floor and that would be an additional 28 students. So my question is with no product, few teachers, how and what will they learn?
My daughter and quite a few students and all parents are so disappointed and upset. I myself was a manager and operator of a salon for over 20 years. I then retired and became a Director of a very well known school. I am in shock and should have looked further into this school. Like I said I was sold by The Paul Mitchell name.
I do not want to mention my daughter’s name for I honestly do not trust Mike Schmidt. I will take further action if this is not taken care of. Paul Mitchell used to stand behind its name. What happen? I am starting to believe this became out of control and is a scam. I cannot believe Corporate does not have a quality assurance! You are messing with kids dreams that have used every penny and will use every penny to pay back 17,000.00 and more ! That definitely is a crime! I really would like this matter to be addressed ASAP for everyday my daughter is wasting her money and is being let down every minute she spends in that school.


sheila favre February 12, 2015 at 9:56 am

My daughter has been attending your school since October 2014 to current. She just received a 5 day suspension because another student from the haircare department made her a hair clip for her hair. The instructor accused her of doing hair related activities instead of skin care activities. My daughter said she only accepted the hair clips. If there is something in the policy that claim she can’t receive anything from a student from hair care I need to know. If she’s not aware of this policy I feel a verbal discussion would be more appropriate for this situation. I’m paying too much money for this bullXXXXX. I need someone to explain to me why she has to be suspended for 5 days. Otherwise the media can help me with this situation. She is attending your tinley park location in Chicago. I’m trying to support her while she is going to school. I work nights & I’ve been her skincare model after work to support what she is doing. Also I need to know why she’s been there since October & has only serviced 3 people until now. Give me some clarity on what I’m paying my money for!!!


Needshelp November 12, 2015 at 2:58 am

She was suspended so the school can get more money from her as she misses more days. They do this on purpose and constantly are suspending students because they are charged per hour missed. This is a constant practice


Christina Hunter January 7, 2015 at 8:48 am

To whom this May concern,

My loved one attends your Paul Mitchell school located in Austin, Texas. The place is run by complete morons and they are very idiotic and extremely rude. I was asked to attend the salon for a haircut to assist my loved one with her test she must pass. I was the client of one of her friends and the instructor kept calling me a “sir” when I am clearly a female. After correcting the instructor multiple times she continued to do so. I would never step foot in the Austin location again because of that. I am paying for my loved one’s schooling at Paul Mitchell and I work extremely hard to allow her to follow her dreams. The school is run by a family, from the mother and father to the sons and daughters and even the grandmother. All they care about is money and not properly teaching and training future hair professionals. They are not properly following the Paul Mitchell way. My loved one hours don’t match up; she hasn’t recieved her school refund when it’s long overdue, and the instructors don’t instruct the students very well and let them butcher peoples hair. Corporate really needs to get involved in this location and perhaps do a pop up.

Please address my concerns,
Christina Hunter


Taryn Swanberg September 22, 2014 at 2:24 am

I went to the Paul Mitchell school in Costa Mesa and was appalled by how little the teachers seemed to care about their students. I came in support of a friend in her new career path. While she did an excellent job on my hair the teachers were so unwilling to help. She asked a teacher their named Alyssa to hep her with something concerning the foiling in my hair and she completely ignored her. So she left to try to get help from another teacher, named Kim, to help her and she said she couldn’t either. How is a student supposed to learn if no one is willing to help them? The other issue that I think needs to be brought up is how the teachers aren’t paying attention to what the other students, ones not doing hair, are doing. One girl sat and filed then painted her nails the whole four hours I was there. This was happening while the other girl, doing her same job, tried frantically to make up for all the things she wasn’t cleaning. Another girl left for her “break” and didn’t come back for three hours. I think that this needs to be looked into. I wouldn’t want to be paying good money for schooling that is obviously not happening.


Needshelp November 12, 2015 at 12:06 am

I am a former employee at a Paul Mitchell school Modesto, and have been a licenced cosmetologist for 15 years and teaching cosmetology for 7 years while still working in a salon. As employees, . We are not givin any holidays off other than Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve , and thanksgiving. We are also not paid overtime, and we are forced to do extensive work at home and on our own time for certifications, without pay. Only to have half of us not even able to present due to scheduling mistakes made by management , and our own education leader. Unfortunatly, our education leader is a personal friend of the owners, so she is continuously getting away with the same lackadaisical and repetitive behavior that has essentially has caused great personal hardships on many of us. It is especially humiliating to hear several future professionals complain that she (our education leader) has arrived for her shift complaining of hangovers, and asking future professionals to do personal favors for her that go beyond normal expectation of their duties, such as cleaning her personal space. The favoritism is unbearable, and it has allowed her to be blatantly rude and publicly demeaning to other staff members. As a seasoned cosmetologist and instructor, my image of teaching at a Paul Mitchell school was greatly disappointed after having worked with this person whom is supposed to be a mentor to us. This is the same school that expelled a student due to absences. These absences were justified as this woman reached out to our education leader, as well as the owner, and asked for help after she was physically abused by her husband, to the point of permanent scarring. She presented photos, hospital bills, and at one point was homeless as a last resort to escape the domestic violence. She reached out to them to no avail, and they turned her away. I find this disgustingly hypocritical , as we spend so much of the students time, and tuition money constantly promoting so many fundraisers, only to witness them turn away one of our own in desperate need of help. I hope that someone somewhere can set someone straight there, give these students what they pay for, an education. Not for favorite learning leaders to get certified, and sent on numerous trips , essentially shuffling the future professionals to the back burner , and making them least priority, when in turn, they need to be first priority, education them needs to be priority, that’s what they are paying for. Please, anything to help us.


Malinda McCrory August 18, 2014 at 4:41 pm

I was scheduled to get a perm at the North Little Rock, Arkansas location on Wednesday, August 6. I went in – got my hair washed – sat for a little over an hour to get my hair curled on the rollers. The gal went to get the perm – no perm – they are on back order. They took out my hair and we rescheduled for Wednesday, August 13. Wednesday, August 13 – I go in to get my perm – STILL NO PERM. I live 25 miles away but work in Little Rock; however, I have to make other arrangements to have my granddaughter picked up when I stay in Little Rock – I get off work at 3:30 so both days I stayed around until my appointment at 5:30 – ate out and then to my appointment. We rescheduled my perm for Friday, evening August 15. This time, I called before I stayed and the perm was there. I went and got the perm – it turned out great – went to pay for it and was charged full price. I was NOT happy. I had to return THREE times to get this perm and received no type of consideration for my trouble. I called today, Monday, August 18 and asked why I was charged full price and didn’t receive any type of consideration and was told that since the perms were already priced low that there wasn’t anything that could be done. They were willing to give me a free deep conditioning but that was it. I DON’T NEED a deep conditioning. I feel it was VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE to not acknowledge that through no fault of my own I had to return 3 times to get a perm. I am deeply disappointed in the lack of consideration for me as the customer.


Debbie August 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm

To whom it may concern: I have been using Paul Mitchell’s super spray and shine for many years. The reason for this is because I have color treated blonde hair, that when I spray any other products on my hair, it looks dry and “bleachy”. But when I use the freeze and shine, I use it as a root lifter (because my hair is so fine) and as a finishing spray, giving it shine, looks healthy, and does look like typical color treated blonde hair.
The reason I’m writing is because lately the freeze and shine doesn’t seem to give the strong hold and when I spray it, the curl has a tendency to go straight. Did you change the solution???????? Because it seems diluted. I buy my products at a salon. May hair dresser says my hair maybe changing, and I would like to know if you have any recommendations or suggest another product. I’ve used your gels, but they weigh my fine hair down, that’s why I restored to the freeze and shine to spray the roots (holds my hair nicely, and gives it lift). Look forward to hearing from you.


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