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Menards Corporate Office Address

Menard Inc.
4777 Menard Drive
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703

Contact Menards

Phone Number: (715) 876-5911
Fax Number: (715) 876-2868
Email: Email Menards

Menards Facts

Founder: John Menard, Jr.
Date Founded: 1960
Founding Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Number of Employees: 45000

Menards Executives

CEO: John Menard, Jr.
CFO: Pete Liupakka
COO: Scott Collette

Menards History



menards 1


Working his way through college, John Menard, Jr. began working on post frame buildings to help pay his bills. Within a year, he found that he was hiring crews to handle the extra workload. After graduating college, Menard purchased some land for an office and a shop.

Menards was founded in 1960 by John Menard, Jr in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company incorporated in 1962.

In 1969, Menard found that there was a demand for even more products and services. He added manufacturing capabilities to the site, including lumber and doors.  A distribution center was also added. By 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold.

In 1998, a second distribution center was opened in Plano, Illinois.  This was followed by 2 more distribution centers in 2007 in Holiday City, Ohio, and Shelby, Iowa. The Ohio distribution center is nearly 700 square feet and the one in Iowa boasts 735,000 square feet!

Larger Menards stores began adding groceries to their line up of products.  Menards 3

In 2013, Menards was ranked as the 43rd largest private company by Forbes Magazine. It is the third largest home improvement store, trailing behind Home Depot and Lowe’s.

In 2016, the company moved up the list, now ranking 37th on the Forbes list, along with an estimated annual revenue of $8.7 billion.

The company has been involved in numerous disputes concerning violation of environmental regulations. One that occurred in 2011 found that the company was illegally dumping hazardous waste. Menards paid a fine of $30,000.

Menards also settled complaints filed with the National Labor and Safety Board, which found that the company was violating the rights of workers in regards to pay and firing practices. The company agreed to make changes, but this paves the way for a nationwide, class action lawsuit from employees.

Today, Menards has over 300 stores in 14 US states.  The Menards corporate office is still located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   Menards 2

Menards FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Menards?
Answer 1: The phone number for Menards is (715) 876-5911.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Menards?
Answer 2: The CEO of Menards is John Menard, Jr..

Question 3: Who founded Menards?
Answer 3: Menards was founded by John Menard, Jr. in 1960.

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Michael Spengler November 4, 2019 at 11:06 am

I want to write a review On corprate Meanrds How nasty the are I will Put them On th rip off report with in 30 day and up load all proof the comitt fraud 26001 Clybourn marc and Brian never did anything about it


Dennis welsch October 11, 2019 at 5:36 pm

We ordered a window about 3 weeks ago. They said it would be in oct 2. Called they said the 10th. Call today the 11th it is still not in. They can’t even tell us when it is going to be here. It is getting cold & we would like to get it in the house before the snow flies. I’m very dissatisfied with the ordering process. We live in Muscatine ia. If you cannot tell a customer when something is arriving maybe find a new vendor would work. This is ridiculous.


Hope Lenz October 2, 2019 at 5:01 pm

This is just to inform menards does not know how to run there business anywhere!!!! And when it come to rebates don’t flipping bother wasting your stamp because if u get screwed over and they don’t sent it to u the rebate that is!!! You have show flipping proof with your receipts and waste another stamp. I have not received the last 5 rebates in the mail and no gives a shit!!! My address has not changed in 20 years so I will not return to menards again I will go give my money to Home Depot


Jason hallam/ J&B Construction September 19, 2019 at 11:06 am

We have never in our entire lives experienced so poor of customer service at any store in our entire lives as we have with Menards this year. We had roughly 5 special orders in a row lost, wrong, not delivered or delivered 100% damaged and the store Manager will do absolutely nothing to fix us and when we tell him we will go to corporate he laughs and says good luck getting a hold of corporate because they don’t call anyone back or speak to anyone. This is something that needs to be addressed because I know we cannot be the first set of people to go through this. My company spends a lot of money a year and product in materials and the manager said it doesn’t matter go somewhere else then. We have now started to go to RP lumber. My number is 949-306-5773 please call me with your experience because I am putting together a class action lawsuit against Menards.


Juanita Lynne Summers September 23, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Hello Jason,
Very nice speaking with you this afternoon.
You have our support!! I will stand good for anything that I say. My complaint may be small but Menards 100 % and completely responsible for enlarging this issue way out of proportion.

Hello Rebate international
Please send me our rebate as I have applied for it many times and I was told that it would be sent to our home!!!
It’s our money and I want it!!
I have done everything I could do to have this sent to me and there is a real drop in professionalism with Menards.
I am reading on line of your scams and horrible business practices. Geeze!!! We really had faith in you!!!
Juanita Lynne Summers 248 702 XXXX Please don’t make me add my rating to your customer complaints and opinions.
You and Rebate International are simply passing the buck to each other to drag this out until we the customer just gives up.
Why are you insulting your own source of revenue???!!!
Juanita Lynne Summers
I am a realtor and I have many opportunities to spread good news or warnings……you choose!!!!!
—–Original Message—–From: Juanita Lynne Summers
Sent: Wed, Sep 11, 2019 12:15 pm
Subject: Fwd: URGENT!!!!! [Rebates International] Re: REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM – Rebate Checks
—–Original Message—–
From: Juanita Lynne Summers
To: guestservice
Sent: Wed, Sep 11, 2019 11:26 am
Subject: URGENT!!!!! [Rebates International] Re: REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM – Rebate Checks
I am sending yet again our correspondence as We would like very much to have our rebate as promised.
In the amount of 77.22. We’d like to get started on our next project.
So STEP ON IT!!!!!!
—-Original Message—–
From: Juanita Lynne Summers
To: guestservice
Sent: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 6:46 pm
Subject: Fwd: [Rebates International] Re: REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM – Rebate Checks
—–Original Message—–
From: Juanita Lynne Summers
To: guestservice
Sent: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 6:21 pm
Subject: Re: [Rebates International] Re: REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM – Rebate Checks
Thank you so much for following up.
Yes to all of the writings below.
I cleaned off my desk and am embarrassed
to admit that I have some how
missed placed the rebate check.
Please void the check numbered 6351.
Reissue a new check in the amount of 77.22
Please send to XXXX Oaklawn Drive
Pontiac Michigan 48341
248 702 XXXX
We did submit a different rebate check request on another purchase receipt which hasn’t arrived yet.
We will be doing all of our business with Menards from now on.

Our Summer Deck project.
Thanks to the help of all the guys over at Lake Orion Menards.
Anthony, Moses, Charles, Mike, Bob, Peggy,
Nicky, Brian, and please forgive me for anyone
I may have over looked as they were all equally
kind and patient as well as extremely
helpful in the building dept.
Ladies, females, girls and women
are treated with the highest regard and respect
—–Original Message—–
From: Support
To: Lls1280
Sent: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 10:55 am
Subject: [Rebates International] Re: REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM – Rebate Checks

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (147855) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Rebates International (Rebates International)
Aug 5, 09:55 CDT

Thank you for taking the time to email regarding your rebate inquiry.

RE: Rebate 6729 Save 11% – Check ending in 6351
Rebate Check 6202146351 in the amount of $77.22 was paid to you on 07/08/19 at XXXX Oaklawn Dr, Pontiac, MI 48341.
Is this the rebate check you are inquiring about?
This check has not yet been redeemed or returned to our department. Would you like check 6202146351 voided and reissued to you?
RE: Rebate 6869 Save 11%
6869 Save 11% rebate was paid to you on 08/01/19 with check 6203772750 for $19.27 at our home. Please allow time for this check to be mailed through the US Postal Service.
Thank you,
L. Anderson
Rebates International
Aug 2, 10:38 CDT
Customer Service Inquiry – REBATEINTERNATIONAL.COM
First Name: Juanita
Last Name: Summers
Email: LLS1280@
Tracking #:
Rebate #:
Topic: Rebate Checks
Summary: Other
Comments: I received our rebate check and cleaned off my desk and have missed placed it. I have used none of the check. Please void the check and issue a new one. I have a second rebate check due to arrive soon. Please check on the second one as well.
Thank you!!
Juanita and Leonard Summers
248 702 XXXX
This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the meaning of the Electronic Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 2510, et. seq. Disclosure of this communication is strictly limited to the intended recipient. This communication and its contents and attachments, if any, are confidential and may contain information that is privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Receipt by any person or entity other than the intended recipient does not constitute waiver or loss of the confidential or privileged nature of this communication. Any review, dissemination, copying, resubmission, transfer, or distribution in any form by any person or entity other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete any and all copies of this communication and any attachments. Failure to abide by these provisions will result in legal and equitable action taken against you, as ide
ntified in 18 U.S.C. Sections 2520-21.
This email is a service from Rebates International. Delivered by Zendesk


Terry Wingate September 15, 2019 at 8:23 am

I have done business with Menards for many years but will think strongly about ever making a special order again. I ordered a vanity top/sink and it took slightly less time than the two weeks estimated for delivery. Unfortunately, it was broken when we opened it at home…I should have checked before I left the store. I called the store and they took care of the re-order which has now taken a good two weeks or longer and I’m still waiting. Site says it has been in transit to Menards distribution center for six days! Is it coming from over seas? I have now been with out a sink in my bathroom for going on a month now. Also, the vendor that I called that is shipping the item uses a call center that is obviously from over seas. Could not understand the person at all. Maybe Menards should rethink their vendors! I will definitely inspect the item BEFORE I leave the store…if it ever comes in!!


A fees September 4, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Since you decided to be bought out to do away with guns I have been bribed to quit shopping at any of your stores I spend anywhere from 6000 to 10000 a year I will be spending it elsewhere


Nita Morrison August 26, 2019 at 10:30 am

I traveled 60 mi. from Cleveland to Sandusky, Ohio to buy an electric lawnmower after seeing it was in stock. bought a 40V 21″ Greenworks mower, opened the box in the parking lot and found that it was USED! Why would it be put back on the shelf??? One other mower had no battery or charger inside, and the display model had a bent front wheel. Bottom line: one box contained a used mower with a defective battery (customer had put a note on it that it would not charge and the other box had a mower but no charger or battery. This kind of product should not be on the shelf for unwitting consumers to buy. I know it is the end of the season and stock is low, but REALLY! I’m 71. What if I had gone home without opening the box? I finally bought a Craftsman mower after 2 hours of hassle.


Woody July 15, 2019 at 4:26 pm

WOW! I called Menards in Escanaba this morning as to inquire about the price on materials for a materials list on a home they sell. I was told that the guy that takes care of that issue was on the phone, and would I leave my name and number and that they’d get back to me. It’s now going on 4:30 and no one has gotten back to me. Guess they didn’t need to make a sale of 100K of materials to me to build a house for a customer.
After reading so many comments on here, and seeing their two star out of 5 star rating, and not coming upon a positive comment, it looks like I’ll be heading over to either the orange store, or the blue store, or both. I didn’t realize that Menards had such a terrible reputation. One would think that they’d want to do something about that. Thanks folks for steering me away. I have found some items at local hardware stores like Ace or True Value that even the big box stores don’t carry. I get all of my siding from them as they have more of a variety and also have it in stock most of the time. WOW, I was going to be a new customer at Menards, but after reading all of the posts here, I guess I’m an X customer before even becoming one. Doesn’t the Menards president take any pride in his business?
It’s very apparent that he doesn’t…………..


Lynn Walden July 10, 2019 at 9:19 pm

Do not Purchase the Protection plan ! bought a LR refrigerator along with the extended warranty. 18 months later the fridge quits working and have been trying to get someone out to look at it for 4 days now and still have not seen or heard from anybody. I guess Menards is more then happy to sale you an appliance for over $3400 along with the “extended Protection Plan” but they wont stand behind it. What a joke!!!


Mike July 10, 2019 at 10:43 am

John Menard Jr….. Your Schererville IN. Store has improperly trained personal… Purchased a generator as recommended by employee, and as we are checking out.. I specifically asked the cashier about the return policy for the generator and her exact reply was “just keep your receipt, and if you have any problems or it doesn’t work, just bring it back”. Subsequently, the recommended generator was underpowered and would not work for our application.. upon returning to the store to return the generator, they refused to take it back, as the GM stated their profit margin on generators was next to nothing and would not be able to move it… leaving me holding the bag at the tune of $431.00 and a generator that I cannot use… Great customer service John Menard Jr.. looks like Home Depot will be getting my business..


Julie July 5, 2019 at 10:20 am

Went Menrads and ordered 2800.00 in new doors, new front door, screen door, door leading into the garage, and trim. They told me that when the Menards contractor comes to pick up doors and trim they will give him all 4 tickets but they only gave him 3 tickets no trim and to top it off
they ordered the wrong door for my garage leading into the house, didn’t give contractors the trim for doors. Menards wanted me to pay for delivery when it was there mistake. So now the contractor has to leave job site and go get correct door and trim. I will say the contractor was great Dave Smith.
I spoke to store manager Adam the at Menards was absolutely rude he was blaming it on me saying I should’ve gave all the tickets to the contractor I said they told me at your store that they would give him all four tickets when I placed my order. This has been a complete nightmare NO customer service from Adam at MENRADS AT PRINCETON RD HAMILTON OHIO 45011!
I use the F bomb because he was blaming it on me, if the contractor didn’t already start the job I would of returned the doors but Adam said I would be charged a restocking fee. Ask to speaks to his manager but told me he was the highest I could go. Would of been worth paying more to not have to go through this. Nightmare no customer service!!!!! I will never ever buy from them again!


gladys June 17, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Awful return policy ever at Menards!!!
I returned a vanity I purchased online, it was not a special order or anything custom made, Just a regular vanity. When I received the order and get home after the store had damaged our car with their fork lift the front doors of the vanity where not aligned and the vanity did not look anything like the online picture it was very cheaply made. so I returned and got charged a 25% restocking fee! which is ridiculous to me after all the trouble and damages I went thru with my car and this vanity. Home Depot has no restocking fee!! I returned a vanity there and no questions where asked talk about great customer service!! I will definitely take my money to them.


Jane E Williams June 6, 2019 at 6:45 pm

6/5/2019 Called Menards looking for a Barrel Connector Kit for a Rain Barrel.
We had bought one there last year. Justin in Lawn and Garden answered the phone. I asked him if they had this specific connector kit and even gave him the SKU and he said they no longer carried Rain Reserve Connector Kits. But I could order one and it would be in by 6/10/2019. I told him thank you.
6/6/2019 My husband had to go to Mansfield Ohio and had to stop by Menards. He decided to go and see what they had, lo and behold right there on the shelf was 3 of the RAIN RESERVE CONNECTOR KITS, but of course Menards no longer carries them. hmm.
When I got home and he told me he found the Kit and bought one. Being in customer service for more than 25 years, I decided to call an see what they would tell me when I asked for this specific Kit. Well, again Justin answered the phone and remembers telling me that they no longer carried them, but I could special order one. I said thank you and then called back and asked to talk to the Lawn and Garden Manager whose name is Ronnie. He looked it up on the computer and said no they didn’t have any and we explained our frustration about this whole issue. When we gave him the UPC, it did come up on the computer and he also went and checked and actually found the kits. I guess my beef is, why wouldn’t the customer service person say, if you wait a minute I will to and check to see what we have. Are people in the retail business that lazy, where is CUSTOMER SERVICE. No wonder brick and mortar stores are going out of business. It is easier just to order online and when you have a problem with something you ordered on line,the customer service person is very helpful in getting the problem solved. Any business is only as good as their employees, as they are on the front line. First impressions a very important.


Tonya Christian May 30, 2019 at 11:36 am

Went to Menards in Richmond, IN at 9:00 pm to purchase outdoor lawn items. I needed help with a large outdoor screen and furniture. Not a person in sight. Went to the cashier then to the help desk. The lady at the help desk could not find one person to help me because the ALL were in a aggravated. What kind of store provides no assistant on large purchases. I left the store very aggravated and bought everything else where. The service was terrible at Menards.


Abdu McCully May 7, 2019 at 8:06 am

The Menards in Michigan City In. has always been my go to for over 20 years of me being a homeowner.I was thrilled to see they are selling Craftman Brand tools and lawnmower’s now. I bought a 21” push mower yesterday and it wouldn’t run.I sprayed started fluid in it and it would run only a few seconds.I poured out my old gas sprayed ether in it to evaporate the old gas and tried again with fresh gas it still wouldn’t run.When I took it back the store Manager names Randy was very rude and disrespectful toward me as I explained to him everything that happened.A brand new off the shelf mower that I confidently bought from Menards with the all American brand name Craftsmen made in the USA printed on the side I felt what can go wrong.I had to take it to a service dealer even though I bought it less than 3 hours ago and the store would not take it back!Not three days not three months not after 3 uses three hours and they wouldn’t take it back or exchange it!Then I had to drive 20 miles to take it to a service center?I feel this is wrong and that costumer service should be reasonable.I never got a chance to use it but because I was unlucky and picked the wrong mower I was treated in such a way is unforgivable.When I get the mower back I wish to return it as the service center had the same problem I had and the tech said he has to put a new carburetor on it.Brand new out of the box brand new carburetor!Menards please reach out to me in my provided email to rectify this situation because I am highly disappointed.Former loyal costumer.


William Thauer April 26, 2019 at 11:34 am

HI Menards Executive staff: Please review the need for your turn styles and gates in the entryway of your stores. From my perspective totally useless and irritating. Perhaps you need to review this old fashion issue with your loss prevention associates. I do not know the message you are trying to send or the need for these things. As I think about it–I visualize the all the retail stores and malls that I have been in– none have these turn styles– take a look at Lowes- Home Depot- Fleet Farm and your many other competitors– don’t see them at all??? Please create a welcoming feeling when you come into your stores. Thanks!!!


Claudia Schenk April 24, 2019 at 4:22 pm

In December 2018 we purchased a complete Whirlpool kitchen appliance set of fridge, stove, and microwave. The dishwasher was a Maytag, We knew this was a purchase ahead of when we would be needing the merchandise, however, we wanted to take advantage of the Whirlpool sales offer & was told by A. Fleeger, the Evansville store’s Appliance Manager that the early purchase would be no problem. He said for us to stay in contact with him as to the progress being made on our new kitchen. When we rcvd the first corporate letter stating the merchandise would be sold if not picked up in a weeks time we panicked. However, A. Fleeger said he’d get it tagged as customer pick up and put in storage. Another letter came and the same process was done again. So come February 16, 2019 we had the items.delivered to our home by Menards service, The microwave was the first to be opened. The item had big dents in the back so I took the appliance back to the store that week. I was given another new microwave which I checked at the store for damage before leaving. The second appliance to be opened was the fridge. It had 2 dents in the right side as if damaged by a fork lift when moved and another dent in the back. The dents did not seem to be of a major issue as they would not be showing when moved into place, HOWEVER, when moved over the new flooring there were scratches left in the new flooring. The side dents had pushed down a Revit/screw holding the bottom tray in place causing the floor to be scratched. When Menards was contacted we were told in not so many words “too bad” deal with it. Because we had been 31 days past date of delivery…one day!!! For a $1000.00+ item they were not willing to talk to us about the issue. That’s OK though cause now everyone I talk to I warn them “DO NOT” buy appliances at Menards. All the breakfast crowd at Denny’s knows about this situation as well as the folks at Lone Star Steak House.
We buy other small stuff but never again will they get my money for big ticket items…I’ll go to Home Depot or Lowes. A disgruntled customer can be an advertising night mare.


bob October 29, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Why are they the bad guys here? If you were past the policy of 30 days, then they are just adhering to their rules. I’m sure that policy was part of your purchase. You can’t just ignore that and expect to get whatever you want because it didn’t work out.

Also I’m sure they are very heartbroken that your group of oldies at Denny’s and “Lone Star Steak House” won’t be shopping at Menards anymore. Poor them, missing out on all of that business.


LORENE FESZCZENKO April 23, 2019 at 1:36 pm

April 23, 2019 CLIO MICHIGAN STORE, LINDEN RD. 48420
I purchased 2 covers for my window wells at $7.99 each 3 days ago at the Clio MI store. They were the wrong size therefore, I returned them to Mendards today to exchange for correct size. I paid cash and unfortunately displaced my receipt. I was given a store credit for $4.99 each and the cashier explained their corporate policy that without a receipt of purchase, they would only refund the lowest amount for this product within the last 90 days. I spoke to the general manager and he repeated the same policy. I said in other words, you are keeping my money and offering no adjustment or consideration since these were purchased within a 7 day period. He was very exact about company policy but we were disappointed he could not be more customer friendly to keep a satisfied customer. My husband handed back the in store certificate and stated we would no longer continue to be a Menards customer. We live within 10 miles of Home Depot and will send our business their way in the future. It is disappointing that a corporation as large as Menards cannot bend a company rule over a $6.00 difference. The two replacements that we wanted to purchase in our correct size were $24.98 each ( an upgrade to the best) but decided to not purchase them at Menards but will spend our money at the Home Depot . What happened to the old saying the customer is always right?


bob October 29, 2019 at 4:04 pm

You sound a little entitled. If they have a policy they have to adhere to it, why are you special? If they “bend a company rule” for you, then they would have to for everyone.

Next time keep your receipt. That’s pretty standard for stores to require for a full return. You’re lucky they offered anything at all with no proof of purchase.


Jenn Hustwick April 22, 2019 at 2:21 pm

I will NEVER shop at a Menards again! They have THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED! The people are lazy and RUDE! I I have left thousands of reviews of stores, restaurants and hotels and this is THE WORST! I have never had a store waste so much of my time! No one would help me find the fencing I needed and when I did find it NO ONE WOULD HELP LOAD IT!! AFTER spending several thousand dollars I brought it home to have my husband install…well, the fence was NOT WHAT it said on the box! Instead of being 8ft it was only 7ft 8inches! So I went to return it and the store gave me a hard time AND ASKED ME TO UNLOAD IT MYSELF!!??? ALSO I have to wait 1 week to get my $ back or get an instore credit! This wasn’t just at one Menard store btw this was 2!! I will NEVER STEP FOOT IN A MENARDS AGAIN and I’m going to be sure to tell EVERYONE ABOUT MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!


Karen Christensen April 5, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Absolutely Horrible experience. Customer Service in St Paul MN is the epitome of ignorance callousness and rudeness ! Women are treated like second class citizen in regards to any question they may have (I’m one of them) ignored by staff males and obviously not interested in dealing with females in anyway. I was there to purchase a $ 400.00 door ( which I bought at Home Depot where people are more knowledgeable and courteous) a guy by the name of Scott barely answered my questions, couldn’t find any answer either on his computer, another guy I tried to talk to, ignored me, too busy blabbing with his buddies I’ve never seen such a poor CS don’t know how much they make but they certainly are overpaid for what they do ! A bunch a “d*ck heads” is hurting this Co where I used to go, other people such as contractors ( heard lots of complaints)
Your staff needs to be trained and you need to hire people with EXPERIENCE in regards to their dept. Those guys are there for a paycheck and don’t give a hoot about anything else ! You’re losing customers by making the wrong choices ! If Corporate doesn’t care you’ll lose to competition…For my part I’ll never set foot again in these stores on the West Side. ( Robert St ). or on University N. Prior St. A disgrace and I will pass on the word.


Mark Eckman December 17, 2018 at 9:02 am

I applied for a part time job last week and was told by the HR lady that she had no time to look at my app because it was pay week, that’s cool I understand that ! So I went back to the store this week to see if anyone had looked at my app or to try to get a interview, well the HR Lady told me she had not looked at my app and will not be able to until after Christmas, but because I wanted to work part time in the mornings that she didn’t think she could help me out. So I went to a manger asked if they have any openings and was told yes we need help now!! What’s up with this store here in Loveland Ohio !! So I am retired and just wanted to work this winter but I guess that’s not going to happen at Menards.


Sharon November 27, 2018 at 7:28 pm

Idea. I have several menards shirts
How about a sale where you get 10-15-20 % off if you wear your menards shirt
15% off if u use your menards bag.


Steve November 18, 2018 at 10:37 pm

Disappointed!!!! I have a family member that likes your discounts! Me on the other hand I don’t buy anything from your store! I can care less about your discounts! Most of your employees are idiots!!! Every damm time I come in I walk through the store, sometimes with someone else, and when I need help! You can’t find anyone! And when you do like the other day, 3 employees were standing around, pitling around Christmas trees ! Looks like there wasting your money! Doing nothing! What pisses me off !!! Is they no I’m a costumer, and not acknowledging that I might need help with something! I walk towards them, and they emediately walk away, like spooked deer! I have to say excuse me real loud to get there attention!! They don’t want to help! All they want to do is hide! I have came to your store multiple times, and I’m tired of the ignorance your clowns that you hire don’t help! I don’t like your store and some of the a-holes that you have!!!! I didn’t do a damm thing to those bone heads! Your company is not professional! Professionally stupid for sure !!! You know when I leave the yard! Even the the a-hole at the gate was ignorant!!! Talks like drill seargent or prison guard!!! Apsalutly pathetic !!! I’m sorry for the way I talk, but Your people pissed me off for the last time!!!!


Woody July 15, 2019 at 4:31 pm

Try spell check before posting.


Jim Lambert October 25, 2018 at 10:37 am

I must say that being an part time employee at Menards has been enjoyable until now. I want to put my wife on my dental insurance but am told that I need to scan, upload and submit with the form my marriage license. I don’t have a scanner, don’t have important documents like this in any computer files and can’t do this. Tried contacting the store who says they can’t help me in any way. I am not computer savvy and at my age will never be. Why make it harder for your older employees to do this. Seems this is counter intuitive to a good working relationship. Why offer a benefit if you can’t get it? Must say I was not impressed with this system or the help I received. Jim Lambert, #1519427


Brian S. Hill October 22, 2018 at 6:16 pm

Website says it’s on sale. Big red sale numbers on website. Website says local store has the item in stock. After driving to the location, they don’t have it in stock. In fact, they tell me it’s been discontinued. Not the first time this has happened. Ask for the manager at the customer service counter. Can’t find the manager. I leave. I call the store from my car. Operator says she will transfer me to the manager. After 10 minutes of ringtone, I hang up. I call Menard’s corporate headquarters in Wisconsin. Operator transfers me to the customer care center where I get a recording telling me that they will not speak to me. I must put my complaint in a letter and mail it to them. Customer service? I don’t think so!!! Very disappointing.


John October 5, 2018 at 10:08 pm

So help me if I ever shop in Menard’s again the employees seemed it all have their hands tied behind their Back wander a round like a bunch of lost chickens And are unable to help you because of corporate rules Bought $1600 Of windows the did not work all they could do is mutter the same answers at me over and over


Sheryl B. October 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm

I love our Menards in Germantown Wisconsin. We get QUALITY service and know the workers by name as they do an excellent job about caring for their customers.
Karen B. in hardware will walk you across the store to the exact item you need even if it isn’t in her department.
Dale in Building materials will help you with any building project with a smile and is very helpful.
Then we moved, tried PLOVER..hahaha. Service was ok. the guy in the building department was ok as we ordered our garage. He was in a hurry. Rushing and parts didn’t get ordered right. The design center does not show a true picture of the colors and choices. I picked white trim. Trim for around the windows and door frames. NOt white ridge vent and corner posts…seriously?! This needs to be fixed.
We are on our 4th visit to correct the issues. Once at night, don’t even bother on the weekends, you must go during the week day to find the manager then hope You GET Quality service and not just rush them out the door. Again we received the wrong part!

Menards 5 visits to fix an issue is 1 to0 many times. I want Quality service like you say on the advertisements.

If I was the manager, I would personally call and apologize for the mix up and deliver the item for free. Double check the product and confirm it has been given the attention it is needed.

We shop at Menards quite often. Germantown is the one store you can get good service. Maybe it is time to check out Home depot!

Menards JR- encourage your managers to give customers good service. Selling is good, but that extra care to details and common courtesy will bring customers back.

If the CEo comes to my coffee shop and asks for black coffee I will bring him tea – herbal 5 times over and see how happy he is? And I will serve it with a scowl! Tell me, will he come back for more poor treatment? NOPE! Menards you have a moto- Service & Quality ! It is time to flip that around, give Quality service…otherwise it is just burnt toast and the people go hungry will dine elsewhere.


Linda Moore September 27, 2018 at 8:08 am

Hello, To all who shop at Menards in Lansing MI. The West store.
My husband Bob Moore has been the building materials delivery guy for 10 years. He bought his own semi with the masterlift on it. We were in love with being his own boss.
He is a great guy and loved his job, he would take me on many deliveries with him, meeting new people and making a living.
Sadly, my husband died suddenly on May 25th, 2018. So Menards was left without a delivery guy. I am so sorry that all those who had deliveries scheduled couldn’t get their materials. After 2 months, I had to sell the semi and the guy who bought my husband’s semi is now the new delivery guy. Please be kind to him as he is learning the ropes.
I am grateful for all of Menards employees as they loved him too.
Linda Moore


Rose Pinney September 26, 2018 at 4:47 pm

I placed an online order for a Hunter fan on August 28. I received an email confirmation about the sale. It will be a month Friday and when I check the tracking icon…it has stayed in one place for 3 weeks. I received my master card bill and see that I have been charged the 213.48 charge for a fan I have yet to receive. Your number next to my credit card charge is a SCAM…I called it. 800-000-0000 not valid. It is looking like your company is not CREDIBLE.
I am waiting for my local Menards managers in Warren Ohio to try and get in touch with you
About this fiasco. They tell me no response from you or Hunter. If this isn’t cleared up in 24 hours, you will be receiving not so nice free advertising throughout social media. Very disappointed in Menards, very inept online service. I can send you my confirmation notice.i do expect to hear from you ASAP. No excuses or delays. I have a life threatening medical condition and stress will cause me serious repercussions.


Jacalyn Eberle September 26, 2018 at 10:22 am

Dear Mr. Menard: I applied for a job in your Jackson Michigan store over 8 months ago, and I have been in to see Jessica Woods 3 times a month since then till this month I wanted stocking because I was told they hire old people to do those jobs. you really don’t see any older people on the floor but the last time this month I talk to the store manger and Jessica still haven’t heard any from a vary hard worker and also get along with people. I’m retired from fords and worked at retailer since them ShopKo and k-mart in the past. I have done stocking and cashier. I told them I will do anything they need me to do. I can keep up with the best of them, I just got done painting the out side of my 18 sf home not many young ones can do that. if given a chance I think I could work out good for your store. I know I’m not young and nice looking any more but I never thought I would fill that is stopping some one from hiring me till now. I fill I’m being discriminated against because of my age I hope you can talk them into giving a chance to prove my self. I shop at your store all the time and like the store and people. Thank you for taking time to read this this. Jacalyn Eberle


g.aldridge September 14, 2018 at 9:25 am

it seems a telephone call to menards is much like dental surgery w/o an anesthetic.

two menard location in Lincoln, ne. north store and south store. I am nearest the south store.

13 September 2018, plus/minus 1600 hours LT, I call the south store (402 489 8111).
the mechanical female (Gwendolyn??) voice begins the mindless menu. for this press this. for that press that. Doors, windows, mill work is 15. so I press one five.

It starts ringing. and ringing. and ringing. U get the picture. after four zero. forty. FORTY rings I disconnect.

I call back and talk with a front end manager. I sense this person does not care all that much about lack of customer service.

6 Aug 2018. telephone call to menard south (402 489 8111). I punch building materials (lumber desk). one ringy dingy two ringy dingy. THIRTY FIVE ringy dingy I disconnect. perhaps menard personnel are in the bar drinking

I call the north store (402 464 8764) and miracle (oh blue bird of happiness) talk with a human.

south store. the land is being pretty much unused. tear it down and put up a parking lot


Kathy Doss September 8, 2018 at 11:10 am

My Friend bought me a Apartmen size washer in March of 20l8# MAE50-1102PSEA TOP LOADING ..Modle #MAE50-1102PS… we paid $275.00 for it … we sent in for our 11% rebate… WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR IT…. Thank You


Becky Cuperus July 16, 2018 at 11:17 am

I recently placed an order on line for a table top. It arrived damaged…all four corners and the edging. I have followed protocol and contacted via email. I have also called corporate 3 times today. FINALLY, after the third contact and being transferred to three different people, they are sending me a return label. I should have read the reviews before ordering. Very poor customer service, very poor shipping practices (table was in a box weith no packing material and no corner protection), very slow return process, and very slow quality assurance. (Some of the damage was to the edging of the table, meaning it did not occur during shipping. The table had to have been damaged before shipping, meaning no one inspected it first.)


Sheila Bond July 9, 2018 at 7:42 am

My husband and I visited the new store located in Taylor Michigan this weekend. After spending a couple of hours in the store deciding on patio furniture, we decided on a cheaper set that was on sale for a temporary fix for the summer. The sales person, Chris Harden, was awesome, gathered all the pieces and upsold us all the way to the cashier…he was just that good and appeared to love his job. After paying for our items…totaling approx. $900, I looked at the receipt and notice that the price on the receipt was not the price that was on the set. I quickly made this known before leaving the store. The salesperson who was still with us and the front store manager, Jennifer, immediately took action to get it corrected. However, the General Manager, Chris Fisher, was not management material by Menards standards or any other corporation standard as far as I was concerned. My background is 30+ years in Supply Chain Management / Sales. The display showed 4 chairs and a table which we paid for…however, the wrong chairs were with the tables that was on display. Apparently, they ran out of chairs of the original set and put the upgraded chairs with the table without changing the price or making note on the display. So apparently, the sales guy, along with us, thought that the set we visually saw was the set that we purchased. The sales guy actually pulled the merchandised from stock. Instead of being accommodating for his store mishap, he refused and denied any attempts to make it right for the customer. He did offer to order the chairs that were supposed to come with the set which would take several days to get to the store and we would have to go back to the store to pick them up. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! He allowed $900 to walk out of his store instead of taking a $100 hit (which most likely would not have shown up in profits at all) Sales 101…never let money walk out the door and definitely not into the arms of the competitors!!! Especially if it is an error on the store and not the customer!!!! Menards pride themselves on making the customer happy, as all good companies do, however, Chris Fisher apparently did not get adequate training and is not GM material. Since we needed a set for this weekend, we walked out of Menards with our money and went to Home Depot and got an upgraded set with the same maker and a lot cheaper due to the sale they had this weekend…taking $400 back home with us. Thank you Chris Fisher for being an incompetent GM of a brand new Menards store and losing money and a new customer…because obvious the customer and sale was so low of a priority to you! Good Luck Menards with a GM like that….I’m sure other complaints will eventually follow with this guy, unless someone who values the customer replaces this ego power driven man with no experience!


jan terlikowski June 26, 2018 at 6:48 pm

On 5/25/18 I ordered over $5000 in fencing in the Woodstock IL. store. I was given a date of 6/19th for it to be there. I also paid for delivery at this time. I was worried, because the project needed to be done by 6/23rd. I was told, it would most likely be in by 2 weeks. Well, it wasn’t. Today is 6/26th and I am still fighting with them to get my order delivered. Worst part,,, the full order is at their store!! Everyday it’s a different story as to why it isn’t here! Today’s excuse,,, they sub contract to one guy for all of their stores deliveries!! WHAT??!!! Get out of here! A store like Menards only has one guy to deliver??? Also, supposedly, the guy just up and went home. Never told anyone, and now, not answering his phone. So where is my PAID IN FULL ORDER??!! In the back of this irresponsible idiots truck?? This is not a business that I care to deal with again! Totally unprofessional!!! I have had to continually call them, not once until tonight have they called me!!! Where is my stuff!! I will tell you, either I get my order first thing tomorrow am, or I will get my money back!!! They have already screwed my whole summer project at this point!!!


jan terlikowski June 26, 2018 at 7:42 pm

Just got a call from my contractor, Menards told him one entire roll of fencing is damaged Not usable!! So was the whole story about the truck driver a lie?? That’s it. I will be going there in the morning!! DONE!


jan terlikowski June 26, 2018 at 9:11 pm

Like how my comment is awaiting moderation,,, wonder if that will take as long as a fence order!!


jan terlikowski June 27, 2018 at 1:09 pm

34 days today! Probably just as many stories! Finally received our order today, except for one last roll of fencing which will take another week to get! Whole story about the delivery guy just taking off was bs as well. Talked to the guy. Honestly, he is the only truthful person we dealt with the entire time. Asked for the Regional Manager’s name, got the run around. Never did get it. So John Menard, if you’re reading this, your Woodstock store is in very sad shape! With that kind of customer service, I am surprised it’s still open! Sincerely, J Terlikowski


Rachael June 21, 2018 at 9:43 pm

My experience was at the Menards in St. Louis on Hanley Rd. My parents, husband, and I went to look at tile for their bathroom floor. After looking for some time, they decided on a tile that they might like. They decided to buy a box, take it home, and determine if it was right for them. Upon getting to the register, the box of tile rang up at $3.48 which we asked about and which seemed not to be an issue. So we paid the $3.48 for the box of tile, took the tile home, and they liked it a lot (especially for the price)! There were only 9 boxes of tile left after we purchased the one box already (it was advertised as on sale) so my dad decided to go back and buy the rest of the tile for the floor.

When he went back (the same day), the tile rang up at $35/box of tile. So my dad asked and said that he only paid $3.48 for the same box earlier that day. So the lady who checked him out asked and someone authorized her to sell the rest of the 9 boxes for $3.48/box. Great deal, right? If this was going to be an issue, wouldn’t someone have stopped and said, “No actually, you were charged incorrectly this morning and you owe us more money for the tile you purchased earlier today”. That did not happen. Instead, the cashier changed the price and my dad paid around $30 each for 9 boxes of tile. A porter helped him wheel the tile out of the store and put it into his car.

Less than one week later, his card was charged for the full amount of the tile without any authorization. When he went to the store to ask what happened, he was accused by the assistant store manager, Josh, of “leaving the store with unpaid merchandise” (aka stealing) and “only paying for 9 tiles”. How is it possible that he paid for 9 tiles when there are 8 tiles in a box and he left with 9 boxes? Also, how is it possible that he left with unpaid merchandise when he asked about the price and their employee keyed in the adjusted price for each box of tile? Also, he has a receipt and both encounters are on video, per Josh.

After my dad left and told us what happened, I called and spoke with Josh myself. At which time, Josh told me that this ordeal is our fault and that we should have protested the original price harder. He asked who would sell a box of tile for $3.48. Well, we did ask that day and Menards, in fact, sold a box of tile for $3.48. Then sold 9 more for the same price, but that is our fault? And then they took additional money from his account without authorization to pay for the original cost of the tile and continued to imply that he stole it. We were given two options, contact the headquarters (which is recording telling you to write in the complaint) or return the tile to get all of your money back.

Neither I nor my family will ever go to a Menards again and will be sure to let everyone know it.


jan terlikowski June 26, 2018 at 7:01 pm

You should go to your bank and place a fraud suit against them! They charged you bank without permission even though you have proof of purchase!! That is fraud!! Do it now!


Mary Anne Bailey June 14, 2018 at 8:45 pm

We have spent thousands of dollars at Menards over the years, with generally good results. Tonight was a completely different story. We had visited the West St Paul store on Sunday, May 28 to buy cypress mulch, only to find out they had received a very small quantity that couldn’t begin to support their weekly ad. We proceeded to the Building department to place an order for the next shipment, and paid for 40 bags in advance. On June 12, we received email notification that the mulch was ready to be picked up. We went to the store on June 14, presuming that it would be set aside since it had been paid for. Oops — they were out of stock again because they didn’t fill the orders before they stocked it for walk-in traffic, even though the employee told us they had presold quite a lot. We had already prepared and weeded the areas, had a truck available for pickup, and went home empty handed with a promise that they will deliver it when it gets restocked. I am not excited about weeding the large gardens again (40 bags, remember) and making three trips to check on availability too–not very customer friendly. May I suggest that when a customer actually pays up front, you fill the orders in the order in which they were paid? We ordered this at 9:03 a.m. according to our receipt, on the first day of the ad. I doubt there were many folks there before us–and we will be waiting for a few more weeks, it appears. I’m grateful for the free delivery–if it ever comes–but I’d sure love some help pulling weeds again. Can you fix this problem for future customers?


Ted B May 10, 2018 at 1:29 pm

I been shopping at Menards at Columbus East and had a good experience. the last time i went there looking for flooring, they did not have enough on stock and i had to go to a different store.
if you leave in Columbus, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE MENARDS ON MORSE RD. i purchased over 750 sqft flooring and have it delivered in a pallet. after the contractors start to work on it we realized the bottom half of (over 400sqft) the flooring was a wrong type/color. i called the store and they told me they will check on their stock and give me a call back shortly. that took about 3 hours before i decided to go to the store. once i got to the store, i asked for the Manager that i spoke to on the phone and he did not even remember our phone conversation. There was no apology for their error of any type of solution as i have contractors waiting at home to finish the work. i spoke to at least 3 different managers and i was told i may have to wait for at least a week for them to deliver the correct items even though the have enough in the store. i spend another 4 – 6 hours driving between my house and the store carrying the flooring part.
i was so disappointed at the situation as i also work in industrial/retail and that is a first day training to treat customers with respect and do everything possible to make things right when situations arise. i rate my experience in that store as a 1 star. they did not even offer to refund any of my delivery payment or own their mistakes.

Thank you,


Andy May 25, 2018 at 11:16 am

My frustration was similar with Menards. I needed a significant amount of landscape rock and rather than make 10 trips to pick it up decided to have delivered. The deliver price quoted online was $69. Within a day I got an email saying there was a $30 “handling charge”. Why wasn’t that disclosed on the order? I will grant their employees were polite. When I asked about this they said well in the fine print on the order process it says there might be additional handling charges. Just expect surprises dealing with Mendards and don’t expect them to be pleasant. @menards


Ken Presswood April 20, 2018 at 11:59 am

Not a complaint but more of a question and to understand better. It seems here at Menards we run sales of some sort almost weekly. Which means there is always tons of paperwork for the department managers and assistants to do. Why not have a “Point of sale” team that only does sales and free the managers to be real managers once again. The truth is most managers have so much paperwork to do that they rarely have time to be managers at all except in title. It is very hard for managers to really understand and know what is going on in their own departments in many instances. Their heads are filled with sales and adding sales prices to items. If the managers are freed up more to do the jobs they were hired to do I believe everyone from top to bottom would benefit from this. So I guess my question is does anyone look into this sort of thing to make our stores better? I am sure they have to in a changing society. Go in a store and just observe the constant trail of paperwork and the lack of guest assistance due to the overwhelming load of sales paperwork and price changing. So much that many times the full time employees are also doing paperwork on sales. You wonder who is assisting guests? Thanks for you time. Just an observation and question to understand the real commitment.


Lynn Roberts April 11, 2018 at 6:37 pm

My experience was bad at Menards on State Street in Saginaw. Mi
On Saturday April 6th about 830am I went to get some carpet for my home. I stood at the desk in carpet area for over 30 minutes nobody was in sight. Finally a lady came by me. I tired to talk to her and she just walked away from me. So at that time I was mad.But i thought maybe she was busy. So i left store and came back around 12pm. Same thing nobody in carpet area. Finally i seen same lady. I tired to talk to her again. She totally ignored me and walked by me. I know she seen me. Because I addressed her. And told her i needed carpet. She acted like I was not even there….. So i left store again. 3rd time i came back about 3pm I brought my mom with me hoping to get service since she a elderly lady. Still same thing nobody in carpet area. By now i so mad. And so was my mom. Finally I went to paint area and asked lady who was working if she could call somebody to help me in carpet area. This lady in paint area was very nice she explained to me that there was only one lady in carpet area. The other employee called in. She call her for me.But it may take awhile for her to get to me. after about 10 minutes Finally the same lady from last 2 times came to carpet area. While walking to carpet area a another customer stopped her. To ask her about tile. I stood there waited again for my turn. Guess what she walked away again 3rd time. . At this point i chased her down threw store. I remained calm But i was very upset. I told her i need carpet again. I needed it 16 feet long. I got my carpet and i ok with everything. I was mad i had to make 3 trips to store but i got my carpet. I was just happy to finally get home. .On Wednesday April 11th I went to put my carpet in..OMG she cut it to short it was cut 12 feet long. So to make story short 3 trips to Menards in one day and still they got my order wrong. This is very big disappointment to me. Now i got seam in middle of my room. And since the carpet has pattern to it. It does not match because i have go back to store and get carpet going in other direction. I so just deal with seam with big area rug over it ;(


Becky Wolff April 11, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Mr. Menard,
So sorry to have to bother you, but I’ve been shopping at your stores for years. Recently 3/8/18 I purchased 4000.00 worth of flooring and padding from your store. They didn’t have the quantity in stock, and so I had to order for delivery. It was delivered to my home on 3/28/18.
I then noticed it went on sale, and tried to get the adjustment. Only to be told by Ray, Mr.Olsen and a store manager Mike, that the only way to get the sale price is to return the three pallets, and repurchase them
I can’t believe this is the way you run your Company.
I’m still in disbelief. If I was t a single mother, the money won’t matter. But the return would be around $600.00, I sure could use that.
Thank you in advance.
Becky Wolff
Thank you for your time


Pamela Martin March 31, 2018 at 3:42 pm

Me, my daughter and son-in-law does alot of business with Menards in Lima, Ohio. I just purchased a stove and refrigerator from there. I was real happy over the new stove. Which we pick up. The refrigerator I had to wait over 2 weeks and had it delivered. The delivery service was very professional. But once they had the refrigerator sat up and into place. I noticed dents on both sides of the refrigerator.The handles on the refrigerator was scuffed up also. Right, away I called Menards up and told them about it and also took pictures of the the damage. The appliance manager had told me me she would take so much off the refrigerator. But later I was called up by menards to be tell me they could not do that because of the 11% rebate. (What they wanted to refund me would be throught the 11% rebate that I had already sent in. So that meant no rebate for me.) I was pretty upset about that so I went up to menards talk to the store manager and also showed them the pictures. Finally they told me they would take it off my credit card. I did look at my credit account and it did have a return item credit on it. Before this all took place with the refrigerator I also ordered online a range hood from menards for above my new stove.Guess what It just came in and this was sent to me straight from the broan factory in Wi. and it has a big dent that pops out in it. Very noticeable! I’m very upset!! Is all of menards stuff of low quality? Cause so far I have had no luck with your stores. Four years ago, I had ordered a kit for a deck which menards delivered that. The lumber was very bad qaulity. Before the deck was constructed, I wish I would had looked more closely at the lumber. Because I believe I would had told them to take it right back. I should had learnt my lesson back than. I’m at the point that I think menards is off my list of places to go. Very upset


Alva Dare March 29, 2018 at 7:46 pm

When is the planed date that the new store in Mt, Vernon Illinois is to open?


Mike Sullivan March 21, 2018 at 3:46 pm

Please help! I purchased this dishwasher on 3/4 and attempted to install it on 3/19. It poured water out of the front. Numerous attempts to get it to work failed. I called the store to request an exchange and was told I only had a 7 day window and would have to deal with Whirlpool. I did some research and did not find any of this model that had the problem mine has and was willing to take an exchange for the same model, which was in stock. I ultimatley spoke to the manager, Jason McCarty (sic?), who said he would contact the manufacturer (Whirlpool) on my behalf. I was stunned that this was required, I paid Menards, not Whirlpool. Nonetheless, I was told he would call back; he never did. I just called and dealt with his unpleasant assistant, Michelle, who informed me that they “sent an email”. I reiterated my dissatisfaction and need for resolution today. She then called the Whirlpool rep, I was told, and called me back to tell me that she left a voicemail and that normal turnaround time was 1-2 days. I explained I needed this resolved today as my kitchen is torn apart, I paid Menards and was never told of a 7 day window and was not satisfied. I was hung up upon.

I also have $1000 plus of floor tile, counters and backsplash material (bought around the same time!) which I will return if this is not resolved quickly. Additionally, if I have to go to that extent and trouble, I will post this letter on every home improvement blog/site I can find until I am tired of doing so. The half dozen people I have told so far were equally surprised at your policy, and appalled at your service level to date.

I run my business based on service, and know things can get disjointed. But sanity eventually wins out. I trust in this case sooner than later for both our best interests.


Nancy Derocco March 20, 2018 at 6:50 pm

After reading others comments mine is petty, we went to the local store to pick out shelves for our new wall (barnwood, which was purchased at the same store) the store only had one shelf (we needed 2) I went home and placed an order my cheap 2.99 shelves were near 18.00 with processing? and shipping, i was pleasantly surprised that they arrived quite quickly only they were the wrong color, wasn’t what I ordered, I emailed customer service and after 24 hours I received an email back asking for me to send pictures which i did, I was then told they were assorted colors so i “got what I got” I explained I was sent not what I ordered and wanted a full refund, and was told since they have assorted colors it wasn’t their problem, after this simple horrible customer service mistake, we cancelled our hardwood flooring order, i will NEVER, EVER step foot back into another Menard’s store


cho March 1, 2018 at 10:09 pm

I ordered this lumber on 1/23 with an expected delivery date (per your website of 2/21). On 2/21 I contacted the local Owensboro store. Received rude and argumentative customer service who told me the delivery would arrive 3/1. On 3/1…nothing. Then I got another email moving the date to 3/13…then another for 3/31…2 months from order and one month from stated delivery. After a total of 5 calls to the store with an assurance of a call back…still nothing. Your customer service is horrendous, even worst than AT&T (they at least have a number to call.). I would estimate you are about to lose hundreds of thousands of future dollars from myself and clients to Home Depot and Lowe’s simply because you can’t contact me and settle up your mistake. Your email customer service is a joke with a canned message. I’m giving it until tomorrow to get a phone call to make up for the losses you’ve caused me and then I am going to make it my life’s mission to downgrade Menards on every social media platform and personally to every contractor I know. You are costing me money, so now I am going to cost you money. I’ve been waiting over a month and a half for something I’ve already paid you for. I have found another supplier and will be returning the $500 plus merchandise I have bought from you for the recent remodel…out of principle…and will spend the next immediate 5-6k at Lowe’s or Home Depot unless I hear from someone who can answer my questions tomorrow. Your 11% is worth nothing if you can’t fulfill your promises or provide even a simple glimmer of customer service.


michael long January 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm

well my b day passed and i did not get anything from you for my b day. have you stoped giving out a gift for b days ? and if so why ???


Nichola Carty January 7, 2018 at 10:04 pm

Hi, Ordered counter tops on 12/16/17 with estimates of 12/30/17. Today is 1/6/18 and I’ve yet to get my counter tops that’s been sitting in Holiday City Ohio waiting on a full truck to the Livonia MI store. Its,been done since 12/27/17 when I spoke with Betty and should have made it here on time but A &- contractor trucking is waiting on a full ride/truck…I could have driven the 3/4 hours for my item. I do not appreciate this kind of service, I came over to Menards as I’ve heard good things about them and wanted to try them but this is worst service iv5e received from any hardware store since remodeling February 2017…and I’ve had issues, I thought but this is the worst service yet. A manager Sara/Sandra who called me on Tuesday 1/2/18 Was not not a good representation of your company, Regie has called everyday with the same message that’s it’s on its way, thankbhim for trying. But I do not appreciating this at all and would like full product and refund of this unacceptable service, and please don’t tell me 12/30 Was an estimate because I know what an estimate is. You had me paying for this item in full upfront with knowledge of unpleasant deliveries, a good company would have sent their own company truck to Ohio to fetch my item. It’s just too much competition out there to deal with this kind of service. I need my counter tops, I need to reimburse for my inconveniences. I am not a happy customer Very unhappy customer Nichola Carty LVNA 30132048
313 721 XXXXX


Symantha Wold December 27, 2017 at 2:41 pm

After almost 13 years of employment with Menards I recently found a better opportunity for me and my family and accepted a new career path. On December 19th I put in my 2 week notice. Currently I had been working at a Mini Xdock (Building 25) in Eau Claire, WI where I was a supervisor. I had never missed a day of work, always showed up early to get prepared for the day, and worked all my days off. My team members and I got along very well and we did what we could to get things done the most efficient as possible. For nearly 13 years Menards was my second home. That all changed on December 26th, 2017.

Just one week short of completing my two week notice, I was told by Aaron Simon ( Concrete Manager) that I was no longer needed and not to come back to work the next day. I asked him if I could complete my 2 weeks and he firmly said no. Now anyone who has bills especially around this time of year knows that a week worth of pay can make a huge difference. He not only screwed me out of a pay check, but the reason they let me go before my 2 weeks was up was so they did not have to pay me for my 4 weeks of vacation I had coming. I work the whole 2017 year to earn those 4 weeks and that’s how they repay their employee? The less they have to pay out, the higher the manager’s bonus.

Everyone is just a number when you work for Menards. Family does not matter. Values are thrown out the window. Managers care more about their bank accounts then they do their employees.

I was never allowed to say goodbye to my team members however I received calls and texts telling me how much I will be missed and how wrong it was for Aaron/Randy to make me leave before completing my 2 weeks. I have lost all respect for the Concrete Division of Midwest Manufacturing and all of the Managers. Maybe this email will put in to perspective on why Menards has a bad reputation and why they can not get people to work for them.

ATTN: John Menard
ATTN: Scott Collette


Rick Gullickson March 30, 2018 at 3:38 pm

This response that I received from someone named Ray in customer service is about the most pathetic response to a customer complaint that I have ever seen. No concern what so ever. I just don’t get the fact that when you make a purchase using a gift card and cash that you can’t get cash back for a return as long as it doesn’t exceed the cash outlay. I have been a customer of Menards for years but no more. They could care less. Furthermore it wasn’t a store merchandise credit it was a gift card for which Menards already rec’d cash. You WILL NOT force me to come back to your store because of your unfair policy.


Menards return policy calls for the returns to be refunded in the same method that was used when the product was originally purchased. Being that your purchases included a store merchandise credit, that is the first payment type that we refund. We appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

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Name: Rick Gullickson
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Two weeks ago I went to the Menards store in Marinette and made a purchase of over $150. I paid for the purchase using a $28 gift card and the balance paid in cash. As luck would have it I had to return 2 items equaling about $7. When I returned the items I was told I had to accept an in store credit.

It seems to me that in the past I was able to get cash back on a return if I used a gift card and paid the balance in cash providing the return didn’t exceed the cash outlay. No longer apparently. Most often though I didn’t have a problem with the in store credit because I usually had more stuff to buy.

I live 25 mi from the store so I don’t make trips there every day. This time I didn’t need to buy anything else, just happened to be in town. So I asked for cash instead of an in store credit and was refused. I believe this is an unfair practice and am asking that Menards review their policy.

As long as I paid cash for the purchase and the balance as a gift card I should have been given the option of either cash or in store credit as long as the return didn’t exceed the actual cash outlay.

When I shop at any business I value customer service and look for them to match up with my needs. I sent an email early this week and have yet to receive a response, which I might add, is disappointing. I also talked to Dave, the store manager, about this issue. I hope a response to this email is more timely with a favorable answer.

Rick Gullickson
Wausaukee, WI 54177
715 732 3957

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Nate Riley December 15, 2017 at 12:58 pm

I have had the absolute worst customer experience, I have every had from this store and its management team .

I ordered a Vanity top for my bath room on 9-30-17 when it came in the holes were drilled wrong.

So we went back to the store and asked the Manager on duty in that department ,what could be done to get this back in a timely Fashion since we have waited 4 weeks to get this one , he said he would call the vendor and get back to me , but it may be faster to credit this one that is wrong and place a new order and let them know that they made a mistake and he needs this vanity back in a couple weeks .

I never received the phone follow-up back from Robert as promised ,so I called back the following day to get news of what he figured out . he tells me that it will ship and be in the store by 11-17-17 , this did not happen ,I never got a follow from the store to tell me if the vanity made it in on Friday 11-17-17 so I called and asked to speak to Robert , he then states that the vanity top will not be in the store till the 11-27-17 , at this time I very !!! upset I ask Robert to follow up with me the day drops in the store so that I can get it in . needless to say this did not happen . so my wife then gets a email saying the vanity will be in on the 27th and I can pick it up . I go to the store and 6:00pm and wait 1hour and 30mins for the agents to find this vanity top , when I get it home the vanity top is the wrong color and now has no holes in it . so I call back to the store and asked for Robert I explained to him that this one is not only the wrong color but has no holes drilled into it , he never once apologized ,he said there is nothing he could do expedite this , basically he was trying to blow me off and offered no type of resolve and that all he could do is reorder and he could not give me a lead time on how long this would take , I then asked for the General managers name and that he should try calling him that night and explain the situation and see if he could do something about this and have him call me first thing in the morning on 11-28-17.

I receive a call from the general manger Kevin Harrison. He asked what he could do and I explained the issue again. and begged him to get this right and get this vanity back to me in two weeks and as a leader of a store he should work on coaching his Management team on how to deal with upset customers when it clear I only want what’s right , nothing extra , nothing taken off the price just get it to me in two weeks so I can get this done before Christmas now .

I also sent him phots of the vanity showing that it was clearly the wrong one and that I don’t think I being unreasonable about this and that the his vendor need to fix this and get it back to me in the two weeks I’m now requesting , so he says he would do this and then has a young lady the next day from the department call me and let me know that he has sent emails and that I will have the vanity back by 12-13-17 .

I realized that I had not heard from anyone on the 12-13-17 so I email Kevin today , he has Stan from that department call me and let me know that this vanity will not be in till after charismas .

I asked to speak to Kevin , he tell me he has done all he can do and I can wait for it or just stop the order , I told him he has not done all he can do , he said are you calling me a liar?

I said no ,but you can get this next day air he said because of the size and weight that this not possible and begun to be very rude and said if you don’t like this then you can go else where !

This manager is very rude and felt it ok to talk down to me as if I am stupid , he obviously cannot see from the customers side on this . I deal with clients every day and no we are not perfect here either ,but we do understand that if it is not something the customer did to cause the problem we fix it without question and do what we need to do to make the experience better .


melissa schoenbauer December 8, 2017 at 11:54 am

Just got off the phone with the GM of the Burnsville MN location re a French door ordered in July the GM just told me that It was MY FAULT that their sales rep ordered the incorrect door!!! this is so beyond any other bad Customer Service experience I have EVER had!

here is the issue to which I WAS JUST BLAMED for! Not to mention the TIME and MONEY I am OUT due to MENARDS numerous Error!

Went to Burnsville store on 7-13-2017 ordered a French door from sales Rep BYRON I was told that I would receive email upon arrival.. Door was to arrive in 3 weeks. at the 6 week point I called and spoke to Derek who informed me that there was a back order on the door and it would be 3 more Weeks. After 4 weeks passed I called to find out status and was told it was there! ( no email) rented a truck, to pick up door and no one could find the door! Finally found door got door home, called carpenter out who tore sideing off and framing off my home only to discover the door was not the correct size. Rented truck again to return.. Called and spoke to I believe Luke who said he was a manger and a door expert and assured me that it was the fault of Byron and that the door we actually needed was a custom order and we would have to come in and re order. We did. Derek helped this time and assured me that he knew exactly what he was doing and the this would be handled as an even exchange. I even had Derek sign the receipt stating this was an even exchange for paid incorrect door and we did not receive any refund. a few weeks go by ( I am totally assuming that the door is now ordered and just waiting for the Email to arrive to go pick it u) I received a call from Derek telling me that the door was ready but since it had not been paid for the company would not ship it?? I told Derek that it was paid for already and that it was to be an EXCHANGE. Derek said that the door had been refunded and that he could not go forward until payment was made. I then spoke to Austin who after about a half hour did find that I was never refunded and that the door could proceed… At this point it is now November. I ordered a door in good faith on july 13th and I STILL do not have a door.. I have rented a truck twice and have hired a carpenter have traveled to the store twice to try to purchase a door and have had to clock out of work to make these phone calls!! I explain to Austin that this has been so disappointing and I ask him to compensate me for My time and Expense and he said no. (I said really? not even a 50.00 gift card) still NO – So I said I just want to cancel then. And he said fine and cancelled the transaction and said I would get my refund back into my checking account. THEN about a half hour later Derek called to say that I must come BACK to the Store to get my refund because the must have my card in order to refund – SO yet more time and money from ME.. I asked for a manager again and was told no way around it so I drove over to get my refund –
I have a ton of home improvement projects going right now and hired a glass block installation for a window.. Just got the email from the installer stating that he has to reschedule due to the window he just went to pick up is delayed! I asked from where? YEP you got it MENARDS !! I had no idea that he ordered the window from Menards!! Totally stopped that one before it turned in to another total fiasco! Which I am told IS MY FAULT
Totally unacceptable service.. Long time Menards customer NO MORE

I see all the Previous email complaints and I agree with the civil suit is in order
PS if this is just going to RAY at the Burnsville location I already KNOW that Nothing will be done.. This is meant for your corporate location in Eau Claire so please forward.


Michel Goins December 6, 2017 at 11:17 am

We ordered countertops online from Menards and a day after receiving the email they were in we went to pick them up. However after waiting for nearly an hour the staff said they didn’t have them and this happens all the time! Nobody could give an answer as to where or when they would be in. Why do you send emails out to come pick up if item isn’t even there? What horrible customer service and a waste of our entire evening together as a family to come home with no countertops! We will never shop Menards again I have never seen anything like this and have been a manager in customer service for years. Clearly someone messed up and as a customer we were made to feel like it was our problem to deal with and still haven’t heard back from the store as to where our order is. This is a great way to loose loyal customers and have them tell others about their bad experience with your company.


James szymczak December 1, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Not a happy customer right now, i went to menards with all my dimensions for new kitchen cabinets.picked out everything i wanted and whoever it was that designed it didnt have a clue what they were doing,i even went out again to have it programmed and checked so i can order a countertop but he couldnt figure out how to do it and it was getting close to closing time and 3 mins till closing he says crap the program crashed but my 11yr old daughter said he exited out and seen him do it.cabinets came in and i picked them up and take them home and gutted my whole kitchen to the studs,everything i buy is always from menards. So i buy all new drywall,new outlets and switches,new wiring and pex plumbing and new bar lights plus new cabinets so i have alot of money invested that was paid to menards. Well i start hanging cabinets and get the 1st 2 hung and then the 3rd one hung and something didnt look right, my lazy susan is to be 36″ from the wall and then my stove goes after but when i measure the top cabinet i only get 33″ and my built in microwave goes there and if i mount it like that then my stove and microwave will be offset and not right..they have a 9″ cabinet but should have a 12″ cabinet there to put both the mic and oven center..then i look at the layout design and on the other side of my microwave they have a 4″ filler between my last 2 cabinets and if i put that in like that then my microwave would be flush where the 12″ cabinet should have been and i would have a 4″ gap on one side of my microwave which isnt right either.. So we then prefit the rest of my cabinets and i am to have a 4ft bar area but they gave me a 6ft bar and thats incorrect so i go back out to menards and tell tiffany baldy and she goes through my file and fixed everything up for me, this lady is the best out there and it would be a major loss to ever lose her.. She is flatout damn good at what she does in the i get back home and decided to hang another cabinet and the wife noticed my 30″ wall cabinet was smashed on the bottom and u can tell it was fixed. My plan was to have this done by the holidays but that cant happen now.when i got home i noticed that my left side blind cabinet was a right side cabinet and not right either so now ive had enough of it. I toss the cabinets in the truck that need exchanged along with the right side blind cabinet and head to menards again..get there and wait in line for over 30 mins to return them and then drive to the guard shack to drop them off,while headed to the truck i noticed my drawer was missing and flew out somewhere on the highway so now i gotta find a way to replace it..when i told them it was the wrong blind cabinet they printed out a sheet that stated it was a reversible blind cabinet and if i have known that then i wouldnt have hauled it out there so theres another screw up.i drive around and the gaurd asked me for my paperwork and i said i dont have it cause the desk lady kept it, so anyhow she said dock 10 to drop off..well i was back there for another 30 mins because they had to chase down the sku#’s since the desk lady kept my paperwork.. Ive decided then and there that this is bullXXXXX and im at wits end. Drive back around to the front so i can get a refund and order the correct cabinets and to get ordered a replacement one for the smashed cabinet and the fella tells me theres a 25% restock fee on cabinets..i then said bullXXXXX cause none of this was my mistake..they waived the restock fee but im not happy with it so i said to get me the GM..he comes over and i show him everything thats messed up and he agrees 100%.. I cursed several times and i am not happy bout the whole process of this..i trust menards to design this and payed good money and i told him its been screwed up from the getgo and i am not happy with only getting a 25% restock fee especially since it wasnt any of my fault to begin with and told him ill bring everything i bought back and take my a** down the road to lowes or home depot.. After a half hr talk with him and customers nearby listening and agreeing with me he says all i can do is waive the restock fee…ive got over 4+hrs and money lost for paying my help and pissing around bringing cabinets back,miles on the truck and fuel and thats not good enough over this make things even better i now have to wait till dec 8th to get my replacement cabinets.. I am not the only one installing these and i am paying my help but now everything is on a hold from a messed up kitchen design from someone that wasnt experienced enough in this field I have gone through enough hassle and ready to change locations if this issue isnt dealt with. What can u do to make this right…call fax info or email and no response…i finally pick cabinets up last night but only got 2 cause the dumba**es forgot to order my replacement one that was smashed…so now gotta wait even longer… Call corporate and the XXXXXX want let me through to tslk to anyone… I want answers and compensation for this bulls**t and if i have to fly to Wisconsin to there office i will do it..whats a cple more bucks to waste at this joke a** store


M. Zale November 12, 2017 at 1:44 pm

Posted on Facebook:
Menards has a sign that says Go Green, bring us your mattress and box springs, we will dispose. Soooooooo we load them up and bring them. 20 bucks a piece. Menards then says……. oh sorry BUT…….you first have to rent a truck to bring them to us, for 20 bucks. Oh….. well….. okay. I’ll just pay the additional 20 dollars at this point. Then they instruct us to fill out the rental forms for a truck we do not need to rent, because we already have the mattresses…..but then can’t do that either because we forgot our license. We then couldn’t pay the additional 20 dollars because they don’t “do that”. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Way to use common sense Menard’s.


Hernandez November 8, 2017 at 10:42 am

Last Friday I had to call for them to check if they had the same flooring I was putting at my house. (Apple valley)
They did. So me and the wife decide it to return a light for the outside of my house. that costed 139.99 figuring we need the floor more than the light. So i drove 45 miles to get the flooring. Not to mention I had to stop in Dundas to pick up the rest for a total of 21 boxes. When I got to apple valley I repeat I had to return the light so I had enough $$$ to get the flooring. I proceeded to approach the service desk when my turn was up I had this girl that just gave me the dirtiest look. She’s ask what I was doing there when I told her I need it to return the light she had ask oh where you bought it from did you buy it do you pay with cash or EBT. I ignored her comment and said cash. She than asked for my drivers license than walked away with out saying anything. 10 or 15 min later she comes back with a yellow paper saying here this is yours. I asked what it was she said it was a claim that she’s never seen me before and that she wasn’t going to reimburse me the money. I asked for my light back she declined stating that the papers had been send already so I was screwed. I was like I’m returning the light to buy my flooring they put it aside for me already she replied sorry I can’t help you than walked away. So I still when to the flooring department and bought my flooring. As if it wasn’t enough she’s looking at me with rage as I’m walking to the register. Goes behind the counter and just sat there till I paid and walk out. That was my high light of the night.i guess I was in the wrong store I never quite understood the meaning of racial profiling but as God as my witness she made it clear that night.


Ann October 30, 2017 at 8:34 pm

I am sick and tired of the low toilets in your bathrooms. I am almost on the floor and it is difficult to get up. I am not handicapped so try to use regular stalks but it would be totally embarrassing if someone has to get me up. You sell toilets. Why can’t you install some higher ones?


Jason October 28, 2017 at 6:06 pm

The worst customer service I have ever recived. This all started back labor day weekend. We went to the kenosha menards to purchase a garage. We first started with an generic estimate, they told us we could a change things if we decided to purchase it (colors ect). We decided to go back the next day and make the changes and purchase the building. The next day we were looking at our house and wondered how much it would cost to buy the siding to match the garage color we picked. I went thru the paper wok I couldn’t find the siding and also wrong color miss match sofit pieces wrong color steel roofing screws ect. I called the store to tell them what I found and to ask them about the siding.turns out the siding was never ordered and the difference was over $1000 more .. so I went to the store to try and get some answers. Apparently the siding that comes with the package doesn’t come in charcoal grey so it was considered an up grade, from $5 a piece to $10 so I said the price of the siding should be $500 not $1000 his response was no that was the package price if I want to up grade that i would have to pay $1000. I said so I get no credit for siding that I’m not taking? His response was thats the price whether you take the siding or not. I was angry at this point I told him to just cancel the whole thing. He said please wait while I get my manager. The manager came and said what’s the problem I told him and I want to cancel the whole thing (mind you it’s Sunday on labor day weekend) the manager tells me it all special order and it subject to a 25% re stock fee. I said it was purchased the day before and to just cancel the order he said the he would try but if the truss company started to make them it was to late. He later said I don’t know why your so upset . I explained again about the siding and how I was paying for something I wasn’t get in and no credit for the siding in wanted.. He finally gave me the credit for the included siding toward my upgraded siding. I thought I go thru with it against my better judgement and went on my way. My contractor (good friend) came out to review the paper work and found a bunch of mistakes, expensive mistakes, wrong materials ect. Back to the store again to try and make the corrections. After 10 hours in the store we finally thought we had everything corrected and now time to wait on the delivery. 3 weeks later the truck pulls up with my order, my workers where there ready to get started. The delivery driver says that’s not a driveway and it’s going to cost you $10 a pull to bring it 20 ft back where the staging area is. It’s not a paved driveway but a driven on path to get to the garage slab. So I was on the phone to the store, the driver says you have 30 seconds to pay me the extra or I’m leaving. I gave in and pay him the extra $60..done or so I thought..framed the wall that day, the next day I figured out that they sent out the wrong trusses. So back to the store we went fought with them again and they said I should have caught their mistake, not just the trusses now the steel roofing was also wrong because it is pre cut for the trusses from the factory. This was on a Saturday so I went home to think about my next step since the trusses could be ordered til Monday due to the factory office isn’t open on the weekend( remember when the manager told me he wasn’t sure if he could cancel my order from a sat order 3 weeks prior) I was angry, I was lied to . My wife said let’s just order our stuff pay the 25% re stock fee and be done I reluctantly agreed but I decided to keep the steel roofing for another project. I went to the store the next morning, told them we would order the proper trusses and the new steel roofing and I was going to keep the steel roofing I had. The manager clearly wasn’t happy and went as far as saying ” the steel was cut for those trusses. Why won’t you let us take it back?” I said no I payed for it and I was keeping it. He wasn’t happy. We paid for our new materials and waited til this morning for our order. The GM called to let me know that the truck should be at my home in 30 minutes or so. I said ok thank you..he asked me where the trusses would be staged (same place as the wrong ones) I explained he said no problem. The driver (same driver as the first time) gets out of the truck and asked if the store had told me about the handling fees? I told him I talked to the GM and said nothing about any fees..the driver told me “you better call the store” I called and explained the situation and the GM told me np charge a driveway is a driveway paved or not. The store called the driver, the drive then told me I’ll drop them by the road but he’s not putting the trusses and the steel where the staging area is. I said you have to pick up the wrong trusses anyways. His response was no he was leaving them because we were told we didn’t have to pay the fee..told us we were on our own. I said over 20 ft? I then called the store again and the driver left with out stuff on the truck. Told the store we refused delivery. Off to the store yet again to try and get thing worked out yet again. The GM took the drivers side and called me a liar on where I said it was to be staged. I was so mad I left the store. My wife and contractor stayed in the store ..end of story is my wife paid an additional delivery fee, and $30 for an “off road” fee and was told it would be delivered this afternoon and for US not to be on the property when the delivery gets there. The driver is the only one they have and they don’t want to upset him.. are you kidding me? I have to leave my house so we don’t upset their driver? That’s not happening, and to top it off the delivery still is NOT HERE…
Never again . Now to contact the BBC


Jason October 29, 2017 at 3:33 pm

Still not see and now the driver refused to deliver to this address


Julie October 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm

What happened to Customer Service at these stores??? I had a rebate from a previous big purchase — bought for me by a relative — so I went to the Beaver Dam Menards to buy products for another project. It took asking four sales representatives before anyone would help me. I was shocked at the lack of customer service. I finally found someone to help, though she didn’t really know the answers to my questions. I ended up spending about $125 — $40 of which I paid for with my rebate. A few days later when I went to start the project, I saw the crown molding I had bought — only a portion of the total purchase —
would not lay flat on the wall. It was warped as well as the wrong design for what I wanted. I returned the crown molding to the Madison East store. They would only refund my rebate — as a store credit. I didn’t want a store credit. I wanted my money back. I talked to a “customer service” representative, to a manager, and finally the store manager. I told them there was no crown molding I could use at Menard’s and that I needed to go somewhere else to buy some. They refused to refund the amount onto my credit card. The store manager put me down, saying I didn’t know what I was doing, that I could have used the crown molding. I told them I wouldn’t shop at Menard’s again and they said they didn’t care, that that was fine. I’ve worked in retail and have owned a store. I would have been fired and would have fired anyone who treated a customer the way I was treated. I will not shop Menard’s again.


JOANN BAVRY October 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm

This letter is in response to your letter of October 12, 2017.

I am also sorry you did not meet my expectations. Wow. Whatever happened to Customer Service and resolving customer issues? I purchased the item, and had to refund it and purchase a new one per your policy. How do I not qualify for the sale price of the original item?

So what if the sale was over? It was in effect when I purchased the ORIGINAL and SAME item again. Even having to refund/repurchase the same item for pickup in another store is an inefficient policy. I really didn’t want to do that.

That being said, it’s only good customer service to honor the original price. $40 is a lot to me since I am retired and it would help. I would have been happy with a store credit, which would have been nothing to you.

Being in the customer service industry in the travel business for many years, I wouldn’t have thought twice about this one. It’s a no-brainer for customer retention.

Not that it matters. Good bye Menards, and hello Home Depot.


Jo-Ann Bavry
Retired Reservations Agent and Product Manager


Dalton October 17, 2017 at 2:03 pm

They put a product online then call and say the product is incomplete and are looking at other sites to get the extra part needed. They call back later that week to tell me that the product is now broken and are looking throughout other sites to fix it. Well if you looked last time why would it change now? They put a product online that was not complete and falsely advertised a product and I am going on two weeks going back and forth trying to get them to make it right and all that happens is I get shuffled to another person. Now they have found it and are shipping the product, but I get two emails saying they cancelled the order. So I contacted the store and once again got shuffled around and no one seems to know anything and yet still refuse to make things right. This is no fault of mine and it is strictly their fault but yet I get the run around. Customer care is a complete joke with this company. In store and calling in the people are not friendly and have little no knowledge about that they are talking about. They aren’t even willing to make their own mistake right with a customer. All over 30 dollars you are now losing a customer. Absolutely pathetic in how I was treated.


Carrie Andersen October 16, 2017 at 3:35 pm

I’m getting ready to go down to green bay to get my money back from Menards who can’t seem to get our order our to us they only seem to say it’s not ready and for two months we’ve waited and we still have nothing. So alternative is go with better company. I read 622 complaints today on Menards wish I had done my homework sooner. Let you know if I get my money back, or if I have to call police….


Threatened employee October 13, 2017 at 11:46 am

I am a employee at the menards warehouse in saginaw,mi where my life has been threatened by leroy Chisolm. He is a known felone with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. Is this the kind of people you hire please help me for my safety.


Susan Roth October 9, 2017 at 11:29 am

I have applied to Menards in Eau Claire at least 3 times, I think maybe 4. Only on 1 of the applications I received an acknowledgement email. However, I obviously was not selected for any of the positions that I applied for (no notification, nothing) when I had the experience required. I do not understand why. They could at least tell you why, and then tell you not to wasting your time applying because you won’t be selected. I am however, going to email HR and ask them about this situation; I would like to see if they respond and what they respond. My daughter thinks that I would MAYBE have a better chance if I went in person to apply, but I told her that I doubt it. I also am going to try once more to apply. I hope all of you who are applying will have better success than I have.


Chia lee October 13, 2017 at 3:29 pm

I too have the same problems. Applied plenty of time for so many different position. I tried emailing too but no response, no nothing. It’s really annoying me because whoever is in charge of the hirring process is very unprofessional. I am very disappointed and upset. They should be letting us know if we are selected or considering other applicants but no, instead we were being ignored. I’ve been waiting and reapplying for months! Really unprofessional. Should be sending out email regarding our application instead of having us waste our precious time. They did not leave any telephone contact number also which is a lot harder to contact them.


Laura Welch October 8, 2017 at 3:38 pm

lauramwelch (lauramwelch at
To:you + 1 more Details
I don’t really know what to say about the counter tops and cabinets that I have order from your store, then I am very dissatisfied. When I got he first order delivered, I have to call the store 4 times for missing pieces on the cabinets, sides of 2 cabinet not finished,Toe boards all broke, counter to long by 2 inches. I waited a month for the parts and counter top to come in only to have it almost the same size as the one you took back. The delivery guy brought in shower doors. Had the wrong stuff and had to go back to the store for the counter. Al is here from Al and Sons trying to make it all fit, sawing the 2 inches off the counter. It looks like crap. Also the other piece of counter top is all warped and to top that off the corners are not even rounded off like I asked to be, that should be good when the grand children come it visit. So I guess what I am saying, I am very upset with your store and I don’t think I will ever buy anything from your store or ever Menard’s for that matter. Almost $5500 spent on a little kitchen that was suppose to be my dream kitchen. Then there’s Al, The extra expense of paying him a full day wages, plus. Your Store has cost me a lot of time, money, traveling and heartache. You wanted to make this right by me, I don’t know how on earth you would do that,
Laura Welch

cc. Menards corpotarate office

—–Original Message—–
From: General Manager – Menard Inc – Bay City
To: Laura Welch
Sent: Sat, Oct 7, 2017 2:58 pm
Subject: New c-top

Laura and Tim,
Here is the new top dimensions. 1st page shows 112″ for the top. Other pages show overall length. The only thing that I want to point out is that the sink will move 2in to the right. This is so that the sink is still centered in the 36in base cabinet.
Let me know if you want me to order this one.
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>Sent: Sat Oct 07 13:30:24 CDT 2017
>To: General Manager
>Subject: baycfcopier

General Manager 2nd Asst
Menard, Inc – BAY CITY
BAY CITY, MI 48706-9213
[P] (989) 671-8239
[F] 989-686-2315
BAYCGeneralManager at


Threatened employee October 7, 2017 at 1:14 am

I work at warehouse in saginaw,mi. My life has been threatened by known felone. He has has attemped murder charge with deadly weapon kidnapping and nothing has been done. I hope someone from corporate can help.


Threatened employee October 7, 2017 at 1:16 am

Leroy chisolm know felone hired in saginaw mi warehouse threatening peoples lives.


Jerome madson October 5, 2017 at 1:49 pm

Well to start out with I’m a truck driver that delivers to your stores . All of your stores have been really good to work with except for one. That store is # 3054 Hermantown . It all started about a month ago when I was making a delivery there . I was there for three hours to get unloaded with a load of norboard out of solway Mn. 15 lifts . So I went into the receiving office to see what was taking so long . After a few excuses the manager told me to tell someone who cares . Wasn’t happy which the comment be just blew it off . But since that day every time I would come in when that Manager is working I’m there for hours . So this morning I’m there again same manager is on . I had one guy unloading me . And comes over and tell him not to worry about getting my truck unloaded . I said what you mean not worry about my truck ( this is at 6:30 in the morning a few customers )he said that he needed him to go straighten out the steel siding rack cuz some of the siding was in the wrong way. This had nothing todo with unloading my truck cuz I had none on my load . Remember he told me before tell someone who cares. So I found the store manager . He come up to me with a unpleasant attitude from the start (could not tell you his name because he didn’t provide it to me ) He called the outside manager. Not sure what he told him but the store manager turned into a complete jerk and told me had no idea what was going on . After the store manager called the outside manager he put two guy on unloading me . So by the time the store manager got back to the outside . He told me I had nothing the complain about but he just continue to belittle me about the whole thing and was threatening to have only one person unload my truck over and over again I just tried to get away from him but he just continue on . I feel that both of those managers do not conduct them self in a professional manner. I do know that the customer is first but when 3 hours go by and the government says I can only drive this long per day. Will go say something but in a professional manner not like some children like I witnessed today

Thanks Jerome


Tony Livingston May 15, 2018 at 5:07 pm

I just had a similar experience at Terre Haute Indiana.General Manager was very rude and disrespectful to me.Then when I was finally unloaded I had to go to his office to get my bills.He refused to give them to me and another male employee came at me with his arms and hands extended as if to shove me screaming for me to leave.I informed him that wouldn’t be wise.They threatened to call police.I told them I wasn’t leaving without my paperwork.Customers in the store were watching the whole time.Menards needs to be more selective when hiring these morons.


Melissa W October 4, 2017 at 5:13 pm

I wrote the Menards customer service today and here was the response I got. This is outrageous, and needs to be corrected, not only for me but for all of the other people who have had problems.

Here is my email and the response given:

I’m very sorry, however we are unable to convert merchandise credit checks in to cash.

Thank you,

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From: mpetrowsky03 at [mailto:mpetrowsky03 at]
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 10:53 AM
To: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services
Subject: Website Guest Contact 10/04/2017 10:52:53 AM

Name: Melissa Wernr
1249 fenton ridge drive
FENTON, MO 63026
Email: mpetrowsky03 at
Sent: 10/04/2017 10:52:53 AM CST

I am writing about an indecent that happened over the past week. My husband and I purchased $2,000 worth of decking supplies from the Menards store in Ballwin Missouri to be delivered on Sept 29th. We got our delivery, but shame on us for not verifying it on delivery day. We started to build the deck on Saturday Sept 30th, and noticed that have been shorted 13 post, the decking cap lights, and the spacers for the railing. My husband swiftly called the Manchester store to get resolved. The representative told us they did not have the post in stock, the spacers where special ordered so they wouldn’t be in till Monday, and that she wasn’t sure about the lights and would have to call us back. I’m sure you can see where this is going…we never got a call back about the lights and had to call on Sunday. I will get back to the lights in a minute. Lets talk about the posts for a second. If the store was out of stock on the post why didn’t someone call and tell us before we had to call and find out for ourselves? The Ballwin store told us we could drive out to the St. Louis store to get the post that we needed. My husband stopped working on the deck to drive 30 minutes one way to get the posts that we needed. To top off the trip he gets there and they say they only have 8 of 13 that we need. After confusion in the lumber yard my husband was on his way home and this took 2 hours out of our day to get the deck done. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if we weren’t on a time crunch to get the deck done, plus there were 3 of our family members that took their Saturday to help us put the deck together, now their time has been wasted. This is issue number one.

Lets move on to issue number two, the solar cap lights. We were sold the Sunbury Solar Post Caps #3431257 with our package deal for the deck. As already stated the lights also missed the delivery and the delivery coordinator never called my husband back on Saturday, so he called back on Sunday. She said that the lights were seasonal, and were deleted…which means out of stock. We now have the second item that was sold to us out of stock, and no one bothered to call and tell us these were out of stock? The delivery coordinator tells my husband that we can return the lights and pick out new ones. She also tells us that our spacers were in so we could pick them up. My husband is very determined to get the deck done by Sunday, as we planned to have people over the following weekend, so he sends me to Mendards and calls his mother to watch our 2 month old little girl.

I make my way to the Ballwin Mendards and head to the customer service to return the out of stock lights we were sold. The gentleman verifies with the delivery coordinator that these lights can be returned. He returns them and ask if I have the debit card that I purchased them with, I just ask him to put it on store credit because I was going to be buying new lights that were probably more expensive. He then puts $149.81 on a store credit. I then make my way over to the building department to pick out new lights, and get the pick up slip for the spacers. I was greeted by a nice young man, and asked “how can I help you today?” I told him I needed to pick out new lights. We go over to the displays and I tell him I want the black one that is $19.99. He says sure, lets see how many we have. I also notice that the light I just returned because it was out of stock was on display…odd. He tells me that he doesn’t have the $29.99 light in stock. It was seasonal and deleted…odd. He then tells me that the electrical department has other options and he can walk me down there. First, he is going to get me the pick up ticket to get into the yard for the spacers I need. There seems to be confusion with this as well, and he ask Deshawn (General Manager) to come over and print off an access page to get into the yard. He also seems to be confused but prints it anyway. I then make my way of to the electrical department to get my light situation figured out. The gentleman shows me where the lights are and who I can ask if I have questions. I start looking at my options an notice the two lights that I like (the ones I returned, and the $29.99 that are out of stock are on display in the electrical department.) I ask the gentleman working in this department if these lights are in stock, and he says let me check. He comes back and again, out of stock and the displays are still up. I then pick a light get a shopping cart and proceed to check out. Remember when I returned those lights and the money was put on a store credit? Well, the lights that I pick out are $7.49 for a two pack. This means it was $56.42 and not the $149.81 that I originally spent. I went through check out and asked the cashier if I would get the rest back in cash. She very rudely replied “No ma’ma.” I then made my way over to customer service to see what response I would get there. I told the women at the counter my story, and she then relayed it to the Front End Manager. She came back and said that he could not cash out this $93.39 store credit that I had. She gave me her reason, and I asked to speak with another manager. She then tells me that the store credit never expires. I did not plan on spending this store credit because to be honest our experience was not good. Deshawn (general manager) that I spoke with over in building materials heads on over to the customer service desk. He acts like he has no idea who I am, and that I didn’t just talk to him 20 minutes ago. I tell him my story and he processed to tell me that his system with not let him cash it out and there is nothing that he can do. I tell him how frustrated I am and this doesn’t seem right. I ask him to give me a number to corporate and he says he doesn’t have one, I then ask for the General Managers number (Greg) and when he would be in. Deshawn also tells me that Greg won’t be able to do anything either. Really? The store manager won’t be able to take care of a customer?

Conclusion, I hope that you can see my frustration with this whole process. We paid a $70.00 delivery fee, but had to make two trips to two different stores to get all of our supplies. What was the point of the delivery? We were sold items that were out of stock, but no one called to tell us. They probably just assumed we would figure it out on our own when we started building the deck. Then when asked to get my store credit cashed out because of frustration I was told “our system can’t do that.” In the retail world there is an override button for everything, and the fact I had to go to corporate because no one at the store level could help me is very frustrating. I’m not asking for hand-outs or anything for free, but I am asking that my store credit of $93.39 be cashed out as I do not intend on doing business with Menards again.

I am asking for someone to make this right, and someone to re-instill my faith in this company because I have always been one to shop your store first. I do not want to hear from a customer service representative, I want to hear from someone that can make this right. Please contact me. My phone


Darrell October 5, 2017 at 12:34 pm

Sounds like the same worthless response I got from ray today.


Gary Cooper September 25, 2017 at 2:05 pm

Well it seems John Jr, what ever I say isn’t going to be taken seriously by you or any of your people, so why bother? Well I guess, if for no other reason to get it off my chest and to remind you, you are responsible for the company wide incompetence you have running rampant in your company. This is of course only an assumption on my part. I have this opinion only because the store manager could careless so it’s a pretty good bet you won’t either. Well, who trains your managers?
I was told by, what turns out to be a very smart man, “Menard’s is for people who don’t know what they’re doing.” No I’m not a contractor, I’m a guy who works damn hard for my money and have to do things as cheap as possible, which means I learn do a lot of work myself and depend on people or places like Menard’s to help out. .
I could remedy my recent problems with your company by retaining an attorney and forcing you to fix the massive screw ups your Baraboo WI store has committed, but again, why waste my time and more money? Again I’m assuming you could care less!

I Challenge you to personally respond to me, if for no other reason to set the record straight. I bet you don’t have the guts.

Gary Cooper


Jan September 20, 2017 at 7:16 pm

MENARDS July 29, 2017 ordered product called said I did not place an order could not find anything. I had to waist my time and take paperwork in to the store to show that I purchased. Told me two weeks out before delivery. August 11, 2017 truck came and only a partial order. Ok slip states remaining product will be delivered. Today September 20, 2017 I had to call the store and say look where the hell is the rest of my order. Let me look your order was picked up today, NO I have worked 9-5 just got home and why would I pick up when I paid for delivery? Oh looking I don’t see you have any order it was delivered August 11, 2017. Yes but Sir I only got a partial order I am still waiting for the rest. Can you please give me a order number, yes sir glad I keep my self in check to do your job. I see yes we still owe you product Ok it will be at least another week. My reply some choice words no I want my order contractors started job today. Well the scheduler is not in but I will talk with him tomorrow and see what we may do for the mishap. I am sorry but the computers make errors all the time. Thats what I was told in August same excuse given. What happen to customer service they want money all up front and paid for so they don’t get screwed what about the customer getting screwed over. Make sure you keep all of your paperwork the computer may lose your order. MENARDS LANCASTER OHIO


josh September 18, 2017 at 1:28 pm



Carolyn September 5, 2017 at 3:07 pm

I have invested a lot of my time surfing the net for closet organization systems and settled on a product sold by Menard’s. Their prices were reasonable and they offered an 11% off promotion.
Investing more time in measuring my closet and using the measurements of the closet components, I finally decided on my purchase and proceeded to fill up my cart. Low and behold do I get to the payment screen when I see the least costly shipping was just under $146.00!!!!
I had to double and triple check their website because I thought I may have chosen express shipping. NOPE!
I will readily admit I live in FL and we do not a Menard’s store anywhere close, but I never expected shipping costs that high. I don’t think there is a chain store in this country that doesn’t allow FREE shipping after a certain purchase amount is met OR at the very least, a flat rate amount.
I emailed my concerns with a request for a promotion code or reduced fee for shipping. First response was classic textbook that they ‘strive to keep their prices low and shipping is charged on all orders’. I was also told how the online purchasing works and should refer to my cart to continue my purchase. Seriously, that’s all ya got Menard’s??

I responded to that email saying the dedication family members have in considering Menard’s as their go to home improvement store in IL. I said I won’t be able to take advantage of the 11% promotion if the shipping charges couldn’t be waived or reduced.

Well, the second reply was one sentence simply stating they do not provide free shipping, promotions or reduce shipping rates.

I see there are considerably more serious complaints on this page, but this is my complaint just the same. Honestly, Home Depot, Lowe’s Overstock, IKEA, Amazon and the like all have accommodations for free or REASONABLE shipping charges. Even smaller, private companies offered free shipping. I couldn’t find the grouping or right combination of storage components are other sites.

Baffles the mind.


Elena August 27, 2017 at 4:13 am

I ordered roofing material that took over 2 months to get. After getting the materials, the roofing material was mislabeled and I was shorted 2 feet 4 inches PER ROLL. Yes, that’s over 90 feet of material that I was shorted. Upon looking for a refund for the materials that I paid for but never received, the manager of your Kenosha store went to give the rebate to my contractor. What? I paid the bill, he gets the money back? In fact, I wouldn’t even know about it if my contractor wasn’t honest. He could’ve taken my money and then ran. When dealing with the general manager of the store, I have gotten no where. He then refused to even deal with me claiming that my name was not on the top of the receipt. Well, guess what? It was on the bottom where it said paid in full, you know, the person who paid the bill. If I do not hear from someone from corporate, I am contacting a lawyer. I find it ironic that you were sued for the same thing only with different materials. (i.e. lumber) 39 rolls of materials that were shorted due to obvious mislabeling. Done on purpose? Seems like it. $4600 of material I was shorted on all of it. And I still cannot seem to get my money back for that. I told my contractor to take the rebate and I would use it for other things, but I think that finding a lawyer is my best option when you short people and then go to give the money to someone else. What kind of business practice is that? If I would’ve asked for a refund, would you have given my $4600 back to him? It doesn’t make sense. And your Kenosha store is run very poorly by people who shouldn’t be in charge. When I contacted online complaints, I was told this was between me and my contractor. What? You give my money to the wrong person and that is between us, not on you? I have never dealt with such horrible customer service in all areas.


vc August 2, 2017 at 4:41 pm

We had purchased 39 Crestline windows a few years ago. A piece was bent that prevented the window from closing. I looked through the PDFs on line to identify the name of the part. The part was not identified through the narrative or photos. I called Crestline and talked to “Jean” on July 31, 2017. She said I either need the serial number for the window, or my receipt.When asked, Jean said Crestline service is open til 5pm.The 39 Select 100 low e, argon gas windows were installed on a cabin we are restoring located in another state. I keep my receipts so it took me a bit of time to find it. I called back about 4:50 pm and guess what!! They close at 4:30pm per the recorded message. I followed up on August 2, 2017. I called Crestline and spoke to “Jean” again. I wanted to know the cost of the part, which turns out to be a glazing bead per Jean, and how long it would take if ordered. Jean replied that I have to call Menards. I told her we have done this game twice, initially Menards had told us to call Crestline. Jean stated that Menards can access the part through their paradigm system, she only handles warranty replacements and it did not sound like a warranty would cover my part. I told her I had my receipt that she indicated previously would be needed to order the part. Jean further said, “It’s Menards” meaning their quality or service is not up to her standards. I asked why then is Crestline selling their products to Menards? If Menards is so bad why not find another company to sell their product to. Jean said that it is not up to her, if it were her choice, they would not sell to Menards. Some customer service agent, all she serviced was her attitude.

So I called the Janesville store. The windows and milling department clerk tells me I can call Crestline. I told him of my interactions with Jean at Crestline and she is not interested in servicing a customer of her product, she did not give me any answers regarding cost or ordering. I relayed her complaint about Menards. The clerk said he will see what he can do but he needs the serial number?? on the windows (located on a cabin 350 miles plus from our home). I gave him the Select 100 low e argon information. If this serial number is so important, why is it not on the receipt? The clerk called me back to say he has called Crestline and he is supposed to get a return call with the cost information. He will let me know. The part is a flat piece of folded plastic, about 33 inches long with a raised bead at the fold; maybe my grandchild can make one in art class.


Jon from OHIO August 1, 2017 at 8:25 pm

Why I will never shop at Menards, just over two years ago purchased a Maytag washer from the Hamilton store. I also purchased the extended warranty, well it stopped spinning and a claim was filed with what I thought was Menards. WRONG!!!!! Its some piece of crap warranty company called Warrentech Corp. It took 4 visits to my house over a 4 week period, throwing parts at it, still not working. this crappy company does not respond to emails, you have to call them. Each call requires about 45 minutes of on hold time, if you leave a message they don’t call you back. All the contact with them was initiated by myself. Each time they escalate your claim it takes five GD days, its like dealing with idiots trying to get an answer. This whole wonderful experience has now taken 8 weeks, $25-30 dollars a week at the laundromat. I don’t think they work with computers, I think its carrier pigeons. They have now stated they will issue a check for the amount that I purchased the washer for, but that will take 10-14 business days to get my F-ing check. when the check finally gets here I will have spent over $250. Great customer service. I know this is not Menards, but this company represents you and when it comes to taking care of the customer, you SUCK at it.


Zach August 4, 2017 at 5:24 pm

I am dealing with the same bulls**t from warrantech. It has been 2 months and they still have not repaired my washing machine…they will not call me back, I have to keep wasting my time and thoughts calling them, and like you spending my time and money going to the laundry mat…next time I will purchase from either Lowes or Home Depot…Menards and warrantech are a joke.


Rena Johnson July 31, 2017 at 5:18 pm

Bought over $3000 worth of fencing. One gate not delivered on Friday. They said was delivered to wrong people would be here Saturday. We and crew we hired waited. Called 3x no call back. I went to store Sunday and ordered 2 more gates. We were told gates would be delivered Monday after noon. I waited with hired crew. Called JOSH. Told him crew was waiting he said he would cal me back. Three hours and $400 later I called again only to be told delivery would be Tuesday. I told him I had to pay crew for doing nothing he said ok. Most rude and ignorant person I spoke with in long time . I called corporate they said to write letter. The front desk girl wil not let me speak with general manager Paul Cox. Corporate no help! Do not buy from Menards in Missouri!
I am calling better business bureau and Missouri attorney general! These people suck!!


Ron Maland July 26, 2017 at 2:56 pm

After spending three days of trying to solve the new registration with Capitol One, I am told there is NO solution. Two email addresses and I cannot get a verification code. Was told to re-register and create new id and password. No guarantee that will work. I think that a new finance company is in order. If I owned the company, heads would be rolling.
I am sure that I am not the only one. No longer have web link to my account. Have to call in or do other things. Maybe ship it overseas, everything else is.



Dixie July 24, 2017 at 10:54 am

We had a major storm in our area, the power surge damaged my refrigerator. I purchased a new frig from Menards and paid $99 for delivery. I am 70 years old and a widow and when I pay that price to have an appliance deliver d I expect for it to be set up ready to go. The young boys who delivered it were very nice although they had a language barrier and were hard to communicate with. They refused to remove the doors from the old frig to take it out of the house and also refused to remove the doors from the new one to get it into the house.
To make a 6 hour ordeal short. They left it on my front sidewalk and I had to ask neighbors to help me get it inside. I did talk to the store manage twice during that time and his reply to me was I should have bought a smaller frig! There is a sign 11″ X21″ taped to the front of the frig showing the installers how to remove the doors. There is definitely a communication problem between the delivery company & Menards. Who in their right mind would pay $99 to have a frig delivered to their sidewalk? Two days later I went into the store to discuss with the store manager Bill this situation. When I was explaining to him that the delivery boys were very nice but no bigger than me (100 lbs) he went irate telling me that you don’t refer to Africian Americans as boys! I am 70 any male under 20 is a boy to me no matter what race they are. Really Menards are you playing the race card like everyone else. Mr Bill walked away from me so I told him if he didn’t want to discuss this with me I’m sure corporat would. OK miscommunication all the way around but not once did Mr Bill say I’m sorry you had this problem. You know “I’m sorry” can go a long way to diffuse a nasty situation. Menards are all of your store managers this rude?


Mary Comte July 19, 2017 at 8:57 am

We purchased quartz counter tops in May, 2017. The first time the counter tops arrived we were told that the counter tops arrived broken so the counter tops were re-ordered. The following Saturday we went to Menards to return a sink that I ordered online was also damaged when it arrived but we didn’t notice until we opened the box. The sink looked as if someone had dropped it several times as it was dented on three sides.

When we walked into the pickup area we explained that the sink was damaged and we were returning it, the lady said she was sorry that they had broken the counter tops when they unloaded them from the truck and now our sink was damaged. Lie number one.

When the counter tops came in the second time we were called and told the counter tops had arrived but they arrived damaged. We reordered.

I recently received an email that our counter tops had arrived at the store. When I called to arrange a pickup time I was told that the counter tops were in. “Ryan” said he didn’t think they were in and he would check on it. He also told me the company who delivers for them had mechanical problems and their truck and it would be down for a week. He said he would check everything out and call me back. I have received no call. I feel as if we have been repeatedly lied to.

We are seriously questioning the quality of your products and the qualifications of your employees. Needless to say, we have already purchased the other materials needed to finish our kitchen form other sources.

We would like our money back; this is a very large purchase and we have been waiting almost two months for our kitchen to be completed.


Allen July 5, 2017 at 10:31 pm

Terrible customer service and new store in Kansas city. We stopped by on 4th of july to shop for doors. After talking to the clerk and deciding on the storm door we wanted, he wrote down the sku because it had to be ordered. It was on a 1 day sale by the way. So after paying for the order, we left and went home. Later that night we noticed that the door may not be Low-E glass like we wanted, but they were closed and had to wait till the next day to call. When my wife called to tell them we believe the door was incorrect, the guy she spoke with said it was our fault and we were going to have to pay a restock fee of $25 ! My wife told him we will not!
So she drove back down there to explain that their sales rep just simply made an error and it was accidental . The guy was absolutely rude, would not look at her all the while he was complain about helping her fix this simple problem! I would not write this but she said he was horrible. If we didn’t enjoy the store as we have for several years , I would never shop there again. That sales person should be fired. He has no business dealing with customers .
I hope someone reads this . We could explain better on the phone i’m sure.


Merna Roan July 5, 2017 at 5:14 pm



Gail O. Johnson June 29, 2017 at 10:18 am

why would it be so difficult to return merchandise, especially when they did the estimate.


Rhonda Yauk June 18, 2017 at 11:14 pm

Every time we go to Menard’s in North Platte Nebraska. There are never any handicap scooters to use and the one they have is broke. As big as that store is you should have 4 or 5. I usually have to stay in the car because I can’t walk far as I use a walker. I can’t walk without. You are not handicapped friendly in that area!


Jennifer Pritchard June 13, 2017 at 1:08 pm

Horrible. My daughter was just at your Wedt Duluth, MN store and was treated horribly. Belittled, disrespected and very rudely treated. You should be ashamed of your staff. I do not know what else to say.


Ericka Taylor June 12, 2017 at 6:46 pm

I went into the store yesterday to purchase fans for my home. The fans that’s I was interested in, there were none in stock, below the sign. I asked the associate name Corey, if there were any fans in the back for the prices that was advertising for $18.99. Corey scanned the UPC and stated that the fans are available. Which was the next line over. He stated that they were in the wrong place. I asked if these are the correct fans that were advertising for $18.99 and stated yes, then proceed on and place 2 fans in my cart. I went to check out and the fans were ringing up for $29.99 each. I correct the cashier and advised that price was incorrect. The sale price was $18.99. I asked her to call the associate who assisted me by the name of Corey. She called the head cashier instead. The head cashier stated that she would had to do a price check. I told her that Corey pulled the price tag upon providing me the price check and confirming the price. I waited for about four minutes, than another man came by and was talking on the walkie talkie to someone who was giving him different information that I was provided. His name was Adam. Adam stated that the fan I wanted was out of stock for $18.99 and the fan I had were originally $32.99 but were on sale for $29.99. I tried to explain to him that was not the information that I was provided by his associate Corey. I explained to him thoroughly what Corey told me. He stated that Corey is a part-time associate and that he didn’t know what he was talking about and he will not be asking me to confirm that price. I expressed to Adam, the customer service was horrible. It didn’t matter whether or not the associate was part-time. What matters is that, he assisted me and provided me information. As a customer I should not be penalized for incorrect or inaccurate information from your associate. I stated that you all are a team and the price should be honored to what your associate told me and advertised. He then stated that if, I was going to continue being loud and rude that I could leave the store and not purchases my other items. I was with my son! I don’t carry myself in a loud and rude behavior. I’m a manager myself at BMO Harris Bank. So, I know how to service people and be respect and Adam was far from that. It was at the end of the night but that does not excuse his attitude or behavior. As a manager, you need to acknowledge the error and make it right or at least attempt to make it right. Adam did neither. I had to ask him for a rain check because he did not honor the price that was disclosed to me. I want to share this experience with you to make sure other customers are not mistreated or discredited. I left your store not making any purchasing after wasting a close to an hour of my time. I went to wal-mart where they priced matched your sale items.


Roger June 8, 2017 at 11:50 am

6/7/17 @ 7pm one of our carpenters returned a 6 panel door that was delivered with the wrong hinge. When my carpenter tried to bring the door back to the store on 120th and Dodge, (Omaha NE) which the door is very heavy and he had to haul the door into the store, they told him that they didn’t have a ticket for that particular door, and we ordered several doors. The reason they didn’t have a ticket was because of the wrong delivery. They basically wanted to argue and say that since they couldn’t find a ticket they couldn’t accept the return. I ordered something like ten doors and you can’t take back a door that was incorrectly shipped out?

So obviously there is no ticket for that door because it was the wrong ticket on Menards end. My carpenter was embarrassed as they were eluding to where the door came from in a questioning manner, which is completely ridiculous. My carpenter is 160 pounds and the door weighs 80 pounds, very awkward and very heavy to get into the store and they couldn’t care less. He called the office and informed me of this, and it reminds me of contractor sales cold calling me (they probably noticed in the paper or around town some big jobs coming up) the other day wanting to bid some big jobs I have going and why would I want to put my customers and homeowners through that?

We had the ticket showing that we ordered ten doors but since one of the doors didn’t say left or right they wouldn’t take it in that particular size. My carpenter told them the reason he is returning it is because we have another order coming for that wrong door which again, Menards incorrectly sent out.

On top of that you want to charge another $59.00 for your incorrect delivery and its putting our job back because the painters on the job don’t want to start until all the doors are hung.

After my carpenter talked to the regular return office employees, and he’s a very cordial man( he’s been in the business for 30+ years) he had the displeasure of talking to Tracy the manager of returns or front end manager. He had to wait quite a while for Tracy and when he couldn’t get through to her he called the office and I talked to Tracy.

She just reemphasized the same thing as the other girls and wouldn’t let us return the door. So at that time I told her how dissatisfied I was and that I would be contacting the store manager and corporate (she paused at this time) and then she relayed that she could have somebody come from the back room at that time to look at the door. I told her that he’s already been there 45 minutes and needs to be at another location. He loaded the door back up with help completely dejected and I am too.

I called Bill the Store manager this morning 6/8/17 at 9:05am, very nice guy, he acted like he couldn’t wait to find out what was going on and would get back to me. It didn’t seem like Bill thought it was a big deal to take the door back during the conversation. He was going to contact someone to find out about Tracy at that time.

I would’ve loved to leave the door there and my carpenter had an appointment at 7:45pm he missed thanks to Tracy. 45 minutes is ridiculous and it was more than he had planned on to return one door last night. Bill has since got back to me and I can’t emphasize enough how caring Bill was and wanted to call and apologize to my carpenter. Great guy. I told him there is no need and told him that I would tell Terry about Bills apology so he isn’t frustrated with the store.

It was so easy for Bill to understand so I’m wondering why it was so hard for Tracy to understand since she is the overall person in charge of returns. She should be the person de-escalating when there is a problem at the credit department I would think. It makes me think of how many dissatisfied people are outright rejected because someone doesn’t want to make one phone call or go beyond the daily requirement.

We’ve been in business for 44 years, I’ve received the Big 50 award by Remodeler Magazine in Washington D.C. for remodeler of the year, and I take my business very seriously especially when it comes to my employees.


Angela May 30, 2017 at 11:17 pm

On Memorial Day I bought a garden cart out in patio. It smelled like moth balls. After bringing it home and getting it out of the car, it smelled. I smelled the box and the cardboard smells like mothballs. I called Dustin, the store manager at the time on Tuesday may 30 at 641 pm asking him why I’m smelling moth balls. That it is strong smell in my car and I have asthma. It had been out for hours. He told me there was 2 reasons. They sell moth balls. And as far as the cart he did not know why. But sometimes they use it in wildlife. I told him I’ve been smelling moth balls in the birdseed so strong for quite a few months and it makes me and my husband cough forcing us to leave the area. For this reason we stopped buying seed there and go to farm and fleet now. We was afraid of it penetrating into the birdseed and corn bags. This section is inside the store. We located that the moth balls was located in the store on the floor behind the corn but they always had the corn bags arranged so that u could never find it. I told him this He didn’t care. I told him I would call corporate. He said ok. After hanging up I called 2 neighboring stores in our area. Forsyth il which is their Decatur store and Champaign il ( in their region. Forsyth told me they would never do that. They use mice traps at the perimeter of the store and I told him what Bloomington told me. I then called Champaign Illinois. They told me that they do the same and have never used moth balls in their store. I looked online at the hazards of moth balls. Moth balls can be a deterant for squirrels and rodents but moth balls to humans are carcinogens. It can cause cancer per federal dept of health and human services, Ca dept of health and other numerous websites. The gas it gives off that causes the smell can cause health problems and long term exposure causes cateracts and causes cancer. I told Dustin, the Bloomington Illinois manager that I have asthma and that I’m sure there are many more people that it is affecting. He blew me off. I felt as a customer he didn’t care of my concerns. I’m asking that the menards corporation to contact Bloomington il to discontinue using moth balls in their wildlife seed dept and anywhere else in their building or out. Not knowing what it is doing to their staff. Their customers they serve nor to the wildlife we feed I feel the risks are too large for all including children with their parents who shop there. I also am asking that a written letter be sent to me with the outcome u chose to address
this problem. If I do not get a response I will contact the Illinois department of health telling them if this situation, your managers comments, and this letter. Both stores I spoke, I talked to their managers and was told that there was no menards memo to use mothballs. Forsyth said they would never do that and Champaign told me they never had and never would. I’m asking that Bloomington Illinois store do the same. To Discontinue using moth balls as a rodent deterant inside their stores and storing their stock by mothballs to deter damage to their outside stock that we buy and touch. You also need to address Bloomingtons management. Thank u for your time. I look forward to hearing from your corporation. If anyone else that reads this, and you’ve had this problem, please write or call to let them know. In all of the many menards stores I’ve been in including springfield, st Charles il, Champaign, Forsyth, and Peoria, none of them I’ve had this issue or been treated like this. Bloomington Illinois is the only one i know of.
Thank u.


Nicole May 21, 2017 at 5:43 pm

I was looking at an item at the Warren, Ohio Menards. Amazon had the item for $50 less than Menards, so I called to see if they would match the price. I was told “yes,” so I loaded up the kids and headed to Menards. Upon checking out, I was told they would not match the price. (It had only been an hour since I called.) They asked who I spoke with when I called, but I did not know as the person did not give her name upon answering my call. I was very irritated that they would not honor the price match. I even called the manager. She asked who I spoke with when I had called, and I explained that the woman did not give her name upon answering the phone. The manager stated that they are supposed to give their name when they answer. Guess who also did not give her name upon answering the phone? The MANAGER! She tried lying to me saying she did answer with her name, but I was purposely listening for it when she answered. I expressed my disgust at the whole situation, but I got the standard blow off response from the manager. I will do my shopping at Lowe’s or Home Depot in the future!


Traci May 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm

I tried searching a discontinued patio cushion online. When I did the form which said someone would contact me from each store contacted within 24 hours, I received 3 responses out of 11 inquiries. The next day I called and located the 6 cushions I required. The Freeport, IL store said they would be $8 delivery. It was 158 miles for Fed Ex. I ordered them. When it came to the South Bend store , which was 215 miles they stated $72 for delivery. I said you must have something incorrect to which he was insistent he didn’t. I contacted general inquiry as I now will not have the cushions but will have delivery charges from the other stores ordered. I requested help on this as there is always a solution. What upsets me is even with my phone number and email Menards couldn’t waste their time contacting me…although it said someone would within 24 hours. Very poor customer service Menards as even if you wouldn’t refund shipping or work with me on getting the cushions from South Bend…not to acknowledge is way worse. Menards has always been my family go too, but I question whether my business is important at all.


Bruce Cook May 15, 2017 at 9:26 pm

I shop the Evansville, IND. store and I have trouble walking and as always the store only has 2 handicap scooters and they are run down or have to be repaired. But I go next store to the Meijers store and they have at least 5 at each door. I would like to be able shop longer but walking is a problem. The little store in town have more carts then Menards I guess all your money goes to fixing the NASCAR.


Gus May 7, 2017 at 7:45 pm

I thought I would take a moment to convey a very frustrating situation I experienced today Sunday, May 7th at Menards in Jackson, MI.  This occurred when I attempted to obtain a credit to my credit card account related to a sales price on some Floating Vinyl Tile that I had purchased (back ordered) on Friday May 5th.

The customer service sales associate told me based on policy I could only obtain an in store credit.  I conveyed that when asked prior to purchase, the department sales clerk told me that I could obtain a credit should the item go on sale as it had in the past in the next 14 days.  The CSR said sorry, that their was nothing she could do about it.  I asked to see a Manager.

A very young approached and again reiterated Company Policy and conveyed that I could only obtain an in store credit.  I said that was not acceptable and to go ahead and cancel my order and refund my original purchase price and that I would simply reorder the tile at the sales price..  He said there would be a 25% restocking charge!   I said how is that possible, this is an item that you normally stock, that would not be available for pick-up prior to May 20th and there was nothing to restock!  I found the whole encounter frustrating and said I could call my bank and contest the purchase and obtain a full refund.  I also asked to see a more Senior Manager.

Finally, the Senior Manager arrived and after realizing that I had simply ordered material that was presently “out of stock” he agreed to issue a credit for the price difference to my credit card account.  I started to think that maybe I was being unreasonable and conveyed that I could take the in store credit as I knew I would use it but that I simply didn’t think that it would be right.  He issued my credit and I subsequently ended up making a cash purchase for more than the value of my credit.   Related to my order, I would think most customers who select this tile must order additional boxes of tile as normally there would not be enough in-stock to complete a floor installation other than maybe a small bathroom.  I guess, I would not have considered this a “special” order that would fall under the credit policy that I encountered.

In summary…………the whole situation was frustrating, took well over 20 minutes and was not how I wanted to start my Sunday.  There were many customers in line behind me as this was being resolved.  Truthfully, I had never encountered such a Policy regarding a refund related to a price drop. 


Linette Meinert April 29, 2017 at 10:52 pm

I recently visited the Freeport,Illinois store to make a few purchases for some household items. I was interested in some plastic storage bins, but was unable to find the lids that go with the containers. I asked the lady at the front service desk if she could get someone to help me. The person that came to help me was very rude and gave the impression that I was interrupting his time. He said that there was no more lids without even inquiring if any were on hand to be restocked and walked away. I left the store and went to the store across the street and purchased what I needed there. They were more than happy to help me there.


Marcus April 25, 2017 at 3:46 pm

Man i been working at menards for 5 months and i had no complaints the first 3 months i did what ever my managers said never talked back, i am i really solid employee but lately since it’s been getting busier they been taking advantage of me a lot because they know i will always do what they say. It’s gotten out of hand because im outside in the blazing sun pushing carts non stop and well thats my job but when i ask to go on break for just 10 mins they would always tell me to do something else i would ask 2 or 3 times and still wouldn’t be able to take a break, so i’ll be working 7-8 hour shifts without a break or lunch and im fed up with this.


Carla Kempt July 7, 2017 at 11:50 am

For all you folks that say you can not get a hold of or never hear back from Menards Corporate Office. At the top of the very place you felt to enter your comments. Menards has strong customer service values. Look at all the major companies that have just taken stuff back without questions, they are not doing so well. It is not that Menards is treating like criminals by questioning you without receipt, it is to keep criminals from making them a target. It keeps cost to the consumer down. Also I used this form to email Menards a question about their policy and as the HR guy did not get back to me in due time the operations manager did. That is service. New employees need a break, you can’t learn everything about a department in a week. That is a big store. Everyone knows that you need to read the return policies and rebate policies from where ever you shop, consumer responsibilities. I have had good and bad experiences at most every store I have ever shopped in the last 40 years, there are good and bad employees, you just need to calm down and then use the email or the phone number and be polite. Acting like the world owes you will just result in more anger, on both ends. Oh and when it comes to delivery, you have the right to inspect the product “before” you sign the final delivery paper.

Menards Corporate Office Address
Menard Inc.
4777 Menard Drive
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703
Contact Menards
Phone Number: (715) 876-5911
Fax Number: (715) 876-2868
Email: Email Menards
CEO: John Menard, Jr.
CFO: Pete Liupakka
COO: Scott Collette


William Guengerich November 28, 2017 at 5:25 pm

Your customer service has been giving me a run a round since we got a delivery from Menards contracted delivers (Mark Thirteen Enterprises) who gouged my Kitchen floor. I’ll be stopping in to your office this Monday . If this doesn’t get resolved in a timely manner. You’ll never be paid for this order. I’ll never buy anything from Menard’s again.


Ken April 24, 2017 at 4:14 pm

I own a lawn care company bought a chainsaw that bogged like crazy went to return it and they refused and said i put gas in it so they wont return!! How would one know if the damn thing works without gas???? Someone know there at menards?? Homedepot and Lowes both would take it back in 90 days! Then no one to speak to.. not one freakin human!!!!!!! I will tell every single one i come across every single customerof my 200 not to buy from you and the reason .. you do not stand behind your product! I will pass it like wild fire.. your warren michigan store managers are garbage total trash.. my 249k twitter feed will post u every single day and how bad your store BLOWS!!! 🖕🖕 #menardsblows #dontbuymenards


Mr. Stephan Benyo April 16, 2017 at 9:09 am

Attn: Menard’s Corporate President-Vice President-Chair of Board of Directors:

Why is it that I find trying to reach anyone in Menards’ Corporate structure seems to be such a tedious task,NO NOT TEDIOUS, impossible!!?? This is most times not for complaints but rather for positive feedback. Please note, we travel over 400 (four-hundred) miles to visit family in Toledo, Ohio and felt what we felt a “real” home improvement mecca in MENARDS. But attempts to reach the corporate structure has NOT ever been achieved with absolutely NO help from your stores! Why? Are you, or do you feel you are above those spending dollars in your franchises? Are you ALL so important -“UNTOUCHABLES”, and/or “above” us that you need to be so distant . COMMUNICATION is an essential part of any successful marriage….and , YES we are considering a substantial financial purchase even being from the CORNING/ELMIRA, NY area. DOES ANYONE CARE? DOES IT REALLY MATTER??? Steve/Barbara Benyo


kiburi April 5, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Chicago Store Evergreen Park Manager Juan
This is a relatively new store in my community. I prefer the Sibley and Hammond stores because they are familiar and the workers much more capable and customer friendly.
From top to bottom the WORKERS at Evergreen have demonstrated crude professionalism as well as civility and general knowledge. Open rudeness and disdain are typical mannerisms within that Evergreen environment whether one is physically in the store or simply using the phone as a method of contact. I have had a Menards account for over 25 years and many of the badly behaving workers are about or below that age. I will not use Menards credit in the future and will only make purchases if that is my only choice. I have failed to cite specific incidences because they are too numerous and nauseating to recount. My primary complaint is the ignorance and rudeness demonstrated by Menards’ Evergreen employees. Period.


Kyle Conklin March 25, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Looking for Donations!!!! Fire Relief for Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado


Fencing Specifications:
Barbed Wire: min. 12 gauge, class 1 galvanized, 4 point or 2 point
Steel T Post: min. 6 ft, 1.33 lbs per foot with anchor plate
Wood Fence Line Post: min. 7ft, 3 in. diameter – Osage Orange/Hedge or creosote covered
Wood Corner Post: min. 7.5 ft, 5 in diameter – Osage Orange/Hedge or creosote covered
Corner Brace: min. 7 ft, 1.5 in. diameter – round steel pipe
Staples/Steeples: 9 gauge 1-1.5 in. long
Twist rods: Steel 18-24 in.


Bruce March 24, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Regarding your 11% rebate program. It would be totally awesome to have a machine at each Menards store that would do the following.
1. Read the rebate section of my receipt
2. Print out the personalized rebate card on the spot (by inserting My Menards Charge Card into machine to give the personal ID information required)
3. Records and reports that rebate information to whatever office you need so as to keep files of transaction and make any necessary bank transaction for the company
4. Stamp the rebate portion of the receipt as “Completed” after the rebate card has been removed from the machine so as to protect against trying to get more rebates from that receipt and still allowing the customer to have a copy for their record as suggested on the rebate submission card.
This would save the cost of having to process all those rebates at a central office, save postage of both the company to send the rebates out as well as the customer to send the forms in, expedite the rebate so the customer could use the rebate right away and maybe encourage the customer to do more shopping while they are still at the store.

Just a thought. I don’t even know if such a machine is available, but bet one could be designed to do the job. I hope to hear from you as to your thoughts on this idea.

Thank you for your time.


Bruce D. Burnham


RT March 22, 2017 at 3:20 pm


Worse customer service, ignorant in technology, refusal to refund.

Made purchase of 1,000 blocks 11/11/16 and was told I could pick up as needed. Started pick up 11/12/16 and finished 3/9/17 with 150 blocks that I did not pick up and did not need. Went for return of funds to the Menards CC which I opened at the time of purchase but was told that I could only receive in store credit. Explained I did not want a credit and did not want to purchase anything else from Menards but was told I had to pay the CC and could only purchase from Menards with the in store credit.
Was told by Duane, store manager that he could not have computer give refund to the MENARDS CC (ignorant in technology) and would attempt nothing else.
Was also told that I could not get name of manager above him.

Summary, it is their way or the highway
I will take the highway and recommend all others to do the same. If Menards went bankrupt and closed today nobody would be worse off.

Stay away from MENARDS



chris evans March 15, 2017 at 8:52 pm

I work for menards in Salina Kansas.I was temporary assistant manager in floor covering for 3 months and was moved to hardware as assistant manager. I had to step down from management to help my wife with major health issues.I was told by hr and management that I would get a bonus for the time in floor covering.Now that the bonuses have come out I was told policy had changed and I did not get one.No one in management or hr knew this policy had changed even though the promised I would get it. Iam a good employee and have been employee of the moth and many service hero awards, I feel was treated unfair.


RR March 14, 2017 at 2:24 pm


Worse customer service, ignorant in technology, refusal to refund.

Made purchase of 1,000 blocks 11/11/16 and was told I could pick up as needed. Started pick up 11/12/16 and finished 3/9/17 with 150 blocks that I did not pick up and did not need. Went for return of funds to the Menards CC which I opened at the time of purchase but was told that I could only receive in store credit. Explained I did not want a credit and did not want to purchase anything else from Menards but was told I had to pay the CC and could only purchase from Menards with the in store credit.
Was told by Duane, store manager that he could not have computer give refund to the MENARDS CC (ignorant in technology) and would attempt nothing else.
Was also told that I could not get name of manager above him.

Summary, it is their way or the highway
I will take the highway and recommend all others to do the same. If Menards went bankrupt and closed today nobody would be worse off.

Stay away from MENARDS


Rick Toney March 14, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Filing complaint with Missouri AG, Menards refusing to refund on purchase, refusing to give information concerning manager.
Next step small claims court
Stay away from Menards


Hari Subedi March 2, 2017 at 12:21 pm

I made $48.00 2 windows blind online order from 1805 Morse Rd. I gave right billing and shipping address but FedEx had different shipping address and shipped merchandise in place which I never knows. I called FedEx and did inquiries,which they are not able to help me since they have given address by vendor which Menards provide. FedEx suggested me to contact local Menards Store where I placed an order. I made contact one of the managers who refuse to mentioned his name, he said he cannot help since the merchandise had already shipped. He can place new order if I pay. It is not his job to track customers’ shipment. I requested several times to make contact with FedEx n vendor but he keep saying it is not his job to do so. I told him that I will be contacting coordinate Office then he was willing to email vendor but refused to mention his name.
I recently bought a house and I spent more than $1000.00 in Menards. Iam very frustrated with this carelessness activities and rude manner of response personal. I order merchandise, give right address and contact information and paid in advance. I think as a customer in did my job.
Is this activity is normal at Menards store? Is they are allow to treat customer in this manner? I paid for it is did not baggage it. I would like like to see better customer service.
Thank you


Ron Madcity February 17, 2017 at 2:54 pm

The Menards in Madison Monona store really has to get some better help nobody there seems to know what they’re doing anymore they hired a bunch of older people that don’t know how to run the computer so as a contractor if you have any questions they are totally lost looks like we’ll have to go to Home Depot from now on


Donekson Construction Inc. February 15, 2017 at 10:01 am

I want to express my gratitude to the Plainfield, IL store. Chris Fowler (GM) and his team have consistently “partnered” with my company for years. Because of their faithful service and genuine concern for things to be done right, my company has grown and prospered. Thank you Menards for training and developing tremendous people like you have at the Plainfield, IL store!


mark skunca February 9, 2017 at 4:14 pm

oops i ment to say your site is NOT secured. im having problems logging on to it to check cost


mark skunca February 9, 2017 at 4:10 pm

your web site is secured. im having problems getting on sents not a secured site


Chris February 8, 2017 at 9:33 pm

I bought vinyl sliding windows this past fall and I live in Manitoba, Canada. The windows got so frosted up and major ice build up on all 4 windows. I made a complaint to the menards in Minot and the got a jeld win guy out from Winnipeg, MB and I found out he new his answer before he arrived. He said that the windows from the United States and they are just made cheaper and not made for Manitoba winters. If I would have been told that those windows are not made to Manitoba winters, why would I have spent the money I did and now I have worse windows now than before and I just wish I would have gotten way better customer service than I did.


Jay January 29, 2017 at 8:44 pm

I have shopped at Menards when there was only one store in Indianapolis at 38th & Shadeland. In all those years I have written numerous time about the anarchy created with your rebate program. It is way behind the times in terms of technology and convenience when compared to so many of your competitors and other merchants. There is no excuse that your rebates can not be handled with an online submission, without having to cut up our register receipts, download coupons, pay for postage and then stuff everything into an envelope. And above all make sure you keep copies of everything as Menards has a habit of losing our submissions.

There is also no reason that the rebates can not be immediately posted to our Menards card without having to wait 6-8 weeks for a check. Despite all the attempts to speak with someone about this horrendous inconvenience, not once did a live person ever try to contact me or provide their contact information. This does not reflect well on Menards.In fact it screams very loudly that Menards is trying to make getting rebates as difficult as possible in hopes that people with just forget to send them in. Not a good faith attitude to have with your customers.


Kevin Benford January 27, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Mr. John Menard, Jr.

I’ve been a loyal customer of your store for many, many years. As a loyal customer it’s a certain level of quality and customer service that I’ve grown accustomed to receiving. I’ve always had nothing but good things to say about Menards, but I’m sad to say that a recent turn of events has changed all that.
A couple of months ago I was in the market for a steel double entry door for my walk our basement. I looked at several stores including Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, and Nicks Door and Windows. I went to your huge Menards location in Schererville,IN since I figured being larger than my local store they’d have more of a selection I could actually see and lay hands on.
Well I ended up deciding on purchasing from Menards; a Mastercraft 72″ door with double 14″ side lites.
I went to my local Menards (Valparaiso) and placed the order. At the same time, I also ordered a 60″ unfinished Oak French door. The doors arrived pretty quickly (I’d say maybe 10 days or so, both were in).
When setting up delivery I was informed that the door was huge and very heavy and that Menards would send it on a truck with only 2 men and that I’d need to provide 2 additional men to carry the door.
The door was delivered, two delivery guys, myself, and a worker I had in place carried the door around the house and put it inside the basement.
I scheduled the installation and a few weeks later the installer came and installed the door. While he was installing it, he called me and my wife over and he pointed out a small crease right where the glass meets the steel. He said it wasn’t a big deal, he’d be able to fix it with a bondo type putty before its painted. We said okay and he kept installing it. A little later he called us over and he pointed out the same type of crease on various corners of both doors. I believe it was four (4) total.
At this point myself and my wife started looking at each other, kind of depressing to have issues with your brand new door!
Finally, the installer took the plastic piece off the top that holds both doors closed, he opened the doors, and on the inside by the core hole for the dead bolt was big pieces of wood missing that had been chipped away!
That was the last straw! I knew it was going to be a mess and a lot of extra work and confusion getting this huge door switched out, but at this point there wasn’t any other option. When it was just one issue, I was not happy about it, but I was going to deal with it. But now we have several issues, no way I can accept that on a brand new factory direct $2500 door!
I made the installer come with me so he could explain the issues, and we immediately went up the store (Valpo).
I spoke to Assistant Manager Dave Gills and I explained the issues and showed him pics and a video. I was very upset, but you know what? Dave was so NICE and understanding that I couldn’t even be mad. I was a little upset and disappointed (because we were so excited over our new door) but Dave apologized, calmed me down and said everything would be okay. I explained to Dave that the worst part about all this is that the door was so big and heavy it took four of us to carry it, and now another one has to be carried down, PLUS the damaged one would have to be carried UP! I told him that it was a struggle coming DOWN, so going UP would be brutal!
Dave was so cool and calm he said don’t worry about it. He said he’d bring a couple of guys from the store and said they’d get it done and even said he’d come help too if that’s what it took! My wife was still upset but I told her, hey it’s not Menards fault!! Mastercraft should have had some sort of quality control inspection before sending it out, especially a door at that price point.
The door comes in, my installer calls me last week and says to call Menards and see if they could deliver the next day because he finally had a slot he could fit me in and come take the old door down and reinstall the new one.
I called and talked to Kyle and he said yes he’d be able to deliver the next day. I told Kyle what Dave told me about providing a few guys with the delivery to carry one down and the other up, Kyle said okay he’d make the necessary arrangements.
About 15 minutes later Kyle calls me back leaves a message (I still have it) and says that he was going to deliver the door BUT there’s only be 2 men on the truck and I’d be responsible for 2 more guys. I called Kyle and told him no, that wasn’t what I was told by the assistant manager. He said well the store manager said that he isn’t sending anyone and that it was my responsibility to have someone there! I told him to put his manager on the phone. The manager Chad got right on the phone, obviously he was standing right there.
I told Chad the entire story and the arrangement I’d made with Dave. Chad says “Well No, I’m only sending two guys”. I told him “that’ not what I was told”. He then told me “We have a already bent over backwards for you. We gave you free delivery in the first place. Plus we gave you another door. Our policy is to send someone out to investigate the installation and then make a ruling on what we will do, but we didn’t do any of that, we just ordered you a new door and you still aren’t happy”!!
I could not even believe he said that to me!!!! I have NEVER been disrespected or talked to like that by anyone in my life (especially a manager)!!!!
I told him ” So you are saying I’m suppose to be HAPPY and you feel like you did something nice for me??? I just spent $2500 on a door and it was delivered with issues. Not one issue, but several issues. And now you want me to have to go back in my pocket and pay someone to be here to carry the door that was YOUR mistake, not mines! The door is brand new and should have been up to par in the first place, and we shouldn’t even be having this discussion! But no, I refuse to have to pay someone to be here for your mistake, and that wasn’t what I was told by your management in the first place!.”
Chad’s response was, “like I already said, there will be two people on the truck. You need to have 2 people there to help. Kevin do you want this door or not? Because if you don’t want it I’LL JUST SELL IT!”
I swear to God that’s what came out of that man’s mouth to me! He said, “DO YOU WANT THE DOOR OR NOT, BECAUSE IF YOU DONT WANT IT I’LL JUST SELL IT!!! ”
I still cannot believe he formed his lips to say that to me!

It stunned me, I had to bite down on my lip so hard!
I said “Chad, just send me my door!”
He said “so you’ll have someone there to help carry it right?”
I repeated “Chad just send me my door”.
He repeated again “so you’ll have two people there to carry it right?”
I said “yes just send me my door”.

He had me backed into a corner. He already had my money. I have your damaged merchandise but it’s too big for me to return without you coming to get it! And, I can’t return it without another door to replace it. So if I went to Home Depot or Lowes, I’ve got to come out of pocket another $2500-$3000 , wait for it to come, then worry about trying to take a damaged 600 lb door back weeks later then he play with my money and say he’s not refunding it because it was too long!
So he bullied me into a corner! And I’ll tell you as a consumer, that was the worst feeling I’ve felt!
I’ve laid in bed and replayed this situation over and over in my head. The audacity of him to not only treat me like that, but to talk to me like that.
And then for him to say “we’ve already bent over backwards for you” and then tell me that by policy they should’ve sent someone out to investigate… Etc…” That’s not for him to tell me. I don’t know what your policy is and I didn’t make that decision. So why would he throw that in my face as if he were doing me some kind of favor and I should be grateful????
He also said, “You ought to be questioning your installer as to why he installed the door without inspecting it”?
I told him that wasn’t even the issue we were addressing at the moment. The door was already dropped off at my house. So If he’d come in and “inspected” it, then what? It’s STILL gotta be picked back up, and a new one STILL has to come down! So we still will have the SAME issue ……manpower!
That’s when he got mad and said “Kevin do you want
the door or not because I’ll just sale it”!

This weekend I looked over my Menards receipts and in this past year alone I’ve spent almost $34,000.00 !!!
I’ve been working on my complete basement remodel and I tore everything out, all the way to the brick and started from the core. So needless to say it’s been a LOT of material going into that’s basement!
It’s been days where I’ve had to “run to Menard’s 3 or 4 times” just in one day! I’ve been shopping so much at Menards it feels like I work there! In the past It’s always been a joy and honor to shop at Menards. I shop so much there I know many of the employees by name!
Cody in Electric, Val at the front desk, Big Dan in receiving, Todd in Millwork, etc etc etc….list goes on and on!!
All the employees are ALWAYS so helpful and knowledgable!! The customer service has always been exemplary and A+++!!!
Like I mentioned earlier, Dave Gill went above and beyond to make it all better. Even offering to come and help himself. That effort alone made the situation much easier to deal with. It really did.
Home Depot has some great customer service also I must say, but not better than Menards!
I’ve never ever had any issues or problems, it’s always been a pleasure to do business.
I went back to the store this past Saturday. Some interior doors I needed were on sale AND the 11% rebate. Usually it’s either one or the other, rarely both at the same time!
Most times when I catch a deal like that I’m feeling good like I’m winning and really happy for a great deal! But guess what, I had to push myself to make it to the store Saturday before the sale ended. I had to push myself to give Menards that $500. I wasn’t happy spending my money with someone who disrespected me like that and treated me in such a manner! I actually felt “buyers remorse” when I got home unloading that stuff! I felt stupid as hell that I’d just given my money , some MORE of my money, to someone who just disrespected me and obviously doesn’t care about me as a customer, or me as a person!
I’m not rich! I’m a career Firefighter and every dollar I make is made the hard way! For me to choose to give my hard earned money to someone who disrespects me like that, is me choosing to disrespect myself! That’s how I felt when I made the purchase the other day, and that’s not good! Why should I have to feel like that as a consumer?
I worked as a Loss Prevention Agent for a retail store called Carson Pirie Scott for 13 yrs. I am well aware of the “do’s and dont’s” of customer service. A lot of times, it doesn’t even boil down to what you can do for your customer. A lot of times it boils down to the “sincere effort” that you make in TRYING , and then doing what you can!! When your customer sees you really do care about them and there business, it shows a level of gratitude and respect. It shows gratitude by showing that you as a service and product provider, understand that the consumer has so many other choices as to how and where they can and will spend there hard earned dollar, and that you’re glad that they chose your company to do there business with!
The other day I purchased 148 sheets of drywall, along with
the mud, tape, corner bead, etc…
It was right under $2000.00 worth of merchandise. Ordinary, I would have gone straight to Menards (especially with the 11%). But guess what, I went right over to Home Depot and gave them that little money!! I probably could have gotten a better deal with Menards! But to me, it’s not worth it just to save a little money but afterwards feel like I did last Saturday after buying those doors! I’d much lose money, than sell my soul!
I’ve shopped with Menards for many, many years! You guys use to have a GM there named Milos. Milos was a strict no nonsense type fella. He wasn’t the most personable, but he was very respectful, straightforward l, and was all about customer service! He had that store together and running like a well oiled engine! I’ve had to go to him on very small issues or questions, and believe me he’d get right on it! Made you feel good as a customer, as if your little dollars counted, and you could tell he cared! I WISH he was still at my local store! Never would have been an issue, and I know I wouldn’t be feeling about Menards like I do right now!
I even thought, well maybe I’ll just shop at a different Menards. But nall, that makes no sense! I’ve been shopping at MY Menards for 12 years without issue, and then I’m going to travel out of my way to go way to another town ? And if Menards chooses to employ disrespectful people like this, they don’t deserve my business. No way! I’ll just do business at Home Depot or Lowes before I stoop to that level!

Kevin Benford
Valparaiso, IN


PS- I forgot to mention, The replacement door was delivered. Since Chad refused to send anyone to help, I had to find someone and the only person I could find lived an hour away in East Chicago. IN. He didn’t have transportation so I had to drive all the way out there to get him and take him back home afterwards, as well as pay him out my pocket! I injured my ankle 2 weeks ago at work in a house fire but since there was no one else, guess who had to limp and help carry the doors? Smh
I had to repay the installer to take the old one out and reinstall the new one! I turned in paperwork Dave gave me for them to review and maybe reimburse me. But at the end of the day I’ve heard nothing, and I had to pay out my pocket!
Then on top of all this, This new door is much better than the other Door but still has an issue! The side lites have the built in blinds. and the left ones are lopsided!
I know it’s a simple fix, it probably got tangled in transit. They’d just send someone out to open the side lites and re adjust them. But guess what? I’m so exhausted with this entire ordeal that I told the wife I don’t even want to deal with Chad or Menards!!
So I have a door a just paid $2500 for that’s not completely right, but I just gotta live with it and accept whatever!
Not a good feeling at all!


Tim February 9, 2017 at 11:37 pm

When Menards has there 11% rebate Home Depot will match the 11% and send you a gift card in about 4 weeks might need to ask for it when you check out !!!
Good Luck


Michelle February 24, 2017 at 11:46 am

Fyi, lowes has 11 percent off instantly even on sale items! No waiting


Wendell Fouts March 9, 2017 at 2:48 pm

That’s awesome!
I’ll never shop at Menards again with that info.
Their customer service at the top absolutely sucks!!
It just goes to show how price driven consumers are.

Just don’t special order anything from Menards. They hate that!!


Terry January 13, 2017 at 5:53 am

Menards should fire some planning management, The person that came up with the idea to CHANGE the process of picking up a 2×4 or a sheet of drywall must have been a college dropout to think that having to go to the back gate , check in and check out is CUSTOMER ORIENTED. Come on, how stupid can you get. I had to do that yesterday to do get a 2×4. Took me 22 minutes for this process, where I could have hand carried out the front door, Im in Menards at least 4 times a week, THATS 4 times 22 minutes, 88 EXTRA MINUTES i HAVE WASTED, GIVE ME A BREAK, ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID OR WHAT. You had to go to college to think up that one


A highly livid customer January 12, 2017 at 6:25 pm

And email on what I send to corporate This is NOT a question yet more of a complaint regarding my experience with your company. I am hoping this gets to the corporate office if not please forward to management at a corporate level. I am HIGHLY disappointed and dissatisfied on many levels with the customer service I received today in my local store in Massillon, Ohio. To say I received unprofessional and extremely poor service is an understatement. To give you a little backstory I am a first time home buyer and today I just received my keys!!!! Now you can understand my excitement however it soon came to be the worst experience of my life. You see I wanted to be the responsible adult and change the locks first thing. What better to do than head to Menards (WRONG!!!) apparently I should have went to ANY OTHER department/hardware store. But I went in seeking 5 new locks and assistance from a professional (AGAIN WRONG). My goal was to have all of my locks match so I only needed ONE key. The representative in that department clearly informed and assured me that as long as I purchased the same locks with the same number in the same box the key would work for all of them. GREAT over $120 later I was on my way! Excited ready for a new life in my new home . The locks were all changed 3 hours later I leave and lock the door behind me…. and you know what happened…… THE KEY DIDN’T WORK IN THE LOCK. Now I’m locked out of my house. A new lock . Matching key….. THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME. One of the most rewarding experiences I will ever experience has now become a bad memory…… so what happens now is I have to hire a locksmith to get all of these to match and somehow get in to the house without breaking a window. Now I will need to spend EXTRA money. You see I can take them back but there’s another 3 hours of my time removing them and I can’t leave the house wide open with no knobs while I waste more gas back to the store. I am not sure if you will understand my frustration with your company at this point as I will now be sure to NEVER shop with you and be sure to tell all of my friends and family to do the same. I would also like to inform you that I plan to post this on every social media platform and review site I can find so the world will know my story as I would pray this never happens to anyone else. I hope this issue is escalated and handled as quickly as possible and there is a resolution from the corporate office. This is unacceptable …..

Oh and don’t worry it gets even better on how corporate handled it …..


Wilbur Millerite January 11, 2017 at 6:40 pm

I bought a gas powered pressure washer today it was a floor model for the company I work for and got it home put oil in it a little gas and found that you could not put the rope it had be damaged and the air cleaner was broke took it back to the store and was told cause I put gas and oil in I could not return it would need take it to a repair shop got this for a job we going do the next day spent over 700 dollars company I work for has 6 service vans that goes out everyday and spend lot at hardwares as if today it will not be at menards anymore mangers at store said he didn’t care. No customer service there


Brian January 11, 2017 at 8:03 am

I like and shop at Menards on a regular bases. I think the customer service at the Joliet,il store is lacking. On my last purchase I was the only one in check out line. The clerk checked me out. I asked her if she was going to bag my purchase and her response was no and walked away to the front of the isle waiting for the next customer. I have been in several other self bag Menards and for the most part they will still bag your order when no one else is in line.


Bob D Bergeron January 8, 2017 at 6:08 pm

Yesterday an ad came in our local paper from Menards. I noticed a butcher block table was on sale so I went to purchase it. The manager told me that the ad expired yesterday. I asked him how the ad could expire the day that we got the ad. He said there wasnt anything that he could do about it. So I spent $40 more because it was the only one in stock. Will reconsider trusing any Menards ads from now on


bob January 2, 2017 at 12:56 pm

i ordered kitchen cabinets and mailed in my rebates , but have not seen them yet , i called and asked for help and that did me know good at all . i dont need to shop at menards but i always choose to . if i gave them kind of answers at my job . i probably wouldnt have a job there anymore . to bad the generation we live with now don,t want to go the extra mile to help some one . i just as well paid full price at the local home store then to drive 45 minutes to a menards and still pay full price with no answers


Cindy Holtz December 19, 2016 at 2:39 pm

I was at a Menards in West Dundee, IL on 11/25 (Black Friday). My husband and I came out to my new car of only 3 months to cart damage on my door. I went inside to file a report. They took pictures and said someone would be contacting me. They contacted me alright to tell me that they are not responsible because you take the risk of parking in their parking lot of damage by shopping carts. Funny how I park in all kinds of parking lots and have yet to get hit. There is over $1300 worth of damage. I guess I won’t be going to Menard’s anymore. I will drive to Home Depot or Sears from now on, but I know Menard’s can care less. There are more people who will go there anyway. Thank you for being just another company that won’t take responsibility for your actions.


Brian Fritz December 15, 2016 at 8:34 pm

I own a painting company and have been buying over 75 boxes per year of your painters plastic 9 x 400 model # 626253
Sku # 5616994 from Menards stores and now you are selling another brand. It doesn’t work good at all. It is too clingy and doesn’t spread out or pull apart well making it take 4 times longer to cover things. I cant buy this stuff again!
How can I get the painters plastic you have been selling for years (sku # 5616994) I buy over 75 boxes per year.


Robb Peterson December 2, 2016 at 9:49 am

On 11/19 we ordered a dishwasher online. It said that it would be shipped to Baxter, Mn on 11/29. After that date I go online to make sure it’s in the store and now it say’s it won’t be shipped until 12/9. Going online to guest services and complaining about this order and asking about cancelling the I was told that it would cost us 25 % to cancel an order the Menards couldn’t deliver when they promised delivery 11/29. I then asked for a higher up to contact and Ray didn’t send one in his response. I believe Ray is a fiction name used because he is their commercial guy. So, very unhappy customer here. Could have bought that model at several places and had it here by now. We chose Menards as we have bought tens’ of thousands of dollars worth of product there over the years. This is the last item we buy at Menards since they refuse to work with us, offer a credit for the delay, or cancel without charging us 25%. Very poor business by a company.


Mandi Pate December 1, 2016 at 1:43 am

Ordered siding in early Nov. was told 2 weeks. Paid in full over the phone. Finally, after no calls or emails from the company, I called yesterday 11/29, got “oh yeah, it’s been here about a week.” Ok, fine. Go to google, store hours state until 10pm, got there at 9:08, and they were locking doors!!! I live 45 min from this location and that’s MY fuel and MY time. Way to go Menards in Williston, ND…appreciate your lack of customer service. This is why I try to keep it local.


D January 28, 2017 at 1:44 am

They close at 9pm during winter. It normally is changed online.


Todd Hanson November 30, 2016 at 7:37 am

On Octobers 28th I went into the Menards in Williston ND, I was looking for a 16KW stand by generator, an assistant manager in the hardware department helped me and couldn’t find a 16KW on the website so he ordered a 15KW. It turns out that the 15KW is for a different system, Mike Iverson called me and said he cancelled the order and reordered a 16KW, That was October 31st and Mike said it should be here on November 14th. well it didn’t show up, the tracking said it wasn’t ordered, I went back and talked to Mike on the 14th and again on the 16th, and no communication from him on what’s going on. On the 18th I talked to Aaron who is the department manager, He called generac to see what was going on, still didn’t get any answers. On the 28th of November the tracking app said the generator is at the store ready to be picked up, I got to the store and through the security gate and went to the receiving desk only to find out that the generator is not at the store but sitting on a truck in Chicago. The management team at the Williston store is lacking communication skills. I am truly disappointed the way Menards has handled this.


D January 28, 2017 at 1:49 am

That stuff normally doesn’t happen but we all are human and this stuff happens. They can’t help it when the vendor is difficult about it all.


Susan Genrich November 27, 2016 at 11:58 pm

I would like to say how happy I am with your store employees & customer service department. They are always pleasant & helpful! My family & I remodel homes & do the majority of our business with Menards. Our main stores are the Yorkville, IL & West Chicago IL locations. Have Never had a negative experience & would mention just a couple employees for their help, would like to list them all but didn’t get names. Kayla in customer service West chicago,IL & Troy in bath dept. at Yorkville, Il. They were just 2 that have helped us in this past week. Love your store & service. Thanks


Jana Gates November 26, 2016 at 5:03 pm

My bf and I just left menard’s in St peters, mo. We were told about a deal on some shelving by an associate and decided to purchase it. The associate said that unfortunately they were out but we could pay for it today and pick it up when it comes in, so we said great and continued shopping. We later found a manager to write us a ticket for the shelving. She said she was going to write us a sorry slip and did. When we got up to the register the cashier told us that we were not allowed to have that slip for that item. They called over a different manager who told us the same thing but we already had 2 people tell us we could. Which one was a manner herself. They would not budge or do anything for us in anyway. They just kept repeating that their associates don’t know anything. That is not my fault. Sounds like poor management. I was a manager for Macy’s for 5 years. I would have never treated customers that way or talked bad about my associates. I will be calling corporate about this horrible experience and will be sure to share it with anyone who will listen about how bad it was.


dennis vedin November 14, 2016 at 5:45 pm

lack of addressing complaints.. i was over charged sat nov 12 on a box of hot choclate./ my complaint for the .25 over charge a pink sign was under the product said 1.00 and charged 1.25 .BAIT AND SWITCH illegal scanner pricing. after my 3 rd talk with a manager named jon lamers . he told me i have no prove the sign was on the shelf saying 1.00 saturday, i am a liar and came back to the store to get my .25 and the ten times the over charge by michigan law. was a lie . i asked whom put up and removed the sign. could have been one of 30 people , menards has no control over employees and prices . your store policy of illegal pricing is not winning fans . any here care to respond on why menards will not honer the scanner law for illegal instore ads>



Ashley Benjamin November 10, 2016 at 8:10 pm

After a ridiculing and demeaning visit to the customer service department at the Menards located in Forsyth, IL I left completely humiliated and upset sent home with a slip for my property that i was trying to return without a receipt. The item was 59.00 and i had 4 brand new unopened and had no idea when or how they were purchased because i found then in my tool shed and had no need for them. All I wanted was store credit so I could purchase Christmas decorations and try to make the holidays a little happier for my children since their father and I are recently divorced. They scanned the items and the cashier asked for a manager to enter an over ride code since the items were “high prices”. Since when is 59.00 for an item at Menards a high price. Furthering my frustration the manager took my drivers license and my items and left for 55 minutes apparently needing to check camara footage to ensure that I had not stolen them. Then after 55 minutes and not finding any kind of evidence to say that the items were stolen they came to me with a slip and said they would have security check further into the items and contact me in 3 to 4 days to let me know if I can have the store credit or not. I asked for my items back and just to forget the whole ordeal and was told they will not be able to give them back until after corporate investigates the situation and gives the manager a response. This is unacceptable customer service and the behavior insinuating criminal actions on my part should have never taken place. I am appaled at this misconduct and will be contacting my attorney and the authorities of these actions are not remedied immediately because holding my property without my permission is illegal with or without suspicions of foul play.


Lloyd Morgan Jr. November 8, 2016 at 11:30 am

I am staining my buildings. took the original paint can lid to have new stain mixed. three different Menards stores.because they are so far away and I was going to V.A. in Columbia, MO. Needless to say I painted my Buildings & the colors don’t match. took the stain back to Menards in Sedalia, MO. & the lady said the reason they don’t match is because it was three different computers. the same lid, the same numbers on the lid & they don’t match. now my building looks 3 toned. SUCKS. You people better get your sh*t together.


Debra harrison November 6, 2016 at 3:33 pm

I went to the Menard in greenwood I wanted to rent a truck. THREE times in there returning with the insurance paper work nothing was good enough. The last time I went in I took them a copy of my original ins the ten page one plus a copy of the paper of my bill with all the correct numbers plus a copy of the payment .they said I needed something that showed when it stopped my insurance doesn’t have such a paper I even had where you have to show to get plates for car I had so many papers and they still wouldn’t let me rent I just purchased a new home that I plan to change out kitchen and both bathrooms plus purchase a large she’d I will never step foot in your store again. ALSO I will speak negative words about your store to everyone I know and I have 23 thousand followers on my Web page on how to renovate your home from FYI I will make sure they go to home Depot have a great day debra harrison


Koryn Garwood October 7, 2016 at 9:34 am

I just emailed rebate international and guest services. I’ve called corporate with no response. My rebate never made it to my home but it went to someone else. They were allowed to use my rebate three separate times without being properly ID’d or questioned. Now I have to file police reports and do the leg work??? Disgusting and disappointed! Will never shop or go anywhere near Menards. If I ever do get anything in regards to this rebate I will sell it for a small portion of cash so I never have to walk in that place again. If this is how they treat customer, no wonder their employees seem to not give an ounce of caring to anyone who walks through the door.


Jason Edwards October 5, 2016 at 12:57 pm

The Menards 11% Rebate FARCE!!! Wow, many unfavorable comments. This one will be short — to the point. Where is MY rebate money? You rely on a 3rd party rebate center that has a record of NOT paying rebates. The low paid help is known to dump the mail — in any of various ways. When I complain about this your stores dump it off on me to contact this dubious rebate center. That’s a copout, Menards, and you know it! This rebate FIASCO looks like it is beginning to lose customer base for you. I will cut out ALL further dealings with your store until you make good on your debt to me.

There is NO record of your rebate center getting my faithfully mailed materials. Mr. Menard will get a mailed copy of my concern (USPS) with copies of all doXXXXents (purchase, etc).
Sincerely, Jason


M. Castillo October 5, 2016 at 2:17 pm

I have not received a rebate of $49.82 from Menards for an 11% purchase rebate since July of this yr. rebateinternational says they have no record of it even though I had it hand stamped at the post office. I have tried to return the item but will not be given full credit since the rebate was sent for. Spoke store manager in Antioch,il. They hide behind this company-who will not even give out a phone number by the way. I have spend a lot of money at Menards but will sure not continue to do so with this going on. why are these mail in’s even needed when they could just print a coupon for the rebated amount at the check out?!


Glastender Inc September 23, 2016 at 3:20 pm

We are looking to remove our products from your online purchase program and the two people we have worked with previously are no longer with Menards. We need a new contact person to go through this with.

Thank you,


Jack Gorley September 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm

I have been in business forty years and I know that every business at one time or another has unhappy customers. Let me tell you about my first experience at the Menards store in Warren, Ohio. I was there visiting friends.

It was a real treat to have such courteous and thoughtful employees throughout the entire store. Service was beyond belief. I was very impressed. Unfortunately there are no Menards close to where I live. Again, all types of stores will have an unhappy customer on occasion. Ya just can’t please 100% of the customers 100% of the time no matter what type of business you may have. I’m always amazed when a company publishes complaint letters. Especially the letters are so negative. Menards does it right.

As we used to say in the navy, “They run a tight ship”. Nice job guys! But, Arnold said it best when he said, ” I’ll be back”….. 🙂 And I will go back.


Martin Mersch September 1, 2016 at 9:54 pm

I waited in line for 18 minutes to return an item. The two stupid and
totally incompetent employees just kept walking in circles. They
didn’t know their jobs. My time is valuable. I still didn’t get to
return my item because the line still wasn’t moving.
I am not going to shop at your store again.
You obviously think that your customers have nothing better to do than
just wait in line.
Martin Mersch
c # 773-490-XXXXX


R. Affelt August 30, 2016 at 8:01 pm

This has been happening @ The Peru, Illinois Menards. The doors to the Garden Annex are locked, customers are told to use the main entrance. It is quite a distance for some, and definitely an inconvenience for all! The Checkout is also not available, so customers have to go back to the main entrance again! I cant believe this is a corporate decision! If so, it was not well thought out! If not, The Store Manager should be taken to Task! I saw more than one ustomer just get back in their cars and leave, not “Good Business”, in my opinion!

RK Affelt


Sharron Klopp August 10, 2016 at 1:23 pm

I have been a Menards customer for at least 20 years..a few different locations. My experience today makes me want to NEVER go back.

On Monday, August 8, I purchased a leaf blower/mulcher at the price of $49.99. However, I made a mistake thinking it could be used as Leaf Blower/Vacuum. I was unable to get back to to the store (Bridgeview, IL) until today, Wednesday, August 10. Before leaving my house, I checked my purse for the receipt and saw a Menards receipt. Therein lies my problem. It was for a different purchase. The girl at the returns counter asked if there was anything wrong with it and I told her, no, I never used it, but found that I didn’t get the VacXXXX feature I wanted. I told her I would exchange for something else. She took the box and told me to come back with my replacement.

I found a small Shop/Vac, much more suitable for my needs. I had a few more purchases to make and when I got back to the Returns, a different woman was there. I explained what had happened and she asked if I had my receipt and I did not…since the receipt I had was from a DIFFERENT purchase. She then “zapped” the returned box and rang up the rest of my purchases.

Upon arrival at home, there on my table was the RECEIPT for the returned merchandise. I looked at it for the pricing and was surprised to see that though the cost was $49.99, I was only credited $34.99!!! I went back to the store and was told that was their policy…if I didn’t have a receipt. I went to one of the managers and she said the same thing. I was fuming. I felt like I was being punished and they got me for $15. Not a big amount, but I don’t care of it was $3. I asked for the Store Manager, he listened to my story and said ALL retailers do this on “no receipt” returns. I said “I am a consumer not an employee” and how would I know this policy. He pointed out the big sign on the wall with their policy posted. (do they really expect their customers to read this before making a return)? I asked if they don’t use the little machines that print the receipts in case you’ve lost it…they do, but since I didn’t do that, they have to charge me the lowest price on the item for the last 90 days. So evidently it was sold for $34.99 and that’s all they would give me since I made additional purchases and it was not reversible. I believe one of the first two girls at the Returns Counter should have told me to get the printed receipt from their machine. In my mind this is NOT good Customer Service. I’m a Senior Citizen and I feel they just “took” me for $15 and I’m angry. I guess it was MY carelessness for not having the correct receipt. I should have remembered to use the machine, This being a NEWLY renovated store, I thought they may do things differently now.

I wish I could say I’d never go to Menards again, but I know I will. However, I will NOT go to the Bridgeview location ever again!


Pat McClelland July 29, 2016 at 9:57 pm

I recently patronized the Three Rivers Michigan store. We are remodeling our bathroom and purchased the whole remodel here. Part of the order was shipped to us. When we received it, there was nothing to make sure we received everything and one of the boxes was taped up. We received the delivery on 7/28/16. The contractor was ready to install the shower, and that was the box that was taped up, the end wall was cracked. I didn’t see the delivery guys with tape guns, so I assume that it was put on the truck that way. When we have cashed out over $3000.00 for this project, I would think that more care would have gone into the merchandise. I have had to go through 3 different stores to find the replacement myself. The customer service from the Three Rivers store and Portage store was awful. The Kalamazoo store was very helpful and we are inconvenienced enough to have to go and pick it up tomorrow. This will most likely be the last remodel project that we will go through Menard’s for.


david escobar July 26, 2016 at 12:58 pm

hello i supper mad with this store they are the worst in customer services. i had bout 700 out side floor brisk. and they were suposto deliver to my house. they said they deliver 7 pallets ad i only receive 5 so im missing 2 full pallets. and they said im f***** because they are not responseval for t went i paid for delivery and i didt get my full order. now i have to stop my project and pay the people the were doing it for free time. realy i call the manager from the store and she was like no we did are part so u figer out ur self. oh and bother way this is the store in melrose prk ill. manager name is Tania.
i need some one to call me back asap and they need to deliver my rest of the order. 911
thank for the worst expire ans of my life. i used to like this store now i dont event know if i ever want to spend my money there. hope to ear from u soon and not just be in the forgot list.


Gerald Pifer July 19, 2016 at 2:54 am

Hi, I have been a good customer, for the last four years and have found that Menards does not have good quality lumber. I purchased 30 cedar boards, that was loaded by an employee, when I went to install the boards, I had to force them straight. I contacted the store for a small return of some of the cost, they said upon checking the lumber, it was bad, but they would not return any of the cost. I told them as soon as I spent my rebates, no more purchases. I don’t think they care. I contacted guest services, got a letter from Cathy Drinkwine, she didn’t care. I will not buy from Menards again. No thanks Gerald


Thomas Swichtenberg July 18, 2016 at 5:36 pm

I ordered 1908′ AC2 Dogear Picket 5/8 X 5 – 1/2 NOM 173-2158 @ 2.59 total of 492.10 with tax and handling it was 50109 it was ordered 07/05/16. they never called to let us know it was in. We were told that it wasn’t their responsibility to contact us and that since we did not have an e-mail that is why they did not contact us. They had our phone number right next to were the e-mail blank was. it was in on the 07/07/16 and we did not know this until today when my husband stopped by to see what was going on. There was a manager there but as soon as he started to try and find out why he wasn’t notified the manager left the area In just a couple of days it could have been sold and I would have lost my monies. There is something wrong with the way things are handled there. What kind of managers leave the area and try not to help with the problem. My husband has always gone there to get his equipment he does a lot of projects. All together we spent 860.78 I know that may not seem a lot of money to some people but it sure is for us. Why wouldn’t they call and the lady states we only do this by e-mails. You have lost a very faithful customer. Mille & Tom Swichtenberg PS we have not received any of rebate monies from what we have spent there over the last few months.


Candie July 18, 2016 at 11:48 am

I have had 7 experiences at Menards and every single one of them have resulted in a bad experience. The staff does not know what they are doing. Every time I order something or ask a question I get the wrong order or wrong answer. Once, I receive my 11% rebate (if I received it) I will never shop at this store again. I have many friends that are in the building industry and believe me the word is getting out what a horribly ran company this is. My compliant is with the new Warren, Michigan store!


PJV July 14, 2016 at 5:57 pm

I have been trying to resolve an issue with the 11% Price Adjustment rebate on kitchen cabinets. It seems that the normal 11% Rebate Offer has different guidelines/rules then the 11% Price Adjustment rebate…WHY….I would surely return my cabinets had I known there is such a difference in the rebates…I spent close to $2,000.00 on cabinets and now because of the different rebate guidelines/rules Menards will “not” honor the rebate that I submitted. I would appreciate talking one-on-one with a Menards Corporate Officer regarding a resolution to my satisfaction irregardless of their guidelines/rules. I have attached for your review, some of my email correspondence with Menards Rebate Company. I know I’m not alone!

Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎July‎ ‎14‎, ‎2016 ‎4‎:‎28‎ ‎PM
To: Guest Service – Rebates International
Good Afternoon:
I appreciate all the work you have invested in your research but I would like the name of a Corporate officer, please.
I would like to address this with someone that can/will see exactly the point I am trying to get across. Why is this 11% Price Adjustment calculated totally different then when the 11% Rebate offer is active? There are 2-different sets of guidelines/rules depending upon what rebate form [normal 11% Rebate Offer vs 11% Price Adjustment].
I know you are just the agency that processes Menards rebates, thus, I would like a POC so I may contact them directly myself.
Thank you,

From: Guest Service – Rebates International
Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎July‎ ‎14‎, ‎2016 ‎10‎:‎36‎ ‎AM

RE: #2200 11% Price Adjustment

Thank you for your inquiry. After reviewing additional transaction information received from the sponsor, your 11% Price Adjustment rebate amount was calculated correctly. Merchandise on the receipt provided was purchased on sale.

RE: Receipt dated 04/16/16 pretax $1,849.24

479-2910 regular price $229.00, sale price $206.00
479-2911 regular price $153.00, sale price $137.00
479-2912 regular price $175.00, sale price $157.00
479-2905 regular price $109.00, sale price $98.10
479-3003 regular price $147.00, sale price $132.00
479-3019 regular price $104.00, sale price $93.00
479-3015 regular price $109.00, sale price $98.10
479-2920 regular price $110.00, sale price $99.00
479-3007 regular price $167.00, sale price $150.00
479-2914 regular price $104.00, sale price $93.60
479-3016 regular price $88.00, sale price $79.00
479-3015 regular price $109.00, sale price $98.10
479-3011 regular price $279.00, sale price $251.00
479-3031 regular price $9.99, sale price $8.99
479-3031 regular price $9.99, sale price $8.99
479-3033 regular price $16.99, sale price $15.29
479-3032 regular price $9.49, sale price $8.54
479-3032 regular price $9.49, sale price $8.54

According to information received from the sponsor 11% Price Adjustment rebates have different rebate guidelines. Rebate #4556 Save 11% is from 04/17/16 thru 04/23/16, Save 11% on everything. Rebate #2200 11% Price Adjustment is from 04/03/16 thru 04/16/16, limited to items purchased at full price.

Rebates International is following the guidelines as dictated by the sponsor. Based on this information, no additional rebate money is due.

Michelle Knap
Rebates International
cc: Menard, Inc. Guest Services Department

From: Guest Service – Rebates International
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 1:00 PM
Subject: RE: – Rebate Status-Pamela Vandegrift

RE: Rebate #2200 11% Price Adjustment

Rebates International will be contacting the sponsor for more information regarding your #2200 Price Adjustment purchases. When information is received back we will let you know the results.

Please allow time for this information to be researched.

Thank you,

Michelle Knap
Rebates International

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 4:43 PM
To: Guest Service – Rebates International
Subject: Re: – Rebate Status-Pamela Vandegrift

Thank you for the response.

I feel that something is wrong here, the 11% Rebate applies to even items that are on sale during the 11% Rebate offer but you are telling me because I purchased my cabinets 1-day before the 11% Rebate offer took place and because it appears as though my purchase was also on sale, I do not qualify for this?

What is the difference?

From my prospective, there is no difference, you receive the 11% Rebate on everything in the store/on-line “even sale items” but when a purchase if made 1-day prior to the sale, it does not qualify because it was already on sale?

I would like this communication to be forward to Menards Corporate Office, perhaps the legal department. I do not think this is good business practice and it also is miss-leading to the consumer.

This entire transaction (purchase of kitchen cabinets) has been a nightmare and am still waiting to settle this issue with the manager of the Menards store here in Lincoln, NE.

I’d appreciate being “cc” on your communications with Menards Corporate Office, please.

Thank you

From: Guest Service – Rebates International
Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎June‎ ‎23‎, ‎2016 ‎8‎:‎22‎ ‎AM

RE: Rebate #2200 11% Price Adjustment
According to the information received by Rebates International, rebate #2200 11% Price Adjustment, 04/17/16 through 04/23/16, has the following line stated on the certificate: Adjustment is for Menards original receipts dated 04/03/16 through 04/16/16 only. Limited to items purchased at full price. Please see the attached certificate.
The original receipt dated 04/16/16 you submitted did not qualify for 11% Price Adjustment.
The transaction information used to process your 11% price adjustment was based off of full price merchandise. The 11% will not be honored on items purchased at sale price because a discounted price has already been received.
Any items that have been price adjusted, exchanged, and/or returned will also reduce the 11% price adjusted amount.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Michelle Knap
Rebates International
—–Original Message—–
Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2016 7:29 AM
To: Guest Service – Rebates International
Subject: – Rebate Status

Tracking #:
Rebate #: 2200
Topic: Rebate Status
Summary: I submitted my rebate more than six weeks ago, can you check the status?
Comments: rebate on cabinets, mailed on 5-20-16


Dawn July 4, 2016 at 7:42 pm

My son is employed at Menards. He is mixed (black and white). He highlighted the tips of his hair blonde, just like many women do. When he came to work, he was told that, that was not a natural color for him. Really???!!! It’s not purple, blue, pink, green or any outrageous color, but because he’s mixed and his natural color hair is brown, the tips can’t be blonde cause “it’s not a natural color for him”. So now he was told he needs to cut his hair off! So a white woman can highlight her hair and that’s ok, but s mixed, male can’t??? That is total racial discrimination. My son had never called in sick, never been late, taken on extra shifts and even got a written comment from a customer what a pleasure and great help he was to her. This totally sickens me!!! My family, friends and ALL acquaintances have been informed of this treatment and are more apt to shop at Home Depot for their needs because of this sickening treatment now. I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH MENARDS!!! JUST AWFUL!!!


DAVID I. KLEIN June 14, 2016 at 4:18 pm



Steve June 12, 2016 at 9:06 am

I bought Menards siding and it started to change to all different kinds of shades of grey in less than a year. I have been trying to get a resolution with the manufacture for over 11 months. If you want to see pictures you can see them at and if you want to buy the used siding when I replace it you can see it on Craigslist


Don June 10, 2016 at 6:20 pm

I believe it is time for Menards to increase their 11% “rebate” program to more…prices have gone UP! But, what do I know? I ONLY have 35 years retail experience.


John Stevens June 7, 2016 at 1:32 pm

Menards is set up on what we used to call a ponzi scam Where when they have your money they will only give cash back when cash was used for product at their DISCRETION other wise only as in store credit ( in the form of the BIG card or rebate checks). The non store credit card is at their discretion is as well. I bought a metal roof ($6800) paid part on a bank card and opened a BIG card to complete the purchase. I later paid the BIG card off.
Went to return leftover materials only to find out they refused to refund on the bank card but they will on the Big card ( which only means you buy more product in store) The BIG card is not a true credit card is not usable for out of store product. So i am having to re instate the BIG card with the correct number that relates to the number on the sale slip, if this is not completed, I am stuck with the excess materials. I DID NOT GIVE THEM THE BILL OF MATERIALS NEEDED THEY MADE THE BILL OF MATERIALS UP FROM THE DIMENSIONS I GAVE THEM. I received the 11% rebate cheek witch they refused to apply to the BIG card, I was not informed at the start that their policy dose not allow this until I got the $678.09 rebate. Bottom line I have been screwed out of the rebate and the cost of the return products. I am sitting with returnable product that is going no where. I needed the cash for other thing they can not supply.

Bend over and grease up when dealing with this out fit.


Paul bohez June 3, 2016 at 6:12 pm

Here I sit with with $2500 worth of cabnets that can’t be install due to 60 percent of them being damaged. Have put off my contractor twice and had to pay him for time on the cacelation. Due to two cancelations it will take two to three months to get worked back into his schedule for install. Dealing with menards has been one of the worst experiences of my life and I feel cheated as I sit here and look at a bunch of garbage cabnets sitting in what should be my kitchen and feeling sick to my stomach over the money I am out. Wish there was some way they could make it right


Tim Kowalske June 1, 2016 at 9:26 pm

Not a BAD store…but not great neither! Your stores have some nice prices, and sometime deals, but a customer has to be self-informed on what he’s buying…some of your stuff is… well, just crap. Also your 11% rebate program is a joke, as well as your return policy.Lining your pocket with customer’s money, and not wanting to return it, apparently, is more important to your company than customer satisfaction! Recently, I received an “in-store” credit slip for returned merchandise – $9. Later, I purchased $65 worth of merchandise, and used the credit without a problem. However, I had to return a $9.50 item – turned out to be one of those “crap” items. When I came to return the item, a few days after buying it… I was given another “in-store” credit. Come on, I just spent $65… but I was told, because there was a credit involved, I had to receive another credit for $9 and a $1 and some change in cash????? for the item returned. I was told by the store #3029 manager, that’s company policy, and that there’s nothing he could do about it. Whoever thought up this policy…probably thought it was a great idea…brings the person back to spend more money. This is true…but for only one more time… to use up the credit, then Good-bye! If you want a customer to return repeatedly… keep him satisfied. Make them feel, that their loyal patronage is important, and not what’s only in their wallet. With your rebates…. give it to me right away at the checkout. Don’t make it a profit game…by playing the odds that the customer will forget, or miss the deadline to submission, and it’s money in our pocket. I sure the corporate person who thought these concepts up, got a big pat on the back, but lacks in social skills. In time, it’s going to hurt your company. Just look “on-line”, you’ll read about a lot of disgruntled, unsatisfied, and alienated Menard’s customers (1000+) out there. Tell John Menard,Jr. ” With satisfied/loyal customers, you will always make money, and they will always come back. If you lose them… how much money are you making now, and in the future!” Zero!!!! Just for your information, you haven’t quite lost me yet…but it is questionable- do I stay, or do I go?


Lou May 29, 2016 at 2:18 pm

This one is really good, went to Menards to get a propane refill, used their automatic 24 hour propane exchange kiosk, the thing malfunctioned, which talking to customer service girl happened multiple times in the day. So she runs my card and it says I paid for a refill even though I never received one. She unlocks the cage and hand me a refill.
This morning I get a bank alert that I was charged 48.95 at Menards, I look at my receipt and it says 16.45, so I called, spoke with a manager, he says to come right over. I head over, re run my card it still says 16.45, I show 3 people the item from the bank showing the 48.95, I get from all of them, the bank made the mistake. I explained the bank does not just make up charges to pull money from accounts, they had to make the charge at the store. Get nothing from them, just a blank stare. So I called and spoke with a store manager, the person in charge, someone who should understand how the process work and I may as well have spoken to a piece of furniture, he was like the bank over charged you we didn’t. I tried to explain to him 3 times, that the bank only charges what they clear. The bank said they tried to charge 48.95 multiple times and they got rejected except for one. So now I have to dispute all this, Wow, is all I can even say. I think Menard’s needs to spend some time with manager’s regarding book keeping, the store had to be out of balance on their nighty’s by the difference from 16.45 to 48.95, or maybe they do not balance books.


Lou May 31, 2016 at 10:48 am

Follow up, I called Corporate office, you get the phone tree bs, and finally speaking to someone who answers the phone, the whole organization are clueless. She tells me the bank overcharged me not the store, really the bank just picked a number out of the air and charged me 48.95, it is them, not the bank. Unreal


Rob May 24, 2016 at 11:29 am

I recently went to menards in Hanover park in Illinois to purchase rubber mulch that was advertised on-line through the menards website. Only to find they no longer carry the 1 cu foot rubber mulch and only carry the .8 size, however all marketing material advertised 1 cu foot bag. I asked to speak to a manager because I wanted the 1 cu foot which was advertised on-line and in store for $6.94. He informed me that they no longer carry that product, I informed him this was the only reason I came into the store because they advertised a larger bag for the same price as other competitors for the smaller bag. I asked store manager Allan if anything could be done because I went out of my way to come to this store due to the advertisement and he said “No.” I ended leaving and going to a competitor and buying the needed 200 bags, they offered me a few bags at a discount. I called corporate wishing to express my frustration and they informed me it would need to be in writing, I informed the operator that this is horrible. All I wanted to do was to talk to a regional, district mgr but now I would like to speak to the Vice President or the President. She informed me that it would not be possible, what a backwards company. I feel that I am not valued as a customer and no loner wish to do business with suck a broken or out of date company.


Bryan Sadler May 18, 2016 at 10:31 am

I think your company sucks, and some of the people are rude and unprofessional, I’ve spent over 6,000 $ in Minot North Dakota, now I shop at The Home Depot, it’s cheaper, and a lot more professional. So f*ck off, and I hope to ride by some day soon to see your store’s out of business. With any luck. I will nor my family, ever spend one dime of revenue with your bubble gum company. Just saying


cole zobel April 30, 2016 at 9:44 pm

Furthermore, might I ask a question? Why does Menards corporate office control the volume of the overhead speaker’s in all of the over 300 Menards store’s?


cole zobel April 30, 2016 at 8:53 pm

I’m attempting to E-mail a copy of my post to Menards corporate headquarters, and under contact Menards it says E-mail; Email Menards. What is Menards corporate headquarters E-mail address?


Tammy Robinson May 2, 2016 at 2:40 pm

If you click on the “Email Menards” it sends you to their email link.


cole zobel May 5, 2016 at 4:22 am

Thank you Tammy.


cole zobel April 30, 2016 at 3:36 pm

I’m almost 71, I’m handicapped, and use a wheel chair. I’ve shopped at Menard’s for 6 years, remodeling my house. Menard’s store associates have been rude and disrespectful to me a very large number of times. My most resent purchase was a 50 gallon electric hot water heater, water pipes, connectors, and electric wire. I drive 90 miles to the closest Menard’s. It took me 15 minutes to locate a Menard’s associate in plumbing. I’ve installed copper water lines, and galvanized pipe. I had never worked with plastic, and was not aware of pvc, and cpvc. I explained to Menard’s store associate in plumbing that I wanted to purchase the 50 gallon electric hot water heater that was reduced $108.00, on sale for $479.00, and I have to install new water lines and drain, because the kitchen was remodeled, and the old water lines and drain were 2 feet off for the new sink. I knew that I needed 20 feet of water pipe, tee connectors, 90 degree elbows, straight inline connectors, 2 water water valves for the washing machine connection, 2 shut off valves, and 12 feet of 220 electric wire. Then…5 1/2 hours later every thing was loaded, and I was headed home!!! I had the installation completed a week later, and I’m ready to test drive the electric hot water heater. One hour later there was hot water at the bath room sink. It was about 2 PM, and I had a list of items I needed to purchase from Menard’s, vinyl floor tile for the laundry room, and other items for another project. I encountered some delays along the way, and arrived at Menard’s at 9 PM. I was returning a 4 gallon pail of fast grab adhesive, I had my receipt, and said to give me store credit. The return counter associate tells me the scanner can not read the bar code, so I said a receipt is not needed for store credit, then I’m asked to present my Menard’s credit card, I present it, then I’m asked to present my drivers license, and I did. At that time the agm (acting general manager) appears and talks rude and disrespectfully to me. Then he says there I put it back on your card. I had already told him I’m requesting in=store credit. He then very rudely tells me to go do my shopping and he will have it straightened out. I then told the agm to forget about it, just leave it back on my card, that I’m done I’m going home. At that time it was 9;25 PM, the store closes at 10 PM. I drove to WalMart’s and sat in my car 15 minute’s, and then went across the street to Lowe’s, applied for credit, and was approved for a $2000.00 line of credit in 5 minutes. Lowe’s manager helped me get a few of the items I needed and I left the store at 10;25 PM, 25 minutes after closing. I arrived home the next morning at 6;30 AM, turned on just the hot water in the bathtub, and put on a pot of coffee. I check my tub——–the water temperature is lukewarm in the tub, and cold coming out of the faucet. I return the water heater, $519.00 applied back on my Menard’s credit card. Then I soak the electric elements from the old 30 gallon electric hot water heater I was replacing in vinegar for 20 hours, spend 3 hours flushing the tank, I then put 2 gallons of vinegar in the tank and let it sit the 20 hours, and then flush the tank 3 times again. After I install the electric elements back in the tank I test the tank ,and it heats water up to 150 degree’s F. Now I need 4 1/2 inch fittings to connect the old tank to the new water lines I had installed. I go to a hardware store 8 miles from my home, they do not have the fittings, and then he asked me am I installing the fitting on the hot water line, and I answered yes. He explains to me that cpvc has to used for hot water because it’s rated up to 180 degrees. Now I have to replace the water lines I just installed. Next day I’m at Menard’s asking the agm to give me at no charge a 10 foot length of cpvc pipe, 1 cpvc union, 3 cpvc t fittings, 3 cpvc 90 degree elbows, 2 cpvc connectors. His answer was no way, I’m sorry. He did not care that it was caused by a Menard’s store associate. After driving 540 miles and 2 weeks later I’m at home with the the parts to re-do the hot water line. I purchased the replacement parts at Lowe’s and it cost me $16.30. I was looking online for the address and phone number for Menard’s corporate headquarters to present my complaint to them. After reading all the posts I realize that I’d be wasting my time contacting corporate headquarters. My opinion is that consumers that have complaints against Menard’s need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against Menard’s. contact me woblewole at


Bryan Sadler May 18, 2016 at 10:45 am

Hey, my friend the phone number to this sh*t hole business is, 715)876-5911. I’m calling to give these f*cks a piece of my mind. F*ck Menard’s. And F*CK anyone with the Last name MENARDS. We Clear


Richard William Howell April 22, 2016 at 2:34 pm

2280 Maplewood Drive
Maplewood, MN 55109

Richard Howell

My brother brought me a cobalt step drill bit. #9. Expensive and totally wrong item. The absent minded idiot threw away the bag containing receipt and trash was collected this morning. I believe he went to a location in the Bloomington, Richfield, MN area. I went to this location (more convinient being its between paydays) walked in proper professional and respectful and asked for store credit (no receipt cant expect cash and usually do business with menards) customer service was polite and professional and all seemed customer friendly. They told me they were getting approval item is special order to their location so ok fine patiently wait. I get brought a receipt and told i have to wait two or more weeks to get my funds (unsatisfactory) so i politely ask for my property back. Management was called. Two men approach one unknown name another by the name of Eric (manager and criminal) i explained my side my point and my standing. I told him the truth and was again calm a d collective, professional. He tells me its their property and they need to investigate. How can an iten not sold at said location be their property. How can a low level employee of what i now use to believe to be a respected corporation slander and assault intimidate harass and terrorize a consumer. All above will be explained: i again asked for my property back he illegally took, agajn asked to show a receipt, i dont steal(i stole once when younger due to extreme cirXXXXstances, poor choice) i than informed them id like to contact police due to theft of property, they have to special order it and there no way i could of stole said property from their store and if all local locations run their cameras back for past two years i havent shopped with them for similar issues. Well i reached for said receipt the unknown person informed me he was contacting police for my reaction( who wouldnt be upset to be out 50$ when its midpay period) i said ok but proceeded to walk outside planning to wait for police, Eric proceeds to follow me out the store publocally slandering and threatening me after already slappin my hand when i attempt to reach for my receipt. He says he planned tell police i stole from his store (impossible item is not stocked-false police report) he follows me to parking stall threats of physical harm from him and employees follow. I finally turn and tell him if this continues and if he reacts with force id be forced to defend myself. He stops and harassingly takes my plate number. (i do have a dwi record and dont need additional false police contact making my current situation difficult) i turb a d respectfully ask for receipt for corporate to call them and ask for his name to file complaint. He agrees and demands me to exit property. I do so as calmly as i can. We stop not far away and i contact Ramsey county sheriffs office and tell dispatch what had happened. According to the lady the unwanted physical contact constitutes assault (minor likely 5th degree) and she was not sure but the property situation could constitute theft by swindle or flat out theft( property legally was mine. I contacted corporate Eau Clair wis @ 715-876-2209 the women who answered gave no name told me nobody was in call back at 1:30 i told her there has to be someone and i got disgruntled asking is this gow Menards operates with customers steals slanders assaults and refuses to provide professional service she says no sorry you feel that way. I calmed apologized and informed her ill call back. Contacted my lawyer and started a civil process. Calling corporate back after this post and if unsatisfied with the outcome will proceed with the civil case if satisfaction is provided will tell lawyer stop the action


Norma Hammond April 20, 2016 at 7:40 pm

I purchased a Poulan 18″wild thing chainsaw on February 10 this year. I heat my home primarily with wood burning stove. I purchased said saw for my sons to use when they came to my home for visits to cut wood for me. On April 12 we had damaging straight line winds causing a large tree to uproot and fall on my house. My two son’s came the next day to remove said tree from my home and they were using the Poulan chainsaw to cut the tree off of my house and it quit running. The saw had only been used twice before this each time for maybe an hour. So all total the saw had maybe been used for 4 hours total running time. I called the toll free number for Poulan Corp and was instructed to take it to Crowders lawn sales and service. I was told by said service provider they would not service my chainsaw as Poulan Corp had discontinued my model and I should return it to place of purchase. I was told by Menards employee to go into the store and get another saw for an exchange. Upon searching I determined there was not an identical saw to mine. When I asked the Menards employee hardware dept. I was told by her also that they weren’t carrying that model any longer as they were discontinued but they had the Poulan pro 18″ that was the replacement for that model. I returned to customer service with the Poulan pro and was informed that I would have to pay the difference in price of the “replacement saw” and I asked for the store manager to explain why I should have to pay anything when the saw I purchased was discontinued and their dept manager told me that they were aware of the discontinuation and offered the replacement. After being told the store manager was coming to speak to me I waited 20 minutes only for the employee at the service desk told me the manager called and told her to inform me that my only choices were to pay the difference in price or that Menards could order from their warehouse the same model I purchased. Well number one I don’t feel I was treated fairly when I was made to wait 20 minutes for a store manager who I was told was going to speak to me,only to be told by the same girl he was not going to speak to me! So now I have a junk recalled discontinued chainsaw and my only choice is to take a replacement of the same (discontinued defective) model that would take them up to two weeks to get from their own warehouse or pay the difference in price of the “replacement model” and I still have a tree laying in my living room that I assume I’m just to leave while I wait for Menards to get the replacement same defective model I had purchased! So seeing no other choice I payed the total $73.00 dollar difference and asked for a corporate number to contact to complain about the very unprofessional conduct of said customer service employee (who turned her name tag backwards) and wouldn’t give me her or said store managers name! My experience trying to get a person to talk to was even more inconvenient as it is impossible! I’m not a big money contractor but I do spend a good amount of money or I should say did at Menards but due to the way I was treated in this incident I will take my business to Home Depot!


Susan Priddy June 2, 2016 at 12:29 am

Norma Hammond April 20, 2016 at 7:40 pm very interesting story you have here.Menard’s return policy depends on what you want to return and who you are. I purchased a tiller online picked up 3 days later at store. My son tried to use the tiller but it refused to stay running. I asked him about the oil and he said it took .65 quarts, I asked him about the gas and it was purchased the day he tried to use it. I told him to make sure the plug was tight and it was.So now we have had this tiller less then a week and it is a pos. My sons lady took it back to the store where I purchased it online and did a store pick up. The people at Menards told her they could not take the tiller back because it had gas and oil put into it. NO XXXXX. How else would we no it didn’t run. Sure wont run without gas or oil.This is where Norma Hammonds story is telling me that Menard’s does take things back that have had oil or gas put in to them, I’m sure her saw didn’t run on water or air. Seems they pick and chose what they will accept back as a return . Menard’s people told my daughter-in-law to take it to a repair shop they use. Repair people said it has a sensor that wont let the engine run if it is low on oil and state they added oil and let it run for 20 minutes. Got it back home and nothing had changed except now it would run for a few minutes but when you tried to stop it from moving it just continued to go and the shut off switch is in front of the tiller so now we have to have two people to shut it down,one holds it while the other shut it off. I took it back to Menard’s again and was told to take it back to the repair shop and I said NO, you take it back to the repair shop, I already had it there once.Now I am being told they need to confirm what the repair shop done and if it can be fixed they will confirm that. Well if it cant be fixed i want my money back. Really want my money back anyway because a tiller less then a week old shouldn’t need repairs done already and if it does then it needs to be returned. I’m like many of you out there that have used Menard’s for years but this situation ends any more purchases at Menard’s and I have bought appliances there along with lumber,paint and was getting ready to buy ceramic tile, Hello Lowe’s, just 2 blocks from Menard’s
Called my credit card company to disput the charges and have made a copy of Normas complaint to prove the people at Menard’s aren’t honest people and cannot discriminate, which is what they have done to me. Thankfully it wasn’t a menards charge



TJC April 11, 2016 at 12:23 pm

My husband and I had serious damage done to our home on Christmas Eve this past year from a massive wind storm. We had gaping holes in our roof, broken sky lights and windows…. and we live in Michigan. So, between the rain, snow, sleet, cold weather, warm weather unthawing and then back to the cold again – the urgency from our contractor to get the needed materials ordered and get the damage fixed was on target. …..The materials to fix our roof – they were delivered on time and that portion went smoothly. The materials to rebuild our back porch, replace my window and additional materials….. We are still waiting for them to be delivered after already having (3) different delivery dates given. Both our contractor and my husband were informed by the store where our materials were purchased that delivery for ALL customer’s from their store was handled by a broker…. REALLY? And, that our materials have been at the back of a semi trailer….. for the last (4) weeks. The “broker” drives through our town weekly (we see him) – and never once have our “on the truck materials” been delivered to our home. We were told twice that the driver would be there at 9pm to deliver…. REALLY? We were never given a phone call of “delay for weather” or any kind of explanation as to why almost (4) months after our home was damaged, still a broken window that we are loosing heat out of and a porch that needs to be re-built…. Why our materials “were still on the back of a semi trailer?”

So – This past Friday my husband phoned the store and spoke with a gentleman in their “customer service” department. This guy proceeds to tell my husband that the “broker” has our materials in his semi trailer parked at the store and that there have been delays – but they should be delivered sometime next Thursday (4th delivery date given)…. So, my husband responded with “perfect – I own my own truck – I’ll be up to pick up the materials myself this evening. Please have them available for me to unload them from your trailer.” …… The guy was deal silent and after fumbling for almost 2 minutes came right out and told my husband that the store and he had been lying about the materials for the last month – he wasn’t even sure they had been ordered yet.

So – long story short – Menards Corp. – If this kind of behavior is any indication of how you people are and how you run your business – You should be ashamed of yourselves. Once our project is complete (that is we get the materials needed to do so.) – I will be sure to let everyone know exactly they kind of “business you are.” This will be the very last time that we have anything to do with you, your stores and your SH*T excuse for customer service.


Vanha Nguyen April 19, 2016 at 4:35 am

Bravo! I, too, have a complaint against Menards and not providing me with 3 base cabinets that I ordered. The manager at Menards was arrogant, condescending and value for customer service was horrid.


Francis Swayer April 7, 2016 at 6:44 pm

I spent almost $ 3,000 in the past month at menards in Escanaba,Mi. , I had one item that was missing from the shipment it was a six panel oak door. Evidently someone at the store had damaged the door, they had contacted me a day before the delivery and i was told if i wanted to wait for the delivery when the replacement door came in i could do so but i had told them i had already had a contractor lined up to start the work and couldn’t hold the contractor up, so two weeks after waiting to hear about the replacement door no one had called to say if it was in or not, so i went to the store and it was in but put on the floor when it should have been pulled and set aside and i should have been notified but wasn’t. When i checked on the door one of there workers Scott Bouck told me that i had told him that i would pick up the door when i never had and they wanted to charge me another $130 to deliver that door. That should be Menards problem not mine, they damaged the door that i had already paid for. No satisfaction from that store and i am more likely not to be buying anything from there again. Very, very poor customer service!!!


Andrew April 6, 2016 at 3:02 pm

Bought a garage package at menards in sedalia mo. Almost $5,000 and metal came in and we had 3 colors when should’ve had 2. Sheets were supposed to be cut to length and everything was 16 ft sheets. I called and they ordered the right package and said midwest manufacturing would probably refund my money! They finally got ahold of midwest manufacturing and they basically said sorry but we won’t do anything. Menards refunding $110 for all the headache. Menards used to be only place we would go. Not anymore. MENARDS IS A JOKE! will never step foot in their stores again! Do not deal with them


Cinda Welu April 4, 2016 at 4:52 pm

Well our Menards Store here in Dubuque just happens to be a shining example of all good things coming together to make an enjoyable shopping experience.
As a retired teacher, I take pride in Dubuque’s educated, hardworking, & productive workforce of employees for Menards.
The inventory, returns, rebates, community involvement & responses have all met high standards.
My hope is to see my local store continue in its positive direction.


Eboni March 16, 2016 at 5:49 pm

I agree working for Menards is one of the worst jobs I had I would rather clean old people butt then work at the Menards in St Ann the Menards management sucks they don’t care about they employees all they care about is getting money the managers in St Ann are so busy trying to get big checks every pay period they do not even schedule enough team members to help the guest they disappear all day they give the guest wrong information damage items the wrong items guest wait anywhere from 20minutes to an hour to pick up o and special orders. They do not give team members breaks like they surpose to. They blame everything on someone else if they would get organized and have all the team members managers and gate guard on the same page maybe things will be better but right they ain’t nothing but a head to work for


Bryan Stack March 9, 2016 at 12:28 pm

I was at the 13 mile and Van Dyke store yesterday waiting in line as usual. There was a senior couple buying storage containers. The customer had inquired about the covers that should have come with these. The sales associate did not have a clew nor was he willing to get another associate to go in back to look for them. When a second associate came by she had absolutely no interest in helping these poor people. There were nine, yes nine other associate standing within twenty feet and not one person offered to help. Finally I went back on the floor and pointed the lids out to the customer.

You had nine people standing there not doing a thing nor were they willing to help. This is how you company helps our seniors. Shame on you and the image you portray.


Doug March 5, 2016 at 4:26 pm

1st shopping experience at a new store in Wixom MI. I will never shop at Maynard’s again after what was supposed to simply be a pickup of items ordered online. Very disappointing and agrivating experience and no one cared at the store.


Gail March 4, 2016 at 8:41 am

Can not get a hold a a human being at corporate to discuss complaint. Just got a run around automated line. If this is how customers here are treated then Im canceling my Menards card and sticking with Home Depot. This corporation doesn’t care about its customers. So I will not tolerate it. If everyone started to boycott bad servise there would be a change. Too many people accept being treated poorly as customers so thats why it continues. Bye Bye Menards and your 11% discounts and yiour sales staff who dont know anything.


Sam February 18, 2016 at 9:28 pm

I am wanting to bring awareness to the Columbus, IN store is telling breastfeeding mothers looking for work are told they have to pump in the bathroom. This is reportable!
(HB 1510). Ind. Code § 5-10-6-2 and § 22-2-14-2 provide that state and political subdivisions shall provide for reasonable paid breaks for an employee to express breast milk for her infant, make reasonable efforts to provide a room or other location, other than a toilet stall, where the employee can express breast milk in private and make reasonable efforts to provide for a refrigerator to keep breast milk that has been expressed. The law also provides that employers with more than 25 employees must provide a private location, other than a toilet stall, where an employee can express the employee’s breast milk in private and if possible to provide a refrigerator for storing breast milk that has been expressed.


N/A February 18, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Hi.. Someone needs to talk to the FEM at the Germantown WI store… I work as a gate guard and I’m sick of getting mistreated by the FEM. Interruping me while I’m with a guest and talking to receiving, acting like I don’t know how to do my job.. Has happened more than once..



Eboni March 16, 2016 at 6:05 pm

That’s the same thing that goes on in the St Ann MO store they want you to answer them admitted but you can’t get the same. The GM at the St Ann off has such a nasty attitude won’t let you get a word in but he want you to be cool and calm with him. Evey day they change the rules each manager make up they own rules on how the store should be ran instead of doing what’s in black and white Everyday I have to work I have a migraine while I’m at Menards and soon I step out the door my migraine gone this store has a very negative vibe.


Myles February 7, 2016 at 2:13 pm

I have a serious complaint about towards your manager Jacob Gamble at store #3094.

You can view my complaint here:


I know I’m a nobody in the huge corporate world of Menards, but I don’t believe anybody deserves to be bullied by your manager.


Vanha Nguyen April 19, 2016 at 4:39 am

Agreed. The managers at Menards are horrible!!!!


Carol Potter February 2, 2016 at 2:12 pm

I am concerned about your employees at the Yankton store due to a BLIZZARD HERE!


Anon January 30, 2016 at 4:46 pm

I currently work at a Menard’s location in the Garden Center, and I needed to share a disturbing event that took place here…

Animals. A fairly common occurrence in any Menards Garden center from the birds that roost in the rafters to the turtles that wanted in from the nearby pond. Every animal that wanders in the Garden Center Employees relocate on their own time. If squirrels are wandering into the store because they don’t know better we catch them and relocate them to a state park or to a locals house that provides critters in the neighborhood with cracked corn. We take birds with broken wings outside and dispose of any dead critters so customers don’t have to feel the heartbreak of seeing something in pain. We take turtles back to their pond so Menards doesn’t have to deal with a lawsuit because a child’s finger gets bitten off. We are KNOWN to relocate these animals to give them a chance of living in the wilderness, instead of ruining our sales because they are ruining product.

You would think that employees would be smarter then to store food outside. However, all of the black Friday merchandise was stored outside in the Garden Center this year. Low and behold the squirrels outside feasted on nuts and popcorn to their hearts content. Of course to remedy this problem workers decided to move the pallet with food in it to Bay 17 instead of the Garden Center, which yielded the same results. So we set traps. We caught one, and a fellow employee relocated it to a state park, I have personally taken two home to live in my neighborhood.

After having prior problems with squirrels eating product, it was decided to store pallets of cracked corn and bird food outside of witch the animals got into. Pet and Grocery employees took this personal.

Of course Garden Center Employees are part of Hardware, and for the most part work inside during winter. Diminishing our presence outside, without our knowledge a squirrel was caught in a cage the store had ” ïn store used” and stabbed to death with a piece of wood ON COMPANY TIME.

I am quite sure that many people would stop shopping at Menards if they knew we senselessly caught and murdered defenseless animals. This display of psychotic behavior is unacceptable. Especially when so many people are ready and willing to relocating them.

Of course no one is going to get in trouble for this inhumane act. Of course no one is going to care about the pain that it causes to many of our employees. And would cause to our customers had they known. As well as to the company. This is sick and wrong and people need to know that their actions are a reflection of the company.


GERI MARIA JOHNSON January 27, 2016 at 1:55 pm

I don’t shop at walmart because of how they mistreat their employees, so I was very glad to find you.

Then I see an article about the lengths you go to to prevent yours from organizing!!!

Your actions are illegal!!!

What are you afraid of?

Well, Home Depot, here I come!


David Noah January 15, 2016 at 4:17 pm

I’m a former employee of this terrible company, I now work for Home Depot. But I’ve got to tell the world the lies about menards, first, if you have worked there you can relate to there terrible ways to promote employees that aren’t deserving of a promotion. I worked in flooring for two years and they picked someone that knew nothing about flooring and wanted me to train them, oh hell no. Second, you may think your saving money but these guys don’t truly price match because no other company carries the same XXXXX. Plus there rebates take 6-9 weeks and that’s after they background check you and make sure you didn’t steal them. There warranties are bogus they don’t cover the true product lifetime. Third, I would never tell anyone to work here because every three months your manager gets a two dollar bonus and you get a whopping 10 cents for a raise. Plus don’t get on the bad side of your gms because if you do no matter what experience you have or product knowledge you will never and I mean never get promoted to anything. And than they move you to a department where you know nothing and than you’ll quit because you hate it. If you decide to work for a hardware store please choose Home Depot it’s 1000x safer and for contractors there really care about you and employees they give a damn about you. Please if you ever have an emergency they have ways to help unlike menards. And I hope you read this John Menard Jr. I hate you and your garbage company for not giving me an opportunity. And I thank Home Depot for making me realize the truth about how garbage menards is.


Debbie January 9, 2016 at 8:11 am

You know Menards was a great place to work.. Except for when they fire almost 19 people and they have people that work there that don’t do nothing and play on there phone but yet I get fired cause the new g manager is a jerk.. All I have to say is that Menards doesn’t save you money ya they might have low prices but personally as an ex employee even getting a 10%is nothing it just a joke the money u work for your just giving it back to the store and forcing you to use your name tag for that is really a joke..thank you


Bob Powers January 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm

To all Menards Corporate Staff..

What a joke you people hide behind your website and cookie cutter template e mail responses. It is impossible to talk to a real decision maker at Menards or get any support at all. I have been buying from menards for 25 years and in that time I have spent millions of dollars with your corporation. Now when I have an issue it is easy to forget about the little guy and just wipe him under the rug. Someone is stealing my rebates and using them in a store I NEVER GO TO. I have them doXXXXented through July of last year and it may have been going on longer. Please contact me VIA telephone (763 331-XXXXX to resolve this issue I am growing VERY impatient with this entire matter

Sincerely Bob P


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:26 pm

I was an employee at menards that is until I got fired! Really don’t understand caused I really didn’t do anything! And when they have an employee that has been suspended for draw being short …twice… and taking a hundred dollars that a customer gave this person because they felt sorry for this cashier .and I get fired for talking about someone and a customer complaints the customer had not been to the store yet didn’t know how to check out passed me up so I grabbed the cart and told them the cart goes here then they say I haven’t been here before then called and complained.and what was being said about another country worker was anything bad but we’re not suppose to say anything its called harassment when you weren’t saying are doing anything to this person ! The managers have their favoritesand it very noticeable!talk about rude most of the general managers there act like your beneath them like your the dirt on their shoes! Yes this is your new jeffersonville ind store…so many of the employees talk about how the store is ran how your general managers are rude and favoritism employees have quit and employees talk about department managers favoritism also ..I guess because I’m not a brown noser I didn’t fit in !


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:35 pm

Co -worker …not country


Roxane January 6, 2016 at 11:48 pm

And your human resource lady is rude and many employees have said this . And because I was thinking it was January the first is wore the wrong apron and she made sure because earlier that day she said something to the front end and I explained why so later she come back up to the front end and made sure I was sent home.


Mike Ruselink December 27, 2015 at 9:50 am

So everyone on here that isn’t getting any satisfaction on this website, text me at 616-375-XXXXX…. I will give you the location of John Menard Jr.’s home in Oconto WI… Then you can knock on his front door… You see I know its on the S. Side of the river, just north of Green Bay…. I know this because I worked for the company that put the CCTV cameras in his new home sometime around 2001…. I’ve got photos and locations, knock on his front door, maybe if hundreds of us knock on his door at midnight to discuss each of our issues, maybe he will take notice….


Mike Ruselink December 27, 2015 at 9:55 am

I’m sorry it’s not oconto Wis… It’s Suamico Wis. On the river….


Kelly E. Griffin December 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Curious why all the secrecy around Menards Inc. corporate office? I can understand you’d prefer to have all issues dealt with at the originating store for issues and concerns. Yet not all concerns or issues are able to be completely addressed and dealt with accordingly by this method, and in my experience dating to 1980 and with many thousands of dollars in purchases, don’t always end with getting the proper answer to a question, concern, or issue, and even when/if greeted cordially to begin with and regardless if being willing/able to resolve in another manner eventually the attitude of the representative can become rude to say the least when unable to provide the answer to something they don’t know and and in most cases don’t or shouldn’t have the knowledge of as their responsibility lies within the store itself and stating policies according to CORPORATE’s training policies and wishes, and especially when pressed with persistence to seek beyond the store for assistance regarding the matter with every attempt to prevent providing information to contact someone at Corporate who should be able and capable of providing the answer or information.

Of course one can always use the methods online through the HELP contact page where one can contact the General office by email through an online form by filling out the required fields and referencing “comments”, leading me to believe complaints and other issues aren’t the precedent at the GENERAL office where the other option is to Mail one’s comment’s, concerns, or complaints to at Menards Guest Services 5101 Menard Dr in Eau Claire WI 54703 which is obviously not the Corporate offices listed above at 4777 Menard Dr., and neither option of which I could expect the expediency required regarding the particular issue of concern in this case of which the details regard personal details I prefer not to share all of which in this context and will reserve for phone and/or options to follow.

I did however see an installed complaint contact option (download form) also not applicable to my issue, and a link to Look up receipts which is my issue in this case, and when selected gives information to do so at a store or online and the requirements involved for both. Online does require to be signed into an account, but not sure if can provide more than saved receipts as stated under a picture on the upper left hand side to sign in now to look up saved receipts and more? Not sure if I have an account but will check to see and add to my research regarding this issue of concern, but have to believe the information regarding my receipt would or should be the same online as that found on the kiosk, but of course that would be another question unanswerable by anyone within the store at any level.

There is another page under Guest Services stating Made a recent purchase? Under General information where comments, suggestions, and questions are welcomed for GENERAL questions several methods are listed to contact Menards, none of which addresses complaints besides the aforementioned Installed Products, or for matters of a not General nature providing again only the two aforementioned options for General information via the online form or General office address by mail, however interestingly right under the address is the statement “If you are looking for a lost receipt, you may quickly obtain another copy by using the self service kiosk located at the entrance of your local Menards® store”, again provided you have the required information to do so and which I do including the original unreadable receipt required by the manufacturer regarding my purchase of which more will be addressed later, and even further down the page under the installed problems section below the other requirements for filing for that issue is the statement “Please make sure to enclose readable copies of your receipts and any special order contracts, as this will expedite the processing of your claim”.

So Menards is requesting something from me they have been able to provide to me. Funny how many of my original receipts are faded and unreadable especially those with more products and large dollar amounts. However I’ve been able to reprint most all of my receipts to date I say most not all as there were 3 before which may be related to expired cards only accessible by saving the info online or the card possibly and scanning it at the kiosk which may have been the issue for those three (short of cash, rebate only, or store voucher only purchases which aren’t retrievable at all so I’ve been told) and now this particular one from a checking account that the routing or account number hasn’t changed on and is within the 3 year period stated, and obviously doesn’t expire. I’ve spent enough time on this now but will follow up as I proceed in my inquiry.


Catherine Carillo January 7, 2016 at 2:56 pm

I agree Bob and Kelly Perhaps it is time to seek legal counsel Maybe a class action law suit , will make them more receptive to providing good customer service. I brought back some flooring close to the expiration of the receipt date. I did not have the original debit card that part of my purchase had been made with as it was on a temporary card . I was told I had to have the original card or I would hae to get a store credit The merchadise had been returned on the 23 Dec exp on reciept was the 25 Dec . I was unable to locate that temp card( I do not use that card it was only A TEMP CARD ) until days later . When I returned I was told it was after the date so I had to get a store credit. That amt is for almost $800.00 I do not want a store credit .


Lea Ann Legg October 30, 2016 at 10:23 am

Wanted to purchase a complete kitchen – cabinets, counter tops and appliances. Dropping a large sum of money for me. They then wanted to give me the 11% rebate for in store purchase only. That is not a rebate and i feel that Menards is misleading their customers. I think it is a rip off as i do not normally shop at Menards, and now i probably never will again. All i ask is give me the 11% rebate at the register when i check out. That should not be difficult to do.

Upset customer!


Ron LaFon December 16, 2015 at 2:16 pm

Sent a bunch of receipts to get my rebate and never got half of them back, I purchased items a week before it started and went and got a form from the manger to send in, now I questioned why I never got all my rebates and the answered later saying to send the receipts again and told them I sent original ones in and gave them my menards card number and now I’m getting the run around, told them there just wasting my time now, I’m very upset with Menards


S.Allen December 16, 2015 at 8:48 am

My comment with Menard is when it comes to testing New employees as cashiers I am so concern about if the person didn’t pass and that we allowed 3 times to take test but why send a person home if they didn’t pass? Why not put them back out on the floor at a register shadowing the model and more experience cashier. To gain more experience of knowing what to do instead of making a person feel down and humiliated by calling you up to them and say we have to send you home. Stating that do to that we assume you were going to pass the test. My point is how is it that you going to assume something about me passing the test when I am still learning and have not task all that need to be tasked in just no three days of cashiering others may learn and catch on quicker than others or had previous experience of working at a company such as Menard or any other place dealing with Plywood and Lumber etc… I am not dumb nor stuck on stupid I am a person who want to her job and learn it as I go along don’t assume so quick to judge a book by its cover…I have another day of training on the cash register with shadowing a cashier and then after that I am allowed to take the physical test again. If i fail again I am allowed one last chance which total my 3rd and final chance. After that I don’t know what Menard do just let me go which is probably what it is. I have to say I TRIED and thank you for the short experience………..Training


Maratha Toro December 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm

Product was incorrect !! Need my money back!!! Never received the product. Just put it back on my card.


Amy Myers December 13, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Your policies are absolutely a SCAM!! How legit is it that you will not accept your own in store credit for a gift card!!! Your management team at your 3070 store are very unacceptable. The fact that you only are able to speak in person with the store & not with a disrupt or corporate level executive is not acceptable! I very much want to speak with a higher level of management than your store level provides!


Catherine Carillo January 7, 2016 at 3:00 pm

There is no higher up other than the minions that work for the company. who are young and know nothing of good customer service. They do a real good job of hiding upper managemnt


C Neal December 4, 2015 at 11:44 am

My contractor went with Menards out of Appleton for all the materials to reside and rewindow my house. Menards sent 2 guys out to measure windows, and there hasn’t been a window that has fit thus far. My kitchen window is 4″ too small and doesn’t even open! The bathroom one was too small and the trim does not cover the insulation and shims they had to put in. Also, when they dropped the materials off, they only sent one man to unload the truck…and he just plopped it all on the lawn, not at all where he was told to put it…and being that one man was expected to handle heavy windows/doors…I ended up with damaged material. My contractor has been trying to contact Menards and NO ONE will call him back! This is SICKENING.


j hughes December 3, 2015 at 6:05 pm

I like to let you know about a great employee named Merri (Plumbing Dept) at the Naperville store. I had been to other Menards looking for jeans size 36 30. I was told if you don’t see your size then we don’t have any. Merri checked inventory and got a ladder and climbed to the top and search through inventory and found the jeans. She went the extra mile! I appreciate!


c matthews December 29, 2015 at 11:04 pm

j Hughes,
I too have always received excellent service from the staff on the floor since 1990! Even during this holiday season.
BUT tonight I went to do an exchange in an Evansville, In store and was insulted by a customer services rep. Menards is lowering it standards for quality employees and if they think customers are going to take bad customer service they better take at look at Sears! Poor customer service was the straw that broke Sears’ back and pocket.
It can happen to the big box stores when they don’t listen to their customers. It is harder to get a customer to come back than to get them the first time! Lowe’s and Home Depot will love to have my money!


Griffin Anthony Glaze December 3, 2015 at 11:28 am

Hi Menards headquarters I would like a coupon for Floor Tiles?


Peter Chang November 30, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Worst experience ever. I recommend that you do not buy anything from Midway Menards in Saint Paul, MN. I bought a snow blower, Remington RM2200 from this location on 11/29 at 7:47pm and it did not work. When I took out the blower from the box, I noticed there was a stain on the side of the box, and you could smell the gas from it. If you touch the top of the motor, you can feel the gas liquid. Because it was late and the store closed, I didn’t return it that night. On 11/30/15, I check the snow blower again, and it was still smelling like gas. I tried to pull the recoil, and I could not. At this point, I assumed that there was something wrong with it, so I went to return it. I got to the customer service counter, and I told the cashier that I wanted to return it. She asked me if I put gas in it, and I told her no. I explained to her that when I opened the box, it was smelling like gas already, stain on the box, and you can feel the gas on the top. She refused to believe me and called for a hardware manager. The hardware manger came and I explained him the situation. The manager also touched the top of the motor and felt the gas, and accused me that I put gas in it, which I already told them, I did not. The manager then called one of the general manager named CRAIG. I, again, explained to him the situation, and he accused me that I put gas in it and that he can’t exchange it because there was gas in it, even though the gas tank was empty and I told him I did not. He refused to listen to me and kept accusing me that I put gas in it. He, then called a service area, and they told him that it would take 4-5 weeks for repair, which is almost the whole winter. I told Craig that I bought the snow blower to use for this winter, and not the next winter, and that I am only exchanging the snow blower, not returning it for my money back, but he still refused to exchange the snow blower. He refused to listen to me and exchange the snow blower for a new one, and accused me that I broke the snow blower even when I explained to him that I didn’t. This Menards is a joke, they sell broken items to the customers, and refused to satisfy the customer’s needs. This will be the last time that I will go to this Menards.


Michelle Novak November 27, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Oswego, IL store general manager TROY and associate MELISSIA were as unprofessional as could be. TROY had a SMUG attitude like he was a KING. At this point it is not even about the $2.00 difference he refused to budge on. THe lack of customer service was disappointing . Went down the street to Farm and Fleet and employees were genuine and customer service training was beyond impressive!


Rick Weber November 24, 2015 at 12:23 pm

To Mr John Menard, Jr.
I doubt this will reach your eyes but I’m sending this anyway in hopes that it does.
Sunday, 11/22 was the first time my wife and I went to a Menard’s store (Morse Rd, Columbus, OH).
We will never go to a Menard’s store again. Why?
Menard’s does not appreciate our military and veterans who proudly serve and who have served their country.
I will therefore continue to take my business to Lowe’s and/or Home Depot. These two companies not only give me, a disabled veteran, a discount, but I am thanked for my service every time I present my VA ID card to them.
You, sir, should be ashamed for not recognizing those brave men and women who fight for and who have fought for, this country.
Thank you


Pat November 16, 2015 at 3:19 pm

After reading the comments-mine would compare to all the negative ones, so I’m not going to waste my time entertaining the readers. I am going to, however, spend 44 cents and write a letter to the CEO John Menard, Jr.
After reading “his” financial bio., I doubt he is going to care less about my letter-but it will make me feel better about telling him what “idiots” he is hiring. What I don’t understand is how a guy can be worth billions and give the customers the horrible treatment by his employees that have his name on their shirts. I would be livid as a CEO.
Whatever you do, DON’T go to the Millwork Dept. in Fremont, Ne., and expect “anything” but rude behavior from the “new dept. manager” PAT. Go to Lowe’s!!!


Roberta Nicholson November 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm

I bought a storm door and paid for it and wasn’t told it wasn’t in stock. I called and talked the manager and she wouldn’t do anything. This is crap to treat a customer like this.. There was another door in stock but they wouldn’t give me that door. I m not happy if you go to pick up a door they should be there or told otherwise.


Amy Tutt November 14, 2015 at 12:36 pm

I had a “Rebate #1000, 11% Price Adjustment, but I lost it. I went to the store to get a replacement, but they only have the Rebate #2000 adjustment forms now. Can someone PLEASE email me a replacement for the form I lost, before it’s too late for me to send it?
Feel free to call my cell number with any questions at 937/603-****.
Thank you so much!
Amy Tutt


pj November 18, 2015 at 11:37 am

Any Luck Amy. I am looking for the same thing. I went in asking for the end of October adjustment, and didn’t notice I was given #2000, not #1000.


stan November 3, 2015 at 9:23 am

your cashier Tory,on11-01-15 at grand forks nd,store. She was high on drugs at check out..told servives …but was told she had a doctors note…not a good sight…she had a chair and had a hard time staying on…you need to do something????


Davis C November 2, 2015 at 5:28 pm

Wow! I was going to tell my tale of your terrible service! Then I read so many on here! It is clear you could give a damn about people who make major purchases! It is also very clear you only care about your bottom line! As a small contractor that only spends about 15k per year at your store! This will now be ZERO! I have already refused a job because the customer wanted to buy their kitchen from you! Fortunately they have gotten rave reviews about my work, and decided to look else where! They were glad they did! They found the people at Lowes to be much easier to work with and more knowledgeable!


Dawn Joyce November 2, 2015 at 4:21 pm

We have worked for you several years escorting over size loads. We have always been paid in about two weeks. We have several outstanding bills now all the way from June 2015. We are owed money now in the thousands of dollars. I have made several calls, I was told “we will take care of it” , the check is waiting to be signed the person is on vacation that signs them, We lost your billings please resend, We need a W9 (which I sent again right away) among a host of other excuses. No one will help us. We have told them that we will need to go to court, and the comment made back is “We understand” We have always enjoyed working for Midwest Manf/Menards. We were also told that we would receive a check at the begining of the week Now November and still nothing. Now today more excuses. But they keep asking us to work more and that it will be taken care of. No one will help up. I would love to contact Mr Menard as I am sure he would not be pleased with this. If anyone can help please do. I guess court is our next option. I don’t want to go that way, but don’t know what else to do. When we have asked who is in charge of accounts payalbe we are told “I don’t know”, we asked whose your boss, we are told “I don’t know, there have been some changes”. REALLY


Tyler October 31, 2015 at 11:22 pm

This company has no idea what customer service is really about!! I wanted to pickup some insulation at the Burnsville, mn store. I called ahead of time because I didn’t want to have to wait around for an extended period of time to get someone to help me get this loaded. Once I got to the store to pickup my order they had sold my product to someone else and therefore could not fill my order. Leaving me with the only option to go to another store. I don’t feel like this transportation time and cost should land on me. I called and talked to the store manager Justin Marsters and asked for his help in delivering this from the other location. He told me no we will not and do not do anything like that for our customers. Thanks Menards for the “Service and Quality!”


K Baldwin October 30, 2015 at 6:58 pm

Purchased a shower stall from them in Wichita Ks and it never got picked up by the project manager. I called the store to have them return it to credit card and was told it was 5 days past the 90 day return policy so they would not refund it. I talked to the store manager who acted like he could care less.I tried to contact the corporate office but got sent to an automated phone system that does not give you an option to speak to a love person…….. speaks volumes to the extremely poor customer service you can expect. I highly recommend shopping at Depot or Lowes where you can get service after the sale.


Scott October 30, 2015 at 6:26 pm

I purchased 71 boxes of flooring from Menards in Findlay Ohio. Due to the amount, it was a special order. I picked up the order when it arrived, unfortunately they only gave me a partial amount, since it was wrapped on pallets, I fid not notice til I got home. I made the hour round trip to get the balance, I did not complain, I just took it and left. I brought the laminate inside to acclimate it for a week. I moved the contents of three rooms into one, tore up the old floor and started to lay the new one. Unfortunately the flooring had a defect, I called the Menards in Findlay and explained the situation to Mark a store manager and Tim an assistant. Mark agreed to give me $5 per bundle for my inconvenience, since I had to reorder the flooring again. When I arrived, Mark had left but Tim was still there, he remembered the conversation and started the paperwork. When I went to the courtesy counter, Josh the night manager refused to honor the day managers commitment. He offered only $1 per bundle and said take it or not. Needless to say, I refused. I am a man of my words and a representative of a business of this size should be too.


Scott December 10, 2015 at 8:36 am

Still no reply on my issue, this company is sinking fast. The more reviews I read, the more I can’t believe I ever shopped there to begin with. Bottom line money, no honor or respect, a true representation of why other countries have a disdain for the USA.


Sandra October 29, 2015 at 10:21 am

I had an absolutely horrific expereince at the Menards store in Yorkville, IL yesterday. I was going to right an indepth account of the humiliating customer service and extremely rude behavior of “JOE” the hardware manager. But, after reading all the other comments and horror stories on this website, I realize that there is no point in complaining. Everyone has had a bad experience with Menards and apparently, neither their management or coporate office care one bit about their customers…all I can say is, although I was a loyal Menards customer for 20 years, after yesterday’s abusive and rude behavior by it’s employees, I will NEVER again shop at a Menards store. I am going to Home Depot..I have heard that they at least give discounts to our veterans!! They deserve our support…NOT MENARDS.


James Taylor October 26, 2015 at 11:12 am

I wanted to contact the head of Menards to explain how utterly unhappy I am with the service I received from Menards while building my house. My father had used Menards to build his shop and his house and I choose to use Menards to build my 3950 sq. feet house. I don’t build homes for a living, so I counted on Menards to order me the correct materials needed to build my house using the blueprint. They ordered in the wrong amount of trusses for my house.The blueprint showed the trusses were to be 16 on center, instead I got 24 on center. I didn’t complain. I bought everything through Menards except the concrete. Menards sold me the wrong septic tank which caused it to crush in on itself and burn up a pump. I filed a compliant form and the company that manufactured the tank, repaid me for the tank, but Menards refuses to pay me for having to have it dug up and replaced again by the excavating company. Menards says I should of known. I’d like to know how I’m suppose to know, when the county inspector didn’t even notice it. The company that manufacturer the tanks said they look similar. The people working behind the building desk are the ones that are advising and ordering the tanks. They had the blueprints, they sell building materials all day long, they are the ones that are suppose to know. They clearly chose the wrong one, and I’m the one who is having to pay for their misguidance. I’m so furious that Menards sold me the wrong tank and now they don’t want to stand behind what their employees tell and sell to their customers. I would like hear a reply from someone who has authority. I always thought Menards to be a upstanding business who values their relationship with their customers, not one that points the figure away from themselves and who just doesn’t care about doing the right thing and stand behind their products and services. That was why I chose to build my house through Menards and not Home Depot or Lowe’s. I hoping I made the right choice. Awaiting your reply. Sincerely James Taylor


Kim McGinnis October 25, 2015 at 12:58 pm

I’m a war veteran and was wondering why you don’t give a veterans discount? Home Depot and Lowe’s give all veterans a 10 percent discount on all purchases. Speaking for all veterans it would be greatly appreciated. I would do more business with you if you would make the discount available. Thank you and can’t wait for this to happen I really like your stores and we just got one a lot closer to us but with the other places discount we get most of our things there.


CHRIS SEUNTJENS October 23, 2015 at 12:12 pm

I would like to add to my previous message. This is a huge deck. The 4 columns
hold up the second story of our house. We are afraid of the weight on this deck
may be causing a problem with the wood columns.

Thank you,

Chris & Irene Seuntjens


CHRIS SEUNTJENS October 23, 2015 at 12:06 pm

We have a problems with our lumber which we purchased from the
store in Ankeny, Iowa. It was pre-treated lumber that a deck was
built. The deck is ok. It is the 4 columns that the wood is splitting.
I have talked with our Menards — which is 5 minutes from our house —
but they refuse to send someone out to look at it. They did say
it is normal for some cracking. But ours is not normal.

Is it possible you or someone from the Ankeny store could send
someone out to look at this.

We are very good customers of Menards.

Thank you,

Chris & Irene Seuntjens
XXXX SE 3rd Street
Ankeny, Iowa 50021


Bill October 16, 2015 at 4:25 pm

I’m not getting any response so I’ll try to leave a message here.

About 6 months I purchased a Patriot Lighting, Elegant Home Evolet 18 light chandelier. Recently, a soccer ball hit the chandelier and broke several of the light covers. I am having a terrible time finding replacement light globes/covers! The store tells me that though Menard’s owns Patriot Lightening brand – they can’t get glass replacement globes. The home office tells me to go to the store. I’ve called Partiot Lighting – nice little place in California – but its privately owned and not the Patriot lighting that provides the lights for Menard’s.

Soooo – I hate to throw away a nice chandelier because I can’t get replacement globes/covers…. Can you please help?


CP November 3, 2015 at 10:25 am

You should have received a manual or operating/connection instructions. Find that phone number in the manual which came with the light and call their customer service. Hope that helps.. I do that anytime I have an issue and quite frankly, that probably is where are you should call to get replacement parts and not at Menards. Good luck


John A. Burri October 8, 2015 at 11:02 pm

Hello ,I went to my local Menards today and wanted to leave some vote cards for a local artist that was taking part in Art prize 7 here in Grand Rapids Mi.Her subject was our son who was killed while serving in the Army .Spc. Eric T. Burri K.I.A.,June 7th. 2005 while in Iraq.. She entered a painting titled Hometown Hero. This was not just about the military nor our son. It was about that person you looked up to and called your hero. you got to sign their name to the piece.This was a painting 6 ft tall by 14 ft long. It location is in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel here in Grand Rapids A well known location here in our town and well known event. When talking to a employee about this and asked to please place some vote cards in the break romm to encourage staff to vote for the young lady i spoke with had been down to the event and had seen the art piece. Well another staff member came by and said if I was to leave any of the cards arounf the store he would throw them out . I tried to ezplain what this was about and said I was not gouing to leave them around just wanted them to be put in break room ,after all this was about your Hero and he was from the area. Well the operson repeated ..they would be tossed out and would not put any in the break surprised i was at the rudness of this person and the lack of support by Menard toward something such as this, it tells me you have no support for any one we look up to as our HERIOS ,MILITARY ,POLICE ,FIREMEN and WOMEN How sad .Makes me want to take my business else where LIKE HOME DEPOT they care about their Heroes They even give discounts to Military . Feel free to google Artprize Grand Rapids Mi. or Hometown Hero by Pamela Alderman to see for yourself if you care.


Madelyn October 7, 2015 at 9:03 am

We just went to Menards the first day it opened here in Jeffersonville, Indiana. To our dismay, they had only two electric motor scooters for handicapped. I had one relative that could hardly walk, my husband is a veteran with parkinson’s. To offer one of the employees to push a person around is degrading from the standpoint that disabled people want to be independent as much as possible thus they prefer a motorized scooter. Please add a couple more of the scooters. Yes, some people take full advantage of the scooters when they could very well walk but there are many that truly need one. Thank you


John A. Burri October 8, 2015 at 11:05 pm

Please excuse typos my bad


Andrew Boardman October 4, 2015 at 1:19 pm

On 8/01/2015 my wife & I when into store 3240 tip city Ohio to order our kitchen cabinets granite they’re not the best guidance they were Erie Birch sold by value choice. When our cabinets arrived every cabinet was scrounged or net and I’m not exaggerating every cabinet so they offered to reorder them which they did in those were defective their solution was for us to take all the cabinets and piece them together ourselves! even though our installers had been scheduled twice we were not aware that we were going to have to piece our cabinets together to get the right cabinets that we ordered. We ordered our cabinets on 8/01/2015 and today is Oct 3, 2015 and just received 2 more repressed cabinets ! Now we have yet to order the upper cabinets because we are leery of this happening again ! We have told installers to put our job on hold again to see what’s going to happen ! I feel the 1st order should of been scratch and dent free, the to receive the 2nd order in the same condition , we were not offered a discount all they offered was to give us all the damaged cabinets and piece them together as well as we could, plus reorder 2 more ! At this point I’m ready to return them and go with another company unless you can give us a better solution!
We shop at Menards Tipp City Ohio every weekend and if this doesn’t set resolved we will not be back


Andrew Boardman October 4, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Errors : guidance- best quality scrounge ~ scratched


Karisa October 26, 2015 at 12:17 pm

We had the exact same issue at the Manchester store in Missouri. We also received very poor customer service. I spoke to the manager the next day about this issue and felt like he could care less. They also put the damaged products back on the shelf to be sold to another customer. I have spent a lot of money with this company and to be treated like this is completely uncalled for. The corporate office also said the only way they could even help me is to write in a letter and I don’t believe that is right. I have wasted plenty of time on this problem to waste anymore time to wait for a letter back when they probably aren’t going to do anything about it.


virginia becker September 25, 2015 at 3:37 pm

The name on the badge says Edwardo-t he actions of this man at your bellevue,Ne store needs looking into. He is rude to cashiers – rude to customers and makes shopping at M enards a nightmare. When you complain to management- they say he is related to someone in your company and cannot be touched. How many customers and how many employees do you have to lose before you do something about him or his actions? I used to love shopping in your store.


Mr. Hrabal September 20, 2015 at 7:07 pm

I just wanted to write and let you know about an extremely unfortunate set of cirXXXXstances that I experienced at your Menard’s store in Plainfield, Ill. at 135th and Route 59 at 5:15 p.m. on Sunday Sept. 20, 2015.
I was returning for exchange an outdoor furniture cover which had fallen apart with less than a year’s worth of use to its name. Surely, something like that should last more than one season.
I was told by Sofia at the returns counter that I would have to have the receipt and asked if I had the receipt. Of course I did not. Do you keep all of your receipts for incidental items? I suspect not.
She said she would have to check with Maria the store manager. She in turn called Maria and Maria told her that absolutely not could the faulty outdoor furniture cover be returned for exchange without the original receipt.
I know that Menard’s has a machine in the store that can provide a copy of the receipt, but Sofia said that machine was not working and in fact was not working in any Menard’s store around the entire country. Hmmmmmmmmmm – what a way to run a business.
I left the outdoor furniture cover at the store to show a manager or a representative of the company that makes the cover, the shoddy workmanship that went into the cover, but Sofia looked and acted extremely disinterested. In fact she placed it right next to the garbage can as if that was where it going to be headed as soon as I left the store.
I know this letter of concern is likely to fall on deaf ears. I had informed Sofia that I was going to write but she re-emphasized that it is a very very strict policy with no exceptions – ever – coming from headquarters that NEVER EVER accept a return without a receipt. Oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Really??? In these days when customers have so many choices and places to shop that Menard’s is going to adhere to a strict and XXXXbersome return policy? One would wonder.
We live in the subdivision right behind Menard’s, so we shop there frequently, but there is a Home Depot and a Lowe’s just a few miles down the road. It would be no problem to shop there. And perhaps that should be part of our plan in the future – all this hassle over an approxmate $60 outdoor furniture cover? Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Anthony A. LoCoco September 18, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Menards delivered roof shingles to a new construction home site, the lazy driver without permission drove the length of a side lot which is owned by the municipality not us and caused mud/ruts as it rained for the past 8 hours. Very ignorant delivery staff…


Jim Kenney September 17, 2015 at 10:45 pm

I drove 130 miles round trip to buy a $1,000+ sliding patio door and a screen that goes with it. It was a special order and we paid at the service counter and were given our receipt and told we would get an email when it arrived. We received an email 10 days later that states “your ordered has arrived at the Menards Sedalia, MO store (where it was bought). A few days later we pulled our trailer again 130 miles round trip to pick the door up but when we got there, were told that only the screen had arrived and that anything ordered along with the door was considered a special order thus the email. Even though I paid ONE ticket with ONE credit card bill, it was considered multiple special orders. The general manager John would do NOTHING to help us except send a very lame email to me saying the wording “allocated to vendor” on the email I received meant the full order had not been received. How would ANYONE know what Menards internal system wording means? They offered to deliver the door to me for $149 adding insult to injury. I will pick the door up when it arrives and that will be the very last time Menards will see me or my family in their store. I cannot tell you how dissappointed we are with Menards arrogant attitude. There are many choices and places to spend your money. They’ve apparently forgot what got them to this place.


Lauryn September 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm

I purchased a LG refrigerator from your Franklin WI store. We had never shopped at Menards before. After our experience we will never purchase a large item, have anything installed, or get any services from your store again.

Along with our refrigerator we purchased your 4 yr service plan. For $99.97 we have come to find out it is a waste of money. Apparently you have no repair services for the appliances you sell. Let me start from the beginning and give you the details of our experience.

When the two gentleman arrived with our delivery they were completely unprepared. They were unfamiliar we the product. The delivery required the doors being removed from the refrigerator. They did not have the proper tools and had to borrow them from our movers. When the doors were removed they damaged the water line causing the refrigerator to need to be replaced…Ill get to that shortly.

The manager was then going to send someone to “repair” the fridge. My husband and I were ok with this until we realized there were no repair men? It was the manager that came and he was unable to fix the damage the delivery company had done. Now we had to order a new refrigerator because that was the last one in stock. It would take 2-3wks we were told.

I called to schedule the new delivery and had to speak with Danielle again. She was rude over the phone. She was unable to schedule the delivery until it arrived. I was very understanding of that. I was told I would be called when it arrived. It was going to ship 5/19. I called the store on 5/20 because no one had called and I had been without a refrigerator for 3 wks. I was told “it came in a couple days ago”.

I will continue to discourage people from purchasing large items. I have also told people your service plan is a scam because you don’t have any service people to fix things.

I will buy my appliances from Best Buy and Sears like I always did before. It was a mistake to trust your store.

Please don’t let this happen to someone else.


Ken Palmersheim September 13, 2015 at 6:15 pm

I am very dissapointed with the minimum number of GAreen Bay Packers magnetic NFL Football Schedules received by your Hudson store, and the fact they were so late in arriving. We were not able to obtain ou Packer and Viking magnetic schedules and are very discusted with Menards. In the future we will be shopping at ou local Home Depot exclusively.
Ken Palmersheim
* Brighton Path
Hudson, WI 54016
Phone 715-381-****


Dave September 11, 2015 at 11:32 am

I order flooring because Menards didnt have it in stock! 31 boxes told it would be here in a week STILL hasn’t got here was told to go to another store and get i said no have it move to the Mishawaka store an was told no way i called corporate office and all you get is a recording and all that does is piss me off even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jesse jones September 10, 2015 at 11:23 pm

People contact the Better Business Bureau in your area, they will get you results for your complaints.


Hope September 9, 2015 at 11:16 am

Well it’s been 3 days and still have not heard anything from menards!! So does anyone know who to call and get some answers??? I had the worse experience in Woodstock,Il and Crystal Lake,Il. I would like a full refund for the equipment I bought seeing know one has contacted me and resolved the issue with this 500.00 powerwasher!! I will take my money to Lowes I know there equipment won’t break after 3 times of using it!!



Is there any human decency? September 7, 2015 at 7:29 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this in regard to a horrible experience I had at the Menards on the South side of Des Moines, IA on 14th Street. I am a first grade teacher, and I have taught in this area for many years. I am familiar with the families and children living in this area, and I have always felt comfortable shopping and working in this area of Des Moines. My family lives in a suburb of Des Moines, and my children attend school in said suburb. On August 4th, 2015, I took my youngest son with me to purchase some light bulbs and some drawer pulls from the Menards on 14th Street. I went to this store because we also needed to visit Target and Hobby Lobby. Both of these stores are located conveniently near the Menards on 14th Street in Des Moines. Sadly, this was a horrible mistake!

My son is 11 years old, and he is very responsible and mature for his age. I allowed him to look at pocket knives for a few minutes while I looked at drawer pulls several aisles away. After several minutes had passed, he took his phone out of his pocket and texted me to see where I was in the store. I texted him back. He brought a pocket knife over to show me, which I purchased for him. Some of you may think this is a dangerous thing for an 11 year old. However, my son has a collection of them he started after receiving one from his great-grandpa. We have rules concerning the knives, and he has always been very careful and responsible in following these rules.

After we checked out, we were stopped by a woman and a young man in plain, street clothing. The woman smiled at me and said hello. I thought maybe she was taking a survey or something. I wasn’t sure. She asked my son and I to come back to a room with her. I asked her what this was about, and she didn’t answer. We were made to feel as though we had no choice, and I didn’t feel in danger, so we followed. Once we were inside the room, the woman in plain clothing and the young man asked my son to empty his pockets. He did. All he had in his pockets were his phone and his ear buds for his phone. A manager had stepped into the room at this point. I asked what this was all about. They started telling me I had to understand that lots of young kids shop lift from their store. Clearly, my son had not. There was no attempt to apologize or make this right with my son or me. The only items we had on our persons were the items we purchased and had a receipt for. The woman, Kim Salagdo, had a very smug smile on her face like she was justified in wrongly accusing my son. They told me they saw him put something in his pocket on camera. I explained to them that he had taken his phone out of his pocket to text me. Then he put his phone back in his pocket. Later, he explained to me that his ear buds were tangled in his pocket and made it hard to put the phone back in his shorts pocket. The young man, Hunter Ogle, looked a little worried about what was happening. The manager, Kevin Harris, made no attempt to make this right with me or my son. I told the manager my son is a straight ‘A’ student who is in the Gifted and Talented program. I am a teacher, and I know that no child is perfect. HOWEVER, as a mother – I felt very protective of my child at this point. He had done nothing wrong. He was close to tears and this manager and these store employees were still detaining us – for what reason?? They had none, other than the fact they were wrong & obviously didn’t know what to do next. I told the manager I had worried over all of my children since the day they were born. I put the plastic plugs in electrical outlets. I put blind cords up high where they couldn’t be reached. I put drawer stops on all the kitchen and bathroom drawers so they wouldn’t get to anything too sharp or dangerous. I sent them to church camp and prayed and prayed they wouldn’t break an arm or anything while they were away from me. I always made sure they were buckled into their car seats tightly. Finally, they are getting older and I feel like MAYBE I don’t have to be so wary about all the dangers lurking in the world. THEN, I take my child to Menards to buy light bulbs, and he is traumatized by 3 store employees over something HE DID NOT DO! They did not apologize. They did not make any attempt to tell him it was okay or he didn’t do anything wrong. They only tried to cover for their own poor judgement. I should have called the police and insisted they show the police the alleged video. I did not want to traumatize my son any further, though. He was already shaking and close to bursting into tears. He had never been in any trouble before, and he had never been around people like that. They were rude and unkind. They did not even try to fix the mistake they had made. I tried to call Gaylynn Heckman as Kevin Harris said Mr. Heckman is his boss. However, I have left several messages and have not received a call back.

I’m not sure what can be done to make this right. My son will never forget this experience. At the very least, I would expect these people to apologize to my son. He is a good child who always tries to do the right thing. As I stated earlier, no child is perfect and I am aware of that. However, should Menards be able to treat people like this? Should Menards be allowed to herd my son and I into a back room and detain us like criminals when we clearly had done nothing wrong?? I do not think so. People make mistakes. Obviously, these 3 employees did. At my job, when I make a mistake – I am held accountable for it. I am asked to fix it or at least to act regretful. These 3 employees of Menards took an unfortunate mistake (on their part) and make it so much worse with their smug attitudes and unwillingness to admit they were wrong. I DO NOT have to understand that lots of children steal from them. It was NOT my choice to open a store on the South side of Des Moines on 14th Street. I only chose to shop there once – NEVER AGAIN.

Another aside, my husband and I recently remodeled 2 bathrooms in the farmhouse that belonged to my grandparents. We spent a great deal of money at Menards. This fact makes me sick after my son was treated so badly by Menards employees.

I will continue to tell my story and contact Menards in any and every way possible until I get a response.

Thank you.


Minnie September 10, 2015 at 2:31 pm



Kade Ja-Latefah October 6, 2015 at 7:34 am

Probably not. John Menard had a felony charge for driving toxic waste in his personal vehicle to dispose in his household garbage among several eco charges. He doesn’t care!


Hope September 6, 2015 at 11:59 am

I would appreciate either the president of Menards or the owner himself to contact me!!! I have never been so frustrated in my life with Menards my husband and I have been loyal customers to Menards for many years, up until today!!! We have purchase many items for our house to fix it up among other things!!! Recently this summer I have purchased a 500.00 power washer for my work and a 200.00 yard trimmer for both of them takes gas to run and each item. I have had issues with and if u take it back to Menards they will not replace it they tell u once u add gas to it!!! So how to you use a piece of equipment if u don’t add gas to it really!! There answer is well here is a business card take to to a place if they can’t fixed it we will replace it!! But u have to pay another 50.00 bucks on top of what u already paid at the store for them too even look at it and if they think its k or have to change a part the money comes out of the customers pocket not Menards or the company name that is on the product!!! I have shared my experience with a lot of my friends and family and I have been told to start shopping at Lowe they won’t give u the run around!! So my advice to all of u don’t ever buy a anything that uses gas at Menards because the store manager will not help you they just give u the run around!!!


Clyde September 2, 2015 at 5:37 am

I was over charged an dam trying to get my money back but the most I can get is a voucher for my money I think the owner that makes this policy should be in jail for theft , that is what Menards would do to me if I took from them I now am a Lowes shopper and happy with them


Jim Riddell August 31, 2015 at 1:53 pm

I recently was at your store on August 21, 2015 to purchase 14ft rustic decking boards to finish my deck that I built. I went to your store in Sandusky Ohio and bought (7) 14ft composite decking boards. This store is 1/2 hr away from where I live. When I got home I started placing the boards down and realized that the 14ft board that I just bought was short. It was 13′ 11 1/4 long. I made a call to the Sandusky store and I talked to a manager named Julio. I told him my problem and asked what he could do for me. He told me to bring the board back to the store and he would replace it. I told him I was at your store, purchased over $4000.00 worth of decking material and you want me to come back to your store to get another board. It’s 1 hr round trip to the store and back. Here is the kicker to this whole ordeal, JULIO told me that it’s MY responsibility to measure every board to make sure all the boards are 14ft. Are you F-ING kidding me!!!! I told him ” are you going to pay me for my time to measure every board I take out of your store. I told him to give me the corporate number that I wanted to talk to the head guys and tell them they have to train their managers people skills. I’m sure every one who buys wood from there measures every board they pick up. NOT!!!!! I love to shop at the store but your managers need a kick in the a** for people skills. JULIO should be demoted to a cart pusher outside


Matt Bond August 30, 2015 at 2:10 pm

I have traded at your store in Portage MI (Mall Drive) for over 20 years. Had a handyman business most of that time. The store in Portage is one of the smaller buildings but I loved it. I could get in, get out, and consistently found good values. Most impressive is, over the years this store has had great staff, friendly and usually knowledgeable. The store is closing as a second BIG store in town is opening. I inquired about the staff and many are going to the new store (Gull Rd) but some are going to other stores (West Main and Three Rivers). I am writing to say that the current store General Manager (Joe Alston) is one of the finest people I have ever met at Menard’s. He is really well liked by his employees, super helpful to customers and for crying out loud, that man is always doing something, stocking, cleaning, or something. What a leader! I am troubled though, as I asked around I found everyone had a new assignment but the staff tells me Joe does not. I know you gave the new store GM to someone else. But I hope to God you give this fine individual an opportunity to move up in your organization. It would be a travesty if he leaves Menard’s.


Michael August 30, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Where do I begin???
On July 24th I began the process of ordering kitchen cabinets and countertops from your company, and strongly regret doing business with Menards. Your company has caused my family to go without a kitchen now going on SIX WEEKS! It truly has been a nightmare! Upon receiving cabinets and countertops, which by the way some of the cabinets sat at your distribution center (DC) for over a week before I decided to speak up at the Port Huron store to get them delivered. Then when the cabinets and countertops were delivered to our home, and I started to place cabinets in the kitchen I discovered the layout wouldn’t allow for door/draw pulls on any of the cabinet corners. So, I contacted the Port Huron store asking why this wasn’t discovered when I was giving dimensions to your cabinet sales associated, and was simply told mistakes happen. WOW! So, I redesigned my kitchen and swapped a couple of cabinets, and added fillers to allow for the door/draw pulls to be put on the cabinets. Which, by the way, your company made more money and I lost money cause the cabinets I exchanged were more money than the ones I received but never seen the difference of the amount. Then when I was checking the dimensions for the countertop I discovered the countertop for the sink, which has 2 miter cuts, were either cut incorrectly when being built by your company (Midwest Manufacturing) or the wrong dimensions were given by your sales associate when placing the order. Then I also discovered one of the countertops were damaged. So, long story short, I had to have the countertops reordered where they are now sitting at your DC for 3 days! So, while waiting for the countertops, I began opening the boxes for the upper/wall cabinets and guess what? The very first box I opened up the cabinet was smashed. So back to the store again to remedy this problem, or as you probably call it, another mistake! Then I opened the other wall cabinets to find 2 of them were not even assembled correctly at your company (Midwest Manufacturing). So, I had a choice, do I go back to the Port Huron store, which by the way is almost 14 miles each way, or do I add the glue and staples and fix them myself? Guess what I chose to do? I fixed them or assembled them myself! Maybe I should charge Menards for my services. Now that I have given you a glimpse of what me and my family have been going through because of Menards so-called mistakes, I would like to know why I should ever shop at any of your stores again? Your company and its associates, at least at your Port Huron store are horrible when it comes to meeting the needs of your guests/customers. On a closing note, if anything else goes wrong, or if one more MISTAKE happens and causes me and my family to go without a kitchen in our home, I will return every last piece of countertop and kitchen cabinets for a full refund in cash!


Scott Eavey August 29, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Poor Customer Service and Poor Management at the Menards store on 8505 DELTA MARKET DRIVE in LANSING, MI 48917

I have been coming to this Menards in Lansing for many years with excellent service and spending a lot of money. The past year the store has been declining in service and store management. I have reported issues to upper management and into deaf ears. I was in again today August 29, 2015 with more issues with customer service. I need to talk to someone that will listen. The assistant store manager (Matt Lipp) is one of the worst mangers that I have seen at Menards. I asked him about reporting my concerns to Menards Headquarters and he said he did not know how to contact them. At that point I knew he did not care and was too lazy to assist a long standing paying customer. Matt Lipp does not have the communication and personal skills to be in management. He should be at a job where he has no interaction with customers. I asked him to have his General Manager (Andrew Ward ) call me and he said that he may or may not get back with me. What kind of manager is he representing for Menards. I told him you always follow up. Period. I then left and contacted Menards Headquarters. I need someone from headquarters to contact me about my issues. I believe there are a lot more dissatisfied customers that are leaving Menards shopping at other stores (Lowes) for our items. It will cost you in the long run. Menards needs to look at this store for new managers that care like they used to a few years ago. Please have someone contact me from headquarters that cares and I can discuss my concerns.

Sincerely, A just want to be heard Customer


Clyde September 2, 2015 at 5:26 am

It the same way in south bend,In no help just avoid you and think this will solve the problem corporate is just as bad the won’t give a phone number to talk to anyone that could help I am a lowes shopper now


Jerry Stoker August 21, 2015 at 5:35 pm

I am a very mild mannered person. But you are making me extremely mad!! I was handed a stack of complaint forms to fill out which I have done. When i was handed them the guy told me good luck. I talked to the store manager she told me to call corporate which evidently talking directly to the customer is something corporate does not do. She also gave me the number to card services instead of corporate?? Your corporate line says customer service is #1? I have to ask is it? I spend a lot of money in your store. I am handicapped and there is no way i can make it walking through your store. i am not the only one. Not always but most the time when the 1 Electric cart that you did offer your customer is available when i get back to park it there is always someone waiting to use it. Why only one with the money spent at your store you can afford to treat your handicapped shopper better. your company is the only one in our town that only has one electric cart for its shoppers The store I shop at is in Elk River Mn. I do not expect a email because so far you have been elusive when it comes to addressing in person my concerns. All the cards i filled out in the last 6 months have gone unanswered so i would not expect anything better from you at this point. Also after have a severe back injury i notice when employers put the employees at risk of injury. Your company is the only company around that still has them pushing stacks of carts into the store by hand. You are aware 1 injury and what could end a persons career and even a expensive lawsuit could buy a electric cart pusher to assist your works. To sum up it looks like it may not only be the customers you truly do not care about but your employees well being also!!!


peter boyko August 19, 2015 at 8:08 am

Mr Conners

The problem, which you don’t seem to comprehend Even though I have repeated stated our aim and Urgent request was to identify the bugs that Were released into the car my wife was driving From a bag of corn products purchased at Menards.

I have repeated told you and others at Menards And Wisconsin that primary concern was to identify The bugs to determine if they were threat to My wife’s safety.

In turn you and others went out of the way to avoid Helping determine by destroying evidence that Could help identify these bugs and going so far As instructing managers not to assist because It could somehow make Menards responsible.
If this was a criminal case, you would be prosecuted For obstruction.

Menards is responsible for selling this product That was expired and apparently knew that larva In those bags would mature if they were kept And sold past the expiration date. At minimum Cooperation was the right thing to do.

Fortunately we have been assured by the health Dept, no thanks to any of you, that those billbugs are no threat to my wife But only a nuisance and a pest.

This answer could have saved days of agony for her if you and others at Menards were cooperative rather than obstructive. You all should be ashamed of your behavior,

I don’t need to file a law suit, as you suggest, to have the car cleaned as it’s a waste of my and her time to chase a few dollars.

But I will spend my time bringing this episode to the Surface so others don’t to go through what my wife has gone through.

Cc: Mr Menard, Jr.


lee August 18, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Why Doesn’t Menards Give Discounts To Veterans?
Home Depot Gives Discounts To Veterans
Old Country Buffet Gives A Discount To Veterans


Bernhard Fokken August 16, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Having been a long time customer of Menards and the rebate program, I have always received my rebate refund in about a month however I now have rebates going back to last April totaling $129.10 which haven’t arrived in the mail. Some of these were sent in to the rebate address within the past month so I wouldn’t expect them yet but the ones that I mailed between April and July 1st are the ones that ‘m concerned about. I have all the purchases and amounts doXXXXented so if you need this doXXXXentation, please email me at the address above.
Thank you,


Eric myers August 16, 2015 at 9:56 am

Take your business elsewhere. I waited 35 mins for someone to help me get a toilet and had them paged four times. The man was mad at me because I need help and he had to do his”job”. I showed him the toilet I wanted and he replied it is out of stock. I said can you check and if it is I will pay for it and pick it up later. He was in discuss and said follow me, he checked and said they are out of stock and it will take a month to get in. I said ok I will take it. Then, he told me that he had other customers here and I would have to wait, after waiting 35 mins. With a smile on my face I went to Home Depot.


Jill August 13, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I have also been a customer of Menards forever, however, that will be changing. Last evening I went with my daughter to pick up her new vanity & sink that were ordered online as we were pulling up into the yard I noticed that the reciept stated a 40in in base which we ordered a 32in. The sink was also larger then ordered, my daughter went back into the store to talk to customer service about the error. Upon her surrprise the General Manager Timothy from the Cambridge MN store told her that she apparently ordered the wrong size & charged her a stocking fee of 48.00 for the sink & 117.00 for the base, he was rude & pretty much told her she was stupid for not checking the reciept before she left the store. My daughter who is 27yrs old & just bought her first home left the store crying so I’m extremly angry, I immediately went back into the store to ask to talk to the manager. A manager from the plumbing dept came over & said no problem, it sounds like we wrote down the wrong size. Then the gal that was suppose to make the correction said I can’t do that so I waited 10-15min for the General Manager to reappear. When this Tim person came to the front counter he began being rude to me & just couldn’t believe any one wouldn’t double check the reciept. I reinterated that why blame the customer, how about the employee & stated it wasn’t like we took it home & said whoops we ordered the wrong size, we were picking the items up & noticed!!! I have a lot of influence in this community & don’t want to use this as a threat but they are the only game in town with no competition & I will bash Menards until they make it right!! The final answer from the GM Tim was I will take a copy of this receipt & talk to the employee to see if he will say it was his mistake. I said, nothing like passing the buck to your young employee that will say just about anything to save his job, after all you are the GM & make the decisions. Unbelievable!!!!


DO NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM MENARDS! August 12, 2015 at 12:11 pm

I was charged a 25% “storage and handling fee” on my return. Who does that? I can understand not being refunded the shipping but I cannot understand why I would pay Menards to put the product back in inventory. I PAID Menards $35.59 to put returned merchandise back on their shelves. I purchase online frequently and NO company (Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) deducts from the refunded amount for “storage and handling.” Then to add to my dissatisfaction, Ray their CSR gave me a one line response to my email, “All online if returned carry a 25% restocking fee.” NO apology, no “I’m sorry”, no “we want to keep you as a customer and what can we do to make this right?”. Menards — get with it. NO ONE CHARGES A RESTOCKING FEE! Your CSRs should be trained in customer service. They don’t care if they lose customers. No wonder John Menard, President is the 68th richest person in the U.S. I will never shop Menards again.


Judy August 9, 2015 at 8:17 am

I ordered a gas range from on July 7, 2015. Before making my choice I spent 3 weeks deciding what I wanted. Of my specifications, I wanted self-cleaning and the broiler in the oven. Because “nobody” has a large variety on-hand, you’re almost always required to order online or take what’s available. Sight unseen. I kept going back to Menards because we shop there a lot (until now) and they had the best price. The range I wanted was a GE, Black, Slide-in, self-cleaning and every time I searched it would bring up 10 options. I could go right to the one I wanted because I remembered the last 7 identifying model numbers. Because I would choose self-cleaning, none of my choices were manual clean. However, once I made my purchase, everything changed from there. The model number on my receipt dropped a “zero” and I now have ordered a manual clean, broiler in the bottom range. I didn’t notice the dropped “zero” at all. I know what I ordered. It was supposed to be delivered to the store July 20th. I had received a progress bar in an email once my order was placed but there was no change from that point on. On July 21st, (Tuesday) I stopped at the store to see if it had delivered and I just wasn’t made aware. No, it was still showing on order, 14 days later. The guy at the counter suggested that I email the vendor so I did, immediately, and got a response fairly quickly that the range had been on back-order and was now being processed to the delivery agent. It was expected to be delivered to the store on Friday or Monday. On July 23rd the progress bar went to “in transit to the store”. It was delivered to the store July 27th and I picked it up July 28th. Now, they don’t install “special orders” so I had to pay someone to install it (along with the new connection hose) on July 3oth. Once it was installed I was telling the installer my reasons for choosing this range. Self-cleaning, Broiler in the oven, and he pulled out the drawer and the broiler was in the bottom, therefore, the range was manual clean. I called the store and they refused to take it back, it’s a special order. The department manager was berating me for ordering the wrong stove, telling me I should have checked my numbers when I ordered it, it became my mistake. Finally, the next day the General Manager of the store called and offered me a comparable range, for $50 more because the range I had ordered was discontinued and no longer available to order online. I would have had to pay someone to disconnect the range I received, load it myself, take it back to the store, unused for 2-3 weeks (the old range is long gone) until the replacement came in, pick up the range that I didn’t really want, buy another gas hose connection and pay someone again to connect the replacement. REALLY??? I’m stuck with a gas range that’s manual clean and the broiler in the bottom. No wonder you can’t post reviews on Menards web-sight. No longer a Menards shopper.


linda morris August 6, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Ad said “buy one get two free” but was charged for all three full price. Receipt states to e-mail them but my e-mails bounced back as spam. Tried to call their corporate office but the phone rang until I got a busy signal. Called back to ask if I could make a complaint and got stuck in their robo “press this number for…”. Did that but got more recordings. If I wanted to complain, to send in writing.
Had it! For $5.00 they over charged, I spent over $50.00. Will be returning EVERYTHING I bought. Want my money back and not going back.


mike August 3, 2015 at 12:07 pm

I recently went to Menards to buy a saw I open the box for the song and compared the blade that came in the box with another blend that cost 99 cents I wanted to purchase the $0.99 1 but I didn’t know which was which so I put them back in the box both blades handed it to my boss clearly on video and told him I don’t know which blade is which I put them both in there so he could take him out when he went to go cash out and ask which is which and pay for the other well slipping his mind to take the other one out he paid for it and we left 30 seconds later walking out the door security runs up on me like I’m a criminal when we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their store for $0.99 blade they then took me into the office took my ID had me standing in embarrassment for a simple mistake and extorted me for $50 and said if I did not pay $50 on the spot for a simple mistake of a 99 cent blade that they would call the police and charged me with theft so I got home and called corporate and explain to them that I’m not even the one who checked out and it was an honest mistake carpet was very rude and notified me that they do not care what happened that I am lucky that I am still able to shop with Menards I didn’t notify them that they’re losing my bosses account who spends about 150,000 dollars every 6 months and are losing all of his partners accounts and are losing my account she then said that’s fine and they are not willing to do anything for me and thank you for paying the $50 I hope it was worth it on there and cuz well 50 dollars is nothing to me I was more embarrassed by the way I was treated they are losing hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly revenue over a simple mistake I’ve accidentally walked past Walmart registers and target registers with a bottle of water or something stupid like dog food on the bottom of the cart and they simply tell you hey you forgot to pay for that they do not take you to the front desk and extort you for $50 it is ridiculous it is b******* it is embarrassing and in the end it is their loss


Kade Ja-Latefah October 6, 2015 at 7:46 am

Nobody ‘forgets’ to pay multiple times!


Rod Termini July 22, 2015 at 1:19 pm

I have been a customer for many years and this is disgusting from what I am seeing and what happened to my parents. If Menards don’t want to take responsibility on these rebate problems then whoever is handling these rebates should be fired and the money returned for the products people have purchase with these rebates


Rod Termini July 22, 2015 at 1:17 pm

Watch out with there rebates. They don’t answer emails and haven’t been given people there rebates that they are owed. Had to file a complaint with the better Business bureau and now going forward to the Attorney General’s office and then to the F.B.I. offices. Someone going to get fried on all of this.


Chris A. Karambelas July 21, 2015 at 5:27 pm

Dear Menards,

My family and I have been longtime customers of Menards. We loved going to the one in Melrose Park, IL on North Ave. right before 1st Ave. Ever since Handy Andy closed its location on Harlem and Diversey in Elmwood Park we have been going their since. Today we were supposed to receive an order. We ordered 53 bags of “S” Type Mortar and a 4′ x 8′ , 1/4 inch piece of Sheet Rock. It did not get here. We waited patiently from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. No call about it being late, nothing about the order being cancelled, or anything about it being delivered another day. We went back to the New Store on North Ave. In Melrose Park or it could be Northlake I am not sure. We went up to the Customer Service Desk. The ladies who helped us could not be nicer. After asking for a refund we were told to wait a few minutes so they could find out what happened. We were then told we would get the refund. While waiting for it to go through we asked what had happened. She said they did not tell her and that we would just be given our refund. I could not believe it. They seemed just as confused as we were. A manager swiftly walked by after hearing about our situation and we did not see her again. I hate this New Store and I loved the Old One. I have not ever been treated so strangely in a hardware store in my whole life. Sometimes when a store gets to big for itself it can not handle itself I think that is what happened here. I will never go into a Menards again. I really like going to Ace Hardware. The thing is they do not have all the materials I am seeking when fixing my home. I want to make it very clear that the name on our order form is just the name of the person who helped us make the list we needed. After we obtained it someone else helped us and put it through the computer. And then we paid for it at the register. I do not know what happened? Today is a sad day.

Chris A. Karambelas


Ice December 14, 2015 at 1:15 am

Most of Menards companies use contracted delivery service for the 7 day a week delivery services – they hire a delivery company, who hires their own employees – some of which sorry to say, end up being not so reputable in some towns. What if one of those people disappeared for the day, week, forever? By law, the store could not tell you because it is not one of their employees and thus becomes a legal issue for them. Menards delivers very few items of its own. The delivery companies Menards uses are contracted as is the security/guard shack. Menards doesn’t have control over these people. It’s obvious something happened with this delivery and all the store could do was give you a refund. I’ve heard this happen to others.


Steve Allison July 21, 2015 at 10:57 am

Ordered a small appliance over a month ago. Every time I call the store I’m told “another two weeks”. No one at Menards seems to care. They only want to know if I want to cancel my order !!! I talked to the Store Manager a he could not have cared less about my issue.

How does Menards stay in business ??


Cathy July 30, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Hey Steve
The same thing is happening to us with a large appliance at the Janesville WI store. No answers to where our appliance is or when it will arrive after waiting now for 5 weeks. Store manager could not have cared less.


JLR Enterprises July 19, 2015 at 5:21 pm

I own a patent to go worldwide its for sewervent gas looking also going to Canada and looking at QVC but looking to give you I year all rights and nobody else don hear from you like to show you the product been tested for years and works great and saves lives let me know or my company will need to move on you have first offer thank you ron


DANIEL RUCINSKI July 13, 2015 at 2:23 pm



Terry Baker June 30, 2015 at 8:26 pm


I purchased (3) electric baseboard heaters from Menards Cottage Grove MN store in the March – April time frame and each worked well until a 72″ unit had a melt down. Wiring on the unit burned up, and melted and easily could have started my house on fire as the unit was installed above a carpeted surface. Contacted the manufacturer and was told I wired it wrong. Provided photos of burnt wiring and Cadet confirmed – yep you wired a 120 volt heater on a 240 volt service. Advised I had purchased a 240 volt heater and they said, no you did not. Returned the unit to menards, showed them the damage and was able to exchange it after wrestling with a return clerk over additional charges for a unit that was no longer on sale (~ approx 4- 6 weeks after original purchase). Receipt shows the unit as 240 volt, shelf at store said 240 volt, large 8×11 label on box says 240 volt. Clear, almost invisible decal on unit says 120 volt. small tag on small end of box says 240 volt. Manufacturer states this is how they are all packaged. I asked them to repeat that and they did, said this was my issue. New unit has matching tags all around. Asked mfg what they planned to do to let all who purchased same know this… no response. Manufacturer did not seem concerned about notifying public or Menards but did offer a new unit if I wanted. Original box showing label discrepancies, new box, photos and reciept copies will be provided to Menards if they care to contact me. Will be sending same to MN Fire Marshall and any other interested party. I trust they will disperse the information to fire investigators for past and present issues. All conversations and evidence well doXXXXented. This could have burned my home down. On the bright side Menards can easily identify any and all purchasers (who used credit cards) of these units to advise them of the need to verify the voltage before the heating season. The wild card is do they care enough to do this or will they simply sweep it under the rug?


Terry Baker June 30, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Why buy powered equipment from Menards???

I believe Menards policy regarding return of powered equipment is too one sided and borderline unethical. Case in point: Family buys a power washer for dad’s birthday gift. Power washer assembled, filled w/oil and gas then operated for ~10 minutes. Unit shuts off when power washer trigger released. Won’t restart. Attempted return /exchange at Menards and refused due to putting fuel and oil in unit. Now my problem and am told I have to take it to a repair center and wait 30-45 days for repair. I paid for a new unit not a repaired unit. Menards says, read your reciept…. the one you get after you purchase the unit and not until after you electronically sign…. says sorry chump you put gas in it you own it. NO warning posting at point of purchase, none on the unit, only fine print on receipt…. If only I had known this I would have paid a premium to purchase elsewhere with a fair return policy. MFG of no help at all. Next contact. MN Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.


Raul Moreno June 29, 2015 at 5:06 pm

I purchased a replacement plan for a trimer and before a year broke, Menards wouldn’t honored the replacement plan, they WOULD NOT EXCHANGE THE TRIMER.
So I just paid almost $30.00 for nothing.


Jason and Tami June 27, 2015 at 9:49 am

Last night at 9:30 we bought 3 gallons of paint at Menards in Altoona, Iowa, we got home realized we only had 2 gallons. Assuming the 3rd one was still on the register counter, my husband goes back at 7:00 am to check, and he is told he has to have another gallon mixed and has to pay for another gallon, they said how do they know we are not trying to get a free gallon of paint. Really. Thanks for assuming that we were looking to get a free gallon of paint. Great customer service.


Kim Wagoner June 24, 2015 at 6:03 pm

For all you animal lovers… this is atrocious.
John Keller, the Store Manager at the Lebanon Indiana store, is allowing an employee to bring a high powered BB gun to work and shoot the birds in the garden center. I sent an email on the website and heard nothing. I find this very inhumane.


Pamela K ;) August 13, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Its either shoot the birds or have bird crap over everything in the garden center. Would you buy something that has bird crap all over it? Doubtful since you are the type of person that will get on a website like this and call people out. I do believe that the Menards i work for and that one tried the more “humane” way of getting rid of them buy spending over $300 on repellent and wasting countless hours applying it everywhere just for it not to work. As for it being high powered I highly doubt that also because at the store I work for if someone used a high powered BB gun it would go through most the stuff that would be on the other side of the bird if they missed. Also ask Lowes, Home depot, Walmart, and other big names stores they all do it so quit getting butthurt.


Casey Puetz June 18, 2015 at 2:52 pm

Dear Mr. Menard,
Dear Friends,
I have always been a very loyal customer to Menards. I drive right passed the big national chains, Lowie’s, Home Depot…. So starts my story on what I’m having to deal with right now with the Menards Sioux Falls West store… I know that this letter will never make it to Mr. Menard as well. A little over a month and a half ago I ordered 15 cases of special order tile.. Was told that it would be a week to 10 days, longest 2 weeks… Great. You get the email showing after you paid for it that it’s on order and the status of the order… Great.. Two weeks go by and nothing has moved, still showing in process… So I call the SF West store and get ahold of the department. I’m leaving everyone else’s name out of this beside Tracy.. Tracy was the original employee that ordered the tile for me… He got right on it and within 15 min I had gotten a call back and he had found that one of the cases of tile, a case of V-nose had been discontinued by the company. The company that manufactures the tile is Ragno.. So any normal person would let someone know.. No, will just let the order sit… Great job on communicating with you venders.. Thankfully with Tracy’s help he had to cancel the whole first order and reorder it. Good Great Grand.. So now a month and a half later, or just shy of, it gets to Sioux Falls… and by the way there was a few more call that had to be made to get it out of in process status…Again… By this time I had been talking to the Store Manager.. (its hanging on the wall at the store if you’re interested). I run down on my lunch break to finally pick up my tile… Loaded all 500 plus pounds by myself, which everyone that has been to the Menards West knows that they pick the cream of the crop back there.. There is good ones and you know right away when you get the bad ones.. On a side note writing this reminds me of the other times I have purchased larger orders from Menards, like the trip last fall that I went and bought all the sheetrock for my full basement project. I know I’m not a contractor, I don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year but I am a paying customer, I choose to come to Menards and remember I drive right by the big chains. As I was getting help on loading all the sheet rock, my luck once again I got the cream of the crop.. I should have taking pictures. The two damaged more sheetrock then we loaded.. It got so bad; I was throwing damaged chunks of sheetrock off the trailer to keep it from damaging the good stuff already loaded… Back to my current misery.
I get my tile of gold home, unload all of it and carry it all downstairs.. I know there was a few broken from shipping, it’s to be expected. I started unpacking each case and it just got better and better.. Every pile was damaged from the way it was shipped on the pallet. The cases where laid on their side, which I know this for a fact because, remember I loaded it myself… The tile acted like sandpaper and sandpapered the face off the next tile under it. It looked like it was on a truck from one coast to the next and back again, Maybe it’s the answer on it taking a month and a half to get here.. I took one back to the store to show the store manager, I was so excited to have to do this.. The store manager wasn’t able to be found so I got the third in charge… He looked it over and agreed on what happened and well we come to a cross roads, A we have to reorder the whole order, or B, I want a full refund plus interest, and I go order something else from the bigger named box store.. Third in charge called and was told that it would be in the 16th or 17th of June… I made it very clear that I’m not waiting a nether month like the first go around… This brings me to today… The day that it’s supposed to be here it still shows in process. I once again call the store, store manager can’t be found then I get sent to a guy that had the same sounding name as his, put on hold… I finally get the third in charge. Trust me, he knows how I am by now.. Sounds so surprised that there is not tile yet and that its still showing in process.. Two hours later I finally get a call back and it a word by mouth that ya it’s being shipped today…
I had finally had my fill… I googled and tried to find Menards Corporate number.. I have had enough of a run around with store managers, 3rd in charge… I get a nice lady and the best the customer service can do is send you to an automated person saying you need to fill out a form.. I, at this point want to talk to the store managers boss, Heck give me Mr. Menard himself… I’m sure this is a letter he would probably like to read and be aware of.. It’s his name on the building… I fulfilled there inexcusable way of how handling customer complaints like they want me too… Two hours later I get a short 30 word email saying I’m sorry to hear this, Can you please let me know what store and the order numbers… The store had been fully stated at least two times on the first email… I asked nicely to please have a human being call me personally so I could explain all of this in a normal human conversation and that the run around can be stopped… But no, I then get a second response saying once again sorry to hear this.. I have sent an email to Mr. ***** The Sioux Falls West store manager to make him aware of the issues at hand and here is his direct number… I don’t need to explain my feeling on this… and by reading this you are well aware that Mr.**** knows all about this.. He was the one that did do something a little right and claimed he emailed someone and had got a 100 dollar credit the day I picked up the full order that was all damaged.. I do thank Menards for this.. So here I sit waiting tell morning to get a call back once again on when it’s going to arrive in Sioux Falls.. And if it’s going to be in good shape or not.. I have made it fully clear that once again like I have stated before, even while all of this has been going on I have driven past all the big national chains and bought just shy of 2,000 dollars of green treated decking material from the same location.. And yep you guessed it I got the cream of the crop again.. OOO wait I had some one help for 10 min because they had to go get a forklift and bring a pallet of 20 ft. 2×10’s which by the way they drove down the whole length of the building carrying it over all 5 trucks including mine own hooked to the trailer which could have fallen at any time onto a vehicle or the people around getting lumber… They had to make two trips because the first trip over half of them were not acceptable… 3 hours later and having to look everywhere my father and I found everything, on or own. All of this lumber is still in my garage. If I don’t get a better answer or outcome on this go around on tile, I’m personally loading every square inch of lumber onto a trailer and someone back in the cream of the crop is unloading everything with credit plus interest and fuel for an hour trip…
In conclusion, I want to thank Ragno Tile Company for a great looking tile but ether them or Menards don’t know how to ship it, Thank you for letting a customer’s order to one of your venders sit tell god knows when. Thank you Menards for the best run around and I don’t knows and I’m sorry we don’t have anyone to talk to, please just leave an email. Time will tell when the tile will get here and if it’s going to be in acceptable forum…

Thanks Menards,


Angel Mills June 15, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I was at the Cape Girardeau, Mo store Saturday 6/13/15. The customer service was HORRIBLE!! After spending $2368 I was treated poorly by the customer service manager.I had to wait some minutes on one manager to approve my check while another just stood there and talked. Then that manager wouldn’t even make eye contact with me and when I thanked her she couldn’t even respond with a “You’re Welcome.” I see they don’t value their customers at all and I will NOT waste another penny in this store ever again. Next time I will go to Lowes.


Richard Hill May 28, 2015 at 8:38 pm

I special ordered a bathroom vanity from Menards; our contractor picked it up today and it was damaged. It took 4-6 weeks to come in…I really can’t remember which, however; when my contractor returned it, I could not receive my money back. Yes, they did give me a store credit of over $900 but why would I want that when they can’t take care of their own merchandise??? Their return policy is anything over 90 days, gets a store credit and it was 93 days AND THEY DAMAGED IT! We have several expensive projects down the road, and you can bet Menards won’t be seeing any of that! I really don’t understand how they can stay in business after reading many of the complaints that are posted! Awful!


penske May 27, 2015 at 9:17 pm

My wife and I bought an Earthquake 43cc cultivator before they went on sale. Lasted one till and now is blowing oil out of air filter and spark plug connector broke.

We pay in cash and never keep receipts. We expect something of quality and haven’t had a problem with anything from Menards since 1997.

I called and asked customer service if I could do an exchange without receipt. Yes you can or get store credit. We paid over $240 and they are now on sale for $97 + less.

DON WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PRODUCT. We drove 40 minutes to exchange it and was told NO you can not exchange even with a receipt. WTF! I was told I can take it to a repair shop in the area. Another 2 hrs wasted with my family. FU MENARD FAMILY.

I am now not only a previous employee but also a previous customer. What BS.


Debi Gilman May 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm

Menards you seem to lose quite a number of customers due to your very poor customer service and managers.
You just lost another one!
I will take my buisness to a store that handles problems in a more professional way….and take rsponsibility for thier screw ups.


Jeremy Wilson May 26, 2015 at 7:09 pm

My Fiancé and I have Spent thousands ad thousands and thousands of dollars at our Effingham Il. Menards, over the last 6 years or so. We bought all our kitchen cabinets and appliances there and all the dry wall screws flooring ect. ect. We are tearing our old farm house down to its studs, floor joists, and rafters redoing all the electrical, plumbing, insulation and everything in between. We have patronized the Effingham Menards almost exclusively for this project. Then the other day we went to pick up our doors for one of the bedrooms and seen it was the wrong door, I had brought in a printed off sheet with the door and specs that one of the employees had printed out for me at the very same Menards in the same doors and windows section, well I gave it to the kid working and explained that I wanted this door and he went through with the order. When we came in to get our door and seen it was the incorrect door, we let them know and they acted like it was our fault saying that they showed us a picture of it which they did not! I explained that I brought in the printed sheet with the exact doors we wanted and the accusingly asked if I had the sheet, I had left it at home not knowing I would need it, one of the employees laughed like we were lieing, and continued insulting us by saying in a very unprofessional rude way that they could get us the door we want but it will cost $30 more plus a $25 restocking fee!!!! We were so upset that if we woulda stayed any longer I might have been asked to leave, so we left on our own accord. I just can’t believe that my patronizim is worth so little there, after all we probably spent enough money there to pay both those rude employees salaries for a year each… I guess I’m just ranting here, but I will for sure be getting all the rest of my home improvement products else where. Oh and did I mention that I am a Carpenter with my own buisness and for all my jobs someone else will be getting my business too. It was enough that there was a mistake and we were inconvenienced, making a trip to the store and either coming home empty handed or with the wrong doors, but add snotty rude unprofessional attitudes by employees that acted like they could care less how we felt and that was straw that broke the camels back think I’ll hsve to let my friends and family know on FaceBook as well… It’s just sad we really loved our Menards.


bob October 29, 2019 at 4:12 pm

In situations like these you should be contacting the Manager of the store, not just ranting about it on some random online blog that won’t ever reach Menards at all. If you talked to the Manager directly they may have been able to not only help you better in this situation, but also reprimand those rude employees. By just not doing any more business with this store, nothing will change.


Nate Ertl April 25, 2015 at 5:14 pm

The Maple Grove Menard’s store exhibited the most rude, condescending and incompetent behavior over the past two days.

I was in the store twice and my contractor once to schedule delivery and pay for ~$2,000 in materials… which were never delivered today. I called 2 times and never got callbacks to check on the status of the delivery until I had a crew of contractors waiting around. Finally I dealt with the store manager who informed me that I never paid for delivery despite multiple times making sure that everything was taken care of. The building desk told me as I took the invoice to pay that everything was scheduled for delivery on Saturday. The store manager tells me that it is a communication breakdown that is my fault for not paying the delivery fee, which was never mentioned in any of 3 visits. Finally, he said that all of the issues were between the contractor and me before hanging up on me and telling me that it is my fault that I didn’t get the delivery– because nobody in his store followed a process to bill a delivery or to tell me that there was a delivery fee or to return phone calls with common courtesy. Keep in mind that I have a written delivery time and was told by staff that it woulddbe delivered and everything was taken care of.

Icing on the cake is that my other painting project involved them matching a Dutchboy paint, which I gave them the old container of and the mixing formula. They mixed it to the wrong shade with all different numbers entered into the formula. Shame on me for not making sure their staff understands numbers. In both of these cases, it is apparent that I need to do Menards staff’s job for them because they are not competent to do them and exhibit no accountability nor exhibit any empathy for their customers.

You’ve pushed two projects back by a day, and possibly a week through incompetence.

I’m amazed that you empower your store managers to take absolutely zero accountability.

I’ve been a 20-year Menards customer, given plenty of leeway and preference for a midwest company, but unless there is some restitution for this, I will only cherrypick your offers and take my profitable business to Home Depot, Lowe’s and my local Ace Hardware.

I look forward to hearing from your corporate office.


Jeremy Wilson May 26, 2015 at 7:13 pm

Just read your cruddy experience, I was just wondering if corperate ever replied to you. I had a bad experience and made my feelings known as well… Hope things turn out.


Robert Fleming April 24, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I live in Rolla, Missouri. For several years we have been receiving, on average, two or three direct mail pieces from Menard’s every week. These are very large newsprint circulars … lots of pages … lots of trees used.

The problem is we don’t have a Menard’s remotely close to us … more than 100 miles away. I think they are finally building one in Sullivan, Missouri … 35 miles from here.

I think you have needlessly wasted a lot of trees saturating Rolla with all this direct mail for the past several years. I know the owner is a rich man, but our environment is a finite resource that should not be treated with such disrespect. On the other hand, this is a free country … and using the postal service does keep folks employed.

Oh well …. that is my rant.

Thanks for the comment forum.

Robert Fleming
PS – I called your corporate office and was hung up on twice by the Public Relations Department … real nice.


Thomas J Breese Jr April 24, 2015 at 10:04 am

For the most part, I have done business with Menards for many years and I have never ran into any problems. The service has been very good next to other construction supply companies. I am writing this because I would hate for future customers to run into the same problems I have in purchasing countertops. You really need to read this to fully understand how much you the customer will bare the responsibility when something goes wrong with your order.

The first week of April, I go to my local Menards store in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was a good time to do home remodels and I decided I would update my countertops and add a new matching bar to one of my walls. I did all my homework, took measurements based on the measurement tips they provided. Everything looked great. This was my first time ordering countertops, especially quartz countertops, so I felt I had all the information I needed.

I sat down with the salesman at the store, although he seemed preoccupied with something, and acted like he did not want to talk to me. I gave him all my measurements for the counters and the bar top. I told him I wanted the smooth double rounded edging on all open counters and bar tops facing the kitchen or anywhere people would be interacting with the counters. He told me the counters would all have double rounded smooth surfaces on anything facing people and it was a profile the countertop fabricator did by default. In other words, the flat surfaces faced the wall or where the oven range went in. I also told him I wanted the bar to have double rounded smooth surfaces on all three sides facing the public and only a smooth surface facing the wall. It appeared he put it all in correctly (at least for the estimate).

After reading the estimate, I told him to pull the trigger on the order as everything looked in order. He did and he handed me a contract to look at and sign. I read through the contract and all the measurements looked correct, the double rounded profiled looked fine and so forth. I was more focused on the placement of the oven range, the measurements of the sink and how everything aligned with my cabinets. It all looked perfect.

Three weeks later I get the order. Guess what? The measurements were perfect, the placement of the ovenrange and the countertops were perfect. Somehow in the scheme of things the bar top was totally screwed up. The measurements were correct (44 inches both ways). It had three flat surfaces and only one side was double rounded. I thought to myself, why would any qualified person not had ensured (along with me) that the 3 sides facing the public would be double rounded just like the cabinets. Why on earth would only one side have a double rounded edge? Two of the flat surface sides were polished like the double rounded side (but flat like they went against a wall). Why? I explained this to the salesman and brought it up several times. He said all the public facing edges would be double rounded. When you look at the contract, it just said they had three polished sides.

So, I call Menards immediately and told them about the mistake. They simply did not care. They took no responsibility. Instead, it was on me. It was all my fault I did not read their contract carefully enough to find the mistake. I was supposed to be the expert (instead of the salesman) to determine that two sides of the bar had “profile” unchecked. Would any of you be looking for that specifically if you did not know that much about particular industry terminology when you are told “all public facing edges with be double rounded”? Come on. I was at Menards last week ordering windows and found two mistakes the window salesman made before I place my order for windows. Thank God, I knew a little more about windows or I would have been stuck with that one too.

What I am seeing from Menards is they now hide behind the “contract”. It no longer matters about the quality or expertise of the salesman. You can have the worst salesman or someone who knows nothing about what you are ordering and it is entirely “your fault”, even if you cannot break out all the detail of the contract (yourself) or get clear advice from the salesman. Even when I asked the salesman about my contract, he gave me bad information about the interpretation of it and it is “still my fault”. Do we now have to go and get attorneys to look at our Menard’s orders before we sign on the dotted line? They would not even meet me half way or bare part of the blame. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen, especially when I spent a lot of hard earned money on the bar top. Their department manager, Craig, had no mercy and neither did the store manager. The word of their staff means more to them than their faithful customers.


Nico Wong April 22, 2015 at 10:09 pm

We are manufacturer of aluminium composite panel which can be used in indoor and outdoor usage, and I will send you more information after you reply me by email.

Thank you.


Susanne Lieske April 22, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I have been a customer of Menards for a very long time, many years, and have looked forward to the 2% rebate check, which I would receive at the end of each year.

This year a new policy was initiated whereby 2% rebates checks will be issued quarterly. The amount must be greater than $5.00 to be issued. I get that. It’s not cost effective to mail a rebate check for less than $5.00. However, what I don’t understand is why my quarterly 2% rebate can’t rollover until I have earned over $5.00.

Being am a loyal “but small” purchase customer, I lose out on the 2% rebate. This is very disappointing.

The yearly 2% rebate worked great for us little purchasers. Could your new policy be revised to enclosed us with a yearly 2% rebate check? We are purchasing every month and that should account for something.

I await your reply and thank you for hearing my views/concerns about your new policy. I hope something can be changed to include everyone who purchases and uses their Menard’s credit card.

Sincerely, Susanne


Holly April 20, 2015 at 2:27 pm

I just mailed the following letter to Mr. Menard.

Dear Mr. Menard,

I am writing to strongly suggest that you revise your special order processes. In the past few months my we have ordered a free standing linen closet, bathroom vanity cabinet, vanity sink top, and tile for a bathroom renovation. We were told the cabinets might take a while as they were custom. What took a long time was the vanity sink top which finally made an appearance late last week. Each time we went to pick up our special order, once we were waited on it was a half hour or more before our order was located. Sometimes it was out on the floor and other times it was where it was supposed to be, but overlooked. Yesterday, my husband located the item for the staff….someone had put a large item at the beginning of the bin and the staff didn’t realize there was a second row behind it. Instead of trying to have alphabetic bins, why don’t you give bins numbers and relate the bin number to the item for easy location? Staff are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off while the number of customers waiting increases. There isn’t enough parking around door #10 for all of them.

Today was the worst of my experiences. I placed an online reorder of our original tile order. It seemed to sit in Plano, Illinois for quite some time and then suddenly it was delivered last night. I went this morning to pick it up. It was found right away and I was the only customer. I was thinking it was my lucky day. However, when it was brought to the car, I knew immediately that it was not right. The boxes were much thinner than the original order and the packaging completely different. I had the associate open the box. Instead of Verde Forest (a green treelike marble with multicolored veining), the tiles were white marble with black veining…NOT EVEN CLOSE. They called the floor manager who verified that the tiles should have been Verde Forest. So, I was taken to the customer service area, a process involving me, my credit card, a re-stock override, and a new order with transfer of the funds, to reorder the same tile I ordered in the first place. This process should not have involved me at all. The loading dock should have checked the item against the order and returned it without me ever knowing it was in. So…now I wait yet again for Menards to consider delivering the right item. The best I can say is that the floor manager was helpful and apologetic. I believe that this type of thing is happening quite a bit.

Once this order is complete, I am not sure how often I will shop at Menards. I drove past two Lowes and a Home Depot because my husband wanted to use your store. Next time I will put my foot down and remind him of our experience. If things don’t change, you will find yourselves without any customers and out of the market altogether.


Autumn McMillen April 19, 2015 at 9:41 am

I visited the Grand Island Menards last week. I walked up to the guard shack to find out where more staples were when I felt something fall on my head. I put my hand up and found 2 maggots on my head. I asked the guard where they can from and she informed me that there were dead pigeons up in the roof from employees shooting them and leaving them there. I asked why they aren’t being cleaned up and was told I don’t know. First it is upsetting to hear your employees are being paid for animal cruelty. Second, its upsetting to have maggots falling in my hair. This is very disgusting and I’d lime to know if this will be taken care of.


Kim Wagoner June 24, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Autumn, your post was enlightening as to the mindset of Menards. I just found out that the Store Manager in Lebanon Indiana is also having birds shot in the garden center. Apparently this is common practice. I wish something could be done about this. I get no response from Menard’s. Sorry to hear about your experience.


jamee April 18, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I went to Menards in Terre Haute today and purchased $400 dollars in counter top. One of the pieces was broke and the store manager did not care if I had 45 minute drive back to the store. We spend over 100,000 a year at this location and have had on going problems we run a business so the customer said they would never shop there again either. All I wanted was Bill Tegler the store manager to say let us bring u another one or can I do something to make it right. Instead he informed me that we may have broke it and we should inspect items better before we leave the store. I think he has no management skills at all and I won’t be back


Marilyn April 17, 2015 at 9:36 am

I am an female Afro-American Senior who recently bought some products at my local Menards Store in Fairfield Township, Ohio and I was very insulted by a young Caucasian female, who assisted me when I returned one of the products I bought. I am very disturbed by Caitylnn’s unprofessional approach and insulting words to me. My husband and I have been loyal customers at Menards in Cincinnati and Fairfield Ohio for year’s. We have spent large sum’s of money at Menards and the recent service by Caitylnn has made me question the experience and training of their employee’s and whether I will shop there again. On April 13th, 2015 I bought a container of Rose food/fertilizer at 4:08p.m. I realized that I needed a larger size and returned to Menards for a refund at 4:49pm. It takes 34 minutes round trip from my house to Menards. I went to the service desk and unfortunately, I was assisted by Caitylnn, who asked why I was returning the item, I told her I had bought the wrong size and that I had just purchased it around 40 minutes ago. Caitylnn gave me a questionable look, not looking at the time on the receipt I gave her, but struggled to open the container, then Caitylnn looked in the container and had the audacity to say to me “Did you use some? It looks low.” I replied ” I just bought it 40 minutes ago and if you’d check all of your rose food/fertilizer container’s they are all probably low.” There are no products completely full these days. I felt like I was being accused of buying a product, taking it home, using it and then returning it in less than an hour. I was very insulted!


James May 31, 2015 at 10:33 pm

Why are you bringing race into this? You’re just making another excuse for a pity party. If you realize d the XXXXX retail workers have to deal with you might be better off. Be more considerate.


Becky April 16, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I had the unfortunate pleasure of visiting the Fairfield Township store in Cincinnati Ohio and if I could add I will never shop at another Menard’s ever. Thanks to the treatment I received today. I will say if Julie and her manager Alex is any representation of the type of people you hire I think the process needs to be revamped. Instead of Alex doing what a manager should and making the situation right ,which he had the power to do, he chose to simply apologize and do nothing else. Well thanks to your well skilled customer service manager (NOT), I am now a Home Depot and Lowes shopper…
Thank you Julie and Alex for showing me what Menards really thinks about their customers…


DW April 16, 2015 at 3:30 pm



ashley April 10, 2015 at 2:25 pm

I went to your Columbus store yesterday and I have to say I was highly disappointed. Not only did 9/10 employees have no clue what they were talking about, but they had 0 customer service skills. After dealing with your employees awful people skills and lack of knowledge, I get home and find two coat hooks I paid for(they are on my receipt) were not put in my bag. I called customer service today to let them know I had two items missing and not only did they not apologize for the inconvenience, they told me I had to drive 25 min back to the store to pick them up and they would “analyze the video footage” aka ACCUSING ME OF SHOPLIFTING. Like I am desperate enough to go through all this effort for $3 worth of coat hooks!! This is beyond insulting. This entire experience makes me never want to shop at your store again. Next time I will choose to support my local hardware store instead.


Deb March 30, 2015 at 11:49 am

I am so disappointed that John Menard has supported Scott Walker with millions of dollars. I do not live in Wisconsin but now Mr. Walker is running for president. I am a teacher, I do not appreciate being called: a union thug and being compared to ISIS. by Mr. Walker. John Menard, I have been a loyal customer at the local Menards near my home and I will no longer shop there. I


Andy April 2, 2015 at 8:35 pm

I agree I also am extremely disappointed in the support of $150 MILLION to Scott walker who is destroying my state. I am in the trades and used to exclusively shop there. In fact I built almost my entire home over 3000 square ft with materials mostly from Menards. I will NOT shop there any more! YOU have lost my business and as well as many of my contractor friends. That is the price for supporting Scott Walker. I am also a teacher, John Menard.


Susanne April 22, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Andy & Deb,

I am a Scott Walker supporter and have no problem with Mr. Menard’s donation to him. You have a right not to purchase any additional items at Menard’s. That’s your choice.

Those of us that feel Scott Walker is doing a great job also need to speak up. So that is what I am doing. That my choice to speak up in support of Scott Walker and continue to make purchases at Menard’s.


Garvon April 27, 2015 at 11:36 am

Union members are too often thugs, sorry if the truth hurts,

I will shop doubly hard at Menards to make up for your claims of not shopping there, If we all stopped shopping at businesses that gave donations to candidates that we disagreed with… there would be no businesses left.

The “tolerant” Left are only tolerant IF you agree with them,


jeremy May 19, 2015 at 2:18 am

Garvon is obviously dillusional.. Often union people are thugs!? Union workers were one of the major builders of our nation… And the only reason you probably make the wage you have … No unions equal poor wages, bad health insurance, and often poor and unsafe work conditions… Ask the employees at Menard’s … I have known many that quit and some that have moved up high enough to see his antiunion help books at his desk .. He would sooner burn his own store down than have a union epidemic .. The company finds ways to not give wage increases , not give bonuses , and not promote .. Millionaire also burns pallots at his mansion instead of paying to properly dispose if them.. But that’s a side note…. Bottom line is the hard working people of the USA, many of them union laid the foundation of this country and still are the backbone! Go to Pittsburgh, steel workers…. Detroit major car manufacturers…. The mines in the great state of mn … The railroad, who by the way was a major player in expansion, and is one of the few organizations with in states and governments that haven’t pissed their funds away, and probably transport Menard’s cargo..then you got Dr’s, nurses, cops, firefighters, teachers, plumbers, construction workers , pilots and of course the teamsters which everyone associates with ups , whom by the way between company and employees is one of the largest united way donaters in the country… This list is still the backbone of this country.. Unfortunately others, such as walker are running it into the ground and putting us into further debt… I am not a walker supporter obviously, but I’m not completely against all republican views… One things for certain: the government people who run our country , making six figures plus with fantastic health insurance and a guaranteed retirement fund aren’t looking out for anyone besides themselves… They take money from Mr Menard’s and others to save there jobs and get reelected… Then pass a bunch of crap to benifet those backers and companies… Ask walker about those tax breaks to three major companies in Wi …. Bottom line is union people and companies aren’t the problem… They actually are the answer.. History of the US says so.. The top 5 percent of the world who are million and billionaires may not think so… But then again some might since they are union companies… To call all the professionals listed above thugs is not only rude, and insulting, but it shows your lack of knowledge about the topic… All those positions are also middle class for the most Part… Again the hard working back bone of this country.. Not to say some none union people aren’t …. But unions had a place in economic history and are still trying to fight for workers rights and standard of living… That is what this country was based on … Unfortunately between corporate gread and government ,for the most part throwing the constitution into the fireplace…..”Obama care” its sad to see where our country is going… Bottom line sir ….. You are obviously uneducated when it comes to union employees… So the next time you talk to a teacher, police, firefighter, construction workers, drs, nurses, miners, railroad workers and the friendly ups guy make sure to tell the thugs providing you all these services thank you … If you want to see “thugs” check out the people who are drains on society costing tax payers money.. The scammers, rapists, murders etc that cost us all billions every year.. I went on here to make a complaint about a Menard’s situation and had to respond to this insanity ..

An employee at Menard’s was away from his carpet station … No problem .. I looked around in the dept. No one to be found.. No problem .. Went to another dept to have them call.. All and all this took about twenty minutes … Still not a huge problem… Guy shows up .. I say hey man just need some of this carpet … He says you will have to wait a minute! Kinda rudely. …. Kind of a problem… I notice a brown bag in hand …. I make conversatuon ..You coming back from lunch ? Or going on? He says I’m aloud lunch aren’t I !!! Rudely again.. Problem.. He sets his bag down in the station and looks at me like I am an inconvenience… He then unbuttons his pants opens his fly in front of my 60 year old mother and others and reaches everywhere to tuck in his shirt.. I said wow!! That is classy! He says I do this everyday and u r the first to say anything.. OK tommy I say after I get my carpet I will be talking to a manager .. He says I’m an assistant manager !! I say u probably shouldn’t be .. I will talk to the store manager I say. He mutters something walking by me .. I get close and say you got something to say to me ? He says get out of my grill!!! Just coyldnt hear you i said …. He pointed me to the seevice desk and i spoke to a manager all probably for not by the writings ive seen here…

Pretty thug if u ask me …

Thanks menards


Rebecca Harber March 27, 2015 at 6:48 pm

After spending close to $40,000 at the menards in sandusky ohio and doing credit card over the phone purchases the entire time, the people on duty one night must have been having a really bad day. I went to the contractors desk to have them call the guy we were working for to get his credit card info because that was the procedure the previous 2 times, and the girl there got very indignant and told me that she wasn’t a register and I would need to go to the front desk. I reminded her that she was one that had done thisfor us before and this seemed to make get even more angry. So I went to the front desk. While I was there, my husband stayed at that desk and when she told him that she wouldn’t be doing anything for him. He told her he was just waiting for me because he figured they were just going to send me back there. She again got ride with him and said that she would not be helping him. At that time he did get a little upset but did not raise his voice only said that it was rediculous that the rules were continously changing. Then am older man who also worked there looked at my husband and said “I’m just gonna walk away partner” to Shaughnessy my husband replied. “I’m not your partner. Gay men are partners. , “that’s why I said it. He said.
My husband then came over to the register where I was and told me and the manager what had taken place. As we checked out and left the manager apologized and told us to have a great night.
The next day we got a call from the police saying that we were banned from the store. So becauseI asked for the man’s name, he was afraid of losing his job and in order to curtail that he led and said that we threatened him. Amazing that this store would allow this .so we are going to launch a campaign to get all of the contractors in our area to stop shopping at menards. I’ll put a a Facebook page and start Sending out letters


Ken March 25, 2015 at 6:52 pm

I tried to order about $700 of chimney parts on-line for delivery to my CA address. Menards made it sound like my bank denied the charge so I called the bank. The bank says Menards denied the charge and here is the misleading message they provide:

We are sorry. Your payment has been declined. Please check the billing and credit card information you have entered on the order

Sounds like the bank denied the charge, right? Not according to the bank; they told me Menards denied the charge. What’s the story?


MARTI March 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm



Garvon April 27, 2015 at 11:38 am

Unions aren’t middle class, unions rob the middle class


Laurie Nicklaus March 1, 2015 at 4:00 pm

I chose Menards store in Lima, Ohio to purchase new carpet in my living room . I picked out the carpet and the employee in the flooring dept said that they have 3 carpet installers that I can call about installation or I can chose whoever I would like . For the sake of convenience I went with an installer from Menards. He installed my carpet on 1/1/15. A few days after carpet was installed I noticed major flaws in the installation like , the carpet is not stretched tight, I od course am no expert but even I could see that he can’t tighten it because he cut it wrong and if he tightens it now he will cause problems in my bedroom doorways with no longer fitting, also at the other end of hallway where he put a seam it is already coming apart, it has only been 2 months since installation. He was called and came out 2 times to look at it and attempt to fix it , his only suggestion was to hammer a nail through my new carpet and into the wood to hide the pucker in carpet . What kind of solution was that coming from someone who is supposed to be a professional. He thought it all looked fine , so I then called Menards and spoke with the manager of the store he stated that they are not responsible for problems with the installation of carpet sold by Menards. So what sort of qualifications does someone have to have to lay carpet for Menards? I don’t understand why I wasn’t told when I purchased the carpet that if there was a problem that Menards would not stand behind the installer. I am so upset, I am a single mother who worked extra hours at work to save up money for this carpet and now I am left with a mess. I am getting no help from Menards nor from the installer. The Menards manager did say( as if this helped my situation )that in talking to the installer about my complaint that they found out that this particular installer is working full time elsewhere and only doing carpet on the side which is not allowed apparently by Menards, you must be laying carpet full time so my question is how much homework did Menards do when allowing this man to put his name out there for Menards customers to hire and allow in our homes. The manager stated that they have pulled his name from their list of installers so how does that help me ?I can’t afford to order another piece of carpet to replace the one in hall way that is a disgrace and will only get worse not can I afford to hire someone else to come in to fix this installers blunder . I walked in house with my 12 year old daughter and there the installer was shirtless , how professional is that? I have attempted to contact the installer after Menards states that the have talked with him asking him to call me and make this right and he never contacted me so today I texted him and explained my problem with his job again and he stated he already came out and he states that his job was done satisfactory and there is nothing he can do for me . Well I still have to spots where it is pulled tight and it is already coming apart at the seam. Please Menards make this right. I am so disheartened because I chose Menards over and over again for my purchases ,over a competitor right across the street . If Menards chooses to not make this right , I will never set foot in your store again and I’ll tell anyone that asks exactly why I don’t.


Angie June 1, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Hi Laurie
Not sure if you ever got a reply from Menard’s but I can honestly tell you, Menard’s does not install anything. You were mislead to believe that your Menard’s has installers hired by Menard’s. I would probably believe more that the person who sold you the carpet had one of his “friends” install your carpet, which is against their policy.


Kathleen Hamernick February 24, 2015 at 4:28 pm

I went to Menards today in Valparaiso, IN; I go there every week for many of needs around my house; even though there is a Home Depot across the street; I have been supported of Menards. I went in there today to get a carpet rake; I spoke with Brenda and she acted as though I really annoyed her by asking her a question; throwing her arms up in the air; saying I don’t know; I don’t even know what it is and I said it said on line you have it in stock and she said well do you have a SKU number in a loud an annoying voice; and I said that I will go find it myself; I should have know be cause the week before; she had an issue because I asked her where carpet tape was; she kept following around the store until I found what I was looking for; I told her I no longer needed her help and to stop following me; since she clearly did not want to help me. Then I go into an isle for cleaning products and I hear this employee telling 5 other employees about our incident; I interrupt and ask her if these are her supervisors and then they all disburse and she tells me NO! but I can go get you one; I told her I can find someone myself. She proceeded to go get some one telling me to follow her which I would not and I proceeded to the check out and called for a manager myself. She came back with the same manager that another employee called for me. She wanted to hang around and I told Mark; I want to talk to him without her around; she is loud and very rude to customer. Mark apologized and ask for my name. I don’t know that I will continue to shop in this store with this person as rude as she is; I have never met anyone like her. I would think that if you don’t know something you would say I am sorry let me find out if I can find someone who knows. This is the second time she has been rude while I came in this store for help; at this rate your employees are clearing sending you customers to Home Depot across the street by being unable to help or give good advice to customers; too bad since I liked shopping there.


Sean Manuel February 22, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Hi My name Is Sean Manuel I worked at the Menards Chicago IL, North/Kostner. I was a great worker started it out as a Morning Stocker One of the good workers that always got his work done. But i was wondering I defected a box cutter out. To use to do my job yes it was a Cutter that the policy didn’t qualified but I use my cutter for many more activities I had to work on. Yes it was wrong doing of my actions but I was one of the top workers in i thought i deserve a second chance, to get suspended or just a Warning Maybe at the same Menards or different Location. I reccently applied to a different location in i was in the system as theft when Really wasn’t stealing. I was wondering do I deserve to be in the system as theft or do I deserve a chance to redeem me a career at Menards.???,, Which is one of the best jobs i had.


Jodie Epperson February 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I decided to purchase the Padre Nail Head living room set. I first went to the store on 120th and Dodge Street where I noticed they had the love seat on display. I ask to have the associate see if she could locate a sofa and chair/ottoman so I could buy a complete set.this all began on February 16th.
After much checking she was able to locate another love seat at the 72nd and L street store with a chair and ottoman at the Council Bluffs, Iowa store. I purchased 2 loveseats from the 72nd and L street store as they told me NO sofa’s available in the Omaha area.
I paid with a check. We then proceeded to Council Bluffs, where low and behold they had not only the chair and ottoman but 2 sofa’s. I purchased both the sofa and the chair and ottoman. I then called the L street store to ask about how I should return the extra love seat. the person told me to return it on Saturday the 21 of February as the check must have 6 days to post. When I went to the store on that Saturday the 21st to return the love seat and seek my money as the check cleared my bank on the 17th I was told that the store couldn’t release me the funds until the 22 on a Sunday I again went to the store to retrieve my $299 and was again told they couldn’t release the money. Now the money is out of my bank on the 17th and your holding my hard earned money for over the 6 days originally told to me.. this is not only frustrating but to the point of infuriating YOU PUT YOUR SALES PEOPLE IN A HORRIBLE POSITION TRYING TO EXPLAIN THE WHY’S OF YOUR POLICY FOR RETURNED ITEMS… HAD YOUR INVENTORY BEEN CORRECT IN THE FIRST PLACE I WOULDN’T HAVE PURCHASED THE EXTRA LOVE SEAT AND THIS PROBLEM WOULD HAVE NEVER OCCURRED I seriously hope to never deal with your company again and for 2 cents would return all of the furniture and shop elsewhere.


caroline droescher February 22, 2015 at 9:41 am

Hi my name is Caroline Droescher I put my 2 wks in 2wks ago because of alot of problems and I feel you guys should know whats going on here. I have tried talking to the GM’s Pete and Ryan and even Matt when he was there at the north platte store even my dept manager char about all these issues and it seems it just went in one ear and out the other.

First of all since firing mitch if you sent Pete to shut down the store its working. Over half the people there when mitch was there have quit. second if not you should pry be replacing him or this store will go down hill fast. I have tried going to him about receiving issues and not getting any help from them when needing doors down for guests or even straightening the doors or help stocking something heavy that I couldn’t do myself. The people that seem to be so lazy back there are Ben, zach, Austin, britton, and Dillon.

I think the people that get taken advantage of because they work they’re asses off are…julie, alex (millwork), plumbing full timer and pt timers, eileen, melvin, kent, people in receiving other than ben, zach, austin, britton, and dillon. I think amber, melenie and with training on returns front end people. If you loose these people that work really hard this place will go down hill. I have talked to guests and they refuse to go around back because they wait for hours. I see receiving team members taking taking 4+ 10 min breaks. Guests come yell at me when receiving hasn’t shown up they say “what do I have to do to get some help loading up”.

One team member never received his fork lift pay for a year because mitch and matt wouldn’t get the paperwork going when ashley was on leave and won’t get back pay for it not fair. Other people in receiving have dropped things and they haven’t lost theyre licences like doors, washer, water heaters. Janet in plumbing lies to people works with little to no people so she can get her bonus, a team member was told he’d get full time and she tells him no I don’t want you hear I don’t like men and Pete says “oh she can’t be that way” she never stays in her department and acts like she’s trying to run the store, never answers her radio or her phone. Her dept has to have the highest turn over rate none of them like working with her including me when i had worked under her she just hands you the to-do lists and POG’s and doesn’t explain anything and when you ask she makes you feel stupid. Char Nelson and Tara Erb are rumorville of north platte menards. Last tuesday when one of the managers got fired char comes back and says, “guess what I heard” and she doesn’t give her new team members a chance to learn anything she pushes them away. Tara says “maybe I shouldn’t have the new team member on my wknd”. They are going to loose a lot of people and they are very expensive living type people that only want the positions because of the money. I was getting paid 10.25 as a manager an hour and team members were getting paid more than me.

A kid dropped a bunch of pro rib and he lost his license and was told he would get a full time position in plumbing he got to plumbing she tells him, “I don’t want you here I am not giving you full time till your training is done” and never helped him complete his training. That manager would be Janet. I have taken papers up front to have them complete out or cancel orders and they don’t know how to do it. Training seems to be a very big problem at this store they don’t want to help new team members finish it and would rather just have them there to stock freight then guests get upset because those team members do not know anything. Not fair.

When I told Pete I was waiting on a job offer that was going to pay me more and better work hours and better benefits and explained to him why I was putting in my two weeks he then when to char and asked her, “do you want me to let her go today since she put in her two weeks?” Apperently he has told managers that before and even team members having issues with other team members bullying them he has also told them, “if you don’t like it there than just quit”. He has told team members I will not move you because I don’t move people more than twice and yet he has moved people like mike, and patrica maybe 5-6 times. He puts people in depts they are not happy in or don’t want to be in and then they quit. He hired a part timer for millwork and told her without talking to char that he was going to let her work her boyfriends weekend who is a manager up in building materials because he likes her that much. That manager already has 2 people on her weekend and she says the girl will work every wknd. Pete says he doesn’t micro manager and doesn’t see that certain people put in the positions they are in shouldn’t be in those positions. I am not the last person who has talked about quiting there are many more people and some are managers good managers who are leaving also. Electrical is now out both managers because one quit and one is going on leave for shoulder surgury. These GM’s just hang out and don’t put any hands on in any dept.

I am hoping he doesn’t let me go before I get my IPS check if he does I’m not going to be happy. Also I would hope I will get my managers bonus being it was for last year. I hope things get fixed at this store because I have even talked to regular shoppers and contractors who say they don’t come in here much anymore because the moral just sucks. You are loosing money here at this store and something needs to happen to fix it. Even after my 2 wks is done I will not shop there for much anymore I pretty much have everything I need for my house and will suck up what I wanted and not getting.

One of the new employee’s asked me how receiving gets away driving the fork lifts and the joes that way and I said ya pretty much. I know the GM’s have seen it and nothing seems to get done. I am also dealing with arthritis in my right wrist and left shoulder due to setting window POG’s by myself because of Rick Waller who was a manager in training at our store he didn’t have anyone help at all. Char Nelson was out for surgury and they let him in charge and changed everything char had started then when she came back she had to fix everything.


Damon Whyte February 21, 2015 at 1:36 pm

I sent your customer service a legitimate complaint about appalling service, which resulted in injury to myself, and was basically ignored. I asked to escalate the matter, and received no further response of any kind. Please provide me with an email address that I can forward this email chain to for further attention.


Holly Thoene February 16, 2015 at 12:50 pm

I would like to file a complaint about the norfolk ne store , we had bought several things from them in the last week the sales pple were great ot was the ones in the yard went to return something and two yard guys walked away from us when we asked for help had to call somebody in the store to come help second thing is we got cabinets and washer and dryer and went to the yard to get them after paying for them had to again call the store to get somebody to help us couple days later we bought privacy fence went to the yard to get it they couldn’t find it my husband and my one year old sat in the truck waiting two hours still couldn’t find it it was freezing out that day so they left and they called us two hours later saying they found it we go get it didnt get an apology or nothing i talked to the manager that was there that night she had nothing to say, we dont live in norfolk we live an hour away so for us to have to wait that long and not get home until 11 is rediculous the yard pple should be in the yard doing there job regardless ifit is cold or hot out would like something done we wonwon’t go back there for anything if something dosent get done


Holly Thoene February 16, 2015 at 12:52 pm

If u could call me at 402 640 XXXXX that would be great the sooner the better


Howard Hanson February 12, 2015 at 10:12 pm

I shop at Menards in Cambridge and Forest Lake, and have no complaints .
My question is that I am so pleased with the associates, that I was wondering if it is ok to tip them? Please let me know!


Jeremy February 6, 2015 at 3:36 pm

On 02/06/2015..@ 1231pm me and my wife wer Checking out after seeing her aunt dorinda hogan, her aunt works at menards and abused her power of authority due to the facts that she does not like me and is angry with my wife ,she was talking on radio with security and he was taking down our plate number n I asked him what his problem was and hehe stated rudely none of my business, Said yes it is its our car which makes it our business and to stop being rude he continued talking on radio to dorinda and ppolice saying we wer Checking gets in our we started to leave menards parking lot he started running at us and we continued driving a cop plucked in as we left and we continuedsay him talk to cop n cop then came behind us and pulled us over and said that menards employees dorinda and other guy stated the complaint was mesh manufacturing chemicals were bought to make meth..we have receipt and our list is as follows-rotary bit set, garbage bags, scrub brush, summer breeze/meadow scent, oxiclean,2-LEMONADE, PLEDGE WIPES, VASELINE jelly, FM transmitter for car, acetone /clean paintbrushes after painting..after the search and public embarrassment and being harassed by menards employee’s , I personally would appreciate immediate action be taken along with compensation for the gas, time being publicly embarrassed/harassed by menards employee’s, along with rude conduct and mistreatment by your employees.I am completely disquisted .my phone is (651)380-3373.thank you and I hope we can work together in resolving this issue immediately..
Sincere Regards,
Jeremy Haas.


Julie Creamer February 2, 2015 at 9:14 am

I have to drive 60 miles to go to my “local” Menards. I have been attracted to some of the products in the store because of the rebates listed on the product. I purchased several in March of 2014. I have never received the rebate and when I purchased 490.00 of goods under the 11% rebate on Saturday, the store verified that I never was put in the rebate system. I understand the business, and I know that Menards uses a company to process rebates so that they can use a 50% allowance for rebates and not give customers real discounts. My rebate from my Saturday’s purchase is 52.00 and I have all the proper doXXXXents to receive. IF I DO NOT GET REBATE…LAST TRIP TO MENARDS…


Samuel Williams Sr. January 27, 2015 at 12:12 pm

125 73rd Street
South Haven, MI 49090

To: CEO: John Menard, Jr.
Hello Mr. Menard, Jr. I have read your return policy. But maybe your people need to reread the return policy. I have my receipt for three 32X14 glass block panel stock # 4057264. I have tried returning them within the ninety days period with no success. The Items was purchase on my debit card do to bank hackers I no longer own that card. My debit card is a form of currency that purchases these panels not in – store credit. I would like to return these panels back to Menards in South Haven and retrieve my money back in cash form or check. That is a type of currency my cell # (269) 861-**** looking to hear from you or Scott Collette within 24 hours your policy from Beth Scotts’ assistance.

Thank you
Samuel Williams Sr.


Darla Woods January 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Very unhappy with Menards goods & services. We are in the middle of finishing our basement. Even though there are two other home improvement stores in our town, we chose Menards. We purchased a bathroom vanity, tub and shower unit and much more. When we opened the shower unit, it had clearly been damaged by a fork lift and we had to go to the time and trouble to return it. A week later our vanity we ordered was ready for pick up, we got it home only to discover that it too had been damaged. A corner piece of the marble top was chipped away. When I called last week regarding the shower, the phone rang and rang and rang and no one picked up. We took the shower to the store and went to customer service. We told her that we had TRIED to call in and she could care less, in fact her only response was “well we are busy”. Today when I called to report the damage on the vanity and to ask if they could get me another one, I was told by the manager that the item was not available and he didn’t know when it would be, but that he was certain that it would be the end of February or even March before they could get any more in. I expressed my disappointment with Menards and the previous trouble we have had with their merchandise and he didn’t seem to really care. In a small town, with a Lowes, and a Home Depot just down the street I would think that Menards would want to keep me as a valuable returning customer, but evidentially NOT. So, Now I get to go to the trouble of returning the vanity, shopping for another one and having to wait some more. I will however, be shopping at their competitors. AND when we need more products to finish off our basement, we will also be spending our money elsewhere. Too bad Menards, you are losing out on thousands of dollars!!


Dan January 22, 2015 at 2:35 pm

I’ll make it short and sweet. Menards doesn’t care about it’s customers. It doesn’t care about customer service. It only cares abou cheap prices and their profit/ loss statement. Manager at home office show this by refusing to talk to customers and making customers go through Better business bureau or lawyers before they act and try to ” resolve” customer complaints. But they won’t talk to you like your a human being. Pretty sad. And they still have false return policies hanging in their store. Even after being contacted about this. They are out to protect their market share and money. Nothing more. Nothing less. Think you matter to them? Try talking to a manager about a concern in corporate office. It won’t happen. What an absolutely sad excuse for a company!!


Diana Phelps January 21, 2015 at 12:34 pm

I purchased over $1,550 at Menards on 12/27/14. One of the items was a sectional couch – we picked it up – Menards gave us the WRONG pieces. This was brought to their attention – I don’t understand why it was OUR responsibility to return the item when they were in error by loading it on our truck. We had to rent a truck to haul the items, then they wouldn’t even come pick up the items that they gave us that were incorrect. I don’t understand this sort of customer service. When I contacted Customer Service about this, “RAY” replied “WE ARE CASH AND CARRY AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSURE YOUR PURCHASE IS SUITABLE FOR YOUR NEEDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE PREMISES”. SERIOUSLY? Wouldn’t one think it is the store’s responsibility to load the correct merchandise? The merchandise was wrapped in cardboard and plastic – am I to open it to make sure they put the correct item on the truck? I’m totally disappointed with them. From what his email said, if you buy anything from Menards, open it, plug it in, check it out because “Its your responsibility to assure your purchase is suitable for your needs before leaving the premises”. I even requested a manager contact me – it never happened. I’ve requested phone numbers from “RAY” to call, the reply to that was “We are strictly email”? Really?


colette ritter January 21, 2015 at 6:08 am

Menard’s treats their employee’s bad. My husband has worked for the company for year’s and has made many sacrifices at our famliy’s expense. His store got told at the last minute that their store wasn’t going to make profit sharing, which is a big part of his annual income. But in November their profit and loss statement showedthat the store made John Menard $1 million in profit after everything was paid. The financial ramifications will effect our family of 5 for years. I work outside the home just for health insurance because the insurance menard’s offersit’s ememployee’s is simply not affordable. As you can see John Menard doesn’t care about his people. So if you get bad service. ..cut the employees some slack. Horrible company to work for.


Brenda Peech January 18, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I love Menards, but can’t go as much as I would like. I was there yesterday I saw the moible cart, I thought I’d be able to stay and shop, but a man got there 1 minute before I did. So I tried to walk with a push cart couldn’t very far, so I started to go check out and the man left the ride cart so I went to get it . After I did there was a woman that just looked at me. A few minutes later I saw her with an old man standing beside her she, she was getting it for her. I felt so bad , If I didn’t need it I would have gave it to him, but with my legs I can’t walk far P.A.D. and last Feb, I fell and broke my right ankle in 3 places and it’s still swollen and hurts.
So I know you or any other store doesn’t want that and then someone to sue. So I hope you put more cart’s in the store . I’m in Owensboro, Kentucky there’s so many people that needs one . Please think about it. Thank You


Glenn March 21, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I CONCUR!!! Not enough motor carts. I drive across town and shop at Lowe’s. They don’t want the handicapped business. They do the minimum under laws and no more.


Phillip S. Polen January 17, 2015 at 11:46 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have a complaint or maybe it’s just an issue that needs a policy change. Any way this is my what happen tonight in your store at Forsyth Illinois. My name is Phillip Polen, I have been a good customer at this story for over two years and have spent several thousand dollars at this location as I am sure you can verify.

I was with my wife shopping this evening and saw a Christmas tree on sale, as Christmas is over it was on sale 50% off and we needed a new tree and I decided to buy it. I took the tag off of the tree and took it to the front counter to make sure that it was being sold with the lights and ornaments, The Assistant manager (Paul Bomstad) told me it was.

It was around 4:30 pm and I live in Clinton Illinois about half an hour away. I was driving my BMW and had no way to take it home that evening. I wanted to pay for it and come back early Sunday morning and in my pickup truck to pick it up. Mr Bomstad told me that would not be possible the only way I could buy the tree was to take it at that time or I could come back in the morning and if it was still there I could buy it then and take it with me.

I ask Mr. Bomstad if he could just set it in the back or just leave it where it was setting until in the morning since I was paying for it tonight. He said NO….. the reason he gave me was that lots of people paid for thing and never came back to get them ?????? I am still trying to understand that statement…

I always work with the Manager (Mark) but he was not there. Maybe I am wrong but I believe Mark would have probably took the payment for two reasons. 1st the tree is ten feet tall and not many homes have ceiling that tall and 2nd I am a good customer. People that get promoted to store managers understand people and have common since.
Mr. Bomstad was not rude but nor was he nice… just like most people that never become top managers just unconcerned and very much to the point. I have been self employed for over forty years and have over eight employs with four managers. I would advise you to keep a close eye on Mr. Bomstad, he is not a people person and if the truth were known I would bet most of the people that work under him do not respect him.


Phillip S. Polen


Troy Lichtenberg January 17, 2015 at 10:18 am

To whom this may concern
My name is Troy Lichtenberg and I am a employee at the Fremont Nebraska store. I know that for every holiday, birthday and anniversary you send out something. Since I have started which was in July of 2014 I have not received anything. My address is the following
Troy Lichtenberg
*** West Main Street
Cedar Bluffs NE 68015


Shirley Roth January 13, 2015 at 10:24 am

I was in your store in Columbia Mo. Saturday night to purchase one of the heaters that had been advertised on tv. We drove 40 miles to this store asked about the heaters and was told they were sold out. I asked if they were substituting any other heater and was told no, should have called first. True but I didn’t need to told that in the tone I was told, I said ok and went on shopping. Another employee was setting up the sale ad for the next day and it was the windshield wipers that we was interested in, he told us that as long as the sign was on the item they would honor the sale price. We went to the saw blades and asked where a certain one was located, that employee told us they were on sale the next day and couldn’t get them till then, when we did finally find them on our own the sale sign was up so we did go ahead and get some. Shop towels same thing. We get to the register and they didn’t ring up the sale price because the sale hadn’t actually started and we asked the cashier about the price and told him what the employee on the floor told us about honoring the price, he called the sup over and she was the most rude person in the building!!!!!!!! She informed us that the sale hadn’t started but they would go ahead and give us that pricing but you would have thought we had ask to rob fort knox of something. I asked to talk to a manager and she informed me she was the manager. We got home and the prices she put in was wrong. We drive to that store a lot and usually the people working are more than helpful, but that night had me very upset, I didn’t go looking for the sale items but since we were there and was told they would honor if the sign was up we took advantage. I don’t like being treated the way we were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Meyer January 11, 2015 at 8:21 am

I was in your Menards store at 5105 Integrity Drive Grand Chute Wi. on Saturday Jan. 10th 2015. I had seen a mattress that was a display model on sale. It was dirty and it would have needed to be steamed cleaned. I also looked at the same exact mattress and discovered that the brand new mattress was only 20 dollars more. I then asked one of your sales associates if he could give me a deal. I offered to purchase the display mattress which was filthy for 480.00 which was the price, if they would throw in the box spring. I also pointed out that it was only 20 dollars cheaper and it would cost more than that to have it cleaned. At first he said that he would have to ask the manager if he could make that deal. Then he said “My manager is too busy right now and wouldn’t have time for my question.” I told him to go and ask anyway. (Thinking this manager would WANT to have a purchase made” When the sales associate returned he said to me “My manager said absolutely not!” and turned around and walked away from me as fast as he could. I decided right then and there that Menards doesn’t care about making any sales. So you may want to contact your sales manager at Grand Chute Menards and thank him. I went to Sears Outlet store in Appleton and purchased the same mattress (only clean) and it wasn’t just one mattress it was two… When I am to purchase my stove, frig, and washer and dryer, I will remember how management at Menards treated me and I will go to Sears. Thank you for your time.


lynn murray January 8, 2015 at 10:36 am

After “Ben” store MGR. in West St. Paul, Minn told me as a CUSTOMER I am not right when I was, I quit them after 34 LOYAL YEARS…..I just today found out FLEET FARM will match (100%) All Menards Ads, Even their Crazy Day Ads as in Our Puioneer Press Paper today………..I am Happy Shopping AGAIN… I miss All Low level employees of Menards who were “Friends” but I now know how Menards gets away with Hiring imbeciles for mgrs……They are told Up-Front that they ARE IN CHARGE as there is no HUMAN listening to customers’ complaints, they can act ANYWAY they want with us LOWLY Customers….(See yas ALL at FLEET FARM) which is a GREAT MINNESOTA COMPANY.. Lynn F. Murray Newport Minnesota


Matthew V. January 6, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I was very excited when menards finally built a location close to my family. Today sadly my opinion, the lack of professional customer service and Sally the switch board operator at the corporate office number I contacted from the internet I’m glad Home Depot is across the street in Livonia, Mi. I made a furniture purchase and rented the menards truck to get it home. After contacting the manufacturer (Ashley) with my concerns I was directed to speak with Menards to get the problem fixed. I made contact with Andrew from the Livona,Mi store, very rude and unpleasant to deal with. Andrew explained that the Manager was going to tell me the same thing after my request to speak with management and that he had ordered me a new product. I was put in touch with John(department manager), I explained my poor treatment from Andrew, also shared the information I was given from Ashley furniture. John explained that Menards doesn’t have technicians to send out and that my furniture would not be available to exchange till FALL 2015 and likely wouldn’t be the same style. Let me add this is a three piece sectional. After John explained that Andrew was wrong about the information he shared and that he would have to contact the vendor to get further answers. Of course he called me back to say that he was unable to reach anyone and would need to send them a email to get further correspondence. Funny I just called them before speaking with you John. After asking John if I could speak to the store Manager? He quickly said he was the department Manager I needed, and could give me all the answers I needed along with the fact they were in a Managers meeting. Shouldn’t you be there John?. After spending valuable time to get no answers I decided to call the Corporate office. After that Sally the switchboard operator transferred me to a prerecorded voicemail after asking to speak to a human for faster resolve and answers. Sally continued to transfer me immediately to same line instead of listening to see if she could help. I thought game playing was for elementary schools! What a poor experience!!!!!!!!!!


rob January 15, 2015 at 5:38 pm

She hung up on me. Maybe unemployment lines will get longer in the cities they occupy.


lynn murray January 5, 2015 at 11:12 am

!st off,,, I think it is REDICULOUS that menards CORP. Offices doesn’t have a Complaint Office with a Human working in it. I have been a menards customer for 34 years in West St. Paul, Minn. Their recent Christmas Clearance Sale said 50% off ALL remaining Christmas DECOR items. I was not Allowed to buy 2 Christmas Items that the Store MANAGER admitted had been left in the wrong area (Christmas area) as the sale went on. He said it was the Store ‘s Fault but that I should have known that THEY were not “Decor items”, whatever that is supposed to mean to a 72 year old man. His name is BEN. I told Ben that I would be very HAPPY if he would Just sell me the 2 cans (at $2.44 store loss) & he said ” No”…. ALL other stores I shop at give the Customer the benefit of THE Stores’ Mistake…I am going to cut up my BIG RED CARD & Become a HOME DEPOT (or LOWES) customer as my local Home Depot Corporate Mgr. ASSURED me He would have satisfied my Request with a smile & a HandShake & 2 free cans & A new store Manager..Not a SNOTTY GOODBYE as I got from Menards Mgmt… Sincerely Lynn F. Murray Newport, Minn.


Dan Miller January 2, 2015 at 11:37 pm

I am a huge fan of your 5/4 X 6 cedartone decking. I have purchased hundreds of pieces of it. It is made from #1 southern yellow pine which makes it so superior to the Home Depot decking. In my business I duplicate old architectural details. The old timers 5/4 was always a full 1 1/8. Cedartone is a full 1 1/8 + so it is a godsend. 5/4 used to mean a tad over an inch. Home Depot has also come out now with a “thicK” decking but it is not nearly as clear. The only problem with your cedartone is that it is far too wet. You have to dive way into the pile to find ones that are not sopping in liquid. When you put it thru the table saw it sprays wetness in your face. Since I doubt it is water, that is a bad thing. Not being dried properly makes it very unstable. Cutting it often leaves pieces that are extremely bowed. I end up having to waste a lot of wood. I would love to see you folks dry the wood after treating it. Right now, cedartone is a huge bargain. I would pay a lot more for it if it were dried properly. There are companies that sell Kiln dried after treatment (KDAT) but there are no distributors nearby. If you cannot dry it, how about stacking and stickering it in your yard to allow it to begin to air dry. The roofs on your sheds also need to be larger so it does not get any rain. Home Depot keeps theirs indoors which does hinder the quantity they can have.


Gregory December 30, 2014 at 5:12 am

Dear Menards Corporate,
I am writing you in regards to how me and my wife was treated at the Celina, Ohio store. The customer service representative, and managers treated us very poorly and with great disrespect. On December 27th me and my wife purchased a Roper washer and dryer from Menards. On the morning of the next day on Decemeber 28th the delivery man came to bring us our new washer and dryer and also install them. It was not even a whole day and it did not even get one load of laundry done before we had problems with it. The washer was leaking gallons of dirty wash water from the bottom of the washer onto our floor. I was at work while this happened and my wife was left with the aftermath. I was contacted by my wife while at work. We both got ahold of Menards in Celina, Ohio immediately. The customer service representative was extremely rude and gave us the run around. She even had the nerve to tell us that it was leaking like this because the washer drum was off center. Me and my wife both checked it and it was not off center.The customer service representative then tried to tell my wife that they could exchange it. After realizing that the display model was the only one left which she tried to sell us and almost convinced us to swap it out with. She then told my wife ” that she would not wan the display model. As it is messed with by customers all day and the buttons are loose on it. She then said that it was also a prior return.” After hearing this my wife asked to speak to a manager.
The manager who was on duty at the time was rude and gave us the run around. He told us that we would have to call Whirlpool seeming how they make Roper appliances. After that we contacted Whirlpool and the customer service representative was professional, kind, courteous, polite, and treat us like we mattered and that we were top priority. After explaining the problem and what was going on to him he told us that Menards installed the washer wrong when they delivered it. They however told us if we needed or wanted it repaired that they could send a certified repairman. After that we contacted the manager back. We let him know everything that happened and what Whirlpool said and that Whirlpool insisted on having Menards come back and fix it seeming how it seemed like the drain hose was either faulty or improperly installed. The manager treated us even worse and said “well that is what you get when you buy Roper”. He also continued to give us the run around, degrade, and insult us. Then I have a question for you that I would like answered. Then why is Menards selling a product they do not believe in? If your salesmen and women can not even believe in this product why are you selling it not just that how is the general public and consumer suppose to have confidence in this product? On top of all that that particular manager told us that the customer service representative had no business about telling us about the display model and that she was lying to us. He said the one they have on display is out of the box new and that he already had it sold before then.
Finally we talked to a female manger who seemed like she really care, listened, had common sense, and like we mattered or so I thought. She got back ahold of us with several options. She said we could either have the delivery man come back and attempt to repair it, have the Whirlpool repairman come out, swap it for an Amana which she stated was equal value, or get the full refund. However, after me and my wife got all the information for the Amana my wife discovered that it was $140 cheaper. The manager acted dumbfounded and was shocked that me and my wife did any research, read reviewed, price checked the item or anything. It is as though she expected us to be suckers and not be an informed consumer. Then after that she said that it should be ok for the delivery man to fix it ” as it was probably sitting in the delivery truck over night and rats must have chewed the drain hose and messed it up”. Me and my wife were deeply shocked and appalled from this statement and felt completely disrespected. It was as though she was trying to say that they do not take care of how they store things and the conditions of the trucks they store them in is terrible. To me this sounds like they do not care of the condition of things and how they store them for customers. On top of that she called several times stating they would do several different things. Me and my wife are extremely confused it seems like she just kept changing her mind and we do not know what to expect. Whether if they are fixing (Menards), Whirlpool is fixing, they are swapping it for the Amana, they are ordering a new Roper and swapping it, or if they are giving us a full refund. It seemed to me like she might of been over her head and she did not know what she was doing or like she had the any courteous to let us be apart of the solution or let us decide what we felt was best and right for us. I never felt so degraded, belittled, and down right disrespected in my life. What is going on here, what is going on in your stores, who do you hire, and what are you going to do to solve and resolve this matter with me and my wife. I am completed dissatisfied with the way this store is operating and how I was treated. I hope for your sake that not all of your stores operate in this manner and that employees are taught and trained better in dealing with customers. I am also informing you that I will be letting my friends, family members, and coworkers know of how I was treated at this Menards store. I also want to know what actions are going to be taken, and how Menards is going to make it right with me for the inconvenience and how we were treated? I hope you can understand my concerns and reasons for being dissatisfied and upset. Do you treat all your customers in this fashion? Is this how your stores operate? Because, if so I never want to shop there again.


Kenneth baker December 28, 2014 at 10:58 pm

to whom it may concern
I am writing this to tell you of my dissatisfaction with your Marion Illinois store. I have been purchasing items from this store since it has opened. it started out that everyone was helpful to the worst service I have ever had. I’m not one of your big spenders I’m sure but have spent several thousands of dollars there. about 2 weeks ago I was in this store looking to purchase kitchen cabinets but since this store only has one person that can sell cabinetry we waited an hour then left. Last night we went back because we are remodeling our home and needed those cabinets among other things, my wife went and ordered window coverings while I picked up a fire place, we then went back to the cabinets, again this one man was busy but he had a young man there helping that had no idea what was going on (learning not his fault). so my wife waited while I went and picked up a ladder and few hundred dollars worth of shelving for our church. I hadn’t finished yet when my wife came to me visually upset saingy the young man came to here and said the cabinets we were wanting to look at was going to be over a $1,000.00 any way ( like we couldn’t afford it) and when my wife said ok she would wait he said well he’s going to be with these other people the rest of the night anyway. I went to find a manager so I asked the lady at the service desk if she could page him to meet me at register 12. The assistant manager Mr. Rick Boehm came to the register and that was a total waste of my time, he had zero personality and no people skills, he did not even let me finish what I was saying and he handed me his card and said give him a call when I was back in town and he would assure someone would wait on me. I should have put everything I had back but the gentleman that helped with the fire place by going back and getting me one was great and he probably should be talking to people as the manager.
I have ranted enough we left your store and went to Home Depot down the road and was greeted with very pleasant workers and they had two employees working in cabinetry so we were helped immediately so we ordered our cabinets. I’m not sure I will return to your store or not because no one should be treated with disrespect. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if it was your spouse.



Jennifer Price December 28, 2014 at 1:14 pm

We just left Menard’s in Marion, Ohio. 12-28-2014
We purchased 26 2×4’s and had to ask for help twice to load them and never ever did anyone come help us load them. I went inside to complain and the woman at the desk acted like she could have cared less. I have a bad back and never should have had to help my husband load 26 2×4’s, especially after all the money we spend there. We will definitely consider going to another retailer for our future business.


Jason Zick December 22, 2014 at 12:11 am

I have worked at Menards for just little over a year and sometimes I didn’t get the help I asked for or a half hour lunch break which is required by law so look it up and I was treated tearable because they pushed me to my limit a lot so I am not there any more so you can deal with it.


Diane December 21, 2014 at 3:56 pm

I drove from Canada to Menards in Duluth MN on Oct. 30th. At their Hermantown store, I saw a snow blower that I liked, but it wouldn’t fit in my car. The young man at the aisle counter told me they would only hold it for three weeks if I purchased it today and suggested I ask at the service desk for an extension. He said they often did that. I went to the desk and was told by the staff there that it would be “no problem” to hold it for me until I could get back down on Nov. 26. I asked if they were sure, because I’d had other problems with service at their stores before but they assured me that once I paid for the blower, it would be taken off the floor and I could pick it up at “door number 11 on Nov. 26” Jessica, the young lady behind the counter said “don’t worry ma’am”. It’ll be here, we like to take care of our Canadian customers. So I went to the checkout and paid for the blower. I went back to the service counter and asked them to put my name on the box so that no one would sell it before I returned.
On Nov. 26, with a rented trailer in tow, I returned to the store to find that they had sold my snow blower even though I had paid in full for it and had the receipt. I asked to speak to the department manager, Brad Elms. I asked him how this could possibly happen given that inventory is computerized. Once something is sold, how the heck can they just arbitrarily sell it again. He said store policy was that they only hold pre purchased merchandise for TWO weeks. I asked to speak to the General manager. Tom arrived, after being briefed by Brad and he told me that their policy was to hold pre paid merchandise for ONE week. What?? They need to get their stories straight. I explained that before paying for the blower, I had made special arrangements for an extension because I could not get back down until Nov. 26th. The young lady behind the service counter, Jessica, was working that day and she readily admitted that yes, she remembered me and our conversation. She felt bad because she knew that I went to a lot of trouble to make sure that I wouldn’t have any problems getting the merchandise that I had bought.
Tom, the store manager refused to stand behind his employee even though she was right there, admitting to him that she told me I could count on my blower being held until Nov. 26. He said he “would deal with her later”.
I told him I was tape recording our conversation and it was only then that he made a very insincere apology but refused to acknowledge their mistake. He suggested that I return if and when they got more in stock or buy a larger, more expensive snow blower. In fact, every solution he offered would have cost me more money, but Menards, not one cent. He refused to budge or offer store credit or anything. He obviously couldn’t have cared less about the customer service and satisfaction that Menards so blatantly advertises. How on earth have they not been sued for false advertising and shoddy business practices?
I contacted head office and my letters and emails went unanswered. I persisted and finally I got an email from Ray at guest services. At first he seemed genuinely concerned about what had happened, but in the end, he did nothing about it. Empty words.
I got a refund, less the 11% rebate I had received and went to Home Depot. I spoke to their manager and told him about my experience at Menards. He happily sold me a comparable snow blower for $150 less than the one I’d bought at Menards. It was the day before Thanksgiving and he was more than happy to extend a generous discount prior to Black Friday. Within 20 minutes, we had the blower stored in the trailer and we were off. No need to tell you where I plan to shop from now on.
I have spent thousands of dollars at Menards in Hermantown while building our home and summer cottage. Never again.


Steven December 19, 2014 at 8:42 am

It all started when I ordered 3 overhead garage doors online, but prior to that I had called the store and asked about the process for special order overhead garage doors. I was told by the assistant manager (Tyler) that the website would ask me the questions that I was wanting to know. So next I went online and started the process. I went through the steps answering the questions for size and etc. However the question about the track type was not asked via the web site. So next I put in a question about that to customer service online, I was told that the order might not get canceled. So I called the store and was able to get the order canceled and I re-ordered the doors the day after ordering them online and getting that first order canceled.

Original Order was on Nov 5th 2014, went to the store the next day, Nov 6th and re-ordered the doors. The order confirmation showed a Nov 23rd ship date, I received a call (from Tyler) that went to voice mail on Nov 24th stating that part of the door order (missing track) had come in and they called but the supplier had already closed for the day and that they would get a hold of me once they had heard from the supplier, that never happened.
So I stopped by the store on Nov 25th and talked with Tyler. At that time he reordered the track and the date given was Dec 8th.
So I wait until Dec 9th and call. I talked to Tyler once again and he had no more information and stated that his manager Travis had been communicating with the supplier but was not getting any resolution. I gave a blunt earful and the conversation ended. Then on Dec 15th I called and talked to Travis, he was going to see if he could get things expedited and was supposed to call me back with updates, I never heard from Travis so I called on Dec 18th, Travis was out but I talked to Tyler again… No resolution, still no answers.


Lisa December 17, 2014 at 11:01 pm

I got quit Maplewood Menards because I was late and my manager excused me because I told him a head of time. The Store manager wasn’t having with it, so they in excuse it my late. They think that I am dating my manager but I am not. They are harassing me secertly behind my back. I went through this this for a whole year now. They talk so much about me, but when it comes to other people they don’t say anything. There is many couples in wall covering that is dating and they don’t say anything. Also, there is two siblings that works in the same department. I thought siblings or relatives couldn’t work at Menards. Maplewood Menards is the worse place to work. All the store managers and department managers favor people.


Lisa December 17, 2014 at 10:58 pm

I got quit Maplewood Menards because I was late and my manager excused me because I told him a head of time. The Store manager wasn’t having with it, so they excuse it. They think that I am dating my manager but I am not. They are harassing me secertly behind my back. I went through this this for a whole year now. They told so much about me, but when it comes to other people they don’t say anything. There is many couples in wall covering that is dating and they don’t say anything. Also, there is two siblings that works in the same department. I thought siblings or relatives couldn’t work at Menards. Maplewood Menards is the worse place to work. All the store managers and department managers favor people.


Mike December 17, 2014 at 12:46 pm

I was an employee of Midwest Manufacturing concert a company that Menars owns. Well until today. I worked at the Terre Haute, Indiana plant. I will not put up with the plant manager cussing at me and calling me a lier. He is the most worthless manager that this plant has. He told me he won’t put up with attitudes from employees when he’s the one that’s always yelling and and cussing at the team members. My suggestion to everyone that reads this do not get at the Terre Haute plant. They treat you like crap and don’t care anything about you.


Jean December 16, 2014 at 8:01 am

I have been trying to find a store that still ha one of the 23-in round pet beds SKU 2531027. I bought one of Black Friday and my dog really loves it so I wanted one more. I went on line to check store quantities and instead of traveling the state of WI I started calling the stores, It seems that none of the store have any left (at least the ones I have called). I’m sure glad I didn’t start driving to all those stores. If you find a store that has one, could it be mailed to me?


Kathy Robbins December 11, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I guess I am not the only one who has had horrible service from Menard’s. I will be posting often to let people know how terrible it is!
There were 2 employees i dealt with that did their best but corporate has never responded. Terrible customer service!!!
I contacted them via their email four times, since there is NOT a way to speak to a person, still have not heard a word back.
I will never shop there again. I also will go out of my way to let my friends and family know not to shop there either.

It took 2 months to get the piece I needed. I ordered four pendant lights online. One was broken. I had to make 3 trips to the store, so much for the online convenience! Multiple phone calls and four emails. Truly if I would not have stayed on top of it I am sure I would still be waiting. I had to pay an electrician for 2 visits instead of one, waste my gas, and time. Also had to switch places for Thanksgiving since my kitchen was kept on hold!

Tell your friends it is not worth it to shop at Mernards


Jennifer December 8, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Dear John Menard,

I had recently worked for your company, and was fired for not complying with something I truly did not do. Since I didn’t lie and say I did it Pete Penvenas fired me. I dont believe it is fair that I was terminated for telling the truth. Because of this unfair trial I was set up by two team members for no apparent reason. They told Pete that I admitted to them about stealing from your company and others. I have never stolen an item in my life, and there was no proof of me doing it. Because of this I am now unemployed for being honest. Is that not what we are suppose to do? Are we suppose to lie about doing something when we didn’t do it? Does that not put our morals into a different perspective? He told me if I would have lied and said that I did say it he wouldn’t have fired me but I find that very hard to believe let alone it is not something I can do. If you lie your only hurting yourself and the chances you may have at moving up in life. I’ve only been there a month n’a half and didn’t even get a chance to show that I was a good necessity. I really wanted to move up to an assistant manager, but that couldn’t happen because of the drama that was created in my wallcoverings department. I loved my job, I really enjoyed working for your company. I hope you understand.
Jennifer Larson


Judy December 7, 2014 at 10:29 am

My husband was in Menards in West Lafayette yesterday along with my son. They were standing in an isle when suddenly a large board came flying out of nowhere and hit him in the back! They could not figure out where it came from. Another customer said, “If I were you I would go knock the crap out of that guy in the next isle.” Another customer had picked up a board and just threw it in the air, not knowing where it would go. Be careful in the stores. You never know what can happen. It hit him so hard it broke the board. So far he is just sore this morning. He didn’t report it which was a mistake!!!


Pete December 7, 2014 at 9:56 am

My father-in-law worked at Menards for 19 years until 90 years old, and was always treated with dignity and respect every day he reported to work. While at work, he worked hard and honorably, earning the respect he received. His co-workers were his second family, and Menards allowed them time off on Saturday to attend his funeral. I have also spent many thousands of dollars at Menards (a different store than the one he worked) for many, many years doing major remodeling work on two different homes and a commercial business and have always found quality products, excellent pricing, and Menards employees helpful and friendly. I encourage those who may have had a few bad experiences at any retail store to understand that there can be bad days and good days. It happens everywhere, it is certainly NOT the culture of Menards. Employees have to deal with abusive customers, thieves, “Black Friday” long lines, screaming children, overflowing toilets, lousy weather loading and unloading in the lumber yard, random stock and quality problems, misplaced stock items by customers, and all kinds of things outside of their control that can make for a bad day. Employees are people too, so show compassion and you will receive compassion in return.


Carl December 5, 2014 at 7:43 pm

I bought a chainsaw at the Menards in Fremont, Ne 9 months ago and the crank shaft broke behind the clutch, I took it back today and was told I had to take it to someone that works on chainsaws myself to get it fixed. I have never in my life bought something that broke that I had to take it somewhere to get it fixed. I live over 100 miles round trip…I also bought the extended warranty which they wouldn’t honor since it was still under factory warranty…We have always shopped at that Menards since they have been open, but I will never again shop at a Menards again….I will drive another 50 miles and shop at Lowes or Home Depot…


gully December 3, 2014 at 10:23 am

I will never step foot in a menards never again in my life Livonia Menards have the worst customer service ever seen I gave them a chance and it will never happen again from the time I walked out the store to the time I walked out .even up to delivery… The delievery guys was nice enough. To bring my belongings in. Because the deliever set up never told me that i was getting my products left in the drive way … Really . HOMEDEPOT may cost a little more . but i rather pay the extrathen to be treated like a dog o. A street. Sorry . never again .


gully December 3, 2014 at 10:32 am

Did i fail to mention no one around ask did i need help. Saw me struggle and walk right by me . waited a half hour for help to only leave my stuff at the exsist door. And walk away.


steve December 2, 2014 at 6:01 pm

I have learned that the owners of menards don’t give a f*ck about anyone but themselves. the b*tch operater wouldn’t even connect me to customer service.


David December 10, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Gee, and I thought it was just me. It appears that Menard’s treat their customers like crap (what intelligent organization does not want their clients to talk to cust serv). They apparently treat their staff like crap from what I have read here. Fortunately for me, I have made the acquaintance with the local manager and he usually addresses my concerns. It just appears that ownership sucks. Good comments definitely overshadowed by bad ones.


Sonny November 30, 2014 at 9:02 pm

I am very disgusted with Menards. I purchased a pellet stove and had it shipped to my home in Ct. with a rebate of 11%. I was in the process of ordering more items today. I now find out that if I want to spend my rebate check of $197.89 I have to drive approx. 12 hours west to the closest Menards. This was not mentioned anywhere on the rebate process. I would like to know how this is allowed, if you offer a rebate you should be prepared to accept in in any form I choose to use it. If you are not going to give people a check worth cashing then you need to make that very clear in you rebate policy and written somewhere for all to see. It is not about the $197.89 anymore it is the principle of how you are doing business.


Darby Todd November 26, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Hello, my name is Darby and I was recently fired from Sedalia Menards over their lovely point system. First off about 2 years ago the General Office decided to create a 10 point system, you’re allowed 10 points every 90 days.. this point system is only an attendance policy. This also includes lunch breaks which by policy can only be in between 25 and 35 minutes. And thing earlier or later creates a write up. Well I was horrible at this, I had a habit of clocking in at the 35.5 to 37 minute mark tho I was in the store every time. But that’s not what I’m here for. On November 1st I switched a shift with a fellow team member for that following day on November 2nd. My original shift was 8 am to 4 pm but something came up so I asked the other employee to trade me shifts. (Keep in mind this usually wasn’t a problem and many people have done this) so even tho the girl covered my shift and I covered hers the system still generated a write up which the managers could have over wrote but they decide not to. So that put me over my points even tho the shift was Co reed and I was early for the other girls shift.

So of course I decided to attempt to get unemployment while I’m waiting on a job, I’ve applied everywhere in town and still no luck. Of course the unemployment office had to contact the store and talk to the HR. She decided to take it upon herself to lie and tell them the the reason for me being fired was because I “no called no showed” on October 30th. Which in almost 5 years I only missed 2 days ever and the last one was 2 years ago. I’m so done with this place at this this store.. the GM is a dick and until they replace him I don’t see that location getting any better!


Tom White November 24, 2014 at 10:21 am

After the grief I received at one of your stores for asking for a print out on how to install one of your doors. I’ll never ever darken a menards threshold again.


Tom White November 24, 2014 at 10:28 am

I guess I misunderstood your radio ad on helping the DIY community, I swore one ad said help installation on products bought here (Menards)
Guess I it was Home Depot or Lowes.


Tom White November 24, 2014 at 10:34 am

I see your Yankton store has a reputation for being rude. You got me sold on staying out of ill mannered folks store.


Sara Lane November 19, 2014 at 10:37 am

After applying for the office assistants position at the Holiday City Steel plant in Ohio, I was turned down. I have graduated High School, and have a college degree. A week later, I was informed that John, their office manager, hired a High School drop out that does not have her GED or diploma. She must have lied on her application, and he obviously failed to research this. Jennifer Plott is not qualified for that position. I have voiced my complaints, and nothing has been done about this. Next step…notify corporate.


Thomas November 16, 2014 at 10:52 am

I would like to start off saying, that I don’t know what the employee dating policy’s are there.. But when you have a 27 yr old manager buying a 19 yr old employee alcohol., that should be a problem.. I feel like there should be a better drug testing system there also seeing as to neither one of these employes Jorden Biar , and Cole Jarrett could pass a drug screen. Smoking marijuana in the parking lot and taking Xanax . This is the menards at the Anderson,IN location.. I feel like these employees should have to take another drug test.. And maybe a mouth swab this time so they can’t sneak in clean urine to pass a drug test that they would fail. If someone would take care of this problem that would be great.. Menards is a great place to shop for all my hardware.. But if there are going to be people like that working there , I will have to take my business else where.. Please let me know how this situation will be handled..


Thomas November 16, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Well they fired the 19 yr old girl.. Just not the 27 yr old manager who was leading her down the wrong path.. Let’s just leave him managing people so he can lead the next young person down the wrong path.. Cole Jarrett .., needs to be fired too., not equal punishment to fire one of them..


Karen November 13, 2014 at 9:21 am

To Whom It May Concern: 11-13-2014

I am writing to complain about my experience at your Livonia, Michigan store. After checking your website for a kitchen butcher block, 25 x 48 inches, sku # 4857016, the store in Livonia listed that there were 2 in stock. I then drove to the store and talked to a representative in that department who informed me after looking it up that there computer said there were 4 in stock. When we went to the area where they are stored there we none that size. The rep then checked in the back and said that there were none in the store and that the computer was not correct. She then stated that she would remove the quantity from the computer. I asked when they would be getting more in and she said she had no idea and that the last shipment they had received was in August. I asked if someone could call me when they arrived and she told me that I would have to prepay for one, however, she had no idea how long the wait would be. The Rep was not much help and really didn’t seem to care. I told her I did not want to prepay for something that I had no time frame when I would receive it. She did take my number but I was sure at that point that I was never going to receive a call. She also suggested that I travel to another store that was nowhere near where I lived because there computer said they had some in stock. I was not interested in driving an hour away just for them to tell me there computer was wrong as well.
A couple of days later I decided to call the Livonia store and talk to a manager. I don’t know her last name but her first name was Melissa. I told Melissa about coming in the store a few days prior and felt that the associate was not very helpful and wanted to know how I could find out when the store would be receiving the butcher block top that I was looking for. Melissa was very helpful and sympathetic to my problem. She apparently called the supplier and then returned my call and told me that if I prepaid for the item that I should have it in 7 days. This was on October 30th, 2014. After giving me some type of time frame, I decided to go ahead and prepay. I gave my credit card information to Melissa on October 30th and made the purchase.

As today, November 10th, I still have not received the butcher block. However, this morning I received a call from a Ryan who works in the same department as the first associate I talked with to tell me that they had received the shipment and my item was there but while he was talking to me he said, “Oh Wait” I can’t seem to find them so this must be a mistake and in fact the butcher blocks were not there. I told Ryan that I was very discouraged that it has already been almost 2 weeks since I spoke with Melissa and asked when he thought they would be arriving. He told me he had no idea. He then suggested that they have a similar one to the one I ordered but it was 9 ft long instead of the 4 ft like the one that I ordered. He said that he would give it to me for the price of the smaller one that I needed. I told him that it was way too long for what I want to use it for and he replied “well don’t you have a way you could cut it down”? To me this was an unbelievable question to a customer who has been through what I would call “A Joke” of an experience. I told Ryan to forget it and that I would call Melissa back and find out what was going on. I called Melissa right after that and refreshed her memory of our conversation and payment a few weeks back and told her how frustrated I was about the comment Ryan made as well as STILL not having the item that she told me would take 7 days.

I then asked to talk to another Manager, someone higher up. She did not give me a name but told me that he was on another line and would give me a call right back.

WELL, he never called me back but they had RYAN call me again to say that he would have to special order it and would call with a tracking # so I could track when it would be arriving. I indicated to Ryan how infuriated I was that the Manager couldn’t even call me back and that now I have to wait, supposedly ANOTHER 7 days, but he couldn’t be sure.

I can tell you from this experience that I will NEVER shop at Menards again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. I have been in customer service my entire adult life and cannot believe the run around I have received from you establishment. Maybe after working for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company for 18 years I am a little spoiled about customer service. I get that things happen like the computer saying there we 2 at the store when in fact there were none, but the lack of help I have received since is pathetic. So, at this point I have no idea when or if I will ever receive the product that I have already paid for. I would hope that I receive some kind of a response from this.

Thanks for your time

Karen S. Myres


Eldonna Ruddock November 13, 2014 at 7:46 am

Menards is causing me fits. My new and expensive Mastercraft front door does not close. Try to close it and all you get is “ca-thud, ca-thud” as it slams up against the frame of a door that supposedly has a lifetime warranty. This is a new construction. The installer says it is a defect in the way the pre-hung door was made and I need to go back to Menards and have them fix or replace it. I go to the Menards store where I bought it and respectfully ask them to send someone out to assess it and take care of it. Oh, here is a form to fill out and mail to Eau Claire, WI. Are you kidding me? A stamp? It is winter and I can’t close the door. I can’t lock up the thousands of dollars worth of stuff that needs to be there to be installed that could easily walk away if you can’t even close the front door! Nope, fill out the form and mail it. So I do. And wait with the Jeopardy final round music playing in the background. After two weeks of no response, I go to back to the store. They call and leave a message and tell me they will call me. After another week of no response, I go back to the store. They call and leave another message and tell me they will call me. After two days of no response, I go back to the store. They call and get the answering machine. I give the lady trying to help “the look.” She pressed this time and asks to speak to a human being. The Jeopardy music plays in the background. The long and short of it is the warranty department has been trying to mail a response to the installer, using a wrong address and keeps getting the mail returned. “Well, what response are you mailing?” Oh, another form for them to fill out together with pictures and a request for a warp test to be performed. Which will all probably cost more than it would cost for me to have the door repaired and take long enough for me to give up and have the door repaired as this is an emergency. Which is what they have in mind all along. I am by no means done with buying stuff for this house and they have lost my future business over this.


Bryan November 11, 2014 at 9:32 pm

I had to special order a storm door. Even with two of us standing there repeatedly spelling my name, the employee had a difficult time correctly typing my name into the computer. The salesperson asked for my email address which I declined to provide because I don’t want solicitations in my inbox. What the salesperson neglected to tell me was that an email address was the only way I would be contacted when the order arrived at the store. I was told the order would take 3 weeks to arrive, and I asked if there was a chance it would arrive early. I was told no. Four weeks after I placed the order I called the store to check on it and was informed it had arrived at the store 10 days after it was ordered! I asked why no one notified me and was told that they didn’t have an email address. I asked why I had not been called and was told it is against Menard’s policy to call customers when special orders arrive. A few minutes after talking to the salesperson, I called back and asked to talk to a manager. He told me that it was, indeed, against policy for Menard’s to call customers. He told me that employees were spending too much time making calls that could have been spent selling!! He also told me that after 21 days a postcard is sent or a call is made to let the customer know that their special order had arrived. This is laughable since it was 28 days and Menards had not contacted me. Thank goodness Home Depot is across the street! I will be going there for the rest of my remodeling materials.


Jerry Hicks November 7, 2014 at 6:01 pm

It has been 5 days and still getting runaround .I have been to my bank they said it’s menards .I will be filing a claim at my bank for fraud charges .I will also be going Monday to file charges for fraud with the local county prosecutor. Used a bank card with pin number.your receipt that you give me states that if i use a debit card a cash refund will be issued.I will never shop at your store again ,Owensboro Ky.


janet November 7, 2014 at 1:32 pm

Yankton store managers have very little knowledge in each of thier dept. Went to electrical dept. young gal there had no idea what I needed for my electrical problem, she was rude,

went into the hardware dept, they used to have a guy that could tell you what and where things were. not anymore.

I was chatting with friends in the community and was told that this type of attitude was common, that the BIG manager was a flake and like young girls. That the employees there NOW, will sell just to sell that there isnt any employees that will give you the time of day are rude, inexperienced, think more about eating and talking,////////Im going back to NOrfolk


Tom White November 24, 2014 at 10:37 am



Ron November 6, 2014 at 10:01 pm

My wife and I went to the N.27th st Lincoln NE store on Sun. 11-02-2014 and bought a few items. I paid with my debit card. The cover we bought for our glider did not fit so I took it back the next day. I gave the lady at the counter my receipt and told her the problem. She asked me if I wanted it back on store credit or wait a week for it to show back on my debit card. I told her to give me cash. She sighed and repeated my options. I told her again that I paid with my debit and expected it back as a cash refund. She told me the same thing again. I asked for a mgr. and she told me she was one of the mgrs. I asked for the store mgr. and she went and dialed the phone and whispered something over the phone. A man”Bill” showed up and repeated what the lady said or I could pick up my item and leave. I told him that it was printed on the back of the receipt that if you paid with cash or debit then the refund was issued in the form of cash. “Bill” stated he did not care and I would not get cash back. I said I have bought $1000 of stuff in the last month and you are doing this over $10. “Bill” told me to bring the $1000 back too if I wanted, he did not care and that was my option but I would not get cash back no matter what even if the policy stated so. So I had to settle for waiting for it to show back on my card. As I was leaving “Bill” yells at me Thanks and hope your day gets better. What a total jerk. The woman stood and smirked at me the whole time. Contacting corp. was a joke. Gave my name and phone and still did not get a response. What a joke of a business.


Delford Chaffin November 6, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Don’t waste your time calling Menards and asking to speak with a human. They refuse to connect you with anyone.


Matthew Rice November 4, 2014 at 12:42 pm



David Scott November 3, 2014 at 3:33 pm

I was in a Omaha Ne store to buy some carpet and title for bathroom . When I was looking in the low cost carpet area. A worker came up with another roll of carpet . I asked how much he said hes boss was coming with the price . Then I took a step back and there was a large carpet device that made me fall on too the concrete and broke my wrist . I now need to have it cut open to repair . Top it off they say they will only pay up to 5,000.00 for everything . My pain and suffering is worth more then that. Am going to report local news casters also if they don’t make this right .


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Get a lawyer to take the case. They will pay for ALL the fees on the wrist along with paid, suffering, and damages from loss of work and more. You going about it yourself shows them that they can and will push you around until you settle. A lawyer can make it SUPER expensive if you don’t get your way and they only take 1/3 of what you get. You will be getting many times more than 5000 dollars for this!


Jay Fletcher October 29, 2014 at 7:23 pm

I have had an okay time shopping at Menards, that was until last week when I couldn’t find my receipt to return an item. I purchased a 100 year old home this year and have been rehabbing it for over the past 8 months. I have been at Menards at least once a week, every week. I have spent a few thousand in this store. We have had to drywall the entire basement and 1st floor because it had plaster walls that were cracked and falling. Redid the electrical wiring, refinish the original hardwood floors that were damaged from carpet installed on top for a number of years. Etc. So me returning a water filter with no receipt seems like not a major issue. The cashier was processing the return as normal and told me I would have to get a merchandise credit. That was fine because I was 95% done with the house and needed to pick up a few things so that I could finish. Since I didn’t end up using the water filter, there was no need to keep in hanging around in the basement. Before she finishes, a man in a Menards vest, talking on the phone, proceeds to the counter, take the item and walk away. The cashier stops, excuses herself and goes to talk to him. She comes back and says she cannot give me a refund, I ask why. She hesitates and I ask for the Man in the vest to tell me why he took the product before she was done. He comes back to the counter with an attitude to say because I don’t have a receipt. Okay, that is why I have to get a store credit. He says no because I have no proof that I purchased it. I say excuse me, I just walked in the door with the item. He says that means nothing because that store doesn’t carry that item. I said I purchased it at a different location and I pulled up their app that’s on my phone and showed him that the other location does and that they have numerous of them in stock. He said but I have no proof unless I can go to the kiosk and print up the receipt. I say that would be a waste of time because I don’t know which credit or debit card I use or my husband, or if it was cash or rebate credit. This is only getting me more angry because he cannot tell me an straight answer nor one that sounds like policy. Even the cashier looks dumb founded. He says he is sending it to headquarters and walk away. I walk away and I am angry, this was my first time at this location and I only stopped there because I wanted to drop off the supplies at the new house before I went home for the evening, my current home is at least 30 mins away. I am getting wet outside because my hoodie isn’t meant for Chicago wind and rain. I call my husband to see if he could find the receipt in the big bag of receipts that we have for all the supplies we purchased for the house. After talking to him I get the feeling that the manager was being racist because I was black and covered up in a hoodie. I went back in the store and an Caucasian older lady asked if she could help me. I told her I needed corporate number and I receipt showing what I tried to bring back. First off her picture was on the wall and said she was the front end manager, but the man in the vest wouldn’t even give her the product so that she could write down the name and item number, she had to manually search through the computer to write me out a receipt. The original cashier brought the paper to me and said the older lady apologize and will call me in a day or two. This was over a week ago and nothing. I am upset because there have been times were I spent forever looking for a person to help me, there is never anyone in the yard to help, they have sold me items that the yard didn’t have and I had to go through the process to return the things that wasn’t in stock and either come back or get a different one because somehow the system doesn’t know what they actually have on hand in the yard. Just the week before the doors that took forever to get, finally was loaded onto my truck only for the employee to say one of them was damaged and to tell the front desk to give me a percent off. I am highly upset. I am trying to finish my house that is 95% percent done before Chicago snow hit. I went to a different location and they couldn’t help me but did say that wasn’t how things were supposed to be done. Okay that doesn’t get me my money nor in-store credit . and when I finally made it home it was once again an rebate credit sitting in my mailbox. I wanted to scream. Really, I get at least 2 of these a month and how can they use these to pull up my receipt? when the money is gone they take the rebate receipt. So how can say I didn’t purchase that item. I have 3 rebates sitting in my car with money on them and I refuse to go back to Menards. They don’t care about their customers. They do whatever they want to get your money and don’t care. BTW the item that they don’t carrying also was in that week sale paper. Yet “they don’t carry it.”


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:28 pm

I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR THIS! IT’S CALLED HOME DEPOT! Even Lowes is better than backwater Menards! The managers make the lowest amount in the industry! Why else do you think they don’t care about you? If they lose the job cause someone in corporate actually sees one of the complaints and decides to act, the guy getting fired could go work at Best Buy and make about the same amount as a regular clerk!


R P Fjeld October 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm

On Oct. 24, 2015 I purchased a Bemis Water Wick for my humidifier. I selected the wrong Wick. It was on sale, and all sizes were the same price. On Oct. 27th, I exchanged the wick for the correct one. They were no longer on sale, and the Menard’s employee wanted to charge me the difference in price. I wasn’t purchasing the item, I was exchanging the item I had already purchased. Price should not have been involved in the exchange. She called a Supervisor who said the same thing, but did a price adjustment when I was obviously upset. Then, the Supervisor removed a rebate receipt for another item and crumpled it up and walked away. I noticed it and had to ask for it to be returned to me. The first clerk apologized, but not the one who did it.
Menards, you did not get as big as you are by doing business the way you do today.


SHARLENE October 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm

I ordered a counter top to be cut to my requirements, which it was (31 3/4) In the ordering process they fail to tell you have to pay for a four foot piece which left 16.25 inches. Okay so I thought if any material was left I would get it sent back to me when the counter top was returned to the store WRONG I paid 22.00 a foot and could have used the other piece on another cabinet I would have purchased at Menards. Wrong of them to keep something I paid good money for. Don’t care if they keep anything under two foot I should have been given that choose if I wanted it back or not, even if it didn’t meet there two foot requirement then they shouldn’t require you to buy a four foot piece and keep the rest ,I’m thinking to resale again. It’s not like 22.00 is an amount everyone has laying around. I buy a lot from Menards, not anymore I will buy somewhere else.


Jeff October 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
I don’t usually say a lot of my experiences with a merchant but I’m making an exception to this. Menards and Customer Service are not synonymous. It’s appalling to continually go into any of Menards stores and first never able to find anyone for assistance. Secondly, if someone happens to wander close to you, they try their level best not to make eye contact with you or act as though they’re doing you a favor by gracing you with their presence. Furthermore, when you point out something to them, they treat you as though you are either stupid or not worth their time. This is not the first time or first store this situation has raised its ugly head. Some serious customer service training is long overdue and I’m sure Lowes or Home Depot will be glad to get my business. Furthermore, I’m a veteran and the other named stores as far as I know offer vets a discount if you mention it to them. This may be the last time I go to any Menards anywhere. Thank you for your valuable time.


Tony Holguin October 27, 2014 at 11:27 pm

I have to tell you about my recent experience at the Jackson Michigan Menards. I was putting a new roof on the shed at my summer vacation place and went into the store to buy some shingles. I gave the shed dimensions to the guy behind the counter and he calculated that I would need 3 bundles of shingles to do the job. He wrote up my shingle order, I went to the cashier to pay and then around to the storage yard to pick up my shingles. I was disappointed that there was really no help in the yard but after roaming around for a while I found the shingles and went on my way.

Well 3 weeks later I had the contractor installing my roof and we ran out of shingles! So I went back up to the Menard’s to get 3 more bundles. I went through the same arduous routine of standing in line at the order desk to standing in line at the cashier to pay for them and then around to the back to pick them up. Well this time I couldn’t find them…they weren’t where they were before. After roaming around for about 45 minutes I finally got someone to help me and finally found where the shingles were SUPPOSED to be!! They were all out of my shingles!!

I am not sure why they would even sell me something they were out of stock of but they did. The workers in the yard really didn’t know what to say and tried to sell me 3 different colored bundles. When I told them it wouldn’t work they kind of bailed out on me stating they “were going to go get some help and possibly take the shingles out of a deliver order.” Well after another 30 minutes they still hadn’t come back!!

Finally a manager came out to see me and told me he was going to do “whatever it takes to make it right.” Well I have to say he did! He sent one of the workers to the Battle Creek store (about 45 miles away) to get the shingles AND he personally delivered them to the front gate of the campground where my camper is the next morning!!!! We finished the job and everything worked out great!

Cudos to the Assistant General Manager Chris Thurbur at the Jackson Menards.

You have earned a loyal fan!



Dennis October 27, 2014 at 5:32 pm

The worst customer service I have ever encountered.


Kristi October 27, 2014 at 9:05 am

I visited the Menards Store in Wausau, WI on 10/25/2014. Our visit to the store was to order our counter tops. We dealt with two gentlemen for our ordering, the first visit took two hours to tell us that we could not have our counters cut the way that we wanted. So we went home and remeasured as a precaution to ourselves. When we returned we were assisted by another gentlemen. Whom at this time also told us that we could not have them they way we wanted them cut, This took us another hour, now I have 3 hours investe to sitting at this back counter, with a hyper active 7 year old, my patience has definately grown thin. I suggested a custom order, which was never brought up by the employee. So he wrote a qoute. While we were finishing our shopping we were found and told by the manager that we could have our counters the way that we wanted them. If you can understand my frustrations at this point. I was wild! 3 1/2 to almost 4 hours of disputing with some kid in the back to be told by the manager that it could be done?!? Well I got my cabinet hardware, went and got my stain (which I’m already frustrated) to find out that they don’t have what I need, cause despite that they have samples for every stain they don’t carry it all there…wtf! So we pay for our order and our supplies 1/2 way home while examing the receipt we find that they over charged us on our BOGO items. Now to turn around and go back and have things corrected.

Now as a normal person, I wait a day to calm down because I had some not so friendly things to say and I call to talk to the manager Trish or Krish, I know it’s close and the converstation starts out friendly but, when she starts to be sarcastic and telling me that I’m over exagerating on my time, and that it’s all hands on training, I can’t expect all the employees to know everything that the managers know. My question to her was when you are sitting around the corner how hard would it have been for them to ask you the question. Her reply back to this “I was with another customer, so your saying your order is more important than theirs” Is this honestly the hands on training Menards that you give your managers? To be rude, to your customers? I do not feel confident in your employees or your managers from this point. I would not suggest this store to anyone. Not because your quality of the product but, due to your quality of Customer Service.

I wasn’t looking for a free order, but for some sort of compensation for my wasted time. I didn’t want $100, $20, or even $10 but, if you would have said here’s a $5 gift card or 5% off your next order to make me feel as if I was valued and that you truly cared about your customers. It would have been appreciative to me as a customer.

The sad thing in re to this, I was specifically told by a friend not to order my counters from here cause earlier in the week when he placed his order, he had some of the same issues. However, since we haul materials with our trucking buisness for you and have usually dealth with nice people in the yard we figured we would give some of our buisness to you as you do to us. Well we were definately wrong.


Cassandra Jones October 27, 2014 at 2:57 am

I was driving to work at about about 9:15 PM. There was a semi-truck with all of Menards logos on it, could not get the plate number. However, I continued on Hwy 20 to Hwy 83 and the semi-truck was parked on the side of the road past Burger King. The driver of the truck was driving sporatic. He had his bright lights on directly behind me and he would pull up real close with his brights on and then back off. I assume that I was not driving fast enough for him. I picked my phone up to try to find the sheriff’s phone number and he must have seen me so he backed off and turned his brights off. We get into Mukwonago, WI and he called the police and lied to tell them that I was texting and driving and I was pulled over. I explained the situation and nothing happened but he should not be driving at all. This type of behavior is unacceptable.


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:41 pm

This doesn’t even make sense! The guy is on the side of the road parked and then magically he was then driving sporadically? Was he parked or was he driving? He has to have his lights on behind you, it’s the law for trucks in WI. You being a car, and him being a truck, would make you think his brights are on when in fact it was he regular lights since if he brights were on, they would be shining OVER your car and not in your eyes. Now… since the details of this are so messed up according to your statement, I would have to side with the driver of the truck that you were texting and driving since looking up a phone number while driving IS TEXTING AND DRIVING! The phone doesn’t automatically go to the sheriffs number when you pick up the phone so that means you input the text into the phone which is considered texting while driving! YOU are lucky you weren’t arrested or ticketed for it! You want to call the police, you hit 1 button called emergency or 911 and they will dispatch you an officer. That’s what it’s there for on most keypads! Oh…and since everything is now wrong with your statement, I would also have to agree that the guy in the truck said you were going too slow since you probably were! It’s just as illegal to go to slow on a road as it is to go too fast. Both can cause accidents and death but no where as bad as texting while driving can and does everyday! Stay off the phone lady!


Lori graber October 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Menards stores suck the customer service team are very. Rude and they really don’t care about customers we ordered a special delivery and they put In the wrong item and they wanted us to pay another delivery fee to deliver the right items that they messed up in the first place. Are you kidding me. My husband built the store on morse road in Columbus Ohio and he is saying I wish menards would have never come to ohio. They have been ripping people off since they opened. I also heard the rebates are a joke too just to get people into the store. Mr menard you need to do something about the way they treat people.


Patty Alonen October 24, 2014 at 2:06 pm

We purchased a 30″ louver bifold door at the Rhinelander Menards on 10/19/2014. We had to go to the loading doors to have this put into our truck. Lined up a carpenter to put the door in the house come to find out the person that did this put a 24″ in the truck. Now remember we had to borrow a truck pay 50 dollars in gas so we could drive the 100 miles to a Menards to buy our stuff. I Guess a person learns the hard way. When contacting the store manager Troy at the Rhinelander store he said there was nothing he could do. The stores fault and he expects me pay another 50 bucks to exchange this at the store. There is something wrong with this customer service I have just received at this store.I keep thinking “not my fault” but they do nothing about it to help fix there error.


Diane Clark October 23, 2014 at 11:35 am

My issue is for $13.00, not much money it is the principle. If I was to lie it sure would not be for thus little amount of money. I have e-mails from 9-10 to 10-7 & then nothing, not even a reply to a solution I had. Sure would be nice to talk to a live person. Fleet Farm is opening up a store in Mankato, Mn., so myself & others are quite excited, more choices for shopping.


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:42 pm

You didn’t even say what the problem was!


Victoria Bonanno October 22, 2014 at 10:16 pm

We ordered counter tops two weeks ago and come to find out that they haven’t even left the company that makes them!!!
We were never informed of a delay and now this will become costly to us.
We have had other dealing with Menards before the last counter top we ordered they dropped them and they broke in half!!
I think this is the last time I will use Menard’s for our construction needs they just can’t deliver


Jim Robbins October 21, 2014 at 6:58 pm

I purchased a 5 foot Santa bronze. When I go back home to Tennessee and opened it I found it broke in half. The store offer to exchanged but but I live to far. I wanted an exchange they offered a refund with a picture of damage. I sent the picture I was hoping you could see if any way get us a replacement. I really didn’t want the refund. This was done at the Tipp City Ohio store.


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Ok, and this is Menards fault WHY? They sure aren’t going to pay for shipping on a 5 foot bronze statue!!! The shipping would cost more than the statue! Get in your car and go get another one or take the refund and have someone weld or fix the statue with some of the money refunded to you. I’m all for the consumer when it comes to crappy management and rude employees but this is not their fault. Next time open the item in the car before you pull away. That would have made it where you would have been happy and not sitting here writing to people.


Ron & Linda October 20, 2014 at 7:22 pm

We are in the process of building a house and our contractor found the best deal on lumber and floor I-joists to be from Menards. Yippee! We’re new to Wisconsin and like to support local business wherever we are. The order was placed and paid for weeks before the target delivery date of October 9th. Come Thursday the 9th lumber was delivered but no floor joists! Is this a joke? Or do these people really not understand how building from the ground up involves placement of the I-joists FIRST? After a couple hours of work everything came to a standstill. Frustrating for sure. Our contractor was assured that the I-joists would be delivered NO LATER THAN SUNDAY MORNING though he pushed for Friday or Saturday as we were wasting the best weather of the month for construction. LIARS! The latest BS from the distribution center in Johnson Creek was that there needed to be a full truck in order to deliver. WHAAAT? It was their error that the whole order wasn’t delivered in the first place! Next promise was for Monday morning. Monday came and went. Tuesday morning at 9 am FOR SURE! Would you believe Tuesday at 1 pm? In the rain. The driver had yet another story: the I-joists just came in from Canada that morning. Really? Is that the REAL story and if so why couldn’t somebody relay the message that they were in production or some other reason for a hold-up rather than making promises they clearly could not keep? They don’t care; no one is accountable. Bottom line–in the future we’ll drive 100 miles out of our way to another home improvement store rather than buy so much as a screw from Menards. Perhaps instead of sponsoring a NASCAR team corporate should invest in better customer service. Based on the many negative comments I have read (and heard in the course of conversation), the impact on their bottom line may soon preclude any participation in extra-curricular activities.


Timothy October 20, 2014 at 12:03 pm

I was injured at a Menard’s store on August 14, 2014 and I have been getting the run around from their liability insurance carrier ever since. It appears that Gallagher Bassett doesn’t see general liability coverage as what it’s for; to cover liabilities like injuries on the property of the company they cover. Sick of big business behavior!


Jim Shoey November 7, 2014 at 4:50 pm

Menards is not what I would consider BIG business. 214 stores in 14 states is not BIG. It’s larger than a lot of mom and pop stores but big business is Home Depot, Lowes, Mc Donalds, even Radio Shack all with over 1000 stores easily.

You want to get paid for the accident…HIRE A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER ON CONTINGENCY! No money up front and 1/3 of the settlement amount. You get 2/3 of the cash and 100% of the medical expenses! You could come out of it with at least $10,000 after the lawyers take. Even more if you were off work for a long time and had other cirXXXXstances that made you lose income due to the injury. Of course you need to be certain it was their fault and a lawyer will be able to tell if you if you have a case or not over the phone and for free!


Laurie G November 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Who Died and Left Jim Shoey in charge? 🙂


Jennifer December 8, 2014 at 11:09 pm

I completely agree he comments on everything and half the time he’s wrong!


Peggy December 10, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Jim Shoey is correct! I work for a lawyer. We sued Menards for a customer who was injured in the Council Bluffs, Iowa, store. The money didn’t heal her residual injuries, which will only get worse, but Menards did admit their mistake — only because they were sued!!


Valerie Funk October 18, 2014 at 10:17 pm

After spending several days comparing prices of countertops online we finally found what we thought was the best way to spend our money and had decided on a solid surface countertop at Menards. On the web site it said that $34.99 per linear foot on all custom solid surface countertops.
So we drove more than an hour (one direction) to get our custom counter top ordered. We figured it would cost somewhere around $500 for what we needed. The guy taking the order and doing the figuring came up with an estimate somewhere around $1700. We were astounded. We asked why it was so high and he said the price was per square foot. I had the add in hand and pointed out where it said per linear foot on all solid surfaces and he hands me a printed paper saying it was a misprint.. What the heck? We drove all that way for nothing. We asked them to honor the add and they said no they don’t have to.
So we will be taking our business to another store who will honor Menards listed price. What a crock, not to mention terrible uneducated people trying to take the order. This guy had to add the numbers six times before he got it right. We are posting our experience on Facebook and will telling our friends & family to go elsewhere.


Dave Diggs October 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm

I placed two separate orders at Matteson, IL store. Unbelievable – I received notice one order had arrived at store – ORDER LOST IN STORE – 4 days now – they are reordering
but I guess ‘SERVICE AFTER THE SALE’ does not count anymore – I received second order but project is at stand still until missing product is found. Menards customer for over 20 years – time to look around,


Hardip October 15, 2014 at 6:19 pm

i need to know your tool shop tool policy for even exchanges because it seems like u have printed all over product about forever and if somthing go wrong with product when I try to even exchange store giving us hardtime it happen twice with me .then they make u wait for at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour to find out .so please fix this problem .


Jarod Elsberry October 15, 2014 at 4:06 pm

I special ordered interior doors (Mastercrap) from the store in Marshalltown, Iowa. I ordered 2 – 24inch wide solid pine five panel equal doors, at two different times. Both were wrong. When I installed the first one I was unhappy with the fit because they made the door the same size as the jamb it fits into. So a 24 inch door isn’t really 24 inch, the opening is 24 and the door is smaller to allow for opening and shutting. I got the first one to work, but was not happy since it pulled the jamb apart a little at the top when I installed, in order for the door to close without rubbing. The next door arrived and I went to install it, never thinking I would actually have the same problem. This one had a 24 inch jamb opening and the door was actually a hair larger than 24 inches. I would have thought the person making the door would have noticed such a tight fit. So at 300 bucks a door, I’m starting to get a little upset. Then I had to deal with the customer service to follow. Now I’m beyond pissed. The guys in millwork were good, I had to fill out a complaint form and wait 5 to 7 business days. I waited five and called the store asst. manager. He said he would look into it and get back to me, and never did. I called two business days later, got the same guy. Still didn’t seem to worried about my complaint, even though this has halted my remodel process. He said I should call Mastercrap and gave me their number. The lady there totally stonewalled me, and said I couldn’t talk to anyone. I called back the Menards store assistant manager and told him what happened, he said I would just have to wait for my complaint form to make it to wherever the hell it goes (I’m guessing a black hole on someone at corporate’s desk) and see what they do about it. This seems totally unacceptable to me. I planned in advance for these doors to have them on time, paid a premium price, waited their allotted time for the complaint form to reach Paul Menard Jr’s second cousin at corporate complaint office, and now I sit waiting until who knows when. All the while I never got an apology, or someone letting me know they would take care of the situation. It pretty much seems like it was my fault for ordering them, because it isn’t Menards fault. Terrible customer service, and I hope I never have to use that store again. But as some of us know in Marshalltown, it is sometimes our only choice. So I guess if you don’t have local competition you don’t need customer service. I have two more doors yet to arrive, pretty excited for them. I asked to cancel those but I will have to pay a restocking fee, even though they may or may not be in production. I can also return my defective doors with a restocking fee. Seems fair.


Monte Eaton October 13, 2014 at 7:08 pm

I had a customer that was going to build a deck. I sent her to Menards in Marshalltown, Iowa to pick the balusters that she wanted installed(which she did) . I then went to the store to order them. ( I was informed they were not available for order – even though they are on display and have a SQU number on them) I was informed that this happens a lot (WHAT) If you know it happens a lot fix it. I told them to call my customer and tell her they were not available ( as expected they would not do that – because they did not know that they were not available when she looked at them – Total B.S. – I did not realize items on display went unavailable by the minute – ok – it may have been 15 minutes from the time she left to the time I went to order them)
I asked if they could look it up in the all store inventory (not sure what Menards calls it) they found that Ohio had some and Mason City, Iowa had a few.
I was informed they don’t do inner store transfers any more. I would have to call each store and purchase the item direct form them, I could have the items sent to the Marshalltown, Iowa Store and they would hold for pick up – no problem sounds simple –
The Ohio store placed the order, they called when they shipped it, along with the weight, exact number of items, and the tracking number. (Great job Ohio – exactly what I expected) It was held at the Marshalltown Store and I picked it up – no problem.
The Mason City Store said they would ship the order in a day or two (WHAT). They did not call with any information, they can’t find the shipping number – but they can tell me that it was shipped on FED-EX , but they can’t find the number (right – anyone who has ever shipped with FED-EX knows there is a number out there – Menards just needs to find it. If it actually exists it not that hard)
Stopped in talked with the Marshalltown Store they can’t do anything because they do not have a tracking number – Spoke with the Mason City Store – they can’t do anything with out a tracking number (remember they did not provide one to begin with) So no luck there.
I ask the Marshalltown Store for the phone number for Menards Corp. thinking that maybe they would be able to help ( NO LUCK ) they can not provide it or they will be terminated (What – now that’s really good customer service). Did some searching for number on the internet – called them (surprise) ” they do not respond to phone calls” (WHAT) I was informed that I should contact the stores direct – ( evidently the person at Corporate does not listen very well )- as I had already explained the problem and that I had already done that. I was then informed that I could write a letter explaining the problem and mail it to the Corporate office for review ( WTF – really – what year is this? that is some unbelievable use of the available technology) I asked if I could email them for a quicker response – I was again informed that they respond faster to a letter – (REALLY) What would take a few seconds from my computer to theirs now takes days from the time I lick the envelope to the time it gets to the Corporate office and lands on someone’s desk.(Simply put that is the most idiotic thing I have heard in a long time).
So to simplify things I filed a dispute of charges with my credit card company. ( which has no charge to me – Menards will however receive a charge from the credit card company, and they will have to refund the full amount of the charge).
I would suggest that everyone use a credit card to make the purchase, that way the risk is all on Menards not the customer. If Menards receives to many disputes they will no longer be aloud to accept that credit card.
It is sad to say but the most effective way to get their attention is to affect their wallet.
It definitely got mine, I will not pay for Items that I do not receive.


Raymond A Henry October 11, 2014 at 1:11 pm

I was at your store Saturday Oct 11, 2014 at 12:30pm. I was there to purchase a camouflage hat shirt and gloves as I am a member of a sporting club. I found a hat that I wanted and a shirt and some gloves. All in the camouflage pattern I wanted. There was only one hat that fit what I wanted so I grabbed it. After getting in line and looking over my items I noticed the hat material around the brim of the hate was frayed and so I asked to see the store manager which was in the line five i was in and I asked him if I could get the hat at a small discount because of the material was torn on the brim. I didn’t think that would be a big deal since I shop at the East Broad st store in Columbus, Ohio all the time. I had to other items that I was going to buy at full price. The Assistant Store Manger Arron told me that ” oh that’s the way they wear them now days and that he could not give me a discount. I told him no people just don’t by something like this because the workmanship is poor. I didn’t appreciate him assuming I was that stupid. So I told him that a dollar or two wasn’t going to make him or break him and that I was paying for other items full price. that didn’t seem to matter to him. Furthermore he started loud talking me in front of the rest of the customers. I didn’t appreciate him trying to front on me and I believe he did that because I was BLACK…..

I have gotten a discount on item before at this store. I believe if he wanted full price for the hat it should have been of decent workmanship or he should have taken it off the shelf.
My point is this Arron assistant manager treated me like I was a nobody and I have spent hundreds of dollars in your store since it opened. You should Fire this guy you have in a a Leadership roll at your store as he does not represent your values and goals and has no customer service qualities at all…..

I willl not be shopping at your store ever again!!!! I will also tell alll the people I know of this experience and tell them not to shop at your store either.

Please make some changes to your leadership and teach customer service to them. as it is the public that make you what your are!

I work at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center East in Medical Records and my business is Customer service so I know when I get treated like this it’s a Problem and I see from other comments that you have had similar problems. I bet I’m not the only one who has complained about this guy ….again his name is Arron and he is the Assistant manager of your east broad street store in columbus Ohio.

Thanks for nothing as I put all my items down and left and as I was leaving he says
Thanks ….what a A$$ Hole!

Thanks Ray Henry


paul bloomquist October 9, 2014 at 3:44 pm

On 10/7/2014 i picked up 2 windows at dubuque store that were special order and already paid for approx. on 9/25/2014. I went to yard and picked up at with no problem . upon leaving I was detained and not alloowed to leave area I had to back up almost hitting another vehicle in the process . I was told by new gate man that I had to resolve a issue with front desk. At this point iI dont know whats going on and I am being treated like I stole somethig My car is detained with 700 .00worth of merchandise that I already paid for and I am being told to go to front desk, without knowing why. I talked to store manager brent Hendrickson and he acted like he didnt give a XXXXX and it was tough titty that I got detained. It turns out that I had to sign ticket that I should have signed to begin with at millwork. Help at millwork was very nice by the way.. I asked for a simple coupon for next purchase and was told by store manager hendrickson that he couldnt do that, he runs the store why couldnt he issue a coupon.. on a scale of 1 to 10 , 1 being poor they and mr. hendrickson get a 1


RJ October 9, 2014 at 9:54 am

Quincy Illinois

I have been purchasing from Quincy Menard’s for the past three years and have and least doubled my purchases in the last year largely in part of the customer service I receive from the contractor desk and Justin the GM.
Justin was moved from this store this past week.
This store has seen 4 managers in the 5 years it has been in existence. At what point does Menard’s realize that it may not be the managers at the store level but the managers at corporate level. We in Quincy have other alternatives and with the changing of the guard the norm at this store I might have to check out all my options.
The only thing that will keep me purchasing from this store is Mark and Gary at the contractors desk. If they are ever to leave I will move over to a neighboring competitor.



April King October 6, 2014 at 2:16 pm

I bought a Lawn Sport for my husband for his 60th birthday, in the fall of 2011. I paid in the area of $4,000.00, the golf cart type gasoline powered vehicle with windshield and overhead frame, and got a cover for it as well. Trouble started from the get go, only to be told by Menards to find a place to take it, contact American Sport Works and best of luck, pretty much. Well, eventually, after several pick ups and repairs from Renegade Motors, american Sport Works no longer deals with them. Loooong story short, here it is, 2014, the thing just had a new carburetor put in it, and it still doesn’t run! The new repair service that we’re using is picking it up again. We have less than 10 miles on the toy and mucho dolares invested!! Sour lemon, no help in sight. Also didn’t mention, it takes space in our 3 1/2 car garage that seems like such a waste. I thought it was a good idea when I bought it. Not so much!! It should have been replaced, in my opinion, but then again, I’m just the consumer!


Tom Weiss October 6, 2014 at 1:00 pm

My post the other day was in error the store was Muskegon MI not Manistee as there is no store in Manistee Michigan….just keeping the post straight!
As of today nothing has been resolved, the store not willing to correct the damaged items and we are not willing to accept his bad attitude and business practices.
Now trying to contact corporate office to resolved this problem.


John Harter October 6, 2014 at 11:21 am

The store manager (Bryan Wilson) at the Menards South in Rochester is a self-centered asshole that only thinks about himself.


Ingrid Buxton October 3, 2014 at 11:58 am

I went into Menards to chose a railing and stairway system for my porch. I discussed my needs with one of your associates who pointed out the choices that I had, and then I passed the information about my choice onto my contractor. So my contractor went to pick up everything that was needed for the installation and it was only after it was all loaded that an associate told him that the railing and stair system he had loaded didnt meet “code” but was merely “decorative”. Now I dont know who installs decorative stair rails or where they could be installed. However, I could not run down to the store to chose something else so it meant my contractor had to cancel the work for that day which loses him money and messes up my timeline to get the work done since he had been scheduled for at least 3 weeks to finish this work. This was at the Oak Creek, Wisconsin store. Perhaps “decorative” rails and stair railings should not be place with “actual” railings? Or, maybe they can place signs indicating “decorative” over these choices. So now I am going someplace else to buy what I need. This is very disappointing as I prefer to shop Menards, but I guess not anymore.


Tom Weiss October 3, 2014 at 8:17 am

I purchased a 30’x36′ steel building from Menards Manistee, MI. The sales associate Nick was very helpful and all went well. The building arrived and we were not told until the truck was on it’s way to us. A quick scramble and we met the shipment at the driveway. Upon inspection much of the material was damaged. A call to the store resulted in much confusion. Dan, store Mgr. (last name unknown) beat around the bush as to what Menards was going to do. We returned the whole building as the store Mgr. wouldn’t commit to the resolve of issues. Two days go by and we re-called the sales repr. and he refereed us to Dan the Mgr. Dan said” we will order replacement sheet metal but nothing else.” There are many items still not up to standard ie 2×4 that are split, truss’ that are damaged, overhead door damaged and scared. We paid the full asking price for a NEW building and expected a NEW BUILDING. As of today we have stopped payment on the funds. Menards can keep this damaged building and their snotty disrespectful Dan “The MGR.”


Mindy Leistikow October 1, 2014 at 11:29 am

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! I am surprised that service is Menards number one goal! A serious change in their operations needs to be made or they need to take that off of their website, it is face service only! My husband was checking out at the Menards in Monona, WI
and saw two elderly people trying to load 2 80 lb bags of salt into their cart. He quickly noticed that there were 5 Menards employees that stood there and watch these 2 struggle. My husband stopped checking out and went to assist the 2 because one of the bags broke while they tried so hard to load these items. He assisted them and looked at one of the employees and had to say to the “customer service” representative, “Could you please get someone to assist these two?” She rolled her eyes and made my husband feel like he had done something wrong for trying to assist and bothering her with the question to give some guidance. My husband sat outside in his vehicle to make sure the two were assisted all the way to their vehicle, which thank goodness they were one my husband said that someone needed to. We have always been a Menards supporter because we want to support a company out of Wisconsin but we are struggling more and more with that decision! Today was just another situation of poor customer service and employees that really don’t care about the customer!


Jeri Bowman September 27, 2014 at 5:25 pm

The menard in kokomo have the rudest sales associates & managers. The majority of the have no idea what there doing, When you compain about anything its no big deal then want to know what you expec them to do about he problem. Im seriously considering taking my business to Lowes. I walked out the the store madder then hell again & this time it was over a 27 humidifier that was on sale for 14 i got the box right behind the sale tag the girl called back to see the price completely ignored me stood there back turned chucking it up with the cashier. I took the box back the guy i found out was the manager for the plumbing dept told me i didnt get the box where i said i did because he saw the empty spaces the whole area was full of empty spaces argued with me several minutes about where i got it just to give me the same damn machine in a slightly different package just last years model I know where i got it it wasnt like i was trying to get a better product for less money IT WAS THE SAME THING . I called the mannager he was like what do you want me to do about it. Thats bull crap!!!! There have been other problems too GET BETTER EMPLOYEES OR GIVE THEM SOME TRAINING ON THE DEPARTMENT THEY WORK IN AND COURTISY


C.A.C. Farms Const. September 23, 2014 at 10:34 am

We purchased a 62 by 63 building from the West Lafayette, Indiana store. As construction was going on we found that there were 7 side metal sheets missing and one roof metal sheet missing. So we called Menards and ordered the missing sheets. A bill came for the sheets that were missing; we called and told the employee that that they were replacing the missing sheets of a package building. The employee said he would check into this and get back to us. No call back, so we called again. The employee we spoke to said that we ordered the sheets and that we would have to pay for them. We asked to speak to a manager. Telling them that the building was short 8 sheets of metal and that we were being charged for these missing sheets that were being replace. The manager agreed with the employee. We feel that we purchased a complete package and that if anything was missing that Menards should replace missing pieces. Of course we went with Menards because of the difference in price from FBI building of near Remington, but if items are missing it make the building more money when you have to pay for the missing items. FBI would have replace the items with a smile. We learned a hard lesson. No more buildings from Menards.


Rick and Diana Vice September 22, 2014 at 8:14 am

This is what I posted to my Facebook this morning and I will be posting similar comments via the Internet on rating sites. Apparently your manager Jason in Lafayette, Indiana didn’t get the memo that Menard’s was dedicated to service and quality. Please forward this on to corporate headquarters. I will be following up to make sure it was delivered to them. Thank you. Here is my post, and I included photos of my receipts from Menard’s and Lowe’s. We were given a refund and then we went and opened an account at Lowe’s and purchased the materials from them.

My Lil brother was right! Menard’s has poor business practices and rude associates. We bought $1120 worth of roofing materials last Thursday and when Mike went to pick our order up we were informed it was sold to another person. They just laughed and said they haven’t done inventory in a year and that we were out of luck. When we complained to the manager he became rude and arrogant. He didn’t listen to anything I had to say. He kept interrupting me in mid-sentence. He said he didn’t care if we took our business elsewhere. We were treated with respect at Lowe’s and they seem to appreciate our business. They said when a customer makes a purchase, the materials are put aside for them and not sold to someone else. Menard’s said it’s first come, first serve, even if the materials were paid for and previously purchased. We had purchased the materials last Thursday and went to pick them up on Sunday. They didn’t seem to care that they wasted a lot of our time! I’m going to write to Menard’s corporate headquarters today and tell them of my dissatisfaction and warn them that their unsavory and unreliable business practices are costing them business. The Lowe’s manager said he’s been hearing these types of complaints a lot lately. We will be cancelling our account with them. Our son-in-law, who is a roofing contractor, will no longer purchase from them either.


Diane September 19, 2014 at 7:41 am

Please, please, please think about putting a store in Paris, Tennessee . All we have is Lowe’s. We are having to shop in NW Indiana and then transport everything to Springville, Tn. Thank you.


Sandra Vinyard September 18, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Sandra Vinyard September 18, 2014 at 1:48 pm
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This is the second complaint I have filed on the manards in Marion Ill. Last week we wnt ther for carpeting for a room. I ask for a 12×10 section cut, when I got home to put the carpet down Iwas shorted. We called to let Manards know about the mistake and was tol the next time we were in Marion to bring in the receipt in and we would be reinburst for the section we didnt recieve. we didnt want to take the carpet back because in was down on the basement floor and we were expecting guests. we were fine with the shortage but wanted reinburst for what we didn’t get. Today my husband had to go to Marion to Home Depot for things and while there he stoped at menards. He was told by the desk he had to bring the carpet back. He was then referred to the person in carteting, same guy that cut the carpet that his counter counted off 10 ft. My husband replied that your counter is wrong because we only have 8’3″. The store personel said bring the carpet back so it could be remeasured. Come on people, why would I and my Husband make up a story.


Sandra Vinyard September 18, 2014 at 1:59 pm

I also wanted to say we will NO longer do business with menards because of thier continued poor service. I will also tell all my friends about the poor service we have recieved ther several times. No one helps and when you do find soneone to ask they tell you they will find some one. Your lucky if some one comes to help in 30 minutes I waited one time for 45 minutes in lighting for help. I will go to Home Depot now or travel another 20 min to Lowes in Carbindale, Il. I am also upset because you can’t lodge a complaint to corporate or the store by phone. Also the lady at corporate imediately put me to the automated messages the second mtime I called. Poor customer service


Rick Cooper September 18, 2014 at 8:15 am

I recently asked the online customer service center of Menards a simple question. Why doesn’t Menards offer a discount to the military like Lowes and Home Depot does?
The very curt answer I received was “We (Menards) does not discriminate….”.
Of course, I had to reply back saying I didn’t know the thanking the military for their service with a discount was Discrimination. I also said, no worries, the military will continue to protect their first amendment rights to say these type of replies, and no, the military will not discriminate who they protect.
I asked for the CEOs email, but of course, no reply. None expected from the 2d string.
No big deal, plenty of Home Depots and Lowes to patronize.


Sandra Vinyard September 18, 2014 at 2:03 pm

I ask the same question. My answer was they don’t support the war. I don’t either but I support the men and women that serve. I guess menards dosen’t


Mary Coulter September 10, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Should I just go to the river to find PEBBLE River Rock? Menards, Sidney, OH stated they had 13 bags listed in computer inventory however, none to be found! “Call Celina, OH Menards.” “Yes, we have 15 bags in inventory.” “Great, hold 10 bags of PEBBLE River Rock and will pick up after work.” My husband arrived at 5:30pm and it is now 7:50pm as I write this and NO ONE can locate the 15 bags of PEBBLE River Rock that was inventoried. WTH? My spouse has updated me several times as I was concerned as to how long this transaction was taking (I was hungry!) I personally called the Celina, OH Menards store and after speaking with hardware manager Bob (don’t really know why I was directed to him but he was aware of what was going on), and then the general manager Don (who whined about looking for rocks in the rain) offered condescendingly that WE were the ones with a problem and not the store! What ever happened to “The customer is always right?” Boycott MENARDS for POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I know we will and request our family and friends also!!!


william cominsky September 10, 2014 at 6:22 pm

bought a patio box put charcoal and other things in it it rained over nite next morning 2 inchs of water in it heares the answer from comstmer service *[ Menard IncWilliam,

Thank you for your e-mail. This deck box is weatherproof but is not completely waterproof. I apologize for any and all inconvenience that this has caused you.

Best Regards,
Caylee B
Guest Service Representative


B Birenbaum September 4, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Right now I am extremely upset and getting angrier by the moment. I made a purchase at a store in Germantown, Wi the order had ARRIVED back on 8-18-14 and no one from the store had contacted me. I have been waiting for it. Then I call the store speaking to a store manager (Ricky) who states its not the stores fault I did not leave an email address for notification. Are you kidding!!!! My phone number is on the order. You can not pick up the phone anymore. If this is how you are going to treat your customer I am not interested. There are competitors that I’m sure would be interested in our thousands of dollars of business. Menards assumes no responsibility to the customer. Gosh that is CRAZY!!!
Than I tried calling corporate because I am sooo upset only to be transfer to an automated line that tells me you want this in writing.


Michelle Del Ponte September 3, 2014 at 12:39 am

I purchased a side-by-side fridge/freezer and chest freezer in April 2013. The chest freezer was not plugged in more than 6 months. We only bought them together because I had to pay someone to haul it for us. Today as I went to do laundy, I found ice cream melted all over the floor. EVERYTHING was thawed! The freezer continues to run but does not keep anything cold! I called Menards in tears. What did they do? “TOUGH! They only have a 1 year warranty. We cannot help you!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! The side-by-side ALSO has issues since day 1 with the ice maker and dispenser. I don’t have the time or money to continue to haul their junk back and forth to the store! Way to treat your loyal customers. I can assure you, I will NEVER buy 1 more thing from your store EVER again! I also will be bringing back the paneling we bought a month ago that your associate damaged. When I pointed it out the workers I was told, “That’s all we have. Do you want it or not.” NO I DONT! I’m DONE! Manitowoc WI your Menards is PITIFUL!


Dee September 2, 2014 at 9:53 am

I am very disappointed with Menards.

I placed two special orders for counter top and cabinet refacing materials and doors on 6/9 and 6/10/14. Items were picked up in July. One item from the cabinet order wasn’t shipped and another was damaged. One section of the counter top was ordered longer than what my diagram I took into the store required. Shouldn’t items not received and damaged by the store be rush ordered at the expense of the store? As of 8/20/14, I still don’t have my items.

Also, FYI: when customers are not satisfied and their only recourse is to rely on an email driven website for customer support that sends them right back to the store where no help is provided it leads to a negative work environment for your customer service reps because of unhappy customers.


karen moore September 1, 2014 at 6:48 am

We bought 2 patio doors & paid to have them delivered from the Bloomington, IN store. When they arrived they were both damaged & there was only a driver & no helper, as promised! My husband called the store & they said they only had 1 slidder left & it was damaged also plus it’d be 2 weeks for reorder. Ok so now we have paid help standing around, no rain, no doors, no customer service, & they CHOSE to send us bad doors instead of calling & trying to set us up with a store that had good doors. So my husband contacted the Camby store, on his own, & set it up to have the store credit moved to their store & delivery. What a mess!!! The Bloomington store should have never sent us damaged doors & then to cap it off they din not take care of us!!! We will not ever count on menards again! Lowes or Home Depot sounds good!!!


tim roloff August 31, 2014 at 4:53 pm

my wife got me a $150 air compresser for christmas it has a 30 day in store warranty and a1 year manufaxture warranty. this air comprssure has ben used 5 times now it dont work i didnt use it the first 3 month that i had it now the store said im stuck with it. so i told them that why i try to do all my shopping at lows ive never had any problums threre great custumer serves.


Dave Lowder August 29, 2014 at 11:26 pm

Menards has always been a find it and load it and unload it with no help type store. The new workforce at the Washington Il store is now helping even less. The workers are to busy socializing instead of manning the cash registers or service desk. While people stand in line for service as they just walk on by. No customer service at all. But they will be happy to offer a 11% rebate for in store coupons and make you wait months to get it. If you do. What a scam. The longer they hold onto your money the more they make on interest at their offshore banks. And then they make you spend it back at their store. Typical big box store that doesn’t care about quality or service. Just stockholders.


Mirela August 29, 2014 at 2:05 pm

I am not sure who I need to contact regarding a complaint with rebates. I sent our rebate in April and I was told by Menard’s cashier that you don’t mail it out to Canada. So I used an address from Detroit Mailbox. Rebate centre cancelled 3 cheques and kept re-mailing as I was not receiving the mail. I have ordered other stuff to Detroit Mailbox in these past four months and have received every shipment except yours. I have asked Jordyn Becker, at the Rebates International, to cancel 2nd last cheque and to sent it to Menard’s in Livonia because for some reason I was not receiving at Detroit Mailbox. She said she could not do that but sent the 4th cheque. Now we are almost in September and I have not received anything yet. I want something done about this. It’s almost $70 in rebate that is mine and you guys are not trying hard enough to get it to me. I have spend a lot of money in your store. If nothing is done about it then I am going to write this all over the social media and tell all my friends and family not to shop at Menards. This service that I have received from Rebate International is ridiculous. It does not seem like you value your costumers and my business.


tammy August 28, 2014 at 5:16 pm

is there a distric manager for menards?


Lauren G August 28, 2014 at 3:42 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I went to Menards for the first time ever a couple weeks ago. I was there looking for a lawnmower and a weed whacker. While at the store in Morton Grove, I asked a gentleman to help me with the pricing of one of the weed whackers since it wasn’t listed. The gentleman looked like he had down syndrome and was walking past me with a Menards shirt on. I politely asked him if he could help me and before I could finish my sentence was abruptly met with: “I work outside only” and then he very fast scurried away. So, instead of finding out the price, I laid the weedwacker back down in the space I found it and decided not to get it.
I made my way over to the bedding section and was greeted by a very friendly woman and we talked about the mattresses. She told me to come back the following day if I was interested because there would be a sale. So, by this time, I forgot about the lack of customer service I had experience with the weed whacker and checked out with my lawnmower and various other items I found while perusing the store.
The next day August 17, 2014 around noon, I decided to go back to that store and in fact check out the mattresses since I needed one. The lady was so nice from the day before. Again, I went to the back of the store and met with that friendly lady who helped me pick out a nice mattress and wrote me up a ticket.
That’s when everything went downhill….
I was sent off to the delivery desk where I must’ve stood there for over 45 minutes while people walked back and forth just staring at me while they were working. Finally, I was able to ask one gentleman for help, but it wasn’t his department. He ended up coming back 15 minutes later surprised to see me there. He then finally paged someone. So, I wait another 20 minutes. No one shows up to this desk for me to buy the mattress and set up delivery.
I decided to leave and take just a pillow I really wanted out of my cart to check out.
I get to the check out and I hand the paper to the check out lady and explain to her how I waited for over an hour at that desk. She didn’t seem to care. She had no solutions. So, the customer service lady walks by and by this time, I am FUMING, I asked her to SHRED the invoice the lady gave me to take to the delivery counter that I waited at for over an hour. She didn’t seem to care either. No one offered to help me purchase the mattress, seemed like they didn’t even care!!!
So I get out in the parking lot and I put my pillow in my trunk, telling the people in the parking spot next to me all about my experience. They tell me to go back in and talk to the manager.
So, I go back in and encounter Nick W. I tell him about what I just went through and he gets extremely XXXXy with me and says, “Well we are busy I suppose I can check you out then…” He then turns his back to me to make a snarky remark to another customer who has an issue. After he got back to me, I just told him, I didn’t like how he treated that other customer and I had changed my mind about purchasing the mattress and walked out. I just couldn’t imagine going through the purchasing and scheduling process with him because he had such a horrible attitude. I didn’t want to give him my money or business. The level of rudeness was something I had never experienced before anywhere, ever! It took everything in me not to come back with the lawnmower and pillow and get all my money back for everything I bought there.
It was by far the worst ever customer service experience of my life and I am even leaving out some other details.
What’s even sadder, I came back with the intent to buy a nice mattress and couldn’t even do that!
In working for the Chamber of Commerce in that area (Lincolnwood/Skokie), I haven’t even heard of a customer service disaster story that bad. Nick was by far the rudest person I have ever encountered. Menards should be not only ashamed, but if you are serious about generating revenue, hire a manager who empowers their staff to be happy in their work, help customers and drive revenue. Home Depot and Lowe’s are just around the corner.
Also, you may want to read your “Yelp” reviews. I wish I had before I came back for the bed I was so excited to buy.


Rizwan Khan August 27, 2014 at 11:39 am

I would like to report an incident that occurred At 7145 E 96th St, Indianapolis IN store. I reported it to the Front End Manager Hillary Slider and she was going to have someone call me back but I have yet to hear from anyone. On Saturday 8/28/2014 one of their employee name Andrew cursed at me completely unprovoked. He called me “clown Mother F…..” multiple times and then threw a wad of purple price tags in my face. This was witnessed by another customer and we both walked to the front, spoke with Hillary and provided our information. This was completely unprovoked. I had called him to help me with door locks. He was wise with remarks from the beginning and completely lost his temper and assaulted with wad of price tags. My only fault was that I opened a package of door lock to explain to him what I was try to get at. Please understand that this package could be easily sealed back up which I did before he threw price tags in my face.
I have been a Menards customer ever since they opened Indiana stores in early 90s. I am very disappointed in this fellow’s outburst. And then the local store did not have the decency to call. me back. I hope you take this compliant little more seriously then they did.


Randy Risdon August 25, 2014 at 11:59 am

I am handicapped and shop at the Long Grove store. The 1 cart is almost always out. I will probably stop shopping there which is unfortunate because I like store.


M. P. August 23, 2014 at 6:18 pm

Menards (Large home improvement store) has a policy of 1 electric cart per store. In today’s demographics and based on the size of the store, I feel 3 or 4 per store would offer better customer service for all Americans. JUST WONDERING – Anyone not shopping there due to this policy ? ( The ONE cart is ALWAYS in use; and not worth a ‘wait’)


Marissa R. August 22, 2014 at 6:04 pm

I’m very outraged with the Moline, Illinois store. We have very hot days here & water is NOT being adequately provided for those working outside in the yard doing laborious work. This is not okay. People are becoming very dehydrated to where their bodies can no longer even sweat to cool them off. Someone could become very ill due to this & could result in the Menards Company being sued. I don’t appreciate my loved ones being worked like this & I don’t think you would either. I’ve heard reports that managers are telling workers to “make that last” because they refused to refill the coolers. The department managers have been told time & time again & so has the General Manager. I’d really appreciate a response, thank you.


darrel August 22, 2014 at 4:13 pm

So i work in a community were we have latin people of different backgrounds but for some reason the store in cincinnati in evendale does not hire hispanic people so i would like to know why if you can contact by email that be great i really like to know since i had help i i started i helped 25 get hispanic people with work 8 of them filled out a application but none got an interview or hired


FRANK VAN AUTREVE August 21, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Please see below, all correspondence i have had regarding my problem with the way i was treated at your Portage, Indiana store. I have asked for a contact or phone number to take this matter higher than the store manager, but got no answer. I had to find this site myself.
—–Original Message—–
From: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services []
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 11:47 AM
To: Frank
Subject: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM


I’m very sorry, however there would be a 25% restock fee on any cancelled special order no matter what the reason.

Thank you, Ray

—–Original Message—–
From: Frank []
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 9:50 AM
To: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services
Subject: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM

Is there a District or Regional Manager I could call, to discuss my dissatisfaction. If so please send me the contact info or relay my cell phone number, 219-712-6477.

Thank you
Frank Van Autreve
American Legion Post 502

—–Original Message—–
From: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services []
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 2:52 PM
To: Frank
Subject: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM


I’ll pass your message on to Mr. Mussatto.

Thank you,

—–Original Message—–
From: Frank []
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 2:14 PM
To: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services
Subject: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM

I called and asked for Mr. Mussatto. The man that answered wanted to know if I meant Chad. If that is the case, I believe he is the manager I spoke to at the store, and charged me 25%. If so, I do not wish to speak to him, I would much prefer a regional manager, or someone above Chad.

Frank Van Autreve
—–Original Message—–
From: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services []
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 4:50 PM
Subject: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM


I’m very sorry we let you down. We need and appreciate your business. I will alert Mr. Mussatto, our General Manager, to the situation at once. His direct dial number is 219-763-0220.

Thank you,

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 4:42 PM
To: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services
Subject: Website Guest Contact 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM

Sent: 08/13/2014 04:42:14 PM CST
I was looking for some metal roofing for a stage i was having built at the American Legion Post in Valparaiso, In. I had one of our volunteers got to the Portage store to buy it. He asked what colors were stocked at the store, and was told by the salesperson that none is stocked at the store and would have to be ordered #PRTG30077540. My man placed the order, as we had plenty of time to wait. Upon installation, we found that we did not order enough. I personally went to the Portage store to get more. I specifically told the salesman,Keith, that i was looking for any color. He told me none was stocked at the store and would have to be ordered. I placed the order #PRTG30078964, hoping it would make it in time. When it didn’t I called the store to inquire if it was possible to pick it up somewhere. The man I spoke to on the phone said, I should have ordered a color that was stock. I was a little surprised that he said some were stock colors. I had another person come and pick up what we needed. I then went to the store and spoke to Chad, the manager, and told him my story. He said none of the employees would have said it was not a stock item as they all know it is. He agreed to let me cancel the order that had not shipped, but would have to charge me a 25% restock fee. I told him that was not right because both myself and the man that originally ordered it were mislead. I am very dissatisfied with the way this was handled. I ordered the second order on my personal card and cannot get reimbursed for a product that was never received. So it cost me over one hundred dollars not to buy something at your store. I would really appreciate a response to this. I will continue to shop at Menards, as i like the prices and selections, but I will have a bad feeling for awhile. Thanks you Frank VanAutreve Post Commander, American Legion Post 502.



Ronda Wilder August 21, 2014 at 7:47 am

I am very disappointed with the service at the Menards in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. I am a teacher who placed an order (and paid the bill) for paneling on July 12th. I had the summer off so I thought it was a perfect time to do a little kitchen remodeling. The salesperson at Menards took all of my information and said I would be notified when the paneling arrived to their store for pick up. The paneling didn’t come and didn’t come and all of a sudden I found myself back in school on August 14th with my kitchen remodeling job not even started. On August 19th I called the store to inquire about my order and discovered that the paneling had been sitting in the store since August 1st and I had not been contacted. That, of course, frustrated me but I became more frustrated after speaking with two managers at that store. I realize that my $400 order probably didn’t amount to much in their eyes, but I can’t believe the type of customer service I received in my next two phone conversations.

I spoke with a floor manager first and after I explained my entire story her comment was, “So what is the nature of your call?” Had she not been listening to me? After explaining AGAIN, she said that I should have received an email telling me that the paneling had arrived and that it must have gone to my spam folder. I did not know that Menards would be contacting me by email, however I check my mail every single day AND I check the ones that go straight to my trash, so I can confidently say that no email was sent to me. At this point I had not heard any type of an apology AND it was insinuated that the problem was on my end. I had her check my email and they indeed had my correct information. She told me that Menards holds orders for 21 days before sending out a letter stating that it needed to be picked up ASAP or they would add it to stock in the building. I mentioned that they had already held my order for 19 days without notifying me and it was going to be impossible for me to pick it up before the 21 day holding day because the person with the truck (who was going to transport it for me) had now left town. Then, she asked me if I needed anything else…..YES! I needed her to know that I was frustrated and did this company do anything to try to please their customers? I inquired about the truck they offer for rental and asked if the $23 fee could be waived due to this mix up and was told “NO”. This floor manager said that only the building manager could authorize that, so I asked to speak with him.

The building manager got on the line and as I was retelling the story, there was not a comment or a sound coming from the other end of the phone so at one point I asked if anyone was still on the line. Carl, the manager, said he was there and that I didn’t need to tell the story because he already knew it and that he could not authorize the use of the truck. He stated that I should have received not one, but three, emails about my order and maybe I should have contacted them sooner about the delay of my order. Are you kidding me? My fault again. I had pretty much had it by that time, so I asked Carl if there was anything Menards could do so that they would not lose this customer and he said, “NO”.

So, here’s where I stand……I’m a teacher who has just started back to school, trying to get friends to lend me a truck so that I can pick up paneling that I’ve already paid for and refuse to return because Menards tacks on a fee if they have to re-shelf a special order. Everything else I purchased for this job is being returned to that store and will be re-purchased at a competitor’s store. I have no idea when I will find the time to complete this project now, but I can assure you that I will find lots of time to re-tell this story.

Ronda Wilder


jordan pelland August 20, 2014 at 4:47 pm

hey I took my grandfather out to menards today and he could not use a ele cart because someone else was using it at the time I was not very happy about that he would have buy more stuff but his legs where hurting.


jeff clemone August 20, 2014 at 2:17 pm


See attachment for emails that I found. If you could let me know you got them I sure would appreciate it.

>—–Original Message—–
>From: ‘’
>Sent: Thu Jul 10 14:51:08 CDT 2014
>To: General Manager
>Subject: Attached Image

Chris Schaefer
General Manager 1st Asst
Menard, Inc – ST. CROIX FALLS
1285 208TH STREET
ST CROIX FALLS, WI 54024-8136
[P] (715) 483-2979
[F] 715-483-1046
Attachments area
Preview attachment 4239_001.pdf


jeff clemone August 20, 2014 at 2:13 pm

jeff clemone August 20, 2014 at 2:05 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

i have sent you the tags and paper work you still have failed to take care of your obligations to me so i will take you to court if that check is not here today you put me and my family out or friends out and have reacted are enjoyment of are home with your lies and neglect i can prove that from all the emails i got a copy of all the between you and the hardware manager this has been going on for months


jeff clemone August 20, 2014 at 2:05 pm

i have sent you the tags and paper work you still have failed to take care of your obligations to me so i will take you to court if that check is not here today you put me and my family out or friends out and have reacted are enjoyment of are home with your lies and neglect i can prove that from all the emails i got a copy of all the between you and the hardware manager this has been going on for months


Nancy Francis August 19, 2014 at 9:40 am

Sent: 8/18/2014 10:20:27 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Website Guest Contact 08/18/2014 05:46:00 AM

Ken & Nancy,

I’m sorry, but we are unable to except returns on gasoline powered equipment.

Thank you,

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 5:46 AM
To: Menard, Inc. – Guest Services
Subject: Website Guest Contact 08/18/2014 05:46:00 AM

2238 Saint Croix St
Sent: 08/18/2014 05:46:00 AM CST
I have a concern about your refund policy.
First a little background about Nancy and me.
I’m 70 years old and Nancy is 66. We’ve been married since 1966. We’ve been retired for years and we are living on our retirement investments and SSI. I’m disabled trying to do my best to keep our dream home we built in 1976. We live in Roseville, MN a suburb in the Twin Cities.
Some of Menard’s competition in the Twin Cities are:
Lowe’s, Home depot, Fleet Farm and the usual other stores that compete. Nancy loves Menard’s. She buy’s me all kinds of t-shirts, head wear and sweatshirts, etc. with Menard’s logos (advertising) and I wear them constantly when shopping.
Of those four stores, Menard’s gets over 95% of our dollars spent. She checks our Sunday paper’s ads for Menard’s and Cub Food’s first to see what’s on sale.
Our retirement investments went from a high of $28.35 a share to a low of $9.68 a share in 2013. Since the first of the year it has gone up 13% and we are spending money on our home. We have re seeded the front yard and will do the side and back yard next summer. We are currently updating the laundry-mud room next to the attached 3-car garage. We bought a light fixture and have on order eight ACP Fasade panels for the ceiling. All of this from Menard’s. After that then we’ll buy a new floor for the room and maybe a new laundry tub. We bought this ACP Fasade panels a few years ago and I installed it in our kitchen and like it.
Our future plans are to remodel the kitchen with quartz counter tops, new 3 bowl stainless under mount sink and a nice back splash.
If our investments continue to go up enough we are willing invest more into our home. We want to make it nice and spend all our money before we die.
We have a half basement and full basement that is not finished off. We plan on doing the full basement with new ceiling, lights, walls and flooring to make it look nice.
After that we would like to finish the half basement with 2 bedrooms and big family room and 1 ¾ baths.
Now to my problem. I wanted to buy a gas generator to handle power outages. This is mainly for my wife when I’m dead or incapacitated and she can hook it up and have emergency power. All the research I did including Menard’s, Internet and You Tube informed me that a women could start these engines. So I bought a 5000 watt one from Menard’s. That is all I need as I only plug in 120v cords and 2 times 20 amps is 4800 watts. At least that is what I was told. I purchased this one: Powermate 6250 Peak/5000 Running Watts Generator in stock ordered online and picked it up at your Midway store in Saint Paul, MN.
I got it home and assembled it and it worked, I showed Nancy, who is 5’1” and 100 pounds how to use it.
She could not pull the starter cord. At this point I decided to buy one with an electric starter. I went to Menard’s showroom and found this one: Powermate 8125 Peak/6500 Running Watts Portable Generator. No one told me that if I put gas in it I can’t take it back, including the guy at Menard’s when he was loading the second generator on the cart for me to buy and I told him the other one worked but wife could not start so I had to take it back.
I got it to work and she was able to start it as it has starter motor. In assembling this one there was no negative ground cable on battery. Instead of calling Menard’s I fashioned a cable and connected it myself and it works fine.
So now I’m bringing the one that she can’t start back to Menard’s to return it. They tell me that as long as I started it I can’t return it because there was gasoline in it. When I order the first one online there was nothing on the doXXXXents I printed out when I picked it up that informed me that if I put gasoline in it I can’t return it.
Anyway I have no need for two generators and if you can’t take the first one back then I’ll probably have to give it away as I don’t like selling stuff to strangers.
So, my complaint is you should do a much better job at letting the customers know that once gas is put in they are out of luck. Do you really think if I knew that I would have bought a second gas generator? I’m not that stupid. I would have seen if Nancy could pull the starter before I assembled the first one.
Please let me know what you can do for me ASAP. If nothing then I’ll probably cancel my order for ACP Fasade ceiling panels for the laundry room and buy from your competition. We’ll forget using Menard’s anymore. My wife is very unhappy with this situation.
Thank you,
Ken and Nancy Francis
2238 Saint Croix St
MN 55113

I think this was a very unsympathetic response to my plea.

I thought at least you would have offered me a store credit for the return of this item.

Well, you will not be getting any of the $1,000s that we are going to spend on our home in the future. My husband already gave me approval for $10,000 to remodel the whole kitchen. I’m currently checking out sinks at Lowes and Home Depot. He wants it done by 1-2015. I’m going with quartz and tile backsplash.


Delores August 18, 2014 at 2:46 pm

We bought 4 six panel oak doors at Mernards. The young man had to use a lift to get them down. We took them home and very soon after the purchase sickness hit our family, and we were not able to work on them for several months. To make a long story short. We started working on the doors put one coat of varnish on them. My husband went to put it on the door frame and they are all 28 inch doors, they were suppose to be 30 inch. The 28 & 30 inch doors are right next to each other, the young man gave us all 28 inch doors, didn’t even come to our mind they would be the wrong size. We talked to Mernards in Battle Creek,MI , we were told there is nothing they can do about it since they are already stained and it had been to much time since the purchase, they told us to call Mastercraft. We told Mernards we would do a store credit . We talked with Master craft, they were not happy at all with Mernards telling us to call them. We were told Mernards handled this very wrong, and the Battle Creek store should have taken care of this problem. We will be happy to take a store credid. Please if you could help us in any way we would appreciate it. We have the receipt. Contact by email and I can give you more information. Thank you


Henry Hanten August 17, 2014 at 3:09 am

I am writing this email about the store in Mitchell South Dakota.I have several complants about this store. i been getting window from this store, and have had nothing but trouble with them. as of right now i am still waiting on a truck to bring a window that was order and when I went to pick it up it was damage. this is the second window that was damage out of three. i was told they where need to order a strip for it, this is after i rented a trailer to pick it up with some other things. i went the second time and it would not fit on the trail I had. so i paid to have menards bring it to be, it left there at 11:41 this morning and it is now 7:30 pm and it is still not here. I also complain to manage the was on yesterday when i got there because I called the day before and ashed the girl if the strip was put on she said no a manager need to to that, I told here i be there at 11 am to pick it up and she said a manger would have it done got there at 11 am and it was not done. It pissed me off and your manager gave every excuise to cover it up. at the rate its going i am not going to use your store for the rest of the window i need or any thing else. i have had better service at lowis. i guess never hear back from you and do not care to hear from the store in Mitchell. I think this is not a good time to give bad service this as thing are.


John Wiley August 16, 2014 at 11:50 pm

Menards Corporate Office Address
Menard Inc.
Mr. John Menard Jr, CEO
4777 Menard Dr
Eau Claire, WI 54703

August 16, 2014

My name is John Wiley

I am writing for your assistance, and yes this is a problem.

I had a tragic fire in 2004, at my home on 71st . Place in Chicago has kept me out of my home for the past ten years. I had several contractors during that time who did not live up to their agreements. So now as of 2014, the situation is still the same. My family and I are still not living in our home. I am asking you Mr. John Menard Jr, CEO to share my plight with your social media family, facebook, twitter and insta-gram connections regarding a Re-hab Government or Private Grant to complete the long drawn construction project. The estimated cost is $50,000.00 to $60,000.00. I believe your input will help my cause significantly.

SAMPLE Message or your own
Your message to your social media family facebook, twitter and insta- gram.
“Searching for a rehab grant regarding a family that was burned out of their home back in 2004, the contractors did not live up to their part in completing this project and the funds were misused and depleted before repairs was finished. Thank you for your support!”

For more information please contact John at 312-446-XXXXX.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Thank you,
John Wiley


nick August 18, 2014 at 5:28 am

John Menard is a conservative, which is why he’s so successful. He didn’t become so successful from people giving him sit he doesn’t deserve. He’s not a guy who gives handouts like the government…. and i wouldn’t be surprised if thats what you’re receiving. But anyway, you’re comment angered me because its values like yours that are ruining our country but I don’t blame you. So, if you were somehow successful in this endeavor then I applaud you. Best of luck………….


Mark B August 15, 2014 at 8:03 pm



Alexander Roi August 15, 2014 at 5:18 pm

You lost a sale and you may lose a lot more…
I have been a loyal customer of Menards stores for years (ever since you came to the Chicago market). I’m not sure I will want to even go back to one now. I visited your store in Morton Grove, on Oakton, this afternoon for some things that I needed: wood, shims and saw blades. I left with nothing but frustration and bewilderment.
I found everything that I needed quickly and easily (it’s an expectation fulfilled). What I didn’t expect was the utter lack of customer service. Almost every worker told me what they couldn’t do for me with regards to getting my plywood cut. One worker said that I was wasting my time because Menards does cut plywood for various reasons, but he could not name any. I remember the last time I was in the store I simply asked to cut the wood myself and did. I traveled from Chicago to come to your store and I don’t own a truck. People in my situation need to have wood cut. Some workers attempted to help and point me in directions where someone might find a saw for me, others just gave me attitude about what other jobs they had to do. Are people working there to simply do “other” jobs or is it about helping customers?
One worker did say he could find a saw and then when he did, he told me that he could not cut the wood and I could not do it either. Why would you look for something only to tell me no after you find it…was it game? I don’t like games when I use my money to purchase needed supplies. I want to speak with the store manager but he took way too long to come to the front desk to see me. At that point I simply left.
I then took myself to Lowes. I was greeted with a smile, helped immediately and was never told NO during the whole transaction. They even cut all of my plywood, TWICE.
I did call the store when I got home and spoke with Dave one of the store managers. He was apologetic and understood my concerns and said that he will certainly bring this lack of service up at another meeting. He was a nice guy and listened, but this problem might be beyond him. I worked in retail, as a trainer, for years. If your policy is not to do anything you can to help your customers – you have a dumb policy. I guarantee you it is costing you money and costing you customers. With your competition bending over backwards for market share, please explain to me why I would go back into a Menards store and be subjected to ill-conceived policies and your version of customer service?
With all of the stores out there wanting my business – I might not miss Menards, but I hope that you miss me.