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Menard Inc.
4777 Menard Dr
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Phone Number: (715) 876-5911
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CEO: John Menard, Jr.
COO: Scott Collette

Menards History

Menards was founded in 1962 by John Menard, Jr in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  In 1969, Menard began to add manufacturing capabilities to the site including lumber and doors.  A distribution center was also added. In 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold. In 1998, a second distribution center was opened in Plano, IL.  This was followed by 2 more distribution centers in 2007 in Holiday City, OH and Shelby, IA. Today, Menards has over 270 stores in 14 US states.  The Menards corporate office is still located in Eau Claire, WI.

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Terry Baker June 30, 2015 at 8:26 pm


I purchased (3) electric baseboard heaters from Menards Cottage Grove MN store in the March – April time frame and each worked well until a 72″ unit had a melt down. Wiring on the unit burned up, and melted and easily could have started my house on fire as the unit was installed above a carpeted surface. Contacted the manufacturer and was told I wired it wrong. Provided photos of burnt wiring and Cadet confirmed – yep you wired a 120 volt heater on a 240 volt service. Advised I had purchased a 240 volt heater and they said, no you did not. Returned the unit to menards, showed them the damage and was able to exchange it after wrestling with a return clerk over additional charges for a unit that was no longer on sale (~ approx 4- 6 weeks after original purchase). Receipt shows the unit as 240 volt, shelf at store said 240 volt, large 8×11 label on box says 240 volt. Clear, almost invisible decal on unit says 120 volt. small tag on small end of box says 240 volt. Manufacturer states this is how they are all packaged. I asked them to repeat that and they did, said this was my issue. New unit has matching tags all around. Asked mfg what they planned to do to let all who purchased same know this… no response. Manufacturer did not seem concerned about notifying public or Menards but did offer a new unit if I wanted. Original box showing label discrepancies, new box, photos and reciept copies will be provided to Menards if they care to contact me. Will be sending same to MN Fire Marshall and any other interested party. I trust they will disperse the information to fire investigators for past and present issues. All conversations and evidence well documented. This could have burned my home down. On the bright side Menards can easily identify any and all purchasers (who used credit cards) of these units to advise them of the need to verify the voltage before the heating season. The wild card is do they care enough to do this or will they simply sweep it under the rug?


Terry Baker June 30, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Why buy powered equipment from Menards???

I believe Menards policy regarding return of powered equipment is too one sided and borderline unethical. Case in point: Family buys a power washer for dad’s birthday gift. Power washer assembled, filled w/oil and gas then operated for ~10 minutes. Unit shuts off when power washer trigger released. Won’t restart. Attempted return /exchange at Menards and refused due to putting fuel and oil in unit. Now my problem and am told I have to take it to a repair center and wait 30-45 days for repair. I paid for a new unit not a repaired unit. Menards says, read your reciept…. the one you get after you purchase the unit and not until after you electronically sign…. says sorry chump you put gas in it you own it. NO warning posting at point of purchase, none on the unit, only fine print on receipt…. If only I had known this I would have paid a premium to purchase elsewhere with a fair return policy. MFG of no help at all. Next contact. MN Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.


Raul Moreno June 29, 2015 at 5:06 pm

I purchased a replacement plan for a trimer and before a year broke, Menards wouldn’t honored the replacement plan, they WOULD NOT EXCHANGE THE TRIMER.
So I just paid almost $30.00 for nothing.


Jason and Tami June 27, 2015 at 9:49 am

Last night at 9:30 we bought 3 gallons of paint at Menards in Altoona, Iowa, we got home realized we only had 2 gallons. Assuming the 3rd one was still on the register counter, my husband goes back at 7:00 am to check, and he is told he has to have another gallon mixed and has to pay for another gallon, they said how do they know we are not trying to get a free gallon of paint. Really. Thanks for assuming that we were looking to get a free gallon of paint. Great customer service.


Kim Wagoner June 24, 2015 at 6:03 pm

For all you animal lovers… this is atrocious.
John Keller, the Store Manager at the Lebanon Indiana store, is allowing an employee to bring a high powered BB gun to work and shoot the birds in the garden center. I sent an email on the website and heard nothing. I find this very inhumane.


Casey Puetz June 18, 2015 at 2:52 pm

Dear Mr. Menard,
Dear Friends,
I have always been a very loyal customer to Menards. I drive right passed the big national chains, Lowie’s, Home Depot…. So starts my story on what I’m having to deal with right now with the Menards Sioux Falls West store… I know that this letter will never make it to Mr. Menard as well. A little over a month and a half ago I ordered 15 cases of special order tile.. Was told that it would be a week to 10 days, longest 2 weeks… Great. You get the email showing after you paid for it that it’s on order and the status of the order… Great.. Two weeks go by and nothing has moved, still showing in process… So I call the SF West store and get ahold of the department. I’m leaving everyone else’s name out of this beside Tracy.. Tracy was the original employee that ordered the tile for me… He got right on it and within 15 min I had gotten a call back and he had found that one of the cases of tile, a case of V-nose had been discontinued by the company. The company that manufactures the tile is Ragno.. So any normal person would let someone know.. No, will just let the order sit… Great job on communicating with you venders.. Thankfully with Tracy’s help he had to cancel the whole first order and reorder it. Good Great Grand.. So now a month and a half later, or just shy of, it gets to Sioux Falls… and by the way there was a few more call that had to be made to get it out of in process status…Again… By this time I had been talking to the Store Manager.. (its hanging on the wall at the store if you’re interested). I run down on my lunch break to finally pick up my tile… Loaded all 500 plus pounds by myself, which everyone that has been to the Menards West knows that they pick the cream of the crop back there.. There is good ones and you know right away when you get the bad ones.. On a side note writing this reminds me of the other times I have purchased larger orders from Menards, like the trip last fall that I went and bought all the sheetrock for my full basement project. I know I’m not a contractor, I don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year but I am a paying customer, I choose to come to Menards and remember I drive right by the big chains. As I was getting help on loading all the sheet rock, my luck once again I got the cream of the crop.. I should have taking pictures. The two damaged more sheetrock then we loaded.. It got so bad; I was throwing damaged chunks of sheetrock off the trailer to keep it from damaging the good stuff already loaded… Back to my current misery.
I get my tile of gold home, unload all of it and carry it all downstairs.. I know there was a few broken from shipping, it’s to be expected. I started unpacking each case and it just got better and better.. Every pile was damaged from the way it was shipped on the pallet. The cases where laid on their side, which I know this for a fact because, remember I loaded it myself… The tile acted like sandpaper and sandpapered the face off the next tile under it. It looked like it was on a truck from one coast to the next and back again, Maybe it’s the answer on it taking a month and a half to get here.. I took one back to the store to show the store manager, I was so excited to have to do this.. The store manager wasn’t able to be found so I got the third in charge… He looked it over and agreed on what happened and well we come to a cross roads, A we have to reorder the whole order, or B, I want a full refund plus interest, and I go order something else from the bigger named box store.. Third in charge called and was told that it would be in the 16th or 17th of June… I made it very clear that I’m not waiting a nether month like the first go around… This brings me to today… The day that it’s supposed to be here it still shows in process. I once again call the store, store manager can’t be found then I get sent to a guy that had the same sounding name as his, put on hold… I finally get the third in charge. Trust me, he knows how I am by now.. Sounds so surprised that there is not tile yet and that its still showing in process.. Two hours later I finally get a call back and it a word by mouth that ya it’s being shipped today…
I had finally had my fill… I googled and tried to find Menards Corporate number.. I have had enough of a run around with store managers, 3rd in charge… I get a nice lady and the best the customer service can do is send you to an automated person saying you need to fill out a form.. I, at this point want to talk to the store managers boss, Heck give me Mr. Menard himself… I’m sure this is a letter he would probably like to read and be aware of.. It’s his name on the building… I fulfilled there inexcusable way of how handling customer complaints like they want me too… Two hours later I get a short 30 word email saying I’m sorry to hear this, Can you please let me know what store and the order numbers… The store had been fully stated at least two times on the first email… I asked nicely to please have a human being call me personally so I could explain all of this in a normal human conversation and that the run around can be stopped… But no, I then get a second response saying once again sorry to hear this.. I have sent an email to Mr. ***** The Sioux Falls West store manager to make him aware of the issues at hand and here is his direct number… I don’t need to explain my feeling on this… and by reading this you are well aware that Mr.**** knows all about this.. He was the one that did do something a little right and claimed he emailed someone and had got a 100 dollar credit the day I picked up the full order that was all damaged.. I do thank Menards for this.. So here I sit waiting tell morning to get a call back once again on when it’s going to arrive in Sioux Falls.. And if it’s going to be in good shape or not.. I have made it fully clear that once again like I have stated before, even while all of this has been going on I have driven past all the big national chains and bought just shy of 2,000 dollars of green treated decking material from the same location.. And yep you guessed it I got the cream of the crop again.. OOO wait I had some one help for 10 min because they had to go get a forklift and bring a pallet of 20 ft. 2×10’s which by the way they drove down the whole length of the building carrying it over all 5 trucks including mine own hooked to the trailer which could have fallen at any time onto a vehicle or the people around getting lumber… They had to make two trips because the first trip over half of them were not acceptable… 3 hours later and having to look everywhere my father and I found everything, on or own. All of this lumber is still in my garage. If I don’t get a better answer or outcome on this go around on tile, I’m personally loading every square inch of lumber onto a trailer and someone back in the cream of the crop is unloading everything with credit plus interest and fuel for an hour trip…
In conclusion, I want to thank Ragno Tile Company for a great looking tile but ether them or Menards don’t know how to ship it, Thank you for letting a customer’s order to one of your venders sit tell god knows when. Thank you Menards for the best run around and I don’t knows and I’m sorry we don’t have anyone to talk to, please just leave an email. Time will tell when the tile will get here and if it’s going to be in acceptable forum…

Thanks Menards,


Angel Mills June 15, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I was at the Cape Girardeau, Mo store Saturday 6/13/15. The customer service was HORRIBLE!! After spending $2368 I was treated poorly by the customer service manager.I had to wait some minutes on one manager to approve my check while another just stood there and talked. Then that manager wouldn’t even make eye contact with me and when I thanked her she couldn’t even respond with a “You’re Welcome.” I see they don’t value their customers at all and I will NOT waste another penny in this store ever again. Next time I will go to Lowes.


Richard Hill May 28, 2015 at 8:38 pm

I special ordered a bathroom vanity from Menards; our contractor picked it up today and it was damaged. It took 4-6 weeks to come in…I really can’t remember which, however; when my contractor returned it, I could not receive my money back. Yes, they did give me a store credit of over $900 but why would I want that when they can’t take care of their own merchandise??? Their return policy is anything over 90 days, gets a store credit and it was 93 days AND THEY DAMAGED IT! We have several expensive projects down the road, and you can bet Menards won’t be seeing any of that! I really don’t understand how they can stay in business after reading many of the complaints that are posted! Awful!


penske May 27, 2015 at 9:17 pm

My wife and I bought an Earthquake 43cc cultivator before they went on sale. Lasted one till and now is blowing oil out of air filter and spark plug connector broke.

We pay in cash and never keep receipts. We expect something of quality and haven’t had a problem with anything from Menards since 1997.

I called and asked customer service if I could do an exchange without receipt. Yes you can or get store credit. We paid over $240 and they are now on sale for $97 + less.

DON WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PRODUCT. We drove 40 minutes to exchange it and was told NO you can not exchange even with a receipt. WTF! I was told I can take it to a repair shop in the area. Another 2 hrs wasted with my family. FU MENARD FAMILY.

I am now not only a previous employee but also a previous customer. What BS.


Debi Gilman May 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm

Menards you seem to lose quite a number of customers due to your very poor customer service and managers.
You just lost another one!
I will take my buisness to a store that handles problems in a more professional way….and take rsponsibility for thier screw ups.


Jeremy Wilson May 26, 2015 at 7:09 pm

My Fiancé and I have Spent thousands ad thousands and thousands of dollars at our Effingham Il. Menards, over the last 6 years or so. We bought all our kitchen cabinets and appliances there and all the dry wall screws flooring ect. ect. We are tearing our old farm house down to its studs, floor joists, and rafters redoing all the electrical, plumbing, insulation and everything in between. We have patronized the Effingham Menards almost exclusively for this project. Then the other day we went to pick up our doors for one of the bedrooms and seen it was the wrong door, I had brought in a printed off sheet with the door and specs that one of the employees had printed out for me at the very same Menards in the same doors and windows section, well I gave it to the kid working and explained that I wanted this door and he went through with the order. When we came in to get our door and seen it was the incorrect door, we let them know and they acted like it was our fault saying that they showed us a picture of it which they did not! I explained that I brought in the printed sheet with the exact doors we wanted and the accusingly asked if I had the sheet, I had left it at home not knowing I would need it, one of the employees laughed like we were lieing, and continued insulting us by saying in a very unprofessional rude way that they could get us the door we want but it will cost $30 more plus a $25 restocking fee!!!! We were so upset that if we woulda stayed any longer I might have been asked to leave, so we left on our own accord. I just can’t believe that my patronizim is worth so little there, after all we probably spent enough money there to pay both those rude employees salaries for a year each… I guess I’m just ranting here, but I will for sure be getting all the rest of my home improvement products else where. Oh and did I mention that I am a Carpenter with my own buisness and for all my jobs someone else will be getting my business too. It was enough that there was a mistake and we were inconvenienced, making a trip to the store and either coming home empty handed or with the wrong doors, but add snotty rude unprofessional attitudes by employees that acted like they could care less how we felt and that was straw that broke the camels back think I’ll hsve to let my friends and family know on FaceBook as well… It’s just sad we really loved our Menards.


Nate Ertl April 25, 2015 at 5:14 pm

The Maple Grove Menard’s store exhibited the most rude, condescending and incompetent behavior over the past two days.

I was in the store twice and my contractor once to schedule delivery and pay for ~$2,000 in materials… which were never delivered today. I called 2 times and never got callbacks to check on the status of the delivery until I had a crew of contractors waiting around. Finally I dealt with the store manager who informed me that I never paid for delivery despite multiple times making sure that everything was taken care of. The building desk told me as I took the invoice to pay that everything was scheduled for delivery on Saturday. The store manager tells me that it is a communication breakdown that is my fault for not paying the delivery fee, which was never mentioned in any of 3 visits. Finally, he said that all of the issues were between the contractor and me before hanging up on me and telling me that it is my fault that I didn’t get the delivery– because nobody in his store followed a process to bill a delivery or to tell me that there was a delivery fee or to return phone calls with common courtesy. Keep in mind that I have a written delivery time and was told by staff that it woulddbe delivered and everything was taken care of.

Icing on the cake is that my other painting project involved them matching a Dutchboy paint, which I gave them the old container of and the mixing formula. They mixed it to the wrong shade with all different numbers entered into the formula. Shame on me for not making sure their staff understands numbers. In both of these cases, it is apparent that I need to do Menards staff’s job for them because they are not competent to do them and exhibit no accountability nor exhibit any empathy for their customers.

You’ve pushed two projects back by a day, and possibly a week through incompetence.

I’m amazed that you empower your store managers to take absolutely zero accountability.

I’ve been a 20-year Menards customer, given plenty of leeway and preference for a midwest company, but unless there is some restitution for this, I will only cherrypick your offers and take my profitable business to Home Depot, Lowe’s and my local Ace Hardware.

I look forward to hearing from your corporate office.


Jeremy Wilson May 26, 2015 at 7:13 pm

Just read your cruddy experience, I was just wondering if corperate ever replied to you. I had a bad experience and made my feelings known as well… Hope things turn out.


Robert Fleming April 24, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I live in Rolla, Missouri. For several years we have been receiving, on average, two or three direct mail pieces from Menard’s every week. These are very large newsprint circulars … lots of pages … lots of trees used.

The problem is we don’t have a Menard’s remotely close to us … more than 100 miles away. I think they are finally building one in Sullivan, Missouri … 35 miles from here.

I think you have needlessly wasted a lot of trees saturating Rolla with all this direct mail for the past several years. I know the owner is a rich man, but our environment is a finite resource that should not be treated with such disrespect. On the other hand, this is a free country … and using the postal service does keep folks employed.

Oh well …. that is my rant.

Thanks for the comment forum.

Robert Fleming
PS – I called your corporate office and was hung up on twice by the Public Relations Department … real nice.


Thomas J Breese Jr April 24, 2015 at 10:04 am

For the most part, I have done business with Menards for many years and I have never ran into any problems. The service has been very good next to other construction supply companies. I am writing this because I would hate for future customers to run into the same problems I have in purchasing countertops. You really need to read this to fully understand how much you the customer will bare the responsibility when something goes wrong with your order.

The first week of April, I go to my local Menards store in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was a good time to do home remodels and I decided I would update my countertops and add a new matching bar to one of my walls. I did all my homework, took measurements based on the measurement tips they provided. Everything looked great. This was my first time ordering countertops, especially quartz countertops, so I felt I had all the information I needed.

I sat down with the salesman at the store, although he seemed preoccupied with something, and acted like he did not want to talk to me. I gave him all my measurements for the counters and the bar top. I told him I wanted the smooth double rounded edging on all open counters and bar tops facing the kitchen or anywhere people would be interacting with the counters. He told me the counters would all have double rounded smooth surfaces on anything facing people and it was a profile the countertop fabricator did by default. In other words, the flat surfaces faced the wall or where the oven range went in. I also told him I wanted the bar to have double rounded smooth surfaces on all three sides facing the public and only a smooth surface facing the wall. It appeared he put it all in correctly (at least for the estimate).

After reading the estimate, I told him to pull the trigger on the order as everything looked in order. He did and he handed me a contract to look at and sign. I read through the contract and all the measurements looked correct, the double rounded profiled looked fine and so forth. I was more focused on the placement of the oven range, the measurements of the sink and how everything aligned with my cabinets. It all looked perfect.

Three weeks later I get the order. Guess what? The measurements were perfect, the placement of the ovenrange and the countertops were perfect. Somehow in the scheme of things the bar top was totally screwed up. The measurements were correct (44 inches both ways). It had three flat surfaces and only one side was double rounded. I thought to myself, why would any qualified person not had ensured (along with me) that the 3 sides facing the public would be double rounded just like the cabinets. Why on earth would only one side have a double rounded edge? Two of the flat surface sides were polished like the double rounded side (but flat like they went against a wall). Why? I explained this to the salesman and brought it up several times. He said all the public facing edges would be double rounded. When you look at the contract, it just said they had three polished sides.

So, I call Menards immediately and told them about the mistake. They simply did not care. They took no responsibility. Instead, it was on me. It was all my fault I did not read their contract carefully enough to find the mistake. I was supposed to be the expert (instead of the salesman) to determine that two sides of the bar had “profile” unchecked. Would any of you be looking for that specifically if you did not know that much about particular industry terminology when you are told “all public facing edges with be double rounded”? Come on. I was at Menards last week ordering windows and found two mistakes the window salesman made before I place my order for windows. Thank God, I knew a little more about windows or I would have been stuck with that one too.

What I am seeing from Menards is they now hide behind the “contract”. It no longer matters about the quality or expertise of the salesman. You can have the worst salesman or someone who knows nothing about what you are ordering and it is entirely “your fault”, even if you cannot break out all the detail of the contract (yourself) or get clear advice from the salesman. Even when I asked the salesman about my contract, he gave me bad information about the interpretation of it and it is “still my fault”. Do we now have to go and get attorneys to look at our Menard’s orders before we sign on the dotted line? They would not even meet me half way or bare part of the blame. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen, especially when I spent a lot of hard earned money on the bar top. Their department manager, Craig, had no mercy and neither did the store manager. The word of their staff means more to them than their faithful customers.


Nico Wong April 22, 2015 at 10:09 pm

We are manufacturer of aluminium composite panel which can be used in indoor and outdoor usage, and I will send you more information after you reply me by email.

Thank you.


Susanne Lieske April 22, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I have been a customer of Menards for a very long time, many years, and have looked forward to the 2% rebate check, which I would receive at the end of each year.

This year a new policy was initiated whereby 2% rebates checks will be issued quarterly. The amount must be greater than $5.00 to be issued. I get that. It’s not cost effective to mail a rebate check for less than $5.00. However, what I don’t understand is why my quarterly 2% rebate can’t rollover until I have earned over $5.00.

Being am a loyal “but small” purchase customer, I lose out on the 2% rebate. This is very disappointing.

The yearly 2% rebate worked great for us little purchasers. Could your new policy be revised to enclosed us with a yearly 2% rebate check? We are purchasing every month and that should account for something.

I await your reply and thank you for hearing my views/concerns about your new policy. I hope something can be changed to include everyone who purchases and uses their Menard’s credit card.

Sincerely, Susanne


Holly April 20, 2015 at 2:27 pm

I just mailed the following letter to Mr. Menard.

Dear Mr. Menard,

I am writing to strongly suggest that you revise your special order processes. In the past few months my we have ordered a free standing linen closet, bathroom vanity cabinet, vanity sink top, and tile for a bathroom renovation. We were told the cabinets might take a while as they were custom. What took a long time was the vanity sink top which finally made an appearance late last week. Each time we went to pick up our special order, once we were waited on it was a half hour or more before our order was located. Sometimes it was out on the floor and other times it was where it was supposed to be, but overlooked. Yesterday, my husband located the item for the staff….someone had put a large item at the beginning of the bin and the staff didn’t realize there was a second row behind it. Instead of trying to have alphabetic bins, why don’t you give bins numbers and relate the bin number to the item for easy location? Staff are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off while the number of customers waiting increases. There isn’t enough parking around door #10 for all of them.

Today was the worst of my experiences. I placed an online reorder of our original tile order. It seemed to sit in Plano, Illinois for quite some time and then suddenly it was delivered last night. I went this morning to pick it up. It was found right away and I was the only customer. I was thinking it was my lucky day. However, when it was brought to the car, I knew immediately that it was not right. The boxes were much thinner than the original order and the packaging completely different. I had the associate open the box. Instead of Verde Forest (a green treelike marble with multicolored veining), the tiles were white marble with black veining…NOT EVEN CLOSE. They called the floor manager who verified that the tiles should have been Verde Forest. So, I was taken to the customer service area, a process involving me, my credit card, a re-stock override, and a new order with transfer of the funds, to reorder the same tile I ordered in the first place. This process should not have involved me at all. The loading dock should have checked the item against the order and returned it without me ever knowing it was in. So…now I wait yet again for Menards to consider delivering the right item. The best I can say is that the floor manager was helpful and apologetic. I believe that this type of thing is happening quite a bit.

Once this order is complete, I am not sure how often I will shop at Menards. I drove past two Lowes and a Home Depot because my husband wanted to use your store. Next time I will put my foot down and remind him of our experience. If things don’t change, you will find yourselves without any customers and out of the market altogether.


Autumn McMillen April 19, 2015 at 9:41 am

I visited the Grand Island Menards last week. I walked up to the guard shack to find out where more staples were when I felt something fall on my head. I put my hand up and found 2 maggots on my head. I asked the guard where they can from and she informed me that there were dead pigeons up in the roof from employees shooting them and leaving them there. I asked why they aren’t being cleaned up and was told I don’t know. First it is upsetting to hear your employees are being paid for animal cruelty. Second, its upsetting to have maggots falling in my hair. This is very disgusting and I’d lime to know if this will be taken care of.


Kim Wagoner June 24, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Autumn, your post was enlightening as to the mindset of Menards. I just found out that the Store Manager in Lebanon Indiana is also having birds shot in the garden center. Apparently this is common practice. I wish something could be done about this. I get no response from Menard’s. Sorry to hear about your experience.


jamee April 18, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I went to Menards in Terre Haute today and purchased $400 dollars in counter top. One of the pieces was broke and the store manager did not care if I had 45 minute drive back to the store. We spend over 100,000 a year at this location and have had on going problems we run a business so the customer said they would never shop there again either. All I wanted was Bill Tegler the store manager to say let us bring u another one or can I do something to make it right. Instead he informed me that we may have broke it and we should inspect items better before we leave the store. I think he has no management skills at all and I won’t be back


Marilyn April 17, 2015 at 9:36 am

I am an female Afro-American Senior who recently bought some products at my local Menards Store in Fairfield Township, Ohio and I was very insulted by a young Caucasian female, who assisted me when I returned one of the products I bought. I am very disturbed by Caitylnn’s unprofessional approach and insulting words to me. My husband and I have been loyal customers at Menards in Cincinnati and Fairfield Ohio for year’s. We have spent large sum’s of money at Menards and the recent service by Caitylnn has made me question the experience and training of their employee’s and whether I will shop there again. On April 13th, 2015 I bought a container of Rose food/fertilizer at 4:08p.m. I realized that I needed a larger size and returned to Menards for a refund at 4:49pm. It takes 34 minutes round trip from my house to Menards. I went to the service desk and unfortunately, I was assisted by Caitylnn, who asked why I was returning the item, I told her I had bought the wrong size and that I had just purchased it around 40 minutes ago. Caitylnn gave me a questionable look, not looking at the time on the receipt I gave her, but struggled to open the container, then Caitylnn looked in the container and had the audacity to say to me “Did you use some? It looks low.” I replied ” I just bought it 40 minutes ago and if you’d check all of your rose food/fertilizer container’s they are all probably low.” There are no products completely full these days. I felt like I was being accused of buying a product, taking it home, using it and then returning it in less than an hour. I was very insulted!


James May 31, 2015 at 10:33 pm

Why are you bringing race into this? You’re just making another excuse for a pity party. If you realize d the shit retail workers have to deal with you might be better off. Be more considerate.


Becky April 16, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I had the unfortunate pleasure of visiting the Fairfield Township store in Cincinnati Ohio and if I could add I will never shop at another Menard’s ever. Thanks to the treatment I received today. I will say if Julie and her manager Alex is any representation of the type of people you hire I think the process needs to be revamped. Instead of Alex doing what a manager should and making the situation right ,which he had the power to do, he chose to simply apologize and do nothing else. Well thanks to your well skilled customer service manager (NOT), I am now a Home Depot and Lowes shopper…
Thank you Julie and Alex for showing me what Menards really thinks about their customers…


DW April 16, 2015 at 3:30 pm



ashley April 10, 2015 at 2:25 pm

I went to your Columbus store yesterday and I have to say I was highly disappointed. Not only did 9/10 employees have no clue what they were talking about, but they had 0 customer service skills. After dealing with your employees awful people skills and lack of knowledge, I get home and find two coat hooks I paid for(they are on my receipt) were not put in my bag. I called customer service today to let them know I had two items missing and not only did they not apologize for the inconvenience, they told me I had to drive 25 min back to the store to pick them up and they would “analyze the video footage” aka ACCUSING ME OF SHOPLIFTING. Like I am desperate enough to go through all this effort for $3 worth of coat hooks!! This is beyond insulting. This entire experience makes me never want to shop at your store again. Next time I will choose to support my local hardware store instead.


Deb March 30, 2015 at 11:49 am

I am so disappointed that John Menard has supported Scott Walker with millions of dollars. I do not live in Wisconsin but now Mr. Walker is running for president. I am a teacher, I do not appreciate being called: a union thug and being compared to ISIS. by Mr. Walker. John Menard, I have been a loyal customer at the local Menards near my home and I will no longer shop there. I


Andy April 2, 2015 at 8:35 pm

I agree I also am extremely disappointed in the support of $150 MILLION to Scott walker who is destroying my state. I am in the trades and used to exclusively shop there. In fact I built almost my entire home over 3000 square ft with materials mostly from Menards. I will NOT shop there any more! YOU have lost my business and as well as many of my contractor friends. That is the price for supporting Scott Walker. I am also a teacher, John Menard.


Susanne April 22, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Andy & Deb,

I am a Scott Walker supporter and have no problem with Mr. Menard’s donation to him. You have a right not to purchase any additional items at Menard’s. That’s your choice.

Those of us that feel Scott Walker is doing a great job also need to speak up. So that is what I am doing. That my choice to speak up in support of Scott Walker and continue to make purchases at Menard’s.


Garvon April 27, 2015 at 11:36 am

Union members are too often thugs, sorry if the truth hurts,

I will shop doubly hard at Menards to make up for your claims of not shopping there, If we all stopped shopping at businesses that gave donations to candidates that we disagreed with… there would be no businesses left.

The “tolerant” Left are only tolerant IF you agree with them,


jeremy May 19, 2015 at 2:18 am

Garvon is obviously dillusional.. Often union people are thugs!? Union workers were one of the major builders of our nation… And the only reason you probably make the wage you have … No unions equal poor wages, bad health insurance, and often poor and unsafe work conditions… Ask the employees at Menard’s … I have known many that quit and some that have moved up high enough to see his antiunion help books at his desk .. He would sooner burn his own store down than have a union epidemic .. The company finds ways to not give wage increases , not give bonuses , and not promote .. Millionaire also burns pallots at his mansion instead of paying to properly dispose if them.. But that’s a side note…. Bottom line is the hard working people of the USA, many of them union laid the foundation of this country and still are the backbone! Go to Pittsburgh, steel workers…. Detroit major car manufacturers…. The mines in the great state of mn … The railroad, who by the way was a major player in expansion, and is one of the few organizations with in states and governments that haven’t pissed their funds away, and probably transport Menard’s cargo..then you got Dr’s, nurses, cops, firefighters, teachers, plumbers, construction workers , pilots and of course the teamsters which everyone associates with ups , whom by the way between company and employees is one of the largest united way donaters in the country… This list is still the backbone of this country.. Unfortunately others, such as walker are running it into the ground and putting us into further debt… I am not a walker supporter obviously, but I’m not completely against all republican views… One things for certain: the government people who run our country , making six figures plus with fantastic health insurance and a guaranteed retirement fund aren’t looking out for anyone besides themselves… They take money from Mr Menard’s and others to save there jobs and get reelected… Then pass a bunch of crap to benifet those backers and companies… Ask walker about those tax breaks to three major companies in Wi …. Bottom line is union people and companies aren’t the problem… They actually are the answer.. History of the US says so.. The top 5 percent of the world who are million and billionaires may not think so… But then again some might since they are union companies… To call all the professionals listed above thugs is not only rude, and insulting, but it shows your lack of knowledge about the topic… All those positions are also middle class for the most Part… Again the hard working back bone of this country.. Not to say some none union people aren’t …. But unions had a place in economic history and are still trying to fight for workers rights and standard of living… That is what this country was based on … Unfortunately between corporate gread and government ,for the most part throwing the constitution into the fireplace…..”Obama care” its sad to see where our country is going… Bottom line sir ….. You are obviously uneducated when it comes to union employees… So the next time you talk to a teacher, police, firefighter, construction workers, drs, nurses, miners, railroad workers and the friendly ups guy make sure to tell the thugs providing you all these services thank you … If you want to see “thugs” check out the people who are drains on society costing tax payers money.. The scammers, rapists, murders etc that cost us all billions every year.. I went on here to make a complaint about a Menard’s situation and had to respond to this insanity ..

An employee at Menard’s was away from his carpet station … No problem .. I looked around in the dept. No one to be found.. No problem .. Went to another dept to have them call.. All and all this took about twenty minutes … Still not a huge problem… Guy shows up .. I say hey man just need some of this carpet … He says you will have to wait a minute! Kinda rudely. …. Kind of a problem… I notice a brown bag in hand …. I make conversatuon ..You coming back from lunch ? Or going on? He says I’m aloud lunch aren’t I !!! Rudely again.. Problem.. He sets his bag down in the station and looks at me like I am an inconvenience… He then unbuttons his pants opens his fly in front of my 60 year old mother and others and reaches everywhere to tuck in his shirt.. I said wow!! That is classy! He says I do this everyday and u r the first to say anything.. OK tommy I say after I get my carpet I will be talking to a manager .. He says I’m an assistant manager !! I say u probably shouldn’t be .. I will talk to the store manager I say. He mutters something walking by me .. I get close and say you got something to say to me ? He says get out of my grill!!! Just coyldnt hear you i said …. He pointed me to the seevice desk and i spoke to a manager all probably for not by the writings ive seen here…

Pretty thug if u ask me …

Thanks menards


Rebecca Harber March 27, 2015 at 6:48 pm

After spending close to $40,000 at the menards in sandusky ohio and doing credit card over the phone purchases the entire time, the people on duty one night must have been having a really bad day. I went to the contractors desk to have them call the guy we were working for to get his credit card info because that was the procedure the previous 2 times, and the girl there got very indignant and told me that she wasn’t a register and I would need to go to the front desk. I reminded her that she was one that had done thisfor us before and this seemed to make get even more angry. So I went to the front desk. While I was there, my husband stayed at that desk and when she told him that she wouldn’t be doing anything for him. He told her he was just waiting for me because he figured they were just going to send me back there. She again got ride with him and said that she would not be helping him. At that time he did get a little upset but did not raise his voice only said that it was rediculous that the rules were continously changing. Then am older man who also worked there looked at my husband and said “I’m just gonna walk away partner” to Shaughnessy my husband replied. “I’m not your partner. Gay men are partners. , “that’s why I said it. He said.
My husband then came over to the register where I was and told me and the manager what had taken place. As we checked out and left the manager apologized and told us to have a great night.
The next day we got a call from the police saying that we were banned from the store. So becauseI asked for the man’s name, he was afraid of losing his job and in order to curtail that he led and said that we threatened him. Amazing that this store would allow this .so we are going to launch a campaign to get all of the contractors in our area to stop shopping at menards. I’ll put a a Facebook page and start Sending out letters


Ken March 25, 2015 at 6:52 pm

I tried to order about $700 of chimney parts on-line for delivery to my CA address. Menards made it sound like my bank denied the charge so I called the bank. The bank says Menards denied the charge and here is the misleading message they provide:

We are sorry. Your payment has been declined. Please check the billing and credit card information you have entered on the order

Sounds like the bank denied the charge, right? Not according to the bank; they told me Menards denied the charge. What’s the story?


MARTI March 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm



Garvon April 27, 2015 at 11:38 am

Unions aren’t middle class, unions rob the middle class


Laurie Nicklaus March 1, 2015 at 4:00 pm

I chose Menards store in Lima, Ohio to purchase new carpet in my living room . I picked out the carpet and the employee in the flooring dept said that they have 3 carpet installers that I can call about installation or I can chose whoever I would like . For the sake of convenience I went with an installer from Menards. He installed my carpet on 1/1/15. A few days after carpet was installed I noticed major flaws in the installation like , the carpet is not stretched tight, I od course am no expert but even I could see that he can’t tighten it because he cut it wrong and if he tightens it now he will cause problems in my bedroom doorways with no longer fitting, also at the other end of hallway where he put a seam it is already coming apart, it has only been 2 months since installation. He was called and came out 2 times to look at it and attempt to fix it , his only suggestion was to hammer a nail through my new carpet and into the wood to hide the pucker in carpet . What kind of solution was that coming from someone who is supposed to be a professional. He thought it all looked fine , so I then called Menards and spoke with the manager of the store he stated that they are not responsible for problems with the installation of carpet sold by Menards. So what sort of qualifications does someone have to have to lay carpet for Menards? I don’t understand why I wasn’t told when I purchased the carpet that if there was a problem that Menards would not stand behind the installer. I am so upset, I am a single mother who worked extra hours at work to save up money for this carpet and now I am left with a mess. I am getting no help from Menards nor from the installer. The Menards manager did say( as if this helped my situation )that in talking to the installer about my complaint that they found out that this particular installer is working full time elsewhere and only doing carpet on the side which is not allowed apparently by Menards, you must be laying carpet full time so my question is how much homework did Menards do when allowing this man to put his name out there for Menards customers to hire and allow in our homes. The manager stated that they have pulled his name from their list of installers so how does that help me ?I can’t afford to order another piece of carpet to replace the one in hall way that is a disgrace and will only get worse not can I afford to hire someone else to come in to fix this installers blunder . I walked in house with my 12 year old daughter and there the installer was shirtless , how professional is that? I have attempted to contact the installer after Menards states that the have talked with him asking him to call me and make this right and he never contacted me so today I texted him and explained my problem with his job again and he stated he already came out and he states that his job was done satisfactory and there is nothing he can do for me . Well I still have to spots where it is pulled tight and it is already coming apart at the seam. Please Menards make this right. I am so disheartened because I chose Menards over and over again for my purchases ,over a competitor right across the street . If Menards chooses to not make this right , I will never set foot in your store again and I’ll tell anyone that asks exactly why I don’t.


Angie June 1, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Hi Laurie
Not sure if you ever got a reply from Menard’s but I can honestly tell you, Menard’s does not install anything. You were mislead to believe that your Menard’s has installers hired by Menard’s. I would probably believe more that the person who sold you the carpet had one of his “friends” install your carpet, which is against their policy.


Kathleen Hamernick February 24, 2015 at 4:28 pm

I went to Menards today in Valparaiso, IN; I go there every week for many of needs around my house; even though there is a Home Depot across the street; I have been supported of Menards. I went in there today to get a carpet rake; I spoke with Brenda and she acted as though I really annoyed her by asking her a question; throwing her arms up in the air; saying I don’t know; I don’t even know what it is and I said it said on line you have it in stock and she said well do you have a SKU number in a loud an annoying voice; and I said that I will go find it myself; I should have know be cause the week before; she had an issue because I asked her where carpet tape was; she kept following around the store until I found what I was looking for; I told her I no longer needed her help and to stop following me; since she clearly did not want to help me. Then I go into an isle for cleaning products and I hear this employee telling 5 other employees about our incident; I interrupt and ask her if these are her supervisors and then they all disburse and she tells me NO! but I can go get you one; I told her I can find someone myself. She proceeded to go get some one telling me to follow her which I would not and I proceeded to the check out and called for a manager myself. She came back with the same manager that another employee called for me. She wanted to hang around and I told Mark; I want to talk to him without her around; she is loud and very rude to customer. Mark apologized and ask for my name. I don’t know that I will continue to shop in this store with this person as rude as she is; I have never met anyone like her. I would think that if you don’t know something you would say I am sorry let me find out if I can find someone who knows. This is the second time she has been rude while I came in this store for help; at this rate your employees are clearing sending you customers to Home Depot across the street by being unable to help or give good advice to customers; too bad since I liked shopping there.


Sean Manuel February 22, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Hi My name Is Sean Manuel I worked at the Menards Chicago IL, North/Kostner. I was a great worker started it out as a Morning Stocker One of the good workers that always got his work done. But i was wondering I defected a box cutter out. To use to do my job yes it was a Cutter that the policy didn’t qualified but I use my cutter for many more activities I had to work on. Yes it was wrong doing of my actions but I was one of the top workers in i thought i deserve a second chance, to get suspended or just a Warning Maybe at the same Menards or different Location. I reccently applied to a different location in i was in the system as theft when Really wasn’t stealing. I was wondering do I deserve to be in the system as theft or do I deserve a chance to redeem me a career at Menards.???,, Which is one of the best jobs i had.


Jodie Epperson February 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I decided to purchase the Padre Nail Head living room set. I first went to the store on 120th and Dodge Street where I noticed they had the love seat on display. I ask to have the associate see if she could locate a sofa and chair/ottoman so I could buy a complete set.this all began on February 16th.
After much checking she was able to locate another love seat at the 72nd and L street store with a chair and ottoman at the Council Bluffs, Iowa store. I purchased 2 loveseats from the 72nd and L street store as they told me NO sofa’s available in the Omaha area.
I paid with a check. We then proceeded to Council Bluffs, where low and behold they had not only the chair and ottoman but 2 sofa’s. I purchased both the sofa and the chair and ottoman. I then called the L street store to ask about how I should return the extra love seat. the person told me to return it on Saturday the 21 of February as the check must have 6 days to post. When I went to the store on that Saturday the 21st to return the love seat and seek my money as the check cleared my bank on the 17th I was told that the store couldn’t release me the funds until the 22 on a Sunday I again went to the store to retrieve my $299 and was again told they couldn’t release the money. Now the money is out of my bank on the 17th and your holding my hard earned money for over the 6 days originally told to me.. this is not only frustrating but to the point of infuriating YOU PUT YOUR SALES PEOPLE IN A HORRIBLE POSITION TRYING TO EXPLAIN THE WHY’S OF YOUR POLICY FOR RETURNED ITEMS… HAD YOUR INVENTORY BEEN CORRECT IN THE FIRST PLACE I WOULDN’T HAVE PURCHASED THE EXTRA LOVE SEAT AND THIS PROBLEM WOULD HAVE NEVER OCCURRED I seriously hope to never deal with your company again and for 2 cents would return all of the furniture and shop elsewhere.


caroline droescher February 22, 2015 at 9:41 am

Hi my name is Caroline Droescher I put my 2 wks in 2wks ago because of alot of problems and I feel you guys should know whats going on here. I have tried talking to the GM’s Pete and Ryan and even Matt when he was there at the north platte store even my dept manager char about all these issues and it seems it just went in one ear and out the other.

First of all since firing mitch if you sent Pete to shut down the store its working. Over half the people there when mitch was there have quit. second if not you should pry be replacing him or this store will go down hill fast. I have tried going to him about receiving issues and not getting any help from them when needing doors down for guests or even straightening the doors or help stocking something heavy that I couldn’t do myself. The people that seem to be so lazy back there are Ben, zach, Austin, britton, and Dillon.

I think the people that get taken advantage of because they work they’re asses off are…julie, alex (millwork), plumbing full timer and pt timers, eileen, melvin, kent, people in receiving other than ben, zach, austin, britton, and dillon. I think amber, melenie and with training on returns front end people. If you loose these people that work really hard this place will go down hill. I have talked to guests and they refuse to go around back because they wait for hours. I see receiving team members taking taking 4+ 10 min breaks. Guests come yell at me when receiving hasn’t shown up they say “what do I have to do to get some help loading up”.

One team member never received his fork lift pay for a year because mitch and matt wouldn’t get the paperwork going when ashley was on leave and won’t get back pay for it not fair. Other people in receiving have dropped things and they haven’t lost theyre licences like doors, washer, water heaters. Janet in plumbing lies to people works with little to no people so she can get her bonus, a team member was told he’d get full time and she tells him no I don’t want you hear I don’t like men and Pete says “oh she can’t be that way” she never stays in her department and acts like she’s trying to run the store, never answers her radio or her phone. Her dept has to have the highest turn over rate none of them like working with her including me when i had worked under her she just hands you the to-do lists and POG’s and doesn’t explain anything and when you ask she makes you feel stupid. Char Nelson and Tara Erb are rumorville of north platte menards. Last tuesday when one of the managers got fired char comes back and says, “guess what I heard” and she doesn’t give her new team members a chance to learn anything she pushes them away. Tara says “maybe I shouldn’t have the new team member on my wknd”. They are going to loose a lot of people and they are very expensive living type people that only want the positions because of the money. I was getting paid 10.25 as a manager an hour and team members were getting paid more than me.

A kid dropped a bunch of pro rib and he lost his license and was told he would get a full time position in plumbing he got to plumbing she tells him, “I don’t want you here I am not giving you full time till your training is done” and never helped him complete his training. That manager would be Janet. I have taken papers up front to have them complete out or cancel orders and they don’t know how to do it. Training seems to be a very big problem at this store they don’t want to help new team members finish it and would rather just have them there to stock freight then guests get upset because those team members do not know anything. Not fair.

When I told Pete I was waiting on a job offer that was going to pay me more and better work hours and better benefits and explained to him why I was putting in my two weeks he then when to char and asked her, “do you want me to let her go today since she put in her two weeks?” Apperently he has told managers that before and even team members having issues with other team members bullying them he has also told them, “if you don’t like it there than just quit”. He has told team members I will not move you because I don’t move people more than twice and yet he has moved people like mike, and patrica maybe 5-6 times. He puts people in depts they are not happy in or don’t want to be in and then they quit. He hired a part timer for millwork and told her without talking to char that he was going to let her work her boyfriends weekend who is a manager up in building materials because he likes her that much. That manager already has 2 people on her weekend and she says the girl will work every wknd. Pete says he doesn’t micro manager and doesn’t see that certain people put in the positions they are in shouldn’t be in those positions. I am not the last person who has talked about quiting there are many more people and some are managers good managers who are leaving also. Electrical is now out both managers because one quit and one is going on leave for shoulder surgury. These GM’s just hang out and don’t put any hands on in any dept.

I am hoping he doesn’t let me go before I get my IPS check if he does I’m not going to be happy. Also I would hope I will get my managers bonus being it was for last year. I hope things get fixed at this store because I have even talked to regular shoppers and contractors who say they don’t come in here much anymore because the moral just sucks. You are loosing money here at this store and something needs to happen to fix it. Even after my 2 wks is done I will not shop there for much anymore I pretty much have everything I need for my house and will suck up what I wanted and not getting.

One of the new employee’s asked me how receiving gets away driving the fork lifts and the joes that way and I said ya pretty much. I know the GM’s have seen it and nothing seems to get done. I am also dealing with arthritis in my right wrist and left shoulder due to setting window POG’s by myself because of Rick Waller who was a manager in training at our store he didn’t have anyone help at all. Char Nelson was out for surgury and they let him in charge and changed everything char had started then when she came back she had to fix everything.


Damon Whyte February 21, 2015 at 1:36 pm

I sent your customer service a legitimate complaint about appalling service, which resulted in injury to myself, and was basically ignored. I asked to escalate the matter, and received no further response of any kind. Please provide me with an email address that I can forward this email chain to for further attention.


Holly Thoene February 16, 2015 at 12:50 pm

I would like to file a complaint about the norfolk ne store , we had bought several things from them in the last week the sales pple were great ot was the ones in the yard went to return something and two yard guys walked away from us when we asked for help had to call somebody in the store to come help second thing is we got cabinets and washer and dryer and went to the yard to get them after paying for them had to again call the store to get somebody to help us couple days later we bought privacy fence went to the yard to get it they couldn’t find it my husband and my one year old sat in the truck waiting two hours still couldn’t find it it was freezing out that day so they left and they called us two hours later saying they found it we go get it didnt get an apology or nothing i talked to the manager that was there that night she had nothing to say, we dont live in norfolk we live an hour away so for us to have to wait that long and not get home until 11 is rediculous the yard pple should be in the yard doing there job regardless ifit is cold or hot out would like something done we wonwon’t go back there for anything if something dosent get done


Holly Thoene February 16, 2015 at 12:52 pm

If u could call me at 402 640 XXXX that would be great the sooner the better


Howard Hanson February 12, 2015 at 10:12 pm

I shop at Menards in Cambridge and Forest Lake, and have no complaints .
My question is that I am so pleased with the associates, that I was wondering if it is ok to tip them? Please let me know!


Jeremy February 6, 2015 at 3:36 pm

On 02/06/2015..@ 1231pm me and my wife wer Checking out after seeing her aunt dorinda hogan, her aunt works at menards and abused her power of authority due to the facts that she does not like me and is angry with my wife ,she was talking on radio with security and he was taking down our plate number n I asked him what his problem was and hehe stated rudely none of my business, Said yes it is its our car which makes it our business and to stop being rude he continued talking on radio to dorinda and ppolice saying we wer Checking gets in our we started to leave menards parking lot he started running at us and we continued driving a cop plucked in as we left and we continuedsay him talk to cop n cop then came behind us and pulled us over and said that menards employees dorinda and other guy stated the complaint was mesh manufacturing chemicals were bought to make meth..we have receipt and our list is as follows-rotary bit set, garbage bags, scrub brush, summer breeze/meadow scent, oxiclean,2-LEMONADE, PLEDGE WIPES, VASELINE jelly, FM transmitter for car, acetone /clean paintbrushes after painting..after the search and public embarrassment and being harassed by menards employee’s , I personally would appreciate immediate action be taken along with compensation for the gas, time being publicly embarrassed/harassed by menards employee’s, along with rude conduct and mistreatment by your employees.I am completely disquisted .my phone is (651)380-3373.thank you and I hope we can work together in resolving this issue immediately..
Sincere Regards,
Jeremy Haas.


Julie Creamer February 2, 2015 at 9:14 am

I have to drive 60 miles to go to my “local” Menards. I have been attracted to some of the products in the store because of the rebates listed on the product. I purchased several in March of 2014. I have never received the rebate and when I purchased 490.00 of goods under the 11% rebate on Saturday, the store verified that I never was put in the rebate system. I understand the business, and I know that Menards uses a company to process rebates so that they can use a 50% allowance for rebates and not give customers real discounts. My rebate from my Saturday’s purchase is 52.00 and I have all the proper documents to receive. IF I DO NOT GET REBATE…LAST TRIP TO MENARDS…


Samuel Williams Sr. January 27, 2015 at 12:12 pm

125 73rd Street
South Haven, MI 49090

To: CEO: John Menard, Jr.
Hello Mr. Menard, Jr. I have read your return policy. But maybe your people need to reread the return policy. I have my receipt for three 32X14 glass block panel stock # 4057264. I have tried returning them within the ninety days period with no success. The Items was purchase on my debit card do to bank hackers I no longer own that card. My debit card is a form of currency that purchases these panels not in – store credit. I would like to return these panels back to Menards in South Haven and retrieve my money back in cash form or check. That is a type of currency my cell # (269) 861-**** looking to hear from you or Scott Collette within 24 hours your policy from Beth Scotts’ assistance.

Thank you
Samuel Williams Sr.


Darla Woods January 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Very unhappy with Menards goods & services. We are in the middle of finishing our basement. Even though there are two other home improvement stores in our town, we chose Menards. We purchased a bathroom vanity, tub and shower unit and much more. When we opened the shower unit, it had clearly been damaged by a fork lift and we had to go to the time and trouble to return it. A week later our vanity we ordered was ready for pick up, we got it home only to discover that it too had been damaged. A corner piece of the marble top was chipped away. When I called last week regarding the shower, the phone rang and rang and rang and no one picked up. We took the shower to the store and went to customer service. We told her that we had TRIED to call in and she could care less, in fact her only response was “well we are busy”. Today when I called to report the damage on the vanity and to ask if they could get me another one, I was told by the manager that the item was not available and he didn’t know when it would be, but that he was certain that it would be the end of February or even March before they could get any more in. I expressed my disappointment with Menards and the previous trouble we have had with their merchandise and he didn’t seem to really care. In a small town, with a Lowes, and a Home Depot just down the street I would think that Menards would want to keep me as a valuable returning customer, but evidentially NOT. So, Now I get to go to the trouble of returning the vanity, shopping for another one and having to wait some more. I will however, be shopping at their competitors. AND when we need more products to finish off our basement, we will also be spending our money elsewhere. Too bad Menards, you are losing out on thousands of dollars!!


Dan January 22, 2015 at 2:35 pm

I’ll make it short and sweet. Menards doesn’t care about it’s customers. It doesn’t care about customer service. It only cares abou cheap prices and their profit/ loss statement. Manager at home office show this by refusing to talk to customers and making customers go through Better business bureau or lawyers before they act and try to ” resolve” customer complaints. But they won’t talk to you like your a human being. Pretty sad. And they still have false return policies hanging in their store. Even after being contacted about this. They are out to protect their market share and money. Nothing more. Nothing less. Think you matter to them? Try talking to a manager about a concern in corporate office. It won’t happen. What an absolutely sad excuse for a company!!


Diana Phelps January 21, 2015 at 12:34 pm

I purchased over $1,550 at Menards on 12/27/14. One of the items was a sectional couch – we picked it up – Menards gave us the WRONG pieces. This was brought to their attention – I don’t understand why it was OUR responsibility to return the item when they were in error by loading it on our truck. We had to rent a truck to haul the items, then they wouldn’t even come pick up the items that they gave us that were incorrect. I don’t understand this sort of customer service. When I contacted Customer Service about this, “RAY” replied “WE ARE CASH AND CARRY AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSURE YOUR PURCHASE IS SUITABLE FOR YOUR NEEDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE PREMISES”. SERIOUSLY? Wouldn’t one think it is the store’s responsibility to load the correct merchandise? The merchandise was wrapped in cardboard and plastic – am I to open it to make sure they put the correct item on the truck? I’m totally disappointed with them. From what his email said, if you buy anything from Menards, open it, plug it in, check it out because “Its your responsibility to assure your purchase is suitable for your needs before leaving the premises”. I even requested a manager contact me – it never happened. I’ve requested phone numbers from “RAY” to call, the reply to that was “We are strictly email”? Really?


colette ritter January 21, 2015 at 6:08 am

Menard’s treats their employee’s bad. My husband has worked for the company for year’s and has made many sacrifices at our famliy’s expense. His store got told at the last minute that their store wasn’t going to make profit sharing, which is a big part of his annual income. But in November their profit and loss statement showedthat the store made John Menard $1 million in profit after everything was paid. The financial ramifications will effect our family of 5 for years. I work outside the home just for health insurance because the insurance menard’s offersit’s ememployee’s is simply not affordable. As you can see John Menard doesn’t care about his people. So if you get bad service. ..cut the employees some slack. Horrible company to work for.


Brenda Peech January 18, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I love Menards, but can’t go as much as I would like. I was there yesterday I saw the moible cart, I thought I’d be able to stay and shop, but a man got there 1 minute before I did. So I tried to walk with a push cart couldn’t very far, so I started to go check out and the man left the ride cart so I went to get it . After I did there was a woman that just looked at me. A few minutes later I saw her with an old man standing beside her she, she was getting it for her. I felt so bad , If I didn’t need it I would have gave it to him, but with my legs I can’t walk far P.A.D. and last Feb, I fell and broke my right ankle in 3 places and it’s still swollen and hurts.
So I know you or any other store doesn’t want that and then someone to sue. So I hope you put more cart’s in the store . I’m in Owensboro, Kentucky there’s so many people that needs one . Please think about it. Thank You


Glenn March 21, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I CONCUR!!! Not enough motor carts. I drive across town and shop at Lowe’s. They don’t want the handicapped business. They do the minimum under laws and no more.


Phillip S. Polen January 17, 2015 at 11:46 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have a complaint or maybe it’s just an issue that needs a policy change. Any way this is my what happen tonight in your store at Forsyth Illinois. My name is Phillip Polen, I have been a good customer at this story for over two years and have spent several thousand dollars at this location as I am sure you can verify.

I was with my wife shopping this evening and saw a Christmas tree on sale, as Christmas is over it was on sale 50% off and we needed a new tree and I decided to buy it. I took the tag off of the tree and took it to the front counter to make sure that it was being sold with the lights and ornaments, The Assistant manager (Paul Bomstad) told me it was.

It was around 4:30 pm and I live in Clinton Illinois about half an hour away. I was driving my BMW and had no way to take it home that evening. I wanted to pay for it and come back early Sunday morning and in my pickup truck to pick it up. Mr Bomstad told me that would not be possible the only way I could buy the tree was to take it at that time or I could come back in the morning and if it was still there I could buy it then and take it with me.

I ask Mr. Bomstad if he could just set it in the back or just leave it where it was setting until in the morning since I was paying for it tonight. He said NO….. the reason he gave me was that lots of people paid for thing and never came back to get them ?????? I am still trying to understand that statement…

I always work with the Manager (Mark) but he was not there. Maybe I am wrong but I believe Mark would have probably took the payment for two reasons. 1st the tree is ten feet tall and not many homes have ceiling that tall and 2nd I am a good customer. People that get promoted to store managers understand people and have common since.
Mr. Bomstad was not rude but nor was he nice… just like most people that never become top managers just unconcerned and very much to the point. I have been self employed for over forty years and have over eight employs with four managers. I would advise you to keep a close eye on Mr. Bomstad, he is not a people person and if the truth were known I would bet most of the people that work under him do not respect him.


Phillip S. Polen


Troy Lichtenberg January 17, 2015 at 10:18 am

To whom this may concern
My name is Troy Lichtenberg and I am a employee at the Fremont Nebraska store. I know that for every holiday, birthday and anniversary you send out something. Since I have started which was in July of 2014 I have not received anything. My address is the following
Troy Lichtenberg
*** West Main Street
Cedar Bluffs NE 68015


Shirley Roth January 13, 2015 at 10:24 am

I was in your store in Columbia Mo. Saturday night to purchase one of the heaters that had been advertised on tv. We drove 40 miles to this store asked about the heaters and was told they were sold out. I asked if they were substituting any other heater and was told no, should have called first. True but I didn’t need to told that in the tone I was told, I said ok and went on shopping. Another employee was setting up the sale ad for the next day and it was the windshield wipers that we was interested in, he told us that as long as the sign was on the item they would honor the sale price. We went to the saw blades and asked where a certain one was located, that employee told us they were on sale the next day and couldn’t get them till then, when we did finally find them on our own the sale sign was up so we did go ahead and get some. Shop towels same thing. We get to the register and they didn’t ring up the sale price because the sale hadn’t actually started and we asked the cashier about the price and told him what the employee on the floor told us about honoring the price, he called the sup over and she was the most rude person in the building!!!!!!!! She informed us that the sale hadn’t started but they would go ahead and give us that pricing but you would have thought we had ask to rob fort knox of something. I asked to talk to a manager and she informed me she was the manager. We got home and the prices she put in was wrong. We drive to that store a lot and usually the people working are more than helpful, but that night had me very upset, I didn’t go looking for the sale items but since we were there and was told they would honor if the sign was up we took advantage. I don’t like being treated the way we were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Meyer January 11, 2015 at 8:21 am

I was in your Menards store at 5105 Integrity Drive Grand Chute Wi. on Saturday Jan. 10th 2015. I had seen a mattress that was a display model on sale. It was dirty and it would have needed to be steamed cleaned. I also looked at the same exact mattress and discovered that the brand new mattress was only 20 dollars more. I then asked one of your sales associates if he could give me a deal. I offered to purchase the display mattress which was filthy for 480.00 which was the price, if they would throw in the box spring. I also pointed out that it was only 20 dollars cheaper and it would cost more than that to have it cleaned. At first he said that he would have to ask the manager if he could make that deal. Then he said “My manager is too busy right now and wouldn’t have time for my question.” I told him to go and ask anyway. (Thinking this manager would WANT to have a purchase made” When the sales associate returned he said to me “My manager said absolutely not!” and turned around and walked away from me as fast as he could. I decided right then and there that Menards doesn’t care about making any sales. So you may want to contact your sales manager at Grand Chute Menards and thank him. I went to Sears Outlet store in Appleton and purchased the same mattress (only clean) and it wasn’t just one mattress it was two… When I am to purchase my stove, frig, and washer and dryer, I will remember how management at Menards treated me and I will go to Sears. Thank you for your time.


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