Netflix Corporate Office

Netflix Corporate Office Address

Netflix Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Contact Netflix

Phone Number: (408) 540-3700
Fax Number: (408) 540-3737
Email: Email Netflix


CEO: Reed Hastings
CFO: David Wells
COO: Neil Hunt

Netflix History

Netflix was founded in 1997 by current CEO Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.  Hastings was inspired to start Netflix after being charged a late fee for a movie rental.

The Netflix website launched in 1998 and introduced the monthly subscription pricing model in 1999.

The company went public in 2002.

By 2005, the company was shipping 1 million DVDs per day.

In 2007, the company introduced on-demand streaming video.

In 2010, the company expanded their service to Canada.

Netflix currently services the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and several nordic countries.  There are currently over 25 million subscribers worldwide.

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Eboney April 23, 2016 at 11:02 am

To whom it may concern,
I have a question. I am in the process of writing a book and the title that I have in mind has your name in it. But it has nothing to do with your company. I know with copyright infringements laws etc. there is some red tape to go through. I would love to speak with someone about getting permission or even allowing permission. Thank you in advance


Ronnie April 8, 2016 at 2:48 am

dear netflix,
i realized the other day you removed programs from your servers to make more room. i was a bit peeved at first since i was watching a t.v. show you decided to remove. but i got over that. however i did have an idea you could use to help with future upset customers. on this issue.
my idea is create a last chance section so people would know they got a small amount of time left before a show they wanna watch or is watching will be yanked. if you could let me know if this is something you could do just let me know
thank you so much


Jessica March 23, 2016 at 10:41 am

Dear Netflix i would like to keep the shows on my list for good so i don’t have to spend my money on Amazon video


ALW February 29, 2016 at 6:20 pm

I current pay for streaming only @ $7.99. To include the 1 DVD plan is an additional $7.99 and the Premier DVD plan is $11.99. Please consider broadening the streaming plan to include movies that are currently on the Premier DVD plan. For example, 3 Premier movies per week streamed for an additional $4.99 per month. The new plan would be $11.99. It would save Netflix shipping & handling.


ben stansberry January 20, 2016 at 3:12 pm

Just great job! LONGMIRE, JESSICA JONES, SENSE8, and a bunch of older favs. Joined for LONGMIRE but youre original programming is great


Emilio Mauleon December 21, 2015 at 10:28 pm

I would like a copy of the original agreement i electronically signed with date and time stamped as of the day of the agreement


Chris DeArros November 19, 2015 at 10:03 am

My wife is a subscriber of Netflix and we are very happy with the content provided by your company. Prior to this year, I was a social user, just whenever my other sources of entertainment were not available. However, since then many things have changed. I am a fan of Longmire and was thrilled immensely that your network continued the series. I am looking forward from season 4 and hoping it continues. Thank you for that and keep up the good work. I am also happy to have found House of Cards. IT is a terrific show and I will be watching more original shows via Netflix. I am now one step closer to unplugging my cable. The cost for Netflix is negligible in comparison. Thank you from Oak Island, NC.


Alice Torrez November 16, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Cancel my account. Trying to navigate your system is ridiculous. cancel nexflix


d tumacder October 23, 2015 at 11:18 pm

I believe that a customer complaint should be noteworthy through this forum. Simply put, at least 5 times a week I must power off then on again my apple tv in order to view my netflix movie choices. My internet speed is highly rated, cables along with apple tv and smart tv are new.

Netflix is the only item on my smart tv that has this issue. My Uverse movie selections give me complete detail. I have tried to blog my concerns at first, but interestingly enough that server is almost unreachable.

Concerned customer


Elen October 22, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,

Recently, my family and I have become fans of the amazing show, Dominion. It
previously aired on Syfy, and once we discovered the show we were hooked. We
bought season 1, preordered season 2 from Amazon and had even gone so far as to
upgrading our cable to include DVR service so we were able to “never miss an
episode” We recruited a few friends and they too were fans from the start.
Unfortunately Syfy has decided to cancel the show as they have decided to go
with more “reality TV”?

I have heard, through social media about a campaign to bring Dominion to
Netflix, I can only hope that this is accurate, I would most definitely
subscribe to Netflix for this show alone. It was just such a unique show, with a
fantastic story line. The actors all had such amazing chemistry (most even did a
live tweet during the show, giving us a little behind the scenes) it never
seemed forced, and most certainly never a dull moment!

It would be wonderful if Netflix was willing and able, to keep Dominion on the
air. I truly hope you are considering saving this show, as it was one of a kind
and one of the best!

Thank you for your time,


Jessica Estupinan October 14, 2015 at 6:07 pm

I have a really good idea for netflix. I know I would love this idea simply becuase my family and I like to watch shows together (we live in different states) and just have a blast calling eachother about what they thought, and if they ‘d watch this part already or did you see this coming. Please someone contact me about my potentially huge idea!!!!!!


victor beaudoin October 12, 2015 at 11:13 am

Thanks for all the great programming that you offer to your subscribers.
Thank you for picking up the Longmire series, but please 10 episodes is not nearly enough.
Maybe you could bring it back every 6 months, instead of waiting a whole year for the next run.

Also this may not be possible, but I would think that buying the Robert B. Parker series would be a good fit, Spenser, and Jesse Stone. this way we could binge watch Spenser and Hawk. and Jesse Stone and suitcase. Maybe you would talk Tom Sellek into making more than 1 Jesse Stone every two years.
Also when it comes to your movie selections, I would ask the following way to sort in different categories, alphabetical, as well as newest to oldest and oldest to newest.

I start looking at dramas, and I see 2012, 2008, 2013, 1997, 1965, 2003.

If I could see the release date in some kind of order that would be great.


Will Pulera October 1, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Hey Netflix, I have been subscribing to your service for the past 4-5 years and I love the content that you put out especially the comedy specials and Bryan Callen, one of my favorite comedians has just made a new one hour special that I really hope you pick up so that it can be seen by all the fans like myself, so please put Byan Callen’s special up on Netflix. Thanks


Lenn Larsen September 28, 2015 at 5:37 am

Hello my name is Lenn Larsen and im writing you in hopes that you can please let me know if you could pick up Dallas that TNT had going but like A&E did to Longmire cancelled it even though it had Strong ratings. Please if any one could check in to this, I would bet my life on it if you took the chance on this like you did with Longmire it will pay off. The fan base is huge. Please Netflixs you are the future of television. Please bring season 5 of Longmire can’t wait to watch it and thank you for bring back this show I’m so hooked


GEORGE JENKINS August 6, 2015 at 7:26 am

Dear Sir/Madam
Yesterday August 54th. 2015 I experienced a great deal of very odd things with my Netflix. After several calls to your number which I got from your website, (866-579-7115), Jessica S gave me this email; address to connect with you to initiate an investigation. AT THE CONCLUSION OF YOUR INVESTIGATION I WOULD REQUEST CONTACT FROM YOU OUTLINING YOUR DISCOVERIES AND CORRECTIVE ACTION YOU HAVE TAKEN.
I am on Windows 10 operating system and always use the app in Windows 10 to connect with Netflix. The reason for this rather than using Chrome is because at times Silverlight does not seem to work properly with Chrome.
Since switching to Windows 10, and up until yesterday I had no problem connecting. When I clicked the app, it began to open up and I got the dots moving in the circle as usual, however then it just disappeared from the screen. This happened several times and I eventually called (866-579-7115) for assistance.
The young man I spoke with seemed very nervous and uncertain of exactly what to do, however he said, no problem I can help you with this. Then he asked something ver strange. He said to fix the issue he had to connect to my computer via a remote connection. He had me go to a location from my address bar. He asked me to type in a very few letters and numbers. I do not remember exactly what it was however it started with the letter L and ended with the number one. From there he had me download a Support remote connection. To cut a long story short he connected with mu computer.
At that moment my computer was filled with Adware including pornography. Being a minister I was shocked to say the least. He then went into a whole barrage of statements about the adware and spoke nothing about Netflix. (Note I never had an issue with Adware before, my AVG, and Pop-Up Blocker worked fine and continues so today) I told him that I was not comfortable with how he was handling the call or what was happening to my computer since he connected to me remotely. I then asked to speak with a supervisor or someone else who would be better suited to solve my issue.
He then said, “You are getting angry with me,” and hung up.
I then tried to X out of the remote connection, but nothing would work. I eventually did a hard shut down of the machine. When I restarted the computer the remote connection was still there and then one program after another opened on my computer I again shut it down and called Netflix in hope of getting another Support person.
I spoke with another person, who told me they were in California, which is strange because I had called your number listed for Canada. (866-579-7115) He was not able to assist either. I again shut down the computer. When I opened it again, it told me that my Windows Login Password had been changed. I was stunned that this was coming from Netflix.
I called in yet again and spoke with a very nice young woman, Jessica S at the number. (866-579-7115). She recorded on my file everything that is contained in this email. She also told me that it would take up to 72 hours to have someone investigate the matter. Despite the fact that I was more interested in getting my Netflix going I accepted the email; address from her to which I am sending this email.
After that call to Netflix. I called my daughter who is Tech Support for Bell Canada Television. When she came over she asked me to unplug the computer and also my modem and we left it that way for 15 minutes. She suggested that the original problem of the app not activating Netflix could have come from the computer being on for some time without shutdown. When this was complete and the computer restarted everything worked and Windows accepted my password. When I then clicked the App for Netflix it required that I sign in again however it worked as before and with no Adware.
It was then I was concerned that my security had been compromised I contacted my telephone provider who checked my call logs. I was concerned that your number (866-579-7115) had been hacked with some sort of re-direct to some country where I would be charged large amounts of money. They confirmed that the only number I had called was indeed, 866-579-7115. This is the very same number at which I also got Jessica S. Please refer to her call log with me and the notes she put on my file.
Since security is of prime importance to me, because I also operate as a Paralegal, I also had to contact my bank to have them increase the security on my accounts.
I also had my computer checked, which is a fairly new computer and they told me that there were no issues with the computer.
This whole thing cost me time and money to fix, when it was a Netflix’s issue and the problem came about by the interference on my computer by someone answering your telephone, 866-579-7115, which is the number from your site and obtained from another of my computers.
I look forward to your speedy reply. I am very concerned about the security at Netflix and my continuance with Netflix is in question.
George Jenkins
519-804-XXXX (Residence)
226-978-XXXX (Mobile)
Email: [email protected]


Nick Grady August 6, 2015 at 12:36 am

This comment feed is the most entertaining thing I’ve read all week…


Stephen Clark August 5, 2015 at 8:33 am

Seeking UK based Job opportunities with Netflix

Stephen Andrew Clark
EMAIL: [email protected]

Personal Profile:

After running a successful business for 12years I took time out to care for a relative, I am now seeking new exciting opportunities in a return to Employment.
I am a keen, enthusiastic, hardworking and reliable individual with good timekeeping and great interpersonal skills.
I can adapt to any environment and would like to use my skills to contribute positively to any work situation.
I am committed to completing tasks to a high standard and enjoy taking on new challenges and learning new skills.

Skilled Areas:

• Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor/Fitness Manager
• Managing Director/Book Keeping and Accounts
• Advertisement and Marketing/Mechanical Engineering
• Sports Therapy/Sports Nutrition/Strength Conditioning
• Recruitment
• Effective Delegation

Work Experience:

Bodysculptors4life (Bristol) February 2002 – February 2014
Managing Director
• Having a general oversight of the day to day running of the business
• Accounts and book keeping to ensure finance is correctly reconciled
• Undertaking training and development for all new staff members
• Advertisement and marketing of the business through various sources
• Designing individual and group exercise programmes tailored to the needs and attainable goals of specific clients
• Undertaking client assessments to identify fitness level and the best suited programme for that client
• Helping clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises
• Motivating others to improve health and fitness whilst maintaining personal integrity and own health and fitness.

UK Athletics March 2005 – August 2007
Fitness Consultant
• Providing an excellent customer service and customer experience
• Dealing with various queries around health and fitness in a calm and professional manner
• Creating classes and exercise programmes for members of UK Athletics
• Advising on diet and nutrition to increase energy and performance levels
• Advising on ways to improve speed, agility and stamina
• Working with various athletes from Team GB to help them improve times on the track
• Evaluating performances and advising on ways to improve
• Providing advise around using running correct techniques
• Liaising with various nutrition companies to ensure all information I provide to athletes is up to date and correct

Esporta Health and Fitness Club November 1996 – May 2002
Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer/Fitness Manager
• Originally began working as a Gym Instructor providing programmes and classes to Esporta clients
• Advising clients on diet and nutrition and undertaking fitness assessments to identify correct programme for clients
• Eventually promoted to Fitness Manager where a I had a general over sight of all personal trainers and ensuring they are delivering the service in the correct manner with the most up to date information
• Holding supervisory sessions with all staff members to discuss any issues
• Obtaining feedback from clients after sessions to ensure they are happy with the service they have received
• Book keeping and finance reconciliation for the personal training department to ensure correct funds have been taken for sessions held that day
• Booking of events and rooms for classes for personal trainers
• Monthly updates on the latest trends within the health and fitness sectors
• Liaising with directors to ensure equipments used is the latest and most up to date
• Advertisement of the personal training services throughout the gym
• Dealing with all customer queries and complaints in a calm and professional manner

Training and Education:

Oxford Open University (2005 – 2006)
• Book Keeping Level 3
• Customer Service Level 2

University West of England (2000 – 2002)
• Degree in Sports Science (1:1)

Premier Training (1999 – 2000)
• Personal Training and Strength Conditioning Level 3
• Sports Nutrition and Sports Therapy Level 3
• Bodyweight Training and Advanced Core Training Level 3
• Business Management and Advanced HIIT Level 3

Lifetime Health and Fitness Training College (1998)
• Circuit Instructor and Aerobics Instructor Certified
• Health and Safety and Gym Instructor Certified
• Sports Nutrition and Sports Therapy Certified
• Free Weights and Strength Training for Woman Certified

Speedwell Technical College (1996 – 1998)
• BTEC in Mechanical Engineering Level 3

Filton Sixth Form College (1994 – 1996)
• A Level in Mathematics
• A Level in Physics

Filton Secondary School (1989 – 1994)

English Literature GCSE, English Language GCSE, Mathematics GCSE, Science (Dual Award) GCSE, History GCSE, Design Technology GCSE, Home Economics GCSE, German GCSE

Additional Information:

I have a keen interest in health& fitness and attend the gym on a regular basis.I enjoy socialising with friends and keeping up to date with current affairs. Have always loved watching movies and the latest Tv series. Further more I love being a parent……

References are available on request


MU August 4, 2015 at 7:03 pm

i just heard on NBC that Netflix is giving unlimited paid parental leave to new parents. Huzzahs to you! Welcoming the first corporation to the 21st century. Hope you’re starting a trend.


Kaleb Johnson July 17, 2015 at 9:59 am

Dear Netflix,
I was suggesting that you add the TV series Dragonball Z, here is my reason it is one great show that many will love. It needs to be brought back because many kids of this generation doesn’t know what life is not knowing the Super Sayian powers of Goku. I’ve noticed that Netflix has recently added Naruato and I still wonder why a real anime show such as Dragonball Z hasn’t been added. I honestly think that it would an awesome show to watch on Netflix.
Kaleb Johnson


gary July 14, 2015 at 4:28 pm

Your new format is ok—BUT their are 2 serious flaws-that I find very upsetting.
I am aware that your star rating leaves a lot to be desired –But you have taken it to the extreme The movie Tactical Assault has totally showed your errors–35 reviews-30 1*–2 2*–2 3*–1 4* and you rated it as 3+*–And it is horrible.
I have always only checked out 3+*movies
But I ALWAYS checked to SEE HOW MANY VIEWS it had Before making my choice
You have removed THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of making a CUSTOMER choice.
Which I believe.
Now I have to choose ONLY 4+* or more which doesn’t give me many choices
When the list runs out,my only choice is to move on.
Thank you fore airing my input.
A reply would expected


Teresa Buck July 7, 2015 at 8:59 pm

Dear Netflix, in light of the new information regarding Bill Cosby I ask that you immediately stop airing any show related to Bill Cosby. What he had admitted is reprehensible to ALL women especially those that he took advantage of and raped. Please show your support for all women and take action now.


Ms. Bundy July 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

I want you to know that I am not responsible for the damage to this disk. On June 15th 2015, I received from an individual, a packet of mail with a destroyed unopened Netflix movie, large envelope and magazines dated June which should have arrived at my house in May 2015. I immediately informed the United States Postal Service of this third event of my mail delivered to the incorrect address where the occupant holds the mail until an accumulation she deems large enough to then bring to my home. I informed the postal representative that I am refusing to accept this late package and she sent me an envelope to return these items in. It will be hand delivered to the mail carrier that knocks as requested, by a note on my door. You should receive shortly, a total of three disks the were sent on the same day. Sincerely.


Lena Bailey July 1, 2015 at 6:04 pm

Thank you for the new show Grace and Frankie!! I have already watched it 4 times and can’t wait for the next season. The acting is superb. The writing is phenomenal. I love seeing all the different sides and points of view regarding this all too real situation. I have told all my friends to watch the show and even posted about it on Facebook. Please keep it going!!


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