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Lowe's Foods Corporate Office Address

Lowe's Foods
1381 Old Mill Cir Ste 200
Winston Salem, NC 27103

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Phone Number: (336) 659-0180
Fax Number: (336) 768-4702
Website: http://www.lowesfoods.com
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Lowe's Foods Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Lowe's Foods Executives

CEO: Tim Lowe
CFO: Steve Hall
COO: Barbara Saulpaugh

Lowe's Foods History

Lowe’s Foods was founded in 1954 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina by Jim Lowe.

Lowe sold that store to J.C. Faw Expansion, who expanded the store to a chain. In 1984 the chain was sold again, this time to Merchant Distributors, Inc (MDI). In 1992, MDI was reorganized as a holding company, Alex Lee, Inc.

Alex Lee expanded Lowe’s Foods with the 1997 acquisition of Byrd’s Food Stores, Inc, subsequently turning 43 Byrd’s stores into Lowe’s stores.

In 2007 Lowe’s began to open fuel stations at their grocery stores.

In 2011 Lowe’s opened a series of stores for the budget-conscious consumer, called Just $ave.

Today Lowe’s Foods is a grocery store chain based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company has 100 stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Lowe’s Foods is #169 on CNN Money’s Global 500, has 197, 500 employees, and had $48.815 billion in revenue in 2010.

Lowe's Foods FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Lowe's Foods?
Answer 1: The phone number for Lowe's Foods is (336) 659-0180.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Lowe's Foods?
Answer 2: The CEO of Lowe's Foods is Tim Lowe.

Question 3: Who founded Lowe's Foods?
Answer 3: Lowe's Foods was founded by in .

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lisa kincaid January 9, 2019 at 3:27 pm

on another note you would think you would try and have the employees in a good mood or like where they work. it used to be a happy store 272 sales are dropping well with a manager like rebecca i i can understand i have been in mangement plenty of times and honestly rebecca sucks at it she does not know how to talk to people all the managers talk about all employees behind their backs back stabbing all around… i understand its retail and guest are to come first but the employees need to like what they are doing to stay i have done several open to closes in pick n prep.. and i absoluetly loved my job in floral i have a list of clients who special ordered from me and now they dont even bother buying flowers there anymore cause they look like crap. shes never there always taking time off so when you first walk into the store you see dead flowers and it smells really bad in that department it breaks my heart seeing it like that especially when its the first thing you see when coming into the store… i would love to have that job back or would love to have pricing…


lisa kincaid January 9, 2019 at 3:13 pm

hmm where do i start well first of all the management at 272 is the worst they dont care about any one i started at this store june 8 th 2018 i started in the floral department when they couldnt get any one else to work it i have over 30 years exp in floral absolutely loved working in that department until september 1st is when they moved me out of that department because apparently its who you know sherry her husband is a store manager at another store so she got floral at 272 which i think is wrong since i was doing an awesome job. then rebecca store manager transfered me to pick n prep since i was full time and that was the only position open at the time.. mind you i liked it too much drama and way cold but i did a good job.. plus i have cancer and i have called out a few times being sick they dont care… then theres alot of drama in the deli and nancy the deli manager was having problems with her assistant so needless to say since i was cold in pick n prep rebecca transfered me out of pick n prep to deli.. and nacy went to pick n prep.. which mind you i hate working in deli and vince vail our co manager tells me i cannot transfer to any other department i am stuck in deli which the other day tonya the assistant manager in deli kept calling me the white girl.. sorry thats harrasement i call the hot line… so far still waiting… and another thing brenda she used to be in lowes foods to go.. she kept screwing up orders… then they put her on front in… now she is price scanning because vicki is going to another store but heres the kicker i used to work for lowes foods back in 2007 as a price scanner.. so i asked for the position and of couse i was told no way and brenda hates that job and i loved it.. once again door slammed in my face and today was another kicker rebecca store manager comes in to the deli yelling at me about the salad bar i had to start out with all fresh food because there wasnt any from last night… i called out a couple times this week because i have lost my voice due to having the flu and again called into the office about my apsentise and like i said in the begining i have cancer and i take chemo so i am sick alot but to lowes foods store 272 they dont care.. and on another note if i was the health department this store would be shut down… its disgusting with the dirt grime.. and just yuck is all i can say plus i think someone needs to go to the store unannonced so they can see exactly what goes on in this store no one is happy so many people have quit so many people have called the hot line complaining about the management this is the worst store i have ever worked and today i walked out in tears from the way i was treated in this store i am 58 years old i expect a little respect because i am fighting cancer… i would love to come back to work but im pretty sure by walking out today i am fired…


Anon December 31, 2018 at 1:05 am

The deli usually makes sandwiches, wraps, and paninis. The Lowes at Grand Dunes, Myrtle Beach deli said they had no whole wheat wraps. I asked, but she did not, and would not check in the back where they often store the next batch. Then, the multigrain bread, was frozen. Shocking about 2:30 PM, and the bread for paninis was frozen. What do they do all day? So, the taller, older female deli worker asked if I wanted it thawed. What other choice did I have ? I said Yes, and she put it in the special toaster oven. While she was getting the turkey for my sandwich, another deli female worker, took a man’s order to my left. Then, she brazenly, took my order out of the oven, though it was not yet ready to be removed. Talk about pushy, and running right over me as a customer there first. Seconds later, the one that had first waited on me, had to put my order back in the oven again. I thought the other deli girl was so rude, by interrupting my customer order. It was very unprofessional, since nobody told her to remove my bread, and no buzzer went off. Simply aggressive, like let us rush this man’s order. Both women had touched my bread. After the 1st woman finished my sandwich, I said, “Next time I want only one person doing my order.” It was my polite way of saying, why did female #2 take my order out, when it was still needing to be heated.

So, anyway I paid, came back to get a plastic fork packet, and I heard the taller older lady talking about me. She has a SUPER LOUD voice. I heard her the whole three counter lengths away. She was talking to deli girl #2, about that I had asked for a wheat wrap. I did not want to hear the rest of the gossip, because obviously they had been talking about me, since I left the deli counter. I knew other customers could hear her. I yelled out, “I know you are talking about me, I can hear you.” Downright rude staff. Must be very uneducated. Go talk about customers in the back room, not so we can all hear you. I told George the manager, and Joann, the deli manager, but the deli staff there is so inconsistent, it is annoying. That is because they rarely keep the same staff; it is a revolving door of new faces over the years. And seeing how a clueless worker #2 removed my order, without knowing anything about it, or when it had been put in, just to serve a “man,” shows me how women treat women. I was before him. My order was in for a reason. So, the younger pushy woman needs to learn how things are done. Only the woman taking my order, was monitoring my order. And I felt tossed aside for a “man.” I know this is the South, but seriously, women need to respect other women more. I do not bulldoze other people’s orders, and I should not have mine bulldozed. I have been going here since it opened. Tacky staff, unprepared with lack of wraps and only grain frozen bread after 2 PM on a Sunday, and they had no manners, no filter, gossipy loud mouths. The deli staff needs upgraded customer service training. Had planned on eating there, and doing more shopping at Lowe’s, but was understandably slighted, and miffed. Left. Sadly, it is hit or miss at Lowe’s Deli. It is the closest store to me with Boarshead products. Otherwise, I would not return.


S. Howard November 10, 2018 at 6:48 pm

Cape Carteret NC Lowes foods store deli workers are nasty as hell. They dont wash their hands before or after putting on gloves to slice the meat. Its a couple of the workers there that will touch their hair and then your food without washing their hands. Im about to call the health department.


lisa kincaid January 9, 2019 at 3:16 pm

you should visit 272 in pick n prep theres a few who smoke they go out for their break and when they come back they dont wash their hands its disgusting. same goes in deli they just dont care


Anoymous June 13, 2018 at 1:49 pm

The manager at Clayton Lowes Food named Joy is very rude. She is always yelling at customers and employees, like me. She tells me I cant take vacation time and that always makes all employees very stressed and uncomfortable when she is around. It is a great place to work except for her. It would be a lot better without her. She has no customer service skills and she is a terrible manager. She makes all employees feel bad about themselves, like we cant do anything right. I think she needs Jesus and she needs to be fired.


Miss S March 10, 2018 at 5:26 pm

The management called, and said that the employee, Rosie, was in the wrong. He said, things should be better after he spoke to her. This is the second time she has given me a hard time. I asked if I could request someone else to help me, when she is there, and Bruce said absolutely. Women can be petty, and it scares me.


Miss S March 5, 2018 at 7:32 am

Treated very unfairly, and in a downright disrespectful manner, at Carolina Forest Lowe’s, in Myrtle Beach, SC. About 6:30 PM. A woman at the Deli tried to overcharge me prior to making a panini, probably because she did not want to make it. What gives her the right to change the advertised price? I recognized her, and she had given me a hard time before, and I was apprehensive when I saw her. I asked to see a manager. Then, she went as far as telling the customer service manager that they do not make this kind of panini. I just had one in January, when somebody nice made it for me there. Subsequent calls to other Lowe’s locations proved that they still do . I have contacted the store management directly, and I am hopeful that things will get resolved. I did not deserve this, after being a patron with Lowe’s Foods for over 10 years. She caused me negative drama, and a serious waste of my time. Code: Adult Bully; EISOR /AIROLG .


Sheila Kurtiak September 24, 2017 at 4:37 pm

I’ve been shopping at the Gibsonville and now the Burlington NC Lowes for more than 15 years. I love shopping here and think the quality is good. I like the new renovation. I don’t like the fact that the young cashiers are in a hurry to get me through the line. Two weeks ago my cashier guy said he doesn’t like the stamps I’m collecting for kitchen kaboodle b/c it shows him down and they are timed. The young lady was the same way today pushing me to download an app Disappointing to hear especially when I spend 200 hundred every week. Thought my business was more valued than that.


Wayne Bumgarner September 1, 2017 at 7:19 pm

My boss , a Business Lawyer and Developer summed it up pretty much , ” anybody who would terminate a developments disabled worker two days after his 4 th anniversary , is a poor Corporate Citizen not committed to diversity and following ADA Regulations ! We’re mailing Brad’s shirts , name tags , Aprons and a check for $ 25.00 for one shirt torn ! The process burned me more than anything , especially when a local police officer reported to me yesterday they saw Brad walking home crying , he just said he had a bad day ! No call , to do it with either me or the wife ! No problem , learn and move on , taking Brad to Rotary Tuesday and then back to Vocational Rehabilitation Office !


Wayne Bumgarner September 1, 2017 at 11:44 pm

Can’t wait till September 7 the new grocery store on Hwy 70 opens up , 4 miles away but will be worth ! Bought this House 21 years ago because of proximity to Morehead Plaza and the Day Treatment Center and Alternative School I was Director of ! Hm , got to change my 5 k running course too , so I don’t go by there , start going to BB & T down @ Harris Teeter , have to go in that direction toward State Employees Credit Union at times so not a big inconvenience !


Travelista July 21, 2017 at 9:44 am

Well, the person that escalated this matter by yelling at me non-stop, is leaving this week, and was scheduled to leave. I spoke to the deli manager, Shari, and she said hopefully, this will not happen again. And that their will be a standard cut off time for making from scratch paninis. I said that is fine, hopefully we can avoid the misunderstandings, and good that the person that was completely hostile is leaving. I never intended for it to get out of hand like that….. even called to avoid issues, but I guess stuff happens. I usually come in a lot earlier to shop like 4:30 to 5:00 PM, so this was new territory.


Travelista July 16, 2017 at 11:14 pm

P.S. Is it Laziness, Fatigue, or Indifference to the Customer, causing this problem ?


Travelista July 16, 2017 at 11:09 pm

Dear Lowe’s Corporate,

I WAS : Bullied at the deli at Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach location !!! Just like a TV sitcom, but worse. I called up at 9:04 PM, after being ill with back pain all day, and called to ask what time the deli closes, and could I get a panini. Gloria, answered and said they close at 10:00, to get in there at 9:30. She said they will do the panini, if it is pre-cut. Well, normally, all the Paninis are precut in the window, so I drove in. Got there at 9:18 PM.

Well, they did not have the roast beef pre-made. They used to always. So, I nicely asked if they could make it, which merely involved slicing beef and cheese for one portion, They argued with me, the lady with the white-blonde hair. And then the African American younger girl with short curly hair, who was on her way home, and not behind the counter, started in on me. She started yelling at me, defending the other lady’s decision, and that they had to clean. She would not let up. I said I had called, and it is only 9:19. It takes a minute and a half to slice meat, and the slicers are all open. This woman would not stop yelling at me, and when I said I should get a manager, she yelled at me not to get a manager. She would not let up on me, so I told her to stop, stop talking to me ! I guess that offended her, when I snapped at her for yelling at me continuously, so then SHE called Robbie the manager. I went over several times to tell Robbie what happened, as the Gloria, and the younger woman, both complained to Robbie. When I spoke to Robbie, he apologized to me.

I told him I have been going to that location since it opened, and also the other two Lowe’s since the Surfside opened, and I have spent plenty. So, I went back to the deli counter, and asked the women with whitish blonde hair, if she heated my panini, because it was too quick. She said yes. OK, well, when I went to check it at a table outside, I saw the cheese was 100% not melted. She obviously LIED. I went back to have Robbie paged. He again apologized to me, and said he would supervise it being made. It was simply r. beef, cheese, and pesto. Robbie , the manager understood my grief, and took care of the making of the Panini, and reimbursed me. He seemed “SHOCKED” that it happened, and I felt like I was in a bar or a slum neighborhood, not my local market, when all three women “ganged up on me” earlier. Bullied, yelled at, and then the product not even cooked. I did not come there “for aggravation.” I get that they were going home at 10:00, except for the younger woman, who was off then, but I did not deserve such outrageous and abusive treatment. I was merely a customer asking for one item, who had called in advance. If they hate their job, or had a long day, I am not their person to beat up on.

“I guarantee this would not happen to a man. It is women being rough to another woman.” Terrible customer service, mean, rude, combative, Lowe’s female deli employees. What did I do wrong as a customer? Lowe’s Foods I consider to be my number one store for food shopping and prepared foods. I should be treated like the good customer that I am. What is wrong with Lowe’s deli employees at Carolina Forest in Myrtle Beach,SC. Please address this mini nightmare……….. Where is the consistency in Customer Service? It is sad and shocking that they think it is OK to yell and scream at a customer, with no good reason. Who taught them manners? Lowe’s needs to teach their employees NOT TO yell and argue with customers. Again, I came in, and called, for one quick item. Employees should not engage with a customer in such an over the top negative manner. LOWE’S NEEDS TO ADDRESS INCIDENTS LIKE THIS, SO THAT THEY DO NOT OCCUR AGAIN !!!! SERIOUSLY !!!


rd July 2, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Oscar Meyer bacon marked up to $7.99 a pack (normal price $5.89) because Oscar Meyer ran a special on their bacon buy two and get $5 off, Lowes ran a special at the same time for Oscar Meyer Bacon marked down to $3.99 and combined this is a GREAT deal buy two for $8 and get $5 off you pay $1.50 a pack.

Now the catch while this is widely advertised the Cole Park Plaza store stocked 1 case of each and when all 24 packs were sold on Thursday when the special started, today is Sunday and it still hasn’t been restocked so I asked the meat guy what’s up and was told he wasn’t allowed to stock anymore until Wednesday when the special was over because of the Oscar Meyer special.

Lowes will give you a rain check for $3.99 a pack but you don’t get the special the company is running with the rain check. Furthermore the constant confusion with their so called buy one get one shrimp specials is a fricking joke, Normally a pound at this price would be half off one would think that is about $8 a pound not any deal to begin with except when it rings up it rings at $16.99 and they claim it was $35.99 for 2 pounds and that’s why you get half off. Because of this and more stupid nonsense like when specials are run they item that is on special doesn’t count as part of your purchase.

These are just a few of the reasons I do not shop at Lowes foods anymore since they “revamped” their stores. I had been a loyal bi weekly customer since 1995 but now I go out of my way to shop at Teeter, Food Lion, Krogers (in Durham) or even that corporate nightmare called Walmart before I shop at Lowes Foods, they really have ht rock bottom with the greed factor!!!


Amy M May 28, 2017 at 10:55 am

Working at Lowes has been a tiring experience. Work you hard for litte miney.The manager is more concernedabout the dress code than the employees health. It was pretty evident in a short time where his priotiies were and its not his emplyoees. I am not working for a company who thinks their company is more important than treating people right.


Gloria March 25, 2017 at 8:35 pm

Can you explain why the milk gallon had dark black ring and spots on the inside..looks like mold…i have Picture’s…please explain..


Klopman March 23, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Oh my! Just when I think women are achieving a more respectful place in society, Lowe’s Foods – a family-run grocery chain – puts up an inappropriate, gender-biased, and thoroughly tasteless advertisement: “Wean yourself from the Teeter……” How can any marketing firm have such a lapse in judgement to post so distasteful and sensationally disrespectful ad as this? Just say “Leave Harris Teeter behind. Look forward to great savings t Lowe’s!” Wouldn’t that surely serve ALL your customers better? This woman customer is certainly not weaning herself from any place but Lowe’s!


Alexander March 22, 2017 at 2:57 pm

I would like to know why a store like Lowes had to stoop to such a low and classless level as to put up a billboard on Business 40 at Kernersville ( and I wonder how many others) that says “Wean Yourself off the Teeter” and displays a baby bottle with a nipple on it? Surely Lowes would wish to project a much higher corporate image than what the billboard displays and certainly, seeing such trashy advertising, does not make me want to shop in your stores.
How very disappointing for a grocery store that has long been one of the best around!


Stephen Amos March 13, 2017 at 3:56 pm

I was informed by the person that answered the phone at corporate headquarters that the Girl Scouts could sell cookies outside the store in Walkertown, but the Little League could not sale their candy bars. Was wondering why? I do want to thank the Store Manager Randy for taking a team sponsorship this year.


Travelista February 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Store 240, MB,SC . On Tuesday February 21st,2017, I was at the deli, ready to order just before 8 PM. Most of the deli workers were cleaning with spray bottles and cleaning cloths, or breaking down slicers. When I started to order, the deli employee did not wash her hands after going from cleaning, she went directly to putting on new gloves. This is the third or fourth time over many visits there, that I have had to ask the deli employee if they were going to wash their hands after they had been obviously cleaning, and/or touching cleaning items. On this night,after I requested that she wash her hands,the female employee said to me that her (bare) hands had been in sanitizer. Most regulatory agencies such as DHEC state that a food worker must wash their hands before putting on new gloves. And many such sites also state washing hands after cleaning. I do not know why I HAVE TO ASK for deli workers at Lowe’s to wash their hands after cleaning, handling chemicals, garbage bags, or cleaning cloths, in transition before making me a panini, handling my deli meat, or serving me hot foods. Please tell me if your rules are different than the statewide rules, and why I have to BE THE ONE to remind employees at this Lowe’s to wash their hands after directly handling cleaning items chemicals, garbage bags, etc. And then putting on gloves. I do not know why these shortcuts are being taken, or if it is a lack of training, or sheer neglect of food safety rules. I called and spoke to Lois in customer service, but I would like to know if this ISSUE will ever be addressed thoroughly. And if it keeps happening, why ? And why the attitude, when I point it out, as a concerned customer ?


Disgusting Advertisement January 17, 2017 at 3:12 pm

I recently passed a new billboard advertisement on Highway 211 near Pinehurst, NC and found it to be totally disgusting and offensive. It featured a baby bottle with the words “Time to wean off the Teeter” written on it. You really need to take a good look at your advertising department if this is the best they can do. Whoever approved that billboard thinking that it would be cute and increase sales is a pretty shallow thinker. I found it to be distasteful, crude, and an extreme insult to women! I’m surprised at your company for sinking to such a low level of advertisement.


Wayne Bumgarner September 1, 2017 at 11:33 pm

Wish I could have convinced Brad to switch to Harris Teeter last December when he was offered a job , individuals with Developmental Disabilities even high functioning have blind loyalty , even though he had stated he’ d been picked on alot , but they were down staff , working him alot , and even calling him in when off , he’d just tell Melody and me he had to go and actually I loved that attitude in anybody ,as a hiring manager myself it’s always appreciated when your in a jam and you know you can call X or Y individual ! I / we appreciate it @ the Resort , but alais some don’t , or as my college football coach use to say , some people only have memories as long as their Unit ! ( He used another word ) !


Miss January 16, 2017 at 9:44 pm

Dear Lowe’s,
I have been a steady customer of Lowe’s since the first one opened in Surfside Beach, SC. I go to the one on International Drive, when I am in that area, but the one on 82nd is most convenient. In the most recent visits to the deli, your employee, Erin, has been very rude, negative, and combative to me. She has also been nasty to me in the past, and I took 6 months off from shopping there. Now, she has started lying about what I said at the Deli, and involving the other worker Gina. That is why I get ignored when I come to the counter. However, Mike is great. When I walked in on January 16th,Monday night at 7:40, I went to the deli to get some deli meat. There were three employees I could see. One male in the back, Erin to the left, and Deena in the middle area of the counter. I waited a minute, and nobody came to help me. I then asked, “Is anyone working over here ?” Deena said, “I am , Thank you very much.” I asked what is with the attitude. She said she could not hear anything, because it is very loud back there. “The radio is very loud back here. “ I ordered my meat, and then went to buy Roma tomatoes, but the most of them were looking moldy. I went to Erin, and asked if she could give me a few tomato slices from the deli, so I could make a sandwich. She said, “Well, if you are nice to us.” I said, “What are you talking about?” Erin said, “I heard your language over there to the other employee. I said , “What language ?” She said, “You said, I hate this f—ing place. “ I said, “What ? I did not say that !!! I said, Is anyone working over here ?” Lowe’s DELI employees are cultivating falsehoods now about me, and what I said. So, which is it ? Gina and Erin could not hear me because the radio was blasting along with the generator noise, or they are making up whatever suits them to ruin my evening ? I asked Erin, “Why do you give everyone a problem ?” She said, It’s YOU. Only YOU ! We only have a problem with YOU.” Due to her response, I believe there is something seriously wrong with your employee Erin, and her need to bully me, and treat me substandardly. POSSIBLY, SHE MAY HAVE A PERSONALITY DISORDER. I told service manager Dawn, “There is no reason for me to lie about what I said. I shop here a few times a week. And you know me, do you see me cussing, and starting trouble?” Dawn said, No, and I told her I want the manager to know about this petty, and hostile behavior. I just came in for a few groceries. I actually bought a lot less, and forgot my other items, due to the over the top negativity that both Erin and Gina put me in. If necessary, I will go to the deli with my video camera, so I can tape the neglect and negative interactions. If this harassment continues from your deli staff, I will have to contact my attorney about the continual harassment. I am absolutely appalled that Lowe’s employees have to stoop so low, and lie about what I said, which was asking for service. I went in relaxed, and left pretty upset. After years of shopping at Lowe’s Foods, I do not deserve to be singled out, and treated this way by Erin, Gina, or anyone else. I was just there to buy food. Should be simple, painless, and drama free. What right does Erin or Gina have to talk to me like that, when I just come in to buy food, like any normal person? Please tell me what you will do to address this situation.


Wayne Bumgarner September 1, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Been pretty bad for about a year at Morehead City Store too but I let it go out of respect for Bob and my Foster Son who up until two days ago had worked there for 4 years and 2 days ! They have a culture problem , clean stores , great fried chicken and an awesome Bakery here , girl heads that up been there for years ! Use to buy all my employee’s birthday cakes and family celebrations and Holiday Pies and Cakes here ! The lesson is , don’t let things go just because you don’t want to offend or someone is fearful of reprisal , doXXXXent / video , report , they don’t correct , then they don’t deserve to exist in the community ! Morehead location would make a great CrossFit Location !


Lisa September 21, 2016 at 7:07 pm

Hi I was in the store in Belen nm today around 2pm. and i went to get some milk and eggs. .Alot of the dairycwas empty and i couldn’t find the milk i wanted.i asked the cashier why tgey were so empty. She said i guess the manager forgot to make an order and she wasnt really nice either.So i had to make a trip to walmart which I absolutely dont care to go there but had no choice i usually shop at Lowes but after today i dont know..By the way the produce there is always nice and the manager always has it pretty stocked up..


mike perry September 7, 2016 at 5:16 pm

What is wrong with your stores in raleigh. I started going to Lowe’s because you started to compete with Walmart. Know you folkes are taking away the things I want everyday and now you don’t. Whole bean coffee station, and imported beers. Why, I’m going to look hard at not using your store and going to Publix… just a few miles away….. Contact me ASAP to tell me when the Coffee whole beans station is back. The selection of whole beans now is down to about 6 choices and the price through the roof. You guys are blowing it. First, I had to go to another store to complain about the crossants not being baked at the 401/Mitchell Mill road, and contacted the store in Knightdale to get them to call the 401 store to fix it. Finally they got that right, but the thing that really made me madder then Hell are the requests I made to the managers at the 401 store 6 times. I never got a call back about getting products our family uses everyday. These are not exotic items…. bigger bottles of Pacente salsa, and chips… all went of deaf ears.


Concerned patron August 12, 2016 at 5:28 pm

Why is the beef shoppe manager at store #149 in Winston Salem on Robin Hood rd allowed to walk around without his uniform on and why can he stroll into work whenever he wants and leave early whenever he wants? Why is he not held to the same standards everyone else is? Why can he purposely unwrap expired Boston butts and rewrap them under a new use by date and still have a job? Why is he never in his department doing actual work but somehow takes credit when it goes right but as soon as it goes bad it’s someone else’s fault. Why can multiple people see him picking meat out of the trash can to grind with all the other expired meat he gets someone else to grind still have a job. I wonder why?


A. Nonymous August 7, 2016 at 6:32 pm

Store #151 constantly has issues with their dariy not being as it should be. I was looking to purchase a few cups of yoghurt and noticed that several of them were expired, some by a few days and others a few months. I’ve had to return sour cream in the past as well as whipping cream and milk for the very same reason. As a customer, I shouldn’t have to check the dates to ensure I’m buying an in-date product.

Furthermore, as far as the discounted meats are concerned, many families (such as my own) look to stretch their grocery money as far as they possibly can, however they can. I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve looked through the selection of discounted items in the meat department and found rancid meat that had expired some time ago. Meats that should be a nice red were brown. Chicken had started to take on a green color. Liver pudding that was oozing out of the packaging smelt like sewage.

I ask that the district manager please see to it that this store is held to higher standards. I also ask that they look into whomever was contracted to remodel the store. The tiles in the restroom are already falling off the backsplash. The bathrooms could use a more thorough cleaning as well.


Delana Shockley July 13, 2016 at 1:24 pm

I will need to get a verification of employment and income completed by your company.

Please send me a contact name and also email address and fax # that I can send
our request to. The employee you have wanting to refinance is Shana A. Craft.

We appreciate your help so much!


Check Edwards May 24, 2016 at 10:14 pm

just moved from Roanoke, VA to NC…was a loyal Kroger customer for 20+ years….
Thought I’d give Lowes a try. My Lord, who is your pricing analysts? Are your purchasing agents that poor at their jobs that you have to charge such outrageous prices? Laura’s ground beef for example…you guys charge 9.99 and 10.99 per pound!!!! what a joke! we could get it at Kroger for 5.99 and 6.99. you guys deserve the downturn in sales for ripping people off. we will not be back to your stores until someone gets with reality. I’m embarrassed for you and your employees.


Brandy May 11, 2016 at 6:01 pm

I’m very unpleased with Lowes again here in Eldorado Tx it’s very inconvenience for myself and other customers that have to go else we’re like Sonora or to San angelo for groceries. As myself and my grandmother went into Lowe’s grocery store I asked one of your Lowe’s employee for an item that have been boxed up apparently due to a reset purposes. The whole store was filled up with white boxes marked Lowes 38 on them. Employee said it’s in one of those boxes out there is very inconvenient to not know which box it was in. Not to mention all the rat feces all around your store. Also not to mention to see you produce manager inside of a meat market cutting fruit on market table I would think that would be a cross-contamination. That’s a very bad health code violation. As I go to the back that’s where you’re restroom are located it is very impossible to walk back there with boxes everywhere trash shelves in the way I close my eyes and nod my head back-and-forth like WOW!!! At that point I tell my grandmother lets go. To rudely hear to one employe say, you need to hurry up before someone has no job.It was a very tall man briefly read Potter on his name tag .At that point I was sicken by your management as a person that lives that town will not shop their anymore I will take a 45 minute drive to San Angelo and shop at Walmart or H-E-B!!!! We’re there is Quality in their products.


John Doe May 11, 2016 at 2:14 pm

Let’s begin with the deli at store #125.. The new dept manager there is sorry. She walks around with coffee most of the day, also takes 10 smoke breaks.. Leaves early continually. Also changes dates on old meats and cheeses. Not to mention the salad case most salads are old. She does no production! Very rude also. A lot of discrimination in this dept especially with schedule. When this store gets a remodel I would highly recommend not to transfer the department manager.


George Mertz April 21, 2016 at 5:32 pm

(The following is my experience and opinion)
Lowe’s foods has no clue how to make a customer happy. Once again, the Lowe’s on 15-501 in Chapel Hill is worthless. Produce was rotten. Went in for the ADVERTISED special of Maxwell House coffee @ $5.99 each. I wanted the French Roast. Did they have it ? NO ! This is in an ad that they make up weeks in advance. You would think that the idiots who run this dump would make sure the item was in stock. I was told that the French Roast was on back order. Sorry ! Wrong answer. Don’t f’in LIE to my face. Rain checks do me no good. I have to drive more than 30 miles to get to this dump. Other Lowe’s are further. Round trip is 60 plus miles.
Lowe’s needs to send me a check for my gas and time. I thing $12.00 for gas and at $75.00 per hour of my time, they should send me a check. I am tired of their excuses and lies and poor food quality. I am DONE with these idiots and you as a customer should be too !


Blaire February 22, 2016 at 2:33 pm

I was a cake decorator and my department and the managers of the store had me closing 3 to 5 nights a week….and would complain when the cakes and production expectation wasnt met. Now you tell me who is at fault in this scenario? I worked at store 234 and was treated very unfairly and disrespected.


Kendra Coates January 29, 2016 at 4:22 pm

You have an employee that has requested a religious accommodation at one of your stores and the management team have completely disregarded the request. In addition, his hours have been reduced which appears to be retaliation for the request. We really need someone to give this issue some attention. Please contact me as soon as possible.


shannon May 6, 2015 at 12:03 am

store #158 in banner elk, nc has deli employees making sandwiches without wearing gloves…


Yvette May 19, 2015 at 11:01 am

The other day, my husband and I went to Lowes Food to buy some groceries. We went to the meat section, and to our surprise, there was a package of chicken wings that were marked “Today’s Special.” We figured if we cooked them right away, we would be safe from any salmonella or dangerous bacteria that might grow if we wait too long to cook something that says “today’s special”. However, when we got home, and began to open the pack of chicken, a smell so foul (pardon the pun) filled our kitchen so horribly that we had to open the kitchen window. The chicken smelled like a million rotten eggs.

When we called the store to let them know that we had bought “bad meat” we were told that we could bring the chicken back for a refund.

Within 5-10 minutes, we took the chicken back to the store, we wanted to see a manager. We were told that the manager was in the back of the store and could not come out. We were also asked did we get the meat from the “reduced meat section?” I didn’t know grocery stores had a “clearance” section for meat; as for like clothes or shoes at a department store. When we told her that we picked it up near that section, but not quite in that section, we were told customers that buy food from that section are taking a risk. Should they put up a “buy at your own risk” sign. Maybe when this company gets sued for millions, they will!


Yvette May 19, 2015 at 11:03 am

This seems to be something that is wide spread in North Carolina. What is wrong with this state. Have they not faced any legal prosecution if someone has gotten sick. I don’t get it. You would think this corporation would be smarter than this.


Frank Tucker April 17, 2015 at 8:52 am

I worked st t store # 214 in 2010 as a over night stocker. I was dismissed due to the fact I could not stock the required boxes per hour. I went back last week & placed a application fora part time bagger. I was called for an interview. Well, yesterday, 4/16/15 I was told that the main office said I was not eligible for rehire due to my performance in the over night stocker job. Now I know rules are in place for a reason. But to keep someone from trying another job in a store 5 years latter I think is a little unfair ..


Lakesta Dozier April 17, 2015 at 1:25 am

I want to know much does a baker at Lowe’s Foods store #234 is supposed to make and why wasn’t my department changed from Lowe’s Foods To Go to Bakery.


fred smith February 25, 2015 at 6:28 pm

TAKE THOSE DAMN SELF CHECKOUT MACHINES OUT! THE GD THINGS SUCK. If you want to be known for customer service, then open every GD lane and check people out fast. But the effing self check machines should be blown up. I volunteer to blow up as many as you have.
Got that?
I don’t play.


Linda Holman November 17, 2014 at 11:25 am

II worked for Lowes foods for 14 years. I was asked to explain my daily routine in front of the bakery deli manager, store manager and co manager. I was laughed at by the bakery deli manager for telling the truth about what I did. I was also told I did not multitask and was to slow. When I took the job nothing was said about all the production things. The bakery manager was never present for all these meetings I was also told that I had 2weeks to get it together


Jane doe October 24, 2014 at 7:32 pm

So unfair, I’ve been with lowes food for two and half years.. Let’s begin with I was hired on part time was told only managers could be full time.. I’ve always been flexible with my schedule, went in and worked for others that called out.. My dept manager has never closed nor has the assistant since I started.. Here recently they hired a new girl who started 5 months ago, anyway they r giving her full time hours and cut all the part timers.. How is this fair? She yells at the customers and stomps at them like a bull! Lol, is this what lowes food calls excellent customer service? My dept manager is soo rude she slams things nit picks… Anyway the bottom line is she isn’t being fair to the other employees..


Melissa October 22, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Lowes foods received a failing grade today. Wilksboro store blames corporate. Someone is not doing their job. Perhaps Alex Lee would hire me for quality control.
When I study a weekly circular and prepare to purchase items on sale my expectation is that the register is correct and reflects the sale price.. Today organic red grapes were the wrong price at the register. By two pm one would expect the change on their price due to the new price was advertised at midnight. Not the first occasion as this error occurs often. The store manager commented today ” well at least you keep us honest ” Not my job to keep you honest, I’ve done my study, meal planning, coupon cutting and expect Lowes to stand behind their advertising.
Today bought two Cheerios and two Nature Bar boxes so as to qualify for an additional twenty cent savings on gas. Of course I was told this was corporate fault again because the receipt only reflected a five cent change.
I have become weary of watching my receipt like a hawk. The cashier seems annoyed when I question the register. This happens every week and I would like to know why.
Mr. CEO, I am retired but find it a waste of time to do an employees job and not being paid myself to do so.


Jane Doe July 30, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Today I found out what kind of company Lowes Food really is! Recently a decision was made by someone in Corporate to close Lowes Food Store 180 and notified the town manager of such closing. Guess they didn’t realize this was a small community/county and word travels fast. Now the closing has gotten back to the manager of the store and full time employee’s some of which have been there over 40 years. These people have dedicated their lives to Lowes Food! Someone could’ve taken a road trip and told these people face -to-face. It’s apparent there are no values to Lowes Food anymore and that is why so many of the stores are struggling. If people would get out of Corp office once in a while and visit the stores and listen the employees who have been there it might make a difference. Get off your high horse and listen!


John Doe April 16, 2014 at 3:11 pm

My mother has worked for Lowes Foods for over 20 years, she comes home from work in tears because of her department head who yells at her loud enough to which customers and other department heads over hear it. She frequently lashes at her with sarcasm and makes it clear to her to never ever request any holidays off. 20 years loyal to a company and thats how Lowe’s managers treat her. Awful management.


mrs holt August 20, 2015 at 7:14 pm

I was at store #066 the manger was yelling at the cashier in front of other and people shopping and the way the manger look at the girls


Rick Silver March 9, 2014 at 12:26 pm

I have avoided Lowes Foods for over three because of the countless bad experiences I had at the Clemmons store but thought I’d give the store another shot since it had been remodeled. Very beautiful inside. Unfortunately, same retards running the show. I won’t be back. You should make it mandatory that all new employees spend a day at Trader Joes to learn how to run a food business that proper way.


DEW February 21, 2016 at 4:14 pm

Please be careful when using words like “r**ards” – those are VERY harsh words & in a world where we live with people who have special needs – you are putting those people with those needs down by comparing them to someone that has an attitude problem & isn’t treating you well.

For the record I shop all over & there is poor Customer Service EVERYWHERE. It starts at home & in the mirror – period. Parents need to be parents & start teaching that any job worth doing is worth doing well & if you don’t want to – then just don’t show up. If you are older – look in the mirror – how do YOU want & expect to be treated?


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