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Lowe's Corporate Office Address

Lowe's Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117

Contact Lowe's

Phone Number: (704) 758-1000
Fax Number: (704) 758-4766
Website: http://www.lowes.com
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CEO: Robert A. Niblock
CFO: Robert F. Hull Jr.
COO: Rick D. Damron

Lowe's History

Lowe’s was originally founded in 1921 by Lucious Lowe in the form of Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware in Wilkesboro, NC.  Lucious died in 1940 and the business was inherited by his daugher, Ruth.  Ruth sold the business to her brother Jim the same year.  Jim and Ruth’s husband, Carl Buchan, became partners in the venture after serving in World War II (1943).  Under Carl’s leadership, the store prospered.

A second location was opened in Sparta, NC in 1949.  Carl and Jim never saw eye-to-eye on many things and made a split in 1952.  Carl became the sole owner of Lowe’s.

Under Carl, the business expanded rapidly, opening 3 additional stores in Asheville, Charlotte and Durham in 1955.  The company continued to expand during the rest of the 1950′s.

Carl died in 1960.  His 5 man executive team decided to take Lowe’s public in 1961.  By 1962, there were 21 locations.

Lowe’s continued to expand and today has over 1700 stores in the US and is also expanding into Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Lowe’s is currently the second largest hardware retailer in the US behind Home Depot.  Their corporate office is located in Mooresville, NC.

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Dave September 29, 2015 at 6:04 pm

HORRIBLE COMPANY. Advertise appliance specials and when you attempt to purchase your given a 2-3 month delivery time due to quote” COMPANY HAS TO SEND IT TO US”. REALLY? Why the hell you advertise it then? You do not have it, that’s a form of fraud. I paid off the damn card and to hell with them. More companies available.
Kiss it LOWES……………………


Sharon Burrier September 24, 2015 at 2:08 pm

We purchased a French door refrigerator, stove, upright freezer, washer, dryer, and riding lawn mower last month. One week ago we had the stove, freezer, and refrigerator delivered. The refrigerator was not level and there was over a half an inch difference between the height of the doors. They were not closing properly. This is how they were left. My husband told the delivery guy it wasn’t right and he said, he did not know how to install the doors properly and he left. Upon looking more closely, my husband found a screw out of the door broken and kicked under the refrigerator. We called our local Lowes in New Philadelphia Ohio were the appliances were purchased. The lady we bought them from, ordered us a new refrigerator. I am not paying $2400.00 for a broken door that will not be warranted. The refrigerator was delivered yesterday. The delivery guy, Nick showed up and tried to tell us the other refrigerator could just be fixed. I asked why it was left that way to begin with. He said Lowes does not train their employees and they do not give them proper tools to use. He said, its not his fault and it was going to take too long to bring the new refrigerator in. He said, the same thing would just happen again!! My husband told him that he believes the screw was broken on the door because it was stripped. Nick all but told my husband he was stupid and didn’t know what he was talking about. At that point, I let this disrespectful young man know that my husband has been running his own construction company for over 30 years and we have trained many employees over the years. We would never have allowed any of them to treat our customers with such disrespect!! I said in no uncertain terms I want the new refrigerator installed and installed properly! He said, well, it will happen again and it will be a long installation!! I said, if it happens again, I will again ask for another refrigerator. He stormed out, brought in the new refrigerator, slammed things around, and had no clue how to install the doors!! My husband asked, May I show you something? He then proceeded to show him how to use the screws without breaking them. The other delivery guy, Benny, who was wonderful, said hey, thanks!! I have learned something new today!! That’s great!! Nick walked out, never said a word and went out and sat in the Lowes truck for the rest of the time Benny finished the installation. (aprox. 30 minutes) I was afraid of Nick. He continuously glared at me and raised his voice at us. No customer should be treated this way. I called our Lowes manager. Although, he was nice, his problem resolution was to say, IF you ever patronize our store again, let me know and I will make sure Nick is not your delivery guy. That was it!!! I am very disappointed!!! Not even a sorry!!!


Mike September 14, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I was told i was an hour late 2 days in a row
Back in July. They fired me today two months later. The environment I worked in felt hopeless like we were set up to fail. Three years out of the army and the closest I came to suicide was while working for you guys. Alos I really appreciate you guys waiting till now to do it. Now i get to try to get my unemployment set up in time to be able to pay my first months rent on the apartment I haven’t even moved into yet. Thanks Lowes your doing your best to add to the veteran suicide and homlessness statistics.


Marcus Trayvon September 13, 2015 at 9:09 pm

Attention everyone beware this store in Hamilton NJ, the store number in 1046 located on route 130 in Hamilton NJ this Manager name Emma is really rude and “RACIST” I tried to purchase a Generator but just because I am Black the way she was talking to me you can tell it is because of my color that she did not believe that I could afford such expensive item. The worst part, after the really bad service provided by heron my way out. I heard her talking with another coworker and said the word “NEGRO” I begging everyone, all my black folks don’t go there, do not purchase there. The management team over there is really RACIST, especially for the one call Emma. I will file a law suit against this company. I recorded everything on my phone. The whole conversation.


Karl September 11, 2015 at 2:17 pm

This company is run and operated by robots. Most uncaring and unsympathetic assholes you have ever met. i will never shop here hope you do the same. They do not treat their employees like people .


Paul Hopkins August 17, 2015 at 8:13 pm

I purchased two Reliabilt French door at over 1700$ each… Reliabilt has never recognized the problems with them… The local Lowes replaced the first one and after 15 months I am still trying to get something done about the second one… The doors were prepainted and after a few months the paint started peeling off the brick moulding and door casing… The Lowes in Pikeville Ky has filled out 3 warranty forms, called Reliabilt while I was in the store and finally got a local rep to come out and look at the problem, but still nothing…. I have probably purchased over 20 doors from Lowes and most were Reliabilt, but never ever again.. I will never use or recommend another Reliabilt product…..


BARBARA CANTRELL August 17, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I wrote the following message to send to Lowe’s but after reading some of the other comments, I realized this is a company that has absolutely no moral compass nor cares about anything other than the bottom line, Looking back, I remember they were one of the first companies to try to change Christmas trees to “Holiday trees” Give me a break!!. I too have had family given the “big talk” before being employed. They saw the way the wind was blowing and were smart enough to get out after only a few weeks. I used to enjoy shopping this store (next to Hobby Lobby, it was my favorite) but I think I may have to drive the 60 miles to a home depot for any large purchases now. I might pick up a drill bit or a pack of screws on occasion. All I can say is GOD doesn’t like ugly and he will have his way. See below for my horror story.
On Thursday afternoon, Aug 6, my husband and I were in the local Lowe’s, Columbus, MS shopping for items to do some home maintenance and repair.
We had already picked a few items which the location was familiar and then went on over to the lumber department. There were several items we located and between the two of us,were able to load onto the cart. We were having trouble locating any associate for assistance. We are both retired but my husband, although in fair health, is currently having some issues with blood pressure and this causes some periods of dizziness and brief periods of weakness. We went on up to the cut board lengths as we needed 8 – 10 1 x 6 x 10′s. Unfortunately these were on an upper shelf which made the retrieve and load a bit cumbersome. I noticed a store associate at the end of the isle looking in our direction several times and was wondering why an offer of assistance was not made. He just kept looking and then walked away. I told my husband, after about 4 boards to hold on, I was going for help. There just seemed to be no one around that day. I found the associate at the register just talking and asked if he could come help us. I later figured out he was hesitant to help us as it was right at 4:00, his getting off time and he didn’t want to be “stuck” with a customer. I will get to that in a few sentences. He did help with the last board!!. We needed paint and the porch /deck restorer so we headed for the paint department. I kept waiting for someone to come so my husband suggested he go and get the stuff we already had paid for and loaded on the truck. I waited a bit more and then wen to the service deck to have someone paged to paint. This was when I saw the associate from lumber with his lunch pail clocking out so I figured correctly on why help was not offered, but rather had to ask. The page went out but after 10 more minutes no one had showed: I asked for another page. It was ot until my husband had came back, went to one of the registers and asked for help in paint that after another 5-6 min someone finally came. It was now 20 min after we had got to the dept and had been waiting. An associate came and the first thing she tells us is she is working 2 depts. and really doesn’t know much about the paints but is having to fill in.( First mistake!) That is a sad story but it was not my problem and she was not supposed to make it mine!!! By this time, I was really a bit perturbed. I had never had a bad shopping experience at Lowe’s; everyone has always been so friendly and helpful. I have always has someone, where ever I was in the store to come by and offer help; to see if we were finding everything ok. I would expect attitudes at Wal-Mart maybe but not at Lowe’s so this experience was so totally out of the blue!!

We were finally able to get my paint matched THANKS to an associate that came in early, was supposed to be in Flooring but came to help re the issue we were having getting the paint matched for the 10X restore. To her credit, she thought out of the box, entered the formula manually and the color came out perfect!!! Kudos to that associate whose patience was above and beyond! The first associate that had came over told they would not be able to fill our request because the base was not the right one. Her words actually were “we can’t make this cuz it isn’t the right base for what you want!” (Second mistake) , a good associate NEVER uses the word “can’t”. The associate that was ablea to help us was top notch. I am just so sorry I did not get here name as she was awesome.

Finally, by the time we was able to check out (it was 5:00 by now) it was pouring down rain!!. We got the cart out side and my husband got the truck, fortunately it was parked close in the handicap as I am still recovering from a total knee replacement, (makes walking over 200- 300 feet painful), a kidney stone procedure and have a painful spur in my left knee. We had the bucket of restore, bucket of paint and some other items but between us we got them loaded. AGAIN, no offer of assistance. As we left I told my husband that had to be the most horrific experience I had EVER had at that store. SOmebody must have dropped the ball an scheduling for the day. I could not find anyone at anytime to help. It was then that He told me the whole topper to our shopping trip. When he went to load the lumber while I waited in the paint, he got the truck under the canopy, (thankfully there was one, as it was raining hard) and started loading the lumber and boards on the truck. There were three (3) associates standing off to the side taking a smoke break and NOT ONE off them offered to help him. I had previously seen several of them gathered at one of the service desk when I wen to look for help for retrieving and loading earlier..

As a result of all the lifting, and man-handling he had to do himself, my husband is now suffering from a strained back that may takes weeks to heal and because he is 73 years old, has diabetes, blood pressure problems.(he only has 60 % of his heart function as he had a triple bypass but one of the bypasses failed and stopped up again) This has most likely weakened that muscle so that he may never have the use of it as before. We went to the doctor on Wednesday following all this as his pain had gotten really severe. I know we have no legal recourse as this can be interpreted by law as a self inflicted personal injury. I majored in paralegal in college and am familiar with Torts. The assocates are under no legal responsibility to help or make offer to help. Lowe’s cannot be help legally responsible. But consider this if you will, how would you feel had this been your father and mother! We do not have the money to hire the help we need to do these repairs and maintenance. That is why we were at Lowe’s! We have to do this ourselves or it does not get done. I don’t know how long it will take for him to get better so I do not know how long before we can get the repairs done.
I called back to the store as soon as we got home and let the manager know what had taken place so there is or should be a record of it. This was before We knew my husband had injured himself. I was just so very upset at the sorry and poor customer service we had to endure on the trip that day. I am worried about how what we need to is going to get done…. I just don’t know!!.

I retired from one of the Fortune 500 companies that had a motto of
“Do what is Right, What is fair, What is Honest”! I take a great deal of pride in that and feel grateful I had the opportunity to work for such a company. If I was physically able I would still be there. They still watch our for me as a retiree.
I felt such a sense of loyalty that going above and beyond for our customers was just second nature. Can your employees say that?? Can you offere the same to your customers?

I will still shop and hope that was just a really bad off day but unfortunately, we will be paying for it for a while in more ways than money.


Mrs. Barbara Cantrell
Caledonia, MS,


Lowe's HR August 23, 2015 at 9:34 am

You should have written this novel somewhere else.


Janice Kane August 13, 2015 at 5:44 pm

What a disgrace of a business. I’ve shared my experience about my shower doors with at least 6 employees of Lowes. They installed cheap doors that I didn’t order. One door
is in danger of falling off and now that shower can not be used. They offered me a 10% discount on new doors which means I would have to to spend another $2000 for new doors.I offered to pay the difference for a better quality from a different company. They refused. They want want to have common ground as long as it is their favor. I have spent thousands of dollars a Lowes. I will never spend another penny there and will be quick to tell people to tell people of their poor business practices. I have also been in the stored numerous times to find out what can be done and no one even calls me back. Customer service is non existent Janice Kane


Sheldon Michel August 10, 2015 at 11:37 am

Appox. 2 years ago I purchased a 5-light vanity bar item # 0590932 . Yesterday while trying to relace a bulb one of the glass globes broke . The store does not sell the exact replacement globe and gave me Portfolio phone number . Upon reaching their cutomer service I was told the globe is not available ,although the fixture is still on display in the store. In my opinion this is a bad policy. They have generic globes that would fit my fixture ,but that means that I would have to replace 5 of them so that they would all match.
This appears to be poor customer service.


Billy Peterson August 5, 2015 at 10:50 am

My truck was damaged by one of Lowes lumber carts. There was over $3,000 in Damage. Lowes offered me $500 in go away money. This was unacceptable. I filed a BBB claim and Lowes ignored it. I’m now filing a small claims court action today against Lowes. Legal action appears to be the only thing that works with Lowes.



Lowe's HR August 23, 2015 at 9:34 am

Don’t park near the lumber doors next time.


J Feder July 30, 2015 at 10:34 am

I purchased 4 major appliances from Lowes which were widely promoted as part of a GE rebate. My decision was partially based on the rebate amount.
After filing my submission online and receiving notification of its receipt, I waited, March, April, May, June, July and now August.
Each time I checked your rebate center it stated the rebate was in process. Nothing else.
I’ve called Customer Care, the Rebate Center, written to your corporate offices, and my only real response has been that the
“first” rebate was sent out and never cashed so a new one had been issued.
When will it go out – no answer ?
There is no other information.
This is the second MAJOR problem I ]ve had with Lowes this year. You were unable to deliver these same appliances in a timely fashion – and ended up costing me an additional 500$ in carpenter fees, now this.
SO far the only real response I have received from customer service was your request for the same information
you already have.
What is WRONG there?
Is this how you treat loyal customers?
Why advertise a rebate you are unable to honor in a reasonable way?
Why give your customers NO INFORMATION?
This is beyond the pall, and at this point I can only assume that you are dealing in bad faith.
Since you leave me no options, beyond not shopping with you any longer, my only recourse is to
spread the word about this – and I will, on every Facebook page and message board I can find.
This is no way to treat any customer. Now I understand why my contractors want to buy from Home Depot –
not Lowes.
Please don’t send any more apologies – just do what you said you would.


Larry Bailey July 30, 2015 at 6:29 am

We purchased carpeting from Lowes which was installed on June 4th. Had a follow-up call from Lowe’s representative to check if everything was fine. Reported issues with the installation and was assured that someone would contact us to correct it. It is now July 30th and still no one has corrected the problem. We have made weekly trips to the store and each time are assured someone will call. On July 17th we spoke with the store manager and he said he would take care of it. The carpet has edges that are standing up which can cause someone to trip. I showed pictures of it to the manager. If we or a guest should trip and fall they can be sure of a law suit. We have documented every trip and call.
We felt confident that Lowe’s would honor their policies which is why we chose them. This is our last purchase at Lowe’s be it large or small.


Larry Bailey July 30, 2015 at 6:31 am

What does that mean?


John July 28, 2015 at 10:05 pm

If you by a pressure washer from Lowes you will be hard pressed to get someone to help you find a part for it…I feel Lowes looks at products in a few years if it breaks you toss it to the curb and come and buy some more crap we sell in a few years it will break too…When you take all the info that is on the unit to the local Lowes and you are told we need the model number and you tell them this is all that is on the unit and you are told again we need the model #(ps No Mod# is on this unit) and the Mgr Andy tells how a has a build in grill that is a few years old and had the same problem with parts REALLY…I figured out that you had no one with any knowledge working ….PS waited 15min to get someone to help me in that dept…HOME DEPOT where are you….


John July 28, 2015 at 10:10 pm

PS need a new deck will not be shopping LOWES Will Chandler Building Supplies Better Quality of lumber and Nicer sales staff….


Lowe's HR August 23, 2015 at 9:36 am

Don’t let the door hit ya


Jackie July 21, 2015 at 9:00 am

I have never been so frustrated in my life with a company that offers extended warranty. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer that currently has been worked on for the last month! Needless to say I have spent a lot of money going to the laundromat for weeks! My extended warranty that I purchased is useless. My washer currently needs 12 parts! 12! That is including a new tub! The extended warranty company refuses to replace this machine. When I call I get the tag lines read to me repeatedly. As you go up the chain of supervisors when I call they become more belligerent with their delivery! Rereading the contract that it says they will only repair not replace. My machine is clearly a product failure.
Very disappointed in this warranty! Very disappointed in corporate Lowes people. I told the supervisor that I was not satisfied she tried to,blame the repair person! When asking her to clarify she quickly changed her wording. I have no problem with my repair company or the local store for that matter. I believe the stores hands are tied to this corporate warranty policy. Companies like Best Buy and Sony and SAMs Club stand by their products and replace no questions asked. Why Lowes? Why take people’s money and then not stand behind the products you sell? Extremely disappointed that I have been taken advantage of.


Lowe's HR August 23, 2015 at 9:37 am

If it’s a product failure it needs to go through the person who made the product. This is common sense.


miguel s. July 15, 2015 at 8:11 am

i have been a customer of lowes for very long now without ever having problems with any of its employees but this past weekend was enough to make me stop going to your stores. I am in process of starting my own landscaping business and was looking towards lowes in bethlehem pennsylvania for my contractor needs but now i am not so sure that I want to continue with lowes.
your employee kieth was very rude and too much in a hurry to be bothered to answer questions. I did not appreciate his mumbling as he walked away so I took my business elsewhere.


John July 28, 2015 at 10:06 pm

Go to Home Depot


M. Fien August 25, 2015 at 11:34 am

Do you really work for Lowes HR? I do not think HQ would let you speak to customers this way? Let’s find out, shall we?


Brian July 4, 2015 at 3:56 pm

As an Lowe’s Employee in North Georgia I really hope we have a better health insurance next year the coverage for Chiropratic really sucks doesnt pay anything unless u have met the deductible! I a delivery Driver and its really hard on your back! The Insurance we had last year that goes thru American Specialty Health is crap they dont pay anything on chiropractic x rays. If you could give this attention for this next year it would be very appreciated thanks!


Karen Roberts June 28, 2015 at 8:09 pm

Last July we prepped our very large deck to put down Restore X10. What a mistake.
It is all peeling up and chipping. The special roller brushes were always coming apart when rolling. So disappointed.
Working with Lowe’s to get copies of my receipts and get my money back from Restore.


Greg July 2, 2015 at 7:56 pm

I used the same product and it worked great. I have to wonder if you followed the directions.


Marie p June 24, 2015 at 10:57 am

I bought washer and dryer from lowes ,I have always had problems with the top of the washer top they have been out here to change it.or to repair the springs the same prob.all the time.i took out the insurance they keep repairing it but it is defective from day one always had problems.they told me if I continue having prob. They will replace the washer well they lied. I will never buy another thing from lowes again. I paid 2,151.26 for the pair with insurance and I have not been treated fair. At allll


Marie p June 24, 2015 at 11:00 am

Reply please I have another repair am coming out again for the sixth time.


Lowe's HR August 23, 2015 at 9:37 am

No one cares.


Glenda Campbell June 22, 2015 at 3:19 pm

We have some great Canadian friends that bought a condo in Mount Dora, FL a couple of years ago. They decided to have Lowes Mount Dora, FL., totally remodel the small condo kitchen in 2015. In order to get the Lowes store to do the project they had to pay for it in full, up front—–$25,000! They were told the job would be complete before they returned to Canada in May. Well, here it is the middle of June, 2015, and the kitchen is still unfinished. We check the progress (very little) each week. This week June 20, 2015, we decided to invite a master carpenter to join us. We stepped back and waited for his reaction. He was appalled by the poor quality of work. He said it is obvious that measurement errors were made. The kitchen is totally off center. He said he could not believe Lowes would allow such inferior work to represent their store. It is pathetic…..our friends could have hired a handyman to do a better…..and a lot cheaper….job. We are furious that Lowes Mount Dora has taken advantage of these terrific people. Our poor friends actually paid an extra fee to have a kitchen “specialist” oversee the project….that is a joke! The women either has not been to the worksite, or she is totally ignorant regarding kitchen installations. I also wanted to mention that our friend was the one who actually had to go to the city to pull the permits….what a screw up Lowes Mount Dora! Our friend also painted the walls in the kitchen herself in order to try and speed up the job. Lowes Home Improvement Store in Mount Dora, Florida is a shame to our community!


Danney Perdue June 15, 2015 at 4:44 pm

I am an employee of Lowes on extended leave. I want to share with you why I am on leave. I was hired into store 1511 ,I was open about my degenerative joints disease and my 2 repllaced knees. With all kinds of praise about my management experience and being told I was wanted on the management team by store manager Luke I felt good about my job. I was placed in the tool department that at the time had no dept manager. Soon Julio Garza was names dept mgr. I was part time seasonal as yet. Soon Julio had to have emergency heart surgery. My zone mgr Eric was running himself ragged to keep up. So, on part time salary, I took it on myself to learn what I needed to do to keep as much of the duties of dept manager up to date. I did this through black Friday 2012 with only myself and the only full-time tools employee at the time and according to management we were very high in sales within our district, I believe #1or#2. Immediately following January 1st I was cut back to 20 or less hours. All the zone mgrs talked me into riding it out. During all this time Luke kept encouraging me to apply for every mgr position that came up only to be passed over by “more experienced” mgr applicants some of whom talked to me and told me either they had no mgr experience or very little. Almost everyone of these new managers were black, I have no problem with race what so ever but we all watched as Luke filled 80 or more percent of mgr openings with black employees he previously knew. I finally went full time and applied for the tool dept mgr on multiple occasions and was passed over once by a more experienced in management employee whose only mgr experience was a supervisor at General Motors plant not any Retail, he lasted about 3 mths. Because of my disabilities I worked in pain nearly everyday but that’s a fact of my life and I just fight through it and the zone mgrs understood and I did my job to the extent they all told me they didn’t need to walk my department because they knew if I said everything was done they knew it was. We got a knew zone mgr Xenon Douglas. I tried my best to keep things up to his expectations but he was a moody person and some days you could not do anything right while others you were a hero. In March 2014 I started having breathing problems and sweating with light headedness. I worked my 8 hours and went home. It was Friday and I was off the weekend and I felt fine all weekend. Monday I came in at 6am and it started again, I was told I looked so bad that the LP mgr stayed in sight of me almost my entire 8 hr shift. I went straight to my DR from work and long story short I was trying to have a heart attack, I didn’t but within 24 he’s I had emergency bypass surgery because the genetic blockage I had was the widow maker. I was out 6 mths and returned to work. Xenon asked me if I could be his opener and handle the freight. I told him yes but I would be slower for a while and would need help on heavy days, non was offered. After being off and inactive for so long the joint disease progressed in my back and neck, I went home in pain everyday, rarely did I allow it to keep me from working. On March 22nd Xenon had me scheduled for closing to 11pm. But scheduled to turn around and be back at 6am for a meeting. I asked if I could open that day due to how hard it would be with my health issues and he said he couldn’t because requests had to be a month in advance,never mind that we didn’t know a month in advance he was going to schedule me that way. So I came in and worked my shift, I had been hearing that management could not make meetings mandatory anymore and intended to ask Xenon about it. At around 8:30pm Xenon held the evening huddle and during it he said the meeting is not mandatory but it kinda is? That if you were scheduled for it you probably better be there. So I decided to hustle, get everything done and ask to leave at 10pm to get as much rest as possible. At 10 PD Cody in hardware took a break and I walked back to see if he needed help and he said all he had left was to sweep and he was done. I told him I was going to get Xenon to let me go my neck is hurting and I had taken all the Aleve I safely could. I approached Xenon and told him I was done could I go cause I was hurting and needed all the rest I could before coming back at 6 he said he saw something needed doing and I went and got it done. I returned to him and he was going to give me more to do, is hardware done and I told him Cody Webb had told me all he had left of his part was sweeping. He became belligerent about it being all one dept because of an email I sent about it. I told him I had asked to switch to open and he pretty much yelled at me that just because I ask he has no reason to grant the request. At this time I informed him he was discriminating against an American with disabilities and that was unlawful. He went off on me to the extent that I lost my temper, reminded him I bust my buttons for him everyday to which he answered sure you do poor misused Danney. At this point I said Fuck you (I’m adding this in order to be truthful) I am not quoting but I am going home I’ll see you in the morning open the damn door and let me out, he walked further away and Charles dept mgr of inside lawn and garden let me out. I had chest pains on the way home. In the morning I was so tired and still hurting I called and told Eric Burch what happened and I wasn’t coming in to which he said its not mandatory. He should not have scheduled you for it. I made the decision that day to go to a specialist and see about fixing the problem since it appears more discrimination would be used just like the mgr positions I was passed over for. The only option for me is pain management and injections into the infected areas to slow down the degeneration along with long term pain injections. I have used up my short term disability and just got approved for long term from Cigna to December. I want you to know that discrimination and reverse discrimination exists in store 1511 and I am sharing a message I received from another employee you should know about it shows it is still going on. I won’t reveal this employees name to protect them because right now I have no trust in anyone in Lowes Management. By the way right after the incident with Xenon I call the employees help line and filed a complaint. I hear he has been fired for “HR” reasons but that’s all I can find out. What’s being hidden there. I struggle everyday paying my bills and keeping my insurance paid all because of the atmosphere in store 1511 I need help financially but I have no where to turn. Here is the message I received.

Your employees would work harder and do what u asked if u treated them better . Quit being inconsiderate and self centered . And all about u u u !!!! We can’t Be Number 1. If the Moral Is so down.We are so drained from being talked to like we are shit that we can’t take care of what we are supposed too. If you make your employees overwhelmed and make them break down in tears …. there’s something wrong with that !!! Yes you have a open door policy but it’s a swinging door that will slap u in the ass as u walk out .. you seriously have concrete in your ears cause we can tell u the problem till we can’t speak anymore and nothing will be done because , we are talking about one of your favorites !! You are burning out your best and “seasoned” employees . This is really getting old !I have been with this company for 11 years and it’s only getting worse!!!I am underpaid for the work and the shit I have to deal with . GOD grant me the strength and the knowledge and the path to find where I am supposed to be in life. Cause this.. is not it anymore!!!


Danney Perdue June 15, 2015 at 4:54 pm

Please excuse some of my spelling. Spell check sneaks things by me occasionally


Danney Perdue June 15, 2015 at 5:06 pm

By the way I have copies of this and emailed it to myself from this whole page so no one can say they didn’t see it. If this is not where you wanted it sent then YOU forward it where it goes please. Thank you.


Jack Agee June 15, 2015 at 9:08 am

Ordered $3000 lawnmower, waited 20 days for delivery and found out order had been canceled by Lowes without notifying me. Offered to order another, not good enough. Complained to customer care that only said store manager would contact me. This went on for 2 weeks then promised district manager would contact me, still waiting. Bought morwer from home depot where will purchase all items in future.


Charles June 14, 2015 at 12:42 pm

I am still aggravated over my recent experience at your Bethlehem, PA store as I was hoping to have all my lawn and patio preparations done by this weekend. Trying to have all my needs met in your lawn & garden department became a nightmare once I had no choice but to be assisted by the department manager. He shortly became annoyed with my questions and trying to explain the project I wanted to accomplish. The pavers were of poor quality (chipped and scuffed), And he obviously did not know all he pretended to know about the equipment. After being made to feel as if I was wasting his time I commented that perhaps I would be better served at Home Depot. Rather than wanting to help me he told me to go there. THAT was the best advice I got and will continue to take my business to Home Depot.


David Carter May 28, 2015 at 6:55 pm

Your HR management in Colorado Springs, Colorado off North Nevada; have been making hard for its workers there especially one pregnant female that is a high risk pregnancy. It has gotten out of hand to the point this young lady is working in a hostile environment and I am ready to labor law office to get this resolved. I asked to for the Regional HR’s phone number to file a complaint and none of your employees did not know the number or even where to get either. the sad part is that your customer service with your ASMs are very shitty and act like it is an issue to ask a question or even help to find a product. Fix the problem I will fix it for you and management team up there.


John May 21, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Tell me something,

If I only need a foot long an a foot long piece of plexy glass why would you make me buy a large piece much larger, 5x the size?

I would not want to buy a piece that is MUCH larger just for you to cut it down to my size and the excuse I get from Lowes Assistant Manger; “That is just the way does it and has done it as long as he can remember”!

That makes absolutely no sense and it is plain nonsense.


Greg May 19, 2015 at 11:29 am

I would like the ability to email my receipt to myself or my accountant. Home Depot has this ability each time i check out. It’s a real time saver for me when looking up receipts


Upset Customer May 19, 2015 at 10:48 am

Dave Ray @ Lowes in Hamburg, PA is an *sshole and is rude. Home Depot for Life.


Charles Fields June 14, 2015 at 8:28 am

It must be something about the PA stores. The lawn and garden department in Bethlehem is a nightmare to deal with. Agree Home Depot is the place to go!


P moore May 18, 2015 at 7:57 pm

Over the past 3 years we have made many major improvements to our home, Including a total kitchen update. All cabinets, flooring and fixtures were purchased through Lowes at approximately $12,000. We purchased carpet as well. Since it was a pleasant experience, we returned to Lowes when we decided to update our master bath. We worked with the Lowes plumbing department in Arnold, Missouri. We purchased the bathroom vanity, an additional linen cabinet, vanity top, shower door, light, fixtures, paint and flooring at over $4,000. We ordered everything on April 11, 2015 with the understanding it would be 3 weeks until the cabinets were delivered. Everything, including all fixtures, flooring and lighting was set up for delivery.

Anticipating the delivery date, my husband removed our old vanity, shower door and flooring so we would be ready to install all new items. After 3 weeks passed with no word of the delivery, we returned to Lowes to inquire. No one could tell us anything about the delivery date. Since it appeared we would be waiting longer for delivery, we decided to pick up the new light and fixtures so we could begin the update. This was approximately $600 worth of items, including an additional purchase of bead board. We brought all items to the customer service desk with our delivery order papers to let the customer service attendant notate the store order that we picked items up and didn’t need to be delivered. Several days later someone called to advise us of the pending delivery which included all items we had already picked up. If my husband hadn’t told him we already had picked up items, we would have received the $600 worth of items again. Evidentially the customer service attendant hadn’t notated your store copy! It is certainly to Lowes advantage that we are honest people.

This was only the beginning of what has become one horrible experience we have been dealing with over the past 6 weeks.

Initially, when we looked at shower doors with the salesman, he recommend this door. Since it was a mid-priced ($600) bronze door we followed his recommendation and ordered it. When it was received, my husband attempted to install the door but it didn’t fit. Upon returning it, we found out this door only fit 1particular type of shower.

When the cabinets and vanity top were finally delivered on May 11th, the linen cabinet did not have the shelves and the vanity top was cut wrong. It was to have a 3 inch extended center and cascade edge. The one delivered was a straight cut with a bull nosed edge. They returned it to the store. We went to the store and talked with one of the managers of the department. We explained what had happened. He looked up the original store copy of the order which indicated the correct cut with a drawing showing the cut. We were assured this would be corrected with the vanity manufacturer immediately and we would be moved “to the front of the line”. We would receive priority consideration and NOT have to wait an additional 3 weeks for the top. We were to be contacted as soon as he could provide pictures of the counter to the manufacturer (when the truck returned to the store). We were told 2 days ago that this manufacturer does not normally cut counters this way. This is news to us as the salesman was the one to point out this particular cut! Once again, we were assured priority order and we would be contacted with a delivery date. Since a week has already passed and no word as to when we can expect delivery, my husband called the store today and was told it would be delivered approximately June 6th! So much for being given priority consideration! Since this is Not acceptable, we were told it would be checked into to see if it could be sooner and a call would be returned today. Ten hours later, still no call. This is ridiculous, but expected based on prior lack of responsiveness. So we wait!

This entire experience with Lowes has been a true disappointment and has certainly made us think twice about future purchases.

I understand this message will probably be considered a “rant” and filed with the other unimportant letters and will not assist us in completing this transaction any sooner or with less headaches for us, but I felt compelled to vent our total frustration with the lack of knowledge and customer service by your store.


Carol Newberg May 13, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Just an observation. Why is it such a miserable pain staking experience to get any assistance at Lowe’s and if you do, some of their associates are so completely rude?
My friend and I were trying to get some help at the Lowe’s store at Oldfield Crossing Rd. in Jacksonville, Fla.and to say this was a painful experience would be an under statement.
After thirty minutes of looking for a human we finally found someone. I wish we hadn’t this employee was so rude it has actually inspired me to write this letter. We tried asking this employee a few questions emphasis on tried about the bathroom vanities on sale.This employee told us there weren’t any vanities on sale without even looking up. My friend said, “yes he saw some in the next aisle with yellow sticker on them.” That’s when this employee rudely and very sarcastically stated, “well, if you saw yellow stickers on them, I guess they would be on sale.” First of all we my friend was not trying to debate where the vanities were located or if they happen to be on sale we just were hoping we could ask him a few questions. It was so painfully obvious this employee did not want to be bothered or asked anything. The sad part about this particular store is this was not the first time we have been treated rudely. After complaining to the manger I now know why this store has this problem with rude employees. The manager never apologized he acted like he could careless and he was trying to get us out of the store as quickly as he could. This manager did tell us he would, ” address the problem” and this was “out of character for this employee to act like this,” basically dismissing any concerns we had or asking if he could help us on any way. No sincerity or concern at all. Well, the short version of this story is this same Lowe’s just lost 3,000 dollars worth of business as we had already discussed getting laminate and having them install it. That will not be happening now. We were shown how important our business is to them and that is not at all. I just wonder how many people leave there feeling like we did and walk out of the store never to return because of their employee’s that just cannot be bothered to answer any question and be half way civil when they do. I will not spend one cent of my hard earned dollar to be treated rudely. I personally will handle this problem by never stepping foot in this Lowe’s again.


ALBERTA HILL May 4, 2015 at 2:57 pm

i bought a dish washer from lowes 3-12-15. it was delived but had a big dent in front so canceled that order & they reordered a new.one. got the second one &
the installer said i didn’t have the right tubbing for it. they had to get it but left the dish washer & the tubbing they had[ which i had bought] in my dining room, still waiting [as of 5-04-15 ] for them to get back to me. i had gotten a washer & dryer from them a few yrs. back no problems at all,
story with the dish washer next time it will b ;menards ‘ that i buy any thing from.


ALBERTA HILL May 4, 2015 at 4:29 pm

they just called & the installer said he didn’t want to do it. so i asked for a refund on the instillation. so i guess that is my last buying anything from LOWES. MY PLACE TO BUY FROM NOW ON IS ‘MENARDS’



James Rowan April 30, 2015 at 3:44 pm

My name is Jim Rowan, I was employed with Lowes in Buckhannon, W.V 26201 store 1805, i was under a doctors care, and was told I would was being let go, and I would
have to reply, for ajob,……,.I don’t understand why I was done this way, I injoy working for Lowes, I have reaplyed to serval opening at 1805, I was in delivery, and I have contacted the HR.manager,…….and she just keeps telling me that I need to apply, I feel I was done wrong. All I wanted was to come back to work but when I call the store are human resource managemener told me that I would need to reapply to come back to work……..so where is that far and this isn’t the first time this has happened at this store. All I want is my job back,


Debra Hammond April 22, 2015 at 3:34 pm

In July of 2013 we purchased a GE laundry center ( stacked washer and dryer). We also purchase the Lowe’s warranty to cover the appliance. In March 2015 ( 20 months) the washer broke. We contacted Lowe’s who contacted one of there contractors to come and look at the machine. The appliance repairman came on on April 3rd. He indicated that it was a major repair involving a bearing in the transmission and that the repair could not be done in my home it would have to be taken to the repair center. He indicated he would notify Lowe’s warranty people and we would have to wait for them to decide if it would be worth fixing or if they would just refund the purchase price. On 4/7 the warranty people advised that they felt they wanted to repair the machine. Keep in mind we paid 1196.00 for the combination and they had decided to pay 753.00 to repair the washing machine. Not to mention the laundry cost I will be submitting for reimbursement. They say they will be forwarding an email to the repair center to go ahead with the repair. I contacted them that evening and was told we had to give them the opportunity to try and repair it. When I asked to speak to the supervisor I was told this was the decision and that they couldn’t come to the phone. According to the repair center they did not receive the email for a week however Lowe’s denies this. We did not receive any phone call on the status of this decision from either of them. On 4/14 we contacted the repair center who has advised us that there is a part on back order indefinitely. We contact the warranty company who then advise us that they still feel the cost is worth fixing this machine. I protest the logic of this decision and asked how long do you expect us to wait for a washing machine??? They then tell us that they will put out a national search for this part and at the same time put in a request for approval to buy out the washer. This can take up to 5 days but we could hear as early as 3 days. I contacted the warranty dept on Fri 4/17 to determine the status once again I had to explain the entire story. I was told that they need to speak to GE not sure why. I was told I called too soon that Tues didn’t count and then was put through to a supervisor by the name of kristen. Kristen could not have been ruder if she tried. She informed me that she made the decision to deny the buy out and we would have to wait until they found the part. She indicated that she would begin the search for the part as soon as we hung up. Hum I thought you started this search 3 days ago????? I than ask to speak to her manager and was rudely told that the managers do not take phone calls that she was the highest level I could speak to . She was the final decision. She would let us know if they found the part. I then called Lowe’s corporate to file a complaint the gentlemen taking the information was very kind and assured me I would receive a phone call within 24 hours from a manager. I waited til Tues. 4/21 no call. I called corporate again once again explaining the entire situation to yet another customer care person who said let me get you a supervisor explain it all over again to Pam who said she would expedite the search to the next level to determine if this part was still on a national back order while submitting it again for a buyout. I would receive a phone call by 5PM est if not call them back. Well you guessed it no call. I call them again and again no one knew what was going on and repeated the entire story and once again was told let me conference in a supervisor and then the phone goes DEAD…UGh. Called back got another CSR who couldn’t look up anything because their site was down. So I called again 4/22 spoke to another CSR who first thought they found the part and then wasn’t sure and then couldn’t really tell so let me get you a supervisor Her name is Robin who indicates that they thought they had the part but on further reflection decided to call the appliance repair center (remember them) who advised her that it is still on indefinite back order. Now we are back to submitting it for buy out approval. This could take up to another 5 days but probably not. It has to go to upper management and NO I cannot speak to upper management because they don’t take calls. In the meantime they have expended more money in salaries just to blow smoke in our faces than it would cost to just refund my money. I have never been so disgusted, disappointed, angry in my life. We have been loyal customers of Lowe’s and have spend a significant amount of money in their store. We have bought everything from flowers to lawn trackers. Washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers etc I really feel we deserve better than this. I will not be going to Lowe’s for a light bulb and I planned on making sure everyone that can hear me how I feel.


Diane Rinaldi April 21, 2015 at 1:55 pm

I bought a frigidaire refrigerator at Lowes during the Labor Day weekend sale. I also purchased an ice maker with the extended three year warranty protection service plan. Since it’s arrival to my house, this ice maker has not worked. It freezes up and a nice block cascades down the back of my refrigerator . I then have to defrost it and use many towels to catch all of the water. I have had the repairman twice to my house. Two weeks after the second time, the ice maker froze up. I shut it off and have not used it since November. What a pain !!!! Why can’t I just have a new one…. I talked to Billy, supposedly a supervisor who was of NO help whatsoever !!!! This is the worst appliance I have ever bought !!!! Dealing with Billy was a failure. Lowes needs to get new personnel ….now I have to call the repair dept two more times just to get my new ice maker .


Casey Parent April 17, 2015 at 10:17 pm

I was so excited to go to Lowes in Scarborough, ME today to pick up my refrigerator, only to leave very disappointed and frustrated. I had purchased the fridge Monday and had taken photos of it before I left. Today we loaded it, only to notice it had been gouged all over the lower freezer door. The fridge was a repair markdown that originally had no visible scratches when we purchased it and left it on hold for pick up. When we talked to the manager Darren, who checked it out and tried to tell us it was a dent/scratch discount. After showing him the photos we had taken, he said he could take money off. We asked about how much it would be today replace the door. He told us a new door would run us about $100 dollars. We decided to check thankfully and his estimate was way off. We called the manufacturer and it was $253 for the door+shipping+ labor to put it on… so now we’re looking an expensive fix. One that shouldn’t have been needed in the first place. We tried to see if they could meet us in the middle and he said he’d have to check because he didn’t want to lose his job. He came out several minutes later wrote down his cost break down on the back of our receipt and said he couldn’t do anything. Looking back the entire things is frustrating. When we talked the original sale person we were told it had the original warranty. When we went to pay they said no and talked us into the extended warranty costing another $100. Then I come to find it out it hasn’t been left in a safe place and is now damaged. Now because it was a repair, there wasn’t a comparable one at the price we paid. So we leave empty handed. I didn’t think my request was unrealistic and I even said I would take the discount in store credit. Ultimately the great service on the fridge would have lead to purchasing the rest of the appliances to match from Lowes and other items as we construct a new house… we will now do our business elsewhere. I’ve never been left so disappointed in a situation.


V Williams April 16, 2015 at 1:30 pm

I have a complaint about false advertisement for your Black Friday Spring sale. You advertise the Troy Build Self Propelled Lawn Mower as being $329. This is the regular price, not a sale item yet you have it listed as part of your sale. This is misleading and false advertisement. I would like to have a response on this matter please.



Margaret Taylor April 14, 2015 at 7:33 pm

This is a complaint. On 04/01/15 we went online to order a refrigerator, washer and gas dryer. The online order system stated that the Ocala store on 7575 SW 90th St had the refrig and washer but not the dryer. The dryer was available through the store at 3535 SW 36th St. I placed an order for the 3 appliances and two accessory items. The order was paid for by an American Express card and this caused an authorization hold apparently because the delivery address was not our home address on file. So I contacted your customer service operator who straightened the problem out and we were told the order was processed. Later we received a phone call from a lady at the 7575 SW 90th store who stated that she had seen the order and noticed that it was in two parts with some items coming from her store and others from the 3535 SW 36th store. She stated that she was combining the orders and that everything would be delivered from her store at 7575 SW 90th St on 4/14 as requested. We mentioned to her that per the online order the dryer was not available from her store but she stated that it would be available and she would take care of the order – “don’t worry everything will be delivered on the 14th”. The 14th comes but we didn’t receive any call the night before or even by 10am the next morning giving us a delivery window. We called the store and are told the dryer is on back order and they will have to call D.C. to get an expected date. I call Lowe’s 800 customer service number to complain and am told the order shows in the system as everything will be delivered on the 14th. We call the Lowe’s store back and are told that there NOTHING will be delivered on the 14th – they have none of the appliances we ordered and MAYBE they can deliver something on the 21st. To say that we were aghast would be an understatement. I call 800 customer service again explain the circumstances and am met with “we cannot help you”. To add insult to injury I am given a lecture by the rep who takes offense to my use of the word FUCKED UP to describe Lowe’s handling of our order. Let me add that I am a retired Senior Disputes Representative who handled both VISA and MasterCard disputes for PSCU (card processor) and I am well used to abuse from clients – my “so-called” lack of manners was mild indeed and I felt it was especially insulting to have the Lowe’s rep focus more time on that than on the mess that Lowe’s made of the order – which by the way was #75067 (I think there was actually a second number to cover the balance of the order but I do not know what that # is because Lowe’s never emailed us a detailed invoice.) So we cancelled the $4600 order and have purchased from one of your competitors who has guaranteed us delivery on Sat. the 18th and I may add at a lower price. Lowe’s has seriously inconvenienced us – we will be without appliances for several days and it will be Monday before the refrigerator is operational. As a consequence we will be extremely vocal in our criticism of the Lowe’s organization and Lowe’s will NEVER get even $1 of our business. You need to take a serious look at your online ordering system and at the connection of that system to your local stores.


Dawn Miles April 11, 2015 at 12:13 pm

I just bought a carpet from Lowes and in the store the small carpet sample was med grey. So we ordered it. And as it was being installed I said to the man that is not grey, it was a weird bluish green and he said yeah that’s what it looked like to him. He check the name of it and the name was correct put in my house the color was completely different than in the store. So I contacted Lowes that day and told them. The lady came out the next day and agree the color was complete different in different light. No I see I should have took the sample home but I’ve never had a problem before. So her boss calls me and says there is nothing Lowes can do which I can in part understand. But my complain is the guarantee says, ” If there is any problem at all, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, Lowes will make I right, guaranteed.” Well that is a completely false statement.


Dawn Miles April 27, 2015 at 1:58 pm

I want to say Lowes district manager just called me and is giving me my money back on my carpet and I am so happy Lowes is standing by there guarantee. If your having problems call the 1-800 lowes # they are so nice and keep call till u get action.
I am happy to be a Lowes customer!


Russell Griffith March 30, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Today my wife, granddaughter and I visited the Lowes at 10156 E 71st street in Tulsa and everything was fine until we proceeded to the check out line. We had a sales lady by the name of Melinda who made it blatently obvious she did not prefer to be at this workplace. As soon as we began to check out this woman seemed very aggitated. She had difficulty ringing up our few items (17 to be exact) and immediately started to roll her eyes as we tryed to help her and reassure her it was okay, such as we were in no hurry. Melinda, her name tag stated, as previously mentioned, then proceeded to sigh and shrug her shoulders, and still, rolled her eyes. We had 13 flowers, thus being the items she had difficulty ringing up, so I suggested we pull the cart around, for her advantage, and she got upset that she had to bend down to scan our items, stating in a very rude manner, “These don’t have any special prices or anything on them do they?” when I simply responded, “no”, she replied with a scowl and, “Good.”. I am a disabled veteren, and have been a very loyal customer of Lowes since 11/96, building multiple houses, apartment complexes, remodels, and other numerous jobs I have had over the past 19 years. I have been satisfied with the services Lowes has provided me, except for today. I was very disgruntled with the lack of service, and ill-mannered woman we were bombarded with.


Wilma Perdue March 28, 2015 at 11:16 pm

March 14 2015 I purchase a whole kitchen of unfinished oak cabient .The sales that help me all he could talk about all his award he won .we wait 45 minute to him help us after put my order in he said he would put down that he deliver on 18 to cover his butt.when we got up leave he said her my card call need anything I won,t answer but I call back .He also took my name phone and man with me help me on my house gave him all number of each cabient.Monday 16 he call man working on my house said he order 10 instead of 2cabient which was $400.00mistake did not call me I sign bill. Did not get cabient until March 25still did not get all them they came again on 27 still did not get all them. Evertime call put me off more day .The first day we order they had all in store .I open charge card with Lowes to paid for them got my bill before got my cabient. Talk with store manger he act like this man didn,t make mistake he couldn,t even find anything that I even bought anything had find it from my credit card I open. This was very bad service I paid 85.00to get deliver I should get my money back . This in Hendersonville Tenn sale man Joe Weber. I will not ever buy anything else in this store thin person DOES NOT NEED ANY WARD .I am not paying my bill until this is took care of..


John Tenorio March 20, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I have a complaint about a refrigerator that I had delivered .

Originally the refrigerator arrived on time and the delivery people picked up my old refrigerator and dropped off a new one .after bringing the new one in they plugged it in and it had no power ,we checked circuits and different plugs and it did not work .
my original frig had a ice maker they un hooked it and took it out so when this did not work they brought my old frige back in and told me the manager would call me ASAP and arrange a new delivery .
Finally after waiting all day I called and tracked them down and they told me they would deliver another on Saturday ,this was a Tuesday .

so on Saturday I made sure I was going to be home and waited they said it would be between 8-12 and finally at 2 pm I called and the person I reached said oh that was his fault they forgot . he then told me they would deliver another on the following Tuesday .
well on Monday I just happened to be home and they called and told me they were almost to my house .so I stayed home and they finally showed up again and delivered it .if they would of stuck to the original plan I would of not had to cancel my plans .
I decided I was not happy with this and complained on a facebook blog that Lowes had .someone called and chewed me out telling me I got my refrigerator what was my problem .so I went to lowes site and complained .I got a E mail telling me I would hear from them in 24 hours finally here days later a manager called me and again all he did was tell me . I received my refrigerator why was I complaining .
I am handicapped and am a below the Knee amputee . this refrigerator was being paid by Black hills energy . if lowes does not want to deal with this they should pass it on to another company that deserves the business. not be rude to the people that receive the appliances.

I called the customer service center and they told me I could not talk to a district manager that I had to deal with the store .

the store manager called me and he was a little nicer but still told me he could do nothing for me .

I feel this is totally unacceptable and feel like Lowes needs to compensate me with something more than come in and I will get you a good deal the Manager make me believe it was all about him making a profit .and no customer service .
yes I do feel this is discrimination and unacceptable

this purchase was at the North side Pueblo Colorado store

John Tenorio 719-696-****

I feel the BBB and PFLAG and the Disabilities center needs to be my next step . they have told me to make one more complaint before we go farther


Tawnna Garner March 17, 2015 at 7:21 pm

I purchased a LG side by side 11-21-14 and the freezer light inside never work or the ice maker call the service number authorize appliance came out order parts return 2wks. Later for the repair and it still didn’t work. Call them back tech. Came out look at tried a second time and didn’t work so the tech decided nothing else they can do but for me to call Lowes I did set appointment up there tech came out didn’t get anything to work he order parts also came back out a second time freezer light did work this time after installing parts but still no ice maker. Remind you I have taken off work 5x already without pay. Tech orders another ice maker for frig. Installed it yesterday ask to give it 12hrs. To make ice it is now 16 hrs. Still no ice at all so I have ask for a refund several times everyone wants to still send a technican by again. But it’s not gone happen that way at all I want a refund to go somewhere else to purchase a refrigerator this is very bad service, no customer service at all. Something needs to be done or I will seek other advice reminding Lowes it is 90 days past and refrigerator still not functioning completely.


tom mcguire March 16, 2015 at 12:17 pm

I am confused….I have a county veterans I.D. showing that I served this country during the Vietnam War. I have used this card many times at Lowes in my area . I also have a small bungalow in a shore town in point pleasant nj and have used this card on purchases in toms river store.I am not a disabled vet and did received the discount upon check out. Recently I was advised that by the cashier we no longer accept my vets I’d. Of course this was only at the toms river store…I do receive the discount at other Lowes with no problem….My question is…Are the Lowes stores independently owned?? Why would it be accepted at some Lowes and not others??Something is not right….Be careful vets..Someone is playing games with veterans…Sad that Lowes could stoop so low in this level..
Tom jt***@aol.com I would like to hear your experience.. Maybe boycott by all veterans would speak louder…


Genie May 27, 2015 at 10:10 pm

I’m sorry about your experience, Tom and I want to personally thank you for your service. As a long time Lowe’s customer service employee, I can tell you corporate policy is a 10% discount for active duty personnel and those who have retired from the military. Only proper military ID with picture is accepted. During Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Veteran’s Day weekend, the discount is given to all veterans and all ID is accepted. A few stores follow their own rules, which makes it confusing, at best. I hope this clears it up for you. Again, thank you.


Antoinette Cristini-Malone March 14, 2015 at 9:50 am

I submitted my application to work part-time for a store location. My husband also applied for a position at the same location. He received an interview and asked if my application was being considered. The response was that family members cannot work within the Lowes Corporation. I would like to know if that is a Company Policy or if it is a store to store consideration. Please advise.


Jeff March 23, 2015 at 5:01 pm

I’m a new employee and just finished my orientation. More training ahead, but what I learned is that they LOVE family members or friends to come on board. You may not get matching shifts, but the management here conveys a strong appreciation for family values.


Lee Tomlinson March 12, 2015 at 12:19 am

Bought Whirlpool a Refrigerator on 6 Feb 2015. By 20 Feb a refrigerator had been delivered 3 times. First returned due to large scratch on door. Second returned due to ice/water dispenser area not painted. On 3 Mar 2015, my ice maker broke. Although I spoke with my local store and made arrangements for a 4th delivery, I decided that a quick “I’m sorry so now when can we deliver the next one?” was no longer going to cut it. I contacted customer care and they told me they’d forward my complaint to the store manager but give her one business day to respond, that was a Fri afternoon so on Tuesday afternoon and I still hadn’t heard anything I contacted customer care again. I requested to move my complaint up the chain. Customer care told me to give this person at least a business day. That business day has come and gone. I have no intention on dropping this. Getting someone to care shouldn’t be this difficult. I mean, they did care to get my money.

I canceled the 4th delivery with customer care. I told them I didn’t know the time since they hadn’t given me one. I said they won’t unless I call delivery. At 825 am on the day of delivery I received a message they were on their way. At 0840, they left a message telling me they were at my house. I wasn’t though.

This is just one problem. I tried to buy the refrigerator online but since my new Lowe’s credit card didn’t cover they entire price and I’d have to divide it between two cards after 1 1/2 hrs on the phone I finally was told I would have to go to the store.


Alicia Lanfair March 11, 2015 at 9:15 pm

To whom it may concern!
I am a co-owner of the Watertown Gazettee in Watertown Tn and we would very much like to talk to your marketing director about the hopes of your company advertising with our paper. Please feel free to contact the editor Jimmy Foster at e****@watertowngazettee.com or by phone at (615) 237-****.
Thank you for your time.
Alicia Lanfair


Jerry Jacobs February 25, 2015 at 11:53 am

On 10/11/14 I contracted with Lowe’s in Jackson, Tennessee on Vann drive for a patio door installed. A month later it arrived and was installed incorrectly and another piece had to be ordered which required another long wait. I contacted BBB about the poor service and Lowe’s ordered another door, which was not needed. Other problems surfaced and after the right installer worked on it, the job was completed this month. Four months after they took my money! Management at the store said they would adjust the cost for my troubles. I had to make at least a dozen trips to the house (rental house) and my renter became disgruntled about the cold floor around the door (50 Degrees at the door and 60 degrees two feet from it with a draft at the bottom of the door. The compensation amounted to about half the cost of installation. Needless to say I am sorely disappointed with the installation of the door and the run-around from Lowe’s. In the past I have bought a house full of Pella windows, two refrigerators, one freezer, several truck loads of nursery items, tile for a bathroom shower, two new roofs for my house, two garage door openings two, hot water heaters, and many other miscellaneous items. I consider it an insult to be offered a 20% discount for my troubles. I do not feel like I am appreciated by Lowe’s anymore. Thank you for making it possible for me to air my griefs.


Justin Lawson February 23, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Do your research when buying appliances….Lowes is 233% higher than Home Depot on installation for refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, over range microwave.

Installation prices:

Lowes – no charge
Home Depot – no charge

Gas Range
Lowes – $145.00
Home Depot – $19.99

Lowes – $125.00
Home Depot – $79.00

Lowes – $144.00
Home Depot – $79.00

Lowes $414.00
Home Depot – $177.99

Choose wisely…..


Jeff March 23, 2015 at 5:05 pm

Just a heads-up…Lowe’s has a price match policy that will enable you to do ALL your shopping in one place. In addition, if using the Lowe’s credit card, you get an additional 5% off every time you shop.

Here’s the corporate website where you get more details–


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