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450 N Brand Blvd 7th Floor
Glendale, CA 91203

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Phone Number: (818) 240-6055
Fax Number: (818) 637-3131
Website: http://www.ihop.com
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CEO: Julia A. Stewart
CFO: Thomas W. Emrey
COO: Mike Archer

IHOP History

International House of Pancakes or IHOP for short, was founded in 1958 by Al and Jerry Lapin.  The first location was in Toluca Lake, California.

In 1960, the company begins franchising and in 1961 the company goes public.

In 1973, the acronym IHOP is introduced in their marketing for the first time.

In 1985, the Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity is introduced.

In 1992, the 500th IHOP location opens.  In 2001, the 1000th IHOP location opens.

In 2007, IHOP’s parent company DineEquity successful acquires the Applebee’s chain of restaurants.

Today, IHOP operates over 1500 restaurants in the US, mostly franchises.

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James wilkins June 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm

We had to wait over 30 minutes to be seated and the servers were rude and there were at least 6 tables open only when I asked did I get seated. Then when we ordered our food they sent a pancake order that I wouldn’t have feed a dog had to complain to get it done right the servers were rude rude rude this was in Hampton va mercury blvd restaurant


Just got fired June 29, 2015 at 9:51 am

I have text messages that prove that management smoke weed and comedic such buisness on company grounds!!! I have smoked weed with the General manager and the assistant manager!


Starr June 28, 2015 at 10:05 am

I worked at the ihop on 6820 loch Raven and Taylor in Baltimore md 21286 #556 they sent me home cause i tired to walk away from a situation that i knew was going to get worst Tyrnia Washington sent me home because i tried to let it go i agree to what she was saying but she kept on nip picking this ihop is terrible the cooks severs selling Weed foodstamps crack all that money crazy stuff flies all over your food cooks not really cooking people food correctly the cooks call servers out the names bitches and all i hope they fix this ihop the GM is a nasty person so change this i hope around or shut it down cause it
Out of control


Anonymous June 26, 2015 at 10:43 pm

A friend I know worked her 2nd day there and cried again! The manager is mean, talks awful to.employees and customers notice!! He is very unprofessional, disgusting and can not believe he is a manager!! Shame on IHop!! Never would recommend anyone to work there! Fairless Hills I hop, PA. So shocked and saddend!


ana June 18, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I several months ago I wrote to corporate office about me going into an IHOP new my house ..i orders a chiken sandwich with fries and she I received it and bit into the sandwich I found a nail….i had bit hard enough to hurt my bottom Toth . They said they would investigate and get back to me . But nothing ever happened unfortunately they don’t take this very seriuis . I was hoping for more had faith corporate would have done something but all I got was a 20% off my meal after chipping my tooth…whR a shame ihope should not b in business.


Taylor June 12, 2015 at 4:31 pm

I really did not have to take this step and I am going to go further if something is not done but I recently worked at
IHOP #3141
4936 Centre Point Dr
North Charleston, SC 29418

I only worked there for 2 almost 3 months after being fired in a actually ILLEGAL manner I love working at IHOP for the most part other than a couple of things most of the staff are wonderful however some of the servers are very lazy and DO NOT and WILL NOT do THEIR JOB, some of the cooks are rude, sloppy and incompetent on making sure customers get there food in a timely manner and not wait for 45 mins and my biggest problem is how a manager takes out there problems (from there personal life) out on the servers I was told when I was hired that you are to leave your personal life at the door but that is not the case with this manager but anytime I was unable to show up to work I had documentation backing me up and I was unable to come in because of a very bad double ear (both ears) infection to the point of I was unable to hear and mind you I HAVE A DRS NOTE I was told and I still have the text to prove it that this manager did not care whether I had a drs note if I did not come in I was fired and mind you it was not even that manager who told me it was a server and a shift leader who text me he could not even get in touch with me so if something is not done I will take this up the chain of command and I will have my attorney start working a case.


Betsy Ropp June 10, 2015 at 7:01 am

I don’t think this will work. It seems you don’t care about the customer complaints on your site. I see no apologies and no responsibility at all from you. I am only commenting here to give you one more chance to handle the Renner Rd, in Columbus, Ohio incident. Or at least to respond to it. The mistreatment of another human being to that degree is appalling.
When another customer discovered a homeless woman, she invited her to eat with them. Your server refused to serve them then and claimed they have dined and not paid for their meal before. They were willing, upset about it but willing, to pay for the meal upfront. Instead your server and manager had the police escort them out. Because they were too much of a wus to ask them to leave themselves. Not only did your restaurant turn it’s back on a human being in need (something you come to expect from corporations, sad as it is), but they intentionally blocked another person from helping her. I am disgusted at this. I am absolutely appalled that you won’t even stand up and say that your stance is not to downgrade another human being. That you will look into the situation. We all know you aren’t going to do anything about it. Because that would require work ethic that your company apparently lacks. But your silence speaks volumes, not only do you not care, you agree.


Lynn June 5, 2015 at 6:13 pm

I went into our local ihop to place a to go order. I was discussing with the manager how I do not like the “fluffy” omelettes at waffle house (I was ordering an omelette from ihop). The manager of course goes on to bad mouth not only the omelette, but everything Waffle House. Anyway, I notice on the menu ihop puts pancake batter in their omelettes!! WHAT!! So I ask them to please leave the PANCAKE BATTER out of my eggs (they said they do it for texture). So I get home and take one look at my omelette and know something is wrong, but I taste it anyway. It was horrible. I called ihop and told them they must have put the pancake batter in when I explicitly asked them to leave it out. You ready for the reply I got?? The manager asked me if I just asked for no batter or if I asked for REAL EGGS??!! What, real eggs! It’s a friggin OMELETTE! By definition it is an egg dish. But not at ihop. They “use a powder substance that has many of the same things an egg has…kinda like an egg beater” along with pancake batter…this from the manager. I paid $17. For this trash. It is inedible and not only will they not give me my money back, they won’t let me pick something of equal value off the menu. They will remake the same trash for me. Suddenly a fluffy omelette from Waffle House sounds delicious! Real eggs in all their dishes!


Annie Ivey June 5, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Hi the iHOP at 889 MD 3North Gambrills, Maryland has racial problems. The manager Evelyn refused to take my call after I called in my complaint. The complaint is the cashier did not want to open the cash register (because I’m Black) and did not ring up my take out order. Actually they gave me my change out of pocket. I REFUSE to go back to that racist and red-necked iHOP location. Thank you.


Alana-Marie May 27, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Ok I hop I have a huge problem with your location in Edmonton in 127st the manager there is Paul I worked for your company the kitchen at that location is very poorly managed and very dirty and your employees have food fights which your manager condones and also takes a part in it himself as well I happened to have a pancake thrown at me which was the last straw for me there I quit and it has been well over a month and I still get to see a pay stub an roe or even a damn payment from you guys I’ve spoken with Paul every single day trying to get my pay cheque and I keep getting the run around and he would not even provide me head office phone number or an email so I can inform you guys of this issue and to get my pay cheque ! I was told repeatedly it would be there I’ve went In and no pay cheque! And this was straight from Paul’s mouth himself he actually laughs at me now every time I call and ask for my flipping cheque do I have to take you guys to small claims court better business bureau the labour board and complain everywhere even Facebook I want my cheque now!


tonny May 27, 2015 at 8:34 am

I have visited several times this IHOP on Baltimore Pike in bel air md and service sucks in weighing the manager seems to be an ignorant want to solve things by giving discounts and free food but that’s not the last Cadre .. see I was on Saturday they gave me food in a dirty dish. and the servers are little profecionales. They put inexperienced waiters and managers. general manager mistreats employees speaks offensively antiprofecional … that manager is useless. the ba Restarante is down. Please do something to improve the service and make it more hygienic.


Janice Williams May 23, 2015 at 2:57 pm

This happen at the location off of 4109 South Jack Kultgen Waco,TX .On Saturday 5-23-15 @ 8:25 am. My family went into the IHOP in Waco not only did they sit us in the back but no waiter ever came back. Only after I asked why we haven’t been served I was told that our waitress was on break . I asked to see a manager. After that we were asked by another waiter if we wanted drinks. My reply was no I had asked to see a manager. After several minutes the Manager (Bettye) appears to tell us that she didn’t know why we didn’t have a server and they tried to take our drink order twice and we refused (not true). As the only African American family in the restaurant I feel that we were ignored by the staff and treated very rudely by the management. Discrimination at it’s finest


Garrett May 20, 2015 at 12:10 pm

I work for Ihop and I love the company but please get rid of the surveys. No one wants to take the time to go online or call the 800 number and most surveys are done by employees themselves just to meet the quota. That being said, it is unfair to punish employees for not getting enough surveys or perfect scores because several of the questions asked have nothing to do with the server at all but is aimed at the host or cooks. Bottom line, we think the surveys are asinine, unfair and a complete waste of time. I would suggest comment cards on the table or something to that effect. I am a hospitality management major and I see these surveys you are forcing us to promote as a complete waste of time. Suppose someone incorrectly inputs a number in the system and the server gets a bad score. What then? Or an enemy of wait staff or another employee wants the be vindictive and purposely call in a bad survey so the server is punished?


John June 6, 2015 at 10:06 am

My ex girlfriend did all of her surveys and her manager helps her .. Gettin the most means no side work for the week.. She also was sleeping with him so of course she gets preferential treatment … Check it out … Reynoldsburg Ohio location .. Same waitress with the highest total every week… Hmmmmm..


rose June 24, 2015 at 6:10 pm

I agree with Garrett that the surveys are useless and inaccurate. I work at an IHOP that is by far the cleanest and most efficient restaurant I have ever worked in (I have been a server for 30 yrs) yet according to surveys we rank fourth from the bottom in our district. People seldom compliment, and when they do employees are not shown this positive feedback. Instead, they are berated, belittled,and/or punished in obvious and not so obvious ways for getting “bad” surveys. Many folks do surveys strictly for the free short stack earned, and some managers give instead a money discount on the guest’s check equal to the price of a short stack. I feel silly writing as I know from personal experience that IHOP Corp has no real interest in anyone’s opinions or issues, customers’ or employees’. Just wanted to let Garrett know I’m with him.


Brown May 20, 2015 at 9:57 am

I just left ihop in Jessup Md. Was standing waiting to be greeted or seated. NO One in line but me. Every employee there just looked at me and kept walking. Saw that no one wanted to take my to go order so decided to be seated. Still no response..A couple walks in and a young girl stops everything she’s doing to Seat this couple…I asked her was I invisible she said she didn’t see me a 6ft 3in black man….wow. worst customer service ever feels like we’re going backwards in time.


April May 18, 2015 at 8:49 pm

My two week paycheck is being held hostage in exchange for an apron. I had to leave town and my job UNFORTUNATELY urgently because of a serious personal issue and now that I am back I have not received a paycheck in the mail. I tried speaking with the area manager Yvette and she told me she would not give me my check unless I returned her apron even after I offered to pay for it. It was horrible and rude. I can say I am the most respectful person and did not deserve to be spoken to the way she spoke to me. As an “upper level” manager she should know better. This unit is a health hazard too, coffee is always overflowing onto the floor & the managers are unorganized, childish and overall very rude. All I wanted was my paycheck, I dont understand why they would want heat to fall onto their lacking unit. They are breaking the law, I am sure you can not refuse to pay a person for their work over an apron.


julia holland May 12, 2015 at 2:40 am

Myself and coworkers placed an order for the Ridge Rd store in Wichita , Ks. The food was mediocre, the omelets had nothing in them. Overpriced fruit in a child’s cup half full. Fries forgotten on another order. Mushy waffles in another order. We don’t often go too ihop. When we do usually it’s multiple orders. This was extremely disappointing.


Terry Smalls May 1, 2015 at 9:54 pm

The new Ihop in Pooler, Ga has very careless and disrespectful manergers. The Expo was very rude to employees and the managers did nothing about it and the young lady got fired for not letting them.disrespect her. VERY UNPROFESSIOMAL


Curtis L. Stainbrook May 1, 2015 at 8:02 am

On 05/01/2015 at about 1:30AM, IHOP # 741, 880 S. Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, California 91105 ~ I’m deafness, writing to communication, and American Sign Language(ASL). I saw him (employer IHOP) little mad at me and I have tried him about writing to communication but he don’t listen of me. Again, I spoke with 256 Marisol about him little mad or not nice. 256 Marisol wrote on my paper,”Last time I was here remember you complain about it.” They never forget its but few months ago, I spoke manager (1shife) about him behavior and manager understood. Manager did speak her or him and 256 Marisol don’t know.256 Marisol wrote on my paper,”The customers on the other table they saw everything-they are going to be my witnesses so. I asked him no to go by your table and he did.” I’m be honest and saw him smart eyes right (little mad). Because he didn’t writing to communication but why he(strong) don’t listen of me and writing to communication. He don’t care of me. Please see videos.If he writes no or yes mad and if no I will misunderstand in future.
Future, I’m buy anytime menu IHOP Restaurant and they need look forwarding be nice or happy Welcome. They stop worrying about me “Last time I was here remember you complain about it” (few months ago.All employers need writing to communication my deafness or other deafness people in future


Deanna April 30, 2015 at 9:48 pm

I work at the IHOP in takoma park maryland and there’s this problem that seems to never be resolved. There’s a manager called Yeti who I work with on Mondays Saturdays and Sundays. I personally don’t have a problem with my manager Yeti, I respect him as my manager and do what I am told. I’ve never been one to be written up or suspended from my job. Once Yeti became a manager it seemed as if he had a personal problem with me. I have never been written up or suspended before until he became manager. There are times where he’ll say things purposely to me and only me so I can be upset. An example of this is when I am doing my sidework he picks at every detail which I don’t mind because that is his job, but when I see him check any other persons sidework he will just let them go even if there is something missing. He has suspended me and his reasoning on the paperwork was that I’m on my phone when he has told me himself I can use my phone as long as a customer isn’t watching. There are times where other servers will curse at him or yell at him and he will not say 1 word to them. I got suspended without being told why I got suspended and I had to wait 3 days until I personally had to go to my manager and ask to see the paper where I was written up. We have talked and “solved” our problems twice with our general manager but it seems like after a couple days it’s back to where it started. Our ihop had a meeting today and when my manager Yeti was asked to speak about any of his concerns and when he did he said things like “everyone needs to have server excellence” but stared at only me the whole time he was talking, everyone around me noticed. It made me uncomfortable and it makes me not look forward to working with him. I’ve been working at ihop for almost 2 years and I don’t have a problem with any managers or have been suspended or sent home by any other manager. I take my job seriously and like to work in a professional environment. When I work with yeti he uses any excuse to make me look bad in front of a customer when all I am trying to do is get my job done and make sure our customers leave happy.


Jean Martinez April 29, 2015 at 9:50 pm

I’m in Alice Texas there’s been rumors we’re getting an IHOP people get so excited. I just wish you would consider us I just know you would do so well here.


Ananda April 27, 2015 at 11:12 am

I recently visited (yesterday night)one of your locations in Oceanside ., situated in Oceanside blvd and I-5, and I notice suspicious behavior going on behind the restaurant ., I saw a couple employees acting weird ,i believe they work there as cooks and or some as supervisors ., they look to me like they were drinking ., this is not the first time I notice this., i seen them before they have like a room in the back or might b like a little storage with a back door, I work right across Ihop ., on the right side shopping center ,I’m a regular in this location ., I love ihop and I never had a bad experience before ,but I believe drinking can affect the workplace and you should be aware of this.


Unknown April 22, 2015 at 9:29 am

My family visited the ihop in Destiny Mall – Syracuse NY . The server was a male that was wearing a managers tag but come to find out he was NOT a manager at all. He brings the drinks out and my wife’s mug was dirty so she asked for another one ,then he walks over and starts talking to other servers so my wife walks over and asked him for a mug and he says to her he was doing something (talking) so then he brings another mug puts it on the table and says “here i washed it myself” and that was the last time we saw him for now . Then we get our food well at least most of it never got 2 orders of crispy hash browns that we ordered.fast forward to end of meal when we were all done with all our food and still no hash browns so then the male “manager” server comes to put the bill on the table and we tell him how we never got our hash browns and he then says to my wife in the middle of the restaurant she was RUDE when she asked for another mug. Totally unacceptable of course i told him get away from me and get the real manager,manager was ok but his demeanor was like ok so yes he said sorry and it wasn”t right. then he took 50% off the bill Wow such a deal (not ) they should have paid me that most terrible service we have ever had at a restaurant.


Dee Sheehan April 21, 2015 at 10:22 pm

On April 17, 2015 My husband, 2 year old granddaughter and myself went to IHOP at 47 Faunce Corner Road, N. Dartmouth, MA. We gave our name when we arrived and were told that there was a 10 minute wait. We waited and waited and then I started seeing people being seated that came way after us. So our 10 minute wait turned into a 25 minute wait and when we went to the desk we saw our name was crossed off as well as ten names after us. They never called our names and we were sitting right there and would have heard them. They told us that they would sit us next and they did. We ordered our food and waited and waited again. We were told that the kitchen was backed up. When our order came, it was wrong and we had to wait again and by then our 2 year old grandchild was getting antsy and we couldn’t enjoy our food at all. Very disappointing with the service.


larry April 21, 2015 at 7:09 am

store #3357 very bad experience at IHOP in New York City on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue the manager Puerto Rican bitch told me and my friend we have to sit where she tell us to sit and not with my friends this is at 4:05 a.m. Tuesday morning and my server said thats fucked up what she’s doing and everybody else that works there that know me,the manager see told me to look at the bottom of the menu I don’t have to serve you you could only do take out now and that was fucked up and you the manager I believe she was drinking that night because everyone else that work there said that was wrong for her to do that, since when do you not set with your own friends she needs to be fired… I need to take further action on this


Becky April 17, 2015 at 2:57 am

Hi my name is Becky and I worked at the IHOP in Bend, Oregon for about 5 months. My employment was terminated, but I am so glad it was. Working at IHOP was by far the most disgusting experience I have ever encountered. If you’re looking for illness, cheap labor, and passive aggressive attitude, this is the job for you! The entire time I worked, I was sick. The restaurant is so filthy because of the poorly working dishwasher, small amount of cleaning solution, and cheap hand soap; there’s germs flying off every wall. I thought in my time of employment I was experiencing serious allergies but it was only the disheveled environment. My managers name was MELISSA SANCHEZ. Melissa performed illegal acts while working. Exceeding labor laws when it came to employees who did not speak fluent English. I even witnessed Melissa standing outside smoking a cigarette while making the elderly Spanish only speaking service assistant deck scrub the garbage residue off the sidewalk in below freezing temperatures. Melissa also felt below certain employees who were above her age range. These employees that she felt below of included servers. These servers took their smoke breaks when wanted, never followed any rules or policies, just collected their tips and went home. This IHOP of Bend Oregon specifically had poor service, bad food, unsanitary machinery, and drug abusive- illiterate, “rude, and snotty” managers. With my lawsuit in action it will be for under compensation, harassment, menacing.
Reason(s) being:
In my time of employment I was abused. Scheduling was never with consistency, some weeks I would have 30-40 hours. Others I would have 12-20 hours. None of the additional scheduling was ever under my granted permission. Also, requiring all employees to work Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Years without additional compensation is almost non existent in the 2015 American workforce.
Also in my time of employment I was bullied. MELLISSA SANCHEZ would personally scream and shout and put her fingers in my face and tell myself that I am “worthless and lazy”. Melissa also called myself names such as “Fuck-face” “Faggot” and “Queer”. Again ILLEGAL action.
Even in my attempts of Management Notification to the district manager,
LONI ANDERSON she would not respond to my phone calls, emails, or text messages. Leaving me no choice but to express how I felt and be bullied, belittled, and pay cut because of my vocal expression of my feelings towards my work environment.
And finally menacing,
MELISSA SANCHEZ withheld my paycheck after my time of employment. Also providing false information for means if termination on my final “employee notification”.
For weeks after my employment MELISSA SANCHEZ would call my personal cell phone leaving vulgar messages that had to do with my sexuality, religion, and skin color. At my new job weeks following my employment at IHOP of Bend Oregon, MELISSA SANCHEZ would leave hand written notes on my car. These notes would say, “Kill yourself” and “It wont stop”
MELISSA SANCHEZ also broke the law by calling my new place of employment and expressing her feelings about myself and work history.

IHOP should be not supported by any American I know. For reasons JUST like this.


Angela May 11, 2015 at 4:34 pm

WOW !!!!!!! This IS DISGUSTING !!!!!! That woman needs to be fired ASAP !!!! How awful that u were treated soo poorly…I thought my job at Ihop was abusive , now I think all Ihop’s are abusive !!!!! BIG HUGZ


Taylor June 12, 2015 at 4:07 pm

WOW!!! Even though I am not the person who did this to you I am incredibly sorry for this happening to you, I worked at an IHOP as well and was only there for 2 months after being fired for a ridiculous and ILLEGAL reason as well I hope you get the justice you so well deserve hunny and you can email me anytime because I truly know what you are going through my email is (tneely23@gmail.com)


Manny Moreyra April 16, 2015 at 10:36 am

Bad experiences in IHOP waiting for 20 minutes to order no one ask if I want anything to drink on 1001 white plains rd in Bronx Ny


Ashley April 13, 2015 at 10:35 pm

I would like to file a complaint on Sebastian at the IHOP location on 408 E. Bears Ave. Tampa, FL 33613. My friend and I have had three separate occasions where the service was very unprofessional. The first time he came and sat down with my friend and I and began to talk about his son and how he looked like him we had to ask for a different server because he was being so obnoxious. The second time he seated us with our menus and then disappeared outside he then came back and sat down again at the table across from us after 30 mintues of waiting for him he did not even ask us what we wanted to drink. We then began to pack up our stuff and he noticed and then jumped up and asked were we ready to order we just quietly left. The third time which was this past Sunday he was our server once again and he sat us down and took order and then on his way back to our table with our drinks as we were on our phones he says to us “y’all don’t have to text me I’m standing right here”. He made several comments like this and we just remained quiet. I asked for a box to put my food in and he took my food to the back where he could not be seen and then came back with the food in a box. When I got home I threw it away because I have never had my food taken to the back again by a sever and put into a box especially when he could not be seen. I am extremely unhappy with this service an both my friend and I will never come back to this IHOP location.

Ashley S.


Frank Ahrens April 13, 2015 at 8:30 am

y es terday when I went to the IHOP on Broadway in Oxford I let an employee know there were crayons on the floor and someone could step on them and fall. Then I let the manager know and he didn’t think it was an issue. I think safety should be number one at a restaurant. on other visits they put chairs in the Iowa blocking the access for someone in a wheelchair and ada people who have trouble walking ., the management there does not seem to care about the customer safety. I have traveled across the country and this is the worst I hop I have been in as far as safety. someone needs to look into the operation of this IHOP because if this is the kind of representation of IHOP I feel so sorry for the IHOP corporation as a businessman I cannot believe that this goes on . I will be the first one to contact the news at the time when someone gets injured or the attorney gets involved in suing IHOP and its Corporation for failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. the man into man you have there is very unprofessional and I wonder how the hell they have a job.

sincerely Frank Ahrens


Daniel April 12, 2015 at 4:40 pm

My wife has been a waitress at the ihop in Brighton Colorado for a few years. Her store manager Sharon is making all the waitresses complete 3 customer surveys a week to make that franchise look better. Recently they failed when there was a health inspection and she got in trouble so she made everyone pay for her not doing her job. I twisted balloons there for almost a year and have seen her threaten employees, if they didn’t do the surveys they get their hours cut dramatically. She constantly forgets to order the right amount of food from the distributor and makes the employees go to the grocery store to buy the things she didn’t order enough of. I quit twisting balloons at that location because of the way she treated me and I wasn’t even a employee, Sharon treats her employees like they are worthless. If nothing is done to fix this I might be getting ahold of our local news station so they can do their own investigation on the blackmail that is happening at that particular franchise.


veronica April 10, 2015 at 4:07 pm

My name is veronica i have been with ihop for 9 yrs i was a full time hostess monday thru Friday at the ihop store in sea tac wa #1747 My manager was jerry asmus .. Im a single mother and was in search of a second job .. I decided to start serving at the tukwila store which is also under the same owner .. When my manager jerry asmus found out he started treating me different and would call my new managers at the new store .. Asking why i was being hired their if i already worked at his store .. I called in at his store because i had to take one of my kids to the doctors .. I have my doctors note .. And i recieve a call that im no longer on the schedule .. He fired me .. But im sure calling in was not the reason .. The reason was because i am now workibg at the other store .. Which is still from the same owner john khave … Ive worked their for 9 almost 10 yrs and this is what i get .. Just for wanting a second job .. I feel yhis was very unfair and not right at all .. I need a reason from all of this and a apology from this man jerry asmus because this was not right at all ..


Ashley Triplett April 9, 2015 at 10:49 pm

Hi my name is Ashley and I was just terminated from a local ihop located in hickory NC the district manager John ask me to take the day off and then call him this morning which he told me I was terminated without any cause. I have never been written up and any day I have missed I had a doctors note which I have not missed many days. I had to leave work early Tuesday because my foot was swollen so big I could barely put my foot in my shoe yet I came in and opened and then requested to leave to go to my doctors appointment. My manager refused to let me go and got mad at me when I told her I had to go. She told me to leave and now I have been let go from my job. When I went to the doctor I had torn tendons In my foot. I tried to contact my manager for 2 days after the fact and he refused to answer my phone calls and after 2 days he texted me and told me to take the day off and call him and he terminated me. I would like someone to contact me regarding this. Because this is unfair I am always at work and on time and I even are willing to come in on my days off when needed I work 9 or 10 hour days and I get terminated without so much as a reason I will be taking this further and further up the ladder until I see results! He keeps getting away with treating his employees like we are dogs that he can kick around. He allows his favorites to call out every week without any consequences. While the hardest workers are being treated so poorly and being let go for measly or no reason at all So many other employees will vouch for the things he does daily. I can’t believe ihop would want someone like that in a management position if I hop corporate would look at the record hickory ihop has for employees who quit because he treats his employees so bad things should really change. I have so much more I can tell you that I’m sure ihop corporate should be made aware of.


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