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Menard Inc.
4777 Menard Dr
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Phone Number: (715) 876-5911
Fax Number: (715) 876-2868
Website: http://www.menards.com
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CEO: John Menard, Jr.
COO: Scott Collette

Menards History

Menards was founded in 1962 by John Menard, Jr in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  In 1969, Menard began to add manufacturing capabilities to the site including lumber and doors.  A distribution center was also added. In 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold. In 1998, a second distribution center was opened in Plano, IL.  This was followed by 2 more distribution centers in 2007 in Holiday City, OH and Shelby, IA. Today, Menards has over 270 stores in 14 US states.  The Menards corporate office is still located in Eau Claire, WI.

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Myles February 7, 2016 at 2:13 pm

I have a serious complaint about towards your manager Jacob Gamble at store #3094.

You can view my complaint here:


I know I’m a nobody in the huge corporate world of Menards, but I don’t believe anybody deserves to be bullied by your manager.


Carol Potter February 2, 2016 at 2:12 pm

I am concerned about your employees at the Yankton store due to a BLIZZARD HERE!


Anon January 30, 2016 at 4:46 pm

I currently work at a Menard’s location in the Garden Center, and I needed to share a disturbing event that took place here…

Animals. A fairly common occurrence in any Menards Garden center from the birds that roost in the rafters to the turtles that wanted in from the nearby pond. Every animal that wanders in the Garden Center Employees relocate on their own time. If squirrels are wandering into the store because they don’t know better we catch them and relocate them to a state park or to a locals house that provides critters in the neighborhood with cracked corn. We take birds with broken wings outside and dispose of any dead critters so customers don’t have to feel the heartbreak of seeing something in pain. We take turtles back to their pond so Menards doesn’t have to deal with a lawsuit because a child’s finger gets bitten off. We are KNOWN to relocate these animals to give them a chance of living in the wilderness, instead of ruining our sales because they are ruining product.

You would think that employees would be smarter then to store food outside. However, all of the black Friday merchandise was stored outside in the Garden Center this year. Low and behold the squirrels outside feasted on nuts and popcorn to their hearts content. Of course to remedy this problem workers decided to move the pallet with food in it to Bay 17 instead of the Garden Center, which yielded the same results. So we set traps. We caught one, and a fellow employee relocated it to a state park, I have personally taken two home to live in my neighborhood.

After having prior problems with squirrels eating product, it was decided to store pallets of cracked corn and bird food outside of witch the animals got into. Pet and Grocery employees took this personal.

Of course Garden Center Employees are part of Hardware, and for the most part work inside during winter. Diminishing our presence outside, without our knowledge a squirrel was caught in a cage the store had ” ïn store used” and stabbed to death with a piece of wood ON COMPANY TIME.

I am quite sure that many people would stop shopping at Menards if they knew we senselessly caught and murdered defenseless animals. This display of psychotic behavior is unacceptable. Especially when so many people are ready and willing to relocating them.

Of course no one is going to get in trouble for this inhumane act. Of course no one is going to care about the pain that it causes to many of our employees. And would cause to our customers had they known. As well as to the company. This is sick and wrong and people need to know that their actions are a reflection of the company.


GERI MARIA JOHNSON January 27, 2016 at 1:55 pm

I don’t shop at walmart because of how they mistreat their employees, so I was very glad to find you.

Then I see an article about the lengths you go to to prevent yours from organizing!!!

Your actions are illegal!!!

What are you afraid of?

Well, Home Depot, here I come!


David Noah January 15, 2016 at 4:17 pm

I’m a former employee of this terrible company, I now work for Home Depot. But I’ve got to tell the world the lies about menards, first, if you have worked there you can relate to there terrible ways to promote employees that aren’t deserving of a promotion. I worked in flooring for two years and they picked someone that knew nothing about flooring and wanted me to train them, oh hell no. Second, you may think your saving money but these guys don’t truly price match because no other company carries the same shit. Plus there rebates take 6-9 weeks and that’s after they background check you and make sure you didn’t steal them. There warranties are bogus they don’t cover the true product lifetime. Third, I would never tell anyone to work here because every three months your manager gets a two dollar bonus and you get a whopping 10 cents for a raise. Plus don’t get on the bad side of your gms because if you do no matter what experience you have or product knowledge you will never and I mean never get promoted to anything. And than they move you to a department where you know nothing and than you’ll quit because you hate it. If you decide to work for a hardware store please choose Home Depot it’s 1000x safer and for contractors there really care about you and employees they give a damn about you. Please if you ever have an emergency they have ways to help unlike menards. And I hope you read this John Menard Jr. I hate you and your garbage company for not giving me an opportunity. And I thank Home Depot for making me realize the truth about how garbage menards is.


Debbie January 9, 2016 at 8:11 am

You know Menards was a great place to work.. Except for when they fire almost 19 people and they have people that work there that don’t do nothing and play on there phone but yet I get fired cause the new g manager is a jerk.. All I have to say is that Menards doesn’t save you money ya they might have low prices but personally as an ex employee even getting a 10%is nothing it just a joke the money u work for your just giving it back to the store and forcing you to use your name tag for that is really a joke..thank you


Bob Powers January 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm

To all Menards Corporate Staff..

What a joke you people hide behind your website and cookie cutter template e mail responses. It is impossible to talk to a real decision maker at Menards or get any support at all. I have been buying from menards for 25 years and in that time I have spent millions of dollars with your corporation. Now when I have an issue it is easy to forget about the little guy and just wipe him under the rug. Someone is stealing my rebates and using them in a store I NEVER GO TO. I have them documented through July of last year and it may have been going on longer. Please contact me VIA telephone (763 331-XXXX to resolve this issue I am growing VERY impatient with this entire matter

Sincerely Bob P


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:26 pm

I was an employee at menards that is until I got fired! Really don’t understand caused I really didn’t do anything! And when they have an employee that has been suspended for draw being short …twice… and taking a hundred dollars that a customer gave this person because they felt sorry for this cashier .and I get fired for talking about someone and a customer complaints the customer had not been to the store yet didn’t know how to check out passed me up so I grabbed the cart and told them the cart goes here then they say I haven’t been here before then called and complained.and what was being said about another country worker was anything bad but we’re not suppose to say anything its called harassment when you weren’t saying are doing anything to this person ! The managers have their favoritesand it very noticeable!talk about rude most of the general managers there act like your beneath them like your the dirt on their shoes! Yes this is your new jeffersonville ind store…so many of the employees talk about how the store is ran how your general managers are rude and favoritism employees have quit and employees talk about department managers favoritism also ..I guess because I’m not a brown noser I didn’t fit in !


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:35 pm

Co -worker …not country


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:48 pm

And your human resource lady is rude and many employees have said this . And because I was thinking it was January the first is wore the wrong apron and she made sure because earlier that day she said something to the front end and I explained why so later she come back up to the front end and made sure I was sent home.


Mike Ruselink December 27, 2015 at 9:50 am

So everyone on here that isn’t getting any satisfaction on this website, text me at 616-375-XXXX…. I will give you the location of John Menard Jr.’s home in Oconto WI… Then you can knock on his front door… You see I know its on the S. Side of the river, just north of Green Bay…. I know this because I worked for the company that put the CCTV cameras in his new home sometime around 2001…. I’ve got photos and locations, knock on his front door, maybe if hundreds of us knock on his door at midnight to discuss each of our issues, maybe he will take notice….


Mike Ruselink December 27, 2015 at 9:55 am

I’m sorry it’s not oconto Wis… It’s Suamico Wis. On the river….


Kelly E. Griffin December 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Curious why all the secrecy around Menards Inc. corporate office? I can understand you’d prefer to have all issues dealt with at the originating store for issues and concerns. Yet not all concerns or issues are able to be completely addressed and dealt with accordingly by this method, and in my experience dating to 1980 and with many thousands of dollars in purchases, don’t always end with getting the proper answer to a question, concern, or issue, and even when/if greeted cordially to begin with and regardless if being willing/able to resolve in another manner eventually the attitude of the representative can become rude to say the least when unable to provide the answer to something they don’t know and and in most cases don’t or shouldn’t have the knowledge of as their responsibility lies within the store itself and stating policies according to CORPORATE’s training policies and wishes, and especially when pressed with persistence to seek beyond the store for assistance regarding the matter with every attempt to prevent providing information to contact someone at Corporate who should be able and capable of providing the answer or information.

Of course one can always use the methods online through the HELP contact page where one can contact the General office by email through an online form by filling out the required fields and referencing “comments”, leading me to believe complaints and other issues aren’t the precedent at the GENERAL office where the other option is to Mail one’s comment’s, concerns, or complaints to at Menards Guest Services 5101 Menard Dr in Eau Claire WI 54703 which is obviously not the Corporate offices listed above at 4777 Menard Dr., and neither option of which I could expect the expediency required regarding the particular issue of concern in this case of which the details regard personal details I prefer not to share all of which in this context and will reserve for phone and/or options to follow.

I did however see an installed complaint contact option (download form) also not applicable to my issue, and a link to Look up receipts which is my issue in this case, and when selected gives information to do so at a store or online and the requirements involved for both. Online does require to be signed into an account, but not sure if can provide more than saved receipts as stated under a picture on the upper left hand side to sign in now to look up saved receipts and more? Not sure if I have an account but will check to see and add to my research regarding this issue of concern, but have to believe the information regarding my receipt would or should be the same online as that found on the kiosk, but of course that would be another question unanswerable by anyone within the store at any level.

There is another page under Guest Services stating Made a recent purchase? Under General information where comments, suggestions, and questions are welcomed for GENERAL questions several methods are listed to contact Menards, none of which addresses complaints besides the aforementioned Installed Products, or for matters of a not General nature providing again only the two aforementioned options for General information via the online form or General office address by mail, however interestingly right under the address is the statement “If you are looking for a lost receipt, you may quickly obtain another copy by using the self service kiosk located at the entrance of your local Menards® store”, again provided you have the required information to do so and which I do including the original unreadable receipt required by the manufacturer regarding my purchase of which more will be addressed later, and even further down the page under the installed problems section below the other requirements for filing for that issue is the statement “Please make sure to enclose readable copies of your receipts and any special order contracts, as this will expedite the processing of your claim”.

So Menards is requesting something from me they have been able to provide to me. Funny how many of my original receipts are faded and unreadable especially those with more products and large dollar amounts. However I’ve been able to reprint most all of my receipts to date I say most not all as there were 3 before which may be related to expired cards only accessible by saving the info online or the card possibly and scanning it at the kiosk which may have been the issue for those three (short of cash, rebate only, or store voucher only purchases which aren’t retrievable at all so I’ve been told) and now this particular one from a checking account that the routing or account number hasn’t changed on and is within the 3 year period stated, and obviously doesn’t expire. I’ve spent enough time on this now but will follow up as I proceed in my inquiry.


Catherine Carillo January 7, 2016 at 2:56 pm

I agree Bob and Kelly Perhaps it is time to seek legal counsel Maybe a class action law suit , will make them more receptive to providing good customer service. I brought back some flooring close to the expiration of the receipt date. I did not have the original debit card that part of my purchase had been made with as it was on a temporary card . I was told I had to have the original card or I would hae to get a store credit The merchadise had been returned on the 23 Dec exp on reciept was the 25 Dec . I was unable to locate that temp card( I do not use that card it was only A TEMP CARD ) until days later . When I returned I was told it was after the date so I had to get a store credit. That amt is for almost $800.00 I do not want a store credit .


Ron LaFon December 16, 2015 at 2:16 pm

Sent a bunch of receipts to get my rebate and never got half of them back, I purchased items a week before it started and went and got a form from the manger to send in, now I questioned why I never got all my rebates and the answered later saying to send the receipts again and told them I sent original ones in and gave them my menards card number and now I’m getting the run around, told them there just wasting my time now, I’m very upset with Menards


S.Allen December 16, 2015 at 8:48 am

My comment with Menard is when it comes to testing New employees as cashiers I am so concern about if the person didn’t pass and that we allowed 3 times to take test but why send a person home if they didn’t pass? Why not put them back out on the floor at a register shadowing the model and more experience cashier. To gain more experience of knowing what to do instead of making a person feel down and humiliated by calling you up to them and say we have to send you home. Stating that do to that we assume you were going to pass the test. My point is how is it that you going to assume something about me passing the test when I am still learning and have not task all that need to be tasked in just no three days of cashiering others may learn and catch on quicker than others or had previous experience of working at a company such as Menard or any other place dealing with Plywood and Lumber etc… I am not dumb nor stuck on stupid I am a person who want to her job and learn it as I go along don’t assume so quick to judge a book by its cover…I have another day of training on the cash register with shadowing a cashier and then after that I am allowed to take the physical test again. If i fail again I am allowed one last chance which total my 3rd and final chance. After that I don’t know what Menard do just let me go which is probably what it is. I have to say I TRIED and thank you for the short experience………..Training


Maratha Toro December 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm

Product was incorrect !! Need my money back!!! Never received the product. Just put it back on my card.


Amy Myers December 13, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Your policies are absolutely a SCAM!! How legit is it that you will not accept your own in store credit for a gift card!!! Your management team at your 3070 store are very unacceptable. The fact that you only are able to speak in person with the store & not with a disrupt or corporate level executive is not acceptable! I very much want to speak with a higher level of management than your store level provides!


Catherine Carillo January 7, 2016 at 3:00 pm

There is no higher up other than the minions that work for the company. who are young and know nothing of good customer service. They do a real good job of hiding upper managemnt


C Neal December 4, 2015 at 11:44 am

My contractor went with Menards out of Appleton for all the materials to reside and rewindow my house. Menards sent 2 guys out to measure windows, and there hasn’t been a window that has fit thus far. My kitchen window is 4″ too small and doesn’t even open! The bathroom one was too small and the trim does not cover the insulation and shims they had to put in. Also, when they dropped the materials off, they only sent one man to unload the truck…and he just plopped it all on the lawn, not at all where he was told to put it…and being that one man was expected to handle heavy windows/doors…I ended up with damaged material. My contractor has been trying to contact Menards and NO ONE will call him back! This is SICKENING.


j hughes December 3, 2015 at 6:05 pm

I like to let you know about a great employee named Merri (Plumbing Dept) at the Naperville store. I had been to other Menards looking for jeans size 36 30. I was told if you don’t see your size then we don’t have any. Merri checked inventory and got a ladder and climbed to the top and search through inventory and found the jeans. She went the extra mile! I appreciate!


c matthews December 29, 2015 at 11:04 pm

j Hughes,
I too have always received excellent service from the staff on the floor since 1990! Even during this holiday season.
BUT tonight I went to do an exchange in an Evansville, In store and was insulted by a customer services rep. Menards is lowering it standards for quality employees and if they think customers are going to take bad customer service they better take at look at Sears! Poor customer service was the straw that broke Sears’ back and pocket.
It can happen to the big box stores when they don’t listen to their customers. It is harder to get a customer to come back than to get them the first time! Lowe’s and Home Depot will love to have my money!


Griffin Anthony Glaze December 3, 2015 at 11:28 am

Hi Menards headquarters I would like a coupon for Floor Tiles?


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