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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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Phone Number: (561) 383-3000
Fax Number: (800) 867-0385
Website: http://www.midas.com
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CEO: Lawrence C. Day
CFO: Timothy J. Miller
COO: Erik R. Olsen

Midas History

Midas began in 1956 as the Muffler Installation Dealers Associated Serivce or MIDAS for short.  The company was founded by Nate Sherman with the first location in Macon, Georgia.

By 1966, there were 426 Midas locations.

In 1972, Midas International was purchased by IC Industries.  The company was renamed to the Whitman Corporation.

In 1979, in addition to mufflers, the company begins to offer brake services.

By 1980, there were 1350 Midas locations worldwide.

In 1986, the 2000th location was opened.

In 1998, Whitman spun Midas off as its own company and is listed on the NYSE.

In 2001, the company purchases 98 franchise locations in an attempt to improve profits.

In 2012, the company is purchased by the TBC Corporation and taken private.

Today, there are over 2500 Midas locations worldwide.


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Richard D April 13, 2016 at 4:28 pm

I saw their sign that said 50% off brake jobs. The average price around town and believe I have checked them all . From Tire wharehouse Halfmoon to Saratoga and all points in between. The average was between $230-$270 with no 50% off. So I call this location.2013 VW Pasat. The guy tells me $50 -$70 a wheel but he needed to see the VW to see which Pasat.. Hmmm?? So I was driving by and stopped for him to have a quick look. Next thing I know this person was holding me up wanting all my info .The old push push push. Next thing I know shes asking for my keys as her guy need to drive the car. I had to pt a stop to it as I was late and told her “enough. They said needed to see the car to give me a price and I have to go. Shes says wail one second I ll prit your estimate. Now at $70 a Wheel thats $240 . The average full price in town.It certainly isnt 50% off. Wait its gets better. She then gives me a print out with a price for pads for four wheels (as in two axles) with my 50% off my cost would be $375… So your telling me that you normally charge $750 for pads on 4 wheels. Are you friggin kidding me. Every bay in the shop was empty.. At $750 for 4 sets of brake pads I see why. If you dont believe me I still have the estimate.. I look at it and laugh now and then


joe king March 23, 2016 at 1:36 pm

Midas 1166 Springfield Ave Irvington NJ

RALPH the worker at the location REFUSED to complete a standard [NON-SYNTHETIC} oil change on a 15 year old car with 150,000, which has never had synthetic in it before.

Additionally, even though the oil cap states 5-20 as recommended, the manual also affords 5-30 as an option.

RALPH also refused this options stating “we do not do what you want, we do what we are allowed. We do what is on the cap”

He never explained who sets the rules about what is/not allowed. A very poor communicator.
BTW I’d like to add, the oil cap does not state the word ‘synthetic’ aware on it. Also the manual does not state ‘synthetic’ required NOR suggested. However manual does state that synthetic can be used if owner so chooses.

I have logged a complaint with Midas. They will tell the franchise owner to call me within 48 hours. His name is Herbert. He owns only this one store in this area.


Patricia March 7, 2016 at 12:25 am

On March 5th 2016 we made an appointment to take our truck into the Visalia, CA Mineral King location for an AC service. Our truck ran fine, and turned on to be pulled into the bay and also again when the mechanic decided to hop in our truck and rev the heck out of it to test the air temperature. After doing that he admitted to soaking the engine block down with water and thay he did all the time. After that our truck wouldn’t start anymore. They had no certified diesel mechanic employed and I had informed them when making the appointment and when again when the vehicle was checked in and not once did they say they didn’t have a certified diesel mechanic or that they ever were uncomfortable with diesels. After over 4 hours of being there the owner finally showed up. We are going tomorrow to make sure that they fix our truck, pay for all the damages and the rental car we had to get today. I already have phone calls into multiple lawyers for consultations to see if I have a suit against the mechanic and business. If this isn’t fixed properly this company will be in deep crap. And I also have a complaint ready to file with the BBB. Let’s see you guys talk your way out of this. I won’t be allowing midas to back out of this. To anyone who reads this make sure no one you know, anyone they know or yourself ever go to midas or its affiliates. After this is fixed I will only go to Ford.


BR February 10, 2016 at 7:17 pm

Had all my brakes done front and back. Picked up at closing at immediately noticed pulsating and a soft pedal. Went to return next day and had to stop at other shop because of smoking from rear drum. Mgr took off rear hubs and showed me both rear adjustment kits were missing! Returned to Midas and mgr was a jerk. Refused to replace damaged drum cuz it was $100. Kept overnight and put on kits and drove home. Rattling noise from same area this time. Removed drum and rear parking brake pin fell to floor and blown brake line. Had a friend fix correctly. Appleton,Wi Midas is the worst. Customer Svc sucks


Nick January 23, 2016 at 8:25 am

Who would ask their workers to go to work in a state of emergency when the roads are unsafe? But the most greedy money hungry evil corporation I have ever come across. Who in the world would take their car to Midas in a snow storm. How could someone with any heartbeat ask a human being to be on the roads when it is so unsafe but an evil money hungry demon from hell. The worst part is, their corporate isn’t even open. I would never take my car to be fixed at a Midas for more reasons than one but I would never want to support such a bloodsucking corporation that cares nothing for its workers. I would never encourage anyone to take their vehicle to Midas.


Stacey January 17, 2016 at 4:37 am

On January 15th 2016 I took my car to Midas because my Check Engine light was on. A diagnose check was preformed and the results were PO300 – RANDOM MISFIRE VALVE COVER LEAKING INTO SPARK PLUG WELL – NEEDS GASKET, 1 COIL, 4 SPARK PLUGS, COIL BOOTS, THROTTLE BODY CLEANING, FUEL INJECTION AND OIL CHANGE. I went back on January 16th 2016 to pick up my car and after these repairs were completed my car doesn’t drive the same before I brought it in. The car Idles very high and loud which the car never did before I took it in and the Check Engine light comes on and off now. I’m extremely unsatisfied with how my car was given back to me with a new problem that they created on my expense and now I’m stuck with having to pay for getting a problem fixed that I never had in the first place. The owner/manager was very rude and nasty to me when I explained my frustration to him. I asked if there was anyone else I can speak with above him and he said no. He stated it’s a computer issue causing the car to Idle high and fast, but as I stated in the beginning I never had this problem before until after all of the repairs were fixed. He then said he would replace my muffler because it was cracked and old and that would fix the problem for free. This didn’t fix the issue and car is worse than when I took it in. Now I’m left to pick up the pieces for something that was never the problem in the first place and ultimately have to spend more money. I feel taken advantage of and lied to and this is a place I have taken my car to many times and have never experienced anything like this with them. They damaged my car and I don’t feel safe driving it until something is done to correct the issue. I no longer have a reliable car….


Stacey February 4, 2016 at 1:31 pm

I’ve been contacted by the owner of Midas on January 18th and also over the past few weeks since my original complaint was made on January 17, 2016 now and repairs were made on my car to fix the issue at hand. The owner has made sure things have been taken care of for me and resolved.


Stacey February 15, 2016 at 11:50 am

The owner Jerry Creamer of Midas in Countryside, IL is so full of sh*t and my car is still not fixed properly. He’s been gasing me up the whole time just so he can get a positive rating for his company and then when I keep coming back with problems now he changes his tune being rude and disrespectful ultimately now not wanting to no longer repair my car. After everything the engine light keeps coming back on. Go to hell you BASTARD!!!!!


Margaret Brown January 15, 2016 at 1:36 pm

I went to Midas on 1/4/16 for a oil change, after a engine check I was told that I only had a oil back-up and the guy said I needed a engine flush. So with that I got my transmission and radiator flushed and then also paid a extra fee to get my fluids topped off. I left the shop and not even 15 minutes up the road I was driving and my car cut completely off on the highway, I had to sit on the side of the road and wait for a ride, I called the location back and they told me to have my car towed to them and they may refund me the money if they saw fit. I told them no so they sent the same guy that did the work out to my house the next morning, only for him to tell me I had no coolant in my car (which I paid him to top off not even 24 hours before) and I keep coolant in my trunk at all times so I gave that to him. Once he started pouring the coolant in he realized my radiator was cracked which wasn’t cracked when I took my car to them. he made the statement well we have nothing to do with that and told me he would contact corporate and give me a call back later that day. Well that was on the 5th and it is now the 15th and I haven’t heard anything. I have never experienced such bad customer service and workers who tell so many lies, I wouldn’t recommend this shop for anyone to go to but I will not stop until I get the problem solved.


sara January 8, 2016 at 8:19 pm

How do I contact corporate?


sara January 8, 2016 at 8:26 pm

I sent email for terrible service and over charging!


Robert Gathers January 7, 2016 at 8:21 pm

On 1/6/16 I brought my suv to Midas to have a brake job done and after a complete check they said I needed brake pads, rotors and that the calipers were excellent. I told them to go and fix it. I paid $418.60, the machanic took it for a drive too see if everything was good, and gave me the key and said everything great. The very next day while driving it,it locked up and made this loud sound. I called them back and told them what happened and they said to bring it back and they would take care of it so I had it towed to Midas and they said we will take care of it ,which is 1/7/16. They called me and tell me it’s ready when I came in another guy who said he is the manager and that the price is 740.00 approximately. I told him that the other who said he is the manager didn’t mention anything about 740.00 dollars. This guy sarcastically reminded me that he was the manager and told another machanic to put my automobile in the garage. I then ask him for a phone number to corporate and he gave me a local number, I said to him this is a local number and he said that corporate was local, so I called that number and it was another Midas cross town, I asked him for the corporate number and he gave it to me and could he help me with anything he was very polite and referred to his experience as to why he was not that way and that corporate would help. The first guy said it shouldn’t be that more expensive. All together you are talking about approximately $ 1158.60 ,I would have that kind of money after Christmas.
No professionalism and he out right lied. A franchise that been in business since 1956 shouldn’t resort to that kind of business. As one of the best franchise in the United States how could you do this I’m going to fight. Starting with the BBB. My number is (803)521-XXXX



Pissed off November 27, 2015 at 6:32 pm

The worst experience in my life! I took in a brand new car and got a used car towed away! With the owner making a joke about my car! 13483 cedar rd. Cleveland height oh 44118 have to be the worst auto care service I’ve ever experience! I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing the damage they have caused especially around the holidays to a single hard working mother that children depends on transportation sports after school activities it’s sickening to me!


Pierrer Nadeau November 13, 2015 at 11:37 am

Novembre 2, 2015 going down to Florida i got stranded in Bighamton NY The first service station i see is Midas i stopped there and asked them if they could check the battery and alternator, they were not sure if they were good. they assured me that the battery was good and that the alternator was bad. they sold me an alternator at 499.00$ and 107.80 labor. I kept the core of my alternator. I was going to Florida and on the way the battery whent down 2 times and i had to be jumped started. On my arrival at Homestead Florida the battery went dead again in a wallmart parking….i purchased a battery and replaced it in the parking.After that i went at Autozone to have my old alternator bench cheched, it checked ok and passed all the test, i have the bench test computer readout.i want to send back the alternator and get a full refund
Pierre Nadeau XXXsw, XXXnd ave , HXXXX FL 33033 -401 XXXX..33033 ..My invoice number is #0150471 on the 11/2/2015
Phone: XXX-401-XXXX
E-Mail : pi2rre@aol.com


Lisa miller October 9, 2015 at 8:38 pm

I’ve been going to Midas for a while with 20 dollar oil change coupon. Other than having to wait a long time I haven’t had any other issues there. However when I went this month I had my coupon called to double check on the price. I was told it would be about 21 dollars and some change. When I went to go check out I was told it would be 54 dollars. I asked why it was 30 more than I was told or why it is so much more this month than any other time I’ve been there. They told me they had to use synthetic oil because that’s what should be in my car. I said ok. But when I left I looked at other paper work dealing oil changes and my car. My car has never used synthetic oil. So I’m wondering what they lied about? Did they use the right oil and told me that they used higher grade oil? Or did they use the higher grade oil which is gonna mess up my car? I emailed corporate this morning. I’m a gonna wait a couple day it’s gonna take for them to get back to me. If it’s not by Wednesday I’m going to the BBQ to report Midas for fraud. I’m done with that place.


joe beals November 27, 2015 at 9:36 am

I totally feel you! My wife recently had some issues with her car loosing power while she was driving. My initial thought was that the alternator was bad. We decided to take it to midas since it was closer, instead of her uncles shop, who we usually go to. We told the guy at the counter, Jeff, the issue and what we thought it was. He said it could be a number of things and they would have to check it out. So we left the keys with him and he said he’d call us in an hour or two with the problem. Maybe 4 hrs later while I’m at work, my wife calls me to tell me she talked to midas. They told her that her battery AND alternator was bad and that they had already swapped “the bad battery” with a new one and had to order the alternator. The battery would cost 175 dollars, and once everything was done, the total would be just shy of 800 dollars!! That is RIDICULOUS! I asked my wife if she gave them thego ahead to put that battery in and she said no. So I told her to call them and tell them that you don’t want that alternator and you’re coming to pick the car up. So the next morning we go to pay for this ridiculously high battery and take the car to eddies (her uncles shop). He does a full thorough diagnosis and finds that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the alternator, it was actually the wire that connects the alternator to the battery thay was bad. Total cost, 75 dollars….. this was like literally a day ago. I plan to take this invoice to midas today and ask this guy Jeff did they even check to see what the problem actually was? And why exactly was he ready to charge my wife 800 dollars for something that wasn’t even the issue?? Either he deliberately tried to get over on my wife or he’s just incompetent at his job. I know which one it is but I just gotta see this guy’s face when I ask these questions.


joe beals November 27, 2015 at 9:48 am

This is the Midas in hammond IN on Indianapolis blvd BTW…


Jeff Ross October 8, 2015 at 11:08 pm

I have had worst experience ever from Midas in Collinsville IL after taking Ford Taurus in for rear brakes after completing all warning dash lights on and returned numerous times for repairs then adding oxygen sensor and additional 600 dollars for repair still couldn’t fix then management at store made appt at Ford dealer to fix car 4 weeks later my car still at Ford dealer and Midas District VP Carlos is refusing to pay meanwhile car still at dealership and VP Carlos will not even get the owner in Indiana to call to speak to me . Never been treated with so much disrespect and the Manager that made appointment at Ford I found out today is no longer employed by Midas ?? He kept telling me how good his words were and the will fix and corporate behind me.

How do I get my car back from dealership? I can go on and on. Wil have to contact States Attorney to get my car back? My car wouldn’t be at dealership if they knew how to fix Ford in meantime the dealer put me in rental car. Midas is bad name and hope that they may help not needing ownership that gives this worst experience and it’s not over yet!


Misty October 7, 2015 at 8:40 pm

Took my sons car to a midas in almonte Springs fato check my brakes. And it was 20.00 I’ve never been charged before. And they wanted 790 to do front brakes, rotors, rear drums? Really give me a break, none of the parts cost that much on a 97 prizm what a price gouging hog they are. We did not get it done midas needs to stick to mufflers


charles October 5, 2015 at 8:27 pm

After having my car towed to Midas(4680 S. University dr. Davie, Fl.) The manager Reginald started yelling at me and putting his hands in my face because i didnt buy a battery from him. Although, i still wanted Him to replace tbe alternator, waterpump and belts. Midas Lost a long time customer. I took it to a competitor down the street. I hope upper management addreses the lack of customer etiquette and this doesn’t happen again.


charles October 5, 2015 at 9:32 pm

After reading some of these posts, thank god I left before they took my money and ruined my car. Turns out the battery wasn’t bad after all. It charged up and is working fine. Thank you Reginald for telling me to leave your store. Your a really dumb disgrace and i hope you get fired.


Shane September 13, 2015 at 4:27 pm

Midas is a despicable Company which is ripping off the American public. I have recently filed a large complaint for the incompetent service your worthless franchise member provided.
Midas Corporate does not care who complains because they have SO MANY they. can’t read them all.
Their cohort the “BBB” should be shut down for FALSE advertising of this worthless automotive chain of crooks. But they are also corrupt, taking money for a good rating as they extort those who don’t pay.
If enough people do, someone will STOP the pair of Crooks known as MIDAS and BBB.
If you are or know a good LAWYER please have them start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for FALSE ADVERTISING of SERVICE guarantee by MIDAS, and the same for the BBB.
MIDAS if you read this,(you won’t, because you don’t care) I’m coming for you, it’s already in the works, I hope to get some help from your other victims here.
Spread the WORD people wherever you go “DON”T EVER GO TO MIDAS”.


Alex Barber September 30, 2015 at 5:07 pm

I was looking for a number to corporate in order to complain about the treatment I have received at the Sherwood AR store, but obviously this would be a waste of time, and Midas has already wasted a lot of my time lately.


Linda Koger October 17, 2015 at 10:04 am

I am having problem with Midas getting my car fixed. I took it in for gas fumes and a leak in my cooling system and it still not fixed. I paid the over $1600 dollar to fix the problems. I will be contacting my State Attorney General.


Ginny Young January 6, 2016 at 10:16 am

I had a really bad experience with Midas on Karl Rd, Col, OH 43224 with the manager RANDY and a biracial boy, I had came into Midas about 4:30pm asking that air be put in my tire due to being low. I stated I come for my oil changes here and the guy that taken care of me in Sept. 2015 was not there for me to speak to. So RANDY, stated his 3-guys were busy and he wasn’t taking them from what they were doing, so I asked what time you close I’ll come back he stated 7pm. I left and returned about 6 or a little after. Again I felt he didn’t want to wait on me because instead of talking business with his customers he started talking personal about him being a runner and so on, so that’s when I asked him how much longer it would be for me to be taken care of. That’s when he said I was next, but he proceeded to talk personal with a lady who was cashing out. So I asked a mechanic if he could put air in tire & check it, he stated he had to get permission from the manager RANDY, but all he was doing was just standing around messing in his toolbox. Then a mechanic had asked me to move my car so he could pull the customer’s car out, and I stated in a minute I wanted to ask a question 1st. Two minutes later a biracial boy came to me very unprofessional and disrespectful to me as a customer, telling me to move my car…….Then our problem got real nasty, for I went there back with him. Then he stated my tire will not get air in it. So when the so called manager came back into the room, I stated what had just went down and how disrespectful his mechanic had been to me. He asked me & the customer what had happened and we both basically said the same thing. Then when RANDY, said go move your car and I’ll put air in your tire, so I moved car and as I was returning the biracial boy steady taunting me saying bye bye bye…., I ignored him and proceeded to go back in Midas. Once back in store Randy, gave me pamphlet and stated I was no longer wanted as a customer. I asked him for his name he refused to say, but stated it was on the card he given me. So as I was leaving I asked the customer could I get her name, she didn’t want to give so I retrieved her license plate number. I left in store and wrote the number down, then as I was going towards my car, the customer then became pissed off for I had her plates, so I told her write mine down, I had no problem with her having mine but wanted her’s for reference to my incident. So she began cussing at me because I wouldn’t give her the paper I wrote my information on, she tried to snatch but wasn’t able to retrieve. As I tried to leave she stood in front of my car door and proceeded to say she would beat my ass if I wasn’t old and at that point I told her if you tried it was on. As I’m telling her to move so I can leave the manager and the mechanics stood watching instead of defusing the problem they were promoting it. Why was the car not moved out of bay so she could leave as they had asked me to move so they could move it out of bay, it had been at least 5 minutes after I moved my car. So after 10 minutes of arguing with her now, she finally moved when I said I was calling the police for she was now a threat to me and I didn’t want to go the next step for everyone has a boiling point. My point is why did the manager Randy let this all escalate to that point he & his crew just stood the entire time watching this go on, all I was trying to do was leave the premises as I was asked. From that point it should of ended.


A customer you will never have January 6, 2016 at 8:46 pm

Randy’s azz should be fired along with his unprofessional crew !!!! You can sure bet I will never patronize such an establishment.. I will pass this information to my friends, family and coworkers. “DO NOT PATRONIZE MIDAS ON KARL RD. “!!!!!!


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