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Kern Valley Wireless Corporate Office

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Kern Valley Wireless Corporate Office Address

Kern Valley Wireless, Inc.
11345 Kernville RoadP.O. Box 2008
Kernville, California 93238

Contact Kern Valley Wireless

Phone Number: (760) 376-2246
Fax Number: (760) 376-1720
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Date Founded:
Founding Location:
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CEO: Robert Bohn

Kern Valley Wireless History

Kern Valley Wireless was founded in 1973 in Kernville, California. The company offers high speed internet service.

The company offers fiber optic internet service to the Kernville, Lake Isabella, Wofford Heights, Mountain Mesa, Southlake, Bodfish, and Weldon areas in the greater Bakersfield, California, area. Currently, the company does not offer satellite service.  Speeds of between 6 mbps and 10 mbps are availble. The company also offers higher speed plans, if possible, depending on the area. Kern Valley Wireless states they have no bandwith caps and no speed throttling.

Kern Valley Wireless has headquarters in Kernville, California.

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