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Lowe's Corporate Office Address

Lowe's Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117

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Phone Number: (704) 758-1000
Fax Number: (704) 758-4766
Website: http://www.lowes.com
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CEO: Robert A. Niblock
CFO: Robert F. Hull Jr.
COO: Rick D. Damron

Lowe's History

Lowe’s was originally founded in 1921 by Lucious Lowe in the form of Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware in Wilkesboro, NC.  Lucious died in 1940 and the business was inherited by his daugher, Ruth.  Ruth sold the business to her brother Jim the same year.  Jim and Ruth’s husband, Carl Buchan, became partners in the venture after serving in World War II (1943).  Under Carl’s leadership, the store prospered.

A second location was opened in Sparta, NC in 1949.  Carl and Jim never saw eye-to-eye on many things and made a split in 1952.  Carl became the sole owner of Lowe’s.

Under Carl, the business expanded rapidly, opening 3 additional stores in Asheville, Charlotte and Durham in 1955.  The company continued to expand during the rest of the 1950′s.

Carl died in 1960.  His 5 man executive team decided to take Lowe’s public in 1961.  By 1962, there were 21 locations.

Lowe’s continued to expand and today has over 1700 stores in the US and is also expanding into Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Lowe’s is currently the second largest hardware retailer in the US behind Home Depot.  Their corporate office is located in Mooresville, NC.

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Jerry Jacobs February 25, 2015 at 11:53 am

On 10/11/14 I contracted with Lowe’s in Jackson, Tennessee on Vann drive for a patio door installed. A month later it arrived and was installed incorrectly and another piece had to be ordered which required another long wait. I contacted BBB about the poor service and Lowe’s ordered another door, which was not needed. Other problems surfaced and after the right installer worked on it, the job was completed this month. Four months after they took my money! Management at the store said they would adjust the cost for my troubles. I had to make at least a dozen trips to the house (rental house) and my renter became disgruntled about the cold floor around the door (50 Degrees at the door and 60 degrees two feet from it with a draft at the bottom of the door. The compensation amounted to about half the cost of installation. Needless to say I am sorely disappointed with the installation of the door and the run-around from Lowe’s. In the past I have bought a house full of Pella windows, two refrigerators, one freezer, several truck loads of nursery items, tile for a bathroom shower, two new roofs for my house, two garage door openings two, hot water heaters, and many other miscellaneous items. I consider it an insult to be offered a 20% discount for my troubles. I do not feel like I am appreciated by Lowe’s anymore. Thank you for making it possible for me to air my griefs.


Justin Lawson February 23, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Do your research when buying appliances….Lowes is 233% higher than Home Depot on installation for refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, over range microwave.

Installation prices:

Lowes – no charge
Home Depot – no charge

Gas Range
Lowes – $145.00
Home Depot – $19.99

Lowes – $125.00
Home Depot – $79.00

Lowes – $144.00
Home Depot – $79.00

Lowes $414.00
Home Depot – $177.99

Choose wisely…..


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