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Midas Corporation
4300 TBC Way
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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Phone Number: (561) 383-3000
Fax Number: (800) 867-0385
Website: http://www.midas.com
Email: Email Midas


CEO: Lawrence C. Day
CFO: Timothy J. Miller
COO: Erik R. Olsen

Midas History

Midas began in 1956 as the Muffler Installation Dealers Associated Serivce or MIDAS for short.  The company was founded by Nate Sherman with the first location in Macon, Georgia.

By 1966, there were 426 Midas locations.

In 1972, Midas International was purchased by IC Industries.  The company was renamed to the Whitman Corporation.

In 1979, in addition to mufflers, the company begins to offer brake services.

By 1980, there were 1350 Midas locations worldwide.

In 1986, the 2000th location was opened.

In 1998, Whitman spun Midas off as its own company and is listed on the NYSE.

In 2001, the company purchases 98 franchise locations in an attempt to improve profits.

In 2012, the company is purchased by the TBC Corporation and taken private.

Today, there are over 2500 Midas locations worldwide.


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Pierrer Nadeau November 13, 2015 at 11:37 am

Novembre 2, 2015 going down to Florida i got stranded in Bighamton NY The first service station i see is Midas i stopped there and asked them if they could check the battery and alternator, they were not sure if they were good. they assured me that the battery was good and that the alternator was bad. they sold me an alternator at 499.00$ and 107.80 labor. I kept the core of my alternator. I was going to Florida and on the way the battery whent down 2 times and i had to be jumped started. On my arrival at Homestead Florida the battery went dead again in a wallmart parking….i purchased a battery and replaced it in the parking.After that i went at Autozone to have my old alternator bench cheched, it checked ok and passed all the test, i have the bench test computer readout.i want to send back the alternator and get a full refund
Pierre Nadeau XXXsw, XXXnd ave , HXXXX FL 33033 -401 XXXX..33033 ..My invoice number is #0150471 on the 11/2/2015
Phone: XXX-401-XXXX
E-Mail : pi2rre@aol.com


Lisa miller October 9, 2015 at 8:38 pm

I’ve been going to Midas for a while with 20 dollar oil change coupon. Other than having to wait a long time I haven’t had any other issues there. However when I went this month I had my coupon called to double check on the price. I was told it would be about 21 dollars and some change. When I went to go check out I was told it would be 54 dollars. I asked why it was 30 more than I was told or why it is so much more this month than any other time I’ve been there. They told me they had to use synthetic oil because that’s what should be in my car. I said ok. But when I left I looked at other paper work dealing oil changes and my car. My car has never used synthetic oil. So I’m wondering what they lied about? Did they use the right oil and told me that they used higher grade oil? Or did they use the higher grade oil which is gonna mess up my car? I emailed corporate this morning. I’m a gonna wait a couple day it’s gonna take for them to get back to me. If it’s not by Wednesday I’m going to the BBQ to report Midas for fraud. I’m done with that place.


Jeff Ross October 8, 2015 at 11:08 pm

I have had worst experience ever from Midas in Collinsville IL after taking Ford Taurus in for rear brakes after completing all warning dash lights on and returned numerous times for repairs then adding oxygen sensor and additional 600 dollars for repair still couldn’t fix then management at store made appt at Ford dealer to fix car 4 weeks later my car still at Ford dealer and Midas District VP Carlos is refusing to pay meanwhile car still at dealership and VP Carlos will not even get the owner in Indiana to call to speak to me . Never been treated with so much disrespect and the Manager that made appointment at Ford I found out today is no longer employed by Midas ?? He kept telling me how good his words were and the will fix and corporate behind me.

How do I get my car back from dealership? I can go on and on. Wil have to contact States Attorney to get my car back? My car wouldn’t be at dealership if they knew how to fix Ford in meantime the dealer put me in rental car. Midas is bad name and hope that they may help not needing ownership that gives this worst experience and it’s not over yet!


Misty October 7, 2015 at 8:40 pm

Took my sons car to a midas in almonte Springs fato check my brakes. And it was 20.00 I’ve never been charged before. And they wanted 790 to do front brakes, rotors, rear drums? Really give me a break, none of the parts cost that much on a 97 prizm what a price gouging hog they are. We did not get it done midas needs to stick to mufflers


charles October 5, 2015 at 8:27 pm

After having my car towed to Midas(4680 S. University dr. Davie, Fl.) The manager Reginald started yelling at me and putting his hands in my face because i didnt buy a battery from him. Although, i still wanted Him to replace tbe alternator, waterpump and belts. Midas Lost a long time customer. I took it to a competitor down the street. I hope upper management addreses the lack of customer etiquette and this doesn’t happen again.


charles October 5, 2015 at 9:32 pm

After reading some of these posts, thank god I left before they took my money and ruined my car. Turns out the battery wasn’t bad after all. It charged up and is working fine. Thank you Reginald for telling me to leave your store. Your a really dumb disgrace and i hope you get fired.


Shane September 13, 2015 at 4:27 pm

Midas is a despicable Company which is ripping off the American public. I have recently filed a large complaint for the incompetent service your worthless franchise member provided.
Midas Corporate does not care who complains because they have SO MANY they. can’t read them all.
Their cohort the “BBB” should be shut down for FALSE advertising of this worthless automotive chain of crooks. But they are also corrupt, taking money for a good rating as they extort those who don’t pay.
If enough people do, someone will STOP the pair of Crooks known as MIDAS and BBB.
If you are or know a good LAWYER please have them start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for FALSE ADVERTISING of SERVICE guarantee by MIDAS, and the same for the BBB.
MIDAS if you read this,(you won’t, because you don’t care) I’m coming for you, it’s already in the works, I hope to get some help from your other victims here.
Spread the WORD people wherever you go “DON”T EVER GO TO MIDAS”.


Alex Barber September 30, 2015 at 5:07 pm

I was looking for a number to corporate in order to complain about the treatment I have received at the Sherwood AR store, but obviously this would be a waste of time, and Midas has already wasted a lot of my time lately.


Linda Koger October 17, 2015 at 10:04 am

I am having problem with Midas getting my car fixed. I took it in for gas fumes and a leak in my cooling system and it still not fixed. I paid the over $1600 dollar to fix the problems. I will be contacting my State Attorney General.


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